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Ignore The Haters And Take Some Cocaine


In this episode, I talk about ignoring the haters and people critiquing you. We will dive into how you can bypass this negativity and become laser focused.


We will dive into how you can bypass this negativity and become laser focused. I’ll tell you how Tom Brady, one of the top all-time NFL Quarterbacks, does this best and by focusing on being the best football player ever. It doesn’t just happen with Elite level athletes though, I also get my fair share of criticism. Everything from I’m a fake, I got lucky, to I have an over-inflated ego. If you want to put yourself out there and go against the status quo, then you must prepare yourself for this criticism.

We’ll wrap things up with a talk about how “focus” is “cocaine” for success and how you can get rid of the things that are distracting you and make the biggest strides in your life and business.


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January 22, 2019


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Josh Forti is a fraud. Josh Forti is overrated. Josh Forti is a fake, a failure, too young to get results, a fraud with no results, he can’t stay focused on one thing, he’s all fluff. He’s a kiss ass to Gary Vee wanna-be a loser with a fake business. He got lucky. He rode off of other success. He’s a crazy dramatic weirdo. He will never make it. Where’s Josh’s  two Comma Club. Josh doesn’t even know what hard work is. Josh needs to learn to dress nicer. Josh couldn’t even finish college. I would never listen to him and that 24-year-old over-inflated ego. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I know. We’ll have a message for you.

00:37 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here was my issue. I wonder to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti @joshforti on Instagram and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do know and understand on this podcast. We think different. We dream bigger and we live in a world without minutes. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to the think different.

01:22 What’s up guys? Welcome back to the Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti and we are on episode number 12 today. Welcome back and yesterday’s episode we were talking about giving yourself permission to win. If you didn’t listen to that episode, make sure you go back and listen to it because it is a fiery episode and a dropped a lot of truth in a lot of value bombs in that, but I want to talk today specifically about something that I think is very important and it was actually a lesson that I’ve learned several times, but I think more prominently I’ve learned it from Tom Brady than anybody else. All right, so as some of you may know and maybe you don’t, I am a huge New England Patriots fan. I’m for Christmas. I think I got like seven things, New England Patriots. I have a Tom Brady Jersey. I have a customized Patriots Hoodie with my name on the back of it.

02:18 I have Patriots everything, hats, hoodies, shirts, uh, even like the airplane neck pillows and I’m currently drinking out of a New England Patriots Mug. I’m a huge New England Patriots fan. I love the New England Patriots probably as much as Gary Vee loves the New York Jets. And hopefully some of you will get that reference to Gary Vee, but I want to talk about this. All right. Because as I was sitting there, and this was probably, I don’t know, two or three weeks ago, I was sitting watching some recaps and some highlights from Tom Brady. Actually, this would have been. This would have been over Christmas time, so I’m recording this. This is obviously been recorded. It’s not live every single day, so I’m actually recording this on the first of the year, January first, and about a week ago, I was sitting there watching some Tom Brady highlights and some of the videos were longer videos. I don’t get inspired by very many people, but Tom Brady is one of those people.

03:11 Elon Musk is one of those people, right? There’s, there’s a couple of people out there, but Tom Brady and his dedication to his craft and how like just laser laser, laser focused. He is all right. A is just. It’s inspiring because he’s so good. He’s the best that’s ever played the game ever and everybody knows that and it’s because of his dedication to the game. So why do I say this? Why do I, why do I start with this? Well, as you noticed in the Intro, I started reading off basically a list of everything that I had been called or had been said about me in 2018. Now I know I missed a lot of them, but you kind of get the crux. A lot of people in 2018 and in 2017 and even back in 2016, especially when I first got started, they did not believe in me.

03:54 Right. I have been called a lot of things. I have been called. Well, as you saw a failure, a fraud, a scam artist. A Gary Vee wanna be a failure of people will telling me I’d never make it like all these different things. And what was interesting is as I was sitting there watching this, Tom Brady highlights these Tom Brady highlights or whatever. I probably sat there for an hour and a half or so watching these. And uh, so I got, I got, got, I got a good amount in. I will tell you they did the, the people that were putting these videos together did a phenomenal job of building the storyline out of it. And from 2001 when Tom Brady entered the league until currently now in 2000 won’t going into 2019. So for the last, what, 18 years, Tom Brady has been constantly doubted. He’s had the highest of highs, the lowest of lows.

