Think Different Theory

Controversial Opinions: God, Lead, and Yourself

This Episode contains strong and vulgar language. Listener discretion is advised.


In this episode, I welcome JR Rivas, a college drop-out who earns a living off his computer, and is super successful at it. He comes on to talk about religion, politics, what it means to be a man, leadership, personal responsibility, relationships, asking for permission, and so much more.


We basically had a 2+ hour rare and open conversation about everything under the sun, and it was amazing. You’re gonna love it. Please note, there is HEAVY and STRONG language in this episode.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Doing the 75 Hard Challenge and some of the hardest days (02:23)
  • Overcoming anxiety by doing something uncomfortable without drinking (15:14)
  • Driving Uber and going into online business (28:12)
  • Grant Cardone: A net positive for humanity (32:29)
  • Focusing on goals and removing the emotion from business (39:50)
  • Becoming the best version of yourself to make 9-figures (45:50)
  • Spending time with monks and learning from them (01:05:15)
  • Pleasure rarely brings growth (01:31:54)
  • Everything we do somehow has selfish motives behind it (01:38:28)
  • Trump’s leadership and impact on the political system (01:50:55)
  • Dave Chappelle’s recent stand-up event (02:04:24)


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September 18, 2019


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Disclaimer: The Transcript Is Auto-Generated And May Contain Spelling And Grammar Errors

JR Rivas: 00:00:00 So for me, having a 9-figure business or 9-figure net worth, is, I have to overcome all the, like darkness, and all the shadows, and all that I like… Uncomfortable, and I have to become better. I have to grow into a better leader, and grow into a better communicator, in order to do that. So, the Superhero version of myself, like when I think of like, “Okay, what’s the ultimate life that I could have?” That is what comes to mind. So that’s the version of myself that I’m chasing. So that’s the best version of myself.

Intro: 00:00:26 You‌ ‌are‌ ‌now‌ ‌entering‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌So, ‌here’s‌ ‌my‌ ‌issue.‌ ‌I‌ ‌wanted‌ ‌to‌ ‌find‌ ‌the‌ ‌ answers‌ ‌to‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌questions.‌ ‌Things‌ ‌like,‌ ‌how‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌become‌ ‌happy‌ ‌and‌ ‌live‌ ‌with‌ ‌purpose?‌ ‌ How‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌make‌ ‌more‌ ‌money‌ ‌doing‌ ‌what‌ ‌I‌ ‌love,‌ ‌and‌ ‌what‌ ‌does‌ ‌it‌ ‌mean‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌truly‌ ‌successful‌ ‌in‌ ‌ all‌ ‌areas‌ ‌of‌ ‌life?‌ ‌My‌ ‌name‌ ‌is‌ ‌Josh‌ ‌Forti,‌ ‌@JoshForti‌ ‌on‌ Instagram,‌ ‌and‌ ‌I‌ ‌ask‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌ questions‌ ‌and‌ ‌share‌ ‌the‌ ‌answers‌ ‌with‌ ‌you.‌ ‌My‌ ‌goal‌ ‌is‌ ‌to‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌find‌ ‌purpose,‌ happiness,‌ ‌and‌ ‌ open‌ ‌your‌ ‌mind‌ ‌to‌ ‌new‌ ‌realms‌ ‌of‌ ‌possibility‌ ‌by‌ ‌helping‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌differently‌ ‌about‌ ‌everything‌ ‌you‌ do,‌ ‌know,‌ ‌and‌ ‌understand.‌ ‌On‌ ‌this‌ ‌podcast,‌ ‌we‌ ‌think‌ ‌different,‌ ‌we‌ ‌dream‌ ‌bigger,‌ ‌and‌ ‌we‌ ‌live‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌ world‌ ‌without‌ ‌limits.‌ ‌This‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory.‌

Disclaimer: 00:01:13 Attention: Please note, and I cannot possibly stress this enough. This podcast episode contains strong and vulgar language. While Think Different Theory is primarily a clean podcast, we cannot always control what our guests say. So due to the nature of this episode and the amount of language that is used, I want to make it very clear that listener discretion is advised. Thank you.

Josh: 00:01:34 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory. We’re live with… well, he introduced me as the Donald Trump loving… was it white boy, or something like that?. So, the porn hating black man. What’s up JR? What’s going on?

JR Rivas: 00:01:51 I just dropped my charger and completely broken in half just now.

Josh: 00:01:54 Oh no! Is your computer going to die now, in the middle of this interview?

JR Rivas: 00:01:57 No, it’s actually still working. Modern fete of engineering.

Josh: 00:02:02 Look at that. We are streaming here, both on Facebook and on the podcast. Let me tell you. This… This was quite the… the operation to set up. I have two computers, two microphones, two cameras, and… we’ve been setting stuff up here for a minute now.

JR Rivas: 00:02:20 Yeah, it’s been…

Josh: 00:02:21 What are you doing over there.?

JR Rivas: 00:02:23 I am setting up my water cause I’m doing the 75 Hard Challenge, but…

Josh: 00:02:27 Oh yeah. Dude, I’ve got… Check this out. Ready? I’ve got… two things here to drink. It’s going to be a long interview. I did….

JR Rivas: 00:02:34 Oh yeah. What day are you on?

Josh: 00:02:36 Well, it’s confusing because, you know, I started running three days beforehand. So like, I’m three… I’m two days ahead of you, but I’m actually one day behind you. Right? I think it is what it is. So, what is it today? 40… What day are you on today?

JR Rivas: 00:02:50 I think 49. I think.

Josh: 00:02:51 So today would be 48 of the 75 Hard for me, and 51 of running.

JR Rivas: 00:02:55 Yeah. 49. I have it on my, little day count app.

Josh: 00:02:59 Yeah. So…

JR Rivas: 00:03:01 No alcohol, and I quit smoking hookah 50 days ago.

Josh: 00:03:05 Wow. No, wait, wait. No alcohol, no hookah and what else?

JR Rivas: 00:03:09 And then 75 Hard.

Josh: 00:03:10 And then the 75 hard. Which… guys, for those of you that don’t know what the 75 Hard is. It is Andy… How do you… how do you say his last name? It’s like Frizella.

JR Rivas: 00:03:16 Frisella? I say Frisella.

Josh: 00:03:21 We don’t really know how to pronounce it, we just pretend. But, Andy Frisella, he has the 75 Hard Challenge, where you have to work out twice a day, in some format for, was it 45 minutes? And so you have an indoor and an outdoor, workout, which the outdoor workout for me is always running, because I don’t do anything but cardio. And then, you have to drink a gallon of water every day. You’ve got to read for 10 pages every day, and you have to be on some form of Diet. So JR, cut out alcohol. And take a progress pic.

JR Rivas: 00:03:55 And no alcohol. No alcohol is part of it.

Josh: 00:03:58 And no alcohol. Well, I mean that’s easy for me since I don’t drink. So… But, I cut out like, deep-fried cheeses and i can’t have any of that, and chocolate milk everyday. I used to drink chocolate milk everyday, but, anyway, I’m excited for this podcast interview Bro. You gonna be a good one.

JR Rivas: 00:04:17 We got a lot of talk about.

Josh: 00:04:19 Yeah, I mean guys, full, transparency and warning, JR swears, on the podcast and I bleep it out, but if you’re watching live, if you’ve streamed anywhere, you gonna hear JR cuss.

JR Rivas: 00:04:35 I’m I adding costs for you?

Josh: 00:04:37 I don’t know if you’re adding costs for me, but my editing team probably, won’t like it as much, but, guys I’m really excited about this interview. Jr, is a dear friend of mine and, I got to start off this interview. I’m going to ask you something though. You’re, pitching this whole event of yours. We’re going right into it, bro. We’re just gonna dive right in. And by the way, guys, if we’re not looking at you on one of the streams, we’re streaming it in multiple places, multiple different cameras. So, if we’re not looking at you on Facebook live, we’re sorry. But, I got to ask, you’re promoting this event right now, which the last event I came to, of yours was amazing by the way. And very, very well done. But you’re saying, scale to seven figures, that’s your pitch, right? Well, have you scaled to seven figures?

JR Rivas: 00:05:20 I have not scaled an agency to seven figures.

Josh: 00:05:22 Oh, okay.

JR Rivas: 00:05:23 The person, I’m actually co-hosting this event with, Joel Kaplan, whose agency does $300,000 a year.

Josh: 00:05:29 A year? I know we just had him on the show. I had to give you crap about that just because I knew you were partnering with him. Um, and I had to, I was gonna I was going to stop.

JR Rivas: 00:05:40 I actually love the fact that you asked that because one thing that I tell everybody that, that actually knows me is like, hey, if you ever see anything that I do that’s inconsistent with who I say I am or who I am, who I am or why I say I want to be, then I want you to address that because I don’t want to live my life incongruence.

Josh: 00:05:57 Yeah. Well, I think that’s big too. And like, I knew what you were doing. We had Joel, uh, we had Joel back on the, on the program, I don’t know, a few weeks back or whatever his, his episode killed it, by the way. Maybe let’s see if we can get more downloads than his, that’ll be hard to do. He’s like top three, I think top four for sure. Um, of most downloads, he pushed it hard, but number one, Brad Gib by like a freaking Mile Dude, his episode has 40% more downloads and the number two episode. Wow. Yeah. So it was, it was his episode and it was one of my episodes and then it was Steve Larson and then it was Joel Kaplan, I think. I think Joel’s last time I checked, I haven’t looked in a couple of days, but last time I checked.

JR Rivas: 00:06:37 didn’t come out that long ago, so…

Josh: 00:06:39 Exactly! So, uh, and, and Joel post-it hard, much harder than anybody else did. So shout out Joel for be in the o g amazing guest. Um, but um, yeah, but I, I knew that you had partnered with him and he, dude, that’s a smart dude.

JR Rivas: 00:06:54 One of my Best friends in the world.

Josh: 00:06:56 Is he?

JR Rivas: 00:06:57 Yeah, I went to visit him. I go to visit him like once a month in Denver. That’s like what we’re trying to do.

Josh: 00:07:03 I knew you were out there when we did the podcast interview, um, with him cause he was like, yeah, JR was up till like three o’clock in the morning last night, uh, doing his 75 Hard because you had to get it in. And I was like, well, good for him. And he’s like, yeah, so he’s still sleeping. I was like…

JR Rivas: 00:07:20 One day we like went out to like a club or whatever. And uh, I got home after we were like out partying and of course like dry partying cause 75.

Josh: 00:07:30 Cause you can’t drink.

JR Rivas: 00:07:31 And then after that I still had to do a workout. So that was probably the day.

Josh: 00:07:36 Ooh. What’s, um, what was the hardest day for you? Cause you’re on day 51 right. Or whatever it was. So what was that in the hardest day?

JR Rivas: 00:07:46 There’s been a bunch of days where I just have to have to do like both workouts still. And it’s 1:00 AM. So, um, but I don’t, I don’t quite consider those like hard because it’s just like, I just, I’m like, this is a consequence of my, my poor time management. Yeah. Yeah.

Josh: 00:08:03 The d the hardest day for me was day six. Day stakes was a beast, bro. It sucked so bad. I did not want to get out of bed. I did not want to go for a workout. I did not want to run, but I do run. Do you run?

JR Rivas: 00:08:16 I do. No, not really. I do biking.

Josh: 00:08:20 Like in place biking, like on a bike at the thing or like actually freestyle biking,

JR Rivas: 00:08:25 That’s Shit. Um, I have a physical bike that I take outside on the road.

Josh: 00:08:31 I don’t have a bike. I used to bike a lot. I like, I like biking, but my problem is that ever since I bought a motorcycle I thought bicycles for, for, for land people did.

JR Rivas: 00:08:41 I think motorcycles are that the risk far outweighs the reward.

Speaker 1: 00:08:46 I mean maybe, but also, have you ever ridden a motorcycle? Like Bro, actually let’s talk about that. Do you ride bikes at all? Like motorcycles.

JR Rivas: 00:08:54 I had like a dirt bike way back and I’ve been on the back of one like one time, but I’m just like, dude, everybody, you know who’s driven and mo who’s rode a motorcycle for an extended period of time ends up fucking getting in some kind of disaster. So I’m just like, I don’t want to play those games.

Josh: 00:09:10 You know? I, I had a motorcycle, I’ve had four and I bet actually motorcycle put me in jail, Bro.

JR Rivas: 00:09:16 Really?

Josh: 00:09:17 Have you ever been to jail?

JR Rivas: 00:09:18 No.

Josh: 00:09:19 Black dude hasn’t been to jail. White Dude has stereotypes broken in America. Let’s go. Uh, but no, I had, um, I had a motorcycle. My first motorcycle was, a yellow, a Yamaha R6. It was an R6, and that thing went like 145 miles an hour maybe. So it wasn’t too fast. Um, and that was the one, um, that I got arrested on. I tried to outrun a cop. Um, [inaudible] a bad idea by the way. Um, they, they caught me and then so I went to jail for like eight hours or just like not even overnight. And then, um, I ended up selling that one. I had a couple more, but my fastest one was this fricking beast. It was called a nighthawk. It was a 998 cc, so it’s like a thousand cc bike thing. You went like 175 miles an hour, bro. And yes, I max it out. It was nuts. Um, and uh, yeah, I like motorcycles, but then I got a girlfriend and like grew up and realized that I, my problem was I literally could not like, I don’t know how to have self control on a motorcycle. It’s a bike. My one weakness of absolute, I don’t know how to control myself when I get on there, I get on there and I just go, I can’t remember the last time I went under a hundred miles an hour on a motorcycle, so I had to sell it. Get rid of it. Yeah.

JR Rivas: 00:10:38 To me, I just look at that and I’m just like, Eh, I’ll ride a roller coaster or I’ll, I’ll just not, like, I just always look at things and I’m like, okay, if I know that this has a potential to be bad for me, like gambling, I’ve never gambled.

Josh: 00:10:50 Really?

JR Rivas: 00:10:51 One time when I was like 19 and Canada or something, something else like legal it at like [inaudible] or something. So I look at things and I’m like, hmm, could this be potentially like a problem in my life? And if it could, then I just don’t do it. Hmm. Because I just know like, okay, like if I, if I could go back and never, I’ve tried to sip of alcohol, I probably wouldn’t have.

Josh: 00:11:09 Do you actually like alcohol though?

JR Rivas: 00:11:13 I have fun on it. It definitely enhances the, um, it enhances the moment. But I also, so one of my rules, I have a few rules for alcohol, so I wanting to find like a balance cause I like there’d be times where I’m like, should I drink, should I not drink? So I wanted to create rules that I could follow and basically like a flow chart of whether or not I’m going to drink right now. So my first rule for alcohol is I can’t be using it to deal with any kind of stress or problem in my life. I can’t, it can’t be a coping mechanism. Like they’re using it as a crutch to be social. So if I’m nervous or anxious about talking to people or talking to a girl or whatever, I can’t drink alcohol because that is again, using that as a crutch. And I feel like that’s weakness that’s manifesting in weakness. So the, and then the third one is just moderation. So essentially, and never, this is kind of like I’m at one that I try to stick to is just never drinking twice, like two times consecutively,

Josh: 00:12:14 Like two days in a row?

JR Rivas: 00:12:15 Right. Unless I’m like, it’s like a vacation event or something like that. So, um, as long as I stick to those things, uh, I don’t see alcohol becoming, becoming a problem for me because that’s usually where it becomes a problem for most people. But like do you actually like the taste of it bro? Um, that’s a, that’s a good question. Um, after like the, I love wine, I like the taste of wine. Um, I like the taste of like blue moon, but like as far as like liquor and stuff like that, I think they all taste like shit and people just convinced themselves that it actually tastes good and there’s going to be somebody that’s like, oh, I love, you know, right from this year, whatever. But like, no dude, it tastes like shit.

Josh: 00:12:55 And, and that’s the thing, I’m like, like, don’t get me wrong, I can’t really talk smack because like my drug of choice is a, you know, Dr Pepper when it comes to drinking. Right. I mean, and that’s just probably just as bad for you. It’s full of sugar and crazy bad. But, um, like I’d much rather just drink a sweet sugary drink than alcohol and I’m not gonna, you know, worry about drunk driving or whatever. I mean, not that.

JR Rivas: 00:13:19 I think I have just 75 part. I’m probably, I’m going to steal it. We’re going on this cruise together.

Josh: 00:13:24 Oh yeah, that’d be so much fun.

