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Why Yoga Could Be the Best Thing for Entrepreneurs



In this episode, I welcome the Yax Brothers (Christopher and John Yax) to the show. They are former martial arts professionals turned yoga instructors and entrepreneurs. They run a multi 7-figure yoga studio with 4 locations, and focus on entrepreneurs/high level performers, helping them be in the present moment, increase their health, focus, and performance.


They come on to talk about yoga and why it’s incredibly important for health and performance of entrepreneurs, spirituality, time travel, marijuana, and so much more! Prepare to be enlightened.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • The need for self care and personal development (01:59)
  • The Yax brothers and their martial arts to yoga story (03:45)
  • The false belief about getting into yoga (09:47)
  • Time only exists in our minds (16:52)
  • How yoga helps us be in the present and master attentiveness (24:43)
  • How marijuana became illegal despite its benefits (33:33)
  • Is marijuana the secret to time travel? (39:29)
  • Evolving towards enlightenment (45:30)
  • Reincarnation and the evolution of the human spirit (54:37)
  • How consistency and structure lead to success (01:04:14)


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August 21st, 2019


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00:00:00 What’s really going on, The real purpose, is to recognize, to realize your connection with source.

00:00:07 What is source? Is source a god figure?

00:00:11 There’s a bunch of different names, whether you call it God, you call it source, you call it universe, you call it… the way I look at it is there is a force in this world that organized and gave birth to the world that we know.

00:00:26 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

00:01:11 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And, I feel like I say it every time. I’m so excited for this interview. I really am actually though. As you guys know, entrepreneurship and success as a whole is a game of not just money, not just business, but it’s also a game of personal development, it’s a game of the mind. And, I mean that’s the purpose of The Think Different Theory. You guys know I’m all about the mind, I’m all about expanding that. And one of the things that’s very interesting when it comes to expanding the mind is also your health. Health is incredibly important. It’s something that I think that a lot of entrepreneurs overlook, especially at the early stages. We get on this Gary Vaynerchuk grind, grind, grind mode, you know, hustle 20 hours a day, and you never stop and have self care.

00:01:59 And so, like when I first got started into entrepreneurship, the idea of self care, or massages, or yoga, or like anything like that was just not what I was into. I thought that was for losers. And that like, you could just spend that time working and hustling, and eventually you would make your money. But as I have learned, and as I’ve grown, I’ve like, realized the importance of not only hustling, but also taking care of your health, also mastering your mind. And there are certain techniques, specifically things like yoga, that you can do that help really kind of bring the mind, body, soul together and… and really go and… and make you a more complete person. And I think that there’s not only an incredible number of health benefits for our physical body, but also an incredible amount of health benefits for our… our mind, our spiritual body, and our success overall.

00:02:48 And so, our next guest, actually I should say our next guests, plural, are the Yax brothers who are… well, as they said, their names are John and Chris, but we have the grand master John and his assistant Chris. There are… no but guys, in all seriousness, they are brothers, and they do yoga, and they don’t just do yoga for like anyone or anything, specifically yoga for entrepreneurs. They are not newbies to the industry. This is not somebody that just went out, a couple of brothers went out in their backyard and were like, “Hey, let’s go do yoga.” And now, you know, they teach yoga, but they are actually legitimate certified instructors. They run classes, they have a brick and mortar location. They are awesome. I had the incredible honor of meeting and hanging out with them at Steve Larson’s Offer Lab, and I got to chat with them, and they are just some of the most genuine and amazing people I’ve ever met. Guys, welcome to think different theory.

00:03:42 Thank you Josh. We’re stoked to be here brother. Yeah man. It’s an honor to be on your podcast.

00:03:46 So you guys are the first duo that I’ve ever had, so it’ll be interesting to see kind of how the whole conversation goes with three of us in there. Feel free to talk over each other, you know, just kind of take command. But, real quick. Introduce… Introduce yourselves a little bit. Who are you guys and like, what do you do? We’ll start with John just because he’s on my left. First. We’ll go John and then Chris. John, tell us a little bit about you and what you guys do.

00:04:10 So we, uh, so, uh, my brother Chris now, we’ve been, um, we’ve been running yoga studios for, uh, for 15 years. Uh, we started start in 2005. And uh, we, before that we were in martial arts, uh, heavy in a martial arts. Uh, we studied at a Juco concepts, which is street style MMA, mixed martial arts. Uh, it was, it was a style that Bruce Lee developed and uh, we were going full blast and we wanted to be as good as Bruce Lee. So we were training like mad men. We’re going to all the time, uh, this left a pretty beat up and injured and sort of like,.

00:04:43 yeah, I can imagine. Holy cat.

00:04:45 does the full blast. And so we, uh, so we were like, all, is there something we can get into that, that will help us heal fast so that we can get back to training sooner. Chris and I had a discussion like, well, let’s try yoga. And so we got into yoga, we started, tried a couple classes, didn’t quite hit it, but we’ve tried a hot yoga and it was like, whoa, this stuff bro, thinking intensity. So they were like, oh, this was right up our alley. And uh, and so we got consistent with that and realized me and we were, we’re killing fast and during the thing. So, um, that led to going to training. We ended up opening up, the studios were rocking and rolling the studios. Uh, we were, we were initially when we opened up studio production, we’re really into the, uh, we’re really into the like, don’t worry about the business side, man. Just, you know, you just do the thing, be real good at it. And

00:05:41 okay, so I have a question for John now about that though. So martial arts to yoga, that’s a change, right? And Yoga for a lot of people, I would say there’s a stigma around it that is kind of a feminine thing, right? So martial arts is like, I’m a man, I’m going to go beat the crap out of someone. Let’s go. And then all of a sudden you’re just like, you always go do some yoga. Switching over to John. John, welcome. Thanks for being on here. What was that transition like? Did you guys like have an internal battle at all or were you just like, Nah, this is what we gotta do?

00:06:17 No, no, it’s Chris, by the way.

00:06:20 So do I have a backwards?

00:06:22 Yeah, John, John, Chris.

00:06:24 Oh my bad guys. I can’t even get him straight. They look alike. They kind of, they do and they talk alike.

00:06:29 Our mom can’t even tell us. Okay. All right, so now I’m talking to Chris. Yeah, exactly. You know, so martial arts was, was it physical? You know, like the, the adage was learn it today, use it tonight. Not that we’d go out and pick fights at night, but it was very realistic. It was very like hardcore. We’re learning like the most effective street oriented fighting styles that there were. So it was super masking. I mean we were like teaching people how to like protect themselves. But what was that really ended up happening in that was, it wasn’t like we were teaching people how to beat people up. What was really happening in the process of learning how to fight and learning the fight and the way that we were doing it, which is very like you’re going to be able to actually use this like a jump spinning back kick that’s not gonna save your ass like that. You are going to get punched in the face and you’ve been practicing your jumps. Somebody back there for 15 years that’s not helping you. What is going to help you is to learn western boxing Moitai Brown side.

00:07:24 And so what was happening is there was an empowerment piece that was, that was like really, really like the most potent part of what martial arts is all about for us now. What helped us was we had like a pretty rough childhood as far as like emotional stuff with dad leaving single family, single mom, like six kids were two of six. So we had a mom who was like, man, she was the heart and soul of the family.

00:07:46 Where do you, where do you fall in the line on the youngest of six. You’re the youngest of six. You’re four in the line?

00:07:53 Yeah, four in the line. So there’s one sibling in between you two? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So the, the martial arts like yes, super masculine. Very like, but maybe I had one, two women in like the 10 years of your teaching that would actually like, but when we pivoted, because we had done it for so long and we were so beat up, it w it seemed like it wasn’t, we didn’t have a lot of hang or like is this a feminine thing and like are we in this world of women now? And like what, what’s happening to my testosterone and my masculinity as I’m in this class and I’m doing like, you know, hands in prayer position and all the others. It would be. And the reason is the what we are always doing martial arts, where I was going with the martial arts is that there was always a deeper meaning behind it.

