Think Different Theory

How to Create Confidence and Focus


In this episode, I’m going to talk about creating confidence and focus. This is something that a lot of people have a hard time with and it negatively affects every part of their life, mostly because of their lifestyles. 


I’m going to dive into the importance of taking care of yourself, especially in terms of eating habits, and teach you how to train your brain to complete tasks, the importance of limiting your consumption of social media, and how to form “ripple effect” habits that help will help you change. This will definitely help you build great confidence and focus, so don’t miss it.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Being super laser-focused and taking a week off of social media (01:13)
  • The lack of confidence comes from a negative perception of ourselves (04:01)
  • The insanity of working 18 hours a day, six to seven days a week (07:07)
  • What you choose to eat on a daily basis affects your thinking and focus (12:11)
  • Training your brain to finish a task (15:51)
  • Forming ripple effect habits will change your life (24:26)
  • Doing three things a day to move forward (29:46)


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August 30th, 2019


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00:00 At one point in my life, I would drink five to six Dr Peppers every single day, as well as, one to two Monsters every single day, as well as eat McDonald’s at least once a day. I mean, I ate McDonald’s at bare minimum five to seven times a week, sometimes more than that. I had the worst sleep schedule, the worst diet of anyone I’ve ever met in my life, and that played a huge role into where I was at in my life at that time.

00:28 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:13 What’s up guys? Welcome back for another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And, oh man, this week. I tell you guys, it has been just this crazy laser focused week for me. I am in the middle of… while I’m recording this, I’m in the middle of a week off of social media. And so, if you’re listening right now or if you’re watching on YouTube, obviously this is in the future, but when I’m recording this, I am like laser focused. I haven’t been on social media in four days. I’m like, no Facebook, no Instagram, no Snapchat, no YouTube, no Twitter, no nothing. Literally nothing. I… On top of that, I haven’t even had a phone. Alright? Like I literally have turned off my phone. I have put it in a drawer, and the only time that I turn on my phone, everything is like, all the apps are deleted off of it anyway.

02:00 The only time I turn it off or on is in the morning when I go for a run, or whenever I go for a run throughout the day for, you know, the 30 or 45 minutes that I’m out there so that I can listen to an audio book while I’m running, and then it’s right back off. I don’t check anything. And so, it has been a crazy week for me this week. Awesome, very life changing. And, just because I’m off social media, I have very little distractions, and I’ve been able to just become laser laser focused in creating… I’m working on a sales training right now. It’s called “Selling with Confidence.” We have about 70, 71, I think, 72 students in there, and we’re just working on serving them at the highest level. It’s amazing, the content in there is just… it’s next level. Some of the results that some students are already getting.

02:37 I’ve never been more committed to creating an amazing training program than this one. And I tried to say that every time because it’s true. The last training program that I did was free. It was The Mindshift Playbook. If you don’t have that, you can go to, and get that for free, and you can see some of the work that I did in there. This is like 10 times better than that, and I spent a lot of time on that. Just because, you know, I’ve done $2.5 million in deals in the past three years, and I really am committed to making this program amazing. I’m really committed to, from here on out every single time putting out my best work, and helping students and helping clients at a very high level. So I’m very excited… very excited about that.

03:17 But, anyway, welcome back to the program. Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate it. If you’re watching on YouTube, make sure to hit that subscribe button, and leave a comment down below. Let me know where you’re tuning in from, or what you think of the episode. If you are listening on… oh, what do we got? iTunes, Spotify, Apple podcasts, or Apple Music, or not Apple Music, Google Play. That’s what it is. Google Play, Stitcher, all sorts of those. Wherever you’re listening on there, make sure to subscribe, leave a rating and review. I appreciate you guys, but that’s just really helps boost us up in there. But anyway, so one of the things that I did this week, was I sat on a ridiculous amount of calls with students. In fact, I don’t have my phone in front of me because I don’t have a phone all week, but something like, it was like 22 calls or something like that that I’ve had this week.

