Think Different Theory

I Sold My Business and I’m Travelling to 14 Countries


In this episode, I’m going to talk about how I recently sold my company so I can travel the world with my girlfriend, Leigha, and experience different cultures while seeking the truth.


I’ll dive into how my agency came about, the original goal of it, how the death of my brother totally shifted my focus in life, the decision to sell the business, how I sold it, my current global travel plans, and what’s next for Think Different Theory. Enjoy!

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Freezing in August in Nebraska (01:12)
  • It takes a mental decision to get all we want in life (06:16)
  • Living by principle even if that means sacrificing money (12:52)
  • The pain of losing a brother and it’s impact (17:06)
  • Selling the business to travel the world (22:14)
  • Sales is one thing that everybody needs to learn (28:02)
  • Knowing yourself and having a solid mindset (32:15)


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September 2nd, 2019


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00:00 I get back from a week off of social media and I announce, you know what, I’ve sold my company and I’ve decided to go travel the world and I’m serious. Like the paperwork is done, the company is sold. I’m out and we’re going on a four month, 14 country trip around the world starting in November. And, this is kind of the story about how that happened, why I chose to do that. And yeah, check it out.

00:27 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:12 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti, and I gotta tell you, it is cold already here in Nebraska. It is literally, “Alexa, what’s the temperature?” Alright, so like 62 degrees right now in Nebraska. Well, I mean like, what’s really good Nebraska. If there was ever a time I was going to say that, it’s right now, and so I’m going to say it. What’s really good, Nebraska? Come on now. But, seriously guys, it’s so cold. This morning, I actually was in a hoodie, in fact, I’m in a hoodie right now, because I refuse to turn on the heater. Right? It’s August. Seriously, it’s August. And so, I absolutely refuse to turn on the heater. However, it’s freezing in my apartment right now, it’s freezing in the office. So I have a hoodie on.

02:00 I wore a Hoodie this morning on my way to go get coffee. And, I don’t know, that frustrates me. Good thing that I’m not going to be here this winter, and we’re gonna get to that in this episode here. Also, I have a bad coffee addiction. This is like, well, it’s weird, because I don’t… I don’t actually like coffee. I should rephrase that, and say I have a bad Starbucks addiction. So there is a particular drink that I like, that when I tell you you’re going to think I’m definitely a basic white girl, and pretty much, I mean that would probably accurately describe my habits at Starbucks, but I pretty much only drink one thing of Starbucks. I have one thing that I drink that is a cold drink, and one thing that I drink that is a hot drink, and about 90% of the time that I go, I get the hot drink. And that is, I drink a white chocolate Mocha from Starbucks.

02:46 But the problem is, I don’t just drink a small, or as they call it, a tall. Every morning I spend $5.65 on a cup… on a Venti… A Venti white chocolate Mocha with an extra pump of Mocha. So, you know, you do the math on that, was at like, $150 a month, or something like that, on coffee, which when you add it up like that, and you say that, it’s like, “Wow, this is ridiculous.” But it’s one of those things where I’m addicted. I just… it’s… I don’t know if addicted is even the right word. Like I couldn’t go without it. It’s just part of my habit. It’s part of my routine and I enjoy them so much, and it puts me in a great mood in the morning, that… I haven’t really taken the time and effort to want to stop it yet.

03:30 And, I know that if I wanted to stop that, I could, because I know how to change habits and break them, but it’s not high on my priority list right now. And, I haven’t decided yet whether or not it’s super bad for me. It probably is, that’s like a ridiculous amount of sugar to be having in the morning. But like, my whole thing is like as long as I keep running, then I’m able to drink coffee. That’s kind of like my trade off. So, speaking of wish, 40 days today. Today marks… well, I mean not when it comes out, so I don’t know when this is going to come out. This is probably like, 50 days, or 48 days, something like that when it comes out. I have no idea. But, as of today, at the time of the recording, this was 40 days that I have run every single day consistently, which in in of itself, is quite the accomplishment.

04:13 I must, uh, I must say because like before this it was five plus years or more since I had run consistently. In fact, I’m trying to think back to when it was, it would have been probably while I was still in high school even, which would have been like seven years ago when my parents used to like make me run every day. But like then after that I was like still like super active for a, you know, a year or two. So I bet you it’s been five years or so, probably on my 20th birthday since I like consistently ran in any format or another. And then I made a decision. I was like, you know what, I am going to decide to, to run every single day. And that’s what I did. And, uh, since then I’ve run one mile every single day or more. Um, I’m up to a mile and a half now is my, is my minimum that I’ll run.

