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why am i so lazy

Why Am I So Lazy?


I reflect on how being lazy was a habit that was created by being ‘mindless’.


This is something that a lot of people go through and they often think they are the only one. This mindless habit was causing serious problems in my life and business and being afraid to admit to the problems created a loss of consistent income. I’ll explain how finding discipline in all the chaos and striving for consistency revealed the path to being responsible and thoughtful for financial success.

  • Identifying the habits (8:53)

  • Judging others and the downward spiral (10:15)

  • What sabotages efforts and (13:10)

  • What to do to overcome it (15:09)


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January 28, 2019


The video from Simon Sinek that I reference:

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There would literally be days when I would wake up at noon. Sometimes one o’clock in the afternoon I would get out of bed I would, I don’t even know what I would do for the next two or three hours and by four or five o’clock in the afternoon I would be laying back on my bed looking at the ceiling mindlessly and this is while I was running a business. This is while I had things to do. I was working for myself at the time, and I was like why the heck am I so lazy.


What’s up guys welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti, and we are on episode number 16, and I’m very excited about this episode because we’re going to be talking about laziness and why are we so lazy.


“Why am I so lazy.”

Why are you so lazy or why was I so lazy, we’re going to get into that.


I do have to apologize real quick though my voice is very hoarse and so it might sound a little bit off now. And actually, I record batches of episodes at a time and over the next couple episodes, it might sound a little bit hoarse a little bit deeper than normal, just because I am very, very hoarse and I’ve lost my voice been doing a lot of yelling, I guess, over the past couple of days.


But let’s dive into this because this episode is very important and I think many people are going to will be able to relate to this more than they realize. I know for me when I was going through this I thought that nobody else like did this like I didn’t think that anybody else struggled with this issue or had this like lifestyle that I was living that was just breeding laziness for me and then I once I admitted it to myself. And actually, like, you know, took care of it and found the answer found the solution to overcome it.



Looking back in hindsight, I think a lot of people really struggle with this, but we don’t even realize that we are because we’re too afraid to admit it. And so I just kind of want to dive in, and my purpose with this episode right from the very beginning is to basically tell you my story of laziness and my story of feeling lost and feeling like you know I wake up in the morning and you know not to be able to get anything done. And just like not feeling like I was moving forward just overall being very lazy or not getting a lot of stuff not staying focused so sharing that story with you and then show you how I overcame that and really talk about that.


The overcoming process and what you have to do as a human and what I had to go through as a human to change that and to actually go and become the disciplined person that I am today because I think we all, you know, want to be disciplined. I think we all want to, you know, live a balanced lifestyle and be successful and do what that takes but I think so many people struggle because they don’t know how to break old habits.


They don’t know how to overcome the areas in their life where they feel like they can’t control whether that would be waking up on time or putting down you know the diet or, you know, going to the gym or whatever that thing is.


And so I really want to dive in and talk about that here today and then talk about that process and that transformation there. So by the time you’re done with this you’re going to know a lot more about me. I’m going to be pretty open and vulnerable, and I mean a lot of stuff is kind of embarrassing. Honestly, but I really want to share this with you and be open with you, not because I just want to talk about my problems, but because I want you to be able to learn from them and I don’t feel like a lot of people are doing that.


So let’s dive in because I think this episode will change your life. I’m calling this episode “Why am I so lazy.” Right like why am I so lazy what was causing me to be so lazy and why couldn’t I get over that. And so I want to back up. I’ll kind of give you a little backstory on this.



I have been in the entrepreneurship game for about, I don’t know about three years now, or so, more or less, and it’s what’s interesting is when I first got started, I was desperate, all right… and because I was desperate. I was also very motivated.

I did not have any money, and I wanted to have a lot of money, and I wanted to be quote ‘successful,’ right and so a lot of people, you know, I think there are two different types of people with some people when they first get started. They are very, very desperate and like I was, and they go through this process and then you know about a year or six months or two years in or at some point in their career, they had this switch which I had we’re going to talk about this switch that happened.