04:01 Or like 19 calls plus three. I Dunno, it’s like around 20 calls that I’ve had over the past three days. I’m talking to students, learning about what their struggles are and learning about, you know, what’s holding them back mentally and in their sales process and whatnot. And it’s interesting because, um, what of the questions and the struggles and the things that continuously keeps coming up is confidence. They don’t have the confidence to get on sales calls. They don’t have the confidence to handle objections or know what to do or how to do it or anything of that nature. And, um, kind of what follows up with that is they, they get nervous, they’re afraid of the awkward, and it’s directly a identity issue. If you’ve read the mind shift playbook, um, you’ll understand that everything that we do is based out of our identity and our identity is our belief or our perception of ourselves.

04:49 And so if we don’t have confidence, that means that we have a, a negative perception or a, you know, belief of ourself in that particular area. And I mean, that’s just what it is. And when you switch that, and when you change that, then all of a sudden you’re gonna get amazing amounts of competence and whatnot. Did a lot of that confidence comes from, um, lack of, uh, of being comfortable in awkward situations or in new found areas or whatnot. And so as we’ve been talking about that in kind of digging in further, one of the questions that I continuously am addressing and keep getting is Josh, how do you stay focused? How do you go out there and actually have success? Like how do you go and you know, get stuff done and stay focused and have confidence and have high energy and be able to think clearly and focused on things and what not.

05:29 Like how do you live this like a high performance lifestyle in what it is that you’re doing? Right? And, and in such a way that sustainable, you know, a lot of these people have been watching me for several years and while my, my tonality and my maybe my intimidation factor may have dwindled a little bit, my energy is very, very high and my confidence level is also very high. And um, I mean part of that comes from that, you know, I was born into, you know, a loving family and my, my parents instilled a lot of confidence and self love into me. I know my parents love me a lot and so that really helps with confidence. But also my daily habits and and anyone that is successful, anyone that has high energy and lives a very high performance type of lifestyle would tell you that your habits, your daily actions really do play a huge role into that.

06:16 And so, so many people have asked me when it comes to this, like Josh, I can’t stay focused. I can’t seem to think clearly. I can’t seem to cut out distractions. I’m always getting distracted by something, not even just on social media, like even off the social media. It’s hard for me to follow through on things. It’s hard for me to think clearly and figure things out. How do I actually go and change that? And I couldn’t help but think back to a time in my life when I was not quite that way. In fact, while I’d had a lot of energy, I certainly did not have the confidence that was there. I struggled to finish tasks and if you literally asked me to do anything out of my subconscious, like just memory muscle pattern that I had, which I’ll explain here in a second, I was not able to focus on it or completed or whatnot because there was a time in my life when I completely abused my body.

07:07 I completely abused pretty much every aspect and elements in my life. Um, so back up when I was, I guess I probably would have been 20 years old at this time when I was in my like late teens, early twenties like early, early twenties. I’m 25 now. So W I mean five years ago, six years ago. Say, you know, during those there was like a two year, maybe even a three year window from like 18 to 21 ish timeframe. When I worked like nonstop, I was a absolute workaholic. I would work 18 hours a day, six to seven days a week. That is not an exaggeration. One summer I would, you know, like the, the least amount of hours I ever put in during one summer was like 93 hours. That was the least. I had put it in a week, like just ridiculous and like it sounds almost create too crazy to be real.

07:57 But it was, and during that time frame, I mean I had day or like I had like spurts of working a lot and spur spurts of working less. But I mean, even in my low phase, I was working 60 70 hours a week. Right? But during that time I also ate terribly. So not only was I working a tremendous amount, I was sleeping almost none. In fact, that one summer I would sleep on average of three to four hours a night every night. It was insane. So I was abusing my body. I was, you know, working way too much, had no balance, gotten no sleep. And on top of that, I put in nothing into my body. I ain’t nothing healthy. I probably didn’t eat a fruit or vegetable except, you know, when I went home on Sundays and you know, ate my mom’s cooking, I ate mud.