04:59 Uh, but I started with just a mile. Actually the first day was like a half a mile, but I went to full mile, but I could literally barely run a half a mile without stopping. Um, in fact, I had to stop the first day I’m about to, I ran the mile and then a, and now it’s up to a mile and a half. And the most I’ve ever run in a day or at one time since I started 40 days ago was six miles. And, um, I, it was actually after I smoked some weed and I was, um, oh, it goes high. And Man, I tell you like marijuana, if you’ve never smoked marijuana, I’m not in, I’m not necessarily encouraging you to start throwing anything like that. But I would just say keep an open mind to it and like don’t bash it. Because when used in moderation, I think that it is an incredible, incredible thing.

05:40 Just like anything else, especially when it’s used like that. Like, you know, it’s funny to me cause people are like, oh they’ll, they’ll hate on marijuana or you know, or weed, but there’ll be totally fine with using like nutritional supplements to grow muscle or like whey protein powder and stuff. And I’m like, yeah, I mean obviously not the same thing, but like you’re still using a supplement. So why are you mad at marijuana? It’s like a natural thing and a it like just helps you get out of your mind and yeah, get out of your head, stop focusing on the running and just allows you to just kind of go, and I talked about that on the ax brothers interview podcast. But anyway, so I made a commitment and I did this. It’s been 40 days, which has been just absolutely incredible. It’s been awesome.

06:16 And I hope that you guys realize that, like what I’m talking about here is like you can do this too, right? Like it’s just a mental decision. You’re one mental decision away from getting whatever it is that you want out of life. But most people don’t realize that like everything, that everything that happens starts in the mind, right? It all comes from a thought and then a decision. And when you decide to go do something, you can like really change your life. And for me, like I hated running and it was not something that I wanted to do. It was pretty much on the bottom of my priority list of things of like, oh yeah, I should go do this. But then one day I was like, no, I need to face that and look at this for 40 days later. Here we are. But anyway, all that being said, there’s a little context around everything.

07:01 Uh, I want to dive into what actually matters on this podcast episode. Is that the actual point of it, which is that, um, I spent two a week off of social media and I haven’t really done a recap episode yet of that and I think that I should because it was incredibly, incredibly powerful. But I wanted to talk more specifically in this episode about the fact that during that time we finalize paperwork too. Uh, sell my company, I sold my company and I’ve decided to go travel the world and that’s not like there’s not a joke. I actually legitimately have sold. My company, had an exits, uh, got from an uh, like got money from an investor, was bought out by an investor and decided to take a four month world trip around the world. My girlfriend Leigha and I shout out to her, Leigha, if you’re listening, I love you.

07:51 Um, but to shout out to her and we’re going to go, we’re leaving in November and we’re going to travel the world. I’ll read off the list of countries that we are going to get to here in just a second. But I want to kind of talk about that process because you know, it’s interesting what ultimately led up to me selling my company and w what ultimately led to me traveling the world in this state because as cool as it is to have an exit and you know, sell your company and have the freedom of that and go through that process, which is super awesome and cool. I’m like, I sold the company at a relatively early age. I mean we started it eight months ago, so it’s not like this was a super duper developed an established company, but we were getting exceptional results and uh, but there’s some interesting things that go around with that because it might not have, it actually probably wasn’t the most financially smart decision to do even though there was, you know, cash payments, you know, involved.

08:49 And I want to explain why that was and the thought process behind why I sold it, what, what went down, how this came about. To kind of bring some context around this because I know a lot of you guys were interested and I received absolutely just tons and tons of love and feedback back on social, Instagram, Facebook, both the messages, the DMS, the comments, they’ve just been amazing. So thank you guys. I appreciate you all and love you guys. Um, but I got you. I want to bring some context around this. So let’s, let’s back up. So you guys know about kind of my, my downfall or my, my low point in life. You know, my, my breaking point where I hit the low point of my life where, you know, I had a terrible mindset and uh, I kind of spiraled out of control into depression, pull myself out of that through mindset and starting mindset for a wild.

