Think Different Theory

Kids and Family in Business and Why People are the Way That They Are


In this episode, I welcome Akbar Sheikh, a successful funnel marketing coach who has coached eight funnels over $ 1 Million. Akbar has a very good understanding of what makes people buy and what makes them do certain things. He has an incredible backstory of from being homeless to going on and helping people make millions of dollars.


Akbar comes on to talk about having a family and kids while running a business, whether it’s acceptable to use strong language, why people are the way they are, and so much more.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Creating an irresistible offer (04:18)
  • The psychological effects of cussing (08:37)
  • The power of control and discipline (13:47)
  • The impact and importance of religion/churches in small communities (19:14)
  • The massive role dads play in their kids’ lives (27:35)
  • The difference of having a team (37:59)
  • Don’t F-Up the culture (43:38)
  • Producing consistent results is key to business success (52:14)
  • When you give all you can, you can never loose (01:06:46)


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August 9th, 2019


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00:00:00 My parents explained even at a young age why they did things, and like, to us it seemed like the most ludicrous, ridiculous reasons, and we didn’t want to hear it. We didn’t care, but my mom, especially… I mean my dad too, but my mom especially would just over, and over, and over, and over again, would explain to us why they would do stuff and explain like, “Hey, we’re disciplining you because we love you. We are disciplining you because discipline… this is what it will do for you long term.” And I think having that understanding of why checks, and balances, and discipline, and things were important, and that actions have consequences, and understanding the why behind it played a huge role.

00:00:33 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

00:01:18 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And, you know what day it is. It’s an interview day, which means we have another really cool interview for you here today. I’m actually excited about this one. I say that a lot. I get excited about all the interviews that we do because I know I… I only interview really cool people, but the reason I’m… I’m excited about this one specifically is my next guest is someone that I’ve known for several years, and I’ve actually kind of got to watch him grow along with my growth. And he’s someone that’s… I would say, I don’t know, maybe two or three steps ahead of where I’m at. We’ve run similar businesses, or I should say businesses in the same industry, I think they are… they are different models, but this… my next guest here is someone that has a lot of understanding about life more than just business, and that there’s depth to life, and that there’s more to business than just making money.

00:02:12 And, so I want to bring him on here. He’s someone that has coached over seven, or is it eight now, funnels over $1 million?

00:02:18 Eight. It’s eight now.

00:02:21 Eight funnels over $1 million. So he has a very good understanding of what makes people buy, what makes people do certain things. He has an incredible backstory of from being homeless to… to going on and helping people make millions of dollars. And is someone that is just… brings a very interesting perspective to life. So, I want to welcome Akbar Sheikh to the program. Man, thank you so much for being here.

00:02:42 What’s up man? Thanks for having me. I really appreciate all the patience.

00:02:46 Yeah, man, of course. How you been man?

00:02:49 I’m doing well. I just had a… my birthday. Just did my biggest launch ever. That was really cool. So, I’ve been tripping on that a little bit. It’s interesting that, I mean, yeah, I really enjoyed. So, I got some interviews actually taking place at an interesting time, man. It’s like, I’m pivoting a little bit, you know what I’m saying? In my own business, and I think I’ve never been happier in the direction I’m going to. I think… I think now, I think right this moment I’ve… I’ve had the most clarity I’ve ever had. In the direction of my business. You caught me at a good day.

00:03:22 That’s awesome. Hey, would you do me a huge favor. come here. Just turn your game down just a little bit on that mic, just a little bit.

00:03:31 How’s that?

00:03:31 That’s much better. Okay. That’s better. Yeah. That’s awesome dude. Yeah. You just had your birthday, man. Happy Birthday. How old are you? Like 28, 29 old enough to rent the car. Yeah, just on that. To rent a car. But do you did something crazy for your birthday? Like I don’t even know. Let’s talk about that real quick. How did you do that? Cause you did an offer and for those of you, for those people that don’t know you, you do coaching right in the, the funnel marketing space online. Well, the offer, the offer is to help experts launch a thriving coaching business. Okay. So launch a thriving coaching business. That’s awesome. So how, because w you just did something, I don’t even know how your cover your costs, dude. What was the, what was the logic behind what you just did there?

00:04:18 I don’t know. I mean it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s absolutely profitable. Um, yeah. C well, what do you mean by the, so, so, okay, so the thing is I really just made an irresistible offer right at the end. And so the pricing structure work like this and it was like, all right, the program, $7,500, right? 7,500 7,500 yeah. And then I was like, all right dude, well here’s the thing. This is a better launch. I’m going to work with you personally. I’m not going to do this again. This isn’t once, I’m not doing this again. I’m working closely with a group of people and I was very transparent. Like my goal is to work a lot with you to make a lot of case studies out of you and then we’re gonna make this a big program. I’m going to use it as a foundation to make this a really big thing. So the beginning, I’m it cause in the future I’m not gonna be able to spend this much time with people cause we’re scale it big.

00:05:01 But in the beginning I’m going to spend extra time to get a lot more case studies and I was very transparent about it and I was like, well here’s all the dudes. You’re going to have an eight week program or I’m going to be the A to z blueprint. Like everything I know, like what are you going to serve? How are you gonna coach them? What structure? What kind of phones are you gonna use? How are you gonna fill up your phones? What kind of traffic right now, how you retain the customers, blah, blah, blah. All that stuff. And I was like, all right, I’ll tell you what, and we, I tell you why. I was like, I have a lot of testimonials and then we took a look at my testimony folders and the videos. I’m like, some of the best ones we have are people that attended a live event.

00:05:35 That’s where you get a lot of your impact. Like Ah, like, like we’ve had times like people like no matter what level that you go to, you have people, like we have testimonies, people like crying and people saying, dude, I’ve been sending this for years and I’ve learned more in these two days and I haven’t in all these years combined. Why? Why is that though? Because they’re focused bro, because they’re actually add something. They’ve left everything behind. They’ve left their families, they’ve left everything there at an, they’re immersed, they emerged in it and this surrounded by their uncles to buy it. And they’re just getting, they’re just, it’s just tapping them on a deeper level because they’re actually looking at someone in a close knit environment. So, I mean, I mean going through the deep psychology bit, but if you’re, if you’re thinking about it makes a lot of sense that events are what look, if you think about courses, books, it’s all great, but like coil events are super impactful because all your other senses are involved. You’re fully immersed, you’re surrounded by like minded people that energy levels up. Like think about the energy levels at an event or super high. And think about when you’re just saying your computer chilling, having a sparkling water watch and of course on the computer is a totally different mind frame. Now your mind is more susceptible to, to grow susceptibles of learning and retaining and utilizing information. Yeah,

00:06:41 yeah. What I’m saying. Yeah. But at what point, at what point does the event get too big that it starts to take away from the intimacy or the focusness of it and the messaging to get people there become too, um, fluff,

00:07:05 I don’t know, broke like two years ago in Orlando, Lando was funnel hiking live. I mean that had, what, four or 5,000 people? Something like that. 3,500 I think. Plus all the events staff. Yeah. So close to 100,000 I bet people, I thought it was one of the, I mean, I remember giving them a testament. I’m like, dude, I remember giving a video assessment. I’m like, I don’t know if people realize this, but they just got a master’s degree in marketing. They just got a really dead, you know what I mean? I was like, dude, that’s insane. So I don’t know. I haven’t been to any, I think that’s the largest event I’ve been to. I mean like, like my cousin just went to a Tony Robbins event. It was insane. It was like at a freaking football stadium.

00:07:42 Yeah. Well, and that one’s, I feel like Tony Robbins, I’ve never been to a Tony Robbins event, full transparency, which is, which is interesting because you know me in the mindset space where I, you know, talk to me about the mind. My, my big deal with Tony and I don’t want to talk negative of Tony. I think he’s a really good dude. And I think he’s talked to a lot of people, but like I don’t like, I don’t like cussing and I don’t like people cussing out my mind. I, I understand the psychology behind it and I don’t mind swearing every now like, I mean I use language every now and then like in a certain environment, but like he’s spoken at funnel hacking live at the end of it. Right. And it was some, quite a, quite a bit. Oh. And I like, I don’t know if I’m going to reprogram my mind. I get from a psychological level what that does, but I don’t know if I, like, I don’t know if that’s how I want to program my mind, but it’s not a bash.

