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What It’s Like to Work at Clickfunnels


In this episode, I interview Jake Leslie, the lead graphic designer for Clickfunnels who works right next to Russell Brunson every single day. He builds all of Russell’s funnels for him and says he feels so gratified knowing that every day the company he works for changes entrepreneurs/business owners lives on a daily basis.


Jake has built funnels that have made over $20 Million and also has a very successful 6 figure freelance business that he’s looking into scaling. He comes on to share how he followed and looked up to Russell for over two years, and how everything just lined for them to meet, how he ended up working for Clickfunnels and exclusively for Russell, and what it’s like working for the man.

He will also dive into exactly what his work for Russell entails, the amazing culture at Clickfunnels, his freelance business, family, his advice for upcoming entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses in general, and his future plans. He’s going to share a lot of valuable advice that I assure you will be very useful for you in your business and personal life, so don’t miss out.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:


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December 2, 2019


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Jake: 00:00:00 It’s a really fun, interesting journey working with Russell, just because of the amount of content that he pumps out on a weekly, monthly basis. And so, Russell kinda gives us his dream and what he wants to do, and he gives it to us, and we facilitate it for him. So, there’s a reason why we’re not kind of out there, because he’s obviously our voice, and he’s the one that brings in the bacon, and we’re the ones that make everything happen, make it look awesome.

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Josh: 00:01:11 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And, let me say, if you had the ability to talk to someone who literally sat next to a guy that made hundreds of millions of dollars every single day, would that be a good day? Yeah, I think that’d be a good day. And I’m about to do that on today’s episode, but before we dive into who our next guest is, I got to give you guys some context around, this whole episode and how this is taking place right now. I’m in Australia right now. And, as you guys know, I bash out content. Right? And, it is six o’clock in the morning. I have been up all night. And, I’m on this weird time zone thing where I’m flying to the Philippines, so my time zone is changing yet again. And I’m trying to get work done. In the process of launching a Facebook group, in the process of doing interviews, in the process of… you know, trying to explore Australia, explore the Philippines, and do all that fun stuff.

Josh: 00:02:09 So, let me just say, it’s been a long night. I’ve been up for a very, very long time. But, you know, I get to interview really cool people and when really cool people pop up, I’m like, “You know what? We’re gonna make this happen. We’re gonna make this work, and we’re absolutely not gonna reschedule.” I’ve been looking forward to this interview for quite some time. In fact, I held off asking this guy to come on the podcast for a minute, until like, I felt like I was ready to like really dive in and ask him like really good questions about everything, because we became actually pretty good friends during Steve Larsen’s OfferMind. So anyway, without further ado, I’m just gonna dive right into everything, but I want you guys to know like, this is me, not sleeping for a very long time and then still committed to making this done.

Josh: 00:02:51 And… Sorry, one more thing before I bring this guy on here. Right now I am sitting in a laundry room closet. Now, I wouldn’t normally tell people that, but I want you to understand, I tell you guys that I’m committed to like trying to bring the best audio quality to you, the best quality of the podcast to you, and all that jazz. The Airbnb that I am staying in, while very, very nice, and it has a beautiful shower, like a rain head shower. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I took the most incredible shower to keep me awake this morning, but it has really, really high ceilings and really, really big rooms, so it’s super, super echoey. So, I’m currently sitting in this little closet right now trying to get the echo down, so we can deliver the highest quality. Anyway, I’m going to bring on my next guest.

Josh: 00:03:32 My next guest here is the guy that took over from Mr. Steve Larsen, who we had on the podcast at one point or another. Him and another guy. He sits next to Russell Brunson every single day. Well, except for today because apparently Russell doesn’t like working on Fridays, I guess. Jake Leslie. Jake, thank you so much for coming on the program. And yeah, fun time.

Jake: 00:03:57 Good to be here. Thank you for having me on.

Josh: 00:03:59 Yeah, man. So, all right. I feel like maybe a lot of people don’t know who you are, but you know, you’re kind of like the man behind Russell Brunson, so like give, maybe that’s a little exaggerated in some areas, but you’re the, uh, you know, certainly a big help to Russell. So like, give us a little bit of context around who you are and what you do. For those of you that have never heard of a you before for those of those.

Jake: 00:04:24 Yeah, totally. Um, I mean the, there’s kind of a reason behind that, but, uh, yeah, I am the lead designer here at click funnels, so we have it, we kind of have the click funnels that focuses on like the software, like, so we have engineers, we have support, we have all these different people that work, particularly with click funnels directly. And then you have almost like an agency style type business that works directly under Russell. Um, and so where we kind of fit into the whole process is, for example, me and, and Nick Sanders and Karen King and several other people, uh, we facilitate the need of Russell and everything that you can use on the marketing side. So, um, yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s a really fun, interesting journey working with Russell just because of the amount of content that he pumps out on a, on a weekly, monthly basis.

Jake: 00:05:17 And so Russell Kennedy gives us his dream and what you wants to do and he gives it to us and we facilitate it for him. So, um, there’s a reason why we’re not kind of out there because he’s, he’s obvious our voice and, and he’s the one that, you know, brings in the bacon and we’re the one that then make everything happen. Make it look awesome. So.

Josh: 00:05:36 that’s awesome. Okay, cool. I have so many questions. Yes. So many different ways that I could go with this, but I want to start off with two things that you said there because I have personal questions and I think that for those listening right now, if you are like a die hard to funnel hacker or you’re trying to build a business and you’re trying to scale and grow a design team and a funnel building team, you should really, really pay attention to this interview because I’m going to be asking questions for my own selfish personal gain, but asking them in a way that hopefully you guys can understand and like really benefit from. The first thing you said was that Clickfunnels has an agency, so like you have like an agency under like clickfunnels has clients or what do you mean? Well, it’s, it’s more of like an internal agency. So technically I guess you if, if we are in the terms of agency, technically Russell is our customer, right? So we’re literally building things. Most people build it for other people. As an agency, we’re an internal where Russell’s the one dreamy up, all these amazing things that he wants to produce to all of his amazing followers. And then we’re the ones that just kind of sit back and wait for him to come up with the different ideas and concepts and then we facilitate it.

Jake: 00:06:44 So, Mmm. W but like different things like funnel hacking live and, um, like funnel flicks and those things that you’ve been kind of seeing pop up here and there. Well, w also are driven by our team and so, um, yeah, we kind of come at it a bunch of different things, a bunch of different angles, but if is kind of the helm or the head of whatever that product is, we’re the ones that make it so,

Josh: 00:07:07 so Russell basically in and of himself is a big enough customer to employ an entire basically is what you’re saying.

Jake: 00:07:15 Yep. Yup. So we, we have what Russell calls a waffle. And so you have leads that are in charge of specific areas. So we have copywriting covered, design, covered funnel building, um, video, and then implementation to marketing and social. So, uh, everything kind of trickles down. Once it, once it gets passed his overall arching like this is what I want to do and then they kind of trickles down that flow.

