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Next Stop Hawaii (And Around the World)


In this episode, I’m going to talk about the world trip that I’m about to go on with my girlfriend. About a week ago I was freaking out about it until I realized that I didn’t need to because we already planned everything out.


Now I’m just excited for the trip and looking forward to it, so listen in as I share what it’s been like preparing for it, systemizing how content is going to be created while I’m away, and what the first month of traveling will look like.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • It’s a party in the USA:  6 days to go on the world trip (01:11)
  • Making and following the plan like it’s a wedding coming up  (04:20)
  • The success that comes with great preparation (09:38)
  • 6 days driving around and living on the customized Toyota Tundra (14:41)
  • Having a blast in the super beautiful North Shore (Oahu) (18:20)
  • Doing the next episode on a cruise ship to the Bahamas (25:30)
  • The importance of learning sales (30:01)


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October 14, 2019


Selling with Confidence

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00:00 That’s going to be Hawaii, and we have so many cool plans. And we’ve got snorkeling on the list, we’re going to try to go on a sunset cruise sail, potentially a helicopter thing. We’re still looking into that. The prices on those are kind of outrageous, and honestly like, with the drone and everything that we’ve got going on, we might not, cause we’re going to go skydiving in Dubai later. So, we’re still thinking about that. We’ll figure it out when we get there, but, just so many really cool things to learn about everything. And, I can’t wait to share the whole thing with you guys.

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01:11 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory. My name is Josh Forti. It’s a party in the USA. I got this song playing guys because I think it’s fitting. And the reason that I think it’s fitting is that, honestly, we’re about to go on a world trip. We’re six days left before I take off, and inevitably leave the country, leave the USA. And it’s a party in the USA right now because we’re six days away. And I’m super, super excited. So that’s why I’m playing that song. I was jamming out to it today, and I was like, “You know what? I’m going to do this on the intro to my podcast, and it’s going to be awesome.” And, I love that song. Not necessarily a huge fan of Miley. Not maybe someone that I would consider a role model per se, but she’s incredibly, incredibly talented, and… I do like that song. I jam out to it. It’s just a party in the USA here. And, it’s fitting because not only are we six days away from starting this world trip and leaving USA, I mean, it’ll be like about a month before we actually leave the United States, but, actually, it’s exactly a month that we’re still… that we will be left in the USA.

02:18 It’s October 14th today. It’s Monday. We leave in six days, which is crazy. But also, this week’s podcast episodes are actually a little bit more political, not today’s so much, but Wednesday’s, Friday’s, we’ve got some people that are definitely more politically vocal about things, and we’re in a dive into that a little bit further this week, which will be good. So, for those of you that easily get offended by people, just turn it off. Like seriously. Actually, turn it on and just get over yourselves, you know, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you need to… like we all need to learn how to go in and just see the other side, and have legitimate conversations with people. So anyway, that’s neither here nor there. The purpose of this episode is not political at all.

03:01 But, it is to talk about the trip. We’re here. It… we’re six days away. And I told you in last Monday’s episode that we were going to talk more about the layout of where we’re going in Hawaii, and what we’re doing, and… but before I dive into that, how great were last week’s interviews? Let me tell you, that Kaci Brown interview, when I listened to it I was just like, “Whoa. Getting a little bit vulnerable there”, and I… we are going to bring her back for part two. I’m not exactly sure when, probably sooner rather than later, so it’s still fresh in people’s minds with everything. But, I am… I’m very, very excited about that particular… I was very excited about that. To share that with you and open up about that with you. And then, Haley Hoffman. Oh my gosh. Haley Hoffman Smith. Like, she was incredible.

