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My Reaction to ClickFunnel’s Big Birthday Announcemt


In this episode, I’m going to share my opinion on ClickFunnels’ recent fifth birthday celebration and the announcement that co-founder, Russell Brunson made about the big changes being implemented in the company.


The announcement set off a chain of rumors about what the changes could be, but I will go over what the changes really were, what I liked and didn’t like, and break down how we can all learn from this. You can think of this as a marketing or business lesson because it will definitely benefit you in that regard, so stay tuned.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • 20 days until take off to a 14-country world trip (02:00)
  • The bootstrapped $100 Million company: The ClickFunnels story (05:06)
  • Becoming the category king of sales funnels (13:34)
  • FunnelFlix: The Netflix for marketers and funnel people (17:57)
  • The biggest changes on the platform from a user perspective (22:04)
  • How ClickFunnels used the rumors to their advantage (26:31)
  • The importance of painting your vision for your business (33:36)
  • Russell Brunson’s commitment to the diehard funnel hackers (37:09)


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September 30th, 2019


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00:00 The topic of today’s episode actually very much directly impacts me, but to also kind of… it could potentially impact you, but I think I really want to use this as a marketing lesson, a business lesson, and also kind of explain some things. So, as you guys know, I am in the business space. I run a company. I recently just sold mine, where we build funnels for people in marketing and sales systems. And, we built all of those things, and the thing… the platform that I run my entire business off of, all that has been built on a platform called ClickFunnels.

00:30 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:15 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti, and we have a good episode here today, all about ClickFunnels and the big ClickFunnels announcement that took place last week. This particular episode… normally we actually… we batch out our episodes for a while, but this particular episode I waited to record for today’s drop till after the announcement was done so that there’d be a fast turnaround time so that we wouldn’t lose the momentum of it all, and that would still be fresh in people’s minds, because I think that there’s a lot of questions about this. There’s a lot of people talking about it, in a new direction and all of that. And, so anyway. Welcome back to the program. We’re going to dive into that a little bit further here today. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry.

02:00 Strap in and we’re gonna go through some really cool stuff here. I’m gonna explain it all. I will say though, let’s see. If it’s Monday, let me pull up my phone here, and see how many days this would be. So, the day that this episode drops, we have… oh my gosh. This will be that… so we got one, two, three weeks. Actually less than. So 20 days now, today. 20 days until we take off. Leah and I are gonna take off and go to around the world. We’re doing a world trip, and I’m going to go to 14 countries, and do all sorts of fun stuff there. So, freaking out right now a little bit, in a good way. Not too nervous, but I haven’t packed, I haven’t figured out where I’m gonna put my stuff. I haven’t figured out where I’m going to put my car or what we’re going to do because I have the lease on that.

02:45 So, oooh, all sorts of logistics. Plus, we’re still building a course and a training program, and all sorts of fun stuff. So, anyway, lots to do between now and then. But, the topic of today’s episode actually very much directly impacts me, but also kind of could potentially impact you. But I think I really want to use this as a marketing lesson, a business lesson, and also kind of explain some things. So, as you guys know, I am in the business space. I run a company. I recently just sold mine, where we built funnels for people, and marketing, and sales systems. And, we built all of those things. And, the thing… the platform that I run my entire business off of, all of that has been built on a platform called ClickFunnels. And, many of you may be familiar with that, maybe you aren’t, but ClickFunnels is a software for building landing pages, which if you don’t know what that is, basically it’s a website, a series of web pages. Webpages and email marketing, and all sorts of cool stuff around business.

03:38 And, it’s led by a guy named Russell Brunson. And, Russell Brunson is the co-founder. He’s co-founders with a guy named Todd Dickerson. Russell Brunson does all the marketing side of things, and the business side of things, he’s the face of the company. And Todd Dickerson is like this super smart, nerdy, coding, developing tech guy who basically coded the whole thing. And so, recently, they celebrated… actually a week ago today, they celebrated their fifth birthday last Monday. And, Russell announced that there was going to be these big changes to the company and there was all these rumors flying around about it. And, they did an absolutely magnificent job of marketing this, and bringing like a… you know, a hype up around what it is that they are trying to do. So, huge props to that. We’re going to get into that from a marketing perspective, because I have used a lot of the same tactics, but of course Russell Brunson is just a master at this. A master at getting attention, a master at keeping the attention on him, and what’s going on.

04:29 And so we’re going to break that all down here. We’re gonna learn from that and how to get attention to your offers and your stuff and the set up for it all. But, um, I want to kind of address what went on there. So, um, click funnels is now five years old and Russell has said, okay, look, well there’s a big changes to the coming to the company and there’s rumors flying around to everything. As soon as he announced it, even kind of afford that, that their ClickFunnels is going to get sold to that ClickFunnels is going to be bought out, uh, that they’re going to go public. That Russell Brunson stepping down as CEO, that a, I don’t know, there’s also that they’re, that they’re buying a bunch of new companies and all this stuff. And you know, I watched the videos. Russell did a really good job convincing a lot of people, a lot of different things.