00:08:39 It was more about an empowerment that was having a change of a sense of self, of like really in fighting. It was, it took so long to get there, but it was like reaching that present moment awareness where you’re in front of somebody and if you’re thinking about anything else but their movements and like what’s happening, you immediately got checked by getting punched in the face. Hmm. Now that was super hard on the body. But what happened in the yoga was now we’re in these poses, especially with the hot where it required all of your attention. So you dropped into that same state of present moment awareness without all of the negative effects of getting punched in the face and kicked and beat up and injured. So it was while it was definitely, you know, 90% not for our studios, but 90% of the world and Yoga is women, 10% men. So when we entered it, we were definitely a minority, but I never really had a hang up about it. And maybe part of it was because I knew I could kick a s right. That like machismo, like I don’t care if you look at me, my yoga instructor will kick your Yoga.

00:09:47 Right, right. But like you’re a pretty like, you’re pretty manly men. I mean like you’re not feminine Dudes, you know what I mean? And so like a lot of times that transition is hard for people because they feel like all of a sudden they were going to lose this identity and they’re going to like, I feel like a lot of entrepreneurs that I talk to or just people in general that I talked to about yoga, they’ll look at that and be like, no, because if I do yoga I have to give up. Like it’s like giving up part of their identity, you know what I mean? And like have to become this soft person. And I did not get that sense at all from you guys. I mean, I felt very calm, right. And like I got a very calming effect when talking to you guys, but like not any of it was like not masculine. You know what I mean? And I think it’s just interesting because I think a lot of people do have that false belief about getting into yoga. Yeah,

00:10:31 yeah, no doubt. And I would even say that like the real heart of yoga is like, it’s, it’s like austere, it takes strength, it takes discipline, it takes a level of like commitment to really to dig in and get the real fruits of it that, I mean it’s like, it’s almost the exact opposite. What, what is perceived as feminine and is like the soft, let me just let go. And surrender to the moment is actually an austere, very physical, very focused practice that requires literally all of you body, mind, spirit, everything to be dialed in.

00:11:03 Yeah. I mean like you’ve got to be, especially some of those yoga poses that you do and you hold like, okay, they gotta have incredible strength and it’s, it’s a mental battle. But like you also have to be physically in shape. Yeah.

00:11:16 Yeah. There’s the, the physical practice, Josh, this is a mastery of the body with, but it’s, but it’s a tool to get you into present moment awareness. Hmm.

00:11:29 What is, what is present moment awareness?

00:11:32 The ability to hold your attention to one place as long as you choose to. That’s it. So with potential, so go ahead.

00:11:41 What would that be? Sounding like? I want to compare this back to, you know, the first thing that popped in my mind when you say hold attention in one place, I’m like, that’s exactly opposite of Shiny Object Syndrome, right? Yeah. So like if I struggle with shiny object syndrome, this could be something that really helps.

00:11:58 Yeah, absolutely. Or You could practice martial arts and then, uh, uh, get in front of somebody and if you’re not present, you get punched in the face and punched in the face. We’re like, we spent the first half of our lives work doing, you know, studying warrior shit, right? How to be warriors. And then the second half, uh, where we are right now is all monkhood. You know, we are moving into this direction of how do you, how do you master the most crazy part of us, which is our minds, our inability to pay attention. Literally the, the, the opposite of mindfulness is really bad as bad terminology. I detected that you’re not full of mind. You’re empty of mind, but that present moment awareness space, right? The ability to master the mind is our ability to hold our attention to something for as long as we choose to because here’s the deal, Josh, all of us get stuck in a freaking heads all the time. All the time. Yeah, and this [inaudible] in the body and the mind so that when we’re in, we’re in, we’re in the thought processes. The body cannot tell the difference between an actual situation and the stimulation that are happening in your head as stimulation and we play it out all the time. You know, if you had an argument with your, with your girlfriend, right? You had that argument with your girlfriend initially in real time and then you had it probably a hundred or 200 or 300 times afterwards. Right.

00:13:23 Your body reacts exact same way. Your brain, it’s the same way, right? The body brain drops, triggers, adrenaline dumps cortisol, you get, you get tense, you, you breathe shallow, you get sweaty, all the same stuff. So.

00:13:39 I love that you brought that up.

00:13:42 We replay these. So any event that happens in our life and we replay it in our minds, it affects us negatively. And I feel like,

00:13:51 cause I mean that’s, I mean that’s scientific right there. I mean like for the, for those of you that are out there that are like, oh, does that really happen? Like I love that you brought that up for that reason. Like that’s like what you said of like dumping, what’d he say? Cortisol? Was that what it was? Yeah, like I mean that’s like a real thing that happens. And so like you, you do that and yeah, I have heard that the same and I believe to be true entirely and I don’t, I don’t want to say that you don’t, you shouldn’t take action because action is always best. But like I’ve also heard that like when you play scenarios out in your head of what could come in the future, oh, like what you’re trying to do, like you know, practicing a basketball shot over and over and over in your head or like running a race course over and over and over in your head. Also, your body reacts to it like it’s happening and it goes to prepare you to actually go have success with that. Yes.

00:14:45 Here’s a difference. The mechanism is the same. The way in which we’re using it is going to either be in our benefit or to our detriment. Like so what John was talking about is like, man, if you’re over, if you’re playing that scenario that you know the argument that you had, the conversation that you have with your girlfriend that didn’t go right over and over again most of the time. Is that what you’re trying to replay as things that you can’t control anymore? It’s already happened and now you’re just replaying it over and over to zero benefit to zero. Like actionable items way different than what you’re talking about, which is like, oh, I’ve got this future event and I know I’m going to have to perform and I need to re I want to, I want to use that same mechanism of being able to, to imagine to visualize what’s about to happen and how I’m going to respond in the moment when the, when I hear the whistle and I gotta run.

00:15:32 And then this is the step and this is the second step. And the more like granular you can get with the exact process, what happens is you’re literally training your body and your brain for that event so that when it happens, you’re dialed in, dialed in more so than anyone else who may have not visualized. So the big differences, are you using the mind or is the mind using you? That’s one of the things.

00:15:56 So I want to go into a topic and maybe you, maybe this isn’t a topic that you guys go into, but I feel like you probably thought about this and I’m curious your thoughts on this, the whole concept of time, right? So like time, but we’re about to go some way philosophical, right? But like time is pretty relative, right? Like time is just this [inaudible] Dang, that’s kind of made up, right? It’s, it’s, it’s real because there is an actual period of time that takes place to transfer information, right? So that’s why it has to exist. But I mean if you really study quantum and you study like a physics and you study like a lot of those things, you realize that like, and I was watching an interview one time when the guy was like, you know, everything that is going to happen in the universe has already happened. Time just hasn’t caught up. Right. And so I’m curious to know your guys’ thoughts on that. When it specifically it comes to this topic.

00:16:52 Tom Is only Tom Allay exists here and I’m pointing to my head for the audio. Yeah. In the mind. Right? That’s it. Every single, so here’s, here’s the thing guys. What we are right now is a culmination of all our thoughts. The last six months, year, two years at the culmination of all our decisions. The last six months, a year or two years, right where we are right now. But the mind can project that, right? This is what makes us different than animals, right? We that this is, that’s why we’re at the top of the food chain. Unless you’re surfing or something, a big fish in there. You know this because we have the ability to track, to notice patterns, right? Uh, and we can project forward into the future, right? But it’s still, it’s all a mind construct. Josh are like, our time is simply a mind construct that we all have agreed to in order to say,

00:17:50 hey, Josh, we’re going to meet you at four o’clock on a Friday so that we can get together and have a good conversation, right? Otherwise it would be a little bit of chaos, but, but all and, and, and who are going to be six months from now, a year from now, two years from now is based on every decision we’re making in this, in this moment, which is literally the only moment that exists. Now, here’s the thing. Most people spend most of their time, they’re bodies. Obviously in this moment, but their brains are attention is somewhere else. And so if your attention is not in this moment, you’re not making clear enough decisions to decide effectively where you want to be in six years. I mean, excuse me, six months, a year or two years, you can’t. So if you’re not paying attention, Josh, your subconscious is making all the decisions and that’s simply based off all your pattern that you’ve had.

