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Think Different Theory Season 2 Begins


In This Episode, Think Different Theory Season 2 Get Underway!

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In this episode, I lay the groundwork for what to expect in this season, how this season came about, and who this podcast is for. I talk about my brother’s death, and how that shifted the course of my life and this podcast. I also talk about FHL 2020!


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February 3rd, 2020


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Alright. So guys, let me explain just real quick how this is going to work, and then we’re going to cut to the video that kind of kicks off everything officially, and then we will go ahead and get everything live. If you are tuning in on YouTube, I apologize, we’re having… we might have some issues there, but… because it’s still authorizing the actual video to go out. But here’s what’s going to happen. Okay. I’m using OBS and switchboard live, which means that we’re gonna be able to play some really cool stuff behind the scenes, which also means that there’s a big lag. There’s about a 22nd to 32nd lag. So when we do Q&A, I’ll ask for Q&A, I’ll keep talking for a little bit, and then we will go ahead and dive into things here.

So, it looks like a bunch of people are on. Looks like everything is underway. So we’re just gonna go ahead and kick things off, and just get things going, and do it right now. I just sent out the emails. Alright, let’s cut to the video, and rock and roll. So, at the beginning of 2018, I went to a business conference called Funnel Hacking Live, and I was a successful entrepreneur, and I had my company, and we were selling stuff, and we were doing really well. And, the purpose of me going to this conference was, I wanted to know what the next steps were. There was a lot of information out there, and I’m like, “What are the successful people doing in life, and how are they getting to the top?” And so, I went there, and I see all these people go on stage, and share their stories, and it’s amazing. It’s supposed to be super inspiring. And, I get done with that. And, I remember like, flying home and getting in my car, and I drove home and I was like, I didn’t feel inspired.

In fact, I felt like the exact opposite. And at that moment, I was like, “I’m done. Like, I can’t do this anymore. A job sounds better. Something besides this sounds better. There’s way too much going on.” And, I was so depressed, and I thought, “Anything that I could possibly teach, or possibly give, has already been done.” Either A, something was wrong with me, or B, something major needed to change. And it was one of those feelings of like, “Is it a system? Is it a…, Is it money? Am I selling the wrong thing? Am I hanging out with the wrong people? Do I believe it? Like, what is it?” I remember having this moment where I was like, “I’ve gotta make a choice. I’ve gotta make it right now? I can either get up, I can continue with what it is that I’m doing, and I can focus on what I can control, or I can quit, and I can give up right now.”

But I made the decision to go and learn something that I’d never had learned before. And so, I was like, “Well, there’s this thing called personal development.” I stumbled upon this book that talks about the brain. But somehow this caught my eye, and they were talking about how if your brainwaves weren’t right, and if your brain was in alignment, that you weren’t going to be able to get to certain levels. And they talked about these like mental blocks that you’ve had in your brain that literally from a like a scientific level, you could not level up, and like you couldn’t achieve things, unless you remove those blocks. It wasn’t like a fake, like this raw, raw stuff that they talk about, that you hear on social media, that you know, you go to these conferences, you get pumped up and you go. The reason that that doesn’t stick, the reason that, you know, had all these things they were talking about it’s like, you didn’t change your brain. You didn’t change your mind.

One of the biggest keys about decision making is having a purpose, and having a why, and knowing why you do what you do. And I… I thought I knew why I did. Right? Make money, change the world. Woohoo! Everything that you hear on social media. But I didn’t have this vision of like, “This is my purpose. This is my why. This is why I was created. This is what I was here to do.” I didn’t have any of that. And so, it was all bets off at that point. It all came down to thinking differently, because if I wasn’t willing to think different about things. If I wasn’t willing to think different than the masses. If I was just accepting things at face value and not diving deeper than that, I was losing. It was months in the process of making this, and it’s continues to evolve, but my why, my purpose, is to inspire people to break free, to know truth, and to create their own reality so that they go out there and that they fall in love with life, they fall in love with what they do, and they make the world a better place.

And you do that by changing your mind and you change your mind by thinking differently. And so that’s why I committed. I started a podcast. I’m going to share my story right now. I’m going to go out there. I’m going to talk about what I’m learning and what I’m doing. I’ve read more books now on this than the average person has. So I know something that may be able to resonate with them and it might be able to change their life. And if I can convince even just one person to think differently, that that ripple effect could potentially go and change the world. And so that’s why we launched the think different theory, the think different theories, a podcast that’s for those that want to live in a world without limits, those that want to think differently about things, those that want to, to to dream bigger and do amazing things, but they want to do it with lasting change.

They don’t want to do it through hype. They don’t want to do it just because they actually want to make a positive difference in their life. And through studying it through getting to the source of truth and just sharing my story with people on that podcast, I’ve been able to completely change my life and I would encourage absolutely anybody that’s out there to go out there and start studying those things. Because guess what? No Facebook ads, no amount of money, no person that you meet, no system, no celebrity introduction, no amount of fame, no nothing can change you at a core level. You know what can thinking differently, can thinking differently, can get you to those places and take you places where you’ve never been before and allow you to do things that you’ve never been able to do because now you are the person that is able to do that. And that’s the biggest thing that we talked about is designing the life that you want to live and going and becoming that person. And that’s only possible through thinking different.

All right guys, welcome back. Um, we are getting started here. Sorry. We’re, um, I’m still, I’m still learning all about the different, um, hold on, let me adjust. Hoo. Woo. There we go. There we go. There we go. Can you guys hear me now? Come on. Unlock here for me. Let me straighten up this video. All right. If you guys can hear me, uh, if you guys were super, super excited about this coming time, so excited down below, um, I want to make sure that you guys can hear me there. I went and probably black there for just a second for you guys, but I wanted to make sure that you guys can actually hear me here. Uh, so if you’re, if you are so pumped up, if you’re so excited about this coming down below, Oh gosh. On, hold on. I want to make sure.

Okay, cool. Cool. Cool. We’re in the swing of things now guys. Welcome back to think different theories. Season two. Um, how many you guys liked that video? If you like that video comment, I loved it down below guys. We are back. Like I said, um, it is February 3rd. It is 12 o’clock Eastern time or technically 1210 Eastern time. I just got back from funnel hacking live yesterday and we have a jam packed show for you here today. I want to make sure that you guys can hear me. Okay, kid. Good. Everybody can hear me. You guys can hear me? Everybody’s excited. Awesome. Okay guys, let me lay out what the show is going to entail, what it’s going to look like for today. And hopefully you guys can see me everywhere on Facebook. On YouTube, we’re streaming a bunch of different places, but we’ve made some changes.

We finished up think different theory season one last year we did over a hundred thousand downloads on audio only. I had a crazy, crazy year last year and this year we’ve kicked it off because I listened to you guys. A lot of you guys said, Josh, we actually want to see the interviews. We actually want to see the videos that you’re doing because we interviewed a ton of different people and so we decided to, Hey, let’s, let’s live stream every single day. So here’s how this is going to work today. All right, today we’re going to go through and I’ve got my whiteboard in front of me here. Hopefully you guys can hear me. All right. Um, first off, I’m going to go through the layout here and then we’re going to go, um, and, and actually get started into the show. So first things first, I’m going to explain the changes that are coming to think different theory, the changes in the platform, the changes in the time, what you can expect, um, who this is for.

And then also, uh, the topics that we’re going to be covering. Then I’m going to kind of go into the thing, different theory backstory. Um, how it all got started to kind of my backstory story and my background. I’m going to talk about the death of my brother and how that affected me and how that really, really changed my life and it really shaped think different theory moving forward. Um, and uh, then we’re going to talk about the future of thing, different theory. And then we’re going to wrap up here by talking about funnel hacking live and recapping funnel hacking live guy. How many of you guys were at funnel hacking live or watch content or knew people that were at funnel hacking live? You were at funnel hacking live or if you were, if you’re [inaudible] live comment. I was there down below. All right, comment.

I was there. Uh, if you listened to any or, or knew people there, comment ’em and just let me know that you were down there. And like I said, guys hit the like button, hit the love button. The more likes, the more comments we get, the more shares we get. Uh, the more people we can get subscribed to this podcast. And I continued to, um, share this out. Okay. So what are the changes that are going to be happening? I want to address this first because I know your guys’ time is valuable and I know that you guys, um, and you know you have a lot to get done. And so for those of you that are just tuning in and out, here’s what you can expect moving forward. Last year, the podcast started out in January, so about, um, what is that about 13 months ago or so, and we started with audio only.

