Think Different Theory

Analyzing the Success of Dan, Steven, and Rachel


In this episode, I welcome James Smiley, a leading B2B digital marketing consultant, to talk about what it means to be successful and what it takes to achieve success.


We’ll dive into the successes of Dan Henry, Steve Larsen, and Rachel Pedersen’s to look into how they did it and how we can apply similar principles into our own lives. We’ll also talk about the changes in the economy, automation in the workplace, and so much more.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • The “presentation of findings” in the dentist industry (03:03)
  • Everybody’s an influencer and an expert (10:26)
  • The power of hustle, focus and ultimate sacrifice (21:09)
  • Dan Henry’s “I have to look at you” effect and polarity (25:57)
  • How to know whether you work hard enough (35:01)
  • Building a business is different than building a content-based brand (39:56)
  • Automating sales and fulfillment so you can work less in your business (48:07)
  • Every human being should learn how to sell (55:53)
  • Concerns over automation taking over jobs (01:01:13)
  • The amount of money you make equals the size of the problem you solve (01:18:45)


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September 24, 2019


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James: 00:00:00 They believe in the daily hustle and grind. And I think people… the average internet marketer has not gotten their head around that. That like, you might have to grind your way through 25 different losses before you hit you… you know what I mean… like Dan, had a couple of different businesses…

Josh: 00:00:19 Yeah he did.

James: 00:00:19 Online… businesses, he had a… you know what I mean? Like he was not like, never did anything on the Internet, and he was just a guy like waiting to blow up, like he was a serious business owner, like had talent, new marketing…

Intro: 00:00:29 You‌ ‌are‌ ‌now‌ ‌entering‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌So, ‌here’s‌ ‌my‌ ‌issue.‌ ‌I‌ ‌wanted‌ ‌to‌ ‌find‌ ‌the‌ ‌ answers‌ ‌to‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌questions.‌ ‌Things‌ ‌like,‌ ‌how‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌become‌ ‌happy‌ ‌and‌ ‌live‌ ‌with‌ ‌purpose?‌ ‌ How‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌make‌ ‌more‌ ‌money‌ ‌doing‌ ‌what‌ ‌I‌ ‌love,‌ ‌and‌ ‌what‌ ‌does‌ ‌it‌ ‌mean‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌truly‌ ‌successful‌ ‌in‌ ‌ all‌ ‌areas‌ ‌of‌ ‌life?‌ ‌My‌ ‌name‌ ‌is‌ ‌Josh‌ ‌Forti,‌ ‌@JoshForti‌ ‌on‌ Instagram,‌ ‌and‌ ‌I‌ ‌ask‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌ questions‌ ‌and‌ ‌share‌ ‌the‌ ‌answers‌ ‌with‌ ‌you.‌ ‌My‌ ‌goal‌ ‌is‌ ‌to‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌find‌ ‌purpose,‌ happiness,‌ ‌and‌ ‌ open‌ ‌your‌ ‌mind‌ ‌to‌ ‌new‌ ‌realms‌ ‌of‌ ‌possibility‌ ‌by‌ ‌helping‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌differently‌ ‌about‌ ‌everything‌ ‌you‌ do,‌ ‌know,‌ ‌and‌ ‌understand.‌ ‌On‌ ‌this‌ ‌podcast,‌ ‌we‌ ‌think‌ ‌different,‌ ‌we‌ ‌dream‌ ‌bigger,‌ ‌and‌ ‌we‌ ‌live‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌ world‌ ‌without‌ ‌limits.‌ ‌This‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory.

Josh: 00:01:16 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory. We are live with the man that needs no introduction, Mr. James Smiley. How’s it going bro?

James: 00:01:26 What’s up man?

Josh: 00:01:27 Oh, you know, just out here crankin. Actually, I’ll tell you what’s up. Bro, I just got back from the dentist. I haven’t been to the dentist in five years, dude. Let… let me tell you something.

James: 00:01:40 So that’s either going to be really good or really bad, like epic ph in your mouth, and you’re just like perfect, or, or, or…

Josh: 00:01:48 I wish bro. I wish. So I’m pretty… I brush regularly. I brush my teeth regularly. Now I brush twice a day, like in the last like three months, but one thing that I have not done is flossed. And that’s where it apparently… it gets you. I went in because I had a chipped tooth and it was causing me some pain. My back molar here. Guess what I need done, James.

James: 00:02:15 Don’t tell me.

Josh: 00:02:16 Five cavities, a root canal, a crown, and a wisdom tooth, all need to be removed. It’s going to be like four and a half grand. And, of course, I don’t have insurance, because you know, I used to sell, like life and health insurance and dental with the package, and it’s not worth it unless you’re on like a group plan, and you’re getting sponsored by a company. So it’s all like just cash pay, which sucks, but it’s like, you know, it needs to be done and you’re protecting your mouth. So they have to go through, they have to fill the cavities first, then they have to go through and do the root canal. Then they have to remove the wisdom tooth and then they have to do the crown. And, by the way, I’m leaving on a world trip in 30 days. They’re like, it needs to be done before you leave 100%. So…,

James: 00:03:03 So here’s a, here’s an interesting thing that I learned about the dentist industry cause I’ve done some consulting in it.

Josh: 00:03:08 Yeah.

James: 00:03:08 And I did some consulting in like, chiropractic and some of these other MD, things is. So it’s interesting like if you go in, and say, cause they’re basically putting you in a funnel right away.

Josh: 00:03:21 Oh for sure. Like literally on the application that you filled out, it’s like, how important is dental health to you? One to 10. How much pain are you at? I’m like, Oh my God, I’m filling out your survey right now. I know.

James: 00:03:33 The questions they asked me, it seemed so nonchalant. Basically putting you in an ask campaign, like right away. So it’s like, you know, have you, have you had any, have sensitive teeth?

Josh: 00:03:45 Right?

James: 00:03:45 Have you had any, shit, all this stuff, they act like it’s all nonchalant, but really they’re going to hit you with what’s called and they teach this in school. It’s called the presentation of findings, which when I heard about that, I go, you mean the sales pitch?

Josh: 00:04:00 Yeah..,

James: 00:04:02 No dude, this is the sales pitch. Okay, let’s just get it out of the…,

Josh: 00:04:05 Oh man.

James: 00:04:08 And so what’s interesting is based on how you answer the questions, they will come back and tell you you need completely different set of things.

Josh: 00:04:17 Yeah, for sure.

James: 00:04:18 Like if you went and got a second opinion somewhere and said, oh man, I just saw the dentist not that long ago. I couldn’t get in there. So it just came in here. Oh yeah man. I brush and floss every day. Oh yeah, I’m going to do this. Like I don’t have any pain teeth. I just have a chip. Like you’ll be surprised. Like what? They will actually tell, you know,

Josh: 00:04:36 Oh dude, I know they tried to upsell me for other things. They tried to sell me that four to half grant. It’s just like I knew that my teeth were bad. Like I knew I needed this done. They showed me where the cavities were on the screen though. They’re like, oh, you should really get a mouthguard. That’s 350 bucks. Right. Custom made mouthguard. What was the other thing? They wanted to have me do, an electric toothbrush because that was going to be better. The one that they recommend. It was like 280 bucks, which I thought was actually kind of cheap for an electric toothbrush. Yeah, there was like another 15 and 1600 bucks and stuff. They tried to upsell me on with, hey, I mean like I respect the hustle, but….

James: 00:05:09 So this is…, This is what’s scary is if you don’t have your teeth right, you could actually die from it. It’s like, it’s one of those things where like, dude, I don’t know a bunch of believe you or not, but I think I’m just going to pay…

Josh: 00:05:25 Just in case though. Right? Because you’re like, man. And, well, it’s funny because literally right before I went into this, I did a podcast interview with the lady and we were talking about health, and one of the things that she tells me, she had no idea I was going to a dentist appointment. And she’s like, “Yeah, there’s a certain bacteria that can be found in your gums, that can actually cause, what did she say that was, that can infect and it caused you, it wasn’t cancer, but it was some other like big thing”. And, like I go in and they’re like, your gums are infected and you know, swollen. I’m like, “Great, I’m going to die.” I’m already preprogrammed for it. So, it was crazy though. I went in there and I’m like, I’m thankful that I can afford it, but it’s just, Ooh, I, I don’t know. I don’t know how people that aren’t, and it sounds so privileged. I get it, but like, I don’t know how people without money make it, you know what I mean? Like if you got two kids, three kids, right? You have three kids. Right. But like I’m just saying in general, if anyone has kids like, doctor’s appointments and doctor’s visits and all that, like I get why people think the government should help.

James: 00:06:27 Yeah.

Josh: 00:06:27 Like I get it. I don’t agree with it, but I get it. Cause I’m like, I’m sitting here going, I just had to pay the IRS, A buttload. Right. You know what I mean? Just because of quarterlies and all that jazz, whatever. So it’s like, so you write that check and I’m like, I just wrote some people salary for the year and in taxes. Right. Orderlies. Uh, and then I go to the dentist and it’s like, by the way, you need to pay them $4,000. And you’re like, alright, Sucks. But I’m blessed to be able to do it. I don’t get, I honestly don’t know how, how people can afford just everything, which is why I believe people just need to learn sales and entrepreneurship and have a side hustle. Well that, let’s actually dive into this. Yeah. Is, that is the era of, if you’re not an entrepreneur, [inaudible] like a, a hustler. Like you and I are and you are not in like, well-educated corporate America, like your…, your, you don’t have a six-figure management position or whatever, is the era of one job over? Like only having one job or one flow of income. Like is that over? Like do you have two jobs now.

James: 00:07:32 Just… Just to make it, or?

Josh: 00:07:34 Like the average person, they’re not a hustler. Like they’re not an entrepreneur, like just the average human being, right. In America. They, you know, maybe…,

James: 00:07:40 I think…, I think to the largest extent, it definitely is. I think that just because technology and capabilities give people the…, the capability to do things that they can never do, they’re going to be trying all different kinds of things down. I mean, before like, you know, having a side hustle is like going to the swap meet are selling like Soper close out of your own,

Josh: 00:08:04 Right.

James: 00:08:04 Maybe like eBay, you know, you had eBay million.

Josh: 00:08:07 was a big side hustle. Yeah.

James: 00:08:09 But like, now, it’s like, you know, Clickfunnels, Shopify, Amazon, and even just social media, right? Even just being able to connect with people, talk with people, all that like you’d have, so you have so much access. So, I, I think like, my, my, my assumption is that like, um, that people are going to be doing, like, they’re going to be dabbling in their job and their nine to five in the Gig based society. And that’s just gonna like, like all the younger kids like your age and down like that’s just going to be a part of life, right? Like, like my, you know, I’m 39, so like my era, you know, even though I’m barely a millennial, my era, and up was like, our gig was like playing sports or hopscotch or jump rope. Now it’s like these kids are going to start businesses, you know, and little side gigs and, or they’re just going to be trying to become an influencer. You know, they’re not even focused on the money. Do that. and then one thing I’ve been talking about a lot is that like, I think that the, the downfall that they’re gonna run into, and this is why people like me and you have a job, honestly, is, is that okay that people nowadays have access to things that they did invest in, so they didn’t put the skin in the game, right? To build the app or build the technology or, or, or go out and get, you know, 10,000, we’re going to save $10,000 so they can run ads like, because they can do it on demand through SAS. It’s so easy and accessible. The, I think, like, like there, there’s something that people learn and they have a respect first for the game. I guess you could say more when they’ve actually like put skin in the game.