00:08:37 Right. But a lot of people are doing that. The bad languishing. I actually disagree with it from a psychological point of view. I wholeheartedly disagree with that. Um, I also look, I used to, I’m coming at it at a little bit of a different perspective. I used to swear like a sailor.

00:08:52 So did I. I used to work nights. Yeah, Dude. I used to work shift around like a night crew around people that like I people like say every other words f bomb. Like dude, there were nights when it was like a competition of who could use the most. And I used to be a sailor’s mouth too.

00:09:11 I think it’s, um, look, I find there’s no blessings in it. Look at, you know, I’m a God refrained guy. There’s no, God doesn’t like swearing. Look, I’ll make it real black going. And a lot of people don’t like to talk about this. Yeah, I don’t care what major religion you follow, any one of the major ones. Here’s the bottom line. Everything we have and we live phenomenal lives. Listening to this live is a phenomenal life because you’re not in some wars in third world countries where your next meal is coming from. God loves us a lot. God’s done so much for us and blessed us so much. And it’s like he hates swearing and he says it. So it’s like I’m just not going to do it because he hates it and there’s no blessings in it. Like, I’m just going to be super black and white about it. You know what I’m saying? It’s like Joel’s in, I remember like, like the Bible says don’t eat pork. Austin gave a talk and he feels like no one says this. I’m just gonna say it like, Yo, y’all not supposed to be beating for it anyway. And it was like so cool to lots of say that cause it’s just so like straight up about it. And he’s here in Texas as well. But yeah, man, there’s no blessing in it man.

00:10:15 No, it’s one of those things where like, so I believe that there is a time and a place in a small more intimate setting, you know, for example, he wants it all to burn though. Right? But like, let’s say I’m talking to, so I remember, I remember I had a conversation with my dad and I was in trouble. Like I was in big trouble. I had mouthed off to my mom one too many times, not with language, just I would just disrespectful. I was probably 16 or 17. And, um, I remember my dad told me, he’s like, and it’s true story. He said, Josh, if you ever mouth off to your mom ever again, my dad was a truck truck driver. He said, I don’t care where I am in the country, all my boss, I will turn the truck around and I will come and I will beat your butt. And I’m like, okay.

00:11:00 So like two or three days go by and sure enough, I mouthed off to mom cause you know 16 year old don’t take your dad seriously. And he was like five hours away and he held true to his word. He turned that truck around, he said God to the barn. It was like freezing cold. It was like 20 degrees outside. He’s like, get a coat on and you go sit there. I sat there for hours waiting for him to come home. Right. And we had a conversation and there was so strong language used in there, but it was father to son and it was like, you better get your together right. And I did like that conversation will stick with me for the rest of my life. So for me, time and place, I don’t think there’s ever a time when you can use God’s name in vain and get away with it. Like, I mean, that’s pretty black and white, but I think for me there’s, there’s a time and a place in a very unique setting for it. It’s just not my, like in a public setting, when there’s cameras everywhere, stuff can be taken out of context. I get it.

00:11:51 I think that’s the worst, bro. I think, and I completely agree with you and I, you know, intimately with family and friends and stuff. I definitely, you know, I have a little strong language words, but dude, especially like in a public event, you gotta like you have the masses, Bro, are these big events. You have the masses and the man, you know, that’s your mindset. The masters are very, uh, sheep and they see this big, powerful guy swearing a lot. Well then automatically it’s acceptable. That’s what, that’s what you’re supposed to talk. That’s what successful people talk about know. It’s just a terrible message and it’s just not being, again, I’m not picking on the guy again. A lot of love. I’m just, I’m not picking on that. I’m just saying,

00:12:25 right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have, by the way, I mean like we’ve had people that use heavy profanity on this, on the show before. I mean like, you know, some of my best friends use language all the time and people that I’m, you know, so I’m like, I’m not saying you’re less of a person or whatever. Just from a personal conviction standpoint, I don’t use it. Here’s my reasoning behind it. And you know, I think once again there’s time and place for everything, but it’s something that was very, very, very hard for me to clean up. And I think honestly, being able to control that was one of the things, you know how when you like change a habit or you changed something because your life, no matter where it is in your life, if you overcome an area of your life, you suddenly have power in a lot of other areas as well because you believe you can make a major change.

00:13:06 You know, for me, I think overcoming that, like controlling my tongue. Cause I, dude, I, even when I started online three years ago, in fact, the last time I think I ever publicly swore like heavily online, um, I did, I lost it. And this was like probably three years ago. It was before I had moved to Omaha. And, um, there were some people that were making fun of some of the stuff that we were doing in our group. And this was back when it was like seven or eight people. And I literally told people publicly, I mean, the videos deleted now, but like I told people publicly to get the f out of my group, right? And so I was like, Huh, I thought about that. And I was like, if I could control that, if I could control my reactions to people and not get so frustrated that I want to swear at, then that would be a major win.

00:13:47 And I remember like setting that as a goal and now I, you know, now I’m able to do that and it, it allowed me to have so much control in other areas of my life too. I’m not saying that, you know, if you’re not called to do that, great. But I encourage people to go and take one thing in their life that might not even be wrong in your eyes, but like, if you can control and have discipline, I feel like it goes a long way and a lot of other areas of your life as well. You know what I mean?

00:14:11 Yeah. No, there’s no doubt about that. The way you do one thing as the way you do everything. By how long did you say you were

00:14:16 when I no, I will do not now. 25

00:14:19 you’re 25 now. Yeah, man, it’s interesting to watch you man. Cause I’m watching you, I’m watching your mannerisms and I’m listening to your language. I’m listening to see you know, to the structure you words man. [inaudible] I’m proud of you man. I wasn’t no, I was at degenerative and your age Bro. You K at your age. Yeah. You catch me at a casino and on a Wednesday morning with two girls and a bottle of Jack. I was like a legit, like Luke degenerate. But you got here, you mean? Yeah, I mean, and for those who don’t know, I’m not like that. I’m, I’m, I’ve totally changed my life bucks, you know? Uh, I’m

00:14:52 proud of you man. You got your head screwed on at a young age. I can see like you’re going to be this superstar.

00:14:58 Thank you. I appreciate that.

00:15:00 Actually, I want to talk to that too though. Like what do you attribute that to? Why you like, why are you so well grounded at such an early age? I’d like to know the answer to that. Anything. I’m guessing it has something to do with your upbringing. And though it is, it’s

00:15:13 100% like I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ve studied it. So I actually, I mean, I study psychology a lot. I mean philosophy, I mean if you look at my wall like directly behind this and my listeners know this, I have the definitions of like sociology and psychology and philosophy and quantum and you know, behavioral economics or whatever on there. So I studied this stuff a lot. I, I firmly, firmly attribute it to my upbringing with my parents. And so, you know, there is, it’s always interesting, people like to blame their parents for a lot of things. You know, and I, in the past I’ve blamed my parents for not being good with money because they weren’t right. And I’m love my parents to death and we’ve had this conversation before and my mom will probably listen to this episode. Mom, I love you. I mean like I, I’m serious and I have, but you know, it’s interesting because everybody can attribute, okay, I don’t wanna say everyone. Some people’s parents are just pieces of crap. Like I get it all right. It’s like some people truly don’t have a dad in their life or don’t have a mom in their life where they’re on drugs, alcoholics beating their parents, you know, beating them. Like, I’m not talking about those people.

00:16:12 But I would say for a majority of the people that listen to the podcast, like your parents might’ve messed up in a lot of areas, but there’s always something good you can find what they taught you. And you know, for me, I sat down and I started looking at it. If there’s one thing that my pa, well, if there’s multiple things that my parents taught me, like I can attribute to them. Number one, my parents taught me how to work and they taught me how to work hard and they taught me how to take responsibility for my life and for my actions. And I think that singular thing has from a business perspective has played more into my success than any thing they could have possibly taught me about money. And I think that that’s very important. And I would say the other thing that they taught me, which was absolutely huge, was that there is truth out there and that you really need to seek truth.

