Think Different Theory

Divorce, Tattoos, And Life Transformation


This is an open and vulnerable episode.

Marley Jaxx, the Funnel Hacking Live Speaker, and Queen of video content, joins the show and opens up about her divorce, her life, and the struggles she went through in business.


From being near 6 figures in debt, to transforming her mind, life, and business, Marley now runs a 7 figure business with a team of 15 people!

This year she was a speaker at FHL and blew the minds of 5,000 people.


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February 21, 2019


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Marley 00:00:00
Running so much Facebook ads. I had a team that I couldn’t afford, but we just kept launching and I was like, this one is going to work. This one’s gonna work. This one’s gonna work. To the point where like, I am six figures in debt, I am floating and putting my house against it. Like I’m, I will lose everything. I will lose my house, I will whatever. Like if I don’t turn this around. And I was on a call with Alex Charfen and he was like

Intro 00:00:23
You‌ ‌are‌ ‌now‌ ‌entering‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌So, ‌here’s‌ ‌my‌ ‌issue.‌ ‌I‌ ‌wanted‌ ‌to‌ ‌find‌ ‌the‌ ‌ answers‌ ‌to‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌questions.‌ ‌Things‌ ‌like,‌ ‌how‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌become‌ ‌happy‌ ‌and‌ ‌live‌ ‌with‌ ‌purpose?‌ ‌ How‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌make‌ ‌more‌ ‌money‌ ‌doing‌ ‌what‌ ‌I‌ ‌love,‌ ‌and‌ ‌what‌ ‌does‌ ‌it‌ ‌mean‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌truly‌ ‌successful‌ ‌in‌ ‌ all‌ ‌areas‌ ‌of‌ ‌life?‌ ‌My‌ ‌name‌ ‌is‌ ‌Josh‌ ‌Forti,‌ ‌@JoshForti‌ ‌on‌ Instagram,‌ ‌and‌ ‌I‌ ‌ask‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌ questions‌ ‌and‌ ‌share‌ ‌the‌ ‌answers‌ ‌with‌ ‌you.‌ ‌My‌ ‌goal‌ ‌is‌ ‌to‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌find‌ ‌purpose,‌ happiness,‌ ‌and‌ ‌ open‌ ‌your‌ ‌mind‌ ‌to‌ ‌new‌ ‌realms‌ ‌of‌ ‌possibility‌ ‌by‌ ‌helping‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌differently‌ ‌about‌ ‌everything‌ ‌you‌ do,‌ ‌know,‌ ‌and‌ ‌understand.‌ ‌On‌ ‌this‌ ‌podcast,‌ ‌we‌ ‌think‌ ‌different,‌ ‌we‌ ‌dream‌ ‌bigger,‌ ‌and‌ ‌we‌ ‌live‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌ world‌ ‌without‌ ‌limits.‌ ‌This‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory.

Josh 00:01:10
We’re live with Marley Jaxx. Marley, welcome to the show.

Marley 00:01:14
That’s pretty. Thank you for having me on the show.

Josh 00:01:16
Of course. Um, what’s it like to live in Canada?

Marley 00:01:20
You always got to rub that in.

Josh 00:01:21
Well, we’ve got to start somewhere and I feel it. I feel like this is a good place to start because listen, like, I dunno, I’ve never, I can’t put it on cause I can’t put it on because I’ve got my, uh, and my headphones on, but I don’t know. I’ve never lived in like a, a second tier country or anything.

Marley 00:01:38
You know what? I’m going to go to the doctor for free with how much you hurt her.

Josh 00:01:43
No, we love, we love Canada. Um, not, not as much as America, but I do love you and I love, you’re my favorite Canadian. I’ve said this multiple times and I, and I know some somewhat Canadian people, but for real though, is it? Like, I’ve never been to Canada. I’ve been to several different countries but not Canada. Is it like on a daily basis? Is there any like major differences then living in the U S cause I know you’ve been here a lot.

Marley 00:02:03
Yeah, it’s cold. I do spend half the year in the States, so I, I I feel like I’m kind of more American lately. I changed the way I spell things and the metric that I, that I use, um, so I am converting, however, I will always have my Canadian roots. Uh, I often have, I was on, I did this Instagram story that you, you laughed at where I was at home Depot and I’m like trying to do the broom challenge and I lined up all the rooms in the, um, and I, someone made a comment of being like, ah, you’re so bundled up. And I was like, I am, this is normal. Like I was just wearing my winter jacket and my boots. It’s just, yeah, it’s cold here. There’s a lot of snow. One of my friends in Boise was like, is there still snow there? And I was like, are you kidding? It’s up to my, just like.

Josh 00:02:49
Yeah, it is only February. I won’t see grass till may.

Josh 00:02:52
Yeah, well that’s how it is here too. Maybe not quite that bad cause it’s, you know, a little, we’re a little bit further South than you are, but like it was like three weeks ago, it was negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit here. And then

Marley 00:03:03
I have not learned that language yet. I speak in Celsius.

Josh 00:03:06
Okay. So let’s see. Let, let, let’s ask Siri. Siri, what is negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius minus 28.9 degrees Celsius. So minus 28.9 degrees minus 29 degrees. Pretty cold. Yeah, it’s pretty freezing and, but um, it gets nice in the summertime there though. Yeah.