08:40 I kid you not. This is absolutely true. It sounds disgusting. It’s absolutely disgusting, but it’s, it’s 100% true. I would drink five to six Dr peppers per day, like the cans or bottles of Dr Peppers every single day. Like we’re talking like at least 60 ounces of Dr Pepper a day. Sometimes over a hundred ounces. Yeah, plus one to two monsters or some form of energy drink monster or red bull. Usually the big ones it on top of that. Plus I would constantly eat like all day long, peanut m and m’s starbursts, like things of that nature. Just absolutely the worst possible things you could putting into your body. Chewies gummy bears, sour patch kids like the whole nine yards. Plus my meals where I ate McDonald’s a minimum of five to seven times a week. Sometimes like 10 like I would eat McDonald’s two sometimes three times in a day and there was a McDonald’s right, right by where I worked and where I drove.

09:34 I was constantly like, I don’t know how I’m alive. I don’t know how I don’t have diabetes. I don’t know like how I am a functioning human being where I was at, but that was an unsustainable lifestyle and my work was so routine. I worked in a factory at night. I worked on a farm on the day. It was not, you know, healthy. And then after, you know, after that I, I worked as a server. Um, and so like I had to do, like to pay the bills, I had to do a, a bare minimum amount of work. And in the startup phase of a business, when it’s physical labor or not on social media, it’s a little bit easier to focus. But outside of that, I was not a healthy human being. I would not get stuff done. And clearly that was not a maintainable lifestyle.

10:19 My energy was not good energy. It wasn’t even real energy. It was literally a sugar, highest sugar rush, constantly, nonstop, all the time. I needed sugar. I kept Dr Pepper and, and chips Ahoy underneath my bed. So at night, in the middle of the night when I would wake up, I would literally reach under the bed. I would grab a chips Ahoy, I would drink it down with a Dr Pepper. I had cans everywhere. It was, it was absolutely disgusting. It was truly a mess. So why don’t I tell you all that? Well guess what happened? At one point I eventually crashed and like I’ve not referring to my success depression when it comes to 18 or 20 months ago, I’m talking about like physically actually crashed where I, when I forget exactly when the kind of the whole week off came. But I remember one week where I slept when I, I had crashed over the weekend, like physically not crashing a vehicle but like fell asleep so hard that I slept for 26 hours straight one day and then that next week like I slept for like four days, four 24 hour days.

11:22 W W out of seven it was unsustainable. It was terrible and my body was so jacked up. I didn’t like know how to like focus or even talk. I didn’t know how to live life without sugar. It was just so, so jacked up. And if I were to try to do that to my lifestyle today, if I were to try to consume that so much, I would probably go into like shock and die. But like it was bad by telling you that. To say that what goes into your body comes out of your body when you are treating your body like crap when you are not giving it the rest that it needs. Lack of sleep is still going in, right, too little sleep, too much work, very bad food. I couldn’t think clearly I could, I mean it just, everything was bad. When you do all that, that’s going to have a negative effect.

12:11 Now obviously that is an extreme case, but the same thing is true in your day to day life. What you choose to eat on a daily basis affects your thinking, affects your focus, affects how you’re going to be able to act on a daily basis. What, how long you sleep. Sleep is incredibly, incredibly underrated. I didn’t, I used to literally think that, you know, whatever, you can just stay up for days without it. I would post them on Facebook about how awesome it was. I had stayed up and only slept two hours so terrible. And there was a reason, especially in my early days of social media, that I couldn’t stay focused, that I wasn’t getting things done when I fixed my sleep schedule, when I fixed my eating habits, when I fixed my, I don’t even want to say work life balance, but just became more moderate with having somewhat of a healthy lifestyle.

