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Why You Always Start With Why


In this episode, I talked about the importance of starting with why.


I’m going to reference Simon’s famous TEDx video a lot in this episode. So if you’ve not yet seen it, be sure to check out the link to the video below. I talked about the concept of the Golden Circle and why when someone hears your why they should not be able to tell what or how you do what you do.

My goal is to show you why having a ‘why’ is so important and how to go on to develop your ‘why’. I’ll explain the difference and how to break free of these issues most people have in showing people who you really are in business.

– My big mistake in how I used to do business (7:06)
– Why you’ll sound like everyone else (8:50 – 13:41)
– What change motivates us when we know our ‘why’ 14:00
– How the ‘why’ worked for others (15:00-20:00)
– Why alignment is key (22:47)
– Critical books to read! (23:40)


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January 29, 2019


Check out Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk here:

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People don’t care what you do.

They don’t and they don’t care how you do it either. You might think that they do.

And yeah, okay there’s an exceptional nerd or whatever.

But at the end of the day, people don’t care what you do or how you do it. They care about WHY you do what you do. I’m going to prove that to you here in this episode.


What’s up guys welcome back to another episode of the Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti and we are on episode number 17 and I’m going to call this episode, “Start With Why”.


Because so many people get confused and so many people in life regardless of what you do, regardless of whether you’re in entrepreneurship or whether you’re in a job or whatever, doesn’t matter any project any task any goal that you have. You have to start with ‘why’ you can start with what you do, you can’t start with ‘how’ you do it, you’ve got to start with ‘why’ and so many people miss this and I missed this for years.



Honestly, and it wasn’t until within the last year as I went on this journey of self-development and personal development and self-discovery and, you know, all sorts of learning about myself and learning about humans and others, and human psychology and human nature and what success really means that I actually realized this then when I started to apply this in my life…


It was fascinating to me how my life changed how my business changed and how my environment change and so many different things came about so I want to talk about that in this episode…My goal is to show you, while we’re going to we’ll talk about the Golden Circle and my goal is to show you why having a ‘why’ is so important. And then also touch on how to actually go and develop your ‘why’ some elements of a ‘why’ statement or the ‘why’ that you actually have. Right!


I do want to start off by saying this concept of ‘why’ I’m going to steal heavily and model heavily off of Simon Sinek. Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why and I would highly recommend it. In fact, one of the listeners of this podcast won it in our giveaway. Congratulations! That was super cool! We give away a lot of books with meaning on this podcast and this is one of them.


And he also has a video on this and I’ll link that below in the description. It’s called ‘Start With Why’ it’s on YouTube actually, he gave a TED talk about it. But when you watch this, it will all make a lot more sense. And after this episode’s over it will make a lot of sense as well.



And I’m going to use some of the examples that Simon gives in his video as well specifically about the company of Apple, which we’ll get into. Like I said here in just a minute, but I want to say these concepts and the idea. This idea is not my own, but I have taken it and I have applied it in my life in my own way and really watched my business grow.


So, like most people when they go out and they start a project. Let’s say you’re going to start a business. All right. You’re going to start some big project, maybe, it’s a business. Maybe it’s you know a charity organization and maybe it’s a school project. Maybe it’s, you know, the hobby of yours Frisbee League, whatever it is.

Okay. Most people, when they go out and they start this they focus on the ‘what’ or the ‘how’ you do something.

Here’s what we are going to do, you get all your friends together, you go on Facebook, on Instagram, whatever here guys here’s what we’re going to do; and here’s how we’re going to do it right.


Those are the questions that come up. Anybody can go and do ‘what’ and ‘how’ you do something; anybody can go and do that. In fact, there are millions of people that have already done whatever it is that you’re trying to do the same way that you did.

So what they’re doing.


