Think Different Theory

How Andrew Kroeze Made $1.1M Dollars With No Paid Ads


Are you a “burnt out” entrepreneur that just can’t seem to “figure it out”?

Andrew Kroeze joins the show to discuss how he was able to go from solopreneur to building a team that made $1.1M in 13 months.

Andrew is the Founder of Tribe Of Buyers and has worked with some of the top business coaches in the world.


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February 19, 2020


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Andrew 00:00:00
Like when I was pitching value stacks are awkward, so I felt awkward when I was going through the value stack and like people I could see people like rubbing the back of their neck, like all of that stuff. I’m like, Oh, I am bombing right now. And so I had to stop in the middle of my pitch and say,

Intro 00:00:22
You‌ ‌are‌ ‌now‌ ‌entering‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌So, ‌here’s‌ ‌my‌ ‌issue.‌ ‌I‌ ‌wanted‌ ‌to‌ ‌find‌ ‌the‌ ‌ answers‌ ‌to‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌questions.‌ ‌Things‌ ‌like,‌ ‌how‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌become‌ ‌happy‌ ‌and‌ ‌live‌ ‌with‌ ‌purpose?‌ ‌ How‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌make‌ ‌more‌ ‌money‌ ‌doing‌ ‌what‌ ‌I‌ ‌love,‌ ‌and‌ ‌what‌ ‌does‌ ‌it‌ ‌mean‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌truly‌ ‌successful‌ ‌in‌ ‌ all‌ ‌areas‌ ‌of‌ ‌life?‌ ‌My‌ ‌name‌ ‌is‌ ‌Josh‌ ‌Forti,‌ ‌@JoshForti‌ ‌on‌ Instagram,‌ ‌and‌ ‌I‌ ‌ask‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌ questions‌ ‌and‌ ‌share‌ ‌the‌ ‌answers‌ ‌with‌ ‌you.‌ ‌My‌ ‌goal‌ ‌is‌ ‌to‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌find‌ ‌purpose,‌ happiness,‌ ‌and‌ ‌ open‌ ‌your‌ ‌mind‌ ‌to‌ ‌new‌ ‌realms‌ ‌of‌ ‌possibility‌ ‌by‌ ‌helping‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌differently‌ ‌about‌ ‌everything‌ ‌you‌ do,‌ ‌know,‌ ‌and‌ ‌understand.‌ ‌On‌ ‌this‌ ‌podcast,‌ ‌we‌ ‌think‌ ‌different,‌ ‌we‌ ‌dream‌ ‌bigger,‌ ‌and‌ ‌we‌ ‌live‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌ world‌ ‌without‌ ‌limits.‌ ‌This‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory.

Josh 00:01:07
We are live. Dude, what’s up man?

Andrew 00:01:11
Thanks for having me.

Josh 00:01:12
Yeah dude, for sure. I have a question for you. What’d you do if you would do, if you had like 500 million bucks? Like if tomorrow morning you woke up like what’s today? Today’s Wednesday? So like lottery drawings tonight? I think. I don’t, I don’t play it so, but I think that’s what it is. Wednesdays and Saturdays. Like you wake up tomorrow morning and you’ve got, Hey, congratulations. You just won $500 million.

Andrew 00:01:32
I think I’m going to give you a really lame answer cause like, I don’t really spend my money too much. Like I’m not getting a fancy Lambo. Don’t have any need for it right now. That might change. I don’t know, but probably donate some of it. So I just bought a house in Mexico.

Josh 00:01:50
Wait, you bought it for you or you donated it?

Andrew 00:01:53
Not for me, for like a, a underprivileged family.

Josh 00:01:57

Andrew 00:01:58
So, Oh, we’re doing that. There’s a house build going on in April with the greatness foundation. Uh, paid off some family debts. Um like, that’s for my family. Yeah, probably stuff like that. That type of stuff. What else? Um, did you got $500 million? Yeah. And there’s, yeah, there’s a lot more that I could do with it. Travel a lot. Uh, yeah.

Josh 00:02:27
I feel like your life wouldn’t change that much,

Andew 00:02:29
Dude, I am so happy in San Diego. Just being here, like the money doesn’t really matter to me.

Josh 00:02:37
Would you, would you want it to come through your Stripe account?

Andrew 00:02:39
Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. [inaudible]

Josh 00:02:43
Would you be willing to take, give up 2.9% of your $500 million if it came through Stripe?

Andrew 00:02:47
Yeah. Five $500 million.

Josh 00:02:49
So you give out. Okay, hold on. I gotta do the math on this. Let’s see it. Ready? Hey Siri, what’s 3% of 500 million?

Siri 00:02:57
It’s 15 million.

Josh 00:02:57
You get about 15 million?

Andrew 00:02:59
Yeah, I got 500 well then I have $488 million. Yeah,

Josh 00:03:05
That’s crazy. That’s crazy man. Yeah. Yeah. Huh. So you’re in San Diego, dude. Give us a background for those people that don’t know you. We’ve been friends for a while. We got some good stuff to get into here. It’s going to be good. We almost started a business together. That was insane. Yeah, I forgot about that for the longest time. And then I was like thinking about what we were going to talk about on this show and I was like, dude, Holy cow, we definitely almost start a business together. I flew out there, went to a mastermind together is insane. But uh, that was what, 20 end of 2018 and it’s 2018. Yeah. Yeah. That was insane. What uh, a lot has changed since then.

Andrew 00:03:43
Yeah. I mean, you started this podcast.

Josh 00:03:45
I started this show. Yeah. It’s pretty cool.

Andrew 00:03:47
My business took off a little bit more in 2019 a little bit. That’s really where we just upward trajectory.

Josh 00:03:55
Yeah. Like, like 1.3, 1.2 million. 1.1, 1.1 million in 12 months. 13 months. Yup. And, and, and you have the, uh, the privilege of being like, and I didn’t pay for ads sucker.

Andrew 00:04:12
Exactly. Just all through my Facebook group and live events, dude. A lot of events are insane to me. Like, how, how do you, how many people were at your live event that you did? How many have you done? Just one or two.

Andrew 00:04:26
So we’ve done a handful of masterminds. We did three last year. We had between 10 and 15 people. We wanted to keep it intimate and uh, then it tribe buyers live in 2019. We had 200 people. We sold it out.

Josh 00:04:41
Dang. How do you get 200 people in the room, dude without ads?

Andrew 00:04:45
Uh, me and my sales guys just freaking hustling in messenger. Like that was, that was, that was a lot of it. Um, and one of my favorite things to do, just we, we had consistent posts about the event and then I knew people were seeing the posts and like we’re just on the fence. So I would, I would go to hookah bar and just, uh, send everybody that was online right now. One question which was have you considered coming tribe buyers live yet? And then you get, as I got a simple yes or no weather and both of them are right, both of them, I can take two

Josh 00:05:26
Right, usually to know where people are at.

Andrew 00:05:28
and that worked so well. Really just testing out different strategies with messenger and all of that and turn it into a little fun game. Mmm. So we had that and uh, also our affiliates sold a bunch of tickets.