Josh: 00:09:56 Yea 100%.

James: 00:09:57 And then that process actually inherently eliminates people who are not that serious. You have like a flood of people who are not really that serious. And that’s not, that doesn’t say they’re bad or.

Josh: 00:10:08 there’s not that serious, right?

James: 00:10:09 It’s not actually that serious about it. Um, [inaudible] and uh, and then they’re kind of co-mingled and mixed. There were people who are super serious about it, so it’s Kinda like hard to really decide like, no, you look on somebody’s social media now they’ve got a banner links to a website, they’ve got a funnel.

Josh: 00:10:26 Everybody’s an influencer and an expert because the economy has been so good because people don’t realize that they have it so easy because those that are not serious about it don’t realize that in about a year or three, right, it’s all going to come crashing down and they’re not going to be, this is not gonna be people that are not that, that are not that serious. And also people that don’t realize that they are not that serious that they don’t realize like they think this is entrepreneurship, right? They think, that like making $10,000 a month by making a few posts on social media and having a be like, they think that is social media or like is entrepreneurship and, to be a hundred percent fair, it’s not exactly their fault that they don’t know any better. Right. Because the Internet kind of has screwed that whole thing up. You know what I mean?

James: 00:11:14 Yeah.

Josh: 00:11:15 And so it’s an interesting dynamic.

James: 00:11:17 Yeah. And I think also like, I’m so, um, some people know that I, I had a meeting last year with, with Tai Lopez and, at a private meeting with Tai Lopez and, and one of the things that I was, that I got from him was he was talking about how he’s like, you know, he’s like the human psyche. So the, the, despite what people like to think about as tactics, the guy is pretty…,

Josh: 00:11:37 he’s so smart.

James: 00:11:39 In terms of a marketer, the dude is, I think he’s literally like on genius level in terms of a marketer.

Josh: 00:11:46 For, especially for his demographic, like who he’s selling to. He knows who he is selling to, better than probably anybody on the Internet.

James: 00:11:54 Yeah. So I had somebody tell me one time, they’re like, oh yeah, you know, he’s a salesman and a marketer. And I’m like, no, dude. Have you ever gone to his event? No, he doesn’t. And he sells to like millennials, young millennials, college-age kids, like people trying to get on nine to five. Like, he found a whole nother demographic that people were like, yeah, I don’t want to sell to those people. They’re not buyers.

Josh: 00:12:12 They don’t have money. Right, exactly. And he’s like, I’ll take him. Yeah.

James: 00:12:18 So I mean one of the things he was saying, he’s like, he’s like, you know, he’s like a part of the, was like one of the most influential things in the human-like psyche or he calls it like the, the bias, the human biases. It’s like, it’s like, like people believe what they see. Okay. So like he calls it like the, the media bias, you know, and obviously it’s on books and stuff written about this, but he’s like, you know, like when that was written like 50 years ago or whatever it was written, there weren’t social media. So now that like social media exists, so people, the media bias is one of the most influential things in the human psyche. And it’s basically a belief that whatever you see on media, Aka video or whatever, you, you believe, you think it’s real. So you see a photo of somebody who made $7,000 or $10,000 or $2,000 or 50% optins or whatever. And like your brain doesn’t even logically asked yourself. Like, you know, but like people, they look at something and they inherently think, well, Gee, I saw somebody do this. I saw somebody make this money. But they don’t, they don’t automatically understand. Like somebody may have made $20,000 but maybe it took them three months, $20,000. And so when you amortize that out, plus you figure between now and they made 20 grand and let’s say the next 30 days they may not make another good check. Plus, let’s say they have a, this, let’s say they have a Jvs, if they have joint ventures, they’re totally screwed on 20 grand. It could be literally got.

Josh: 00:13:57 like negative, like laddered after taxes and everything they had to pay out. Yeah. Like,

James: 00:14:01 if you took jvs taxes in, let’s say ad costs, any ad cost two grand on 20 grand.

Josh: 00:14:10 Right.

James: 00:14:11 Now, not everybody has jvs, but still like, you know, you might have a partner, you know, those kinds of things. So, but see a lot of people, I don’t know why they, they just, they don’t that on the other hand, you know, you have like, let’s say a guy, like I’m like, I’ll just use the guy who I, who I know legitimately made a lot of money. It was like Dan Henry. So, people see Dan and what they don’t realize because of media bias, okay, and this isn’t Dan’s fault or anything.

Josh: 00:14:40 At all.

James: 00:14:41 But what they don’t realize is they assume that’s the norm. Like,

Josh: 00:14:46 well, yeah, that’s huge dude. Like so many people, don’t, like Dan Henry’s like, I made $1 million in eight months, which he did 100%. He did like, he’s shown the screenshots. I’ve seen it, I’ve talked to him. Right? The dude has made over $10 million in, in courses, you know, sales now or whatever. The thing is though, is that like when you talk to Dan and you’d even said this to like, you talked to him, like when he sold his first course, and like for the first four months after he launched his course, like every single person that bought, like he DMD them and he’s like, why’d you buy? And for the people that didn’t buy, he’s like, why didn’t you buy? And he figured out absolutely everything about making his course awesome. And then he went to the market and the market ate it up. And so he made $1 million in eight months. Steve Larson did the same thing with MLM space. He’s on onstage, I was just an offer lab onstage. She said that he has not touched his secret MLM hacks webinar since it was either April or May of 2018 bro of 2018 so he, it, he hasn’t touched his webinar for over a year, almost a year and a half. And he’s done, I forget what he said. It’s like two and a half million dollars or $3 million. Like what? And is because you have to get that offer. Right and that is the key and say what you will about Tai Lopez. A lot of people are mad that like, oh, when you buy a Tai Lopez program, he’s not even the one teaching it. Right. I’m like I own four, three or four. I know I own 67 steps. I own social media marketing. I own a, I dunno like it’d be affiliate marketing one. The real estate investing one, I owe like four or five of his programs. They’re incredible.

James: 00:16:24 Yeah,

Josh: 00:16:24 they are really well done. They’re not taught by him, but like dude, if you scroll through the Facebook group of his social, like how to start a social media marketing agency, hundreds of literally hundreds, not like exaggerated literal hundreds of files from case studies to templates to add templates to contracts, to like pitch decks to email. Like everything, you can possibly think of. This is the type of stuff that no events do. The click funnels and Russell Brunson, because it’s not him doing it, but the people that are in that community would be like, they would package that all up and sell it for literally 10 or $20,000, right? Yeah. Or they’d sell one of it for like 300 or a hundred right? Like this dude just stack so that like when you get in, you don’t want to refund. Right. I’m sure he has to deal with that whole rapping and all that or whatever. But like there’s so much there that you cannot possibly fail if you do everything. And when you have a good offer. And if you look at all the big wigs that have a good offer, Sam Ovens, best PR, best single greatest Internet marketing course on the digital course on the planet, I believe. Sam Ovens, Dan Henry, Tai Lopez, even Russell with click funnels. I mean the offers that are there are incredible and they solve a legitimate problem.

James: 00:17:40 And it’s funny, all the up and comers that have those courses.

Josh: 00:17:43 All of them. Oh, literally, I own Sam’s own. Both of Sam don’t have dance. I own four of Tai Lopez’s, I own, I think all of it. I don’t, I think the only thing that I do not own a Russell’s is Funnelscripts and inner circle. Like I think those are the only two products of his that I’ve not bought. Okay. So like as part of that’s just Dream 100 type stuff, right? I mean I buy it, but like the other stuff is like I buy it. And so you look at that and you’re like, hmm. But what’s crazy is, is the only person that talks about making good offers is Sam. Now Dan, a little bit, but like, no offense Russell, but bro, maybe educate your audience on a little bit more than they actually have to have something good to sell. And I know that his market, like click funnels isn’t designed to teach you how to build a product. It’s designed to help you sell it. But man, you know what I mean? And I love you Russell. Don’t get me wrong. I’m going to promote your traffic secrets. It’s going to be awesome. But,

James: 00:18:41 yeah,

Josh: 00:18:42 you know what I’m saying? Like, it’s, it’s interesting that when Steve came out and he first announced offer mind and that he was the offer kid, right? Like the offer guy. I was like, what are you doing bro? I don’t even know. Like when he first very, very, very first told me this because I was doing a social media and we were trying to decide on the name of the group. And, I was like offers.? I was like, “Dude, what are you..,? He’s like, “Bro.” And I remember him saying this, cause this was like during the Trump, you know, the whole Trump thing or whatever. He’s like, “Bro, we’re gonna make offers great again.” And I’m like, “Were they ever great? I don’t even know what you’re talking about. But now I lost all of his stuff or whatever,

James: 00:19:17 doing a mastermind. I think Dallas, he was at my event and he was, he was small. He wasn’t anywhere near what he is now. And he told me that.

Josh: 00:19:24 huge,

James: 00:19:24 he told me that and I’ll go, you mean like you’re going to build a whole like thing about it? And he’s like, yeah. And I was like, well dude, it takes us like, let’s be honest, dude, we just built this offer. We still 37% of the room and we built it the offer like 45 minutes. Like what? You know, I was like, wow, like how, how hard can it be? And, um, but uh, there’s so much money made in teaching incredibly fundamental things, right. And like, um, and so I always appreciate that when somebody is doing that. Um, one of the things that I think is, um, is a big like, like missing piece in the Internet marketing world now that I’ve been in since 2015 like heavily in, in, in, um, is like, like, uh, like people don’t appreciate the reality that most people have to grow and gradually grow their company every day. Like, like, but yeah, there’s Steve, there’s Dan Henry, there’s a few others we can name, right? Like Rachel Peterson. There’s those stories where like, somebody like Rachel was telling me she did zero to 380 grand in like 30 days or for 30 days or something like that. Um, she’s like, this is back when like we used to be able to talk to Russell and the inner circle. She’s like, I met with him, he gave me an idea, I went out and implemented it to the tee. Like she, I see like borrowed money. Like all this stuff went out, did it all and just crushed it. You know what I mean? Like, um, but so, so there’s those, right, but, but I think like people have to realize that’s like when you hear somebody winning the Lotto.

Josh: 00:21:09 Well, yes. But also I would say also it’s the commitment level because like, you know, Rachel and I know Rachel pretty well and I also know the backstories of a lot of it as I’m sure you do it for certain influencers as well. But you look at Dan, I’m going to use these three as an example. Steve, Dan, and Rachel. Let’s talk about these three. Okay. Which they’ve, Dan, I’m going to get you on the podcast. It was the last thing I do. All right. Well, we’re going to have Dan on here. We’ve had Rachel along. We’ve had Steve on. Okay. The amount of hustle, focus and ultimate sacrifice. There was no work-life balance. It was four for Steve and Rachel, it was family and work. There was no sleep involved. Right? Like Rachel worked 20 hours a day for like two years. And so the anomaly comes, yes, you have to be smart. Yes, there is a certain factor of timing and luck and everything in there with your offer. 100% but it’s also because when you’re, and this used to be me, I mean it’s what got me as big as I was like when you worked for two years, 18 like truly work for 18 hours a day, not like be in your office for 18 hours a day. Like or for 18 hours a day. You can do incredible things, very short period of time because you’re just speeding up momentum. And so I don’t think people realize like, yes, you’re capable of it, like from a talent standpoint, from an access standpoint. But are you mentally willing to almost abuse yourself for a very short period of time? Which many people you know would say like, that’s unhealthy or that’s this, or like whatever. I’m like, I think your body can take a lot more than you give it credit for, right? Yes. You need to take care of it longterm. But there are seasons when I think you can abuse it for nine months and it’d be all right. You know what I mean? So it’s like when you’re willing to do that, then, you’re able to get ahead.

