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In this episode, I interview Ravi Abuvala, a 25-year-old super successful 7-Figure Agency owner who has leveraged systems to scale and work less. Ravi has systemized his company so well, that he is traveling the world while his systems are running on autopilot.


He comes on to talk about running an agency, virtual assistants, systems, making bets on the Superbowl live on air, how he went from his dad in chemo to having one of the fastest-growing agencies ever, and much more. It’s going to be an intriguing, funny, educational, real, raw, and motivational interview. Listen in and you’ll be hooked from beginning to end.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Dying to be on Josh’s podcast (02:32)
  • Josh wearing flip flops everywhere and starting a movement for flip flops (05:09)
  • How Tai Lopez’s image shows people that his kind of success is attainable (10:00)
  • Attention being the new currency (17:50)
  • Doing $290,000 a month with only $2,500 in overheads and 6 VAs (21:45)
  • Betting on the Patriots getting to the Super Bowl in 2020 (28:52)
  • Aspiring to inspire motivate people to be the best version of themselves (35:14)
  • How to move from $6,000 in debt to making $290,000 a month (38:28)
  • Elimination: The first step digging himself out of being broke (48:17)
  • The biggest misconception and holdup for people trying to get started in business and how to solve it (57:06)
  • The stars will never align and things will never be perfect (01:13:24)
  • Anyone can travel the world and make money (01:21:01)
  • Traveling to Bali and yacht sail boating around the world (01:26:00)


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October 30, 2019


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Ravi: 00:00:00 I wasn’t proud of where I was like, physically, emotionally, mentally, but then I spoke at this event a year later having built multiple seven figure businesses. We have 118 real estate clients. We manage like almost $180,000 a month in advertising spend right now. Plus my coaching programs, whatever it is, and I’m actually… I have more companies making more money, but I’m actually now… I have more time to work out. Now I’m working out one… in the morning. I run in the afternoon as well.

Intro: 00:00:27 You‌ ‌are‌ ‌now‌ ‌entering‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌So, ‌here’s‌ ‌my‌ ‌issue.‌ ‌I‌ ‌wanted‌ ‌to‌ ‌find‌ ‌the‌ ‌ answers‌ ‌to‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌questions.‌ ‌Things‌ ‌like,‌ ‌how‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌become‌ ‌happy‌ ‌and‌ ‌live‌ ‌with‌ ‌purpose?‌ ‌ How‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌make‌ ‌more‌ ‌money‌ ‌doing‌ ‌what‌ ‌I‌ ‌love,‌ ‌and‌ ‌what‌ ‌does‌ ‌it‌ ‌mean‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌truly‌ ‌successful‌ ‌in‌ ‌ all‌ ‌areas‌ ‌of‌ ‌life?‌ ‌My‌ ‌name‌ ‌is‌ ‌Josh‌ ‌Forti,‌ ‌@JoshForti‌ ‌on‌ Instagram,‌ ‌and‌ ‌I‌ ‌ask‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌ questions‌ ‌and‌ ‌share‌ ‌the‌ ‌answers‌ ‌with‌ ‌you.‌ ‌My‌ ‌goal‌ ‌is‌ ‌to‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌find‌ ‌purpose,‌ happiness,‌ ‌and‌ ‌ open‌ ‌your‌ ‌mind‌ ‌to‌ ‌new‌ ‌realms‌ ‌of‌ ‌possibility‌ ‌by‌ ‌helping‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌differently‌ ‌about‌ ‌everything‌ ‌you‌ do,‌ ‌know,‌ ‌and‌ ‌understand.‌ ‌On‌ ‌this‌ ‌podcast,‌ ‌we‌ ‌think‌ ‌different,‌ ‌we‌ ‌dream‌ ‌bigger,‌ ‌and‌ ‌we‌ ‌live‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌ world‌ ‌without‌ ‌limits.‌ ‌This‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory.

Josh: 00:01:12 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And, another interview today, as you can probably imagine, I’m… I just… I get excited for every single interview that I do. I don’t think there’s been a single one that I’m just like, not super pumped about, but this one in particular, this guy is… he’s a homie. And, I think that every time I do a podcast with like someone that’s my age that’s killing it, and this guy, this guy’s killing it man. Like, he’s killing it more than I am killing it, I feel like. And, he… he’s super, super cool, but every time I feel like, that I get on these conversations with these people, that people just get interested in hearing, like us talk, and we were talking about my world trip beforehand, and kind of like some of the stuff. We’ll have to recap that.

Josh: 00:01:54 And it was like, “Dude, let’s just stop talking right now, and get on the podcast, and have a normal conversation about life, and what we’re doing and everything.” So, we’re probably not… we might not teach you a whole lot on this one. It’s just gonna be super, super interesting, because this is a super interesting dude. And, this is… this next guest that I have on here. I didn’t know how to pronounce his name forever. I lost a bet to him on Super Bowl Sunday, which was my favorite bet ever to lose. We bet 50 bucks. And we’ll have to talk about that, but I’m going to bring on him. None other than the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only, Ravi Abuvala.

Ravi: 00:02:29 Yes, fine.

Josh: 00:02:29 Hey, I got it down, finally. What’s up, bro?

Ravi: 00:02:32 How are you doing my man. What a freaking hyped up intro, man. I’m super excited to speak with you as well. Yeah, it’s been… I don’t know if you reached out to me or I reached out to you, but I was a little butthurt for awhile. I was like, “Why the hell is Josh not interviewing me on his podcast right now?” I was like…

Josh: 00:02:46 Hey. Listen bro. So did everybody else. JR… In fact, I want to show you JR’s exact text when I like, texted him, cause I texted JR and I was like, “Hey, you want to come on my podcast?” And he goes… Hold on. JR… Okay, pause for a second. Have you update…? Do you have a… you have an iPhone. Have you updated your iPhone?

Ravi: 00:03:06 No, I haven’t. I…

Josh: 00:03:07 It sucks.

Ravi: 00:03:07 I heard about it. That’s why I have enough…

Josh: 00:03:09 It sucks bro. I can’t find any of my contacts or anything. Like when I search text messages it’s like freaks out on me. Here it is. Alright, so before jr I texted him and he goes, did you, did you OMG, this is the day I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Mom, I made it. I’ve reached the pinnacle. Russell Brunson ain’t got nothing on me. So you’re not the only one that wanted to go.

Ravi: 00:03:33 And yours. I just, I just found it. One of your, you said one of you on my podcast, I’d love to have you on. Uh, and I said an all caps. I would love to, I was honestly wondering when you were going to,

Josh: 00:03:42 when you’re going to, yeah, so like everybody wants that.

Ravi: 00:03:47 We’re just not good enough for Josh’s fucking podcast.

Josh: 00:03:49 Listen, it’s not that you’re not good enough. It’s just that I had to set the tone and when you listen to him, I’m going to be honest with you here, listen, if I would have brought people like you and jr and everybody on right away, it would have been like, just like every other podcast, right? But because I bring on people that everybody else knows and like, and like, you know, the Steve Larson’s, the Natalie Hodson is like these people that are making millions and millions and millions of dollars. Then I come in and bring you guys on. All of a sudden your now cool for exposure and.

Ravi: 00:04:19 We’re just not big enough. That’s,

Josh: 00:04:21 You’re just, you’re just not big enough yet.

Ravi: 00:04:22 We’re just talking to you. You’re just telling us there’s like, yeah, you’re just not important. Dude. So now I’m doing it as a favor cause we ran out of the important friends and.

Josh: 00:04:31 no, no absolutely we had it. No listen, you guys are my homeys and these are the conversations that we need to be having but I also have to play my audience dude and like it is about the audience. You know this dude,

Ravi: 00:04:41 You’re right about this messing around man. And honestly I, I just was checking out some of the other podcasts you have. I was listening to some of them on my run this morning and I was like even be on the same podcast and some of the other names you named there. I’m just, I’m just giving you a hard time. I’m super, super grateful to be on here. I think you are probably one of the coolest cats I’ve ever met. I’m not just saying that cause we’re on the podcast but just because like first time I met you you were at, it was actually ironically Jr’s mastermind last year.

Josh: 00:05:08 Yeah. Yeah.

Ravi: 00:05:09 Was this fucking cat with flip flops and pants coming in here. Like trying to tell me what to do or how I should run my business. I mean someone was like, no, he just wears flip flops everywhere. Then I go to 10X a few months later and we’re trying to get into a club and you have flip flops on and I’m loudly so pet doesn’t give a shit man, why.

Josh: 00:05:31 don’t, and that’s actually super true. In fact. So I started dating my girlfriend a year and almost a year and a half ago now I think. And I remember she came in and she was like, we got problems here. You need to learn how to dress right. So like literally, I never match. I did not care at all, dude. And I think I probably spent like dang near close to a thousand bucks in the first like month or two that we were dating on new clothes in a wardrobe because she was like, you have to match if I want to go out with you. I was like, all right, you’re hot enough and you’re awesome. Like Oh, we can match. But flip-flops is one thing that I just didn’t give up. And it pisses me off because like I spend more money on my flip flops than most people do on their, their normal like dress shoes. Like I spend a lot of money on flip flops and they don’t let me in places and I got dude, I almost did not get led up to the um, in Chicago they have the, the signature room at 95th. Yeah. They have a strict no shoes policy, but I mean no flip flops policy. So I called the head twice, let them know that like, Hey, I’m coming in business clothes but I’m wearing flip flops. Is it okay reservations told me twice that it was okay.

Josh: 00:06:39 Then I got there and they wouldn’t let me up so I wouldn’t leave until they brought down the manager. I argued with the manager for 15 minutes. I had him call his tech team and I said, you need to show me on your website where it says mail flip flops are not allowed. He was like, he called his tech team, they called it up and on the phone with them, I proved to him that nowhere on the website does it say men are not allowed to wear flip flops, that specific lingo. And then he had to let me up and he was pissed. But we won. So like I know the loopholes man, like about.

Ravi: 00:07:11 Serious issues and I’m super happy we’re covering on this.

Josh: 00:07:13 I know.

Ravi: 00:07:15 this needs to be here. There is no movement for flip flops right now. And we need to start this right.

Josh: 00:07:20 Women have a monopoly on it. Listen, women can go into the signature room at 95th and [inaudible] just fine and flip flops, but guys wear them. And I w I literally told them, and by the way, I had the whole conversation recorded because I was pissed off. I was like, sir, aye, how my flip flops cost more than your shoes right now that you are wearing and you’re not going to let me in. And you’re claiming that it’s a thing. So anyway, I’m, I’m hyped up about this, but ah, dude, but we met at [inaudible].

Ravi: 00:07:46 How to trigger Josh.

Josh: 00:07:47 Man. Tell me, tell me that I can’t wear flip flops or something. And I’m like, I’ve spoken on stage in front of 1200 people in flip flops and a backwards hat. So let’s go there. But uh, anyway, dude, how you bend? We met, we met at a Jr’s, but we really like got to know each other and hang out at a 10X.

Ravi: 00:08:04 10X. Yeah.

Josh: 00:08:04 And then we got to watch the super bowl together.

Ravi: 00:08:07 Yeah. Which was awesome. Yeah, that was awesome. Oh, that’s when you and I think really clicks. Yeah. Yeah. I guess you owed me money, right? You would’ve sent me money for it.

Josh: 00:08:16 So yeah, and for contacts people, I’m not, I don’t really gamble, but I do like to bet on sports a little bit, like 20, 30 bucks. So Robbie and I were there and we bet $50 and I remember it cause I was like, who wants to bet on the game? And you’re like, well heck, y’all bet on the Rams. Right. And I was like, no, no, I want to bet on the Rams. And you’re like, what the heck? Right. And it’s because anytime the page here, it says in the Superbowl, I always put money on the other team because then either way I win.

Ravi: 00:08:44 And we won.

Josh: 00:08:45 And I won.

Ravi: 00:08:45 I won.

Josh: 00:08:46 And you won and you won 50 bucks. So well done. And I gave you, I gave you the cash and then I, and then I took the cash back and was like, can I vent or can I pay value?

Ravi: 00:08:56 Because we did it for the gram. We get you getting the video for the ground and you’re like, yo, all right, let me send this to you electronically.

Josh: 00:09:03 Yeah. Yeah. That was great.

Ravi: 00:09:05 Actually, ironically enough, that party was the first time that I ever been to an event that Tai Lopez has been at. And uh, I can not, I’m not getting you Josh at that party. Probably like 40 people walked out to me from behind and be like, Ty. And I’d be like, looking at him, they’d be like, Oh my bad. I thought you were gonna.

Josh: 00:09:22 look like Ty Lopez.

Ravi: 00:09:23 got it so many times and now I go to multiple events. I’m speaking at them. I know Ty’s good friends. I’m going to close friends with Paul getter who runs all ties at,

Josh: 00:09:32 yeah,

Ravi: 00:09:33 it is insane how many people just assume I look like Tyler. I’m actually going to be meeting him in the next few weeks, but it’s crazy. I’ve met him in Vegas, but it’s crazy how many times you will say that look like Ty Lopez there. But yeah, it was at that event. That was the first time I’d ever been like in the same room as Thai and everyone just assumes that I’m Ty Lopez now. So.

