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How To Set Yourself Up For 2020 (The Last Podcast of the Year)


In this second last episode of 2019, I will talk about how you can crush it in 2020 by starting to kick it into high gear right now. 2019 has been a crazy year for probably all of us, and for me specifically, it’s been without a doubt, no questions asked, the single most challenging year of my life. From my brother dying, to changing my business and launching the podcast, to my Facebook getting deleted, and everything in between, it’s just been a heck of a ride.


I’m going to explain why there will be a brief hiatus from the podcast until next year, and talk about what’s going on, and what you should expect for the rest of the year with The Think Different Theory. I’ll then show you how to set up for success in 2020 by sharing exactly what I’m doing and how specifically you can apply that to go and crush it in 2020. Enjoy!

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • The season of change that was 2019 (03:29)
  • How Facebook has been driving about 70% of Josh’s business (07:36)
  • Having a clear direction on things to build a brand and lead a movement (13:53)
  • Getting quiet and blocking out the noise to be able to look at things objectively and get into a mindset that will allow you to have success (21:55)
  • The power in finding clarity and having focus (25:24)
  • The importance of goal setting and choosing a better mindset (28:12)
  • Figuring out what to execute on in 2020 (36:29)


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December 6, 2019


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00:00 If you want to be able to crush 2020, if you want to have 2020 go and like launch off to an amazing start, and really like kick it into high gear, then you need to start planning right now. And, I want to explain to you how to do that, but I wanted to show you how to do that, by showing you exactly what I’m doing, and kind of explain to you first and foremost, like what’s going on with the podcast, the why behind this, and then how specifically you can apply this to go and crush 2020.

00:32 You‌ ‌are‌ ‌now‌ ‌entering‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌So, ‌here’s‌ ‌my‌ ‌issue.‌ ‌I‌ ‌wanted‌ ‌to‌ ‌find‌ ‌the‌ ‌ answers‌ ‌to‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌questions.‌ ‌Things‌ ‌like,‌ ‌how‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌become‌ ‌happy‌ ‌and‌ ‌live‌ ‌with‌ ‌purpose?‌ ‌ How‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌make‌ ‌more‌ ‌money‌ ‌doing‌ ‌what‌ ‌I‌ ‌love,‌ ‌and‌ ‌what‌ ‌does‌ ‌it‌ ‌mean‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌truly‌ ‌successful‌ ‌in‌ ‌ all‌ ‌areas‌ ‌of‌ ‌life?‌ ‌My‌ ‌name‌ ‌is‌ ‌Josh‌ ‌Forti,‌ ‌@JoshForti‌ ‌on‌ Instagram,‌ ‌and‌ ‌I‌ ‌ask‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌ questions‌ ‌and‌ ‌share‌ ‌the‌ ‌answers‌ ‌with‌ ‌you.‌ ‌My‌ ‌goal‌ ‌is‌ ‌to‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌find‌ ‌purpose,‌ happiness,‌ ‌and‌ ‌ open‌ ‌your‌ ‌mind‌ ‌to‌ ‌new‌ ‌realms‌ ‌of‌ ‌possibility‌ ‌by‌ ‌helping‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌differently‌ ‌about‌ ‌everything‌ ‌you‌ do,‌ ‌know,‌ ‌and‌ ‌understand.‌ ‌On‌ ‌this‌ ‌podcast,‌ ‌we‌ ‌think‌ ‌different,‌ ‌we‌ ‌dream‌ ‌bigger,‌ ‌and‌ ‌we‌ ‌live‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌ world‌ ‌without‌ ‌limits.‌ ‌This‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory.

01:17 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And, today… today’s a big episode guys, because today is the last episode of 2019. Actually, that’s not entirely true. That… that is… today’s the last episode before we go on a brief hiatus until the end of the year. I do plan on releasing one more episode that will recap the entire year, but we’re going to be going on a brief hiatus over the holidays before we get to the final 2019 in review episode, which will probably be like an hour-long, honestly. But, I really want to take some time to sit down and really think about, and really reflect on 2019 before I create that episode here. But, there will be a brief hiatus here coming up, and I want to explain what’s going on, what to expect for the rest of the year with The Think Different Theory, why I’m taking the hiatus, the brief hiatus over the holidays, or the brief break from making podcast episodes.

02:26 And, also, more specifically for you, how to set yourself up for success in 2020. Now listen, 2020 is about three weeks away or so now, by the time this episode comes out, I believe this is going to be Friday at December sixth, I think is when this comes out. So you’ve got about three weeks or so, a little bit over three weeks before 2020 gets here. But listen, prepping for 2020 starts now, if you want to be able to crush 2020, if you want to have 2020 go, and like launch off to an amazing start, and really like kick it into high gear, then you need to start planning right now. And, I want to explain to you number one how to do that, but I want to show you how to do that by showing you exactly what I’m doing, and kind of explain to you first and foremost like what’s going on with the podcast, the why behind this, and then how specifically you can apply this to go and crush 2020.