Josh 00:05:44
So what, what was the ticket price?

Andrew 00:05:46
Uh, it was $300 for first event. Um, this one we have tiered pricing, so super early bird is 300 and then early bird is 600 and then regular ticket prices are.

Josh 00:05:59
Nice. And you put 200, 300, sorry, I forgot.

Andrew 00:06:05
200 in the room. 300 in the room this year.

Josh 00:06:09
Congratulate, what is it?

Andrew 00:06:11
Uh, September 24th through 26th at Torrey Pines in, uh, in San Diego. Nice.

Josh 00:06:17
So you’ve got three days, three day event. That’s awesome bro. Congratulations.

Andrew 00:06:21
Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. Thanks. Yeah,

Josh 00:06:24
I’ve never done a live event. I was at Jr’s, um, which is a little bit different obviously. Uh, I don’t know. There’s probably 50 people, 60 people in the room when we, when he did his, and obviously like I go to live events, but, uh, I’ve always heard it’s so hard to put butts in seats, dude.

Andrew 00:06:38
Uh, if with with us, like having that really awesome Facebook group and having buyers already. Yeah. It makes it a lot easier.

Josh 00:06:48
Let’s talk about this concept. Yeah. You run a company. For those of you, I wanna kind of get in your backstory a little bit. For those people that don’t know you, you run a company called tribe of buyers, right? Um, which brilliant, right? Um, yeah. The idea of creating this buyer, when I first met you, you were selling low ticket stuff, right? Like there’s $97 stuff and you work killing it. I was like so confused when I first met you. I was like, how are you making so much money with like low ticket offers? And I was reading Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets. Shout out Russell, by the way, His DotComSecrets book again. And I read the phrase in there where he’s like, once someone’s a buyer, they’re always a buyer, right? Like once someone gives long as you deliver on it, as long as you go and do that, they just keep buying. And I like it hit me. And at the first person that popped in my mind was you.

Josh 00:07:41
I was like, dude, you just created like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of buyers. And um, but talk to me about it, like what’s your, what’s your methodology, tribe buyers, what’s it all about?

Andrew 00:07:50
So we focus on Facebook groups mainly, um, helping entrepreneurs and small startups, um, grow their Facebook groups. Um, and then it’s just a content cranking out content. Uh, we call it the Facebook group engine, um, with our seven day content series where you kind of pick and play what content works best for your audience over seven days and just rinse and repeat. Mmm. And then it comes down to Facebook group engine optimization. So that is your Facebook group name, your banner, your keywords that you’re using, the amount of content that you crank out, the amount of engagement you get on that content. The more you can optimize that, the more people are organically going to find your Facebook group and join your Facebook group.

Andrew 00:08:40
So we help our clients with that and their offers in their messaging, in their sales and building out their teams as well. And in our higher tier program. But I think it’s where marketing is going, where people are getting too smart, like, uh, webinars are awesome. VSLs are awesome. They serve a purpose there. The conversion rates are going down, the Facebook ad spend is going up. But if you have a Facebook group and our nurturing people in that Facebook group and creating that intimacy marketing and that tribe, you’re, you’re never going to go hungry. You put up. So I have never done a webinar. I’ve never done a VSL and everything has come from just putting up a post, moving them to messenger and then closing either in messenger or getting them to a sales call,

Josh 00:09:36
Not a sales call. So I want to, I want to push back and see what your logic is here. Right? Cause I’m with you dude. Like why would I pay for it? You know what I mean? Like I can get people to a group, I can get people through Instagram, I can, you know what I mean? Like organic for me has made me over a million dollars. Right. Um, and um, just to clarify, the only reason we haven’t done a two comma club awards cause we didn’t process it through ClickFunnels, all minds and happen, right? So the, the argument that I always get back from people is, Josh, you can’t scale your business with organic. Right? But Dan Henry’s of the world who, you know, you love, I love the, the Sam ovens of the world, super smart people. It’s like paid advertising is the name of the game. Dan Henry’s famous. They were also as hook story offer. Dan is ad webinar application sale. Right? So like to the person out there that’s like, I just don’t think you can consistently grow your business with organic paid advertising is the way to go. What would you say to that?

Andrew 00:10:32
I think paid ads is an excellent compliment to organic. I think people do it backwards a lot of times where they, I think paid ads is their saving grace when actually it is organic marketing and nailing that in first and building up cash flow so you can fund your paid ads and just put fuel on the fire. So I’m not, I’m not against paid ads at all. I’m against running paid, paid ads without an organic strategy. You were just going to add so much more to your bottom line if you have an organic strategy to constantly bring in new sales that aren’t from, uh, directly off the webinar or through those, uh, post webinar email sequences.

Josh 00:11:19
Yeah. What, um, what are some like organic things that people need to be doing? Um, real quick. Sorry. You’re, you’re primarily on Facebook, right?

Andrew 00:11:28
Yeah, yeah. Primarily on Facebook. We do a lot in many cha, a lot through email, but primarily Facebook.

Josh 00:11:36
I’m a social platform. Yeah, Facebook’s replaced. So from an organic email, many chat, Facebook combination. Right. Which I’m right there with you. I just, I also have a presence on Instagram. Um, what do you do? Like what, what do people need to focus in their time on?

Andrew 00:11:50
So I’ve got a little methodology that’s the three buckets of organic Facebook marketing. Okay. So the three buckets are your lists and then value and then money. So those are your three buckets. You’ve got to grow your list first. If you’re starting from ground zero, start where I started, where I just started being, I’m hyperactive in target audience, Facebook groups. And then what that did was it started, it got people to start friend requesting me and I friend requested people in that, those Facebook groups as well.

Andrew 00:12:24
So then I was building up my list on my personal profile. And along the wild when people were friend requesting me, I was cranking out content conversion content, right? That was getting people to move, move from a stranger, barely knowing me to raving fan of what I did, right? And then from there, Mmm. Uh, that is your value bucket, the conversion content. And from your personal profile, you can move people from your personal profile to your Facebook group by just dropping a simple post saying, Hey, I’ve got this lead magnet. Make sure it’s really enticing for your ideal client. If you want it, drop a comment down below and then when they drop a comment, you can send them the link to your Facebook group where your lead magnet will be. So then you’re getting it.

Josh 00:13:15
You just literally host it directly into a Facebook group.

Andrew 00:13:18
What’s that?

Josh 00:13:19
You just host it. I need you to post it and you’re just like, yo, it’s in there.

Andrew 00:13:23
If your objective is to get Facebook group members, just put a lead magnet in your Facebook group and say, Hey, it’s in there. And it can be as simple as doing a Facebook live training, right? Um, so your content is your value. You need to build up your value bucket by cranking out content that moves a stranger to raving fan of what you do. So once you have your list bucket full or you’re filling it up and your value bucket full, you can feel your money bucket, which is money. You put up a post saying, Hey, I have this offer. If you want it, drop a comment down below. And then you can take the conversation and have a sales conversation, Facebook messenger. And then when you fill up your money bucket, your list book in your value bucket actually dropped.

