Think Different Theory

“I’m Not Relatable. No One Will Listen to Me.”


In this episode, I’m going to talk about relatability and the importance of someone being themselves, and to put that into context, I’ll share my own struggles with being relatable and feeling like I can’t relate to other people.


I’ll also talk about the importance of just being you and sharing your story. If you’ve been trying to grow an audience or movement where you are the leader or expert, but you feel like no one will listen to what you have to say, then this is the episode for you. Enjoy!

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Experiencing a blue sky at some point in life (01:14)
  • Being real and vulnerable about your struggles (04:53)
  • A lifestyle of discipline and commitment (09:32)
  • Encouraging people to go live their best life (13:33)
  • Your philosophy in life does affect your business (17:03)
  • Go out there and share your message and story (21:16)
  • The true fans will follow you and you’re going to find your tribe (25:28)


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September 9th, 2019


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00:00 Building an audience, especially online, is really weird, because like, I don’t feel relatable. I don’t relate to a lot of people, especially the people that I meet, like, at entrepreneur events, it’s one thing, but like out in public, I’m like, I don’t understand why people choose to live the way they live. It doesn’t make any sense to me. And, I know that I get to live a life that a lot of people don’t get to live. And so then I ask myself the question, “Am I relatable? Why would people follow me?” And then I say that out loud, and I understand that a lot of people probably feel that way. So maybe that’s why I’m relatable. I don’t know. It’s like this weird struggle that I’m in.

00:29 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:14 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti, and I hope it’s a gloriously beautiful day for you because it is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Sunny Omaha, Nebraska. And, I was complaining the other day that, you know, it’s already too cold here because it’s getting down cold at night. It was 58 or 59 degrees the other night, which just seems too cold for August, but I will say I woke up this morning, and I walked outside, and it was like just cold enough to where like I could put on a hoodie, but that like crisp, refreshing air felt so good, and it is an absolutely crystal clear blue sky today. And, it’s like one of those things where just want to take a picture of it, and the host on Instagram because it’s so Instagram worthy, but at the same time as just kind of a blue sky, and you’re like, “Okay, well maybe it’s not really as cool as you think it is, because everybody gets to experience a blue sky at some point in their life.

02:10 So I hope that your day is as beautiful as it is here. And if it’s not, I hope your day is as good and goes as well as the color of my crystal clear blue sky as I’m looking out the window here. Also, I gotta say, I’m trying out this new mic thing. So I used to have a pop filter on my microphone. And for those of you that don’t know what that is, when you do like radio and podcast interviews, and anytime you have a microphone, there’s this, you know, you have your microphone and then to block out like the breadth and the… you know, you can hear me doing it there into the microphone, you have some form of filter. Now, most microphones have like just like a foam, like a thing over the top of them.

02:47 I have always used a pop filter, or like this screen where it’s like this…. if you watch on YouTube, you know what I’m talking about, but like, it’s this… this screen that comes over and kind of blocks it. Well, because I’m getting ready to travel, I’m like trying to optimize everything in my life, specifically the podcast for being able to travel and bringing a pop filter, or a pop screen on that trip would not be very practical. And so, I have this new like cover for my microphone, and I’m hoping that it comes through pretty clear. In my test it did, so we’ll see when this episode airs, what you guys think, but let me know if my voice remains clean, because I can like take this one off, and smell shit and it’s very practical to… to travel with, but anyway, welcome back to another episode.

03:31 Thank you guys so much for tuning into the show. Um, a, an interesting topic that we have to talk about here today. I want to talk to you about the topic of like relatability and just being yourself. And I kind of want to once again, like maybe tell a little bit more of my story and a little bit of like what I’m struggling with or like deal with in hopes that you will do the same thing. And I kind of want to back up here because, um, you know, I’m doing this and I’m talking about this specifically in the context of growing an audience for business-related purposes, not necessarily just business, but like on social media, Instagram, Facebook, podcasts, things of that nature, like creating a movement where you’re the attractive character, you’re the leader and you have followers. People know who you are.

04:15 Um, and typically speaking in, in this world, a lot of people do that for business. Some people, you know, they do it because they’re creators and maybe you’re listening because you know you’re a content creator and, and that’s why you’re doing it. But most people that have an audience have some form of business around it. Um, and you know, do that. And you know, if you’ve read books on storytelling and building an audience and really, you know, becoming that, uh, attractive character or whatnot. Um, it’s interesting because you want to be relatable. In fact, one of my favorite books, in fact, I’m gonna grab it here, I’m holding it right here, is called expert secrets by Russell Brunson. We’ll link it down below. Um, and it’s a free book. You just pay shipping on it, but, uh, it’s called the underground playbook for creating a mass movement to people who will pay for your advice.

