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How To Get The Attention Of Russell Brunson – With FHL Speaker Kathryn Jones


Have you ever wondered how to get the attention of Russell Brunson? What about the behind the scenes of the “Dream 100 Strategy” in action? In this Episode I interview Kathryn Jones, FHL speaker, about just that!


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February 12th, 2020


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Intro 00:00:03
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Josh 00:00:47
What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti

Josh 00:00:53
and we have a very, very exciting episode for you all here today. I’m very excited about my next guest. Um, I gotta warn you though. Uh, my next guest and I might have a little drama going on because I’ve got some, some beef to pick with her a little bit. She should be good and it’s going to be a very, very good conversation guys. Thank you so much for the support that you’ve given. The podcast last week was incredible. The Julie Stoian and episode on Monday also blew up, but we’ve had a lot of people hit back and like people that don’t normally reach out, don’t normally listen to the podcast, have reached out and said that they really, really enjoyed the open conversation about politics and Trump and the other side and things like that. Um, so anyway, if you’re here for politics today, you are in the wrong place because I don’t think my next person is, is very a very political person. Um, but we’re going to bring her on here guys. I want to welcome back to the show. The woman, what is it that the man, the myth, the legend, the woman, the myth, the legend to funnel hacking live speaker herself. Uh, Ms. Kathryn Jones. Welcome back to The Think Different Theory.

Kathryn 00:01:55
Oh, what an honor. I am. I’m just so excited that I, that I get to be here today. And the woman, the man, the myth, the legend, the woman, the myth, the legend said the woman, that mental edge, Kevin, I feel like I’m on like a sign right behind him. Woman, myth, legend women, myth. Legend Josh Forti by, by, by Josh. He said it not me. That’s right. That’s right. How do you, okay. How do you do that though too? Cause I feel like you probably get a lot of compliments from a lot of people, right? People are, people are kind to you, which they should be, which we’re gonna talk about so many cool things, but like how do you, uh, when you hear like a really, really good quote

Josh 00:02:34
and you’re like, Oh my gosh, I feel like that describes me so well. Do you like, do you like pin that up and give them credit or do you just go, no, no, I can’t. Like I can’t because that’s so egotistical. Or like how do you deal?

Kathryn 00:02:45
Yeah, well I’m going to be honest, I, the likelihood that I would ever put woman myth legend actually up on my walls, very slim to none, but um, but no guy’s dream 100 gifts. Yeah. Hello? Uh, I live in Utah, but um, was uh, okay. Something that I’ve worked actually really hard on and with our shared coach Katie Richardson, we’re also, Oh, we could, this whole episode could actually just be about her if we want it. Um, but one thing that I, that we worked like really, really hard on like, even like more than like business strategies, like who is Kathryn Jones? Like who are those things? And to like stand in that and stand in that power. And I think one thing that I, a year and a half ago was more prone to do. It would be like if anybody accomplished me, I’d be like, Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Kathryn 00:03:38
Or like downplay it or try and like put it back on them. Mmm. But she’s like, first of all, she’s like, Kathryn. She’s like, why would you ever invalidate somebody? Like, like, she’s like, think about what you’re doing. Like when you say when somebody is like, Oh Kathryn, for example, like your speech was so amazing, your speech was so good, right? She’s like, the rudest thing you could ever do is be like, Oh no, no, no. It’s like you’re immediately telling them that you don’t believe that. Like, like their opinions in doubt, she’s like, so number one, like think outward. Like how are you going to do that? And she’s like, and secondly, she’s like, of course, they should be telling you this. Of course, they should. Like the truest version of Kathryn is extraordinary. So, of course, you should have lines of people coming up to you and telling you you’re amazing. So except it you’re aligning truth with truth. So just take it in.

Josh 00:04:26
And acceptance has to be different than ego. Ego, right? Or pride. So like, how do you say, okay, cause let’s be real, Kathryn, I sent you a box before funnel hacking live because you listen to those pretty regularly. Pretty, pretty consistently. Note the sarcasm in his voice. Very much so guys, Kathryn, are we friends? Like, we’re, we’re, we’re friends, right? OK. we’re, we’re friends. So guys, Kyle and I are friends and um, I think she replies back to me once a month on a, on a good month. So I sent you a box before funnel hacking live and I said, I want to see you before you go speak on stage because I knew once you speak on stage you’re the super woman and you’re going to be famous. Uh, and sure enough you, we don’t see each other before. But actually I take that back. We started early in the morning on the stairs briefly.

Josh 00:05:14
The morning of it was a good moment. It was, it was good. It was good. But sure enough you became famous. I mean you really did like, you crushed it. I mean you were outside of like a keynote speaker type deal. You were the top couple hockey wife. Like just be honest with yourself here. Okay. So like how do you and everybody was talking about it. Everyone’s coming up to you and like your stories, you had like literally hundreds of people messaging DMing tagging, use. I mean you were everywhere. So how do you deal and now get to a big head with that? How do you validate without totally

Kathryn 00:05:47
without, without saying like, hi, I’m the best. Everyone has aligned to farm stock to me.

Josh 00:05:51
Right. With without becoming a Kardashian,

Kathryn 00:05:54
without becoming a Kardashian, which in one sense they are brilliant marketers, let’s say that we do have to give them that. Um, so this is such a good question and I, I, I, um, it’s been a huge part of the debrief of funnel hacking live and it was also one of the major portions of preparation, uh, major portions of preparation. Um, because I think I, I think it was a really huge blessing, um, from God to be able to see this huge opportunity and perspective like that. It was, it was very much a step and not like a, I made it, if that makes sense. And that’s not to negate, like I’ll like I’ll be first to say it is a big deal. It is actually a huge deal. Tiny little bit. Yeah. And like the fact that I can be, like, I shared a stage with Tony Robbins done like that, that alone, he just the trajectory a Forbes feature.

Kathryn 00:06:56
Yeah. It’s helpful, you know, for sure. But, um, but I think I had a lot of experience leading up to it and in terms of like, okay, like what? Like what are my objectives of this event? Like I knew that it was pivotal and I knew that this was also once a while I talk to me like there are literally 14 people total in the world speaking on stage, what am I going to do to make sure that this is the most like perfectly, um, executed experience. And so like, of course you think about like, well, what’s the content on delivering? How am I doing this? Like I straight like Russell Brunson and like introduced me and validated my entire huge niche, right? Like, like amazing. Like, how am I gonna do my speech? Why I’m gonna do that? But other huge part of it was again, like, like the, it wasn’t just speaking on stage, it was like, I, I was like, well, how do I want to curate this?

Kathryn 00:07:55
Like, what do I want to do? And I think one of the things that drives my entire business always is like, is, um, is inclusion is, um, and like in this word of almost like humans just very much so drive my, my thing. I love my people. Inclusion meaning what? Like they’ll, well, okay. So when I went there, I was like inclusion and I, well, the last thing that I would ever want to do and like going on that stage would be like, alright, I’m on the stage now. Like everybody’s too good for me now. I’m too good for people. And I think about, and so I thought about like the experiences that I have had and how I got here and so many of them, so many of them, or because of like 32nd to two minute interactions that I had was really powerful people. You know what I mean? Where it was fine. And you know, you’re not talking about like when you’re starting, you’re bursting out of your soul and you’re like, I don’t exactly know what I’m doing here, but like I have to create something and I feel this. Like I just, I need to be in your presence. Like I just need to talk to you. And, and so, uh,

Josh 00:09:01
I feel like that I was a little bit that way with Tom. Bill you after he walked off stage, I had five, I had five, five minutes with him.

Kathryn 00:09:07
Yes, exactly. And it was five minutes and I can literally tell you like, like one of them was 2017 with Collette Brunson. It was a conversation and it just changed every, she super cool. She and she, people don’t, I don’t know if people know how cool she is. Oh, she is so rad.

Josh 00:09:25
She’s not, she’s not the PR, she’s not what she’s perceived online.