All right? So we were live on, or we were, had audio on just about every single different platform, iTunes, Spotify, uh, all the different Google play, Stitcher, all the different, um, um, podcasting platforms. And the episodes aired live on Monday, Wednesday and Friday about six 45 in the morning. Well, we are still going to have a think different, very live three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. We have found that you guys really, really liked that, but we’re now adding a video format to it, which means that we’re going to have live streams every single, well not, sorry, every single week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12 o’clock Eastern time. And we’re going to be doing these at 12 o’clock Eastern time every single day on a, I’m sorry, I’m Monday, Wednesday, Friday on YouTube and on Facebook. We’re also gonna add in LinkedIn and Twitter as we continue to grow, but for now it is going to be Facebook and YouTube.

So you can subscribe on YouTube, you can subscribe on Facebook and the interviews that we do that you guys are going to see, um, if we’ve got some FOMO from, brag a lot about it, but the interviews that you guys are going to see in here are actually going to be streamed alive. All right. Which means that if you guys want to ask your questions, if you guys want to actually interact and be able to engage with the people that I’m interviewing, um, you can just tune in, live on Facebook or on YouTube and ask your questions. And what we’ll do is we’ll have some dedicated time at the end of each one of the interviews where we will just get real with the speakers and I’ll pull up your guys’s questions and we’ll just go through and go with that. How do you guys are excited about live streamed episodes on YouTube and on Facebook?

If you are comments, I’m excited down below hashtag I’m excited. I want to know if you have, you guys are excited about that. So Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I want to repeat this so that you guys understand exactly what’s going on here. Okay. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, both on Facebook and YouTube, 12 o’clock Eastern time. That’s 11 o’clock central 9:00 AM Pacific time. We’re going to be live on Facebook and YouTube on think different theory page here on Facebook. Uh, the Josh 40 slash thing, different theory page on YouTube. And also the Josh 40 page on Facebook as well. I am not going to be live and this is important. Okay. I am not going to be live on, um, my personal profile. Okay. I’m get a drink here. I’m going to show you guys some really cool features that we have to, I have a whiteboard now, which is super cool.

I got my iPad, which means I can switch back and forth and share my screen with you guys. Do whiteboard have clips. I have all sorts of really cool stuff here. Okay, so 12 Eastern time, 9:00 AM Pacific time, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Then what will happen is I have a full production team that will then rip down the video version of these videos, strip the audio from it and then um, actually go and upload the audio within 48 hours to um, uh, the different audio platforms. So Mondays episodes will be out on Wednesday, Wednesdays we’ll be out on Friday. Fridays will be out on Monday for the audio version of everything. Okay, so Facebook, YouTube live. Just want to make sure that you guys understand that 12 Eastern time, set your calendars, everything’s live guys. This is the kind of, the goal of the podcast for season two is to really turn it into a show and really like get you guys pumped up.

I’m loved the fact that you were able to catch up. Love it, love it, love it. Um, does that make sense guys? If this makes sense, if you guys are all with me, comment hashtag make sense down below. Okay. Hashtag make sense down below and let me know. I want to make sure that you guys are going through and understanding this because this is super important. This is very, very exciting and we have a lot of really big stuff planned. All right. Um, who is think different theory for, I think this is really important. Um, one of the things that we talk about a lot on the show and, and that you hear in the entrepreneurship world, we talk a lot about entrepreneurship, but we’ll talk about the topics that we’re going to be covering and talking about here in just a second. Um, but hold on, let me make sure.

Okay. But, um, I want to call out who this is for because I think it’s, I think it’s important to know, like one of the, one of the big issues that I have is some people, they, they, they call me, Oh, Josh, you are, you know, you don’t have sympathy for people or Oh, you need to provide context and clarity around who you’re talking to or like whatever that thing is. Because I offend some people because I make some blood statements, right? I think that, you know, whether it’s in money or whether it’s entrepreneurship or personal development or mindset, um, you know, I have a tendency to P pretty blunt and straight forward. And I don’t mean to offend people, I just mean to speak what I believe to be true and what I’ve learned along the way. And what I found that is, if I say who it is that I’m talking to and who this is for, then guess what?

Those people don’t get offended because they get it. It’s the people that shouldn’t be here anyway because they’re not my ideal audience. That’s not who this content is for that are typically the ones that end up getting offended. So who is this for? All right. Um, thing, different theory is primarily right now for the entrepreneur or for the, the, the success driven person, whether that’s an artist or an entrepreneur or whatever that looks like, um, that wants to better all areas of their life and is on a search for truth and on a search for morality. All right. Um, and this is very important because it is not just for entrepreneurs. All right? In fact, for a lot of entrepreneurs, this is not a good podcast. This is not a good show. We’re going to be bringing on people and we’re going to be talking to people that help me understand truth better and help me understand success better.

And sorry guys, my voice is going out. I’m trying to get back into thinking about how I can live here. Um, so I’m keep getting drinks, but I’m on a search for truth and we’re going to talk about that here in just a second. It with how think different dairy came about and how the death of my brother like really affected that and where truth is in the two different types of truth. Okay. Um, which we’re going to dive down into further. How many you guys know there’s two different types of truth. Okay. This is super important. Okay. So, um, it’s not just for the entrepreneur, it’s for the entrepreneur that also wants to know truth that also wants to know morality. Or it’s for the success driven person that goes, okay, success isn’t just money. It isn’t just business. It is, isn’t even just health.

All right? Success is health. It’s wealth, it’s relationships, it’s spirituality. All right? And it’s really those four core categories that I believe and spirituality I think has to do with truth, religion, God, whatever you want to call that. Now, um, truth be told, I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in God. Um, as of now, I believe the Bible to be true. And uh, that’s not to say that other religions might not be true such as Mormonism, Catholicism. But listen, this is not a religious podcast. All right? By the way, how many of you guys, how many of you guys are in the right place right now? If you, how many of you guys are an entrepreneur or success driven person? Even if you have a job, you’re success driven person that wants to be successful in all areas of life and, uh, is on a search for truth, morality.

Uh, and God, if that’s you comment, I am down below. Okay, comment. I am, I want to make sure that you guys are in the right place. If that’s not you, tell me. And I’d be curious to know why it’s not you. Um, but, uh, I, like I said, I am a Christian, but this is in no way a religious podcast. Um, I’m going to share my face. I’m pretty open about my faith, but I’m also gonna bring on people that have different faith than me. I’m going to have people bring on people that are atheist. I’m going to bring up people that are, um, you know, probably Mormonism and Catholicism and maybe even some people that are agnostic or, um, and by the way, we’re not only gonna talk about faith, all right? We’re not only going to talk about religion, I mean we’re, we’re going to die.

Dan Henry’s coming on, for example, okay? He’s agnostic. We’re probably not going to talk about faith during that interview too much, maybe a little bit, but, um, we’re going to talk about success, right? How to grow a business, how to get your money right, how to handle your money, right? Things of that nature, okay? And so I want you to understand that the topics that this podcast is going to cover are things like mindset, things like business, things like personal development, success in all areas of life, how the brain works. We’re going to talk about religion and philosophy, right? Like my tagline for think different theory is that we’re going to go and talk about topics that matter. All right? Topics that matter. And I’m going to show you here in just a second how I define that, all right? How I define what topics matter and and how this all came about because I want to go into the backstory here, but I want to make sure that you guys are all in the right place here. So like I said, if that’s you, a common down below, we have a bunch of cool people. Oh, we got fill up and Steven and Travis and Lord we got so many people on here. I love this. This is super, super cool. I’m super, super glad to hear that. If you guys are tuning in on YouTube, um, comment down below as well. We got a bunch of people on Facebook, on YouTube and this will be repurposed for audio as well. Okay, I’m going to drink your real quick.

So let’s back up guys. Um, I want to set the tone for the show and then we’re going to dive into the backstory. Uh, Oh, actually let me, let me real quick talk about future guests. Okay. How many of you guys, um, have tuned in or ever listened to a podcast, a form thing, different theory before in season one it was audio only, but how many of you guys tuned in at all and listened to an episode comment I have down below? Okay. Comment I have down below. What’s up Joe? FIPs. What’s up Lloyd? Appreciate you guys. I’ll be down here. Okay guys on thing, different theories he’s in. Why don’t we have an amazing, like tons of amazingly cool guests. We’re also going to bring back some of those same guests for season two, but we have even more amazing cool guests, um, coming for season two as well.

So this week, let me just preview, give you a little sneak peak of what you can expect this week and next week. Oh, Oh, one thing I forgot to say Monday, Wednesday and Friday is what the podcast is going to be airing this week, however, is going to be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We’re gonna do five episodes this week. So this week, and we’re gonna have five episodes starting next week. It’ll be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12 Eastern time, nine Pacific time. Okay, so tomorrow, tomorrow we have Steven Larson. All right. How many guys know Steven Larson, his comment hashtag capitalist pig down below. Hashtag capital’s fake. If you know Steve Larson, we’ve got, we have Steven Larson. We’ve got a on on Wednesday we have Natalie Hodson who is just absolutely amazing. Steve Larson, multi multimillionaire. He used to build funnels for Russell Brunell, Russell Brunson, Natalie Hodson, huge, huge in the fitness space and in the women’s fitness specifically has millions of followers. Um, Thursday we have Collin Wayne.