00:18:38 And I’m big on the subconscious mind, you know, like, I mean, I wrote The Mindshift Playbook 65 pages long about that, like the power of the subconscious mind and how it controls your actions and reactions. I’m curious for those. When you say that time is all in your mind. Okay. It’s all in your head, which I believe, right? And, and I’ve studied too much about it, um, to even articulate sometimes. You know, how like you study some things and you’re like, this is amazing and you will try to explain it to someone else and they’re like, you’re psycho. And you’re like, no, I’m not. But you just haven’t figured out how to articulate it yet. I’m hoping that maybe you can articulated a little bit better or we can articulate this too to the listeners. I’m curious though, like time is in your mind. Yes. But yet you’re like your body can only live for 80 years, 90 years. You know there’s a, we do have a a time frame upon which things happen, right? So when you say let time is all in your head, what do you mean by that?

00:19:34 Show me the future. Show me the past. Like show it to me like, like, like, like the only like the past is only a mind construct is only made up in our minds. My past, I can’t like I can’t show you what the past is because it’s, we’re, we’re, we exist in this moment. So even like something like, I’ll use your point of like our body aging, right? We are aging simply because there’s growth or death by part of nature, part of a natural cycle, right? That’s happening as part of nature. But even that Josh is like the growth of our bodies like this. The transformation of our bodies is happening in this moment. So I can project out and say, well, you know, 40, 50, some of Yoga, I’ll say 60 years from now when I die, it’ll be over a hundred. Uh, my body’s going to reach its end, but that all of that age and all of that is only going to happen moment to moment, right in the moment. So my body is going to shift. I’m going to have start aches and pains and start to lose [inaudible] I won’t because I’m practicing yoga all the time. But of course I’m point write it

00:20:48 all is this moment now. So here’s the, so if you know, if we’re stuck in a pattern, man, if we’re stuck in like, like I can’t make enough money or I, I’m sick of my job or I’m sticking this relationship. If I’m not actually paying attention to the, to the moment and making decisions in the moment to shift that, I’m going to be stuck in it. I’ll be stuck in it forever because I’m working off the old patterns. I’ll be like, this is you being comfortable. Whatever the old pattern is, right, to get stuff done. My point is that we have to be present and that we have to pay attention to the moment enough in order to make the decisions that are going to propel us to a future that we really want. Right. But it’s all present moment. And another way of saying that is like all right now as a moment that immediately transitions into the next moment that immediately transitions into the next moment.

00:21:36 And all of those moments put together feel like the passage of time. Real answer in my mind is our relationship to the passage of time to live those moments. We had a um, uh, so our dad left when we were like, really? I was two years old, so I left on like six years old and my mom’s, they never got married but they were kind of like common law husband and wife. When he turned 51, I remember asking him, I was like, so what is it like to be 51? And he looked at me and he’s like, Chris, I have more years behind me than I do ahead of and his brain, his body heard it and said, check by 70 he looked like he was 90 and he passed away in his late seventies early eighties just like somewhere around it’s still like so. So the question isn’t like is time real or not is how do you relate to your age, relate to that your next birthday.

00:22:26 How do you relate to like the inevitability of the next moment unfolding into the next moment multiplied by numbers of years and now how does that, how does my sense of self feel being 39 now, almost 40 like people have big hangups specifically around aging, but if we’re going back to the truth, that man there really that doesn’t exist. It’s just a construct of the mind. Then the question becomes is not is the time real or not is how do I relate to that to those moments in the past of time and am I accumulating it right? Am I thinking too much in the future and the like and do worry and anxiety about all the stuff that I can’t control that I’m trying to control. So literally your acute, when you’re lost in thought, this is like one of the, what Yoga is designed to alleviate is people being lost in thought.

00:23:16 Cause when you’re lost in thought, you’re trapped in the mind and the mind in time as far as like are inseparable. So think about it like the argument that we were talking about, um, with like our significant other or wives happened in the past. If I’m lost in that, I’m literally holding on to that past moment. I’m literally accumulating that time because I’m not letting it go mentally or I’ve got this event that I’m nervous about, that I’m anxious about, that I’m thinking about constantly is keeping me up at night. Right. I’m stressed out about it. Yeah, I’m living in this moment. But what’s happened is I’ve accumulated these future moments that we call anxiety and worry and that stress is like the silent killer for most people.

00:23:59 That’s incredible. I mean, I have so many questions that I want to go off off of that, but I’m going to save, there’s one one that I want to go into. I’m gonna put this idea into your mind where gonna come back to it. We’re now going to go into this, but I’m going to ask you later on in the, in his interview on whether or not you think time travel is possible. Don’t answer me right now. We’re going to go come back to that. But just the w put that in your head. I want to go back though to what you just said there in relation to yoga. Okay, so you’re in martial arts, you’re in Yoga. What does yoga do to help make possible what you just said, to make it possible to where you can be in the present moment and to really be like bring spirit, mind, body, all together.

00:24:43 When you’re moving through the practice, you are putting yourselves into these intense poses, right? So let me say this. Yoga is not just stretching. This is what everybody thinks. Oh, yoga, stretching. I’m just going to go to a stretching class and this is what guys will say, cause they, they’re scared. That’s why they don’t do it. Like I don’t need to stretch, right. Pushups. Uh, Josh is what Yoga was developed for back thousands of years was too, uh, end suffering. And when I say suffering, it’s mind based what we just talked about. 95% of our suffering is my mate. It’s, it’s worry and anxiety. 100% believe that. Yeah. Projecting out into the future. I’m worried about something I’m projecting onto the past and I regret the way I acted, something I did. So much of our suffering is my mate. And so thousands of years they were still doing the same stuff they did, but the details are different. They’re worried about their, their chickens running away or some [inaudible], you know, like, like the harvest,.

00:25:50 they’re worried about maybe flooding or lack of food or you know, things of that nature.

00:25:53 Right. But it was still the same thing. It was all my Megan. So Yoga teachers at the time said, well look, see all of this is my need. What is the solution? And the solution is to be able to master the mind. And when I say mastermind, let me, let me be more clear with it. Master our ability to pay attention. Right? Uh, so what, like yoga in its current form where it’s practice, most of the United States in the world is like, I’m going to go to a yoga studio, I’m going to get on my Yoga Mat, I’m going to do these yoga poses. I’m going to break. And now like what John just said isn’t, that’s not how yoga started. It was like it was meditation. I’m going to sit down, close my eyes, focus my attention to my breath, to the point where I can focus so intently that I’m not playing out all of these stories in my head about future pass worries, regrets, all that stuff.

00:26:45 The mind literally stops Josh feel aware. So what’s so valuable though? This should, this is why I love the physical practice and why so many people are getting into it for the physical cause we’re all very physical based. Is that now it’s like a moving meditation. We’re sneaking the present moment awareness in around, oh come in, get more flexible, get stronger distress by saying, okay, when I say inhale up dog, exhale down dog, and I’m telling you to breathe and move like in unison, what you’re not doing is thinking about what happened yesterday or tomorrow. The paying attention to the room, listening to the teacher, put your hands here, put your foot here, do this with your body and then move here and then do this. Breathe and then do this three. So literally it’s like saying pay attention.

