Think Different Theory

Overrated/Underrated I Have a Stalker


In this episode, I’m going to talk about the stalker who left a note on my door with a super creepy letter inside. I’ll share the contents of that letter and my thoughts on exactly who the stalker might be, and how they got into my apartment building.


I’ll also dive a bit into the importance of focus and talk about everyday things in our lives that I think are overrated and/or underrated. It’s gonna be a fun one. See you on the inside.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • The beauty of podcasting (01:59)
  • A creepy note left on my door (02:32)
  • The crazy happenings in an otherwise boring life (08:19)
  • Getting off social media to focus more (11:51)
  • Instagram models are overrated (16:32)
  • Medication is a life changer (23:12)
  • Achieving anything by making a mental choice about it (30:35)


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August 12th, 2019


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00:00          I look at this, and I go, “Okay, this is just a little creepy, a little bit weird.” Right? Considering that… oh, there’s hearts all over it, and it is definitely written by a female. I mean it’s very feminine writing. So, a girl of some sort, figures out how to get into my apartment complex building, figures out where I live. Well, first and foremost, they figure out where I live. Then they can figure out how to get in, and they had to write the note today, because they wrote about the hundredth episode and I’m..

00:30          You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:15          What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And, thank you so much for tuning in. You know, it’s interesting, I don’t know whether to call this a show, or the program. I know I refer to them both on here. I’m like, “Is it the show or the program?” Whatever it is, thank you so much for listening. I appreciate it. It’s always interesting for me when I make podcast episodes, especially solo episodes, because we batch out content. And we batch it out pretty far. And, it’s… it’s interesting because I always want to talk about what’s happening right now, and I want to share everything with you in the moment, and keep updating, and I want to like, share all these like things, and I’m like, “Oh, they’re not gonna hear it for like two or three weeks, and my mind is going to be on something completely different by then, and I’m going to be out of it.”.

01:59          But, I guess that’s the beauty of podcasting is, I get to document everything and share it with you. But it’s always, excuse me. It’s always interesting for me because I have to remember that. And, I can’t… you know, I can be like, “Get ready cause tomorrow we’re going to be doing blah.” Like, I like to do, I do a lot of Instagram stories, Facebook content, Facebook Lives, and whatnot. And, I’m always saying now, tomorrow, you know, on Monday, or whenever that is, but I can’t do that on the podcast, because I’ve batched these things out sometimes even three or four weeks in advance. Maybe not four weeks, but up to three weeks for sure, in advance before we… release them. And so, I got to just kind of like get back into the flow of anything.

02:32          But anyhow, I am going to do something a little bit different on this podcast here today. I want to… I want to start off with a segment that I’m going to call, “Overrated. Underrated.” Alright? Because, let me tell you, I’ve had some crazy experiences happen today. In fact, one of them I’m going to share with you. I had a creepy note left on my door, and if you follow me on Instagram @JoshForti, by the way, or on Facebook, you will know what I’m talking about. This happened, it was a Saturday night. Currently, it is Saturday, August 3rd, so this one might be batched out a little bit sooner than two or three weeks. This one might be just next week, which would be awesome, but Saturday third… Saturday, August 3rd. And, I go out, I go get dinner, and I come home, and I’m gone for, I don’t know, maybe 30 minutes, 45 at the very most, but I can’t even… I don’t even think it’s that long.

03:23          I think was about 30 minutes long. And, it’s nighttime. It was, I think 10:30 or so when I left to go get it. I’d been filming all day, working all day. I put the touches on everything. Very, very focused. And so, I leave and I come back, and there’s a note hanging on my door. It is taped in an envelope, and the envelope has my name written on it. It just says, “Josh.” And, it’s taped to my… to my door, and… now, sometimes the apartment complex will leave notes for everybody. So I looked around and I was like, “Okay, nobody else has it.” And, this is handwritten in cursive, and it’s like big. You can clearly tell it’s like a letter or a note of some sort. And, I grab it and I’m thinking, “Alright, like who left me a note? Like, you know, what did they say? Are they complaining cause I’m being too loud and filming or the lights are on?”.