Uh, Colin Wayne was a former fitness person. He was on the cover of like hundreds of different fitness magazines. He then started a, a steel company called red line steel, um, down in Alabama. He was invited by president Trump personally to come hang out in the white house for a made in America day. Very, very influential. Got his. A $50 million, I think was his click funnels. $50 million award, 25 or 50 million. Very, very successful in that aspect. He’s on Thursday. On Friday, we’ve got Joel Kaplan. A lot of you guys are agency owners. A lot of you guys are entrepreneurship focused. Um, that’s going to be a really, really good one. That guy’s killing it. Almost $200,000 a month with his agency. He was one of our most listened to and most requested repeats from season one. So that’s going to take place on Friday. Next week we have Julie’s stoic.

I am so excited. On Monday we have Julie’s stowing and coming back on Julie’s story. Stomion as you guys know, we talked about Trump last time and we’re going to be talking about, um, how to collectively move forward as a society, uh, on Monday past Trump. Whether or not you agree with Trump or not. I’m, I’m pretty vocal Trump supporter. Um, I tried to distance myself from blatantly, but I like his policies. I don’t really like him as a human, but Julie’s going to come out on Monday. She’s absolutely huge and uh, I love, I love Julie so much. You got to see her at funnel hacking live, um, Friday or Wednesday and Friday of next week. I think we have to look at the schedule. We’ve got Brad Gib coming back on the number one most requested download. We got Brad Gib. Uh, Alison Prince is coming on. Catherine Jones who spoke at funnel hacking live.

She’s coming on. Dan Henry’s coming on Myron golden, um, who is coming on, who is a stage closer? Alison J Prince is coming on. We have some amazing, amazing guests lined up. We’ve reached out to um, impact theory for Tom. Bill you, we’ve reached out to Gary Vaynerchuk team. We’re working on getting Russell Brunson on. We’re going to try to get Greg Cardona on. These are the type of people we’re also going to bring on different apologists from different types of things like that. So it’s going to be a really, really cool season and I would love it if you guys share this out, tag a friend and make sure that you’re subscribed at like the Facebook page. Subscribe on YouTube, subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, wherever it is. Because it’s honestly guys, we have a pretty phenomenal, phenomenal event lined up here. It’s gonna be super, super cool. Okay. All right, so let’s dive into kind of the backstory here and I’m going to kind of set the tone for all of the different during moving forward.

Okay. Um, guys, I think a lot of people, and I, and by the way, I was this way too for a very long time. I think a lot of people think that you have to be professional to have a show, okay? That everything has to be very structured, that there’s going to be no mistakes and everything’s just going to go according to plan. That you got to have a schedule and that’s not how it’s going to be. Guys. Like, Oh, you can hear it in my voice right now. My voice is not even all the way back yet, and I’m still, you know, still is rocking and rolling guys. I’m going to be committed to being fully myself. I’m going to share my struggles. I’m going to share my wins. I’m going to share my losses. Think different theory is a very unique, I’m in a very unique spot right now with think different theory because I have an audience or we did over 100,000 downloads last year like I said, but think different theory actually isn’t my main source of income and I am not here to make money off of you guys from listening to think different theory.

I’m here on a search for truth and while yes, I’m building a brand and while yes, I want more followers and while yes we may have some promotions and we may bring on some sponsorships and different things like that down the road, I’m not here to put together this highly edited or highly like professional line by line event and everything’s going to go perfectly guys. Some days I just might be like, ah man, right? Like I’m going to be fully myself. I want you guys to see my personality. I want you guys to know that like no matter where you’re at right now, no matter who you are, like you can go out and do your thing. And I want you guys to really get to know the real me. I don’t want to hide behind a camera or hide behind a script. And so a lot of, a lot of what I do is very free flowing and uh, we’re just going to have a lot of just cool, cool interviews, cool topics.

None of ’em are, I shouldn’t say none, hardly any, hardly any of the interviews that we bring on are scripted in any way. In fact, Steve Larson’s tomorrow, he has no idea the questions that I’m going to ask him and I’m very, very excited about it because what that allows me to do is get in my zone of genius and ask really good questions. And I think that one of the things that I am very blessed with is being able to ask good questions is, you know, figuring out how to have good conversations with people. And so it’s not going to be scripted at all. This is going to be very, very, um, just off the cusp and, and very intention. I do put a lot of time and a lot of work into these and, and doing my research on different topics, but that doesn’t mean like it’s going to be highly edited or anything like that.

How many guys are excited for that? If you guys are pumped up, you’re excited. Comment hashtag excited down below. Hashtag excited it’s funny guys. I gotta be honest with you. Um, and, and I’m going to share like behind the scenes like this, right? So right now I’m looking at, um, my OBS studio and so I can like see the next screen that I’m gonna put on and show you all the different features, but I actually can’t see you right now. Right? Which is really weird because normally I’m watching myself in a live stream and I can see all the comments coming down below. So I have to keep switching back over. I’m between switchboard and OBS and um, and Facebook live. We have a ton of people on here. I love, this is super, super awesome. Um, guys, if you do me a favor, if you’re finding value in this, if you are so pumped up about this, share this out.

Tag a friend, uh, and make sure to go actually subscribe to the podcast as well on audio and guys. Honestly, the biggest thing that helps us grow because we’re going, we’re not just like in the ClickFunnels world, I’m not judging the direct response marketing world, right? Um, I do want to rank on Google. I do want to rank in different places. The best thing that helps us grow is reviews. So leaving a five star rating and review on the Facebook pages, leaving a five star rating and review on iTunes or Spotify, um, you’re giving that feedback back really helps us grow. And, um, get this up. What’s up guys? Aw man, I love this. I love this. You guys are all pumped up. I love it. Awesome. Okay, so let’s dive into the backstory. Um, cause guys like, I’m so, I’m so pumped for season two, like I’m so pumped, it’s gonna be so freaking good. Um, I’ve been working on this and getting excited about this for months and months and I’m just like, ah, finally time to go. Okay.

So who the heck am I? And where did think different theory even come from and what you expect. And by the way, guys, we’re going to talk about my brother’s death here very soon, which is kind of a little touchy subject. I’m not trying not to see her up here. Um, but we’re also gonna talk about funnel hacking live at the end here. Um, funnel hacking live was just life changing. Life changing funnel hacking live was okay. Um, here we go. Anyone else’s audio out of the sink? No audio is out of sync. That’s not good. I’m so sorry guys. All right, we’ll get to that. We’ll fix it. Uh, I apologize. If audio is out of sync, um, we’ll make sure it’s thing, like I said, this is our first run through, um, for season two, so if it’s out of sync, I apologize and uh, we will see what’s causing that and uh, make sure, um, uh, that, that gets something.

So you get that figured out. Sarah. Thank you. I appreciate that. Love you and your content. Thank you, Paul. Uh, poo, tra. Appreciate that. Tim, I apologize guys, if your audio is out of sync, sorry, it’s the first time through and I promise you that we will get it figured out and dad, get the audio sync up. Okay. So, um, guys, mind background, let, let, let’s back up. Um, I got started in entrepreneurship. For those of you guys that don’t know, I got started in entrepreneurship about four, four and a half years ago. Okay. Um, and yeah, so you gotta think you can’t say it’s fine. Sweet. Um, four, four and a half years ago, actually I was born in Wisconsin and at the age of one, um, my, my parents moved from Wisconsin to the suburbs of Los Angeles. Um, my dad went and worked in Los Angeles for his brother for about 10 years and then at age 11, my dad, many, you guys don’t know this about me actually, my mom and dad decided, you know what?

Guess what? Um, we’re going to, my dad’s going to quit his job or in a pack all the kids into the back of an RV and we’re going to go and start driving across country, have no idea where we’re going. And so my dad literally quit his job. My parents bought an RV, they sold the house. Um, I have seven siblings. One of them is my older brother who has passed away. So I’m the oldest living sibling, but my older brother’s name was Kyle. We’ll talk about that in a second. I have six younger siblings. Um, uh, two younger brothers, four younger sisters, and then one older brother that has passed away. And, uh, we all got in the back of an RV. We started driving across country and we ended up, had no idea where we were going. Um, and we ended up in Indiana where my parents still live to this day.

They found a church there. And at age, that was at age 11. We actually had my birthday. Uh, that happened. Gosh, I was, I had my 11th birthday on the road. Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be, um, February 4th. Uh, and my birthday was two days ago, so it was that I’m turning, I just turned 26, so 15 years ago, 15 years ago tomorrow we were driving across country to Indiana. Um, my parents bought a farm out there, a little farm, about 22 acres out there. And, uh, that’s where I grew up. I grew up for a 11 tender, 11 years on a farm in Indiana farming. I help my neighbor farm for, uh, over 10 years. Thousands and thousands of acres. It was, it was a great childhood, really. Um, but I grew up homeschooled. I didn’t go to public school for H was the way that I made friends. Uh, I didn’t really have any concept of, of lots of money.

