Think Different Theory

This One Principle Will Fundamentally Change Anyone’s Life


In this episode, I’m going to talk about self-confidence and how powerful it is in terms of determining whether someone will succeed in life or not. I’ll also talk a bit about personal responsibility which goes right along with that, and share one of the biggest things that I learned recently about the importance of leverage.


Tune in to learn how practicing self-confidence can fundamentally change your life and catapult you to great heights in whatever it is that you’re passionate about.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Being on cliffs and gorgeous beaches for six days straight (02:01)
  • Having something in our lives that we are working towards that is important to us (08:13)
  • Personal responsibility is fundamental to success in any area of life (11:11)
  • How anyone can accomplish anything in the world (14:39)
  • The correlation between getting stuck and the lack of self-confidence (18:37)
  • The importance of having a strong sense of self-confidence from a young age (23:14)
  • We are given our passions for a reason (27:40)


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November 15, 2019


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00:00 I think it’s really important to look at the things in life that have the most leverage. And what I mean by that is, think if you studied two things, and one of those things really only moved 1% of your life forward in a positive direction, and the other thing that you studied moved like 50 to 100% of your life forward in a positive direction, or changed your life, which one should you be focused on studying. The one that moves your life forward 100%, right? And that’s what this thing is. That is one of these things that will do that for you.

00:30 You‌ ‌are‌ ‌now‌ ‌entering‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌So, ‌here’s‌ ‌my‌ ‌issue.‌ ‌I‌ ‌wanted‌ ‌to‌ ‌find‌ ‌the‌ ‌ answers‌ ‌to‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌questions.‌ ‌Things‌ ‌like,‌ ‌how‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌become‌ ‌happy‌ ‌and‌ ‌live‌ ‌with‌ ‌purpose?‌ ‌ How‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌make‌ ‌more‌ ‌money‌ ‌doing‌ ‌what‌ ‌I‌ ‌love,‌ ‌and‌ ‌what‌ ‌does‌ ‌it‌ ‌mean‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌truly‌ ‌successful‌ ‌in‌ ‌ all‌ ‌areas‌ ‌of‌ ‌life?‌ ‌My‌ ‌name‌ ‌is‌ ‌Josh‌ ‌Forti,‌ ‌@JoshForti‌ ‌on‌ Instagram,‌ ‌and‌ ‌I‌ ‌ask‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌ questions‌ ‌and‌ ‌share‌ ‌the‌ ‌answers‌ ‌with‌ ‌you.‌ ‌My‌ ‌goal‌ ‌is‌ ‌to‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌find‌ ‌purpose,‌ happiness,‌ ‌and‌ ‌ open‌ ‌your‌ ‌mind‌ ‌to‌ ‌new‌ ‌realms‌ ‌of‌ ‌possibility‌ ‌by‌ ‌helping‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌differently‌ ‌about‌ ‌everything‌ ‌you‌ do,‌ ‌know,‌ ‌and‌ ‌understand.‌ ‌On‌ ‌this‌ ‌podcast,‌ ‌we‌ ‌think‌ ‌different,‌ ‌we‌ ‌dream‌ ‌bigger,‌ ‌and‌ ‌we‌ ‌live‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌ world‌ ‌without‌ ‌limits.‌ ‌This‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory.

01:15 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory. My name is Josh Forti, and, we finally have good audio again, and I am so excited about this guys. You probably can hear right away in the quality of today’s episode. It is significantly better than the last couple of episodes have been. I am so incredibly grateful and thankful for this. Turns out, I ended up getting the adapter. So, I am in Maui, Hawaii right now. It’s absolutely gorgeous here. We splurged a little bit. We decided since in Kauai we spent the whole time in a tent. We didn’t have any place to sleep except for a tent on top of a truck the whole time. So no buildings, very limited electricity and power, no bathrooms or anything like that, we had to go to different facilities or whatnot.