00:27:33 Now one of the things I think is very interesting is you talk about the ability to just focus on something. Um, I would say four or five months ago probably, I started doing meditation for the first time and the first thing that I did was I was told Josh sit in a room and stare at the wall for 20 minutes. And I was like, okay, I couldn’t do it. I literally could not sit still for 20 minutes and just look at the wall, no distractions, no nothing. It was one of the most challenging things that I had done. And when I looked at that, I went, oh my gosh, I have no control over my actions. I have no control over my thoughts. I literally like the amount of times when I would like be lost in thought, right?

00:28:29 Like I try to focus, try to focus and then my mind would wander and then my mind would wander and when it wanders, subconsciously when my mind starts wandering, I grabbed my phone, I opened Facebook and I go, I would try so many times where I would like be in the middle and I’m looking at the wall and I would like reach down and be like, oh my gosh, what am I doing? I literally cannot sit still long enough and I would challenge anyone that thinks that yoga or that you know, they, that they have their mind mastered or whatever. You want to know whether you have your mind mastered, like go sit in a room and see how long you can stare at a wall and do nothing.

00:29:01 Amen. Bro.

00:29:02 Mo you most people can’t do that.

00:29:05 in 1980 in the early eighties I’d say 1980 the average attention span was 20 minutes long. This is for the United States, 20 minutes, 20 minutes used to be that long. That’s only one 38 years. 39 years ago now, seven seconds, seven seconds. A goldfish. Goldfish is nine seconds. Brother. Average attention span in fast 35 years to seven seconds, 20 minutes, seven seconds.

00:29:38 Where are we going to be at in like 10 years, Bro.

00:29:42 Man, people are going to start meditating. That’s my honest thing with them. That too, right? Like we have to, we have to start paying attention as world needs it. One of the reasons I love the podcast and be like is that what you’re really bringing into the light is the necessity for us to start focusing on what’s going on up here and the brain and the mind. Yeah. The revolution that happened over the like the 70s and eighties like, oh, let’s learn about the body and let’s understand how to get in like this crazy physical shape. And I think that like the new era is going to be getting in crazy mental shape and being able to focus.

00:30:15 I agree. Because when you do that you also get into physical shape because like so last night, Aye. Or do you guys use marijuana at all? Yes. Okay. Yeah. So last night I like I’ve taken up running. Okay. 2021 today will mark 22 straight days of running, which that’s a huge deal for me. I didn’t, I haven’t run in like five years and I used to be like very athletic and you know, run all the time. I hate running. So I started doing this and then when I first started running day one, I could barely make it a half a mile. Like I was dead basically walking in a half mile. And then yesterday I ran and I ran two miles [inaudible] and did six flight of stairs at the end without stopping. And I was like, that was in 21 days. Now I was dead after that, like two miles of running. I was just, I was pretty spent, which it’s huge improvement.

00:31:07 I’m super happy with that. But then last night I was doing my thing and I was just like in my head a lot and I was like, I gotta go run, I gotta just kind of get out of my own head with everything or whatnot and you know, I’m thinking about everything and what not. So I go and I’m like, you know what? I’ve heard that when you smoke beforehand or used marijuana before, like beforehand, like sometimes like that will really help. Like you kind of just be more present in the moment and you can like run farther, like not think about things or whatnot. And I have noticed that when I run, I listen to like audio books and things like that. When I’m really, really into an audio book, the run goes a whole lot faster. Right. And like I don’t even realize it is there.

00:31:42 I’m not really in that much pain because my mind is not focused on that. And so last night I kid, you just literally happened yesterday. I smoked and I went out, I went for a run, I started running, I started running and I looked down at my watch, just see how far I had run and it was 6.2 miles had gone by and I was like, awesome. This is what just happened, right? Like I didn’t even realize it. I ended up running like seven miles almost without stopping when earlier that same day I could barely have made it two miles and was totally spent simply because I didn’t even realize, I realized like I had run around the same loop like seven times. I had past the same people. Like, I mean they must’ve thought I was crazy, right? Like I just kept going and going and I was like, what just happened?

00:32:27 And I realized like, Whoa, this really, really is a mental game because my focus exactly about what you’re talking about was not on the pain of my body was not the app. I wasn’t thinking when I was moving my legs back and forth. I wasn’t consciously aware of anything that was happening. I was so up here in the moment and I like get done and I’m, you know, totally drenched in sweat. And it was interesting to me to realize that when you are what you’re talking about here, like bringing awareness to and focusing on one thing you’re able to do with your body. So many incredible things because your body’s capable when you don’t tell it that it’s not, you know that totally like.

00:33:09 your mind is the builder. It is. So period. Two things a call. Things like marijuana is the key to time travel.

00:33:16 Whew. All right, let’s just go here. You open it up, finish your second point. But let’s just go there.

00:33:22 Um, the fact that it’s a schedule one class, narcotic sane, insane. Like come on government. Yup, that’s changed. Do you know, do you know why?

00:33:33 Have you looked into the history of marijuana? A little bit. I don’t know enough to let, let me, let me educate the world. Who is, if anybody on here is anti marijuana, let me just educate you on why very briefly why marijuana became illegal. Back in, I forget what year it was. This is back when cotton was big, the hemp plant was discovered that the hemp plant is this incredible, amazing plant. Like what you can do with hemp, not from a consumption standpoint, but literally just the, the uses for hemp. You are so insane that it would put out, it was going to ruin the cotton industry and so many other industries. I mean even like steel and building materials and all these things. So the right, the deal, the government literally came up, I mean this is like document. Do you even look into it and said that weed, marijuana when it is consumed is being consumed by blacks, black people and Hispanics and it makes them violent, aggressive rapists and like all these different things. And that is the stereotype that they put on this not only targeted at minority, they targeted the plant and the minority. They made it bad and that’s what allowed them to make it illegal.

00:34:47 Yup.

00:34:47 That was like what? It just blew my mind,

00:34:52 all of that. Not just, uh, the, the, uh, the cannabis that actually has a psychedelic effect, but hemp itself, which has no psychedelic effect at all. If you’re up in the stands and see incentive. All right. You know, so now we have over a quarter of the states that have it legalized for recreational. We have over half, I think, close to 75% of the states, if I’m not mistaken, to have it legal for medicinal. And the government still has it as a class one. Yup. Medicinal. So all of these states are saying, yeah, there’s a medicinal effect. And part of being in the class that as a class one narcotic is, there is no proof of medicinal properties to whatever is put in the class. One. It’s backwards, man. It’s backwards. So it’s crazy people, it’s healing for her. Like people that have like that or like, uh, seizures can’t uncontrollable seizures. They smoke a little bit or take some tincture or whatever. And the sheep seizure stop. Like they can live functional lives. I mean, give me a fucking,

00:35:57 yeah. Like it’s ridiculous. It is 100% I am 100% in agreement on that. I do want to question that though. I want a question on this. For those people that just want to smoke for the sake of getting high, are you okay with that?

00:36:09 Man.

00:36:09 Let me, let me rephrase that question. Not from a legal level because from a legal level, I think you should be able to do whatever you want, right? But from a more like for you, do you think that if you’re just getting baked every night or like you know, just smoking weed just for the sake of smoking weed, do you think that that’s healthy

00:36:27 no, I think because for us it’s moderation and not moderation for the sake of moderation, but like moderation because any anything done in excess, like your, for a couple reasons, you’re giving your power to it. All of a sudden, the thing that was enjoyable at one point now is in me that you have to have in order to function and feel yourself and I don’t care what it is, whether it’s marijuana or alcohol or even working out, even like if I need that and if I don’t get it, all of a sudden I’m like less of a person or I feel like my sense of self is diminish, then that’s something to look at and be like, no, I’m doing it too much for everything in moderation. Not just for like moderation sake, but because that’s like the access point to like our most passionate existence. It’s cause when you can do it and you can enjoy it and really like steal it like your run, like that was, that was a moment that it was crazy. Right?