12:58 So many things change. Now you might be thinking, well Josh, like I live a pretty balanced lifestyle. I work a nine to five or I have my company, I work maybe eight or 10 hours a day. I eat relatively healthy, right? Like, and I still can’t focus and I still have problems with, you know, like critical thinking and I still have problems like following through on things and whatnot. We’ll get there. All right, but this is first step. If you’re not there, if you are not constantly watching what you do and what you eat and how much you sleep on a daily basis, you’re going to have issues. I know firsthand right now, today, every single day I take daily vitamins. Every single day. I try to drink at least one gallon of water every single day. I eat at least some form of fruit or vegetable and about three to four times a week I eat eggs in the morning like for breakfast and I don’t eat any form of like a deep fried cheese like cheese curves or anything like that.

14:00 Stuff that’s really gonna slow it down. I tried to keep soda to a very minimum. Um, I drink mostly water or like green juice with like, um, lettuce and vegetables and fruits all like blended up in, in a drink. I tried to keep what’s going into my body very clean obviously like there’s exceptions to that and I’m not saying that you have to go completely vegan or just plant food, but I mean the more the better. Right on top of that, I also control my sleep. I tried to sleep for at least seven hours per night. That is my goal. Seven hours for me is where I’m at in my life right now. That is a sweet spot. I like eight but seven will do the trick. So every night I sleep for seven hours. If I go to bed late there, maybe one day I’ll, I’ll continue like I’ll still get up early that next morning, but I want to make sure that if I know I have a a hard Waco or like a set time when I have to wake up, then I’m going to bed on time and then I am absolutely making that happen because all of these things are going to play into me being able to be focused, cut out distractions and actually follow through and have confidence in myself and in what I do.

15:07 And if I can’t even control those things, which seem simple, they’re obviously harder than they seem, but that would seem simple. I’m going to have a huge negative self image of myself and that was really, really big for me. So making that shift was big. Now does that in and of itself is going to make a huge difference, but that in and of itself is not going to save you. That in and of itself is not going to create focus and give you the self confidence that you need and train you to get stuff done. So what else needs to happen? That’s point number one. Point number one is if you want to be more confident, if you want to stay focused, if you want to cut out distractions, if you want to go out there and do those things, you’ve got to control what goes into your body and understand that what goes in comes out.

15:51 Take care of yourself. I learned that heavily from Sam Ovens. Point number two, I’ve got my notes here. Um, point number two is you need to start to train your brain to finish a task. Okay? You’ve got to train your brain to finish a task because when you are running around doing a million different things and you have a million different things on your plate to do in a day, oftentimes things don’t get done all the way or they get done. Partly one of the biggest problems with this, and I’ve kind of touched on this before, is social media on cell phones. And this is one of the reasons I took a week off of social media because I’m literally wanting to train my brain out of this. This is something I’m actively doing as we speak. Okay. What will happen is, is there is a chemical that goes off in your brain called dopamine.

16:36 When, uh, like you get like go on social media and you’ll see a notification, uh, like in your, you know, if Facebook or Instagram you see get likes or notifications, dopamine goes off. Um, dopamine goes off when you get a new ta, like a text message and it’s similar to, it’s not the same thing as, but like, it’s comparable to like when you take a hit of a cigarette and you get that nicotine high makes you feel good. It’s comparable to that, except it’s even more addicting. Okay? So what will happen is, is when your brain w w a habit is formed, okay? Going, going back to habits, this is very, very important. Again, so a habit has a trigger and action and a reward. Okay? Trigger action. Reward. Reward is essentially anything that makes you feel good, that’s your reward. Okay. The trigger is what sets the whole thing in motion in the action.

17:27 And we’ve done podcasts on this before. The, the, the action is the thing that you do. So if I go and say I start a task, let’s say I, my, my goal is to, um, write, write a, an email sequence. Okay. And I’ve got three emails to write. If halfway through my first email, I pick up my phone and I’m browsing through social, I’m getting dopamine hits, which means that I’m getting rewarded. Now my body doesn’t know that I didn’t do any, I didn’t do anything to deserve that reward. It just goes, okay, what was the action before that and what was the trigger that set that into motion? Right? Because it’s forming habits all the time or trying to, so it looks at you and goes, okay, you started a task, you got halfway through reward. Great. And then that happens again and again.