We were very, very middle class, living paycheck to paycheck. And, uh, my goal in life was to make a lot of money. Right? I was like, if I make a lot of money that will solve my problems and then I’ll be able to get rich, I’ll be able to help people. And that was, that was my entire goal. I didn’t want to go to college. I thought college was a waste of time and I was determined to be successful. And so what I did is I went like working hard. At 14 years old or 15 years old, I went down to the school, I got my worker’s permit so I could go work. I started working Saturdays and Sundays like I was, I was a hustler at 16. I had my own business. I had over 500 chickens that I paid for myself. I butchered them myself.

I, I raised eggs, I sold them. And when I was 18, I started my first real business with my neighbor. We started doing custom hay bales for the neighbors around. And long story short, that business failed. Um, and, and I started college and after one semester in college, it’s actually hilarious. Okay. So I was, I did not like college. I hated college. I hated my professors and not them as a person. I just hated it. It wasn’t my style of learning and I thought it was pointless. I’m a very visual person. I’m a very hands on person. I have to see it. I have to understand it and if I can’t actually do it, I’m like, why am I studying things that I’m absolutely never going to use in life? And so I was actually arguing with my professor one day and we were going back and forth and he goes, um, uh, excuse me.

He says, class, you need to have a college degree to be successful. In fact, that’s why you’re here. And I went, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. And I literally raised my hand, I’m like, you know, and he’s like, yes, Josh. And keep in mind, I was kind of a problem child a little bit, right? So, um, he, he knew that I was probably gonna say something and I said, Oh no, you don’t need a, you don’t need a college degree to be successful. And he’s like, well, actually in today’s society, blah, blah, blah, if you drop out, you know. And I’m like, no, no, no. So we started arguing back and forth and he said, Josh, and I’ll never forget this dad, I remember exactly where I was sitting. Okay, room. You walk in the room in the back and there was a, a split down the center.

The right hand side of the room was bigger. I was like two rows from the back, second row from away from the wall. I’m sitting there, I’ve got my backpack. Nobody was next to me. He said, Josh, if you do not need a college degree to be successful, then why are you here now keep in mind, I was not wanting to be out done. I was a very cocky, very prideful person at this point in my life. I think it was 19, 19 or 20 years old. Uh, it was my first semester in college and I said, you know what? You’re right. And I stood up, I put all my bags on my backpack and I said, I quit. I’m going to figure this out on my own and I’m going to go be successful without college. And I walked out. I walked down to the bursar’s office and I quit college right then and there.

I canceled all my classes, didn’t get any refund, uh, anything like that, and just walked out. And I got into my car and I was like, Oh my gosh, what did I just do? Because the job that I had at the time actually required me to be in college in order to keep the job. So I didn’t tell my boss for awhile. Um, luckily they were nice and they, they gave me a window, a grace period or whatnot. But that is how my journey of entrepreneurship began. And so I kept working my job and I started studying. I, I literally went to Google and um, I said how I started learning to make money online was I typed in how to make money online into Google and that led me down this path. And so keep in mind though, this is important. The reason I tell you this is because my whole mentality going into this was I didn’t need help.

I could do it on my own. I, I didn’t need college and money was the driving factor in this. Okay, that makes sense. How many guys are with me so far? If you guys are with me, comment hashtag with me down below or with you down below hashtag with you hit the like button, hit the love button. The more like some more comments we get, the more people we can help. Feel free to share this out if you’re liking this as well. Okay. So that happens. And I started studying and um, fast forward, uh, gosh, this would have been probably like a year. Uh, I ended up quitting my job because I got started on Instagram and I started having success in the Instagram world. I’m skipping parts of the story, but they’re not really important. Um, for the, you know, for this piece right now, I start having a little bit of success on Instagram.

I bought a course, I ended up partnering up with a business partner of mine and we started growing and managing if followers on social media, on Instagram specifically. And we had a lot of success in followers, not in money. Okay. We were barely scraping by, maybe making maybe three or $4,000 a month between the two of us, which was barely enough to pay our bills. Um, but kept at it, kept at a cap at it. And then I found a book, uh, by Russell Brunson. Man, you guys know what this is called. Dot com secrets. All right. Um, secrets completely changed my life. Maybe my first six figures online and this is what I thought I had made it. I was like, you know what? This is amazing. I just made my first six figures host sway and I will say it to my business partner.

We decided to split. I sold him the company. We, we, we parted ways, right? Um, it wasn’t really a big sale. It was just more like a split, right? Um, and no hard feelings against those way. Uh, he was a great business partner at the time. We just had different directions for the company. And so I went and I started another agency. I’m like, I know how to make money now. And I just started hustling. All right? And this was in 2017. All right? Probably August of 2017 I was convinced I was going to be able to make $1 million. And so I started this journey called, um, 365 days to $1 million, and I live streamed every single day. Anybody remember this? Three 65 days for $1 million yes or no comment down below and let me know, okay? And basically it was me. I was gonna live stream every single day and document my journey to $1 million.

I was gonna make $1 million in one year. And so I started out and guess what? Things started going really well. All right. I started make a ton of money. I was like, this is amazing. I knew how to sell. I started sales doing this time and I was making 10,000 a month and then 20,000 a month, then 30,000 a month, then 40,000 a month and 50,000 and $60,000. I’m like, are they getting upwards of $60,000 a month? And then November of 2017 happened. All right, this is super dizzy, a fundamental key turning point in my life. This, this next phase that I’m going to be going into here, okay. In September, I’m sorry. In November of 2017 I had a great month and I remember thinking something has got to break now. Why did I think that? I thought that because at that point I was a solo entrepreneur.

I was working 18 hours a day, literally 18 hours a day, seven days a week. Literally I had no team and even though I was making tons of money, I was spending it just as fast. I was hiring independent contractors. I was, every problem that came up, I was just paying my way out of it. I wasn’t actually going and fixing the problem, but because I had never had that much money, I mean my last job was $25,000 a year. I think I made like $2,000 a month. Right? So like I went from making $25,000 a year to $50,000 a month. I literally increased my income by 20 times and so I had no idea what to do with it, but I had no coach, I had no mentor, and I remember thinking, something’s got to break because I was exhausted. I wasn’t just like tired my body, my mind was fundamentally exhausted.

And I remember thinking end of November, 2017 I thought something has got to break. I just don’t know what. And my thought process was, well, when it breaks, I’ll just pay my way out of it. I’ll just buy my way out of it. And then I went to funnel hacking live in 2018 how many you guys were on for the beginning of this? You saw the video at the beginning of this stream. Well, the video at the beginning of the stream was this story of funnel hacking live 2018 or what happened right after that. Now this is not in any way a slam on funnel hacking live. I love funnel hacking live. Okay. Um, and it’s an amazing Russell. It’s an event. So I’m not bashing for lying live here, but I went to funnel hacking live. Keep in mind, I’m working 18 hours a day, seven days a week. I’m so far behind. I spoken event there right before funnel hacking live. I pulled an all nighter so that I could prepare my slides. And the reason I had to pull all nighters because I had so much work to do. I was so far behind and I went to funnel hacking live and I saw all these people on stage and they were amazing and they were telling you the inspirational stories and I thought


there’s literally nothing more I can do. I can’t work any harder. See, I grew up thinking that the key to success was money and that the key to making money was working harder. How many you guys have ever thought or believed or been taught that if you just work hard, you’re gonna make a lot of money? Yes or no comment down below.

That was me and so I remember leaving bottle hacking live and I got on a plane, it was in Orlando. I got on a plane and I flew from FunnelHack alive to Chicago and in Chicago I spoke at another event there. I got done and I was supposed to sign a new apartment. I was going to move from Omaha, Nebraska, which is where I live now and where I lived at the time I was going to sign a, an apartment in Chicago. Now this wasn’t any apartment. Remember I was making a lot of money. All right? So it was 35th floor overlooking the Chicago bears stadium. It was a two bedroom, two floors below penthouse. Okay. It was absolutely beautiful. It was in a great part of town. I had literally the water, one side, Chicago bears stadium here, and then all of Chicago over this way.

And I remember getting up there and looking out over everything. And I wasn’t really in tune with God at this point. I wasn’t attending church. I wasn’t strong in my faith even though I grew up in a Christian home. And, uh, for whatever reason, I felt this voice of God saying, don’t do it. Just, just wait. Just think about it. So I said, all right, that’s what I did. And I, and I remember feeling so depressed. I went home, I flew back home that day or the next day or whatever it was. And when I walked in to my apartment, I just broke and I just started crying and I bawled eyes out and like I went overnight and said I can’t do this anymore. I went and I canceled all of my clients. I went from making 50, $60,000 a month to like maybe two or 3000 in a matter of 36 hours.