JR Rivas: 00:13:26 I think I’m going to extend 7,500 through the cruise, which is, or to the cruise, which is about roughly 90 days instead of 75. Um, but that was when I was going to break my not drinking thing because it’s going to be like me and my girl are going to be on the cruise. So you’ll like, you’ll get to meet her and stuff and like,

Josh: 00:13:43 oh, you pumped for that Bro.

JR Rivas: 00:13:45 So, um, we like, we’re both doing 75 heart. We’re both going to finish around the same time. So I might look at that and be like, I don’t feel like I need to drink because at any, anytime that I haven’t drank, it’s like, let me see if I can still make a fun situation while being sober. So to give you an example of this is like a few weeks ago we were in, um, we were in Vegas. Me and my girl lives in Vegas right now. Yeah. I’ll tell you the story. But we met here in Tallahassee. She had to, she was like gone, leaving to Vegas sooner or whatever. Um, so I was in Vegas and I asked this Uber driver, like, what’s the best show? And he’s like, Oh, I’ve been to all of them and I’m like, with specimen, and he’s like absent. So, um, I go to absent, it’s, it’s like a, a tent basically. It’s really small, maybe like 300 people. It’s not like a big, big stage. And, um, this is a perfect example of how people would use drinking as a crutch. So the Uber drivers like, Hey, if you’re really shy, don’t sit in the front row because they make fun of the people in the front row. And I was like, oh, now I have to sit. So, um, so I sit in the front row, so we get the VIP from her tickets or whatever, which is like the stage, it’s like a circle in a tent. It’s like a tent. So the stage is like right there and it’s really small. And, um, the dude comes out instantly, starts making fun of people. There’s the three chicks sitting together. He’s like, Oh shit, we got some lesbians in the front row.

Josh: 00:15:13 Oh my GOD.

JR Rivas: 00:15:14 He turns over, and there’s these like older looking white dudes with like hats on. And he’s like, dude, we’ve got some Republicans too. And they look super pissed cause we’re sitting there and he turns to me and he’s like, oh, we got a black guy in the front row and then, uh, turns to this girl. And he’s like, he’s like, look, that lady clenched her purse as soon as she noticed the black dude. And then, uh, he sees my girl and my girl is white. So like, it’s like, oh, it’s okay. Everybody’s white chick. So then they get to this point in the show where they bring this Asian girl on stage and just like a off from the crowd. They sit her down and they’re like, oh, we’re going to do like a lap dance battle. And they bring up just like ginger white do to get this Asian, this Asian girl like lap dance. Then he brings me up and he’s like, alright, you gotta beat him. Like if, you know, if you lose to the, to him, he’s like, I’m taking your black card. So then, uh, so I look at this as this is like how I view everything. Like I’m so I guess self-aware at this point that I looked at this and I was like, two years ago this situation would, it gave me massive anxiety. Now I’m going, I’m looking at this cause I’m dead sober and I have to give this Asian girl [inaudible] instrument and 300 people in Vegas, they’re all drunk, right? And my girls, my girls, they’re the Asian girls, uh, boyfriend’s there. It’s like crazy situation. So I look at this and I’m like, this is a great opportunity. My first instinct was like, this is a great opportunity to overcome anxiety and do something that’s extremely uncomfortable and not be the person that’s doing it like half ass because it’s uncomfortable. So I looked at that as like, okay, fine, if I would’ve gone to that show and been drunk, then I would’ve been robbed of that opportunity for growth, which most people look at, like how is giving an Asian girl at that growth? But the fact that I had to do this in front of all these people and I’ve never given anybody a lap dance, right? So, um, I looked at this as like it had, I’d been drinking, which w w w you know, wasn’t doing 7,500 or whatever, I probably would’ve been drinking because it was a Vegas show. Um, I would have not been able to grow as much in that situation as I did by overcoming that fear. [inaudible]

Josh: 00:17:21 it’s always interesting that you can use everything. Even this scenario as a way for growth or look at the positive of the situation there. But, uh, that’s quite, quite the, I show JR quite the show. How often are you in Vegas, dude?

JR Rivas: 00:17:33 I got the video. I’ll say I did too. Yeah.

Josh: 00:17:36 You said in that video coats it put in this shot. Oh my gosh. Oh Man. If you guys want it, actually I’m probably not gonna link it. I’ll be real. How often are you in Vegas, Bro?

JR Rivas: 00:17:48 Uh, well since, since my girl moved there, uh, I’ve been going like at least once a month. Once, twice a month.

Josh: 00:17:55 Are you going to be there and, uh, next, next week?

JR Rivas: 00:17:58 Yeah, I’m going for, uh, not next week, but I’m going for next, next weekends, my event. Um, but I’m going for Cody’s thing.

Josh: 00:18:06 Oh yeah, that’s in, uh, yeah, beginning of October.

JR Rivas: 00:18:10 It works out because all my, my best friend, like I said earlier, my, one of my best friends, Joel Kaplan, he lives in Denver, so I make my way down to Denver hop, skip, and a jump over to Vegas. Then I see Ravi Ibu Vala in San Diego. It becomes like this whole like, it’s like my, my, a little entrepreneurial like a getaway. Denver, Vegas and San Diego.

Josh: 00:18:34 That’s, that’s not a bad getaway.

JR Rivas: 00:18:36 Yeah Dude. I every time I hang out with any, every time I make that trip it’s always ROI positive.

Josh: 00:18:42 Oh for sure.For sure. For sure. Um, oh, I’m going to Vegas next week. Um, for, well actually I’m flying into Vegas next week. I’m actually really not staying there for very long. I’m taking, um, Leah, my girlfriend to the Grand Canyon for her birthday. So we’re flying into Vegas and then we rented a car, convertible.

JR Rivas: 00:19:01 Helicopter tour for that. You should do that.

Josh: 00:19:03 Oh Dude, do they really?

JR Rivas: 00:19:04 Yeah, they’ll fly around that the Grand Canyon.

Josh: 00:19:06 That’s crazy. Then maybe that’s what we’ll do. Cause we were trying to figure out where to go.

JR Rivas: 00:19:12 Cause they, Grand Canyon is a way from Vegas.

Josh: 00:19:14 Well it’s like a four hour drive, bro. Um, but we have a car. We’re gonna drive down there. My thing is, Bro, the brick canyon’s huge dude. I didn’t realize this. I was watching, we were watching videos on it and like how it was formed and all that stuff. And I’m gonna, I’m gonna use this as a transition to get into more of like religious stuff. But, um, we were watching like, you know, the documentaries or whatever from national geographic saying that, you know, it was formed over billions of years and you know, all that jazz, which I don’t know if I believe that or not, but we’ll get to that in a second. But is huge dude. And like you can’t possibly see all of it in like a day much less a week, uh, or a week, much less than a day. And so, uh, we’re thinking about going to antelope canyon, Horseshoe Bend. I’m just not sure yet, but we’re going down there for a day and a half and then, uh, we’ll drive back to Vegas and spend one night there. Then we’re going to fly to a wedding up in Milwaukee. But uh,

JR Rivas: 00:20:01 Yo, real quick, can I tell my story real quick before we dive with that? Cause I feel like people maybe like is this guy?

Josh: 00:20:07 Yeah guys, this is JR Reavis because it’s like a sailor if you haven’t been able to tell yet. And he’s one of my best friends. So JR introduce yourself.

JR Rivas: 00:20:16 So I’m JR that’s it.

Josh: 00:20:19 Alright, let’s get on with the Internet. That’s pretty much it. He’s Jr he’s black.

JR Rivas: 00:20:23 I’m actually Dominican but I’ve just been like..

Josh: 00:20:26 No you’re Pretty black.

New Speaker: 00:20:28 I’m brown first of all. Um, well I’m Dominican but are like, it’s really weird cause my mom’s like your color. Like she’s like really white. And then my dad’s like super dark. So like somehow like Dominican, it’s like shaped, it’s, she shares the island with Haiti and Haitian is pretty much African. So I think that somewhere in there I did a DNA test. It said you want to know something? My DNA test that I was 48.5% European and then like 37% west African. So I’m actually in white. I’m more white than I am black. It’s pretty [inaudible]. Now everybody’s going to Google me to see like what I looked like.

Josh: 00:21:05 And now you can never use the race card ever again. I’m going to be like, pajamas. You’re basically white.

JR Rivas: 00:21:11 Dude. When I get pulled over, I just pulled out my DNA results and I’m like, all right, this is going to go one of two ways and this is going to determine how,

Josh: 00:21:19 Listen, I know I don’t look it, but I’m actually white. Here we go.

JR Rivas: 00:21:23 Yeah. I’m like Elizabeth Warren. Um, I’m more white than she is native American. But anyways, so anyways,

Josh: 00:21:33 Are you a democrat?

JR Rivas: 00:21:36 Let’s stay on task. Okay.

Josh: 00:21:37 Okay. Alright. I know you don’t like Trump. We’re going to have to get to this. But now I’m super curious.

JR Rivas: 00:21:44 I never said that. Okay. So I was born to a single mother. I didn’t meet my dad. Biological Dad till i was eight years old and I grew up in all these different places. So we lived in Vegas, we lived in New Jersey. I was born in New York City. Um, lived in Tampa, lived in Colorado, grew up from 12 to like 20 in Pennsylvania. And, uh, it’s 16. I discovered entrepreneurship by just selling candy and Shit at school. And, uh, by 18, I started my first business and I act. So I bought a tax office at 18 long story, but I bought it from a guy who was a CPA. And the book that I read that helped me negotiate that deal was the art of the deal by Donald Trump.

Josh: 00:22:21 Oh, no way.

JR Rivas: 00:22:23 I still keep that book. Like I had a…

Josh: 00:22:24 Donald Trump helping non-black black people since, uh, how old or 18 how long ago was that?

JR Rivas: 00:22:31 2013.

Josh: 00:22:33 Since 2013. Donald Trump be helping non-black black people.

JR Rivas: 00:22:36 Yeah. Where is it? I know I have that book around here somewhere. Um, oh, it’s right here. Actually. It’s, ah, see I even keep it on my desk.

Josh: 00:22:44 Good old Donald Trump’s.

JR Rivas: 00:22:45 So, um, so yeah, I um, started that up and by the time I was 21 and had three locations, 53 employees, and uh, I was miserable. I hated my life. I’d taken on a lot of debt to grow the company that fast. And, um, I was the youngest person in the organization and I was the owner, which is insane. And, uh, we had like crazy situations, like someone slipped and fell in one of my offices and uh, broke her collarbone or s or broker hip, dislocated her collarbone or broke her collarbone, dis this’ll get her hip, something like that. And uh, I was super scared. Like I felt like this was it. Um, I had someone who gets stabbed to death next door to my busiest office on the busiest day of the year, cause there was a barbershop immediately next door in our, it was like a very downtown area. So it was like all the businesses were next to each other. So it was literally like spitting distance from my front door. Someone got stabbed to death and I watched him carry out the body and the stretcher. Um, I actually interviewed one of my employees on the six news. And so this is like all this crazy shit.

Josh: 00:23:48 So you’re in the hood, Bro?

JR Rivas: 00:23:49 Oh yes. I have three offices. One of them was in a location, my busiest one, actually the location, the average income was $19,000 a year per household. That means like mom, Dad, dad, brother, uncle, sister, all in one house making 19 grand a year combined. So, um, so yeah, like it was, it was scary. Some security. Plus we did this promotion where we gave people like $50 cash if they send us a referral. Um, so we always had like thousands of dollars cash on hand and everybody knew it because like we were promoting this like we grew going hard. We would do like door hangers, we’d have like all our signage said it. So it was like, it’s just a matter of time before, like we get robbed. Yeah. And then I have like someone blood on my hands cause I was trying to make us trying to get rich over here and now someone came and robbed us for 50 bucks and does the running all these scenarios that were really stressed me out. So, um, I ended up selling the, I sold two of the offices to the company. It was a franchise. And then one to, one of my buddies moved to Virginia Beach, bought another one, grew that one 10%, and then I sold that one to my neighboring franchisee. Um, because I saw that year, so my office had a 10% increase, but the industry as a whole had flatlined with meaning in-person tax preparation because turbo tax was starting.

Josh: 00:25:04 TurboTax came on and killed everybody.

JR Rivas: 00:25:07 So, um, they, uh, and it took a while to catch on because one of our, one of the things we noticed is like in 2008 when there was a huge recession, there really wasn’t an increase from people going to a tax preparer, like shifting to online. But in 2008 versus now, like the amount of people that are savvy on the Internet and stuff like that, it’s just completely different ball game. So, um, I saw like, okay, this, this probably isn’t gonna last long. So, and before everybody realized that the industry flatline and hadn’t declined yet. So I was like, before everybody realizes that this is probably not gonna go our way, I should try to sell this now. So sold to my neighboring franchisee and um, yeah. And I was like,

Josh: 00:25:44 Are you talking to the microphone? But do you have a microphone?

JR Rivas: 00:25:48 Yeah, it’s right here. Should I talk closer like this?

Josh: 00:25:50 That’s so much better. Okay. You don’t have to hold it there the whole time, but I.

JR Rivas: 00:25:54 Okay. I gotcha. So, um, yeah, so then I, I was like, okay, I should try to do something on the Internet. So, uh, because like it seems like that’s where everything’s going. And I started a podcast much like this and I started interviewing Internet entrepreneurs because…

Josh: 00:26:12 That’s how you got started?

JR Rivas: 00:26:13 I really didn’t believe that people were making money on the Internet. So I was like, I need to, I need to like find people who claim they are. And basically my, my podcast was just a front for me to find out if people were actually making money on the Internet and if they were find out how.

Josh: 00:26:28 But like, where was the podcast platform always it like on iTunes?

JR Rivas: 00:26:31 Yeah, it was on iTunes. It was on everywhere, stitcher, all that stuff.

Josh: 00:26:35 How long ago was it?

JR Rivas: 00:26:37 2014, no, I lied. It was 2016.

Josh: 00:26:41 So it was like three years ago.

JR Rivas: 00:26:43 Yeah. So…

Josh: 00:26:44 We got started on the same time as nice.

Josh: 00:26:46 So the 11th person that I interviewed was Dan Henry and he was like, oh, that’s that dude. That’s how I found, that’s how I found him. And he hadn’t had it, he didn’t have a course out yet. And I, the way I found him is even crazier. Um, so Arnie had just started his podcast and his first interview was Dan Henry. So, um, no idea how he found no, probably I think like a Facebook group or something. And, uh, so I was listening, I was up late at night listening to podcast interviews, trying to find guests for my interview for my show, and I heard Dan on our knees and I was like, oh, I should hit this guy up. So I hit him up and he was like, sure. So, um, yeah, at the time he was like, yeah, I’m coming out with this course soon. Um, do you, you want to get on it? Cause I started asking him a bunch of questions about Facebook ads. So, um, yeah, I got in and I didn’t make any money for like six months and I was living off of like my savings. I moved back home with my mom. And so kind of think of the context of this, like I was 22 at this point and I had like some people who went to college for like my entire life and I was like, oh, I’m going to build this business, all this stuff. And I sold the business but I didn’t make a ton of money cause I financed the person that I sold it to. So I was living off like savings. I moved back with my mom from Virginia Beach back to Pennsylvania. So this is around the time. All my friends from high school, they’re, they’re starting like graduate at college. Right. And now I’m like living back with my mom. So it’s Kinda like, like I could just like, they wouldn’t obviously, like no one called me out on this, but they would, I could sense the judgment when I’d hang out with them.

Josh: 00:28:11 For sure.

JR Rivas: 00:28:12 Plus I was like driving Uber. I started driving Uber. I started going to, um, estate sales and buying like dead people shit and sell it on Amazon and Ebay. Oh my God. Yeah. So I was like, I was trying to do anything to not have to get a job. And so then I landed up landing my first client it with my agency, a chiropractor. And uh, 45 days later I was doing a $10,000 a month. Then I started, I would, I would a blog my results like just on Facebook, not like an actual blog. I would just post anytime I got a client, the results we’d get, the clients and this whole like social media marketing agency model was very new. Like ty Lopez didn’t have a course on it. The only two people was Dan Henry and Billy Jean at the time. So, um, then I started to, so I started to post my results and everybody would, would hit me up like, oh, how are you doing this? How are you doing this? So I started to do like one on one calls with people and I would just show them like for like an hour, they’d pay me like a hundred bucks. Then the next person I’d do like 150 bucks for an hour, then the next person would do like 200 bucks an hour. And I just kept increasing it and I realized I was telling everybody the same stuff. So then I was like, okay, what’s the next natural progression? Like I should definitely make like a program out of this. So I launched a program. Um, so this was January. Um, so December, 2016, um, was when like all, all this really like blew up. Then January I launched the program and did like 35 k with the program first month and I was still living with my mom. I’m like, yeah. And I’m like, so I lived with there maybe like four months at that time, just while I like figured this shit out then I um, I was like, okay, this seems to be working. So I moved out of my mom’s house and I moved to Florida cause I was like I’m not trying to stay in the cold Pennsylvania.