05:06 Most of the people that I talked to beforehand thought that they were either going to be sold or go public and, um, I made a declaration or a prediction on my Instagram before this happened. And on Facebook I believe as well that they were not going to be sold and as they were not going to go public, I did, could not fathom Russell selling the company at least anytime soon. I don’t think they’re quite to that level yet. Um, to be sold. I mean obviously there are $100 million company but uh, I just, I didn’t see it. And then, um, also going public basically stance is against like almost everything Russell stood for. He’s anti venture capitalist, he’s anti funding and I feel like typically you go public when there, and I don’t know enough about going public so I could be way wrong on this but in my understanding of it, it’s you go public when you need funding, you go public when you need, you know, like need cash.

05:56 And I don’t think that click funnels needs cash. Like I just don’t like, I know they’re a software but like their premium software, I’ve been following Russell for long enough and like know the like ClickFunnels staff and like people like that. And I’ve talked to enough of them where I, it doesn’t appear to me that they need like our, our cash is a problem with that. Uh, you know, especially with the info marketing products that they sell and how they pitch and how they present, like Russell’s built ClickFunnels in a very, very unique way, which is incredible because, you know, he sells packages of at a time, you know, you don’t like, yeah, you can sign up for a monthly, but when he ever he pitches and when he’s at, you know, different events and presentations, like he pitches like year long memberships to it and so you’ll pay him like you’re two grand up front for the whole year and rather than like $297 a month, so you saved, you know, 30, 40, 50%.

06:45 But you’re also, you know, going out there and, and, um, you know, buying bulk lengths of time on it. So it hooks you on the platform. It makes you stay around for a while. So I didn’t think either one of those things were happening, but all these rumors were flying around. So now me, I am, you know, a ClickFunnels affiliate PR, pretty big ClickFunnels affiliate. I’ve won some competitions are placed in the top 10, I should say, uh, for some competitions to go on, you know, trips and things with them. So a click funnels is very, very near and dear to my heart and there’s a book by Russell Brunson secrets and I have it up in front of me here. If you’ve not gotten that, like we’ll link it down below, um, my link to it. But this book changed my life. It is the book that allowed me to become in the internet marketing space and, and made me my first hundred thousand dollars online.

07:26 And uh, just a lot goes into that. So like Russell and click funnels is very near and dear to my heart. I’m a die hard funnel hacker and I’m a huge supporter of that. So obviously I want to see Russell and Todd and click funnels when in is as many areas as possible. Um, also for some context, Dave Woodward, who is a high exactly. I don’t know what his exact position is at at click funnels. Uh, Dave, Julie [inaudible] who used to work at click funnels, um, Steve Larsen, Todd Dickerson, the cofounder, these have all been clients of mine, uh, at one point or another for Instagram and social media services. Um, so like I have a very strong connection to the click funnels family. I love click funnels and, um, so I wanna see them succeed. So naturally I was very involved in this thing. I was like, Oh, you know, I want to know what’s going on.

08:07 And so I had my predictions and I was talking to Onyx and gall beforehand and, um, I was talking to Blake Noubar and we were, you know, speculating out what could be going on and what was happening. And it’s interesting like two days before, I think a Saturday night before they revealed it, um, I VOC Steve Larson and I was like, Steve, this is just so funny. Oh, he had posted, cause Steve had posted, um, a thread and it was like an unofficial thread. What do you think is happening with click funnels? And he was like, you know, absurd things welcome. And so everybody was guessing. And I was like, Donald Trump has hired click funnels to run their hid their marketing campaign for the 2020 reelection. And you know, everybody freaked out about it. It’s funny, but I’m involved. Right. And so I was trying to get a lot of Steve, I’m not sure actually.

08:42 I respect it and you know, Steve couldn’t tell me obviously, and props to him for doing that and not breaking trust there. That’s, that’s huge. Um, so Russell, you know, you’re in good hands. Uh, and I don’t know if Russell’s listening or not, I kinda hope he does. Russell, a big shout out to you. Um, Russell [inaudible] if you are listening or any of the click funnels staff, I would absolutely love to have you on the program, um, for sure for your expert secrets launch. But, uh, selfishly because I want to talk to you, but more importantly, like, I really believe, and we’ll get into this more like Russell is a man of integrity and a man of character. And someone who like has a really good heart and a message to, to get out there to the world. And I would love to spread that message and further that.

09:21 So if there’s any special requirements that we need to have, let me know. Russell, I’d love to have you on and lopsided to where it makes more sense for you to be on it and you went on this. So try and try not to be selfish here. I want to see you win. So anyway, let’s get into everything here guys cause I’m super, super excited to dive into this. So leading up to this, they announced this that through the rumor mill of email, they’re like, you may have heard the rumors and we’re going to get kind of get into the marketing strategy here. So they built up a lot of hype around this and in many of the people that I talk to about this, there was this speculation that either a, this was going to live up to the hype and it was going to be absolutely amazing.