I canceled all my clients. I refunded tens of thousands of dollars, drain my bank account, almost you almost to zero, but enough to where, Oh, nothing like it. I had it before and uh, just laid in bed for over a week. And at that moment, that is when I said, okay, something has got to change something because guess what? I work harder than anybody. I know I hustle longer and harder than anyone I know. Clearly money is not the key to success and hard work is not the key to success because guess what? I had money in the bank. I was making more money than I’d ever made before. I was flying on first class flights. I was staying in, in suites in Vegas and Miami and LA and Chicago, like I had money, right? But I was like, I’m just so depressed right now and I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

And I thought, you know what? Everybody talks about mindset, you know all the gurus eyes. Yeah. Here I’m going like, Oh mine says the key to success mindset is the key to success. I thought so, okay, I personal development mindset, I’m going to go study that. And so for the next eight months I started studying mindset. Okay, this was in March and I studied and I started and I started, I study everything. I read Psycho-Cybernetics, I read Joe Dispenza and I studied the brain, I studied quantum physics and I studied like how our subconscious works in how our conscious works. And I, I wrote a, a playbook during that time cause I was writing down all my thoughts. And about eight months into it I started sharing my journey. I started sharing what I learning. I really started like learning about identity shifts and beliefs and how everything’s controlled at a belief.

And identity. Like just my mind was blown and I was like, why is nobody teaching this? This would have saved me from so much heartache. This would have saved me from so much hurt. And pain is what it saved me from literally tens of thousands of dollars. And so I started sharing this and so many people started resonating with it. But my audience, I had a group called social media for entrepreneurs. That time it was about social media. It wasn’t about mindset. And so I thought, I need to create a place where I can go and start sharing this. And so in January of 2019 which was last year, just over a year ago, I launched think different theory, which is this podcast right here. And my goal was, okay, how do I become successful in all areas of life? I need to ask better questions, questions I think are super, super important. And so I went there and started asking these questions and I was like, okay, if I can understand this, then I can change my life.

Other people want to hear this. So I’m going to do podcast interview. I’m going to share the questions on the topics that I’m struggling with and that I’m going through. I’m going to start sharing it with you guys. How have you guys were on here for season one? I think different theory and for episode number one, how many guys have ever listened to episode one? If you have a comment episode one down below. Okay, episode one. So I started doing this. I started learning, started growing. And the first like 50 episodes I think were all solo episodes. And this is funny. Remember we talked about our superpower? So it was this interesting time, right? Cause I had figured out, figured out, never going to figure it out, but I had figured out mindset. I was so significantly better than where I was eight months before.

So January comes around January, 2019 about 13 months ago. And I was like, this is great. It’s amazing. I’m smart now, right? I’m so foolish. I’m, I’m smart now. I’m gonna start this podcast and I see all these other people that are just interviewing people, interview people on their way to success. I thought, I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want to be the guy that just interviews people. Um, I could just listen to other people’s podcasts if I want to learn. So I was like, I’m going to do a solo one. So I started my solo podcast and started doing episodes and I started listening to other episodes of people that I wanted to interview her that I thought was cool to be talked to. And P these people would get on there and then interview huge people, right? They’d get Steve Larson on or they get Natalie Hodson on her.

They would get a grant Cardone honor. They would get Ron Russell Brunson on and they would ask them the same questions, every single freaking interview. And I’m like, you guys all suck. I don’t want to listen to, this is the same exact crap no matter whose podcast I was listening to, it was the same stuff. I was like, I want to ask them real questions. I’m going to ask them questions about money and about success and about mindset, about their struggles, about their failures, not so what was the hardest thing that you ever had to do in your business? Let’s talk about that. How many guys are like have ever watched an interview and it’s like, Oh my gosh, it’s the exact same question that everybody else is asking. Everybody I ever felt that way. Like yes or no. All right. Cause I felt that way and I was like, okay, this is stupid.

And so that’s when I started actually bringing on people to interview. Now a key thing happened in between that actually before I, before I go, does it make sense guys? You guys follow me right now. And by the way, for those of you that are listening on audio for the first step podcast, um, we’re not gonna, I’m not going to constantly be asking for comments, um, every single live, I’m only doing this because this is the opening story. Um, so don’t worry, I’m not, I know you guys can’t comment on audio. And by the way, if you guys are watching on video, leave your comments down below. I love your comments. I love your engagement. I go back and read them all. I’m not always going to be able to ask for comments because we do have an audio format of this. So just leave your comments and be like, yeah, that’s amazing.

Or Oh yeah, I agree or I don’t agree. Like I want your feedback and opinion. So if I asked for the comments, like, you know, feel free to just, all right, if I don’t ask for comments, feel free, feel free to go in and do it anyway. Okay. So, um, Oh look at this. You got a bunch of people I remember the $1 million a day. Sure did. Episode one. I appreciate you guys. That’s awesome. I really appreciate all you guys are tuning in for that and being part of. That’s amazing. Um, okay, so beginning of 2019 I start the podcast now keep in mind, March of 2018 is when everything crashed for me. My mental game crashed and I spent the next eight months learning all about these things. So the beginning of 2019 I was determined. I said, you know what? 2018 was a bad year.

It was a good year. I learned a whole lot, but I want to be successful year. So I started a company, it was an agency, started the podcast, and I was like, I’m gonna be focused. Nothing is going to be able to knock me off my game. I am. I’m ready to rock and roll. I launched the podcast first week, second week, third week, fourth week, fifth week, six week, seven week or eight weeks into the podcast is going great. We’re getting downloads. I’m feeling good about myself. I’m teaching things. Uh, in February I think we did $60,000 in revenue, or 67,000 like it was, it was a good chunk of change. I was like, this is amazing.

And then the first week of March, I got a phone call. I think it was the second Sunday. I was going out to dinner and my mom called me and um, I talked to my mom a lot. I have pretty good relationship with her and I pick up the phone. I was going to tell her, Hey, I’m going out for dinner. I’ll call you back later. And when I picked up the phone, the only thing that I heard on the other end of the phone was this blood curdling screaming of, he’s dead, he’s dead. Kyle’s dead. Your brother, he’s dead. He died in a helicopter crash. He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead. And I, I just remember like going into a complete state of shock and like falling to the floor now. My brother was over in Kenya at the time. He was on a business trip over there and the helicopter that he was in, we found out later had crashed killing the pilot and all of the Americans that were onboard, all the passengers that was on my board.

My brother was one of four. And um, I was going through some different things in my life at that time. I will talk, talk to him about them on further episodes. About logic and emotion and different things like that. But at that time in my life, I wasn’t a very emotional person. I was very much into the state of logic and, and, and thinking objective Lee and, and taking emotion out of things. So I hadn’t felt a whole lot of emotion up until that point. And all of a sudden, like my entire world just shook and like the core of who I was like shifted.


And I like, I remember sitting there and just being like, what? Like that doesn’t happen to me. This doesn’t happen to our family. Other people’s brothers and sisters die. Mine don’t. My brother was one of my best friends was one of the most trusted people that I, I was closest people I was too, as far as trust is concerned, I was supposed to see him three weeks later we were going to talk about God and religion and we were going to really just meet up for the first time in really two years that we had gotten to hang out. And all of a sudden, in all of an instant he was just gone. And the core of who I was, my identity at that point shifted. And I don’t think I realized it for at least a month or two later. But at that moment, I went from being an entrepreneur first and a truth seeker, second and entrepreneur first and a family person second and entrepreneur first, a first and a Christian second to now a truth seeker first, not an entrepreneur first. Now I’m still an entrepreneur. But everything that I did, how I operated up into that point was an entrepreneur. I was a risk taker. I made money. I, this is what I did. My life revolved around that. And at that moment my entire thing shifted.

Sorry, talk about, sorry.

Um, I don’t know how I continued the podcast during that time. I think we had some episodes batched, but I did, I went to my brother’s funeral. Um, I watched my brother be laid into the ground. I was a very, very, very last person there after everybody else left. And I stared down into the hole looking at the casket and I remember just screaming at the top of my lungs. I said, God, why? Why, why, why, why? And I just screamed. And it was at that moment I realized, you know what? This happened for a reason and I didn’t understand why at the time, but this happened for a reason and that I needed to act out of that. I needed to not curl up in a ball and I needed to use what I had gone through right there. Use the absolute pain that I was in at that moment and said, you know what?