Josh: 00:07:38 Okay. So how much of that, eh, okay. Actually let me back up here. Give me some examples of what you guys work on specifically from like a, a funnel, video, graphic design, like standpoint, like are we talking like products that you guys are pushing out there? Is it purely content based? Like what specifically do you guys build and design?

Jake: 00:08:04 Really anything. And like I said earlier, like it’s basically based around what Russell wants to do, right? So moving forward whenever he’s wanting to produce as, as we’re going, like funnel flex is obviously a software that we created. Right? Um, so that’s, that’s one, um, product that was kind of dreamt up and then created and then it goes anywhere from like 30 So the, um, you know, death of a So all these, all these other things that we’re creating for Russell and his, the different things like, so his speaking adventures that he does, we kind of address those and say, okay, we’re also going to be on stage when you create products for that. So it’s also a table rush type stuff where we’re creating order forms and sheets. So it’s really just kind of, it’s, it’s almost like a train where he’s at the helm of the train and we just kind of follow in the tracks of wherever he goes. So we just hop on board and just complete projects as they go along, if that makes sense.

Josh: 00:08:59 No. Okay. So I understand that now. So then where like how does an idea typically, and I am sure they come from all over the place, but like how does that process look? Is it usually like Hey Russell comes to you guys and is like, guys I’ve got this amazing idea, Russell type of thing. Like Oh my gosh, this is a magazine. And then you kind of like figure out and like drop ideas from there or do you guys typically come to him with ideas? Are you ever lacking in ideas of what you want to do? Like how does like that initial process of things get started?

Jake: 00:09:35 Yeah, usually initially it starts from Russell obviously kind of being at the helm of everything. Just saying, you know, this is, this is kind of the direction that I want to go in. Um, quarterly we have pretty big meetings where we fly an entire marketing team here to Boise. We get a huge Airbnb and everyone gets together and kind of goes over what we’re going to be accomplishing in that quarter and that half of the year. Um, depending on, you know, however we structure it. But um, he kind of lays everything out and then like I’ll, I’ll come to work thinking I’m going to work on one thing and then all of a sudden I can see him come in. He does like these little handclap things or he gets super, super excited. You’re like, Oh crap. I just thought everything’s going to change right now. It’s like, it’s like squirrel, like something’s going to change right now.

Jake: 00:10:18 We’re going to go in that direction. And so we, we, um, I don’t know if you’ve heard the phrase ready fire, aim, like that’s totally our method of whatever we’re doing. Like you could be doing it today and tomorrow. It could be a completely different story depending on the excitement and the structure of where we are and the opportunities that we have. Right? So every once in a while Russell will get a random call from Tony Robbins that says, Hey, I need this, this and this. And obviously, you know, we facilitate it for Tony. So things, things can change on a whim very, very quickly. But typically Russell will come in and present an idea to us, kind of give his overall, like, this is what I want to do, this is kind of what I’ve, what I think of, or this is what I saw someone else do and this is kind of how I wanna do it. And then from there, we’ll talk about it as a marketing team. So typically we have a conference room over here and clicks on HQ. We’ll get everybody on what we call is a bat signal meeting. So we all get a bat signal on our Voxer and that you just know whenever you get the bat signal to jump into the CF bat cave room and we’re all there ready to hear about the new project and he’ll break it all down. So

Josh: 00:11:26 that’s super cool. How many, okay, so how often do you start a project that never gets completed or put out?

Jake: 00:11:34 Mmm, not necessarily not completed. That’s, that’s pretty rare. Um, to, to deviate from one project to the next is super, super common, but we’ll eventually get the projects completed. Um, for example, right now we are launching like funnel hacking live for example, is our biggest, like that’s our biggest funnel right now. We’re trying to get everything ready.

Josh: 00:11:55 By the way, guys, if you are not going to funnel hacking live, you can unsubscribe from the podcast and just, no, I’m just kidding. But I am seriously though guys, I am flying all the way in. Like we, I’m rerouting my trip from Greece to London, London to, I can’t remember where it is. I think it’s New York and then New York to Nashville to get to funnel hacking live from the other side of the world. All right, awesome. So if you, if you guys can’t make it and you live in the States, you have absolutely no excuse cause I’m literally flying in from the other side of the world to make that happen. I am very, very excited for this. Um,

Jake: 00:12:37 just expanding on that a little bit. Like you and I got in contact because we went to an event, right? Yeah. And I, I think I kind of started talking to you. I think it was like through Marley cause you were like the, the bearings and anyway I was just like, Oh Josh, I’ve seen Josh before we started talking and events are amazing opportunities for people to kind of step in and just to be like, Hey, I’ve seen you everywhere. Like let me get to know you. And then things evolved from events, man. It’s like a super power that people just don’t understand is out there.

Josh: 00:13:06 I really, I really liked that. I really believe in that. In fact, I tell people that if you go to events strictly to learn, you’re missing out on the main reason you should go to an event. Like I never, like I never go to an event with the expectation of learning anything because if I, and I’m serious about that too, you should make sense. Especially, I mean I went to the 10 X growth con last year, which that was a, that was, wow, that was quite, that was quite the event. Let me tell you. But um, like whenever I go to any event, whether it’s funnel hiking live or tiny strokes around or whatever, I go and I say, all right, I’m going to this event and my, my sole purpose of the event is to meet or to network and meet people. Because if, if there is golden nuggets in there, if there is a speaker that absolutely kills it, I’m going to get it on the replays. And what I love about funnel hacking live, like what do you do? You donate to our every year or whatever, you get three plays in there. Plus this year is crazy. You get so many bonuses when you buy this, you get all the previous recordings, like it’s pretty insane. So like [inaudible].

Jake: 00:14:15 Oh, we have keynotes, we have keynotes that we haven’t even talked about yet. Huge. Huge, huge, huge, huge keynotes. Huge. You know, so, and there’s, there’s like, well, there’s still about three to four keynotes that haven’t been released to the public yet. So I’m super excited to see what people say.

Josh: 00:14:34 when will they be released because if they’re, if they’re not released and this podcast comes out afterwards, we can talk about them on the podcast. So like, how’s he really talking? These are going to get released.

Jake: 00:14:47 And so we’re going to be, we’re, we’re doing the big push for actual bonuses for funnel hacking live, um, to get all the, to get all of the speaker bonuses right. So it’s definitely worth it to get it as soon as possible to get all those speaker bonuses. Um, and then we’ll, we’ll launch our funnel hacking live documentary, which is going to be amazing. We got to see it the other day and it literally like brought us to tears. It’s a really, really cool, it’s just cool to see people’s journeys and where they come from and how people can go from sitting in the audience to literally speaking on stage the next year implementing the teachings that they receive. And so anyway, just we’ll do that. And then following that though, there’ll be quite a few different releases. We’re, we’re, we’re wanting to give or wanting to give like the true funnel hackers, the goodies and all the amazing benefits right from the beginning. Because, you know, once you know the big speakers, it’s kind of like, okay, of course I’m going to come. But now like the people that have signed up for funnel hacking live or like the diehards, they’re, they’re raising income, they’re wanting to learn and they’re not just coming for a name. They’re coming for the experience.