Josh: 00:29:52 That’s right. Cause you were in Pennsylvania.

JR Rivas: 00:29:54 Yeah, I’d moved back to Pennsylvania. That’s nuts bro.

Josh: 00:29:57 And you’re in Tallahassee now? Yeah. Did you guys get hit with Dorian at all?

JR Rivas: 00:30:01 No, it was super sunny the whole time.

Josh: 00:30:03 That’s funny. Did, yeah, I haven’t followed it. I just know it wrecked The Bahamas Bro.

JR Rivas: 00:30:08 Yeah Dude, that’s really sad cause we’re going there.

Josh: 00:30:11 I know. That’s why I’m thinking like is Coco Bay, is that gone? Is that the private island as opposed to hanging out on, is that all gone?

JR Rivas: 00:30:16 I realized how selfish I was when my first thought was like, damn, is everything going to be okay for the cruise man? And I know that sounds really, but I know most people wouldn’t admit to thinking that way. But the differences, as soon as I had that thought, I was aware and I was like wow, this is really good. Nope. I just, Oh focused on how I can help and contribute to the people that are there.

Josh: 00:30:36 Well, uh, do you know what lead funnel do you know Russell’s Russell Brunson’s new, uh, program or the little all for coming out that came out? Yeah, like on Mondays called lead funnels. [inaudible] is this little, it’s this little a, it’s a $7 offer. [inaudible] I don’t know, something that, that we’re promoting. I got drafted to an affiliate competition on click funnel, like click funnels in the affiliate group or whatever. So we’re going to donate a bunch of money, like any money that we make from that or learn to do promotion for the next two weeks with it. We’re going to donate that all to The Bahamas and Dorian to help people that cause this wreck down there. Man. It sucks.

JR Rivas: 00:31:09 Shout out to grant Cardone. I saw he did a thing for like a day or two where anything that you bought in the Tech Store,

Josh: 00:31:14 Oh really?

JR Rivas: 00:31:15 Went to the Bahamas and it was like 90% off or whatever. All this, it’s always 90% off, but…

Josh: 00:31:20 Always, It’s always like save 90%. Actually. That’s funny story. If anybody’s going to, uh, planning on going to 10 x growth con, don’t buy a ticket online, especially if you’re going to buy VIP, call them. I literally last year called them up and I was like, Yo, I’d like a VIP ticket. And they’re like, well, it’s normally $5,000 but you can get it for $2,500 right? Like on their website. And I was like, yeah, that’s not enough. Like I want more off. And we negotiated back and forth for like three days or so. Like I just hung up the phone and I was like, nope, not cheap enough. I literally got a VIP ticket for 1000 bucks, $997.Yeah, I was like, come on so you can negotiate them down. They just want your money. And I’m like, all right, cool. But what do you think? What do you think of grand cardon.

JR Rivas: 00:32:03 Dude, I used to hate him, but I realized the reason I hate him was because I was a . So he made me feel uncomfortable. So then once I, once I really like worst worked on my mindset, I was like, dude, grant Cardone is awesome. He’s out there crushing it. Like he’s, he’s getting it and he does not accept any weakness from himself or the people around him. So I love the guy and I, I love all his messages.

Josh: 00:32:26 Do you think you self obsessed?

JR Rivas: 00:32:29 Self obsessed? Probably, but I mean, so I’m all about what I call the net negative, the net positive. So at the end of the day, everything has a negative and a positive. So the, I look at it as like an equation like is what this person [inaudible] is what they’re doing a net positive for humanity. Like regardless of how, like, what their motives are or why they’re doing things or whatever. So I feel like even if grant Cardone is just out to literally be just for himself, at the end of the day, I think what he does helps a lot of people. So for humanity, that’s a net positive.

Josh: 00:33:03 I feel that. I think, yeah, man, I have some interesting thoughts on grant. Have you met him?

JR Rivas: 00:33:09 No, but his Scientology weirds me.

Josh: 00:33:12 Oh, that’s some crazy name. And yeah, he, he, he’s um, okay. So like two days ago, I, I want to read this, actually, this was like two or three days ago, he posted this, um, um, um, uh, stay thing on snapchat or on Instagram. It was in his stories and it was like this, like basically this thing to the haters and it’s, it’s pretty long, but it’s like a to the haters and he goes in and is like, you know, you judge me because you know, you’re not confident. Uh, the only reason that you, you know, are mad at me is because you’re, you know, afraid to do it yourself, Yada, Yada, Yada. Um, and like just basically praises himself and how great he is. The entire thing. And obviously I’ve, it’s a very, very controversial, but the one thing I’m going to go to grant card out is that grant Cardone knows how to leverage every part of everything for his advantage. You know what I mean? Like haters, lovers. I mean, he’s like a, I mean, he’s a lot like Trump. I know he loves Trump, but like he’s a lot like that in the sense of like very arrogant, very full of himself. But I mean, he’s very, very brilliant. And I think that if you can look past the negative, you can learn a lot from the dude. You know what I mean? And I think that more people need to do that. I don’t like a lot of his sales methods, but I still own all of his sales stuff and you know, I learned from it or whatnot. Um, and his event, where are you at today? You weren’t deck tank’s stroke.

JR Rivas: 00:34:29 That was still when I was at grand Cardone hater.

Josh: 00:34:32 You are? Oh Wow. So this is recently I was there, it was my birthday dude. And um, that event, I made a ton of money at that event. I’ll give it to him. I’ve never seen anybody who fill up at a stadium like that. Like it wasn’t full like he claims it was, but there’s a lot of freaking people there, Bro.

JR Rivas: 00:34:47 And I actually just bought his book, um, 10 where I haven’t looked into any of his training, any of the stuff, but I just got 10 x rule.

Josh: 00:34:53 Yeah. Cha, uh, is car you, I guess a man, he’s got some good stuff for en-suite.

JR Rivas: 00:34:59 I feel like though, I haven’t read the tax rule, but I kind of I guess can draw a conclusion somewhat of what it’s about. So I feel like part of that message, people misinterpret it or they take it in a very, in a way that’s like harmful to their mindset. Cause like, I had a guy one time on the phone and I’m, um, I’m like, it was a sales call and a, I’m like, okay, so like what, what’s your goal in the next year? Or whatever. He’s like, well, you know, I, I, uh, I listen to grant Cardone. So my, my goal is 100,000, so I need to like, I need to shoot for $1 million. So my goal is $1 million in the next year. So I’m like, okay so what you’re telling me is you’re right now you’re at and you want to be in the top 1% of the 1% in the next one year. And he’s like, okay, you’re right. So I’m like, I get like I get that, I get that philosophy cause I say that to like okay if you want to get you know, 10 clients you need to do the things that you would do if you wanted to get a hundred clients

Josh: 00:35:54 and that, and that’s the thing, that’s the message. It’s not that you necessarily have to go and literally 10 x everything but is that you have to like you have to 10 extra effort. You have to like take things seriously. Like if you’re going, a lot of people like let’s say they want to start an agency, they’re like how can I sign one client? Right. That’s not how you look at it. You Go, okay, how about how would I go out and get 10 clients? What are the actions that I would have to do if I was going to do that? And then I’m probably going to get one or two or three but like if you change the question, you changed the equation of, you know, how do I make $1,000 to, how do I make 10,000 or you know, going back to this guy, how do I make $100,000 how would I go about doing that? It’s not, you know, you have to tax your life in the next 12 months, but it’s like, okay, for the next 12 months, if I approached my life like I wanted to make $100,000 what would I do? And chances are you would end up right, 10,000 zero perfect.

JR Rivas: 00:36:49 A perfect example that is, okay, let’s say I want to make $100,000 right? But you’re, you’re, you’re like, I want to build a business that could sustain, that could reach $1 million, but my goal right now is a hundred thousand one of the differences is up front. You would probably hire earlier then if you just wanted to make $100,000 because I could, you could hire two or three V, you could probably run 100,000 all your business by yourself, no problem. But if you, if you know, like, okay, I’m going to try to shoot for a million, so I’m going to build the infrastructure for that on the way, then you’ll have, you’ll hire a VA to start doing outreach. You’ll hire, you’ll hire a VA to start automating certain things. You’ll buy invest in automation. Yeah.

Josh: 00:37:30 And that’s what we did with them. That’s what we do with my agency that I just sold. Like literally from day one we knew like the goal is to sell it, right. Not as fast as I did, but like day one we, we hired a project manager. Right. And then like the second we started having to do things on our own, like we just hired out for it. And like month three we made like 60 grand. Right. And it was like you wouldn’t be able to sustain that if you were the one doing all the work. Right. Since like from day one we hired out a project manager, like I literally was like, all right, we made it. I was like $63,000 or something like that. I was like, okay, next. Like I can just keep doing exactly what I’m doing like the next month, the next month because we’re hiring and things like, cause you’re setting things up for success and that’s what I think that’s the essence of the 10 x rule. It’s like you’ve got to adjust your, the question, you’ve got to adjust the way that you look at things.

JR Rivas: 00:38:17 right? Cause if you want to get 10 clients, then you might, you’ll start to think if you’re like, okay, I want 10 clients, but you’re doing the actions for a hundred clients, you’d be like, okay, well let me start a podcast and start interviewing like my ideal clients were. Whereas if you just want a 10 that’s not something you’d think of. Right. Okay. Let me start a Facebook group. Let me start running Facebook. Let me do linkedin outreach too. And Instagram outreach and Facebook outreach and let’s see if we can invest in some people BC or whatever versus if you just won 10 clients, then you’d probably be like, okay, what’s the one method that’s going to get me to 10 clients? Right. A lot longer. Right?

Josh: 00:38:49 I mean, because like, oh my God, [inaudible] Aye. One of the things that I have found on my journey to success is that like once something clicks, it becomes exponentially easier to duplicate and let go. And so like every roadblock that I’ve looked at and like, you know, when I tried to get my first client, it was like this monumental roadblock that I didn’t think I could get past. And I signed my first client and like in a couple of months I had like 10 right? And then every single time where I’ve like hit something or something’s gotten in the way, as soon as I figured it out, it became super, super easy. Right? And so we spend so much of our time trying to like focused on the wrong things because we’re worried that it’s not, you know, like, Oh man, you know, if it’s taken me this long to get one client, maybe I, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this anymore because that’s not scalable or that’s not this, or you know about where’s this? Like if you just wouldn’t get the result, then it would make sense to you and you can continue and you’re gonna be able to duplicate that result so much easier. I had enough, I think people, because.

JR Rivas: 00:39:40 Have you read a relentless by Tim Grover [inaudible].

Josh: 00:39:44 I have the book. Someone sent it to me. It didn’t look that good

JR Rivas: 00:39:48 Dude. That’s one of my favorite books.

Josh: 00:39:49 Is it?

JR Rivas: 00:39:50 Yeah. So one of the things he says is like that high-performance people like Michael Jordan, they don’t think things like, oh, what if I do all this work and it doesn’t work? Or, uh, they don’t, they don’t. So Michael Jordan decides I want an NBA championship. Anything between where he is now and that NBA championship is essentially irrelevant. So no matter it does not. If it’s a lot of work, if it’s a little work, if you gotta like do this crazy ice bath thing, like it doesn’t matter. It’s just he’s only fixated on that goal. So I feel like when people start to think like that, you’re worrying too much on the your feelings and your moat. And that’s one of the things too, like I’ve, I’ve done in the last year [inaudible] is really the last six months is remove the emotion from business. Because I think that so many people try to find fulfillment in their business that they, that that makes them so emotional about every decision. Whereas if you just looked at it and you’re like, okay, what’s my goal right now? I want a seven figure business. Okay, what’s the best path to do that? And just do that. And don’t worry about like, oh well what if I put all this time and then it doesn’t work. Just get fixated on the goal. And then like on my philosophies, like I’ll find my fulfillment elsewhere. I’ll find my fulfillment in like spirituality in my relationship and whatever. But my business exists to serve people and make me money and that’s it.

Josh: 00:41:05 Before I agree for most people, I think there are exceptions to that though. Like I think.

JR Rivas: 00:41:12 The exception is like, okay, if your business, if you’re literally someone who hates sitting down and your business is sitting down all day on the computer, then that’s probably not for you. However, if it matches up with your care, because this is a thing that held me back, it’s like shiny object syndrome. I’d always pivot like, oh, maybe I should, I should do Shopify instead. Or maybe I should do like drop shipping. Maybe I should do an agency with this niche or agency advantage an so that infoproduct or maybe I should just be an affiliate marketer or whatever because I was looking for fulfillment in my business and I wanted my identity to be and I wanted my business to be my identity. That is no longer the case for me.

Josh: 00:41:48 And I agree with you 100% that for most people, your business should not be your identity. And I don’t, I mean for anybody, your business should not be your identity. My identity is in God. I think a lot of people find their identity within, right, and you should, your identity should not take place for an external factor on this earth. However, that being said, like there are some people out there [inaudible] for most people listening, this is not them, but there are some people out there that are super, super, super passionate about one thing and they know that they want to do with their life. They don’t struggle with shiny objects into because they’re like, no, this is what I’m going to do, and they’re going to have a whole lot more fulfillment doing that thing. Then even if they’re making, let’s say they make $100,000 a year versus $1 million a year, they’re gonna make be way, way happier doing what they love at that $100,000 a year mark and making 1 million bucks, like exception to the rule. But there are people out there that do that.

JR Rivas: 00:42:40 Yeah, totally agree. But anybody that I, that I had talked to, it’s like, why did you start an agency? Oh, I thought it was a good opportunity.

Josh: 00:42:46 No, nobody. I don’t, I’ve never met one single person that’s like, I just love agency work. Yeah, yeah. That’s good. It’s kind of a, hey, just the work can be,

JR R: 00:42:55 Dude, if you read a Andre Agassi’s biography autobiography, it’s like, I’d probably listen to it. It’s like 16 hours on audio. Oh my gosh, dude. He says many times throughout that book, he hated tennis his entire life and he, his dad forced him to play tennis from the time he was like six years old. He’s like the way that my dad decided what house we were going to buy as he’d walked through the house to the backyard, measure it. If it wasn’t big enough for a tennis court, they left. So his dad forced him to play tennis and he was able to get in. That’s why I don’t, I don’t really subscribe to that. You have to be super passionate to be successful. Andre Agassi hated tennis his entire life, still hates tennis, but yet one of the greatest tennis players, if not the greatest of all time. So how has that, like how has that Po, and that’s what anyone, anybody who thinks that read that, but he says like in the first 10 pages, like I hated Tennis my whole life and you’re just like, and then he goes through the whole story now. Like people would show up at his house and he’s like seven years old, grown ass men to like face him in tennis. They’d just like knock on his door. And I think he lived in Vegas and um, he’d be facing these grown men, like he’d come home from school and literally like he’d have to phase grown men until he was exhausted every day. It’s a crazy story.

Josh: 00:44:05 It’s ridiculous, man. I don’t know. I don’t think people should have to live that way. But that’s crazy. That’s crazy. How do you, how do you balance work life? So Do, do you have hobbies and stuff outside of work now?

JR Rivas: 00:44:18 So I do mixed martial arts. I do a yoga couple times a week. I do lift weights a couple times a week. I do something active every day, whether it’s just a walk or whatever, even when I’m not on 75 heart. So the way that I [inaudible] so here’s kind of how, how I balance all this stuff. I think that health is very important, so it’s a top priority. So I make sure that I do that every day. Um, work is a, is a top priority, and then my relationship is a top priority. So I give one hour usually to my relationship. Now, if I can’t do that, my girl completely understands that because I show up all the time like I am, I show up on a consistent basis. So she knows that when I can’t do that, it’s because I genuinely need to do something else because yeah, there’s just some like something else that’s more important right now. So I, uh, take an hour or two a day for health and fitness, um, between like a walk and, and I, by an hour or two, I mean like the time it takes you to drive there at the time it takes you to shower after and do the workout. It’s going to be about two hours. Yeah. So I’ll do that. Um, I just make sure I schedule it in. And at the beginning of the week, I kind of look at my week and I’m like, okay, how many workouts do I want to do and what are they going to be? So how many times do I want to do MMA? How many times do I want to do yoga? How many times do I want to lift weights? So usually it’ll come down to, I lift weights like three days a week. Um, I’ll do MMA like one or two days a week and then I’ll do yoga one day or I’ll do one day of MMA and one day of walking or whatever.