03:42 I couldn’t believe she was only 23 years old. An influential and powerful woman there. She’s awesome. Uh, it was great to connect with her. Haley, if you’re listening, shout out you. Thank you so much for being on the program is awesome. And guys like talking a little bit more millennial style too to uh, first off my, my story there on Wednesday’s episode and then I talking to Haley who’s done some really cool things, young, kind of similar to I have, we had a really great, just kind of like a conversation, not even like an interview, but just more of a conversation about halfway through that and I was really, really good. So if you didn’t see that or you weren’t able to check that out yet, go back and check that out. Uh, it was awesome. But uh, the purpose of this episode is to talk about the trip and uh, I gotta be honest with you about a week ago.

04:20 We can have a go up until that point I was freaking out. I don’t want to say freaking out. I was freaking out a little bit. I was going a little nervous. And, um, I remember thinking to myself, I was sitting there and I went, you know what Josh, treat this trip as if you were planning your wedding and you would be like, Whoa, Josh, wait a minute. Are you getting married? No, I’m not engaged. I’m not getting married anytime soon. At least I don’t think. Um, I mean, Lee is awesome and uh, Leah, I love you. It’s awesome. But uh, we’re, we’re not getting married. Don’t worry about what I mean by that is that, uh, I’ve always said that wedding planning does not have to be stressful and that the reason it’s stressful for most people is either a, they make it stressful because everybody tells them that it is supposed to be stressful and be, and probably the reason a is the thing is because they have no plan and they don’t just follow the plan.

05:05 And so I was like, no, we have a plan. This is not going to be stressful. And it really hasn’t been honestly like, Oh, we’ve been killing it over here, getting ready for it. I’ve been just following everything through, knocking everything out busy. I’m talking like 18 out, well maybe not 18 like 16-hour workdays. Uh, I don’t, I try, I’m trying not to exaggerate anything. I’m trying to be as honest as I can and as accurate as I can with my examinations and things. Cause at times in the past I’ve exaggerated some things, so I want to make sure that I’m trying to be an honest as possible. But I would say like 14 to 16 hours a day up and working from the time I get up to the time I go to bed, it’s planning, it’s creating content for the students, it’s updating the trainings, it’s writing emails, just creating content.

05:39 It’s packing, it’s moving around things. And honestly, like I’m kind of in this rhythm right now. I’m in a role and it’s awesome and I’m super, super excited about it. And so, um, honestly it hasn’t really been that stressful. Yes. We’ve got six days left. Yes. If, if the average person were to look at the amount of things that need to get done in the next six days, they would probably freak. But, um, I’m not freaking out. I really am not. Um, everything’s going well. Lee has been amazing, uh, with everything that she’s been doing and I’ve been in a role and in the zone and it’s just been super, super good. So super excited. Uh, we are six days away. It is October 14th. We leave on October 20th and we get on a flight, in fact, and I’m, I’m on my phone right now. I’m pulling this up.

06:18 Let me, let me see. Um, uh, I don’t even know how to spell, I just got the notification today. Your trip is coming up in 19 days. Holy cow. Um, we did park at 10 o’clock in the morning, 10, 12. Uh, on Sundays when we take off. So we are, we’re really, we’re really getting into the zone here. We’re really getting close. And honestly, at the end of the day, like even if we don’t get everything done, it’s not like we’re not getting on that plane. You know what I mean? Like, and that’s the funny thing. When people talk about their weddings and stuff, it’s like, even if it doesn’t all get done, it’s not like you’re not going to get married. Right. You know what I mean? And that’s the same thing I feel like here. And obviously it’s not a wedding, but like I’m, I’m, we’re ready to go.

06:52 We really are and I’m super pumped for it. And, uh, whatever happens, happens. And I’m trying to just be open about it. And one of the hardest shifts that has been for me is to leave a business mode and go into just adventure mode. Um, I’m a producer, right? I am a creator. I’m a free thinker. I’m someone that is a producer to society rather than, and a contributor to society rather than a taker. Um, and uh, you know, not that I’m being a taker now, but this is much more adventure mode. And so I’ve always been like our, my actions ROI positive and you know, like, is it gonna make money and you know, ah, what systems do we have to put in place? And like all these different things. And like now I’m gonna switch gears and I’m like, Oh, I’m like, how can I learn?