Josh: 00:09:51 you look just like him, dude. You really, really did. And I think, yeah, yeah. I’m more handsome, younger version of it.

Ravi: 00:09:57 [inaudible] to this tie. You know what I mean? Sorry about it. I know the tie.

Josh: 00:10:00 We love you, but you’re kind of ugly bro. No, but who, I was actually listening to a commentary on that one time when someone was like, the part of the reason that tie is like where he’s at. Like he can go and you can pull off all the cars and the girls and like everything like that and still have some respect because he isn’t that good looking. And I was like, I never thought Ty is like a bad looking person, but they’re like.

Ravi: 00:10:24 joking. I think it’s probably a pretty good looking guy.

Josh: 00:10:26 Yeah, well I thought he looked, I think he looks just fine, but they’re like, well if he was like a super like a Playboy looking dude, people would think that it’s out of reach. But because he’s a normal looking human being and not like a Playboy type dye is that they feel like his successes.

Ravi: 00:10:42 So I’m going to actually take that one step further here and first of all I think ties a good looking guy because if people think that I look like him, he said, Hey, you know what I mean? So, but I’ll say I’m just going to everyone in the, your, your vog as your audience. It’s like, wow, this guy’s full of himself.

Josh: 00:10:55 Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean,

Ravi: 00:10:56 I will say somebody interesting, interesting to that point is that I went to a mastermind, uh, two weekends ago, I won’t say the gentleman’s name, but it was a, it was a 40K mastermind and it was incredible value packs. But this guy, he 50 million a year he does in business. Um, and like he talks about health and his program talks about fitness and all that kind of stuff, but he was a little, you know, he wasn’t overweight, but he wasn’t definitely not a healthy, like if we’re having a personal trainer and a chef and working out every day, he was not in the shape that I thought that he would be in. And so I was talking to a few people about it that are in his inner circle.

Ravi: 00:11:30 And apparently she was saying that he purposely doesn’t want to get too in shape because he said that the society’s view of like this coach or consultant or Facebook ads guy that’s also like, you know, ripped and chiseled. He’s like, doesn’t even know just like the same thing with Tai Lopez where it’s like, you know, you don’t want to make it seem like it’s so unattainable. He’s like purposely not shape was [inaudible], which is in my opinion, the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, this thing ever in my entire life. But I just thought it’s, since you said it about tides, I had heard about this guy and everyone knows this guy cause a huge guy. Uh, and.

Josh: 00:12:06 I think I know who you’re talking about though.

Ravi: 00:12:07 Yeah.

Josh: 00:12:08 I don’t know if I should say. I don’t want to bash him.

Ravi: 00:12:10 Well, I don’t want to, I just talk. I had a call with him like an hour ago, so I don’t know what he’s like one of those Naval guys. I know, but I was just surprised it was all it was.

Josh: 00:12:19 All right guys, here’s the deal. Um, I’m going to confirm that I know this or know who this guy is with Ravi after the call. But if you have guesses, send me an Instagram DM @JoshFortiTravels because it’s my new Instagram account for traveling the world, which we’re going to get you here @JoshFortiTravels and guests. And I will tell you if you’re right or not, but I’m pretty sure I know what you’re talking about.

Ravi: 00:12:39 Do you know who it is too?

Josh: 00:12:40 Yeah. Yeah, cause I know that he just had a mastermind.

Ravi: 00:12:44 You know exactly what it is.

Josh: 00:12:46 I’m just making sure. So, yeah. See, I don’t know though dude though. Like let’s talk about that because as a marketer, should you like play the game that much?

Ravi: 00:12:59 Well, at what cost? Like what are you sure we’re health to make more money or less? I just don’t, it doesn’t make, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Cause like, look, I don’t make a crazy amount of money, but I make enough money to live the life that I want to live and I also work out twice a day and, and enjoy it. And no one’s ever like you’re true in shape. So I,

Josh: 00:13:16 yeah, you’re pretty buff. Don’t come on me compared to you. Yeah, no, I got nothing on you bro.

Ravi: 00:13:23 No ones. But I’ve never had anybody be like, yeah. Rabi’s too much in shape if he’s able. And that’s our program, right? It’s removing people from their businesses, having a team member, systems processes, virtual assistants. So like when I actually, ironically enough, so I just spoke at an event, actually it was jr and Joel’s event. I know you just had Joel on here as well. The NGR and I spoke at their event a few weeks ago and a year ago when I met you at that event, which I was like just fanboying I don’t think we ever actually really talked, but um, I just like saw you and her and you dropped some insane value. I was, uh, I was pretty overweight. I was like, I was only doing like three to $5,000 a month in my business. And uh, I was working like 1820 hour days and I went, I was like 240 pounds, which for me is like at fast, which for me was just like super unhealthy. I wasn’t proud of where I was like physically, emotionally, mentally. But then I spoke at this event a year later having built multiple seven figure businesses.

Ravi: 00:14:20 We have 118 real estate clients. We manage like almost $180,000 a month in advertising spend right now. Plus my coaching programs, whatever it is and I’m actually, I have more companies making more money, but I’m actually now I have more time to work out now I’m working out in the morning. I run in the afternoon as well and like, so I was, I almost said the person saying like some people see it as like for sure know who you’re talking about. Now some people see you as like, I’m like pushing my audience away. That doesn’t for me. I’m like, no, I’m showing you guys that you can have it both ways. Like you don’t want to be the fat guy and the nice car who can’t even get out of a Lamborghini. He goes, you’re literally so huge. I’d rather be like, I don’t want to take a little less money.

Josh: 00:15:05 I feel like that’s not like him though.

Ravi: 00:15:07 I know. That’s how I’m supposed to wait till.

Josh: 00:15:09 wait. Did you hear it from him or did you just hear it from his team?

Ravi: 00:15:12 I was clean. I got ready to ask him. I’m a friend too.

Josh: 00:15:16 I have one too. Are you kidding me? I’m, I’m so ballsy. I would ask anybody anything.

Ravi: 00:15:19 I ask them next call, I’ll ask.

Josh: 00:15:21 you better. I asked Gary Vaynerchuk freaking if he’d go to the Patriots game with me and he’s like, jets, man. I got roasted man.

Ravi: 00:15:28 You say no. Did you say that?

Josh: 00:15:29 What do you mean you don’t know that? You don’t know about that video?

Ravi: 00:15:33 Was that the one where you got a Q and a where you had to?

Josh: 00:15:35 That was me, bro,

Ravi: 00:15:37 and I haven’t actually watched it, but the crazy thing is Josh, I’ll tell you this, I love you. This is why I am a man of implementation. Everything I learned, I literally act immediately on I’ve had this success. I am. Uh, and the crazy thing is I remember you speaking about that Q and a thing at the event at Jr’s and how you purposely did that so you could get cloud from it. So then immediately it was like Amelie. After you had spoke, we went outside into the event area and they were doing testimonials for jr and like, I wanted to sit down and I sat down and I gave jr Jr’s listen to this, probably the best testimonial I’ve ever given or heard of in my entire life. And sure enough, the mother effer uses it on his landing pages, all of his ads, all these testimonials, the exact same thing with Joel Kaplan and his coaching program. I see man there as well.

Ravi: 00:16:25 And I got it from you. I was like, well, if I do it really good job, they’re gonna get beat free publicity.

Josh: 00:16:31 That’s what you’d have to do. Like you find that thing that like gets you the publicity. And I knew, dude, I had been on Gary Vaynerchuk, Twitter. He follows me on Twitter because of it. So like, awesome. So Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook. I am the number, he has a list of his top five clap backs of all time. I am number one bro. I’m number one top clap back because I invited him. I know he’s a jazz fan, I’m a Patriots fan. He hates the Patriots, bro. So I go up there and I’m like, dude, will you come to the Patriot or the Superbowl with me if they go by the way they went that year. And by the way, they lost that year, we should’ve gone.

Josh: 00:17:09 He would’ve, I would’ve never lived it down. But he goes, no. And I’m like, well, and so my response back to, he’s like, no, I’ve never watched a, you know, an EFIN Superbowl, blah, blah, blah, like, you know, cuss out the Patriots and like how much he hates them. And I was like, well, you’re a winner and I want to invite you to the winning team, right? Oh my God. We go. And everyone’s like, Oh, right. And his exact response is, and I’m not wanting to use language a, you know, a whole lot, but I’m going to use it here so you know, prep, um, and study even language is Dick. So, um, but he goes, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m like, you’re confused, my friend. I’m a winner. You root for winners, Dick. All right. Everybody’s like, ah, right. Insane. Oh, it’s viral, right? Like everywhere

Josh: 00:17:50 it’s being thing. So that’s what I’m saying. Like you just got to find ways to like, like Gary Vaynerchuk talks about attention, right? And he’s like, attention is the most important thing right now is the new currency. I don’t think people understand how true that statement really, truly is. Right? Like distribution, [inaudible] everything, right? Like when you can distribute, which is why, and I’m actually going to, I want to kind of like transition into a little bit of the world trip here and talk to you a little bit about travel. Cause I know you’ve done a lot of travel and I have questions for you. But um, like for me, my whole life up until this point, like I’ve sold a lot of high ticket stuff in my last agency I sold like 7,500 was the low end of our products and like 25,000 was more of the high end.

Josh: 00:18:33 Right? So I spent eight months selling just, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of uh, of stuff. The highest one I did was 60 some thousand I think. So for me like that’s great. But the problem for me is like I want distribution and so on this trip we’re actually shifting almost all of our content and all of our products to very low ticket. Like everything that we sell except for one program is going to be under $500 and most of them are going to be like one to $200 or less. Because if I can get massive amounts of distribution on this trip, massive amounts of exposure is then anytime I want to do a JV deal with someone, anytime I want to promote something, anytime I want, you know, to get Russell Brunson on my podcast and promote his new book. Now I’ve got you know, 100,000 listeners rather than, you know, the average person that has a couple thousand. And so I’m very, very focused on that. I don’t think people understand how important distribution is. You know what I mean?

Ravi: 00:19:21 Well and I’ll even say on top of that, it’s a fantastic point. Grant Cardone talks about money follows attention also and I really, really love how he talks about it also. And so like Jeff, my roommate and myself have been literally buying into that like crack cocaine. It’s been insane. So we both just got full time creative directors and I now have micro director of, he lives in our house in San Diego right now. And like when I opened my eyes in the morning, there he is. When I closed my eyes at night. There he is as well. So it’s like actually pretty insane. But we have been pushing out content like nobody’s business. And I see direct ROI from it. Like it could be indirect roughly, but yeah, they do. We’re on more podcasts. I’m on more publications on speaking up more events. I just posted the other day at 10 X, remember Peter of our guests when we talked about how you were saying X ages now we was nobody last year.

Ravi: 00:20:07 And now he’s speaking on the tech stage. I looked at Jeff and I said, what do you to speak on more stages? I want to speak on six stages by the end of the year. Uh, last week and I spoke in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. I met Mark of my 23rd event that I spoke at this year after not having speaking at one before we are taking off and every single channel, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, you name it all. We’re literally doing full media assaults on it right now. And it’s the same thing. I just want to eyeballs and like that’s all I want to just more and more eyeballs because that’s going to, uh, end up me being able to give value to more people, which ended up me making more money. I mean like, like I’ll just say how it is. Like I, I’m exchanging value for money. That’s just usually what it is. The bottom line. And so

Ravi: 00:20:48 we’re going to start playing around with that whole concept also of like real low ticket, like five, $7 to get people into the funnel, build up list again, build the audiences so that we.

Josh: 00:20:59 100% and that’s what you asked the thing, like you’ve got to figure out, you got to figure out what’s going to grow that audience, right? Like high ticket stuff is great, but eventually you’re going to run out of that, that, that stuff. And even if you don’t like the salesperson that you’re going to hire, and I know you already have those people, but the sales people that you have to hire in your business to go and replace you, like they’re not going to be doing prospecting like you would, they’re not going to have the relationships that you do. So like you, you’ve gotta be the one that’s bringing the leads to them.

Josh: 00:21:27 You’ve got to figure out the systems and stuff and audience brings that in there. So that’s super cool. I want to ask you though, well, how much money you make.

Ravi: 00:21:35 the drive to like actually answer it on you. I mean, you know, have to, uh, like total revenue across all my companies.

Josh: 00:21:42 Alice, you figured out how you want to answer that.

Ravi: 00:21:45 Uh, okay. Uh, we’ll do total revenue across all my companies. Uh, in the month of August we did close to 290,000. Uh, and we’ll probably double that this month.

Josh: 00:21:57 That’s incredible. So like, you’re gonna be at almost 500,000 a month.

Ravi: 00:22:02 Yeah, probably. Probably the next 60 days I’ll be at $500,000 a month.

Josh: 00:22:06 Is that like, like would that be sustainable revenue for the next like a year at least?

Ravi: 00:22:11 Yeah. And that’s not even including advertising spending for our real estate agents. So like that, that’s not including the other 180 we’re spending on ads right now. Um, for real estate agents.