00:16:55 And I disagree on some things maybe with where my parents think are true or 100% right. You know, my parents are devout Christians and I would, I consider myself a Christian as well. We both believe in the Bible, but you know, the interpretation of that or what’s right, what’s wrong. I mean like I’ve done psychedelic experiences and you know, things of that nature where, you know, I have maybe a different view of different things, but I definitely believe in a creator. I definitely believe in absolute truth. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of it, but I definitely believe there’s absolutes. And so with that, with my mind being on straight, if you want to say, I know that there’s, there is a moral right and wrong and I know that I have to work really, really hard and take personal responsibility for my actions.

00:17:34 And so regardless of what it is, rich, poor, famous, not famous, successful, not successful, you name whatever it is, you treat people with respect to your work really hard for what you want. You take responsibility for your actions and you look for truth. It’s pretty good solid life advice. That’s what my parents taught me growing up. And so I can talk negative about anything. I could say my parents were too rough or this or whatever. But at the end of the day it taught me some pretty solid life principles. And I think that, you know with parents you go and you watch them more than you listen to them. And they lived that in a lot of ways. So I would, I would attribute it to that.

00:18:06 What about, did you, what about legs? Oh, their school or whatever. Did you do anything like that?

00:18:11 Yeah, so we did. And it’s funny, I actually taught, taught it when I, when I was in my late teens and 18, 19, 20. Um, but no we did. So I went to a pretty conservative church. And by pretty conservative, I mean like, like every, all the women wore dresses to the floor and you know, like we wore suits and ties or at least shirts and ties every Sunday. No, no band. No, no. There’s one in piano. So I mean I grew up pretty darn conservative and so Sunday school looked a little different in the sense of, it was like a 10, 15 minutes staying up front with the pasture by everybody. Also listened type deal. But I was in church and very religious in that sense. And when I was very, very young, we did go to a church before we moved to Indiana that had Sunday school. So I learned like the Typical Bible stories and you know, things like that.

00:18:55 No, the reason I ask is cause like I’m just trying, I just trying to, cause like I have great, I have great painters and they’re great people, good people. So, I’m just trying to think, like, I look at a lot of people am strictly observing the, from a scientific point of view, especially warming.

00:19:12 I’m not Mormon. No, but I have lots of Mormon friends.

00:19:14 Yeah, there’s a lot of Mormons and I, and I’m fascinated by them. They’re like my age and they’ve got like five kids and they’re like 10, 11, 1213, and they’ve got like this like super successful business that’s been going on that they’ve had for a long time. And I’m like, wait, how old are you? And I kinda like studied them and it’s like, okay. They do a lot of that. Like they a really tight knit quality community that they’re kind of like grew up in. And that’s one thing that I think lacked in my life. Interestingly. I’m like, I great, great family. It’s like stand up good people. Um, communities. One thing I think that, I mean I had a really backward commute out of the community. It was really like outdated and like, you know, the guy, that teacher didn’t really speak English properly. So all the kids where we would be running around, you know, pranking each other and they mess around. We never had that, like community structures I think. I think that’s a really underrated thing that, you know.

00:20:05 Yeah. Well even so, I was watching a podcast by Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro, Ron and even Joe Rogan, who very liberal, not religious, you know, you know, that nature, even he says the, that he sees and understands the importance of religion or churches in small communities and how much that plays into it. Um, you know, and how much that can positively affect people regardless of the religion. Right. I mean, you know, just being religious and being disciplined to that. And I would say also with that, I think the two things that my parents did really well at a young age for me is number one, they disciplined me. And at the time, obviously it sucked and you cried and Yada, Yada, Yada. But like my parents were big on discipline and because of that, like I didn’t mouth off. And when I did there was discipline to it.

00:20:50 And so I understood that if I did things there was consequences to my actions. And so I understood not only like, hey, and I remember, you know, for the rest of my life I’ll remember this. My Mom and dad would say, be happy that you’re getting a spanking because I wish that God would just give me a spanking and not punish me with the lessons that I have to learn. Right? And I didn’t get that at the time, but now I grew up and I’m like, Dang, I messed up sometimes. And I’m like, man, God, just give me a spank and let’s just call it good. Right? But you know, it’s a different form of that. And so I think I learned that consequence or actions have consequences, both positive or negative. And the second thing I would say is that my parents did, and I don’t know how they did this man, because it is a tough thing and it is.

00:21:30 They explained even at a young age why they did things and like to us it seemed like the most ludicrous, ridiculous reasons and we didn’t want to hear it. We didn’t care. But my mom especially, I mean my, my dad too, but my mom especially, we just over and over and over and over and over and over again would explain to us why they would do stuff and explain like, hey, we’re disciplining you because we love you. We’re disciplining you because discipline, this is what it will do for you long term. And I think having that understanding of why checks and balances and discipline and things were important and that actions have consequences and it’s understanding the why behind it played a huge role.

00:22:04 It’s interesting, right? Because like, and that’s the kind of thing, like I was a troublemaker in school, right? I was, I was in trouble like I was, I was journalist too. Yeah. Say it again. I was too actually. Yeah. So the thing is like, it’s interesting because I see a lot of people like that. Right. And like what you said, like we didn’t, I was good cause it was consequences, but like, I’m trying to think where the disconnect with me was because I didn’t really care. Like if my, if my parents were going to like discipline me, it didn’t bother. It didn’t stop me from doing something I wanted to do is like, well what’s going to happen? What are they going to do? They’re gonna like, you know, give me a little smack on my hands. So it did it none.

00:22:38 Yeah, no, no, no, no.

00:22:40 These were disciplines did, I mean I used to get like discipline. Okay, okay. But I was just like, yeah, I don’t know. I, I mean like I see people like that today where it’s like, like, you know, I, I gotta got gun the car the other day and I know like, like think people about my hand, he put his seatbelt on, which is great. And I really encourage that. And I asked him, I said, by the way, why do you put your seat belt on? And I’m kind of studying this guy. Secondly, you know, you’ll get a ticket if you don’t. Okay. So that, I mean, like a lot of people think like that and I really disagree with that mentality.

00:23:07 They’re afraid. Yeah. Yeah. So that was not at all. I meant I’ll have to go back and talk to my pa.

00:23:14 No, no. And I understand that. But like, it’s weird because like, what’s a $25 ticket? Fine. If I don’t wear a seatbelt, like who cares? Right? Like, that’s not why I wear a seatbelt. I wear a seatbelt because I, you know, for me personally, I didn’t use to, but now I wear a seatbelt because I actually care about other people in my life. And for me it’s like beautiful. If I die, if I, if I’m like, here’s the thing, dude, I’m a beat, right? I’m, I’m a speed demon. I’ve been to jail for doing 155 miles an hour on the back of a motorcycle. Well, know what I mean? Like I’ve done 181 miles an hour on a motorcycle before, like, like stupid speed.

00:23:51 Right? So like for me, I understand that. I’m dumb. But all of a sudden I got into road relationship and all of a sudden I moved away from home. And like those people became a little bit closer to me and I was like, man, if I die on the back of a motorcycle now before I’m dating, before that I didn’t care. Right? But now I’m growing up a little bit and I’m like, hmm. There are definite for cautions that I can take that would make it safer to where if I, if I have people in the car, I’m safe. I’m a safe driver. But if I don’t have people in the car, if it’s me and I’m on a long trip, you better believe it. If it’s open road, no one’s around, I’m doing 95 a hundred miles an hour. Like I just am. Right? But I also know that if I put my seatbelt on and something happens, there’s a much better chance of me living.