Josh: 00:15:50 Yeah. Well, I’m definitely coming for the experience. I’m definitely coming because I absolutely love Russell and everything. However, some of the, okay, so let’s talk about some of the speakers that have been announced yet. Mmm. Because I can talk about everybody that’s been announced, right. Because I know a couple of people that are speaking that have not been announced yet, so I can’t say anything, but I don’t know all of them. I’m sure. So people, people that I’m definitely, definitely excited about. Uh, huge shout out Kathryn Jones. Boom. Absolutely phenomenal. She’s super suitable. She and I became pretty good friends through actually through offer mine. Um, and then stayed in touch after that. Um, also I am super pumped to watch Dan Henry. I was not expecting that. And then when he, he said that it was Dan, I was like, let’s go.

Josh: 00:16:37 And that would be super fun. Marley obviously as well. Um, you talked about hair, that’s kind of kind of how we got connected as well. We, I sat with them and you were there along with a shout out. Uh, Dustin, what’s his last name? Uh, the guy that sat next to us. I can’t think of his last name. It’s hard. Is it? It’s heart something. Now I’ve got to look it up. I can’t remember. He’s the marketing director for sharpen. Dustin, we’re really sorry. We know your first name. What we’re first name basis friends here. Austin heart. It’s not that. I thought it was hard something. It’s literally just Dustin Hart. Shout does go. There you go. But a Marley Marley is going to be speaking which still so proud of her. She’s awesome. Kathryn. So proud of her. She’s awesome. Dan Henry, proud of you. I mean again you’re rich so like you know it’s like kind of hard and proud of you Dan.

Josh: 00:17:26 It’s like all right, go down your mouth millionaire and you’re more millionaire and you’re richer and you’re Richard. You get richer every day. So you know Dan is going to be awesome. There’s one particular speaker that I’m very, very excited about that I’ve heard rumored is speaking. So hopefully that I can like drop the rumor of it. I don’t know if we can bleep it out. If, if you, if you tell me that it’s totally off limits. So I heard rumors that Ryan Holiday is speaking. I don’t know if we’re allowed to say that yet, so we might have to believe this out guys. I’m really, really sorry. But that guy is, I had those stove that is by far the person I am most excited for. And usually the person I’m most excited for is Russell. So Russell, you got beat. But I cannot confirm nor deny rumors that I’ve heard. But I think Russell likes rumors. So he totally, and he’s, he’s said a couple names.

Jake: 00:18:18 And so the reason why we like contracts are a really, really big deal with these guys. Like when you, when you, when you bring in a big speaker, like there’s so many things that you have to do to facilitate that speaker and to like have them come in and anyway, it’s, it’s, it’s crazy. And so getting contracts signed, getting their hotel rooms, it has to be like these presidential suites and you know, all these amazing things. And so there’s, there’s a pretty fun process that goes behind that, that I, and very happy I don’t have to deal with. That’s miles is Clifford air miles Clifford’s job. So yeah, shout off jello by the way. Shout out to miles like miles man. He’s, he’s man. But yeah, so anyway, there’s a lot of work that goes into that. But yeah, like I said, you, everyone will be very, very, I’m surprised. And there’s just, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of fire coming and it’s going to be super, super exciting. I can’t wait. I can’t, we’re dropping, we’re dropping over $3 million to throw this event. So I don’t know if you’ve ever had a friend that’s like, Hey, you know, I’m going to spend 3 million on a party. I’m pretty sure you’d go. And so that’s, that’s like, yeah, it’s, we’re going to crush it. You’re going to have live music every time you enter just the area. There’s going to be bands playing music rockin it’s going to be national to the T. it’s going to be amazing

Josh: 00:19:31 guys. I will be there. So I’m flying in to be on the other side of the world and I’m not cool enough to come see, but throw a $3 million event is, so if you’re coming, shoot me a DM on Instagram or a in the new Facebook group, which by the way, guys, if you’re not in that, make sure it’s, you go check that out. The art of communication and ethical persuasion, but a little shameless plug there on my own. But I do want to get back to just kind of talking about us, you and the, the dynamic of click funnels, right? Funnel hacking live obviously is huge at work. Super, super excited about it. Um, and it’s going to be absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see you there and hangout with everybody. Actually, I don’t know if I’ll be hanging out with you. I think you’re like a cool kid. Like you’re part of the staff. You’ll probably be around backstage with you.

Josh: 00:20:19 Usually. I’m just making sure that everything flows back there. Yeah, but it will, we’ll, I’ll see you Oilers up there. I’m going to be there. I’m flying in a day early. I’m going to probably stay a day or two late. Um, or you know, need to, I’m going to probably need to sleep for a week after that. I’m going to be jet lag and like get there and be like four straight days. Oh and get this. The last day of funnel hacking live is the day before the super bowl. Yes. Yeah. Which Tom w when Tom Brady will win is the seventh ring.

Josh: 00:20:48 But the Superbowl is February 2nd. My birthday is February 1st, which means the last day falls on my birthday. So rasa, I knew you were throwing a $3 million. We go.

Jake: 00:21:01 That’s why we did it man.

Josh: 00:21:04 All right. But uh, but uh, all in good fun. Back to back to click on those though and back to you and kind of your role there. I do want to ask a couple of questions about what it’s like to work at click funnels and like specifically Russell and a couple questions there, but then I do want to kind of get to some more specific questions for you and kind of how you got to where you’re at now. But I am curious. So I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Russell on several different occasions. Um, some of them, uh, well a lot of them being, you know, in a business setting or whatnot, but actually some of them, actually, one of them was with you and more casual setting.

Josh: 00:21:38 Um, when he was, you know, talking about his penthouse and all that. What, what’s it like to work for Russell in like, that dynamic, like that close to the setting cause you’re, you’re with him, except when he’s running off to Salesforce, like you’re there every single day with him.

Jake: 00:21:51 Yeah. Yeah. Um, it’s honestly, so like my story a little bit is, um, you know, I, I, I’ve been a freelancer for a really long time and um, graduate or didn’t graduate college, dropped out of college and just like had this huge desire to be in software like, and wanted to make a software really, really bad. And, um, I started following different people that had kind of created a software and made millions of dollars and, and I came across Russell who was like, right in the verge of making ClickFunnels and like launching everything and starting to become like this huge influencer. Right? And so, um, I just remember following him and, um, I would sit in my office, I would grab my phone, I go sit over in the corner and listen or watch Periscope. I don’t know if anyone shout out to Periscope out there, rest in peace.