Marley 00:03:28
Oh yeah. That’s great. And the mountains like,

Josh 00:03:31
Yeah, I want to come up there for that.

Marley 00:03:33
Yeah, let’s do that.

Josh 00:03:34
Oh my gosh, we should, that would be amazing. Um, what’s it a Lake Moran? Is that what’s called?

Marley 00:03:41
There’s Marine Lake

Josh 00:03:43
Yeah. I want to come up there. That’d be super fun. Yeah, that’d be super. But we’ll, we’ll come maybe, uh, maybe sometime this summer, maybe we’ll have a mastermind maybe. Oh gosh, I like this idea more and more. That would be so cool. What, what like wait, so like Canada is directly above like directly above America. Um, but um, geography, not geology, geography. Uh, but what part? Like what part of Canada are you from? Like from a location on the map.

Marley 00:04:11
Yeah. So if you’re looking like North of Denver or Montana

Josh 00:04:17
North of that. Okay. All right. So like straight up that direction. Are you moving being in Denver? I might move there but we’ll get to that in a second. Are you, are you moving anytime soon or are you just

Marley 00:04:26
That’s what, when people ask like where are you from? Where do you live? I’m like, well I have a house in Canada but I’m traveling throughout the States all the time. I just relocate to the States. I don’t know to be determined. Really the only thing keeping me here is my parents and my brother.

Josh 00:04:43
A good reason to stay. I feel like

Marley 00:04:45
also just be a good reason to visit.

Josh 00:04:47
Right. Well, do you have, so like how do you enter America? Like, why does that work with Canadians?

Marley 00:04:54
I have my visa now, so I, I can live in the States for five years.

Josh 00:04:58
Wow. Okay. Wow. I didn’t realize it was that long.

Marley 00:05:00
Yeah. So I have my, and then I just reapply every five years and I don’t see why they would.

Josh 00:05:04
And you’re one of the few people that like you could literally be here and be like, hashtag Trump’s not my president. I correct. Because you, because you’re actually, I don’t know about, I, I’m still not supportive of the Canadian healthcare system, just because I don’t think it actually works, but what do I know? I’m just a, I’m an American this now, I’ve never even been to Canada, so how can I talk? But no, no, seriously though. So I’m, uh, moving in July. July. Yeah. Yeah. But, uh, it’s yet to be decided, whether that’s Florida or Denver area, Denver area. It wouldn’t be Denver. It would be like a between Denver and Boulder. Have you met a number?

Marley 00:05:41

Josh 00:05:42
Yeah. It’s so beautiful out there. Yeah. Yeah. But we’re trying to decide whether we want it to be like that direction. Uh, or Florida,

Marley 00:05:50
My guest is Florida

Josh 00:05:51
your guests, is that you think that’s what we’re gonna end up? Yeah, I think that’s inevitably where we will inevitably end. The thing is, is that um, weed is legal in Colorado and, and uh, Leah is really big into yoga and also different strands of the medical side of cause. She has like a lot of neck pains and a lot of like things like that. So like the CBD marijuana industry, um, is something that she’s very, very like into. And like, she knows all the different strains and oils and like what they do and like, like I mean like she’s really, really informed and all that. And so she’s going in may, I think it is as she’s going in may to get, like, she’s going to become certified in yoga, aerial yoga, a holistic healing like alternative medicine, like all this stuff. And so I think Colorado may be the first stop, but Florida I think, I think we’ll be [inaudible]

Marley 00:06:43
Cause I was also thinking of Leah that I know that she can’t have a cold,

Josh 00:06:47
right? Yeah, yeah. But there’s a, there’s a lifetime fitness out there, which w she’s big on. Do you know what lifetime is?

Marley 00:06:54
24. Seven gym.

Josh 00:06:56
Think of it as like a 24, seven, absolutely. Everything you can possibly think of. Epicness like, it’s like there’s an indoor water park, there’s yoga, there’s spas, there’s training, there’s personal fitness. There’s, I mean it’s like huge, like two or three stories. Massive, massive, like amazing lockers. It’s like a, it’s like almost like a resort. Um, but like they’re only in like [inaudible] like there’s one in Omaha because Omaha has money, right. Um, one in Denver or like about that direction. So we find like something like that to where we could still function. Like it’s huge. Like you could be there all day and every single day and like still find something to do type deal. So wintertime that would help with it. Yeah. Yeah. So if you ever, okay, here’s a question for you before we get into, into business here. Uh, if you came to America, where would you live?

Marley 00:07:43
That is the good question that I get a lot. I think it would be between Boise, LA, or Austin.

Josh 00:07:53
Oh really? Why Austin? Oh, Charfen down there and yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. That makes sense. Ellie’s is expensive. Don’t go to LA.

Marley 00:08:02
Yeah. And the traffic. Oh my God, I couldn’t handle it. But Boise, Boise has my heart. I do feel like home every time I stepped into that airport. And I think the majority of my friends are there, so I would also never be lonely and I would always have [inaudible].