00:24:32 And so I think that for me, you know, my parents taught me how to think. They taught me how to think independently. They taught me the reason behind things. And I, if there’s one thing that I know about my dad and my mom too, but I think that I learned this more from my dad than anything. As he said, Josh, no matter what you do in life, but you could be an Uber ultimate failure, you could go kill someone. You could go do something terribly awful. When you come to me, the first thing I’m going to say to you is, yeah, you’ve messed up. Yup. You’ve got to suffer the consequences from it, but I still love you and I’m still gonna help you through it. Right. So like, I knew my dad was in my corner even when I did stupid things. And I think for me, it weirdly made me like not want to disappoint them, you know, because I was like, I couldn’t disappoint them. Like they could be upset. They could be sad. They could be both, but they still loved me. Right. And there was no way that I could lose my parents love.

00:25:23 Yeah. That’s so interesting. You know, I’m going to be a little vulnerable for two reasons. One, I know my parents are not listening to, um, I wouldn’t say this, but two, I’m going to say it and it kind of some intimate details and hope that it maybe helps them dads who are listening out there. But I mean, I’m just trying to pinpoint an alpha. I don’t think a lot of stuff, but I’m just trying to pinpoint like, why did I mature solely in life? Why was I, you know, so last for so many years. I think there’s a lot of things you’re talking about. My Dad, who’s a great guy, but he was a hardcore businessman and I think it’s important to talk about this, especially on your podcast.

00:25:57 You’ve probably got most entrepreneurs maybe. Yeah, a lot of entrepreneurs, but he was a hardcore entrepreneur. Okay. Worked a lot. My Dad never had any of these conversations with me. Um, about like what, what you just said, like, um, you know, or he never taught me about like relationships, more women or, or, or any of that kind of, you know, any, any of this kind of dad son talks you see on TV. You know, I never had really any of those. And it’s because my dad, um, I don’t know his dad, um, died when he was young. You know, I, I think that, I don’t think he got any of those talks. My Dad came from a very large seven

00:26:44 brothers, six sisters. Wow. So imagine how much one on one time he got probably not a lot. Not to mention his dad died when my, when he was like 12, 13, you know what I’m saying?

00:26:55 Yeah.

00:26:56 So he never really got that. I don’t think, I never really got that. Okay. And I think it’s really important, you know, to do that. And sometimes I see myself now, my kids are young buck. Like because I matured late in life. Like I’m kind of like in the thick of my business right now. Like really growing in and you know, things are happening and it’s like, yeah, I have kids, but my mind is so Uber like focused. And so I’m swelled with, with business stuff that, yeah, a lot of times like my kids are young too and they’re like to the age two and three and a lot of times just like, dude, I can’t deal with this with this chaos right now.

00:27:35 You know what I mean? Like I’ve got stuff I gotta do that’s like really important and writing to myself and told the other dads out there that I think, I think that we play a massive role in the, the, the quality huge and the quality of what I think they play a massive role in the kind of person our kids turn out to be. And I think we need to recognize that the massive ripple effect that it could be negative or positives. I think we absolutely have to, uh, prioritize that and make time and even study. Like I’ve coaches for everything, Bro. I got business coach, I got a fight, I got a finance coach, I got a health coach. Um, uh, well we’ve got a relationship. I’ve got a relationship coach, re my wife, but I don’t have a parenting coach. I should, although my relationship coach can maybe talk about that. But yeah, you know, I don’t have a ton of books here. You know, you’ve got all the classics, right? The, the Russell Brunson’s, the Tony Brah a bins, all Jay Abraham’s, you get all that. I don’t think there’s a single parenting book in them, but I think it’s super, super, super important. I’ve, I’ve had a serious aha moment in this podcast, oddly enough. It has nothing to do business, oddly enough. It really has everything to do with business.

00:28:46 Well I think so man. And like the thing that I, no risk, cause I’m, I know you and I’ve talked about this before too, it’s like kids watch more than they listen. And what’s interesting is I’ve studied the mind and I know you, you know the mind well, but for those people that don’t, and you know, talk about this, like when you’re a child, your, the critical thinking part of your brain does not actually fully develop until you’re like arguably like 1214 years old, right? I mean some speculations would even say it’s into your late teens or whatever. But like truly a child is not truly making

00:29:27 in my case recently,

00:29:29 but like your critical thinking of right and wrong doesn’t develop [inaudible] to know whether or not something is good or bad. So whatever you see your dad or mom do whatever you like, they’re watching you do. And you got to remember your subconscious starts right when you’re born and it keeps a perfect memory of everything. Like it remembers from the day that you pop out to the day that you die. It knows everything about you remembering perfect detail and you don’t consciously remember that. But the thinking part of your brain just absorbs things. So you at a young age, if your dad is always was at work, right and is a workaholic and is prioritizing that more than is prioritizing kids and is more than, you know, prioritizing it more than your, you know what, subconsciously when you’re five, six, eight years, you don’t realize that that’s what’s happening, right? You just think, Oh, dad’s at work. But it sending the subconscious message to the fact that hey, that’s what’s most important. And then when you’re working, you know, 12 1418 hours a day, which once again, I’m not bashing on entrepreneurs but like we, we got to remember that’s the thing and w in anything.

00:30:43 And if you focus on them and you’re just spend all the time with them too, like they’re going to remember that. And I’m not saying that you have to spend every waking hour with them, but I think the one thing that my dad did, because my dad worked a lot even when I was young, like just to pay the bills, you know, we did not come from a family with excess cash. It was pretty paycheck to paycheck my whole life, which once again I have no, no hatred, but we never knew hunger and I wasn’t poor but like, and we had everything we needed. But the one thing that my dad would always constantly do and when he would come back is I know from the deepest down as bottom of my heart in every form of who I am. I know that my dad’s heart was to be with his family because he would come home and he would just tell us how much he dreaded going to work and how much he was thankful for the ability to work, but that he wanted to be with us and that no matter what, when my sister got sick, my sister went into the hospital, she had seizures every eight minutes, unknown, the number one child epilepsy doctor in the world pulled my parents like, we’ve got no idea what’s wrong with your daughter?

00:31:34 My Dad, without thinking about it, there was not one second thought in his mind. Took two months off work so that he could be at home with his family when he did not have the cash to do that. Right. And like went into debt over it, brought on, let me like prioritize his family so high. Now from a financial standpoint, you look at that and go, you’re an idiot. Right? But at the same time I saw that from my dad and know that there is literally nothing in the world more important to him then his family. And it is the reason people ask me all the time, I was on a podcast with James Smiling. He was asking me this, Josh winter, you haven’t kids, Josh, when is a family? When’s this? And I said, people don’t realize, and I firmly believe this, most people do not realize how big of a commitment having a child is. Like they have no concept of what it takes to raise a child, right? And so for this, for the, for the young listeners out there, man, I’m gonna say I’m gonna send my personal experience. I say the younger, the better man. And a lot of people are going to disagree with that. And I’ve thought about that a lot. I truly think that the younger, the better. Personally, I really just like, why is that bro? Maybe like a little older and these like little toddler

00:32:40 kids, like a lot of times I’m just like, Bro, I’m too old for this shit. Excuse my language. But it’s just, I’m just fine bro. Like I like, I’m sitting here like, and I’m just looking at this stuff, I’m like, come on, I’m not at this phase in my life where I’ve got to go deal with this sort of thing. You know what I mean? It’s like, you know, they spill something all over the floor of this building. You know, there’s, and, and I’m a Super Nice Dad, but you know, like they, they spill and break a bunch of stuff and I don’t care at all, but I’m just like, I got to deal with this. You know what I mean?