03:29 Because guys, let’s face it, you know, 2019 has been a crazy year for probably all of us. But uh, specifically for me, I 2019 has without a doubt, no questions asked. Ben the single most challenging mentally challenging year of my life. There’s absolutely no question about that. And I’m going to touch more on that specifically in the end of the year, like kind of recap episode. But I’m, you know, starting this year off just with a, a new change in business, a new change in scenery, launching the business, launching the podcast. And then shortly after that you’ve got me know, my brother passing away. And then so much of a season of change there and then me selling the company and then me going on the world trip the last week and a half really of my life has just been absolute chaos. I’ve learned so much. I’ve grown so much this year, but it has been an absolutely brutal beat down of a mental challenge.

04:24 Uh, this year, 2019 has and you know, for some people, um, 2019 has been awesome. Some people it’s been an absolute win. They’ve crushed it. They’ve crossed seven figures, even multi seven figures. Some people are just getting into the, you know, the business and it’s at this, this phase of exploration and exploring and learning and growing. Like we’re all in different phases. But one thing is for absolute certain that 2020 is coming. And I think that it’s pretty safe to say that we all want to crush 2020. We all want to go out there and have a successful 2020. And you know, if you don’t launch 2020 like right away in January, if you don’t crush it right away, that doesn’t, that doesn’t mean you can’t have success in 2020 it doesn’t mean that you can’t, you know, like come back from a a botched January.

05:11 However, I do believe that what you do in January, what you do in February, what you do at the very beginning of the year kind of really sets the tone for the year. And if there is no greater example than the death of my brother at the beginning of March, the beginning of the year in 2019 I mean that overwhelmingly set the tone. And I know that’s an extreme example, but I really do believe that what you do in the very early beginning of your year sets the tone for the rest of your year. And if you want to be able to go out there and have success as I do and as you should, I believe, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or someone that is driven to succeed in life, then you absolutely want to go out there and crush 20, 20. That preparation begins right now. And so, um, I sat down and I, I’ve kind of looked at everything and, um, I’ve been pretty committed to creating content on the podcast.

06:02 Um, and uh, you know, kept going even when we were traveling, then putting out content consistently. We have done, I put out three episodes a week every single week without fail since the beginning of this year. In fact, two of the weeks both launch week. And then at the six months Mark, uh, we put out five episodes for those weeks. So, um, a lot of episodes were on episode 154 right now is what I believe this one is. Um, so like, like I said, quite a bit of content and we’ve had some absolutely amazing guests on here. Um, and so this kind of decision to kind of take a step back and to take a brief hiatus, um, was actually very, very thought through. And there’s a, there’s a reason behind that and it actually plays into what I hope you guys will do as well with your life and with your business as you’re going out there and preparing for 20, 20.

06:51 But, uh, so let’s dive into that here. And I want to kind of bring some context around this because, um, as I sat down and as I was like, all right, what can I do now to start preparing for 20, 20, um, there’s some things that really led up to this. There are some very, very big changes that happened in my business, uh, within the past week to week and a half that I’ve alluded to in previous podcasts or, or the last podcast I should say. Um, that happened. And I want to touch on those and kind of explain the effects and how I’m dealing with those and how I’m using that to help me prepare for 20, 20. So, as you guys know, I have a relatively large following on social media. Um, all things considered. Um, I have more or less about a hundred thousand people that have followed me or knew who I was.

07:36 And that included a 30,000 member Facebook group that included 15 to 16,000 followers on my personal profile on Facebook plus 5,000 friends. So you’re looking at about another, uh, you know, 21,000, 22,000 there on Facebook alone. I had about 55,000 followers. And then you factor in my email list. You factor in the others, Instagram and other social media platforms and the podcast, I mean, more or less you have about a hundred thousand people. And Facebook was, uh, you know, I kind of started off as the Instagram guy, but Facebook was really my big platform. In fact, up until last week or up until this past week, Facebook after I sold my company, um, and even when I had my company like Facebook drove about 70% of my business and I actually didn’t even realize how big of an effect Facebook had on the promotion of my podcast and the growth of my podcast until I actually, I lost it.

08:30 So, um, last week I was sitting on a ferry coming back from boho Philippines back to a CBU and uh, I logged into Facebook. I know sitting on the ferry, there’s about a two-hour ferry ride and if Facebook sends me a notification that says, Hey, basically we need to check your identity and um, we need to send you a text and we need to, you know, verify you are I guess who you say you are or whatever. And so I get sent the text and long story short, you know, I type in the code and it takes me to this other page that tries to send me another code. And long story short, I can’t log in. And I’m like, well that’s weird and I keep getting this warning sign from Facebook that’s basically like saying that there’s an error and this, this problem that’s going on.