Josh 00:08:18
Yeah, I love Boise. I don’t know if I could ever live there because I mean like if it was me and I lived alone and I was still alone for the rest of my life and I never planned on getting married or anything like that, then I would probably end up in Boise. But you know, there’s other things to consider there. And for me right now, Scott, it’s kind of not on the radar. Natalie Hodson tried to get me to move there. She’s a, she’s like, come on out. And I know so many people there. Steve’s there, but I’ll be fine wherever you end up. I’m sure it’ll be good. But don’t go to LA. It’s expensive and it’s a crazy lunatic town. If you go to California, like go to San Diego or something, it’s okay. I mean check that out. I think you’d like it better, but okay. We got lots to talk about here today.

Marley 00:08:56
So much

Josh 00:08:56
so much. Funnel hacking live your new life, your new last name team. Jack’s like, that’s pretty crazy.

Marley 00:09:02
Oh man. It’s the best.

Josh 00:09:03
It is. It’s, it’s pretty awesome. Um, let’s, let’s start with, uh, funnel hacking live. You have, you have officially checked off a bucket list item for very many people, self included. Uh, what’s that like? Like you say like it does it, I feel like it’s like one of those things that lives up to every expectation, right?

Marley 00:09:24
Yes. And it was better than I could’ve expected. You know, you like, I mean for me, I visualized that moment forever and then when it actually happened it was better than I could have imagined and it’s like I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. Sometimes you have these big moments in your life or a conversation where you’re like, Oh, I wish I could have gone back and said this. There’s nothing I would change about it.

Josh 00:09:46
Really. That’s awesome. I saw the picture that you took afterwards of you like me, like, like kneeling down or like squatting down or whatever and like I think your eyes were closed. Uh, but you had your kind of your hands up like this. Yeah. Like that. Like I feel like that perfectly summarized. The moment like that was powerful.

Marley 00:10:04
Because it, for me it was, I mean, over a year of just visualizing like I want to speak on that stage to then the moment it happens and what most people don’t know also is for people who have followed me and that they know that [inaudible] three weeks before funnel hacking live, I announced publicly that my marriage changed or my marriage ended. My, I changed my name, all of this unfolding right before I’m about to take the biggest step of my life onto this biggest stage. And, um, the day that I was announced as a funnel hacking live speaker was the day that my marriage ended. Here I am on fixed. Yeah.

Josh 00:10:43
I almost cried when I got the Vox. I literally out loud was like, and uh, Leah was like, what about like, like, you know, like what, you know, what happened is clearly not them. So I almost cried, but it’s, um, I feel like it’s a opens up new doors. Yeah,

Marley 00:10:58
Yeah. Like the moment I’m on Facebook live with Russell and I’m like, smiley, and I’m like, this is great. And then it closes. Oh, I have a whole video of it. I, I’ve loved the whole thing. So I, I was in Denver, I was with a client and, uh, Russell boxed and said, Hey, can you jump on zoom for a minute? I have a question for you.

Josh 00:11:21
So let’s just pause right there for a second. Is it like casual to get a box from Russell for you? Like, or is this the first time that like

Marley 00:11:29
This is the first box I’ve ever gotten from Russell?

Josh 00:11:32
What a way, what a way to be. Yeah. All right. So continue.

Marley 00:11:36
So can we, can we jump on, on zoom? And I was like, like, I know I’m like, this is it. Or he’s always kicking me out of inner circle. Like, I don’t know.

Josh 00:11:47
So, so you’re, you’re like 70% sure that this is you’re being asked to speak.

Marley 00:11:52
I think because I, at this point I had dropped hints that like I want to speak [inaudible] he, he knew and he was kind of making jokes back to me. So, and um, but I had totally written it off because I was talking to Jake Leslie, who’s one of the main funnel designers. Shout out Jay, he’s been on the show. Oh, I love him. He’s one of my favorite people ever. Mmm. And his story is so wonderful. So I’m, I’m, I was with Jake once and I was like, when are they going to announce the speakers? Like, don’t tell them, I’m not asking you to tell me, but just when is it coming? He just was like, Marley, I was rooting for you letting me down devil he does at the time. I, at the time I wasn’t on the,

Josh 00:12:44
Oh, so he wasn’t playing a joke on you? He literally didn’t. Oh, okay.

Marley 00:12:47
Yeah. So I was just like, Oh, just heartbroken. And it was like, all right, it’s fine. I always got next year and, and so I have written it off at that point. [inaudible].

Josh 00:12:58
wow. So that he calls and asks you and he’s just like, yeah, you want to speak.

Marley 00:13:02
Yeah. So we’re on zoom and I’m just freaking out and we filmed the whole thing and yeah. He’s like, so it was just wanting, you know, w w I want you to speak. What do you think? And I was like, that’s awesome.

Marley 00:13:18
Sure. I’ll be there. As Catherine Jones would say. You didn’t play hard to get Oh no, no. He, he very much knew I was all in it. I feel like, I want to know if Russell’s ever been turned down by anybody except for like a Tony Robbins. Right. He really wanted Jenna Kutcher to speak at FHL and Jenna. Yeah. Jenna, what’s up with that? She loves her being with her family and she was just like, no, I’m good. Yeah. But like, come on Jenna, like flying for one day and fly out. Bring your family. You’ve got the money. We love Jenna. She’s super cool. I’ve never, I’ve never got to meet her, but Russell talks about it all the time. Yeah. You have to, you know, you have to know who that is. Okay. Random question is bothering me now. Not bothering me, but I’m curious. Are your eyebrows microbladed?