Jake: 00:22:47 But literally I, I, I don’t even know why. Like it was just, I mean, I’m a very spiritual person. I honestly think it was, it was kind of, um, they definitely have lead God driven on just kind of putting Russell in my life. But I would watch his Periscopes and I would just pay attention to everything he did and everything he taught. And I just remember one day he made a comment of like, yeah, Boise, Idaho, and you know, our, our headquarters are moving our office. And I’m like, I didn’t know you’re in Boise. Like I live here and come to find out, he literally, the office that they just moved to was like two minutes from my house. Wow. And it was, it’s kind of funny how everything came together. The reason I’m telling this story is because like, I saw Russell the way that a lot of other people see Russell, which is, you know, in front of the camera, which is the way you see a lot of entrepreneurs.

Jake: 00:23:36 Um, and you always hear the thing like, don’t meet your heroes because you know, you’ll be greatly disappointed with the way that they treat you or act or whatever. And so I was a little nervous in the, but like, okay, like I followed Russell for over two years and you know, if I go meet this guy or if I go and try to work for this guy, is this the same person that kind of conveys himself to be, I’m in the public because again, a lot of people aren’t necessarily like that. They’re completely different people. And so, um, if we randomly like have this crossing where it was like, he, he moved into the same neighborhood that my parents lived in and it was just like this crazy conundrum of like they went to the same church and then all of a sudden we found out later on that Russell was actually, or my dad was Russell’s football coach in high school and that was like this crazy web that I had never knew existed.

Jake: 00:24:26 It was like this crazy, crazy thing of like the stars lining for me after working so hard in so many different things. And, uh, finally, uh, I got to [inaudible] talk to Russell and I’m sorry I’m getting a phone call. Um, I got to, you got to talk to Russell and sent him messages. You said, Hey man, like I would do anything to work for you and just learn from you. Um, and I, I think that’s kind of a downfall that a lot of people do is they just try to learn on their own and they don’t try to learn from the people that know what they’re doing already. And, um, I knew that if I were to go in and work for Russell that he could teach me everything I needed to know within the software industry and more. And, um, so I, I jumped in man, I came here on a whim, met Russell face to face. We had an awesome conversation.

Josh: 00:25:12 And when was this, how many years ago?

Jake: 00:25:15 Uh, almost three years ago. So not too long ago. Yeah. So, um, met, met him, they gave me a job on the spot, or actually, no, they didn’t give me a job on the spot. Actually. They, they interviewed me and they said that they didn’t have a position here at click funnels. I’m like, do you guys have a graphic designer here? And they’re like, no, we don’t need one. I’m like, and that was just like this, you know, the Gates of heaven opening up to me and be like, Oh, they’re like, they need one for sure. There they’re super fast growing company. They’re going to need one. And a week later they called me back and said, okay, now we need one, like come back. And so Mmm, yeah. Is saying all that. Like when I, when I got here the first time it got to me Russell face to face.

Jake: 00:25:53 Like I just remember him coming out and taking a seat next to me and just really getting to know me and like asked me a bunch of questions about my life and my family and just approaching it in a way that no boss ever did. And that was just such a cool feeling just to be like, I’ve been watching this guy forever. I finally get to work with him and work next to him and learn from him. And it was like more than I had imagined of him being as a person, which is cool because now what I’m realizing is the person that Russell is, is the customer that he attracts. And so the customers that come to funnel hacking live and you know that, that we kind of surround ourselves with, with inner circle and our two CCX program, and I’ll be all these different coaching programs that we have. They’re all Russell, like people in the sense of, you know, like Russell’s not going to go out and throw Gary V F bombs out every two seconds. Like he’s not going to, he’s not going to be that guy that’s out in your face like saying you suck. You need to

Jake: 00:26:52 good being a pansy, like do this, this and this and you can make money. Like blah blah blah, blah. Like he’s not that guy. Right. And so the people that we attract are amazing, like God fearing people that are just awesome, awesome individuals that just love what they do and care about the people that they actually serve. They’re not just in it for them. And so the journey of meeting Russell and also meeting the people that he surrounds himself with is been incredible. Like it’s, it’s, it’s been a, an amazing roller coaster ride that I’m super excited to continue writing.

Josh: 00:27:21 That’s awesome. And I want to like kind of back that up and, and second that I am also a God-fearing person and someone that is pretty, I dunno if religious is the right word. Spiritual is the right word. Like, I believe in God and I believe in God very, very strongly. Um, and I know Russell and you as well, um, most of the people or the staff at click funnels that, or the leadership of click funnels is Mormon. Correct?

Jake: 00:27:49 Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there’s a good balance. Yeah.

Josh: 00:27:52 But yeah, so, so Russell’s Mormon, you’re Mormon, correct it. Correct.

Jake: 00:27:55 Yeah.

Josh: 00:27:56 Yep. So, um, and like I, I’m consider myself a Christian and so, I mean, there’s a lot of similarities there. Mmm. Like this year for me has been a lot. Like, it’s been a really, really tough year in my personal life. I’m kind of starting in March with my brother passing away and whatnot, and like, just like questioning so many things and like, I have so much respect for the click funnels world and the click funnels community, particularly for a Stena starting with Russell and Todd, but like also like even trickling down for where day we’ve had Dave on the podcast and you know, you, you, and, and I mean, and there’s a reason that like, you’re on the podcast.

Josh: 00:28:40 So there’s a reason that like I associate with the ClickFunnels world is cause like there, there isn’t another world out there that I have found like it. And I’ve looked because like there was a time like click funnels was my first experience in the internet marketing world. [inaudible] like Russell Brunson’s book dotcom secrets made me my first a hundred thousand dollars online when I was living in a $400 a month apartment that I could barely afford at the time. You know, I am not someone that likes to just blindly follow people. Aye took my time to go and be like, yeah click funnels is just a call. I’m going to go out there and look at everything else. And I did and I went and looked at other places and like I’m not, I’m not there to bash on anybody else, but like okay faith morals, things like that. Even if you’re not like religious, even if you’re not a Christian or a Mormon or things like that. Like those are really important to a lot of people. And I think that the, the type of person that, that, that Russell attracts and the community that you guys are, have built there at click funnels attracts, has helped me so tremendously much to know that you can be a successful human being and be a God varying person and care about the community. Because like,

Jake: 00:29:50 yeah, 100% go ahead. Yeah. Well just like who you are as a person. Like I get the, it’s cool to like, you know, being the Ferrari or have a picture in front of your brother friends for Ferrari and be like, Oh, this is mine. And you know, you know, it’s, it’s that kind of thing, but that, that doesn’t ness and they’re not, I’m not ragging on that type of demographic, but it really, really think about what kind of, what kind of customer that’s driving to you opposed to what kind. Um, if you were yourself, what kind of customer you would be receiving then? Like, yeah, my biggest thing when people, I do a lot of like coaching and I do a lot of consult, a lot of different people with funnels.