Andrew 00:14:08
So you’ve got to think about, Oh, I’ve got to refill the people in my, uh, Oh on my list and provide them with more value. Why do they drop? So when people buy, they move to your, um, they moved to your bind communities, right? So, uh, the people I’m on your list, there are less potential new buyers on your list. You need to add new potential buyers to your list, um, and provide them with more value.

Josh 00:14:39
Got it. Got it. Um, content, that’s something everybody struggles with. I mean, outside of you at me, maybe like we’re, we’re content BS. How do you produce so much content? You produce a lot of content. Yeah, yeah, yeah. How do you produce so much content?

Andrew 00:14:56
Ah, content comes in time. I remember when I was first starting out, like I have this block too. Yeah, I don’t know what to write. It’s because I just wasn’t at the point where like I knew about the industry. I didn’t know about my ideal client enough. Right. And one simple hack to that is putting up a post asking, Hey, what’s your number one problem? What’s your number one fear? What’s your number one goal? Those sorts of things around X, whatever.

Josh 00:15:23
Dude, I remember, sorry to cut you off here. I have seen so many of those stupid posts from you, dude. And what was insane to me is how many people replied like, like the way you would word it. Like sometimes I would be sitting there and I would spend like 45 minutes on a post and then I’d like post it. I’d go over to your page and it’s like, what’s your number one fear when it comes to blank? 75 comments later. I’m like, what the heck man? Do people overthink it?

Andrew 00:15:53
Oh totally. Yeah, usually. Well, most always just keeping things simple is the way to go. Um, so when I’m, uh, dropping a lead magnet, some people will tell these like long stories and then like have a call to action at the end. Like people are on faith people have like the attention span of a goldfish on Facebook. Yeah. It’s better to make it pop. Like you can write like one or two sentences and like make it those colored like background banners, um, and make it pop right. One or two sentences and tell people what they want to hear and say, Hey, do you want this? And then get them linked. Like, just keep it simple because unless your copywriting skills are really, really good, like not everybody’s going to read that.

Josh 00:16:43
Yeah. And so, and I would, I w I’m glad you brought that last point there. Cause I, you know, me, I love long posts, dude, especially when it comes, but right. It comes down to knowing how to copyright. Um, and it’s like, so it’s interesting that you bring this up, right? Like I’m, I’m really good at, at writing Russell’s hook story offer formula. Right. Great leads. Amazing copywriting book. All right. Oh, I get it. What, what’s the name of it? [inaudible] great leads. What great leads by Michael Masterson. Michael Masterson. Yeah. Okay. All right guys, check that book out. Apparently it’s good. But like, so it’s funny though because I’m good at it. But right now I’m in the process of scaling Think Different Theory and guess what? I can’t find a copywriter that’s good at it. That isn’t like 50 grand. You know what I mean? And so I’m having to learn how to change my marketing style to remove myself from the process because dude, and I actually want to get into this with you because I want to talk about your story here cause you went from [inaudible] by a team.

Josh 00:17:51
But um, that’s been difficult for me because I’m like, I know what I’m doing and I’m amazing at it. But when anytime I try to plug somebody else into what I’m doing because like I’ve, I’ve done it in certain areas now, thankfully over the past few months or whatever, we’ve been building a team and creating systems and all that jazz has been amazing. But like there’s still certain pieces and copywriting is one of those that’s kind of like our next focus piece is like, how do I, how do I find someone that can talk in my voice but understand that they’re not me? Like, how do I, how do I create a system that allows them to be in it? Um, talk to me about, uh, your, your journey or transformation with, with building a team because you went like [inaudible] for context about this dude. We started almost started a business together.

Josh 00:18:33
Yeah. And, and I remember at that time, it was like a, probably like a month before that, during that time and like a month or two after you were going through some crazy, crazy mental stuff. And, uh, I was beginning my journey of it. Like, you know what I mean? Like I had gone through my own that phase out of that, and I ended up going through, especially with my brother dying or whatnot. I’m like my own mental crap. But like you were going through it and I remember like we would get together and you’d be like, I have to go meditate. Right. Like I have like I have to get out. Like I just have to stop. Okay. Sounds good. What, like what transpired there and how were you able to go from, you know, burnt out solo preneur that literally had to meditate to survive [inaudible] where you’re at now.

Andrew 00:19:19
Yeah, the mental stuff was heavy, heavy burnout. Um, I think it was adrenal fatigue. I hired a health coach for $15,000, just threw money at her and was like, fix me. Mmm. And for about three months there, super depressed, couldn’t, couldn’t, couldn’t work. Um, didn’t know what was going on. Went to so many doctors to figure out like what was wrong with me cause I didn’t have any energy. Like no focus. It was just all blocked. Mmm. And they didn’t, they, so I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Um, so I quit drinking caffeine for six months. That’s right. You did do that. I do that timeframe cause I was, I was a heavy caffeine drinker. I was drinking pre-workout and Starbucks like five days, eight cups of coffee a day. It was really bad. Mmm. And, uh, just hit heavy burnout and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Andrew 00:20:21
Hmm. Because I, uh, so there’s this, uh, uh, if you’ve ever read the outcomist really, really good book. Um, but one quote from it is don’t ignore the omens. Like I was ignoring mins for too long where I was just going further, further down the path of burnout and I was like, [inaudible] like, no, I’m fine. Like my Stripe count looks good. Like making money. I was that new entrepreneur and finally coming into money, um, and was like, no, ignore it. Ignore it, push it down, push it down, you’re fine. And I kept drinking caffeine and kept going balls to the wall every single day, waking up just going straight to the computer and working. Mmm. And dictating. It’s so addicting.

Josh 00:21:03
I remember when we first met, I don’t know, couple of couple of weeks after we met or whatever, you sent me a picture of your Stripe account and you were like, does checking this ever get old? Then I was like, honestly, no dude, it’s an addiction. It’s a dopamine hit.

Andrew 00:21:20
That and then you’re getting the engagements on Facebook. That’s a huge dopamine hit. You’re getting the people validating you, getting testimonials, people saying, Oh my God, this helped me so much. And like that is just like, you just want to keep doing that. And like, I didn’t want to take a break from that. Right. And uh, it led me down the path of just like one day I woke up and I was like, I literally can’t do anything. Like my brain was just so scrambled. Um, I couldn’t focus on anything and I was like, I need to do something to change. Mmm. So I decided to quit drinking caffeine and just take a step back from, from work. Did you drink alcohol at this point or no? Uh, very minimally. Very minimally.

Andrew 00:22:12
Um, but that was, that was a big change in my life too. Uh, taking alcohol out. Mmm. But, uh, so I quit drinking caffeine. Um, I was going through, I was trying to get things back up and running after a month, month and a half or so with you. Uh, thinking about partnering up, all of that stuff. Um, and then we didn’t end up partnering up, um, because we were both kind of going through that stuff. Yeah. And then, um, uh, and then I went to a Buddhist monastery. Yeah. I went to deer park monastery in Escondido with jr Reavis. He was like, dude, come out with me buddy. This will fix you up. And that really did like,

Josh 00:22:56
Okay, let’s dive into this. This is fascinating.