04:06          I don’t know, some, my mind’s kind of racing within things, but I opened it up and it is a handwritten note for someone. I’m gonna read it for you here in just a second, but it’s a stalker. Like I literally legitimately have a stalker. I’m not like making this up. I have the note in my hand right now, I’m about to read it to you, but I want you to explain like where I live first off, it’s not really on a main road. I kinda like being off the path a little bit. I mean if I’m in a big city, I’m going to want to live downtown, but when I’m out in the country I don’t, I don’t want to tons of people around all the time.

04:36          So I’m kind of tucked away like just off the main road, like behind this Hayfield and not a main strip or drag of any sort. And then on top of that, I live on the second floor. And on top of that, in order to get into my building you have to type in a password or have a like a physical key. So it’s not like this person could just walk in and tape it to my door and then walk out. Like they either a had to know the code B have a key, which both of those are pretty highly unlikely. I mean, I guess if they lived here I guess. But, uh, anyway, what are those? Or they literally had to wait until somebody opened the door for them, which would be weird because I was literally only gone for 30 minutes. But let me read you the note.

05:23          It’s gonna bring more context around this. Uh, legitimately there’s a note I got. So I opened it up, I pull it out and it’s like, it’s been ripped out of like a notebook, I don’t know, just maybe like on a six or seven inches tall by four and half, five inches wide. It’s like one of those journals that has quotes in it and says, write down what inspires you. Write down what you’re thankful for, all that stuff. Here’s what the note says. Dear Josh Forti you have inspired me greatly. I want 10,000 followers on Insta. I wanted to give you this note as a token of gratitude to you as well as congratulate you on a hundred episodes. Then they drew a little heart. I send all of my love and wish you well. I hope you don’t mind that I found where you live at. I wanted to personally hand deliver another heart, much love x o x o at, and then they put their Instagram user name, but oh, it gets better.

06:16          It’s not just any Instagram username. Their Instagram username is @JoshFortiLover. You know, look it up on Instagram. They don’t have like two followers. So, and then they put that they wanted a shout out on Instagram and then they tell me that their thing. There are three things that they’re grateful for. Today are my a hundred episode, my good fortune and my nice apartment. So I look at this and I go, okay, this is just a little creepy, a little bit weird, right? Um, considering that, oh, there’s hearts all over it and it is definitely written by a female. I mean theirs, it’s very feminine writing. So a girl of some sort figures out how to get into my apartment complex, building fingers out where I live. Well, first and foremost, they figure out where I live. Then they can figure out how to get in.

06:59          And they had to write the note today because they wrote about the a hundred episode and I’m recording this on, uh, fry. Oh, I, I, I think I said it was Saturday. It’s actually Friday, Friday past midnight. When I’m recording this. I’m recording late. Um, yeah, Friday when the a hundred episode dropped, this is all happening here today. I officially have a stalker. How weird is that? Super, super weird. Uh, I mean, Omaha, Nebraska in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know how they knew my apartment number. I have no idea how they knew where I live. I have no idea how they got in there. I have no idea who it is. And, um, I DM them on Instagram. This is the best part, right? So I get on Instagram and I DM them because Duh, right. I wanna know who they are. And so I’m, I send them a note and I’m like, who are you?

07:39          And then I post on Instagram about it because obviously I share everything and you know, I’m sharing it with you guys. And so, you know, I go on there to all you guys, I’m sharing this story and you probably saw my story if you follow managed them at all. But I posted it and then I’m looking at who’s viewing my story and I’m like scrolling through all the people that view it. [inaudible] they are viewing my story as I’m talking about the note that they left that account is and so idea memorium like seven times. Try to get him to reply and they haven’t replied yet. I’ll keep you posted if they ever reply. But uh, pretty crazy. So that happens. And the ironic part is that they’re following, so they follow the 12 accounts that I follow, but they don’t actually follow me with the account.

08:19          So go figure. Right. So I don’t know who it is. Maybe it’s a creepy stalker and maybe someone that I know. I don’t think it’s anybody that I know cause I called like every single one of my friends around this area and I was like, wasn’t you? And they’re all like, no, that’s super creepy and weird. So anyhow, crazy, crazy things happening. So I share that story with you to kind of give you a little bit of insight into my life and what goes down and all the crazy things that things that I experienced. Because truth be told, I’m not gonna lie to you. My life is kind of, I don’t want to say boring because I get to do so much cool stuff and I can do basically whatever I want, which is kind of awesome, but it’s kind of boring. And what I mean by that is I basically wake up and do the same thing every single day.