Marley 00:14:02
They were, but they faded so now I just have to fill them in. I just got that done.

Josh 00:14:08
Yeah. And so now I’m like, Oh, where? Yeah, yeah. I’m very much like, I’m aware of how like straight the lines are right here.

Marley 00:14:16

Josh 00:14:17
And I’m like, huh, I wonder if those are done. Is that painful? It’s a tattoo on your face. Yeah. But like it’s not like a, like a deep deep tattoo though. Right. And like you can numb, like they put numbing cream, so to numb the space. But I was late for my appointment, so like we don’t have time to numb. And I was like, wow. Is it more or less painful than like you just got a tattoo? Yeah, I did beast, by the way. Holy cow. My new tattoo. I got a lion. Yeah, sure. Show up for people who are listening on audio right now. It’s on her also in the main, I hid the word, the name Jaxx.

Josh 00:14:53
Ooh, that’s so cool. That’s awesome. I liked that too. So is it more or less painful than getting a tattoo?

Marley 00:15:01
I thought microblading was more painful,

Josh 00:15:03
Really?But you don’t, you got it on your, go ahead.

Marley 00:15:06
The things we do for beauty, the, the tattoo on my forearm is totally fine.

Josh 00:15:10
Well, yeah, but that’s also all muscle and like flesh there. There’s no bone right there, right? Yeah. When I got my first tattoo, um, I had got it. It’s on my side. Yeah. And it was like I’m skinny. Right. I got nothing down there. It’s like right on bone. And he did it in, it’s three lines. It’s a bigger tattoo. Um, Oh my gosh. It was so painful. Um, the other tattoos didn’t even come, come close to as painful as that one was. So how many times did you got? Just no one.

Marley 00:15:39

Josh 00:15:39
Four Oh, nice. Like bigger ones. Are they smaller?

Marley 00:15:43
Um, I have the word virtue on my wrist, so very small. Hmm. Um, I have a little mini mouse on my ankle.

Josh 00:15:49
Oh, that’s right. You had a Rachel.

Marley 00:15:52
No, Rachel and I, Rachel and I both have tattoos on our ribs. They’re the best friend. Got it. And then, yeah, now the lion on my phone.

Josh 00:16:00
Yeah. Are you done? Or maybe more?

Marley 00:16:02
I always think I’m done and then something happens. So right now, sure, I think I’m done, but it feels like I’d get a tattoo at a major life event, so I don’t know.

Josh 00:16:11
I like that. I think that all tattoos need to have meaning. Right. I have no problem with them. Um, you know, some people like I understand the religious for the, for those people that are religious, right. I understand why they are against it. I get it. Um, I don’t agree with it, but like I get it. Right. So, but for, for uh, for me I’m like as long as the tattoo has meaning. Right. And then I think that, uh, then I think that it is, I, I almost got a tattoo after Kyle died. Um, but I like I haven’t, I haven’t come to a place yet where I’m like, yep, this is like this accurately represents, yeah. What I have gone through or learned since that moment yet we’re coming up on whereabouts a week, two weeks away from the anniversary, like the one year anniversary. So maybe then, uh, you know, think about it, but, but there’ll be interesting.

Marley 00:17:00
Yeah, I think it’s important to have meaning to it. And when I was getting this lion tattoo, I was telling the tattoo artists the story and I was like, you just hear tattoo stories all the time. And he’s like, no, cause yeah. I was like, I feel like that would be the whole, like that would be the main event of every ad that he gets. A lot of people that are tattoo collectors that they just come in and they see the pictures on the wall and they’re like, I’ll get that one.

Josh 00:17:23
No way. What

Marley 00:17:26
I, for me, I’m like, it has to be meaningful.

Josh 00:17:29
Permanent. It’s on your freaking skin for the rest of your existence.

Marley 00:17:33
There are tattoo collectors.

Josh 00:17:35
That’s crazy. Well, I mean you get like the post Malone’s of the world who just, I mean like my word always like, like, Ooh. I feel like that’s one of those life things where he’s gonna like wake up at 33 years old and be like, that was so he’ll wake up a good long nap after I go. I’d be like, that’s, that’s perfect. That’s pretty good. Okay. Quick, quick story about the debt. Like what’s the meaning behind your line one?

Marley 00:18:00
Yeah, I feel like, I think, you know, um, when I announced that my marriage ended, I, before that I had changed my name on social media, but I didn’t tell anyone. Like I didn’t, everyone’s like, what’s Jack’s? What is this? Some people clearly they assumed and they assumed correctly. My marriage ended, I changed my name, but people were like, what is Jack’s like? They’ve never heard that name before. For people who’ve known me long enough, they know that it’s not my maiden name. So I shared the story of, and this video is on YouTube if anyone wants to see it. Um, I, I’m sharing, well, you know, a lot of people want to know who is Marley Jaxx, where did the name come from? What is this? And so I share the story that I, I was at my mom’s house one night and I’m like, I don’t know how to move.