00:37:21 It was medicinal. It had session effect. It had a positive effect on you. It allowed you to experience, uh, a state of consciousness that, that made you feel good. Now if you decided I’m going to do it every single day, all day long, that I can’t go running without marijuana, it would affect your life. It wouldn’t be enjoyable. You would all of a sudden be not literally addicted, but for visually donor. Yeah. And then it’s like if it’s inhibiting you on, on growth, you gotta stop it. It’s a medicine.

00:37:55 Yeah. Yes. And natural medicine and natural remedy. I agree. Yeah.

00:37:59 I have to use it like any medicine, like Tylenol, whatever it is, we have to use it medicinally when we are calling in our heads and we can’t get out. I used to get out of your head if you need to, when you need, when you, when you’re in pain or you know when the, when the symptom is there, you can take the medicine to cure the symptom. Yeah.

00:38:20 Let’s talk about time travel. Okay. If marijuana is the answer to time travel, um, I’m very curious about this. I’ve never quite heard someone say it quite like that. So I’m very interested in this. So let’s start with a little bit of science. The listeners here. Um, I’ve studied time travel, I’ve studied physics and there’s a book that I read called, um, Einstein’s theory of relativity in the modern era or something like that. And it talks all about basic physics, but then getting into quantum physics and how we think that the speed of light is the fastest, you know, thing in the world, but potentially that that’s not the case. And how time travel actually has been proven. When you can move at the speed of light, like this is a scientific proof, like speed of light with the speed of light inside the speed of light, you can move faster because of time relativity and all that. So like the concept of, of time travel has been proven at a very, very, very hyperspeed for very, very minute molecules. But I’m curious to know what your thoughts are on specifically when it comes to marijuana time travel and that of that nature.

00:39:29 That’s a deep one. You know, like, I haven’t read the books on time travel, but I think that like this speed of consciousness, it’s faster than light. Like I can, you can in a moment like in the [inaudible] and it’s instant with your mind, with your consciousness, you can be anywhere like, and I don’t know how fast the speed of light is versus the speed of consciousness. Like if I have a thought, is that faster? Like I don’t know the science behind it, so oh, I’m, I’ll show my like bear with his ignorance. Right, right. But you know, as far as like you are, where your attention is, I know you can be in places consciously through your consciousness, through your conscious awareness in like with zero time right now.

00:40:20 Have you ever had an out of body experience?

00:40:23 Yes. Yes. Yeah.

00:40:24 Same.

00:40:25 breathing exercise that we do at the end of all of our teacher trainings. And we were introduced to it at a yoga conference and I had like, it was like a past life regression mixed with an out of body experience where I was like looking down on myself, but I was a former self. It was wild as wow. Yeah. That’s so cool. Even Cooler. No drugs involved.

00:40:48 Wow, that’s incredible. That’s incredible.

00:40:51 Watch only breaths. So I totally believe time travels like absolutely possible. But where my, where my understanding fails is I don’t know how to get my physical body. Just follow my mind, you know, like, cause I can in a moment be someplace, but like I know I’m still here. So that’s where I, that’s where I had no, yeah.

00:41:11 What about you? Uh, yeah, John. Right. I got it right that time.

00:41:16 Yeah. You got it by you John. It’s consciousness. Josh consciousness is the ability to, to, to for for time traveled to exist before Yogis and sages have talked about the ability to buy, locate, right. We try not to get too dip in Josh do like, cause we’re in the, where the yoga world, but we want to be grounded in right on. But uh, but she has some good topics. So anyway, so like, uh, Paramahansa Yogananda, this is a, a yoga that Chris Knox studied with for a long time. Not Personally, but this is lessons in his, his guru was a swine sweet. That’s why he had the ability to buy a locate. This is according to a palm, Palmer Honda Yogananda who, uh, was a Yogi. He like his whole thing was not lying right as time. It was truthfulness always. But uh, but he talked about personal experiences where he, uh, his guru was in multiple places at one time. And so how, like how, how, and the ability that could. So, and the answer to the how is mastering consciousness map, it comes back to, it comes back to the mind and, and uh, and us being able to do incredible things like that. The potential of our mind is so vast and we are only touching the tip of the iceberg.

00:42:39 Yeah.

00:42:40 There’s a, there’s a great book called Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. Have you ever read that? [inaudible] it’s awesome. So this guy, he was a, I think a neuro surgeon. Like if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist type mentality. Right? I had a bacterial meningitis that shut down the NEOCORTEX, right? The frontal cortex of the brain, which is right now what prevailing wisdom and the scientific world says is where consciousness is derived from. Right. In his experience of being in a comatose state, that being shutdown completely, he should have zero consciousness, right? What he, his whole book is about is what happened when he was out. And so my mind saying that is for us, it’s not the body producing consciousness. It’s consciousness giving birth to the body and the brain and the mind and everything that we think we present.

00:43:33 a hundred percent. I mean, and if I’m not vocally endorsing psychedelics, um, however, like I, I am very pro psychedelics. I think that when you’re in the right state of mind, I think that you can learn tremendous amounts from that. But one of the things that, that you will understand that and you understand just for having out of body experiences or whatnot, is like, it becomes very apparent very quickly that we are a mind inside this body, not a body with a mind like super, super, super obvious and like, um, when, when you understand those things and that, so that goes to beg the question now, which I’m going to ask and how to transition over unless you, did you have anything more that you wanted to touch on on that? Okay. So transitioning over to that, I’m going to ask the question that I think, I think it’s a valid question, which is who cares? And what I mean by that is, okay, I can dedicate life and I can do all these breathing exercises and I can leave my body or I can go get rich and hang out on a yacht.

00:44:38 You know what I mean? Or I can go and serve the poor or I can go and play video games all day. Like at the end of the day, I’m going to live 80 years, I’m going to die. Right? And let’s assume that I’m a good entrepreneur. I make a few million dollars, I am successful in the, you know, the world’s eyes. I’m happy I’m fulfilled, right? Like more or less, right? I mean, I believe that there’s happy people and fulfill people more or less with, you know, without going into incredible lengths of consciousness. Right? So like you get to that point and you go, why would I waste my time quote, quote, right on trying to figure out and study consciousness and figuring out how all these things work when I’m gonna figure it out some day because 80 years ago and go by, I’m going to die and I’m going to figure out what’s up there one way or another. It’s like, I’m basically like trying to speed up the inevitable rather than just letting the inevitable come when it comes. Why? Why does it matter?

00:45:30 There’s a couple, a couple of reasons Josh, like, so I’m going to take it, I’m gonna take it, I’m going to take a high, high approach and I’ll take it of the personal high approach is, is uh, the, the, and this comes down to beliefs. Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe we’re going to live another life and another life in another life? And so if you take the hot, the, you know, the, the, the higher vision of that and say, well, if we are living these multiple lives are, is why are we living these multiple lies? Is it random or is it a, are we progressing? Are we evolving into something more? And what every, every, uh, masters ever walked the earth has taught was that is we are moving towards an evolution.

00:46:12 So what Yoga, why yoga was developed was to speed up that evolution so you wouldn’t get caught in the cycle of a birth, life, death, birth, life, death, birth like that, and have to live over and over and over again. So that’s, that’s the bigger vision.

00:46:26 I understand that. So you’re saying that from the bigger vision standpoint, you’re basically saying that if you just live your life, a birth, life, death, birth, life, death, then your cotton is cycle until you realize that there’s more to it than that. And you start evolving to other things. Like, you’re not going to evolve until you realize what’s going on and like make progression in your life to get to a, for lack of a better term, the next step or that what enlightenment. Right, right. Yeah. Every lifetime you evolve, right. Both sat brothers. Okay. Alright.