08:56          Hi, wake up, I drink some water, I brushed my teeth, I go for a run and then I start work probably to messages post on social media, do more work. And I’m either working, sitting on phone calls, filming things, editing things. I don’t really ever leave my apartment hardly ever except to like go get food that’s literally away and run. That’s literally it. And so, uh, you know, people there, you know, when I ever, I would go out there like Josh would be so awesome. Like, if I could follow you around for the day or Josh, like I’d love to know like what you do on a daily, you know, what your day looks like. I’m like, guys, my life’s pretty boring. I sit in an office in front of my think different theory backdrop or in front of a whiteboard and I film all day long. But I do like to share when I’m, uh, exciting things happen like this.

09:42          It’s give you a little bit of insight into that. And I’m not complaining. By the way, I love my life. I think my life is awesome and I wouldn’t trade my life for almost anybody’s life. I mean, I’m learning so much and it allows me to stay focused, which by the way, let’s talk about that real quick before I get onto overrated, underrated. Let’s talk about focus real quick. It is amazing to me how many people do nothing on a daily basis and think that they’re being busy. Both people that have jobs and people that don’t have jobs like entrepreneurs. And I bet you know what I’m talking about because quite frankly, I’m probably talking about you people. Well, work quote, quote for 10 hours a day, but in reality, if they really, really focused, they could do that in like three hours. What they get done in eight or 10 hours a day and they get distracted by social media and they get distracted by emails and they get to distracted.

10:30          Actually, this is one that I am terrible at and I used to be so bad at this when I went through kind of a transitionary phase where I would waste so much time because I would have like 13 tabs open in the name of multitasking, but literally the second, I’m sure you’ve done this right, the second that one of the tabs, whatever tab use me w whatever tab that I’m on, whether it’s Facebook or click funnels or I don’t know, whatever one is that on the second that it lags at all. Like if it takes longer than one second to load, I immediately click into another tab and then it’s like, I forget what I was doing and I go down, this other rabbit hole and hour will go by and I’ll be like, crap, I forgot that that’s what I was trying to do.

11:14          Or I will even go and I’ll be like, oh, I gotta do that really, really quick. It’s like a 32nd task and an hour will go by because I clicked the Google drive and it takes three seconds to load instead of one second. And I would, you know, lose my train of thought. So focus is absolutely crazy crucial. Like when you can learn how to focus, you can get so much done. And I would venture to say that the average person that probably works 40 to 50 hours a week for themselves really probably only does about 10 to 15, maybe 20 hours of work if they’re lucky, if they reduced to focus as amazing to me. How much more you could get done if you just focus. And when I turn off my phone and I’m not on social media, it gets, so I get so much more done.

11:51          And to be honest, I don’t actually, a lot of time on social media, on my phone, I only really had the Instagram on my app, on my phone. I don’t have snapchat, I don’t have Twitter. Um, [inaudible] every now and then I’ll download the Facebook app. But for the most part I don’t have it on there. So for me it’s like more on my desktop. And so just closing out those tabs, getting off social media for the day, I will get so much done. And that’s, I mean that’s a pro tip right there. Seriously. Like make a commitment to get off social media for like three straight days. Just try it. And if you’re like, oh my gosh, I couldn’t possibly go for posting for that long, fine. Hire a VA for three days or tell your assistant if you don’t have one, hire the VA for three days, batch out the content.

12:27          Tell somebody else to post it. Have your friend post it, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, business partner, or find someone to post it. Get off for three days, let your mind unwind from social and watch how much you will get done when you’re not on social media. It’s mind blowing how much you will get done. And it takes a, an incredible amount of self control. So anyway, a little pro tip there. All right, let’s do this. This, this whole podcast episodes. Ben, just a little bit weird. It’s been a little bit just off. Not my typical stuff. I do want to know whether you liked this one or not, so make sure to hit me up. The Instagram dms, I don’t know what episodes is going to be, but whatever it says, I’d be like, Josh, I absolutely loved episode blank, the one where you talked about the creepy stalker that left you note or that you hated it and you liked this format, but let’s dive into a new segment that we’re going to call overrated or underrated.