07:32 How can I go? And, um, well let me tell you a planning for this trip. My expenses have far exceeded my income the last couple of months, but w I planned for it and you know, there’s nothing wrong with that. When there is a plan, this is by foreign investment into myself by foreign investment into the future of the brand. And what’s cool is because this trip is so about the brand and so about the business, I’m actually writing this entire trip off on taxes, which is super, super exciting. Um, so hopefully my tax bill is super low this year. I’ve already had to pay in quite a bit, but hopefully with everything this will offset some of the costs there. That’s why we’re trying to, I’m trying to pay for as much of it up front before the end of the year as possible to kinda, uh, to do that there. But it’s a legitimate business expense.

08:14 I am not taking this trip for pleasure. I’m not going to be vacationing. We are, well, I mean there’s going to be some vacation days, I’m sure. But like overall this is very work-related and you know, if anybody from the U S government where to come back and be like, Oh, you know, Josh, like you’re right, you’re doing this illegal, you’re not really going on a, you know, a work trip. This is legitimately a work trip. And um, I’m super excited about it. This has been planned for, this has been going and honestly I could like, I don’t think we could’ve prepared much better, um, maybe from a timing perspective, but honestly like this is just good. So I’m very, very excited. So with all that said, if you ever think about doing a world trip or any trip for any extended period of time for that matter, just plan, just plan super well.

08:51 And I think this is true in, in all of business and life as well. Um, you know, when there, there’s a saying that, and I can’t remember what the exact saying is, but it’s something to the effect of like, you will always, you will, you will not rise to your potential. You will fall to your, um, uh, whatever you have prepared for something to the effect of basically what they’re saying is, is that like, just because you have the potential to do something, chances are that like that is not gonna happen that way. Almost always, especially in stressful and, and intense situations, you are going to fall to the level upon which you are most prepared. So if you prepare well and you prepare well in business and in life and in travel and whatever else that you do, then that’s what you’re going to ultimately fall to.

09:38 That’s what you can expect. And, and uh, and you know, plan on, because yes, you can, will yourself and you can give yourself energy to rise above that for a certain amount of time. But eventually we all have to reset. We all have to come back. And if we just plan really well, and I don’t want to say have a good fallback strategy because it’s not fallback, but it’s just if we’re prepared really well, then we’re gonna be successful with it. I think we’ll be prepared. Well, uh, all things considered with this and I’m very, very excited about it. Um, we prepared well with, uh, from a financial perspective, we provide very well from a traveling perspective. And just, I think all things considered it is, and this is true in sales too, like if you’re in sales or you’re a business, you’re not going to close deals and close sales if you are not prepared to do that.

10:20 If you’re not prepared to handle objections, if you don’t have your pipeline set up right, if you don’t have, you know, your script set up right? If you don’t have a good offer to be able to overcome objections with, like, these are things that actually matter. And, you know, I’m, I’m trying not to get you, I’m not trying not to get all salesy here, but like truly like you’ve got to prepare in business, you’ve got to prepare and sales, you’ve got to prepare in life. If you’re not in selling with confidence yet, like get in seriously. Like that’s what, that’s what we’ve, that’s what I teach and that’s what, uh, you know, I teach salespeople how to actually go and do that. Entrepreneurs how to go and make more sales by preparing well and, uh, anyway, trying to draw the analogy there. Like I said, it’s not about sales, it’s not about, you know, business and whatnot.

10:56 This is about more about the trip and the adventure. But I do think that that’s important. So prepare, if you take nothing else from this, prepare for whatever it is that you’re doing and prepare well. Okay, here we go. Let’s rock and roll. So we’ve got this trip coming up. We’re leaving October 20th, and we are headed down. And just to kind of transition over here so you know where I’m going with this. I want to lay out what we’re doing in Hawaii and leading up until Australia, when we land in Australia, we land in Australia. OG a set, no, November, November 14th is when we land in Australia. Super exciting. So from now until then, this is kind of the game plan in the layout. On October 20th we take off and we fly down to Orlando and then on October 21st we get on a boat, a big old cruise ship with a the bottom profits crews put on by Ross Williams.