09:11 And so by the time I get back to my Airbnb, I tried to log in on Facebook on my desktop. I can’t log in. I started to realize that this is actually a very large problem, so large in the fact that um, I have not just been logged out of Facebook. I’ve been completely deactivated from Facebook. Um, I have absolutely no content on Facebook. My profile is completely gone. All of my content, all of my posts that I’ve ever done in any groups ever. My 30,000 member Facebook group, all the content videos, written content in there, all my content in the click funnels group, all my content in the new group, everything has gone on top of that. I’m in the middle of launching a new group at this time called the art of communication. Many of you are probably in that group and you probably notice that after day two, I just ghosted and that’s because, well, literally I couldn’t do anything with it.

09:59 Um, I was completely gone and banned and activated from, from base book am no warning, no reason why we have still not been able to get a response back from Facebook. I have submitted literally everything you could possibly imagine from passport photos or driver’s license photos to EIN numbers. I have written forms, whatever. And, and that just happens like gone and instantaneously overnight I lose 50 something thousand followers. Now this, um, I go into kind of a panic mode as you can imagine and I start to realize like, wow, this actually affects quite a bit of things. And from a revenue perspective, obviously I take a huge hit. But also I realized that, uh, the podcast downloads within the, within a week, I mean, like really, really take a big hit because we’re not able to promote the podcast. Uh, any more on that platform. And when you can get in front of, you know, 50,000 people on or you know, obviously not get in front of all of them, but you get the idea like when you’re not able to promote that anymore, like that’s a huge hit.

10:54 So podcast downloads drop and I was supposed to do this promotion and now I can’t do this promotion anymore that I had lined up with a, a really cool, uh, funnel hacking live speaker and like everything like that, like that ends up having to get canceled. And so like, there’s a lot of stuff even behind the scenes costing me thousands of dollars that this all takes place. And I’m like, wow, okay, this is a really, really big issue for my business and, uh, for, you know, for where I’m at. And so, um, that combined with several other things that happened in my personal life, um, pretty big things actually. I mean that, that have gone down. Um, I can’t really go into them because they do involve other people and other members of my family. But, um, from a, uh, a health and actual like literally life and death situations, which we’ve already been through a lot of, um, problems with my brother dying and passing away with life and death, um, this year, but like literally moron in more than one case.

11:46 There’s been a lot going on over the past couple of weeks. And so, um, I’m sitting here and I’m like, wow, okay. Um, I feel like 2019 was already a pretty rough year. Uh, 2019 was already a pretty mentally challenging and growth year, uh, a year for me that I grew more personally than I think I did in business and, um, really challenged me and pushed me in mindset areas in a lot of ways. And so I’m kinda was like, all right, listen, I’m starting to get my momentum back now. It’s the beginning of 2019, or I’m sorry, the end of 2019. I just felt like I was kind of getting back into a rhythm of everything. I was putting out content to get on Facebook, the Facebook group. I was going to be back. Like, I mean, this was big. I had invested money into it and time into it and effort into it.

12:27 And then like all of a sudden, once again, literally at the snap of a finger, boom, everything’s gone. And so another hit. And once again, I’m not, I, I want to kind of clarify here and really stay like I am not complaining, you know, like I believe everything in life happens to a reason. I believe that we have a choice on how to react. I am not saying that I’m not blaming anybody. I’m not saying, Oh well it was me. I’m simply sharing with you the context of behind what I’m doing and why I’m doing it and how you can hopefully learn from it and apply this in your own life and in your own business as well. And so, um, I’m sitting here and uh, I don’t want to say like, ah man, it feels like everything’s falling apart. But like as times when you lose your Facebook account and when you are on social media and it drives as much traffic.

13:06 I mean we drove a lot of traffic and a lot of exposure and landed a lot of deals. I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in deals came from, from Facebook, um, probably millions honest or over a million in over the course of my career, uh, from Facebook alone. So like this is a really, really big hit. And so, um, I started to realize, okay, my centralized point of a business, my centralized point of everything has kind of not kind of, it has disappeared and that has affected every area of my life. It is affected my stress levels. It has affected my sleep really. It is affected. Um, my podcast downloads is affected, my email opt-ins. It has affected my revenue. It has affected my social status. It has affected my dream 100 strategies that has affected my perceived perception online, like, uh, of building the brand. Like everything has been affected.