09:37 And towards the end of last year, Aye really was focused on building a business and building a company or figuring out how to generate income, money, make, you know, make money, um, with out having to have my face on everything without having to like sell my soul away. Because what I had built up until that point on social media was halfway, like just massive hustle mode. And the other part was my face, right? So like people knew who I was and because I outhustled everybody, I made a bunch of money and that’s a totally fine way to make money, but it’s not sustainable and it’s not scalable. And so, um, my goal with this was, okay, how do I go and build a business, a real business that allows me to, um, like it’s removed myself from the process, still make money and allows me to go and do, you know, what I ultimately want to do in life.

10:36 And so, you know, the course thing at the end of last year was great, but like I just, I don’t know, it was one of those things where I wasn’t really passionate about the course that I was selling. And I think this is, this is super interesting because I don’t think most people would a tell you this or, or B, do what I did. And I tried to be a man of my word. I really do. I had a course that had done multiple six figures in revenue. It was a very complete, I mean it was very thought through and thorough. We had amazing success stories from it. A multiple six figure students, probably several dozen, five figure, multi five figure students. Um, shout out, you know Alex en garde, he’s a six figure student. Christian ratty was a a multi five figure. Actually. I don’t know, he might even hit six.

11:18 I don’t know Chris, you know, if that was wrong. Um, you know, there, there was a lot of people that went in there at Justin Saunders. Um, shout out Justin, shout out, doxy, shout out. You know, like there’s a bunch of people in there that had a lot of success. But the problem with the training program was for me was that like it required you two spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media. And for me, social media was this thing that kind of led me into this depression mode. And so at that time I was not comfortable it because I knew where social media had led me into depression. Right. And so I look back now and I go, man, it’s a great course and I still have it. We still do offer it in, you know, some scenarios and it’s like, it really does produce amazing results and maybe we’ll, we will turn it on and start selling it again at some point.

12:13 But at the time I couldn’t see clearly and I was afraid of selling a product that ultimately did more damage than good. Now, I don’t think that that was actually the case. I don’t think it did anywhere near no bad damage as far as, you know, getting people online when they shouldn’t be. I mean, it’s all a choice. But in my head I’m sitting there going, okay, I’ve got to stop selling this. I’ve got to really think about my life and think about what I’m doing. So that was kind of my, my thought process behind stopping selling it. And I was like, all right, I want to learn how to build a real business and do this. So I partnered up with a business partner, my business partner, Lauren, she was, uh, my best friend at the time. And we’re still very good friends. Um, and uh, so we partner up, we decide, okay, this is what we’re gonna do.

12:52 We’re gonna move forward with it. Uh, and I decided, all right, we’re going to stop selling, you know, the course. We’re going to give everybody one last push to get into it. And then I’m stopping. I’m not going to be in the student group anymore. I’m not gonna be active in there anymore. And, um, you know, kind of give people the hey heads up of like, hey, if you want to be on social media, this is a really good training program. And, um, if you don’t want it, great, whatever, that’s fine. We’re gonna shut it down. And like I said, looking back, I, it’s still an amazing course and it’s not, it’s not too much, but my vision and my, my judgment was clouded. And so I erred on the side of being safe rather than making money and not destroying people’s lives, which it wouldn’t have done.

13:27 But that’s what I thought it might have done. So I tried to be a man of my word and I tried to live by principle, even if that means sacrificing money. So that happens and we decide, all right, let’s do this. So in January we launch our company, I think January 2nd or something was the official LLC creation date. I don’t know what it was, but it was something somewhere around the first of the year. We did obviously did lead generation and stuff before that, but when the LLC was actually formed, um, you know his then and so we went and started the company and the first month was a little rough, obviously, you know, the first month of a new company, but it took off relatively quickly. I mean we were at five figures, multi five figures in the first two months. And then I think like in the third month we did like 50 or 60 grand in revenues.

14:11 So like right out of the gates we were, we were cranking. And so that was awesome. But we had one specific goal with this company and that was we wanted to build a company that we could remove ourselves from the process of that were like, we didn’t have to be involved at every step of the way. We weren’t doing fulfillment, we weren’t doing all the sales like we could remove ourselves from, and my goal, I had one step further goal than that was I wanted to sell. Like I wanted to set this company up to be able to sell it. That was like from the get go. That was the goal because I was starting think different theory and so think different theory, this podcast, right? Launches January 7th and we launched that. It was awesome. You know, it goes off and you know, you guys have been listening has been amazing, but my goal was hey, grow the company, uh, the, the agency to a seven figure company, maybe even multi seven figures and then sell it.