Marley 00:18:45
Like I don’t know what name to go with. I don’t want my maiden name because it’s impossible to pronounce and spell. And uh, I tried to come up with other names that were still meaningful. Like, my grandfather’s name is George, my dad’s middle name is Dennis. Like I was kind of playing around with other names, but nothing felt right. And so I was like, mom, I’m just, I’m, I’m, it feels like a rebirth. And you named me when you named me when I was born and I need you to just name me again. And I was like, I want my name to make them feel the way that this line makes me feel. And I have this picture of this line, it’s my phone background, it’s my phone case and it’s this picture that’s outside of my office and I’ve, I’ve talked about this picture on my Instagram stories a lot that I’m just like, Oh I love everyday when I walk into my office that this lion is there to greet me and like give me power and strength.

Marley 00:19:28
And then when my door is open I see him right there. It’s like he’s protecting this space and it just, it feels so good. And I was like, well I can never name him because naming him takes his power away from him. And so Instagram would be like [inaudible] whatever. And like I’m like, no, I just can’t name him. He’s just my lion. So, so same thing with my mom. I was like, mom, I don’t know how to name myself again. And I just, I want my name to make me feel the way that this line makes me feel and I’m just going to give it to you mom. Like whatever name you come up with. That’s my name. [inaudible] 30 seconds later she says, Jax J a double X. I’m like, where did that come from? She goes, it just, it just landed in my head. I wasn’t even thinking and it was just there and we, we Googled it and Jax means I’m someone that can overcome any obstacles that life throws this way, which help felt very fitting and that was it. And you know, sometimes when you like make a big life change or decision, you want to go to your friends and get their opinions. I didn’t want opinions cause I was like, this is it. You got it. You’re sold on it. I love that. I love that. I told friends instead of asking, I was like, this is my name. I don’t care if you don’t like it. This is it.

Josh 00:20:38
Not even, not even Rachel.

Marley 00:20:39
No, I told her I I, but I was like, this is it.

Josh 00:20:43
Do you like it? Right, like, like kind of like, okay, I still want your approval. It’s staying this way regardless.

Marley 00:20:49
But they, both she and Paul were like, Oh my God, love it.

Josh 00:20:53
I love it too. By the way, when you first told me what that was, I remember you, you uh, I think it was you Vox, me, you’ve asked me and you’re like, how do you change your name back on social? Because you had to, you’re freaking out about that, um, with uh, cause you had to get changed for a hike alive.

Marley 00:21:08
Yeah. And I had changed it cause at first I thought it was going to go with my middle name, which I’m so glad I didn’t because it just, I don’t love my, my middle name is Lynn and I feel like everyone’s middle name is Lynn. Like your middle name was probably Lynn. Like it’s just such a common Josh Lynn Forti. I get it.

Josh 00:21:23
Close enough.

Josh 00:21:24
Plus it’s just such a common name and it’s, it’s more feminine than I wanted and I didn’t, but I had changed my name on Facebook to Marley Lynn Baird for a bit. So that if I did just drop to it, there would have been a transition. Yeah, I remember that on Facebook every like 90 days or something. And I was like, Ooh, now I need to change it again. So we got in touch with Facebook. Facebook helps

Josh 00:21:47
Facebook get on Facebook, the double edged sword of that company. All right, so a funnel hacking live. I do want to touch on this just a little bit more and kind of use this as a transition over to to how you got into where you’re at today. Because like I’ve known you for three years.

Marley 00:22:05
Three or four. Yeah,

Josh 00:22:07
Teah. Three or four. It’s been a minute. I don’t remember where we first like [inaudible] I don’t remember how we got connected, but I remember, I think the first time we met met was at a, the viral video event, right?

Marley 00:22:16
That’s right.

Josh 00:22:17
Yeah, that was, that was two and a half years ago coming up on that. So I’ve met a lot of people there for the first time. My coach Katie Richardson, shout out, Katie met her for the first time there. That was super cool. Um, but how has, how did funnel hacking live?

Marley 00:22:30
Oh, well, um, and I, it’s sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what was funnel hacking live and what was just me being so open and vulnerable, which happened weeks before, which is still leading up to, and I feel like all around funnel hacking live, which is my tribe is like, so there’s so much stronger. I my, I can’t keep up with my inbox. Um, our sales are great and consistent and people are just, they’re, they’re joining the movement. Like people want you on their t-shirts. Yeah. Well will never hashtag getting Jaxx

Josh 00:23:02
They’re hashtagging and Jaxx says it on the back. Guys hashtag get Jaxx. I, by the way, super creative with that. Like, I don’t know. It was that you that came up with who, who came up with it.

Marley 00:23:10
My audience.

Josh 00:23:13
This is amazing. I feel like you were just like, not that, not that anybody needs validation from anybody else. However, I feel like you, your movement was incredibly validated. W anybody’s would be when you step across the stage of [inaudible] life.

Marley 00:23:29
Yeah. That was, that was, that was a moment.