09:57 Or B, it was going to totally flop. And we’re all gonna kind of be left. Just kind of bummed about everything. And I think it’s interesting because I don’t quite think it fully lived up to the hype, but what you’re going to understand is that it’s not done yet. There’s two more announcements. So I think that by the time it’s all done, it is going to live up to the hype and I’m so excited about it. And for a nerd like me who is like just geeks out about funnels and marketing and, and watching Russell in business and, and you know the whole click funnels team and like that just loves click funnels. Like I, this totally lived up to the height for me. I am so excited about this. I’m like, Oh my gosh, this is awesome because I’m watching what they’re doing and I’m watching like the longterm ramifications of this.

10:33 I’m a big, big picture type person. I’m like, Oh this makes so much sense over here and over here. And so what I want to do is I want to break down first what the announcements were and run through those pretty quickly. Just to bring some context around them. Um, I did do an entire Facebook live detailing this in a lot more detail. The day it happened, like directly afterwards, trying to capitalize upon that momentum and are getting attention there. Funny story, actually let me finish that thought. Um, go and watch that if you want a little bit more in depth and some visuals around what actually happened. Um, and more specifics cause I’m going to run through the points of, of the changes and what’s happening relatively quickly here. Um, just for the sake of time and I want to focus more on the marketing side of things of this funny story though.

11:13 Um, I do not see, so I get on this Facebook live like right after I, uh, after Russell’s done with the, the click funnels, uh, announcement and I’m thinking, Oh, Russell’s going to be busy and I’m sure he’s going to be replying to a million messages. He’s not going to be on social, like all that Russell watched my entire, Oh, I don’t mind my entire, but my live stream. He watched the thing and people like message me afterwards and were like, dude, did you know Russell Brunson was on the whole time you were watching, you know, he’s watching your live stream. And I was pretty, I don’t want to say ruthless, but I was pretty open and honest about my feelings about ClickFunnels, both good and bad during that thing. So I think it was funny because you know, I’ll tell anybody anything to their face if I’m going to say it publicly, I’m going to say it to your face, no problem.

11:51 But um, it was because like right after that I messaged Russell, I had, by the way, I didn’t know that he was on during this time frame. I just messaged him, didn’t think that he was going to see the message and I was like, Hey, like I just want to say it like I, I super appreciate you. I appreciate you taking responsibility for everything and just the direction you’re a man of integrity at. You know, Russell is someone that I can look to in business and be like, you’re an example of someone that I can follow, not just in business but also in life and learn a lot from that. And I have a tremendous amount of respect for Russell and Todd and Dave and, and that whole, the whole staff over there. I just, I love them all. And uh, shout out to Jake Lesley, he’s become a pretty good friend of mine as well.

12:23 So shout out to Jake, uh, and miles, two miles, man, I miss you be an affiliate person. But anyway, so I messaged Russell afterwards, I just tell him thank you. And he messages me back and he goes, ah, his exact message was, I’m going to pull it up here and read this to you, uh, so that you can see this. He said, um, where’s it at? Okay, so many messages between now and then. He says, uh, thanks man. I appreciate you. I watched your live smiley face. That’s all he said. And so I replied back to it. I thought that was funny. But, uh, so right afterwards I do that. If you want to go watch that video, see what he saw, you can go watch that and go over my Facebook page and check that out. So here’s what happened. Uh, three o’clock Monday they were a little bit late to the thing.

12:59 I was like three Oh five they go live. And I felt so bad because like 20 minutes or like 15 minutes into the presentation, the feed like cutout and froze for a minute and they had to like restart a new one or I’m not exactly sure what they did, but I was like, Oh my gosh, the tech team nightmare. Huh. But, um, Russel came out and he started and he started to give backstory, which I think is so important. And the reason like, you know, we’ve been going 10 or 10 or 12 minutes before I’ve even gotten to this, I believe context around things is so really, really important, especially in today’s society. And so I appreciate what Russell did with, with bringing context around everything. And he started to tell the story about, you know, how click funnels got founded and their original like goal of everything.

13:34 And, um, you know, told the story about dream force and, and how they went to the, you know, dream forces. Uh, Salesforce is a yearly convention where there’s like hundreds of thousands of people there and it’s just huge and shuts down San Francisco and it’s the tech hub of the world there. And, um, you know, so, uh, he told the story of all that and it really brought context around what they were trying to do. Now I’m someone that follows ClickFunnels heavily, so I’d already watched, like, I knew that story, I’d watched the videos and I kinda knew where he was coming from. But, um, it was really cool to hear him bring context around all that. And then he came out and he said, listen, we’re gonna double down on being the category King of sales funnels. And if you’ve ever read the book play bigger, you understand what category King is, but essentially like, you know, Microsoft is the category King of personal computers and Apple as a category King of, of smartphones and Nike’s the personal or the category King of, you know, athletic clothing.

14:22 And like, it’s really, really, really hard to, to Dee thrown a category King and an industry, it’s almost impossible as Russell pointed out. And so Russell’s like, Hey, the category King in his world, not just as industry but is Salesforce. And so he’s like, I’ve learned a lot from them and I, I looked at how they grew and, and what they did and where do they focus on what they didn’t do it equally important is what they did do. And he’s like, we’re going to come out and we’re gonna double down on being the category King of sales funnels. And so he set the tone for the direction that they were headed and he made this declaration was like, this is where we’re going and this is what we’re doing. And he set the path for the future to say, this is where we’re committed to go.

