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God. Cussing. Drugs. Religion. Purpose.


In the episode, I welcome Matt Maddix, father of Caleb Maddix, to the show. We talk about God, cussing, drugs, religion, purpose, and the “breakdown” that he had. I grill him hard on questions about why he did what he did, why he did it the way that he did it, and his reasons behind it.


It’s going to be a mind-blowing show that you won’t wanna miss. Stay tuned.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Living in the now and doing great (01:27)
  • Teaching an eight year old to be a speaker (07:05)
  • Growing Apex for Kids to 12,000 paying members in just 7 months (16:35)
  • The blind leading the blind in a toxic society (22:38)
  • The church model is broken (29:44)
  • The meaning of Christianity to Matt (38:42)
  • Books and other sources to determine truth by (42:01)
  • Psychedelic experiences and their impact on us spiritually (47:09)
  • Energy is about surrendering and connecting to God (59:38)
  • Looking at the core fundamentals of absolute truth (01:17:24)
  • A relationship with God is the most important thing (01:26:43)
  • Powerful people don’t need positioning (01:40:38)
  • Matt’s purpose in life (01:54:44)


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August 7th, 2019


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00:00:00 Josh, how can we know the truth? If we know the truth, that’s the real secret to freedom. So why don’t most humans have freedom? Well, I look at people like you and I, we’re free Josh. I literally am free. I have no guilt. I have no shame. I have no fear. I’m not over here worried that I’ve just ruined my brand, or ruined my son, or ruined speaking opportunities, or ruined partnerships. I’m well aware of all that, but I have a truth within me, Josh.

00:00:29 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

]00:01:14 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. I’m just going to dive right in. No intro needed. We are live, three, two, one, with the incredible Matt Maddix. Bro, how you doing?

00:01:27 Dude, I am absolutely amazing for three reasons. One, because I am 110% in the now, and everybody talks about the now, you know, as we should, but so few people actually can get out of here, and live from your soul, and live in the now. Right?

00:01:49 Yeah.

00:01:49 Totally in the now. But it’s what you do in the now. Like, my power, and energy and mind, and soul, is beating in the now for my dream, for my mission, for like, where I’m going, so it creates this amazing feeling and so I’m doing good.

00:02:06 I love that. I love it. Well, Matt, first off, dude, thanks for coming on here. And, I’m so glad you’re… you’re doing well. You are…. for those… for those that don’t know you, you’re Caleb Maddix’s dad. That brings some context for some people. You’re… you’re in some heat right now, man. Some people don’t like you.

00:02:23 I love it, dude. I can’t wait to share the story of a little behind the scenes of what’s going on. I’m actually getting ready to release a very raw confession video. And, look dude, everything I’ve done since all this craziness started has been literally a hundred percent intentional for some deep reasons. It’s not just about attention. Of course, you and I both understand that if you’re serious about your mission, and you really believe in your mission, and you really believe in problems you’re solving, you should want to get attention, so that way, you can influence more people. Josh, people like you and I, which by the way, dude, let me… before we even dive. Bro, listen, I’ve had so much fun hanging out with you. We’ve got connected a few events, and I just, here’s what I love about you. Hey, here’s what I would say.

00:03:23 You know, an unscripted, what I shared with Caleb and Ryan this morning, we were sitting around talking marketing. And, we were just.. it was… we talk marketing pretty much 24/7. Right?

00:03:35 Yeah, yeah.

00:03:36 Saving the world, and mission, and all this stuff, it never leaves our brain. Ryan came up at five in the morning and we spent like two and a half hours. Well, part of that time I was telling him about you of course killed, knows who you are, Ryan high yet yet. And I said, Ryan, you better write his name down and put them on your radar. I see Josh is one of the few who, um, who gets it and he’s way ahead of his time. And I said, you know, so just make sure you guys understand this is one of those people you want your inner circle and dude, I wanna applaud you bro. All the stuff that you’ve been through, Bro, my heart fled for you. And just as somebody that’s known you and had so much respect for you and, and loved how real you are and, and caring. And we’ve had some fun too.

00:04:23 We have. Yeah. Yeah. Well man, I appreciate that. That means the world to me and I, I in more ways than you know. So thank you man. I appreciate that.

00:04:33 Well, when I saw you post the other day that you’re going to be, uh, the number one question, ask her on earth. Like, I got a big smile and I literally said this out loud to myself as, you know, that kid, he’s going to be bigger than Larry King live. Like, I see what you’re doing. Cause you know, I get it. Most people don’t really get it. Yeah. But I get it emotionally and spiritually because I raised the kid like you and I see myself in you. You’re fearless and you’re going for it. And I love that you’re not afraid to do it different. And I love the name of your podcast different. I love that. That’s like literally I told kill the other day. I should, you know, everybody says, follow the model or, or model success. I’m like, if you want to model success, don’t model anybody that you see living today except maybe like Elon Musk or,

00:05:26 yeah, right, right, right.

00:05:30 For many reasons. Even if you hate Trump, the dude is a master branding and marketing. So anyways, let’s roll.

00:05:38 Unless we’re, dude, I’ve been great. Once again. I appreciate that. Thank you so much. Um, we have, we’ve had some fun times together. Um, I remember the first time that I met you, like actually met you, met you and like got to talk to you and hang out with us at the Gary Vanerchuck, Russell Brunson viral video event where Gary vantage shop just roasted me about the patriots. And then we went out and played, we played bubble soccer and that was the first time I actually got to meet you and Caleb, like not just like in passing and like a quick, you know, hi, hello. And we actually got to sit down and chat. Caleb and I raced across the, the soccer field and the, in the big bubbles or whatnot. And I remember sitting there, you and I were just having a conversation and I remember just thinking like this dude, this dude is real man.

00:06:24 And it’s funny because I feel like when you get it, and like when you connect with someone and it like just clicks, right? And it’s something that you just can’t, can’t kind of explain. And each person connects with their person that way differently, but just kinda like clicks and you can just know they understand things at like a level that I get it at. Right. And uh, and, and I noticed that with you right away. We were talking, I think the first thing that we talked about was missions and we were talking about like, you know, doing missions work and everything like that. So I absolutely love that. Um, so yeah, it’s been great to get to know you both funnel hacking lives. I’ve been to the speech that you gave, I mean, Gosh, you brought, you brought people to tears, man, with that speech. That was so powerful,

00:07:05 that loud. Thank you. I always tell my son, I said, listen, whenever you step on stage, I taught killed how to speak at a young age, right when he was eight, I believe, seven or eight. I got him on video. I got him out of his comfort zone and he was so shy and insecure. But from a speaking perspective I, I intuitively knew who he was going to be and, and so I knew he had to learn to be comfortable on camera and on stage. So I would have them come to my events and sometimes Josh, I’d be speaking in churches that have 3000 people on a Sunday morning. And I waived Caleb up before I started and I’d say, Kayla, come up here real quick and he’d be standing in front of 3000 people and I’d hand them the microphone and I’d say, tell everybody the three secrets to staying positive in the next three minutes.

00:07:54 Go. And like he would have no preparation cause I taught him like how rive under pressure anybody can have when you’re prepared. In fact, we should always prepare and train. Yeah. The deepest level of training and preparation is, um, being able to thrive under pressure. Like I was always putting Caleb and pressure, but the reason I brought all that up, Josh, thanks for what you said about funnel hacking live because a lot of speakers miss the fact that you’re speaking. So humans who are stressed, who are broken, who are confused, who are lonely, whose wives just cheated on them, what their best friend who just lost their business. Like most speakers don’t feel the emotion of the people current battles they could be facing. So

00:08:46 what I, I think that, I think that because of that, do it, and I, sorry to interrupt there, but I really, I liked that point because you’re very real and I’m very real. I mean I gave a speech actually like two days before you did or, or the day before you did at a, you know, go to Thong, which is like the kind of the prefrontal Heikal I’ve mastered by the way. I like 200 people. Um, and like, you know, just passion, passion, passion. Right? And I feel like everybody that gets on stage nowadays, cause we’re, we’re in this internet marketing trend, right? And so we got all these events or whatever, everybody’s there to, to sell, right? And even if they’re not allowed or they’re not selling something at the end, they’re trying to follow the Russell Brunson formula and all that. But here’s the deal. I love Russell. Russell is one of my role models.

00:09:28 He is someone that I have tremendous amount of respect for and Russell knows how to do Russell really, really well. And Russell’s a very genuine human being. And I have nothing but respect for that guy. But he’s an incredible dude that said, other people see him and they see him make all this money and be super good at it. And it is because if he’s good at marketing, but it’s because he knows how to connect with people. But people don’t go and model the connection part. They try to model the salesy part, they try to model the, the stack or they try to model the pitch or things like that. And they missed this whole part of connection. Right. And I love it when a speaker gets up there on stage and I have to be clear nothing against people that pitch on stage. I mean I’m a huge fan of Russell, but when you just get on stage and you’re just vulnerable and you’re just open and authentic and you just connect at like an another level, it moves the crowd in a way that anyone that’s setting up to pitch something really just can’t do that.

00:10:30 I think that that’s what you did at funnel hacking live. And I think that that’s what you’ve done time and time again. And it’s one of the reasons that, you know, I don’t, I, you and I are pretty good friends and I don’t even agree with everything that you do necessarily. And you know, you, me, uh, I think we’re, we’ll get kind of get into that. I’m very, very curious of your thought process behind this because I know everything that you did was intentional. I’ve talked to two or three people that texted me right after everything went down and I was like, dude, this guy is not an idiot. Right? Like he knows what he’s doing. But going back to the speaking thing, you connect at such a good level and I have much respect for you for that.

00:11:01 Thank you man. I appreciate it Josh. Man. Dude, listen, I wish I’d have known where you were speaking. If, uh, I would’ve come and listened to you. I love to listen to minds like you,

00:11:10 I’ll send you a link. I have the recording. It’s like 45 minutes on quantum physics and uh, quantum physics and identity shifts, man.

00:11:18 Okay. I want to have my team watch that stuff too because we’re into that type of thing.

00:11:22 Yeah. Okay. So let’s dive in. Let’s get, let’s get juicy. Everyone’s, everyone’s on this podcast for one reason. So I’m going to ask you, let’s dive into these questions and really start to an cover the mind of mat and then go into some marketing stuff because I think that you’re really smart and I want to know where you’re going with this.

00:11:39 Okay, cool. Thank you man.

00:11:41 What a, what happened?

00:11:45 What happened is this, you see, uh, I became the,

00:11:49 hold on, hold on, hold on. Let’s, let’s give a little context for those people that don’t know what happened. If this was what, two months ago now, how long ago was it?

00:11:57 Right around right after, right around father’s day, Ashley,

00:11:59 right around Father’s day. So right around father’s Day, Matt goes and releases a series of, uh, to say the least controversial videos, um, about religion and God. Um, there was excessive language in the videos, um, and took a, an audience that was not used to that type of plot polarity and really brought that polarity. I mean, I think, uh, one of your one, we got like 15 or 20,000 views on your personal profile. I mean, eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs on you talking about religion and whatnot and God and purpose and your mission or whatnot. I don’t want to go into it too much. I want to let you share. But for context, that’s what’s happening. So Matt, back over to you. What happened?

00:12:44 So here’s what happened. Okay. The real truth is, I believe the stuff I teach, that’s the biggest problem. Not Problem. You most would perceive it as a problem. I perceive it as, um, a test or as a kind of a challenge from God. The university, a lot of us that are teachers, Josh, a lot of us that are spiritual leaders, you know, we teach very powerful stuff. And then there comes a point where the stuff that we teach, we taught it from integrity because we believed that we lived, that we experienced through our mentors, taught it to us. And a lot of us that are like, you know, social media influencers, which I am utterly bored with 99.9% of social media influencers. Right. Um, I’m actually became scared as a dad, Kinda like how I looked at the school system and I saved my son from the school system and all the ways I wanted to save them from the Internet marketing.

00:13:50 Yes. And Loft in the faith in the, the stuff that we’re taught to perceive as success that I look at. And I’m like, that’s the standard. Like that’s what we invest 40 years of our life and get to this. And I never taught my son that way of thanking Josh. And so what a lot of people don’t know about Matt Maddix is I’m not effing around. I don’t know if we can curse on this, but you can curse. We’ll take care around. When it comes to being a dad, Josh, this is no joke to me and it never has been a joke. I’ve always led my son by example. Hmm. And uh, quite frankly I was burning pissed off after my experience of speaking of Fussy in the church world. I rose to the top because people that rise to the top, I don’t care what industry you’re in.