13:18          All right. Ah, I gotta prepare to be crucified here because these three that I have that are overrated, I just know that people are just going to just, yeah, they’re not going to be happy with me. All right, here we go. [inaudible] first overrated thing that I just truly, truly do not understand. Chipotle, can we talk about how overrated to put layers? It’s not even that good. First off, I am not. Honestly, I’m not the best person to be making this judgment simply because I’m not really a fan of Mexican food. But I do know how to taste differences in food. And like Chipolte Lei is like a want to be authentic Mexican food that I would eat cause I don’t like Mexican food. So when I eat Mexican food, I sit down, I eat it, and I go, oh, uh, this isn’t that great cause I don’t like Mexican food.

14:06          And then I sit down and eat chipotle and I’m like, I could tolerate this, but it still sucks, which leads me to believe that it’s not real Mexican food. And it is definitely, definitely overrated. I do not understand the craze around it. I don’t understand why people like it. Um, I know some people like literally live for, and I’m sure there’s Facebook groups and Instagram pages and in fact, I’m pretty sure there are to [inaudible] Instagram band pages. In fact, let me, let me pull this up here right now. Bear with me here. [inaudible] I don’t even know how to spell it. Spell it. Chip Pole. [inaudible]. Wait, is it triple a or triple j? I don’t even know how to spell it. Oh Gosh. Chipola sure, sure. Support me. I think that’s what it is. 681,000 followers on there. There’s some fan pages. Yeah, there are. Look at that.

14:49          11 lay ball. Hashtag hashtags a bold label has 11,000 posts on it. On Instagram. What? Y triple as 1.6 million. So I’m telling you, I don’t get the craze over it full late. You’re overrated. Sorry people crucify me. I want to know overrated or underrated. Uh, you let me know in the comments. Actually, there’s not comments on this. Leave a review. No. Hit me up on Instagram and let me know. Chipotle, late, overrated or underrated. Kimmy in the DMS. I want to know that’s first, second target. Now before you go and freak out, because I know every mom and female and everybody’s like, Ooh, oh dear you. I said it. Okay, listen. Aye. I’m a very practical person. Aye. Either like really good quality things or I like to go get the cheapest one. I think Walmart’s a better deal than target because here’s the deal one, anything that you can get at target, non clothes related you can get at Walmart.

15:50          Plus you can actually get more at Walmart. Not only that, w at Walmart everything’s cheaper. I feel like you just pay more for it. Especially like food and stuff, you pay way more for it at target. So that’s first and in second. Why would you shop for clothes at target? I Dunno, maybe that’s like a thing and, and maybe I’m just out of touch with reality or whatever because I don’t like, I wear the same exact clothes every single day, but I just don’t get it. I feel like target is just an overpriced Walmart that’s not really that good. They have better shopping carts I guess. I mean they, they ride smoother and they have Starbucks in them and that’s one thing that I’ve gone for them. I do love my Starbucks, but my point is all in all, I think Walmart’s cooler than target. I understand that target is better quality, but I don’t understand why people shop there because you’re paying more for it.

16:32          And Walmart to me just seems cheaper, more efficient. You can get more stuff there in and out. Just my personal opinion. I think target’s overrated. Lastly. Hm? This one is going to ruffle some feathers. Okay. And it’s hard for me to even say this [inaudible] because I don’t mean to offend anybody by this. I’m not trying to degrade or put down anyone by genuinely do believe this. I think Instagram models are overrated and not only do I think they’re overrated, I just think that like there’s literally no point. Like if you let me, let me clarify this [inaudible] before you go attack me. Because once again, I think I’m, I feel like I’m just gonna get, just run over and crucified for these statements. [inaudible] if you’re a attractive woman or a woman, congratulations, you aren’t attractive woman and you probably struggle with self esteem issue if you’re putting pictures of, you know, your half naked body on Instagram, but that’s neither here nor there.