11:48 Big shout Ross and um, we set sail and are going on this marketing cruise and I get to hang out with a bunch of my friends, a bunch of really cool marketers and entrepreneurs and people there and I’m just very, very excited about that. And so we’re going to The Bahamas, we’re going to Cogo Bay, we’re going to like this water park and a private Island and we’re going snorkeling and we’re doing masterminds and it’s a, he called him instead of masterminds, like little private things or private cabanas instead of round tables like round cabanas, which is super cool. On the beach. And so that’s gonna be super fun. We’re gonna get the break the drone in then and get some awesome footage and just kind of go through that whole process of everything is going to be absolutely awesome. And so spend some time relaxing, kind of unplugging.

12:27 I assume there’s probably going to be wifi on the ship, but you know, I’m going to try to use this time to unplug and really prepare for the trip because this trip is going to be bang, bang, bang intents right off the bat. And I’m super excited for it. So we get back from that. I believe it’s on, and I’m looking at my calendar here. I believe it’s on, uh, the 25th is when a week 25th is when we like get back into Orlando and then we’re hanging out in Orlando all day, the 26th kind of just rest and relaxation. And when me hanging out with Cody and anybody else that wants to hang out there, it’s gonna be super fun. And then on the 27th is when we take off. So if you’re listening right now and are not going on the cruise, I doubt there’s still spots available.

13:06 But if you could, it’s called ma. Um, a modern profits cruise. Get your tickets. Cause we would literally get to hang out with you for many days before we go on this road trip. It’s going to be absolutely awesome. But anyway, so, uh, on the 27th we take off, so 27th, it’s a Sunday, we are cruising down to Hawaii and we’re landing, we’re doing two and a half days in Honolulu. So one of the things that we were told was, uh, Waikiki I think is the name of like the, the area or the Bay or something there, right by a Honolulu on the big Island there. Um, actually it’s, I don’t think it’s the highest God Oahu. So in Honolulu though, we’re only there. Like we’re there, we’re there for like one day and just enough to kind of like get settled. Uh, I think it’s like two nights total and then early that, that next morning, like we’re not spending a lot of time there at all.

13:53 Just getting settled, kind of getting into the swing of things sleeping probably to take and get our time-zones back cause we’re going from East coast all the way to Hawaii. Um, but then right away we fly from uh, Honolulu to [inaudible] and it’s interesting because all of the flights in between islands are only like 40 minutes long and they happen, there’s like 10 flights a day that you can choose from. And so it’s actually super convenient and they’re cheap. I don’t know, like, I don’t know, like 60, 70 bucks I think for the flight. Um, and so we got all of our flights for both of us to all of the different islands for the whole time that we’re in Hawaii for under 500 bucks, not each like total, which was awesome. I think I was like 480 bucks, so super cool there. Um, and then in Hawaii right away we are going out into the middle of nowhere and I am so freaking stoked for this.

14:41 Okay. This was why I was freaking out on last Monday’s episode. We are renting a, um, it’s a Toyota Tundra I think. I think it is what it is or maybe it’s a neat, I think it’s, I think it is a Toyota. It’s a Toyota Tundra, but um, maybe it’s not a Tundra, I forget. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a small, it’s the little small Toyota truck, but it’s super beefy and it has this pop up camper tent on top of it. So literally you go and you’re in this big old four wheel drive truck that you can drive around and you literally could just go park anywhere on the Island. You can just drive out on the beach or you can drive off roadie, you can go wherever you want with it and then just shut up shop and you just stay there and the back opens up and it’s like got this pullout and it’s got like a whole like kitchen area in there and, and like there’s no running water or anything but um, it’s got like kitchen utensils and it comes fully stocked with all this stuff and it’s got run, Oh, a water there, uh, for us to drink and like all that.