I’m going to build a business with millions of people have started businesses, here’s how we’re going to do it. We’re going to sell courses or we’re going to you know make t-shirts or we’re going to do like whatever millions of people have done that too so you can’t compete on those two issues, what you actually have to do is you have to compete and the thing that sets you apart is your why right why you do what you do because why you do what you do is uniquely yours and uniquely your own and that is what people are going to buy because if you’re not competing on why if you’re not going out there and having a strong clear why you’re not marketing that you’re not putting that forward.



You’re not starting with ‘why’ then they’re going to go and jump ship when they find somebody else that’s doing what you do a little bit better or how you do it a little bit better or different in their own unique way.


But when you get people to buy into your ‘why’ they’re going to be loyal to you for the end of the earth and your company and everything that you do is going to center around this ‘why’ and it gives you so much freedom and so much clarity. I’m going to break this down and kind of show this to you as well.

Now I’ve never actually given this presentation or told this story about my ‘why’ story without a video camera or up on stage like somewhere without a whiteboard. So I’m going to try my best to do this over audio. But if you do have questions as I said, you can always hit us up on Instagram @Joshforti, and I can answer them there.



So I want you to picture this concept of the Golden Circle, and as I said, this is stolen directly from Simon Sinek, but I think it is very important and very much summarizes what we need to do to elaborate on here okay. So you have a circle. This is the standard size circle and then you have two more circles that are slightly bigger than the second circle is around the first circle, and then the third circle is around the second and the first circle.


So it’s like three circles like a small plate, a medium plate and a large plate stacked on top of each other okay. So you have these three circles, and in the center, that’s your ‘why.’

You imagine writing the word ‘why’ right through the center, that’s the first circle.

And then in the second circle that you have, you’re going to have your ‘how.’

How you do what you do.

And then the third circle, the big one is going to be ‘what.’ What you’re going to do.


Okay so yeah why, how, what. Why is at the center in the center circle.

How is in the middle circle and ‘what’ is at the outer circle.

Okay, so what most people do and this was fascinating to me because this is what I was doing.



I was going out, and I was saying to people “here’s what I do, I grow …” and I’m just going to use my own personal life, my personal example when I first started was in Instagram. So I would be like, well guys I do Instagram right I do Instagram. Here’s what I do, I do Instagram I can grow your Instagram account this is what I do. Right. And they’re like, okay, that’s great. How do you do it, I was like, Oh, we use you know hashtags and we do, you know market research we do this. That’s how okay. What how, what how, I was telling people what they do, they would ask how and I’d be like, Oh, this is what we do.



Here’s the problem with that everybody else that was growing Instagram was also doing that. So I was competing with everybody else right on prices on this on that whatever was nothing inspiring about growing Instagram accounts.


“What do you do?” “I grow Instagram accounts.” Okay. There’s nothing really inspiring about that. Yeah okay, like maybe for some people. Wow, that’s so cool, whatever. But overall, like you’re not going to grow an entire audience entire following your entire like ground shaking movement on what you do when this is just Instagram accounts anything whatever it is, it can be boring.


It’s only interesting to a certain number of people. And then the next question is ‘how,’ which is how you do what you do is, you know, for me it was hashtags and things like that. And so some people might ask that question. Okay, cool, so you do Instagram. Some people might be like okay how do you do that right as Simon Sinek put everybody knows ‘what’ they do, or you can tell me what you do.


You make paper you, write books. You take pictures. You are an accountant. You babysit right, that’s what you do. Everybody in the entire world knows what they do in life in business and their job their career, whatever it is. Everybody knows what.



Few people know ‘how’ they do it. Okay, so fewer people know how they do what they do, because that’s harder and more clear to find a lot of things that you do on a daily basis, you probably don’t even know how you do it right like you couldn’t explain the process without really going through and sitting on it.

Maybe if you really sat down and thought about it, you could but a lot of things you just do it right. It becomes second nature to you, and that was the reason that I was getting into Instagram. When I first got started, is because that’s what I did and I learned the skill, and I went through, and I just did it and when somebody would ask me how I did it.