James: 00:23:00 Yeah. Like I grew up in the northwest, so I grew up like literally watching the Bill Gates story unfold. Like I remember when it was called micro dash soft wasn’t even Microsoft. It was like, this was like, and then they got rid of the Dash. He has said like, he had no life his entire twenties, but he, he worked every single weekend, his entire twenties and he was a billionaire at 31. You know, um, Gary v talks about that like a lot of, so like you can go that route, right? Like if you want to be a billionaire by 30. Um, but I think what we’re both agreeing on here when people should understand is that, um, I think number one, like you ha you have to understand like, like the people that, that are the, like the epic stories in this game. Like, like they, they have done things to position themselves such as work harder, but I think also they’ve created more leverage. And that’s something that I’m really big on is like, I’m always looking to see like, cause when I, cause I never knew Rachel until we had that event last year, I guess was this year.

Josh: 00:24:07 Oh really?

James: 00:24:08 No, I know. Then talked to her at all.

Josh: 00:24:09 Really? I did not know that.

James: 00:24:11 Yeah. I literally did it, did not ever even talk to her. We had liked a few things and we were cool, but like it wasn’t like we ever said anything. And um, so I literally pm her because I was like, Hey, a lot of people say I should meet you. And so, she said the same thing and she’s like, Hey, let’s get together and talk. And so we looked like an hour and a half meeting and we hit it off. Um, but uh, but so, um, what a [inaudible] when I heard about her in her story, I, I was like somewhere in here there’s a point where she capitalized on something where Aka she created maximum leverage on something. Um, you know, and I think like, like when even when I look at Dan, like, like Dan, I remember like hitting that Facebook ad peak when it was just getting big, but he, he came out and really, I felt like marketing himself really different or it wasn’t just like, hey, run Facebook ads for yourself. But now I was like, run Facebook ads and make money doing it as an agency. And like, it was this whole pitch of like, hey, if you spend a thousand, you can make a thousand a month. You know what I mean? Like it was, it was a different pitch than Max and all these other guys who had great courses were doing at that time. You know, even though I, from what I heard, like Max had that stuff in his course. He wasn’t like pitching it though.

Josh: 00:25:33 It’s all about how you present it, right? It’s all about how you present yourself. And Dan Henry’s a marketer,

James: 00:25:37 so he just outsmarted, he just saw an opportunity, created a mass amount of leverage on that and just crushed it, you know, you know, and then, you know, so, so like, but, but I think also like whether you look at why we’re name dropping those three people, um,

Josh: 00:25:53 yeah, like that’s major credibility here on this. Jeez.

James: 00:25:57 It’s like, um, like they also, if you ask them, because we know them, they believe in the daily hustle and grind, right.? And I think people, the average internet marketer has not gotten their head around that, that like, um, that like you might have to grind your way through 25 different losses before you hit your, you know what I mean? Like Dan had a couple of different businesses,

Josh: 00:26:23 Yea he did. Yeah.

James: 00:26:23 Business. He had a, you know what I mean? Like he was not like, you know, never did anything on the Internet. Um, and he was just a guy like waiting to blow up. Like he was a serious business owner, like had talent, new marketing, um, head.

Josh: 00:26:41 Dan also went through and I think one of the, and this strategy is not for everyone. I am very aware of that. It was for me in my early days and I actually did some of it. It’s not as much for me now because I’m a little bit more mature. Not that Dan isn’t, but he was okay with this. I’m not as much. Dan [inaudible] called the Donald Trump effect if you want it to. Dan was not afraid to be polarizing anywhere.

James: 00:27:04 Yeah.

Josh: 00:27:05 Dan was not… Dan would get kicked out like the click funnels group and get added right back in. You know what I mean? Like he would cause chaos and madness. Anything that he could to get the attention on him. And it created a, I, I have to look at you effect. And because he got results and he knew how to get attention through that, while yes, Facebook ads ultimately sold his course, a lot of his brand recognition. And what made Dan Henry, Dan Henry in his early days was this polarity of just, man, you know what I mean? Like just, I’ve got the best Facebook ads course and I’m not afraid to tell you I do [inaudible], you know what I mean? And he would just blow everybody away and everybody would be like, who? And who is Dan Henry? And I remember hundreds of comments, this guy’s in a hall, this guy’s a buck. And I’m like, nobody gets results. You know what I mean? Like,

James: 00:27:58 yeah.

Josh: 00:27:58 man, he’s a, he’s quite the, he’s quite the character

James: 00:28:03 to all the like Kinda like people who are, you know, your business hasn’t blown up and everything. Like don’t ever get caught up in that wash of somebody, an idiot as somebody. Like maybe they are.

Josh: 00:28:13 Yeah.

James: 00:28:13 Doesn’t even matter. No one even cares. Like it does. Like can you learn something from them or not? And you know what I mean? Like that’s the only thing that matters and that, and especially if they’re doing well, I would encourage you to try to learn and see what’s going on there. Um, but yeah, I think, I think like the, the thing that the, um, that I, I really have been, um, you know, we’ve been helping a lot in coaching lines in this area is just like helping people understand that. Like, like you’re not gonna get there unless you put in the work. Do you know what I mean? Unless you find some massive way, like if you can, you know, like, like always say like, like I was listening cynicism boxers, me and Steve from 2017 and it was just, it was amazing like listening to that and how, you know, like he’s riding his bike, like fostering me, you know, like saying, Hey, I’m going to go do this. And like, just like listening to that, that Steve and who you we see now.

Josh: 00:29:10 Yeah. It’s cool.

James: 00:29:13 It’s amazing.

Josh: 00:29:14 It’s incredible that.

James: 00:29:15 it’s cloud transformation.

Josh: 00:29:17 and I wish for all of the youth that are listening right now, like James and I are one of, I don’t want to say only a couple, but a few that got that experience right. Like Steve wasn’t boxing a hundreds and hundreds of people telling him his plans and goals, right? We happen to be right place, right time for Steve, but understand that there’s going to be plenty of opportunities in your where if you just keep hustling and work, you’re going to get that. But I want to say like that was an incredible experience. We have watched Steve who his unfair advantage was Russell, right? Like we all have our own unfair advantage. His unfair advantage was, hey, he was dead broke and he, you know, sold a flipped funnels to for him funnel hacking live and worked his butt off to get to where he’s at today, right? He has his heart as a fair advantage, but to watch someone go out there and call his shot and then to watch, I was, I was part of the first offer mine. I helped set up the tables. I helped pass out the cups and that, you know, everything or whatever. There was like 120 people there. This last one, there was 650 people in a packed room featuring the Russell Brunson. It was packed dude. And like the pictures were not like angled right to make it look. It was a full freaking room and it was incredible. And so like to watch someone go and do that in two years and he said it afterwards, he’s like, you can do what I did. It’s totally possible. But you also have to understand what goes into that and [inaudible] for me, and one of the big things that I’ve been about, and I think that you would agree with this, but I’d love to know your thoughts is like everyone that we’ve talked to here, Dan, Rachel, Steven, whoever, they all took an identity that they were that person. This was not like I am Rachel Peterson who happens to do social media. It is, I am Rachel Peterson, the queen of social media. Yeah. It’s like that is it right when it was, I am Dan Henry, I am the best, you know, fricking Facebook ads marketer on the planet. I am Steve Larsen and I am the king of offer creation. And when you take that identity, if you really understood what that meant, if people really, and for the listener here, like if you really understood that, like when you have an identity shift in that like your body starts defaulting to being like, no, if I’m not working on my goals, if I’m not furthering the queen of you know this, then like I’m failing and you just default to doing those things. It’s a double edged sword. Dangerous, right? Cause there’s a lot of negative that comes with that. But when you accept that identity, then all of a sudden it just becomes normal. You know?

James: 00:31:45 I’m more, I’m working with a person and I’m a partner in this thing. Um, where, um, there’s this whole thing around like, um, connected TV and Roku TV and Amazon fire and all that stuff and I’m so there’s like influencers moving onto it. Like Gary v Russell’s making a big move in there. Um, and so, um, I told her, I was like, look, you need to market yourself as the queen of connected TV and [inaudible]. And so it was like, it’s difficult for her to do that. Then I was saying, I was like, look, number one, if you don’t, someone else will. I’m.

Josh: 00:32:19 100% right.

James: 00:32:21 And also like a, she was in a, uh, a mentoring session with Kevin Harrington and Kevin Harrington told her the same thing. He’s like, you need to become like the knowledge expert, like the, the thought leader in this space. Cause um, and I think like, um, what you’re saying is very true around like, like, like if you don’t like you can become, you know, a that like, um, there’s a, there’s a book that talks about like category kings on there. Like Russell talks about that a lot now too. Um, but you can become that like category king number one. Like you have to declare, it’s your like where’s your zone.

Josh: 00:32:58 Right.

James: 00:32:59 Just by you doing that, that’s going to, that’s going to make like 50% of your competition go away.

Josh: 00:33:07 And declaring it doesn’t happen with a Facebook post. Right. You don’t just go on and be like, “I do do declare that I am” like, it is an actual, I mean it’s multiple poses, multiple. It’s, it’s an entire messaging thing behind that. Um, I 100% agree.

James: 00:33:26 Yeah. I think that lady boss girl, she’s one of the first people that like when she came out with that whole thing like, man, she just lived it. She come out Montral and.

Josh: 00:33:37 yeah. Yeah.

James: 00:33:38 Just like there’s the literally like a manifesto and you know what I mean? Like now it’s just gone to millions and it’s just, it’s crazy.

Josh: 00:33:47 They’re all, I think they’re almost been 100 million I think, aren’t they? Or like, I know, I know their multiple eight multi-multi eight yeah.

James: 00:33:54 Yeah. It’s something crazy how big they are right now. Oh. And um, but uh, but it’s interesting like if you listen to Dave Woodward’s podcasts when they first joined the clickfunnels inner circle, the Russell Brunson inner circle, how like they literally said, I think it’s like their episode 18 or 20th or something like that. And they were, they, they were literally just coming out of like tool time and like that whole brand and going into this. So you see like you get this like 20th and 20 minute like snapshot of the, the key things that they gambled on then and then you look at how it played out now it’s crazy. It’s crazy to see like, cause they, they were just like, yeah, we did this. We wanted a whole new email sequence. We want an email sequence that aligns with our new brand. Like I mean we wanted a key core optin aligned with our new brand. I mean it was, it was some sick stuff.