04:46 He has been called every name in the book we’ve heard Tom Brady’s done. Tom Brady’s overrated. Tom Brady’s a cheater. Tom Brady’s this. Tom Brady’s that. Tom Brady will never come back. Tom Brady’s legacy is tarnished. Tom Brady. Tom Brady, negative after negative. After negative. Negative after negative. After negative. Okay. Guess what, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, undisputed by anybody’s measure. Tom Brady has been to more super bowls than anybody else has one more super bowls than anybody else has won more games than anybody else has, is the most winningest quarterback of all time, has the greatest stats in the playoffs of all time, has the greatest, like he’s the greatest of all time across the board. So how is it possible that even though Tom Brady was ridiculed, continues to be ridiculed, it has been told he’s over, it’s done, or the New England Patriots over, you know, all these different things that he’s been told that the media has put on him that people have said about him, the hatred and the absolute.

05:44 Just just look ness of it all. How did all that happen yet, Tom Brady got to where he was at today. How does something like that happen? And you know, Tom Brady’s one example. I think Elon Musk is another great. I think there’s a lot of singers like Drake. I know Drake, uh, you know, plays on that a lot. Eminem, things like that. But like, how did, in this particular case, I want to talk about Tom Brady. So how did Tom Brady go and become who he is today? How did he become Tom Brady? And it’s because Tom Brady became absolutely laser focused. Tom Brady went out and ignored all of the noise. He cut it out. He knew what his vision was. He knew what his goal was. He knew what his mission was and he knew what he had to do and he just went out and did it.

06:34 And he did it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Every single day. For the last 18 years I’ve looked into. I’m a pretty big Tom Brady fan. I’ve looked into his diet. I’ve looked into his training habits. I’ve watched like the Tom versus time. I’ve watched a lot of different things where, um, that kind of show the behind the scenes of his life. And the dude is dedicated to dude is focused, he is not distracted and he completely blinds out the noise. The whole New England Patriots organization kind of blocks out the noise, but it is, he is so laser-focused on what he does and I read a quote one time by somebody, I don’t remember who it was. I wanna say it was a guy, maybe, maybe it was Dan Henry, I don’t know somebody, but they said that focus is cocaine.

07:27 All right? If you like, you know, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried cocaine. I would not recommend. I’m not, I’m not, uh, uh, being an advocate for trying cocaine on his podcast by any means. But cocaine gives you a, basically a sense of focus and a sense of like getting things done and it’ll mess you up. But basically it’s, it, uh, it makes you laser focused and you can get a lot of things done. Focuses like that. Okay. When you have focus, it’s like you’re on cocaine all the time. Just laser focused, laser focused, laser focused. When you become laser focused on what you’re doing, that automatically is going to block out everything else. And the more focused you become, the more you have to block out everything. And so you’ve got to start blocking out those things to become this laser focus, and you can go out and chase your dreams and you can go out and accomplish anything that you want to if you’re just focused.

08:20 But here’s the problem. Anytime there is greatness, there will be people trying to take it away from you. Anytime there is greatness, there will be people that are jealous that say you don’t deserve it, that say you didn’t earn it, that say you’re not gonna. Make it anytime that someone is out there going out, whether it’s you or someone else is going out and thinking bigger and chasing bigger and playing bigger and going after something that is out of the norm and that would be considered great or successful. There will be a lot of negativity and a lot of people and a lot of energy and a lot of force trying to bring you down. And the only way you can break out of that is if you become laser focused. All right, you gotta have the cocaine have focused. All right, I’m serious. You’ve got to just go and you’ve got to just embrace your strengths, be aware of your weaknesses, doubled down on your strengths and your weaknesses, and outsource them to someone else.

09:22 All right. Do what you’re good at and outsource the rest. A couple of different quotes come to mind here. The first is from a guy named a bar. Uh, he’s a friend of mine. He is an entrepreneur. He helps people build sales funnels and marketing strategies for, for companies. And he is, he’s very smart guy. He is built, I don’t know, seven or eight different, a million dollar businesses or our million dollar funnels and I was talking with him one day and we use a program called ClickFunnels is a software program that we build the landing pages on the website, stuff on and all that type of stuff is really, really cool. And I asked him, here’s a guy that uses this on a daily basis or his, his company does, and he’s built all these funnels on it that have gone on to do very, very well.

10:07 And I was like, well dude, how do you do this? And he goes, I have no idea. Like what? What do you mean you don’t have any idea like you build funnels on this platform? He goes, no, I just. I do the marketing strategy or whatnot. I’m not good at that tech stuff. I don’t know how to log in. I don’t know my password. I don’t know how to build a landing page. I don’t know how to do the coding. I don’t know how to do anything. Look, what do you mean you don’t know? Like, this is what you do for a living. He’s like, I’m not good at it. I’m good at the marketing side of things. So good at the psychology side of things and I’m not good at building landing pages. I outsource that. I have somebody else do that. I haven’t had my assistant do that or my employee.