And then there’s another type of people that they struggle with this right away like right off the bat, but the principles of them both are more or less both the same.


All right. And so I kind of want to dive into this. So, you know, three years ago I started, and for the first like seven or eight months, I just worked work work work work work work as much as I possibly could. I studied I focused I you know did everything that I possibly could to just learn and consume and I wasn’t lazy. I was very hard working. I was very driven.


I was very motivated, and I don’t know if discipline was the right word, but I just wouldn’t quit, and I was always working all the time, which isn’t healthy, I would work for like 18 hours a day six to seven days a week, but I was desperate I needed money, and I needed to get out of the place that I was in I had bills to pay. I had no money in my savings account. I wanted to you know, ‘be successful’ and I didn’t want to work for a job and once I quit my job. I was even more desperate and really focused to get going.


But as I went through and as I became further and further along in my journey to success there came a point, I don’t know, probably close to two years in this is probably I don’t know this was a little bit over a year ago, when this happened, and I just became overwhelmingly lazy, and I would literally go and like this was a huge shift because there would be days when I would literally I would wake up and I would sleep into like noon-one o’clock in the afternoon, sometimes even and I would so so super super lazy right lounge in bed.


Then when I finally did drag myself out of bed, and it was a struggle. It was a drag. Even at noon or one and I would get a bed and I would, I don’t even know what I would do. Right. And for like two or three hours I would just kind of like mosey around sit on Facebook play Candy Crush like I don’t know, get a distracted reply to an email so who knows like not productive work, certainly not anything with focus.

I would go, and I would do these things and then I would find myself back in bed somehow like at like five or six and around five or six o’clock in the afternoon I would finally be like okay got me like I got actually do something today at like five or six o’clock in the afternoon.




The only thing I had done is like check social media, and you know watch a bunch of Youtube videos, and I couldn’t break this cycle. And what was interesting was you know a lot of people I tell this to, and I’ve told the story before they’re like well, Josh, like, how did you make any money like how did you go and, like, how did you get ahead.


And the truth of the matter was I wasn’t making all that much money. But the fact is I knew how to make money very easily like I could I could snap my fingers and I could make money, but only when I was desperate and I would get to this point where like it was almost like instantaneously.



Once my bank account hit like a certain number of low I would like snap into gear and I would be ultra super hyper-focused for like a week straight, and I would go and I just like being able to print money right like I’d get online I’d focused, I’d do a launch I do this or do that, and I make a bunch of money and then once my bank account got up to a certain number right that I was comfortable with. I would just relax, and I would show, and I’d be like ‘it’s all good.’ It’s all good right like it’s all been chilling I’ve got this cushion right, and I got to do whatever I want, and then that number would slowly diminish I get like more and more nervous I may have like a day of focus or whatever.


But then we get down to a certain level and click everything’s pops into gear. I was I was on fire level go go go, and I couldn’t figure out why this was, I was like, what on earth. Why is it that when like I could go and just get massive, massive amounts done when my bank account drops below this level right and like when it wasn’t at that level like I couldn’t do that anymore. Like if I could just stay focused. Like I am during those days and weeks, I’d be I’d be rich. Right. I’d be a billionaire I’d be I’d be so far ahead of where I’m at now.



So why is it that I can’t break this cycle, and guys like this went on for weeks and months I would go there would be days and weeks at a time where I would go and like not even be able to like I wouldn’t get anything done nothing at all. Sometimes like six or seven or eight days would go by before I would actually go do any form of work and I would trick myself into thinking I would do it tomorrow or I would do it the next day or whatever it was really bad, but what, let me tell you when that day came when that bank account, you know, hit that that low number or that ‘mental trigger’ went off in my head that boom!


I had to go, and I had a snap back into gear, it was it was game over. Right. I just I launched into, you know, work mode and off I went, and so I started to study this, and I was like, why, why can’t I do this. Why am I so lazy? Why can I not get to where I want to be. Why can I not get ahead? And this went on for like I said several months.