Kathryn 00:09:28
No, she is powerful woman. Anyway, so I’m so just like these interactions and, and I also think like that, like remembering my experience with those. And I also think remembering like, Oh, we’ve been talking about this, I’m like a deeply religious person, like a religious person. And so I had this moment, um, earlier in 2019 it was this like really poignant experience where it became very clear to me where I felt like I received the message where it’s like any platform, Kathryn, right ever gives you, is not for you. Any platform that’s ever given is not for you. It’s, it’s, it’s to preach, it’s to help both know me. And so, um, and again, like, I mean we’re getting open here, but I don’t tell, I don’t know how many people I’ve told that, but like, so it’s like, okay, like how can and not that like my whole business is like

Josh 00:10:17
come onto Jesus, but let’s see. Converted. That’s super powerful though because I think that, so one of the struggles, and I, sorry to cut you off here, but I think this is important. Okay. So like one of the interesting struggles that I have faced in my life as also a Debree religious person, um, is the balance between the mentality and mindset that says I can do anything. Right. Because I mean the, the brain, the mind, the human potential is virtually unlimited in a sense. Right? Um, and balancing that with no, I can do anything through Christ or through, you know, through God with God’s power and what the intention that I’m doing it for. Because there’s a lot of very, very, very, very, very successful people out there that are not religious that would get absolutely none of their credit to God. But if you followed their principles and you follow what it is that they taught, yes, what would happen, you would become very, very successful too. Now I happen to believe that those are biblical brace based principles, right. Rather than just, you know, happenstance. But it’s been an interesting struggle. So I like that you bring that up because that’s, I think that’s a super interesting grounding that a lot of people probably would not have known about you

Kathryn 00:11:29
and and so, and that’s the thing like my objective is like when I, when I had this experience like I can tell you about that too, but like when I had that experience, it wasn’t like Kathryn, everything that you need, every post or everything that you ever do has to be like pushing Bibles they says. But like the, the clarity in terms of like, Hey, like this platform is not for you. It’s for me like the objective behind that is wake people up to the truth of themselves. Whether it’s interesting because I think when people really get clear on who they are changes the whole game. So like circle back to funnel hacking luck, right? Like my prayer the whole time, the entire time and when anybody was like, can I pray for you? I was like, yes please. This is what I want you to pray for me for.

Kathryn 00:12:12
It was like God, like please help me to be the truce version of myself on that stage. Cause if people can see that, then it gives them permission to do the same. So then funnel hack, the speech ends, I get off and like I have to say like aye. I think I was aware that people would want to be like, Oh good job. It was amazing. But I was not prepared for the like I like, I, I’ve never like, I couldn’t go anywhere like truly like, like I, I forgot a fork at lunch and it took me an hour to get back to my table. Like I’ve just, I like lines for me, everywhere I went, like it was, it was absolutely insane. But what was the, but I have to tell you what, it was amazing. This was going to happen by the way.

Kathryn 00:12:58
I told you I was just like, I don’t know. But here’s the thing. This is what was crazy. Like this is what was actually cool. And like people ask like, what was the most fun about funnel hacking live the most? It was the most beautiful and sacred thing about it is what people came up and told me after and the types of conversations that I had with them, I think not even really because of design hacking, it was just the vehicle right there like, Oh my gosh, like so cool. Let me show you what this is doing for me. And then all sudden it’s like they’re weeping about this like deep business idea that they can’t get off the ground but it’s just as part of them. Or like this girl comes up to me and she was like, she’s like crying her eyes out and she was just like Kathryn like I, I’ve been so depressed and God just told me I just had to make it to funnel hacking live.

Kathryn 00:13:46
And I told God, I was like, all I have to do, the only thing I could promise is the first day I can only do it to the first day. And she’s like, I saw you speak and I saw myself in you. That’s crazy. She goes and you woke me up and she’s like, thank you. Like, like I have been in a bad place for months and months and this is the first time that I’ve remembered who I was. Wow. And so like I want to gift that I forever reason got to do that. And so as I went, one of my best, Oh, you met her, one of my best friends Brooke, she has like the smartest, if you need high ticket sales you need to taste like ads. They’re my girls anyway. But um, one of like Brooks words of the year, like she was like a word the year that she does and it sounds like such an impact on me. And I was like, I’m like, can I kind of, can I have it be like one of my sub words? She’s like, sure. But one of her words is meek, M. E. E. K. her definition of interesting is her definition of meek. Is that like regardless of the status or financial standing or whatever of herself or the standing with her, she’s always thinking, what can I learn from them or what can I learn about them? It’s very, it’s just like I validate you as a human. And so

Kathryn 00:15:02
I had that mentality going in and I think that’s why like I had some of the sweetest most like, like I just felt like I wet the whole time. I felt like he lied because he was like beautiful people. Like they come to like, Oh they’re so like you’re so amazing, blah blah. And I’d be like, thank you. And I immediately be like, what is your name? Where are you from? Tell me about what’s going on with you. People need that though. I need that.

Josh 00:15:33
So, I don’t want to cut you off again here because we’re on a good, a good thing here, but I think this is important. Okay. Yeah. There are many different types of people in this world. Okay. Yeah. One of the things that I am very, very aware about about myself is that self-confidence not really an issue for me on most days, right? Like I’m a very self confident person and who I am. I didn’t grow up that way, but like I have worked on myself to get me to that point. And one of the things I started realizing with people a lot of times, and actually I was talking to Steve Larson about this as well, who shout out Steve, he’s amazing. We had him on the show as well. But um, is that like a lot of people just need validation and that validation could simply mean that, Oh my gosh, somebody cares enough about me to ask me my name.

Josh 00:16:16
And it seems stupid, right? It does. Because it’s like you don’t really, really need that, but it’s like this pin that is like, Whoa. And all they need is like move that much of like, Hey, what’s your name? Where are you from? Tell me about it. And all of a sudden it’s like, Oh my gosh, a Kathryn Jones like was curious about like what I do. And it gives them this validation and it can set them on a path to to go out and do amazing things. And one of my, like my biggest, my biggest hopes for people in life is that, that they have as much confidence in themselves as I have in them because there’s not been one single person that I’ve ever met where I sit down with them and I talked to them for 30 minutes or 40 minutes and think, yeah, they’re not gonna, they’re not capable of doing big things like not one single person. And I have talked to literally thousands and thousands of people. Right. And it’s like, so, so many people get so caught up in their own false belief in their own head and they just need somebody to come along and show them that like, no, you can actually go and do this. And I love that. And it sounds like that’s what you did a lot with funnel hacking. You know the people a lot.

Kathryn 00:17:13
Totally. And, and I think like one of the things as well like that, I hope that I’m framing this correctly, it’s not just like this, it wasn’t like, Oh I’m going to be out high and mighty and but I literally walked in thinking like remembering this like really poignant experience that I had in April earlier this year or is like your platform is not your own wake people up. And also remembering like it’s like this really interesting experience. Like when you have these big like landmarks like funnel hacking 2019 I was in the back of the room every day like I was in the literal back of the room and like only barely at people even started to recognize, you know what I mean? And then to go from this like, like, like my family was there and like I think they like, like my mom had to pull me away. She was like, we have a dinner reservations. You’ve been talking to people for two and a half hours. We left a line of like 30 people.

Josh 00:18:09
That was after two hours. And I just looked at that and I was like

Kathryn 00:18:17
literally making me go

Josh 00:18:19
good. That’s funny. Strong, powerful woman. And then your mom comes. He goes, no, I am a strong, powerful, you will listen to me.

Kathryn 00:18:26
You have a dinner reservation and I’m starving. But, but I do, I think about that. And so I think like that entire experience, like I like the coolest thing that has happened from funnel hacking. Like the coolest thing is like yeah, it’s really cool to have like your entire vehicle and new niche like Steve Larson style, right? Like creative bluish from reddish and that’s exactly what it’s not. And to have that literally introduced and validated by Russell Brunson on stage and to have video content of that game over game over, right? So it’s like not only did I get that, like of course the experience was incredible, like to have that product. Of course I’ve seen a huge increase the sales like stat, like it’s just like, it’s amazing. Like it’s kind of, and again, it’s kind of this weird shift. I’m like, I’m always trying to almost try to catch up to it myself.

Kathryn 00:19:11
You know, cause I was in the back row a year ago and now like I’m on somebody’s podcast the other day and it’s like they’re the kindest people that they’re like, they can’t believe that I’m on their podcast and like just switch from going to like I like I used to, I used to like hustle to get on people’s podcasts, you know, and now they’re like, thanks. Like thank you so much. And um, anyway, I think, but I do think I like such amazing blessings in terms of that, but the coolest thing that has happened has been the conversations and the connections that I’ve made with all rounds of people. Like people that have not made a single dollar online to like

Josh 00:19:47
homies. What’s Russell Brunson. Okay, so let’s start, let’s talk about this. We need to talk about Russell.