Josh: 00:22:20 And you got a lot of overhead though or no,

Ravi: 00:22:22 not really. Uh, not really, honestly. Uh, no. That’s the way the whole system and process we’ve taught. So no, I mean, I have my payroll for employees right now. It’s about $2,500 a month across all my companies. Yeah.

Josh: 00:22:35 What?

Ravi: 00:22:35 I have all virtual assistants. So, uh, that’s what was rolling.

Josh: 00:22:38 My payroll is higher than that for my room. I have to, all right.

Ravi: 00:22:44 Yeah, we did. So I have a, I have six, uh, all virtual assistants and they.

Josh: 00:22:49 manage $180,000 in ad spend and do $290,000 a month with six VA’s.

Ravi: 00:22:54 Yeah. I don’t have the mom manager. I haven’t ads manager, but he’s contracted out and it’s just a profit share agreement. So I’m so I’m making less, but I don’t have to pay him anything of my overhead. Essentially he’s just doing a profit share, which is totally cool for me. Um, and yeah, we all do. We are a lean and mean company. Add to the very fucking core. I do every day we look over cashflow expenses, everything we’re paying. And if it’s been like 30 days, and I’m like, we haven’t used this once, like I’m about to get rid of our CRM because we’re just using Google sheets. It’s only like $56 a month. We’re about to get rid of it right now. So I just keep the stuff super, super lean. Uh, and yeah, I’m, I’m pretty much, I, we invest really heavily but, but that’s what we’re doing right now. And then I’m just putting it right back in ads. I went to that mastermind and I want to get to a million a month by April of next year. That’s what my goal is to get to a million a month. And, um, a lot of the other guys that were doing like 600, 700,

Ravi: 00:23:46 they were spending like 2000 to $3,000 a day on ads. And I was being so scared, like spending like 500 or a thousand dollars a day. And I was like, you know what? Once again, speed of implementation, I was like, you know what, like these guys are doing it. They’re where I want to be. Let me implement what they’re doing. And so we’re spending like two grand a day on ads right now, which is insane to be spending like on yourself. Uh, but we’re cashflow positive and we’re, I am so excited for the next year. It’s actually unbelievable. It’s amazing. Like I’m honestly like million a month. I have no doubt. We’re going to hit that by April of next year. Probably sooner than that. Um, and then there’s all bunch of backend stuff. I just purchased a call center in the Philippines, uh, like a 15,000 square foot call center in the Philippines.

Ravi: 00:24:30 Uh, we’re doing real estate as well. Real estate investing. I would have brokerage in the state of Florida also. Uh, so there’s like a bunch of short term you asked me, I don’t mean to ramble here, but you asked me now in noble model, like short term you were generating this cashflow, but I’m also working on some real longterm plays that are going to pay out for me like five, 10 1530 50 years down the road as well.

Josh: 00:24:52 Yeah, that’s insane, bro. I didn’t know. How old are you?

Ravi: 00:24:54 25 25.

Josh: 00:24:57 that’s awesome dude. When’s your birthday?

Ravi: 00:25:00 Oh, April 19th. That’s what I want to get a million a month.

Josh: 00:25:02 Oh, by your birthday. So I’m like just a few months older than you. My birth. I’m 25 and my birthdays, my birthday is the day before Tom Brady will win his seven Superbowl ring.

Ravi: 00:25:11 Oh, just just putting that out here. You guys heard it here first. You heard it here first

Josh: 00:25:19 money on the game. I have money on the Patriots winning the super bowl this year. Yes. Yeah. Uh, no. I forget what the odds were, but I’m ticked off. I didn’t know how to bet on like on the Superbowl before the season started and I didn’t like I was just too busy. I didn’t take the time to actually do it cause I don’t really bet a whole lot of money but like game, I don’t remember it was game two or game three like I saw how their defense, how good their defense was. I was like lights out, game over. You have Tom Brady on the offense, they’re their offense could suck. I watched them come back from 28 to three and we have the best defense in the league game over bro. Like where’s money? Like if you’re a betting human, I would go drop $1,000 on the Patriots winning the super bowl, like the odds are plus two 26 or something like that right now you’d want to, you’d want a crap load anyway. [inaudible].

Ravi: 00:26:03 Patriots or should we make a bed on this podcast right now?

Josh: 00:26:06 As do it. How much do you want bow?

Ravi: 00:26:07 It’s the Patriot. Oh wait, you said you bet against the here? No, I will bet for them.

Ravi: 00:26:12 I only know you said do.

Josh: 00:26:14 I do during the actual game, but for the Patriots, like I’m predicting out into the future now. Like once the Patriots I know are there, then like once the Patriots are actually in the super bowl, then I will make a bet with you against them.

Ravi: 00:26:28 What day do we figure that out?

Josh: 00:26:30 Uh, the AFC championship game, which will be the new England Patriots versus the Kansas city chiefs. All right, I’ve got this whole thing figured out, man. Go ahead. Tell me the date though. So hold on, let me, let me get you all right. Um, AFC championship 2020. Uh, we’re looking at assay. Wow. Car. No, that’s not a see assay. Divisional round Sunday ASC division of what? The, Hey, as a championship game. We’re looking at January 19th.

Ravi: 00:26:54 Okay, hold on one second. Are you serious? On January 20th, 2020, remind me to reach out to Josh Forti and bet $1,000 at the Patriots are gonna win the super bowl.

Siri: 00:27:07 Okay. I added reach out to Josh. $40,000 at the Patriots are going to win the suit. Who has go?

Josh: 00:27:15 Listen. What I am saying though is like the Patriots look good this year. If they just do their offense doesn’t look great, but they’ve got time. They’ve got Tom Brady at the helm and they’ve got the best evens they’ve ever had. That Kansas city cheese, who everyone was like, the Kansas city chiefs are better than the Patriots. Therefore, I know the pictures are for know the Kansas city chiefs just lost two straight games at home. People and the Patriots are still undefeated six and know they’re going to play the justice week. The Patriots legitimately could go and run the table. They could run the whole day. They go on to beat Illumina. Zero.

Ravi: 00:27:49 I’ll tell you something that a lot of people don’t know about me. Don’t watch any sports whatsoever.

Josh: 00:27:55 It’s probably why you’re filthy rich energy.

Ravi: 00:27:58 I had people upset at me because I don’t watch like, you know, I call college or I would afford to stay in like Tampa Bay and nothing professional like bad day that we bet on that game with you. I just want to get closer with you. I didn’t even, I had no idea. I don’t even remember who the Patriots play that game. I have no idea who it was, but like it was just like, Oh yeah, sure I’ll hang out with Josh Forti and do it that way, but zero sports I absolutely numb.

Josh: 00:28:23 and you told me that during the game. Then I watch the new England Patriots and that is about it. The only other is super fan so I can accuse Ben. Yeah, Cody near I just, I was texting him the other day and we decided that when the Patriots go to the Superbowl this year, I just want, I want everybody to be very, very quickly an affirmation that like I am calling this in the morning when you wake up, Tom Brady in the bed shopper will get his seven.

Josh: 00:28:52 I wish. No, but like seriously though, like I, I am not usually very certain on things, especially on the pages. The patients give me a heart attack like all the time. Right. But I’m like, the rest of the ASC is so bad and the NSC now on the other hand, the pitchers could lose, but they’re going to for sure go into the super bowl. Like I just can’t see it happening. That does not happen. So I just want everybody to know. I called this at the beginning of the season before the season started. I called it on game one. It is Tuesday, October 15th right now. And the Patriots are currently six [inaudible]. You’re hearing it first here. All right. It’s gonna happen. Your first guys, you’re going to have, I’m supposed to be in Greece with the super bowl man. That’s what I’m supposed to be. But if they go and I’m going to be exciting, I am thinking about, but if the Patriots go like I kinda gotta fly home like it’s going to cost me like, Whoa, I don’t know. It’s gonna cost me $10,000 to go there.

Ravi: 00:29:37 I don’t know man. Want the front. You can watch it from Greece,

Josh: 00:29:40 bro. It’s Tom Brady. Dude, it’s, he’s 43 years old. He’s about to go to his 10 10th super Joad here. Okay. I’m going to be done talking about the Patriots, but I got one more suggesting for you. I got one more statistic for you. All right, Tom, this is Tom Brady’s 18th healthy season in the league. Okay. So up until last year, Tom Brady had gone, had played 17 healthy, complete seasons of, uh, of that in those 17 seasons, he has been to the Superbowl nine times and missed the Superbowl eight. Wow. He has literally been to the Superbowl more times than he has missed it in his career. Like, hello. If you get to the super bowl one time as an NFL player, that’s like a huge, massive feat.

Josh: 00:30:25 He’s been nine times. All right. I love the Patriots. I love Tom Brady. All right. We’re done talking about them,

Ravi: 00:30:31 this podcast. Have you been?

Josh: 00:30:32 Oh my gosh. Okay. So here’s my thing. Um, I’m all about shooting my shot, right? I really, really well with the bigger influencers. I’ve got to make it worth it, right? Like, I’ve gotta be careful with it. So why I have not reached out to Gary Vaynerchuk yet. I’m working Russell right now, right. I’ve been dreaming 100 and ham. I’ve made posts on Facebook. I’ve tagged him in stories. I’ve called him out on it, so he knows. Right. Um, and so like, I’ll work it up and we’re just gonna slowly work the way in. But my goal is, is that with the world trip, the world trip is going to kind of break me into a little bit more mainstream and we’re going to be able to get Tom Brady on.

Josh: 00:31:06 We’re going to be able to get people like I really want will Smith bro. Like.

Ravi: 00:31:09 that would be cool. 100.

Josh: 00:31:11 can you imagine man? Yeah, 100%. I’m sure he’s on like millions of people’s dream. I like such good. So anyway, that and then Logan, Paul, uh, Logan Bond. Yeah, he’s my homie and or I want him to be me. I’ve met him, but I want another podcast, so we’ll see. But anyway, I wanna I want to bring the conversation back to you because we know your red shoes. We know you’re going to be awesome. You’re going to be doing 1 million bucks a month. I love it, by the way. Huge congratulations to you, dude. I’m so proud of you. Okay. But then what, uh,

Ravi: 00:31:40 then what, what do you mean?

Josh: 00:31:42 Like you meant like you make 1 million bucks a month. Let us play this out. Right? April you have your first million dollar month. Alright, we celebrate. You’re going to fly me out on a private jet and we’re gonna party obviously, right? Yeah, of course. And then we’re going to sit down and you know, plan out and you know, celebrate. But let’s say you do that for a whole year and like you turned 27 and you’ve made $12 million a year before, right? Huge. Massive feet under the age of 30, which I have full confidence that you could do. But like, then what?

Ravi: 00:32:10 Uh, so I would say for relatively certainty that in the next 18 to 24 months, there’s going to be recession. So what am I blend right now is to continue building my personal brand and my programs as quickly and as fast as possible. Like I just made a post today, like either you’re on board with me or getting out of my way like I have, I have relationships falling by the wayside right now because I’m like so driven and focused for the next 18 to 24 months and I’m going to keep on investing, stacking cash. And then, uh, when the recession hits, um, I’m going to, you leverage my personal brand in order to carry me through the recession for my companies. But in addition to that, I’m going to scoop up real estate like it’s goddamn candy. Uh, and I’m going to pick up, I’m going to try and go for some pretty big apartment complex or some, some relatively large multifamily, like, you know, anywhere from 50 to 150 doors.

Ravi: 00:33:07 Uh, and I’m going to start transitioning my cause I’m real big into real estate. I mean, that’s how I started my advertising. That’s, I have a brokers in the state of Florida. I’m a licensed agent. I’m big into real estate, but real estate agents are, it’s not a cash front business. So like you give a digital products or you do coaching. I do coaching, they pay up front, we deliver the good or service real estate. It’s like, you know, they got to go do a hundred houses, you got to do a bunch of paperwork or whatever and then maybe six, nine months later you get 3%. Um, and so I never wanted to go that route, but I love the owning real estate and building longterm wealth side of it. And so for me, I would continue growing. I mean I want to be in the top three when people say systemizing and scaling businesses and they’re talking about business coaches.

Ravi: 00:33:51 I want to be in the top three, uh, lists for a lot of people in the world. Like that is my longterm goal. I w.

Josh: 00:33:57 who are the top three now?

Ravi: 00:33:59 Uh, that’s a really a great question. Uh, for, it’s hard because my top three of who I would think are not going to be a lot of top three of what other people would think as well. Um, but, and I don’t know what they are in the world because like that’s the thing, everyone’s so close minded in the United States and thinks the United States is the world’s and it’s just like, so not so not at all. So I am falling that category. I could name like a few people off you right now that I would consider are these at even just business like business in general? Uh, um, I would say Greg [inaudible] is absolutely animal at it.