04:53 And it’s by Russell and I just one of my favorite books when it comes to growing an audience and you know, kind of what you need to do to become the person, uh, and attract that audience and grow that audience and, you know, have that all around you. But, you know, one of the things that it talks about in there, and one of the things that, you know, a lot of people will talk about when they talk about building an audience is being relatable to your audience and just being real and being vulnerable about your struggles. And, um, you know, that’s essentially what I’m doing here right now on this episode. But I also want to talk specifically about that and some of the struggles that I go through when it comes to being relatable. Because I think a lot of people are like, Oh, you know, they see the people with lots of followers on social media and they look at them and either a, they’re like a Russell Brunson type person and they’re wildly successful in business and they make lots and lots of money and they can’t obviously relate to that.

05:41 Or B, they have a ton of followers and they live in, you know, la or, and they have picture-perfect Instagram photos all the time. And you look at that and you’re like, I can’t live that life. I follow that. But you know, like I would subscribe to that on Youtube or I’d follow that on. But you don’t really relate to, you know, having a beachfront property in, you know, San Diego, right? Or you don’t really relate to, you know, being able to make millions of dollars from stage, right? Like that’s not really necessarily a relatable thing. However, you know, a lot of those people do a really good job with relating to their audience outside of that. But for me, like I look at my life and I look at what like what I’m going through. And it’s weird because, actually, let me back up because I think that this is an important context.

06:28 When I first got started in social media, I really had one goal and that was to get rich and famous. And so that goal is a relatable goal by a lot of people, especially in the entrepreneurship space. And so when I first got started on Instagram, Instagram had like 300 million people on it. Now it has over a billion. So it’s over tripled in size. And when I got started on there, I wasn’t really teaching people or preaching people to like be a good person or you know, have habits of success or things like that. Like I first started teaching people how to get followers because I knew how to get followers. And then from there it was like, you know, me versus the world of, you know, creating this million-dollar business and going out there and ultimately being successful and I lived this life of hustle.

07:13 I lived this life of, you know, like nonstop go, go, go. And because of that I was a pretty entertaining character because I was, I was doing things that most people weren’t doing and that either they wish they could have done or they were just fascinated by it or they wanted to see when I would fail. Like there was an actual reason to do that because what I was talking about and preaching on was kind of this new concept of social and this like who is this young punk kid that’s flexing these followers and things that he’s a hotshot, right? And so as you grow up, things change and it’s pretty easy to have people follow you when you’re a 22-year-old, 23-year-old kid who is new to the game, who’s hungry, who is, you know, live streaming 365 days a year.

08:01 I mean, I’ve done over a thousand Facebook lives who is calling people out, who’s preaching hustle, who’s getting all these crazy results and it’s just go, go, go, go, go. Right. And I happened to be in a space that people wanted to learn about. So it was a lot of attention there. But I wouldn’t exactly say that my message to the world was one of, um, that I would want anyone to live by now. And I think that’s probably what caused a lot of people to want to follow me back then is because like, I was preaching things that were kind of unsustainable, like work 18 hours a day, right? And, and hustling and doing these things. But now I have grown up and now I’m less polarizing. Not because I’m a less polarizing person, but because I have a better understanding of the world. And because I’m like, hey, we really need to do a better job of seeing all sides of things.

08:52 Like everybody’s different. And so it’s weird. That’s not really an attractive or sexy message. Like be nice to people isn’t really polarizing. Right. And it kind of is in today’s society, but like, it’s not something that people are going to get behind in this way. Like, yeah, let’s be nice to people ever. Like people want to like tear people down. People want to be, you know, like pick a side and people want people to go out there and like, you know, be polarizing and that it’s what ultimately gets attention. Look at Donald Trump, look at, you know, anybody out there that’s really getting attention on things. Look at Logan Paul. I mean, any of the big-time people have a lot of controversies usually around them because that’s what ultimately drives attention. And so when you’re this even-keeled person that’s like, hey, we should treat people with respect.