Andrew 00:22:58

Josh 00:22:58
Talk to me about it. Like what went down.

Andrew 00:23:01
So I, through that whole year, year and a half, I had no space to think and calm my nervous system down. And going to the monastery, I finally had that that week of just like, I could just let everything go. There was, there were no screens. I was meditating, uh, four or five times a day with the Buddhist monks and eating really healthy food, napping when I wanted to and I just let everything go for a week. And one of the best decisions I made was I read two books before I went to the Buddhist monastery. I read the great work of your life by Stephen cope and I read the values factor by dr Dimartini and the great work of your life by Stephen cope taught me about Dharma and what my true path is and what I’m put on this earth to do. And then the values factor helped me identify what my top five values were. Yeah, I kind of got there when I was reading those books.

Andrew 00:24:05
Kind of got closer to it, but when I let everything go and let all the distractions out of my life and could just focus on my thoughts on those two things, I got closer to them. I thought back to when I was, when I was happiest in life when I was 18 had an awesome girlfriend, awesome group of friends that was playing a bunch of pickup sports. And I realized those are my values. Like I wasn’t doing those things in my life and that’s why I was so miserable and why I was burning out. I wasn’t filling my cup up. So I, uh, I, uh, I identified like, I need an awesome group of friends. I need to be playing pickup sports every single week. And, uh, I need, I need a partner. Um, I need somebody that I just, I just loved being with. So at the Buddhist monastery, I wrote down everything that I wanted in a girl, everything that I needed to be to be her partner.

Andrew 00:25:00
Um, and, um, and then she ended up showing up two months later when I moved out to San Diego and I didn’t note it. I didn’t realize right when I met her that that was everything that I had written down. But like two months after dinner, I’m like, Oh my God, you’re everything that I wrote down. Like, that’s, that’s crazy. That’s awesome. So I started, uh, in 2019, beginning of 2019, found an amazing group of friends in San Diego. Uh, I found my girlfriend that I’m absolutely in love with and, um, uh, and started playing pickup sports. And what do you play? Play basketball. Nice love basket.

Josh 00:25:42
Really. That’s awesome. Yeah. So, um, so that’s just, that’s allowed me to fill my cup up to really, um, just serve people, serve, like serve all of our clients. So my team and like, I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I was just going heavy on, on caffeine.

Josh 00:26:00
Yeah. Yeah. You, uh, you coach with Scott Olford. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So those 2018. Yeah. Yeah. And that was a, it was an interesting when we were out there and like, I went to him, we were talking before the show here. You said you’re out in San Diego now and it’s a very spiritual place. You said, um, you know, by the water and everything like that. I got that vibe. Um, so like, I know Scott, I don’t neg know Scott, like we know who each other are and obviously we’ve met and you know, talk to hang out or whatever. But like, um, one of the things that was interesting is actually we had a conversation with Diane that’s the name right as I am talking, he was talking about like the importance of being present in the moment and like things like that. And um, one of the things that I super struggled with, and I’m curious cause I’m sure you went through the same thing too. Mmm. Is rap. Like making my life on social media and for getting that I had a life in real life and it was like this. Um, okay. I convinced myself that I didn’t need a life in real life. That I could live my entire life, that my fun would happen on social media, that my work would happen on social media. That my learning what happened on social media, that everything would happen online that I like. I mean I’m an Omaha dude. I’m in the middle of freaking nowhere and you know, probably moving soon. But like I could, like I convinced myself of that and so I never like set up or took time to like put things in place here. I didn’t find a gym that I could go to. I didn’t worry about like eating healthy because my whole entire life was online. Right. Did you ever, like, do you ever go through a phase where like everything was online or did you, have you always had some interaction with the outside world.

Andrew 00:27:42
In 2018 I was traveling a lot, so like that was, there wasn’t too much of that. Like, Oh, I’m only online. But one thing that I realized is, is the more that I feel the happier I am. Um, and the more I get away from associating myself as like, as my online personality or like attaching my identity to my business, getting away from that and really honing in on like, how am I, how am I feeling right now? How am I thinking, feeling and behaving right now? Like, um, the more I focus in on what I, what my intuition tells me and less of like overthinking stuff, just the happier I am. Yeah.

Josh 00:28:30
How do you, okay. So for the person out there, because you obviously went through some mindset stuff, right? Like a lot of it. Yeah. And I went through a lot of mindset stuff too. I just, I have a mindset coach now that’s like literally once a week we sit down for an hour. I have a boxer access to her throughout the week and like all we do is work on the mind every week. Um, for the person out there right now that here’s mindset, right? That is, they’re trying to figure it out. They’re sitting there and they’re like, [inaudible], I’m making the 20 grand a month, right? I’m, I’m, I’m kind of burnt out. Maybe I’ve got a VA, like things like that, but like I’m, I’m trying to, I’m trying to really level up in life because there’s a, there’s a phase, right? There’s a phase where you can, you can play in this phase, but then there is the next phase and it really, really is, and they’re trying to figure that out.

Josh 00:29:21
What are practical things that they can do or where can they be focusing their energy and time? And I think most importantly, like what, what should they expect back? Because like, I feel like a lot of people give advice of like, Oh, meditate more, or Oh, focus on blank. But like, if they don’t know, like I had no idea to expect dude. And like now that I’m where I’m at now, mentally, I’m like, Oh, this isn’t that hard. Right? Like, because I know how to deal with these things, right? I had somebody walk me through this process of like how to operate and how to deal and what to expect about things. So for the person that, all right, they don’t got 50 grand and you know, to go over and ask a coach or $15,000 to throw at somebody’s health or whatever, but they’re, they’re serious about this. Where should they be focusing on? What can they like, what should they expect out of that?

Andrew 00:30:09
Mmm. So I want to start with a framework here. Okay. So, uh, one thing that I always talk on stage about is that your vision drive your goals, your goals, strive, your planning, your planning, drive, your resources and your resources drive your execution. So it all starts with a vision and knowing like what you ultimately want out of your life. It doesn’t need to be crystal clear. You can, you can have a vision board if you want, but just something to shoot for it. And then having that in place. Now it’s your goals. Um, a lot of times people have mindset issues because they don’t have really solid vision or really solid goals. Um, and not a lot of goals keep it to three to five for a year, but make them really, really specific.

Andrew 00:30:57
Um, the, the kind of framework for goals for, for businesses that I used, that I got from traction that I use in my personal life is a 10 year target, three year picture, a one year goals, and then 90 day rocks. Um, so you can use that in your business. Mmm. But, uh, that’s, that’s kind of where I wanted to start with, with mindset. Um, uh, I think one of the, one of the biggest things is, is obviously action taking like you’re going to fail. I learned a way more from my failures than I ever do my successes. And that’s just because I take massive, massive action. And the reason for that massive action is my why. And you can have two different types of why you can have pleasure, why you can have a pain, why. And I’ve realized a lot of people just getting off the ground, it’s better to use a pain.