10:35 You do that because I’m not good at that stuff. I don’t want to figure out the coding stuff. I want to stay laser focused on what I’m good at. I’m like, really? That’s so fascinating. He goes, dude, you double down on your strengths and you and you do what you’re best at and you outsource the rest. Gary Vaynerchuk as well. Double down on your strengths, doubled down on what you’re good at, become very, very aware of your weaknesses. Own your weaknesses, own your flaws, own your strengths, own your winds, own your failures, own it all, but double down on your strengths, doubled down at what you’re good at. Don’t try to spend time doing things that you’re not good at and for goodness sake, do not be distracted by what other people are saying about you because here’s the thing, no matter who you are, no matter what industry that you’re in, no matter who you’re serving, who you’re selling to, what you’re trying to accomplish in life, your success is not determined by someone else.

11:30 It never will be. It never has been. It is always going to be you, but oh Josh, if I’m trying to, you know, go out and get followers or I’m trying to be famous or this, whatever, my fans don’t like me. Guess what? There are really, really, really, really, really famous people that have a lot of haters. Look at Logan, Paul, look at Justin Bieber, look at Drake, look at Eminem will get Rihanna. Look at Taylor Swift like, look at them all. They all have tons and tons of haters, but they also have tons and tons of fans. Why? Because all of them just went in and stayed laser focused on what they were trying to do. Look at Tom Brady. Look, Lebron James, they went in and they became laser focused and they blocked out all distractions. How many times Tom Brady’s been told he’s never going to make it, not going to do it.

12:10 He was the 199 draft pick. 199. He got picked up in the sixth round. Thirty two teams passed on him six times. That’s crazy, and now he’s the greatest quarterback of all time. Why? Because he didn’t listen to anybody else. He didn’t listen to the crowd. You didn’t listen to the media. He didn’t listen to what other people in his life were telling them he couldn’t do. He listened to himself. He listened to the voice in his head, he doubled down on his strengths. Tom Brady didn’t try to go become the best chef in the world. Tom Brady didn’t try to go and become the best, you know, golf player in the world. He didn’t go and try to become the best race car driver or the best hair stylist. Tom Brady is like, no. Oh, play football and I’m going to go and be the best football player. I’m going to watch tape and I’m going to exercise.

12:57 I’m gonna, eat random and optimize every port. A part of my life around that. In college they didn’t think he would make it in the NFL. They didn’t think he’d make it. He would drive from 109 ninth round. They didn’t think you would make it at the beginning. They didn’t think he’d make it. They certainly didn’t think he would be the most winning of quarterback of all time. By laser focus, laser focus. He doubled down on what he was good at. So I took this advice and um, I will say that back in 2018, end of 2017, even going back almost a year and a half now, this was not me. I was distracted and I was letting people get the best of me. I would listen to those voices in the head. Now when I first started, I blocked out everybody because I had nothing to lose. Right? And I’ve said this a lot of times, I believe that it is easier and more likely for somebody with nothing to go be ultra successful than it is for the middle class to become a ultra successful.

13:50 And the reason that that is because of there’s comfort, there’s comfort in the middle class. When you’re in the middle class and you’re making $50,000 a year, you have something to lose. You could lose your house, you could lose your cell phone, you could lose your internet, your comfy couch, your bed when you’re broke, when you’re poor, when you’re homeless, when you’re living on the streets, you got nothing to lose. You can risk it all because all is basically nothing. You got all upside right, and so at the beginning I was pretty poor. I didn’t have a lot of people that, uh, you know, necessarily thought I was going to make it around me and I really didn’t have anything to lose. But once I got somewhere, once I sold my first company and I just had a little bit of money in the bank, I had some freedom and I was traveling.

14:36 I started listening to all these voices in my head. I started listening to the voices of everybody that was telling me I wasn’t going to fail or that wasn’t gonna make it the people that said I was a fraud, that I was overrated. That was fake. Guys, I’ll read this to you. I’m gonna. Read it again. I’ve been told all things these are not made up. These are things that I’ve actually heard and this probably only half or a quarter of them over the past year, year and a half. Josh Board, he’s a fraud. Josh 40 is overrated. Josh forties, fake. He’s a failure. He’s too young to get results of fraud with no results. He can’t stay focused on one thing. He’s all fluff. He’s a kiss ass. He’s a Gary v Dot. He’s a loser with the fake business. He wrote off of other success. He got lucky. He got a trade.