Josh: 00:34:44 Yeah. Yeah. It’s incredible. It’s incredible what you can do and you just focus down on it. But I actually want to, I want to ask you about this. I’m gonna, I’m going to ask for some coaching advice here for, uh, for me actually, I’m curious to know your thoughts on this.

James: 00:34:57 Hey, before you get to that, let me see some for 10 seconds.

Josh: 00:34:59 Yeah.

James: 00:35:01 I W I want everyone who watches this to know that when, when Steve or when Steve or Josh, when these people are talking about working hard, okay, this is a sign that you’re doing. That is when people start telling you, and I don’t know how you get all this stuff done. If no one says that to you, you probably don’t work hard enough.

Josh: 00:35:19 That’s true. Or you there or everybody’s telling you you work too much. Right. Whichever one comes first. You’re probably at that point where you’re like, great, you’ve reached workaholic status now stick with him for nine months and you’re going to, your whole life will be different.

James: 00:35:33 Yeah,

Josh: 00:35:34 I agree with that 100% and like don’t listen to the masses. They all suck. They don’t know. They like, they just don’t know anything. Like anybody that’s preaching to the masses, like, I don’t know, it’s just,

James: 00:35:45 you just can’t be a actual leader by following the masses.

Josh: 00:35:49 You can’t. right?

James: 00:35:51 you know what I mean? That’s like totally oxymoron, you know?

Josh: 00:35:54 Yeah. Yeah. So I’ve got this dilemmas, not the right word, but I’m, I’m trying to figure out where I’m going. Right? So I’ve got The Think Different Theory, which is my podcast and you know, the brand and everything’s pretty much branded under that. And I know where that’s going long-term, right? Um, the dilemma I’m in is that I’m trying to decide whether I want think different theory to be a business focused podcast or brand or not. Here’s what I mean. I’m going on this world trip and this coming up worth 33 days out until we leave. Right? So like it coming up real quick and I’ve got a program, my, my core offer right now, we sold the company or whatever and you know, so thank you. I appreciate that. Um, so I mean it’s, it has been super fun, but now my core offer, I’m like, I don’t want to just travel and not have income for four months, right? Like kind of blow through all the savings. We’re gonna dump some cash into the trap, right? So it’s like, all right, let’s let me, let’s go and do this.

James: 00:36:51 Cash flow is always king.

Josh: 00:36:53 Right. And I don’t have any cash flow right now because I just sold the company except for my recurring from click funnels, which is a nice chunk, but to not on paper, a world trip. So I’ve got a core offer and I’m super passionate about sales and I’m specifically passionate, not just about sales but like sales, online sales, on social media, um, sales through like personal branding, things of that nature. And so we have a program, it’s called selling with confidence on social media. Um, I call it a selling with competence. And it is not just a sales training program. It is the, the whole sales machine, right? So there’s three parts. We have the traffic, we’ve got the actual sales conversion process, and then we’ve got the actual offer where we talk about offer structure as well and how to productize your offer. Even if you don’t, you know, even if you think you have custom offers or whatever. So like that’s Kinda gonna be the focus is Brandon under think different theory. But I’m sitting here and I’m like, James, like growing up my whole life I have been an entrepreneur. That is my identity. That is who I was was an entrepreneur. If you didn’t like everyone claims to be an entrepreneur, I was an entrepreneur like through and through thick true. And when I started the podcast, I told people this like this is who I was. Then Kyle died, right? Like and I like way, way jacked up my whole life, like way jacked up my whole life. Like more than just like, hey, like you lost a brother. Like that sucked. But like it makes you question everything about who you are and what’s important in life. And while I have no, I have absolutely zero fear that I will ever be financially hurting from a skill standpoint. Like if if I was dead broke right now and I need to go make $10,000 by the end of the week, I could figure out how to make 10,000 bucks, right? Like I’m just [inaudible].

James: 00:38:28 Once you have the brand and the following. You can do that on the fly.

Josh: 00:38:32 It’s easy. It’s super, super easy, right? However, you don’t just want to sell things for the sake of selling things. And.

James: 00:38:38 let me just make sure everyone understands that. So just make sure we’re not sounding cheesy or salesy. It’s because we understand people and what they need that you can do that and because you have a a, you know an open mind to help them. But you can do that.

Josh: 00:38:52 And because the only way in the entrepreneur world, pretty much the only way to grow a a true authentic brand is by providing actual value. Like you actually have a reason to be followed. So having an audience, and I understand you can call it privilege call whatever you want, it is right? Like having an audience changes your freaking life. Like holy cow, like I my friends, I love them all or whatever, but like I can’t relate to a lot of their problems. They can’t relate to a lot of minds, totally different problems. One is not better than the other, but my life is just different now that people know who I am. Like to the point, and I, it’s weird for me now, and I’ve talked about this a little bit before, it’s to the point now that when I go to click funnels related events and Steve Larson related events, I’m starting to be a little celebrity in the last two events that I’ve gone to funnel hacking live and offermind, there’s been, you know, thousands of people that or whatever, I have, not kidding, you probably taken 150 to 200 pictures with people that have come up and ask for picture.

James: 00:39:49 you the number one most talked about person in our survey at our event.

Josh: 00:39:53 Okay. So like I’m to this point now, like people [inaudible],

James: 00:39:56 Rachel and Steve.

Josh: 00:39:56 Right? Which is insanity, right? And every time I get on a podcast, people were like, you were awesome or whatever. And I’m like, I like, I don’t really feel all that different because I’m very focused on just myself right now, especially the last, and it’s that that transition has happened over the past like eight months, nine months. It just started to happen at go to town. Like go to Donna’s kind of what really kicked that off? I’m telling you that speech was a real turning point, I think solidify a lot of things, but in Kyle died and I’m like, I’m glad you all know who I am. I don’t even know who I am though. Right? Like I don’t know what I want anymore. And so my thing is is like Aye have entrepreneurial tendencies and I see myself as an entrepreneur. I always will work for myself. I will never work for an employer ever again. I don’t think, um, you know, I’ll have businesses, I’ve got this podcast, but building a business is different than building a content based brand. Hugely different.

James: 00:40:49 Yeah.

Josh: 00:40:49 Building a business. I have been told with my podcast, Josh, if you’re going to be the sales person, then make The Think Different Theory, like put out tons and tons of sales content you’re going to meet. And Steve told me this, not specifically for thing, different area. He’s like, dude, if you start a podcast on sales, you will literally crush it because every single person that listens to that podcast will buy from you. He’s like, everybody that listens to my podcast buys from me, everybody. But I’m like, I don’t really sell anything on thing. Different theory. I don’t have any products. Like I have a sales product, but it’s not like that’s not what think different theory is inherently about. Right. And so I’m sitting here, I’m going, I’m about to go travel the world. We’re going to have this program that is going to be my only focus while we travel. And for the students that are in selling with confidence right now, and you know, a lot of them are probably listening, like I’m going to be 100% focused on making that the best sales training program out there because I want to serve students at a good level. But from a branding perspective, I’m kind of just figuring out who I am and I’m okay with it. But I’m like just coming out of this and I, I feel like I know where I want to go. Finally, after eight months I, I kind of have a, a more solid direction, but like what is your advice for me? And it doesn’t have to be like, here’s what I would do. I mean, it could if you, if you have that, but like to figure that out and to test things. Because like, I’m like, I don’t know if I want thing different theory to be a content-based brand where I sell content essentially. And I buy my, I mean sell, I mean like sell advertising space or, you know, do different things, become an affiliate marketer or if I actually walked products around everything and you know, everything to go in that direction. Does that make sense? Cause like I’m ridiculously, good at sales dude. I just am. And I, the result, we had a student seven days into the selling of the confidence program, close a $130,000 deal and another 134,000 already. I apologize. And, and then three days later closed a $50,000 deal. Like our stuff works like crazy, but that’s all. No, you know what I mean? I just didn’t, I’m like, I just don’t know.

James: 00:42:37 Yeah. Well, I mean, I don’t know if I, um, like have the crystal ball, but here’s the things that I think about. Um, number one, I’ve always thought that people follow you, including me because you’re super interesting and I think that’s one of your biggest, um, assets in like gifts from God is, dude, you’re super fricking interesting. Like, I really think you’re built that way. Like your personality, the way you think. Like just like, you know what I mean? Like, like, like, like it’s, it’s crazy cause like people live, people feel like they live a normal life, but it’s all about how you see it. You know what I mean? So you wake up, you’re in your house or you know, apartment or whatever, but you make it super interesting. Do you know what I mean? So maybe like two years ago somebody asked me this about you, they’re like, you know what, why does, why does Josh, you don’t have all these followers. I was like, he’s super interesting. I was like, I find myself just watching the guy just to see what he’s doing. Like, you know, um, and, and I think, I think it’s your age and also just like, like older people than you 10, 20, 30 years older than you. They don’t, they don’t know what your life is like. Like they, they, they literally don’t like it’s, it’s, it’s like, it’s like being on Mars to them. They have no idea, you know? And so, and then I think like, like people your age and younger, um, I think it’s more of like you’re interesting because it’s, you’re like a role model to them, you know what I mean? And so, um, so I think that’s the thing I’ve always thought about you. It’s like your biggest strength is you’re super interesting. And I think like the, um, the thing that like, how I would like probably like role my, like if I had your like, type of talent, the blackboard model. So when you were saying that, I was like, what would I do if I was that interesting? Yeah.

Josh: 00:44:31 That’s why I’m asking you. Cause I know I have interesting tendencies, but I’m like, what do I do with it? That’s cool.

James: 00:44:37 So like what, what’s, what’s it, what’s cool about this okay. Is when, when I say you’re interesting, you might inherently think like, like it’s just normal,

Josh: 00:44:49 right? Right.

James: 00:44:50 But see, like your process of going through stuff, whether it’s like life, the trip you were on, like all the stuff you were seeing, um, you know, dating, um, starting this podcast, asking these questions like, your process is their process. You know what I mean? Like they’re going through that part of the process in a totally different way, but when they see how you think that people are attracted to that, you know, and so when they, when they see like, how does Josh solve problems? How does Josh, what does Josh do? How does Josh set goals? How does like, you know what I mean? And that’s a, that’s a true mark of like a true leader. Like this isn’t like, hey dude, I got a badge that some company gave me. Now I’m a dictator leader. Like this is like true influence, you know? Um, and so like, like, you know, dude, I’ve, I’ve sat on stage a couple of times, like, I think you have a chance to be like your generation’s like Gary v because like Gary v is a super interesting, you know what I mean? Like you just don’t know like what he’s going to be doing. And he like standing in an alleyway that he’s in his lip that he’s in like today.

Josh: 00:45:54 that the jets game, like cussing out babies and.