Andrew 00:31:53
Why? So, uh, for example, I love my dad so much, but I don’t want to be at his where he’s at. I’m at his age like financially and with his health and all of that. That’s my big pain-wise. That’s what really drives me. Gout, bad and like that, that is what I used for such a long time. And like it’s like a rocket ship. You’ve got to use that like a lot of that motivation and pain to get off the ground and then your, your pleasure. Why is more like what you want to deliver to the world. Um, and just like a rocket ship, when you get to that point where you’re finally off the ground and you can, your business is kind of operating, you can create the space to have that vision that you can build the team around and kind of just coast off.

Andrew 00:32:44
Um, so you have those two different types of [inaudible], well, uh, two different types of why drive your action taking, but a lot of times it’s the pain why that will drive you at the beginning, but that won’t, that won’t get you to, to hold you back. Yeah. It will hold you back and you will build things that like you don’t necessarily want to build for yourself and your life, but you can use it. And I’d recommend using that pain. Why? To get off the ground, but it’s got a switch at one point in your entrepreneur career where you’re really focused on the vision and what you’re bringing to this world. Hmm. People starting out. I highly recommend using that pain is as your driver. Why you’re getting up like using it. It’s, it’s there for a purpose. And I, a lot of the sex successful people that I know have moved from their pain. Why? To their pleasure. Why?

Josh 00:33:39
How’d you find your pleasure? Like if the person is sitting there like, I don’t know what I want to do with my life, dude. Like what do they do?

Andrew 00:33:48
Uh, for me it was space. I’m reading a lot of books, just like filling myself up with knowledge, hiring mentors, hiring coaches, and just filling myself up with a lot of knowledge. And then when I went to deer park, um, I thought about like, why am I doing what I’m doing and using the five why’s exercise. Why is that? Why is that? Why is that right? And I realize it’s not about helping people grow Facebook groups and making an F ton of money.

Josh 00:34:18
Clearly I’d have ton of money. Doesn’t matter to you because what would you do with $500 million? Nothing.

Andrew 00:34:23
Exactly. I realize it’s more about connection. It’s about human connection. Because I remember when I was first an entrepreneur and I was a, I was working in my parents’ basement trying to start an advertising agency and I, I gave up everything else I gave up drinking at that time. Uh, I moved from Chicago to Cleveland. I was sitting in my basement. I’m like, where the fuck are my friends? Like where I have no connection in my life right now. And it wasn’t until I started interacting in Facebook groups and like Dan Henry’s Facebook group where I met, uh, Jeff Miller, McKinsey Lieberman, Jordan Parker, who are really good friends now. And that’s where I found that connection was through people that were on the same mission that I was, that’s why I’m so passionate about growing Facebook groups. And then we took that one step further, which is impersonal bets. So we want to connect, help people connect online, and then at in-person events, um, so we can make this world a better place, um, with human connection and people finding their tribes and like finding their purpose.

Josh 00:35:27
Mm. I like that. That’s super cool. Uh, yeah, shout out Jeff. That guy’s a smart dude. And he looks like he’s like [inaudible] how old is he? Like 30 something and he looks like he I thought was like 25.

Andrew 00:35:38
He’s 34. He’s a, he’s a fine dude. He was my first client. Um, and she’s just, is his brain works just,

Josh 00:35:47
It’s so interesting to watch him and like [inaudible] good.

Andrew 00:35:52
So I remember when I first met him in person, I flew down to Florida, met up with him and I was like, dude, you need a course. Like your, your agency is so good. This was right. Coursework courses were popping off.

Josh 00:36:05
When they were, but yeah.

Andrew 00:36:07
And uh, he’s like, ah, I don’t know if I can do it. Like had all those fears and all that stuff. I’m like, well let’s just, let’s just map it out. And literally didn’t say anything. And he mapped out seven modules, everything that he was going to teach in each module. And like in 15 minutes he was done with the outline of his course and I’m like,

Josh 00:36:23
But he, cause that’s him, he’s so smart. Like that is the most like non BS person. But like at the same time has like a dry sense of humor, right? Like, just so funny. And, uh, I remember that, that’s funny. I remember we were out on the cruise. Um, Ross is modern profits crews and, uh, he, who was speaking, I forget who it was that was up there, maybe was Robert Raff, I don’t know. Someone was up there and Jeff is like, yeah, I have a question.

Josh 00:36:51
And I’m like, Oh, this is going to be so good. And he’s like, yeah, if I wanted to pay you to do this for me, how much would this cost? And the guy’s like, well, Oh, you know, like this, that and the other. And he’s like, no, no. Like, I want to pay you money. How much is it? And he’s like, well, it depends upon blah, blah, blah. And he’s like, okay, I don’t think quite, you understand? Hey, like pulls out his wallet. And he’s like, here is my wallet. I will give you money right now. You know? And he’s just like very, very matter of fact. And to the point, uh, I have to actually get him on the podcast.

Andrew 00:37:18
That is such a Jeff thing if, and for everybody out there that doesn’t know Jeff, he runs a Facebook group called Facebook ads. Facebook ads agency. Scaling secrets.

Josh 00:37:29
Yeah. She, it is.

Andrew 00:37:30
Yeah. He’s got a big button, his banner. And I was like, Jeff, that’s probably not the best idea. I was totally wrong cause it popped off.

Josh 00:37:37
He runs with it.

Andrew 00:37:39
Yeah. Yeah. And uh, he’s gone from zero to 40,000 people in his Facebook group.

Josh 00:37:44
It’s insane. And I remember he lives in Miami. Mmm. And like, like right outside of my, uh, of South beach, isn’t it? Or did he move? He, uh, yeah, I think he’s on, he moved to somewhere. Yeah, but he’s like, right, right. They’re like, yeah. He’s like right down there and I’m the first time I ever met him, um, what did he say? He said, I don’t know why you all are focused on $1,500 clients or $2,500 clients. I was like, well, okay. Like, what do you recommend? He’s like, dude, I’ve got five clients that pay $5,000 every single month and I do less for those $5,000 clients and any are doing for those $1,500 clients and I make way more money so I’ve got to figure it out. And I’m like, that actually makes a lot of sense, right? Like he’s just so straight forward. I love Jeff.

Josh 00:38:35
Okay. So, so friends like you, you meet these friends. Let’s talk about relationships real quick. I’m actually curious about this, right? So there’s like a lot of people online, like 3 billion of them. And so you get to like see like you’ve got connected with some really cool people, some really high level entrepreneurs, right? How do you, um, how do you decide who you’re going to hang out with or pursue or like become friends with? Or do you even worry about it or like, like I feel like, cause there’s, there’s circles, right? There really is, there’s the, there’s the Russell Brunson worlds, right? The click funnels thing world. And then there’s like the brand new Burchard world and there’s the Gary V world. And there’s the Scott Olford world and there’s the, you know, grant Cardone world, the Tai Lopez world. Like, and I feel like you just kinda, I mean you, I’m sure you have your world, but like how do you decide who you’re going to follow or not even it hang out with, go to events, become friends with, cause he’s there some intentionality behind that. Yeah.