Kathryn 00:19:52
Yeah, he’s so good. He’s such a good, like he like, he is such a good man. I think he is the coolest

Josh 00:20:02
and so do I, and so do I right? Like there are, I was talking with a, well actually Katie, about our shout out Katie, we’re going to get Katie back on the show. Yeah, yeah. She, she was on in season one and it was awesome, but it was a, it’s a very different dynamic now that she’s my coach and like, I’m like, Oh my gosh, you changed my life. It’s amazing. But, uh, I was talking to her about this and a couple other people. I’m like, there is a reason that I

Kathryn 00:20:25
have a die hard. I’m a die hard fan boy of Russell, and Ty Lopez and uh, you know, grant Cardone, I mean like learned lots from them. But like Russell not only is amazing in business and marketing, he’s just an amazing, genuine, amazing human being. But that being said, you are one of very few people

Josh 00:20:44
that have grace the funnel hacking stage without paying Russell to be in his inner circle for several years. And I want to know, okay, so shout out Russell. I know you’re listening because duh, he listens to every one of my podcast episodes. Oh no, I’m just kidding. Um, but I mean Rob and I talked to Steve about this dude, like he’s on my dream 100 for sure. Right? Working that and incentive a book of Mormon working down on that. But like whatever you did impressed him. How did you pull off speaking on bottle hiking live and I know you could go on for like hours about this and you’ve got vlogs and everything like that, but like break it down for me. What are the seek what like what do I need to know to get on stage at funnel hacking live next year?

Kathryn 00:21:23
Okay. This is a great question

Josh 00:21:26
and hold on. I wanna I want to preface this one more thing. I don’t want you to talk to the audience. I want you to talk to me.

Kathryn 00:21:32

Josh 00:21:32
What do I need to do in order to help Russell? Like here’s the thing, I want to be Russell’s friend. I don’t care if Russell never promotes one of my products. If Russell never like, I want to make Russell’s life better because just being around amazing people. I’ve become friends with Julie, I’ve become friends with Steve, like getting around those types of people. My whole life has leveled up and then I’m like, all right, Russell is the next step there. And like I want to provide value to him. What’d you do? How’d you pull it off?

Kathryn 00:21:58
Yeah. Um, so I will say this with the preface of, um, there was a lot of intention around this big, there was a lot of intention and a lot of strategic planning that actually well far proceeded whenever we began speaking. And, uh, but I, but I will also say that, um,

Kathryn 00:22:21
that in terms of me speaking a lot of the stars aligned, I will also say that. So, um, so like if somebody was like, Kathryn, could I, could I pay you to coach me how to get on the funnel hacking live stage? Like I do have a framework but I, but I also recognize that a lot of that is coupled with like, what’s the theme of funnel hacking live and the timing and the theme literally this year was frameworks. And I have killer frameworks when it comes to design, which I think has also, like, that’s what’s made me famous in the design world is most people design. They’re like, you just feel it in your heart and blah, blah, blah blah. Or like you have to be a Photoshop queen or you have to go to coding school. And I’m just like six steps, you know, people upset in the funnel world, like actually mad, like hate mail, hate threats. I am. Oh yeah. It’s just, but I think that just means you’ve got some good marketing going on like that. Like I have just totally like observed this, this thanks. But in terms of, so I will say that there was a lot of intentionality with a touch of magic and I think the magic was just divine, but one, but, but honestly, here’s what happens. So before, um,

Josh 00:23:34

Kathryn 00:23:35
I knew when I created my product, CF design school, the intention behind it always was to partner with click funnels on it.

Josh 00:23:44
Well, and I wondered because

Kathryn 00:23:46
it literally has the name. Okay. So logistical thing, they didn’t, they were okay with CF design school. You didn’t call it click funnels design school for a reason, I assume. Totally. And you want to know how I knew to do that? Jamie Smith. Oh really? He sent to CF pro tools. Like I literally watched Jamie Smith find a niche, find a hole in the click funnels market, build a product name is specifically after that product and get literally Russell to partner with him and put a part of funnel you. Yeah. And I said, there we go. What did you, so I said, and I, and I already was on this design thing, right? Like I was already on this design scene so I was like, great. So I literally like take experts secrets and the whole time where it’s like name your vehicle, pick your niche, use your like what’s your jargon, what’s your story?

Kathryn 00:24:33
Everything was literally around. Yeah. The intention of not selling, not selling hundreds of millions of dollars through it. Like the, like the true like thing was how could this fit most perfectly with, with Russell’s and click funnels. And that’s the name of design hacking and that’s the fact that funnel or design hacking is the next logical step after funnel hacking. Like everything’s coupled. So can I ask you a question? Sure. And then I’m sorry I keep cutting you off. Yeah, of course. Is the goal to partner or to sell to click funnels? Um, I think, well, here’s what’s fun about design hacking is design hacking. Like the definition of design hacking is how to present stories that convert, right. So funnels are just like a very small, small portion. And so, um, I think the original intention was, um, actually I don’t know what the original intention was, but um, but I, if you were to ask me now, it’d be partner partner.

Kathryn 00:25:39
Yeah. That makes sense. Sure. And, um, I mean I’ve had, I’ve actually had a few offers for people wanting to buy my thing. Yes. And I was always like, no, first of all, you’re still not baby face. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. And I’m like, that’s what I’m saying. I’m like, you literally don’t touch herself. Like, like thank you for validating it cause I know the end game. And so anyway, so I think that’s the first thing. Like I literally built it. Like I knew that this specific product would be built perfectly for that. And I also knew like, I mean I have been like the like I am, I think Gabe Schillinger and I are like two of the only people and there might be a few out of the two, the only people that have not come from his inner circle list and which first of all it didn’t gave you amazing but he’s so cool. But um, but I, but I, but I do have a unique story in a sense that I freaking started from the bottom of that value ladder. Like I truly started from like the free plus shipping funnel and just work my way up and did like I bought everything. I’ve done the $10,000 certified internet, whatever it’s called, certified partner program before, like funnel scripts funnel you, I like all of it. Like announced argument is two, comma, club X, I mean just collective plus now or whatever it is, whatever it is.

Kathryn 00:26:59
Oh yeah, that’s great.

Josh 00:27:01
I can’t wait. Okay. So the only reason I didn’t do that is, um, I wouldn’t, if I did not have access to a VIP support, I would have bought in, but I have multiple clients that I have asked like when I was a cow. So I get to call, click support whenever I want.

Kathryn 00:27:17
Anyway. So that’s number one is I literally built it with the intention of Oh, Oh, partnering with them. And so I think that’s step number one anyway. And then it was like, cool, let’s get some good results. So it’s like legitimate. And then after about a year, I was like, this stuff is real. It actually works. And so then like the principles that governed me getting on Russell’s radar were um, respectfully disruptive. And I, and I use those two words really intentionally, respectfully, in the sense of that man is a busy man. Like he literally is busy and has like 700,000 followers on Instagram. Like he’s just getting blown up all day, every day. And so it’s like, and and so it’s like, Hey, well I want to be like, persistent was not the word. It was respectful. It was like, how can I, because I’m like, if I Badger this dude a million times, he’s going to be like, get out of my life.

Kathryn 00:28:11
Like you are actually annoying me if there’s too much. But I’m like, if I can be respectful but disruptive in that so that it didn’t have to be like, Hey, I messaged you every single day, look at my thing, please look at my thing. Hi, how are you? Blah blah blah. But it was just like a huge like [inaudible] yeah. Where like it was like it stopped him in his tracks and then six weeks later, right. Like it was like, how can I not be annoying? How can I actually be like, like wow, I need to take a look back. Like I need to stop and see what this girl is doing. And so like my first outreach to him was like this deeply curated video that like had a script that was basically like, listen to it. Do you have a bleeding mood amongst your community? And it was like, it was funny and clippy but like the reason I knew it, well, the reason that I knew that he would at least listen to is I literally am using the scripts from his book.