15:03 Like that was the goal and we figured it would take one to three years to accomplish that goal before I could ultimately sell. I was thinking probably around that two to three year mark is ultimately when, uh, I wanted to sell. So we just started in this, we get rock and roll and we go and you know, we started getting really good results. I mean we started off with, you know, it took us a while to kind of figure out who exactly who we’re targeting, but we booked out funnels. We had one funnel that we built. And by the way was a funnel agency. And so, I mean we had one funnel where in a matter of three months we booked literally one booked phone call per day. Like there was a hundred phone calls over the course of three months. Uh, like booked leads, like actual completed phone calls, not like, oh, a lead being an opt in, like an actual full thing.

15:48 Uh, we had to shut down another client funnel because it generated too much revenue, uh, too many clients. So, so like a lot of really good results with everything. And so back in, I think this would’ve been June, I mean this is cranking along, right? Um, actually hold on, let me back up. Actually, no, let me go with that. So in June I get a, uh, a call from, actually it was a message first and then a call from an investor who is potentially interested in buying the company. And at first I kind of blew it off because the messages, I get a lot of messages from a lot of people saying that they want to invest or that they have funds. I mean, I got a message the other day saying, I have $10,000, I want to invest with you, $20,000 on an investment, do something.

16:24 So like, I get a lot of these messages and so I, you know, kind of blow it off at first. And at this time I am laser focused in finishing up the mind shift playbook and getting ready for the launch for that, which was still, you know, July 1st and, you know, getting ready for all that. But, uh, you know, we have this conversation and then I do the launch and he follows back up with me. He’s like, dude, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m serious about, you know, potentially doing this and, um, you know, who I, you know, if this is something that you’re interested in, let’s, let’s see, let’s talk about it. And so we did. Now there’s an important factor here before I go into the details of kind of what emerged there and how that all went down. That really plays a huge part into this.

17:06 So going back to March, um, for those of you that don’t know my brother, his name was Kyle. Um, I haven’t had an older brother. Uh, he passed away in a helicopter crash, a a very tragic helicopter crash. Um, on March 10th, I believe it was my mom, just correct me on this one. I thought it was March 9th. It’s either March 10th or March 3rd. I can’t remember. It was a Sunday. Um, I’ll have to go back and look at the date specifically. I’ve always just said March 9th, but apparently it was March 10th or March 3rd. So early March. He passes away. We get is the worst day of my life. I get a call, you know, from my mother in just blood curdling crying, screaming. And for those of you that have never lost someone, um, it’s really hard to lose someone, especially especially your brother who, like I’m the second oldest in my family.

18:00 He was the oldest. And so like now I’m the oldest and um, like there was probably not anyone that I trusted quite as much as I trusted Kyle. Um, [inaudible] and like Kyle and I had our disagreements but we like, we really like we were close and we really trusted each other. And like we were is that to go to south, south by southwest together. Um, and like we had plans this year, multiple, multiple plans. And so that happens and that really changed my life. And up until that point in my life, my identity and more of like my focus. And then everything about my life revolved around work. I had a girlfriend still and we were still together at Leigha, but I wasn’t focused on family. I wasn’t focused on relationships. I wasn’t focused on like your friends and living life, like work consumed who I was.

19:06 And so for me, when this happens with Kyle, Kyle was big into apologetics, big into studying and figuring out truth and religion and, and studying all sorts of different religion, which fascinated me, but I had just never made the time for it. I go through this process of really grieving and really, I mean I took a month, almost three weeks out of the company out of the agency. Um, which by the way glorious thing cause it ran itself and really just took some time to heal and to process this death. And what happened during that time was I was able to realign and figure out what was important to me and where my priorities in life stood and my relationship with family, my relationship with people, my relationship with myself and most importantly, my relationship with God was very much changed by that. And one of the things that I learned, I think more realized during that time was that entrepreneurship is simply a means to an end.