Jake: 00:30:35 And my biggest thing with them is just make sure when you’re talking to people that you’re being you because everyone likes to work with people that have the same similarities as them because it’s just easier. Like you don’t, you don’t have to burn down your, you don’t have to work over bridges that don’t actually exist because you’re already on the same side. Right? You’re already talking about the same concept. And so, um, yeah, like if there’s anything that people get out of this podcast is just be you man. Like there’s no reason to change who you are. Um, I obviously there’s an Ascension level of yourself to be better and to really push yourself for more. But if you’re yourself and you really put yourself out there and you know, talking about your vulnerabilities and really break things down like Josh, like I actually, I know about your brother because of you being vulnerable and talking about it, but people can relate to you in that situation of just hardship and just freaking like filling for you and just wanting to, you know, send love to you in those situations. Like, it’s, it’s, I didn’t even know you at that time, but just like feeling for you at that moment just because of the connection that we’ve made through this world. Right. And so, um, it’s, it’s, it’s just awesome. Like, yeah, the people you surround yourself with, you’ll love what you do if you’re around amazing people and it just, it just makes life awesome.

Josh: 00:31:50 I love that. And I think actually one of the big things that you taught me actually, um, was back when we were at offer minding. This is kind of the next topic or the questions that I have for you in the direction I kind of want to go with this is, um, you talk about like life will be awesome if you’re around awesome people, right? Um, I asked you a question. We were hanging out at offer mind, um, and we, I think we were at lunch. It’s a PF Chang’s. Is that where we went?

Jake: 00:32:14 Yeah. Yeah.

Josh: 00:32:15 And I asked you, I was like, dude, how, like how do you sit next to Russell every single day and not want to quit your job? Right? Like he, he literally sits there and frees entrepreneurs on a daily or like frees people and every single day and his company empowers entrepreneurs to go out there and build massive, massive businesses and literally the who you took over for quit and went and, you know, went off and did that. And it was interesting. I don’t know if you remember what you told me or not, but like, it’s actually something that really, actually I’m gonna ask you. Do you remember what you told me?

Jake: 00:32:51 I don’t like trying to go ahead and.

Josh: 00:32:57 actually it really stuck with me and actually I was talking to, um, Leah, my girlfriend, uh, but before this last night, my time, um, when we were talking about this and I was like, I want to dive down into this a little bit further and tell him to explain a little bit more and like kind of just reshare your thoughts on this particular thing. Um, so the audience could hear it. But what you’re telling me, you said Josh, like I look at where I’m at in life right now and I asked myself if I could change anything about my life [inaudible] what would I change? And I was like, well, I mean, do you like working? Like, I mean you don’t, you have a boss. Like I would hate having a boss and you’re like, I have a family and that’s the most important thing in the world to me. And I get to do what I love every single day and I get to work with someone who I literally get to sit and look up to and respect every single day. And I get to have and do opportunities that I get to do every single day. And just because I don’t, and just because I’m not my own boss in every aspect of my life doesn’t mean that I don’t get to go and do the things that entrepreneurs get to go do or it gets you to go do the things that, that other people get to go do. I’ve had an actually this particular story, I mean that stuck out to me and I remember she’s like you said, you know, I get to do amazing things that some people would just dream of because I’m an employee and you said I get to fly around on grant Cardone’s jet.

Josh: 00:34:21 What it also rubs in when I would never have done that if I was working for myself. And you said that, and this is the part that I really like took and you kind of mentioned it and alluded to it earlier. It was everybody [inaudible] [inaudible] a hurry to try to be the entrepreneur or be the success story and they’re not willing to take the time to just go and even look at other options and really like go out there and be like, Oh, like would it be better for me to work for someone else right now? Would I be happier? Would I be able to spend more time with my family? Would I learn more what it set me up for success better? And, I mean, obviously that’s not the exact wordage that you use, but like the things that I remember from it and it really stuck out to me because, you know, I’m an entrepreneur dude.

Josh: 00:35:04 Like, like, here’s the, I can’t imagine in my life ever going back and working for somebody else. But for the first time ever I finally understood how someone could actually be happy doing that, live in awesome, fulfilled life and like really be better off with that. And I, and like, I really, really appreciate that about you. So I mean, I’d love for you to touch on that a little bit more.

Jake: 00:35:27 Yeah. Like it’s, and I get this question asked a lot, um, because I am an entrepreneur like that, that is what I do. That’s me and my wife. You know, my wife is a, is an influencer and you know, she, she does amazing stuff with her and her twin sister. But like, you know, we, we have, we kind of have that world in that mindset of entrepreneurship. And I think that’s why I’ve grown so much within click funnels in the company. Like where I started in click funnels and where I am now is like completely different. And, um, just the, you know, for, from where I started and where I am now has been a super, super crazy roller coaster ride. Um, but it’s, it’s, it’s paid off because I have the, the mindset of an entrepreneur or to put myself in a position where I can help this company grow and to be better. Mmm. But yeah, like when I, when I first started working here, my, my number one intention was just to, just to watch Russell do everything that he does.

Jake: 00:36:23 Like how does, how does he speak to people? How does he, how does he set up appointments? How does he handle legal issues? How does he, it’s all the things that you don’t realize until you start making money and then all of a sudden it’s just like, Oh, wow. Like I, I can’t say these things. Like there’s, there’s legal backing behind this that is going to affect me down the line and possibly throw me in prison. Like, who knew? Like this stuff. And there’s a lot of things that you really, really need to pay attention to because it’s out there and I hear it firsthand. Um, and which is amazing, but, but not only that, just being able to like my number one most important thing for me is to be a good husband. Um, and then if I can be a good husband to my wife, I can be a good dad to my kids.

Jake: 00:37:04 Right. And Russell is the epitome of that. And so being able to see like, yeah, I want to see how this guy can balance his life, being a good husband and being a good father, and then also run a multimillion dollar business. Like how, because I don’t know if you’ve, Oh, obviously you have, but you meet a lot of people that have a lot of money and there’s, there’s, there’s a disconnect. So it’s like you think about the guy in the circus that’s like spinning plates on like the big long sticks. It’s like [inaudible] he can only spend one plate at a time to keep everything rolling. Like one hand’s got one, one has got one, and there’s just like this constant battle of, you know, spinning plates. Like you can spin this one really fast, but then eventually you have to go to the other one and spin that one.