Ravi: 00:34:30 I would think that Gary V has created quite the empire, uh, leveraging his personal brand, which is something I want to do as well. John Maxwell, I’ve really, really look up to as well. He’s a huge, huge guy. I would include in that also, I would say Tony Robbins for Jesse Itzler, Tony Robbins, like all guys that I would say have created massive, massive fortunes, uh, leveraging in a short amount of time, leveraging a lot of other people’s assets, audiences, time, money. Um, so like I want to be in the same breadth as I always wanted to be a motivational speaker. Like I’m a like law school dropout. Uh, like I decided it wasn’t for me and I still remember this day, like when I was thinking about dropping out and like not doing the whole race thing, uh, like rat race. I told my dad, which I love my dad, um, and I was going through chemo and radiation with them.

Ravi: 00:35:14 That’s actually why I ended up not going to law school was because, uh, I was doing chemo radiation with them. And, uh, I remember asking them and I was like, you know, like I was like, I don’t think I want you to law school. He’s like, well, what do you want to do? And I was like, I really want to inspire people and motivate people to be the best version of themselves. And he’s like, you know it’s parents come from different times. Right. And he was just like, I still remember this day cause it kind of struck with me. He was like, you have to be first before you do that. You have that 40 years of putting in work before anyone’s going to listen to you or pay you to go on stage or like have you at their events or, or whatever it is.

Ravi: 00:35:46 And I really brought me down and like, so that was my goal for the longest time and then I steered away from it because of what other people thought. But then like I just told you in the past, what is it, December or October, so 10 months, I’ve been on 23 stages. I’ve been paid for a lot of them. We got a hundred over 250 students inside my program. And like a lot of people messaged me, you know, I have 100,000 followers on Instagram, I have a bunch of Facebook, YouTube, whatever it is. And a lot of people messaged me, they consider me like motivational or inspirational or whatever it is. And so like that is one of the longer term goals as me. I don’t like to say the word motivational speaker cause like I think motivation is fleeting. I really build, I love building discipline in people, but I just like to, it’s just crazy how much of the world just like me doesn’t understand the amount of opportunity that’s out there. And so my really big longterm goals is to be a huge brand and the essence of not like motivational, raw, raw. You can do whatever you want, but like here are actually actionable steps that you should be taking in order to secure a financial, uh, you know, location and time freedom for yourself and your, for your generations to come.

Josh: 00:36:50 Yeah. Yeah. No, I, I liked that a lot. That’s super, super cool. But, okay, I’ve gotta I got to ask though, like, dude, you’ve done Lotus stuff this year. Like Holy cow, right? Like how did you, cause you were making what? Three to $5,000 a month, year and a half ago?

Ravi: 00:37:08 Yeah, on October one over a year ago. I mean, literally it was, I got, I had the one year reminder on Facebook of, of us at the event I like at Jr’s event. It was literally last weekend.

Josh: 00:37:18 So like, and I, I remember I’ve seen a lot of your content, which you kill it with the content and, and, and well done with that. Like I remember you saying like, was it at that event or one near that? Like you were on a credit card, right?

Ravi: 00:37:31 Where was that event? I was on my discover personal card and we were $6,000 in debt. Now I do, I was talking to Jeff yesterday, you know, my American express bill isn’t even up yet. We have $120,000 on my express American as festival for my eye. It’s like crazy what happened. But yeah, let’s stay in debt.

Josh: 00:37:46 So how though, dude, like, like how do you have time to do everything that y. ou’re doing and how did you learn in like the, I know there was a story leading up to that, right? Like obviously things happen, failures, like you learn from failures. Like, yes you are six K in debt and you were there, but you had to have something going for you or some form of learning prior to that to know. Okay. Because like a brand newbie in the business, like someone that’s completely brand new to business does not go and go $6,000 in debt and a year later to make $290,000 a month. So like what allowed you in the last year or prior to that to figure out how to do that and, and like ultimately achieve that success. Cause that’s insane.

Ravi: 00:38:28 Yeah. And I appreciate that and I get that question a lot. Uh, and even like Joel at the last event was like, he even went up to my videographer, I told you, like, I opened my eyes and like he’s there and I closed my eyes. Is there, my video ever told me, Joe when I told him, he’s like, okay, but seriously, like what does Robbie do every single day? Break it down for me by the minute. What is, how does rubbish phase and that’s all I’m wondering bro. Like wow, yes. He’s saying I don’t make $290,000 a month. So for me, what I really started, Oh, excuse me, um, what I re Oh, I just got that phone call, said it was from rubbing ball. That was crazy. Um, what I really started doing after that event, I partnered up with Joel Kaplan. Uh, and he, he taught me a good bit of stuff as well about like creating SOP and systems and delegating cause this agency was doing like 70 K.

Ravi: 00:39:14 yeah, I remember that. It was a combination like of books that I had read before, like the four work week and the E myth and uh, keeping it simple and some really great coaches in my life. Like Joel, uh, John Whiting and a few other guys, uh, as well. And then just my intuition that I realize like for me honestly, in order to execute all this stuff, like I have a full time team, 24, seven working for me because I have them in the Philippines. So I have some, like I have five people working from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM every single day. And then I have one person working from 6:00 PM until 8:00 AM, which is daytime for them over there. Uh, and so pretty much long answer short, I realized very quickly the two, two shoots, things that happen to me is number one elimination. So like I was doing so much stuff for so many different people in multiple different niches, multiple different services, multiple different offerings.

Ravi: 00:40:08 And I was just doing it all and I was spending so much time and energy trying to learn how to deliver things that I was promising people that I wasn’t really ever growing my business. And so one of the biggest things we did was we, I am a huge fan of elimination, so I eliminate like, I don’t have any notifications on my phone, no text messages, no. I keep my phone on do not disturb. 24, seven, three 65, like no notifications, no Facebook, Instagram, Slack, none of that. I eliminate clients that I want to work with. So if we do a real estate agent and they want sellers, we only do buyers and we’ll just refer them out to somebody else. Cause I have to teach my team how to do sellers. If we get a chiropractor that has his credit card out, we’ll say no to them.

Ravi: 00:40:46 Um, if we have somebody that wants to pay us out for an amount or do a different payment plan, we say no to them. If there’s people or, uh, things in my life that are draining my energy, push that like brutal elimination, absolute brutal elimination. And then delegation. So like we, I delegate, I great bit in my business out. Like, I mean we have everywhere from prospects when we do five to 10,000 pieces of outreach a day and these virtual assistants are $2 and 50 cents an hour in the Philippines, like anywhere from two 50 to $5 an hour. So like three to 5,000 piece of outreach every single day. They do client management, I’ll eat, finish, they do client management, they do client onboarding and I’ve systemized the whole process as well. So like it’s all automated. Followup is automated, voicemail drops are automated and then they run the ads.

Ravi: 00:41:29 And I do the same campaign focusing on real estate agent. We have all they have to do is a campaign and Facebook ads manager. Same thing with my coaching program where we give people, you know we, we give them fully trained virtual assistants. Like that happened overnight and within 30 days we’re at six figures a month. And it was just because I had focused every business we have, we focus 80% of our efforts on the lead generation side of it. So prospecting and getting appointments on my calendar and then the rest of it kind of falls in place on the back end of it. But for me, I just have figured out like a really beautiful blueprint and that’s what we give in our scaling assistance program. A really beautiful group blueprint on how to grow and scale companies. And that’s where we give people.

Ravi: 00:42:08 And so for my, I have an ATM company. I have a real estate brokerage, I have a credit, I do credit card processing, we have a real estate advertising agency and I have my coaching program. And every single one of them was like literally control C, control B U copy paste of the same thing over and over again. And I just make a few adjustments and then we’re off to the races. So I get that question a lot. I don’t, and I’m very disciplined, right? I haven’t, we’re doing a challenge right now. I haven’t drank anything in 60 days. I don’t do any drugs. Uh, I work out twice a day. I meditate in the morning, I write my affirmations and like I do my one thing. So I only take meetings Mondays and Thursdays. Like I only take appointments Mondays and Thursdays from 12 to six are the only days I do any meetings with anybody, including my team. All of that other time that I have, I focus on growing companies. Like, what do I need to do? Like yesterday, I learned how to do Google retargeting, Google display network retargeting and YouTube ads still.

Josh: 00:43:01 hold that. Hold that. And there’s so much here. I want to hear that. I’m sorry. I went on a roll. Sorry. Sorry. Go. You’re good. You’re good. I have, I have lots of questions. So like, let’s start with the one where it’s like, okay, your team can’t even get all of the, except Mondays and Thursdays, right? What happens? Something goes wrong.

Ravi: 00:43:14 So that’s the thing everyone thinks like, and I had the conversation with Joel’s partner Marcos about this as well. It’s like, okay, because we went from daily meetings, that’s what they taught us to weekly meetings and like, you know, first we did daily, then we did three times a week and then very quickly it was like nothing changed. I was like, all right, let’s just do once a week. Those are great book called the one thing. Uh, and they talk about in there like how meetings are, are a huge, people spend almost 10 hours a week. This is what they did in a study, switching back and forth between tasks. And so like me taking myself and my team out of their focus and efforts onto a daily meeting where it’s pretty much just like I can read what they’re telling me, like, Hey, how many emails are we sending out, how many clients we generated, how many appointments? Like I knew I was wasting their time and my time. And so a few things I learned is like, number one, um, emergencies really don’t exist. Like I’ve up to this date, I have not had an emergency that wasn’t fixed by either $500 or an apology.

Ravi: 00:44:05 Like there’s just no, I, and I check email once a day on 11 o’clock. I check email. That’s it. So like I’m a hundred dollars apology and the amount of money I make from not doing all the back and forth of people are at ways the $500, but there’s just no emergencies. Like I’m not running, I don’t own a fire department and I’m not like doing personal training where it could be like, or a hospital where someone could be sick or hurt. So nothing that we ever really do is like I have to respond something immediately. So it’s like bare minimum response times going to be 24 hours. Um, but sometimes it’s like 48, 72 hours.

Josh: 00:44:38 So what do you do on a daily basis then? Like what are you focused on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays?

Ravi: 00:44:46 Yeah, so for me, most of the time it’s like, uh, like, like yesterday I told you I learned YouTube ads and Google display network and I was on YouTube, like searching how I wanted to, I’m just implementing shit that I learned. Like I went to, uh, I had Mike Mark, who’s like one of the top sales placers in the United States. He plays like same often seen talking funnels and he’s placed my team as well. And I had him in my program and he was doing a bunch of value tips and I was taking notes. And one of the things he said was like, you should be for a dollar a day, retargeting all your stuff on Facebook, Instagram, but also Google display network. So when people go to you know ESPN, you have a banner ad. And so like I was like, Oh, that’s a great idea and I never know how to do it. So I just wrote it down. And then literally the next day I went in there and I figured out how to set up Google display network and I spent like an hour and a half reading some banner ads.

Ravi: 00:45:33 And now if anybody goes to my website, you’ll rub your wall at our column for the, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and all the websites across the web. There’s Ravi wall and there’s a picture of my face. So for me, I’m focusing on only things that I couldn’t delegate out or I didn’t want to delegate out and that moves the needle forward. And if it’s anything less than that, like I’m having a problem with American express right now because they sent me the wrong card. Like my team takes care of that. Like know I have meal prep, like I have meal prep delivered to my house every single Sunday. So I don’t do any cooking. Um, so a lot of my time is honestly spent and I’m, I’m creating a version 2.0 in my program right now. So like I went to Sam ovens, mash, man, I ain’t got a lot.

Ravi: 00:46:11 I got a lot of great stuff from that. And uh, and I’m implementing a lot of that into my program now, uh, of what I learned from him and like, and I talked to him about it as well. I know I said shut. And, uh, and so like, I’m creating more value for my people. I’m doing interviews, like we’re checking out real estate investment property. So for me, I’m reserving my time, which I value at $2,000 an hour on things that generate that time’s five, 10, 15, 20 a hundred like Facebook ads, YouTube ads, like managing all that interviews, stuff like that. Um, and are they anything less than that? Like I, my team has a credit card and if it’s less than $500 to fix something, they fix it. And then they put it in the payments required Slack channel, let me know what they had to do and why they had to fix it. And so I’m just fully removed from it.

Josh: 00:46:58 So do you have one person that’s in charge of all six people or all the other people or is it just.

Ravi: 00:47:02 so I have one assistant, she’s probably gonna listen to this. Her name’s Mel Jane. She’s incredible. She runs all my businesses and she’s a virtual assistant as well as she manages my sales teams. She manages my aspects like US-based employees, like she manages all my con contractors as well. Um, and she manages it all for me. And so she’s pretty much like my right hand person and I put everything through her. Uh, and yeah, and like people, whenever I talk about like four hour work week and doing something that everyone’s like, you can’t grow a company based on that look. Like if I was doing like four hours a week, that’s maintenance from my company. Like that’s like what I have to actually put out a fire or the or the weekly meeting, whatever it is.

Ravi: 00:47:37 That’s maintenance. And if I wanted to, I could travel the world. Like I said, we’re gonna talk about travel. I went to Michigan for four months. I went to Europe for a while. I saw, hold that question, I’d stage or do like 18 cities. Um, like during that time I wasn’t really growing my business too much when we were growing, but not too much. But now my free time that I have that in that four hours that I’m working a week instead of just spending that, you know, doing whatever the hell I wanna do, I spend that time moving the needle forward and focusing on like crazy growth opportunities, speaking at events, hopping on amazing podcasts like this, doing shout-outs like, uh, learning YouTube ads, whatever it is. And most business owners never have that opportunity because they’re so busy working inside their business.