Josh: 00:45:48 But do you like, like doing that.

JR Rivas: 00:45:50 Dude, I, it’s so ingrained in my lifestyle that I don’t even like that’s the thing. See, I re I removed the, do I like doing this from all the things that I know cause my, so my goal in life, my ultimate goal and I, this is kind of carries over to my relation to, my ultimate goal for my life is to meet the best version of myself one day. My goal for my relationship is for us to meet the best versions of each other one day. So I don’t, I know that the, I have a persona, essentially it’s called nine-figure Jr. So one of the things that I, I always ask myself is like, what would nine figure jr do or am I being congruent with what nine figure jr would be doing? And My, my, and this is why. And I want to get into relationships because when I asked about like what should I talk about relationships with the big one, but this is why I give my girl full permission to if she ever notices that my behaviors and congruent with the nine figure version of myself, which has nothing to do with money. And I’ll explain that then I want her to call it out. So the, what I mean by that is the nine visual for me to make nine figures, the person that I have to become is the best version of myself.

Josh: 00:46:57 But okay. But hold on. No. What defines best version bro? That’s pretty, that’s pretty. Uh, I feel like that’s pretty, um, what’s the word I’m looking for? Like relative,

JR Rivas: 00:47:08 Right. So for me the best version of myself is in all aspects of life. So the what is the best possible vision that I have for my relationship, that is the best version of that. What’s the best vision that I have for my business? That’s, that’s, that was the,

Josh: 00:47:26 How do you define best? Because like, here’s the thing bro, like the best version of like for me, the best version of myself and I’m going to use best in, once again relatively right. I don’t necessarily think that the best version of Josh owns a, you know, a hundred million dollar company could it potentially. Yeah. But I don’t know if it does or not for me. Right, right. Like the best version of your life could be, and I’m not saying it is, but like the best version of your life could be you’re a seven figure earner and you’ve got six kids at home and you’re teaching them how to, you know, really go out and change the world and be leaders in whatever or so like best being relative, like your choosing that, right? Like you’re the one that determines what best is.

JR Rivas: 00:48:10 Right? So essentially, I feel like most people feel like they have to go out and find themselves. Like, oh, I got to find myself, I’ve got to go do like Iowasca in the Brazilian jungle with a shaman to discover who I am and what I want. Or I gotta go like 100% the trip on LSD in India or whatever. Like Steve Jobs did, I believe, and I heard any for sell it put this so well on time. He’s like d, it’s much, much better to, rather than try to find yourself to determine who do you want to be and set up on a path to become that and that and the journey is, and finding that person. So for me, when I think of like the person that I want to be, I know that in order for me like that, I’ll have to conquer internally and be the level of leadership that I’ll have to attain is congruent with someone who has a nine figure business. So for me, having a nine figure business or nine figure net worth is I have to overcome all the like darkness and all the shadows and all that I like does uncomfortable. And I have to become better. I have to grow into a better leader and grow into a better communicator in order to do that. So the Superhero version of myself, like when I think of like, okay, what’s the ultimate life that I could have, that is what comes to mind. So that’s the version of myself that I’m chasing. So that’s the best version of myself. So the way that I quantify that in like my relationship is like we sit down and I’m like, okay well what would the best version of this relationship look like? The happiest version with the most communication that experiences the most load. So we get very clear on that and then that becomes like the thing that we strive for. So when it comes to like the best version of my body, I’m like, okay, what? What stats would that be? Okay though it’s probably like a three 15 bench for six reps. That’s probably 6% body fat. At my height I’d probably be around 176 pounds. So now I set out to that. So I know that I have a clear vision, a clear vision of in every aspect of my life what that best looks like. Because, I mean genetic for bodies easy cause genetically you can only get to a certain

Josh: 00:50:13 so, with, with this though, like a nine figure human being, that’s a, I mean, you gotta be pretty darn disciplined, right? Like you’ve gotta be…

JR Rivas: 00:50:24 Disciplined is huge.

Josh: 00:50:25 Right? It has very little to do, as you said, it’s, it’s not a money thing at all at that point, right? Like it’s only a money as you until like six figures, maybe seven. Right. Um, but it’s, it’s a mindset issue. It’s a discipline issue. But like I look at like, I’ve met a couple people with a 100 million net worth plus met two billionaires in my life, right? Like a lot of what happens there, like they don’t have a relationship with their family or they live a life where work slash everything else comes first or not even comes first. There’s limited amount of time to spend with family, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Right? But my question is, is that what your girlfriend wants? Is she okay with having a low? Because like I look at, I look at Russell and maybe Russell’s a bad example, but let’s go down this rabbit hole, Russell, I feel like did or has done a really good job of pivoting for a while there, that dude was nonstop. He was insanely busy all the time, didn’t get to spend the time with his wife and kids hardly at all for a minute. They’re like really, really put some strain on things. Now he’s pivoted. He’s, you know, got the company to where it’s at. He doesn’t run the operations. He can kind of do whatever he wants. He’s got his penthouse, like whatever. So he shifted and pivoted and now he has more time to spend with his family, which I imagine is what he wants. But for you, like does nine figure version Jr have a family, have a relationship with his wife where they’re hanging out consistently where they’re traveling, where they’re doing? Or are you like, Yo, I love my wife. Or you know, personally I’m in a relationship with, I love my family, but like I’m like 80% business, 20% family. Mind you. I’m not saying that’s inherently a bad thing. I’m not saying that like you can’t be like that. It makes you a bad person, but like how do you define the balance of a nine figure person when it comes to like life and relationships and religion and priority and like all that. Like how do you know what that number bigger person looks like?

JR Rivas: 00:52:18 So nine-figure Jr has it all. So nine figure jr has the relationship that is ideal. The relationship that everyone wants as the body that everyone wants, has the business that everyone wants. So I know that. So this is kind of interesting because me and my girl, we talk about this all the time. So we, we listened to, um, I showed her one of the Sam ovens videos where he’s talking about, it’s like his quantum mastermind. He’s talking about his schedule and he’s like, oh, at like nine o’clock or whatever.

Josh: 00:52:44 I’ve seen that one. Yeah.

JR Rivas: 00:52:45 I hang out with my wife for an hour or whatever. So we were listening to this in the car and I looked at her and I was like, would you be okay if that was my schedule? And she was like, absolutely no. So this is something that we are like, we talk about this stuff on a consistent basis and I study relationships the same way that I study businesses. So the same way, like 50% of relationships end in divorce, 50% of marriages end in divorce, 90% of businesses fail. So I know that most people get married, they never read one relationship book or spend time talking to talking to one divorced couple about what happened or, or spend time talking to a couple that’s been married for 40 years. Um, so I study this the same. So the question was like, would she be okay with that? No, probably not. But my goal is, is to show up in every area of my life. So a good example of this is Kobe Bryant. So the other day I watched Kobe’s interview on, uh, Patrick, David’s, uh, youtube channel. So Coby talks about like, Patrick asked him like, how do you have work life balance when you’re in the, when you were in the NBA, you were spending nine months away from your wife and kids. So he’s like, well, first of all, my wife is what I am on the basketball court at home. And I was like, second of all, he’s like, my wife understands. And that I am setting the example for our daughters, that this is the level of obsession, attention to detail and determination that it takes to be successful. So this is a huge controversial thing that me and my girl, I’ve been having this conversation for like a week now.Do you ever try to sell someone something and they’re like, oh, I’m like a course or a event or whatever. And they’re like, oh, my wife wouldn’t feel comfortable with me investing in this right now, or my, I gotta I gotta ask my wife. I feel like if you’re, if you have to ask your wife before and she can legitimately like, okay, I understand consulting your wife and like letting her know this is what I’m thinking. Uh, you know what I’m going to do, but asking your wife if you have to ask your wife to make a financial decision for your family, I feel that you have failed as a man because that means that you have been so inconsistent in your behavior and you’ve let her down so many times and you, you fail at so many commitments that she does not trust you to make the right decision for your family at that point in time. Cause I know for 100 or 100% fat with my girl that I’ve never said I was going to do something and didn’t do it. I’ve never let her down. Not once on a commitment that I made. So if it ever comes down to it, I’m like, Babe, this is our last 20 grand, but I really need to invest in this. She’s going to look at me and she’s going to be like, well you consistently or you never let me down in the past, so let’s do it. So I like when it comes to, and this is, and then like I’ll get feedback from people who’ve been married and they’ve been demasculated for 20 years now and they’d be like, oh well you like wait till you’re married, you like you, it’ll change and wait till you have kids and all this shit. And like, no motherfucker, you weren’t having these conversations when you were my age and then you went through and you’ve broken all these commitments. So now your wife doesn’t trust you because you bought 16 different courses that you didn’t do with them. So I feel like when it comes to number one, picking your life partners, one is probably the most important decision you’ll ever make because you can always start a new business. You can always start and of course you can always get a new life partner. But, that I feel like for entrepreneurs especially, that is an doubly important decision because who you decide to be with ultimately like, like Sam Ovens says you can’t have complexity in your personal life and in your business, your personal life has to be somewhat simple so that you can keep that mental energy, that mental space for your business. So another thing that I, I I talked to my girl about is like on Mother’s Day this past year I was in event is like this NLP event in Dallas. And this guy was like, oh, um, it was a two day event, Sunday was mother’s Day and the second day of the event. And the guy was like, oh, I probably not gonna be able to make it tomorrow cause I got to spend like my wife’s can be really pissed if I like, you know, try to be here for mother’s Day. So I looked at, I looked at that and I kind of stepped back and I’m like, okay, it doesn’t sound like what he wants to do is actually hang out with his wife on mother’s Day because he feels like this event is probably the best thing for his and his him and his family in five years. But he is going to spend time with his wife and family out of guilt and I think that’s a very, very bad place to be because when you do that, you end up resenting them because when you’re not where you want, when you’re not where you want to be, you look at it as like, oh well if I had more time to spend on my business and stuff, I would be where I where I want to be. So I looked at that and I was like, wow, that’s a huge failure on his part because of the fact that he’s not shown up. Cause I know for fact like if I show up in my relationship the same way that I show up in my business, so if I ever need to like hit my girl up and say, hey babe, you know, I know your birthday’s coming up, but on that day I really feel like there’s this event that is going to be better for us in five years. She’d be like, all right, cool. No problem. Because I show up every other day. She’s like, you show up 364 other fucking days of the year. What’s one day that you’re not showing up? So that you’re, that you’re, that not even not showing up because I’m doing what’s best for the tribe in five or 10 years from now. So I feel like a lot of people don’t understand that because I, I’ve, I’ve, I had a guide like a couple of weeks ago, he’s like, hey man, I love to go to your event, but like my wife has taken the kids that week, whatever. And I really just, I hate being looked at as like someone who, um, you know, isn’t a good father because I’m always away from my kids. And I was like, number one, that’s a huge failure on your part because of the fact you’re letting your opinion of your kids and your wife get away from you being able to provide for them. And I know this guy personally, not, not pro, I never met him, but I remember I tried to sell him something in like January, there was like 3,500 bucks and he didn’t have $1,000 to his name. He was like, he literally was like, wait till I get my income tax return. So I was like, you are, you don’t have, you didn’t in January you didn’t have $1,000 to your name, but yet you’re letting your wife and kids pinion of you get in the way of [inaudible] fighting for them. And it’s not like you [inaudible] today or a year ago, like 15 years ago because that means that you haven’t been consistent in your commitments to where you can look at your wife and say, Hey, I’m going to spend this money and go to this event on this weekend because I know that this is what’s best for us in five years. Cause if you tell her that she’s not going to, I believe you because you’ve broken so many commitments in the past. So when it comes to this relationship, I just feel like so many people and the reason why. So it’s like, oh jr you’re not even married and you’re 25 what gives you the the right to talk about this jr I have so many more perspectives on relationships. Most people that are married have one perspective onto their relation on a relationship, their own, and it’s been the same one for 20 years. I have studied it. I’ve read relationships, book books. I’ve talked people who have, anytime I meet someone who’s been divorced, that instantly becomes a topic of conversation because I want to know why, what went wrong, what would you have done differently? I’ve talked to people who’ve been in business with their wife for 20 years successfully and then it tore them apart. And I dove into why that happened. I’ve talked to people who have been married for four years, 40 years, and find out what made it work. I found out, I’ve talked to people who’ve been married for one year and then broke up. I’ve talked to people who’ve committed adultery and why and like, so I spend more time thinking about learning about this. So you can’t tell me that just because I’m not married, that I’m, I don’t know anything about what it’s like to be in a relationship or being a or run a family.

Josh: 00:59:57 No, I totally get that. And I agree with you and I, I, I also agree 100% that choosing a life partner, especially as an entrepreneur makes things like 10 times harder to like, like you’ve really got to pick someone that understands you. And like you’ve really got to pick someone that’s going to give you the flexibility that you need. I mean, I talked, I’ve talked to several people about this on the podcast actually of just like that balance of, of everything, um, and, and figuring out what’s gonna work. And so I 100% agree with the fact that like who you pick and the expectations that are set and how you go about doing that is super important. Um, kind of backing up though, so one of the things that you said a while ago, kind of on this topic about the nine figure version of Jr. So like nine figure version of Jr has the body, the life, the business, the relationship that everybody wants, right? Like your dream goal of all of those things. And so like my question then is like, okay, then what, because like because like it Russell Brunson is what, 37 30 I don’t know. He’s like under 40 maybe. I don’t know. He’s around 40 years old. Like he made 100 million bucks. So like nine figures. I mean it’s, it’s realistic to assume that you could make a 100 million bucks by the time you’re like 40 if you’re committed, right? Like even 50 you started out like 30 years to live. So like, you know, I look at like the, the Andy for cells of the world who loaded rich or the, you know, the, even the grand cartoons of the world or the Edomites of the world or whatever who have made a ton of money. But I’m like the best version of yourself. Cool. But like if the best version of yourself and this, and I’m not, I’m not saying you’re wrong or you’re right. I don’t know the answer and that’s why I’m asking your thoughts on it. Like for me, I’m like, okay, if I achieved, I was amazingly physically fit. I had amazing relationship with my wife. I had a, an eight or nine figure business that was awesome. I had a work life balance. I could travel, I could do or whatever and I achieved that by 50 all right. Achieve that by 60 or 45 or whatever it was. [inaudible] is that what we’re after in life? Is that the ultimate goal? And, and, and obviously, I mean we’re probably, that’ll probably take us into her like a religion thing. But like then what, like after you’ve achieved that point or whatever, is it about bringing as many people with you? Is it about doing more? Like what is it for you then after that point?

JR Rivas: 01:02:18 So once I get to that point, I’ll choose a new goal first of all. But I feel like that’s somewhat of a lifelong pursuit because you’re, you’re, I’m not only asking to be like the top 1% of people that have ever lived, it’s like the top 1% of the 1% like look at, okay, Jeff Bezos couldn’t keep his marriage together. So I’m at, essentially I’m asking to do something, 1% of people like the top 1% of the United States make like $400,000 a year. Right. So.

Josh: 01:02:45 that’s at the top 1% of the world in it. I have 1% of the world is like, yeah, some 600 or something. Yeah. Right.

JR Rivas: 01:02:51 So I’m asking to be not as essentially like the top 1% in every category. The top 1% of marriages, the top 1% of of in physical fitness, the top 1% in mental health and spirituality in the top 1% in my relationship, the one top 1% father. So these are all things that most people don’t ever even achieve. One of these things, and I’m, I’m striving for all of them so I know this is not going to be a a thing that I can achieve by 40 or 50 the thing is like in order to do each one of these things, like his first piece, some people take some like Warren Buffet to become a billionaire too. Like what, 70 years, 80 or whatever. I’ll look it up. I it’s going to be a, I know it’s going to be a lifelong pursuit too, become the best version in all these different areas plus the, that best version threshold. Once I get there, I’m going to see like I strongly believe if I do, if and when I do get to that hundred million dollar net worth, I’ll be like, well shit, I’m just getting started and I’m really not even, I’m like 20% of the best version of myself and I didn’t even know. It’s like I didn’t even know like w what was out there. So essentially warm up just side note,

Josh: 01:04:02 Warren Buffet became a billionaire in his 50s.