14:58 And I think that really as a marketer and as a business person, I think that really sets the tone. And I think that’s really cool. And he’s publicly stating the direction of the company publicly and to where people now know, Hey, when I buy into click funnels, I know what I’m getting myself into. I’m not being confused with all these other features and everything like click funnels is a sales funnel company and they are committed to making that happen, which I think is super, super important. And so when he did that, that set up everything else that he said and that’s why he, they led with that. And so from there he then goes into telling us that they are canceling and you know, kind of killing Actionetics. And if you don’t know what Actionetics is, it’s a feature on the platform that is really buggy.

15:38 And you know, I was pretty honest about this with, you know, with Russell and, and, and you know, they are uh, on the, on the live stream too. Like there was, there was problems with it, right? Like there was some bugs, there wasn’t features and they tried to integrate all these different things that didn’t work right. And like I’m a die hard ClickFunnels user. I think that overwhelmingly the value is there and you know that they do an amazing job fixing their stuff overall and, but he’s like, Hey, we messed up and we tried to integrate with all these other features and things and all this stuff and add all these cool things that everybody around us was building. So we just tried to like scoop them all up. But he goes, we didn’t like, we didn’t focus on the one thing that made us us as much as we should have, which was sales funnels.

16:13 And he’s always, you know, when we look at other companies, when we look at Salesforce, they buy their partners out or they buy their competition out, um, or they buy other companies that are the category Kings of their industry rather than trying to build it all into theirs. And so he doubled down on the fact that they are going to be that sales one Oh one in the process of that their, they’re killing Actionetics and they’re gonna leave it out for existing users. But all new users will not have, you know, that it’ll just be follow up funnels and everything switched over to just follow up funnels now. And he killed this really big feature that they announced two years ago at funnel hacking live that there was mixed responses on then too. But you know, over the past couple of years I’ve used it, a lot of people have.

16:46 But um, you know, it wasn’t up to par with the rest of click funnels could be, I think. And with that he also announced that all the people, all the support people and all the tech people that we’re working on that are now coming over to the normal side of click funnels, they’re going to be doubling down on making the software better and better security, better features, better user experience and better customer service, which I’m very, very, very excited for. And he also mentioned, um, how we click funnels. Users can actually make some extra cash answering questions for them. And I’m not going to go into that, but cause minor feature, but really, really cool stuff there. So first thing that he announced was they’re doubling down on, on being the category King. Second thing was that they’re killing Actionetics and, um, uh, I think that’d be super, super huge.

17:21 And ironically, um, it was funny cause I was talking to, uh, Catherine Jones who we’re going to have a podcast here soon and I’m going to be on hers as well, and she’s super, super cool. But I asked her like right before he announced it, I’m like, what do you think that are they’re doing? And she’s like, I think they’re killing Actionetics and backpack. And so she was halfway. Right. So a shout out, Catherine, congratulations on being right on that. But, uh, we’re talking about it and I think we’re both, and everybody that I talked to about it, not just her, but like everybody were in agreement of like, this is probably a really good move for, for click funnels. Um, so from there they announced that and then he says, we’re going to have better support, but there’s also going to be changes coming. And they announced this thing called funnel flicks.

17:57 Now funnel flicks. I was like when I first and I was like, what is he talking about and how he described it. I was like, Oh, that makes so much sense. He’s like worth, it’s Netflix except for funnels and so we’ve got a, actually I have to being killed. They’re doubling down on what it is that they’re doing there, which is super cool. Supports increasing tech is increasing, user experience is going to be increasing and they’re adding this whole funnel flip side of things where it’s basically like Netflix for marketers and funnel people in geeks and nerds like me, which is awesome and all on their, all their courses and all of their training and all the documentaries and all the films that they’ve created and a bunch of Garrett white stuff and Tony Robbins stuff and Steve Larson stuff like all of these different things around sales and sales funnels and personal development and emails and copywriting and marketing and business structure and all that, like all these different things.

18:39 Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of video content is now in this portal that we have access to. And you can swipe it just like, you know, like you would a Netflix and you can choose from these things to help you better become a better, a better business person, a better marketer, a better user of the click funnels platform and just life in general. Because as Russell pointed out, like, Hey, using click funnels is not hard, but using ClickFunnels isn’t what’s going to build a successful funnel. Like you can build a successful funnel off side of click funnels, but you got to understand the strategy and the strategy is so important. And so the next two features that he announced funnel flicks, and the next one that I’m going to announce or tell you like are all based on helping people better understand click funnels, how to use click funnels and the strategy behind ClickFunnels, the strategy behind how to build marketing campaigns and how to build funnels and how to do marketing and business and sales.

19:25 And so the commitment to the user I think is very, very cool. And I applaud Russell and Todd and the whole team over there that made that decision that this is the route to go. I think that was absolutely brilliant. So it’s like Netflix for marketing and business cards. I think that’s super cool. Then then the final thing that they announced and they did this backwards, I did it backwards just because I think it makes more logical sense to say it this way, was in their commitment to um, supporting people. They announced basically like live coaching is how I understood it. Now I’m still waiting to hear back from like click funnels and everything while at the time of this recording may have heard back by now of what exactly this is going to entail. But basically he said that like, listen, a lot of their people that have like went through the two comma club X and like a lot of stuff, like they would have all the strategy but they wouldn’t actually go and implement it because they didn’t know the tech side or they didn’t know how to set it up or they didn’t know how to buttons worked or whatever.