02:01 And like no actual hotel or Airbnb. We literally were in tent the entire time. We saved a bunch of money that way. It was actually… we did it more for the experience of everything, but it ended up saving us a lot of money because we didn’t have to rent a car because the car was right there. It was cheaper than a hotel room and the resort fees. We ended up cooking a lot on the stoves and stuff. Which was super, super cool. And, we got to go see these absolutely gorgeous beaches, and stay like literally on these cliffs, and on these beaches for six straight days. Literally the most gorgeous pieces of real estate and scenery that I’ve ever seen before in my life. Some of the beaches that we went to, Polihale, and a couple of the other places. Seriously, the most stunningly beautiful places I’ve ever been in my entire life.

02:43 And we just got to camp there with nobody else around, nobody there, like nobody even in sight most of the nights. It was really, really cool. But anyways, so, we went from there and we flew into Maui. And so, got into Maui on a Monday afternoon, and so, we decided since we saved all that money and since, you know, we’re really kind of beat up and you know, kinda sore from sleeping in a tent, that we were going to splurge a little bit, and we were staying on this resort. I forget the name of it. I don’t even remember what the name is, but it’s a super, super nice place. It’s a privately owned place and it’s like this little, kind of like a mini resort. It has I think like four different buildings, three or four different buildings that they have, that are anywhere from two to four storeys.

03:23 And they’re all either like a studio or one bedroom, uh, kind of like apartment style, but all the doors open to the road. Like when you walk in out the front door, like you’re facing the road and like this beautiful, you know, Hawaiian mountain side. And then all of the patio is all the porches have like this view of the ocean. This is beautiful ocean front property. They have a heated pool, a normal pool, a jacuzzi, like an entire cooking area you can use. Um, it’s, it’s really, really cool. So it’s not like a full resort, but it’s by this privately owned. Uh, I think there’s two people that own it, but it’s privately owned and there’s different people that kind of run everything and keep up the grounds and it’s just absolutely beautiful. So we’re here and, uh, we land, we, we, uh, have our car rented for this week.

04:05 We actually got a Jeep grand Cherokee, which is absolutely, I’m sorry, a Jeep Wrangler, which is absolutely super cool. I love Wranglers. And so there’s kind of the perfect vacation vehicle. But anyway, I’ll tell you all that. Um, because, uh, when I got to Maui, I was finally able to get the adapter that I needed. And as you guys know, I packed, you know, all these $10,000 worth of electronics into my backpack and I forgot the adapter, or at least I thought I did. I forgot the adapter that uh, was necessary to hook up the mic. And so we went into Walmart and they had it thankfully here in Mallory. They didn’t have it anywhere in Hawaii and um, they had it there. They had bought this kid, a kid who was like 17 bucks and had the adapter in there that I needed. It was awesome.

04:44 So I get back, I set everything up, I plug it in, I’m like, sweet, this is amazing. And I reached into my bag and and behind where I have this one hat that can kind of be smooshed down in flat a behind where that one sat. Sure enough I threw in that adaptor and I remember now that I saw it, I threw it in last minute, um, because I was still using it to record episodes and I ended up having the adapter the entire time. So look at that. But anyway, we have a good quality audio again, which I think is really, really important. Just a quick sidebar there. I don’t take these podcast episodes lightly. This is something, this is really something that I’m passionate about. This is really something that, um, is, is not here for me to like, I am going to make money with it someday, I’m sure, and this is going to be my longterm play and brand and whatnot.

05:25 But the purpose of this content, the purpose of this podcast, this show is to really share my thoughts of what I’m learning, where I’m focusing on and things with you and really like kind of documenting the journey of everything. And I’ve gotten really deep recently in the last couple of weeks, uh, in Hawaii and I’m really excited to, to share some of what I’m learning with you guys. In fact, I just did an episode that’s coming out, um, uh, in a little bit with Nick Robbins. We actually recorded that episode today. We’re talking all about God and religion. We talked a little about politics, we talked a lot of, you know, stuff like that. And uh, Nick has a, Nick Robin’s been become a pretty good friend of mine so far since we’ve known each other. And, um, we’ve just really hit it off and I’ve started talking about that today.