00:14:42 That’s why the average millionaire goes broke two or three times and makes their millions again. When you have the goods, you’ll always make you look a Russell Brunson, he crashed. You know, we could go down the list of the amount of failures that are now successes. Yup. So it’s like I was at the top of the Pentecostal world as a speaker. Like Josh, I was the most sought after speaker in that movement. I was popular. I built, I built a movement within the movement, 103 live events, 32,000 registered attendees. My son grew up in that world that was very famous in that world and we were very,

00:15:24 well when was this? Like how old was Kayla Benedict? Because Cause Kayla’s what? 17 now. Oh 17 so how old is Caleb at this time when this was all happening? Or was this even dating pre Caleb?

00:15:35 Oh No, it’s pretty Caleb. But he was born into this. So this was like, this would be like someone being born Catholic. Right? So this is like his faith. Okay. Like Russell’s being more mayor, grant being Scientologists the big influencers because religion is powerful actually. Then as powerful and Ryan I’ve been doing, I’ve been given out the best marketing teaching that has ever come to this world since Jesus and Martin Luther King and Santa Claus. We’ve got to analyze Santa Claus. Josh, that’s what’s really fucking with me. Cause I’m like, you want to talk about a brand? You want to talk about someone who’s Howard you take, you take the birth of Jesus and Santa Claus and those two stories dominate our world. They dominate our world. So we’re studying marketing from people that are our marketing teachers. Josh has gotten material that was filtered down from people that lived in a world of like even a world that was a year ago is different.

00:16:34 Yeah.

00:16:35 We need now marketing principles. Like there’s, there’s marketing principles, but what I mean is winning now marketing strategies and methods, but the principles obviously of marketing remained the same. What? Some of the principles of marketing, we’re not even teaching anymore. And when we do teach it, we teach it with sex. Yeah. And we teach it with such, it’s sounding so plastic. And as a dad, Vic doc, concerned at my son’s mind, looking at these people as heroes. I don’t want his fresh, pure creative mind is 17 Josh there, they started Apex for Kids in January. They just went through the numbers last night. 12,000 paying members. It’s amazing. In in a week they’re going to hit the two comma club. They did it less than what, uh, less than seven months. Seven months at age 17 and 19 starting with $150. So their minds are so beyond and their vision.

00:17:40 No, very few humans. Probably only you, Josh. No, Joe, very few humans. If you sat down to listen to our vision, get it. Yeah. If we’re looking at Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson and Gary v is the model, it’s called the law of the lid. Like they gave me what I needed. It’s called eat the chicken, throw away the bones. I’ve gotten the chicken. The rest is bones almost. Cause it’s like we’re following models of like filling arenas when that’s so small compared to this stuff that we’re getting ready to launch with Maddix missions and techs for kids. So for me, what happened, long story short is I was so angry as the, that and some of the fluff that was being shown to my, my son who wasn’t raised this way. Hmm. And after funnel hacking live and speaking and bringing that father was kit up there and bringing him and his mom to our mastermind and giving them everything, publishing his book and calling them every week and realized, and Josh that of 5,000 people, nobody else pulled out their wallets.

00:18:44 And we don’t help. Like we talk, like we’re, we’re in a society of, we’re, we’re driven by events and not lifestyle school shooting happens. Everyone comes together. But the rest of the time we go back to being robots. We go back to being lifeless.

00:18:59 Yeah. And I would say that even

00:19:01 a long time, Josh, to share with you why I do what I did, because I’ve got a whole book coming out of this a whole course, the whole like, like I feel like we’re like being called to save the marketing world in the now. You know what I mean? Not that anybody else was bad, but we’re, we’re in such a new world right now that if we don’t wake up and be careful, like it takes that fast before an iPhone shows up and makes Microsoft almost not relevant. You know? So let’s talk.

00:19:32 Yeah, so, so, and I like a lot of the points that you hit on when you talk about speed and the marketing changing and so fast. I mean, you look at the world a decade ago, right? I mean, you couldn’t, I mean if you, if you just looked at them side by side, they’re not even the same world, right? I mean, they’re, they’re so radically different. So I agree with you. I’m curious though. What do you, what do you mean? Like who were you mad at? Like when you say that, hey, Caleb, Caleb was learning and being taught and being shown this, this crap, right? This stuff that you didn’t like by who, okay, let’s break it down with Josh.

00:20:05 I’m not mad at any human, I’m not the arguing any human. So if you hear me in the future reference Tony or Gary or grant, the Gods, the success world, right. We’re like so mesmerized by, right. I think we should have respect. Yeah. But I don’t think we should look at them as if it’s going to take us 30 years to ascend to that level. Yup. Like, I believe that the problems that we’re going to start solving, we’re going to figure out how to do it in 48 hours. I really, I really do. I really believe there’s like a massive Raisie, like it’s, it’s like this, this, this under current under Brown radical marketers, people like you, people like Dan Henry. There’s a lot of us that we just don’t fit in. You know, even Caleb and Ryan, like, like if I told you some juicy stories about famous people that tried to like partner with them, and there’s just some behind the scenes stuff than I’ve seen as a dad that I’m like, okay, I didn’t let, like from age 12 I pulled my son out of school and I homeschool I school. I was very careful what I let into his mind. Right? I was very careful who, what friends I let them hang out with. I was very careful who I actually, there was a time when I told them not even the follow period and that’s not even a disrespect.

00:21:34 Right. Well, and he, and he spoke with Gary. I mean, he’d spoken with grant and Gary and Russell and I mean all the big wigs

00:21:40 there were, I literally told them to unfollow all of them for a year and I was like, you don’t need it for awhile. You got what you need now you need to study Jesus. Like not from religion, like, like, like dude, I could teach some stuff about Jesus, you know, from a religious standpoint that would be the best stuff you’ve ever heard on marketing, leadership, NLP persuasion. And actually I did like the last seven days. So out of this, out of all this crazy, you know, basically. All right, let me, let me give you a principle one. What I did, let me slow down a little bit. Cause there’s so much to this energetically and spiritually racing to Caleb’s 18th birthday, like Caleb’s a figure hibs like an Avatar, literally doing things. Josh, it’s,

00:22:32 yeah, I’ve, I mean I’ve, I’ve chatted with Caleb, he’s, he’s a very, very smart kid. Like very, very smart.

00:22:38 Yeah. And they been, anyways, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s thank you for that, but it’s the vision they have for, for, for families. And for kids and and, and how like, dude, let’s think about it, Josh, the government, the school system, the church and health care, all four of those powerful billion dollar institutions and brands and resources and we’re still living in a country this screwed up treat our veterans is so below average. We literally truly, we were in a country dude that treats celebrities better than police officers, teachers, and veterans to me is a toxic society. Yeah, we were blinded bro. It’s the blind leading the blind. We’re blind, right? We are literally blind it. Yeah. And like everything is broken. Even the church religion is broken. Like how do we have millions of buildings, Josh in this country, Mil billions coming into these schools between schools in churches, we shouldn’t have homelessness, but the way that we rehab homeless people is we stick them all in shelter with like prisons, right? We stick them all in the same environment of other people that are not transformed, that are not awake, that are not in their confidence and their self love. You become who you associate with. So we just keep like, there’s no transformation.

00:24:05 [inaudible] do you think that for, cause I, I 100% agree with you that society is super messed up and a man, I’ve talked about this for a long time, he starts on this podcast and how social media influencers, people of that nature have essentially made the celebrity society, everything has to be Hollywood or perfect or whatnot or else boring. But for the homelessness thing specifically, my question to you is, do you believe that the, what do you think that the answer to homelessness is? Because I would be one to say, well, yes, there are some homeless people that truly, truly do need help and you have extensive more experience than I do on this is why I’m asking. But like I also think that some homeless people, they just need to take personal responsibility, don’t they?

00:24:46 Absolutely. And but what you do is, is it’s kind of like, it’s kind of like this. Any, any firefighter, um, EMT police officer that saw somebody jump off a bridge into a river regardless, they’re going after regardless. Josh. Yeah. Human. It’s human nature. So yes, it’s kind of like this. I agree with you. I don’t believe in making excuses. I don’t believe in being a victim. In fact, I, I don’t just feed the homeless. I teach them, I it, I awakened their, their beliefs there, their self confidence, their self love. And many of them, Josh, they just need healing. Uh, many of them need someone to help them get out of their head and their story and help them see what’s possible. Like some of the stuff that these people have seen, if you actually listen to their stories, it’s crazy. Some of the stuff we’ve seen and yes they do need to take responsibility, but we should create an atmosphere in our society for the fallen or the failures, not too, but to fix them what not.

00:26:07 So they keep repeating it. So we say, yes, you are royally screwed up. And it’s all about the first. The first, the best thing I can do for a homeless person is not give them a dinner or a blanket. That’s secondary. First is showing them the power of taking quote, responsibility and not making excuses and knowing how to let go of the past and, and knowing how to heal. And not be a victim because we’ve all been hurt. We’ve all had that look happened to us. So when I start to tell those stories, and by the way, John, we’ve helped hundreds of homeless people actually get off the street and get a home and get jobs. So, you know, it’s kind of like you take the risks and then you learn to not cater to the ones that, and then there are people just want to be homeless. That’s their way of life.

00:26:55 Yeah.

00:26:55 And then that’s okay. So what are you thoughts on that?

00:26:58 Yeah, I think so. Where I struggle with, with homelessness and people is, you know, I’m, I’m an empath at heart and I know that a lot of people don’t believe that because they’re like, oh, Josh, you’re a Donald Trump loving capitalists. So there’s no way you could actually feel anybody or care about anybody. But I really do. I mean, I, my heart breaks for people that are in, in a low situations. I think my question is, is like how do, how do we do it in today’s society though? Because like the problem is, and from a worldview perspective, I mean I get why you’re frustrated and everything and I am as well, but I look at America and I go, we’re the greatest country in the world. We have revolutionized the world more than any country ever in the history of mankind outside of maybe Rome, but like, like really truly like it’s incredible what we’ve been able to do yet we live in this screwed up massive society of, you know, like you talked about the social media influencers, the Hollywood, the fame.

00:27:50 Nobody wants to take personal responsibility. Everybody is all about their feelings and what feels good. There’s no moral law and in theory I’m a Christian. You’re a Christian, right? In theory, the answer to the homeless problem, the answer to the, the drug problem, the answer to the problem with, you know, women and health care and things of that nature starts with the church. I believe that the problem is though the church is totally screwed up. So you have the thing that is actually supposed to solve the problems of everybody else. The church being a religious stick to the law. It’s almost like, you know, like a business, a cult almost, right? Then like, Aye, I very much value the church and I very, very, very much value the body of believers. But so many churches, especially the bigger mega churches or whatever, I mean, it’s run like a business.

00:28:44 It’s give your money. The pastors are multimillionaires from the church. It’s a strict set of laws and they’re not helping. So my question then becomes, okay, what is the answer then? Do we start by fixing the church? Do you try to, you know, go in and create a new system? So from a homeless perspective, from a personal responsibilities perspective, I believe I, I just finished reading or I’m actually almost done. I shouldn’t say I finished it yet. I’m almost done reading the book. Um, can’t hurt me by David Goggins like the most fricking mindblowing book when it comes to massive personal responsibility. He was worse than homeless, right? I mean, he was just at the bottom. And so I look at that and I go personal responsibility cures all. But you can’t fix the problem by yelling at a homeless person and going have personal responsibility. So how do you teach them that at a mass scale and not just give a handout because you could set up shelters, you can set up whatever, you can give them all the supplies that they need, but at the end of the day, unless they take ownership of their life right there, we’re going to stay the same.