Jake: 00:37:46 Then you have to go back to this one. Like you can never do it at the same time because something will fall and break and crash. And so I wanted to see where that balance was. And um, and it’s been, it’s been such a cool experience too. You know, like you’re alluding to like, just like grant Cardone, that was the most insane experience ever. Like, Oh, let’s get on his private jet and building the funnel, like in the air from going from Miami to Chicago. I was like, what the heck? This is like, this is the coolest experience ever. And like, just being able to meet amazing people like Dean Graziosi, Brendon Burchard, and you know, John Lee Dumas and just, I mean, the list goes on and on and on. There’s just amazing entrepreneurs that I’ve been able to get in contact with. Mmm. And on the side of that, even though I do work nine to five, I also have an agency style where I’m, you know, coming up on six figures with and so it’s like, congratulations.

Jake: 00:38:40 Thank you. There there’s still a really, really good balance there that you can have. Um, but you can like, there’s never, never, not a time in your life when you shouldn’t be learning. And however that is, like you were saying like I could never work in that in five, which is totally fine. I wouldn’t a hundred percent believe in coaching and um, you know, having people educate me in certain areas. I’m sure you’re navigated that too.

Josh: 00:39:03 Well, yeah, I see your shirt that you’re wearing right now. I just, the cashflow, the cashflow tactics. Shout out Brad, Gib and Riley, I just wrote them a big fat check for coaching for a year. So I am a huge believer in coaching. Absolutely.

Jake: 00:39:17 It just evolves you and however you can do that, the better leg. My, my intention is to not like you can wake up every day, you can have a camera in your face and you, and you can, you know, speak and do all the things that you need to do. Like that isn’t my intention. Like I don’t want to be that person. Um, I just want to be able to help the people that I can serve. Yeah. And do it along the way. Like I’ve, I’ve made, I would say over 20 to $30 million funnels. It’s crazy. And you know, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve had a lot of success in this business, but my main attraction is to build a brand for myself, but also help Russell evolve his brand. Cause I mean, if you think about the benefits of doing that, like, um, yeah, hanging on his coattails, I think that’s a pretty good way to live your life. So, uh,

Josh: 00:40:06 no kidding. No cane. Go ahead.

Jake: 00:40:10 Well, I just remember being like downtown and I got a box from Russell and he’s like, Hey, you’re downtown. Like come say hi. And we were on, we were like rushing to a dinner. You and I and a couple of other guys. Yeah. Sounds like your son.

Josh: 00:40:24 Dixon who was there.

Jake: 00:40:25 Yeah, Austin. And I just remember looking and be like, Oh man, we’re going to miss our dinner and you grabbed me on the shoulder and you’re like, Jake, this is, this is Russell Brunson. Like screw the dinner. Like let’s, let’s go see Russel.

Josh: 00:40:40 And then her response was, yeah, I guess I just, I guess I see him every day. So it’s not really that special to me.

Jake: 00:40:47 I mean it is, but it’s, you know, like it puts it in the perspective of like, I just, I remember being like that with Russell and then working with him everyday. Like now he’s just a really, really good friend. But um, it’s, it’s funny cause you, you forget about that and I, I love that moment cause I’m just like, yeah, like I get it. This is, yeah, he’s so influential and he’s blessed so many different lives that like just little opportunities with him. I’m go a long way anyway. I was, I was, that was a funny experience to have with you and to just kind of see him on a personal basis. Yeah. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go in the penthouse though.

Josh: 00:41:18 I know, Russell. Come on man. Come on. And that’s, yeah, Russell is, man, he’s, he’s, he has impacted my life. I actually just did Justin a podcast episode. Um, well it was guess a few weeks ago now when this one comes out, but at the time it is recording. Just last Monday, I think I’m called like these, I announced I was writing a book and um, I announced like the top three people in my life who have influenced me not only to write a book, but just in general. And Russell Brunson is the number one person on that list. Like, I mean more so than, I mean, Gary Vaynerchuk was on that list too, just because, you know, I’ve been Gary banners. I’d get you put a lot of things into perspective for me and you know, like I, I’ve learned a lot from him. Logan. Paul was on there but like astronomically higher than both of those people is Russell because, and going back to what we said earlier because of his character and because of like that and like that’s just so big, like Russell’s going to be around for ever.

Josh: 00:42:20 You know what I mean? Like he’s not going anywhere and like he’s got the following of people that are just gunna follow him to the end of the earth because of that. And you know like shout out Russell like yeah, well we’re going to have him on the podcast. I, I’m, I’m calling that, I’m calling my shots here. We’re doing everything right. We’re, we’re lining up for that da, that traffic secrets book launches. A shout out Ron, awesome book. I cannot wait for people to read traffic secrets, man. It is like the first night I got it. I was just like, it’s, it’s an awesome book. I’m super excited for people to get it. So a little side note on that, going back to our good friends over at cashflow tactics. Brad, Gib and I are very good friends. Brad Gib also knows that I very, very, very much want a copy of traffic secrets.

Josh: 00:43:09 And then I was very, very disappointed that I did not get one. And um, I would say probably once a week, maybe not quite that often, but when he does it, it’s like multiple times in EVOX he will, he will make sure that I’m aware that I don’t have a copy yet. Literally, I think it was like two, two or three days ago we were driving, actually we were in Australia and so we went to hold koalas and like go see kangaroos or whatever and I’m all, it’s awesome. I get a Vox from him and like I play it and he’s like, yeah. So, um, I was reading this book by a guy named Russell Brunson’s called traffic secrets. Um, have you heard of it? I was, he’s like, anyway, I don’t want sure if you have a copy of it or not, but I was reading it because I have a copy.

Josh: 00:43:52 Um, I’m not sure if you do, but I definitely do. And I was like, just like over the top, rubbing it in. I’m just like, ah, I know. And he’s just like, you know, Russell, I can’t break Russell’s trust. He’s that he gave me very, very strict orders that I can give it to absolutely no one. And he’s like, Josh, I love you dude, but you’re not that cool. And I’m like, he’s ready. So no, I’m very, very excited for that book. And I um, so a little bit of a vulnerability moment here, kind of side, kind of a side note here.

Josh: 00:44:23 I had some honesty session time with myself on this world trip. I mean I’ve kind of gotten away from everything, gotten away from all the noise and like sat by the ocean and you know, sat by, you know, in other countries and just listened in and I got really honest and vulnerable with myself. And one of the things that I think held me back the biggest this year was lack of goal setting. Now obviously there’s reasons for that with, you know, things going on, but I’m not wanting to make excuses, you know, I’m going to hold myself to a strict standard and be like, do better. But really, truly, I mean like I think that, no, I know that, you know, one of the single biggest things that I’m focused on in 2020 is effective and clear goal setting and being able to follow through on that.

Josh: 00:45:03 And um, there are a couple of different goals that I’ve set, but two of them directly directly relates to click funnels. And one of them is I will be a top affiliate for the traffic secrets book. Um, I don’t know. I don’t know what that looks like. I don’t know what that means. I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of people, but we’re literally already setting things up in six months ahead of time to get Russell on the podcast. Cause I know his time is limited. I know it’s, that’s gonna be a hard sell to line people up to get people ready to preframe them for it. So I’m, I’m, I’m thinking about, I don’t know, maybe writing a letter to Russell or appeal saying, let Russell, I’ve got to have a copy of the book. Do you just know what is all about before I promoted.