09:32 And even if you vehemently disagree with me, like I’m still gonna treat you as respect. I’m just gonna be nice. That’s not exactly the nicest message. Look at Ben Shapiro, for example, like that guy who roast people and he gets a lot of use for it. And so now I’m growing up and I’m, you know, doing these things and I’ve started to live this lifestyle that most people don’t want to live on a daily basis. Like the lifestyle that I’m striving to live is a lifestyle that takes a lot of discipline and that takes a lot of commitment and it is not an easy life. And I also, and I don’t mean like, I don’t mean to say this to like sound like prideful or arrogant or anything like that and I just don’t know how to say it without coming across as like a complete, I dunno, like super full of myself.

10:17 I’m not saying this to be full of myself, it’s just reality. And it’s one thing that I’ve noticed a lot about myself that, you know, a lot of people let, let me explain. I get to live a life that a lot of people don’t get to live. And I know that. And so for me, like I know that there’s literally hundreds of millions, even billions of people in the world that wake up every single day and go do something that they hate and go to a job and are not disciplined and all these different things. And like I literally get to wake up and do whatever I want whenever I want. Now obviously I have a lot of discipline and there’s a lot of focus behind that, but like I just sold my company and I get to go travel the world at 25 years old, 14 countries, four months like hoot.

10:53 That’s not a normal thing for a lot of people. It can be right? It’s totally possible. And I want to show people that it’s possible, but at the same time, like sometimes I feel like it’s hard for me to relate to people’s daily struggle sometimes because I’m like for me to be like, hey, go fix x, y, Z, PDQ. Someone will be like, yeah, but Josh, you don’t have a job, Josh. You’re not worried about how to pay your bills at the end of that month, you know? And so for me, I’m like, well, why just go change that? Like I used to be in that scenario and then I went and changed it. But I also did that at a young age, at 23 years old, without kids, without a lot of responsibilities. You know, my, my unique advantage in life that allowed me to get ahead was I started at a time when I did not have a whole ton of responsibility and that I was already broke.

11:36 So I didn’t have a long way to fall. I didn’t have a wife, I didn’t have kids, I didn’t have people to take care of. It was just me and myself and I essentially. And so if I felt like I could go be homeless and it would be fine, right? And so now I’m at this point where, you know, I want to speak to the person that wants to go out and you know, chase their dreams and travel the world and you know, whatever that thing is. And ultimately like think different about life and go out there and seek truth and find it. And I’m on that journey myself. But I have a hard time posting Instagram pictures of how great my life is and I don’t. Right. But like even when I travel and like go different places because I’m like, I want to be relatable.

12:09 Aye. I don’t want people to think that life is all about like life is all about these things. Like if I go and choose to live at a beach somewhere or go someplace else or whatever, that’s great. That’s my choice. You don’t have to go and do that to be successful. And I’m certainly not trying to sell you on a lifestyle. I’m trying, I mean on a Instagram model, worthy lifestyle, right? Like I’m trying to say, listen, like life is difficult, life is messy and if you want to really be successful, success is not in things. Success is in disciplines, successes in the same things over and over and over again. And that’s not really a sexy thing to preach. And that’s not really, you know, like people don’t want to hear that necessarily. But on the flip side of that, I feel like a lot of the people that are preaching, I just like discipline work, Dah, Dah, Dah are not this, they’re not a really like free thinkers.

12:57 They’re not hunting breed thinkers. They’re not like they don’t go out and experience life and they don’t have fun. They’re just all focused on work. And I want to have this balance of like, hey, you can go be an entrepreneur and be super successful, but you don’t have to optimize your life around entrepreneurship. You can use entrepreneurship, you can use your business to ultimately fund whatever it is that you want to get out of life. And so I’ve been able to do that at 25 years old and I look around to a lot of other 25 year olds and I’m like, Oh Dang, that’s not a common thing. Okay, great. Most 25 year olds are not set up for life. And like while I am, I certainly haven’t made it [inaudible] sometimes this hard balance of I never ever, ever, ever think I’m better than anybody. Like that’s not a thing.

13:33 Like, I don’t want to ever feel better than anybody. I don’t want anybody to ever think that I am better than them. Now I might be better than at some specific thing, but I’m not a better human being than anybody. We’re all equal. But I look around and I’m like, okay, Aye. Financially and career-wise seem to have my life. I don’t want to say pretty well put together because like once again I’m, I’m trying not to be prideful here. Like I’m just, I’m being honest, I’m sharing with you my struggles, right? It’s like I’m not really wanting and I’ve been very blessed and I’ve worked very, very hard. I mean very, very hard to get to where I’m at. And I go, okay, how do I continue to encourage people to go live their best life and be disciplined while still being relatable? Like I get, I don’t know, maybe, maybe I just stated what it is.