Josh 00:23:32
I bet. I bet. And a million, a million messages and things like that. So how, how do we, how did you get to the seven figure business, Marley, cause you won the two comma club award. Congratulations. Um, I watched you for a while. I’m going through, uh, the phase of getting there. Um, next level of the business. I feel like I know waste started over this year because I had the podcast, the movement, things like that. I mean like don’t, don’t get me wrong. Like the supporters of fans have been amazing and uh, the movement that we’ve been working on for the last couple of years and he’s been awesome. But I mean Kyle dying break from everything, selling agency company still continue with the podcast and going on a world trip. And then that getting canceled two months early because Leah had a parasite, Liz was going to die. Like, you know, it’s like a lot.

Josh 00:24:20
And then I land in Omaha and I’m like, okay, here we are. Right? Like here’s where it is. But, and I am so happy with their direction of where, Think Different Theory is going. Like so much momentum. He’s got feature Forbes where we’re pitching Russell, for those of you that don’t know like what the heck, like that was, that’s crazy. Um, but, but I’m going through the, I hired Kay Richards and I’m going through the, the, the mindset that’s going through the leveling up to become the master, the literal transformation of going from the Dewar the artist and more of the operator or more of putting the pieces in place rather than building the pieces. Right. Yep. Um, but, and I’ve watched you go through that, so like talk to me about that. Like what did you do and what was that journey like to become that person and what had to go on mentally or are you the exception to the rule and you’re like, no, it wasn’t a mental game at all.

Marley 00:25:13
I just floated a group. Um, I think a lot of failure, like 2019 was the year of like hitting rock bottom and just scraping by, scraping through rock bottom for months and, but just still doing it. And, and when some people could just, he’ll over and be like, all right, I’m tapping out. I was just, I knew that, that I, I would keep working until I figured it out. And so it was, it was investing in myself and then some of those investments didn’t pay off. And then debt and then launching and failing and launching and failing and then relationship struggles obviously. Um, and I had, I have amazing coaches and mentors that I work with and I lean on. Mmm. And I, and I am therapy is amazing. We were talking about this before we went live, but yeah, I haven’t gone to therapy to be like, am I okay? Am I coping okay? What should I be doing right now?

Josh 00:26:11
Yeah. I think therapy’s interesting. Or just coping in general is interesting because you’re trying to figure out, because it’s like you’re not normal right in the first place. You’re an entrepreneur and you’re a Canadian entrepreneur. So that’s even like more, not normal, but like, you know what I mean though? Like you’re, so the way that you cope with things already is going to be different. But at the same time, you want to make sure you’re not doing things unhealthy. Can, can we, can we dive into like some specifics? Do you mind? Yeah. So like let’s, let’s go back to, I don’t, I don’t know the story of 2019 so you got rock-bottom like, like walk us through through there. There’s the people, there’s are people that had a really rough 2019 I’m sure out there. Right? Um, there’s a lot of people that broke through in 2019 and are killing it, but I think the general consensus is that 2019 in my world, not just in my life, but was a year of transformation growth.

Josh 00:27:04
Like, like dealing with crap so that you can get to the next level. Like what’s a moment bring us back to up time and you’re like, Hey, like this is where I was at. This is the decision that I’m faced with. Yeah. And like what I’m trying to, one of the things that I’m trying to do here is specifically with the podcast and right now as well is like, I want people to just see, we talked a lot about mindset. Like, I want people to know like, okay, this is the mindset issue that was faced or are like tangible things that I did to go and like actually overcome that. Like, yes, investing in yourself, great. Yes. Getting through it, not quitting. Great, but like what does that actually look like and how do you know when you’ve come out the other side and actually have grown, grown through that?

Marley 00:27:45
Yeah. Um, April of 2019 I was in a situation where I had, like I mentioned had invested so much that I was like running so much Facebook ads. I had a team that I couldn’t afford but we just kept launching and I was like, this one’s going to work, this one’s going to work, this one’s going to work. To the point where like, I am six figures in debt, I am floating and putting my house against it. Like I’m, I will lose everything. I will lose my house, I will whatever. Like if, if I don’t turn this around. And um, and I was on a call with Alex Charfen and he was like, you are bleeding. This is triaged. We have to stop the bleed. You have to let go of a lot of your team and, and then work on rebuilding. And so it’s a [inaudible]. Yeah.

Josh 00:28:33
Okay. Right there. All right, let’s, let’s, let’s talk about this moment here in your life. I feel like there’s is a pivotal life moment, right? Like what w what are you, what does that feel like? Like w where are you mentally in your head when you get off that call?

Marley 00:28:47
I’m so like beyond, I’m heartbroken and I also feel like a failure and I’m also feeling guilty and like I’m about to betray people that I love because this team is my family and they are working hard and they’re in the trenches with me and now I have to tell them, I’m sorry I can’t keep paying you and you have to go find something else to do and I’m going to keep suffering through this on my own now.