Kathryn 00:29:05
I just didn’t use it. Like I like I have a student of this stuff, so did that, but not this whole huge funnel for him that was so extra like, so like you, you showed some of the footage of that in your blogs I think, right? Yeah. And you could, I think it’s probably still up. So you have design, right? Like literally if you want to go see what we did and I should probably, I should probably take down my, all my boxers on there. So there it is. I like message me whatever way you want. Well, everyone’s going to be asked to my boxers, but I can go change it anyway.

Kathryn 00:29:39
But anyway, so I go, so, so I do that and it was like, it is, it is very unique. And I’m like, I’m like, if somebody said this to me, I kept thinking like, what would I do? I was like, Nope. So that was like the first, and then he was like, Hey, and then I figured out like where he is and I, I just knew I didn’t want to go through the channels. I was like, if there’s a way to get them direct then I’m going to get them directly. And the other thing I knew I was like, is, is um, because I’ve responded like in the last three and a half years since I’ve been stocking on the internet that like at times he had responded like, Oh, thanks. You know, I’m like Instagram stories. So I’m like, I think he might still be there, you know? So I just into his Instagram DM, send them the link and like this like really funny stuff now where it’s like me and him and it’s like, like I made this video specifically for you. You know like enough where it’s like, like is this girl crazy? But like maybe I want to click off.

Josh 00:30:28
Yeah. But the one thing about Russell is Russell respects crazy though. Respects intentional creation. He’s a market and that’s super important to remember about. It’s not everybody, like the way you get Russell’s attention is not the way you get everybody’s attention. Right? Because like Russell talks about two things, marketing and Mormonism. Like it’s like, like those are your angles basically. And as long as you are, as you said, respectful but also, you know, intentional or disruptive or whatever that is. Like Russell respects the game. And I was actually talking to my mom about this cause my mom texted me, she watched the Steve Larson interview where I was literally like laying out what I was trying to do to like dream 100 Russell and everything like that. And she’s like, what if he hears you? Like, what if he listens to the episode? I’m like, Russell knows what I’m doing, but you know what I mean? Like Russell knew what you were doing and he knows anybody that’s trying to dream 100 him like Russell’s a popular dude. He’s not an idiot. But I love what you’re saying here is like you’ve got to figure out a way to, he’s already got tons of noise coming in. He’s got packages every day. He gets gifts every day. Everybody wants him to throw the stuff’s because stage you came in and were like, boom, you cannot ignore me.

Kathryn 00:31:31
Yes. And so then key messages me back, right? And he just says, which I was hyped on the life about, right? He’s like, Hey, just on Instagram, Tim, Hey, this is super cool. I’d love to talk to you about it later. But I’m writing my book. He’s writing traffic secrets so I don’t have time right now. So let’s talk later. Right? I’m like, chill. So what do I do? I’m chill. I’m just chill, right? So I’m like, great. So I’m like, Hey listen, you go hard in the paint. Can’t wait to buy your book like the second it’s out like it’s done for me. Thank you. Yeah, we’ll chat later. So like in the meantime I’ll just like, I’ll just like watch a story, his comment on his stuff, but like nothing, I’m not bugging him. He set the boundaries. You set the boundaries, but also I’m in, I meant so the game shifts now, right?

Kathryn 00:32:18
Where it’s a little bit and like I actually worked with this with Katie where it’s like, now it’s like how do you cure it? So he comes after you? Yeah. Like how does that shift happen? It’s like, Hey, pay attention to me. Pay attention. It’s like there’s been like, there’s intrigue there anyway. So then again, six weeks have passed. I hadn’t made another ask of him. He’s literally writing his book. Well, I’m not going to bug him like he actually is busy, but it comes up was like, okay, I need another where it’s like, Oh like, like I like the thing was like he saw that there was something there to that he wanted to know, but it was like, what questions do I need to answer for him? So it’s not like, Oh, I’ll talk to you later for like I have to get on the phone right now. And so again, it was like, how do I be so respectfully disruptive but turn both of those up a notch. Like, like, you know, and so then I was like, well and again trying to think how to most put people reach out to him and how can I not be like them.

Josh 00:33:16
Are you right now intentionally trying to get on stage? Like having him reach out.

Kathryn 00:33:22
I want him to sell my product.

Josh 00:33:23
Oh, you. Oh, okay. So your dream 100 and to partner with him? Yeah. At this point. So you weren’t actually, you weren’t trying to get him to put you on stage right now?

Kathryn 00:33:31
No. At all. At all.

Josh 00:33:34
Where did this fall. Okay. So I have a side question here. Where did this fall in? Because at offer mind where I met you or offered yeah, for mine where I met you. Um, well I, I remember this very, very clearly. We were up up front by the stage. This was not the after party. And you, you said something to me that stuck out, which is actually one of the reasons why I was so intentional about going up and meeting you, like actual words actually forming a relationship because you said, yeah, Russell boxed me and where I was going back and forth and I was like, wait, okay, hold on. Russell doesn’t box very many people and I’m trying to get around Russell, right? So I want to be friends with all of his friends. So, so what point

Kathryn 00:34:09
this is happening. Okay. So um, first pushed to him was in July, now it’s about six weeks have passed and it’s the end of August. And we’re about to go to the, unlock the secrets of, okay. So I haven’t met, I hadn’t met you yet. So this is before that. Before that. Anyway, so I’m like, cool, how come you’re sexually disruptive? Done? And I’m like, well the problem, why most things don’t get to Russell’s because they never actually get in his hands. They go to Melanie. And so I’m like, how can I just, which in hindsight, well it was a good idea, but I love Melanie now I’m like, Melanie, how are you? You’re incredible. So like I love Belize so much. She’s so cool. But I was like, how can I just bypass Melanie? And I’m like, well, I’m literally going to be in the same room as him for three days, so I’m just going to deliver my message to him. I’m like, I’m just going to do it. So what do I do? But again, you have to be disruptive, but respectfully.

Josh 00:34:59
Have you met Russell at this point though? No. So you don’t know how he is in person at this point?

Kathryn 00:35:06
Oh, I have no idea. I have no idea. Really. Russell and I have really come a long way in the last like six or so months anyway. So like, I mean I’ve been stalking him on the internet for the last three years, but like, and I knew that he knew who I was just from like

Josh 00:35:20
the fact that you sent him a big funnel and he replied to you.

Kathryn 00:35:23
Yes. But like nothing, like we hadn’t bonded anyway. So I make this huge slag box. I like print out his face. Huge. I print on my face huge. I like arts and crafts it for days. And so it’s like, it’s one of those things where it’s like I have to open this. Like this is so extra. Like this is actually like I have to open the marketing game. Oh exactly right. And then again, what you do, you open it and there’s like all this cool swag in here that’s curated for him, presented in cool ways and then you open it and when you open the box there’s a huge QR code that has Russell with his face on it. Like it was like you want a piece of this and like it’s like, Hey, I made this video again specifically for you. So all you have to do is scan this QR code and then another video.

Kathryn 00:36:05
Right. And in the video again, I’m respectfully disruptive. Like, like I’m like, I want him to partner with me. So I’m appear so because I’m appear I’m chill. Right. So it’s like, all right dude, like I was like listen, super excited for your book. So excited to hang out with you in the thing. But it’s like, it’s been six weeks and I don’t really, you said let’s chat later. And I like put up the thing with like let’s chat later. And I was like, I don’t really know. I’m like, no. And later it’s like I actually like I’m sitting here thinking, I was like, Oh no. Later. So I would just go for it. So here we go. Like if laters too soon I’ll try again. Like just super like chill, like, like not like, I’m sorry for bugging you. It’s just like, dude, I know later so I might just go for it.

Kathryn 00:36:50
Like Baba. So same thing. It was like, and I and I and I and in those things I was like, well what were the things that he would need for me, for him to realize about it cause people need me. So I just talked to her about the pain points. Like so many of my students come from OSA, they like finish, we’ll say and they have their hook story offer and they like don’t know how to actually put it on. So they come to me. Right. So I just like use that England like Hey, like let me just paint you a story of what’s going on here. Like why, like why I’m going to keep reaching out to you. Yeah. It’s like let me help your people. Like please let me help your people. I’m ready anyway. And it was just like, but it was like, you know Kathryn style like could be in funny and anyway, so like secure code debt.