15:34 And then where you sleep is the, the hood of the actual truck itself rolls out into like this big platform and then a tent pops up on top of it. It’s literally the coolest thing ever. And I check on my Instagram when we’re there. You’re gonna see it. It’s gonna be super, super cool. Um, and it’s called, uh, the, the tent sits on top of the truck and then, um, we sleep literally on top of the truck in a tent that’s on top of the truck. And so then underneath it has all of our stuff or whatever and we’ll keep all obvious, all of our bags in there and you know, keep them all locked up and safe. But we have that for six days. So, um, we’ll obviously stopped by campgrounds or state parks there and stuff where you can shower. And I use the restroom and you know, like fill up on clean running water and like stuff like that.

16:16 But it’s going to be so cool. I’m so, so excited about everything. Um, and we’re going to be just out there getting like, just amazing, amazing footage. We want to go to waterfalls. We want to see volcanoes, we want to go into the tropical jungle, we want to see the beach or I don’t know if there’s a jungle there, but you know what I’m talking about, like just into the, the rain forest and everything that is to see on this Island of Hawaii. And we’ve heard this absolutely gorgeous Lee. Beautiful. And our goal is to tour on the whole entire Island and drive through it in six days and just to have an absolute blast. So be on the, the, uh, the, the lookout for footage there. We’re going to be by the beach. We’ve got the drone, we’ve got the GoPro, we’ve got the cameras.

16:52 It’s going to be awesome. And I’m so, so freaking pumped about that. So I was going to be super intense and um, I’m sure we’re probably going to be smelly and disgusting and, and need to shower really badly. Um, we’ll shower of course, but like, um, six days straight there. Then the last night there we drop off the truck and we’d get on a plane, uh, to Maui. And then we’re going to Maui for six days. Now Maui is going to be kind of our more of our vacation E style thing. We have a six days in Maui. Three of those days we’re going to be in a nicer resort. Style state is an Airbnb, but it’s kind of like on a resort. Nicer has internet, uh, showers. Breakfast I think is included. There’s a pool, it’s by the beach. It’s awesome. And that was gonna be my time to catch up on work.

17:38 I’m going to be editing footage, connecting with my editor, connecting with my team, plugging back in, probably doing some live streams with everything and just going through and getting caught up on everything work related. And we do that for three days and then we pick up a rental car and we go and then we’re going to tour Maui and go on hikes and go backpacking there. And um, probably spend a couple nights in a tent or in a hammock, uh, there for the remainder three days. We have a, I think it’s a Jeep Wrangler, might be a Toyota Highlander actually. I’m not sure. Um, so we’ll have a car there as well and we’re gonna spend six more days there. So it’s gonna put us at 15 total days in Hawaii then at that point and more just amazing just footage and just so many cool things there.

18:20 We also might go on a helicopter ride, uh, as well. Um, kind of touring everything cause there’s some and now either. So I’m super, super excited about that. Um, and just learning so much and documenting the whole process of everything. And then after that six days we get on another plane and we fly to Oahu, which is, uh, I believe that’s the big Island. I’m so confused with all the islands guys. I’m not even gonna lie to you, but we have, uh, three and a half days there. So once we get there, we have a hotel. Um, and we’re gonna hop around because we want to go up to like the North shore side of things. Cause we’ve been told that super beautiful. So we’re going to spend a night there and we’re gonna use one of the days just to kind of unwind, recap a catch up on work again, a plug back in, also go to North shore.

19:04 And then the last day we’ll be back in Honolulu, right by the airport. And uh, kinda prepare for our flight the next day and unwind. And like I said, probably do live streams and stuff like that once again. So that’s going to be Hawaii and we have so many cool plans. Um, we’ve got snorkeling on the list. We’re going to try and go on a sunset sail. Um, potentially, like I said, the potentially a helicopter thing. We’re still looking into that. Um, the prices on those are kind of outrageous and honestly, like with the drone and everything that we’ve got going on, we might not cause we’re gonna go skydiving in Dubai later. Um, so we’re still thinking about that. We’ll figure out when we get there, but just so many really cool things to learn about everything. And I can’t wait to share the whole thing with you guys.