18:16 And then you’re supposed to, you know, clean up your office and then you’re supposed to write a social media post and then you’re supposed to, you know, do a coaching call. And then you’re supposed to do whatever. And every single time, everywhere throughout the day, you’re getting halfway through a project or a quarter way through a project or before you want to even start a project right after you decide, hey, I’ve got to do this. Let me check social media first. You’re literally training your brain to reward yourself before you actually complete the task. That’s not a good thing. And so the longer you do this, the more you’re on social media, the more you’re checking your phone in task. You’re literally creating habits that say, hey, don’t focus. Don’t complete the task at hand. Why would you complete the task at hand when the reward comes when you don’t complete the task?

19:00 And so what’ll happen is, is when you’re not, when you’re not actually completing tasks all the way and you’re checking social media instead, or checking your phone or texting or whatever it is, that dopamine hit comes, your being rewarded, the habit loop is complete and you’re forming new habits. So all these people wonder why they can’t stay focused. And it’s because they’re literally training their brains not to focus. So I did an extreme measure. I got off social media for a week. Not only that, I got off my phone for a week and I have noticed a tremendous difference. I mean, I cannot tell you the like the difference that I notice as far as me being focused on getting stuff done. Do I have major headaches? Yes, because I’m literally going through dopamine withdrawals, but at the same time I’m not checking my phone because every time I’m reaching for my phone, guess what?

19:50 It’s not there and I’m going, oh, I guess I haven’t finished a task yet. So I go back to finishing the task. I actually get completed with the task and then I go do something that I like to do, whether that’s stand up and take a break, I don’t know. Do meditation or breathing exercises, something to where when the task is done, I ruined myself with a little, just a little something, not social media though. Boom. And I’m literally training my brain to complete tasks. So you’ve got to go and you’ve got to start training your brain to complete tasks. Now, a lot of people are going to be like, man, Josh, I can’t even complete one task. You know, these things are so big star with the little things, okay? What you need to do is you need to create what I like to call like ripple effect habits, okay?

20:30 Ripple effect. Habits are little habits in your life or habits in your life that have a ripple effect for other things happening and getting completed and done. For example, um, every single morning I make my bed okay? Every single morning I also brush my teeth every single morning. Those things are two things that I can do before I check my phone, before I get on social media of any sort, before I interact with anybody else, I have now completed two tasks, start to finish, and have now trained my brain to complete tasks to every single day. Now, naturally, what’s going to happen when I make my bed every morning? Well, naturally I’m like, ah, got one way and gotta go to my next one now, boom, I’m going to go and brush my teeth now. Oh, I just did that. What am I gonna do now? Well, I did two things that got me winning right away.

21:22 So what I’m going to do, I’m going to naturally go drink more water, right? Because I want to keep winning. And so I’m gonna go drink more water and I’m going to pick up that as a habit. Those little things have ripple effects to your life. A really big one is exercise. If you’re not exercising every single day, you’re missing out on a huge, massive, a daily change and something that will completely change your life. Today marks 31 straight days, one month, um, completed where I have run every single day without missing a day. All right? I run at least the bare minimum was one mile a, sometimes up to three. One day I even ran six miles k every single day I run at least bare minimum one mile, no matter if I like it or not, no matter if it’s 11 o’clock at night before I do it, I always run every single day.

22:04 Why? Not only is it good for me, not only does it help me clear my brain and focus, not only does it give me time to listen to audio books and read, it also is making me want to do other things. For example, read, I didn’t use to listen to audio books every single day. I always read every day, but now I’m listening to audio books every single day while I’m running on top of that. Now other than listening to audio books, I’m reading more. And now on top of that I used to, uh, when I would run or like the time now that I would run, I used to do other things that weren’t as productive and now I’m filling my time that time with good exercise. So nationally I want to eat healthier. Running was the thing that ultimately allowed me to cut cheese, like deep fried cheese and stuff out of my diet.