I just knew; I just put these things together. And here’s what happened out comes an outcome and it wasn’t till later on that I could actually explain how I did it in a way that people could understand. But almost nobody, very few people in this world know why they do what they do, and even fewer people actually lead with why they do what they do. And that’s what’s going to change everything.



And I’m going to give an example of that here. Okay. But I want you to think about this any company that you’re in right now. Any business that you’re trying to start and you know project that you’re working on. There’s somebody else that’s doing something similar, and you might be like never before seen this. Listen, it doesn’t matter. There, are no unique concepts in the world or very few concepts that have never been thought of before.

There are 7 billion people on this earth. We’ve been around for thousands of years okay.


Someone’s thought of it before. More often than not like 99.9999% of the time, it’s been done or, you know, thought of before. So your idea is not unique. Okay. Oh, we have a better you know we have a better health pill or, you know, I have my Frisbee League, or I have, you know, this game or I have whatever it is, it’s already been done. Okay, So what you do is not inspiring, and people aren’t going to buy into that people aren’t going to follow you people aren’t going to be like, oh, that’s so inspiring and really changed my life;

if you lead with that.



Okay. And so what naturally people try to do then is; they try to go to the next phase in the process. And they go well; mine’s better because this is how we do it. Once again nobody cares. Oh, you know, our, pill is better my diet is better because we follow this formula. Or we follow this and that’s why it does this. It gets confusing, it gets old and again not inspiring people don’t buy into that it doesn’t make them get out of bed. It’s not going to make them pull out their wallet. It’s not going to make them follow you to the ends of the earth is not going to get them pumped up or motivated about life if every morning you woke up. And you know you started off your day. And by the way, this is true for yourself with what you’re doing as well like this isn’t just what trying to sell it to other people. This is for you, yourself when you’re getting out of bed every morning.


If every single morning let’s say I’m going to use my example, Instagram accounts. That’s what I grew. When I first got started. If every single morning someone came to me it was like. ‘Rise and shine Josh, you get to grow Instagram accounts today.’ Yeah. And they did that every single morning, that’s not going to inspire me to get out of bed every morning. This is an Instagram account, right. I’m not going to be able to sell myself on the fact that I should get out of bed every morning. If I’m just like, this is what I do; I grow Instagram accounts. Yay, so exciting; It’s not, it’s not inspiring. It’s not like oh what do you do. And so like I said what most people try to do, and then they go to the how.



So think about this.

Josh, you get to use hashtags and market research, and you know consistency and really good picture posting order to grow Instagram accounts every day. Yeah, get up.

If I tried to try to tell myself that self that every day, do you think I would go and be inspired to get out of bed every morning? No, it’s boring! It doesn’t matter how revolutionary you’re ‘how’ is; it’s just kind of boring. It’s just there, right. And nobody else is going to buy into that too. Yeah, you can get them excited for a day or week or month but long term, you not going to change anybody’s life. You’re going to get people to buy into your idea follow you, you know, buy your stuff.

Be a part of whatever it is that you’re trying to build. You got to be able to sell yourself first on it. And whether you realize it or not everything that you’re really excited about in life.


Like everything that you do love to do is like your thing. There’s a reason why. There’s a reason why you like to do that, and that’s the thing that you have to start with right why, as you can imagine, is why you do what you do not ‘how’ not ‘what’ but why.


So for me, I have a very clear why and we’re going to break down, like the elements of why. And I’m going to give an example of how this works in business and in marketing that Simon Sinek gave. But for me, I have a very clear ‘why,’ right.


My why is to inspire people to break free and find their purpose, know the truth and define their own destiny; so they fall in love with life and make the world a better place.

Okay. Now, when you think about this in my ‘why’; did I tell you what I do, or how I do it.

Okay, I’m going to reread it. I want you to really think through this if you never met me before you have no idea who I am. You don’t know anything like nothing okay, and I was to tell you this was you have any idea what I do or how I do it.



My why is to inspire people to break free and find their purpose, know the truth and define their own destiny; so they fall in love with life and make the world a better place.