17:25          Um, but unless you are contributing to society in some fashion more than just your good looks, I don’t understand why you’re posting on Instagram. Like, I’m trying to imagine myself as a model. Well let’s say I was ridiculously good looking. I was buff, I was ramped, I was in the gym all the time, whatever. I would have a really hard time just posting pictures of myself all day cause I’m not contributing to making better. Now if you are a good looking girl or guy for that matter I suppose, but if you’re a good looking chick right and you’ve got a passion for something, you want to start a clothing line or you want to start a brand of some sort or you want to, you know, I sell a course on fitness and eating healthy or I don’t know, you’re in a network marketing company, you want to sell products like that’s great.

18:11          Why? Because you’re contributing to society more than just your looks and let’s be real. Your looks really don’t contribute a whole lot to society except making you feel good, stroking your ego. And quite frankly, there are so many models on Instagram. I mean like so many girls on there that have just hundreds of thousands, millions, even tens of millions of followers. And you know what that’s doing to the self esteem of little girls that are watching them like sorry to get into like a super deep philosophical debate about like humanity and you know, morals and ethics, but let’s be real here. I think these things are way overrated because the little girls and little kids watching you are growing up thinking, man, if I’m not as hot as then I must. No, I’m not going to be popular because the hotter the girl, the more likes and were all wrapped up in society.

18:57          The likes, the views. Now I want to be clear. If you are a good looking, attractive woman, great. You shouldn’t feel guilty about that. I’m not body shaming you. I’m not saying that you should feel awful about yourself. I’m saying that whether you’re hot or not except yourself for what it is. Push yourself, be in shape, workout. It’s like don’t be overweight. Be happy that you’re not overweight, but also your good looks are not a contribution to society in any way. My 2 cents, my thoughts on it and for all the dudes out there that are following a, a bunch of girls that are posting half naked pigs, which it’s soft porn, it just is right? Like I don’t know how else to say it. I really do think that it’s a lot of these things are soft porn. Shame on you I guess. I mean I guess once again I’m not trying to shame anybody but like that’s really not doing anything beneficial.

19:45          Like I’m trying to imagine like if I was following these girls all the time, what that would be doing for me. Like I don’t know, like find yourself a girl in real life that you think is hotter than any girl on Instagram and follow her. Like I think I follow one girl on Instagram and it’s my girlfriend. So like, I don’t know, she’s pretty freaking hot to me. I mean she’s just freaking hot. So, but like, you know what I mean? Like just like look at reality. I think that Instagram models as a whole, if you’re not contributing back to society, meaning you’re not selling a course or a training or building a brand or putting out a positive message if you’re truly just doing it for your looks, I think it’s overrated. Alright, and rant. Whoa. All right. I hope you guys liked this session.

20:25          I’m going to move on real quick now, just for the sake of time. I’m trying to get, do these episodes a little shorter, being going long, long, long with them, but to, I’m gonna move on to underrated things, but just to kind of recap where we are so far, I’m not trying to bash anybody. I’m not saying that if you like target that you know, while you’re probably wrong, as you like target, you’re just wrong. Now I’m cheating or AAA, but I’m saying that those things are bad. I’m just saying I don’t get the craze about it. I don’t get the crazy off target. I don’t get the trace of report late and I do not understand why people think that just because you’re hot, you’re contributing to society out in the yard. All right, moving on. What do, what a crazy episode. Let me tell you.

21:00          Okay. Underrated things. This is true. I really believe these things. Whoa, this is good. And some of you guys are going to hear this. You’re going to be like, yes, preach. Because you’re going to understand it on a very real level. First and foremost, priority status at the airport for real, for real. Can we talk about this for a second? It is the most amazing thing ever. Expecially through security lines. Now I’m blessed because I live in Omaha, which has a relatively small airport. And the longest I think I’ve ever had to wait in line is like 45 minutes to an hour. And that’s on a really bad day. Most of the time I’m in there, you know, 10, 15 minutes tops and I’m through security. But even that’s too much waiting for me and then waiting at the gate. [inaudible] awful. Um, but in every other airport that I go to, and I fly in Atlanta a lot, I fly through Chicago a lot.