Jake: 00:45:41 100 men dream 100. that’s all I’m saying. Do like, well let me insert something here. Yeah, a lot of people, this is a huge mistake that a lot of people make. A lot of people think that they have to go directly to the entrepreneur to get there. There their eyes on that, whatever they’re promoting, right? Like w Russell teaches this all the time, but dream 100 is a really, really heavy thing. Like Russel’s favorite thing is to come into the office and see a package with his name on it and he’ll grab the package, he’ll take it from the front desk all the way to the back where his office is and he’ll sit there every day. He has like this massive Rambo knife and he’ll cut open packages and go through every single package, every single package without fail. And so like don’t, don’t always like, and I’m not saying you would do this cause I’ve actually seen you dreaming 100 and you’re dreaming a hundred things are amazing. Like the flame Xero is fricking awesome. Yeah, it was that that made a big stamp. And the click funnels like Russell Brunson, Dave Woodward, eyes of like Josh is awesome. Um, but just, just that, that, that little nugget of do those little things, cause they will get in front of the right people, but if you send like a Facebook message or a LinkedIn message or like Russell has five people plus that covered those things, he’ll never see that kind of stuff.

Jake: 00:47:00 Right. But seeing a flame thrower that Josh put his name on, you’ll see that and he knows now when somebody mentions Josh Forti, he references the item that you’d sent and he knows exactly who you are, which is a huge, huge thing. Like that’s, it’s hard to get to know people and know them by their name and know them face to face and you know, be able to call them by their name just with the amount of people that he talks to on daily basis. But that dream 100 method is phenomenal.

Josh: 00:47:28 And, and would double, triple, quadruple that a hundred percent guys. I would say Steve Larsen is someone also that, I mean Sean, Steve, um, Steve Larson is someone that I was like, I want it be friends with that guy. I dream 100 I mean Steve and I are like first name basis friends, like like homey friends, like very, very good friends. But it started with me literally going out of my way to be friends with him and that one relationship has opened. I would say that the single greatest from a leverage point or doors open relationship that I have had in my life has been Steve Larsen. Like that’s actually getting to know. And it started by me going to him at an event we were both speaking at and being like, dude, let me do your social media for you. And he’s like, that would be awesome. How much would you charge?

Josh: 00:48:19 I said, just let me do it. I’ll do it for free. And I ended up doing Steve’s social media forum. I was like seven or eight months. I didn’t make a single penny off of it for that long. And then at his event, I flew in early a day early and helped him set up the entire event for his first event. I blasted out my email list to him, no affiliate links, no nothing. Right. Just to help like do that. And like it’s those things, it’s the things that don’t make sense. It’s the things that are non-scalable when you’re in incredibly intentional about that one specific person. And I would say like bet like bet on smaller people. Like yeah, everybody’s going after Russell. But like I caught Steve when he was way smaller than he is now. Right. And like there are different people that when you know they’re going to be big and you know, you want to have a relationship with them, like start early.

Josh: 00:49:05 And also I would say hit up the people around them. And I’m going to be fully transparent and honest here. Like obviously I’m dream 100 and we’re also totally, but also like I’m doing that by dream 100 ING you and step in and Dave and everybody else and Todd, you know what? Everybody else over there. So it’s like you gotta just like D very, very intentional and don’t underestimate the power of like intentional acts, like just being intentional with everything. So anyway, totally.

Jake: 00:49:35 It goes a long way.

Josh: 00:49:36 Little rant there. Okay. Um, we’re kind of getting near the end of our time here. I have a couple more questions for you. What, uh, what’s the future look like for, for Jake in the next like one to three years,

Jake: 00:49:51 one to three years? Um, so right now I would say my one year goal would be, um, like I, I don’t put a ton of focus on my agency business just because I don’t want it to be distracting for what I’m already doing as a full time position. So everything I do like is literally just occasionally at nights when, you know, someone’s like, Hey, can you build me a funnel? And I’m like, yeah, I can, you know, but, um, but so my, my one year goal is really building that team of designers and funnel builders and to really start pumping out some really cool content for people, um, on a affordable and a high end basis as well. So he kind of trying to expand my audience a little bit more. Mmm. And so we, we’ve, I’ve had a lot of focus there. And so, um, the, I guess the one your goal is to just continue to do what we’re doing and hopefully double that by next year is kind of our goal of, um, where we’ve kind of gone income wise with this year and then three years from now.

Jake: 00:50:55 Mmm. You know, that one’s a little harder because, um, [inaudible] there’s an uncertainty of a direction of like just where, where everything’s going to be, you know, like for example, I don’t even know if Russell can answer that story three years from now. And so that obviously affects my future because of where I am working under Russell and birth with Russell. And that obviously heavily is affecting my journey. And so, um, my, my number one intention right now is to honestly support Russell, serve Russell, um, and work with him and just kind of be along the path of creating this amazing thing that they’re doing right now. And click funnels. There’s going to be a day where, you know, like all software companies where it kind of reaches its peak and you know, it’s either purchased or something happens and [inaudible] obviously everyone can foresee that happening with click funnels because of its amazing growth.

Jake: 00:51:49 Um, but, but my intention again is to be with amazing people like to be around John Parks and Russell Brunson and Brent Koh Peters and just to, to continue doing amazing things with them. So, um, Russell and I are currently working on a couple of random little projects just to kind of help a, a couple of people that have wanted to team up with him. It’s super rare that Russell does that. Um, so I’m just kind of helping him on the side. I’m facilitating a couple of those things and just making sure that I can help out any way that I can. And like I said, it’s, it’s a lot of patients. Um, and for the people, this thing, if you’re doing something like this, like the biggest question is asked yourself are if, if you’re, if you’re learning from somebody and you’re working with somebody, ask yourself, do I want to become this person?

Jake: 00:52:35 Genuinely like, well, I got to work with Russell and Steven side-by-side, right? So I was kind of, there was Russell and Steven and then I kind of slid in the middle and just be like, Hey, I’m the design guy. Like I kind of filled that void that neither of you have. And, um, and I got to really see Stephen and Russell, like they’re the same person. Like I’ve literally seen them talk telepathically where it’s like Russell’s just like, Oh dude. And then Steven’s like, Oh yeah, yeah. And then Russell goes back, he’s like, Oh. And it’s just like grunting, unlike a week. Cavemen, like, what is happening here? And it’s just going back and forth. And then all of a sudden, like Stephen’s pounding away on his computer and I’ll literally send him a Slack message. Like, um, [inaudible] well it just happened. What do I need to do?