Okay, no mention of what I do or how I do that.

Now if I were to take that one step further, and then I enter and I say:

“How do I do this?” I do this by, you know, transforming the mindsets of people I do this by, you know, providing the best quality content I do this by, you know, whatever that how factor is. And then what I do; would be like I sell courses, I also grow Instagram accounts.



I do whatever it is that you know I do okay so this why is inspiring a ‘why’ is the inspiring factor behind whatever it is that you do.


So going back to the Instagram example I’m not going to be able to sell myself every day to wake up and be like ‘Josh, get out of bed to grow Instagram accounts today. Or Josh get out of bed, you could use hashtag research and consistency and networking to the list of accounts today’.



Those aren’t inspiring; but if every single day I woke up and you know there was a voice inside my head telling me someone saying, ‘Josh, guess what?’ ‘You get to inspire people to break free and find their purpose today.’

‘You can help people find the truth you to help people to find their own destiny and fall in love with life; so, the world is better.’ ‘Do you want to make the world a better place today, Josh!’

Guess what, that’s going to get me out of bed when I lead with that, when I lead with that, my business in my life doesn’t matter to the Frisbee League, or if it’s a business or if it’s a charity, doesn’t matter.


People are going to buy into that is the ‘why’ of your Frisbee League is to get people healthy again so that they can live longer lives and spend more quality time with their family.


Guess what people are going to buy into that. You can take any boring thing and when you give the ‘why’ behind it, all the sudden it becomes meaningful.


You wouldn’t get people to buy into it or want to join it if I was just like:

“dude, join my Frisbee league,” “like, well, okay what are you doing.”




“We’ve got a Frisbee League.”

“Okay, cool…how you going to do that?”

“We are going to get some people together, and we’re going to throw the Frisbee around and compete in tournaments.”

“Okay, cool, I’m not interested, that sounds like a lot of work,” right.

“Oh, come on man I’ll be fun braa.”

“I’m sorry I can’t do it. I’m not going to…you know; I’m just not interested”.


But if you said: “Look, man…my goal is to help people live happy, healthy lives. My goal is to get you into shape is to help people live the life that they want to live and have the body that they want to have. And be in the health they have so they can spend more time with their families so they can hang out with their friends and they can be with their boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever and be how they live long healthy lives”.

All of a sudden it’s like “oh man I really need to do that. I mean I can totally get behind that.”



Changes the whole dynamic and this is true in business as well. I’m going to use this example from Simon Sinek, okay. And Simon said it gives us an example about Apple. Now, this was written back you know in 2009, 2010, I think so…



Apple has changed a little bit since then, and a lot of people are like oh they’re less innovative and blah blah blah. So take this back to like Apple’s prime.

So, Apple’s doing pretty well to be, you know the first trillion dollar company, they didn’t get to be the first trillion dollar company ever in the world by not having a strong ‘why,’ right… they’re doing something right.


So, Apple makes computers. We know that right they make computers they make iPhones. They make you know electronic devices and are in the technology space and if they were like most computer companies, right. If they were like most companies and you know in the world that tried to lead with the, ‘what’ or the ‘how’ this is what a marketing message from them might sound like, okay.


It would start with some statement of what the company does or makes followed by how they think they are different or better than the competition, followed by some call to action, okay. With that, the company would expect some behavior in return. And this case a marketing message from Apple if they were like everybody else might sound like ‘we make great computers.’


17:46 What Apple did do with their message

They’re beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly, want to buy one?


Eh, not that inspiring, right?

We make great computers beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly, want to buy one, maybe, but probably not. I mean…maybe if I’m in the market for a computer, but you don’t take over an industry, you don’t start a movement you don’t get people to buy into what you do.

Only if they’re already there…

You’ve got to really get people to buy into your idea or else they’ll go to the next best computer.



So what Apple did is not that. Okay, so that and I want you to understand this. Going back to our Golden Circle, what all the other companies do and the marketing message that I just told you, lead from the ‘what.’