This is the reality. Now I need to go on a journey and I need to not let my brother die in vain and I need to go out and change lives to the best that I possibly can because of this. And that is what put me on my search for truth. Beforehand, I wanted to know how to be successful in all areas of life. In business. I wanted to be to know how to be successful in money and in finances and relationships and health and all these different things. But when my brother died, then it changed from being successful to actually knowing truth. Now I still want to be successful. Yes, we still talking about being successful, but yes, what now I wanted to know what truth was. And so I started continuing doing the podcast and I started realizing that the best way for me to start learning was to start talking to other really smart people start asking these questions.

And so that’s how the interview started. And the more I talked to people and the more I learned from people, whether that’s in business or in truth and philosophy, religion, a purpose, success, money, I started to get a greater and deeper understanding of different perspective. Because guess what? I understand that I am a white male. Growing up in Midwest America with a family whose parents are not divorced, my status in life or where I ended up in life was a really, really, really good situation. And so my view of God, my view of the universe, my view of reality was very narrow. And so that’s why I started to go and say, okay, I need to see a different perspective. I need to start talking to men and women, people of color, people that are gay, people that are from different countries have different religions.

I need to start studying Mormonism and Catholicism and Buddhism and, and atheism. And I need to start looking at all these different things. And that is what think different theory is all about. It’s on this search for truth. And you know what? I believe and I firmly truly believe this. I believe that on our search and on our path for truth, we will learn how to be successful because I believe that we operate out of truth. Now there are two types of truth here. I’m going to get to that here in a second. So bear with me here cause it’s very, very, very important. We’re going to talk about this on future episodes as well. But I went on this journey and so I sold my business. I said, you know what? This is a great business. We’re having great success, great results. I found a buyer, they bought me out and I said, you know what?

I gotta, I gotta go, I gotta S C perspective. And so I got on a plane, I flew across the country. I went to The Bahamas and Hawaii and Australia and the Philippines and like all that whole purpose, like guys, I don’t like traveling. I like my home base. I would rather not travel, right? Like it’s exhausting. It costs a lot of money, especially world traveling, but I did it because I wanted to see a different perspective. I wanted to see and understand truth and I wanted to understand, okay, there’s a reason these people believe this way. There’s a reason these people believe this way. There’s a reason that, okay, this is how this, excuse me, country operates, this is how this society people operate. I started to like see all these different things. And so that’s continued to lead me on this truth. And so that world trip wrapped up in December, we’re back in the United States now and I’m a, I know I’m here, but this podcast, season two is the next step of that is to continue to grow this and to continue to search for truth and share my journey along the way and talk to really smart, really successful people.

Does that make sense guys? Are you guys following? And that makes that, if you’re following that and that makes sense. Comment hashtag following down below hashtag following down below, hit the light button. Hit the love button. The more likes, the more comments we get, no more people we can help. The more people will see this. Um, but I want to make sure that you guys are understanding this and then I’m going to talk about, um, kinda the future of think different theory. I’m going to talk about the two different types of truth and then we’re talking about funnel hacking live and then we will wrap up here. But I want to make sure that you guys are actually going through and understanding this and where this is coming from here. Um, let me load this here. Like I said, I can’t see where we’re at to do to do.

Okay. You guys are following. Awesome. Okay guys, I believe that the reason most people struggle in their faith, the reason most people struggle throughout life, the most people are the reason most people struggle with their purpose and their intent is because they don’t actually take the time to understand truth and they don’t take the time to know why they believe what they believe and they don’t take the time to ask the questions that I ask and that’s what this podcast is about. See, I believe there’s two different types of truth, man. I know there’s two different types of truth.

The first type of truth is absolute truth is eternal. Truth is the truth that governs the world is the truth, that God, God, reality, the universe, whatever you want to call it, fundamental truths that apply to every single person. I believe that’s the hardest truth to understand. I believe that that is the type of truth that we do have to accept on faith, that we will never understand it fully. And no matter how hard we try, we can get more glimpses and we can have a understanding of it, but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever understand it. That’s a really hard truth to grasp. That’s the truth that says there’s a purpose and a reason behind my brother dying. There’s a purpose and a reason that there’s evil and terrible things that happen in this world, and that’s the truth of religion is the truth of God or Buddhism or or or allow or whatever it is, right?

That that is absolutely turtle truth and it applies to universally every single different human being throughout the history of time, the exact same. That’s absolute and universal truth. And see, I thought, I thought, Aw man, I’m just going to go study that. And I started studying that and I got so overwhelmed and I got so depressed, or maybe not depressed, but like, man, I lost my way because I was like, man, I don’t even, I’m never going to figure this out. And that’s when I realized there’s a second type of truth and that is our own personal truth and that’s the truth that we choose to operate out of every single day. Now, our own personal truth cannot contradict higher truth. It cannot contradict eternal truth, but our own personal truth. This is how God speaks to us. All right? Universal eternal truth is the laws. We have no change over them whatsoever.

Our own personal truth is our heart. It’s our head. It’s how we choose to live. It’s how we choose to operate. It’s how God speaks to us. God, spirit, source, whatever you want to call it speaks to us personally and who we choose to become and who we choose to live in our life and think different. Three explores both of those and as I started looking into those and studying those more and I hired a coach that’s helping me on this and helping my mindset, I started realizing, okay, what is the future of think different theory? What does the future of Josh? Because I need to define what that is. I needed to find what that looks like because guess what? And we’re gonna talk about this more. I don’t have time to go in and do it today. But like you get to create whatever reality that you want to create.

You get to go in there and become whatever you want to become. You can build whatever you become or want to build. The only limitations in life are here in your mind, in your own personal truth. Now, absolute truth is different, but we’re not gonna focus on that right now. Okay? Personal truth, your identity, who you are, who you believe about, what you believe about yourself, your actions, you can become anyone. And so I said, okay, I got to sit down. I’ve got to get really, really, really clear on what thing different theory is and who I am and what I believe and what I want to build. And so the future of thing, different theory, and I don’t know what it’s going to become, I don’t know the exact details, but it is a truth based organization that is focused on education. It is focused on being the most thought provoking and educational podcast and show in the world.

And we’re going to have some really cool things with that. We’re going to have classes and we’re going to bring them teachers and, and you know this is over the course of the next years and years and years, but we’re going to start talking about topics that matter, topics that make you think, topics that teach you different things and Oh, okay. Like how to be successful in all areas of life. Okay, great. How to be successful in marriage, how to be successful in, and I’m not married yet, but I’d be successful in, in money and in business and in entrepreneurship and in sales and in these we’re going to have co bring on guests and bring on on do interviews and provide content around these different topics to help you guys do that. I want think different theory to be the most truth-based truth-seeking organization where you guys know you can come for quality.

Listen, I grew up in the direct response marketing space, right? Or the last four or five years in my life of entrepreneurship. Click funnel space. I love ClickFunnels. I love everybody in click funnels. I mean, I think it’s an amazing organization, but I am focused on brand. I am focused on building trust. I am not focusing on Oh just launch and figure out all the problems later. And if people are mad at you, screw it. No, I am focused on providing really, really good quality things. Really good quality content, really good quality interviews, really good quality information, really good quality classes, were really good quality products, really good quality courses, shirts, apparel, whatever that is and focused on quality. I’m focused on truth and I’m focused on actually helping you be able to better your life. And that is what think different theory is all about you guys.

Excited about that. If you guys are excited, comment hashtag excited down below hashtag excited smash that love button. I’d love to see some hearts coming across the screen there. If you guys are pumped up and excited about this and if you’re listening on audio, make sure to leave a five star rating and review. Um, I’m, I’m just so stoked and so pumped about being able to go and do this. And so I the future, I think different theory for us now is to step up, take the first step and the first step is getting the show really off the ground on a daily basis and Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12 o’clock Eastern time, um, 9:00 AM Pacific time having really, really good interviews on there and getting this into an established format and being able to put out consistent content across many different platforms. And the next step after that is completing high quality trainings that are going to take the first step.

Listen, I want to talk about mindset. I want to talk about personal development and money and sales and social media and all these different things. But I have to pick somewhere, I have to start some where. And so first we’re going to get content down, then we’re going to go into courses and trainings and really figure out how to help that low ticket, high ticket, all of these different things. And then we’re going to continue to scale up from there and we’re going to get you guys involved. And I just thought cause your how, I’m sure we’ll do events, but that’s kind of the future and what you can expect is the highest quality guests. If you have someone that you think should be interviewed, email us, contact I think different we have the best customer support ever Monday through Friday, two hour response times. I’m committed to building something that’s actually going to last.

Something that’s going to be a perennial seller. Like Ryan holiday talks about something that’s actually gonna make a difference. And that is the future of thing. Different theory. And so when you subscribe, when you leave a rating, when you leave a review, when you leave a comment, when you share it out, you are part of that movement. See we are free thinkers. That is what think different theory is all about. It’s about being a free thinker. It’s about being on a search for truth. It’s about doing things different is all thinking different. And when you do things different, when you seek things different, when you do that, you fundamentally get to change your life because you are doing things different than what everybody else is doing. Does that make sense? Does that make sense guys? Come on. Hashtag make sense down below hashtag make sense and I want to make sure that you guys are with me here.