Josh 00:29:11
[inaudible] Oh, my heart. So then what [inaudible]

Marley 00:29:16
I get on the call with three team members to make it worse. They are all family. It is a husband, wife and sister. And, and they mean so much to me. One of them, like I had said to her all the time, I was like, you are my sole main business. Like I love you. Or like you are, we are soul sisters. You’re like my other half in business and just we so bonded and now we’ve our relationship, thank God. But it was really upsetting. Let me tell you the other part that made it worse. She had a baby three days. Yeah.

Josh 00:29:48
Oh my gosh.

Marley 00:29:52
Worst person in the world. Like harder.

Josh 00:29:55
Yeah, no kidding.

Marley 00:29:57
I’m supporting this family to the detriment of my own and I am literally about to lose my shirt.

Josh 00:30:01
So what, what mental, like how do you continue to like, because like yet is the classic entrepreneurial story I just didn’t give up. Right. But like when you’re in that situation that is not easy, right? Like I don’t know if there was another way out, but like, I mean going through and doing what you just did, what like what did you tell yourself? Like what was the mental battle here? Right. Because the mental battle is, I’m a failure story. You’re telling yourself, right, it’s, I’m not going to make this work, right? It’s, I’m letting these people down. I’m going to be Trey people. How do you, how do you change that story and how do you pull out of that and get to where it is that you need to be?

Marley 00:30:39
Okay. Therapy? Um, I,

Josh 00:30:43
But is that the answer is therapy? The, sorry, I’ll let you [inaudible].

Marley 00:30:46
Not necessarily like I, cause I, I couldn’t afford therapy. It was, it was friends kinda therapy I’ll put on and mentors and other entrepreneurs that know what this is like. But like I put on blinders and it was just like in survival mode that I, I felt like I was grieving, but I also didn’t have the time or the, the luxury that I was like blinders on. Here we go, I start taking on my own sales calls. So I’m doing like eight hours a day of sales calls, then eight hours at night to fulfill on these things that I’m now selling. Mmm. And I’m just, and I’m exhausted. But then this is also giving me the opportunity to speak to the potential clients myself here, what they need and what they’re wanting from me. And then I create a new products hearing that immediate market feedback and also I got really good at selling because I had to.

Josh 00:31:37
Yeah, it’s amazing what it’ll do with it when you are in a dire situation where you like you actually have to do it in order to make it work. Um, so like what is step one? Oh, okay. So like you’re like, okay, great, I’m going to go and we get on phone calls or whatever. Like you’ve gone, you’ve cut your team and you’re like, okay, I’m in debt, I’ve got bills to pay, I got to get cashflow revenue or whatever. Like what, what are the phases of like, okay, where do you put your immediate focus

Marley 00:32:03
Immediately into me selling again. So we already had sales calls that were booked, but just none of them were closing. So now I’m getting on calls and I start closing calls. But also by removing those team members, we then still, we had some cushion for profit now before we were always in the red and now I’m like, okay, I can at least eat.

Josh 00:32:23
Got it.

Marley 00:32:23
So that helped. And then now it’s, I got to build up and, and get, get consistency.

Josh 00:32:30
Got it. Now are you back cause you’ve gone through a lot since that point. Holy cow. I mean wow. Uh, are, do you have a team now at all

Marley 00:32:38
Now we’re back up to 15 people.

Josh 00:32:40
Wow. Guys, a round of applause. Like sat in her DMS on Instagram at Marley Jaxx and be like, congratulations. That’s amazing. Um, but like, so what are your hires like, where are you going back to? Like who are you hiring first to be able to remove yourself from the process and build that up?

Marley 00:32:57
The first one after I had gotten that consistency back was a salesperson and that one to me was like, it felt like the hardest thing to replace. But then the, the guy that I found who is still with me and I always, I feel like he’s a gift from God. There was this one night specifically where I am burnt out, exhausted, crying because I just spent eight hours on calls and I have so much work to do and I’m like, I can’t do this anymore. I’m burning out. And I put up this ad for a sales guy and I’m, I’m just, I’m like, I hope that I can find someone that is already in this world like knows, knows the online marketing world, maybe knows click funnels, maybe even like took down locks course or something like is already a sales closer. And then this email comes through like at a moment where I am, Oh, like I’m on my knees crying and it’s this, this, uh, application comes in and this guy Ryan and he has not only gone through Dan locks training, he used to work for Dan lock and he knows click funnels and all this stuff.

Marley 00:33:57
We get on a call the next day, we talked for two hours. We’re just like so insane. The same kind of values and it takes, or I just, I hired him immediately and he is an, everyone loves him. He just, I love him.

Josh 00:34:09
Do you, and this is a common question I get cause I deal with a lot of salespeople or people that need salespeople. Do you pay, is it a straight commission or is there a base involved? If, if I can ask like I don’t know any numbers, but like,

Marley 00:34:20
Yeah. And that I think I would do a little bit of both for Ryan and his case. He was my first sales guy and I also have him doing things that aren’t just getting on phones and selling. So because of that, because in our, in our team we have like daily huddles and strategic calls. And I also ask Ryan to be on some of the calls with our students. Um, cause he’s great at some sales training. So because of that he has a base plus commission.

Josh 00:34:42
Okay. base class commission. So first, first person you hire, it’s cashflow is a cashflow related role. And in your case it’s a, it’s a salesperson.