What do we do? We make great computers. That’s the ‘what.’


They’re beautifully designed, simple to use, and user-friendly and that’s how they do it. Okay. How is it your computer is great?

Well, they’re beautifully designed, that’s a how.

They’re simple to use, that’s the how.

That they are user-friendly, that’s a how.



That’s how one by one, that’s where most companies stop. That’s where most people stop.

But what Apple did is they reversed it; they went from the inside out. They started with the

‘why’ and this led them.


This is the core foundation of what led them to be a trillion dollar company. Okay, starting on the inside and they said, this is their actual marketing message:


“Everything we do. We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user-friendly. And we make it happen to make great computers. Want to buy one?”


Okay, so different, so different. Because now it’s all about challenging the status quo; now it’s about believing and thinking differently. Now it’s about going out there and being different and challenging what we know to be true now.


And everybody can buy into that because, yes, we want to challenge the status quo. We want to think differently. We want to go out there, and you know you do all those things. And that’s what they lead with.


So what do they do? Everything we do!

We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. That’s the ‘why.’ That is ‘why’ they do what they do. Okay. The way that we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed simpler to use and user-friendly.


And we already talked about that. That’s the ‘how’; and then the ‘what’ is: we happen to make great computers.


Okay, that’s the ‘what we do,’ and that’s the difference. And that’s why Apple, who was not qualified to make great computers when they first started. And was not the best computer on the market when they first came out, that is how they came to be the giant dominant player that they are today; because they started with ‘why’ this is true in all areas of your life.


I cannot explain to you enough how important it is to lead with your why.

And so, your, ‘why’ is why you do what you do.



My ‘why,’ which I read is what goes and allows me to…The reason this podcast exists.

It allows and makes all of my decisions. And here’s what I mean by that, and this is so important. And this is the thing that if you take nothing else from this podcast episode, I want you to understand this.



I was talking to my friend one time when she and I were sitting down, and she was like; ‘Josh, I don’t really know if I want to be known as this particular type of person I don’t really even want to know if I want to be in this industry anymore. Right. I don’t know what I want to do. I don’t know if I want to, you know, be on social media. I don’t know if I want to, you know, be a speaker. I don’t know if I want to be a podcaster. I don’t know if I want to be in sales. I don’t know if I want to be a writer. I don’t know I don’t know what I wanted to do’. Right.


And I said; “Well, that’s great.” She’s like, ‘well, people see me like this because this is what I’m known for now, but it’s just so confusing; I don’t know,’ and I’m like “that’s because you’re leading with your ‘what’ because if you lead with what you do; you have no vision of the future. You have no idea where you’re trying to go. You have no idea what you’re doing because you have no idea why you’re doing it. You’ve got to lead with ‘why’ and when you lead with ‘why’ it doesn’t matter what you do, because one day, you might want to be an accountant and the next day, you might want to be a podcaster and the next day you want to be a writer or whatever. But as long as you’re in congruency with your why people will follow”.



And here’s what I mean by that: For me, my ‘why’ is like I told you to inspire people to break free and know the truth and find purpose and, you know, fall in love with life for all of us to like make the world a better place.


So no matter what I do as long as it’s in alignment with that ‘why’ people are going to follow me. And everything I do should be able to make that ‘why’ better. So right now, that’s why I have this podcast. Why did I start this podcast; because this podcast is getting me closer to my ‘why.’

It is furthering my mission of inspiring people to break free and find their purpose. It is getting me closer to my mission of helping people know the truth and to finding their own destiny and is getting me closer to my purpose of making people fall in love with life so we can make the world a better place, right.


So for me, I don’t look at the podcasting and go “ahhh, do I want to start a podcast or not”… My question is First…”Why am I doing what I’m doing? To make the world a better place, is podcasting going to help me achieve yes or no. Yes. Okay, cool”.

Now I can decide whether or not I want to do.