21:48          Like you waiting in line at security and it’s just like, oh my gosh, an hour, sometimes two hours, you’ll be waiting there on a super, super busy day. Or when it’s traveling, they have this thing now called clear. They had TSA precheck which was pretty awesome. Now they have this thing called clear where you pay like 120 bucks. I think it’s like 120 bucks a year or something like that. It’s like not much like 10 or 12 bucks a month, I think. Um, maybe it’s like 20 bucks a month if you pay monthly, but you go, you get set up with them and they like scan your fingers and they scan your eyeballs and they basically go and you get to cut to the front of the line. It has like its own separate line for it and nobody’s ever in it. Like I’ve never seen more than like two people in an at any location ever.

22:30          Maybe three or four. And you get to skip the whole thing. It’s amazing. That’s awesome. And then I’ve recently started flying due to the fact that I have an American Express card where I get tons and tons of points because when we spend tens of thousands of dollars every month on Facebook ads or you know, Facebook and ads, I pay my employees on my credit card, I do everything. I’m on my American Express credit card. So I’ve got like over a hundred thousand points. And so I’m constantly upgrading and I’ve been flying first class recently, which has been amazing. Um, for free most of the time, or at least free upgrades. And when you fly first class, you get sky priority boarding, which means you get to cut through the line as well. Not only when you board the plane, but also when you go through like the security and you cut through to the beginning.

23:12          I’m like, this is amazing priority at the airport. Priority status is super, super underrated, especially if you travel a lot. If you don’t travel whole lot, you’ll probably be like, Josh, okay, you’re psycho for wanting to pay, you know, an extra hundred dollars because of blah. But I’m telling you when you travel as much as I do, priority status is awesome. Next thing that I think is incredibly underrated, underrated is I personally think that meditation is underrated. You’re like, Josh, what are you talking about? Meditation. Yes, meditation. Let me explain. Um, I used to believe that law attraction manifestation was crap and many people listening right now may think that you might be like, ah, yeah, I don’t believe in that type of stuff. Hard work. Now meditation without hard work manifestation without hard work, crap, you’ve got to do the work as well. But when it comes to creating focus, reducing stress and really actually just being healthy overall and being in touch with reality, I think meditation is an amazing thing.

24:11          And when you actually understand what meditation does for your body and where your mind and how it works, it’s actually awesome. And if you can learn how to do it well, it creates focus. It will reduce stress. It will allow you to really get a clear understanding of what you are wanting to do, create clarity and just overall make you feel better. And you know, doing it for like 10 or 15 even 20 minutes at a time every day, it really can change your life, especially your day to day life. I’m not saying that if you meditate, you’re going to have massively amazing breakthroughs. Um, I think you really have to know what you’re doing for that. But just 20 minutes a day or even 10 minutes a day of just meditating and doing nothing. Not some meditation app or not. I mean you can use those I guess, but just, just being quiet.

24:56          And I think the thing that’s so hard for people, and I know this is Dick Uselessly hard for me at times. We live in this world of just fast paced, loud action. Now notifications, we have to be hearing, doing, seeing something. We don’t actually ever just sit in silence like I want you to think about this. When is the last time you sat in complete silence? No phone, no music, no radio, no car noise, no talking with friends, nothing. Just silent. No looking at a screen. Just sat there and did absolutely nothing for any extended period of time. It’s probably been a very long time for most people, at least I know it was for me. And you think about that, your mind never actually gets the ability to shut off unless you’re sleeping. But sometimes it would be nice to just go and let your mind rest while you’re awake. [inaudible]

25:49          really be able to think about the things that it needs to think about and process what it needs to process and really create clarity around things rather than constantly having to take in new information all the time. Always. And you do this for years and years and years and years. I mean, before I started meditating, it was like four or five years probably since I’d put down my phone. Like I always, always, always had my phone in my hand always. And you think about that, what that’s doing, you roll over in bed, the first thing you do is you grab your phone. Uh, when you go to sleep, the last thing that you do, you put your phone on the charger and fall asleep or you have the TV on and you fall asleep. Like that’s just so crazy. And so bad for you. And I think meditation really, really helps with that.

26:24          I think it’s incredibly underrated and some people are gonna be like, Josh, how’s it under it? I think like meditation is one of the most amazing things ever. I do it all the time. Good for you. But for the average person, I don’t think you understand how much medication or meditation can actually change your day to day life. Just my two thoughts. Last but not least, meditation or I’m sorry, last but not least in the underrated category, that’s when you’re gonna be like, it’s not really, your thing is weird, but it’s true. I think that a good pair of running shoes [inaudible] is underrated. Like Josh, when you’re talking about, well recently I started this challenge and uh, actually I’m going to kind of end the podcast on this note talking about this particular topic of committing to something and, and fitness and exercise. But I recently started this challenge.