13:53 And so I was faced with this choice and I’m like, listen, I’ve got 2020 coming up and right now I don’t really know exactly what the direction is that I want to go in 2020 yet. I don’t, I’ve had guys, I’m gonna be honest with you like 2019 was rough. It really was. And I tried a bunch of different things and I learned a bunch and I studied everything that you can possibly imagine from sales and mindset and communication to Greek philosophy, to religion, to you know, God and everything you can, you know, life, death, everything you can think of. And so, um, one of the things that’s very important when building a brand, one of the things that’s very important when leading a movement, like you do need a very clear direction on things. I think that that is very important. I don’t think, and I know that, I mean that’s, that’s fundamentals.

14:38 And uh, if you read or study anything about building a movement, building a brand, building a business like you need that direction, you need to have a clear vision of where you’re going. You need to be taking people on that. And I felt like I didn’t have that for a lot of 2019. I felt like I was just starting to kind of get, get some of that back when all of this happened. And so, um, I thought, you know what? I could, I could go and I could start creating or keep creating podcast episodes every single week. I could, you know, keep going and keep pushing through and kinda just go through this chaotic time. Or I could really go and take a step back and I could get clear on 2020 and I could figure out what the next steps are. And you know, I could go and like use this as an opportunity rather than see this as a problem.

15:21 Now I want you to think about this, okay, you, you, no matter what, have a choice. I could very easily sit down over here and be like, my life is over, my business is over. It sucks. This is awful. Blame everybody and do everything. Or I can choose to see this as you know, may maybe not a blessing and I’m going to be honest with you, I, there have been days and moments when it’s been much harder to see the bright side of things and all this and go, you know, some of the days where I just like holding my head in a ball and laying on the couch and going like, what is going on? But I am attempting to and I, and I am choosing to see, say, okay, how could I learn from this and how can I make the best of this situation right now?

15:57 What is facts? What is a reality? Well the fact is the reality is that right now a lot of my reach has gone down. The fact of the matter is a lot are right now a lot of things are, are, are a lot of chaos is going on right now and the best possible thing for me to do would just be to take a step back and analyze where I’m at and then move forward from there. It just so happens that it’s the end of the year right now, which actually works out really well for me now from a revenue perspective, end of year sales, things like that. It actually works out terribly for me. But once again, mindset, it’s all about how you see things. It’s all about how you choose to see things. It is seriously all of the success, all of life, all of happiness, fulfillment, contentment, positivity, all of it comes from the mind.

16:39 And I’m choosing to try to have the best possible positive mindset with this and say, how can I learn from this? How can I use this as an opportunity? So I sat down and I went, okay, how do I go and crush 2020 and that led me to the question and I said, okay, well I’ve got all these things going on. Let me, let me ask myself. Like what? Like, uh, what have I learned in 2019 and where should I be focusing on in 2020 and so that led me down these questions of different things and I started to realize, you know what, Josh? Right now you are in a season of change and you need to accept that. You need to realize that sometimes you do need to take a step back. I’m someone that likes to push through, push through, push through, push through.

17:27 I want to keep going. I never want to stop high energy all the time. Go, go, go, go, go. But you know what? A lot of 2019 I don’t want to say I lived in denial because I knew it was absolutely a season of change and growth in that Lake. I was growing, but I wanted to act like and feel like I had it all together and for a lot of 2019 I didn’t have it all together for a lot of 2019 I was going through this of figuring things out and I wasn’t always honest with myself to say, you know what? You’re in a season of change right now. It’s okay that you don’t know where ever, you know what everything’s going to happen and what you’re going to do. And it’s okay to take a step back and just pause for a minute. Not stop, not quit, just pause.

18:07 And so the reason that I am pausing the podcast and taking a brief couple of weeks hiatus for about three weeks or so is because I realized right now that a, I am a CS in a season of change. That’s first and foremost. Number two that I need to figure out 2020 and then I want to set myself up for success in 2020. All right, so that’s number two. I want to have a successful 2020. I want to get 2020 off to the bet, a good start. And number three, in order to do that, I need to have clarity. I need to take that time to be alone, to block out all the noise and to get really, really quiet so that I can get very, very clear on what the next steps are. And so this will be the final podcast episode. Um, well there will be one more recap episode like I said, but um, for all intents and purposes, um, this will be the final 2019 episode until the recap episode and then we will be launching back up again the first week of January.

19:12 And I’m very excited for this time. I’m very excited to study and learn and to take that time to be quiet, to take that time off, to not produce content and instead take that time and effort and put it into learning, put it into reflecting, put it into meditating, put it into praying and studying and reading and really just going and taking the time to be quiet and really just going and taking the time to be alone and really just going and figuring out what the next steps are for 2020. And so that’s what I’m excited about. Now there is a very clear, or there’s a very, uh, what’s the word I’m looking for? Very set process, three steps that I am focusing on over the next three weeks. All right. And I want to share those with you because I believe that if you follow these three things, you will be able to crush 2020 that you will be able to set yourself up for the maximum amount of success in 2020 and these three things are the three things that I’m going to be focusing on over the next three weeks over the holidays to be able to go out there and have a successful launch or relaunch or or back in the swing of things in 2020 all right, so, Oh, I want to share those with you now really quick before I dive into that.