20:11 And so now they have these live classes. I think he said once a week. Once again, I’m still waiting to get the details back from it where you can register and hit. A member of his team will literally sit on there with you in the class until you get your funnel built. So they’ll literally sit there and and make you build the funnel right or provided used down the call and like help you through the tech side of things and help you through the setup and integrations and the buttons and all of that. And I think that’s super, super cool because it shows a commitment to actually helping their users. Now from a user perspective, I think it’s awesome because Hey like they’re getting the care that they need for their actually going to go build funnels for from a business aspect of things. I think it’s brilliant because anytime their software and tech, especially the older generation, the people that didn’t grow up with technology like a lot of times it can be super hard and complicated to figure out.

20:54 And so to have the support there, I think it will increase their user base and get people to stay on there longer because they’re committed to that. So from a business side of things, I think it was an absolutely brilliant move as well. So those are kind of the big changes that happened. Now if that wasn’t enough, like I would have been super happy with that. I’m like, dude, this is, this is a big announcement. They’re killing Actionetics. They’re doubling down on the sales funnel or the sales side of things. Category King, well done like props. But then he says like, Hey, there’s actually three announcements. This is the first one and this is the smallest change. The second announcement will be unveiled at funnel hacking live, so get your tickets to funnel hacking live. Um, I’m going to promote funnel hacking live for them. Funnel hacking live is probably my single most favorite event of the year.

21:34 And I am absolutely heartbroken that I don’t think I’m gonna be able to make it this year cause I’m going to be in Greece. How such a rough life that I live. I know, but, um, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get this year. I am going to try to fly back for it if time permits, but I just, I don’t think it’s gonna happen, but you should still go. It’s amazing. And I will go forever, every year after this if I can make it like it’s an amazing event. But, um, I would say go to that, but they’re gonna announce the second announcement there. And then the third announcement, I think he said it was May 8th, um, is that when there are nothing to final, when he said they all kinda fit together, they all kind of go. So I’m super, super excited for the future of click funnels there now.

22:04 Um, all these new features and all these new things that they announced, there’s a price tag that comes with it. Right. And so he, you know, did this thing where it’s going to be six 97 but we’re going to give you a special deal for your birthday. And so we’re all kind of like sitting there like, Oh boy, are you going to pitch it a little? But if you are a user of click funnels like I am and you already are paying for the two $97 a month, 287 bucks a month, all this, these new changes are all included. And I think that that was super, super smart of Russell. And if you’re on the $97 a month plan, everything stays the same. But they did increase you or encourage you to sign up for the two 97 plan, get it bumped up, get access to the trainings and get access to the new features and get access to funnel flex and get access to like everything.

22:40 And it’s just super, super good. And if you’re on the 97 plan, like seriously, like it’s worth it, it really, really is to move to the two 97 plan. So from a pricing perspective, you’re already on that two 97 plan. Nothing changes. You get a, all you gotta do is upgrade your account, but the pricing doesn’t change. They’re not going to charge you anymore. I wish, I think of super, super cool. So, um, does this affect you, the user, the click funnels user at all? Not really. Um, for the most part it doesn’t, unless you’re a heavy user of Actionetics, which most people aren’t. I’m from like the bot in the marketing side of things. A lot of those features are going away, but, um, they are staying, they said they’re staying there for current users, they’re just not fixing bugs or you know, expanding upon that.

23:17 But if you have clients and your client based business that, you know, puts all their new clients on click funnels, that a lot of the features will be going away that aren’t, you know, not their core features of click funnels. And that’s probably the biggest change from a user perspective. Uh, the things that you need to be looking out for and, and worried about. But other than that I think is all good news from here. I think Russell and, and Todd did an incredible job with everything. And a presentation was great, little bit confusing, but, um, you know, I think that, uh, I think that they’re doing well. Okay. So ran through those a little bit longer than I thought I was gonna take me, but relatively quickly, I want to talk now from a marketing aspect and the marketing side of things. Um, why I think this was absolutely brilliant and what I think we can learn from this.

23:55 I want to preface this by saying I’m going kind of get the bat out of the way first and then go to the good. So it’s not going to be quite in chronological order. But, um, I wanna start off by saying like, I have been a die hard supporter of click funnels and a user of click funnels. Um, nobody’s perfect. No company is perfect. Everybody has their bugs and whatever. But you know, one of the things that I have been pretty critical of, of click funnels and once again, like I’m not a blind supporter. Like I’m out of blind supporter and politics. I’m not a blind supporter in business. I will not just say that everything is all hunky Dory and I don’t expect people to do the same thing for me. I expect people to criticize me on what I’m doing right and wrong as well and um, you know, give me feedback and advice on where I can fix it when it’s asked for.