James: 00:45:57 yeah, you just don’t understand it. Like, you know, and it’s funny cause like, like he could, he lives like, like, cause you know, he’s a multi multimillionaire, like you would think his life would, it pertain to people. But he made it like, because he just breaks it down in the normal human elements, which I think you do an amazing job of like, you know, hey, I woke up, you know what I mean? Like you like, like, like, uh, like break it down. So everybody goes through it. I woke up, um, you know, or hey, I’m here doing this or whatever. So I don’t know. And I just feel like, uh, inherently like that builds a lot of trust because you, you reveal your process, your thought process, your ideas. Um, you know, and I think you, you know, you have enough, like you have that level of humility where like you’re like, hey man, like this is just what I think, you know, so you’re not necessarily dictating to them, you’re just saying, hey, this is what I think, you know. Um, and so I think like that inherently leads to trust. So I think to me like, like you’re super interesting, which I think inherently quickly leads people to trust. And then, um, the only thing in terms of like business and all that stuff that I, I know that like I’ve been able to help a lot of people. Like the model is basically, um, you know, just focus on one thing, build it, and then automate it. You know what I’m saying? And so like, like even like this year, like we’re going to make the same amount of money we did last year, but our goal was to automate 50% of our processes and actually make more cashflow, which we had a lot of cashflow last year. Um, and, and I, I, and actually, so like, uh, you know, this is probably not going to sound very good, but we w my goal was actually to work less on, on my business this year. So, but not just so that I can like, screw around, like at the pool. Like my, I’m more, I want to work less on my business so that I can actually think and go on and build something bigger and better.

Josh: 00:48:06 Right?

James: 00:48:07 Like, um, a lot of people don’t know, but I’m a part of seven different businesses right now. I’m owners shoving different businesses. Um, so I have weekly meetings, you know, with all those partners and um, you know, like we’re, you know, each one is kind of that they’re like the CEO of their, of this, of this brand or whatever. Um, but I’m in there just trying to help them build these all into, you know, million dollar multimillion dollar businesses. But see I can do that because we focused on putting so much on automation. So like, like a big goal right now, even still now till the end of the year is like to really organize like things that we do and put automated sales processes. Cause the automation there was like, okay, what do you automate? You automate the sales and the fulfillment. Those are the biggest two things, right? So like, um, that’s why I like webinars are really cool or sales teams are really cool. Um, you know, so, so that process or, and then like, you know, can you have the fulfillment automated so that, you know, like, like I like to personally meet with people. It’s just my, my brand. So I moved everything to like, um, group calls and team meetings and stuff like that. So it’s not a lot of work for me. It’s still a two hour meeting and I don’t care if there’s 80 people on or 20 people on. It’s the same meeting for me. You know what I mean? Some people get super like weirded out by 20, let alone 80, let alone 100. We’ve had like a hundred Hahaha over a hundred people on sometimes. Um, but like, uh, but that’s just how I do it. Right. But, but the other way to automate back end would be making a course or you know, so that there’s no, there’s no

Josh: 00:49:49 right.

James: 00:49:49 Actually, that kind of thing, you know?

Josh: 00:49:50 Yeah. Of course. This hire other coaches and things like that. I mean, I know Scott Olford is in his models of stuff is very big on hiring other coaches and stuff, some of his model, which is, you know, if you start with done for you and then move to the scaling with the core stuff like that. So that makes sense. Yeah. For me, I liked the interesting aspect of things. I just, for me, I’m, I’m figuring out exactly like I know how to get people to follow me. Well, it’s a matter of, I mean, I’ve grown 5 million followers on social media. I know a thing or two followers, right. But it’s like, what do I want to be about and is that interesting? Like you know what I mean? Like I dunno. Getting followers is one thing. When I ask people for money, I am not afraid to ask people for money. I am very cautious about asking people for money because the only time I ever want to ask someone for money is if I’m 100% sure I can get them results. And if I 100% believe in the product, I will literally screw up phone calls, not on purpose, right? Like just totally butcher sales calls that I should close on. Things that I don’t believe in. And it’s like a subconscious thing where I literally will like almost talk them out of the sale. It’s weird. And on other phone calls, like there’ve been phone calls that I’ve sat on where the person was not going to buy, like they had no intention of buying and by the end of it they’ve like wrote me a $5,000 or $10,000 check. I remember Marley, who we’ve had on here one time. She’s like, why don’t you just teach sales? And I’m like, what are you talking about? She’s like, people just give you money. I’ve never seen anything like it before. And I’m like, well yeah, if I believe in what I’m talking about, I like, there is no reason anybody wouldn’t give me money. Right? Like, I am great at making someone buy, but it’s a matter of like me tying my name to something. And I think one of my biggest fears, and this is a false belief of mine, I think it’s something I need to work on is like, I’m so afraid that if I, the next thing that I launched, the next big thing that I launched, that my name’s going to be tied to that for the rest of my life. And it’s not, but it’s like one of those things where I’m like hesitant.

James: 00:51:46 Like Amazon didn’t start with what they’re doing now.

Josh: 00:51:48 Yeah, that’s true.

James: 00:51:50 What do they start with? But books, right? Like something so cheesy, right? It’s like, dude, bog sounds boring, right? Like, like, um, think about like, everyone has to have their fast ball. You know what I mean? Like you have like that key pitch, right? Like if you can’t throw the fast ball, you might as well not throw the other ones. Cause the fastball sets them all, all the other ones up.

Josh: 00:52:12 Right?

James: 00:52:13 I mean, if you understand baseball, it’s like, dude, if you can’t throw a basic fastball, then like the curve ball is not, it’s not, not a thing. All right. You know [inaudible] the curve ball sucks cause you think it’s going to be fast. That’s what screws your head up. If you’re a batter, you think it’s going to come 90. And when it comes 70 and it’s moving like it’s actually easier to hit a ball that’s moving slower and it has an arc to it, that’s actually easier. But when you’re looking for a fastball now you’re totally screwed. I think like, like I think about like, um, all the grades, Dude. Like look at state and Sam Ovens you were talking about, like he started with one core course, right? Look at Dan one core course. Um, uh, I remember even like, um, like Amy Porterfield, like she started with um, like Amy Porterfield, you know, she started with like, um, how to build your list or something like that. This, this course that blew up. It was like lead magnets and how to build your list and then she went and all those other things like, like you know, like I, I think like, like just cause you have that that like I think you should have that beginning like anchor product or whatever.

Josh: 00:53:23 Dude did. My thing is, is that Instagram blew me up bro. Like I’m still known by half the people that know me as the Instagram guy and I haven’t taught Instagram in like a year and a half. And so my thing is I’m getting super vulnerable here and you know, for those that are listening, like it’s weird for me because I don’t feel like I’ve missed any opportunities per se. Right. I’m going to, I’ll, let’s go back to my former business partner. Right. Most wastes stayed on with the whole Instagram thing and he’s done very, very well for himself. Now, I’m not saying I haven’t done well for myself, don’t get me wrong like we’ve had, I’m very, very beyond blessed. It’s not a money issue. It is a brand issue and I’m great at building personal brands. I’m great at building and like doing all sorts of fun stuff like that. But for me, I’m like, the initial thing that blew me up was building social media audiences, right? 5 million followers on social media. People know that number, 4 million, 5 million, you know, in that range. But now I’m like, Gosh, don’t do that. Social media sucks. Social media is ruining your brain. Like I tried to stay on social media as much as possible, right? I’m like this big anti social media dude, right? As I’m sitting over here teaching it. And so like there’s this weird balance for me where I’m like, I can figure out just about anything. I just got to pick one. Right? And I’m at a point right now where I don’t have to pick one, which is why I’m going to go travel the world. I’ve got the money, right? Like I sold a company, I’m like peace out. Right. I’ll figure it out. And I think that the world travel will your.

James: 00:54:48 It’s your second exit, right?

Josh: 00:54:49 Yeah. Well yeah. Social Info. I mean it was, it was an exit, but socially info is a like it was, yeah, I guess it was an exit. I mean we brought in a business partner, I guess technically bought me out. It was a five figure exit to like social info.

James: 00:55:02 So if somebody bought you out, that’s an exit.

Josh: 00:55:04 Yeah. And so, I mean that’s my second, I mean host way technically brought me out. So technically, but like that wasn’t really, that was kind of a split. Right? So like second exit. So I’m like sitting here like I’ve got money in the bank, I’m going go travel, I’m going to go figure it out and hopefully gain a lot of followers and provide a lot of value and perspective. I think that the unique thing about this travel versus everybody else that just goes out there and travel is that I’m going to bring crazy perspective with it. Right? Like, I feel like one of my strong points is communication and being able to communicate ideas. And so I think that this, you know, me going on, the strip is going on. When I get back I’m going to have a much better understanding of where I want to be and what I want to do. And in the meantime, like I am very passionate about sales. I believe every single human being should learn how to sell. I don’t care who you are. I think every single person, I think sales class should be a standard class in school. Um, so like,

James: 00:55:53 and I’m very proud I vote. So one of the biggest things I would consult on, easiest way to make money, one of the easiest ends is, is you basically teach every person who touches the customer about the sales process.

Josh: 00:56:05 Yeah.

James: 00:56:06 And you would be surprised how fast sales can go up with receptionist, customer service, people who do billing, any of those people teach them the sales process. I mean, dude, you, you can make sense

Josh: 00:56:19 and you could increase it. Yup. Exactly. So like I’m good at it. There is zero. If I can get results for people when it comes to sales, sales and social media, like I just do it in my sleep, right? But I’m like, okay, that’s a big market. Where’s my niche? Where’s my spot? What do I ultimately want to build a baron around once I decide that is game over, right? Like for me as like, all right, partner with the right people, get the coach, figure out who it is. Because one of the things that I have become overwhelmingly increasingly aware of is the importance of having a coach, especially over the last eight months. The only reason I was able to sell the company that we just sold is because we listened to Sam Ovens, right? And because we listened to people, um, Tom Brady, you know, that’s my boy. We’re going to go in 19 and oh this year and win the Superbowl. Call it it now coming out of Dallas and about to whoop their butts. But anyway, um, I know you’re a Seahawks fan.

James: 00:57:11 We’ll be in Seattle. We’re going to be clowning on people this year. If you don’t,

Josh: 00:57:15 you’re, you’re too. And O though are you,

James: 00:57:17 we’re not clowning cause we’ve got Clowney you know.

Josh: 00:57:19 Oh that’s right. You do. Oh Man. Um, but anyway, like I was watching like even last night I was watching, she’s the only person that I like re-watch videos out cause the dude literally fascinates me more than any other person on the planet. Like Tom Brady is just a freak of nature. But everybody that you talked to him about it that you listen to says he is one of the most, if not the most coachable players in the in the game. And I’m like here’s the greatest quarterback of all time. No one ready to sports player period. Right. Maybe Ali, right? Like, like we’re talking like eclipse Michael Jordan as a clutch player and they’re telling me he is a coachable human being. So I’m like, all right. That’s the importance of being able to be coachable. So for me, when I get back, I’ve already, you know, there’s already people that I plan on higher. I already planned on hiring Brad Gib for, you know, like his stuff because he’s just incredible. I already, you know, like plan on doing these things and are setting aside money for that. But for me it’s like, all right, once I get back I need to pick something and I need to decide what it is that I ultimately want to do. I know whatever I do is going to be done under think different theory. I know whatever it is that I do is going to be about mindset and thinking different because that’s what the podcast is about. The podcast is blowing up. Uh, last month we had our most downloaded months ever. It’s funny, like we kind of launched and then it went down just a little bit and it kind of went up a little bit and then it like flat line. And then we did a launch in July and it was like, and then August went up even more. So like we’re on an upward projectory, which is awesome. Um, which will be, once again, the audience, people need to build their audience. James like it’s freaking life changing. It’s absolutely nuts. How life changing email list, social media presence or podcasting. If you do not have one of those three things, stop everything that you’re doing in your business and go start one. I’m dead serious. I’m like literally 100% serious right now. Get a coach or consultant. But anyway, I’m just ranting now at this point, but that’s kind of this dilemma that I’m in. I’m like, all right, I’ve got time to figure it out. I’ve got five months, six months, um, sales, anybody that comes to my sales program now they’re going to crush it because I’m still involved. Once it’s automated, obviously they’re still going to cross yet, but they don’t have access to me. So anyway.