20:27 It doesn’t mean I’m completely disappearing. I’m still going to be sending out emails. I’m still going to be like learning and studying going. I’ll still be on Instagram. I’ll still be sharing stuff with you, so if you miss me, like make sure you’re subscribed to my email list. We’ll link that down below. If you want to follow me on Instagram, I’m still engaging on there. I’m still replying to DMS, still doing the stories and posting and things like that. So I’m still be active and engaged. Obviously not on Facebook because I’m gone and deactivated, but I still will be active. We’re just taking some time away from the podcast specifically and really taking that time to go get clear because I believe that, you know, I put a lot of effort into the podcast. I don’t just throw these episodes together. I record seven days, I’ll record three or four episodes and I’ll only use one because it’s like I want the quality to be there.

21:10 And I’ve, I’ve spoke on that before. And so as I sit down and as I’m preparing to wind down the year of 2019 the, the single craziest year of my entire life, I can’t imagine a more crazy mentally challenging year than what I’ve had this year. Now, I don’t, you know, knock on wood and I, and I don’t want to say that, um, that it can’t happen because I’m sure it could, but seriously, I mean this has been absolutely crazy, but I’m going to choose to look at the bright side of things. Say, how can I optimize this? How can I really make the best out of this and learn from this and make the rest of 2019 a success and set myself up for success in 2020 so here’s how I’m going to do it. Here’s the three steps and here’s how you can go and set yourself up for success in 2020 as well.

21:55 Number one, get quiet and block out all the noise. Guys, there is so much noise in the world right now, not only in entrepreneurship, not only in business, not only in social media, but even in the world. Everybody’s trying to study something. Black Friday just happened and cyber Monday just happened. It’s the holiday season. Everybody’s selling stuff. They’re sales, it’s holidays, it’s shopping is traveling, it’s family. It’s this that is loud, loud, loud, loud. It is very, very loud. And when there is noise, when things are loud, there is not clarity. When it is loud, it is hard to focus. When it is loud, it is hard to, to really be able to look at things objectively and really get into a mindset that allows you to have success. So the number one thing that I am focused on, step number one of these three things that I am focusing on is getting quiet and blocking out.

22:55 The noise just so happens that I will be spending, uh, most of December in the Philippines. Actually all of all of December in the Philippines or Bali. We would go to Bali for the last two weeks of December. I’ll be spending Christmas in Bali. Um, and um, I will be in, in the Philippines up until about halfway through December. And uh, it’s a lot quieter here than it is in America. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love America. America is the greatest country on earth. There’s no even a remotely close comparison. But you know, it is nice to be able to go and walk outside and hear the ocean and get in nature and I’m really gonna try to use that to my advantage. Now I know not everybody has that luxury to be able to walk outside and have that, but there are still so many ways that you can go and get quiet.

23:43 You can take time, you know, every single day to just spend an hour meditating or reflecting. You can take some time to go and maybe have a weekend away. You can go and you know, like even in your own, even in your own a city, you could go rent a hotel room and just take a day or two and just go and spend some time alone. If you can’t afford that, go go for a walk or two. Instead of going and trying to, creating a new product and, and trying to do a launch and trying to sell and getting on phone calls and doing all that, take some time just to reflect, take some time to, to read. Take some time to really go through your goals and figure out, you know, what it is that you want with 2020 figure that time out. So really getting quiet and blocking out that noise, turning off the radio, turning off social media, deleting Instagram and Facebook off of your phone, like things of that nature.

24:32 I like, I really truly believe that there are many, many different ways that we can go and get quiet and block out that noise even in a crazy busy season. And I think it is absolutely important, not only for our goal setting but also for our health. And so that’s one thing that I’m going to be very, very focused on getting out in nature. Taking that time to be quiet and just be with myself and God. Number two, focus and clarity. Focus and clarity. Guys, if there’s one thing that I have learned over the course of 2019 I will, there are many, but one of the biggest things that I have learned is that like focus is like cocaine for entrepreneurs. And I know that it’s probably a terrible analogy for many of you and potentially offensive and if you’re offended, you know, get over it honestly.

25:24 Um, but like when you have focus, it’s like a super power that you can’t even understand. But in order for you to be able to focus, you have to have clarity. And so that’s step number two. And the thing that I’m going to be focusing on is creating focus, getting super, super focused about getting quiet, focusing on getting quiet, focusing on blocking out the noise and focusing on finding clarity on what the next steps are. Focusing on finding clarity for what is the goal for 2019 for the end of 2019 what is the goal for 2020 what am I going to do? What am I going to be about? How are we going to like really go out there and launch 2020 successfully? How am I going to go out there? What am I going to be about? What do I need to be focusing on?