24:32 And so I think that one of the big issues that click funnels had was their customer support. And um, you know, I’m someone that uses this funnel support quite a bit. I use click funnels for dozens and dozens of clients. Um, you know, there was some big issues with the funnel support there and the bugs and the glitches that had had happened, like support would take days to get back and, and, and things like that. I think a lot of people did have positive experiences, which is great, but a lot of the times that I got on there, it left me very, very frustrated and I ended up having to hire independent people from that to fix a lot of these problems. And, um, so I am very, very excited to see these new updates roll out and hopefully get a lot of really good support with click funnels.

25:09 And I think that Russell made it clear that, you know, they are going to double down on that. And so I’m very, very excited for that. So from just that alone, I think that that will seriously in increase the value of ClickFunnels because I believe, you know, in my short years in business and you know, what do I know, but I’m in my short years in business that customer service is the thing that maintains customers more than anything else. And if you are, uh, you know, just have exceptional customer service, you’re going to go far. And I think that that was a little bit lacking. Believe me, I’ve been roasted by Russell and his own group, you know, a year ago or year and a half ago when I called them out on it. I get it. You’re managing, I think you said there’s like 300 employees there and 95,000 users. You’re going to make mistakes.

25:50 Um, and so like, I don’t want to be too critical of them. I appreciate them and, and believe me, my, my, I bleed ClickFunnels. I love ClickFunnels, but I am excited for the changes there because I do think it’s gonna make a big difference. Um, okay, so from a marketing perspective though, if you have an offer or if you are making an announcement, you can learn so much from this launch, from, uh, from a marketing perspective of how it’s been done. And I kind of want to break this into just a couple of different parts. The first part that I want to like break it into is like how they set it up and then, uh, like how they delivered the messaging and then actually how they went through and announced everything in the direction that they’re going. Like how they chose those things. Now keep in mind, I have not talked to Russell or the click funnels crew or anybody there.

26:31 So like, I don’t know their actual marketing intents. I could be way off on this, but this is just what I saw. First and foremost, they did an incredible job at creating hype. And you, it’s interesting, I don’t know whether or not that click funnels started the rumors of everything. Um, if the video that they released months ago was designed to start rumors, but the rumors were started and when rumors start, that can go many different ways. What ClickFunnels did was use the rumors to their advantage and I think they did it really, really well. And this was about, I think like a week before, um, Oh, like a week before they announced Russell sent out an email that was like, you may have heard the rumors and he released a video of him being in Fiji and he played into this so well because he got all of our attention on him and he used curiosity to do it and he gave him enough time there to where people could really get interested in everything.

27:32 Now if you’re not famous, you don’t have an audience, like you’ve got to push your message a whole lot more. But the fact that he got people’s attention on him and he just wasn’t like, we’re going to make a big announcement on Monday. Like he didn’t do that. He, that he built this whole storyline behind it and he played into the hype and he releases this video and he’s really sad in the video and you make it, makes you believe that he’s like stepping down or that he’s losing something and he’s like, you know, this is just the right, the right choice and it’s hard and blah, blah, blah. That makes you feel like something just crazy is going to happen. And like he’s leaving or they’re selling the company. And so all these rumors start flooding around even more and he plays into it and he uses it for his advantage.

28:09 Okay. But he sends this out and he goes, we’re going to address all of those. And he leveraged us something that could potentially be bad and leveraging it to his advantage to get attention on him. And then leading up to it, he drops clues. In fact, I think it was the night before he released a YouTube video and while it was already out, but he’s like, drops it on Facebook and post it out. He’s like, Hey, what do you think your guesses are? What is going to happen? Watch this video. It’s going to give you clues. So he’s like playing into this hype and this anticipation. And I will tell you if he wouldn’t have done that, I went to bed as interested if they literally would have just come out and been like, Hey, on Monday, where announces the big changes to click funnels? I’m like, all right, cool.

28:42 Like whatever, like not a big deal, but because there was a story tied to it because there was a hook there and it’s all as Russell hook story offer, hook, story offer, you know, his hook of, there’s been rumors flying around. You may have heard about them, right? Uh, big changes coming. I’ll tell you what they are. It’s our fifth breath, like this big hook. And you’re like, Whoa, all right. Like now I’m curious. And he kept feeding into that hook and he kept stirring the pot and like really getting people hooked. Now the attention’s there and from a marketing perspective, I think that was brilliant and it’s Russell. I mean I learned all my stuff from him, so duh, he would use this, but I did the exact same thing with the podcast. I did the exact same thing, not from a curiosity standpoint, but from the mind shape playbook.

29:22 When I announced the mind ship playbook, I was hyping that for weeks beforehand, asking people’s feedback, asking them questions, telling them I was working on this super secret project, the super big stuff, building intrigue and all that, and like doing the same thing there. Every time I launch something, I do the exact same thing. Not to this scale, not as masterfully done as Russell, but I’m learning and I’m getting there. And you need to do the same thing. If you’ve got an offer or if you’ve got an announcement that you’re gonna make, if you’re launching your podcast, if you’re launching whatever, like build hype around it, get people excited, people like to be excited, people want to be curious about things because it makes us feel good. It makes us feel like we’re a part of something. And like people like to know that. I mean the NFL does this so well, all the sports, like they hype things up.