00:33:14 So you’re saying you’re, so you’re saying that like, hey,

00:33:17 that’s a very small thing. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to like, I just, I just don’t properly answer your question because that’s one small thing. The reality, it’s that, but it’s also a lot more, it’s just like, dude, when you’re young, it depends because like right now, like, you know, you and I are like in certain, um, certain section, a certain level in our business where it’s just like, it requires like we’re trying to grow. Like we have big goals and we’re trying to grow. It takes a lot of brain power and a lot of focus and a lot of energy. So it’s not the best time to have kids cause you’re right. Kids deserve a lot of that. Right. I’d beat myself up a lot too, cause I’m home

00:33:54 everyday by six. I see them every morning. I spend every, uh, I don’t work Saturdays. I don’t work on the weekends. I’m with them every weekend. So I do beat myself up a lot. I do spend a good amount of time with them. But, um, you know, do I, when I do it, when I see like nine to five guys or um, people, young couples, I just see that they spend a lot more time with their kids and in a different kind of way too, like very focused cause they got nothing else going on. They’re young, they don’t have these big goals and or the nine to five or when they leave, when they come home from work, they get, you know, work is not on their mind. I just see like a little type of different focused interaction between them and their kids. And it’s just interesting to kind of check on.

00:34:32 I know it’s very interesting. That’s very interesting perspective on that. Cause you’re right. I mean people that don’t have as big of goals, I mean they have more time and I would, I would also say that most people are, don’t spend time with her kids. They’d rather watch Netflix and put a video game in front of their kids. Yeah.

00:34:47 That’s a shame. Like if you’ve got nothing going on in your picking freaking Netflix instead of the kids, that’s a freaking shit.

00:34:51 And I would agree with you 100%.

00:34:53 You know what I mean? Honestly.

00:34:55 Have you ever done, like, do you involve your kids in work at all? Involve your kids in your work at all? Meaning like, so before my brother passed away, he was, you know, he was a dad. He had one kid. Um, and uh, he, I mean Kyle was a beast. I mean he worked just as much as I did, if not more. I mean like he was constantly doing that and um, he would just involve his kit. Now keep in mind he wasn’t public, so like he didn’t live on social media, like his business was PR and whatnot. So he wasn’t putting it, he wasn’t putting his kid on camera, but like Max was constantly within that work and you know, going into the office and hanging out and Max is five now. But I remember even like, even at like three years old, you know, he was going and, uh, that’s possible.

00:35:43 My Kid, when they’re supposed to be on fire and you know what, he raised a good kid, man, here’s the good kid. My kid like I was, I was exactly. They weren’t, Huh?

00:35:57 We spent a lot of time talking about kids and parenting I think is an important topic, but I want to move on if that’s cool.

00:36:01 Yeah, for sure. Yeah, no, I mean that’s fine.

00:36:06 It’s podcast is my long podcast man. It’s a, it’s a bit, it’s a mindset podcast. It’s actually not even, I mean it is, it’s a mindset podcast. It’s a, it’s a life podcast. It’s about asking important questions and having important conversations and that’s what it’s all about. And I think this is an important conversation, but I want to switch shoe and this kind o f goes right along with it. I want to switch to leadership in and an expert based business or in a team based business. And what I mean by that is like, all right, so we talked about parents and importance of leadership roles and you know, things of that nature. You, you have people working for you and have a team. Right? Um, and so do I have, we now have five, we just hired another part time person for us to just start with us on Monday. Um, what’s your team look like? So I have the podcast and then I have which just has me and it was just one other person. Now we just hired this part time person and then I have the agency which has a team of five. Um, so we have a copywriter and a funnel designer and a project manager and then Lauren and I and um, you know, so we have five of us there and then we have a part time person that also does like one off gigs for us for like wordpress and stuff.

00:37:13 Um, cause we don’t really do that. But what’s interesting to me is like how, how much I’ve had to personally self develop when, when um, I started hiring people cause it like forced me to become a new person again. How has leading a team or even just leading an audience, because you have a pretty big reach online too. I mean we’re not Russell Brunson, but I mean you’ve got some email lists in reach and whatnot, like you have some influence. How has that changed you or has it,

00:37:48 how has having an audience change?

00:37:50 How has having a team, I guess those are two separate questions. Let’s start with the team. How has having a team changed who you are?

00:37:59 Um, no much bro. In the sense of like, my cousin came over, I smart dude, right? He wants to start online business. He just kind of invited himself over to come live with me for a couple of days to learn. Smart Guy. Uh, they don’t really ask, and this is a real kind of like, this guy is a corporate guy, professional guy who wants to get out of that, wants to start his own business. So this Kinda guy wears a white shirt tucked in the belt the whole time he comes in, he sees me and I’m super casual and he sees the way I talk to clients wearing a hat, you know, chewing gum and talking, talking to them like I know them. He’s literally in shock with this job. He’s like, dude, what the

00:38:36 portal does this? I’m like, yeah, cause like, like he’ll talk normally they’ll get us on the phone, but yes. Hi. Yes, I expected a two 30 prompt. Thank you very kindly. You know, like that corporate, whatever it is or the, the uh, diplomacies and all that. Yeah. So he sees the way I talk to my team and the way he talks to my students and the way I talked to, you know, everybody’s just like, what in the world? So, um, I talk like, like I’m talking to you right now is the same exact way it looks my team. Um, there’s no, it’s very friendly. There’s no, um, you know, there’s not that kind of corporate boundaries and stuff.

00:39:12 Do you, how do you, how do you enforce like deadlines and stuff? Oh yeah. Problem with that because like here, like I, I’m blessed man. The first I went through several VA’s and then I hired this lady named Carrie, who many people know about Carrie. Carrie is literally the most amazing human ever when it comes to running my, I don’t know, I don’t know how I function without her. Um, and so like I’m very blessed in the sense that, I mean I’ve got, I don’t know if lucky is the right word because I cycled through some people, but it was definitely a godsend. Carrie’s on time, she’s on top of things, things of that nature. But all of a sudden now you see, we started building our team on the vivid side of things. And I’m not saying that I’m not in any way bashing on my baby team. They’re amazing too. But also just dealing with multitudes of people, like more than one or two, you have to set deadlines, you have to set expectations and people have to learn about you. And like our new employee, I told Carrie, I was like, Carrie, tell her everything she needs to know about me because I don’t really know. You know what I mean? So like how do you set deadlines and expectations and, and corrections and things like that, you know?

00:40:17 Well, I kind of pre frame it a little bit too. Um, and I think that’s an important tip. And I as well cycle through a ton of um, uh, assistance, executive assistance. I had people in house, I have people locally, I had people overseas, I paid people alone amount. I pay people a high amount. I tried like all different variations. Right now I have the best assistant I’ve ever had in it. And part of that reason is because um, I made them take a disc test.

00:40:44 MMM Huh.

00:40:45 Yeah, this is super important and this was lifesaver for me so I took a disc test on anyone who has not done, have you taken a disc test?

00:40:51 Well Bro, it’s just funny you say that, that only I’ve taken like four or five different types of personality tests. But it’s funny, when I hired Carrie I did, I had her not take one but two different types of personality tests and I had Steph Gonzales who’s amazing with this test, go through and interview her as well. So I think it’s interesting you say that, but continue.

00:41:08 I took a disc test and if anyone hasn’t taken and dude stop whatever you’re doing or listen to the rest of the podcast, then it, but the thing is, when I read that dude, it was like, it was like me. It was like, it was like a more intelligent person within me who’s been with me our whole life talking to me about me. And it’s just like, oh my God. For example, they told me, it’s like, dude, you need as far as the team member, you need someone who’s very, uh, very much a soft starter, someone who doesn’t need a lot of direction, you know. Um, and it told me these things and I was like, and that makes so much sense. Cause the people had never worked before. They needed a lot of direction. They needed to need to be on top of them.

00:41:46 And in the, in the essence I, the way my personality is, I need the opposite. I need to like tell someone at an I an idea to need to be intelligent, creative enough to run with it. And then you know, so anyway tells you it’s like the harmony bro of hiring when like tells you the kind of person you need. So then you get the, the, the, you share those results with the person you’re looking at. I’m like, dude, this is what I’m like, if you’re looking for a lot of it direction, you’re not going to get it. Like I’m not the right guy that you take a look at. They’re just testing. You made sure it’s a, it’s a match. You made sure that they’re not too dominant and you’re not like, you make sure it’s a good enough. So in other words, it’s like using data and science to curry. Like, like a, you know, somewhat of a perfect match. It’s, it’s worked out well for me. I highly recommend it.