Okay. Um, I’m going to wrap it up here. I want to talk really quickly about funnel hacking live because, Oh my gosh. Um, this first episode here is not how most episodes are going to go. Most episodes are going to have at least two people and there’s sometimes three. It’s not just going to be me. I’m on top of that. Um, it’s also, excuse me. Uh, it’s also going to be much more laid back. It’s not going to be quite as me yelling into the microphone and being like super engaging and like, ah, and and motivational. I want actual actual, um, you know, conversation. And sometimes that’s just gonna be me. But talking to someone and be like, Hey man, we got to like, Oh, let’s talk about this. Oh man, I absolutely love that. Sometimes it’s going to be my commentary on saying things.

Sometimes there’s going to be just, you know, that place where you can go and catch up, feel like you’re involved. Like I have a really cool opportunity and ability to go and, and talk to some really, really cool people in life. I do. It’s awesome. And some of these people you guys would love to talk to and I want you guys to like feel like you’re in that experience with me. I wanna start asking the questions that you guys want to hear as well and share as I share my church for truth, uh, along. That makes sense. All right guys. I hope that makes sense now. Um, so that’s one, that’s thing, different theory. That is what you can expect from season two. Amazing interviews focused in truth, focusing on how to be successful, focus in entrepreneurship and mindset and personal development and identity focus and money and finances and and bringing on people that are actually going to teach you actionable steps that could actually change your life. Not just some raw, raw fluff, not just speculation, but actually going out there and seeking and learning. All right guys, I’m going to get a drink here real quick. If you guys are excited, like I said, they’ll comment down below. Let me know you’re excited. Who, who do you guys want to see on the podcast? Comment below. Um, with either your favorite guests that is coming up or someone that you want to see comment down below and let me know here.

Okay. Woo. All right. Wow, that was awesome. Welcome to think different series. Season two. Oh, let’s real quick talk about buying alive guys. So I just got back from funnel hacking live. You guys don’t know what funnel hacking live is. Oh, you missed out. I’m funnel hacking live is a huge marketing conference. Was over 5,000 people there this year, put on by click funnels and Russell Brunson and click funnels, everybody at click funnels. I feel like just as a good friend of mine, I don’t, not really, really good friends with Russell yet, but I’m getting there. I’m getting there. And we’re going to talk about dream 102. Um, actually let me tell you a story real quick.

Um, I’ve been dreaming a hundred Russell guys for two years, two years. And uh, I send a book of Mormon for Christmas. Original copy. I sent a Dave Woodward, who’s is C R O chief revenue officer, a flame thrower a couple months back. So I’m getting there. Russell started sharing me on his Instagram stories, um, over funnel or over funnel hag alive. It was awesome. But anyway, um, I was at funnel hacking live and a 5,000 people that are amazing, saw some amazing, amazing speakers. Now, um, Russell Brunson obviously obviously is just the most amazing dude ever and it’s his event. So obviously he’s the best speaker because he spoke the most amount of times. Todd Dickerson also awesome too. But from a speaker standpoint, that was not Russell Brunson. We got to see Tony Robbins, um, da. He is the best. Oh by gosh. Tony Robins is absolutely amazing. Um, and just such good stuff from him.

But I want to talk about non headline speakers after like live. I got to see and meet Tom. Bill you now Tom, bill you, for those of you that don’t know who Tom bill you is, he runs impact theory. Uh, it was monumental in changing my life after my brother died. Um, in fact, things different theory is named after impact theory. Um, he, that’s how much he has played a role in my life and in my business. I mean, I literally have named my program. I show after him or was inspired by his was super, super cool. Um, got to meet him how a five minute interview with him or interview asked him a question. Um, I posted that clip on uh, an Instagram. Uh, so shout out to him. Ryan holiday, my favorite author of all time wrote ego is the enemy. Uh, the obstacles, the way, trust me, I’m lying.

Perennial seller stillness is the key. I mean, just so many amazing books. Got to see him. And then there was of course, our funnel hacking live speakers and I gotta I gotta give a shout out to a couple of the speakers here. Marley, Jack’s amazing. Very, very, very dear friend of mine. I did a phenomenal job, um, being vulnerable and authentic. Um, shout out her. Congratulations. Just phenomenal. Uh, Catherine Jones, who is coming on the podcast next week, I think maybe the week following. Um, amazing. She, I mean she probably had the most engaging outside of Tony, like just the most amazing and just like a high energy presentation of all of them. I’m so, so proud of her. She’s a dear friend of mine. We’ve had her on the podcast before. She’s coming back. She walked out in a gold sequined jacket. Oh my gosh. She’s just amazing.

Blown away by it. So congratulations to her. Um, Rachel Peterson spoke for a short segment there as well. She was a surprise speaker. We’ve had her on the show. Steven Larsen spoke, uh, just so many amazing, amazingly cool people. Um, that Dan Henry, um, who is also coming on the show. He spoke at a great presentation on how to get to eight figures. And so finally, I can lie, was truly, truly a life changing experience for me. Um, I’ve gone three times now and this was my third year and I think one of the big things about funnel hacking live, I don’t, I’m gonna kind of wrap up and end with this guys. Um, last year for me it was a hard year. Uh, it really was. I, I spoke at the pre mastermind full of hiker live last year. I thought I was gonna be a great year. Um, and then my brother passed away and it really messed me up.

I mean, it really, really did. But I had been putting out content for years now and on thing, different theory, it’s, it’s sometimes really hard to gauge feedback. This is why I tell you like, I love your guys’ Instagram messages. I love your guys’s DMS. I love your guys’s feedback. The reason is because I don’t get it from a podcast. I don’t know who’s listening. And so I been put out, I put out 155 episodes, I think is that 155 episodes? This is 156. I put 155 episodes last year. And I remember I hired a coach recently, Katie Richardson. Shout out Katie Richardson, who’s amazing. Um, and I, I remember telling her, I was like, I feel so unprepared to go to funnel hacking live. I feel like I’m behind this year. I was really, really struggling with it. And I just remember thinking, man, I don’t know if the launch of think different theory is going to go out.

I don’t know if anybody’s listening. I mean we did it over 100,000 downloads, but I haven’t really gotten a lot of, I’m a words of affirmation person. That’s my love language. I don’t care back from a lot of people. And, uh, I felt like I just been putting in work. I mean, think different theory costs me almost $20,000 last year, run $20,000. And I made $0 million off of it last year. Okay, so think about that. I put out content and this is super important. Okay? I put out content for a year. It cost me $20,000 to do and I made $0 million back. At the end of it, I was discouraged and I was like, I wonder if people are actually listening. And I walked up and I got there. I’m funnel hacking live and I’m not kidding guys. I had at least at least a hundred people come up to me and talk to me about how much they absolutely loved the podcast, how some people come up and said, Hey, Josh has changed my life, have gone to hypnic tests.

I’ve gone to therapist and they haven’t been able to get out of me. But I listened to your episodes and like that change, you know, those pieces changed my life and it was just such an amazing, amazing moment for me. Not because, not because I’m so great, not because I’m special, but because sometimes you don’t realize the power and the impact that you’re having until you actually get around your people. Until you actually go out and talk to them. And so that’s why I love feedback from you guys. I love being able to hear like what’s impacted your life, what you guys like, what you don’t like because you know you guys, you might work on something for a year or two or three and you might not see the fruits of your labor for a long time, but you had to understand that sometimes you are not going to see it.

Sometimes it’s going to be months or years before you do, but if you stick with it and you stay consistent with it, you will see results. And I almost quit. I almost stopped the podcast when I went on my world trip and I’m so glad I didn’t. And so I’m very, very excited for the different theories. Theory, season two, I don’t care how many downloads I get, I don’t care how many, I guess we have goals like, yeah, I want to grow the podcast, but for me the focus is content. The focus is quality because last year I didn’t focus on downloads. Last year, I focused on making it the best possible show that I could and I see the results starting to show fruit. And so I want to encourage you, I’m going to leave you with this piece of advice. It’s not about me. Think different theory.

The movement that we’re creating here, being a free thinker, it’s not about me, it’s about us. It’s about you guys. It’s about changing the world. It’s about actually going out there and getting the information and knowledge you need to stay with things and to go and to learn so that you can change your life in the lives of those around you. So if you’re struggling right now, if you’re out there and you’re going like, man, I’m not seeing results, man. I’m publishing and I just don’t know if anybody’s watching or man, I’ve been trying in my business and I’m barely making it by. You have to build the foundation and sometimes that foundation takes a month. Sometimes it takes six months, sometimes it takes a year, sometimes it takes 10 years. I mean, I look at Russell, Russell Brunson, he told the story about, I mean they worked on so many projects leading up to click funnels.