Josh: 00:48:17 Yeah, for sure. So what happened? Like what was step one for you when you got started? Like you leave Rob or being, you leave jr and Jr’s event. It was just Jr’s last year. You know, you leave that event and you’re like, well I’m broke. So now shot him. Go get rich. Like what was step one? Oh, step one for me was elimination. Like, so I have, I was following like 3000 people on Instagram unfollowed. Literally 99% of them. I have a a hundred that over a hundred thousand followers. I follow a 160 people on Instagram right now.

Josh: 00:48:50 Do you follow me?

Ravi: 00:48:51 I don’t think I do. I dunno. Maybe I do. Maybe I did. I did. Right guys, that has been [inaudible] how far are you? I shouted you out on my story today. Alright, well good. Again, I unfollowed everybody. Um, and you know, I’ve got a bunch of messages. Like you’re so petty, you want.

Josh: 00:49:06 everybody to do dude, I follow 15 people. I don’t follow you. So.

Josh: 00:49:09 I’m like, okay guys, we’re ending the podcast early because of before Instagram.

Ravi: 00:49:17 Yeah. And so like I unfollowed everybody. Um, I turned off all my notifications on my phone and I just told myself for the next, until the end of the years, I was October. I was like, every single day I’m going to spend at least six hours a day hunting and prospecting. So like sending appointments and taking appointments, just like something that is kind of my brand term as well. Um, and so like I just told myself that that’s all I’m going to do. So the first thing was elimination. I, we just, I decided to stop working with anybody that wasn’t real safe. Did you know, like, did you already have your product done? Like Y had an agency but I was working with, I had real estate, I had Kairos, I had gyms and the gym was the best client.

Ravi: 00:49:52 We had a, I had gyms and I had dentists, so I was all over the place and we were offering a bunch of different products and I was reaching out, my outreach was through a bunch of different people. And so one of the first things I learned was elimination. And so like not only eliminate all the distractions and noise number one, but number two limit who I’m offering services to and what I’m offering to them. So very quickly we went from a general contractor offering everything to everybody to, Hey, we only work with real estate agents. They need to be doing one plus closing a month. And we offer this program as a hundred leads a month, guaranteed. I when I did that, my setup time for clients from three to four hours setting up all this stuff in bologna for everything. So a templatize 15 minutes. And so that now allowed me to do more front end prospecting time.

Ravi: 00:50:37 Uh, and so I just went immediately ham on the prospect and then I hired, I found a virtual assistant placement company, much like what we have now. And I paid a good bit of money to get my mail. Jane who now runs everything for me. And uh,

Josh: 00:50:49 that was going to be my next question. Like where’d you get your, where do you get your virtual assistant?

Ravi: 00:50:52 Yeah, so we, uh, I had a recruiter, uh, essentially he was a referral from a, actually Nick Robbins. I know, you know Nick as well. Yeah, he’s mixed. Amazing. And uh, he, I asked him where he got his, he could introduce me and it was just like a salesperson. Like just like I hired Mike Mark. It was like, okay, I hear horror stories of people hiring VA’s. And like a lot of times when people hire their first VA, like the person who doesn’t even know what they’re doing, so there’s sure as hell the VA doesn’t know what they’re doing. Uh, and so I knew that was going to be an issue for me because I didn’t really know what I was doing. So I went to a recruiter who was going to have a fully trained VA and I paid him a good bit of money, but I got a $2 and 50 cents an hour VA who is incredible. She’s amazing. And she was teaching me systems and processes and delegation and lead generation. And then I just told her, look for two 40 hours a week and overtime I just want you booking my calendar. That’s all I want you doing and I’m just going to take appointments. And so that’s what I did. And then once we, I started getting traction, I hired another one of hers and then I had two people working full time doing lead generation for my company. And I was just doing the fulfillment, uh, which was easy.

Ravi: 00:51:54 It was a copy and paste model and I was just doing the sales and then we removed myself more and more from that Apple.

Josh: 00:52:00 So like how are they finding appointments though? Like you do like,

Ravi: 00:52:03 so what we teach in our program, like we send like anywhere from two to 5,000 emails a day. We do LinkedIn automation, which is about a hundred messages a day on autopilot. We do about a hundred messages on Facebook. We did about a hundred messages on Instagram. We do packages, we’ll send letters in the mail, we’ll do Amazon wishlist where if it’s like a dream 100 person, we’ll do cold calling, whatever it is. I just want to get as many touchpoints outs as humanly possible and that’s where a lot of people mess up. It’s like a lot of people will. The people that join our business and our Patrona program, like a lot of them are successful doing 50 K a month, but it’s all from referrals.

Ravi: 00:52:36 Like there’s a gentleman named Gustavo, she has power ISA, he actually crushes it and he just sent me a message today. He’s doubled his bookings in 30 days from what he had before and what he has now. He went from 50 to a hundred K a month. Um, and he was just relying solely on a referral. So the 50 K a month. So he was successful, but he hadn’t even turned on the other side of it, which was the direct outreach portion cause he’d.

Josh: 00:52:58 ever bother you. Like, okay. So like you said, in two to 5,000 emails a day, that’s a lot of emails. And these are called emails, right? How many responses back you get from that?

Ravi: 00:53:08 We averaged about, so we call them positive responses. We average about a 10 to 12 a day.

Josh: 00:53:13 So it doesn’t bother you at all that you’re sending two to 5,000 emails and you get 10 to 12 responses back.

Ravi: 00:53:20 That’s just the nature of the game. Even a little bit. I mean, why I’m getting 10 to 12 responses back. Like, I mean cause I, you know what, that’s 10 to 12 more responses that everyone else who’s not doing anything right on the couch. So like I mean other more efficient. Like I could run Facebook ads, which we do as well, like ads and like that’s a great way to get inbound leads. But even Sam ovens talks about this would be like a 60 40 or 70 30 like you shouldn’t just be relying on Facebook to know for sure if you’re shot. And so even though we’re spending $2,000 a day on ads right now, we’re still doing all that organic outreach and that makes our ads go further farther and makes them worth more money. Like client’s working on money. Oh no, it doesn’t bother me.

Ravi: 00:53:56 And that’s what people think. Like, Oh like you know, I don’t want to be the guy spanning people. I don’t want to be the, I always say like number one, if you really truly believe you’re providing value, which like if you can’t tell, I’m super passionate about what I do. No super change. Like, we are literally changing people’s lives. And I love doing it. So like for me, I’m like look like, and we offer a full money back guarantee. I’m like, look, just dividends pants. I know that you’re going to have your life changed by this if you do it. And so for me, just like any great salesperson, it’s like, I know that you need what I have. Like I really truly in my core believe that you need it. So I want the most amount of people as humanly possible to know it.

Ravi: 00:54:32 And so that’s the first thing I say. And the second thing I say, uh, I don’t know who Dan Kennedy is like, yeah. So one of my favorite quotes by him, and I literally post my Instagram story today is if you haven’t pissed off anyone by doing and you’re not making any money. So like that’s the other thing that I think about as well. Like, you know, and for me, outflow equals inflow. So we tried to do as many pieces of outreach, whether it’s in person, online, inbound, outbound, every single day. And of course I get hate. You should see the comments on my ads, man. You should see what some of the responses that we get, but I’ve seen him. Yeah, I’m sure you have. Yeah, but it just doesn’t bother me. Like I don’t,

Josh: 00:55:07 I think the thing, I think that people need to understand that I’m like, I’m all about mindset. I’m all about like, I’m, I’m big on personal development, right? Like I really think that if you’re not okay with who you are, if you have $0 million in the bank, then you probably shouldn’t be trying to make millions of bucks. You better fix yourself first. Right? Like not, not that money is wrong. Like I love love money, right? Like I love making my bunch of money and helping people, but like you gotta be okay with yourself and if you’re letting negative comments on Facebook and Instagram, which are literally programmed to get more negative comments, like literally triggered people say the most things, like, then you got issues. Other than that, like you can’t be focused on that one. Okay. So like, what would you say to the person? So a lot of people have this super negative connotation of agency, right?

Josh: 00:55:52 There’s constantly going to be a headache and yada, yada. And I’ll be honest with you, like my last day, my first agency idea was just mess, right? It was my first agency I’ve ever done with last agency. I did, we had structures, systems, processes, the whole nine yards. We worked with a radically different types of clients now than you did, right? How much do you charge per month for your services?

Ravi: 00:56:06 Oh, real? Yeah. 2,500 bucks a month.

Josh: 00:56:09 Recurring money back guarantee. Oh, the type of people that we were working with were like, you’ve already got to have a, uh, you know, business and offer. Everything’s gotta be set up and it’s $25,000 and you’re paying for expertise. Right? So very, very different. But like, there’s a lot of negative about agencies or people like they don’t know. They’re like, man, what do I do? Like I don’t know where to start. I don’t know this. I don’t know if I want an agency. Everybody’s dogging on it. What would you say? And, and it does this, this question is not necessarily agency related, right? Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. But like what would you say is the most common myth for those people that are truly just getting started? Right? Like they’re hanging out on Facebook. They follow Russell, they follow Ravi, they follow Josh. You know what I mean? Like they see it and they’re like, they’re working their nine to five or maybe they have like a little side hustle, but like they just haven’t made it yet. Right. They haven’t made any money. They’ve never made five or 10,000 a month. What is the biggest misconception and the biggest holdup for people and how do they solve it?

Ravi: 00:57:06 That’s an awesome question, man. That’s why you have a good podcast. That’s a great, great question. Um, so also this, like for me, when I started, everyone has shiny object syndrome and it’s super easy. Every including me,

Josh: 00:57:20 every single human that has started a business at one point or another had shiny objects.

Ravi: 00:57:26 Yeah. And I have it too. I battle against it every single day. Like I get targeted by the same ads. You guys do like dress me, you know what I mean? So like I get targeted by it as well. Um, the biggest thing for me, like if you’re just starting out and you’re trying to think and you see all these people making money, like number one, I was at the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey. I was doing eCommerce and I was doing agency work and I was splitting my time up between the, both of them.

Ravi: 00:57:48 And because I was, there’s an old Chinese proverb, he who chases two rabbits catches none. That’s literally what I was doing. Like I was failing in the eCommerce and I was filling in the agency. The worst part of it all, the eCommerce was my own capital, which I was like on a credit card. Like, Oh, it’ll hit eventually. It’ll eventually, it’ll, it never did. And so for me it was a no brainer. When I was starting out I was like, okay, use my own capital for the eCommerce side and lose money and maybe make some money or put sweat equity into the agency side and use other people’s money to run ads for them. And get them business. And so I still remember to this day I was at Starbucks, which I used to work out at and my hometown of Destin, Florida. And I was like, that’s it.

Ravi: 00:58:26 No more that e-commerce stuff, cancel, turn all that stuff off and just do service based businesses because services, business businesses, you just had to put a lot of work into it. But if you put a lot of work into it, if you don’t have money, I guarantee you of time, right? If you have time or if you have money, you probably don’t have a lot of time. But if you, if you don’t have money, you probably a lot of time. And for me, that’s what I had. And so I was like, alright, we’re going to do this service based business. So the first thing you guys need to know, just choose one thing and go down that path. I would recommend service-based just because it’s very, very affordable to get started. Less than a thousand dollars. You can get started and it just requires a lot of time. And the second thing is, uh, you know, so we’re talking about how I went from, you know, whatever, $2,000 a month to 280 $90,000 a month last month in my company.

Ravi: 00:59:08 Like you know, a lot of people think like, and that’s obviously an anomaly and a lot of people like C are the $10,000 in three days and I signed $100,000 in the first month or whatever it is. There’s a really great book called the slight edge by Jeff Olson. His mentee was actually the gentleman who wrote the compound effects, but it said something to the same concept behind it. And it’s something that I always, we’d give it to our clients in our program as a gift when they join a, because even though like we have people in our program that are making like, like I said, you went to 50 to a hundred in about 30 days. Your, the guy made a 18 and four days. But it’s like that’s anomalies. Those aren’t, those aren’t how it usually is it reality,

Josh: 00:59:47 Robbie urine anomaly, but continue.

Ravi: 00:59:49 in reality. You know, my ex girlfriend told me that, but in reality, uh, it’s actually like the slight edge, small daily disciplines every single day compounded over time. It gets that results in that discipline. So it was like me doing that eight hours and outreach every single day for 12 months, and then I delegated that to somebody else because I still wanted it to be done. And so we’ve been doing, I mean, you, most of my, let’s just say conservatively 3000 a day for 365 days. What’s that like 900,000, uh, messages and out of the past?

Josh: 01:00:19 It’s more than that. Yeah.