00:47:01 We’re taking a slow track when, when, so when we decide to simply sit our asses down and meditate, decide to wait, are we still on the high, high level here? Are we, are we switching? Okay. Okay. Use it as a transition though. Uh, we speed that up. We get on the fast track. Right? Um, and what’s, what, and I agree with you like, like who, who’s in agenda? Gen x? No, I’m not trying to that or do anything, but uh, that can shift consciousness in a way that can allow you to feel the truth of who we are. Breathing exercises that Chris and I are describing, we can shift consciousness in a way that, that can allow you to feel the truth of who we are that can peek through the barrel. Every, um, every, uh, indigenous tribe on the planet has had a way of doing some type of spirit quest, some type of shit for their, for this, this rite of passage, whether they used to listen, a gentle breathing exercise or whatever it was was, was to help the, the, uh, the tribe shift consciousness so that they could experience that. But then when they came back like now the word right before enlightenment, Chop Wood, carry water after enlightenment. Chop Wood. Carry water, baby. All right, here’s, it’s got piece of it. Josh is like, who, who cares?

00:48:22 Like on the path of doing that. Like if we just decide, okay, I’m not concerned about reaching enlightenment. I want to have a better relationship with my wife.

00:48:31 Yeah.

00:48:32 I want to have a better relationship with my kids. I want to have a better relationship with myself. So last time you stood in front of the mirror and said, I love you. Yeah. Like something like what? Like the shit that really matters in life. We start to realize that through that process of doing the same work that we would do if we were reaching for enlightenment, right? So what, what it comes back to what Chris [inaudible] teaches. Don’t worry about the enlightenment part. You’re on the path. You’re evolving every lifetime, however many lifetimes it takes. If you want to go Olympic athlete on it and go every single day, you go full blast and shortcut it, rock and roll. But just committing to a daily practice of sitting still, even if just for five minutes every day is the life hat Josh will change everything. It will change your relationship with your wife. It’ll change your sex life. It will change your relationship with your kids. It’ll change your relationship with money. It’ll change your relationship with your business that you’re building. It allow you to crush it. It, it is the life hack. It’s the ultimate life.

00:49:33 And I, I agree with you, uh, very strongly and, and that it will improve a lot of those things. Are you religious at all?

00:49:42 No, I were, I would call myself spiritual. We right. It’s interesting you weren’t raised in any like traditional sense, but if you heard my dad talk and you listened to my mom, you’d be like, Oh, they’re definitely Christians because they like all about Jesus. My Dad, he was actually studying to be a Jesuit priest. He was in the police job before he met my mom and then he was like, I think I’m going to go with a woman, not the way it is today.

00:50:13 Amazing with that. I’ll leave you.

00:50:15 He, so he, he understands like the Bible and he understands like Jesus, his message and all that stuff. And so really what’s really fascinating to me is like, so there was never any dogma around spirituality. There’s never any dog or like the do’s and the don’ts that must, there was never like when God was never someone to be feared in our lives. It was like, no, God’s like love. Like look around it. My mom was almost like a kind of like a pig and she was like, man, look, look at nature. That’s God. Look at like every, everything, everything in the natural world is a, a part of creation. And so are you. And what’s really interesting about getting into yoga as that got the deepest level with like kind of the conversation we’ve been skirting around. Like what happens when you sit in meditation? What happens when you practice and you get into that state of present moment awareness. What’s really going on? The real purpose is to recognize, to realize your connection with source. That’s it. That’s like, cause when you do that, when your source,.

00:51:16 what is source is source a, a god figure or Mike. I mean, so I, I believe I would consider myself a Christian. I’m very, uh, spiritual, but I would also, I mean religious might be the better terminology. I Dunno. I think religious gotta dumb. I hate religion, but like I believe in the Bible, the God of the Bible. Um, I’m on a constant quest to prove or disprove the Bible, help figure out which one it comes when I get there. But, um, but like I do believe that there is a God, I believe that there is, uh, you know, an absolute moral law. I believe that an absolute truth. Um, but I also believe unlike maybe a lot of Christians would say or or understand is like, okay God, it says in the Bible, God is love and we know that love is at the center of the universe. I also believe that in order for God to be everywhere at one time, like it says, it is in the Bible, that God is energy, right?

00:52:07 So that like God is this energy source. We looked to him, we cast our cares on him. He’s going to fill us with the energy that we need and so that my definition or view of God is not like some random dudes sitting up there being like, okay, you know, do this thing or do this thing and you can come to me. But like that God encompasses us is everywhere because God is energy. Now my question is, is so in my head when you say source, I look to source and I go, source is God. God is all knowing. God is all powerful. God has absolute laws and truths that we should live by. Is that the type of source that you’re talking about or what type of source are you referring to?

00:52:42 Yeah, I see. I look at it like it and I think there’s a bunch of different names, whether you call it God, you call it source, you call it universe. It’s the way I look at it is there is a force in this world that organized and gave birth to the world that we know that you didn’t create it. I didn’t create it, it didn’t like it didn’t like it. It didn’t just like spontaneously happen. It was a very intentionally I designed and like birth given experience for us to have it. So that force is what I call source interchangeably say source or universe, but is that force that is larger than ourselves that is connecting all of us. That is love. That gives rise to birth to life and to rebirth into death and like all of the national forces that were like within the universe, like the illusion of time, but like the aging process, reincarnation, all these things that like we, that like even on the cosmetic, on the cosmic level, like the, the rotation of the, of the, uh, like the universe and the solar systems, which mirrors the rotation of, um, the like the smallest level of the atoms within our, within our being like, there’s this, there’s this intelligence that I call source that I call creator.

00:54:07 It’s great. You do. And you do believe though that it is intelligent.

00:54:12 Yeah. Yeah. I mean, look at, look at the world. I mean, look at you, right?

00:54:16 And, and I, I agree with you. I’m just, I’m wanting to make sure that we’re on the same page as far as that’s concerned. We do believe in an intelligent energy source and an intelligent designer or creator of whatever this is. You mentioned a reincarnation. Do you believe that we are reincarnated into a physical body or do you think that we are [inaudible] carbonated into potentially something else?

00:54:37 Uh, I’ve heard and some of the books that I’ve read with Yogananda that in the evolution of the, of the human spirit, that there’s no devolution. Like once you become a human, you’re evolving into higher forms of that. Not to say that like we’re better than like a lion, but we have an ability cognitively with brain functioning to reason abstractly and understand the world in a way that gives us more insight and more literally self-reflection. We able, we’re able to literally think about ourselves and the direction of our lives and guide it in a direction that other animals don’t have the ability to do.

00:55:16 So you don’t believe in, what was it? Is it Buddhism that’s like, if you’re a crappy person, you get reincarnated into like a fly or like, you know, a bad thing, you’re not into that. Okay, I got asthma.

00:55:29 Well, you know, I think, you know, at some point we started that way. I think we were probably a year, probably a bugs and then higher life forms and eventually we evolved into humans. And uh, and then we’ll, we’ll evolve into more like beads at some point.

00:55:48 I’d love to continue the conversation about this. We’ll have to do another, a followup episode because I, I’d love to know your thoughts on like, you know, are there parallel realities and like infinite, you know, like infinite universes, you know, the, the, the theory of, you know, the fact that you know, all these different things, we don’t have time to go into that now. Um, actually want to kind of go back into a more practical application of yoga for entrepreneurs to kind of wrap this up. But I do have one more question on this topic, which is do you think aliens are a real thing? Like do you think there’s life on other planets? Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. So do you think that they have made contact earth and that like they’re here? Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Like, if there’s a planet, like if you look at, if you look at the earth and it’s in, it’s in its evolution, in our evolution, like we are just, we’re, we’re like nothing on the blip of how old earth is.