19:42 So that being said, that’s kind of the game plan for the cruise to The Bahamas and Hawaii. And then we’ll fly out from Hawaii on the 13th. We land in Sydney on the 14th. And I gotta be honest with you guys. I got to tell you a funny story. Okay. So Leah, my girlfriend is much shorter than I am. I’m not exactly sure her exact height. And I don’t even want to like guess because if I’m way, way wrong on that, like she might kill me, but I want to say she’s like, you don’t kill me. I think it’s just like five, four maybe. And maybe she not quite that short. I don’t know. She’s significantly shorter than I am. All right. And I am six feet tall, but I have incredibly long legs. I have a very short torso and very long legs. And so leg room is a really big deal on, uh, on flights for me.

20:31 And so we’re looking at flights, we’re trying to figure out the cheapest way to get from Honolulu to Sydney, Australia. And so we’re, we’re searching and me, I’m like exploring first class slash, uh, comfort plus on like, or something like that. Obviously the prices are outrageous. And Leah comes to me and goes, Oh my gosh, I found some, a really great deal on tickets. So I’m thinking, you know, awesome. You know, maybe some comfort plus or at least extra comfort of some sort. And she goes, I found one way tickets from Honolulu to Sydney. And it was like for like 180 bucks or something like something stupid cheap, one way per person. The whole trip was gonna be like under $400 for us to get from Honolulu to Sydney. But it was like, don’t get to pick your seat. Uh, not like all the way in the back of the plane, like all these different things.

21:23 And I’m like, absolutely not. And she’s like, no, listen, listen as you’re trying to convince me. And so we went back and forth on that. And so we settled and compromised on uncomfort plus or extra comfort, I think is what it’s called, or I think it’s called extra comfort. Uh, is the name of our tech. We’re flying Hawaiian airlines I think was the best deal that we found with everything. But her argument was, Hey, I don’t like lots of leg room because I can put my backpack down there and then I can just kind of curl up in a ball and it’s great. And I’m like, I absolutely need extra leg room because I have legs that are a mile long and I need every inch that I can get. So anyway, funny story there. We had to compromise on that and we’re not going to fly first class cause it was gonna be like three grand more and we’d rather use that three grand to go and you know, obviously make the trip more cool since we’re gonna probably be passed out on the flight anyway.

22:11 Um, but it was just kind of a funny thing. There we are flying extra comfort and uh, Leah, she let me splurge a little bit too to do the extra comfort much too. Um, her wanting to save as much money as possible on the flight. But I get it. We’re just two different people because she’s short. I’m tall and tall people problems. It’s a real thing. So any of my buy tall friends out there, you totally get it. Okay. So that’s kind of the plan. That’s the layout. Um, real quick though, for those of you that have been to Hawaii or for those of you that haven’t, but specifically, let me talk to the people that have first, if you’ve been to Hawaii and you have any suggestions or tips of things that we absolutely have to do, I would love to hear from you.

22:50 Hit me up on Instagram @JoshForti. Send me a DM or leave a comment to one of my posts to check my DMS and I’ll check the DM from you. Just like give me some feedback on like, Hey, you absolutely have to do this. Or Hey, this is super overrated. And we’ve heard like Waikiki is pretty overrated and to kind of stay away from there and so we are not going to go there. Um, or we’re only gonna do like a day there. So if you have any tips or advice of like definitely check this out or here’s a hack that’ll save you a bunch of money, I’d love to hear from you. Um, also though, for those of you that have not been to Hawaii or even if you have been to Hawaii, um, and there are specific things that you want to see, like Josh, I really like waterfall footage or I really want, you know, the volcano footage or I really want to see this or you should check out this for us.