And so what I realized was there were these patterns right in my life.

And this was also happening in my apartment. This would also happen to other areas of my life, like in my apartment. We need to be clean, and it would get like dirty to a certain point, and I would clean it right, and I’m not a very messy person, so you know my standards were pretty high as far as that’s concerned, but I wouldn’t just keep it consistently clean.


There were days like eating food right I would go, and for like a week I would eat really clean and really healthy but then I would you know like it would drop off and I couldn’t figure it out. And I would go and then one day I wake up and be like, Oh my gosh, I feel like crap.


I’ve been eating terribly my stomach hurts my head hurts I got to get clean and boom, I would snap back into gear, and you know this.



So what happens? Why was I doing that? Why was I able to focus sometimes and not able to focus others? Right. And so I started looking into this, and I started diving into it, and what I realized and this came through reading different books and trying to you know study other people’s you know opinions on this and watching videos on it.

(If we and this is like me like)

I’m going to start with me and apply it to you.

If we as humans have things in our personal life that we are trying to run away from, that we’re are trying to ignore, that we are trying to hide, that we are not willing to face, that scare us.



That has a ripple effect in all areas of our life.

And for me, I had so much clutter, and I had so many things that I didn’t want to deal with. And I had so many things that I was just scared embarrassed like annoyed by that I wasn’t willing to like wake up and face music I wasn’t able to wake up and face reality that I was doing wrong or not doing it all in my life areas that needed to be fixed that I wasn’t dealing with.



I remember that I would get online and I wrote a status.

Actually, one time about this, but I would get online, and I would judge so many people I’m like every single time I would get online. I’ll be like, Oh, man. Well, that person is doing this, they’re doing better than me. Well, at least there are at least I’m not blah blah blah blah. And I would judge literally every single person I came in contact with even if it was nice to them.


I used to be a very judgmental person and what I realized was that every single time I would judge something that was just literally me struggling with that exact same thing that was me not willing to admit that you know the thing in my life that was holding me back from getting to where I wanted to become. And so, you know, when I would judge someone for, you know, not, you know, I don’t know, whatever it was like oh man they made you know $10,000 this week, or whatever. Well, at least you know blah blah blah blah instead of facing the reality of the thing that was holding me back from making $10,000 I just made that a bad thing. I was just like, well, oh, at least I didn’t do blah blah blah.


Or at least I have this thing better in my life, and I wouldn’t admit the things in my life in the areas of my life that I needed to go and get better.


I wouldn’t actually face the reality, and so many people don’t think that this is an issue. They don’t think that their personal problems and their personal life overflows into their business or into their goals, but it does.



And there’s a cliche saying; actually, you may have never heard, but there’s a saying that goes, always remember that when you point a finger; there’s three fingers pointing back at you so like when you point the finger with your hand right you point one finger, but that means three of them pointing back right and so every time that you judge every time that you point a finger at somebody else. Every time that you’re out there saying, Oh, this person you know that person did this person is or at least I’m not that at least on that, that there you are, like, there’s three of your fingers pointing back at you if you’re judging it and someone else if you’re being judgmental in somebody else’s life if you recognize in someone else’s life the areas that they’re struggling with.


It’s because you personally struggle and deal with those things because you don’t notice everything that’s wrong in someone else’s life. You notice the things that you notice, and you notice those because you do them. And so the good things you notice you’re probably doing those. And that’s true with the bad things that you notice.


And so for me this laziness this thing that I was struggling with, I would be so judgmental as I was sitting in bed being so lazy, I would you know be judgmental of other people while I was not being disciplined while I wasn’t going to gym while I wasn’t eating right while I wasn’t even treating people right I was ignoring calls and responsibilities. I was not taking care of, you know, things that needed to be taken care of.