20:08 Entrepreneurship is not the end. And I had always viewed entrepreneurship is just who I was and all be all. I had entre optimize my life to be an entrepreneur. And so like that’s like an identity shift when you make that shift and you shift from entrepreneur as who I am to now changing into the fact that you’re not, I’m not just an entrepreneur like I’m a human being and like I have more purpose and potential in life than just building businesses. And I really wanted to search out truth and I really wanted to understand truth and figure out who I was, but more importantly who god was. And more importantly, you know, where ultimate truth came from, where absolute truth came from and understand cultures. Because like I felt, and, and this happened and I thought a lot about this during my month off. And even last week when I was off social media, it was like I grew up, I have grown up in America, which is the most technologically advanced and advanced country in the history of mankind when it comes to wealth and opportunity.

21:23 And like the standard of living here is just pretty darn good. And I grew up in a time when, I mean we’ve, we’ve had a good economy, we had a good run. So I haven’t known real, true hardship at an economic level. And I certainly have not experienced the culture of, you know, the other parts of the world. And when you think about it, like the world is 7 billion people and America is 300 million. We’re not even like one 10th of the world population. And so when you put that into perspective, you realize that, okay, there are lots of other people with lots of other lives that do things differently that, you know, why am I accepting it? Truth for what I’m being told it is here in America, when in reality the world is a very different place, right? I’m a Christian, I believe in the Bible and you know, I believe in the God of the Bible, but at the same time I’m like, I haven’t gone overseas and like actually looked at it.

22:14 I mean I’ve traveled, I’ve been to Italy and Ireland and you know, Mexico and places like that. But like I haven’t really looked at culture and studied culture when it comes to searching for truth. And so that’s something that I really wanted to do, but my whole life up until this point was just wrapped in my, uh, my focus of work. And so long story short, I realize this and then July comes and I’m talking to Lauren and I’m talking to this, you know, potential investor and, and saying like, hey look, um, I might want to do this actually, what would this look like? And so we went back and forth and back and forth. And the interesting thing in business is like the longer, uh, companies, you know, around four and the more, you know, established it is th th typically speaking, the higher value it is now, not always the case is as far as how old the company is.

23:02 But certainly when it comes to how established it is and if you know anything about building companies and businesses like eight months just isn’t quite long enough of a time to really be worth millions and millions of dollars. Like, there are exceptions to that rule obviously, but in our case it wasn’t. And so we basically worked out an agreement and I was like, all right, here’s what I would want out of it. Here’s what we’re looking for. But like, you know, it had, I had to have enough incentive to walk away from a company that was doing, you know, high multi five figures and you know, in a month and you know, I’m taking a percentage of that and I’m taking a cut of that or whatever. And so we structure it and I know that, you know, if I would have waited two years, I probably could have sold it for significantly more than I sold it for now.

23:45 But I looked at my life and I went, I’ve got money in the bank, I have the ability to sell this and pay for an entire world trip. I have the ability to, you know, go and leverage this and, and really experience culture at a time in my life where I really need to search and I really need to figure out what truth is. I really need to figure out who I am and I’ve really got to go see the world. And also this is going to be amazing content for think different theory. And so that was ultimately the decision that we made. And so there was, you know, a structure in the deal. There’s, I, I, I can’t go into details obviously for it as far as amounts and structure or whatnot. But like there was, the cool thing was, is that we structure it in such a way that it was more than just a cash deal to where there’s ongoing longterm benefit on my side of things and some of the access and things that I’ll, you know, get help with accordingly and traffic for the podcast and things like that, which is super, super cool.

24:39 So I made the decision to move forward and go ahead, finalize the company while still managing, you know, I’m still gonna be helping with and servicing our current clients. The projects that I’m working on, making sure that they’re served at the highest level. So, you know, current clients don’t have to worry about that. But I made that decision to say, okay, I’ve got one life and I’m 25 years old. One time my girlfriend and I are pretty darn serious about everything and she loves travel. She’s amazing. Um, once again, Leigha, I love you. Thank you so much for just being you and how awesome you are. And you know, she’s a travel nerd and she’s like, let’s do it. I’m down to travel and she’s like, my contract is coming up and her and her job. And so she quit her job and I sold my company and we’re going to go travel and we’re going to go experience the world.

25:27 And the, the, the purpose specifically for me with this journey is not just to see the world, but see culture, to learn about truth, to see how other governments work, to see how other people interact, to see how other religions to go to churches to, you know, really understand how the world works and see culture at a much greater level. Then what I understand it now in my version of America because I just don’t know culture as much as I would like to. And I really want to seek out truth and I really want to study and learn, excuse me, what that means, and, and study different religions and things of that nature and learn business skills along the way. And so, um, with that, I decided, all right, I’m going to sell and for revenue obviously, like I have to think different theory, which by the way, I’m going to be documenting my entire journey, this entire process on youtube, on Instagram, email, and here on the podcast, a Facebook man.