JR Rivas: 01:04:04 okay. So I see, I see that to be like a moving target as well because the more you know, the more you know, you don’t know. So I, I’ve, I and I, this isn’t like, I always believe like the, the love and trust and communication you experienced in relationship, there’s not a cap on that. It can always get better. It can always improve. So one of the things for me is like event like to be the best version of myself, it’s going to be a lot of contribution to others as well because I can’t get to, you know, $100 million net worth and be like, well [inaudible] that didn’t help anybody and that’s not the best version of me.

Josh: 01:04:37 So I know you’ve spent time with the monks, right? [inaudible] you learned a lot from them. I’ve talked to you about it. I think on our last podcast interview that we did, um, over on your side of things, like we talked about that a little bit. I feel like the monks and being a monk is 100% completely opposite of what you’ve just described, which it’s fine, right? Believe me, I’m after success and fame too. Like that [inaudible] what’s the difference and like are they not successful? Like how have they not achieved the best version of their life? Yeah. So also the best version of yourself is completely like up to you. Like what does that look like for you? Like I said, you have to decide like who you want to be and what you want these areas to look like.

JR Rivas: 01:05:15 So my on that is like, it’s a balance. So monk is being a monk is like very eastern philosophies and then western philosophies is more like capitalism. If you go either in either way too far, your life goes out of balance. Cause if you, if you go way too far into like the monks philosophies, you will pretty much lose motivation because you’ll learn to be content and happy in the present moment. And [inaudible] the, the goal of monks, so the amongst have goals, their goals are to end suffering amongst humanity. So, but they also believe that you can’t give from an empty cup. Right. So the, the monks invest as much time and effort as you and I spend in like business and relationships and all that stuff in themselves in developing themselves and healing and curing suffering within themselves so that they can then bring that practice to other people. So essentially and [inaudible] I don’t even like saying it like that because the monks don’t have a goal of like, alright, we’re going to try to convert this many people to Buddhism this year. And they encourage you to like explore other religions and stuff like that. So it is kind of opposite. But when it comes to like the spirituality side of like my goals and in that realm, my spiritual goals aligned very well, very well with amongst, which is like be present in the moment. Um, learn how to a lot of is learning how to deal with suffering. And one of the things I love that the monks had taught me is like suffering it, you shouldn’t look at suffering as something that you want to get rid of. Like you’re like, oh, I’m suffering. Like I can’t wait to not be suffering. I can’t wait to not be uncomfortable. You have to learn to be able to sit with suffering, observe it from a third party perspective and know that like, this is a normal thing and just let it come and go as it needs to. So when it comes to the monk philosophies, that is like the, the, it’s like the spiritual, um, practices that I’ve chosen to adopt, like meditation and being present and practicing loving speech and practicing loving communication and loving, they call it, um, deep listening and stuff like that. So there is, there is aspects, there is a balance because I asked this question to the, I love going to the monastery because I can ask amongst these questions, but I say, Hey, what’s the difference between like monks are all about being now in the present moment. And so I’m like, how do you ever set goals if you’re always worried about the present moment? And what they told me it was like setting goals is not a bad thing, but setting goals has to be anchored in the present moment. So if you’re setting, if you’re constantly living in like, okay, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to reach this goal. I can’t wait to reach the school. You’re letting go. You’re not sitting in the present moment. Like you’re not here now. Your, your mind is always in the future or in the past. So they kind of teach like set these goals but still be like mindful of like you’re, they always go back to your breath, be mindful of your breath, be mindful of the present moment while you’re setting these goals. And then after you’ve set these goals, just worry about what it takes right here. Right now too. Reach those.

Josh: 01:08:12 What do you, what do you think or how is say this, um, do you think there’s different [inaudible] truths for different people in the sense of um, like goal setting for example, the monks are all about like being in the present moment, right? And which I think is a great, a great thing. But like also like some people are just different, right? Like you look at the Elon musks of the world or the Gary Vaynerchuk said the world, like they live by a totally different set of rules or like get know concepts or whatever. Then the monks do. Do you think that the same truth that applies to the monks applies to them as well? If they would, if they, if they would practice it and vice versa. Or do you do thing that different people are designed to live by a different set of what’s ultimately gonna make them happy and fulfilled?

JR Rivas: 01:09:01 I think different people are designed to live by a different set. So one of the things that the monks, um, talk, talk to me about was they say, hey, everything that you learn here don’t feel compelled to go out and like set goals of like your, I have to meditate one hour a day or I have to meditate 30 minutes a day and if I don’t like, it’s like a failure because to kind of defeats the purpose of, of what they’re all about. What they told me, he’s like, Buddhism is like a raft. You when you, you, you only need a raft when you’re crossing a stream. But when you’re done crossing the stream, you don’t carry the raft on your head. But if you do need to cross the stream again, the raft is always back at the stream. So like everything that you learn here, use it as a tool. If you feel like you need the tool, use it. And if you don’t, then don’t feel like this ultimate pressure, like have to do this stuff or have to live by this stuff. So it makes sense. A very like they call it, they say like don’t believe anything that we say, but it’s a practice. And if you find a true for you, then keep it. And if not, then that’s cool.

Josh: 01:09:55 What do you think is after life? Meaning like, oh actually let me run. Let me rephrase that question. [inaudible] you’re spiritual. You believe I imagined that in some format. This is a simple question to set it up for the next question, but I would imagine that you believe in some format or another that there is an afterlife, right? Yes. Okay. So [inaudible] do you, how much do you believe that what we do here? Preps for that?

JR Rivas: 01:10:22 Okay, so I’ll kind of get, so I, I, at one point I was really confused. I mean, I still don’t fit. Don’t act like I know, but I’m, I bought all these books and I was like, all right, I’m going to buy 10 books on like atheism and I’m going to read those and I’m going to buy 10 books that are like for religion and afterlife and all that stuff. And I’m gonna read those. The most compelling argument that I heard for an afterlife was this guy that did a study, um, where he studied people’s post, a people’s near death experiences, people. So people who claim to have died and came back. So he set up this database online. Um, he got 1300 submissions of people all around the world, different languages, different, uh, backgrounds, different religions to submit their, their experience of what they, their near death experience was like. Then he went through and he found the similarities and key. He created an algorithm that if you were lying, it would just throw out your submissions. So not even lying, but if your story was very inconsistent, you would ask questions like different ways. And, uh, if your story wasn’t, didn’t add up, you would just make it to the study. So what he found was that the most compelling argument that I heard for like there definitely being an afterlife was that people who were born blind their entire life were blind, had near death experiences where they left their body and in there after when they left their body, they could see colors, everything. So that’s completely unexplainable. Like there’s your, their brain wouldn’t w like it’s not explainable also. Um, it’s a really good book. It’s called evidence of the afterlife. Also. It’s, uh, when they looked at children that had near death experiences, um, the, the stuff that the sim, the commonalities and the things that they would say, this is not stuff that a child that’s like five years old would be able to articulate. And then also very similar to each other’s stories. Um, and then also, so he goes through the other things, like people being able to recount what their doctor said while they were unconscious in another room, stuff like that. So that made me definitely believe that there was something beyond this. Um, now what was the, what was the question again?

Josh: 01:12:22 The question was like, Hey, do you believe that what we do in this life determine how much of what you believe in that.

JR Rivas: 01:12:29 the reason that I don’t feel like, I believe in the whole, uh, Christianity, uh, the whole Christianity,

Josh: 01:12:38 heaven and hell?

JR Rivas: 01:12:39 yeah, the heaven and hell thing is because [inaudible] I’m just saying, okay, well you get 80 years on this earth and 80 to a hundred Max and a lot of what you, a lot of your actions are dictated by your environment. Because if that wasn’t the case, then poor areas wouldn’t commit more crime. And you know, so I’m like, I feel like it’s like, okay, eight years in the grand scheme of eternity, that’s like, that’s like a blip, right? So it’d be like, well, I mean, the whole concept of time in and of itself is pretty, right, right? Like it’d be like you’re in a relationship with someone for 20 years, one day, one day. In those 20 years they do something to Piss you off and you’re like, I’m just like, you know, I’m, I’m done. I’m leaving this already. So I feel like to judge someone on eternity based on an 80 year period that they have on this planet, we’re wait where there’s, it’s really not like, it’s not easy to navigate. Like there’s all this, there’s social pressure and you know, like we have these, uh, these predetermined biases and I’m like, you’re more likely to believe what you believe because the people around you believe it. So I feel like to, to punish someone for eternity based on, and it would be different if there was one religion on earth and everybody believed that, then I could see that being a little bit more reasonable, but to punish someone for eternity based on what they do on this 80 to 90 years span. Um, I just feel like that’s kind of does not, it’s doesn’t seem logical or moral. Plus the other thing too, um, and I don’t want to like on Christianity because I feel like every religion, like Buddhism, they believe in reincarnation or something, right? I don’t even, we, they’ve never talked to him about like after life stuff, I’ve never gotten into that with them. I will next time I go. But, um, which I, I don’t believe that, but um,

Josh: 01:14:21 I feel like you don’t believe in afterlife?

JR Rivas: 01:14:23 No, I don’t believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation. So like also when it, when I, I had a plane ride, a couple, like last time I did that I was going to Vegas, it was Jacksonville to Vegas and it was like a four, three, four hour plane ride and I’m like super social. So I talked to like all the people around me and I want to know their life stories and [inaudible] and I finally like, and I can tell like if somebody’s like, oh, they just don’t want to talk or they’re shy or whatever. So I finally found someone who was just as social as I was, so she wanted to talk just as much as I did. So we talked on the, I think I was going to Denver and then I was going to go to Vegas to visit my girl. And so we talked on this whole flight like three and a half, four hours. I found out she was like a Christian missionary. She told me about her life. She told me that she’d been through a divorce. So I like dove into that. So one of the things that I told her, and I’m totally open to this stuff, so I don’t want you to feel like, and I know you’ll tell me to like how you feel, but I don’t want you to feel like, oh, because I’m saying this that I’m not open to like, oh bro, go open the chat about anything that I feel that if you, if you make a compelling argument, I will go research it and a hundred percent proof of that is, I recently read this book called the weight and it’s about why you, it’s by uh, Megan. Good and Devonne Franklin. Devonne Franklin is a Christian pastor. It’s about why you should wait until hell to have sex until marriage. Even though I’m not Christian, I read that book because I’m like, maybe there’s something I’m missing. Maybe there’s something I don’t understand. Right. Something that would help improve my relationships. I’m very open to changing my mind and I feel like that’s where growth happens for sure. One of the things that I told this girl that didn’t make sense to me was like, let’s say Josh, let’s say you had a son, right? And at age 18 your son says, you know, Josh, you just been really bother your entire life and you just haven’t shown up and I just, I just don’t want anything to do with you and he just completely cut you off. Would you still love your son?

Josh: 01:16:07 Yeah.

JR Rivas: 01:16:08 Would you still want what’s best for your son?

Josh: 01:16:10 Yeah.

JR Rivas: 01:16:11 So I feel like for to look at this situation and say like, okay, just because we’ve done wrong to God, he’s going to punish us for all eternity. I feel like, how could the love of a father be greater than the love of a God? Then when you look at the story of job in the Bible, I feel like that story, although like when I brought this up to my ex, she’s like, well that’s old testament and all that stuff. I feel like in that situation the devil comes to God and he’s like, um, you know, I bet you he wouldn’t be faithful if he didn’t. If he didn’t have all these blessings right. And God is like God’s like pretty much like, all right, well I’ll show you. I feel like that’s a very egotistical human emotion that only like that’s a very low level. Like only an egotistical person would think like that and be like, all right, well let me cut this entire guy’s life just to prove a point. So when I look at all these little incomes and.

Josh: 01:16:59 let me, let me pause you right there. I agree. And so one of the things that I am in the process of right now, I said like as you Kyle died, right? My brother. Um, so like that, that brings up a lot of questions and I’m pretty at peace. I’m pretty chill with the fact that Kyle died, right? Like I believe I’m going to see him again and I’m pretty at peace with it. I believe that strongly. The reason that I’m okay with it is because of my psychedelic experiences and you know, things of that nature before and after that event happened. But one of the questions that I questioned Christianity on a lot, and let me be clear, I am very much a Christian. I very much believe in the Bible, but I very much questioned the Bible and I’m very much right now. And part of the reason that I’m traveling is to either prove the Bible right or prove the Bible wrong, right? Like I want to know this. And one of the things that I run into a lot and it continually and consistently comes up is I believe that according to the Bible, God is perfect. God is without flaw. And that, uh, you know, he can, you know, basically doing, created anything he wants. It says that God looks at the Earth and God saw that when he created and it was good. And I’m like, Yo God, if your perfect right is this the best you got right? Cause like this place, this earth is pretty messed up, right? Like it’s a pretty jacked up place. And so I, you know, I look at that and I was actually just an offer mine in Boise. I was talking to a Mormon and um, you know, Mormons are, are just as religious around more religious than a lot of Christians are. And we were talking and he showed me a verse in the Book of Mormon and I have a copy of the book of Mormon or whatever. And he was like, Ah, God, let sin enter this world, you know, because of Adam and eve and Adam or eve ate the fruit or whatever, God, let sin enter the world to basically bring him glory because without saying there could be no love and basically the reason that uh, sans enter the world is so that God can be glorified. And I’m like, that seems pretty jacked up to me. Right. Like if you’re ready. Yeah, right.

JR Rivas: 01:18:53 I’ll go finish. I’m trying, I’m trying to get better at about not cutting people off one of the Buddhist practices, but like, so like I understand exactly where you’re coming from. Where I look at a lot of the inconsistencies in the Bible and I, in my life, I’ve looked at, I’ve looked at the end consistencies in the Bible and I haven’t been able to find one where I’ve not been able to prove it. Like if I go back to the original translation, but this is one where I’m like, you know, you look at the grant, I mean going back to the whole Grand Canyon Canyon concept, you know, the earth being billions of years old and some people thinking that I’m like, there’s a lot of scientific evidence that would support that. The earth is billions of years old. Yet there’s a lot of creationists out there that are like, no, the earth is 10,000 years old or less. And I’m like, W we’re, we’re totally speculating here, right? And so one of the most difficult things for me, and I believe in an absolute God, I believe in absolute truth, and I believe as of now, that the Bible is the most true thing on the earth, right? But Ben Shapiro is someone that I respect a lot. I think he’s one of the smartest, most educated men in the world, right? Uh, there’s Dudes, he’s a Jew. He, you know, he’s uh, uh, Judaism is his religion, which is Pretty Dang contradictory to Christianity. Like they don’t believe that Jesus was the son of God. That Dick’s son of God was not here. Like that’s like the core crux of Christianity. And I looked at some atheists that used super respect, they’re super smart and I’m like, how does someone that is so well educated believe atheism and somebody else who I respect Ben Shapiro be so well educated and not believe in Christianity. M Ravi Zacharias, who is probably my favorite Christian apologists of all time, be so sure that Christianity exists, right? And you look at all these different things and you go, uh, I don’t know ma’am. So like I totally get where you’re coming from when it comes to this whole like, man, some of these things seem like that God’s a pretty egotistical person because it literally says in the Bible that God created everything and did everything to bring glory to him. And I’m like, if we’re made in the image of God, like the Bible says, is God the only one that’s allowed to be a self obsessed, you know, egotistical figure. I Dunno. So,

JR Rivas: 01:20:53 so I know like one of the arguments that I hear too against Christianity is like, well, if God’s all good then how is there evil in the world? And one thing I’ve learned through Buddhism is that there cannot be joy. There’s like, without contrast, there’s no happiness. Like you can’t be happy without knowing sadness, which is why in Buddhism we embrace suffering and embrace sadness as a normal part of life. Because without sadness like that contract, like you spent a winter in Michigan and then come to Florida and tell me like you’re not happy. So like you need that contrast to experienced the other without like, so literally like we cannot, like without that contrast, there would be one emotion and it’d be like neutral. So like there has to be suffering in the world and there has to be evil in the world for there to be good.

Josh: 01:21:38 Do you believe in evolution?

JR Rivas: 01:21:40 I believe, I don’t know. I W I would not. I would say I’m not educated enough on that subject.

Josh: 01:21:46 Okay. Do you believe that there has been, let’s, let’s take out the existence of the earth. Let’s, you know, forget where, where it started, but do you believe that? And if you don’t know, that’s fine, but like do you believe that evolution has shaped to where we’ve gotten today? Like take out the, where it came from. I know it had to start from somewhere, whether that’s creation, God, the Big Bang theory, like whatever. But do you believe that evolution has caused the earth to shape into where it’s been today and it is caused things like the Grand Canyon and cause things like the shifting of the earth and the rising of everything and like the evolutionary theory at all? Or are you just not sure?