14:20 I don’t know. It’s just this constant struggle that I wanted to share with you guys. I’m like, cause like here’s the thing, like I don’t relate to a lot of people. I don’t get why a lot of people live the way, live life the way that they live their life. I don’t get it. And you know, I tell this to people, I think this is where my big struggle is. And it could be just because I’m hanging out with the wrong people, right? Cause I don’t go to a lot of events anymore. I’ve met, become pretty focused on everything. But like I’ll go out and I’ll hang out with, you know, I know some friends here in Omaha now and I’ll go out to the bar to go visit my girlfriend or whatever, you know, she’s the GM there or was. Um, and like there’s, you know, some of the people that I know are there and they’re up there like drinking every single night.

14:55 And so I’ll talk to them or whatever and we’ll talk about different things and they will, you know, spend all of their money every month, literally drinking their life away. They have very little savings. They have hardly any motivation there, you know, basically it’s just the circle of life. And there are hundreds of people that do that just here locally. There’s thousands, millions of people that live this constant circle of life. And so I talked to them and I’m like, why don’t you do this? Why don’t you do this? Why don’t you do this? And they’re like, well, not everybody can do that, Josh, or that’s not me. Or like it’s great for you but not for me. And I’m like, your life seems pretty miserable to me. And I’m not saying that to be rude. I’m saying that because it literally looks miserable and you talk to me about how much you hate your life all the time.

15:33 And I’m like, change it, right? Like just go out and change your freaking life. And that’s what I did. But apparently people don’t do that. Apparently that’s like a not a normal thing. And so I’m like, all right, how do I go and do it? How do I track to my tribe? And I think that’s my issue is that I like, that’s why this The Think Different Theory Podcast is so important to me because I feel like you guys are my tribe. And in fact, actually I need to send out an email because I want to know what you guys want to be called. We’ve got to think of a name for us. I thought maybe like free thinkers or someone said like think different things or think different colors, but like we need a name to like call us. Russell Brunson has funnel hackers and Steve Larson has capitalist pigs and you know, like, uh, Logan, Paul has the mavericks, but like we need a name for us.

16:11 But I do that and I’m like, okay, I don’t relate to a lot of people. I do relate to entrepreneurs, but a lot of entrepreneurial people that I talked to, there’s like hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle. And I’m like, it’s not really about that. Like there’s more to life than hustle. And I don’t even mean pleasure. I mean like, Hey, what about, you know, religion and God and purpose and what about, you know, family and treating people with respect. And you know, what about actually like understanding that like life is not, life is not a San Diego beach. It’s just not. And it’s great that some people get to live that life. And if that’s ultimately the life that you want to go live, there is nothing wrong with that. And I encourage you to go chase your dreams and go do that. But like selling people on the idea that that’s a life that you could potentially live is, I dunno, it’s, it’s difficult for me to do that and I don’t relate to that end of the spectrum, but I also don’t relate to the end of the spectrum of like, oh, let’s just, you know, live how it is and whatever, whatever.

17:03 Like I want to be this dude that is all about using business for like creation of wealth and creation of value and going out there and bettering the world. But I also want to use my skills there to better the world, to go be involved in charity work to talk about religion and purpose and God and, and changing the world for the better. And you know, people in business are always like, hey, let’s not talk about politics because politics doesn’t solve any problems. And I’m like, I mean, I hate politics too, but politics do affect our lives and we need to be aware of that. And you know, like I want to talk about those things and like we’ll raise awareness to things that are actually important and you know, talking about how, you know, hey, like your philosophy on life does actually affect your business and that does affect the people that you ultimately sell to.

17:43 And so, you know, talking about these things and, and really having an open conversation about that is something that I don’t find a lot of people really relate to. And let me take that back or let me, let me clarify that. The people that do are typically much older than I am, which is fine, but I guess I’m just trying to figure out exactly the messaging behind it and exactly. Maybe even what I stand for. Like I know what it is. Maybe I haven’t articulated enough. I think maybe you guys, you know, for the, the people that have listened a long time, maybe you have a good understanding of that, but like I’m about truth more than anything else. Like, I want truth and I am about treating people with respect. But there’s this fine line of treating people with respect and actually telling people to, hey, wake up and get your life together, right?