Ravi: 01:00:20 Over the past year that has gone out. And so like a lot of the biggest misconception I think people see is like, you can make money really quickly and it’s going to be super easy. Uh, and a lot of people talk about that as well, but in reality it’s like, like you, we just did the same stuff every single day. The same boring stuff. It’s like investing the same boring stuff every single day for 365 days. And I kept my head down and it wasn’t until I went to this event, I spoke at jr and Joel’s event last month. Then I actually started looking at like my monthly statement of how much money I was making across all businesses because I was just so focused on growth. And it wasn’t until now people will ask me like, you know, I, no one asked me before how much money you were making a month. Like no one gave a shit before. But now people are asking me at an hour. I’m like starting to look at it. But I just kept my head down and I followed that small daily discipline every single day. And the misconception is that like, Oh, it’ll just happen overnight or it’ll happen in three days. It’ll happen 60 days, it’ll happen in 90 days.

Ravi: 01:01:11 It’ll happen 120 days. And their admits jumping, they’re jumping between companies. I mean, uh, between offers, services, e-commerce, whatever it is, and they’re jumping between niches like, Oh, Ravi, I sent out 500 messages and I didn’t get any responses from real estate. So now I’m doing dentists and it’s like, dude, I didn’t have a client in the first six months so that when I was doing Joel’s event last year or Jr’s, and excuse me, I had one client in six months. Like I have me doing continuous outreach every single day. And so like people just want it so quickly.

Josh: 01:01:43 I just wanna pause you right there. That’s the backstory that remember when I told you there had to be something leading up to it. That’s it guys. Six months of testing and learning and that’s how he got there. That fast continued.

Ravi: 01:01:54 and the crazy thing was it was my cousin store and it was eCommerce and I was running it as an agency and I crashed and burned it. I did. So I, I had dinner with him in New York a few weeks ago when I was like, dude, you are the reason why I kept on like you’re the reason why I’m at where I am because if you didn’t give me that chance for six months and pay my bills, I would be, I would have quit a long time ago. And so like it was like, Oh you went to jars and then in the next month you did $18,000 but in reality it was six months before that of

Ravi: 01:02:20 working like 16 hour days in a Starbucks in Destin, Florida. That compounded that one up. And then I just had one right idea at the event and then it kind of took off from there. Like a lot of people are just, they want that overnight stuff and that’s cool. I get it. That’s what we market it as. Well. Like I had told you like we market and we have clients making $50,000 in 30 60 days. Cause that’s what sells. Like that’s what sells. That’s what Russell Brunson does it. Tony Robbins does it. Greg Cardon does it. Gary V does it, I do it. You do it. Everyone does.

Josh: 01:02:50 And you have to realize that like it does sell and you’re not lying, right? Because it is absolutely honest. You absolutely can do that. But you have to remember guys like when you’re getting started, like it might not be that way for you. Why? Because that is someone that is good at what they’re doing and understands that. I actually just recently talked to Dave Woodward about this idea of Woodward on the podcast, you know, who is the CFO or the the CRO to revenue officer of click funnels and a great guy and I asked him about this. I was like, Hey listen, like does it ever bother you? Or like do you have any dilemmas about running some of the ads that you’re running? Because like literally there are ads out there that it’s like, Hey, click on those. Essentially it’s like made money online and as simple as one, two, three, right? It’s literally, the lingo is, it’s as easy as one, two, three that is the on the ad. And I was like, do you ever probably that? And he goes, and he actually sent me a DM afterwards and he was like, Hey, I thought of a great analogy about this that I wanted to share in there that I wish I would have.

Josh: 01:03:48 I didn’t. He’s like, let me ask you something. When you first started riding a bike, did you know how to ride a bike? And he’s like, of course not. He’s like over and over and over again. Like he would’ve fallen. He messed up and all that. But now that you ride a bike, it’s as easy as one, two, three, right? So he’s like, yeah, it is as easy as one, two, three. You can get results in 30 days. That is possible for you after you go through the initial trial period of learning how to set up one, two, three, and then once you get it, he’s like, Josh will build a funnel. And I remember that, I can’t remember, it was Steve who said this, or somebody that clicked on is whatever their, um, [inaudible] secrets. Then it broke 1 million bucks in like 24 hours right there. Their product right after they launched it. And it’s like two comma club and print money, right? It’s as easy as one, two, three after seven years, 10 years of figuring out that system in that process to, to go through and do.

Ravi: 01:04:44 And even on top of that, like we have people join the program who like, you know, they like said they joined the program because we have people like, like, uh, we had Raj who was in our program, he did like $2,000 a month for a year without any progress. And then within 14 days he had his first 10 K month. And so he’s actually one of our coaches right now in the program. He does onboarding calls for people and like a lot of people joined and they see him and like then it’s like 45 days later they’ll finally signed their first client or something like that. And a lot of times I go, you know, and this is so true. It’s like, you know, I joined program because I saw your success, how quick it was. Um, and that’s why I joined the program. And because I joined the program, now we’re scaling our company 45 days later.

Ravi: 01:05:26 Um, but he’s like, if I didn’t see your success at the happen that quickly, I probably wouldn’t have joined the program and I probably would have never made the money ever or ever learned how to grow your company. So in addition to, it’s like click funnels, we use click funnels. I love click funnels. Like I know you do too. And like all programs, I love selling a program as well. But if I was like, Hey, like join our program, there’s a VSL, it’s like join our program. You’re going to literally sit inside your room and you’re working 18 hours a day and you’re going to get people telling you to fuck off and you’re to want to cry and you’re going to eat ice cream. So now you’re probably gained 30 to 50 pounds, but a year from now you’ll be making a lot of money.

Ravi: 01:05:59 Uh, what’s your credit card number? People are going to be like, no fuck off. Right? So you always have to like show them it is relatively easy so that they buy, they buy into it and they start applying it literally from day one as a gift to our clients. When they join, we send them a book that’s all about like the longterm game doing daily disciplines over time. Because I just want people to, I want to brainwash people. They have to realize like if you get a result right away, fantastic. Like if you guys are doing it and you started, you’re getting money tomorrow, that’s awesome and you’re incredible. But in reality that’s not probably not gonna happen. And the thing about business is that I love capitalist economy cause that was a great way of putting out to people that aren’t serious and are committed and the people that really, really are.

Ravi: 01:06:41 And so for me it’s like, you know, I could have stopped those first six months. I still remember like a lot of the guys, I still, it’s so funny on Facebook messenger, people will send me messages on Facebook messenger asking me advice and I’ll click on it and above it was like me a year ago asking them advice and then not responding to anything. Right. And then they’re like asking to join my program now and so it’s just like I could’ve quit and been one of them, hundreds of thousands of other people that are doing that. But we just talked through it and I really had nowhere else to go. I already told, I already joined a law school. I was already in credit card debt. I was living on my brother’s couch. I’d already removed myself for a full year from all things social because I was going to Timo and radiation with my dad every single day.

Ravi: 01:07:20 And so I was like, well no one even knows I exist anymore, so I might as well just try to do this for year. I have nothing. I didn’t have to worry about like stop showing up to bars. I don’t have to worry about my why. My friends thought it was just like, Oh, I know. I’m not sure. I was just like, Oh, now I’m an entrepreneur.

Josh: 01:07:35 Do you have any hobbies?

Ravi: 01:07:36 Uh, lifting. I love lifting weights a lot. Uh, I’m learning how to surf right now. Thanks to mom.

Josh: 01:07:42 freaking so jealous.

Ravi: 01:07:45 Yeah.

Josh: 01:07:46 Um, wait, wait, wait. Why are you scared about that? A San Andreas line and earthquake hitting it.

Ravi: 01:07:52 You know, I lived in Florida for hurricane, so it’s like, you know, I guess a hurricane you can see coming and an earthquake.

Josh: 01:07:58 Yeah bro. An earthquake, bro. That San Andres, like, here’s the thing, I think a lot of it is exaggerated for the media and like the movie made it all worse or whatever. But like, I don’t know, man. I looked into it cause I thought about moving to California and I’m like, do I think it’s gonna happen? Probably not. But man, if it does, you will. Guys are rude.

Ravi: 01:08:17 I’ll even say something that’s gonna blow your followers away. It might even surprise you. Probably not surprise you because you don’t have a lot of the same mindset, but like I, how do I phrase this? I love my life and who I am so much right now. Like I’m so in love with myself. It’s absolutely incredible. I’m so proud of myself. Like I really, really am and I have achieved a lot and like I live every single day like so the absolute fullest so that like look, if I was in a car accident tomorrow, if the earthquake went down, like I tell my family like it’s okay.

Ravi: 01:08:48 Like I’m like I left done. I’ve been to 63 cities in the past 18 months all around the world while I was making money. Most people don’t go to six cities in their whole lifetime and I’ve gone all across the world and I, it wasn’t one year. So like obviously I planned for the long term and I want to be around for a very long time, but it’s like bother, I don’t spend time worrying about, yeah, you could not live in San Andres, but on your flights to fucking grease a burger, find the engine. And you guys could go down, you know what I mean? And like obviously I don’t wish that happened but it’s like for me, I don’t even think so much about that at all. For me it’s like every single day I’m just like, look, I’m so grateful to even be alive. I have running water, I have electricity.

Ravi: 01:09:27 Like I have everything that I need right now. I write my gratitude journal down. So it’s like, yeah, could I be putting myself in more danger by coming to like San Diego and living? Sure. But like what if that’d be a cool way to go out. You know what I mean? [inaudible] for sure. For sure. Who you got living in that house with you though? Don’t you guys have like a fricking ginormous mansion or something that, so it’s a 5,500 square foot house. It’s on the water and in San Diego we have Justin Saunders who does the agency work.

Ravi: 01:09:54 That’s how I was like, yeah, set out to Justin. That’s how I was really like fascinated by you cause Justin was like telling me how cool you were and how much you helped him. Um, and then Jeff seconds or who? Both of those guys I met at that event that I met you at and we like started traveling together just seconds or a who I’m really close with as well right now. And then that was the three of us for awhile. And then Jeff and myself both got full time creative directors who like literally were messaging us like we want to work with you, we’re going to film you, whatever. Like our T rocks essentially. We pretty much were like, yeah sure. So they moved out here and then they just moved into our place. And so like now there’s five bedrooms there is. So we have five people there total right now.

Josh: 01:10:31 Whoever’s my invite.

Ravi: 01:10:33 I know, right? Here’s all you’re going around the world, man. [inaudible] you just, you just found that out. We got a lot of people ask them to come in here and obviously I would have loved to have you in there. But also again, it went back to the whole elimination thing and like, you know, all the people that are messaging me were like not people that I would like see on the growth process with like Gemini, a million a month, two in the next six months. Like so. I dunno, it was, I would, I would’ve said no, by the way. I know you were. Now you’re gonna say no cause I didn’t invite you, you know. No, no, I actually knew this was in the works. Plus I have a girlfriend out here, so you know, that’s your thing. And like, and that’s the, we’re in a crazy in our lives

Ravi: 01:11:14 right now. Like I was talking to Joel about having a full time videographer and he’s like, dude, I have a wife. Like I can’t just have a videographer living in our house. You know what I mean? Right now. Like, and so like, that’s why it’s so crazy that I, I’m able to do what I want to do right now because I just don’t have, like, I don’t have a girlfriend, I don’t have a wife. You know, I have a lot of.

Josh: 01:11:30 girlfriend changed my life. Dude. Holy cow. Like just, just getting in a relationship how much that will, and by the way, 100% worth the trade off.

Ravi: 01:11:40 Sure. I’m far right. And, uh, you know, listen to this, so we gotta make sure we’ve actually,

Josh: 01:11:45 she, she, she probably won’t listen, but what I’m saying is, is that like the trade, like the trade off is absolutely worth it, but it does absolutely change things. Right. And I can’t imagine, you know, like having a wife, like, you know, like with Joel saying that, so like, I do think that a lot of people do waste their time when they’re young and they don’t realize that, that the opportunities that they have are not gonna, which is, by the way, one of the huge reasons that I’m, we’re going around in the world right now. Thankfully, my girlfriend is a huge travel junkie. She used to live in the Caribbean. She, when Irma came through, dude, she was in the middle of Irma. As addition, she had to, they were in a closet strapping themselves to pillars as they watched the hurricane take off their roof, all their belongings, like literally flew out in front of it, helicoptered out by coast card, like the whole nine yards. Dude. And then what does she do? She like, has that happen goes, Oh, I’ve got a little bit of savings left in the bank. I’m going to go backpack Europe. So instead of coming back home, she goes and backpacks Europe. So thankfully like we’re going on this trip, we’ve got six cameras coming with us. We’ve got a drone, GoPros, we’ve got this sweet little gimbal. I just got for, you know, like, so we’re going to film everything.