00:29:44 I agree with everything you’ve said. Um, I do want to in a minute dissect cause it is think different theory. I’d like to give you why I believe that the church model as we grew up seeing it is broken. Oh okay. Let’s do that. Yeah. I want to dive into that because that’s kind of what I’m doing with new, you want to talk about a new opportunity or Maddix visions is the new opportunities for those who get that. Yeah. Going to church every Sunday with this model going inside is broken and given our money to an institution where like you said like, I mean they don’t do anything for widows, nothing like nothing for father and forget home. It’s frigging home. Let’s talk about what if you want to go buy them. There’s actually only two biblical definitions of what your religion is.

00:30:36 It’s in James One 27 God said sure religion is to take care of the widows and the father of yeah, kids. Yup. We do an app. I would literally give us an f minus as a church. The fact that like Maddix missions is on a mission to end fatherlessness in a year I have a plan and like it’s, it’s extreme, it’s radical, it’s intense. But like that’s what I taught my son, how I taught him to think like we’ve been dealing with fatherlessness for for decades. It’s getting worse and yet we have all these resources, Josh. And there’s reasons why it’s getting worse because what are the society where we’re keeping mesmerized by stuff that should no longer mesmerize us. And like we gotta get to a place where we look at things like Steve Jobs, right? If you stayed Mesmer, like what about the guys that created the airplane, if they would’ve continued to just like stayed excited about the car in Henry Ford’s the best and Oh he’s my mentor.

00:31:45 Like what are you talking about? Right? Like we grew up like Uber. Like well what if the texts would, if they did like modeled the taxi company because of their success and that brand and found the mentor or the founder of the taxi and made them their God, no radical pupil, look at all that other stuff, respect it. Like you know, learn from the principles of it and then look at it and be like, yeah but that’s boring. That’s so like 50 years ago. And that’s how when I look at the church today, Josh, I’m literally like I could fall. I’m getting tired now. I can, I actually we shouldn’t talk about it cause that’s how tired this is all making me cause this is how bored I am when I’m bored. And so as our whole generation, that’s why we’re not reaching. That’s why Josh think about this. If church is not a broken model then why is it the 86% of young people that grew up in all religions leave it. It’s Rogan.

00:32:46 So let’s talk, let’s talk about that right here. So I think there’s a difference between the church model and the church, right? Like the church non building non that like or compete, right. God’s people is considered the church. And so I think you and I would probably agree on the fact that like the church from that perspective being God’s people is always going to be the church and like that’s God’s design, but the model upon which we know church now and the upon, you know we all go to different buildings and we have different religious laws and rules or whatnot. That’s the model that you’re saying is broken, correct?

00:33:22 Nope, it is thing that exists. Okay. So what’s the, what are your solution when there are, when there are 22 veterans a day that literally without them, Josh, none of us, we live like God’s, I told Caleb and Ryan this morning, guys, you really like God. We do. Literally, we live like I’ve been in the Philippines, I’ve been in Thailand. I’ve been in the worst place because of poverty. Josh, I’ve seen it right here in our own country that literally, the dumbest thing in the world right now is that we’re still fighting over Catholic baptist, Methodist, Muslim, uh, uh, you know, yeah.

00:34:06 All in the name of God. And then we, uh, we isolate ourselves from everybody that’s not baptist, are not Catholic. You’re not Catholic like Catholics excommunicate fucking people out of their churches. Yo Dumb. That is Josh. Because they fail like, yeah. And look what all the priests do. You know, no joke. Look, it’s out of hand because that’s not God and God doesn’t bless this kind of stuff, but nobody’s calling it out. Nobody’s calling out. Wait a minute. You guys preach against abortion because of innocent blood, and we’ve got 18 million fatherless kids in this country and all you people want to do is fight over. Joel Olsteen didn’t say Jesus Christ enough, or this person didn’t baptize this way. Or this person doesn’t say he’s Catholic or Josh said he’s Christian, but he causes Josh. I am not going to allow my son to believe that’s Christianity. That is not Christianity.

00:35:04 That is false. That is faith. If we’re not taking care of fatherless kids, and if, if every church would spend one week for getting about who’s what and everybody putting, if every church took 10% like they demand their people too and put it in one fund, we can end fatherlessness in seven days. When God wanted to create a perfect world, he did it in six days. We’d delay way too much because all we do is listen to the same. And we live in a world where we’re listening to soul and then there’s the subtract is messaging that’s coming at us because we’re constantly on this. We’re not realizing, we’re turning ourselves in the walking mannequins and walking robots. We’re lifeless. Our churches are lifeless, they’re boring. You Sing, you sing the same songs and you preach the same sermon all in hopes like things. For example, I’m not knocking and I actually went in apologize, but like the Jehovah witnesses.

00:36:09 Okay? I mean I’m not knocking them and I actually, now that I see them, I shake their hand and thanked them because there are at least giving of their time to do something, but they have to spend 24 hours a week plus Josh volunteering. Do you know there are literally millions of hardworking mothers and fathers in this country that in the name of Jehovah witness, just so they don’t go to the bad place just so they can go to heaven. They get 80 hours a month just standing on corners. Any fires. They’re telling me that religions screwed up. What if we took all that manpower we could remodel? Well, every widows house in this country, we could set up things to heal our veterans talks like this, Josh. That’s my point. What I’m doing right now in real, live time is leading by example to my son. I don’t want my son to believe this is what God looks like and this is what Jesus looks like. I don’t want him to look at all of it. Tony Grant and all these guys have done and be like maybe one day.

00:37:26 Well, and I think that is interesting because he talking about like the Tony’s, the grants of the world, Gary, whatever, you know what have you, they’re on their own path. Grant is self-proclaimed money obsessed, right? I mean making statements like God wants you to be a billionaire and being part of Scientology. Like I like grants as a a person, as a business person or whatever. But I mean I very much disagree with a lot of his ideology, but like you form your own ideology and like the people that you follow in marketing, they’re the top of the marketing chain for a reason because they’re good at marketing. It doesn’t mean make them good at being a good person or, or making a difference or having good religious beliefs or having, you know, good morals. Like it doesn’t mean any of that. It just simply means they’re good at making money. Which you and I know the love of money is the root of all evil. Um, so I mean I think that’s very dangerous. My question to you though is, okay, so clearly the, the model of religion is broken. I agree with that statement. What is then Christianity to you? I’m not, I’m not asking necessarily what is the model quite yet. Like I want to get to that. But specifically you said that’s Christianity. That’s not God. What is that and where do you get your, and where do you get your moral compass from?

00:38:42 It’s simple, Josh. First things first. I do believe in the Bible. Do you believe, do you believe that the Bible is minus translation without flaw? No. I believe the Bible has a lot of inconsistency and contradiction. Okay. But I still believe because anytime a man is involved on relaying a message, I don’t care if I’m relaying a message to Caleb from Ryan. There’s going to be a twist in how I sounded from Ryan’s tonality. Energy to your, yeah. Well one word could change it all. Yup. Okay. Twisted with some times is like, dude, you want me to believe my entire one life on earth and my eternity on all these different men that didn’t have no pads, text messaging, email, voice recorders, videos. They had nothing but a rock like, come on Josh, and let’s get real with this.

00:39:50 Who talks like this because we’re scared to go to hell with the dogs. The Bible to me, it amazing to think that every word, like how do you know there’s some, some guy 3000 years ago heard from God by the name of Moses. We just buy into it and believe it. No difference. I’d say just before we go onto this podcast last night, I stayed up all night and God told me that you need to take that think different theory banners. I heard from Josh, if you really want your brand to blow up, like you would look at me like, dude, you’re kinda like getting a little out there. But that’s kind of what we do. There’s 66 different books of the Bible written by believe 43 different authors from Whoa, different cultures, different time periods. Do these people lived in a world our brains would never comprehend, and if they all woke up right now in America, they would do like panicking.

00:40:54 Like literally they would, they would have shock of effect. So like, dude, my faith comes from me actually getting to know God. Did I read the Bible yet? Was good inputs? Do I still read it? I studied Jesus like a fanatic. I studied the book of proverbs. So I do believe God inspired these men just like he inspired you to do this show. Like the Bible continues. It’s not one book. Like we’re giving God’s inspiration just as much as something that’s in the book of Daniel. You know what I mean? Whereas people towards God, right? Literally Josh crazy as I am more atheists have come to me lately showing me pictures of a Bible that they went and bought saying, Hey, you’ve made me believe there could be it. So like for me, I’m just like, dude, I believe this is the way we should live. I don’t

00:41:51 what, what other, what other books or sources or ways do you determine truth by?

00:42:01 I’m big into astrology. Okay. Okay. Not that goes against the Bible and multiples beliefs, which is crazy. It’s my point. How do you know though? Because God has a book in the Bible called numbers and everything. The God like the number seven, the number 12 and number 40, like even the Wiseman followed stars. Like don’t tell me nature doesn’t communicate and I’ve seen it work and I have a spiritual coach or spiritual voice in my life and he’s very like, you walks with God. Um, here’s a very unique spiritual practice, but he’s deep into astrology. Joshua tells me in my dating world, it’s helped me in business. It’s helped me even in raising Caleb, it’s helped me like in my personal life. So like I have deep spiritual practices that aren’t just like only Jesus, only Bible. What do you, does that, does that challenge you a little? I want to know. I’m curious.

00:43:01 Yeah. The, I appreciate you giving me the answer as one of that. So I, as of now in my life, I do believe that the Bible is at the a, I believe that the Bible is God inspired. I believe it was written by men through God. And I do believe that mine is translation of the Bible is without flaw. Um, as of now that could change I suppose. But as of now, I have not personally, and I’ve read the Bible cover to cover or cover more than once. Um, I have not found in consistencies, but I also haven’t gone down deep. That said, I also believe that there is massive, uh, translation errors. I believe that whenever you translate an original word or context, a lot of things, as you said, I mean just saying it to another person, much less translation of language over thousands and thousands of years.

00:43:51 I think that there’s definitely room for error in that. And I also very much believe in, and I like the fact that you brought this up and that you said this, um, knowing the Bible, like you can know the Bible better than anybody else. You could not have it memorized from cover to cover. Knowing the Bible does not mean you have a relationship with God having a relationship with God. It means you have a relationship with God. And I talk about this quite often. I say, you know, listen, I have a very unusual relationship with God that most Christians would not understand because I sit there, right? And you know, when I, when my brother died, you know, the first thing out of my mouth, I fell to the floor or whatever. And I looked at and I was like, f you God. Right? I mean like screaming and over and over and over again because I’m like, what’s going on?

00:44:36 But at the same time, I believe that the core fund, like if you have a relationship with God, how you can tell that is whether or not you’re going to God. So when my brother died and stuff, if I would not have gone to God, if I would have been like, this sucks, Da, Da, Da, and like screaming and crying, then I probably wouldn’t have had a relationship with God. I can’t call myself a Christian or even a religious person if I’m not going to God with my problems. I mean, it says in the Bible, cast all your cares upon the Lord, right? And so what happens, Kyle dies, worst day of my life, I’m screaming at God, but I still went to him. God doesn’t say, you can’t cuss at me. God doesn’t say you can’t. He said, no, bring everything. Bring your fears, your things are.

00:45:14 So I 100% agree with you on that. And I also believe in nature. I believe that when you go and you study nature and you go and you study science, I believe that it brings out an incredible, incredible amount of wisdom and clarity around who god is and how he’s designed and created things. All that said, I’m curious to know, and if you don’t want to talk about this topic, that’s fine, but I want to go down the rabbit hole. I don’t think anything’s off limits with you, but I, I’m going to give you the out. I’ve also done like I’ve had psychedelic experiences, you know, and, and, and really, really gone down into that. And I’m, I’m actually so, and I tell people this, don’t go do psychedelics unless you are let you read it. You’ve understood it and you’re in a good mind.

00:46:00 It’s not a healthy thing to do if you’re not in a good state of mind. Don’t do it if you’re depressed or suicidal, bad, bad news. But if you’re there, if you’re spiritually grounded, if you’re really searching for truth and for answers, I think things like LSD and DMT and things of that age, I mean I think those are some of the most powerful experiences that one can have. And so those experiences have fundamentally shifted my beliefs and my perspective of God at a core. And it’s what it is. Those experiences that led me to understand that the Bible is God’s word. However it is God’s word. It is not a relationship with God. And I’ve been to outer space and talked with God up there or whatever the things are. And you know the first time you go up there you’re like, why or where am I?