26:08 And equally as important, what do I need to cut out of my life in 2020 what do I need to cut out of my business? How can I do less and do fewer things more often and for longer periods of time? That is focused. That is clarity. All right, so step number one, I’m going to be focusing on getting quiet. I’m going to be focusing on blocking out the noise and stop. Number two, I’m going to be focusing on finding clarity and focusing on creating more and more focus and focus and clarity comes when you do less things more often, cut things out, you don’t more, you do less and you get better at that, and that is how you honestly, that’s how you build a business is how you create a movement is you become about something, you become obsessed and you get very, very focused and very, very clear on this.

26:53 Clarity is absolutely essential. Now, do not let lack of clarity hold you back from taking action, okay? Sometimes you just have to go and take action in order to find that clarity. Case in point, and I’ve used this example before, I’m in a for a third world country and our foreign country right now, when we pull up the map on GPS, it can never locate us. Like if things were all over the place, all right? And we could sit there and sit there and sit there and sit there and it would not figure out or have the clarity to know exactly where we are. But as soon as I started moving forward, as soon as you drive the moped forward or the taxi moves forward or whatever it is, the GPS is able to locate us. So sometimes you need to take action to find clarity and if that’s what you need to do, great.

27:36 But that comes with focus. All right? So focus on creating clarity. Focus on the things that you need to cut out and focus on the things that you need to do and focus on leverage points. Go back and listen to my podcast episodes. You’re going to have plenty of time to go back and listen to my, the podcast episodes that I’ve done, but go back and listen to the ones where I talk about, Hey, focus on the things of the highest leverage points, the things where if you do three hours of work, you’re going to get 12 hours a result, not of results, not three hours of work, and get one hour of results. There are things that you can do that move the needle forward in your business and in your life. Those are the things that you should be focusing on. So get quiet, block out that noise, and focus on creating clarity.

28:12 Focus on what it is that you need to be doing, and focus on what the goals are for 2020 and how you’re going to go out there and start 2020 off with a bang. And that is what I’m going be doing. Really, really taking the time to get that down. And step number three, and you can kind of see how all of these things run together. Step number three is goal set. You absolutely need to set goals. I, um, I think I actually mentioned this in a podcast episode not too long ago. I know I said it to a couple of my students to one of my mentors, um, to Leah. I said the, the single biggest thing that I believe I lacked in 2019 my biggest mistake was lack of goal setting. I started off the year strong with goal setting. Three months into our business we were doing 60,000 in revenue.

29:06 That’s a big number. That all came with goals. Now my brother died and goals kind of went out the window. I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know what I wanted. My whole entire life changed my identity change. So I stopped making goals and my business felt it struggle because of it. My life struggled because of it. Any single time I set a goal and had a hard deadline for that goal. I had success every single time without fail that I had a goal and a deadline, I hit that deadline. I achieved that goal and I was able to get that thing done. But when I didn’t have goals, didn’t have deadlines, I didn’t get things done. Set goals, 30 day goals, 90 day goals, 180 day goals, 365 day goals, okay? 30 day, 90 day, 180 day or one month, three months, six months and year.

29:53 Set those goals. Follow through on those goals. Use this time of getting quiet and blocking out the noise to create clarity, to create focus, to figure out what you need to focus on and then create goals to actually go out and execute those. Okay? Don’t overthink this. Don’t compare yourself to somebody else’s goals. What are your goals? If your first 30 day goals is okay, my 30 day goal is I need to make $10,000 in revenue. Great. If it’s my 30 day goal is I need to make my product and perfect my product so that I can go out and make $10,000 in revenue and I’m going to be broke for the first 30 days so that I can go out and then have something for 90 days. Great. Whatever that goal is. If your goal is to grow your podcast or to launch your Facebook group or to whatever it is, you’ve got to set goals.

30:43 I’m working with a client right now, pretty big client. They’re going to be everywhere in 2019 we’re, we’re launching a Facebook group for them and we’re launching a podcast for them in January and February. Okay. Goal setting. We have clear dates for everything. We have dates and goals for every week, every month for the month of January, for the month of February for the month of March, like it’s set, boom, boom, boom. We need to get this many podcast episodes. We need to do get on this and this many Facebook groups when you want to get this, many members want to get this money, like it’s goal setting. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, and they’re going to crush it. We’re gonna crush your cause of it. Every single time that I have set goals and have that deadline, I have been able to go through and execute and fall through when, when I have created clarity and focus around that.