James: 00:59:25 Yeah,

Josh: 00:59:25 those are my two thoughts are 10 cents, 10 cents. They’re not just 2 cents. That’s right. 10 cents.

James: 00:59:30 I think it’s awesome, man. I think I’m like, um, I think it’s truly one of those things, man, where it doesn’t really matter what you do. I think it’s your values and your ethics and like that. Like, and I’m not saying ethics like, like you have great ethics, but I’m saying your ethics and how you would pick something, right. You know, that is gonna is gonna make whatever you do really successful. Um, and um, yeah, I mean, you know, cause you, you know how to deliver good products, you know how to, you know, you have the audience for it. So yeah, I would, I would think, um, you know, I, I would, I would, uh, I would think more to like, you know, your wise, like what, why, why do you want to, uh, [inaudible] not saying this in a negative way, but why do you want to do something big? Why do you want to eat? You know what I mean? Um, and, and, and not saying at all, like check yourself. I’m saying like.

Josh: 01:00:24 right.

James: 01:00:24 in your why and a lot of times that can help point, point to the right direction.

Josh: 01:00:29 Yeah. I would agree with that. Big Time. Start with why skittles, Simon Sinek. Um, yeah. All right. I have one more question for you. We’re already over on time, but I mean, if you, if you’re, I’m not in any hurry to wrap it up if you’re not. Um, I want to like totally switch back to almost like the beginning of our conversation because now I’m super interested in this. I don’t necessarily want to make this political, but if it goes there, I’m not inherently mad about it. Um, I want to talk about like automation in the workplace. One of the things that I’m big on is personal responsibility. I think that everybody should be responsible for their own life, do their own thing. And I think that entrepreneurship and the Internet has created more opportunity than anything else in the world, right? Like it’s just incredible the opportunity that’s right.

New Speaker: 01:01:13 Now, uh, on the flip side of that, the, there’s the Andrew Gang’s of the world who truly believe that automation is going to wipe out like half of all of jobs in like a very short period of time. He’s basically saying like, hey, we’re getting to this peak where once it hits, it’s going to be like mass wipe out in mass layoffs in a matter of like one year, like half of the world or half of the, you know, the country’s going to be without work, which is basically why he says, you know, universal basic incomes of thing. My question is, you’re, you bet in the tech industry a lot and you know a lot about that stuff. I mean, you’ve consulted with Facebook at and t, like all that type of stuff. So like is automation and automation taking over jobs a legitimate concern? And if it is, actually, let me just start with that. Is it a legitimate concern and turn up your volume or talks to that? Your volume is good?

James: 01:02:07 Yeah. Um, I think in the short term, like in the next 10, 20 years, I, I don’t think so. I mean that’s like when, when Amazon hired me to develop this thing called Amazon go like, it’s, it’s not even a project anymore. I don’t even know. Like it’s, it was like a hundred million dollar project. $100 million project that’s flopped. And they wanted to do this like manless grocery store.

Josh: 01:02:31 Yeah there’s a couple of them.

James: 01:02:33 There’s the, there’s one in Seattle but it’s, they restricted it to only employees now cause everyone was stealing stuff.

Josh: 01:02:39 So it didn’t work cause I just went past or we just fly out of Chicago. Don’t know. I was in Chicago, Denver maybe there’s one, there was, there was one there. And there’s one that, there’s one, a couple of the airports that I’ve been to, I know West Chicago, it wasn’t the airport, it was in Chicago. It was in the, um, I don’t know there, there, there’s one in that. They’re not, they’re not very many of them though.

James: 01:02:58 So, so this, this is like public information out cause they came up, but they were supposed to do $100 million in sales by 2020. I mean there’s not even, you know what I mean? They, they were there, this is actually why Amazon bought whole foods because they were going to transform all the whole foods around the country into a manless woman list, grocery store to employees and every, well this is like lyric exactly what you’re saying, right? It’s like, like, can you imagine like all those employees are gone? Like a roadblock. Like even like Amazon fresh, like, which is what I got. Not everybody knows that, but it’s like, you know, delivery service. So like I’ve got a whole foods down the street. I can go order, we’ll like, it was going to be a robot go and just like they do in the Amazon warehouse that goes in, it picks something off the shelf, puts it in your bag, and then it gets into like a manless card, drives it over and puts it into drone and drive and flies into your house. Like, but what, what, what I, um, does this one the only like true entrepreneurial things. I was like, I’m not doing that because I was like, this is a total disaster. This is not going to happen for at least another like five to eight years because the technology does not exist with near field communication, all that stuff for this to happen. Like right now, like if me and you walk out in the store at this like literally side by side, it doesn’t know to charge you or charge me. Like if we walk out side by side, it doesn’t know, you know? So there could be things like, like, you know, people have to walk out like 10 feet apart, like, you know what I mean? There there’s certain things like you could, you could do, but um, it but so, so my, my point is I don’t think like right away you’re going to see something like that. But in our lifetime I think you could see mass consolidation of a lot of industries. Okay. You know, like, like I always thought like anybody who’s like crunching numbers, so like the finance industry analysts for people who are predicting things based on stats, um, you know, all those kinds of things though. Those are, those are the first jobs to be honest, stuttered like a computer can easily do it 10 times faster, a hundred times cheaper and be a million times more accurate.

Josh: 01:05:09 Right.

James: 01:05:10 Um, you know, so, so I, so here’s, here’s what I think though. I think at some point like either like states or countries are going to have to make a decision on how much robotics and AI do they want in their, in their economy, you know?

Josh: 01:05:31 But should the government decide that?

James: 01:05:33 Well, I don’t know if the federal government should, but I think local government should like, if like if Texas said, we don’t want that, then if you don’t like it just moved to another state. You know what I mean? Like if you don’t like it just moves to move somewhere else. Like,

Josh: 01:05:47 but, but okay, I understand that what you’re saying, but like I feel like that’s something that the people should vote on, man. That shouldn’t be a political thing. [inaudible] vote on it. But like, I don’t know if it’s a private company. I mean, I guess, I guess if they’re using public roads and like public things of that nature, but like, I dunno, that’s, that’s, and that’s, this is where the pole political bait debate gets into it. But let’s assume, let’s assume that 10 years from now, what happens, let’s assume Andrew Yang is right or even half, right. And we lose 50 million jobs, right? Or 25 million jobs and, and this gets wiped out. What’s going to happen by when he’s saying it’s like an unlikely the next five years, no. Yeah, he thinks it’s going to be ma massive, massive layoffs. Uh, like in the,

James: 01:06:34 the marketers right there.

Josh: 01:06:36 don’t like, but, but he, here’s the dude that he makes a pretty compelling argument, which I don’t agree with them necessarily, but he’s like, I worked in tech, he worked at a company that designed automation things that literally once it was designed, he watched the company, I forget the with, and don’t quote me on this guy. It’s like, do your research. But it was like something like they lost 3000 jobs, like a 5,000 job company or something like that. Like over half the jobs went away and this company, after they developed the technology to wipe themselves out essentially, right?

James: 01:07:06 Sure. So like knowledge building, like a semiconductor chip or manufacturing or some type of like number one, those jobs have been being replaced for the last 50 years already. Like.

Josh: 01:07:17 he’s saying it’s going to just hyper accelerate it and the truck drivers are going to go away and the manufacturing jobs are going to go away. And any non-creative like easily replaced with a robot type job gone like that. Right. In five years he’s like tens of millions of jobs are gonna go away. My question is, and that’s his argument for why universal basic income is needed. And so there is a huge argument and I’ve gotten into heavy debates with people and this is like.

James: 01:07:44 that’s a horrible reason for,

Josh: 01:07:46 oh, believe me I and how he’s going to pay for it. He’s is going to tax the companies that are using automation at 10% tax or 20% tax can take all that money. Universal basic income. What do you do? But my argument back to that is he’s assuming that new jobs are not going to be created.

James: 01:08:05 Well, they would have to be cause who’s going to monitor? Who’s going to build, who’s gonna do software, great upgrades. Who’s going to build the hardware? That is the robot whose, you know, I mean like, I think it’s like society just like this is just a normal trend. Like you have to retool yourself faster than ever before. This, it’s actually a normal for like at at and t 200, they have 220,000 employees. Okay. They’re one of the biggest like top five companies in the world and from the number of employees. Um, like they are telling people to retool themselves every two years. That is unheard of.

Josh: 01:08:41 And talking about that,

James: 01:08:42 somebody who’s been there for 25 years, sitting in the same chair for 18 of those 25 years is being told to retool every two. Like they’re like, when do I retire?

Josh: 01:08:52 Right. And so, and that’s the thing. So Andrew Yang arguments says, hey, truck drivers aren’t going to be able to learn new skills that fast. They’re not going to be able to learn fast enough. My thing is like, dude, the Internet, the thing like everybody has access to work, like, you know what I mean? It’s just gonna free up, more time, more capabilities for the creative people to do creative work, for people to have meaningful work for people to do what they actually love to do. And while yes, some people are going to suffer from it, how low, there’s already lots and lots of people suffering now.

James: 01:09:28 So like I do think the same thing he’s saying is I actually think it will 100% happen. I think there’s going to be a, a chasm of people who are just caught in between. But that was also their fault. Like they should have been learning this whole time.

Josh: 01:09:46 So what happens to them though, and I know this is political, right? But like let’s say there’s a small numbers. Let’s say it’s 3 million people, 3 million people are like, crap, I have no work. I have no skills man. So I’m going to go into the government payroll and he’s basically saying, let’s just make it a government payroll. Let’s just allocate for a tax to big companies, throw it on the government payroll and what do you do? Here we go.

James: 01:10:08 I think it’s going to, so I think there will, there will be a lot of people, but I don’t think, I think it will be a mature to think that 100% of those people are going to end up on the government’s payroll. Because you look at any company right now and you know somebody who is a secretary or an admin on a business account for at t and t and that’ll job gets eliminated. Now they’re told to go be a project manager of tech software being developed for Internet of things technology. Just like that person doesn’t know anything about it, but they can get that person up to speed in a year.

Josh: 01:10:41 Right. And in a relatively short period of time, I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times. So the only time it doesn’t happen is when the person has the wrong attitude. No,

Josh: 01:10:49 exactly. And that’s my whole thing is like we live in this stupid economy and a stupid world where it’s like, if it’s not convenient for you, we should cater to you. And it’s like that’s when, I mean you certainly don’t cater to me. Let me tell you what, like I fought tooth and nail at every turn to get where I’m at, you know? And like every other hardworking entrepreneur out there.

James: 01:11:07 Yeah. So, so I just, I give this the, this speech not that long ago about um, there’s this quote that talks like how nations are bung born stoic, which means like they’re born like working super hard planning for the future investing, right? Not Living for the moment and then, but, but all nations die. It was thought epicureanism which is basically like live for the moment, you know, just just live for now. Like…

Josh: 01:11:31 America.