00:46:45 Right? And then the second, the third of the four time you go up, you start to, I don’t even want to say you get used to it cause there’s, you don’t really get used to it. I get psychedelic experience, but like you have a better understanding of what to expect and how to search better. And I think that has helped me tremendously. And so I’m curious what your thoughts are on psychedelics and do you believe that a, do you believe that God put them here on this earth to communicate with him or what are your thoughts on that?

00:47:09 Dude, I believe in psychedelics as much as I believe that our body needs water. Really. Okay. Much. I would 100% teach my son that when he feels, when he feels it’s time, because like, Hi Alaska, right? Yeah, yeah, we believe in it. I don’t care if I lost half of my followers because I admit that I welcome you to leave. I hope you don’t because I actually want to save you from being blinded because we’re missing out on so much. Because again, you know meaning, well I’m sure, but the government and the church has taken a lot of these things away from us

00:47:59 because I don’t even know if meaning well man, I mean you go and study that not, I mean you go and study the laws and the things behind what, I mean even weed, I mean weed was there because somebody, the cotton, the whole cotton industry was going to be corrupted because hemp was going to take it over. And so they what it was the black people and Mexicans get or get aggressive when they smoke marijuana. I’m like, are you kidding me? Like crazy, crazy stuff. Same thing with um, with psychedelics. So I mean, yeah, I don’t even think it was good intention.

00:48:26 Like, let me get clear. Can you hear me good? Cause if not, I could move.

00:48:31 It’s a little, I mean there’s a little echo there. I mean some background noise,

00:48:33 but I don’t mind

00:48:35 if you can. Yeah, I mean if you can move a little bit away from the noise. Yeah,

00:48:39 yeah. Let me move outside and sit outside because it won’t be as loud.

00:48:44 Guys ran from implemented do it just does a dollar. Don’t, don’t lose your Internet connection Bro.

00:48:48 Oh, don’t you worry, I won’t let that happen to you. Josh is too good. Especially on this topic because you know, I literally like, I feel so strong of it Josh. Like I don’t know if I would attend a church that preached against marijuana if they probably, if they preached marijuana is a sin. To me that would feel like false doctrine. What we preach, what we preach against this churches. Like I would be extremely disturbed. And that’s why like when I say like, because you know, for example, okay, is that better? Yeah, much better and that a lot earlier. But Dude, listen, I believe in me. I literally believe marijuana is a gift. It’s not a drug. Never was a drug. Never will be a drug. Not Bad for our body. It doesn’t mess up our mind. It doesn’t make us lazy. No different than like, does drinking a can of coke make everybody lazy and depressed, you know, or eating a cheeseburger.

00:49:58 Well, I mean I would argue, and I think you’d agree with me, that marijuana is significantly healthier for you than a can of Coke Cola.

00:50:06 If you preach against marijuana, you hack to with integrity, preach against coke and meat.

00:50:12 So let me ask you this then. So for, for those people that are out there, is that say, listen, I’m not against marijuana, right? Like if you want to smoke it, if you want to consume it, great, that’s your deal. But it’s not for me. I don’t want to, I believe that has called me to live my life sober. Do you have any problem with those people if they’re not pushing it on you?

00:50:33 I only have a problem if that’s born out of a limiting belief or fear. Okay. If it’s, if it’s something that they’re like, I tried it. It’s just not me. Um, cause I’ve actually helped you. A lot of people, Josh, believe it or not, I kind of feel called. That’s kind of like why I’m starting this whole movement. Me Versus Church or not me, but the whole Maddix missions experience verse church. As you know this as a marketer, you know, or as a movement builder, right? There’s, there’s no middle ground. It’s either you’ve got to have people that love you or hey, there’s no middle ground. My friends, Martin Luther King didn’t have it. Jesus didn’t have it. Not even Mother Teresa hat, like, you know, true grades, true movement builders, true world changers. They have a very strong message. And I honestly believe that if you go to a church that preaches against marijuana, you should leave that church or you should just explain to the pastor that, hey, I’m letting you know that, uh, I’m willing to stay here and continue to support, but my family is an avid believer in marijuana.

00:51:42 Like to me, Josh, like I could give you so many reasons as I know you could like, um, I’ve even taught my son that marijuana is okay. That is not wrong, that it is not bad for you, that it is not like no different. Like, dude, it comes from the earth. It’s a gift from God. It’s a blessing from God. It’s good for our souls. It does all these limiting beliefs. Yeah. Everything about marijuana that’s negative now is because of all the energy that we created and all the negative beliefs and all the lies that are being told out there about it.

00:52:18 So what is your preferred method of consumption? Do you smoke it or do you eat edibles?

00:52:23 I love to do flower and I love edibles. Um, only because when I’m in, when I’m in situations where it’s certain states that it’s illegal, it’s like, oh, just take this gummy bear. And it’s like, you know, so uh, situations like that. And then of course nowadays they’ve got these vape pens. I try not to do that because of, yeah,

00:52:47 yeah, yeah. And I, I would say that like smoke, I don’t think marijuana is bad for you in any way, but I, I do think that consuming excess smoke could potentially do some lung damage. Maybe.

00:52:58 Why, like out?

00:53:01 Yeah. Yeah, no, for sure. So you talked about energy and I, I’m eventually, I want to bring this full circle back to everything that went down with the videos and the controversy. But I really want to touch on this energy thing when it comes to the energy source. Cause one of the things that I ridiculously made fun of for a long time is people that were into manifestation and law of attraction and energy

00:53:26 and just tap into your inner blah blah blah. And then I hit this no rock bottom point in my life and I discovered this thing called quantum physics, right? And then I was like right mind blown. In fact, I have up on my wall here, I had like different quote boards and one of them has all the definitions of quantum, quantum physics, quantum theory and all that. And quantum physics explains energy, explains how everything that we, everything we as humans, physical chairs, tables, everything is energy and physical at the same time and we’re all connected and everything of that nature. So explains law of attraction, manifestation and whatnot. Talk to me about energy though. When it comes specifically to religion and God and what you believe, how do you use and tap into and find energy and how important is that to you?

00:54:10 Yeah. And if you don’t mind, there’s some point, Josh, and maybe we can set up another podcast, but I’d love to interview you dude for your own podcast. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about doing,

00:54:20 I would love that. I would love that.

00:54:23 I love the, I want to go deep on your story about your brother because that’s not people like you that lived through something like that. There’s some deep, deep, uh, um, things that break through and you and probably wisdom and insights and just some deep stuff that I’m sure like there’s nothing that you probably go through almost worse then what you went through. I got brothers, didn’t I? I literally bled for you through that whole journey, man. And it was like, oh my God. Like, uh, so I’d love to interview you and get your, your, your insight on that journey and then how you would advise someone that that, cause now you can speak to Greece like you can speak to. So you can speak to a level of grief now as an expert that, uh, most humans can, you know,

00:55:11 I think that that’s super interesting too because I had pad friends that had lost loved ones and Lowe lost someone close to them before and like, you try to comfort them and you think you may have an understanding of what they’re going through. You don’t like, you just don’t at all. And it’s the, it’s the craziest. So I mean, I, I’m a, I’m a man Bro. What do I like? I like respect. I like power. I like to be in control and I don’t like to feel hopeless. And that’s why you know, me as an entrepreneur, you know, you want to make money, you want to have control, you want to build a team. Why? Because you want to be in control. You want to talk about the most like crippling, helpless, hopeless feeling of your life. I mean, pick up the phone to your mom screaming, he’s Daddy’s dead. Your brother’s dead, right? Like, how do you, like, you can’t, there’s nothing in the world that can prepare you for that. And then you go to your funeral and you watch like your dad who’s like the strongest man you’ve ever met, like just in uncontrollable tears in your mom and your sisters and you and it’s like, and you’re in tears, right?

00:56:14 You’re an emotional wreck on top of it. It’s like in that moment being strong is almost like polar opposite. It’s like breaking down and, and connecting like emotionally with everybody there in that moment and like bearing that like that is leadership that is being strong, not bottling it all up and there’s just like this, I’ve never experienced anything like it. Man. I mean like I, after we buried tie on and we’ll have to go into another interview like you said, but like after we buried him, like he’s up in garden of the Gods in, in Colorado Springs and gorgeous burial sites. I mean I waited till everybody last, everybody, every last person was gone. It was just me and him and an open grave and you know, looking down at the casket there, like I was there for probably 30, 40 minutes. Like you talk, you talk to your brother, you talk to God, you yell, you scream, you’re in the mountains, nobody can hear you.

00:57:01 Right. Like, and you just processing through that is like just, it brings an entirely new perspective of life. It puts into perspective things that matter. I mean, I remember getting down and to this day, I mean, I, I’ll never forget, I mean, driving down that hill and thinking, eh, everything that these people are teaching great Cardone and, and Gary and this and that. Like I love them for marketing, but they’ve missed it man. Like they missing the mark. It’s not about money, it’s not about success. It’s not even about doing what you love. It is, I believe, truly about finding purpose. And I believe that that purpose can only be found through understanding what your meaning is and what your destiny is called to do. And that’s where I believe that we ultimately find purpose and yeah. Yeah. Quite interesting.

00:57:48 Got some deep insights, man. How old are you?

00:57:51 25 man,

00:57:52 Bro, you’re still far, man. Your, your why, your, what you’re wise beyond your years.

00:57:57 I appreciate that. Yeah, let’s talk energy. Let’s talk energy though.

00:58:00 I do. If you’re okay next week to do that. I would love to whenever you can. I think it’d be good, dude.

00:58:08 Of course, man. For anything for you brother.

00:58:10 Podcasts that sometimes of followers also want to hear from members. They, they, they resonate with you. That’s why they’re following your podcast. I think every once in a while, be good to drop in a, I don’t know.

00:58:24 I would love that, man. I would love for you to interview me and I’ll drop it on my mama.

00:58:28 I’m the master of asking questions. I’ll pull some stuff out of your energy. Here it is. Um, it’s easy. Actually. It’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do. You don’t gotta work for it. You don’t have, there’s no 10 steps. There’s no like, you know,

00:58:40 yeah, there’s no, there’s no 67 steps to, to energy.

00:58:45 That’s right. We haven’t even picked on tire here. We’ve been on Gary and then a grant and all that. But anyways, um, no, Josh, it’s, it’s connecting to God. Listen, it’s this way. The Bible says, God supplies all your needs, supplies. So words, if there’s always now in life’s forever over like the moment we accept that every like our life is for ever envy. Literally as much as I loved yesterday, it was one of my favorite days, but it’s over now. Literally only here. That’s it. That’s it. Here it’s on my phone and pictures, videos. And then I re-enact with, with the people I met with the, I remember yesterday when did that, we wrote the scooters, went and had pizza and we had that deep talk about marketing and we can relive it just by that quick little, but life’s always moving forward in the now.

00:59:38 Right? And so then when you realize God supplies your needs, so you’re always connected to God, never in your past. The past is over. It’s gone. Not even God can change the past as big as God is not even, he can undo the past. And so like all of us, we replay stories of the past failures. I should’ve done this. I wouldn’t have lost that girl if I did this. And you know all of these energy in. So what does that do? That depletes our energy. That’s no different than getting a leak in the titanic. You know, energy is easy, Josh. Energy is knowledge. Surrendering to God. That’s how you get energy. It’s, it’s realizing, okay, if I need a marketer, God’s going to send me one. So if you stress out about it, if you’re tense about it, you can start putting it out there and yes you should.

01:00:32 We should put action towards it, but your energy should be that of celebration and piece that it’s on its way. It’ll happen in the right time. And this goes to our dating. This goes through everything in our life, like God knows what we need. So energy is all just staying in the moment connected to God and from that God gives you like everybody wants more joy. Someone the other day was like, I need to be happier. I’m like, no, you don’t need to be happier because you’re projecting into your future that there’s a chance of no happiness right now. It’s all you have. Why would you not be the hat? Why would you not bring the happiest feelings that you could right now by dreaming of your future or anything on the past that comes to our mind should be amazing stuff that raises our frequency. Stuff that like if I started thinking about memories that Caleb and I had and deals that I closed. So if you’re struggling in sales, right, don’t be like, oh, I need to get better in sales. No. Do what David did when David Fog Goliath, the only thing he did was remind himself, hey, the same God that delivered me from the bear and the lion is the same God. They can deliver me from this giant. And all they did is just pick up those five smooth stones and just throw it. That’s it. Like his energy was. So like if you study people that were in intense situations, even biblically, their reactions were so smooth.