06:05 Um, and it really, these past couple of weeks I’ve been studying a religion or studying in God. Um, I just bought a a book, it’s like the audio book version of it. I think it’s like 26 hours long. So like a long, long thing on like Greek philosophy and Socrates and Plato and Aristotle about like everything that you know, their, their philosophies and their thoughts and everything. And then of course, um, I’m also in the process of uh, reading and studying, um, different things. Um, from a political side of things. I’ve got some Ben Shapiro, in fact, Lia picked me up this book. I bought it on audible as well, called the right side of history. Uh, how a reason and moral purpose made the West great West being America. And that’s by Ben Shapiro. So I’m reading some of that too. A lot of very cultural related things and a lot of uh, social things because that’s kind of where I, I think I’m going, uh, here in the future.

06:53 Like, I will always be a teacher and I’m always going to be that person that, um, you know, is obsessed with business. I will, I’m sure have businesses my whole life. I can never imagine working for someone else in the, you know, except the rare occasion of either a political office or like a, a network of some sort that I was a part of. I can’t imagine actually like having a boss again. Um, and it just because I, you know, that’s who I am. I’m an entrepreneur. I like to go and produce and create and I’m very obsessed with that. But, um, you know, I’m not necessarily sold on teaching that my entire life. I, one of the things that I want to do is educate and teach, but, um, I think that social issues are important. I think that philosophy is an important thing and I think that, um, you know, purpose and reason and figuring out, uh, how to better society as a whole is a very important thing.

07:32 And that’s a lot of where I’m going and a lot of what I’m studying and I’m, I’m very, very excited to for some of minute announcements that are coming up. I can’t, I can’t let you know on this podcast episode, but um, in the, in the very near future, um, you will, in fact, I think it’s the next episode we’ll be kind of unveiling a little bit of a big project that I’m working on here, um, over the next, uh, over the next several months, um, of me traveling and going around the world with this type of stuff. But anyway, I tell you all that because I take this, this podcasting so very, very seriously. This is not some thing that I, uh, you know, say if it happens or if we can create content for it or we’ll throw something together last minute. No, like we have done, I have not missed one single week of episodes since we started in January and two of those weeks had been five episodes.

08:13 Every single one of the rest of them have been three episodes a week. I have not missed a week. And I take this very serious, seriously. So if you’re new here, please understand like, this isn’t my life’s work and this is me. Like really documenting the journey of what I’m learning and what I’m studying or what I’m going into on my search for truth on my search to change the world and to really go out there and make this, make this difference. And I firmly believe that everybody should have something in their life that they are working towards that is important to them and whatever aspect that that is. And um, what I mean by that is for me, like I’m called to, you know, I’m religious and or spiritual. I believe in God. I believe in the God, the Bible and um, I, I know that I’m called should you, uh, this type of work, I know that I am really called to to make a, a positive impact and talk about really big ideas, probably influenced in lots and lots of people, but I know that not everybody is called to do that, nor does everybody want that.

09:06 I, I believe that everybody’s version of success looks different, but I think that if you have that thing that you’re passionate about, that you want to chase after, that if you’re willing to dedicate your life to that in whatever format that is, then I think that that’s amazing. And I think that everybody needs that. Whether that’s being a good mother, whether that’s being a good husband or a good father, whether that’s building a business or whether that’s surfing or whether that’s art or movie telling or soccer or teaching, like whatever that thing is that you’re passionate about. Anything. It doesn’t music, it doesn’t matter if you’re willing to go all in on that and really become the master of that, even if you don’t make millions and millions of dollars with it, even if you’re not world renowned or with it, if you’re passionate about something, I think that there is goodness and there is a positivity and that is a good thing for people to go out there and chase what it is that they’re passionate about and really, uh, you know, be all in with that.