It was like 10 1213 years in the making before they finally got to click funnels, the working product that it was, and then in a matter of three years, after 10 to 10 to 12 years of trying and failing and learning all about marketing, they land the jackpot and click funnels. They built the foundation and then in three years it went from nothing to $100 million company in three years. All right, so understand that sometimes it just takes time. [inaudible] was amazing. I mean, shout out Russell Brunson, guys, if you didn’t go by the, by the the the replay of it. Go next year. Buy your tickets now. Like just commit. It will absolutely fundamentally change your life. They don’t just talk about the, what they talked about, the, what they’re talking about, the how, the how to and they talk about the personal development. They talk about how to follow through the networking there alone at funnel hacking live was incredible.

Guys, I closed over $20,000 in deals if for like live 20 grand. Why? Because it got around my people. I learned so much there. I took pages and pages and pages of notes just by simply being around that environment. So if you didn’t go down and find ag alive, you missed out. If you did, you know how amazing it was? It was in Tennessee this year at the grand old Opry. It’s at the grand old Opry again next year or no, I’m sorry, not the grand old Opry. What am I saying? The Gaylord Gaylord in and resort is amazing. Is their last year as well. It’s gonna be there next year. Um, absolutely phenomenal, phenomenal event. Um, and like I said, shout out Russell Brunson, shout out all the speakers there. We had such a great time. Every speaker was just like, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. And it a great, great place. So anyway, hope that inspires you.

That makes sense guys. If that makes sense. Come on. Hashtag make sense down below. Gash tag makes sense. I want to make sure that you guys are understanding this. Hit the like button, hit the love button. Um, and let me know that this makes sense. But like sometimes, sorry, I got something itching there. Um, sometimes guys like it’s easy to get discouraged for two reasons. One, we’re kind of loners. Like being an entrepreneur is weird. Being a truth seeker is weird. Being a free thinker is weird. It’s out of the normal. We’re doing things different. It’s think different for a reason. Okay. It’s not the same. It’s not think the way everybody else is thinking. It’s not do what everybody else is thinking. It’s literally do it different. Think different. So a lot of times, like especially online, like you’re not around people, you’re not allowed around like minded people.

I’m here in my studio in the middle of Omaha, Nebraska in the middle of nowhere. I hardly see anybody ever. And so sometimes when you’re alone, when you’re secluded, it’s hard to stay in a positive mood. It’s sometimes it’s hard to see results. But sticking through that and making that commitment and doing it out of your emotion, doing it out of your passion and doing it because you’re committed, not because you’re trying to make a quick buck. When I changed from trying to make a quick buck to actually going out there and making a difference in the world, my whole entire life changed. When I started learning about the mind, when I started learning about quantum physics, when I started learning about identity and belief, my whole life changed. But that’s different than everything that we’re taught is different than what you’re going to learn from most coaches and most consultants and several.

And then when you’re going to learn from college is different than what your parents are going to teach you most of the time cause they don’t know. And so like you’ve gotta be willing to go out in there and take that risk. You gotta be able to take that leap of faith and go, you know what? I’m doing this for a bigger purpose. And Russell has created an amazing community. Russell Todd, the whole click funnels a world has created an amazing place where we can go and get around like minded people and when you get around like minded people, it’s a great way to recharge, to get gain perspective and to know that you’re not alone in this journey. And I hope that think different theory is a place where you can come and you can listen to me and you can listen to all the other people that we have on here and go, those are my people.

I want to create a place where you can go. I can relate to that because the rest of the world is really weird. People don’t ask questions about truth. People don’t ask questions about how to get rich. People don’t ask questions on how to be successful in all areas of life. People just accept things they don’t know truth. They don’t know how to operate. And so when, if you feel weird, good, come listen to the different theory. I’m weird. I give you permission to be weird. That is what we’re about here. All right, finally I can live is my people is my event. I hope to build an event like that Sunday myself. Russell, shout out you. It was amazing and I hope that you guys get that same feeling of energy and, and feel like you’re connected here at a think different theory and then the podcast as well.

All right guys, I think that’s all I’ve got for you. I’m going to hop off here. Welcome to think different theories to do. Guys, if you found value in this live stream or in this podcast I should say in the show, I’ve got to figure out what should I call it guys. I’ve got to figure that out. Let’s see. We got, um, podcast. We got the show. I don’t know. We’ll think about it. If you, everything you’re in, you’re excited. Comment hashtag excited down below. Hashtag excited if you’re excited as I am. Um, remember we are streaming live Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12 o’clock Eastern time, starting next week. This week is every day, every day, 12 o’clock Eastern time, 9:00 AM Pacific time. We have Steve Larson. We’ve got Natalie Hodson, we’ve got Colin wave. Got Joel Kaplan, got uh, Julie’s Joanne, Katherine Jones, Ryan Stewman, Brad get Orion’s. Jim is coming on. I forgot to say Natalie Hodson. Alright. Already sent her, uh, Alison, Prince, Dan Henry, Myron golden all coming up 12 o’clock Eastern time tomorrow.

Steve Larson be there. Um, make sure, make sure you’re subscribed. If you have not left yet, review, let me, let me show you this guys. Let me show you how easy it is to leave a review. Kelly, you gotta do is you gotta pull your phone down and you gotta go to podcasts, okay? And you type in, oops, think different theory and it’s gonna come up. It’s gonna look like this. They make sure you can see this. It’s gonna look like this. You go, you click on thing different theory. You scroll down all the way to the bottom. Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll all our episodes and hit write a review. Leave a five star rating and write a review right at summit. That easy. Same thing on Spotify. Same thing on the Facebook page. Just leave a five star rating. A review helps us grow. Um, yeah.

All right guys, that is all I’ve got for you. Hit that like button, hit that love button, share this out. Tag a friend that needs to hear this. I will be back tomorrow. I am so, so freaking excited for this. We have amazing, amazing stuff planned and by the way, on Friday, we’re going to be giving out some really cool stuff, uh, as well. At the end of the show on Friday, it’ll be after the Joel Kaplan interview. Um, we’re going to go and give away some free courses. We’re going to wake some free shirts. Um, we’re gonna give away some signed books and stuff like that. And so make sure to tune in on Friday as well. Um, say subscribe to the email list, the, the, the many chatbots and, and things like that. If you’re not subscribed, you can go to Josh or think different and subscribe.

Um, what I’ll do, and this is super cool, um, we’re working right now to, we’ll have two different email lists. All right? One of them will be my, my typical business normal list. And then the other one will actually be a daily podcast update list. And I will send out an email about this, uh, probably later today on how to pick which one you want to be on. And so you can literally go and say, okay, I, I want to get daily updates or I only want to get major updates, right? So if you only want to get major updates, you’ll get like one email a week just kind of recapping everything. Or when there’s a really big person, let me have on, like when you get Russell on you, you know, you’ll get an email. But if you want daily updates, what we’ll do is we’ll send on a daily email every single day.

I’m letting you know about the podcast… Oh, I’m sorry. Three days a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Letting you know what the interview is for that day, how you can listen to it, how you can tune in, where you can ask your questions, and things like that. So be on the lookout for that, and make sure you turn on your post notifications and everything there. Guys, I am so freaking amazingly excited for this. Thank you guys so much for being part of my life. Thank you for being part of Think Different Theory, and a part of the show. If I got to meet you at Funnel Hacking Live, I’m so grateful. Make sure to tag me in your posts. if I did not, hopefully I get to meet you next year. I got… I got to come up with a new outro. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just stick with the same thing. I’ve always done,

“As always, hustle, hustle. God bless. Don’t be afraid to think different.” What do you think? Should I come up with a new one, or should I stick with the OG, and just go, “As always, hustle, hustle. God bless. Don’t be afraid to think different, because those of us that think different are going to be the ones to change the world.” What do you guys think? Comment down below, and let me know. I’m looking at some comments here. We got tons of people still online. Love it, I love it, I love it. If you’re listening on the audio, thank you. Make sure to subscribe. I appreciate you, and I promise you it will be a little bit more audio friendly on the podcast moving forward. And for those of you that are watching on the live stream, I apologize that the audio is a little messed up. We will get that fixed and make sure that that is not an issue, and that’s not… that’s not happening moving forward as well.

I apologize for the slight delay there. Okay guys. That’s all I’ve got. I’m going to just wrap it up this… this way, and then we’ll go from there. Guys, as always, hustle, hustle. God bless. Do not be afraid to think different, because those of us that think different, are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all, and I will see you tomorrow. Wow! It’s going to be tomorrow. Think Different Theory Season Two. We are back, ladies and gentlemen. The most fun provoking and educational podcast in the world. Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play. Basically, all your favorite platforms, all the time. I love you all and I will see you very, very soon. Take it easy fam. Peace.