Josh: 01:12:57 We got the editor with it all. But like, I don’t think people realize like I think one of the things that you and I both get is that life is short. It’s long but there’s so many seasons of life and the seasons that you go through are very, very short. And so like you’re 20 you know 20 to 25 is one season, right? Or 22 to 25.61 season and then like 27 to like 30 31 I feel like as a season, you know. And then at that point like you really do have to think about kids and and you know a spouse and like longterm because like. do you want kids someday

Ravi: 01:13:24 the person I do want kids. Yeah but I don’t want to worry about like yeah I do. And you what you just said a second ago, I want to talk about that for one second. You had said like life is short and then like she just jumped over there and you guys were just like, Hey, let’s go on this field trip, whatever it is. Like I hadn’t wanted to travel for so long in my life and I came up with a hundred reasons why, a million reasons why I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t my time. And then eventually it was like, well I got gotta rent, you know, I want you to be in Columbia. And I was living there and I was paying rent every single month at my home back in Florida and I couldn’t do like an Airbnb thing cause the landlord and I, I kept going with the reasons why. And so when I tell people, they’re like, Oh well I got to wait until my lease is up. And I got it. And then I realized, and this goes bit business and goes to everything. Like there is never going to be the time that the whole, all the stars align and everything is perfect. And it’s like,

Ravi: 01:14:12 great, now I can go to, you know, Europe or now I can go to South America. I really, my trip to South America, I went up to Nashville to see my sister for my birthday cause I was like, I’m asking her to another birthday in the same hometown, I’m gonna go crazy. And then the day before my birthday I got, you know what Scott’s cheap flights are? Have you heard that Scott? She flights, it’s like an email service where they like scan Google flights, they find mistakes and fights and usually a median trip, a flight. I take it there is like a $650 a ticket. Uh, and I got an email the day before my birthday that said that, uh, that day it was okay, well it’s two days on my birthday. That’s instead of the day before my birthday, there was a flight to [inaudible] and Columbia from Nashville, Tennessee for $180.

Ravi: 01:14:53 Uh, and I was just like, you know what? Like, and I had no item packed for it, like everybody in Columbia. I, and I was like, and I was thinking about maybe Barcelona and I just, I saw it as a sign. I packed myself up on a one way ticket and I wanted to many in Columbia, I landed at one 30, uh, and they lost my luggage, like they’ve lost luggage. So, uh, and I speak Spanish luckily, but, uh, taxi was an hour and a half late. I didn’t have a roaming on my phone. It was a nightmare. The first three days I had the same clothes on, uh, that I had in the beginning and I was working so I couldn’t go buy new clothes. So the first few days I was like, this was the worst decision I’ve ever made. Yeah, this is awful. But ended up being my absolute favorite city in the whole world.

Ravi: 01:15:35 I convinced Joel to come down there. I, Brett Watts came down there and saw me. Jeff came down there and saw me like it was ended up being is one of the best times in my whole life. And I almost didn’t do it because I was always waiting for the right time. And so like now whenever we hear a good idea or whenever we’re on a whim or you’re just saying like, Oh, let’s go travel the world. She’s like, yeah, like let’s just do it. All right, where’s this going to happen? Write down the worst thing that’s going to happen is not going to be that bad.

Josh: 01:15:58 Right, exactly. I have essentially two rules, four doing like crazy life decisions like that. I think everybody should write. Like when I moved to Omaha, I literally opened up a map [inaudible] like covering my eyes, spun around in a circle and put my finger in the middle of the bed. And that’s how I ended up in Omaha. Right? So like that’s why I’m here. But like I, there’s like there’s two decisions. Number one, if you’re doing a crazy life decision, don’t go into debt over it, right? The only exception that would be like, you know, business debt investment like, okay, but like number one, do not go into personal debt over it. And number two, make sure that you will not default on responsibilities that you absolutely cannot like, that you actually need to fulfill on and that you can’t elsewhere, AKA like you have two kids and a wife and you want to go travel the world and you’re going to leave them. But being like, you know what I mean? Like don’t do irreversible damage to responsibilities that you can’t do and don’t go into personal debt outside of those two things. There’s absolutely no reason. I do not think that you can’t go and do something crazy because you can be down to your last penny. You can, you know, couch surf around, you’ve got Airbnb now you’ve got all these issues, $6 a day to live over in Bali. You know what I mean? Like it’s stupid, stupid, cheap.

Josh: 01:17:08 And so my advice and I have one piece of advice for those people that don’t think that they can do it are like, well Josh, my situation is different from yours or anybody else. And that is learn a skillset that will [inaudible] allow you to provide value to someone. For me, I preach and beg people to learn sales because if you know how to sell, you’ll be set for your entire, the entirety of your life. When you just learn any skillset, any skillset that you can charge money for you, we’ll figure the rest out later. Like opportunities will present themselves, but just get good at one thing. Even if you’re going to be doing that while you’re on that trip while you’re doing it, like commit to learning one thing well so that when that time does come when you get back, cause my parents big thing was well you can’t spend money on travel because you should be saving that money for a house or you should be saving that money for like for whatever. And I’m like Oh yeah that makes sense. But then I got out here and I’m like I could just go make that money elsewhere. Like who cares? Right. But a lot of people are like well no I can’t. And I’m like, yes you can if you have a skill set that people value. And so that’s like my two rules. No personal debt, no banning responsibilities. And my advice is learn a skillset and you’ll be set for life.

Ravi: 01:18:14 Yeah. And the, and the, the second one you said there people are already like, Oh I don’t know cause everyone thinks really used situation’s unique, right? Like everyone thinks it is different. I literally have an FAQ for my program where it goes like football, rugby. My situation is unique and underneath that I says, no, no, it’s not like it’s really not unique. Everyone falls into the same category. Sorry to tell you that, but whatever you’re telling you is that that responsibility and I know people that travel the world with their kids. I met plenty of people when I was in Spain that were like Lily homeschool, their kids on their right. Is that like don’t let your brain and rationality and evolution. I convinced you that the responsibility, like you know your, your, your coworkers wedding or you know, your monthly rent or whatever it is be the reason why you don’t go, which I talk about is like serious, serious, serious.

Ravi: 01:19:01 I’ll exactly, but I like this rules. Those are, and that’s a, I had a good friend. She traveled the world. She came back home and then she’s like, I want to go again. I don’t have any money. I depleted all my savings. And she came back home and she worked as a waitress. Very, very smart girl. And I have nothing against working with the waitress. Like I worked in the restaurant niche my whole life. The restaurant look like you had to realize the issue that what most people do is I like save up all their money, I like working at a job and then they go travel the world and they drink and they party and they do whatever the hell they want to do. And they come back and like they think that they’re picking up right where they left off. But PSU last three, four, five, six months, let alone the brain cells you lost in a visa.

Ravi: 01:19:39 But yeah, you lost all that time. You lost all that time and you didn’t learn a skill set during that. And so I told her and actually she got in my program and I was like, you need to learn something even before she’s going to Bali. She’s there right now cause she’s listened to this shout out to you. I’m not gonna say your name cause you upset, but she learned a skillset, uh, before she left, which was Facebook ads ironically. And now she has her first client and now she’s making money over while she’s in Bali and she’s studying and learning while she’s involved. So when she goes back to the United States, she’s gonna actually have something that she sell to the marketplace or she can go continue to travel. But what I hate to see is most people like just save up all their money and then they just like, they click the reset button by pretty much traveling for a while and then they’re back.

Ravi: 01:20:17 And so you lost time, which you can never get back time back and then you lost all your money so you’ve nothing to invest capital in. And so it’s like if you want to travel or if you’re going to take big trips or vacations or whatever it is. Like I always like promote what Josh is saying right here. Like learn something that you can either make money passively or make money while you’re traveling. Because like I w I could not imagine. I could not imagine it like traveling and then coming back and then like having to go back to working in a restaurant. My shitty nine to five job. Like when you travel, your whole world is overtop. I’m in, you’re like coming back to like, you know, scraping gum off the bathroom floors, right? So you just need to learn a skill set that’s valuable to the marketplace and there’s a million different things out there.

Ravi: 01:21:01 We live in a video, we live in the most opportunistic time ever history. Like I have 16 year olds that I know that are doing more money than I am on a monthly basis right now. Like it’s as you’re not going to high school, they’re not going to college like unbelievable. And yet people are still like doing this whole like ass backwards stone age thing where it’s just like, Oh, why can’t make money while I’m traveling? It’s like if you’re in Bali and you’re making even like $3,000 a month, like you’re like you’re living like a King. Yeah. You’re like in New York, Megan, $600,000 a month. You know what I mean? Like, so just try to make, well you don’t have to be a millionaire doing it, but enough money to at least not be going backwards because it goes back to the slight edge. Like, I would hate to just go backwards. My number one goal every single day. I just don’t wanna go backwards. Like just go forwards, like, you know what I mean? And I think it’s kind of binary in that essence or either on the slide edge up or the sliders.

Josh: 01:21:52 Yeah, there is no standing still.

Ravi: 01:21:53 Yeah, there’s no standing still. So guess what.

Josh: 01:21:56 you’re going back was EEO. Yeah. Yeah, 100%. All right. Ravi, I have officially taken $3,000 of your time, I found out. Yeah.

Ravi: 01:22:05 Oh yeah, yeah,

Josh: 01:22:08 yeah, yeah. You can send that to you. Ravi. Add to Robbie Abu Allen. Actually Mary Jo, was that her name? What was your sister’s name?

Ravi: 01:22:17 Mary Jane.

Josh: 01:22:18 Maybe Jane, you can send the invoice to her, I’m sure. Mellow Jane [inaudible] she’s going to be so excited.

Josh: 01:22:23 Mel. Mel Jane Maljin. Yeah, thank you. Take care of that invoice. Alright. Um, I want to move to rapid fire questions. We’ve got some rapid fire question at the end and then at the very end we end, uh, the podcast interviews with the same question for everyone that we interview. So first rapid fire question for you. Yeah. Beef with anybody.

Ravi: 01:22:42 Uh, I did. I did. Uh, yeah, I did.

Josh: 01:22:45 Did you take care of that beef or you still got beef?

Ravi: 01:22:48 Uh, well there’s one with the fishes now. Um, no, I, I took care of it. I burned a lot of bridges. Uh, when I, when I made a lot of the moves I, and in order to go from where I was to where I am today, I had to burn a lot of bridges in order to do that with people that was very close with in the past. Um, because I realized quickly they’re holding me back.

Ravi: 01:23:06 Um, and maybe they didn’t even realize it, but I’ve come to peace in terms with it, so.

Josh: 01:23:10 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. So you’ve got, you don’t have any beef with any, like big [inaudible] they have beef with me. I have. I told you I am the happiest person I have is I’ve ever been in my whole life. Right. And I, that’s awesome, man. Congratulations. All right, so no beef with anybody. Uh, favorite sports car?

Ravi: 01:23:29 Uh, I don’t like, just like football. I don’t really get into cars too much. Uh, one. OK. OK. let, let me rephrase the question.

Josh: 01:23:35 What do you spend your money on? That is a physical thing.

Ravi: 01:23:42 [inaudible] I really spent it more on like travel, but if I had to spend it on, right.

Josh: 01:23:45 I know, but like physical things,

Ravi: 01:23:48 eating out, eating out with good company. You’re shaking your head.

Josh: 01:23:51 Are you, are you going to drop? I’m looking for something that you’re going to drop a quarter million bucks on, bro. Like we’re talking like big time. Dream house. Dream car.

Ravi: 01:24:00 Oh, real estate investments. Property. Our unit with.

Josh: 01:24:03 a splurge toy. Somebody who’s not in bed is not going to make you money. All right? Like suck something that is stupid. What is that thing you’re going to drop a quarter million bucks on or more?

Ravi: 01:24:16 , I would say as stupid thing, I’m going to buy that. I’m going to drop a quarter million dollars more on this boat. A car. I’ll watch a house. Uh, yeah, it’s going to be a down payment for a multifamily unit property that’s cash flowing me.

Josh: 01:24:32 I hate you so much right now. Yes, Ravi. I know you’re only buy things that make you money.

Ravi: 01:24:38 Okay. All right. All right. I’ll say I want to have, uh, a rolls Royce. I’d love to have a driver and a rolls Royce being chauffeured around everywhere I go around town. That’s so you’re,

Josh: 01:24:47 so you’re like grant Cardone. He only buys cash producing assets and he has a rolls rice. All right. I’m just going to cash using assets to buy the stupid shit. Buy the stupid stuff. I watched that video he just did recently where he got out of the, uh, the Mercedes G wagon, G wagon. He was talking. All the rappers dog is just all the rappers. He’s like, y’all are dumb. You’re spending money on this. And he goes, and I have these things. And I’m like, Oh my God, here he goes.

Josh: 01:25:11 But I buy it with smart money. Right? Like I bet it’s true though. Buy stupid stuff. I buy smarter stuff. All right. I feel that bucket list item that you have not done yet in your life that you want to do.

Ravi: 01:25:23 Oh, top two. Number one is Bali. I still have never been to Bali for being an online entrepreneur. I know I’m about to beat you. I know you really are. Well, it’s like fucking like 18 hours. I don’t know. The time difference is crazy, bro. You should call him, but we are going to be there over Christmas. You’re going to be there Christmas time, dude. Okay. Week and a half. I think we’re going to spend there. I’m planning. I heard that there are $6 full body full body massages without in a happy ending. So that’s that. We’re good. All right. Wow. $6 full body.