27:07          It’s actually 14 days ago. Um, tomorrow I think is, I think tomorrow makes for Ernie. Actually, I think maybe today’s 14 days, I’ll have to look. But a friend of mine named Jr hit me up on Instagram because he saw that I was running now and I had run for three days straight and I was just running like a mile. I was trying to get out and run every single day because, uh, I was born in the dark parts of my mind and realizing that I had to have power over things. In fact, a couple of weeks ago we did an episode about this. Um, but actually I might have been leaving last week. Gosh, I’m losing track of time. Everything’s ramen together. Anyway, we talked about this recently and I realized that, you know, I need to really control my exercise and I want him to start running every single day. And I have several different pairs of shoes.

27:47          I usually wear flip flops, flip flops, or you know, more my style if you know me at all. But, uh, I started running and so jr sees this and he hits me up and he goes, um, you know, Josh has, should join the 75 heart. Now if you don’t know what the 75 part is really quick recap, another famous podcast or a Andy for zealous or Frisella, I think it’s Frisella a and e for Zella did this challenge issue this challenge. Everybody’s with thousands and thousands and thousands of people are doing it where for 75 straight days you work out twice a day, you drink a gallon of water every single day. You read at least 10 pages, I think it is every single day. And um, you stick to a diet and you post a like an accountability pick. And so I was like, all right, well yeah dude, I can do that.

28:27          So I started doing this and let me tell you, working out everyday is not inherently that difficult. Doing it twice really has been challenging. All that said, I have started running and it’s been over two weeks, about two and a half weeks now since I started running just over two weeks since I did this challenge. And I have several different pairs of shoes and I’ve noticed that there’s one particular pair of shoes that I own from under Armour that is specifically designed for running. Why I bought these shoes in the first place. I don’t actually know, but I have them. And they were nice. I think they were like, I’m going to be like 200 bucks. So nothing too crazy, 180 bucks, something like that. But they’re specifically designed for running. And when I run in those shoes, my feet are way more comfortable. And when I get done running, my feet hurt significantly less.

29:13          And it’s always interesting to me when I run in any other pair where I work on any other pair of shoes, how much more my feet hurt and ache when I’m not wearing my specific pair of running shoes. And so, um, I’m not saying that if you don’t have a pair of those, that that’s an excuse not to run and workout, but when you really commit to something, investing in a good pair of running shoes or something that specifically designed for that really could make a difference. And I would’ve never guessed that, but I’ve experienced that in my own life and I think that they are underrated. Now why do I end on that note and um, kind, Kinda let’s tie this all together specifically when it comes to exercise and when it comes to running. Like I said, recently, I’ve started to run every single day.

29:52          And the reason I did that was because I face these hard challenges in my mind and I made a decision that I’m going to run every single day no matter what that takes. And there have been days when I’ve gotten, it’s 11 o’clock at night and I’ll forget, oh crap, I haven’t run yet and I’ll go out for a run and I’ll go run, run, run, and I’ll do it. The other night I had to do it and I had to run twice as long because I punish myself. I was like, Oh, you forgot. Well you’re gonna run twice as long. I didn’t miss a day. I just forgot to, to run until late. But I used to hate running and I still don’t particularly enjoy running per se, but I really used to despise it. Like there was no way that I was going to be able to stick to a schedule of running consistently when I flipped my mindset and instead of said things like, I hate running.

30:35          Gosh, I can’t stand running a running sucks. When I flipped that and instead I made it a challenge and I committed to doing it and I w kind of challenge myself and I said, Josh, how many days consistently in a row can you do this now if you don’t me Aye [inaudible] [inaudible] losing. And I never backed down from a challenge. So instead of being like, oh, I’m going to run every day. Well I do. I was like, no, I’m gonna make this a challenge. And I challenged myself. I said, Josh, how many days in a row [inaudible] consistently can you run? And I haven’t missed a day since it’s been 17 straight days or 18 straight days or something like that. Um, where I run every single day and it’s because I made it a challenge. I made this mental choice in my head. And when you do that, when you just make that mental choice, it is amazing what you’re capable of doing.