00:56:40 So if you take a planet that’s even similar to ours that has life forms, but there are million years ahead, which is nothing, Josh is up, it’s a bleak, right, right. Because time is relative, right? Right. That life form could be a bus and oh hell yeah, they could have technology that’s take our technology a fast forward in a million years or, or even reversed. I mean, you look at some of like the early planets that we’ve discovered or you know, whatever we want to call them out there, flying through space that have the beginnings of life form on them. You know, they could be, you know, if you believe in that time frame a million years behind us, right. That’s the theory that would say that. Um, well with aliens and like here and like, like interacting with each other. One of the things that I, I don’t struggle.

00:57:31 I’m going to use the word struggle with. So like I said, I’m on kind of a mission right now too. Prove or disprove the Bible. Right. Right now I believe it to be true. I’ve haven’t found any like inconsistency with it that I can’t actually justify if I actually look into it. But I got a long way to go still. One of the things though is I did not believe in aliens growing up. We were pretty much told that that was kind of not a thing. Right. And then even re like up until the last like year or two, like I really didn’t think that they were a thing and then I really started looking into it and like you start reading and looking and like you’re like, all right, there’s, there are definitely something going on. Right? Like I don’t know what it is.

00:58:05 I don’t know what they look like. I don’t want to it. But there’s a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of evidence too to say, okay, there, there is aliens. We’ve had contact with them at some point. And I would, I would venture to say that I do believe that now I go, well now what does the Bible say about that? Right. Cause this be the thing where, cause like, you know, growing up where you’re taught in the Christian Church that humankind is inherently special. That God loved us so much that he sent his son comes down, he dies on the cross for us because he loves us so much and that in all of the universe, earth is the special one. Right? And then you look at earth and you go in the grand scheme of reality and how ginormous the university is, you’re like right.

00:58:44 Okay. And like could that be true? I suppose that could be gods that we could be God’s favorite planet. Right? I suppose it that’s technically a possibility. Right? We just got lucky but that’s where I start to struggle with religion cause I haven’t studied it enough yet. I don’t even know if struggle is the right word, but where I questioned it and go, okay, I’ve got to look at that more because if there is life on other planets and if there is other things out there, we’re not, the only one is universal. We’re not only alone then whoa. Right. Like that changes the dynamic of so many things that we look at as conscious reality and what’s possible and you know, being able to time travel and because if, if that’s a real thing and try and travel as possible, then we’ve literally turned our planet into just like a city.


Josh:               00:59:28 Right. Because now that we just traveled from planet to planet city to city, like, you know, like we would in a car. So anyway, quite fascinating concepts there. Yeah, no doubt. No doubt. My, my things, the Bible just while we’re on it is yeah, translate it. It’s been so many times by man. Yeah. And translate it in a way that serves man’s purposes at that period of time in the moment. And even if not to say, cause I kind of like painted that picture like they’re doing like some stuff versus thing within it, which I personally think happened. But even if not translate from one language to the next language, something’s lost in the translation 100% and that’s my biggest, that’s my biggest thing there. And that’s where I argue strongly with Christians is I go, yeah, I believe that when the Bible, me personally, I believe that the Bible when it was written, was written by man via God.

01:00:22 And I believe that when it was written at the time that it was written, it was without flaw. I bow. I do believe that as of now in my life, however, let’s assume that was 3000 years ago, 5,000 years ago, but that was being written. Have you ever played the game? When you line up 20 people in a row or 50 people in a row and one person at one side says it to the one person and by the time it gets to the other, you see how different it is. You look at it and you go, Dang, right, like that’s 50 people try 5,000 years, right? And, and, and mass production and all the different translation and versions. I mean, you even look at the difference of like, uh, a new international version or a American, you know, I don’t know what the newest versions are compared to a King James version.

01:01:10 And you look at it and so, you know, you have all these people with 20 different bibles and I think, I think there is absolute truth in there. And I think that the laws of it like are really good. But for me, when I look at something and you go, I mean there’s verses in the Bible that are like women in the New Testament, mind you that say women should be silent in the church. And I’m like, do we all believe that women can’t say anything when we go to church? Like for real? And so you know, for, for all you Christians out there, I’m not saying that I don’t, I’m not a Christian. Like I am a very strong believer in the Bible and in God. But to your point, Chris, uh, I agree with you that I think there has to have been something lost in translation over the last 5,000 years or however long that is. That’s just, yeah, conversation for another time. Okay. Last I want to wrap up here before, but before we get to rapid fire questions, I want to like bring this back to the beginning. I don’t think we really ever touched on for those people that made it this far. You guys are like legit though. You guys are Legit Yoga entrepreneur people you run a successful business. You do this. Give us a little of context

01:02:20 around some of the results that you have had and like what specifically you do with entrepreneurs. Feel free to drop revenue numbers or you know, class numbers or whatever it is, but give some context so that people aren’t like thinking that you’re just some random yoga people that I’ve brought on that think time. Travel is a real thing and that marijuana is good. Like, you know, give him some crap like around that.

01:02:38 So we, uh, so we, uh, we started in 2005, we built, uh, the brick and mortar businesses to four studios. Uh, we were making where we’re at, uh, in, uh, Virginia, Virginia. Yeah. We’re in, uh, we’re, uh, studios in southeast Virginia and then studios in the a middle of Virginia. You the calendar. Yeah. Uh, and at that time we also had a spinoff business that Chris and I were running that a was doing a quarter of a million. Um, the studio is brick Mort suitors themselves. We’re going over 3 million a year on this reverence, obviously. Um, and, uh, and so we were, man, we were rock and roll. So a lot of what we, what we brought into it was systems. I’m Chris, not specifically systems on the, uh, [inaudible] what was being taught. Uh, and then as we got bigger, we started putting systems into the, to the front end of the business and doing things like that that were just, they were game changing.

01:03:33 And, uh, and so, um, a couple years ago, we restructured our business. Uh, we have an older brother that took, uh, took the studios that are up north and Chris and I, uh, took, uh, two of the other studios and kept, kept her side business. But, uh, but that’s it. You know, it’s, you know, it’s one of the, what we believe to be true, Josh, is that there are people in this world that can change it and they’re called entrepreneurs. And if somebody is a yoga entrepreneur, then they have the ability to not only to change the world, but to change the world in ways that can affect people’s lives directly. And, uh, and it’s our mission to help those people, uh, just crush it in their business so that they can continue to spread that message. Yeah. And it’s, I love that. I love that.

01:04:14 Yeah. It’s, and I think part of the keys to our success over those 15 years is the consistency and the structure of which we’re teaching the classes. Like when people come in, like what we’re all looking for as a result, like they’re coming in for something. And what happens in the yoga world is that the, these like entrepreneurs, they open up studios and then teachers come into it and they can teach whatever they want and they offer like 30 different styles of yoga because they want to be like, I want to like everyone to like try a little bit of everything in my studio. And then she will come in like, how do I get any traction? How do I get any results? And what we said was, no, we’re, we’re being consistent. We’re going to teach a system, a style of yoga that doesn’t change and we’re going to teach one that changed a little bit, but we do it with the methodology. And so what we’re really trying to bring in to the overworld, it’s like, man, like some of the core principles of marketing, like people are looking for results, right? You don’t need to give them everything. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Niche down and get focused on what you do really well and then be able to message that really well so that when people come in, they’re actually gonna feel the benefit of what you’re, what you’re providing and you can serve them at a higher level. That’s amazing. Well done. Well done.