James: 01:11:31 thinks about the future.

Josh: 01:11:32 Literally America right now.

James: 01:11:35 what he is saying is epicureanism which is basically like don’t tell somebody who’s 40 years old to retool themselves. Tell them live for the moment. No, no. Like they have to, they have to like, like the F if you have to go back to being a quote, stoic, like number one, it’s not forever. It’s not like for the next 20 years you’re going to do that. And, and also there’s nothing wrong with that. Like that is Eric Cantor. It’s so like, like, um, you know me, you know what I mean? Like that’s how great things happen. So I, I don’t, I don’t think like interrupting that cycle, you know, or, or trying to legislate that cycle and manage it is the right answer. Um, you know, I, I feel bad for people who, you know, we have people who joined some of our, like w we coach a little bit over 200 people in different programs right now. And let’s be honest, like there’s some people they don’t know the computer from the left hand or the right hand. Like, like there’s people who jump into some of the stuff we do and I cannot believe they can’t figure out how to set up lastpass password or they can’t figure out like, how to, um, you know, go create a Facebook ad manager, like just create the account list or like run an ad once later. They still haven’t figured that out. Like there’s some people that, um, it’s, it’s not their fault or like necessarily their fault, like into like, they just grew up not around this.

Josh: 01:12:55 Right. But they, people like me. So interesting. Back to your point of,

James: 01:12:58 right, right. Like, like people like us, if you told me to go create a Facebook ad account, I could create one every five minutes if you, oh yeah.

Josh: 01:13:07 At least, right.

James: 01:13:09 Five minutes. I could be creating one, you know, like until I run out of credit cards. Cause like, you know, like everyone knows, like you pick, you have to have a credit card for every account now. But like, um, but like, like, so like there’s people like that, so, but, but see like not everyone has to move into this like super techie job.

Josh: 01:13:27 Right.

James: 01:13:28 You know what I mean? Like there’s always going to be the need for project managers, so people managing people. Um, there’s always going to be the need for middle managers.

Josh: 01:13:35 So a number and the number two, I mean like, I think Gary Vaynerchuk Kit at right smack that on the head. Like there’s a lot of people built for number two. You know what I mean? And it’s, it’s very evident. I don’t want to get into too, too, too much details, but there is a, something local here, a local business here that I’m like, no, pretty well or whatever. And uh, the current number one just left and the number to replace that, number one, it’s not going well, right? Like it is a madhouse chaos and it’s like that person is an incredible number two.

James: 01:14:07 Yeah.

Josh: 01:14:08 You’ve got to know your role there, where like you, I can take, uh, brutal beating, right? Like, and still pop up and be like that all you got. Whereas a lot of people, and it doesn’t make if, if, if you’re that person listening right now, but it doesn’t make you any less of a human being, it means that you know where you’re at and it knows you. Your strengths are not to take a brutal beating, right? Like I posted the perfect example of this, I posted on Instagram the other day, a picture of me in front of Trump tower literally broke in front of the first two hours, 116 people involved me. I lost hundreds of followers from that. And then I posted on Facebook, brutal bro, like death threats, go kill yourself. I can’t believe I’m following a white supremacist pig like that ruthless. And in my IDM on Facebook, like everywhere and I’m like, I didn’t even make it political. Like it wasn’t even a political post, right? Like can you imagine? And so like someone like me, I can take that and just be like, whatever. You know what I mean? Like move on and like keep on going. And I would post it again in a heartbeat. Some people literally could not take that beating and feel good about themselves. It would wreck them. And it doesn’t make them less of a human. It just means that they’re not in a position to do that. And I think that as the economy changes, like peep, we are, we are creatures of habit. We just are. And when the at and t top five largest company in the world employee-wise like it says, hey, you gotta to change every two years, your work routine. Like it takes two years to get into a work, you know what I mean?

James: 01:15:45 So that’s what all the middle managers are. They’re like, do you understand that people don’t even know what the hell they’re doing. Right.

James: 01:15:50 They just good. Uh, okay.

Josh: 01:15:54 What company was it? Was, was Tesla? Tesla is already educating there. Was it 2029 workforce? Like they’re already training people to start in the workforce in 2029 yeah. That gets insane. So like, that’s what you gotta do and okay. To my point. I think that companies like Tesla, like Facebook, like Amazon, like Google, like Amazon, you know like all the big tech companies are re realize this and all the jobs that they wipe out, they’re going to be like come here. Like whoa. Hey you right. Like we took your jobs away, let’s educate you. They’re going to increase their quality of life. Like Google is one of the best places to work in the country or in the world. Right? Like cool, awesome.

James: 01:16:38 Like Amazon just announced 20,000 new hires and a whole mess of those were our six figure jobs and they’re going to be around some type of technology that they’re working on. You know, but not all of them are going to be techie. Like you have to know technology like, like this is the beauty of, of what a lot of people don’t realize about technology is like if you just can understand how a system can talk to another system.

Josh: 01:17:03 Yeah.

James: 01:17:03 I don’t even know. I need to know language. How come? No. Like, dude, when a talks to be like, if the beat doesn’t hear what happens?

Josh: 01:17:14 If you want to, if you want a great lesson in technology, just go try to set up Zapier or Zapier.

James: 01:17:21 That’s true. That is seriously, that is exactly like system system communication, right?

Josh: 01:17:26 Yeah. It’s like I had to set it up for and, and I don’t normally don’t do a lot of tech stuff, but it was, I know I was looking at launch week, I don’t know, it was a couple months ago and I’m figuring everything out last minute and I had to figure out how to integrate active campaign to schedule once and we use Zapier and just figuring out that was like, oh, that talks to that through this. This is what triggers it. That’s all it is. Yes. It’s way more complex than that to actually code the stupid thing. But there’s a bunch of really smart coders out there that’ll do that for you and they’ll make way more than you and like, yeah, you know, if you’re a coder or not, if you’ve ever been to silicon valley, it’s like this nerd tech bubble. Right? It’s like weird, weird. So anyway,

James: 01:18:05 yea like, like when I used to, um, bid on these, these big jobs and like I used to always have some like [inaudible] [inaudible] assist in the room who’s like, well, he doesn’t know this system and that system. And I’m like, no, I don’t either. They’re like, well, how do you explain that? Well, a couple of why to justify that. I’m like, dude, I know how systems talk. I don’t want to know your damn system. Every little detail. Don’t tell me you don’t have like a hundred employees who know every little detail and I’m to email or phone call away. Like, that’s not my job. I don’t need to know all that stuff. Right? Like you can be a great project manager, uh, be involved in a team that’s working on some type of technology and literally have no idea how the technology works.

Josh: 01:18:43 Yeah.

James: 01:18:44 Know what I mean? If you can communicate with them,

Josh: 01:18:45 that’s right there. That’s the key. Your job is not to know how it works. Your job is to be able to effectively communicate it to someone that doesn’t either. Right. If you understand it enough to make them understand it and understand all that they need to know. It doesn’t matter what you know, the fundamental key to business and everybody listening needs to just like write this on the wall and throw it up in front of them and they stare at it every single day. The amount of money you make is directly tied to the proportion of the size of the problem that you solve. And by the way, that problem maybe the same exact problem for two different people and be worth 20 times more to one person than it is to another because the size of that problem to them is different. It might be the exact same task, which is why I can charge $500 for one thing and $25,000 for the exact same thing to a completely different person. And by the way, I have done this, in fact, I don’t know if I should say who I did this to. Someone that you guys know that was a big influencer [inaudible] that owns a software company. Okay. He came to Austin was a client of ours. We charged him more. Why? Because the problem was there. And because we charged him more, we gave him better attention. You know what I mean? So like, people don’t care. They’re willing to pay for their problems anyway. And ranch there have to get that out.

James: 01:20:06 No, you’re right. You’re man.

Josh: 01:20:08 Oh Man. James, what an interview. I appreciate you coming on. I think we some thoughts,

James: 01:20:13 I thought you were gonna ask me a bunch of religious questions or something.

Josh: 01:20:15 About religious questions. No, I don’t know where I feel about religion right now, bro. But that’s Kinda kind of the reason I’m going to go to the start of the world. I have a big problem not to get too religious. [inaudible] like I’m a Christian and I believe in the Bible and I believe in God and I 100% believe that the Bible is the most accurate. Um, I don’t know, 2000 years of translate.

James: 01:20:37 It’s the most authentic if you,

Josh: 01:20:39 Right,and I agree with that, but like.

James: 01:20:41 how people, um, create facts of history. Like, how do you know something happened 2000 years ago in a history book,

Josh: 01:20:47 right? Versus nine years.

James: 01:20:49 There’s actually a logical way that historians do that, and if you understand that, those principles of, of how they do that and you apply that to things that happen in the Bible, the Bible is more authentic in terms of history, events that happen when they happen, where things were worse, where kings lived like it’s more authentic than any other piece of literature, literally. So that, that, that’s pretty compelling.

Josh: 01:21:14 and it really is. I think my thing is, is like, I dunno, let’s leave someone with a, let’s leave this conversation with people with a super, super, super deep open ended question that we’re not gonna answer that I’m just struggling with so that everybody can just go and maybe we’ll do a future podcast episode on it. Sound good?

James: 01:21:33 Sure.

Josh: 01:21:34 One of the biggest things that I wrestle with is the fact that God is like, Yo, trust me and you’ll go to heaven. Don’t trust me and you’re going to hell when I know for a darn fact not everybody in the entire world has ever heard about Christ.

James: 01:21:50 I think it’s actually denying me though.

Josh: 01:21:53 Well, Dang James, sorry that maybe, yeah, maybe just answering my whole life question. Maybe I don’t need to go figure out anything now, but like.

James: 01:22:00 I think somebody can live in Africa or in a, in a Congo, never have heard anything and still go to heaven or I think the Bible supports that.

Josh: 01:22:08 You think so?

James: 01:22:09 I do. I’ve actually shown people like, um, like people in the Bible are accountable for what they know. You can’t, they’re not held accountable for what they don’t know.

Josh: 01:22:19 So you’re saying with the verse in the Bible, was it a, with great knowledge comes great responsibility. So you’re saying the more I know about Christ, the more I should inherently follow him.

James: 01:22:31 Um, I think the more you know about,

Josh: 01:22:34 the more you’re responsible for.

James: 01:22:35 about God, the more he would be responsible to, to, to live out the whatever truth you, you, you know, you know what I mean?

Josh: 01:22:45 Oh, well guys, there’s your question to compliment a contemplate. Uh, we’re gonna end with that and I’m going to move to rapid fire questions. I appreciate you coming on here before I been rapid fire questions that, where can people find you,

James: 01:22:55 James or James, James [inaudible] dot com. There’s a whole bunch of really cool stuff on there. A lot of really cool free stuff all the way to people are trying to grow in the millions of dollars. There’s a lot of different, we’re doing mentorships and coaching and stuff like that. So, um, there’s a lot of really, really cool. I’m just free pieces of material and horses and stuff on there. You guys can get ahold of me and Josh and Steve Larson did awesome book that’s on there.

Josh: 01:23:18 Oh yeah.