01:01:55 What, what do, what do you say to the people though, that they don’t get how to do that? [inaudible] I mean, I understand energy because I’ve studied it and I’ve looked into it and I mean, I, I shouldn’t even say I understand. I don’t know if anybody really understands it, but like I, I under have some context about what you’re talking about, but like to the person that has no idea what you’re talking about here, it’s like, what? I’m just gonna wake up and be like, all right, God, you can help me close the sale and then they go and fail the next time and then the next time, the next time it doesn’t change. What do they need to do?

01:02:24 Well, that goes back to training now. I mean, just kind of like, you can’t excuse, like a lot of people are like, oh, I have faith in God. God’s gonna take care of it. Well good. We still need to, you still need to put in the actions, don’t need the trains, don’t need to prepare. You still need to get better. But then there’s the habits, right? There’s the connecting to God and the now, but it’s in, you’re progressing, moving forward in life. It’s making sure tonight I get good sleep, so tomorrow I have better energy. It’s making sure I drink water today. You know, you’ve heard it inputs create outputs, right? You’ve heard all that. So it’s all like constantly like that’s why I live in places like Arizona. That’s why I’m very careful about who I hang out with. That’s why I love talking to people like you.

01:03:04 That’s why I love being out by the pool. I mean, I’m at one of the nicest resorts in Scottsdale right now. Sometimes I go to different resorts to work and you start to do little hacks that raise energy getting around certain people. I mean even as a man, there’s, there’s ladies that are friends of mine that the Feminine Energy, they have raises my energy. I mean stuff like, dude, there’s little things that I’m constantly doing, Josh, that keeps me in high vibration to always live in life on my terms. Go into a place like go to places you want to go to, eat where you want to eat. Don’t just be like, oh I’m going to eat here cause it’s close. No like eat where you want to eat. Eat what you want to eat. Where are the clothes that make you feel good? You know, you’re doing more of that. I hope that meeting disappeared, Josh, because I’m going to slide back with one thing about Arizona buddies. How do you get so much energy, Josh?

01:04:00 Yeah, so you know it’s interesting cause I’d be curious to know and I want to, I think this is a perfect transition after I finished my energy talk here about what you just said, they’re transitioning back into to morality and absolute truth. But let me touch on energy real quick. So I think that, yeah, a big, when you understand quantum physics, you’ve got this energy field around you at all times, right? I mean we, our energy, we’re 99.9999999% energy only 0.01% physical, right? I mean, so like we are a ball of energy and essentially and so is the rest of the world, the universe. And so how I look at it is I say if you concentrate on something and take massive action towards that, you’re attracting like energy to that. If you’re positive about something and you’re taking action towards it, you’re going to attract positive energy that’s going to create momentum.

01:04:50 And going to go more and more and more and more and more and more in slowly over time, it’s going to be exponentially greater. But if you’re in bad energy, it’s going to be exponentially worse. And so changing your location, changing your environment, getting around the right people, I believe that what that does is that allows you to shift and get into and be in a constant state of positive energy so that you can continue to the momentum that you are creating. Um, I think that there are a fields or energy flows and different things when you really understand how they kind of all work. Uh, and I believe that,

01:05:23 Yay. Let me let, let, let me tell the story here real quick. There’s a guy I met big, big, big into energy, right? Big and energy. He’s like, you know, be in alignment with the universe, be in alignment with energy, get into your rhythm, blah, blah, blah. He studied this very, very, a spiritual person, not a Christian. Um, in fact, I think he’s an atheist. Um, but I asked him, I said, okay, so what is the answer? Like, what’s the answer to everything? What’s the meaning of life like? What’s at the center of it all? He goes, Josh, you have to understand at the center of everything, the answer to everything is love. Love is the answer. Love is at the center of everything. And I said, well, I mean one could argue, and I mean the Bible says it and I agree with you, love is at the center of everything because God is love, right? And if God is love and God is energy, God is everything everywhere, then I believe that that energy that we’re tapping into is just a flow of God’s wisdom. It’s a flow of God’s energy and a flow of what he’s created for us to tap into. And I believe that when we are truly ourselves and when we are truly following God’s calling and when we were truly following God’s path, we are in the energy flow that we need to be in, in order to go and do that. And so

01:06:27 it’s key. I really believe them just set. That’s the huge key that most people miss.

01:06:32 Yeah. So, and I think that that’s, I think that is, and I believe, I truly do believe that that’s key. But I’m curious now because you talked about, okay, eat what you want to eat, do what you want to do, do it kills confidence for you. I want to loop back to absolute truth. So Do, do you believe that there’s absolute truth in the universe?

01:06:49 Absolutely.

01:06:50 So where, where does that absolute truth come from and how do you know what that absolute truth is? Like where do you base your moral grounding in?

01:07:02 For me, it’s my soul. Okay, let me think. Let’s think about it like this. Okay, Josh. Hmm. Let’s go deep for a minute. It’s think different so I could easily, let’s go deep, deep, deep. That’s easy. God, the Bible. It’s an easy answer. And there is an element of that that that is a very strong foundation for me. But there’s something else, Josh. There’s two things. If you want to put it this way, even outside the Bible for a minute, let’s go God, and let’s go something else that most people have actually never slowed down to analyze. Every one of us have something that is the single greatest secret to everything you want and love, happiness and money and where you live and who you hang out with and the kind of life you want. It’s this easy. I’m going to hand it to you like literally like a father handing a set of keys to his 16 year old daughter.

01:08:04 Like here are bay. Congratulations. But a new car, like your dream car, like getting our dream, Josh is not hard. We make it hard. We assume it’s because everybody says it’s hard. It’s only hard because we make it hard. Okay? I’m literally in my dream 110%. Now do I have goals? Of course, but then when you get that, there’s going to be bigger ones. That’s right. So, but at the root of truth, right? What is true? Here’s the truth, right? Yeah. Um, Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. [inaudible] so if you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, what is true, right? Is it the Bible? Is it God? Yes. And yes. Lay that aside. Let’s think different for a minute. When Jesus said, you show them, know the truth, the truth and the truth shall set you free.

01:09:09 Josh, how can we know the truth? How can we know the truth if we know the truth? That’s the real secret to freedom. So why don’t most humans have freedom? I look at people like you and I work three jobs. I literally am free. I have no guilt. I have no shame. I have no fear. I’m not over here worried that I’ve just ruined my brand or ruined my son or ruined speaking opportunities or ruined partnerships. I’m well aware of all that, but I have a truth within me job. It’s called my intuition. Okay? And the reason why I say that is because, think about it, Josh.

01:09:50 I’ve been on this planet for 43 years and for 43 years, once you 47 and every single situation, so all the ups and downs and through every human interaction my brain has ever taken it or my soul has ever experienced my intuition, experienced all of them. Think about that, Josh. But yet it’s the one thing because of fear and because of all the limiting beliefs that very few of us happened to and live from. Cheers, Saul, intuition. We know. We know whether that girl is right. We know whether we should partner with that person. We know whether we should move there. No, if that person’s real or not, we know we should trust them. You’re like, I don’t know if I should trust them. You know I like them, but I don’t know. What is that? That’s your truth. Speaking you shall know truth. Truth is your intuition because your soul is pure.

01:10:54 The inner you, the real you is pure. The real you is your intuition. That’s your soul that’s been with you. Josh has been with you 25 years. They walk with you like you will fall in love with the girl one day that literally never walked. There was some of your darkest seasons and of your highest highs and same with me. And I find that kind of sad but also kind of neat because it teaches me that, and I can tell you the truth, Josh, what I, the way I raised my son, I didn’t get from books. It came from here, right? Don’t get me wrong. Read books and what I’m doing now, there’s no mentor. Like Russell doesn’t agree with what I’m doing. Hmm. You know what I mean? There’s what I but my intuition does because it’s true.

01:11:45 But, but how do you, but how, but

01:11:47 that is 43 years.

01:11:49 But when you say it’s truth though, like you have your intuition and I have my intuition and Russell Brunson has his intuition and somebody else’s, their intuition, right? If those intuitions don’t align with each other, and I would say that I don’t believe everything that Russell Brunson does. He doesn’t believe everything that you do. I don’t agree with everything that you do. And I’m sure you don’t agree with everything that I do, right? Like we have fundamentally different core beliefs that we are holding as truth that are differing. So what I like, how do you know what is truth? Like, what’s the absolute like right and wrong or does that exist? Okay, well, you can’t just be like, it’s intuition because my intuition is different than your intuition. And if I’m like, hey, if somebody’s intuition is yo, it’s totally okay to kill this person, or it’s totally okay for me to self harm myself. I mean, I think we can probably all agree that that’s not okay, but at the same time, where do we get that ultimate core truths from?

01:12:49 Well, that’s a great question. I mean, some would say, you know, I think the root of it all is the Bible. I think that, um, I really do. I think that was kind of the foundation that kind of gave me us a lot of the ways that we’ve been doing our lives. You know, not just from a religious, spiritual standpoint, but even, I think there’s a lot of things that we learned. But I think the truth, Josh, um, in my honest opinion, uh, boils down to like, for example, you know, all 8 billion of us are living different truths. There’s no two humans that are 100% living the same truths. So that’s why I said it comes from within us. You know, the foundation are like principles, right? Like the law of gravity laws and principles are true. Those never change. Two plus two is always four.

01:13:41 That doesn’t change. So we need to really be analyzing principles and laws because that’s where I think we’re going to find the deepest truths that will never change. Whether it’s ninth 2019 or you know, 3014 you know, I think that principals and and laws, well, the law of sowing and reaping, right? Well that that’s true cause that that can be tested through every culture and through every different brain and through every different experience like the, the law of gravity, right? Like, like the law of gravity is another one. And then there’s principles have given you shall receive. I don’t care if you’re an atheist, if you give, you’ll receive. Right? So I think it’s just trying to slow down to discover the truths that work across the board for everybody, the principles and laws. And that’s where I think we should base all of our kind of decisions on. What are your thoughts on,

01:14:41 well, I think absolute truth comes from God and I believe that [inaudible] the Bible. I believe that the Bible is absolute truth. Um, I,

01:14:50 I know that one day for fun.

01:14:53 Oh, of course. I would love to, I would love to, I’ll do another podcast episode on it because like I think for me what the trouble that I get at. So do you know who Ravi Zacharias is? Yeah, yeah. A huge fan of Ravi Zacharias. Um,

01:15:08 why, why, why do you like,

01:15:09 because I believe that he is incredibly well, um, uh, researched. I believe that he understands the Bible and God very, very well. And I believe that his thought process with why truth must exist and why the God must exist and why the Bible is true. Like Aye, there is a, a flow there that lines up with, with logic. I was watching an interview with him, uh, between revenge Sapiro and him adventure was interviewing him recently. It was just as passed on down the Sunday special. And he was talking about how you know, how we determine truth and how we determine absolutes and morality and whether God exists and how they’re in. There must be a moral law in order for there to be good and bad in the world because everyone is trying to debate that there is no God and it’s like, okay, well you know the question comes down to good and bad.

01:15:58 If, if there was such a good loving God out there, why is there bad in the world? And then you have to go, okay, well if there’s bad, then you’re assuming that there is also a good, in order for there to be bad, there must be a good, well, in order for there to be good, there must be a moral law that determines what is right and wrong or what is good and evil, right? So if you’ve got a moral law that must determine what is good and evil, which we have agreed upon, then there must be a moral law giver. And then you would say, okay, that that moral law giver is God. And you could say, well, why does there need to be a moral law giver? And that’s a whole nother discussion. But essentially it’s because it’s about people and it’s either about a person or about themselves and [inaudible].

01:16:35 We are placing inherent intrinsic value on humans. We believe that humans are more valuable or have more meaning than animals do, right? I mean there’s an inherent worth in human beings. Well, who determines that worth? That’s God. And so you follow this and there’s logic behind all of it and there’s universal truths like you were saying right behind that. But it’s based in the principle that God exists and that God determines what absolute truth is. And I believe that God determines what absolute truth is. I believe that he gave us the Bible to say, Hey, here’s the blueprint for life. Here’s what truth is. Follow what this says. I think that there’s, I think that there’s far less absolute truth than what a lot of Christians believe. I believe a lot of things are situational. A lot of things are circumstantial to pay based on where you’re at in the world and, and what you are, uh, you know, the circumstances and who you’re dealing with.