09:53 Even if that’s not their work. Even if that’s not their main source of income. Although I think a lot of times now it can be for people. But I think that whatever it is that you’re passionate about, you should go after. And this is what I’m passionate about is really going out there and bringing these ideas into the world. And I understand that with that comes in immense amount of criticism. I understand that with that comes in immense amounts of eyeballs and exposure, which you know, a lot of people look at a, you know, fame or exposure or someone being well known and they automatically assume, Oh yes, well obviously people would want that because there’s money that goes with that. And while that often is the case, a lot of famous people are a lot of people that have large audiences or that challenged the status quo or that are bold in statements and, and really go, whether that’s in politics or in media or what have you, whenever they question things, they do get paid well.

10:35 The fact of the matter is there’s a lot better or a lot easier ways to go and make money. And so you have to be crazy essentially to go into something like that just to make money. And for me, money is not that driving factor. The driving factor of this is this is what I believe to be true. This is what I believe to be noble, right? This is what I believe as the thing that I am supposed to go and do be that in religion, be that in politics, be that in business and whatever, wherever have you. Like kind of those are the areas upon which I like to study because I believe that the underlying, um, what is it that when I said the underlying thing that kinda ties those things together, business, um, political things or things that shape society and also religion.

11:11 I believe that in under lying theme of those things, if you want to be successful in any of those areas or really any area of life at all is personal responsibility, which is something that I’m absolutely huge on it. And that is the fundamental, uh, if I had to describe what I believe in one singular word from a nonreligious aspect, I would say personal responsibility. If there’s one thing that you should learn, it is taking personal responsibility for yourself, for your actions and for whatever it is that you want in the world. As soon as you go and start to play the victim mentality, as soon as you start to go in and say that, Oh, I don’t have control over my life, then you give up your ability to actually go and control your life. You give up your ability to go and you know, make decisions effectively and really go and, you know, change the world it and, and give up your ability to, you know, provide for your family or to be whatever that is that you want it to be.

11:59 As soon as you give up personal responsibility, you literally give up your ability to control your, your life and to control what you believe and what you want to do. And so I think personal responsibility is at the very key fundamentals of everything that we do. If you want to be successful. And with that, I think that that is a very evident in the political realm of things. As you see, there’s a lot of people out there that lack personal responsibility and typically those are the people that are more needy or want things off of the government or want to tax the rich or whatever. What have you. I’m not saying, not trying to make broad sweeping statements, but as a general rule, I think that’s pretty accurate. And then there’s other people on the other side of the coin and I’m not trying to get from a political party standpoint, but those that are self, I’m sorry, those that do take personal responsibility for themselves typically are the ones that live better lives, that have nicer things and that are able to go out there and do things with their life because they take personal responsibility for that.

12:46 So a little side note there, um, just for those of new here that are new here, I’ve been studying a lot of these things and I really want to double down just because I know that the last couple episodes, the audio has not been great, but I want to make it very clear that that’s not going to be the standard. Like, please understand that that is a, a very rare exception, uh, to the podcast. We do not typically have bad audio. And, uh, this is something that I take very, very seriously and I want you to know that because this is important and these are not things that I take lightly. I spend a lot, a lot of time in this and um, as I was thinking about this, I wanted to talk about a specific topic today. Um, one that’s going to kind of set the tone for the next couple of episodes.

13:21 I think particularly my interview with, uh, Nick Robbins, which is coming up, which I’m very, very excited about. We just wrapped up the interview with [inaudible] next week we have Nick Robbins and we have just more interviews coming up. I’m just very, very excited about it. But, um, I wanted to talk today specifically about the topic of personal responsibility and um, take, I’m sorry, not personal responsibility, talk about the topic of self confidence and personal responsibility goes right along with that. And I think that self confidence is, uh, at the core of what determines success or not. And let me explain this because as I look, excuse me, as I, as I’ve got my life and as I look where I’m at right now and I look at what I want to do with my life, right? Um, I have big goals. I have big dreams, and I firmly believe that I’m going to go accomplish those things if I put my mind to it.