Ravi: 01:25:51 What does $7 get me?

Josh: 01:25:54 All I know is that I’m about to get a massage every day and so we’re going to be awesome cause I love massage. Oh yeah.

Ravi: 01:26:00 So number one for me is going to be parabolic and number two would probably be a as a yacht sailboat, essentially a sailboat around the world.

Josh: 01:26:09 I want to do that. Ooh, that would be super, super cool. Yeah. Yeah. My bucket list item that I’ve always wanted to do that we’re going to check off on this a list is we’re going to go skydiving in Dubai.

Ravi: 01:26:18 Oh wow. Yeah. Number two is, was to get me on the thing differently. Podcasts.

Josh: 01:26:22 Right. Oh right. Well that wasn’t a bucket list for me. Maybe that been on my bucket list for you. Put that at number three. Okay. Um, if you ever had the opportunity to go to space, would you good.

Ravi: 01:26:35 aware.

Josh: 01:26:35 space?

Ravi: 01:26:36 Uh, yeah, 100%. Oh God. Fuck yeah.

Josh: 01:26:40 Just making sure.

Ravi: 01:26:41 Joe wasn’t afraid of dying.

Josh: 01:26:42 I’m just making sure bro.

Ravi: 01:26:44 Some people have you had people say no?

Josh: 01:26:46 Um, I just started asking that question recently. Um, so we haven’t had anybody say no yet, but I’ve asked the question before him. Someone I’ve had many people tell me no, I never want to leave the yard

Ravi: 01:26:55 twist in that too. Like would you be willing to go to space if you could never come back to earth?

Josh: 01:27:00 Ooh. All right, hold on. New question. Hey Robbie, would you go to space if you never could come back to earth? And if so, at what age would be the cutoff?

Ravi: 01:27:12 It’s a good question. That’s a good question. Um, I would probably say I’m going to do the flip side. I’m going to say yes, but it would be after I was 60 years old.

Josh: 01:27:22 Hmm. So I would say yes, but I would have to be after my last child was married. Wow. Very nice. Yeah. Cause I’d want to be there for that, right. Or, or, or we’d have to bring the marriage to space and then we can [inaudible] them back. But I’ll be up on Mars hanging with Elon Musk and the aliens up there. Yeah. All right. Speaking of that, I have one question for you and then we’ll go to the final question. Actually, two more one. Speaking of aliens, do you believe aliens are real?

Ravi: 01:27:50 Uh, I don’t think so. I don’t know if I do. I think I believe that there’s the universal power, right? It’s like believing in God. Like I don’t really know if I even believe really in God. Like I believe in karma. I believe in frequency. I believe in like power in the universe and like do I believe in alien? So I don’t think so. I don’t think that I do.

Josh: 01:28:11 Yeah. That you do. All right. Fair enough. All right, second last question. [inaudible] you as hell right now. You want to get on here? No, no. I mean like, here’s the thing I do like do just like an Alex at all. Uh, I have, I have all right. I love psychedelics. Yeah. Um, in moderation, in moderation, in, you know, context, you know, be safe about it. You know, kids don’t do drugs. Um, I think that there’s more out there than we realize. I don’t, I don’t think that it’s that there are aliens, like the typical aliens that we think of when there’s aliens, but I’m also [inaudible] I don’t know. But I’m also a believer that there’s probably life in other dimensions maybe. Right. So like different realities, but maybe not in this one. I don’t know. I think there’s probably other stuff out there that we don’t know.

Ravi: 01:29:03 I agree. And I’ll say that like, I think that we’re so little tiny like that. We have no idea of it all. I knew. The funniest thing is Josh, if anybody goes, follows me on Instagram, shameless plug at rugby ball. And my first class you’ll see on my story, I literally put on, I literally said I was going to be on Josh’s podcast day. I’m sorry that I was, um, and that I knew that by the end of it I would be questioning everything that I knew was true before. And so now you’re telling me that there’s different dimensions with different realities now.

Josh: 01:29:31 Oh, bro. Well, I mean there’s definitely multiple dimensions. Yeah. I mean, but, but yeah, I dunno dude. I [inaudible] I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff. Um, and, and, and that’s what psychedelics is. I’ll do you to open your mind. And I definitely believe that, uh, we’re living in a matrix for sure. Like not, not a matrix of like of like someone controlling us. I believe in God. Like I’m 100% believer in an absolute God of the universe and in people call it universe, source, whatever you wanna call it. I believe that there is an intelligent creator, uh, up there and that if you want to call it a matrix, but I’m just talking about like the world in general is we’re all kind of dumb. Like 90% of people are clueless anyway. A much lighter hearted question. A favorite airline have.

Ravi: 01:30:14 Yeah. Delta. Yeah. My dad told me a while I’m from Atlanta originally. Yeah. So my dad told me a while ago you said there’s two things you need to make sure you have in your life. A good accountant. Like you need to have this your whole life. One good accountant and one good airline so you can build up your points. So I’m very, I’ll pay more money to fly in Delta a than I will. Anything else?

Josh: 01:30:35 Yeah, no, 100%. If Delta does it, unless it’s like six times the price, you know, like if it’s just like a hundred bucks more. Um, yeah.

Ravi: 01:30:42 Other, other, they just don’t compare. I will say this though, the young lady I went to Barcelona with, she flew me there first class. She’s American airlines, so she’s probably been pretty pissed off. And she took you there?

Josh: 01:30:55 I, I’ve also heard, I’ve never flown them, but I’m expecting to one, I do inevitably fly them to be blown away by Emirates. Oh,

Ravi: 01:31:03 that’s, I don’t know, that’s a whole different like class talking about domestically for, for Emirates. My dad’s from India, born and raised like Emirates is like, you know, in the U S how do I, I want, okay. I want to say what I’m really thinking, but it’s like the U S like anybody can do anything with air. Let me just put it this way. Emirates is like the old worlds essentially flights where they can do like, it’s premium service. They only have freemium people working there. Like there’s not all these laws and regulations that say that like everybody has to, I don’t know, I don’t want to get in trouble with your listeners, but.

Josh: 01:31:38 yeah, dude, bro, you can say anything on here.

Ravi: 01:31:42 So essentially the Emirates is like the crime of the prime. And my dad was just telling me like, it’s just, yeah, it’s, it’s the way to go.

Josh: 01:31:50 Politics over there. Dude it is. They do because everything is like, there’s crazy, I mean crazy, uh, gaps of, of the elite and the rich and there’s way bad inequality. But when it comes to premium service, it’s nothing like anything.

Ravi: 01:32:05 Well, it’s like I don’t want some flights in the U S and there’s like this 80 year old woman like yelling at me and like, she’s not hearing what I’m saying and like, she can’t like do anything and it’s like, you should and shouldn’t be working here on this flight right now. You know what I mean? Like I know that he gets 80 year old woman, but like at the moment it’s, it’s like you’re young. You’re, it’s just

Josh: 01:32:23 right. Yeah. Young. Probably good looking, very smart, intelligent, everything, right. Yeah. There’s a lot of things over there, so. All right, one last question for you. Fast forward at the end of your life, you’re on your death bed and all your money’s gone, all your stuff is all gone. Like anything that you’ve done like is all gone. However, every single person that you have, uh, affected or touched either indirectly or directly, you get to leave them with one final word of advice or wisdom. What does that message?

Ravi: 01:32:57 Uh, it would be two things. It would be number one, don’t take it so seriously. Right? So I did that. When I say that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s because like, look, I have about 150 fires when I opened up my email every single day. Like it’s not that, uh, I have like an easygoing life and everyone’s just throwing money at me and people are showering me with champagne. I have a lot of problems personally, like I got a lot of issues going on. Um, and so I’ll just leave it at one thing. I’ll just say like, don’t take it so seriously. Life is, it’s a cheesy saying, but it’s like 2% how, what happens to you and 98% like how you react to it. And so like anytime I hear my family talking to me, either upset or my friends saw him either upset or even I’m upset, I have to do an inner dialogue and I’m just like, you’re like, I am choosing to let this affect me right now.

Ravi: 01:33:44 I am choosing to be upset because of this. I am choosing to be in this negative state of mode. And as soon as I just acknowledge it, all of a sudden it just seems to disappear and dissolve away. So like the one thing I would say, I don’t care if it’s money, fame, if I lost everything, if everyone was near me, I would say it. It’s just like the same thing I tell a lot of people looking at my program. It’s like, uh, it’s all, it’s a journey. And like the people that enjoy the journey are the people that live longer, live, happier, make more money. The people that think that they have to sacrifice everything in their life and grind and get upset at all the small little things and then worry every single day they’re going to die because they haven’t lived any of their life at all. Those are the people that do die prematurely. They die upset, they have like well coronary diseases from stress, et cetera, et cetera. So I would take high school seriously.

Josh: 01:34:28 I love it. All right man. Uh, that was the final question, but I actually just thought of one more here. Uh, as you were saying that, that I do want to ask you, which by the way, I think that is great advice. Um, on this podcast right now we have our number one most downloaded episode, which is Brad Gibb by far is the money episode. It doesn’t really count. I mean it does. Absolutely. But I promoted it super hard and it was during our hunt, it was episode number 100, so he is so far above everybody else. I don’t know if anybody will catch him, but, uh, the number one episode outside of that, which the number two episode

Josh: 01:34:58 is Joel, Joel Kaplan, and he, he’s pretty set on holding that spot. So my question is, you’re going to promote this super hard and try to knock him out of that spot.

Ravi: 01:35:08 I guarantee of Joel’s, listen to this right now. He said to me the other day, it’s a compliment when the student has the teacher. And so once again, I’m calling for he Joe, I’m a, I’m going to run $1,000 a day on an ad that is just promoting this freaking podcast right now. No, I go, happily, I will happily promote this. Look, I’ve done a lot of podcasts. I’ve spoken a lot of stages. The energy and this one right here was a blast. I didn’t even just realize it’s been an hour and 43 minutes. Right. Actually. And then saying blows my mind that I, you know, I felt like I was just talking to a good friend that whole time.

Ravi: 01:35:42 But yeah, I would say I might be even number one coming to you a pretty soon over here.

Josh: 01:35:48 Alright bro. We’ll see.

Ravi: 01:35:49 You heard it here first.

Josh: 01:35:50 You got a tall task but I I’ve given to you.

Ravi: 01:35:53 how many views or listening.

Josh: 01:35:54 I’ll have. I’ll have to listen. It’s like thousands and thousands.

Ravi: 01:35:58 Is it a view or is it a cell? What is it called?

Josh: 01:36:01 It’s called a download. Yeah.

Ravi: 01:36:03 Is it on iTunes or what’s the link?

Josh: 01:36:04 It’s everywhere, but iTunes is our biggest platform. I think 83% of our bar downloads come from iTunes.

Ravi: 01:36:10 Right. What do I do if I get first place?

Josh: 01:36:11 What do I want? Just going to say, if you get first place, I’m going to send you some award or like plaque or I will, I will. I will send you a personalized custom gift if you get number.

Ravi: 01:36:22 Wow. Okay guys, you heard your first guys. Share this with your friends. Guys, share this with everybody. You know.

Josh: 01:36:28 everybody, everybody. Ravi is a cool dude. Ravi, thank you so much for coming on a, you already did some shameless blogs. I should’ve done it earlier. But where can people find you at?

Ravi: 01:36:35 Yeah, of course. So a best place would probably be either my website, I’m sure Josh plug it in the, yeah, we’ll put the links. Yep. That’s my first and last name. R. a. V. I. A. B. U. V. a. L. L. that’s the same thing on Instagram. Follow me there. We live in a house with five guys in San Diego. We have doing crazy stuff every single day.

Josh: 01:36:54 and they’re all rich guys. So it’s good content.

Ravi: 01:36:56 and girl shoot me a DM. No, I’m just kidding. Oh my God. But me on any of those things, a it shoot me a message if you listened to it. I always ask this on podcasts cause I’m always, we always like track stuff and I’m always curious where people come from and like the value that you guys got and if there’s any additional questions you guys have about systemizing processes, scaling, whatever it is, online advertising. Shoot me a message on one of those platforms, Instagram, Facebook, all my websites and let me know. And if you come from Josh, like I’ll give you everything. I’ll give it all to you for sure.

Josh: 01:37:27 Boom. There it is guys. This is Ben the incredible Ravi Abuvala. tune back in on, well it’ll be after January 20th that they podcast drops, but tune back in, Mark it on your calendars. We will, I don’t know if it’ll be $1,000 bet, but it will be definitely be something.

Ravi: 01:37:47 we will, um,

Josh: 01:37:49 where we will be betting on the Patriots when the Patriots are in the Super Bowl and Tom Brady gets his seventh ring. Ravi, thanks so much for coming on my man. I appreciate you.

Ravi: 01:37:59 Thank you.

Josh: 01:38:00 As always, guys, as always, hustle, hustle. God bless you. Not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world as what free thinkers do. We see a Deborah and we think different. We do it different and we get different stuff because you know, that’s what we do. I love you. I want to see you in the next episode. Take it easy. Bam. Peace.

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