26:26 Maybe some, but really not. So if you’re on Facebook and you follow me, make sure to subscribe on Youtube or Instagram, we’re probably going to be doing like weekly recap videos of, uh, of the trip. We bought a drone, um, I, and like a bunch of camera equipment or whatnot. So we’re gonna be documenting this whole thing. But think different theory right now is cashflow negative. And I think this is an interesting fact that a lot of people don’t realize. Like, I don’t make any money off of this podcast as of right now, in fact, is cashflow negative and it’s costing me. And I’m, I want to, I like to be fully transparent, honest with things like it’s costing me about $2,500 a month. Nah, in like money that I pay out to run this, this thing. By the time I pay for the editing team, the customer service person, all the software that’s involved, I mean like it costs me $2,500 a month to put out a podcast, this podcast for you guys to listen to and I don’t make anything off of it.

27:21 And so I looked at that and I was like, alright, am I going to keep the podcast? Duh, of course. But how can I ultimately monetize while still being in alignment with what it is that I’m doing and you know, while I’m traveling and being able to go and do this because you know, obviously like I have the money to go pay for the whole entire trip, but why would I waste that time when I could be, you know, still selling things and documenting along the way and building a company and building a business that would allow Think Different Theory to grow. Like, I need revenue coming in if I want to scale the company. And so that’s why we have the selling with confidence training and all of our sales trainings because like I 100% firmly believed that no matter where you live in the world, whether it’s in America or not, sales is one thing that everybody needs to learn.

28:02 Whether or not you’re in business or not, whether or not you’re a salesperson or not, whether or not you ever plan to sell anything or not, sales is a skill that you must learn because if you understand sales, you’ll understand humans so much better. You’ll understand why people make decisions. You’ll be able to get what you want out of life. At the end of the day, like sales equals freedom. Sales is the thing that, you know, everything in life is sales. You’re either selling or being sold, right? Like that’s, I mean, that’s ultimately what it comes down to. And I’m very passionate about sales. I’ve done, you know, over two and a half million dollars in sales in the past three years that I’ve personally sold. And, um, we’ve had a lot of, you know, really good success with that. And so, you know, over the next three months before we leave, we’re leaving.

28:38 Um, we just bought our tickets. It’s like the last day or something like that of October. We fly to Hawaii and then we’ll go from Hawaii to Australia. Um, and then we’ll start the journey over there. But like basically November 1st, so like not between now and November 1st, um, you know, the next two and a half months or so, like my goal a hundred percent is to focus on perfecting the sales trainings that we have and just serving my students at the highest level. If there was ever a time to purchase a program from me, it’s right now, and I’m not saying that to try to, Oh, you know, just, you know, convinced you to just get in to make a little extra cash. You know, like I’m saying, that last week alone, I went, we had 71 students join or 72 students join, uh, selling with confidence and I offered an open booking link to them.

29:23 I said, anyone that wants to talk to me, you get on a one on one personalized call with me, here is my link, let’s chat. And I sat down on over 20 phone calls last week just to learn about my students, to make sure that they’re successful and to make the program absolutely amazing, um, with what it is that we’re doing here. And um, I, I tell you that too, just say like, now that I’ve sold the business, here’s my thing, moving forward, my goal moving forward is surf co customers and students at the highest level possible so that they never want to leave and that they get absolutely amazing results to learn about culture as much as possible and create amazing content for The Think Different Theory. You know what I mean? Like that’s the goal. And then learn about truth and you know, things in my own personal life, but from an external thing, when it comes to you guys, like I wanna produce amazing content for the podcast and for thing, different theory.

30:10 And I want to serve you guys. I want to make sure that you guys win. And I don’t think that there’s anybody really truly out there that’s more committed to student success than than where I’m at right now. Because like I have nothing else to do. And I say that in a good way because like I’ve chosen that and I’ve chosen to go down that route and I’ve chosen to say this is what I’m ultimately going to do with my life, is I’m going to serve students, I’m going to teach them how to sell. Why? Because I like actually truly believe that sales is the single greatest skill that you can learn and we’re going to be covering. It’s actually three phases of, of the training that we’re gonna be doing over the next six to nine months that we’re putting together. First is sales, psychology, and you know the sales buying process, sales conversion process, sales calls, sales scripts, everything about sales, how to sell your offer, right?