23:31 Let me know they there as well. I want to customize some of the content specifically around what you guys want to see. Um, I get to experience it all so it doesn’t really matter to me. I want to see it all and we’re going to do it all. But if there’s specific places where you want footage, I can make sure that we the camera out there and uh, we can be checking that out. I really want to customize this around, uh, what you guys want to see so that you guys want to watch the content because guys, I’m going to be honest with you and you’re going to hear this a lot from me over the next four months. Okay. I want your engagement. I want your likes, I want your comments, I want your views. I do. And I’m, I’m saying that to be completely honest with you because I want these things to go viral.

24:09 I want to spread this message. I want to get a lot of eyeballs and views on this and I think it would be really cool and kind of part of our plan is to go in and to see if we can make a full time career out of doing stuff like this. I think it would be really cool maybe not to full time travel but to full time adventure and go explore and to have a YouTube channel and to have a series and have a vlog channel of going out and doing really cool things to kind of launched The Think Different Theory brand. And, um, if you could just do me a huge favor, if I’ve ever provided value to you, the simplest thing you can do is just leave a rating and review on this podcast and download all the episodes. You have no idea how much it means to me.

24:45 There’s, you know, 125 or 128 episodes out now already when and when you go and just download all those. I can see that on my side of things and it just, it means the world to me and I really, really appreciate that. The second thing though, and probably even a bigger impact is when you leave comments on my Instagram stuff, when you leave a comment on my Instagram posts, even if it’s like just an emoji, even if it’s, you know, not something that’s super personalized or crazy about it that like means the world to me, it really, really does. And I’m there, I say that because that’s going to bring more views, that’s going to bring more engagement. Instagram is going to reward that. And like I said, this trip isn’t just about me, it’s about us. And it’s about this movement. So if you believe in that movement and you believe in what it is that we’re trying to do here, subscribe on YouTube, follow on Instagram, comment, engage, leave those likes, leave those comments.

25:30 I really appreciate it and know that like that does not go unnoticed from me. And I tried to reply to every single comment from people that are leaving comments down on the Instagram or on my Instagram stuff and really engaged with you guys to get to know you guys better. So just know that, you know, I appreciate that. And if you could, that would be amazing. So any feedback that you want, you know where to leave it. That’s the plan for Hawaii. I’m super pumped about this. We’re rock and roll and we’re six days away. Uh, it’s going to be so much fun guys. I just, I literally, I just, I can’t wait. It’s gonna be super, super exciting. So, all right guys, that’s all I’ve got for you here today. I think next episode that you hear from me, I will be in, uh, The Bahamas or actually I should say on a cruise ship.

26:10 It’ll be day one. We’ll be on our way to The Bahamas and I will be on a cruise ship. Today is October 14th. And, uh, October 21st is the next solo episode that I have coming out. We’ve got, um, the in two days on Wednesday when the next episode drops, we’ve got, um, I’m not sure which one’s dropping next. I know that the next two episodes are both, uh, our, our Cory Huddleston and uh, on a, uh, um, uh, Onik a single and they’re both very much like thought leadership type stuff, business-y with the Onyx and gall, uh, more leadership type stuff with the Cory Huddleston. And uh, both of them have political things tied to them. You’re not gonna want to miss those. They’re amazing. They’re great. Uh, and uh, I really think that you guys are going to enjoy those, but those are the next two episodes. Then the next solo episode that you hear from me, I’m going to be on a cruise ship.

26:56 And the journey will have officially begun and I’m so excited to bring you guys on it. If you guys cannot hear the excitement in my voice, I don’t know what else to do. Honestly. And I’m going gonna end this episode by being very genuine and I just want to open up and just be honest with you guys. Like I grew up in a small town. I grew up without a lot of opportunities like this and that’s not to bash on small towns. That’s not to say that my parents did not do an incredible job. I love small towns. There’s a place for them. I think the small towns and farming communities and still probably some of the best values you can possibly learn about. Hard work about family, about community, about the importance of sticking together and those are the values that have ultimately made me who I am today.