JR Rivas: 01:22:23 I think it has just because you can see the way that animals will adapt to their environment. So I’m like, okay, well if, if this animal is this lizard that is in the desert is this color and this the same color as the desert, it’s adapted to the desert. But that same lizard in the Amazon jungle is like green. So I feel like we’ve definitely, um, adapted and changed over time. Plus I also, I have this theory, interesting theory. Uh, I can’t remember if I heard it somewhere or if I heard something that made me think of this, that humans are actually devolving now because in the past and in the animal world, like the, the rhino, that’s like the biggest and the strongest, he fucks all the other rhinos, right? But in, in our society, you can be fat, make minimum wage and you still get to reproduce, right? So, uh, there’s, there could have been arguing that we could be devolving as a species. So as far as though, I think that evolution does play into it because, and the on, I listened to a lot of Jordan Peterson and he talks a lot about like a relationship evolution and why I um, how like women make mating decisions and stuff like that. So the, the male that’s like, you know, confident and can go out and kill the lion, kill the thing and bring it back home and eat it. That is the one that the woman would, would want to meet with and then that makes the species better. And ultimately that like the guy that is the most confident and can this feminine,

Josh: 01:23:50 it’s kind of like survival of the fittest. More or less.

JR Rivas: 01:23:52 Yeah. And can problem solve is probably going to have his pick of women. Right. So, and if the best woman and from evolutionary terms mates with the best man now their child is more likely to be even better.

Josh: 01:24:05 So basically what you’re saying is, is that you would have all the pick of all the,

JR Rivas: 01:24:15 are you really asking?

Josh: 01:24:17 I mean you can, you can answer if you want to, but I mean,

JR Rivas: 01:24:21 no, I think like dude, if you look at, so I looked into like, um, you just see a Danville’s Ariens interview on London real food.

Josh: 01:24:27 It was so good.

JR Rivas: 01:24:29 I actually like, remember he says like 5% of the dudes fuck 95% of the women’s. Evolutionarily that’s evolutionary. That’s evolution right there.

josh: 01:24:38 Dan Bilzerian is quite the, that was one of the most fascinating interviews I think I’ve ever watched with him. I’ve watched a lot of Dan Bilzerian interviews cause he,

JR Rivas: 01:24:45 I’ve watched that one in the of Joe Rogan one, but it was really, that was really interesting.

Josh: 01:24:48 Yeah, I’ve watched them both for sure.

JR Rivas: 01:24:50 It was fascinating. What do you think about him? I think it’s the same as like grant Cardone. A lot of people hate him because he’s awesome and he’s living this awesome life now as far as like if he’s happy and all that. Yeah,

Josh: 01:25:01 no, I mean I super disagree with Dan Bilzerian on ridiculous amounts of moral levels. Um,

JR Rivas: 01:25:09 I agree too. Right?

Josh: 01:25:11 Okay. So here’s, here’s what I’m gonna say. There’s a verse in the Bible, it talks about a multiple times that’s like, Yo, be hot or cold. Don’t be lukewarm, right? Demos. Aaron ain’t Luke warm man. And if there’s one thing that I, I, I, one of the things that I grew up in, I grew up in a pretty religious and Christian home that like oftentimes you threw out the bath with the bath water or the baby with the bath water. I feel like, you know, you, if someone was just a bad human being, however we define that, we just kind of are like, Woo. Um, I have a lot of respect for Dan Rosarian for one reason and that is, he’s super honest and I think that if Dan Bilzerian, and I’m going to talk in vague terms here just because I don’t even really even really know fully what I believe right now. But like let’s pretend I was trying to convinced Dan Bilzerian to a Christian, right. Um, or lead them to salvation. Um, I think that I would have an easier time doing it for Dan Bilzerian than say the average person that was just like, man, whatever about their life. And it sounds like no way would Dan g give up all of this stuff, right? Yes. Maybe not. But at the same time, at least Dan is willing to be honest and looked at and look at facts. He’s straight up on the interview was like, Yo, I know everything that I do does not make me happy, but yet I still do it. I don’t know. I don’t know. [inaudible] know why, but he’s like, I do it, you know, and so I have a lot of respect for that and I appreciate the fact that he’s just entirely, he’s like, Hey, I’m going to screw every single girl I want to screw. And I tell all the girls that, which is in my mind like, ah, like so morally messed up right in my head. I’m like, ah, you can’t live the life that you’re living and you know, you’re, you’re ultimately going down a path, but you feel it.

JR Rivas: 01:26:51 Why do you feel it’s morally messed up?

Josh: 01:26:53 Because, oh man, this is a whole side conversation of everything. But like,

JR Rivas: 01:26:58 can I, can I piss real quick? Yeah. I don’t want to be distracted with my bladder. I want to be like 100% present.

Josh: 01:27:04 All right. First interview that we’ve ever had with that. I, I’m done. I’m done. Okay guys, this has been and will continue to be GRE this once she gets back from using the restroom. A fascinating interview so far. We’ve got another probably 30, 40 minutes, uh, that we’ll, we’ll continue to go with this. But, um, the one thing that I respect about Jr and you know, as he’s, you know, going to the other room here, um, a lot of people get offended by language. A lot of people get offended by, you know, some of the things in Jr’s pretty polarizing person expect, you know, especially with everything. But, um, the same thing, you know, about devil’s area and in Danville’s area is honest, I think Jr’s pretty honest with a lot of things as well. And so jr is a very, very dear friend of mine and it’s someone, he’s someone that I always appreciated that I could have an open and honest conversation with because he’s not going to lie. He’s not gonna say things that he doesn’t believe. He’s not trying to please people. And so ultimately I think that that’s a really good, um, characteristic to have, um, in what it is that you’re doing. So, um, I’m looking forward to continue this conversation when he gets back. Also, I’m gonna take this time to note that, uh, if you have not gotten mind shift playbook yet, we talk a lot about, uh, mindset on this interview sort of thing. let’s think. you can pick up the mind ship playbook for free. That is my 65 page playbook on the mind. And uh, you can get that, there are and their Jr’s back, which was a commercial break. Jr well done. I got to promote my playbook.

JR Rivas: 01:28:28 Awesome. Love it. All right, we’ll do this. I’m doing 7,500. I got to keep on top of the water.

Josh: 01:28:31 I know. Um, yeah.

JR Rivas: 01:28:34 So, okay. The Dan Bilzerian point. Yeah. Well, okay. Do, can we, before I forget, can we talk about polygamy after this?

Josh: 01:28:43 Yeah, I mean, I think this is a perfect segue into it. Um, sex is not just, it’s expert. Sex for animals is different than sex for humans. And, um, I don’t think that people understand the consequences or benefits slash the effects I should say, of doing that and doing what he does in the lifestyle that he lives. There is no happy. Okay. So one of the things that I think that I’ve been learning recently and studying recently that, you know, growing up, I don’t think I understood the effects of is that every action that you take as a consequence, positively or negatively, every single one of them. And when you look at, um, what brings growth, very rarely does pleasure bring growth. Now I’m not bashing pleasure, right? Cause pleasure. I mean everybody, you know, wants to move towards pleasure, away from pain. But oftentimes when you’re uncomfortable, when you’re pushing yourself, when you’re in your car, you know, when you’re not in your comfort zone or whatever, those are the things that ultimately form you to be a better person. And for me to get ultimately where it is that you’re going. And so when you are in a place where you don’t like, you’re typically having a positive outcome and when you’re doing something that, like for example, if I go to Vegas and I blow a bunch of money, it feels really, really good at the time. But it’s also a net negative on my life usually because I’m losing a bunch of money and it’s, you know, a bunch of negative. And so Dan Bilzerian living the life that he lives with the lifestyle that he lives in a constant state of pleasure and a constant state of everything. I mean, even talks about it on the London real interview, it has to get bigger and bigger and bigger and it has to be more extravagant. And you know, if he’s not driving a Ferrari, like what’s his life? Right? Like a Ford Mustang is nothing to him. Right. So like you have this, and it’s the same thing. True with the girls. The girls have to get hotter. There’s no pleasure in sex anymore for him. Like, I mean, yes there’s physical pleasure but like, you know, there’s one person that can be married to their wife or their husband, you know, their whole entire life and only have sex with them and be incredibly happy, incredibly to build and have an amazing relationship with them. Dan, I’m not saying he’s never going to be able to settle down with one woman, but um, there is going to be significant, significant, significant effects of his actions on any future relationship that he tries to have. And if you ever tried to be loyal, if he ever tried to change his life, if he ever tried to, you know, go out there and start to live by any form of moral compass, he’s going to have a ridiculously hard time doing that because of all the actions that you’ve taken up until this far. And so that is a shortened answer of a much deeper, I’m trying not to, for the sake of time, I know we have some time left, but like the sake of time, like without going super, super deep on that, like I think that’s my short answer to it. But like you have to understand that all actions do have consequences and Daniel’s area’s life is nothing but pleasure to the outside person. And I think that when you try to fill everything with pleasure or whatever, it’s because there’s a hugely missing void somewhere else. And he himself has said that the reason that he’s so egotistical and wants all the attention is because he was, you know, abused slash deprived of attention as a child. And you know how a lot of really messed up things in his childhood. And so you look at that and you go, well, that’s clearly amplifying in his life. He himself knows that he’s not happy. He himself knows that none of what he’s doing is actually bringing happiness for fulfillment at all. But he’s doing it simply because he can.

JR Rivas: 01:31:54 Yeah. So my view is on this is like number one, you should be able to wherever you, but I do believe that if you treat a sex, which is the most intimate thing that two human beings can do together casually than the rest of your life, you’ll treat casually as well. Your friend relationships, your business relationships, your view of yourself. And I, I have a youtube video about this. It’s called, um, sex and McDonald’s is making you poor. So it’s essentially about how the things that we do like pleasure that are essentially, we do them to feel better. So you drive by McDonald’s and you know, you shouldn’t get a big Mac, but you do it because it’s gonna make you feel better. Take summit Lee makes you feel worse. So having sex with people that you shouldn’t, you feel like you shouldn’t have sex with. Ultimately it’s to feel better in that moment, but in the long run it actually makes you feel worse about yourself because you’re like, I don’t even value this person and I’m, you know, rubbing genital, bumping genitals with them. So how am I going to value myself? So I think that, um, I think casual sex is harmful. It’s harmful to your psychology. And I agree. Aye. And I’ve, I’ve been there like, you know, growing up, all I wanted to do in high school and, and beyond because it was the cool thing was having sex. Lots of girls. Yeah. So it was always like, it was like this fun thing, but it was never fulfilling and it was always like, you know, it, it always seemed more fun until like the second after it was over, I’d be like, this really was, it’s not that like I just feel dirty and I, I felt that there was something wrong with me because all my friends were chasing it. So I was like, oh, maybe like I, there’s just something I’m missing about this. Let me just keep trying until I have, until I find out what’s missing. So, and ultimately like, and I hate to get too deep, but like sex until there’s a study, uh, where the sex on first date only 10% of women experience orgasms, um, by the, in a, in a longterm relationship, it’s like 60%. So that goes to say that sex with somebody that you don’t even know isn’t even that pleasurable to begin with. So it’s just a, it’s just like this thing that we’ve like made in society, uh, because especially in, in like younger dudes because it’s cool, whatever.

Josh: 01:34:05 But also I think that it plays into, and the drug in your brain of connection, right? Um, th th th I mean this is marketing, right? Like the, the, the number one, a drug that we chase in that we crave is the most powerful form of a, of a drug. And in our mind is, um, I forget what the name of it is, but it’s the, the drug that causes the feeling of connection, right? It will make people give up their relationships. I mean, I make people give up their religion. It will make people do things that they would never imagine doing because they crave this so much. And so the, that, that drug of connection, I mean, one of my best friends, look, you know, I, and I have a lot of friends that have sex all the time, right? Like he was like, the reason I like sex so much is because it’s the one moment in my life where I feel connected to someone. You know what I mean? And so I think [inaudible],

JR Rivas: 01:34:55 This is what I call a pseudo connection.

Josh: 01:34:58 But like I think that our society, especially social media has made us more connected, but in reality that has made us less connected. We can talk to everybody, we don’t have the feeling of connection. And so because of that, like, I dunno, I feel like social media has really played a huge role, not only from the content that’s going out there but also in our brains and the psychology of it, of like people going around and having, you know, sex with more and more and more people rather than being more committed because it’s easier, it’s easier to access. And I’m, I don’t know, I think that there’s a lot that goes into that, but I think the ultimate driving factor behind sex, the fact that we want to feel connected and that we want to feel good about ourselves with that and like, because society measure success off of that. So that’s what we crave and because we want people to like, look at us cool and like be cool. That’s, you know, I think we all have different driving reasons behind it, but I think there’s a much deeper reason than just sex. You know what I mean?

JR Rivas: 01:35:55 [inaudible] yeah, absolutely. And um, dude, one of the things that I would say to my girls, like I feel like I like cheating on someone and adults and all that stuff. It’s the easy way out. Like it’s the easier thing to do. And that’s one of the reasons why I will never do it because I’d feel like I’m, again, I’m failing at being the best version of myself. This isn’t what the nine, what nine figure jr would do. So I always tell my girl like, I will never cheat on you. And it’s not because like I’m such a morally ethical person, it’s because I know that if I ever cheated on you, I would hurt my self esteem because I would look at myself and be like, wow, Joe, you’re such a piece of shit. Like.

Josh: 01:36:29 you’re just, you’re so, you’re, you’re not going to cheat because you’re selfish.

JR Rivas: 01:36:32 Exactly. So this is one of my theories is like you should be selfish because if you are selfish, you will always do what’s right for everybody else. If you’re longterm selfish, you’ll always do what’s right for everybody else. Because if I’m so selfish in my business, I’m going to do what’s best for my customers because I know that I’m so selfish that in 10 years like I’m going to have a more sustainable, more successful business if I’m selfish in my, in my self esteem, I’m never gonna do anything. I’m never gonna, I will never raise my hand at my girl. I will never raise my voice at her. I will never cheat on her because I know that those things are signs of weakness and I value myself so much that I know that would hurt my own self esteem. So I wouldn’t do that. So my, my theory and I used to, this actually came to me one time, I was like, I’m so, I don’t smoke weed cause I get super paranoid. And one time I smoked weed and I got, I got paranoid and I literally like, it was like these little, it was, I didn’t even smoke it. It was like these brownies and mine. My neighbor’s a cop, so I’m like, and he has a canine, so I’m like, apparently, and I’m like, my neighbor’s dog is going to smell these right now. He’s going to start barking. And then who? My neighbors going to come over here, he’s going to call this swat team. They’re going to confiscate these. Oh my gosh, bro. Brownies down the garbage disposal and ran the water for like half an hour. I was super high. But one of the epitomes I had when I was high was everybody’s selfish. I’m like, the only reason that that, that I, that me, me and you are friends is because I some in some way bring value to your life. Not you wouldn’t be my friend.

Josh: 01:38:03 Well, everything that you do, I mean there’s a, there’s an argument and, and I’ve had long debates about this. I think that everything you do is somehow based out of selfishness. Because even if you’re like, no, I’m doing this because I believe it’s real, you know, morally and religiously. Right. And I’m like, well, yes, and therefore you’re doing that because selfishly you want the benefits of following your moral compass or whatever. Like at the end of the day, like everything we do has selfish motives behind it.

JR Rivas: 01:38:28 Exactly. That I agree with. So I had that epiphany when I was, you know, super paranoid and I, and when I was high, I looked at that as a negative thing. I was like, nobody even cares about me. The only reason that anybody’s in like has, has me in their life is because I may improve their life in some way. Yeah. I, when I sobered up and I was thinking back at this, I was like, wow, that’s actually a really good thing because the old, the fact that I’m the most selfish person, it means that I’m always gonna do what’s best for everybody else. Like, I’m gonna make sure that I buy you a president on your, on your birthday because I know that that’s gonna that’s gonna make me feel better.

Josh: 01:39:00 Hey, I mean be genuine about it obviously,

JR Rivas: 01:39:01 but exactly. So yeah, essentially. So everything like the reason that you, you have a kid and you don’t abandon your kid is because you would feel like a piece of shit if you abandon your kid. So that selfishness of like I would feel bad about myself if I did that keeps you from doing that. So being selfish is essentially, it’s the most positive thing because if you put yourself first, you’ll do.