Andrew 00:39:31
Yeah. Uh, not a crazy amount of intentionality. I just want to have fun with gold people. Like I, I went to funnel hacking live this year to hang out with my Dan Henry crew. Yeah. I bought his Facebook ads for a, uh, for entrepreneurs course today. Yeah. Yeah. And uh, just got really connected with those people and like, we had a blast, but it’s kind of crazy. I went from like back crew to moving out to the West coast and kind of like now kind of starting my own crew and like just like hanging out with like Brad Newman and Carla SOTA and like was just in this area in the San Diego area. Like these are my people. I just love it here. Yeah. But in terms of, um, like that’s, that’s kind of it. Um, I, I don’t really do too much. Like, Oh, let’s infiltrate this group.

Josh 00:40:29
Yeah, yeah, yeah. You just kind of see where it goes and hang out with cool people.

Andrew 00:40:34
Yeah. Yeah. I just like having fun. It’s not too TJ.

Josh 00:40:37
Or like, are you, are you more focused on building business relationships or building friendships and then if they turn into business relationships, great. Uh, I’m more focused on building friendships, um, because that’s usually the start to a great business relationship. Yeah. I feel like one of the things that’s interesting is like, some people are like, I’ve got my friends group and then I’ve got my business people. I felt like this was, this was me for a long time. Right. So like a little backstory, like a me, like, I didn’t grow up with a whole lot of friends, um, partly because we just moved around so much. Uh, and then the other part of that was [inaudible]. I lived in the, I lived in the country in the middle of nowhere.

Josh 00:41:16
I was homeschooled. I didn’t go, didn’t go to public school. I had seven brothers and sisters and my nearest neighbor was half mile away. Right. So like I didn’t know a whole ton of people, but then when I got into this entrepreneurship game I like, I started making friends in this space, but then I didn’t know them, right? Like I haven’t never actually hung out with them in person. So I was still kind of this loner type person. So I like, I was just clung to like my five friends. Shout out Austin, Andrew, you know Micah Logan, like, like these are like my friends. Right? And they’re not entrepreneurial at all. They’re totally, you know, different world of me. One of the things that I noticed was like when I started making friends in the entrepreneurial world, and this is not a slam to my other friends, like they’re my most amazing friends in the whole wide world.

Josh 00:41:54
But like when I started [inaudible] being intentional about the type of friends and the type of people that I was getting around, not the specific type or the specific person, but the type of people like my life leveled up simply because it, it forced me to like, uh, be the type of person that would fit in with that crowd, but at the same time, not like from a, Oh my gosh, am I fit in? But like just naturally the conversations that we’d have or like things like that would like force me to level up. You know what I mean?

Andrew 00:42:19
Totally. Yeah. That’s why I think masterminds are the best thing in the whole world. Like.

Josh 00:42:24
What makes a good mastermind though? Cause there’s some crappy masterminds out there, dude.

Andrew 00:42:29
100% experience. Um, especially in the, in person masterminds. Um, I see a lot of over-training, um, and not enough like experiential and allowing people to vent their problems and having the room help solve their problems.

Josh 00:42:52
Andrew, what’s the difference between a mastermind and event?

Andrew 00:42:54
Uh, I mastered, for me, masterminds are smaller, more intimate. Um, events are bigger. Um, like over over 50 people, I would say. Uh, but masterminds really want to keep the numbers under, I would say 15, 20, like [inaudible] masterminds. Yeah,

Josh 00:43:15
Yeah, yeah. And when you do it out in San Diego, then you get warm weather out there. Yes. What okay. Well what’s it like living out in San Diego? Dude? Like I feel like, yeah, I feel like you, you are the type of person that like lives every internet entrepreneurs actual dream and you’re like, yeah, this is cool. But at the same time you don’t flash it. You know what I mean? Like at the beginning you’re like, I’m not really a Lambo person. Right, yeah. I’ve seen your Instagram stories or whatever. Like you got sick views, right?

Josh 00:43:43
But you’re not the type of like, yeah, you have your occasional douchebag picture with your shirt off. Then on top of a, you know, I’m not saying right or a Camaro, I get it, but like for the most part, you’re really not that flashy of a person. Right?

Andrew 00:43:55

Josh 00:43:55
So like, what’s it like out in San Diego?

Andrew 00:43:58
I’ve never been happier in my life, but like why, what’s so cool about San Diego? Dude, the weather’s amazing. Uh, the people are amazing. Mmm. Just super spiritual. I feel like a lot of, uh, we’re missing that a lot around the country right now. Like people aren’t tapped into like their spiritual side. Yeah. And I think that is a part of the human experience. Um huh. So that, that has been really awesome. I go to breathwork every Friday at this lady named Karen Karen winter’s house where she has like eight to 10 people come in and we just do breath work for.

Andrew 00:44:38
Um, and that really helps you release a lot, um, and held a whole hour of just breathing. Ah, yeah. Yeah. So it’s an hour breathing in 30 minutes of meditation. Wow. And I have, that is the best healing modality that I have ever experienced is breathwork. And people want to check that out. Go checkout Wim Hof breathing. That’s probably the best place to start. But when you do it in a room with a bunch of people, you feel so connected and [inaudible] I can’t explain the experience well enough. It’s really something that you need to do for years.

Josh 00:45:15
It’s an experience, not just a, yeah. Incredible. Do you do yoga at all?

Andrew 00:45:20
Um, I used to, it was the first time I was able to touch my toes when I got free yoga when I was running Facebook ads for a local, a yoga studio. No, I don’t see you again.

Josh 00:45:32
You don’t do yoga, just not your thing. I uh, I haven’t, uh, yeah, I haven’t gone to his studio and probably a year, but yeah, I went to my first yoga lesson [inaudible] last week and um, I learned real quick that I’m super not flexible. I have no form, but it was good. I’ll be honest with you, is a surrender class. It was all about just like observation and like I do meditation here at home, like a, we have a, there’s a room, right? We used to be my office. Now it’s not as my office, but that’s like our yoga room. We got yoga mats in there and a heater and like little salt lamps and stuff like that. That’s all I go in there. But, uh, I actually went to the yoga thing and I was like, I get why people get into this.

Josh 00:46:14
You know what I mean? It’s, there’s a lot of misconception around yoga. I feel like.

Andrew 00:46:18
it’s, it’s an amazing release. Aye. I think not enough people out there have that thing in their life that allows them to release, um, and really tap into their body. I think we’re always, was it Charlie Chaplin’s that we think think too, uh, we think too much and feel too little. Like if we can just tap into our body a little bit more and do more body work, like the world would be such, so much more for an amazing place.

Josh 00:46:45
When it comes to, so you said like you’re the happiest you are in your life right now, right? Um, or that you’d ever been, do you think you can become happier or is it a, a journey of appreciating what you have now and always like being, you know, constantly being present? And like it’s more of a maintain this or like what is it? Like you’re 26, 27, 27. So you’re 27, you’re rich. You’re, you know what I mean? Like you live in San Diego. Does the happiest you ever been? So like now what.