18:27 Like, cause most people don’t have it together. And I can’t determine what it means to have your life together. But to me, having your life together means if you have a family you need, do need to provide for them. And if you don’t have a family, if it’s just you, you need to ultimately take care of yourself, take care of your health and be a responsible human being and do things that are gonna ultimately make you happy. Right? Like if you’re totally fine with being a hippie out of a van, that’s totally fine. As long as you’re happy content and you’re not hurting anybody. But also you’ve got to have some form of purpose in life. And entrepreneurship should not be that purpose. Very, very, very, very, very, very few people’s purpose in life is to go build massive companies. And when you understand that, you go, okay, great.

19:04 And so for me, like the lifestyle that I live, like most people just don’t live that life. And I feel like, I don’t know, I’m not saying you should live the way that I live. I’m a pretty disciplined person. Right. I haven’t, no. I run every day and I like, I do these things and like, I don’t know, it’s just this weird thing where I don’t feel relatable and so for me to put out like content around everything like I could have here, okay, let me, let me give this example. At 24 years old, like th like one month after my 24th birthday, I was set to move into a 35th floor apartment in Chicago downtown overlooking the Chicago Bears Stadium and the water. I visited it, I got the paperwork done for it, I got approved for it. All I had to do was sign and it was mine and I could afford it.

19:53 It was like four grand a month. Oh. It was like, like any 24 year old dream come true. Yet I didn’t do it because it didn’t feel right. And because I, you know, felt like, you know, I didn’t want to put off that vibe necessarily. And like I needed to figure out stuff in my life. Most people would not make that decision. Guess what would’ve boosted my followers, probably made me more money. Definitely put me in a, in a higher level of status. Like in all this things moving into that apartment would have done that. But I chose not to do it because I didn’t feel right to me. And because I’m going to go and live my life the way that I feel is right to me, which doesn’t always make sense to other people. It doesn’t get followers. It doesn’t, you know, get all these things.

20:30 And so I don’t feel relatable in that sense because most people was like, Josh, why didn’t you go and go do that? And I’m like, uh, because it wasn’t right for me at the time. And so I dunno. Sometimes I do struggle with feeling relatable. However, that being said, look at the audience that we have here. Look at the people that do listen to think different theory or out over, I don’t know, 60 70,000 downloads, which is amazing. Thank you. I do obviously know that we are creating a movement and it, you know with with podcasting is difficult because when I was live streaming I could hear everybody’s comments and feedback and in real time this I have to wait for the dms or the messages and emails to come through, which by the way, I love it when you guys DM and email me back like I love it because, and then I can get to hear back from you guys and I know what you guys like and don’t like.

21:16 I know what episodes you like, you know, I love that. So please continue to do it. So obviously like I am relatable to a certain extent, but I feel like this kind of just, I wear a shirt that says misunderstood. Why? Because a lot of times I feel misunderstood. I feel like I’m missing it. I’m like, okay, I get to live this awesome, crazy, cool, amazing life where I get to not have a job and work for myself and sell my company and like do all these cool things. That’s not necessarily normal, but it could be normal too for you. Like you could go do it and I want to encourage you to go chase your dreams and if that’s not what you want to do, great. Go Chase what you want to do. And I just want to encourage you, if you’re out there right now and you don’t feel relatable, if you feel like nobody’s going to listen to you, if you feel like I don’t get why anybody would listen to what I have to say, I’m telling you the best thing that you can go and do is go out there and share your message and share your story because that’s exactly what I’m doing and it’s working.

22:00 And you know, sometimes I look at myself and I go, I don’t know why people would want to follow me. I don’t get it like my life seems awesome, but I don’t also show some of the cool parts of life that I get to go do because I don’t lecture. I’m not here to brag. I’m not here to show you how great my life is. That’s not my purpose. That’s not my goal. Like I don’t want you to think and be jealous of my life. I want you to get inspiration from my life so that you go out and you know, go do it for yourself. And that’s it. Like I’m not trying to be someone superhero, I’m just [inaudible], you know, live a life that I want to go live and live a life that’s, you know, successful in all areas of life and hopefully inspire you to go do the same.

22:32 And so that clearly resonates with however many thousands of you listen to this podcast. And I appreciate that. And so for those of you that don’t think that you have a message or that you don’t think people understand who you are, understand that. Like, Hey, I feel the same way. And a lot of the people that I’ve talked to, I feel the same way, but you being you and being you very loudly oftentimes attracts the people that you need to do and so like me feeling misunderstood and maybe I haven’t done enough like of this in the episode and I want to clarify this here, me feeling misunderstood [inaudible] most of the rest of the world makes me incredibly thankful for you, the listener right now because I know you understand me because you wouldn’t be listening if you didn’t and for following me on Instagram and for you know, subscribing to the youtube channel and for being on the email list.