30:51 If you got a one to $15,000 offer service-based offer online, I promise you this, the best program. So that’s phase number one, phase number two. Then we’re going into the traffic and we’re going to learn all about organic traffic, paid traffic, social media, everything to drive actual traffic to your offer to fill your pipeline. And then phase number three is actually going to be networking and a, you know, how to sell yourself and you know, network with high net worth individuals, the Russell Brunson’s, Gary V’s of the world, the grant Cardone’s like I’ve been able to do. Uh, and then just people in general like how to network and get leads, get clients and build your network accordingly cause your net worth equals your net. I mean your net worth is determined by your network. And so those are the kind of the three phases. And so anyone that’s in now they get lifetime access, you know, it’s going be a $5,000 program.

31:30 I’m not sitting here trying to pitch you, but I’m trying to let you know like this is an opportunity and if you want to learn sales, now’s the time to jump on that. All that being said, the reason that you know, I am, am doing these things is because I believe in them. And because everything that has as I have experienced in my life from making a lot of money and losing a lot of money, having like seeing the top and hitting the bottom, uh, going through massive mental games and mental battles, mastering the mind, losing my brother, selling, this is my third company. It’s, you know, my first one was kind of a, a a s sale to my, my first business partner. The second one was actually an exit in a software company. And then this one, like you learn a lot through that.

32:15 And the, the one thing that’s consistent throughout that, well, multiple things, but are you got to know yourself. You’ve got to have a solid mindset and you’ve got to know sales. And so like that’s the purpose of this. As I go into this next phase of life, as I go start to travel and as I go in and get to experience the world and share that journey with you guys, I want to live the life that I want to live and I want to learn as much as I can along the journey. But I do want to share that so that other people can from my mistakes and other people can learn through my failures and kind of put my life out there because I’m really okay with who I am. And I think that when you reach that point, you’re much more willing to share your successes and failures.

32:51 And if you fail publicly, when you’re okay with who you are, you’re totally okay with that. And like if you don’t like me or you think that, oh man, Josh failed or whatever, I’m fine with that because at the end of the day, like I’m okay with who I am and my goal is not to impress you. My goal is to help you. My goal is to live the best life that I possibly can and inspire people on the way and hopefully help as many people you know, along their journey of success, get to where they want to ultimately be in life. And that’s the purpose of that. So anyway, that was a long winded explanation of everything that’s going on. Oh, one of the things that I forgot to say was that where all we are going. So I’m going to read you this list. Uh, Leigha and I will be going on, like I said, a 14 country, four month trip.

33:31 At least that’s the plan. And tentatively right now we’re going to be going to Hawaii, Australia, the Philippines. Ah, Bali, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Egypt, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain, specifically a Baeza France, specifically Paris and England, specifically London. And then we’ll come back to New York and go back that route. So if you’re in any of those places, maybe we can meet up and I can see you there. We’d love to hang out if you know, if that’s a, if it works out. Um, but um, yeah. Cool. All right. And it was a little bit of a longer episode, but that’s, that’s catching you up to speed on everything that’s going on. I sold the company, travel in the world. There’s the reasoning behind it. I want to know truth guys. I wanna know what truth is. I want to know, excuse me, I want to know absolute truth.

34:19 I want to know what God says about the world. I want to know what the culture, the different cultures of the world, and I want to know what’s right and wrong. And I think traveling is really going to help with that. And I want to produce amazing content for you guys. Youtube @JoshForti Instagram, Josh 40 here on the podcast, fall along mixtures. Describe to the email list to keep up with everything. And I’m, I’m just, I’m very excited for the future of what’s coming next and to be able to serve you guys at the highest level with everything. So all right, that’s all I’ve got for you. Yeah, exciting stuff. If you want to learn more about selling with confidence, you can go to sales and sales and with confidence or just go to sales and you’ll see a tab there to go to it.

35:03 But sales uh, and then follow me on Instagram everywhere there. But if you go to sales that’s where you can learn all about the actual sales training program. And get involved in that as well. We are going to be doubling the price soon and continue to double the price all the way to $5,000 so make sure to check that out. All right guys, that’s all I’ve got for you here today. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different too because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy, fam. Peace.

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