Should I go and play a video game. Should I go and start a video game company is that going to help me inspire people to break free to find their purpose and know the truth, probably not, right.

So might not be a bad thing, but it is not in alignment with my vision. Should I go and be a racing car driver probably not, like that’s not my goal right. That’s not going to help me get to my goal of my ‘why.’



And so I just cut out anything that’s not in perfect alignment with my ‘why.’

Why do I sell digital courses because that’s going to educate people on how to break free and how to find their purpose and how to define their own destiny.

Why do I have a podcast, because it’s going to do that? Why do I do everything I do, I do it because this is my ‘why.’

And that’s what drives me! That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, and when I share that mission with others, they’re going to go ‘oh my gosh it’s so, so cool.

How can I support you? And I can say “podcast, come listen to it.”

And they’ll be ‘Let’s do it.’ Like ‘yeah,’ but I could also say to them, “you like a Facebook group? Come join,” and they’d be like, right yeah.


“Well I have, you know, whatever it is that I have, I have a YouTube channel, you should subscribe.” “Yeah!”


Whereas if I went to them. And I was like, “hey, I’ve got a YouTube channel.” If I led with that, they’d be like, “okay, I don’t really want just to subscribe”, but because I led with my ‘why’ they’re going to do whatever I want them to do because they have bought into why I do what I do.



That’s why it’s so important. Right. You’ve got to understand this. You’ve got to go out there and define what your why is. And like I said I’ll link down below I highly recommend the book ‘Start With Why.’


It really helps you to find your why and understand what that is. There’s also a book called like ‘Finding Your Why,’ it’s called finding your why that you can check out by Simon Sinek as well.

These are critical, crucial books in any area of your life that you want to do. If you’re struggling with, you know, leading with purpose and leading with passion, if you’re struggling with building your business or you know you’re struggling with getting motivated to get out of bed in the morning and we talked about that in yesterday’s episode.

But the bigger question of if you’re not inspired every single day and you just feel like your life is mundane and that you’re never getting anywhere and you’re not inspired to do anything great it’s because you don’t have a clear ‘why.’ And once you have a clear ‘why’ once that falls into place, then everything else will fall into place as well.




All right, so I’ve already gone over my time for the episode. So I’ve got to cut it off here, but if you have questions on this, feel free to hit me up in the DM on Instagram. I love talking to people about their ‘why.’ And remember I’m going to leave you with this. When you’re defining your ‘why.’ If you can, state your ‘why.’


And in that ‘why’ someone can figure out what you do or how you do it.

You don’t have a ‘why’ you have a ‘what’ or a ‘how.’

You have to be able when you’re defining your why you have to be able to state your why without telling people what you do or how you do it.

Not I sell courses, not I build computers, not I’m a financial planner, not I help people, you know to make more money through real estate, none of those things are your why those are how’s and what’s. What’s so when you’re building out your ‘why.’

Remember, it is this is why I do what I do, then define the how and the what, right.


All right, guys, that’s all I got for you. I hope you found this valuable. I hope you learned something from this; this was a huge mind shift for me when I remembered this because when I defined my ‘why’ everything else fell into place.


That’s why my podcast came about. That’s why I was able to sell my company and really get focused on what I wanted to do. I cut out everything and people started buying into me more and more. It’s the reason they follow me to the podcast. It’s the reason they follow me on Instagram and in my Facebook group and wherever I go.


There are people follow me why because they bought into me and my ‘why’ and my vision and before I had that I was a mess. Nobody knew what I was about. Nobody knew what I was doing. And I didn’t even know what I was doing. And then I woke up one day and I discovered my ‘why’ and I went, oh it all makes sense now, all right.


All right, guys as always also hustle-hustle. God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different will be the ones that change the world.

And remember, when you think different, you’re going to be ridiculed. You’re going to be misunderstood. People are going to make fun of you. Be okay with that. I love you all, and I will see you in the next episode. Take it easy Fam, peace.