Andrew 00:47:22
I feel, I mean for me one of my top values is growth. Like I always to keep growing. I feel like I’ve raised my homeostasis level for happiness. Right? It’s always gonna ebb and flow like every single day. Right? I’ve got a, I’ve got a tattoo down my spine, the first tattoo I got and it says this too shall pass like good, bad, ugly. It’s gonna pass. And like, I know that things are going to ebb and flow. I’m not always going to be super high, high, happy. I’m never going to be super low, low depressed. Um, but I think it’s just a constant growth thing where I want to keep growing, keep growing, keep growing and raise my homeostasis level of happiness and fulfillment and all of that. Um, but, uh, the, the big thing that drives me is just like growing, like learning more and doing more, um, uh, like helping more, like all that stuff. That’s what keeps me going.

Josh 00:48:22
Hmm. So like, what’s the next step for you then with, with what you guys are doing? Like you’ve got tribal buyers, which is awesome. You got the live, you got, you have a high ticket, high ticket program, right? Like we have like a 30 or $50,000 program or stuff like that.

Andrew 00:48:37
Yeah. We have a multiple five figure investment program. Um, yeah. So we have three programs. We have a course, we have a 90 day program, and then we have a year long mentorship and mastermind.

Josh 00:48:47
So let’s grow this from here. Is it just more of that or are you like, what does that look like?

Andrew 00:48:56
Uh, I, we’re really happy with our offers right now. Um, my big, for me, my big thing is, um, really honing in on my skills of motivating a team. I’m nailing in our vision. Um, and those are, those are the two major things that I’m focused on right now. How big is your team? Uh, we have 12 people on the team. A lot of those are contractors. We have, yeah, four full time people. Um, but uh, I am focused on learning the CEO skills. I feel like even though it’s only been two and a half years and I’m so happy with my growth, I think I learned a lot of the lower level skills that aren’t, that don’t contribute to me being a CEO. I’m a CEO. I don’t really need to know the intricacies of Facebook ads or, or, or whatever else, like chat or anything like that.

Andrew 00:49:57
I need to be able to motivate my team, articulate my vision, really just be the servant leader that my team needs, um, to really get us to the next level. So that’s what I’m really focused on this year is really honing in my seat, uh, skills.

Josh 00:50:16
That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Yeah. By kosha yesterday we were talking about stuff similar to that, like kind of like the next level. And, um, she was like, Josh, you have to understand, it’s like at the beginning, right? There’s the master and the master or the master in training, sorry, they copied the master. Like do you think of a painter? They’re going to go and recreate the paintings of the master, right? They’re going to go, they’re going to learn, they’re going to do like the stuff, but eventually they’ve got to go and break out and like be their own person and do their own thing. However, that being said, like you still, you still learn from master, right? Like you still learn from that and she’s like, you got to evolve into that next phase. You’re not a beginner anymore. You are training to become a master. Right? And so she’s like, you got to stop the thing that got you to this phase. Now you need to stop focusing on those things and you needed to go and you need to figure out the pieces and the person that you need to become. And you need to let go of all these things down here. Not even put [inaudible] focus down there. Cause if you’re focusing down here and you’re not focusing up here, you’re worried about the wrong things and you’re never going to be able to grow. And I was like, Hmm, that makes a lot of sense. Right. But that’s hard. Is your dad, you know, like I’m addicted to wanting to check my stats, right?

Josh 00:51:23
No, no. How things are doing, go in and know how everything works. I’m a control freak and that’s been hard to, to let go of.

Andrew 00:51:29
Yeah. We uh, we just hired an ops manager. I’m a new ops manager about a month ago. I like that. It’s amazing where you find your people at. A lot of times it’s just referrals right from the best talent comes through other people referring the talent to me. Nice. I thought about posting on job sites or anything like that.

Josh 00:51:53
What? Do you mean you don’t go to, you don’t go to a job and be like, Oh, job site. And I’m looking for a operations manager and not right now. Sam threw a hundred off applications. That’s funny. Are you political at all dude?

Andrew 00:52:07
Uh, now do you follow about, I don’t want to go down this path. Okay. You don’t, okay. That’s fine. That’s fine.

Josh 00:52:16
That’s cool. Um, dude, this is awesome. I appreciate your time on here. Mmm. Any, uh, Oh, actually let’s, let’s do this. Where can people, where can people find out more about you?

Andrew 00:52:26
Uh, best place, uh, is probably our Facebook group. Uh, so a seven figure business scaling secrets. Mmm. Just type that into the search bar. Add me on Facebook. I’m just Andrew Kroeze.

Josh 00:52:41
Seven, figure like the number seven or S. E.V. E. N. yup. Number seven. Number seven. All right. I will link it down below, uh, down there as well. Before we, uh, before I let you off here, um, give me a good story, dude. What’s a crazy story that’s happened to you?

Andrew 00:52:57
Let’s see what kind of stuff.

Josh 00:52:59
I don’t care, dude. Give me something entertaining. Give me, um, give me a headline story.

Andrew 00:53:05
Give me, give me something to direct me.

Josh 00:53:08
Okay. Okay. Um, something that you lost a ton of money or you met someone super cool or you had a business bet. Oh. Or, or how much money you make from stage at your event? Uh, Oh, we, uh, we did a little over a million dollars in contracts. Okay. Million bucks in contracts. Yeah. So, uh, walk me through what that’s like, dude, they, I’d never done 1 million bucks in contracts. That’s awesome.

Andrew 00:53:33
The crazy thing. Well it was my first like large live event, 200 people there and everybody was so nice to me. How are you so weird? Like I couldn’t do anything wrong and like everybody was just so sweet, like whatever I needed. Like it was just like, we need to protect Andrew’s energy like all that.

Josh 00:53:57
Like all your people?

Andrew 00:53:59
My people and the people that were there just walking through the crowd and just like, I could see how the corner of my eye, like all of these eyeballs staring at me and I’m like, what though? Yeah, weird man. Like I wasn’t, I wasn’t expecting that experience like a normal fricking dude. And that was stuff was happening and like all of the eyeballs were on me and like everybody was just like Andrew. And I’m like, no, dude, I’m a regular dude. Yeah. Which is crazy experience. There were like everybody, uh, like everybody there like had an amazing time. We had people that made over $10,000 from just one thing that we shared from stage.

Josh 00:54:45

Andrew 00:54:46
Like we’re really there. Like we set this up so people can actually get results at the event. Like our last day is all about implementation actually doing it.

Speaker 1 00:54:56
That’s cool.

Andrew 00:54:57
Ultimately what’s going to stick is when you take action, actually do it. But, um, but it was crazy. Like people had such a good time at the event. It was super experiential, but they didn’t see like all this shit that broke behind the scenes. Right. Of course. It’s crazy that like we were getting feedback and like everybody was posting in the Facebook room saying how awesome it was. And then in my head I’m thinking, well, this broke, this broke this. It’s nuts. That perception is just so different depending on like where you’re going, bro.