Why, because I wanted to avoid them. And once I was actually able to just wake up and face the truth and just say I’ve got to take care of things in my personal life, I’ve got to go and deal with the issues that I know need to be taken care of right now, then everything else in my life started falling into place. The reason that I been able to drastically cut back the times that I wake up from, you know, noon or one o’clock in the afternoon, to hours and hours earlier than that, like, you know, seven or eight o’clock in the morning when I wake up is because I faced the reality that I had areas in my life that I needed to fix.


I called back the people that were trying to get a hold of me. I emailed back the people whose emails I was ignoring. I went up, and you know made sure that I was paid up on everything and I wasn’t behind on bills and a lot of things guys like I never used to be this way right, but like I would let bills become like overdue. And then it’s like take care of it all only when I got really, really bad and then like make them take off like the late fees and stuff. And I could you know call them up, and you know annoy them and distract myself with busy work that shouldn’t have never been there in the first place right now because I didn’t have the money I had plenty of money.

I could pay it without a problem, but it wasn’t it, and it was annoying to me, and I wasn’t willing to face the truth in the reality that I needed to deal with these situations. And for me, this came like I said about two years into my journey because I like lost purpose I lost focus I realized that it was easy to make money, I realized that I had an audience I could snap my fingers, and you know basically fill my bank account on demand and I could go and do these things and I think a lot of entrepreneurs get to that spot now maybe you’re not in that spot now maybe you’re trying to you know have more money, or you’re, you know, trying to get a better job or work your way up there.


So maybe that’s not your state, maybe you’re just struggling right from the beginning, but I became comfortable, and therefore I became complacent, and it was really, really hard for me to break that habit. And if you’re struggling at the beginning or you’re struggling, a year into your journey or two years or whatever it is that you’re facing this when you’re laying around in bed or you can’t go, and you know seem to get ahead and get to that next level.



You’ve got to first sit down and ask yourself and look yourself in the mirror look yourself in the eye and go; what things do I need to take care of what relationships I need to restore. Do I need to go apologize to my Mom. Do I need to go pay someone that $50 that I owed them from seven months ago. Do I need to go and you know take care of a debt that is you know is owed to it. Do I need to go and what big something in my life. Do I need to go and you know…whatever that thing is that you know that that that’s eating at your head right now you got to go take care of those issues and you’ve got to start you you’ll never get ahead unless you do because you’ve got to take care of your personal health you out to take care of your personal mind in your personal life because all of those things, translate over and transfer over into business.


All right, and like, even as I’m saying I’m saying this right now like one thing that I totally forgot about I have to go make right, and I totally forgot about it and I was like wow that’s crazy so like those things that pop into your head that you know you need to take care of those are things that you need to do you need to have a real honest conversation with yourself and then when I did that, and it was hard.



By the way, okay like these were not comfortable questions that I had to ask myself, these were not comfortable exercises that I had to do. I had to go into places in my mind and really think about and get comfortable with being uncomfortable for a while.

I had to go in and really think about and they got a list of all the things that I did not want to do that I had to go and do and this wasn’t like you know trying to be like, Oh, I got to do this and this and this for work no like actually taking care of issues and like having a clean slate a clean plate of my life and making sure that I could you know sleep at night.

Going to bed with a clean conscience and a clean mind and really taking care of all those issues when I went through that process and it took weeks after I finished that though my whole entire life started to change. I started to be able to think more clearly. I started to be able to stay focused. I started to be able to have purpose and the biggest thing ever. I stopped judging people I literally everything went away.



I would get online instead of judging someone I’d be like, oh, that’s awesome. I could celebrate their success. We kind of talked about that before but only after I dealt with my own internal issues and the same person that I sat and judged for months and months and months and there’s many of them. I could now look at and be totally happy for them and happy for their success, rather than judging them when I see them winning I could go on man, it’s awesome that you’re winning. Why? Because I wasn’t having three fingers pointing back at me. I wasn’t dealing with those issues and problems in my own life because I was willing to wake up and face the music and face reality if you can’t get out of bed in the morning. If you can’t stay focused.




If you can’t stick to a schedule.