Josh: 01:39:23 underlying Lisa well, well good, good selfishness, not not bad self longterm selfish niche. I like how you got that.

JR Rivas: 01:39:30 So exactly cause short term selfish just is like oh I’m just going to lie to everybody but that that’s not, that’s not what going to be what’s best for me longterm. If I lied to my customers and I made some up and I made like some claim that wasn’t true, whatever, that made more money now in the future, number one that would hurt my self esteem and I know if my self esteem is down, I’m not going to be able to look at myself in the way that I need to. Look at myself to perform. So because I love myself so much, essentially it keeps me from doing things to other people.

Josh: 01:40:00 Have you ever tripped?

JR Rivas: 01:40:02 No. Dude, I’ve never, I’ve only ever smoked weed and I, I do. I want to try it. I want to try LSD on try mushrooms and a lot..

Josh: 01:40:10 We’ll have to do it together. Bro, is the most life changing thing of your entire life.

JR Rivas: 01:40:14 Dude. I’m sitting at my, my girls told me like, oh, you need to try all those deet.

Josh: 01:40:18 It’s amazing. And to clarify for people listening, I am not necessarily endorsing it. You need to be in a good state of mind. Um, she, you know, like you have to have a good mindset mentality going in, but dude, it’s like, it’s insane. It’s, it’s nothing like weed. It is nothing like weed. So like don’t go and expecting that. And um, you know, the, the different phases in different levels of it, it’s a very eyeopening experience. And you’ll, you’ll realize, I mean, have you ever questioned or not there was an afterlife before you trip? You will not question whether or not there’s an afterlife once you trip. Um, my first, I mean, I’ve had an out of body experience through tripping, um, which was just nuts and absolutely insane and like just weird. [inaudible] it’s crazy, crazy what it will do to open it up. But I know that drugs are pretty controversial and technically, you know, LSD and mushrooms or whatever are classified as a drug, but they, um, I dunno if for some reason I feel like that psychedelics are on this earth for a reason. I have, I can’t back that up with biblical proof, but there’s a lot of arguments that I’ve read and a lot of theories that like, do you know, like the story of Moses and the burning Bush in the Bible?

JR Rivas: 01:41:36 Ah, I’ve heard that. That was,

Josh: 01:41:37 yeah, that was an io Oscar plant.

JR Rivas: 01:41:39 Yeah. It’s like no one to grow in that region.

Josh: 01:41:41 Yeah. It’s no new, which would make tremendous, tremendous sense, right? Like, I mean, it really would. When you, when you have experienced psychedelics and I have done several different type of psychedelics, not just LSD. Um, you, um, you start to realize like it is crazy bro. So like, do you know anything about LSD? Like have you talked to people that have done it? Like have they told you their experiences at all?

JR Rivas: 01:42:07 Um, no I haven’t. I’ve been around people that done it. Maybe like one time. My girlfriend’s done it, but I haven’t really asked her too much about it.

Josh: 01:42:15 man, it’s nuts man. Like you can see dimensions, LSD specifically like you can see like dimensions and stuff. So like my floor, it was nuts. So I did it literally on the other room. Um, one time and like my kitchen floor is like, you know, it’s tiled and they have like all these cool designs, you know, it’s got like cool designs or whatever, like literally all like, hey hits you. And all of a sudden like it’s 3d bro. And it’s like, you’re like, what on earth? And you can like see different dimensions now and now you can say like 3d and 40 and like you can hear like audio feedback and saw like crazy stuff. So when you’re talking it’s like a ripple effect. And then like you can jump dimensions and then like when you hit peak as you take enough of it, like not everybody hits, you know, like major, major peak because you know you gotta take enough. But like when you take enough, like you just kind of like trip into stuff. Like you’re just like sitting there and like you like fall back and then everything kind of starts to spin and then you’re like, when all of a sudden you’re in this like different world bro, like whole different reality. Like you can go anywhere at the snap of a fingers, you can explore anything. It’s just like this free fall and you, you just learn and you can search so much, which is very different than like a DMT. But like you learn like the perspective that you gather and that you bring, you come down and like on the calm down, you feel like you’re like literally, you feel like you’re Bradley Cooper in the movie limitless. You’re so freaking smart. It’s ridiculous. But like in the, in the mid peak of everything, you’re like searching around and you’re looking for like purpose and meaning and you’re seeing like thoughts and ideas and like all these different crazy things and then you like come out of it and you’re like, how did I not know this before? And you get back to, to like reality and it’s just, it’s the most crazy, incredible experience I’ve ever had my whole life. I highly recommend trying it. It’s amazing.

JR Rivas: 01:43:56 gonna make some time to do that.

Josh: 01:43:58 The cool, the coolest thing is too is like I’m weird and I know you’re weird too. I like this. I love like marketing and stuff. So like tripping is like a 12 hour process. Like by the, you can’t go to sleep for like 12 hours now. You’re not like actually tripping for 12 hours, but like you can’t sleep for awhile. Peak is about an hour to two hours in and it lasts for about an hour to an hour and a half maybe. But then the comedown is, you’re not like tripping anymore, so you’re not like out of this world. Right? So you’re not like floating around in outer space like you know, like you do. But on the comedown is this, everything makes sense. And by everything I mean like you can think about literally everything, anything. And you just know how it works. You see the missing parts. It is literally like limitless. You’re using the movie limit lives with Bradley Cooper. It is like that. And so like all these people, and I know some big influencers that I’m not gonna mention any names that trip balls a lot. Right. And, and like it’s weird because you don’t, you don’t remember everything. But like for me, like the second and third time I tripped, I literally watched this, I watched Sam oven’s Webinar and I watched Russell Brunson stuff because you just see what they’re doing and it all pops out. And so I’ll just have like a big huge whiteboard and I’ll like start writing stuff down as I’m watching Sam’s Webinar and like he did that there and that’s why he did it and I need to add that and I knew that that, and like all the marketing psychology makes sense. But if you also look at like, you know, health problems, all health problems, everything makes sense. It’s a very, very, very eyeopening experience with that. Now once again, yeah. [inaudible] I, I’m looking at the Facebook comments that just came through. James Smiley is asking you for endorsing hardcore drugs. I’m not endorsing them, but I’m saying that.

JR Rivas: 01:45:31 James is very anti-drug.

Josh: 01:45:33 Oh, is he?.

JR Rivas: 01:45:34 Yeah, he, I don’t even think, James, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think he thinks people should even smoke weed or be allowed to smoke.

Josh: 01:45:40 James, that’s sad. I’m very pro weed. But anyway, all that to be said, I think psychedelics are something that people are afraid of because they’re afraid of the unknown. And yes, you can absolutely have bad trips and yes, you should not go on any form of psychedelic if you’re not in a good mindset. And No, you should not do it by yourself or alone. But I don’t think that people understand how eyeopening it has banned. And people are in one trip, we’re curing posttraumatic stress disorder. Uh, we’re, we’re having people that are having a near death experiences or end of life experiences that are freaking out. They trip one time, they’re totally at peace with death and like just the most crazy, crazy, radical transformations that people have from like one experience. And until you’ve experienced it, like you can’t bash it. And that’s my whole thing about it. Like if you’ve experienced it and you’ve had a bad experience, great, but you can’t, you can’t bash it until you’ve tried it. So anyway, that’s my, that’s my thoughts on psychedelics.

JR Rivas: 01:46:37 Yeah, I totally agree. Um, I, yeah, totally. I’ve never even had the opportunity like no one’s ever, dude, I’ve been offered cocaine like twice in my life.

Josh: 01:46:45 Cocaine. And is not a psychedelic. Oh my gosh. Like when it comes out I Dorothy’s cocaine. Oh my Lord. Let’s shoot heroin. My wife heard, no,

JR Rivas: 01:46:55 I’m saying when it comes to drugs, I haven’t had lots of opportunities, which is weird cause I grew up in the, in the hood, but we were just poor so we just smoked weed. So, um, I’ve had, I’ve been off of coke like twice. I’ve been around people, done LSD like once and I’d never even been offered it. So I’ve never even been offered like, Hey, I got some, do you want to buy some?

Josh: 01:47:12 Come to IBiza with us. Me and me and Leah were, we’re going on this world trip. Right. I’m coming up and we’re going to do a.

JR Rivas: 01:47:18 down for that.

Josh: 01:47:19 We’re going to go to a visa. Apparently you can. I was looking up yachts in a visa, bro. You know, you can rent like a 40 foot yacht in a visa with a driver for the day, for under 1500 bucks.

JR Rivas: 01:47:29 That’s insane.

Josh: 01:47:30 Yeah, Bro. So we’re like, let’s go freaking rent a yacht and you can come party with us in Ibiza because.

JR Rivas: 01:47:35 I’d totally be down for that.

Josh: 01:47:36 I’m literally telling people that we’re about to trip psychedelics and Ibiza where we’re going. And by the way, guys, for all of you that are super anti this, let me clarify. We’re going to be playing, took a pill, any BS, why we’re doing it and we’re going to love it.

JR Rivas: 01:47:49 Dude. Mike Posner is one of my favorite artists ever. He’s doing a tour where he walks across America and plays shows for free.

Josh: 01:47:56 I know he’s dude, and he got bit by a rattlesnake. Did he really? Do you see that he, and he’s walking across America. He had to be, I wasn’t that a helicoptered out or taken an ambulance because he got bit by a Frickin rattlesnake and they had to take him to the hospital. He almost died.

JR Rivas: 01:48:10 Do you know where he is right now. I’ve been waiting for him to come to Florida.

Josh: 01:48:12 I Dunno. He’s walking across America, Bro. He’s headed to la. He went to my, uh,

JR Rivas: 01:48:17 He went to my hometown [inaudible] in Pennsylvania. That was like this first stop when his first stops.

Josh: 01:48:22 Okay. I want to get to politics real quick and we’ll kind of wrap it up on the political note. But before I do that, I do want to recap.

JR Rivas: 01:48:27 how long we been on here.?

Josh: 01:48:28 Hour and 45 minutes. Actually I have more, more than that cause we start a little early. So like an hour, probably two hours close too. But I do want to just kind of recap the whole religious thing real quick when it comes to psychedelics religion and things like that. I am a Bible believing Christian. I believe in the god of the Bible. I believe that the Bible to be the most accurate book that I know of so far. But I questioned Christianity, a lot of Christian religion, religion a lot from, excuse me, from a perspective of, um, I want them to know that what I’m like, I want to know why I believe what I believe. And I believe that if you’re not willing to question what you believe, that you shouldn’t really believe it because if it’s going to fall apart when you question it, then there’s probably a reason that you shouldn’t be believing it. So for me, like I questioned Christianity, I do believe in God. I am after truth, I am after truth. I’m an avid truth seeker more than anything else. Um, for that. And I do believe in the god of the Bible. I am not endorsing psychedelic drugs, but I am saying that, um, if you get the opportunity to try them and you’re curious about them and you do it in a say setting, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think that it’s hard pressed to say that it’s a sin to use some form of enhancement to have a very, very spiritual, uh, experience. And, and it’s very, it’s a very, very spiritual experience. I’m not saying that you should go to a party and trip x just or have ecstasy or trip acid or whatever, just to party and have fun. But in a, in a very spiritual setting I think is a very, very good thing. So kind of recapping there as we move on to politics, is there any last things that you wanted to say about the religious side of things before we move on?

JR Rivas: 01:49:57 Nah Man.

Josh: 01:49:58 Okay. I want to move on to politics real quick. I want to talk about Trump but in a little bit of a different light. Perhaps. I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, she never kind of going back and forth about political system kind of feels like we don’t have a whole lot of power in the political system. Like let’s go back pre Trump, right? It kind of feels like the political powers that be just kind of do whatever the f they want, right? There’s like, yeah, cool, we’re gonna do this and screw the people. Trump kind of comes in and takes everybody by surprise and totally jacks up the political system. Totally pissed off a lot of the elitists and yes, he’s in a hole, like, I get that, like he’s definitely very rude. And I have Julie Stoli and coming on the podcast, we’re gonna debate Trump, but I want to talk about what Trump has done specifically for the political system as a whole. what do you think the Trump effect has done? Do you believe that he has done more good or more harm for the political system as a whole in waking up the country and do you think that he’s going to be reelected in 2020

JR Rivas: 01:50:55 so I’ll kind of preface this with saying that I don’t have cable, I don’t like check new sites. I get most of my news from like my friends and Joe Rogan

Josh: 01:51:05 I love Joe Rogan.

JR Rivas: 01:51:08 So whatever I say is based on my experience and what I’ve seen directly and the, the few things that I’ve seen because I also don’t keep up with the moves that Trump makes on a day to day basis. That being said, I think most people also don’t. If you ask somebody what is the a day in life and the president look like, nobody has any clue. So they see something that comes out and they make a snap judgment based on that one thing. Um, that being said, based on the things that I’ve, that I’ve seen, I think he’s definitely gonna get reelected. Like if he did it once. Yeah. I mean, and just, just statistically speaking he’s going to get reelected. I don’t even think that’s like anybody. Is there anybody that even that’s refuting that right now?

Josh: 01:51:50 Oh, Bro. Half the world. I have nobody thinks like every Democrat, every person that hates and is like, there’s no way he can be reelected again. And there’s a lot of, a lot of polls say that he’s not going to be reelected. They say he’s losing in the polls to Joe by that l o l.

JR Rivas: 01:52:05 I think that dude, I don’t know. I look around, I’m like, ah, everything’s pretty good, at least from my perspective. So I’m like,

josh: 01:52:12 and you’re black. Oh wait, no, you’re not black. You’re 46% white. So what do you think Jr oh, 48%. My bad. Your opinion is irrelevant.

JR Rivas: 01:52:20 48.5. Yeah. So, um, when I see like, yeah, like he’s an ass and all that stuff, but I, I do kinda feel like to be the president, you should be extremely financially successful because how are you going to run a country if you’ve never ran a company? It gives just, I feel like you should probably have to be a billionaire to be the president, but, and there’s like the whole opposite side of like corruption and blah, blah, blah. But Dude, I actually met one of my friends here in, um, in a Tallahassee, he’s here for school and he’s from Dubai. He’s from, um, Abu Dhabi. And so we were talking last night about like, like what have you noticed in, in, um, Dubai versus like the US and like, why do you feel like there’s corruption here? And he’s like, well, in the, he’s like, we don’t call it corruption in the United States because it’s legal, it’s legal here. So it was really interesting to hear like his, um, like the differences in how they function out there and they have like, free healthcare and free or he’s like, oh, I want to get it. But he’s like, yeah, Americans hate the word socialist, but he’s like, that’s not how we viewed things at all. So, um, anyways, I think that, I think Trump has done a good job. Like, I don’t think he’s done a bad job. I feel like there’s always going to be things that you can criticize, but you don’t know. Like I, I, I just always look at it like, could I do a better job? Or like, if I made that decision, would I have been as effective in that way? And like, I look at it as a whole, I don’t look at like this one decision and be like, go like, throw out the baby with the bath water. Right. So from what I’ve seen, I’d probably vote for Trump again. Um, now that’s going to get a lot of hate because it’s like, oh, he’s a [inaudible] and like, you know, [inaudible] and all that stuff. And he’s a misogynist and all this. I mean, I don’t vote for the guy for, I mean I don’t, I didn’t vote in the last election cause I was in Thailand and I really was like, I don’t really know if I want to vote for either one’s people. Um, but when it comes to like from a point of leadership and them from a point of, I think Trump’s a great leader, he wouldn’t have been able to build the businesses that he has. He’s also very good at getting what he wants. So he, I think he can easily manipulate other world leaders into getting what he wants. And I feel like the last four years in this country at least have been pretty damn good. So, um, as far as head in, heading in the right direction, like those are things that we can improve. Absolutely. However, um, one of the things that I do like about Trump is I don’t feel like he’s been bought the same way that like Hillary or somebody else would have. So I dunno. And it was tough. It was tough for me to come out because like to come out and feel like this because the, the girl that I dated in the past was Mexican. Her family when Trump got elected, her whole family was like in mass state of depression. And I’m just kinda like looking at looking at it from like a point of view of like, I feel like you guys are kind of overreacting right now. And immediately I was like, hmm, Trump is probably a better choice than Hillary that was met with. Uh, and then again, I don’t know all the details, but neither do you and neither does anybody. Like you don’t know the shit that Trump has told on a day to day basis that you don’t hear about and you don’t know. Like if is there someone else’s pulling the strings, that’s not the president. So at the end of the day, it’s very hard for me to say like, yes, I’m, I’m a hardcore Republican for life. But when it comes to like social issues, I do, I do lean more left and I duly more left. But when it comes to, um, concern, when it comes to like economic issues, I usually tend to side more with, with conservative.