Josh 00:55:29
Yeah. That’s super, super crazy. Cool. You pitched the last day or second? Last day?

Andrew 00:55:33
Twice. So, eh, after lunch on the second day, um, and then, uh, before lunch on the third day.

Josh 00:55:43
Do you ever pitch before or is that your first time pitching for stage?

Andrew 00:55:46

Josh 00:55:47
Yes. But you had pitched before it was your first time.

Andrew 00:55:50
No, a first time pitching from stage.

Josh 00:55:52
Where did you learn?

Andrew 00:55:53
So I one of the, so this is probably the best advice I can give anyway. That’s perfect. I am never going to pitch that way again. Um, it worked out well. Uh, because I caught myself. Mmm. So I was pitching the way that my mentor taught me and uh, I was, I was working with Alex Moscow at the time. Great guy, awesome. Great at throwing events. Mmm. But I was using his strategy to pitch from stage that didn’t really feel real enough. Bennett through me. So like when I was pitching and I had practice it, but I didn’t do it in front of a crowd. Like when I was pitching value stacks are awkward. So I felt awkward when I was going through the value stack and like people I could see people like rubbing the back of their neck, like all of that stuff.

Andrew 00:56:45
I’m like, Oh, I am bombing right now. And so I had to stop in the middle of my pitch and say, guys, I know like this isn’t going the way, that plan. And like I feel like um, I’m doing you all a disservice cause I know a lot of you guys will be amazing for the program and I want to apologize for that and own up to that and speak to that. And like, fucking, I got a standing ovation. Wow, that’s awesome. It was the most like, surreal experience where like the lights are on me. I can hardly see everybody out in the crowd. And then I see them all stand up after I say that and like, people just go crazy. And uh, I think that really saved us because like, I finally got to the point where I was real authentic, but like it wasn’t salesy. It was, that was how I was feeling. Yeah. That’s what I would recommend for anybody’s pitch. Like find your style of pitching and make sure that it’s real and authentic and coming through.

Josh 00:57:47
Yeah. And I think that’s super important because like a, I don’t know who said it originally, but like maybe, I know Gary Vaynerchuk has said a bunch of people said it like every way works. You just got to find the one that works for you. Right? Like most things do. So like if you’re not a Russell Brunson style stack pitch type person, great. Then don’t do that. Like there are other ways that actually happened to work out there. Yeah. Give me, it’s not one way or the highway. So props to you dude. That’s awesome.

Andrew 00:58:12
Thanks dude. Yeah, and at live events, like there’s so much build up to it that people are, they are hot, like they’re ready to buy. It’s more about like not screwing it up,

Josh 00:58:23
Not making it awkward.

Andrew 00:58:25
It is about this Epic pitch because like you’ll have so much equity with them over two days. Like just kind of like trust that people are in the buying mode.

Josh 00:58:37
Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Cool, man. Well dude, I appreciate your time. I want to be respectful of it or hung up here at the top of the hour, but thank you man. I appreciate your time and now you coming on today.

Andrew 00:58:47
Thank you. This was awesome.

Josh 00:58:48
Absolutely, man. Guys, this is Ben. Mr Andrew Kroeze, I pronounce your name right this time. Nailed it guys. I usually call them Kroeze. Andrew Kroeze or Andrew crows and uh, tell me, even told me like yes. It was like over a year before I finally got it right. Andrew Kroeze.

Andrew 00:59:05
Dude, actually, can I mention one more thing if you don’t mind.

Josh 00:59:08
Yeah, for sure. Go for it, dude.

Andrew 00:59:09
Do you remember how I got in with you? Like how we started talking? Um, I think this is really good for your audience.

Josh 00:59:18
Okay. Uh, I feel like maybe we did it like a mini something together. Like you did a bot template, right?

Andrew 00:59:26
I saw that you had 30,000 people in your Facebook group.

Josh 00:59:29

Andrew 00:59:31
Yeah. Like I hadn’t done anything. I was like, I need to get in with this dude. Yeah. I remember reaching out to you saying, yo, I see, I see that you didn’t, you don’t have a messenger bot. I’d love to build one out for you. And you’re like, yeah, yeah, let’s do it.

Josh 00:59:44
I couldn’t believe it. I was like, what? Sure. You want me to talk to you for free?

Andrew 00:59:51
I remember I was in my parents’ basement. I was chugging monsters and like we were just chatting that night. I was like, Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m chat with Josh Forti and like I come in one night, I sent it over. Like you were super stoked with it.

Josh 01:00:07
Yeah, it was awesome. We got tons of it got us tons of leads, dude.

Andrew 01:00:10
Yeah. And then we ended up doing a JV together.

Josh 01:00:13
Yeah, we did.

Andrew 01:00:15
Uh, in your group for the messenger bot templates. Yeah. I think we made five figures. Yeah. It was like 12 grand I think, or something like that. Yeah. And like I just want to share that story because I identified like one person I really wanted to get in with and like just provided you with value. Yeah. Like, look where we’re at now. Like you, you did a JV with me and now I’m getting interviewed on your podcast and.

Josh 01:00:40
Now you’re doing big things.

Andrew 01:00:42

Josh 01:00:42
Big things. Not because of me, but because you’re doing big things. So that’s awesome man. I appreciate you sharing that guys. Um, we’ve talked about the dream 100 strategy like a bunch of times, and that’s just a fancy name for it, right? Um, it’s, I’m doing it to Russell, Andrea, to me, I’m sure you’re doing to other people. It’s not that difficult. Just be intentional. Provide a lot of value. So the leverage bar, how I always tell people, I’m like, listen, this is bar of leverage, right? Right now, whoever you’re going after that big, that big person at the top for me, it’s Russell. Like they’re up here and you’re like, here, the only thing that you need to do is you need to figure out a way to pull your leverage up here. Because as soon as you’re here, guess what? It doesn’t matter if it took you 30 steps to get there.

Josh 01:01:21
Now you’re now your level and as soon as you start continuing that, now you have the leverage, right? So it’s like one of those things where once you have like once you’re in with that person you’re in with them, your friends, your homeys, right. You know what I mean? But the way you don’t do it is by going and being like, Hey, you want to promote like thing, right? Like that’s like number one thing of like what not to do. So anyway, man, I appreciate you on that. All right guys. Andrew, thank you again for coming on man. I appreciate it.

Andrew 01:01:47
Thanks for having me brother.

Josh 01:01:48
Absolutely dude guys it’s Andrew Kroeze on Think Different Theory season two episode number 10 as always, hustle, hustle. God bless, do not be afraid to think different because those of us of being different are getting the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Friday we have Marley Jaxx funnel hacking live speaker. They’re absolutely awesome. Cannot wait verse. She’s a very, very good friend of mine and she will blow your mind. YouTube, video, organic strategies, SEO with that. She’s the absolute beast. [inaudible] be there at 12 o’clock Eastern time on Wednesday. I love you all. I’ll see you then. Take it easy fam. Peace.

Outro 01:02:22
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