30:01 We know it’s just a game, but you were hyping it up and making people involved. So I think that they did that super, super, super well. And then, um, doing it on the fifth, you know, birthday, I think of the timing will, what was wild there and whatnot. I think it was good too. Um, then ah, here’s a prediction. I don’t, I don’t know if this is the case or not. Um, but knowing Russell like I feel like maybe maybe they’re going to use this. He released, at least I believe he like released the video of them. Like when he streamed it live of them announcing all this on the same set that he filmed traffic secrets on or that he recorded traffic secrets on. So he did a reading of his new book that’s coming out in may of next year on that same set.

30:45 At least. I’m pretty sure it was. I don’t know if there’s any coincidence there, but I would not put it past Russell that maybe, I don’t know how they would use it, that maybe that’s not planning bold prediction. It could be way off on that, but I guess we’ll find out when traffic secrets comes out. So they hype it up really well if they hook us in. Great story from a perspective of hype and think it was great. Then when they actually announced it, what Russell did was, you know, really played the algorithm well, they blasted out an the email, they got everybody there and then Russell gets on there and right away he wants as much attention on this and from a marketing perspective, like it was brilliant. But also, I think the reason that he wanted a lot of people on there so that they actually heard it from them because there’s going to be so many rumors flying around and what’s happening.

31:28 But once he gets on there, he’s asking people, Hey, come on down below. If you’re my die hard funnel hackers comment down below, you know, and tag all your friends, anybody that you think this could be relevant to. And I saw people dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of people like tagging their friends and, and you know, tagging people to be there and you know, super, super excited and everything. And so, um, you know, from that perspective too, he’s playing out, right? I think there’s like six or 7,000 people on like on the fly of, on Facebook and a couple thousand people on YouTube. So he had thousands and thousands of people watching this and creating that exposure and creating, like getting people personally involved. Like if your friend tags you in a post, you’re way more likely to do it than if, you know, like Russell Bronson just tells you to go watch it right?

32:07 Like, I mean if you personally did I guess, but like you know what I mean? Whenever there’s that human aspect of things, getting that engagement, getting people up, getting people emotionally attached, I think he did really, really well there and from that perspective when he was live and the presentation I think was really, really well done outside of the camera’s a little blurry, but you know, that’s just tech issues. I don’t, nothing he can do. So I think that that was super, super well done as well from marketing aspects. So the hype was amazing. Uh, once they got on there, keeping people engaged was amazing. Playing into the storyline and creating hooks, all of it, very, very valuable. Done. Then the actual, and I kind of talked about this when I kind of gave the backdoor in the context of everything, the actual story that she told once he was on the, uh, on the live and once he was announcing this, he use this opportunity not just to make an announcement but to further what ClickFunnels was about through a story.

32:59 And he backed up to the beginning. And I think this is super important and it’s something that, you know, I, I did with think different theory when when we launched, uh, the mind playbook at the six month Mark, but I need to do more of like in a lot of my offers and when I’m furthering things like learning so much from this as we’re going along, but he, he uses story to take us back to the beginning and be like, Hey, here’s a picture of Todd and I when we first got started, here’s our goal, right? Like here’s what we wanted to do. We want to empower entrepreneurs. We want to free the entrepreneur. Like we want to do all these cool things. And he further solidified who they’re serving and what their mission was and what their goal was furthering this brand, furthering what they’re about and who they are and who this is for.

33:36 And then stating that they’re doubling down on, you know, the category King of things, comparing themselves to a sales force, right? Saying like, we learned from Salesforce, we want to be like that. We want to build the biggest building, we want to have all these things. He further solidified the direction upon which they were going and who this was for and the story behind that and I think that was incredibly well done and it spoke to me like as a die hard funnel hacker, as someone that’s like super tight in this. I was like, yeah, that’s what we’re about. Yeah, that’s where we’re going. Let’s go. Right? Like getting super pumped up and excited about these things because now we see the vision as well and I think that when you lead a mass movement to people in a mass group of people painting that vision is super important and I don’t have anywhere near the influence that Russell Brunson does, but I know that as I’ve started to do that more in my own podcasts, like that’s what I tell people.

34:24 Like we’re free thinkers, right? Like we think differently where we’re going, we’re going to go and ask life’s biggest questions and we’re going to go out there and make the world better place. We’re going down this road of, of seeking truth and questioning the status quo. And here’s the like, here’s what we’re about. Here’s what we’re doing, here’s where we’re going. When you do that, you give, you give people an identity to buy into and when you give people that identity to buy into, they’re going to be around for the long haul. And I think that was absolutely brilliantly done and well, well done by Russell in that sense from a marketing aspect. And while there wasn’t really a pitch, I mean there kind of was from 97 to two 97 I don’t really call it a pitch, he just kind of, you know, did his perfect webinar stuff of everything.