15:14 He’s a crazy dramatic Weirdo. He will never make it. Where’s Josh has two Comma Club. Josh doesn’t even know what hard work is. Josh needs to learn to dress nicer. Josh couldn’t even finish college. I would have never listened to him and that 24-year-old over-inflated ego. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, but I have a message for all of you guys. Guess what? I’m not listening. I am laser focused, especially going into 2019. All right, we’re in 2019 now. I’m recording this in 2019. You’re listening to this. In 2019 is when it was published. I’m laser focused. I have optimized every single area of my life to become laser focused at what I want and the goals that I’m trying to accomplish. I am trying to go and basically have the cocaine for success focus. I’m trying to do that in as much detail as possible and optimize every part of my life for that and trying to double down on my strengths, double down on the things that I am good at and outsourcing the rest and focusing on the things that I’m good at and not worrying about the things that I’m not.

16:20 How am I doing this well? Going into 2019, I knew that I had one goal in mind. I knew that I wanted to grow a business. I wanted to grow a consulting business and I want her to go out there and I wanted them to create a business from scratch from the ground up. That was not driven necessarily by money, but by driven by the things that I wanted out of life, Aka I wanted to be able to remove myself from the business. I wanted to be able to create good systems in place so that it benefits the customers and also puts myself and my employees in a place to win. I want to build a business with a good environment and a good atmosphere on good morals and a really good more a moral obligations and principles so that I can be proud of it and that we stand for things that are positive leading with my why.

17:07 I want a place where my employees and the people that I work with are inspired to come to work, are inspired to go make the world a better place. These are all the things that I wanted my business notice. Not a lot of them actually. None of these things have a financial goal tied to them. I don’t care if I make 1 million or $10,000,000 next year or this year, I don’t care. My goal is is not tied to a financial goal because money is just a tool. My goal is to accomplish things that matter and so I’ve made a list of those things and now I need to go out and make the money. That allows those things to happen and that is how my financial goal is determined is, okay, I need to make $750,000 in order to make this happen. I need to make one point $2,000,000 in order to make this happen.

17:51 What, what are those numbers in order to make happen? That’s how I determined my goals. So the first thing that I did was I got very clear on my goals and the second thing that I did, and this was so difficult, so difficult, and it was, I eliminated all distractions and all things that would prevent me from getting to that goal. I eliminated the ability to listen to the haters and the media and what everybody else was saying about me. I eliminated any businesses or ideas or projects that I was working on that would hold me back from that goal. You know what I did? I deleted all social media apps off my phone as of December 31st when I’m, as of the day, I’m recording. This is January first. I have no social media apps on my personal cell phone and it is wonderful. I deleted the last one, facebook messenger yesterday focused, focused.

18:47 I went out and I realized I own two companies. I own, well technically I own three. I had my consulting company that I’m starting here in 20, 19. I had my digital products and, and uh, a company related to that and was selling courses and all that stuff and I also own a software company and I was like, how am I supposed to go and become laser focused if I’m trying to do three different things? Tom Brady did not try to play football and basketball and baseball, right? He didn’t do it. She stayed focus on one thing. He became laser focused at one thing and so I began the process of elimination of eliminating things that were not important and that will distract me out of my life. I shut down my course, a company that sold courses and digital products at least put on hold for until we can integrate it later on with the actual business.

19:36 And my current business will be able to buy that one up. So we’re not selling anything that by the way, that business in and of itself, multiple six-figure businesses, multiple hundred thousand dollars a year that was generating shut it down at a software company called Social Info that I was a co-founder of. Sold it. I sold all my shares, all of my ownership of that company over to a business partner and my former business partner and another guy, I sold it to them and now they’re going and they are scaling that up. Took the money from that investment into my future. That was a brilliant company we had for four or five, maybe even 6,000 users on that platform and the first few months, successful, good company, good startup. Got Rid of it. Why sell it? Not because it wasn’t good, not because I didn’t believe in it, not because I wanted to, but because it was distracting me from my goals and it was going to hold me back from getting where I want it to be.

20:32 I cut out all of the distractions in my life that I could. I went through, I don’t know, a month, month and a half ago, went through my apartment and eliminated all the different distractions and things that were happening in my life that were causing me to to not stay laser focused on my goals and what I was doing, things that were causing me to sleep in. I optimize my light fixtures. I optimized my living room, I optimized my office, I optimize my bedroom. I optimize every single part of my life. Why? To eliminate distractions and to help me stay laser focused. I bought a big huge whiteboard eight feet wide. I have an eight foot wide whiteboard sitting in my living room right now. My living room is actually part of my workspace. Alright. It’s my film room. Why laser focused? I’m ignoring everyone. I’m ignoring the haters.