Kathryn 00:37:26
So I have this and so it’s part of the thing as well. Like I decide, but I’m just going to lug this thing around the whole time because I don’t know when I’m going to have a chance and what I was not expecting. I like, he was unavailable the legit the whole time, like he’s on stage and then when he comes on stage, she goes off. It’s like, you know, funnel hacking live like you’ve never seen him. That’s how he was at this event. There’s like a thousand people there. And so I’m like, Oh great. So the first day I realized like, I got to think of something else. Like I don’t know how this is going to work and, and so there I am so extra, right? Like, so I do people like, what are you carrying around? I’m like, I have this idea. I don’t know, blah. Like we’re just, we’re going to get, we’re trying to get Russel’s attention. And people are like, you’re literally crazy. Like, like I think they’re like, Aw, okay. Like happy for you.

Kathryn 00:38:17
Oh yeah. But I think you have to have a little crazy and you, most people don’t see, most people don’t believe that they can actually get Russell bronzes attention. Yeah. And I, but I just like, I knew I built it for him. I knew that he needed it. Like I like I knew that he needed it, so I was like, I have to do this anyway. So the first day I was like, he’s unavailable. So the second day I was like, okay, I have to adjust my game plan. So we get there really early on one of the first people there and I get a seat in the front row and I just sit it up. I just like put it up so he can see like the box that has like his face and my face on it. And you see there’s like a moment when he’s on stage and you like, he’s like walking across and then he like sees the box and I’m like good.

Kathryn 00:38:58
Cause if he sees, where’d you put the box? So I’m sitting, so I’m in like one of the front rows and like at this event there’s tables. Okay. So I just sat, I just sat it on the table. So he is like looking at this box all day long and I’m just like, I’m just like, he just like, we just gotta be on his radar somewhere that like, they’re like, there’s maybe a psycho girl in the thing, but like I’m excited. I also think that I have going for me, but I don’t look dangerous per se. I look like I’m 12 years old. So like I don’t think, you know, it’s like we got that. That is kind of helpful. Yeah. Anyway, so then in between what he would do, it was like very workshop type thing. Like we had this huge workbook so he would teach and then be like, Hey, go do your assignment and teacher do your assignment.

Kathryn 00:39:43
But then in between all our assignments you can see him studying for like the next portion. So it’s like, again, I want to be respectful. I see him studying so I’m like, yeah, it’s like he’s literally on stage in front of a thousand people but then, and I’m telling you like it was like, it was like this God moment where all of a sudden, like for whatever reason he’d sends us off for a breakout and he doesn’t go study stuff. He just like, it’s, it’s weird. He like, he walked up to the front of the stage and you just stood there and he was, it was like, he was like, you know, like move Faso looking over his like how are we doing? And it was weird. I don’t know if you’ve ever had one of those moments where it’s like you get pushed out of your chair, like it’s God or something and it’s like I have to go here. Like what am I doing? I like literally I see him and I look at my friends, let’s see who’s next to me and I’m like, I literally like, I’m going and I just like grab the box. Next thing I know. And like people have been walking, could you mean walk around two and half days with this box? So they’re like this, she’s like, she’s doing it.

Kathryn 00:40:41
It’s like little kids in the coaching. And so I like take this box, I walk up and he sees me approach and he’s like, he’s so, I mean he’s the one of the kindest, most like who he is, is who he is, is what my experience has been with him. I just respect him so much. Anyway, so I walk out to him and he sees me and so like, he’s like on this hype stage. So he kneels down and I hand him this thing and I’m like, hi Russell, I’m Kathryn Jones. And he goes, I know who you are so nice to meet you in person. And I’m like, that is just the validation I needed. And so then I hand him this box and he just starts laughing because it is so extra. Like you have to go watch my blog on it. I’ve seen it.

Kathryn 00:41:19
Okay. Yeah, it’s cool. Operations, Dropbox and um, anyway, and so he sees it any last, I’m like, I know you’re a little busy right now, so just, you know, well you got some time. I think you’re going to, I think, I think you should probably take some time to open that up. So he’s like, ha ha. Okay. I was like, alright, I’m getting back to it. And then I just, I left him and that was our, that was our interaction, right. Boom moment. And so then what was, and so then what was the next moment, right? It’s like, well I’m going to vlog the whole experience. So then wholesome Casey’s behind the scenes. So it’s like, cause I didn’t get a response from the box yet. No, I was like, so I was like, well then I’m going to vlog to remind him that you crushed hard on him in that vlog.

Kathryn 00:41:59
Oh, the whole thing was about him. The whole thing was getting Russell and it’s actually hilarious. Like how hard I had to work to get it to him. I’m like, he needs to know like, like he, like he can say no, but he needs to know what he’s saying now to so open the box. Right. So like that was another hit was like that. And then all of a sudden he was like, Oh my gosh, that blog. He’s like, that’s the behind the scenes is so cool. And um, and what I didn’t realize, so I’ve thought that he just like watched the vlogs on my box. I was kind of like, ah, okay, cool. But what I didn’t realize is that he hadn’t opened it yet. He like gave it to Melanie and just like, just kind of like forgot because he’s just a busy dude.

Kathryn 00:42:38
Keep watch the vlog again. It reminded him pit pit. Right. And so it’s like, so then all of a sudden I get a text from Melanie like four or five days later, that’s like, Hey, this is Russell and Melanie’s assistant. Mmm. And she was just like, Hey, whatever. And I had like the QR code. Can you believe this? I didn’t even know it expired. I didn’t even know that they could expire. Can you believe how lucky Melanie reaches out to me and she’s like, Hey, um, we’re going through, I’m going through your box right now. Mmm. And, uh, but your QR code is expired. Is there any way to get that back? I’m like, how lucky am I that she even reached out? Like I didn’t know. I didn’t need to have just like an idiot know. So I’m like, first of all, I’m like, yes.

Kathryn 00:43:23
I’m like, I’m like, this is like the second chance. Like this is like the grace of all grades. I’m like, Oh my God. I’m like, give me three minutes, I’ll figure it out. I literally like research. I like do QR codes, expire, no idea. So I’m like, Oh my gosh. So I fix it, send it off. And um, and it was like, and it was, it was great and it ended up working out better because I was like, Oh, I can make like a way funnier thumbnail to this. Like based on something that he has said and done. So I did like a six minute tweet, send it off to her love on her. I’m like, how cool are you, blah, blah, blah. You’re awesome. Right? Which is all true. And so then all of a sudden she writes it back like six months later and she’s like, Oh, Russell is going to love this. And she’s like, he’s super busy writing. Um, she’s super busy writing so I don’t know when he’ll respond, but I want you to know like, I’ll, I’m going to push this through. I think this is something he’s really gonna want to see. And so I was like, great. So I wasn’t expecting to get like a call from him honestly. Like, like, cause I mean he and I were playing the six week big kick games, right? Like that’s what we’re playing. Honestly. It’s, and I know it’s working

Josh 00:44:34
right? And you have the validation of it though throughout it. And people aren’t patient though. You’re patient with this.

Kathryn 00:44:40
But you also have to realize too, like I think because I wasn’t like, I’m so persistent, I’m going to break you down. Like, like, like I just, I don’t know, I just tried to be chill. Like all of a sudden he started coming to me and like in between this like two-ish months, like all of a sudden he friends me on Facebook and he joins my Facebook group. He starts like, I think he put me on like see first or like get notified. Like he’s one of the top five people watching my Instagram stories. Like one of the first five people watching my stories.

Josh 00:45:10
Yeah, shout out Russell for watching Instagram stories. I just got that. I, I just, I just became cool enough to Russel, to watch my stories about two months ago.

Kathryn 00:45:19
Nice. So yeah, also it means watching my stuff and then all of a sudden like he stalking me online. So I think he’s betting me right and like, like I have a, I have a bestselling book all sudden, like he gets my book. I didn’t send it to him.