31:26 Because when I have clarity on what my goals are and I focused on those, that forces me to cut out everything else. The reason that you’re not able to get stuff done, the reason that you’re getting distracted is because you don’t have focus and clarity, okay? You can set a goal, but if you don’t have focus and clarity to actually go and achieve that goal, you’re going to go get distracted. You’re not gonna be able to execute on that goal. Okay? So you’ve got to have focus and clarity to be able to goal set and then to be able to execute on that goals. And in order to be able to create that focus and clarity, you need to take time to be quiet. Okay? You’ve got over three weeks left, you’ve got time to do this. You can make excuses or you can take action.

32:04 I choose to take action. And if you are sitting there right now and you’re like, man, 2019 sucked, 2019 was hard, 2019 was this, believe me, I get it. I promise you, I get it in more ways than you know, 2019 was brutal, but it’s all a mindset. It’s all how you choose to look at it. Now, let’s say you’re at rock bottom right now. I don’t know what, what’s your scenario is right now, but let’s say you’re at rock bottom. Let’s say that you’ve been struggling for months and months and months, maybe even years to get something off the ground. Let’s say that you, how’d your business fail? Let’s say that you are stuck somewhere and you, you can’t seem to figure out how to get over the hump. Whatever that situation is. If you take the time right now and you go, you know what, this is my reality.

32:50 This is where I’m at right now and I accept that and I go, you know what this is? And you look at things for what they are. You go do. You don’t have to. This is where I am. And then you take the time to get quiet. You take the time to block out the noise and you go, okay, where am I going? What do I need to do? Who do I need to listen to? Who do I need to stop listening to? What do I need to stop doing? What are the three things that if I just do those three things, everything else will fall into line after that cause usually it’s only about two or three things that you need to do and everything else. Follow suit. What are those three things? Who are the two or three people that I need to listen to you to get those three things done and then what are my goals to actually execute and go get those things done?

33:31 What are my 30 day goals or my 90 day goals or my 180 day goals? What’s my year long goal? What’s my week goal, my day goal, my hourly goal, whatever it is, however he goals you need to set and then go execute on them, your life will change. You’ll be able to crush 20, 20, maybe 2019 was a great year for you. Same thing still applies. If you want to carry that momentum into 2020, you got to have goals. Got to take the time to get quiet. It’s hard to sometimes to take a step back to get quiet and to block out the noise. When you’re on the top. It’s hard to think that you need clarity and focus. When you’re at the top. You need to leave it more at the top than when you’re at the bottom. Okay? So take the time, whether you’re at the top or that your boss or at the bottom.

34:09 Take time to get quiet. Take time to block out that noise. Take time to focus and get clarity and take time to goal set. That’s what I’m doing. That’s why we’re taking the couple of week hiatus or the few week hiatus from the podcast. We’ll have the re, uh, the, the year end, uh, side of things or the, the year end episode that comes out. I’m stoked for it, but this is what I’m doing and I’m taking the time to go and execute these things. I don’t just talk about them, I live them. I don’t just give random good ideas or come up with these things on the spot. I actually live in execute on the things that I’m teaching you guys because I absolutely believe it and you can take that to the bank. All right, I’m serious. So recap. Right now I’m in a season of change in my life guys. There’s no question about it.

34:52 The Facebook account has been deactivated and disabled can’t log in. I’ve got absolutely no content. Had to cancel a ton of things. I’ve lost quite a bit of money that I’ve invested into launching Facebook groups and growing the audience. Gone over 50,000 followers gone down in like podcast, episode, downloads down like everything. A lot. Lot of things going poorly right now in my life from a business perspective, lots of personal struggles, death and family, a death in the family, death of close personal friends, lots of sick like issues going on in the personal life. One of the things going on so I can, no, so I do have a choice right now and I’m choosing to say, okay, I’m in a season of change. How am I going to deal with, am I going to let it overrun me? Am I going to let it affect me negatively or am I going to choose to see the bright side of things?

35:42 Am I gonna choose to take control? Am I going to choose to take the time to get quiet, to block out the noise, to find the focus and the clarity that I need in order to move forward and then make goals to be able to execute? Which 1:00 AM I going to do? I’m going to choose the ladder. I’m going to choose to go get quiet. I’m going to choose to go through and create that focus and clarity. I’m gonna choose to go and make those goals and I’m gonna choose to go out and hit launch 2020 with a bang. And I hope you do the same because guys, you have to understand the only thing that is holding you back. The only thing is your mindset. That’s it. If you can master your mind, you can ask her anything. I firmly, truly believe that, and right now I need to master my mindset.

36:29 I need to go back into practice mode. I need to go back into execution mode. I need to take the time that I tell you to take and go, you know what? All right, now’s the time to get that mind right and now’s the time to go figure out what I need to execute on. And then when 2020 rolls around, it’s go time. It’s execution time. Listen, you can have all the challenge in the world. You can have all the skills in the world. You can have all the money in the world, whatever it is. If you don’t own and master your mindset, you’re not going to be successful and you can choose to play victim. You can choose to make excuses. You can choose to blame someone else. You can choose to say, Oh, woe is me, and your life will stay the same.