00:42:26 Yeah. That’s funny. That’s exactly what I do with Carrie and she’s been the best hire ever. It’s funny, I almost didn’t hire her and then I had her take the tests and that has definitely got into stuff like, Josh, you need her. And I’m like, all right. So I took a risk and I was like, oh my gosh, no my life. Huh. That’s interesting

00:42:41 guidelines thing though. I’m not a good, a great example of this book cause we’re, we’re super laxed at our company. Like we’re not like okay well here’s the thing, if something doesn’t happen I always ask, hey what happened? What do we need to fix in our procedures or our systems or our communication to make sure that doesn’t happen again. So it’s just like, oh well then they get to know how serious that is. Right. So then I, and then if it happens again I’ll say okay so that happened before and we fix this. So now what do you think we need to fix in order to make this happen? And I’m really children cause I know man humans are mistake making machines. But another thing is to get people who are on the same mission as you to be honest with you. Cause like we have a mission, we have, we’re super corporate, we have a vision. If you can’t, people who share that, you know, it’s a lot easier cause they want to get it done. They want to get it done before the deadline because they excited. It’s not, you know, they feel like they’re part of something they believe in. And I would definitely hire someone who believes in what you’re trying to accomplish.

00:43:38 Yeah. It’s funny, I was listening to an interview one time and now that I not you say that, I can’t remember who it was or what it was for. I want to say it was for snapchat or Uber, some big tech company. Um, I want to say it was snapchat, but that doesn’t sound right. Um, but anyway, there’s some big investor guy. He invested a bunch of money into it and he was, he was talking to like the guy that was running it or whatever. And so they had built it up and the investor guy was stepping out. He, he’s like, what’s your, you know, what advice do you have for me? Like, what do you want to see? How do you want to see it run? Yada, Yada, Yada, whatever. And his only advice to that guy was don’t f up the culture. And I was like, Huh.

00:44:16 And I think that, you know, cause I, I’ve not worked in a traditional corporate environment. Um, I worked in a job that service to them, but it was a smaller company so it wasn’t really there. I never have worked with corporate BS. Um, but it’s interesting worked with a lot of companies that did and I saw how on [inaudible] aligned a lot of the leaders of the company were or people in management we’re in the company with like they knew the company vision but they didn’t really enforce it. It was, they were just there. And I think that’s a super important thing when it comes to that, um, is hiring the right people that have the same mission.

00:44:52 Yeah. And I’ll say this too, bro. Like [inaudible] we have actually said people have kind of audited us and they were, you know, impressed with the fact that we, we run a pretty lean operation. You know, I don’t have a ton of stuff because frankly we don’t need a ton of stuff. I do have a lot of contractors and as needed Southport, you know, you can run a pretty sizeable business. It depends on your goals with with a pretty limited amount of stuff. Now we are looking at the next level, which means, you know, we need more team members and systems and all that. Now you have to understand where your weaknesses in my opinion and you got to uh, w and what I advise either studying up on it or hire someone to come help you out. I’ll be very straightforward. You like, I’ve been able to build, you know, a nice, you know, small team and hit certain levels.

00:45:38 But now to go to the next level, we do need to build a bigger team. It’s not my specialty to have a big team like and you know, and it wasn’t my Dad’s specialty then my dad had hundreds of employees and you know, he wasn’t that grand. Yeah, he wasn’t that great at managing it. Matter of fact, I honest, I honestly, I’m not saying this because my dad, but he honestly could have been like a Sam Walton, like the owner, Walmart. But he had one who was terrible at management. He was terrible at it. Systems and building systems and that, that culture and that the organization of a lot of people, um, it’s definitely a weakness of mine to build a big team. I, I’m not the strictest manager. I’m a very nice kind of guy and you know, so I will be hiring, I already know who, you know, somewhat to help me put that in place, you know, so that we can get, you know, 20, 30 people, whatever we need at the time. I don’t think I ever want this huge, massive, massive thing because I think with our goals, I think we can run that with a relatively lean team.

00:46:37 Well, and I think that that’s important to a lot of people automatically think big company, a lot of, lot of, a lot of staff. I mean, you look at someone like, and I know this is not really this type of business that most people are building, but you look at someone like Joe Rogan, dude like that guys reaches millions and millions of people. He’s got two people working for them. Yeah, I love that. That’s it. That’s it. And you look at Sam Ovens, dude. I mean, you know, you know Sam and I, what did you do in like 20, 30, $40 million? I was like 29 people working for him. Like, you know, that’s just, that’s like crazy. And so I know it is very interesting to me how when you have the systems right, you have the right vision that that’s possible. But I do want to ask, because we’re running a little bit short on time here, but I do, I do want to talk to you really quick about that corporate game.

00:47:17 You got that. Would you say it was your cousin or brother-in-law? What was it in corporate, I want to talk about that real quick because I hate corporate America, not for what corporate America does. So like, I think it plays its part and it’s, it’s necessary in its way. But the rules in the political correctness, I mean, I don’t know if you saw my post yesterday, uh, and you know, just kind of gives away when this podcast was recorded, you know, but, uh, I, I sent out an email not too long ago promoting a, a podcast interview that we did. Um, and I used the word Donald Trump in it. And, uh, no, no, no, not someone, dude. Dozens and dozens and dozens of people. And I had people messaging me on Instagram, Facebook telling me my career is over, that I made mistakes that like, you know, I mean, like la world was ending. Um, the one guy deleted his comment and he was like, uh, you, you made a big mistake, learn from it and move on. You don’t talk about politics and marketing. And I laugh because I’m like, you clearly have no idea what I do.

00:48:19 But my question becomes, because I think that there’s something to be learned from corporate. And one of the things that I think I’ve learned growing up is that as much as we like to hate on things, there’s always something that can be learned from something that they’re doing right. Because in order for something to exist at a large scale of it, any sort, something has to be going right for them to have gotten there. Right. And as much as we can hate on it. And like I could never work for a corporate organization like that because I can’t wear a tucked in shirt all day and put up with their crap. There is something to be learned from corporate. And so I want to ask you, in the Internet marketing business, I think a lot of people, they treat it as not a joke, but they don’t take it seriously because you didn’t have to take it seriously to make money. Like I remember when I first got started did I could literally almost say anything online and make money. It was ridiculous, right? I can be like, this Instagram course is amazing and people would go buy it and now it’s much more saturated and that is getting much more competitive, which I think is a good thing. What can we learn from traditional business that can be applied to an online or Internet marketing business that they do? Right. That we don’t,

00:49:24 that’s a great question Brian. I also want to ask you a question about president Trump, but I guess I’ll answer this first. I often think about that rope because I go to like so many like yeah, even the other day as a Dunkin donuts, right? And I’m like, you know, this particular Dugger does or or Starbucks or something. I was like always jack up the order every single time. How do these guys make any money? And that, and then I had, and then I had a job once, it wasn’t really corporate, but it was a company a, and there’s a not for profit kind of company, but there’s also a profit sector to it as well. So much water cooler talk bro.

00:50:03 So I say, Bro, how do these companies and make any money? And I often ask myself that, I’m like, and I’m a business man, dude. I come from the generations of business owners from around the world in all different industries. I mean, it’s in my blood. The only answer I could come up with, bro, is that they played big. That’s the only answer I can really come up with because I’m like, dude, they the mess up a lot. They, um, there’s the, we so much time, they must just play big, bro. That’s the only thing I can think of. You know, I don’t know if that’s the best answer, but that’s all I got on my phone.

00:50:40 Oh No. And that’s interesting because I’ve thought about it a lot and my answer is yes, they have a good product further market and just have regular products bro. But they, but the product, the how they got to being where they’re at when you look at McDonald’s, right? It’s like the worst thing in the world for you. And their service is terrible. Right? You got Lacroix, right? I mean it’s, McDonald’s was my guilty pleasure. Oh, for a very long time. It was. It’s still, I still love him. McDonald’s cheeseburger and they’re French fries. There’s not a thing that are on planet earth than a good McDonald’s French. Right. Just as my, the best thing in the whole world. But I look at that and I go, they have a monopoly on the market. It is so, Huh. Well, like five guys. Okay, well, I mean McDonald’s is this huge fast food chain and I look at it and I go, at the end of the day, if I just wanted good burger that’s cheap and fast and that I know is going to be the exact same way every time.