22:45 Why? Because it was a ripple effect, action or ripple effect habit. Because when you do one thing, you’re going to start doing other things along with it every single day. Here’s a list of things that I do every single day. Okay? Number one, I wake up every single morning. I make my bed and I, um, uh, brush my teeth every morning. Then I go and I drink a big glass of water. Sometimes it’s green juice in the morning, uh, but some, some form of healthy, non sugary, no or non like non like processed drink. Okay. So water, um, you know, green juice, things of that nature. OK. Every single morning, every single day I take vitamins every single day. I, uh, run every single day. I shower every single day. I am trying to read every single day. I do every single one of these things. Now you can imagine that if every single day you woke up and made your bed and brush your teeth and took vitamins and drank water and exercise and read every single day that your life would change.

23:43 Yes, maybe you already do that and that’s awesome, but if not, that would change your life right now. Be a big change. Well, guess what? I didn’t start there. I started with one single thing. The first thing that I started doing was making my bed every morning. And then after I made my bed every morning I was like, man, I’m gonna brush my teeth every morning. And then from there it was another thing and another thing and then it was exercising and then it was cutting out cheese and then it was the, so it was just this little by little ripple effects of controlling my life by simply picking one task and following through and completing it and literally training my brain to complete that. And then getting off of social media until at least a project has done. I’m not saying you have to abandon social media entirely, but I’m saying is don’t check social media in the middle of tasks.

24:26 Don’t pull out your phone, don’t get on the computer, shut it off. If you have to get, I have um, this thing on my computer is called a self control to go to the app store. You can download on Mac, it’s called SelfControl. You can literally open up a browser. Let’s say it’s Facebook, turn on the self control, set it for between one hour and 24 hours and hit go and it will lock out that browser for you. You’re not able to access it to for one to 24 hours. So if you’re struggling with something like a computer, do that. That way you literally can’t get on it. If you need to get, put your phone in the other room, do it. But start training your brain to start completing habits and start with a little ripple effect habits that are going to ultimately change your life.

25:02 Okay? It will totally and fundamentally change your life, I promise. Okay, so first things first, take care of yourself. What goes in comes out. You’re not going to be able to do everything that I just said. If you’re eating super crappy, you’re not gonna want to get up early. If you’re eating crappy and putting stuff into your body, you’re not gonna want to go running every single day. If you’re eating super crappy. Let me tell you something. When I was eating all that crap and not sleeping, I was not exercising. I was not eating healthy. I did not have focus hardly at all. But when I switched that and I started sleeping more and I changed my habits and I started doing these things, I’m able to stay laser focused. I’ve gotten more done this week. I can’t remember the date the last week. I’ve gotten more done this week. It’s incredible. I don’t ever want to come back to social media.

25:48 It’s why would I write? But I mean obviously I need you to help you guys. But seriously, it’s amazing. So changing these things will allow you to change your life and it’s going to really be hard for you to train your brain to complete something if you’re eating crappy and not getting enough sleep and feeling like crap every single day. So take care of yourself. What goes in, comes out. Uh, keep looking down here cause I’m on my notes. Um, train your brain to finish. Complete the tasks that you’re starting and form ripple effect habits. Last but not least, and this is super important. This is something that I learned from Sam ovens more than anyone else. But I mean a lot of people talk about especially any form of like high performance, you know, coach or high performance habits coach or anything like that. You’ve got your, you gotta sell your [inaudible], you have to set yourself up for success.

26:36 You’ve got to, okay, you need to, and this is specifically the thing that I learned from Sam Ovens. You’ve got to plan tomorrow. Every single night before I go to bed, I make out the list of what I’m going to do tomorrow and then I go and I last point, eliminate all things in my life that would prevent me from completing that or would be a struggle for me to deal with while I’m trying to complete the things that I’m trying to do the next day. For example, uh, let’s say that I am supposed to, I dunno, film all day, like record videos and you know, stuff all day and I do that and there is the TV’s right there and I know that for me, turn it on Netflix. It’s a big struggle for me. It’s not for me personally, but let’s say it was get rid of the TV. I don’t mean like throw it away.