14:03 If I don’t put my mind to it, then I know that I’m not going to go accomplish them. But I’m firmly without a shadow of a doubt, believe that if I put my mind to something and I follow through and commit to it, that I am going to be able to go and do that. I believe that that’s the case in pretty much any area of life. Now, I don’t want to be a singer, but, and I’m not that great at singing at all. However, if my entire goal in life was to become a good singer or to become known for singing, I believe that there is a way that upon which I can do that, maybe not in the traditional sense of becoming a famous singer, but somehow being involved in music and singing. And I believe that while your goals might not come about in the way that you think they will come about, you are absolutely.

14:39 I personally, and I believe this to be true for everyone. I believe that fundamentally anyone is able to go accomplish just about anything in the world. Right? And I look at this and I look at the actions that I take and the risks that I take and the money that I invest in. The fact that, I mean, I’m on this world trip right now. I literally saw my company pieced out, uprooted my whole life, which I mean, I mean, I’m not married, don’t have kids, don’t have a house or whatever. So it’s a little bit different, but still like upward my entire life. And I was like, Hey, I’m going to go travel the world. I’m gonna figure it out on the way and I’m going to, you know, build a business in the process. If I don’t make any money, great, I’ll figure it out.

15:10 If I make tons of money, great, I’ll figure it out as I go. I’m going to go and I’m going to go and you know, make these decisions and do these things. And I get asked a lot from different people and I think that, you know, as I’ve interviewed a lot of people now on this podcast, a kind of a, a universal thing that I’ve seen is the people that are willing to go and do that often get asked a lot of like how, like how are you so confident in that? Like how do you know it’s going to work out? How were you able to go and do that? How do I do it as well? And I was, what’s interesting is that as I look at it in my own life and I is, I look at it in other people’s lives as well as I really study human psychology.

15:43 It all comes down to one self confidence and their ability in themselves and their beliefs or their ability in themselves. And I want to read to you the definition of self confidence because then I want to talk about something here and kind of draw this analogy for you because I think that some people get self-confidence confused, right? So self-confidence by dictionary definition, this is right off of Google. Um, self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgment. All right, read it again one more time. Self confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgment. All right. So self-confidence basically says, Hey, I trust in my own ability to get something done, right? I believe that I can do that because of my abilities, my qualities and the judgements that I have about myself. So I have, I have a lot of self confidence.

16:32 I have a lot of feelings of trust in my abilities, qualities and judgment. And if I lack self confidence, I have a, I lack feelings of trust in my ability, qualities or judgment, right? And so I looked at my life and as I look at all the different things that I do, I’m a very confident person. I’m a very confident person in myself almost to competent, almost cocky sometimes, which you know, there’s a double edge sword there. And I think that that’s true for most things. But I look at that and I go, the reason that I am willing to take risks, the reason that I am all about personal responsibility, the reason that I am, you know, so hard on myself and hard on others and don’t have a lot of a soft spot for people that are healthy and able to control their life is because I have self confidence in my ability to get it done.

17:14 And I say, listen, I know that it is possible. I know that it is possible for me and I know that it is possible for everybody else. And that comes from my feeling of trust of my ability to get things done. So when I say, Hey, go have personal responsibility because if you have personal responsibility that is going to solve all your problems. The reason I am so confident in saying that is because I am confident in my ability to go and do that myself. Right? If I was not truly confident that ah, personal responsibility was possible. Like if I didn’t think that I could do that and that wasn’t a good thing for me, then I probably wouldn’t be preaching it so much. But the reason that I believe that personal responsibility is so important is because of the self confidence that I have in myself.

17:56 Now. I also have self confidence in a lot of other people and one of my gifts, one of my traits in life that I’ve been blessed with is the ability to see uh, um, or, or spot or develop, uh, people’s potential within them. Like I can see potential in people and I can actually go and make them believe that they can go and do something. I’m, I’m pretty motivational, especially when you get me one on one with someone. Like I can go in there and really pinpoint their fears and, and destroy their fears and make them believe that they can go and do something. I can kind of take some of my self confidence and instill it in somebody else and because I know that I have that ability, I’ve seen that happen and I’m not the only one that can do that. I think lots of people can, but I also believe that self confidence is something that can be taught.