31:24          But most of us never actually go and make this mental choice. And you know what I’m talking about? When you mentally just decide like there, this is not an option. I’m going to do this. Like for example, when you [inaudible] nine to five, you didn’t give yourself a choice on whether or not you were going to go to work every day. You just did. There was no choice. You had to get up. Like you had to get a paycheck, you had to show up for work or you know, think, think back on the last thing that you’ve done in your life, whether that was, you know, making a decision that you were going to get ice cream or making a decision that, you know, every single day you are going to, I don’t know, drink a glass of chocolate milk at the end of each day. Like you just made that decision.

32:03          You know what I’m talking about? There’s this mental switch in your head where you just have decided that it is no longer an option. It is what you’re going to do. That is what I did. I just said, you know what, no choices. This is what’s going to happen. And what really helped me stick through that and really help make that real [inaudible] was making a public declaration of that. And I did that on social media and I’m thankful for Jr for actually reaching out and challenging me to do that because I did, I put it out on social media and every single day I posted a picture of me running. And, um, the running shoes have really helped, you know, keep my feet from aching and storing. But it is amazing to me how much you can accomplish when you truly, truly put your mind to something.

32:40          So anyway, that’s going to do it for today’s episode. Totally a random one. I know, but I wanted to change things up a little bit. I wanted to see what type of content do you guys like, what kind of content you don’t like. Um, maybe you don’t like it as deep all the time. Maybe you do like these light, lighter hearted episodes a little bit where you get to know me a little bit more, get to know my creepy, uh, stalker stories when people, you know, stocking me and leaving notes on my door and figuring out where I live. Um, but let me know. Hit me up in the Instagram DM. Let me know whether you liked this episode or you didn’t like this episode. Um, whether we should be doing a overrated, underrated. And if this catches on, I don’t know. Maybe if you guys like this we can make it a thing and we’ll do it like once a week or once a month.

33:16          We could do underrated overrated. You guys could submit stuff and we could take polls and do an underrated overrated with everything, so anyway, I was going to do it here. I implore you guys, just go out there and just make that mental decision of whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Don’t give yourself an option I’ve set up before on this podcast. I set it in mind ship playbook, which if you don’t have mine ship playbook, get it. Marsha playbook, the art think different but it’s set up for the podcast. I said it the mind share playbook. Don’t try to commit to too many things at once. One thing at a time, if you have to, two things at a time. If you have two, however many you can do is the only thing that you can do everyday is just one thing.

33:53          If that’s all you can accomplish, just do that one thing and commit every single day to doing one thing and making it a habit. Do It for 21 straight days and then add another one and then add another one after 21 more days. Because here’s the thing, there’s two types of people. There’s the type of people that are going to go out there and they want to try to do five things and they’re going to fail. Five more things that they’re going to fail, five more things. They’re going to fail and they’re going to try. They’re going to be able to do it for a day or two and then they’re going to fall off and then a month is going to go by. Six months is going to go by, a year is going to go by and they’re going to have accomplished exactly zero things in their life.

34:28          They’re going to change zero things. They’re gonna have zero new habits because they tried to do too much and then there can be you or the other person that’s going to go out there and say, all right, instead of trying to change five things, I’m gonna try to change one. I’m gonna try to change one for the next three weeks and in three weeks is going to go by and then you’re going to be able to add another one and then six weeks and then another one and then nine weeks and then another one and then 10 weeks or then 12 weeks, and then another one 12 weeks and all of a sudden you’re going to have three or four new brand new habits that you didn’t have before in three months. Think about that. Think about it in 12 weeks from right now, which is approximately three months.

35:03 If you had three or four new habits that you didn’t have right now only because you’ve focused on one thing everyday for three weeks straight and then added something else rather than than trying to do all five things at once will completely and entirely change your life. Would it not exactly. I’m going to leave you with that thought. All right guys, as always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us who think different are the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next podcast episode. Hit me up on Instagram and let me know whether you liked it or not. Shake it easy fam. [inaudible].

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