35:01 I think that he gave a lot of the funnel hackers, people even further and identity to buy into. And even if they don’t necessarily agree with what he did, they can buy into the vision and buy it in the future and they’re going to stick around for it. And for the critics, the haters, the people that aren’t funnel hackers, they’re going to be watching, right? Because he, he called the shot, he gave a big boy, said, Hey, here’s where we’re headed, here’s what we’re going and this is what we ultimately want to build. And I think that’s super, super cool. And I, you know, I commend him for that. And so I think that that was super, super well done. Um, and then the, the final piece that I think he did really well, I’m gonna kind of skip over the, the, the announcements or whatever, uh, because maybe the layout I think could have been done a little bit more clear, but I under, I think I understand why he did it the way that he did, but, um, I already kind of went over the actual presentation and, you know, just kind of showing everything, his commitment to a customer support and things like that.

35:52 I think he did well as well. But the last thing that I think that he did super well was directly afterwards. Yes, of course, like resharing it on social media and all that. But Russell went and I know at least for me and several of the other people that I talked to and Russell and Todd, I saw Todd on like one of Akbar’s live streams as well. Like they went around and they started watching all the feedback and they saw what people did. And when someone that you respect and follow watches your stories engages on, your stuff is do that you like I noticed. Right. And it makes you feel like, Oh, like all right, like I’m making it like, you know, like he, I have enough influence now or I have enough thing to where he’s, he’s curious to my feedback now. And when you do that, you want to talk more about it.

36:38 And so like right after Russell viewed my story as the first time, no, I was already planning to, to do more of them. But like, you know, you watch my stories the first time I was like, Oh, okay, I really want to make sure that I, that I hit this down on the head. Well, if you don’t have Russell’s going to be watching. And so I believe that by doing that, and like right after the launch, everybody that talked about it, he was sitting on their livestreams. He was engaging, he was messaging people back and there was some hate on there too. And replying back to people that were happy and sad and all that. He got people engaged after the fact as well. And here we are. Look at me, I’m doing a podcast. I’m talking about the whole entire thing. I think you did a really, really good job of doing that.

37:09 And two, the people that really follow him and the people that are diehard funnel hackers, he showed his commitment to them. Like I appreciated the fact that Russell sat on the live stream. I appreciated the fact that he, he watched my stories. It makes me want to talk about it more. It really does because Hey, if he’s watching me like cool, like then I want to get on his radar. Like I want to serve Russell and you know me, I don’t want that for selfish reasons. I just wanna be friends with Russell. Like I don’t want anything from the dude. Like, I’m not trying to like, I think a lot of people when they are hitting up influencers, they want something. They want them to pitch their stuff. I don’t want also to promote my offer. I don’t want Russell to come speak at my event.

37:40 I mean maybe someday, but like I just want to be his friend. I want to to know, like get to know him. I want to see how I can serve him and how I can help him. And I know that by supporting ClickFunnels, which I don’t support click funnels because I love Russell as poor click funnels because I love what Russell’s built with click funnels and they are a good product. But I love click funnels. And so if that’s important to Russell, then that’s important to me too. And you know, I want to further the click funnels brand because that’s important to Russell and do that. And because they have a good product in it is what it is, I believe in. So props to that there. If you’re doing a launch, I highly, highly recommend like build hype, use things to your advantage, really build momentum and get people hyped up and excited about it.

38:16 Go through, ask for engagement. Tell people to tag their friends, tell people to bring hype around it. Absolutely have a storyline. If you don’t have a storyline, it’s gonna flop anyway. Have a story. Have a direction where they’re going, state the future. Give people an identity to buy into and then engage with people after the fact. Show them that you care. Show them that you’re involved. And not just completely disconnected like that. I think that these were all brilliant, brilliant by him that were done. So. Okay. Um, that’s my recap of, of uh, the ClickFunnels announcement. I’m very, very excited. I think everything that they’re doing is brilliant. I’m very excited for the future with everything, and it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out, um, uh, with everything to do. Sure. So, um, by the way, guys, if you’re thinking about signing up for click funnels, if you’re not, you know, I don’t have click funnels or you’re thinking about, you know, signing up or you’re wanting to learn more, um, reach out to my support team.

38:59 We have a super cool welcome bonus for anybody that signs up under our link. Um, we give them some free trainings and, and bonuses and some funnel templates. So whatever that we have seen work. And so I’m a, I’m happy to say that and uh, I promote click funnels pretty heavily and a lot of their affiliate stuff. So we’d love to have you as an affiliate under us and we take really good care of, uh, the people, uh, that are under it there if you’re interested in that. So. All right guys, that’s all I’ve got for you. If you have questions, you know where to find me. Instagram at Josh 40, hit me up on DM or in the comments section. I’m kind of moving in a little bit more to the comment section. I have, um, my 99 plus men message requests has been there for over a month now and I just can’t seem to get it past it.

39:35 So, I tried to reply to everybody. I can’t get to quite everybody now, but I do try to reply to every comment. So, comment section or in the DM, I do try to check them periodically. And, don’t just say hi, like actually, you know, send me a cool message though. I have reason to reply to you. Would love to chit chat about this. Alright guys, as always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because that… those of us that think different are gonna be the ones that change the world. That’s what it means to be a free thinker. If you’re a free thinker like I am, you think differently, you do things differently, you act differently, you see the world differently, and you take action differently than everybody else, you live differently than everybody else, because that’s what’s ultimately… Ultimately going to bring change, and allow us to make the world better.

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