23:27 If you’re not on the email list, but I think different, get your free copy of the playbook. You’ll be on the list like I appreciate you guys so much because you are my tribe and we are this group of free thinkers. We are this group of people that see the world differently. We are this group of people that are, are willing to go out and do what we know is right. Even if that means that everybody else thinks is wrong. We are the people that are going to go out there and use entrepreneurship and use sales and use our talents and our skills to better our lives, better the lives of those around us and stand up for what we believe in and that, and like that’s what thinking different is all about because the rest of the world is sucked into this Instagram world of, you know, it beaches and Instagram models and like, you know, all this stuff.

24:15 And a lot of entrepreneurs are sucked into this money, money, money, money, downward spiral of just like just getting rich. And I don’t think either one of them is right. I’m not judging those people that do that, but like there’s more to life than that I believe. And that’s what being, you know, a think different person has all about, that’s what they need ever is all about. And we really needed a name for what we are. So if you have any ideas, hit me up, um, in the dms or, you know, leave a review or something like that and let us know. Cause I do re I read them all. I read every review I read ever email the other day actually yesterday I spent like, I don’t know, 45 50 minutes or so, almost an hour just replying to emails from people that had emailed into the show.

24:50 I personally do it all and so like I want to hear your guys’ thoughts but if you don’t feel relatable it’s because you’re not putting your voice out there loud enough. And you know at the beginning guess what, it might take some time. It took me months of putting out content before people started listening to me and I got traction and then after I got traction I made a big huge shift in my life and my viewership dropped. I don’t, I haven’t talked about that enough to like my viewership and like subscribers. Not specifically on the podcast but like just in general, my engagement on social media went way down when I shifted out of just teaching social media and being the Instagram person. But it allowed me to find my voice and become me. And the true fans will follow you and you’re going to find your tribe.

25:32 And that’s why I love going to events where, where a lot of people know who I am and that I know who they are because it’s cool because we get to talk about really cool stuff and I love going to events and hanging out with you guys. It’s like one of my favorite things to do when I can make them because I do feel like I’m home and I do feel like that is where I relate to people most. And I want to encourage you to say, listen, like if you’re following me because you’re trying to find some really cool lifestyle, you’re probably not going to get that from me. Now that being said, I’m about to go on a world trip, so that’s going to be pretty lit and I’m not gonna lie. We’re going to show that off. It’s going to be awesome because not everybody can do that.

26:02 And I understand how cool seeing different experiences from a perspective of someone that you look up to or listen to is so that, you know, w we’ll bring that to you, but like I’m not going to flaunt my lifestyle to you. That’s not my deal. I could be worth $20 million or $100 million. I’m like, I’m not going to flaunt it. That’s not, I don’t think that that’s helping anybody, but I am going to do is I’m going to continue to be who I am and I want to continue to ask you to be who you are. And even if we disagree on things, let’s be disagreeable and like don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe and don’t be afraid to be polarizing on things that you 100% believe in. But also like treat people with respect. Think different about everything in life. Think different about your finances, think different about your opportunity.

26:41 Think different about everything because it really can change your life. So that’s what Think Different Theory is about. That’s who I am. And those are coming to some of the struggles that I, that I’ve gone through and when it comes to being relatable, because for me, I look around to so many people that work at the gas station or the bar or Walmart and I’m like, why do you live your life that way? And they don’t know any different. And I’m not, once again, I’m not better than them. It just doesn’t make sense to me why someone wouldn’t take control of their life. And I’ve been very blessed to read the books that I have read, to have the parents that I had to grow up in the environment that I did so that I knew that, hey, I can like, I can go out and create my own reality.

27:13 And you can too. You really can go out and create your own reality. Um, and you know, don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. All right guys, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Hope you enjoyed the episode. Hit me up in the DM’s on Instagram @joshforti. And shoot me back an email. I’ll go to to be able to sign up for the email list and, and get my uh, emails. I send out about three emails per week, um, just with podcast updates and you know, keeping you in the loop about things and we’re going to do some cool, continue to do some cool stuff with that and do those, I send out my book of the week and uh, my mindset issues, I try to be very open and honest and transparent, vulnerable with you guys on those things. So anyway, as always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Base.

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