01:17:24 Like I don’t believe universally that getting a tattoo is right or wrong. I don’t believe universally that cussing is right or wrong. Like I use strong language sometimes, not publicly, but like I’m very careful with it, but I believe that there is a right place, any wrong place to do those things. And so you have to look at like the core fundamentals of absolute truth. And so for me, I, and I say this a lot, I’m on a mission, my whole life goal, my purpose of being different theory is to ask the right questions in search for truth, right? Because if I can know what absolute truth is, absolute, absolute fundamental truth, which I believe comes from God that I can figure out the answers to life. Huh? We believe the absolute truth is one answer. I believe the absolute truth has to come from one place and I believe that that place comes from God

01:18:10 which comes from the vine.

01:18:14 I believe as of now in my spiritual journey is that the Bible is without flaw, when it was written and was at the very least God inspired but was taken directly from God. And that the, the fundamental principles of the Bible, I mean, yes, I’m sure there’s translational issues or whatever, but the core principles that God talks about in the Bible when he talks about, you know, treating your neighbor with respect, when he talks about debt, you know, for example, there’s a verse that I liked that’s in life isn’t in the power of the tongue, right? Um, he also talks about, you know, that blessing and cursing comes from the tongue and this ought not to be so, right. So I look at those and I go, okay, God said it here. That is a fundamental principle. Whether I like that or not, whether I agree with that or not, I still believe that that’s true.

01:18:59 Whether I choose to live by that as a different story. But I believe that is absolute truth. And so for me, I look at that and I go, okay, I cannot base my feelings. And this is where I think you and I would disagree, would just say that like I can’t base my feelings or my truth off of how I feel or what my gut tells me because I, you grew up where you grew up in the USA and you’ve seen perspective all around the world as Hawaii. Maybe not as much as you have, but guess what? The person that grew up in India or the person that grew up in Africa, there are circumstances of where they grew up and their intuition is radically, fundamentally different than yours in mind. But that doesn’t mean that the laws of truth are different because truth is universal.

01:19:44 And that’s why I said when there’s absolute truth, absolute truth must be universal, otherwise it is not absolute. And when people say, and I you and I agree that there is absolute truth, I think we just disagree on the source. When people say that there’s not absolute truth, I look at them and I say, well, is that an absolutely true statement or not? Right? And they go, well, and I’m like, you can’t say that there’s not absolute truth because that in and of itself is an absolute statement. Right? And so I look at that and I go, okay, well absolute truth must exist because absence of absolute truth, I’d like to say that there’s not is an absolute statement. So that means there must be some form of absolute truth. So where does that come from? And for me that it has to come from a a moral law, moral law giver, which I believe, yeah. What did God look like? What is it

01:20:27 my true like? Or what do I believe is absolute truth? When you say absolute truth comes from God, what is it? What is your definition of the Bible?

01:20:37 The Bible. If the Bible says that it is true, I believe that. Yeah.

01:20:40 So you believe everything the Bible says a hundred percent true.

01:20:45 I believe that when the Bible was written, it was written without flaw. And so I believe that with translation there is room for error. And if I’m reading in an American standard version or even a King James version, that there are probably going to be grammatical and translational errors. But I believe that if you go is the whole meaning of the message of the truth. And, and I, and I agree with you, which is why I say that I take the Bible, I read it, and if there is in consistencies, then I go back to the root cause. And so far, and I have it like I’m 25 right? I haven’t studied this in enough detail yet, but, well, the Times that I have gone back to the, the Greek and the Hebrew definitions and the Latin definitions of, of where it’s at at a very core level of when it was written, I have not found inconsistencies in the Bible. I do believe that there are areas where it appears to be contradictory, but I do not believe that when you go back to the root that it actually is. I also, however, believe in the difference of the old and New Testament. So I believe that there was the old testament and that laws and the way that you were supposed to live was different in the old testament than it was in the New Testament because when Christ came, do you believe that Christ came and died across for our sins?

01:21:59 I do. And I’d love to discuss that one day though, because I do sometimes, sometimes I do struggle with certain things. Uh, in my, my honesty, I mean, like I said, I believe in the Bible. I believe it. I believe in Jesus. I love it. Uh, do I believe that he died on the cross? Um, you know, I, I believe it, but it’s Kinda like that blind man that came to Jesus and he said, I believe, but help my unbelief. There are certain things that I, a struggle with

01:22:34 and I totally respect that. And believe me, ever since Kyle died, I have a question. The Bible is stronger and more fiercely than ever. And I have written and read. I mean, a friend of mine who’s Mormon sent me the book of Mormon. Somebody else sent me a or not sent me but, uh, recommended that I’ve like read the Quran. I’ve read countless religious books from Christian perspective, atheist perspective, you know, egotistical spread. I mean, like all the different, you know, different perspectives. I mean, I’m a philosopher at heart, I would say or, or you know, a religious person at heart. But as of now, core belief when I go and I look at any question in life, Matt, purpose meaning destiny, uh, our origin, whether God exists, uh, why pain exists, good, bad, evil, greatness, whatever that thing is. Every time I struggle with something and I’d go and look in the Bible for an answer for it, the Bible has an answer that when I go out and apply it in my life or when I go and question people about it, it always comes back to that is the answer that has been the poor key to it.

01:23:38 And so I look at this and I go, everything the Bible teaches me to do is correct so far that I’ve experienced in my life. So I have no reason to believe that the stories that are in the Bible are not real. Because if they are not real, then that would inherently go and say that potentially the things that is telling me might not work. And so far I have not experienced that to be true. So for me, I, and I understand why and I don’t understand about things about there are things in the Bible, I go and I go, okay, so god covered the whole entire world with water and magically somehow all of the animals from all over the world, everywhere got on one singular boat,

01:24:22 Dan, no power tools. Right,

01:24:27 right. So I’m like, I look at that and I go, I believe it because it’s in the Bible, but I also believe that there could be an explanation in real life that says, hey, um, here’s what, what actually happened and this is the interpretation that it was done when it says Wa like water covered the face of the earth or, or the, the, the circumference or whatever it is of the earth. Could that have been at different times? Maybe, right? Could that have been a different locations? Could there have been, uh, somebody else besides Noah? I don’t know. Maybe. You know what I mean? So like there are things in the Bible that I definitely question, but at a core belief, I say, I am going to default to accepting the Bible to be true until proven otherwise rather than the reverse way around. Because every single time I have questioned the Bible and gone in and studied it, I’ve always gotten to an answer that proves the Bible to be right. And until I find one, I’m like, okay. Until I can find something that says no, I absolutely fundamentally without question, believe that this part of the Bible is wrong, I’m going to default to believing that the Bible is, is without flaw

01:25:36 for me right now I’m at, that’s a good, that’s a good explanation, Josh. I accept that and I get it. And there’s a lot of what you said that I resignate with. Do you remember I was a preacher for, I was a pastor, so just me. I could go on your side right now and convert anybody out.

01:25:55 Yeah. Well, and I think that we, I’m not trying to necessarily convert people, right? I believe that. And I think this is where, why I resonate with you so much because I think we have fundamentally, we have differences in our fundamental beliefs. But I believe that the reason that you and I understand each other so well and the reason that I connect with you so well and that as soon as you went live and I watched your video from a non-marketing perspective, which by the way, congratulations. I think that was brilliant. All right. I don’t agree with how you did it, but well done marketing. But from a, from a religious, from a overwhelmed, it’s like I’m done. I get it. And because I think where you and I resonate so much is the fact that you and I both understand that a relationship with God is the most important thing.

01:26:48 And having community and communion and communication with the Holy Spirit with God is fundamentally the most important thing. And constantly having that is what it all matters. And no matter how well you know the Bible or whatever book you believe to be true, the Koran, the book of Mormon, whatever, the Judaism at the fundamental basis, the Bible says it, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Right? And part of believing in that is having a relationship with him. And so I get that. And so that’s why I have so much respect for you because at the end of the day, we disagree on tactics. We might have, you know, different things, but we get the, that is the most important part of faith with God.

01:27:34 Absolutely. And I believe that. And I teach that. And even in Caleb, Caleb believes that Caleb’s as strong in religion, but he’s deep. And God, you know, he prays. He, his staff prays together before their team meetings. Uh, so we’re, we’re rooted in this, Josh, and we believe it. There’s just certain things that I look at in my honesty. I’m like,

01:27:54 and I appreciate it. And that’s the thing. If somebody struggles with the Bible, I don’t want them to pretend that they don’t. Right? It’s like if you and I, I appreciate that about you. If you’re like, man, I believe in God, I consider myself a Christian, but this whole Bible thing, not so much, not in, you know, not on board quite yet. Fine, great or ever, right? Like I believe that honesty, radical honesty, radical transparency, I think that’s a good thing. And I believe that when you’re honest, you’re able to that ask the right questions. But the second that you start lying to yourself, then all of a sudden you can’t ask proper questions because you’re coming at it from a place of lies rather than a place of honesty.

01:28:32 Well then you’re into fear and God’s not fear. You know? And one thing about God is seeking hate, like you’re saying that you got, I’ve done that. Yeah. I’ve just, I’m dropped the upward in my prayers, like got on everything. I understand. You think God gets his feelings hurt? No, that’s what a lot of people don’t know about God is he can take our humanity. Like he’s not shy. He’s not like having meetings with the angels. Like, what are we going to do? Josh, you know, like God’s Okay Bait, especially the more honest you are actually, the closer you get to God, the fastest way to intimacy with God is just to be totally you and totally be honest about like I tell God, Hey Lord, there are certain, like I even said, you heard me. I mean come on, you don’t make Christians well not sit here and admit. Yeah, I sometimes struggle with the whole story of Jesus dying on the Cross

01:29:24 and I know that respect for you for that.

01:29:25 Who would, who would admit that? That’s like the sin of all Christianity if you can’t accept that, right? Yeah. God loves me just as much now as when I was feeding the homeless this morning or just as much now as when you know, I, I didn’t, you know, have sex or I didn’t, you know, say the f word or I didn’t do this. Like that’s what a lot of people I would love to understand about God is it’s, I’m sad that religion has kind of really divided a lot of people away from God because I like what the deeper reason why we’re doing what we’re doing with Maddix missions. It’s just to bring people back to a safe exploration of your own journey with God and then focused on one thing, gyp to the poor, and then work out your own integrity, your own family values, your own.

01:30:12 Like, you know, everybody’s has the right, we’re living in America. This is the, we have the freedom to even God gives us stuff free to choose and if we tried to obey every rule in the Bible, we would all be scared. Yeah. Like you said, there’s certain rules that come across like, Whoa, if we don’t do these, but those were those written in the Old Testament. Some of them you have to interpret the culture of that day. For example, you know there’s an actual scripture and the book of Corinthians, it says, let the women keep silent in the churches. Like what the hell? You know what I mean? Like technically you ladies aren’t even allowed to talk when you get to church and you’re definitely not allowed to stand up, speak on stage and be a teacher. But, but that’s what I’m saying. You can’t take every scripture literal. You have to know the culture that in the Corinthian church it wasn’t, it wasn’t about the woman couldn’t teach or lead or speak. It was about the disorder of that particular church that Paul was writing to. But you know, a lot of people, they don’t know that. There’s a lot of things that were said in the Bible that, that, that are not even culturally relevant to us.

01:31:22 Yeah. And if you go back and look at the pre and English interpretation of those verses, right. A lot of things are taken out of context. When you say, you know, women shouldn’t do blah, you shouldn’t do block. And then you go back and look at it and you go, well, this was just the English, the best way we could have interpreted into the English language when in reality that meant something totally, totally different in, you know, another language or another, you know, thing. And I 100% agree with you in that sense. I mean, I always laugh when people think that, um, Jesus spoke English or that by default, Adam and eve must’ve been white, right? I don’t know what out of me. And he was, but there are cases that say Adam and Eve could have been black. And I was told that one time, and I remember the very first time I heard it, I was probably like, I don’t know, 16, 17.