18:37 I believe that that scientific, I believe that that’s in any aspect that you look at it. Self confidence is 100% a teachable trait. However, it is very, very difficult to to teach self-confidence to someone that has not been self-confident their whole life. And if a child, someone that’s young, does not have a lot of self confidence or is not taught self-confidence from a young age, then the rest of their life they’re going to naturally not want to be self confident or naturally not be self confident because that is not what they know. And so I’ll, the reason right now that most people are stuck, I believe and this is true for me 100% this is true for you and this is true for I believe to be anyone is that if you are stuck and you are afraid to move forward, you’re afraid to take a risk.

19:21 You don’t think that you can accomplish something. It is because you lack the confidence, the self confidence to be able to go and do that. Right now a lot of people and I think this is super interesting and this is a point that I want to draw to a lot of people believe that people that are wise automatically have self confidence and that people that have self confidence are automatically wise or knowledgeable and this is a very important distinction that I want to make and I want you to understand all right. Just because somebody has self confidence and is very self confidence in their ability to go and do something does not mean they are smart, does not mean they are knowledgeable and does not mean they are wise. It doesn’t. It simply means that they are confident in themselves and because they are confident in themselves and because they’re competent in their ability, they give themselves permission to go and be like, Oh, if I fail, no big deal.

20:12 That’s just a stepping stone along the way. I’m still very confident in believing that I’m going to go be able to get this thing done. I firmly 100% believe with every fiber of my being that I am called to go out and change a lot of people’s lives in some format or another. Right? I don’t know exactly how, but I know and I firmly believe that about in my abilities that I can go out and change a lot of people’s lives. So if I’m not changing a lot of people’s lives right now, I’m not being like, Aw, I’m didn’t reach all my potential. I wasn’t able to do that. I’m a failure. No, because I firmly believe in my ability and the that I am going to do that. I have a lot of self confidence there, but just because that is the case does not mean I am smart, knowledgeable or wise.

20:54 Right? It just means that I have self confidence on the same side of things. Just because somebody doesn’t have self confidence, does it mean they’re not wise, smarter, knowledgeable guy. So somebody can be very wise. In fact, I will tell you, I’m one of the wisest people I’ve ever met in my entire life. All right? Is not someone that you would ever hear or know about. He was a pastor of a church that I used to go to. All right. Um, I’m not saying that he struggles necessarily with self confidence. Maybe he does. Maybe he does not, but he is not crazy out there. He’s not like stupid, wildly successful in the world. These eyes. I mean, he made a good living. Right. Um, but uh, and has a successful family. Someone that I look at it and I think he was incredibly successful, but I mean, he’s not worth billions of dollars by any means.

21:42 It’s at least, I certainly don’t know if he is. Right. Um, and so he’s a very soft spoken person that in a business realm of things, if you were to look at him or talk to him, he might not come across as the smartest business cookie in the room, right? He might not come across as the most honest, uh, you know, self-confident or vocal person in the room. But he’s incredibly, incredibly wise. He’s incredibly knowledgeable. He’s incredibly smart because he studied in this case the Bible, right? And because he’s a pastor, he studied that for his entire life. He’s very wise, he’s very smart. And that could be you as well. You might not have the self confidence that you think that you, ah, need to have right now or you might not have self confidence. You might not be that competent in your own abilities.

22:24 But that does not mean the message that you have is not what supposed to be heard. That does not mean that your thoughts, your dreams, your goals are not valuable. It does mean however, that if you can simply have self confidence, if you simply find the way to have self confidence, you can then go out there and be both confident and achieve all your goals and be smart and wise and knowledgeable. Right? So don’t mistake self-confidence with wisdom and don’t mistake wisdom with self confidence. You can have both. You can have none or you can have one or the other. All right. I’m a pretty self confident person but let me tell you back in my earlier days I was an idiot. I was smart for some business things. I was smart when I first got started with Instagram. I was a hard worker but more than anything else I was just very, very self confident.