27:43 And I am so incredibly, incredibly grateful to my parents for everything that they taught me. I am so incredibly grateful for where I grew up. I’m so incredibly grateful for that. My old boss Cheryl and for, for max Wallace who taught me how to shoot and he taught me, you know, gun safety. And I’m so incredibly grateful for the people in four H and I’m so incredibly grateful for, you know, Jason crusher, my neighbor who, uh, gave me the job at, you know, to tout farm. I’m so incredibly grateful for all the things that made me who I am today. But I grew up in a small town and I grew up with people didn’t do what I do today. Like you didn’t grow up to be a world traveler. You don’t grow up to influence and impact the world. Like you don’t do these things.

28:26 And that’s not a bash on anyone. But like this is a crazy, crazy thing and this has come through incredible amount of dedication and sacrifice and hard work, but it’s also come largely due to the fact that you know, your support and, and you following me and you taking an interest because you guys listen and give a platform for me to be able to speak. And I don’t take that lightly. And I, I really do appreciate you. I really do mean it when I say thank you. I really do mean it. When I leave, I ask you to leave a comment and say that I’m gonna reply back. I take that way more seriously than 99.9% of other influencers on the platform because I, I appreciate you guys because I am living proof that if you just work really hard and put your mind to something that you can do anything.

29:13 And like this trip is crazy. I never in my wildest dreams thought at that 25 years old, I would be taking a four month world trip around the world and blogging it all. And it’s just, it’s, it’s truly, truly incredible and I appreciate you guys so much and I, and I just thank you. I really do. And put your mind to it. Learn like learn sales please. And this is not to pitch you, this is not to, you know, try to further push a course or anything like, yes I have those things. But at the end of the day, like the singular thing outside of just pure hard work and determination and just having a good mindset, the singular skill that allowed me to get to where I’m at today was to learn sales. The first sales training I bought was over $5,000 was a mentor I should say that I bought was over $5,000 and almost completely fell like it almost completely failed.

30:01 But I learned two or three key things in there and I’m not going to go into it. You can go back and listen to podcasts. Like I learned two or three key things there that catapulted me to the next and to the next. And learning sales gave me the ability to sell and to produce income and to sell myself and to network with people and to understand better and to know how to build businesses and just so many amazingly cool things. And so that’s why I preach about learning sales so much is because it really can change your life, not the PI pressure. Slimy cars used cars, man sales tactics, but like genuine value creation, listening and problem-solving. And so I just, I want to just take this time to just say thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for following.

30:47 I am so, so freaking excited to go on this journey and have you guys come along and watch and to have Leah there with me and to just go on this whole thing and a huge shout out to Leah. Leah, I love you and like, it’s going to be so crazy cool and fun. Like she’s had to put up with a lot guys. Like I am not an easy person to, to date. I’m not an easy person to deal with on a daily basis. And you know, like I just, I appreciate Yulia and I appreciate her so much and just thank you, guys. Just thank you. So, um, that’s all I’ve got for you. I just wanted to open up and be super honest and vulnerable with you guys and say like, we’re in for a ride and thanks so much for coming along. Let’s go do this thing.

31:26 That’s what it means to be a free thinker. It’s what it means to think different. It’s what… it’s what it means to do it different. And we’re going to go around the whole freaking world guys, and we’re gonna vlog the whole thing, and document the whole thing. And then we’re going to have a clear path on what exactly we need to change. So, I’m going to end with that. I’m so excited. I’m going to link a bunch of stuff down below. If you want to check it out. YouTube, Instagram, those are going to be the top two platforms. Facebook for a little bit as well. Thank you so much for viewing, listening, subscribing, watching. As always. Hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different. Do not be afraid to be a free thinker. Do not be afraid to go out there, and take life by the horns, or whatever you want to call it, and say, “This is my life, and I decide, and I’m going to think different, I’m going to be a free thinker, I’m gonna do what I know to be to… I know to do, and above all, I’m going to look for and search for truth. That’s what it means to be a free thinker. I love you all, and I will see you around the world. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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