21:15 I’m ignoring the critics. I’m ignoring the people that are out there. I’m not listening. You know who I’m listening to. I’m listening to my customers and listening to the voice inside my head, like my moral compass and I’m listening to the audience and the fans. Which are you guys for the podcast? That’s it. Well, my business partner, okay, I’m not listening to the haters. I’m listening to me and what I know and I’m listening to my mentors and the people that are training me and only the one or two people that are trained in me. I’m listening to the my business partners who are have the same goal and the same vision as I do alright, and my mentors and people that I trust, they want what’s best for me and they want to see me winning my vision. Only people that are helping me get to my clear vision in my clear goal.

21:59 That’s why I’m listening to and then obviously for the podcast, the feedback from you guys with what you like and don’t like so that I can make this podcast the greatest podcast in the world. Distraction free. Cutting it out. This is not easy, but I’m doubling down on my strengths. I’m doubling down. I’m good at consulting. I’m doubling down on that. I’m passionate about it. I’m doubling down on that. I have an assistant, my assistant Kari, and it gave her a shout out in the first episode. Give another shout out here. Has fundamentally changed my life more than almost any other human out there outside of maybe my parents or my girlfriend. Okay. Carrie has gone through and all of the things that I’m not good at, all the things that I don’t want to do, all the things that distract me from getting into my goals, but are necessary to run a business, customer service, emails, graphic design, landing page creation, anything that’s related to the things that I’m not great at.

22:50 Guys. I suck at graphic design. I’m horrible at it, so I give it to Carrie and I said, Carrie, take care of it. If she can’t do it, she find someone I don’t have time to go out and figure out, you know, find someone on Fiverr or someone to go do these projects for me by because I’m focused on what I’m doing now. When I first got started, I couldn’t afford her. When I was first starting out in my business, when I was first starting out and optimizing my life, I couldn’t do that. And maybe right now you’re in a job, maybe right now you’re in college, maybe right now you’re at the beginning stages of entrepreneurship or chasing your dream or your side hustle and you can’t afford to hire someone. Great. That’s fine. What you need to do is you need to sit down and you need to go, okay, what are the things that are absolutely crucial to my business?

23:35 What are the things that are absolutely crucial to my goals? What are the things that are absolutely crucial to me getting where I want to be at in life? Whether that’s travel, whether that’s uh, uh, you know, becoming a better. Whether that’s finding the right girl, the right guy, whether that’s going out there and, you know, getting that pay raise, finishing your degree, getting a better job, whatever it is you’ve got to go and say, what are the things that are absolutely critical and crucial to getting these things done? There’s a book that I recommend reading. It’s called the, the 80 20 rule, right? You can get it on audible, you can get it on Amazon or whatnot. And it’s called, like I said, it’s called the 80 slash 20 rule. My, let me pull it up here. Yeah, 80 slash 20 sales and marketing, I apologize.

24:17 80 slash 20 sales and marketing by a guy named Perry Marshall. Now there is it like this is more of a business slash marketing book. However, the principles in this apply to all areas of life. And essentially what it says is that 20 percent of what you do drives 80 percent of the results, which means that 80 percent of what you do is essentially worthless, 80 percent of where you’re focusing your time, you can get rid of and take that and focus it down into the 20 percent. And you just keep doing that and keep doing that and keep doing that until your life is completely optimized and you’re accomplishing whatever you want to accomplish. And it’s true in all areas of life. Fascinating book, 80 slash 20 sales and marketing. I highly recommend picking that up. Um, and yeah, like I said, on audible, or I’m sure he can get on Amazon, it’d be awesome.

25:04 You’ve got to have laser focus. You’ve got to go and block out the haters. You got to go and ignore what everybody else is saying because at the end of the day, like I said, there will always, always, always, always be someone out there. Many people out there that try to pull you down. There will always be people that tell you, you can’t do it. I’ve been told that will not make it a million times. Why am I at where I’m at? Why do I continue? Because I’m dead focused on where I want to go and I’m in the process of eliminating all distractions and optimizing my life accordingly to get where it is that I want to be. All right? Do this laser focus. Cut out the distractions in your life. You can do this. I believe in you. It is not easy, right? But it is simple, not easy.

25:49 You got to stay disciplined and you got to follow through with it. You can do it. If I can do it, you can do it. All right? All right guys, that’s all I got for you today. Make sure to give me some feedback on Instagram. Hit me up on the gram @joshforti and let me know what you thought of this episode. Episode number 12 of the different theory would love to hear your feedback. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Go out and think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world and remember, when you think different, you are going to be misunderstood, but that is. Oh, okay. All right. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy, fam pace.

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