23:14 I just, my parents instilled in Gary Vaynerchuk talks about this as well. My parents instilled a very strong sense of self and self confidence in my ability to go and get things done inside of me. So therefore even when I was dumb, even when I was not wise, even when I was foolish, I was able to have a certain level of success. Be that in the follower and financial category, right? I was able to have that there even when I wasn’t the smartest. I’ve said some dumb stuff before, right? And a lot of the advice that I gave early on, I would look at and go, it might not have been like bad adviser, evil advice, but certainly wasn’t great advice. Certainly wasn’t wise, right? But because I was all confident I was able to go out and do something. And so I firmly believe that the most important thing that we need to teach every single human is self.

24:01 The self confidence is the ability to go out there and have the competence in themselves to go out and do something. Because whatever it is that you want to do in life, if you have the self confidence to go and do it, I believe you will ultimately go out and do that thing. And so success or whatever it is that you need to be self confident about may change, right? You can’t teach universal wisdom to absolutely everybody cause it’s going to be different. But self confidence is something that universally can be taught to every single person and I believe is a good thing and I believe that if we focused more of our time on instilling self-confidence into our kids, instilling self confidence into ourselves, not cockiness, not arrogance, not pride, but simply self confidence to say, I have been blessed with the abilities to do whatever it is that I’m passionate about.

24:46 I believe that you are passionate about whatever you are passionate about for a reason. I personally believe that that is a God given passion, but even if you don’t believe in God, I believe that universal, whenever you call it, there is a reason 100% no matter where you’re at in your life right now, no matter what your financial status is, I believe that your passion and the skills that you had been given, you’ve been given for a reason. And I also believe that lack of self confidence is the only thing that is holding everyone back from their truest potential in life. I don’t believe it’s resources. I don’t believe it’s it’s lack of resources. I simply believe it’s self confidence, which ultimately ties back to mindset. And I know for me the big reason that I’ve been like, you know, holding myself back from going bigger, from making more money from building a bigger business, from having more impact from doing different things is because I’ve been, I’ve gotten scared.

25:40 I have, there’s no question about that, right? I reached a certain level of quote success and I had my head down for a very long period of time and I didn’t really pick up and I didn’t really look at anybody else for awhile and I got to a certain level and then I raised my head up and I was like, wow, I’ve actually done something with my life. Whoa. I’ve actually like accomplished some things. I’ve actually hit some of my goals. This is crazy. And then I started comparing myself and then once I started comparing myself, my confidence levels went down because I’m like, well, I’m not where this person’s at or, you know, I don’t am not known by this person. I’m not friends with this person yet. Like this other person is. I haven’t made this much money and I started looking around.

26:16 I started doubting my abilities. I started doubting myself and I started losing my self confidence. Now if you were to ask me, Hey, are you a self confident person? I would say, Hey, I guess absolutely, but I’m only self-confident in certain areas where I only was and so when I started to believe that I had the ability to go out there and do things again and I had the ability to go out there and make a difference and I had the ability to go out there and actually change the world and I’m passionate about, then I started to go out there and do those things more because I had the self confidence again and I started to have more success in that. Once again. See, here’s the thing, there’s a lot of things in life that are important to people but that they’re not super passionate about.

26:59 For example, right. There are certain, a lot of things that in my life I care about, but it’s not my passion. Cars, for example. I really like, like I think that like we should have safe cars. I think that we should have good cars. I think we should continue to, to, to innovate in that area. But guess what? I’m not passionate about it. That’s not my thing. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t follow or support someone or even give money to someone that is passionate about that. I’m just not passionate about it. But I do think it’s important. But what I am passionate about is my things. The same thing is true as you. And I think the same thing is true with each and every person. We need to realize whatever you are passionate about is important to a lot of people, but it’s not their passion.