If you can never stay in the routine and you just keep trying to set goals and set goals and set routines and set routines, and you know be like, I’m going to do it, this is the day this is today.


This is the week. This is the week like this is the week that I’m going to wake up earlier this is the day that I’m going to go out and actually follow through with stuff. This is the month that I’m going to go through and start working out every day.


It’s not going to happen unless you clear up the things in your life that are actually holding you back, which is dealing with the things that are uncomfortable dealing with the people that you don’t want to talk to making wrongs right and going back and cleaning up those things.


I promise you, your life will drastically change. You’ve got to stop judging people you’ve got to stop comparing yourself to people. You’ve got to stop being like, oh, at least I’m not eh, or I’m better than them or that or you know he’s bad, she’s bad. It doesn’t work that way.

You cannot do that and expect to get ahead. You got to take a step back, you’ve got to deal with your own crap. First, you’ve got to take care of your own crap.



You’ve got to take care of your own personal life. I had to do it, and it was so hard for me. And as I went through this process…I mean, there were days when I like cried myself to sleep. It was so uncomfortable.


It was like, well, how did you know, Josh. How do you even sit through that? Because it’s a ripple effect; because the more you do it, the more you’re comfortable you’re with it. And the more able you are to do it, with more willpower.

You have to be able to go and finish it because you’re cleaning up all that old crap and your body and your mind is able to align and work like it’s supposed to.

You can’t possibly get ahead when you’ve got your own mind and your own body holding you back.



Okay, you can too. So you’ve got to reprogram it you got to get out of that crap you got to unlearn the old stuff you’ve got to get rid of all that and really making wrongs right is a huge thing. Call back those people pay those bills, take care of the person that you screwed over whatever it takes. You got to go and do that, and you’ll start having monumental success.



All right, all right, phew, that was a very honest and raw episode! Yeah, like I was in a bad state for a while, and it was hard, but once you do that once I did that. My life changed forever, and it can do the same for you.

So I hope you learn something from that I really want to encourage you if you have not yet, go to the and get my mind shift playbook.


Okay, my mind shift playbook talks not specifically about this, but a lot that goes into that like asking yourself the question of why and, you know, figuring out your clear goals and figuring out how to get there and really just like totally and completely shifting the way you see the world and the magic playbook is five questions to change the way you see the world and allow you to get anything that you want in life and I’m being very serious about that okay, like that’s what it will do so go to the think different or go to, get the mind shift playbook.


There’s a workbook with it. And then there’s also five videos, one for each one of the questions that explains it and how it works. And this is super-super cool.


So like I said if you have any questions, maybe have an idea, I’m on Instagram. Let me know what you thought of this episode let me know what this helped. I really hope this resonated with you because I have been there. I’ve been the person that can’t get anything done. I’ve been the person that’s like, how am I going to get ahead. I’ve been the person that has made out every form of list I have tried getting, you know, apps on my phone. I have tried vision board stuff I have tried checklists, I have tried setting my alarm I’ve tried willpower. I’ve tried so many different things.



I couldn’t even keep it. I tried an accountability partner, and I couldn’t even keep my accountability partner why because I wasn’t facing the truth in my own life. I’ve tried everything, and I could not get ahead. This was the thing that got me ahead and is the thing that will get you ahead. Be honest with yourself and face the music wake up face the hard stuff. Get your life right get your personal life right, and the rest will fall into place, and you’re going to be able to go out and accomplish so many more goals. Alright…


Alright, guys as always hustle-hustle. God bless. Don’t be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. Hit me up on Instagram @Joshforti,

– send me a DM and let me know what you thought of this episode.


Also, if you would, if you, anytime you guys are listening to these episodes to take a screenshot post up in your Instagram story, tag me in it. I love resharing those and showing you guys that would be super cool you know we like to create this community and culture and like show who else is listening to it and what parts you like best so that we can go and make the world a better place.


((Alright. Alright, guys as always. Ah I already said that.))



Alright, guys, I love you all, and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam, peace.


References to check out: Simon Sinek