00:51:38 I mean, yeah, like yeah, there’s margins. You know, it might be, it’s a little bit, but like it’s just consistently good. Delicious. It might not be held before me Monday this, but I know it’s going to be cheap. I know roughly of the amount of time it’s going to take and I know roughly what it’s going to taste like. I go to McDonald’s. Right. And I think that that has to be something to where their systems are so dialed in. Cause you look at like health insurance companies or whatever. And if you can just produce a result consistently time and, and time and over and over and over and over and over again. Even if that order’s messed up, you’re like, the fry is still the fry, right? And Burger is still the burger. And one of the things that I see in the Internet marketing space is that people can’t produce consistent results. So they, it’s like if you get a result, you get a, it’s like an anomaly.

00:52:21 Fair enough, Bro. Fair enough. Right. But let me like take a look at this. This, this bowl, right? They go look at Lacroix, right? Take a look at, you know, these marketers that, let’s look up this incredibly massive company. I mean these are just basic regular products. Like I agree with you what you’re saying to McDonald’s, right? Like it’s consistency around the world. You’re gonna get a cheap, fast and tasty at anywhere in the world. That’s a formula. I get that they’re actually in the real estate business.

00:52:46 Well yeah, for sure. But I mean from a front. But even, but dude, even look at expo man, why do you buy expo versus another cheap marker out there? Because you know it’s going to work.

00:52:56 I know. See like for me, right, it’s like you see x whatever your Bot, that’s just what like Amazon recommends. Right? And maybe it’s cause they get good reviews, maybe because it’s works. No, what I’m saying, it’s interesting man. Maybe yet, maybe I maybe, or maybe you’re right, maybe let’s just say a good product, I guess

00:53:11 because it’s, it’s not, it’s not common. It’s not a complicated product though. And I think this is an important distinction that I’ve had to make because in the Internet marketing business, and this is a false belief that I had for a long time, I always thought, and this is more true for the high ticket world, but like if I’m charging money for something, you’d better blow people out of the water’s gotta be so uniquely different and his whole unique thing or whatever and all that jazz. And then I look at some of the basic products, I’m like, these are two markers, why don’t I buy expo over this cheap? You want every time. And it’s just because I know expo is going to work and this other marker might work, but I don’t know if it’s going to be quite as good as quality. And there’s a lot.

00:53:43 I like what you’re saying a lot because like in the Internet business I always say that and I always think that that dude, all you need is there as a quality product that gets your salts and you’re set. It’s just bad acquainted like a marker or a cereal bowl to be like a good product.

00:53:57 But you know what I mean though, you pay a little bit more for a, a brand name paper play because you know it’s gonna be good and like certain things you don’t really care about. Right? Like, but overall though that the reason someone has, and it goes right along, I think, and I like your perspective of like playing big. I mean it’s first to the market for sure. But I always laugh when people are like, it’s not all about your product, it’s about your marketing. I’m like, it’s no longer that way. It used to be that way, but now like you’ve got to at least have a good product, at least a decent prior to last. People can compare Pepsi and coke all you want, but coke is not a bad product, right. Po Coke’s a pretty darn good product and people might like Pepsi. More marketing goes a long way, but you can’t market your way out of a bad product for very long.

00:54:38 Yeah. And you know a bunch of something, you know? And if it’s bad, yeah, there’s no longevity to it.

00:54:44 Right. But you look at Starbucks, man, like here’s the thing, Starbucks is overpriced. It’s not really all that different necessarily from another cup of coffee. Someone could tap in and inherently duplicate what they’ve done with Starbucks. And I spend $5 and 65 cents almost every single morning on this stupid cup of coffee. Right. What am I know about Starbucks? I know that I’m going to get basically the exact same delicious tasting cup of coffee with the same like easy, convenient everything amendment. And that’s why I buy Starbucks versus, I’m guessing if I’m buying

00:55:17 Dunkin donuts is a fraction of the price, but they’re not like that. They’re not consistent. You know that you will, you’ll have it’s hit or miss, you have good days, it’s awesome. You have some days where I’ll do this critical thing,

00:55:25 but also look at Dunkin donuts compared to Starbucks. Dunkin donuts is a very, I would say, um, uh, geographic. Like it started, it didn’t start in Boston. Is that where it started I think, or somewhere up in the east coast or whatever. I’ve, maybe I’m wrong on that. And so it like started there and I looked like in Omaha we have this thing called scooters, which is more popular than Starbucks, although there’s still, you know, Starbucks everywhere. And I look at them and I go, yeah, you got, you got a decent product. You know, like, it’s good. It might even be a slightly better product than Starbucks, but I was like, Starbucks is just consistently good every single time, always. And a branding and marketing along with playing big with that. I just think that having, having a consistently good product that is, it doesn’t have to necessarily be the best. It has to be consistently above average.

00:56:14 No, I got over here on my whiteboard, I was talking to a, I was talking to somebody patched me to, to, to someone who’s listening to Paul and they’re saying, man, I see I borrowed all over. Place is consistent. I’m a literally like listening to it. I’m writing it on the board. He’s like, I’ve seen them all over the place. Our values aligned and he’s consistent. Like, yeah, people respect consistency cause there’s a trusted cause they know you’re going to be there. I’m saying, but it’s interesting, I never thought about that with something like little Lala, like LIGO dollar product for $3 a product and it’s gotta be good. So that’s, that’s interesting to think on that micro level, man. I like to appreciate that time. I wanted to ask you about Trump. Yeah, let’s do that. Let’s do that. So I’m going to talk to you like totally non-biased. I’m totally non biased. I’m asking like, like a as like a, as someone collecting data. Imagine like I work for data companies. So you’re, I think you’re a, you’re a Donald Trump president. Trump, Trump, Trump. I think we should call him president or respectful president.

00:57:12 [inaudible] you are. Okay, I see. Okay. I support and voted for Donald Trump and I would, I consider myself a Donald Trump supporter. That doesn’t mean I agree. I agree with everything. But I would say I definitely am a, a Donald Trump.

00:57:26 Well, I mean nobody raised it was everything that anyone says. But I guess my, so here’s the question for data purposes, right? So like for example, lately, if somebody asks you, well dude, how can you be a Trump fan when he’s, he’s a where it seems like he’s a racist, where as latest as Lee and his latest event and his latest rally people were chanting, send her back, send her back there talking about some minority congresswoman and he let them and he doesn’t deny and he doesn’t say anything like, what do you say again? I’m totally nonbiased. Yeah. Say What do you say to that person?

00:57:55 You know, and I think that’s a great point. So you know, I think that there are, I think that there are two things, and I don’t want to go too too deep into this for the sake of time, but I think there’s two essential jobs of the president, right? Are there are two areas of where the president, his job lies, there are social issues and then there is economical or non social issues, right? Like economics, military defense, like things of that nature, right. That that are not in the interest of like making people feel good or you know, like what’s right morally right and wrong. It’s more of just like, hey, we have to make sure the country works right. And so from my aspect and my, uh, experience with things, I look at the country pre Trump coming into it and I say the country is a wreck.

00:58:37 It’s a wreck on all fronts. Okay. In the economically we’re not great military, we’re kind of okay, but like we’re not great. Uh, from culture of diversity, we’re not great things of that nature. I believe that the job of the United States president is to first and foremost protect and build the country. Okay. Like that, that is what I believe from, from my perspective with the president. It is not the president’s job to go and decide what you need to personally do with your life. Now, I think from an economical standpoint and from a military standpoint, I have agreed with almost everything that Trump has done. Okay. From a social standpoint, I believe that, I don’t know what in the actual heck he is dealing when it comes to the House of Representatives in Congress and Senate. Like all those different things. I have no idea what he’s going through.