27:40 So you might look at yourself and go, well, who am I to go change the blank world? Or who am I to go out there and change the blank? Or, you know, fill in the whatever it is that you’re passionate about. Industry. Who am I to go and do this? And the answer is you’re you and you have those passions for a reason. And while I might not care about a certain industry or I might not be passionate about it, that doesn’t mean I don’t find it important or somebody else doesn’t either. And I want people to run for politics. I’m very thankful for people like Ben Shapiro and very people for the people like Joe Rogan and my old pastor and Donald Trump as or politically politicians in general. I’m thankful for those people. Do I want their lives? No. Right? Like that might not be what I’m passionate about, but I’m still at the very thankful for them and I’m going to wash them and missing a portal.

28:26 I’m a consume them or consume their content. Same thing is true with you. So you had been given your passion for a reason because chances are there are millions and millions of people in this world that don’t have those same passions as you do, but would love to watch you go and chase your passion and go and support you in, in the chase for your passion. But because typically speaking or around so many other people that want the same thing we do because we want to surround ourselves and learn from those type of people. We get imposter syndrome because we’re like, Oh, who am I? The answer is you’re you. And the only thing that’s holding you back is your own self confidence and your own abilities. And when you understand that every other person that’s had success literally wasn’t any smarter than you, they simply had the self confidence to go out there and take action.

29:08 They had the mindset that gave them the self confidence to go out and take action or to learn along the way. And I think that’s incredibly, incredibly important. All right, hope that made sense. And I hope I tried to, I tried to draw some analogies. There are some parallels so that you can kind of see the examples back and forth there because I think this is super important and if you’re a a an adult right now and you have children really understand that like, and I firmly believe this, like their, your grades of your child are really not that important. Like, yes, they need to know the basics of things, but when you really look at the fundamentals of what’s going to serve them well, life, you need to make sure that they know the things that matter and one of those things, and I’m not going to go into all of them, I’m not trying to tell you how to parent, but one of the things I think is very important to teach your children or to to support your friends in or your kids or your spouse or your friends, whatever those that person is, is that area of self confidence.

29:59 And I think that the, the, the younger you can do that at the better that person is going to have, the better chance that person is going to have a success in whatever area of life they ended up wanting to go into. And I know that was true for me because my parents instilled success or I should say ah, self confidence in me at a very, very young age. So anyway, that was the episode here. I know that was kind of like a two fold thing. First we talked about personal development and and I’m sorry, a personal responsibility and then we kind of moved into self confidence. But I think they, they draw a lot of similarities and there are a lot of parallels there that we can learn from. And like going out there and, and really looking at the definition of things and really understanding the ramifications of the simple things and how important they have a role that they play in our lives I think is incredibly important.

30:47 And one of the things that I’ve been obsessed with, or fat I should say fascinated by, one of things I’ve been fascinated by is the like studying the things that have the most leverage. And what I mean by that is there are certain things that you can study and talk about in life and that you can get really good at or that we can learn all about that don’t really change most people’s lives, all that drastically. And then there are things that you can study that fundamentally touch and change every single aspect and element of your life. And when you focus on just those core few things, there’s only a few of them really in the grand scheme of things that would core fundamentally change your entire life and who you are, what you believe, how you act and personal development which isn’t encompasses both personal responsibility and self confidence is one of those areas is the biggest one.

31:40 But self confidence, slash self-esteem, um, a personal responsibility taking and taking responsibility for your actions, sales skills, right? These are fundamental things that once you learn these things, communication is another one is communication is absolutely huge. The ability to communicate well, right? And even those things all come back to self confidence. Self confidence is one of these core fundamental pillars that if you just teach that if you just instill that into someone it will fundamentally radically changed your entire life. And self confidence comes from self image which comes from identity and I think identity is probably the single greatest thing that you can, you know, learn and study. But that’s a topic for another time. All right guys, this is Ben. Think different theory would Josh 40. That is all I’ve got for you today. I appreciate you listening. If you are new here, please consider subscribing.

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