Josh 00:45:30
Okay. A question though. Yeah, he’s right. I, I remember seeing that. Are you, are you freaking out at this point? I’m being like, Oh my gosh, everything that I have to do like that I do put out online has to be calculated or are you like, Nope, I’m going to be my normal self. I’m going to do me and be awesome. Or are you intentionally tweaking your content a bit for,

Kathryn 00:45:52
for Russell? Um, well, I think the thing that I had going for me, it was that like, the entire, like thing of that product was always curated. So there wasn’t really a lot of tweaking in like my messaging or how everything was always for it to be for that audience. Okay. So and, but, but it also, I mean, it makes the game fun. Like how cool is that? Like you do a story and like you literally watch, like, you know, you do a story and you post it and then you go back like a second later and it’s like three people have watched this, anything is possible for me right now. Literally anything is possible. And, um, anyway, so in the meantime, like, but I, I really do, I, I really worked hard to establish myself as a peer, right? Yes, yes. I have come up through your thing, but I’m not a fan girl.

Josh 00:46:44
I’m not a fan girl. I just put your face and my face together on a big huge box and hand it to you. But I’m not a fan girl.

Kathryn 00:46:50
We’re peers. I’m uniquely up here, right. Uniquely presenting myself as a peer and um, anyway, and, and I do have to say like, I mean I the end of the day too, it’s a gift that he see me like that is actually just like, because it’s like marketing is marketing but also like he had to take the time to like look at that and do that. Anyway. So then that’s happening. That’s happening. And then later that day again, Russ, Melanie’s like, your thing doesn’t work, blah blah. So fix, fix that. And then I’m expecting another like six week chunk also cause he’s like, so if you were watching his stories, do you remember when he was writing traffic secrets? And he’s like, it’s due tomorrow and self up in the penthouse. Yeah. He’s like, I am going to murder myself. This is due tomorrow. Like, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So I’m just like, I’m just like letting up man, because I’m not going to get in his way. That night, that same night, literally he messaged me.

Josh 00:47:42
Okay. That’s so funny because that same night, I know exactly what night you’re talking about. Yeah. Because that same night was the night that he viewed one of my stories and replied back, I think it was haha. Or something like that. Why was I like so wrong? But anyway, it’s that same night and I was like, why is he, why is he doing this? He’s in the middle of this deadline. I think he just needed to get out of his head.

Kathryn 00:48:06
Oh, I think so. I totally think so too. That’s when he messaged me and was like, Hey, saw your thing. Super cool. As some really good ideas of how we can work together. Like super impressed with what you’re doing. I’m in the middle of writing this book, so I’m busy, so I’ll, Oh, get back to you. So again, I’m just, so again, I’m a peer. I’m, I’m chill. I’m like, dude, thanks for writing the book. Super. Like, thanks for the book. You take your time. I realize you’re writing that for me, so thank you so much. Honestly, hit me up whenever I’m down, I’m down for it. And um, and then of course in the background, I’m like, I mean, you saw my blog. I’m like, yes. I’m like, love. Like it’s hard to get the attention of that man. So the fact that he’s like, Hey, not only I see you, but like I have some cool ideas for how we can work together.

Josh 00:48:55
That’s super cool. Congratulations, by the way, I mean like that, that, that takes, there’s a, the, the first time that I ever went up, not the first time, the last time that I ever went to Russell with an offer mind and I asked him a question like, I wasn’t just like, Hey, we’re also going to take a picture of your amazing type deal. I was like, Hey Russell, I have a question for you. All right. And I was like, hypothetically, it’s the second I said, hypothetically. All right. The first thing out of his mouth was, Oh boy, I’m about to get pitched. Right? Like so I was like D and I wasn’t trying to pitch him. I just wanted to know what gift you wanted for a dream 100 right? Like that was my question to him. But like that stood out to me so much because I’m like, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of people that come up to Russell with, I have a great idea. This is amazing, blah blah blah, you know, brought it for you and so shout out to you and congratulations because that, I mean that truly, truly is an accomplishment. So,

Kathryn 00:49:41
well and I think another thing too, I forgot about this person, the story I’d offer mind, like literally like one of my big things, if you watched my blog, I was just like, I’m going to not be awkward and talk to people like I’m going to network. Cause sometimes I get overwhelmed. I just like, I get confused by myself. I think I’m an ambivert and however you say it, like I don’t know, I actually heard it like very introverted and I confuse myself and, and anyway, so while I was there, like he was right about to go on stage and I was like super like, um, like peer, right? I was like, Hey dude, you’re going to kill it. Like literally I think I said, Hey dude, you’re going to kill it. And he messaged back and was like, he was like, um, he was like, Oh my gosh, what should I talk about?

Kathryn 00:50:17
He’s like, maybe it’s like, what should I talk about? And he’s like, put something together fast. So it was like funny. And then he actually shouted me out from, yeah, which was, which was really cool, but I think it was all like, we’re friends. Like it’s still like, of course like I’m not going to bug you. And I realized like, I love that word. Like you’re like, how can I have value to you? Like how can I evaluate your life? And for me, like one of the things I was like, I will not be adding value to his life. If I take away time from it. I just need to like just you have it and let them breathe. And for whatever reason like that, that like with the combination of like giving him space to even vet me, like you giving him space to even like reciprocate. Yeah.

Josh 00:51:01
Especially at that level. Cause I mean he’s levels and levels above.

Kathryn 00:51:04
Yeah. Oh yeah. He has a $1 billion company. I don’t have $1 billion company and I’ll get there. But like, and so anyway, so I think like those were, those were the key moments. Respectfully disruptive. So, so now that, and that was a great story by the way. Phenomenal.

Josh 00:51:29
Now that you’ve spoken on stage. Yes. With him. I mean Tony Robbins, Russell, Tom, bill, you, Ryan holiday, Kathryn Jones, like Holy cow. That’s, it is that pretty crazy lineup to, you know, to be on the stage with, which is phenomenal. Um, so like now what? Yeah. And I like Rue promoting traffic secret, super, super hard, trying to place top 20. Are we being intentional about still trying to get you to, uh, to partner or like what’s the next steps now for specifically for like your relationship with Russell and ClickFunnels?

Kathryn 00:52:01
Yeah. Um, I think one, again, one of the things that has been like a lot of starts from the beginning. The biggest blessing of speaking on the stage was who would put me in rooms with or who it inspired people to come talk to me. And, um, and I think there are so many incredible people, um, that I was able to meet. But, um, but you also learned that like, people that are pushing tens and tens of millions of dollars are still human. They’re very everybody’s slot. They’re just rich and flawed. That’s it. Right. And so, um, and I think there’s always something to learn from them. And like, I don’t have anything bad at all to say about anyone, but like, it was amazing to see how Russell stood out even amongst interesting. And I really think it was because, I mean, he, he is who he says he is.

Kathryn 00:52:51
I mean, he is like honest and genuine and like filled with integrity. And, um, like when Russell or when Tony Robins was like, he’s one of the brightest lights. I know. Yeah. Ronnie said that it’s so true and it’s how he lives his life and, and so it’s like, do I want to continue partnering with Russell? Of course I want to continue partnering with Russell. But like I think the biggest takeaway from that experience was I need to continually be in conversation with people who are able to exude light at that caliber. That’s super interesting. I love that. And, uh, because I think like again, there’s so much you can learn from people that are crazy rich, but when you learn from people who are crazy rich, who are also like, yeah, genuinely aligned and like that man loves his wife loves her and he loves his kids and, um, and like to be on the cruise with them and like, watch how he treats her, you know what I mean? Like he is just Oh good man. And, and I think by nature that he attracts good people, his circles and

Josh 00:54:01
look, look when she was on stage with him though. I mean you’ve got Dave Woodward, you’ve got T I mean like these are awesome man. I’ve gotten to know Dave a little bit more too. I mean like the people that he surrounds himself with and the people that that run that company. Yeah. Also genuine, awesome, amazing people.

Kathryn 00:54:18
And that’s one of the things too, like, like my, one of my biggest reason for joining like the collective plus, like it’s like, it’s like three grand a month or something. It’s like, it’s a chunk change. Right. But it literally was like, it was like, Mmm, how do I be in conversation with people like him?

Josh 00:54:37
Yeah, that’s super true. Just get around those type of people, your life will level up.