00:59:29 I also know that in today’s world and then in today’s society that Trump knows how to play the system and that Trump knows how to get attention. So I disagree with Trump on how he handles people. I believe that Trump should do a better job of keeping peace or should I say extinguishing hatred, but I don’t believe that Trump intentionally, and I’ve been to a Trump rally before, like I’ve been there like actual huge, like 20,000 people. Right. And I will say while he was on the campaign trail, okay. And I will say, I did not personally hear, and I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’m not saying you know, it’s not there, but me personally, in my experience, I did not hear a single racist comment. I did not hear anybody saying that we should be blowing up democrats or you know, like people that disagree with them or whatever the ridiculous things that they’re saying.

01:00:13 However, I do believe that the way that Trump carries himself, breathes that type of behavior. I and I, and I’ve said that before, so I very much disagree in a way that Trump handles himself. And carries himself by the way he articulates and communicates. But I understand why he does it. I don’t agree with it, but I understand why because it gets him elected. But from strictly a policy standpoint, and I try to judge people based off of what they do with their actions when it comes to policy in the political spectrum, right? Like I get it. You say what you gotta say to get elected. You say what you got to say to build the community, whatever. Okay. Like I can kind of look past that and I look past that with Hillary and with Obama and with, you know, all the other people.

01:00:53 You say what you got to say, I get it. I want to know what you’re going to do with policy. And from my perspective, Trump has not done a single thing or very, very few things that either a hurt any form of American or be make anybody’s life less. In fact, Trump has signed executive orders on immigration that went above and beyond Obama and pressed presidents. And so for me, I go, I’m able to look past what he is saying and what he’s doing because I look at Trump and I go, Trump is just another influencer dude. When it comes to what he’s saying, you know, like yes, he’s the president, but let’s if he’s the president, let’s judge him on presidential actions, which is like what he’s able to do outside of another influencer. The second that you can go and be like, this person is spreading hatred.

01:01:36 Trump has never one time incited violence or said that we should go and kill or blow up people or do negative things or whatever. Yes, he said we should lock her up, blah. I disagree with that and I’ve been vocal about that, but Trump has also not gone out and incited violence on anyone. And the second that Trump would, Trump would go out and spread violence and say that we should kill or hurt or anything of someone of that. I would be the first person to stand up and vehemently disagree with him on that because that is absolutely wrong. But from a a policy perspective, I think he’s done everything right or, or most things right. That as far as with what I, what I believe in. Sorry, that was a long answer. I think people are really unfair man. Like you have people like, oh he’s did this and he did. I’m like, Bro, like

01:02:20 we, well we said awhile ago, right? Like humans are like, no one’s perfect. Like you’re not going to do anything. Like I agree with 100% of what anyone says, including your mom and dad. And I, and I listen, I happen to agree with a lot of what you’re saying. Like I think he’s got a lot of great policies. Um, you know, I think he’s helped that he’s helped you and I with our taxes, that’s for sure. Um, you know, he’s done a lot of cool things. Um, I liked, I when, when he was running, I was like, dude, cause I’m from the east coast and when he was running for president and he had this thing where like, dude, I’m not, I’m not a politician. They’re not going to buy me. I’m a businessman. This country needs, I don’t like this country is broken and needs to be fixed. Mike Rowe and me being a hardcore entrepreneur, I’m like, well, you know I love this because only an entrepreneur can fix it, can fix the mess like this.

01:03:06 And so my thing is to people, and I’ve been very clear on this, I’m like, if I could change things about Donald Trump, would I? Yes, for sure. He’s not perfect, but it’s not my job. I mean I can’t change them or whatever. I am not saying that Donald Trump would be a good leader for the next 50 years, but I do think that where our country was in the chaos, brokenness and messiness of the mess, that it was the only person that could have fixed it is Donald Trump of the candidates that we had running. So if a Democrat gets in there next and wants to fix all the social issues and the way that they do it, am I going to respect that person the same way that I respect to Trump? Yes, because they are my president. Right? I don’t care who you are. If you’re the

01:03:46 president, I’m gonna. That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I don’t like is that when people are like, you gotta show some respect man. Like, like, oh he said this. I’m like, Dude, you what? You’re your own mom never said anything you don’t disagree with. It’s like you gotta show some like respect, you know what I’m saying? And then it’s like I did. I, I view that you’re saying man, it’s, it’s, I guess, cause I grew up in the east coast and to me it’s like, it’s such a melting pot over there, bro. I spent so much time in New York and that’s where, that’s where president Trump’s from, like New York, right? It’s such a melting pot dude. Like a real New Yorker. It’s really hard for you to actually be a real racist. Like we actually talk differently in the east coast because we’re such a melting pot. You know, we’re very, I don’t know how people all, maybe outside, but we’re very like, you know, comfortable with other races because all around us. So maybe walk a little differently. I Dunno.

01:04:32 I, and I don’t want, and for the sake of time, cause we do have to wrap up. Um, but every topic, no, I’ll, I’ll end up, I’ll end with this though. I don’t wanna I don’t want to go into the race topic per se. Do I think Donald Trump’s a racist or whatever and things like that. I’m going to say this, I’m going to say Joe Rogan set, you know, did a podcast and I’m gonna refer back to this cause I learned a lot from it too. [inaudible] think back to where you were four years ago in your life, eight years ago in your life, 12 years ago in your life. Dude, I used to not like gay people. I used to think gay people were weird and bad, but like I have tons of gay friends now and like, people may hate on me and be like, oh my gosh, Josh Gay phobic. No, what are you talking about? Like I, I’ve got no problem with gay people, right? But at one point in my life, like do I fundamentally from my own perspective of religion, disagree with them. Yeah. But they’re still human. Right. Back when I was 1617 I said, I respect the fact that

01:05:19 you may, you know, you don’t sugar coat your beliefs that you say what you believe in on a positive.

01:05:25 And I believe that what people should do that too. I think all I’m saying is, is that I think that I probably said some stupid comments about, you know something about that too. When I was 17 1819 years old. Trump probably said some stupid thing going about it, but the, and I’m going to end with this again cause I gotta wrap up. Yeah. Is he said we didn’t, we didn’t elect Donald Trump to be an angel. We elect Donald Trump to get some stuff done. I firmly expected him to pissing people off. He’s ticked me off on some of the things that he’s done, but at the same time I go, you know what? You’re getting the majority of the things right. Oh, I liked another present it to fit the thing, the fixed the things that I don’t like about yourself. Anyway, man, I super appreciate your time coming on here.

01:05:59 I’m real quick to some rapid fire questions and then we’ll wrap up. Um, are you ready for rapid fire? Good guess so.

01:06:06 Yes,

01:06:06 I rapid fire questions. Fine. What’s your favorite airline to fly?

01:06:10 Jet Blue. Virgin America.

01:06:11 Jet Blue, Virgin America. A favorite thing to eat. Like favorite meal,

01:06:15 cheap meal designer, Lasagna.

01:06:17 A person that has impacted you the most in your life?

01:06:21 Uh, um, it’s gotta be, it’s gotta be God.

01:06:24 God. Last question. I asked this person or this question to every single person that comes on the podcast and everybody I’ve ever interviewed you at the end of your life, everything that you’ve done, every person that you’ve done, everything has gone. Your business is your money, your influence, everything’s gone. You’re on your deathbed. However, every single person that you’ve ever touched an influence, either directly or indirectly, you get to leave with one final message. What does that message

01:06:46 give? My number one secret in life has never been anything more than just to give all I can. And it is the you, you’ll get the highest ROI of your life. Just just keep giving whatever you can, whether it’s time, money, uh, or just your attention or just some love. Just keep giving and you just honestly cannot lose.

01:07:06 I love that. I love that guys has been at bar. Great interview man. I really appreciate it guys. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are the ones that can change the world at bar really quick. Where can they find you more? More about you? Uh, [inaudible] dot com [inaudible] dot com guys go check them out. Also, he has a Facebook group called seven figures society. Um, check that one out there as well. We’ll link it down in the description, his website and his group. Thank you all so much. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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