01:32:12 I was shocked. I was like, you mean to tell me that like Jesus didn’t speak English and he wasn’t white and like Adam and eve could, and then like, that was a whole paradigm shift for me. I’m like, oh, that’s right. Guess what other cultures, other, this, other that, that’s why I think travel is so important and brings such perspective because you’re absolutely right. Yeah. Yay. I want to, I want to, I want to loop back. I want to bring this full circle now that we’ve given people a little bit of context around you and what you believe and this whole religion thing and whatnot. One of the questions that repeatedly came up, I put, I posted on Instagram stories on Facebook. I had people, Deming, me, I was actually funny, I had several people reach out and DM me saying that they wanted to ask you a question.

01:32:55 They wanted it to remain anonymous because they didn’t want to get involved with the drama. And so I’m not, I’m not going to mention any names that cause I understand, I get it. Some people are a little bit more, you know, don’t want to be involved in controversial. You and I, we don’t really care, but let’s, let’s go back to it. Dude. You used a lot of profanity. Yeah. You drop the f bomb excessively excessively and you, I mean very controversial posts where, I mean you even like tagged Russell Brunson. I mean like you did some pretty outlandish things that many would look at you and go, what is he doing? You read thecomments. I know you read them in there everywhere. It’s like Matt, you’re destroying your brand, your reputation. You’re throwing in the dark garbage. Your career is over. I mean obviously people thought you were on drugs. The cops showed up at your house when you are that polarizing. Many would argue, and even I would argue to a certain extent that you’re causing division to a certain extent rather than bringing love and people together because you are turning off a crowd. What was your intention?

01:34:08 You didn’t hear that.

01:34:10 What was your intention behind what you did? Like what was the point and doing it, and I’m going to follow that up so maybe you can set it up for why did you choose to do it in the way that you did it? But let’s start with what was your intention?

01:34:24 Well, my intent was some live what I teach 100% I taught my son a lot of stuff and we teach stuff like burn the ships, right? We teach stuff like tell live your truth. We teach stuff like the rear, we teach stuff like, um, uh, you know, uh, the founder of Airbnb. You know, you’re, you’re better off having a hundred people love you than a million people kind of like you. And it’s true. And the, the why behind it may be answered in this hole in this short amount of time. But stay tuned because we’ll probably do more together and I’m definitely gonna feel, you knw, some secrets to this. But let me get, give all your viewers, I had started that I haven’t even revealed publicly is Josh. I sat down on father’s day and I had a very deep spiritual experience. You have to understand like I’ve always been extremely strategic as a dad and what I’ve taught my son and understand that he’s still 17. He doesn’t officially become a man until he’s 18. Right? So the US government, I’m staring at six months to my son stepping into manhood. Like this was my God given holy, sacred, like you’re a dad first, a businessman second. Like it’s family first. And so like that’s something that’s a belief in a value, right? That’s not just stuff that I talk about.

01:35:55 Well, in my journey I, I preached and taught strong stuff to my following and I did it to my son and I felt like, you know what? There’s certain things that I am teaching my son good. I’m handing him on his 18th birthday that he doesn’t even know and nobody in the world knows, but it’ll be the most transformational, powerful gift that an 18 year old has ever received. I promise you guys, there’s a gift that I’m giving to Caleb on his 18th birthday. And part of it is there’s some things that I’m sharing with him on why I did what I did. And really it was because you see, Caleb’s inputs have always been meat and it’s, it’s like it literally, as much as I love all these other people we named, they didn’t change Kaylin’s life. I didn’t, they didn’t mentor them. I did.

01:36:46 They didn’t teach him the way that he thinks they, they, they aided. They were a blessing. They were a help. But it was more of the power that he got, the energy, the creativity, the courage, the fearlessness. And so I made a list of just certain things that I had taught him and that I knew he needed to learn. You know, you gotta understand the size of his vision has always been massive. First it was the be the shortstop, the New York Yankees. So I was like, are you serious? This is really your goal. And he’s like, yes. So that changed the way we did life, you know, and now, uh, you know, that he’s gotten into business and his mission, his mission is so massive. Like Josh, she has to see, he can’t get this out of a book. You can’t get it out of a course for Caleb.

01:37:33 The lead, the kind of mission, because no human living has really led a mission. And you’re going to see in real live time, you’re going to see it. This is not fluff. You will see Maddix missions experience. We’ll be the most viral movement in America and the stuff that I’m getting ready to pass on to Caleb as he turns 18. You can’t pass it on with words, Jack. You guys go and literally 100% every post, every actin, everything. I did what’s for Caleb’s young mind at the age of 17 and one of the most, uh, spiritual transformation will seasons of his life. And, and that whole transition from, from boy to man, there’s certain, like there’s the way I’ve always taught him was by bye by my actions, words and actions. And so there’s certain things that he had to see me do so he could no, that this is the way you market.

01:38:34 This is the way you lead a movement. This is the way, like all the things that we teach, gosh, case in point. Why did I, why was I so vulgar? Why, why was I saying Josh in the mathematics? The truth of who Matt Maddix is, I have a grandmother sticking up to middle fingers as the picture. Like that’s rod dude. I was a preacher. I was known as the greatest dad in the world. And funnel hacking live community like I lost. I’m well aware, Josh. Listen, I’m well aware. I looked at three markets that I went to the topic church, family entrepreneurship, and I was ascending so fast at the time, top of entrepreneurship. But what a lot of people don’t know is, and this is what I hope to teach a lot of young entrepreneurs, is like, I want to teach you. You can, you can fail, you can lose.

01:39:37 You can tell your true, you can, you can build the way you want to build it. And it might mean the loss of family and friends and followers. What if it’s your truth and it’s your calling? Do it without sphere. And honestly, a hundred percent Josh. There’s debrief reasons why I did what I did. Why was I so blogger? Because I gotta be honest. I don’t want those types of people at the matics missions experience. The the kind of people we’re going to, they [inaudible] in play. Frankly, I’ve had even social media influencers reach out to me. Oh, we love what you and Caleb are doing. You know, we’ll come and we’ll bring a thousand shoes. You know, we’ll video it and I’m like, cool, but I want to make sure you’re also going to like do this as a lifestyle, not just for the camera, right? Just for your flipping PowerPoint.

01:40:34 I’m still, if you’re hearing the word positioning, I could puke, screw positioning, powerful people don’t need the position. You’re positioning yourself, you’re not powerful. And I watched all this in the marketing world and I get it and I’m like, wait a minute. Like, like you don’t go into the apple store. They like, like, like you’ll look something where you were. And I teach my son the greatest marketing is no marketing, like use marketing. Now we’ll go to the highest level where you, you ascend to a place of leadership where you lead the people that are waiting for a leader. And Josh, I’m going to be honest with you, there’s people think I’ve destroyed my brand. This was the best thing that ever happened to Caleb. Like when you see the behind the scenes stories and what I reveal, what happened, this didn’t hurt me. Oh, did it cost me some opportunities? Sure, of course it did. I lost everything in the process, but I’m okay with that. I knew I was going into it. You think I did this accidental or I was just being like this.

01:41:39 Did you tell Caleb what you were going to do before you did it?

01:41:44 110% I have a text you did or did not? I did. You did. Okay. I went down to seek Caleb in February or May and I spoke. I stayed up all night and spoke some stuff for him and Ryan. They said it was the most powerful transformational stuff and I just started giving them stuff that their movement intuitively now from God and I said, listen guys, soon I’m getting ready to release something that’s going to feel like a hurricane. It’s going to feel unsettling and it was unsettling for everybody. The only person that handled it the best was Kayla. It was literally unsettling. There wasn’t a human that knew me. That wasn’t a little like, oh, because it was so fast, so it was, it was intense. It was strong. It was out there. It was like Whoa, because it wasn’t the character they were used to seeing. And I taught ahead of time and I told some of my closest, closest friends.

01:42:45 How did Caleb handle it though? So like Abi, like he went out there and I, I obviously I watched everything unfold. I follow Caleb, so I went through his Instagram, Facebook or whatnot to see if there was any reaction from him. As I’m sure a lot of people did and he didn’t, he didn’t talk about it. Right. He let you do his thing and he just stayed right in the zone. Which major props to him, I mean laser laser focused in that sense. What was your advice to him with it? Did, I mean, did you tell him to do that or did he just make his own choice? Did you ask them to respond or stay silent?

01:43:20 You know, it’s funny is Caleb Algol, I’ll tell you a real truth. Okay. My cousin got my best friend and Caleb on a call the day the cops showed up and he was screaming like, what? What are you doing? Do you realize? And he just goes up and Kayla. So, uh, okay. The your, your cousin is okay. Any stops everyone, he goes, guys, trust me, my dad knows what he’s doing. And uh, that was the theme. Like he, he never wants like, yeah, we both privately talk like, you know, right now because of the parent, you gotta understand she leads the biggest pairing chip movement. Yeah. I’ve got a family group that’s got like 7,000 parents in it. My parenting course is everywhere. I do parenting retreats. But Josh, do you want to know what’s come from this? There’s actually been, I would do this over again like that without changing the thing.

01:44:19 I didn’t know you would

01:44:21 literally have zero regrets. A Ciro, like it had to happen this way. And when you see afterwards, when you see, when you see the completion of the book, let’s say, then everybody that doubted it will be like, okay, I get it. Like people like Josh, she’s like, John, there’s a lot of Joshua, no lie. But there’s enough Josh is that watched this and thought, man, I don’t know. I wouldn’t do that. That’s crazy. But you know what? He knows what he’s doing. You know they saw past.

01:44:51 Hmm. Well, and it’s interesting because I would definitely do what you did in my own way. I just wouldn’t do it in the way that you did it. Well,

01:45:00 a preacher of the mass, right following that, get rid of a lot of the religious ones because they would’ve come back to my stuff and they would’ve killed the energy up. The only way to get rid of them is to, and another. Josh, can I give you, can I get, can I tell him something? Just an honesty real quick. I do cuss a lot. So down with me live right now over lunch, you’d hear me say the f word probably 30 times.

01:45:25 Well, and I see. And that’s, there’s a friend of mine, a good friend of mine who, he boxed me right after everything went down. And that’s the very first thing I said to him. I’ve asked him back, I said, listen, I know Matt, I’ve sat down with Matt. I’ve had dinner with Matt. I was like this lingo lingo and the language and the way that he’s talking and how he’s acting. I’m like, if you ever sat down with the real Matt, this is the real Matt. Like I’ve seen this before. It’s just never been done online. Right? Like it’s never been out there in the public. So this did not like, and I told him, you know, there, he’s like, do you think he’s on drugs? I’m like, honestly, I don’t think he’s on drugs. I was like, I think he’s sober as a, you know, sober as I’ll get up and I believe you. But I said, I think that this is just Matt being done playing the Games. Right? And so this is the real Matt coming out. My question to you is though, so you believe in God, which would mean that you would believe that there is sin, right? In the world, there is a right and a wrong, correct?

01:46:23 Yes.

01:46:24 So for you, you obviously don’t have a problem with swearing, which that’s, I mean to each their own, right? But so many would disagree with you on that. But I think that regardless, even if we, let’s, let’s assume swearing is okay, uh, for you to do that, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. There’s also the verse there says, uh, in the Bible or whatever that’s like, don’t do anything that’s going to cause your brother to stumble. Don’t, I mean there, there are clearly verses that would say pissing off a bunch of people like you did would not be scripturally or biblically or or godly. Correct. But I, because I’m an influencer, if you want to call yourself that, I understand the influential space. I also understand that the whole influencer and fame world stuff runs differently. Not from a truth perspective, but like no matter what you do, you’re going to piss people off. I get, I get that right. I mean look at Donald Trump, but like my question is why to the extent, I mean like there was a way to have done what you did without going to extreme. And I know I’m grilling you hard here, but like I really want to understand like why so heavily did you, you use and polarize to that extent.

01:47:43 I mean, like you gave the name of Christianity have a bad rep for a lot of Christians. I understand what you did, Matt. Like I get it, but I want to know the why behind it of saying I’m going to use this much profanity. I’m going to go this level of depth with everything. Did your conscious or did your moral compass ever get to a point and say, you know what, I know I’m doing something wrong here, but I’m going to do it anyway. Or did you truly not believe that anything that you did was wrong?