27:24 I mean put it in another room. Pause Netflix for a month or for the day. Um, tell your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband wife’s one of your friends to change your Netflix password and turn off the Internet for the day. Like remove any distractions in your life. Remove things that are gonna be a struggle from what it is that you’re going to do. Get very, very clear on what it is that you’re going to do the next day and one of the biggest hacks. And if you’re still listening, please do this. This is super important. One of the biggest hacks that I’ve ever done that helped me be able to complete tasks in their entirety and train my brain took focus and complete tasks was to schedule myself to do less things. Do less. Okay. It is absolutely critical. Do less things more often. So instead of doing 10 things or trying to put 10 things on your list for tomorrow, pick three.

28:19 I liked doing three. If you have more than five things on your to do list for tomorrow, you have too many things to do. Way Too many k five is too many things. I like three. Five is the absolute highest that I will go. You’re not going to get more than five tasks done. It’s just impossible, right? Like you could in theory, if they were smaller tasks and you were super trained, but when’s the last time you put 10 things on your list to do? Be honest with yourself. When is the last time that you put 10 things on your list to do? Or a lot of things. Probably pretty recently. Right now. That’d be be honest with yourself even more. When’s the last time you completed all 10 things on your checklist? Probably never or very, very. Not very often at all because that’s too much.

29:01 You’re not designed to do that many things. So if you want to actually get done and actually complete it, put three things on your list for for the day is gonna feel impossible. You’re gonna be like, Josh, I can’t do it. But let me ask you, how many times have you shared this computer screen all day and got to the end of the week and been like, I felt like I got nothing done. If you just did three things a day, you’d get 15 things, big things. You get 15 big projects done. If you just did one or three big projects today, or three main things per day, okay? So take care of yourself. Remember what goes in, comes out, train your brain to finish OK and uh, complete tasks, create ripple effect habits, and then set yourself up for success. Plan tomorrow, today and stop doing so many things. Eliminate the struggles.

29:46 Do three things per day that are gonna allow you to move your life forward. That is how you create focus. That is how you create confidence. That is how you go out there and ultimately change your life. If you struggle with confidence is because your negative, you have a negative self image of yourself. But imagine if you were, I have no idea where you’re at in life right now. Maybe you have all these things a hundred percent down. You’re probably not struggling with self confidence is if you have all these things down, you’re probably not struggling with self doubt and, and like getting super nervous about in awkward about stuff. If you have all these things down, let me ask you this and I’m going to leave you with this final question. If you could snap your fingers right now and do everything that I just mentioned, you could WIC.

30:26 You woke up every morning, you made your bed, you brushed your teeth, you drank water, you ate healthy, you took daily vitamins every day you exercise every day. You ran every single day. You did three main projects a day and you finished every single one of them every single day, five days a week. How much would your life change? Probably pretty significantly. So it starts by changing one thing, change one thing at a time, and eventually everything else will fall into place. All right? If you want to learn more about this, go to think different. [inaudible] dot com slash playbook get the mind share playbook. 100% for free. We talk a lot about this in there. Uh, and a lot about like identity and like forming habits and, and things of that nature and how to shift those things. So think different we’ll link down in the description as well.

31:12 Um, but uh, that’s what I’ve got for you. Hope it was beneficial and I hope that you enjoyed this episode then and that did it really helped you go and get more done. So anyway, that’s all I got for you guys. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are the ones that changed the world. Don’t forget, make sure to subscribe. And if you liked the episode, hit me up on Instagram, @Josh Forti, send me a DM and um, I’ll DM you back. We’ll have a, a fun Chit Chat on there. So I appreciate you guys. I love you. If you’re watching on youtube, thank you. If you’re listening, thank you. And I’ll see you guys on the next episode. I love you all and I’ll see you guys act just said that, but you know what?

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