37:07 All right? It’s what a lot of liberals do. That’s what a lot of people that vote for people like Hillary Clinton do. It’s what a lot of people that are want the government to give him free handouts to stop what freethinkers do. It’s not what people with personal responsibilities do. Okay. Yeah. I’m throwing a little bit of shots because I’m really sick and tired of it guys. You control your life. You control your actions, you control your mindset and if you can master your mindset, have, you can master your actions. If you can master your thoughts, you can go out and create whatever life you want to live, but the choice is up to you. You got like three weeks left in 2019 use them wisely. Use your time wisely. That’s what The Think Different Theory is all about. When everybody else is covered or or really into the noise and the holiday season and the this and the that and not focused on all, yeah, 2020 that’ll come.

37:59 It’s going to be a party, whatever. When everybody else is doing that thing, different, act different, execute differently, and then go out and live different. When everybody else is saying one thing or focus on one thing, go out and do it differently. Look at things for how they actually are. Look at the ways that you can go and get ahead. Look at the ways that you can go and capitalize. Look at the ways upon which you can go and master your mindset just because everybody else is doing it doesn’t make it right. Most people are delusional. Most people don’t know what they want out of life. Most people don’t know how to goal set. Most people have not mastered their mind. Most people let life happen to freethinkers. Do not, and if you’re listening to this podcast episode, you are a free thinker, so go out, master your mind, master your actions, master your thoughts.

38:46 Go get quiet, go get super, super focused. Go get super, super clear on what the next steps are. Go make out those goals and make sure that you’re setting yourself up for the maximum amount of success, whatever that looks like for you. In 2020 guys. It’s been an absolute blast. It’s been an absolute honor to be able to go through and do these podcast episodes this year. I know there’s going to be one more episode recapping everything and I’ll probably get emotional on that one then, but uh, [inaudible] seriously, it’s, it’s been an honor. It’s been a blast. You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys listening. You have no idea how much it means guys up until the month of December, as of like December 1st we did like 90,000 downloads this year. If we were to kept it going, it would have been probably close to right around 100,000 downloads of the podcast this year and not insane.

39:43 It’s, it’s crazy. The 25 year old kid that grew up in Indiana farm. It’s insane. I so appreciate you listening. I still appreciate the support. I so appreciate the love for those of you that have stuck with me for the ups and downs. It’s been absolutely insane and so crazy and such an honor and privilege to have the podcast or grow the podcast and to have you guys be a part of it. From the support that happened when my brother passed away to the support that has happened, when I sold my business, to the support that happened when I traveled the world. Just everything. I appreciate you guys and I really, really, truly hope that you know how much I care and love and appreciate you and how much you know or, and I really hope that you know, how much effort and that I put into the podcast and how much, how serious I take it and how serious I am about creating amazing content that’s actually gonna change your life.

40:33 I don’t just put out content for the sake of putting out content. I don’t just put out content for the sake of getting downloads. I put out content because I genuinely, truly believe it can change your life. And I live what I preach. I live what I talk about, I, I actually go and execute on it and believe me, I want to live a great life. I want to live a successful life. I want to impact a lot of people. I want to make a lot of money and I want you to be able to do the same thing as well. I want you to be able to go have whatever definition of success is to you. I want you to be able to go out and have that and I really hope this podcast has helped you out there. If you like the podcast, share it with the friends and if you have shared it with friends, thank you so much.

41:11 If you really like the podcast, maybe blast out to your email list. I appreciate it. Seriously. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for being part of the think different theory movement. If you have not subscribed and left a rating, I left a review yet. Please do that. Ratings and reviews seriously help us grow so much and um, there was going to help continue to spread this. We’ll be back in about three weeks. There’ll be one more episode recapping the end of 2019 it’ll probably be right around Christmas time or right after Christmas time and then we will be back stronger and better than ever in 2020 so many cool things lined up. I don’t even know all the things that we’re going to have lined up yet. That’s why I’m going and getting quiet. That’s why I’m going and blocking out noise and creating that focus, creating that clarity and setting super, super clear goals for 2020 and I really, really hope that you do the same as always, hustle, hustle, God bless.

42:01 Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I truly, firmly 100% believe that with every fiber of my being. My final words to you would be this. If you’re looking for a skill to learn, learned communication, learn how to sell, learn how to network, learn how to build funnels. Those are all part of communication. Those things will change your life forever and whatever you do, master your mindset because your mindset is the most valuable asset that you have in your life and is the only thing that will determine whether or not you are successful or not is the only thing that’s going to hold you back from success or make you the most successful person in the world. Master your mindset and you can do anything. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode.

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