Kathryn 00:54:40
So, so true. And so like for me it’s like, do I want to partner with him? Totally. I want to partner with him, but, but I think, um, what I’ve been really like grateful to see is that like, Mmm. I think I would be so stupid. Two boil that man down to a partnership. Yeah. Like he is a force and for me to learn not only like his marketing tactics but like there is genius to learn and how that man runs his life, how he treats his children and so much of what he’s done and the influence he has. It’s like even within the four walls of his home, like that’s what I want to do. And so, um, so yeah, so I’m really excited. So it’s like, yeah, of course I’m all about traffic secrets of course. Like I’m going to keep continuing to try and partner with them. Like we’re actually going to Africa this summer, which will be like really, really. But I think, I think like that has been the play for me is like, like just realizing like again, if the, if this platform is not my own and if the true intention is to wake people up to the truth version of themselves, I need to hang around people that are actually awake.

Josh 00:55:48
Yeah. Well that’s super, yeah, that’s powerful right there. That’s powerful. That’s one of the things, let’s, let’s bring Katie into the conversation here. Okay. Oh, same thing because, because that’s one of the things, you know, and you know this from working with her, but I mean first, first thing that I go to her with, I was like, all right Katie, you’re not going to be my business coach. I’m a Megan, my business coach, right? So I go, okay, here are all my problems in business, blah blah blah. And she’s like, who are you? And I’m like, I don’t know. Like I’m still trying to figure that out. She’s like, well that no company would promise a business. Let’s go back to this and like book key intangibly and to boil it down. And one of the things that she said was [inaudible] not that exact thing.

Josh 00:56:21
Like, you know, very similar to which is like you, you figure out who you are as a person, you figure out the intention of where you’re going with your life. You can’t be doing this, right. You’ve got to have a clear, a clear path of where it is that you’re going. And once you build that, like once you know that then you align everything else with that and then there’s this, this path and then you just are super intentional about going through and doing that. And so I’m actually in the process right now and have been for the last week, two weeks or so. Uh, it was working with her of, of getting super, super clear on what that is for think different theory, right? And playing around with like different things cause I’m all about, uh, education and I’m all about, um, giving people like people need to know why they believe what they believe, right?

Josh 00:57:03
Like at the, at the very, very, very, very, very, very core of everything that I believe. I think that like, I don’t care what you believe, you just need to know what, why you believe what you believe. And I ultimately believe that if you know why you believe what you believe, you will inevitably lead you to the truth, right? And I’m like, this is amazing, right? And which is why I’m on this conscious search for that or whatever. But once I got super clear on that and you know there’s a few other minor parts that go around like with that and why that’s important. I was like, Oh my gosh, I can cut out 80% of what I’m doing because it doesn’t align with that. And once I understood that, which is why, you know, even before Katie I, I kind of knew a rough direction of where I was going. Like nothing. Nothing like what I have now. But like that’s why I was like, I know I don’t know where Russell will fit into my life or where I’m going to fit into his, but I know that it has to be there somewhere. He has fundamentally changed my life.

Kathryn 00:57:51
Oh, the trajectory. The entire trajectory of it. Yeah. Like actually do you want to see something super funny? I would love to see, Oh somebody so nice just trying to dream 100 me and this is what they sent me and it’s actually like, it’s one of the coolest things ever. It’s actually hilarious. So they were like, so they are trying to do 100 me. So, of course I have like my wall, right, like my wall of people. So they’re like, we thought we’d send you stuff for like the three most influential people in your life. It can be, they can be more present in your life. So I get these, um, you can see his socks with people’s faces on them. So the first one is this woman, her name’s Jeron Eubank. She’s like the leader of this huge like charitable organization, like the coolest person. So also I get like this and then like my first internet marketing guru that I just adored was for meat safeties. So they send me and then I, they gave me these Russel,

Josh 00:58:46
uh, for those of you, for those of you listening on audio, they are socks plastered in. It’s three different sets of socks plastered with these particular people’s faces.

Kathryn 00:58:56
That is actually just funny. They’re like, we just wanted you to have the three most influential people in your life, you know, sands Jesus on your feet.

Josh 00:59:05
So I said, sure.

Kathryn 00:59:07
Anyway, kind of incredible. Like they’re not wrong, they’re not wrong. Like, like I feel like I feel like if I made those socks for myself, it’d be a little bit creepy, but I could be like, sorry Russell, I have socks with your on them. Somebody gave them to me.

Josh 00:59:23
Yeah. But Russell won’t find that creepy Russell respects the marketer. Russell gets it. That’s what gets it. He does it, which is what makes him so awesome.

Kathryn 00:59:30
You got to respect that. So, yeah, I think, I think that’s the play with him is like, I don’t know, my world, my vision of what I want to build is, um, it’s even so much bigger than the funnel world and I’ll always be a part of the funnel. I adore the funnel world, but it’s so much bigger than the funnel world. And so the game is how do I, how do I continue to be in conversation with this man who is changing literally the trajectory of the world and, okay. And I feel the same way about Katie. It’s like, I don’t know, I feel like there’s always a plan. I’m like, I don’t know. Like, maybe I’ll grow her eventually or like where it’s like, I don’t know. I don’t even know if that’s how it works, but I’m like, well, regardless of the case, like I will figure out a way where I’m in,

Josh 01:00:07
Oh wait, I’m paying or where I’m, when I’m having conversation with her.

Kathryn 01:00:11
Yes. Just being around her. Exactly. I have to be.

Josh 01:00:15
What do you, what do you do to, cause I know you have Katie as your coach and I know you’re big on that. I know you’re a very scheduled person, like very detailed and things like that. What do you do to keep your energy focus up and like, well, I’m going to try, I want to transition here. Actually, let me ask you this. How much time do you have?

Kathryn 01:00:37
Um, I do have, I do have about 15 minutes. 15 more minutes, and maybe even 20 I have, I have an 1130 but I need to prep for it.

Josh 01:00:43
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. So let’s, I want to kinda switch over here. There’s some questions that were asked in your group. I posted in your group and I said, Hey, I’m, I’m interviewing Kathryn. Uh, what are some questions? Yeah, well you’re, you’re a graphic designer who makes all her cool, cool videos, so that’s cool. Um, but I do, I, I do want to get to that, but one of the questions, so like a couple of questions were very similar and it kind of goes right along with what I’ve asked you here. Um, and I guys, we could talk for hours and hours and hours. We should have scheduled like four hours for this interview. Not one, but, um, but like along the lines of staying motivated but like really the direction of the day. I was read a couple of these. What motivates you, uh, through a difficult day? Um, what after a horrible day? Like, do you prefer like a nice dinner in or a cozy movie outlet or like, like what, uh, what do you do to recharge and reset and more importantly, like what keeps you dry, driven and motivated because you’re a very, like, you’re a very high energy, I should say, very positive energy person. Like you get around you and you like, your day gets better. Right. So it’s like how do you maintain that? And like what do you do with that? Hi.

Kathryn 01:01:47
Yeah, that is a good question. And maybe I could tell the story of yesterday because yesterday was a rough day.

Josh 01:01:52
All right, so I have to give you parameters though, cause we don’t have tons of time and we have to catch up real quick afterwards. I have a couple questions for you after the podcast.

Kathryn 01:02:00
Yeah, I got, I got, I got a 92nd story. Um, yeah, I think I told you this, like sometimes I confuse myself cause I love humans but I, I have to recharge by myself. And um, anyway, I had like a big day yesterday where I needed to like kill it and I just could not get myself to go. Like I just like, I don’t know if you’ve ever had those days where it’s like, and I’m like something off with me and I, I felt anxious and I felt like just like overwhelmed, but I’m like, and I’m trying to analyze, I’m like, what’s my deal like? I’m like, I’m good. Like I like if I logically look, I’m like what is the deal? And, and so there are, so the first thing that I did is sometimes I just need to like walk through it in my mind.

Kathryn 01:02:45
So I literally like laid on my ground like on the ground in my office and I just was like, I just like, I just worked out my day already in my head. Like I just like actually did it in my head, but like I really went through it like, Hey, if I need to like build this funnel today or I need to like be on this like difficult conversation, phone call. Then like I like I did the conversation like actually all of it. So then I can come back and, and I don’t know that like gives me power. It’s like I already [inaudible]

Josh 01:03:13
well, I mean look at what Tony Robbins did. Points the feet together, pointed thing out. It’s been around then visualize, you’re going completely effortless. Ran. It’s like 25% more. You’re like, Oh my gosh, I have a magic [inaudible].