James: 01:23:19 Famazon oh shit. I have it right here. And uh, Facebook is where I live pretty much. Um, uh,

Josh: 01:23:25 you live on Facebook per, you’re all over there.

James: 01:23:29 Um, I don’t, I don’t play around on Facebook, but I do business on Facebook. So, um, I, I probably check, I’m one of the only people that like, you know, gets the hundred, 200, 250 depending on the day or what we’re doing PM’s a day. But I try to check them all.

Josh: 01:23:44 That’s crazy.

James: 01:23:47 I try to check them. Perhaps you yeah, so it’s just a part of my brand and what I do. It’s not, not that it’s a better than anyone else,

Josh: 01:23:54 right?

James: 01:23:55 Yeah.

Josh: 01:23:56 James James We’ll link them both below IDF Facebook group. I can’t remember. I know you have one, but I said a free one.

James: 01:24:03 that was free one.

Josh: 01:24:05 What’s it called?

James: 01:24:06 Entrepreneur Coaching and

Josh: 01:24:09 Entrepreneur coaching and we’ll link it all below. Um, because Shaq James Out, he’s James is a super cool friend of mine. We’ve been friends for a couple of years now.

James: 01:24:17 Yeah,

Josh: 01:24:17 that’s some really cool stuff to gather spoken on a bunch of stages together. So yeah. All right, let’s move to rapid fire questions and turn up your volume for answers to this. You’re slightly soft. Sorry, I got got to keep asking. Hey, there we go. Um, dream car. Do you have one? I feel like you may own your dream car though, bro.

James: 01:24:36 You feel like I do.

Josh: 01:24:38 Your truck is sick.

James: 01:24:40 I had the option to get a really nice support. I don’t know what I was going to get. I was looking at ’em a certain I was at, believe it or not, I was actually looking at the, the Jaguar f type. I think it’s the f type.

Josh: 01:24:52 Yeah, no, I just saw one of those. Yeah, they’re sick.

James: 01:24:55 The only reason I actually didn’t get that car, this is hilarious is when you’re like six to it, it is super cramped. Like it is like your knees are like, it just feels weird. So I was like.

Josh: 01:25:07 uncomfortable.

James: 01:25:08 Um, but I actually looked into leasing, um, um, like a lambo or something. I mean, um, but you know, one of my good friends was just like, dude, let’s be honest bro. Like you’re an outdoors person. You live in Texas now. Like, like what if he just like stood out, were different, you know, and um, so, so I dunno, you know, I just um, I was like okay, if I get a pickup, like I’m going to get like a second one. So I literally went on a lot and I’m like, I need the, I want to look at the most expensive truck you have. He’s like, what? I was like, I’m not kidding. Like everything lifted and hacked like everything and I didn’t get everything. Like I didn’t want allowed muffler, I want to be like talk on the phone or do Facebook lives. Um, but man I love my truck.

Josh: 01:25:57 dude. It is, I hate Toyota trucks and then I drove yards and I was like the whole identity. That’s [inaudible] but man that’s a stick truck and I feel like I’m tells me Bro, man,

James: 01:26:09 drive my truck. Cause when people come over I let him drive. Like I will let you drive my car that like, like it is a head Turner man. Like when you see that thing on the road, like yeah, it’s like you, you might miss like a low car. Just between us, but you can’t miss my truck. Like impossible.

Josh: 01:26:25 Yeah, it’s huge. It’s so big. And like how, how, what’s the lift kit on that?

James: 01:26:30 Well, I had the factory do it all. So I think it’s six or eight inches.

Josh: 01:26:33 Oh yeah. What I remember you telling me that whatever the highest they’ll go for the warranty.

James: 01:26:38 Yeah.

Josh: 01:26:38 So did you buy or it or Trump?

James: 01:26:40 No, I bought it.

Josh: 01:26:41 You bought it. That’s awesome. I love that track.

James: 01:26:45 Like they, they’re like, dude, we never even seen a ton of that, that price. I think I ended up getting it for like some around 80. Yeah. But I got some discounts and I, and I talked him down.

Josh: 01:26:58 Yeah. I mean when you’re checking out that much [inaudible] deal. That’s awesome. Um, all right. Uh, favorite airline to fly.

James: 01:27:05 Favorite airline to fly. Then I don’t like flying if I had to go like super cheap. So I was listening to ’em. Um, so I, I like to do, um, a spirit first-class spirit first class. It’s like, okay.

Josh: 01:27:24 I didn’t know. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

James: 01:27:26 Yeah. It’s actually like, okay, like you feel like you’re in a better than coach seat, like on Delta or something. So, so you’re in a, you’re in a nice seat now. It’s not like super cool, but actually like for the price, you’re like, dude, this, this is a way better deal then like, you know what I mean? Flying another airline.

Josh: 01:27:46 economy.

James: 01:27:48 I liked that a lot. But overall, my favorite airline I’ve ever been on still to this day is Alaska.

Josh: 01:27:53 Really?

James: 01:27:54 Yeah. So growing up in Seattle, yeah.

Josh: 01:27:56 They have so much out of there.

James: 01:27:58 They’re just super, everyone’s super nice. Everyone’s super courteous. Lot of legroom. Um, now Alaska Airlines is like the best I’ve ever been on.

Josh: 01:28:06 Hmm. Interesting. Yeah, I’m a huge Delta Fan on that because I have tons of points, uh, on there and I fly them all the time. And for the most part, I think they’re the best for me. But, uh, Alaskan Airlines and I’m gonna have to try spirit first-class. I Hate Spirit, man. I had nothing but bad experiences with them, but they also have like $50 flights.

James: 01:28:25 Dude, if you flied a spirit, you have to go in, you, you, you have to go in. Like if you fly spirit, you have to go in like making it a joke. If you think it’s serious, you’re going to get pissed. Okay. So you have to be like, I walk in, I’m like, is it okay if I breathe in here? No. Like what? I’m like, well, how much is air like is, are you going to charge me for some air? [inaudible] they’re like, oh, that’s a good one. You feel like it’s comical, right? Like you have like that in order to not get pissed, you know?

Josh: 01:28:59 I feel that a bucket list item that you want to do in your lifetime

James: 01:29:03 be president.

Josh: 01:29:05 Like legitimately.

James: 01:29:07 Yeah. Either be president or be, um, on someone’s cabinet.

Josh: 01:29:11 I don’t want to be president, but being on someone’s cabinet, it would be like, well, you put me on your cabinet if you’re president,

James: 01:29:16 heck yeah.

Josh: 01:29:17 I’m going to hold you to that. If you’re ever president, I’m on, I’m on your cabinet somewhere. Be Awesome.

James: 01:29:21 Something like in my fifties. I seriously tried to try to get a good crew and, and they can run.

Josh: 01:29:28 I tell you what, anybody that wants to run for office right now for any form of bigger office influencer marketing, Bro,

James: 01:29:35 I don’t understand that. That’s what I’m saying is I know I would smoke all these guys just through influencer marketing, even 10, 20 years from now, I still think I’m going to smoke them also. Like I would just go in being so real dude, if I showed up at a debate and you know, and they, they’re asking like highly political questions, you know, like they’re asking like a microcosm of the real issue, but they’re trying to like split hairs on it so that they can report on it a certain way. Dude, I would just eat those guys. I would eat their lunch so fast and wouldn’t even be flooding. Dude,

Josh: 01:30:05 what’d you like? Do the Donald Trump a factor? Would you be nicer?

James: 01:30:08 I think I would be, I would be pretty. Um, I would pretty be pretty real. But also like, like, um, I would try to show like, you know, humility too, but like if somebody asking me like, I don’t know, they’re just saying like, you know, like what’s your stance on gun control? I’d be like, I don’t, I don’t know. Uh, I think we should figure it out. Like w w what are the facts on gun control? Well, shouldn’t you know all the facts? Uh, no, I’m not the president. If I were the president, like I would have access to all the data in the world and that would get that data and put it together and find out like, what is the actual issue around gun control? Like don’t, don’t, don’t pretend like, you know, just cause you heard it in some report or whatever or saw somebody, like what is the actual issue. And then also I would say like, look, anything that we legislate should be measured. So like if you enforced gun control, how do you know? In three years I was working,

Josh: 01:31:01 right. Yeah. That’s a bit, one of the biggest problems is it’s not measured, therefore it’s not managed.

James: 01:31:06 Right. And if it doesn’t work, like what’s the repre cost? Somebody should be accountable for that.

Josh: 01:31:10 Somebody should somebody show.

James: 01:31:13 Yeah. So those are the kinds of things that I would bring in. I’d be like, look, the problem with government is no one’s accountable for crap. That’s the problem. I’d probably, I’d probably fire a lot and I might even like it. Like if I found somebody like, like, dude, if I found people like, like, you know, doing illegal things, they’re, they’re going to jail. I don’t care who they are. They’re going to jail. I don’t care. Or somebody else’s side. They’re going to jail,

Josh: 01:31:42 enforce the law. I feel that. I feel that. All right, last question. We asked this question to everyone. Fast forward to the end of your life and you’re on your death bed. Everything that you’ve done, your whole presidential campaign, it’s gone. All your money’s gone, all your stuff, your gun control laws are all gone. Uh, however, every single person you’ve touched and influenced in your life, either directly or indirectly, you get to leave with one final message. What is that message to them?

James: 01:32:06 Follow Josh. Forti.

Josh: 01:32:07 Wow. Mic drop lts go! All right. Would you like to come back for interview number two, James?

James: 01:32:16 Man, I, I would, I would tell him, uh, that, um, like, no, no, no, no. I think, I think no matter why, like if you can find out how to, um, how to like add more value to, to things, then you take away. Do you want to jump on this? Like, my prep is like, how do I add more value to this? You know what I mean? Like, how do I, you know what I mean? Like that’s how you even like, you know, you can do a, I guess can, can have a great episode and you, you know, you grow your stuff and people grow and people like you gotta think of, but see, most people, I don’t know, but your, your candidates that come here, you’ve got a pretty good people. But most people who go on podcasts, they’re thinking all about themselves. Do you know what I mean? And so like, I think like that’s, that’s what, um, I think that’s the biggest thing. I think if you, if you, um, if you think about that, I think you also come to things like truth, religion, you know, all the, a lot of those kinds of things you can figure out if you’re truly trying to help people more than you’re trying to take from them.

Josh: 01:33:20 Yeah, I agree with that. I think it’s an interesting point there about like, the whole podcast thing too of like, it doesn’t matter if you’re the person being interviewed or interviewing like you go in trying to see how you can help the other person. Like I… I’ve sat on interviews literally with three live viewers before recently. And, still brought absolutely insane value and asked how we can help and serve. Right? Because when you treat people with like that, like the energy of the universe just… I mean, it’ll come back to you. I firmly believe that. So, James, incredible, incredible interview. Thank you for your time. I know we went a little long, but I think it was well worth it and good. Yeah man. We’ll have to do it again sometime. I appreciate you coming on.

James: 01:34:01 Appreciate it man. I appreciate you and all your followers and I’ll see you around.

Josh: 01:34:04 Absolutely. Guys, this has been The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory with Josh Forti and James Smiley. Like I said, we’ll link all this stuff down below. As always, hustle, hustle, God, bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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