01:48:13 Well, I love that this is called think different. So my answer’s gonna take your brain.

01:48:18 I love it. I love it. Okay, I love it.

01:48:23 So you’re sitting here and, and, and I understand you’re saying why so and strain, right? Because that’s heart. There are a sect of people that saw this. Well, who am I? Not Man. No, there’s a way you could have done this and still got the same message. But what if Josh, that there’s actually more people that saw that thought finally, oh my God. And didn’t even see that as extreme. We’re living in a world that what was extreme two years ago may not even be looked at as extreme now, Josh. So in other words, two, two, maybe those in the funnel hacking live community, let me think about Russell bronze, right? Garrett White said the f word. How many times funnel hacking live? Oh yeah, Russell’s actual stage and so did Tony Robbins. Yeah, I mean he’s not Garrett white because I wouldn’t do that. I would not go on Russell’s stage and cuss ever.

01:49:26 Brett. I never, I don’t know. I literally Tony, it was an upfront thing and maybe Garrett was enough. I don’t know if that was up front and then conversations over, but you know dude, like like what is extreme? It’s extreme that nobody, okay, your about that father, this kid to this day and it has done anything with it. That’s extreme. That’s extreme. That 22 vets a day commit suicide. That’s extreme. Josh. It’s extreme that we still have 18 million fatherless kids. It’s extreme that 650,000 children went into strangers’ homes last night. Totally helpless because their mother and father’s either in the prison are strung out on drugs or dead. That’s extreme. So why did I do what I did? Because I had to, I had to show Josh, the world is so noisy, the world is so noisy that if you’re a vanilla and you sound like everybody else and you want to be liked, if you want to be liked and you want to be an influencer, you are done.

01:50:30 Now literally you have that shot as an info if you want everyone to like you and everyone to agree with you and you want to do it so you don’t offend people. Like there’s this, I get being cautious because a brand but I don’t get being fake because of brands. And why did I come so extreme? Because Jesus came extreme. Josh. I mean in a lot of ways Jesus cause like what is custody? Like the f word didn’t even exist in the Bible. So when we’re talking against cursing, we’re assuming it’s against the word f word or shit or ass like no. Like, these are our modern day words that we’ve all, Chris asked them the Bible and so it was pissed. But like, I mean, like what, what, what if, what if God viewed someone saying, I can’t do that worse. Like, so you’re saying from a biblical standpoint, assuming what I did God uses Bro, what if what I did, what is that?

01:51:29 What if, what if Josh thank different, right? What if every middle finger post and every this and f that and me calling out Christian, like Jesus called them hypocrites. Jesus called Christians hypocrites. He like, he threw tables over. Like we assume that everything about Jesus was just smooth and hugging kids dying on a cross. No, he was a radical. Like they call him demon possessed. They thought I was drunk. They call him drunk. They call them demon possession. I mean, come on Josh. Anybody that’s, that’s a world changer. See, I’m not a Mar. I’m not, I’m not necessarily a social media influencer. Even a world changer. I am actually here on this earth right now to kind of like, you know, kill an eye right here on a Scottsdale. Got Two massive hurricanes showing up about the same time. And it’s, it’s, we’re not here to just like cheers, everybody’s butt in Q, arise everybody and be mesmerized by all these marketers for the rest of our life as if we’re some lesser than people. We’re here to lead a mission. Like there’s a difference between launching a course and leading a mission. Your character as a person that builds a course or even has a podcast or has a, uh, maybe, uh, uh, you know, for me it was, the mission was bigger than everything. So for me it was, hey, you know what? At the end of the day,

01:52:55 look, Josh, I now have millions of people praying for us cause they’re worried about us. That’s our advantage. You know, I mean, I couldn’t list all the potters. I am literally living in this right now, July 26, happier than I’ve ever been. More peace, more clear. No, exactly. Why am know where I’m going? I know what God wants me to do at peace with God. Right. And I’m well aware of the criticism. I’m well aware of. See John Maxwell says, if I need you, I can’t lead you. So you play out of fear of loss, you’ll never gain. Yeah. For me, I wasn’t going to operate out of a fear of loss. Now I’m not trying to purposely be a jerk or negative like negatives, not even my nature. Josh, you know. Right. Yeah, I agree. The way that it can come across online, I’m well aware it can come across. Dang. Why is he ripping the church? But Jesus, did Jesus rip the Church? I mean if you go actually show them the study.

01:53:55 Oh No, I know. I flip tables and beat people with whips out of the temple. Yeah,

01:54:00 I’m being nice. Yeah, I’m being nice. So,

01:54:05 all right, well okay, so we’re running a little short on time here. I have like two more questions that I want to get to really quickly and then a couple of rapid fire questions at the end. Um, I appreciate that answer though. I think it’s really good perspective and I love it when people openly disagree with me. Share a new perspective or whatever. I think you and I disagree on maybe once again, uh, I don’t think culture changes truth, but that’s a conversation for another discussion. I appreciate you sharing that. Two last questions for you. One, what’s the purpose of mathematics? What is your purpose in life? What do you believe that your purpose is and what do you believe that the purpose of people is put on this earth use specifically and then as a general whole in two minutes

01:54:44 percent. My purpose is to be a dad to Caleb and teach him, uh, what God wants me to teach him as his dad. And two are tailored to literally spend the rest of his life believing, believing that I’m the most positive, loving, whole save a hind authentic human is ever met. And currently he actually believes that. So I went. So that then my other purpose, Josh, is 100% to awaken every human, their money and their mission because I don’t care who you are. If you’re awake financially and you’re awake with your purpose and your mission. So what is my purpose, John? In my mission, I am here right now. Two, bring a new opportunity to the millions that’ll never step foot in a church again ever, but love God and that are just burnt out of their brains. [inaudible] religion. But they have leading hearts for poverty and broken.

01:55:57 And my mission is to lead those people. Josh, there’s millions and I promise you the Maddix missions culture, it’s going to be extremely radical and passionate and, and so I’m not here to, to, you know, continuously like there’s going to be like [inaudible] [inaudible] culture funnel hacking, live culture, baptist, Methodist, you know, the, the Vayner media or whatever. And then there’s Maddix missions experience and you know, with what we’re doing with our publishing company now, we’ve made even the last 48 hours deep changes, lean Caleb and our team more on this money and mission, more, more targeted now more niche authors. Not just write the book, but really writing a book and becoming a movement. Let making this author a movement how powerful brand the world changed. Or somebody that makes money, somebody that really like solves problems and heals pain and then, you know, that’s, that’s what I live in, die for. My friend. That’s my, everything is to just literally for Caleb and for those father was kids. Everything else. I mean there’s other things that I’m involved in, but that’s my focus.

01:57:15 Okay. Matt, thank you for sharing that. I appreciate it. I’ll have to follow up on that question on another podcast interview cause I have more questions on that, but that was awesome. Um, I want to get to rapid fire questions. I just want a simple, I don’t know if yes or no is possible with you and I, we both like to talk a lot, but I got to ask it just cause I’m so curious. I know everybody’s going to want to know. What do you think of Donald Trump?

01:57:36 Love Him. Love, love,

01:57:40 love Donald Trump. Seal you voted for him and we’ll vote for him again.

01:57:44 100%.

01:57:44 All right. All right. I love it. All right. Uh, rapid fire questions and then we’ll wrap up here. Rapid fire question number one, what is your favorite airline to fly?

01:57:52 Southwest.

01:57:54 Southwest. All right, uh, rapid fire. Question number two, one major regret that you’ve had in your life. Not necessarily about this experience, but just in your life that you would go back and change if you could?

01:58:05 Uh, not listening to my intuition when it comes to relationships.

01:58:09 Okay. When it comes to the relationships. All right,

01:58:11 great. Very, very interesting to have a dating podcast. Josh was that we could go really deep on that.

01:58:18 That would be fun. That would be fun.

01:58:21 You’re a veteran here. Go ahead.

01:58:23 A favorite sports car.

01:58:25 I literally like, I’m not in the sports cars, sports cars.

01:58:29 We’ll move on to the next question. If that’s all you dream place to live then if you could have one ideal home, I know you’re a traveler, but if you had to pick one favorite place in the world to live, where would it be?

01:58:37 I’ll end up in San Diego.

01:58:39 San Diego, man. That’s the one. You’re not, are you a friend of the uh,

01:58:42 la or San Andreas line earthquake. You’re not afraid of that? Yeah, I think. All right. All right.

01:58:47 Yes, because either way I did. I mean, now I lost. Good teaches you to surrender, right? Well, let me tell Ya, I’ll ask you something else. I was interviewed Ryan Stewman and he talked about his thing and I’ll tell you favorite thing that you’ve ever done.

01:59:02 Everything I’ve ever done missions work with Caleb.

01:59:05 That’s awesome. All right. Um, last question. I asked this to everyone and, um, anybody that we’ve ever interviewed on the podcast, this is the question that we, we end with. I never give anybody any context around it or any prep for it. So it’s truly raw and real. You’re atthe end of your life. Fast forward. You’re on your deathbed right now. You’re about to die. Everyone that you’ve ever touched in your life, all the influence that you’ve had, the money to success, whatever, it’s all gone instantaneously vaporized away like that. However, every single person that you’ve ever touched an influence, either directly or indirectly, which for you sounds like it’s going to be a lot of freaking people. Um, you get to leave them with one final message, one message that will resonate with them and stick with them for the rest of their life. What is that message?

01:59:52 A masters would be too. 100% only let your brain in the now cherish any memories of the past that were amazing. Anything that was bad, let it go. Literally let it go. Don’t give thought to it, and in your now create the future you want. Without fear or without doubt or without hesitation. Literally right now, I would tell every person to get all of your energy in the now and create what you want for your future, with your vision, with passion, with love, with belief that it’s possible. Literally just create your future. And most importantly, whatever you do, don’t ever, ever, ever, ever allow yourself to get sidetracked from your daily habit, passion and mission. Life is only daily. Life is literally own day, moment by moment, and it’s only now.

02:01:04 Yeah, totally. Now, Matt, this has been amazing. For sure. Hands down without a question. The most raw and real podcast we’ve done, uh, where can people find you if they want to learn more about you? Follow the Matt Maddix experience. I mean, I’m sure they’ll find you anyway, but

02:01:18 yes, I like that. Josh. Thank you know, right now what I’d love for everyone to do is just stay connected to me either on Facebook or Instagram. My name is very simple, Matt Maddix it may DDI x and let me just give value to you. Um, and by, by just being there on social media and it might be a video, it might be a post, it might be alive that I do and see for yourself. That’s what I would love to say, Josh. I mean, of course I point them to a website, but you know, for now I’d rather them just come into Facebook or Instagram and let’s hang. Let’s see. I love it. Yeah, I love you dude. Thank you so much. Listen Dude, this is by far the best podcast I’ve been. Well, you are a master at asking questions. Thank you. I’m excited to see the future of things, different theory. And if you can send me the top five people that you want on your podcast, if there’s anybody that Caleb and I can make happen, we’ll be, we’ll be glad to give a, uh, a connection for you.

02:02:23 I appreciate that. Well, I want to have you back to interview me. I liked that idea a lot and I also want to have Caleb on, I think that’d be super cool. So there’s two of them right there.

02:02:33 Kim, his experience through this cause he’ll share with you.

02:02:36 Yeah and I’m a very, I’m very excited to, to ask him that so it’d be super, super good. I’m excited. Um, but guys, Matt Maddix on Instagram and Facebook, but we’ll drop the link down in the description, make sure to go follow him, check him out. Uh, he’s, he’s the real one. Let me tell you, there is nobody more raw and real and unfiltered. I think he even takes the cakes and Donald Trump, I mean he is completely unfiltered from that. Matt, thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate it was great conversation. I have much, much respect for your brother and I appreciate the fact that we can have a conversation even if we disagree on things and really just talk, get real and get honest, get vulnerable. I appreciate your time. Thank you so much for coming on. The program inspired me as well today with a lot of stuff you shared, so thank you. I love you. Appreciate she said, I love you too dude. We’ll talk soon. Guys. This is Ben. Think different theory with the one and only Matt Maddix. Um, as always hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to [inaudible]. I think different because those of us that think different are the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam piece.

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