Kathryn 01:03:23
It’s like, I don’t need to feel anxious about this. I already did it and I already won. Yeah. I think that’s like a huge thing for me and that, and that kind of helped me. And, um, and then honestly, like I, I was like probably, I still was just like, I was just like off in my soul. So I was like, I just, maybe I just need Jesus literally. So I was like, I’m just, I’m just going to like literally like do a scripture study and, and um, and try and answer some, answer some questions. And, um, anyway, so I learned some truths and like the whole thing was divine. Like I learned some trues about time, like my word for the year is omnipresent. How do, how do I, how do I make decisions that aren’t based on time? Wow. That’s how I do that. And um, and so I did this, I started studying time cause I’m like, this is such a small moment. Why am I getting caught up?

Kathryn 01:04:13
Exactly right. And so I was like, okay, anyone say Lenny’s truce? And it was like, like once I just like had a greater understanding of like this moment is very small and you’re okay. Yeah. And um, and then, but then I like freaked out cause I was like this stuff so cool. So I messaged Katie like look at what I learned in my scriptures today. And she posted to me the question that, and, and it was this question that I think the combination of like visualization and my Jesus study and this, um, she was like, what are you feeling and what are you trying to not feel?

Kathryn 01:04:42
And when I also, when I was like, Oh the reason I feel resistances, I didn’t even realize it’s like I’m trying to not feel and for me the word was rejected and I was like, Oh great. And then once I, once I like identified that I was like, Oh I could like get through logically. Cause like honestly, one thing that I had to do yesterday, like we have this like cool thing I needed to pitch, I needed to pitch people and I know that I can close about for this particular thing for to get what we really want. I can close like one, two and 10. So I just know logistically I was going to have eight people say no to me that day. And in my mind I’m like, it’s fine, but like for whatever reason, like my soul was like, I don’t want to deal with it.

Josh 01:05:23
But, but once you identify and become a, this is what yoga will do. I did yoga the other day, uh, went to, there’s a lifetime fitness here, which is just crazy anyway. And uh, the class was surrender and it was like all I taught you how to do is just observe.

Kathryn 01:05:40
Yup. Just observed becoming a server, totally become aware. So it was like visualize Jesus and, and that question, what am I trying to not feel, um, was really helpful. And then, but I think the biggest thing about yesterday is like I, I refused to, I refuse to believe the false door that I was behind.

Josh 01:05:56
I love it. I love it. We [inaudible] the stories we operate out of.

Kathryn 01:06:01
Totally. And I was like, I could look at this cause like I still have a majority of the things I was supposed to do yesterday on my list today because I just was like going through, I just was like state yesterday and I was like, y’all know what? Like I’m going to choose like understand that question. What am I avoiding feeling the truths that I learned in my scriptures? Like I really like everything’s working for me. I was spoke that was supposed to be my path yesterday, so I refuse to believe that I’m behind.

Josh 01:06:23
I love that. I love it. I love it. Okay, let’s do some rapid-fire questions here quick. Okay. Ready? Rapid-fire questions. Uh, after a horrible day, do you prefer a nice dinner out or a cozy movie night in?

Kathryn 01:06:36
If I could go, if I could watch a movie every single day and go to the movie theater every single day, I would do it. I go to movies, I go to movies by myself. I go out to the movie theater, but by myself, I am way more homebody then out.

Josh 01:06:49
You’re, you’re more of a homebody that out. So it would be like a movie in or a movie theater and then that’s it.

Kathryn 01:06:53
Yeah. But if I went to the movie theater, I’d go by myself,

Josh 01:06:55
by, by herself. By herself. Okay. Um, do you find praise or criticism to be more motivating?

Kathryn 01:07:03
Price. Always price. Okay.

Josh 01:07:05
Um, what has been your favorite part of the journey that design hacking that is design hacking. Slash [inaudible]

Kathryn 01:07:12
part of the journey. The people.

Josh 01:07:13
The people. All right. Who is a surprising fit for your course that some people wouldn’t expect?

Kathryn 01:07:20
Um, a surprising fit for my course. What a great question. Um, a surprising fit for my course are like in terms of like, like a couple of seconds as affiliate marketers,

Josh 01:07:31
affiliate marketers. Okay, cool. Um, if funnel building didn’t work out for you, what was plan B?

Kathryn 01:07:38
I don’t know, but I think I got myself to a point where if this whole thing burned down, I build it again tomorrow. It’s in my blood.

Josh 01:07:44
I love that so much. Um, last, last, uh, last one. What was the tipping point that launched you into the automation game and can you artificially encourage tipping points or is it something that has to arise naturally?

Kathryn 01:07:59
Yeah, guess that’s good. I do. Yeah. It’s your graphic designer. Oh yeah. He’s so smart. But actually he’s, he’s cool. Oh, he’s one of the smartest men I’ve ever met. Um, can you artists? Okay. Um, the tipping point was the recognition of the person I wanted to be in the last I wanted to have.

Josh 01:08:21

Kathryn 01:08:22
And cannot be artificially, um, like simulated created. Um, I think yes, because it’s not necessarily the moment. I think the power comes in our agency. We have the ability to choose to whatever degree we want. It’s not like something has to happen to you. It’s like somebody can choose right now that the game is changing. Ever be over. Like that’s what’s so fun is everybody holds the power to choose entirely. I love that. I love it.

Josh 01:08:49
Super important because I don’t think, I don’t really think it is artificial. I think any decision that you make is intentional. It has to be intentional. It’s not intentional, then you can’t do it. So, okay. Uh, Kathryn. Amazing. Thank you. Thank you for coming on. What’s, uh, what’s, uh, some advice that you have for the listeners?

Kathryn 01:09:06
Some advice that I have for the listeners and it’s something that has been a dialogue for us and you, but um, people always ask like, Oh, like how can I get where you are? What can I do? Blah, blah, blah. We’ve talked about this a tiny bit. The single greatest catalyst for me having any success in my business was me taking the time to figure out who I was. Super important. So I think that would be my advice. Somebody were to say like, who’s Josh Forti? And you’re not sure, or whoever. Like if I were just Kathryn Jones, I’m Kathryn Jones, I am brave. I’m always learning and I’m alive to the world.

Josh 01:09:41
Wow. Wow. That is super defined. That is super, that’s powerful. And you live your life accordingly.

Kathryn 01:09:49
Oh yeah, so the hidden comes up, right? It’s like, Oh, like, uh, like this offer totally bombed. Right. And it’d be like, Oh, I’m terrible, blah blah. It’s like I’m brave. I’m always learning. I’m always learning. What a cool experience. Yeah. Yeah.

Josh 01:10:02
It’s amazing. Kathryn, you’re amazing. Thank you so much for coming on season two. Yeah, the honor is mine to have you on here. I really appreciate it. Funnel hacking live. We covered the whole entire story. Any final words or anything piece of while you already went to piece of it? Any final words or anything for a, the audience, like

Kathryn 01:10:21
everyone, everyone follow Josh. He knows what he’s doing. Like just pay attention to it. That’s all I’ll say.

Josh 01:10:28
Thank you. I appreciate that. One last really quick, final question for you. Have you ever had the chance to go to outer space? Would you go to outer space? No. No. Kathryn, who are you? That’s crazy. Talk about brave. Always learning. Be brave, courageous. Go to outer space.

Kathryn 01:10:41
I don’t know. Maybe, maybe I’ll change my mind,

Josh 01:10:43
if I could ever go to outer space, I would go to outer space. Just setting the record. Clear. Guys, this has been incredible. Ms. Kathryn Jones. Kathryn, thank you so much for coming on guys. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all and I’ll see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Oh, wait, who? Who’s our next episode? Oh, Brad Gibb. Oh okay. Okay. Round two. Here’s the number one most downloaded podcast of season one. Everything that you know about money is wrong. Its part two of everything that you know about money is wrong. Literally, probably one of my favorite episodes, especially if you have any form of success in the business world. This dude is brilliant and he’s a very, very good friend of mine, a client of mine and someone I’ve given a lot of money to and he has made me a lot of money.

Josh 01:11:27
So don’t miss it. Friday 12 o’clock Eastern time on Think Different Theory. I love you all and I’ll see you then. Take it easy fam. Peace.

Outro 01:11:35
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