Josh: 01:55:50 Yeah. You know, I think it’s interesting because I, I grew up very republican. I grew up in a farm community that was pretty much all white and every, if you didn’t have a gun, you are weird. Right? So like, um, I actually am a lot more left on a lot of issues and social issues. Then I think a lot of people realize I just don’t think it should be the government. You know what I mean?

JR Rivas: 01:56:12 Yeah. And I agree.

Josh: 01:56:13 because like literally everything the government touches is messed up. Like there’s not one single thing that I look at and I’m like, Dang, the government did a great job with my money. Right? Like every single time they’re like messed up now. Like if I made millions of dollars and I think Joe Rogan gets this one really right. He’s like, I have no problem giving away more of my money. I have no problem distributing the wealth around per se. But he’s like, I just don’t trust the government to do it. And so that’s why I think that is really hard for me to support anything the government does. I believe, and you know, a lot of people hate Ben Shapiro, but I’m very much in alignment with a lot of what venture parents as politically. I think that, you know, I’m a Christian. I think from a moral standpoint, we’re not going to discuss this morality. But like, I’m just gonna say this, but like from a moral standpoint, I think being gay, like being in a gay relationship is wrong. However, from a political, his perspective, I don’t think the government should have it. And he say if two dudes want to sleep together, live together, be together, whatever, go for it. You know what I mean? Like that is totally your choice. And so I think that most like pretty much the only thing that government should be involved in is the military. That’s pretty much it. Like they should keep our country safe, maybe maybe increase commerce and that everything else should be done a state level.

JR Rivas: 01:57:26 So, I have a, I have kind of a little bit of a different view. So I think the government’s really good at starting things, but they’re really bad at running things. So what I mean by that is like no private company. Like if it wasn’t for NASA, we wouldn’t have a space program. No private company would take on that risk. Now the etc. Well yeah, exactly. So that’s the, that’s the point I’m making. The government started this space program. Ilan made it better, right? Yeah. Because it’s private industry and all that stuff. So I think that the government’s role should be like, let’s start everything. The thing, cause no, no entrepreneur would have been like, all right, let’s, let’s try to build a space program from scratch when nobody’s been in the in space. It’s just, it’s just not gonna work. But the government’s really good at getting it up and running and then entrepreneurs are really, you’re good at looking at that and finding what’s efficient and making it better. Like if you look at how much Elon Musk cut the cost of sending rockets to space, it’s just ridiculous. Like you, like you can’t believe it, like the government can figure that out. So I think that they, I think everything, mostly everything should be privatized. And if we do pay taxes, it should be like, okay, like let’s say that in your city there was two, there was two police forces, right? So then there they were owned by, they were private companies. Like eventually we would give our money to, and let’s say like there was a pool, but it got distributed. There’s taxes, but it got distributed to these private companies, right. Instead of the government. So eventually like, because there’s competition, it’d be more efficient. So let’s say like when you call nine one one the first call went to one company, the second call went to the second company, the third call went to third company. At the end of a year or two, the, that data was released. And then you say, hey, taxpayers vote. Which one of these companies do you want to use your money to?

Josh: 01:59:04 Tickets funded better.

JR Rivas: 01:59:06 Yeah, exactly. Dude. Imagine how much better off.

Josh: 01:59:09 But I think one of the things that I have proposed, which I don’t know the effects of it, I haven’t looked into it, but just kind of off the top of my head and thing that I proposed one time, I was like, imagine, imagine if we had the ability to choose where our tax dollars went. Like you’re like, Yo, you, you must give 30% of your money to the government, but like 5% of it is going to go to run all the government. Like, like the basics of the government, the remaining 25% you can distribute it and put the money wherever you want it to go. You’ve got to get it. But you get to select where it goes. I think it’d be lit bro. Like, because then the people that are all about social justice issues and want to, you know, give, you know, stuff for, for women and, and then like things like that they can give to that. People that are all about the, you know, the military can give to that. People that are all about roads can give that, like whatever it is. I Dunno. I think that’d be great.

JR Rivas: 02:00:00 But that’s really, I feel like that’s really risky to just do. But I feel like if we ran that as a simulation for like right,

Josh: 02:00:06 like you got test it, I’m sure there’s huge problems with that. But like I feel like that’s a step in the right direction.

JR Rivas: 02:00:11 Yeah. If we ran a simulation for five years that every time you paid taxes you’d say, okay, if you could choose, what would you spend this money on? And then at the end of five years, like had experts come in and say what society would be like, like how big would the military be? What would the roads be like based on this? And based on like how efficient we know things are. I feel like that’d be awesome. But they see like it takes an entrepreneur to think of that like somebody in government, it’s not really going to think that way. So that’s why I feel like entrepreneurs should, the running, everything,

Josh: 02:00:39 Entrepreneurs should be running everything. I agree. Okay. For the sake of time, we do need to wrap up here, but I have one more question politically for you. Do you think that the role or that the position of president is outdated and do you think that it should be changed to like a board of advisors per say? This is a very Joe Rogan concept.

JR Rivas: 02:00:57 Yeah, I think absolutely because it just hasn’t changed so much in society has changed so much and we have just so much more data now and so much more efficient ways to do things. And I just feel like there definitely needs to be a reform, but that’s extremely scary to most people because then it’s like, okay, well then we have to amend the constitution and yeah,

Josh: 02:01:15 but couldn’t one argue that we kind of already have a board of advisors. It’s called the Senate and in the house, right? So the one like the Trump is just like, you know, the president is just like kind of the the n d the overall like final shot caller.

JR Rivas: 02:01:28 So I think the number one thing that we could do right now to improve society would be to focus on ending a corruption within the political system. So any like any.

Josh: 02:01:40 good luck.

JR Rivas: 02:01:41 Well, I mean, so Andrew Yang, I heard him propose like a, a simple solution for this. It’s like, okay, everybody gets a the same amount of like political dollars to campaign with and that’s it. So let’s say like every, let’s say we all raise money, so let’s say all the candidates rate, I don’t think this is exact thing. You should look into it. Let’s say all the candidates raise money, but legally it has to be put into a pool and then it gets distributed evenly to everybody.

Josh: 02:02:05 I disagree with that.

JR Rivas: 02:02:06 and every that way. Okay. So that way, like the humans work off of incentives. So you can’t, if the incentive is there too for corruption, there’s going to be corruption. So I think the job or the task would be to look at where we could kind of cut the legs off on the table of corruption. So, okay, right now, how is it happening and how could you stop that from it? Cause like

Josh: 02:02:29 just make it to where, and no congressmen or senators or anybody in government gets paid. They have to have their own jobs or businesses outside of it.

JR Rivas: 02:02:36 Yeah, dude, that’d be perfect.

Josh: 02:02:38 That’d be awesome.

JR Rivas: 02:02:39 So one of the things that, uh, my friend from Dubai I was saying is like in Dubai, um, there is no like police corruption because cops make like nine grand a month. He’s like, you can see, he’s like, you can’t really bribe them and it’s a relatively good job there. So people want to keep it so they’re going to do good. So he’s like, it makes sense for your security to be extremely well-paid.

Josh: 02:02:59 Yeah, I’ve heard that in Dubai. Like literally if you left a purse, like full of cash on the sidewalk and walked away from it, you literally could come back like two hours later and it would still be there and no one would’ve touched it. Yeah. That’s insane. And last crazy, 10 seconds here.

JR Rivas: 02:03:15 I Dunno dude. And then the funny thing is I’m sure people, you get like me messages all the time, like I saw one time he posted someone on you for some Trump.

Josh: 02:03:22 Yeah, Bro. That was nuts.

JR Rivas: 02:03:23 At the end of the day, like everybody who, Billy has at one point believed something that was wrong and then they realized it was wrong. So for you to yell at somebody for saying something that you disagree with, it just shows that you’re a little at the end of the day because anybody who is a, any reasonable person, if someone says something to me and I’m like, they listen to this podcast and they’re like Jr I. So emailing J R at [inaudible] dot com if you disagree with anything, I’d love it. So change my mind. I would love Ange, my mind on it.

Josh: 02:03:53 I’d like to change your mind, the fact that you’re actually black, not white. I’m going to email you about that. Jay.

JR Rivas: 02:03:59 I’m Dominican actually. Yeah. Both of my parents were born in the Dominican Republic.

Josh: 02:04:03 I saw a meme on Facebook that said, uh, I would like, it was by a white girl obviously, but she’s like, I would like to my, my gender noun of preference to be identified as pumpkin spice latte right now. I was like, yeah, that’s about it. That’s about society for us.

JR Rivas: 02:04:17 Yo, have you watched to a Joe Rogan’s Co. I mean, not Joe Rogan, a.

Josh: 02:04:20 Dave Chappelle, bro. I watched it a couple nights ago.

JR Rivas: 02:04:24 Dude, he went off.

Josh: 02:04:25 Oh my gosh. Do you want to talk about politically incorrect.

JR Rivas: 02:04:30 Dude? He made jokes about,

Josh: 02:04:32 oh my gosh, about the LGBT community and the part was as pisses me off rotten tomatoes, rotten tomatoes, five critics by critics and was like, yo, write this. And they gave it a zero, a 0% rating on rotten tomatoes and when the public came out and did their rating on it, it got a 99% approval rating. And this is why, dude, everybody hates the government. Everybody hates review people. Everybody hates the establishment and why Dave Chappelle cannot be canceled.

JR Rivas: 02:05:01 Dude in the, in Dubai, my friends told me, he’s like, they have a lot more trust for the government there. Everybody loves the government. And I’m like, wow, I didn’t even think that was possible. I think that, um, when it comes to like, like comedy and stuff like that, you should be able to make jokes about anything, anything. Like he made jokes about pedophilia and stuff and I can laugh.

Josh: 02:05:18 He made it, he made a joke about the audience. Like he literally made fun of them. And here’s the thing man, like the only one where I think he went maybe went a little bit too far was the, the, the pedophilia. Um, but like once again, it’s comedy. You’ve got to know what you’re going into going into it. I love the Kevin Hart stuff that he did. I let he made fun of Christians. He made fun of gays. He made fun of gun owners. He made fun of, you know, white people. One of my favorite jokes, I was watching it and I laughed so freaking hard and you’ll like this cause he was about the black thing. He’s like, it’s up to the blacks to save America and you know what we gotta do if we really want, cause he’s talking about guns, right. And he was talking about like, you know, saving, you know like making guns illegal and you know all that stuff. He’s like, the only way that blacks can save America is that next election. Every single one of us, black people need to go out there and register to become a legal gun owner because you know for, Gosh, Dang sure. That’s the only way that they’re going to make it illegal. I was like dying laughing, but like it just goes to show you like that’s the state of our country right now. We’re so divided, dude, we’re screwed.

JR Rivas: 02:06:27 I laughed the hardest. I want to tell the joke though and ruin it. But the one where he was like, well, what were they wearing? Oh, well what were those kids wearing or wearing?

Josh: 02:06:38 He was like, Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, What did Rihanna do? I’m like, oh my God.

JR Rivas: 02:06:46 Like dude, I’m not supporting domestic violence. But I think, dude, I hear so many black jokes and shit all the time and I’m like, dude, that Shit’s funny.

Josh: 02:06:54 Yeah, don’t, don’t watch it if you’re not politically correct mom, if you’re listening dude, not watch it. Um, cause I will never hear the end of it. But uh, yeah. Jr I want to move to rapid fire questions. Thank you so much for coming on dude. I appreciate your time.

JR Rivas: 02:07:09 Dude. Thank you. It’s been fun.

Josh: 02:07:10 It’s been amazing. I’ll have to do it again. I want to move to rapid fire though. First rapid fire question, although comes to us from um, Mr. Joseph Lads Akin. He would like to know what your favorite type of Taco is.

JR Rivas: 02:07:22 Vegan tacos because I’ve been vegan since May.

Josh: 02:07:25 You’re Vegan?

JR Rivas: 02:07:26 Yeah, Dude.

Josh: 02:07:27 All right guys. We’re going to probably delete this and not air the podcast. We don’t have the ads on there. No. All right. Vegan Tacos. Fair enough. Fair enough. Favorite airline to fly?

JR Rivas: 02:07:37 Um, I really don’t know. Honestly, I, I most of the time when I go to Vegas, it’s either frontier spirit that are the only like direct flights.

Josh: 02:07:45 You find a bro that’s just dude.

JR Rivas: 02:07:47 Yeah, dude, I’m trash. Right? Um, yeah, dude, I don’t even, I can’t even remember the last time. I wasn’t on a flight that was in frontier spirit, but, um, dude, I just give the pilot a hand job. They let me sit in the exit row and I’m good. It’s almost like first-class in Delta.

Josh: 02:08:01 Oh my gosh. Um, I know you have a corvette, but do you have a dream sports car?

JR Rivas: 02:08:07 Yeah. So I have a little dream board over here. I’ve actually been re-evaluating this as I’ve wanted to explore simplicity and just keeping my life as simple as possible. So I think, um, so up here I have a McLaren seven 20 s Lamborghini Aventador and a Rolls Royce Dawn. But I think, um, the more I think about it, the more I’m like, man, I’d really just enjoy a Tesla and just having the simplicity of a Tesla and then just renting one of these cars whenever I wanted to drive them.

Josh: 02:08:33 Yeah, yeah, I agree with that 100%. Uh, Matt, somebody like a fantasy person that you would love to hang out with for the day and be like, be homies with [inaudible].

JR Rivas: 02:08:42 Hmm. So one of the people who I think has a very well balanced life is Jesse Itzler. Like I think he has the money. I think he has the ideal model relationship. He runs like marathons and shit. So, um, I think he has a, a very, very close to like the kind of life that I want.

josh: 02:09:02 So you want to hang out with him for a day?

JR Rivas: 02:09:04 Him or somebody that would help me with mental toughness like David Goggins, but I’ve, I’ve like researched him and stuff so much that I pretty much know everything he’s going to, he’d tell me.

Josh: 02:09:12 He’s going to tell you. Yeah, man. I think I’d be homies and hang out with Joe Rogan for the day, honestly. Bro. That was a man. Yeah, he be, he ab, he owe me. Okay. Um, what is your, we have two more questions. This is Zach and the last one, what did you like your like your dream fantasy or like bucket list item that you want to do someday, like big, big, big thing.

JR Rivas: 02:09:32 When I think about like some day stuff, I just really, really, really want to have a happy marriage that sustains the test of time. That is unlike any other marriage that I’ve ever seen up close.

Josh: 02:09:45 That’s awesome.

JR Rivas: 02:09:46 I feel like that is a lot harder to do than any of my other goals.

Josh: 02:09:49 Yeah, 100% I agree with that cause there’s two people involved. All right. Last question for you. We end every podcast like this. Every single interview that we do. Imagine you fast forward to your life or the end of your life. You’re on your death bed and everything that you’ve done is gone. All of your accomplishments are gone. Your money is gone. Nobody knows who you are. However, every single person that you have influenced either directly or indirectly, you get to leave them with one final message. What is that message?

JR Rivas: 02:10:16 Honor. Treat your commitments as if once you make a commitment to something or to yourself, it’s as good as done because ultimately the how your life ends up and the value and self-worth that you will have. And the love for yourself is an indirect correlation with how you’ve kept the, how you, the kind of job that you’ve done in keeping the commitments that you’ve made to yourself.

Josh: 02:10:40 That’s good. That’s good. Ladies and gentlemen, this has been the incredible JR Reavis. Jr, Thank you for coming on, man. Thanks. So anyone, any final last words?

JR Rivas: 02:10:52 Yeah. Um, I’m an attention horse, so follow me on Instagram, the JR Reavis.

Josh: 02:10:57 At VJ Reavis. This will link. Get down below guys. Uh, yeah. Where is that? Where’s the best place for people to find you?

JR Rivas: 02:11:03 Yeah, it’s most likely to work where I like enjoy interacting, interacting with people on Instagram. It’s very, very interesting.

Josh: 02:11:09 Send him a DM, tell him why he’s wrong, tell him what you disagree with or email him Jr at r Eva’s dot com jr I got to run, I’ve got another interview, but thank you so much for coming on, man. We’ll talk soon.

JR Rivas: 02:11:18 All right, dude. Thank you guys.

Josh: 02:11:20 This has been the JR Rivas. As always, hustle, hustle. God blessed you. Not Be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy. fam. Peace.

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