01:05:18 Talk to me about practical advice and tips that an entrepreneur can take now over the next day, week, month in their life. Um, that w well help them in their entrepreneurial journey through yoga experiences. Like what are like, what’s the basic level? I can do it in my house. I don’t have to go to a studio somewhere. Like what’s that thing that I can do? Get up in the morning,

01:05:43 do five minutes, start with five minutes, is five minutes of movement and literally Druxman began. I don’t care if it’s yoga or not. Move the body for five minutes. Yoga is ideal because you’re getting two major muscle groups. Your open those up and you’re getting the joints ready. You’re doing those things. But five minutes of movement, five minutes of Meditation, sit on a chair, spine straight, close your eyes. And, and, and count your breath. I counted. And then five minutes of what Christina called manifestation, which is journaling. And in that journaling reflection, what do you, what happened yesterday? What are the insights of yesterday that you can pull out what are the wins, what are the loss, what are the wins, what are the losses declaration present, what it, how do I want to show up today? Three words that declare how you want to be today.

01:06:31 Like personally, three words that declare how you want to be with other people in three words that declare how you want to show up as a entrepreneur, as, as a business owner and professionally. And then the last piece of that last piece of that, Josh, is intention. Where are you going? So it’s past, present, future intentions to personal, to professional. What are your goals and are you able to stop them today? So if and what Chris and I do, what we do that we call it the, the, the awakened life forming that we do it every single morning cause it keeps our asses on track and keeps us stocking or dreams. How, how strict are you?

01:07:07 Like do you do it every morning,

01:07:09 every morning? Uh, yes, I do it every morning. Uh, there are times where, uh, so Chris will shoot for 20 minutes, 20 Minute Movement, 20 minute meditation, 20 minutes manifestation. Uh, if I had a, uh, so I have, I have a five year old and a three year old and if I had a, I’ll speak for Chris, but we had a crazy ass night the night before or one of our little ones got up in the middle of her sick or something else, maybe three minutes, three minutes and three minutes the next morning. But you’re doing it

01:07:38 and it’s like, it’s, it’s religious g I mean like that’s what you do. You live by it. It’s a ritual. It’s a ritual. I love that. And that’s habit right there. I mean like it’s timing isn’t always, you know, it doesn’t always fall into habit, but the fact that you do it every single day goes to show you how powerful that that really is. So that’s awesome. Cool. Well guys, this has been amazing. We’re going to have to do this again for sure. Um, but, uh, the first dual interview with both of you guys on here, I want to go into rapid fire questions. Uh, we, we end every interview with Oh four or five rapid fire questions. Then I have one final question that I always ask every person on the podcast, but before I do that, I want to give you kind of the ability to kind of promote yourself a little bit. If someone wants to be, they, they listen to this interview and they’re like, oh my gosh, I need more of the ax brothers. Where can they go to do that? Because guys, let me tell you something. I need more of the ax brothers. You guys are awesome. I actually love it. I wish that you had a studio near where I lived.

01:08:35 I’m moving to Florida as soon. So if you ever want to open one in Florida, I’m. totally down. I’ll do the marketing for it. All the social media, you just let me know. Uh, but, uh, where can people find out more about you if they want to consume more of your content and get involved?

01:08:49 Yeah, they can. Uh, if you want to listen to our podcast, it’s Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets and you can basically follow them. Apple, we’re on stitcher and Google. Um, uh, if you’re looking for online, it’s yaks and yoga and uh, at Yak sewer concepts. You can follow us on Instagram. Facebook. Yeah, I actually have a concept.

01:09:08 And also guys, you guys know how much subscribers, downloads and ratings reviews mean to a podcast because I always ask you for them, go over there even if even if you’re that person that’s like a, probably not gonna listen to it. I don’t care. Go over and just hit the subscribe button. Leave a rating and review you listen to this interview. They’re awesome. We will link their podcast and their website down in the description as podcasts. Go show them some love. You guys recently just launched it, right?

01:09:38 Yeah. Yeah.

01:09:39 Congrats. Congratulations. Yeah, three weeks old. That’s amazing. Well, I’m subscribed and I’ve rated the podcasts. So guy go over that and do that. We’ll, um, we will link that down below. Like I said, guys, thank you so much for coming on. Let’s, let’s go do rapid fire questions if you guys are okay with that.

01:09:55 Yeah, let’s do it.

01:09:56 All right, 5. so I’m going to ask you and then you both have to answer separately. Alright, cool. Uh, favorite airline to fly.

01:10:02 Southwest Delta. South end.

01:10:05 All right. I’m delta. I totally get delta is my, the thing I don’t like about southwest Chris, they don’t have a first class, but like, come on now. I an upgrade. What? Upgrade. Oh, you get to board first. I mean, yeah, that’s awesome. But I also want some leg room. I’m six feet tall with 72 feet, leg, foot, legs. Like, come on. All right. Um, are you guys into sports cars at all? Like fancy cars or anything like that? Are you, like what? What’s your, what’s your guilty pleasure that you would spend money on in large chunks of money?

01:10:33 Surfboards, surfboard, surfing, searches, surfboards, airports or ships.

01:10:38 Okay. What is the coolest surfing place where you’ve ever served or like experience that you had surfing?

01:10:43 Ooh, uh, I went to El Salvador with my wife and it was phenomenal. We stayed at like hunger on this cliff a hundred feet up and there was a right point break that came off and it was probably like BC before children. She and I, man, it was phenomenal.

01:10:58 That’s amazing.

01:11:00 I would say mainly mainland Mexico. Uh, a school, a place called Pasquale’s is where I met my wife. It was 25 feet. I was a, I was a, he was on the beach. I was too scared to paddle out and she was, uh, I saw her in the water dropping in on a 20 foot waiting job. So I was like, oh my God.

01:11:24 That’s awesome. That’s awesome. What is the single greatest lesson that you’ve learned from Yoga?

01:11:31 Uh, to control the things that are in my control and to let go of the things that are not in my control.

01:11:37 Hmm. That’s, that’s big.

01:11:39 And that on a daily basis is the practice to appreciate and love myself.

01:11:45 All right. I like both of those. I like it all. We have one final question that we ask everybody on the podcast. A, I don’t prep you ahead of time. I don’t prep anybody ahead of time. It’s a deep question. So I like to hear your raw kind of unfiltered thoughts about this. I guess, John, you’re gonna get a little bit more time since you’re gonna go second. But, uh, Chris, we’ll start with you. Um, fast forward to the end of your life. I know you’re probably gonna live to be like 300 or something like that because you do yoga, but like fast forward to the end of your life, you’re on your deathbed and every one, all of your money, your success, everything that you’ve done is gone. Nobody knows who you are is gone. However, you’re laying there on that bed and every single person that you’ve touched an influence, either directly or indirectly, you get to leave with a message that will carry on with them throughout time. I throw out eternity. What is that message?

01:12:30 Hmm, that’s a good question. Um, you are enough. You like, who, all of the mistakes, all of the imperfections, all of the, the, the ship of your life, not the defining factor of who you really are and who you really are. [inaudible] as a, as a son and a daughter of the creator is a perfect being worthy of love and belonging. Hmm. I love it. That’s powerful. Over to you, John. All right. Uh, my message would be, uh, everything you’re looking for is inside you. Hm. Get still every day to take that journey and walk inside.

01:13:17 Hmm. I love that. I love it guys. I super appreciate your time. I know your time’s valuable, so thank you so much for coming on. This was amazing. Like I said, we’ll have to do it again. Uh, guys, this has been the JAKKS brother interview y a x, right? That’s how you spell it. Y X. Yaks Yoga Uh, Yoga entrepreneurs secrets. Yup. Alright. Yoga entrepreneur secrets podcast. Check it out. It’s been a pleasure. Guys. Any last words for the audience before we a tune out here?

01:13:44 They have time. They start time is awesome, Josh. Appreciate it.


Josh:               01:13:47 Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much for coming on guys. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because when you think different, you might just be able to time travel. You might just be able to live for 300 years like these guys are going to do. Um, but seriously think different. It’s not just the way of thinking, it’s also the way of life. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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