Jake: 00:53:18 And like [inaudible] like Steven became Russell Brunson right out of, out of the years that he worked here. And I just like really, really pay attention to the people that you’re looking up to and that you’re being coached by and that you’re following and just like throw in the garbage man. If you don’t want to be the people that you’re following, like unfollow, like don’t, don’t, don’t become that person that you don’t want to become. And so like you were saying with Steven, like Seaman’s an amazing person. I love seeing the death and so it’s like, I love where his direction is, so I’m going to continue following Steven because he’s becoming the person the Russell kind of taught him to be. Right. And that’s an amazing thing and it’s, it’s just awesome to look up to those types of people and to continue with your life in that right direction. Cause if you don’t, man, your life could go so far South. It’s not even funny, real quick and really wastes a lot of years of your life in the direction that you should never have gone in.

Josh: 00:54:14 Yeah. And it’s hard to find those people too because like, finding people that are like smart in business, good husbands, good fathers, good, you know, in their faith. Just good all around people, I mean I think is incredibly difficult. Okay. One more question for you before we get to rapid fire questions. Uh, and then we gotta wrap up here. Yeah. We can rapid fire at the end of every interview. Um, w uh, what would you say is the secret sauce that makes click funnels so special that nobody’s talking about?

Jake: 00:54:45 I think they’re talking about it now, but they weren’t before and it’s creating a culture around your business. So not, not being hesitant to give a tee shirt out to somebody when, if they were to sign up for something. Like, a lot of people are nervous that it’s like, Oh, if I, if I launched this business, like I need to save money. Like I’m not going to print, tee shirts out for people. Like, I’m not going to give away a free funnel hacker tee shirt to somebody like the, the, if you think about the small little things that Russell’s implemented in the click funnels, like the two comma club award, right? Or this is a figure were behind me, but, um, the reason there’s a reason for that, there’s a logic behind it, right? It’s creating a culture of people helping them one work together to build up each other’s businesses, but two, to also have goals set in their minds, like the four minute mile that Russell always talks about that to say like, I can actually do that.

Jake: 00:55:36 Like I’m seeing this person do it. I’m seeing this person who I’m seeing this person do it. Like what the heck? I can do it too, right? Yeah. [inaudible] and really, really pushing yourself and focusing on that. And when that happens, it also evolves your business. So your business grows with those people. And it’s just like this huge awesome Ascension of this is where you started and you build a culture of people that will follow you and also grow and make money. And the more that they make money is the more money they pay you. And so Russell kept adding steps to his value ladder because it was just like, okay, now people can afford $50,000 a year to be a part of my coaching program. So let’s add that into the next, right. That just doesn’t come from day one. It evolves. And so as you build that culture of people, you truly have diehards that are come out of it. And that’s kind of what we talked about last year is funnel hacking live is we have diehards now. Like they’ll do anything. We have people that are fricking tattoo [inaudible] it’s like, like it’s, it’s an amazing culture of people and if you do that and really focus on that, it will exponentially grow your business whether your and online business or brick and mortar business. Like you can be a dentist and still create something like that. Right? Yeah. Great. A fanatic culture around your business and people will love it.

Josh: 00:56:49 I love that. I love that. Okay. We have to get to rapid fire questions though. Run a little bit short for time here. Alright. Just a couple of rapid fire questions. Some of them are fun, some of them are just like, just buy, but fast though, right? Just fast provided click funnels does not sell them the next. Could you see yourself leaving within the next three years?

Jake: 00:57:07 No.

Josh: 00:57:07 No. Okay. Uh, do you have a favorite sports car?

Jake: 00:57:11 No,

Josh: 00:57:12 not really a car guy.

Jake: 00:57:14 I like range rovers. That’s my goal.

Josh: 00:57:16 Do you like range rovers? All, I don’t know why. Hey, range rovers. It is a great car to have. Um, you fly a lot.

Jake: 00:57:24 I don’t actually hate you.

Josh: 00:57:25 Don’t, do you have a favorite airline then or no?

Jake: 00:57:28 Well, I love Delta obviously, but they’re awesome. Yeah.

Josh: 00:57:32 Yeah. All right. Um, bucket list item that you want to do before you die.

Jake: 00:57:37 Um, I want to go back to Mexico and serve the people that served me when I was down there as a missionary.

Josh: 00:57:45 That’s awesome. I love it.

Jake: 00:57:47 I could expand on that, but literally I’m going to go down and literally make shacks in the freaking mansions for people. That’s my goal.

Josh: 00:57:53 That’s amazing. I love that. Um, if you have the ability to go to outer space, would you do it?

Jake: 00:57:58 No.

Josh: 00:57:59 No. You’re the first person on the podcast that has ever said, Nope.

Jake: 00:58:05 Yeah, I,

Josh: 00:58:07 you’re happy here on earth.

Jake: 00:58:09 Well, I would never do something. Um, sorry. I know this is not rapid fire. I would never do something that would affect my children’s lives for personal gain of my own. It’s always, I would, every action I make is to help my, my children.

Josh: 00:58:23 I understand.

Jake: 00:58:24 and I know me not being on the world or on the earth does obviously would affect their lives and I don’t want that for sure.

Josh: 00:58:31 For sure. All right, last question I got for you. We ask this question to every single person that comes on the podcast. The final question we always ask, um, fast forward to the end of your life and you’re on your death bed and all of your success, fame, relationships, everything is gone. Nobody knows who you are. Everything that you’ve done in life vaporize disappeared. However you get to leave every single person that you have touched or affected either directly or indirectly with one final message. What does that message,

Jake: 00:59:01 um, man, I mean I, this is going to be lame, but treat others as you would like to be treated. Act, be the person that you want to be, that you want to be and other people, the people that will surround you will be amazing people like you’re acting. Um, the, I mean, I would, I would totally tell my kids, you know, B, be the kind person you want to be surrounded with, with other people so that they’re around amazing people.

Josh: 00:59:25 Amazing. Jake, thank you so much for coming on here. This was an amazing interview. Can’t wait for it to drop. I’m appreciate your time,

Jake: 00:59:32 Josh, Dude, you’re awesome. I just want to tell your viewers, I’ve met you in person. You’re an awesome person. You’re… you have a very kind heart and tons of energy. I love it, man. I love your infectious energy. I love the… the just, the spirit that you bring to the room when… when we’re all together, and the happiness that you bring to people, man, so I really appreciate you.

Josh: 00:59:54 I appreciate that. Thank you so much, Jake. That means a lot. It really, really does. Alright man. I’ll see you at Funnel Hacking Live. And guys, if you don’t have your tickets yet, seriously, go get your tickets.

Jake: 01:00:04 I’ll be there.

Josh: 01:00:05 Alright guys. This has been The Think Different Theory with Josh Forti and Jake Leslie. As always, hustle hustle. God bless. Do not be afraid to think different, because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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