Marley 00:34:51
And getting me out of sales calls because all I can do is be on calls all day. So as soon as he was trained, aye, I bought my time back.

Josh 00:34:59
Yeah, yeah. That’s what we’re dealing with right now. Uh, my next hire is a copywriter.

Marley 00:35:04
Nice. That’s like, yeah.

Josh 00:35:06
Because, um, I actually don’t have to do that many sales calls right now because of the sales things that we do are so big. And my close rate is insane, but only because I’ve done, you know, uh, probably a thousand sales calls in my life. Bless you by the way. Um,

Marley 00:35:20
I muted myself so no one. Yeah, yeah,

Josh 00:35:22
No, no one, no one heard it. Um, but um, but no, so I spend so much time copywriting right now. Everyday. I bet I spent at least three hours a day, at least maybe four, um, writing emails, writing headlines, writing social things or whatever. And it’s awesome because I mean, look at the audience, look at the views, look at the downloads. I mean, it’s up, up, it’s up. But I’m finally to the point now where I’m like, ah, time. Yeah. All right. Like I’m pro like, I know what to do now. I know the frameworks and now it’s like, now I gotta we gotta get someone in here because buying my time back, amplifying yourself. I think that’s super, super cool. Absolutely. What’s, um, like what, where are you headed? Like what drives you? Because like you’ve got, you’ve got a a lot going on right now and you’ve been through a lot recently in the last year.

Josh 00:36:03
And I think the natural, there’s two types of people. Well, there’s lots of types of people, but there’s the type of person that’s like, just, you know, what didn’t work out for me? I’m going to go be my happy life and I’m going to know, get out of debt, sell off anything or whatever. Chill. And I’m going to go be happy in my Canadian house up there and my free healthcare, smoking some weed and, and watching Netflix. Right. Um, and then there’s you who is like, I’m a freaking lion. Let’s go. Right. Like I’m going to go do this. What, what’s the, cause you’re not, you’re not terribly religious, right?

Marley 00:36:34
I would consider myself spiritual but not religious,

Josh 00:36:36
Spiritual, not religious. Um, in like 30 seconds or less, like what does it, what’s the difference to you?

Marley 00:36:43
Um, believing in a higher power but maybe not specifically having like a name or structure or rules to it that like I very much connected myself and energy and source and um, and intuition but maybe just and that we are all connected in some way but, and believing God but not like I am prayers and things, but just not, um, I don’t know if I would define that as like Christianity or Catholic or like I just don’t have a, a label for it.

Josh 00:37:11
Maybe, maybe not a, maybe not a face and a name and a personal relationship as much as like a religious structure would have, but certainly something up there. Okay. Um, so like what, what drives you ultimately then, and we’ll wear a, like how, how does that feel? Like how do you find that? Like what, what’s pushing you there? Cause like I’m a Christian, right? Like I, I believe in a God and, and, and that which that obviously you’re on drives a lot of my life. So is it that spirituality or is there something else that’s there?

Marley 00:37:39
Yeah, like I, I want to be my best self and I want to, I’ve always said that like, my job as a leader is to create more leaders because if I want to make a difference, like I’m just trying to get my little piece right. Like, can I change the world? That’s massive. But if I can just like get my little piece and know that I can help change someone, that then they can change someone and they can change like their family, their community, their business, the world. That’s my little piece that I want to get. And also in the last several months, I have felt very just protective of my happiness because of situations. And now that I am stepping into my new life as a single woman, which I don’t know how to define that just yet. Now I’m just like, it feels like a Slingshot of like, all right, release, like go after it and there’s nothing holding me back anymore. So I work hard. I play hard. I try to find the balance in between. And, um, and I’m just, I’m just going for it.

Josh 00:38:36
When you say the best version of yourself, how do you define that?

Marley 00:38:42
Always evolving. I, I heard this from Steven Larson and he was saying something about how like me three years ago would not be qualified to be me today. And I don’t want to be the same person I am today three years from now or even three months from now or even three weeks from now. So I want to always be evolving into who do I need to be to do what I had to do, to have what I want to have. So if I have this like grand vision of speaking from stages or having books or, you know, being in the mainstream and people like being able to impact these people, who do I need to be on an identity level to be able to create that in my life. Um, so I, I’m, I’m always trying to evolve to be able to match and, and grow to my potential or where I’m supposed to be, to able to reach the people who need me.

Josh 00:39:29
for that to happen. Meaning, um, knowing like where you’re going and constantly evolving. So like one of the things I’m trying to figure out right now [inaudible] in my own life, but it just kind of in general more so they like teach it is. Um, I’m working with Katie and you know, we talk about the stories that we tell ourselves and how the potential is already with inside us, but we do need to learn how to access it. We need to learn how to use it. We need to learn how to, you know, become that, that version of us for me and what I do right now and what, you know, we worked through a lot is journaling and a lot of visualization of like get really clear on the person that you need to be in that ever evolving process. And for me, I have found that journaling and like writings out, I have whiteboards everywhere, right?

Josh 00:40:12
Like, you know, how much I love my whiteboards like that getting out of my own head and actually visualizing and seeing that on a very consistent basis is something that I do a lot. However, it’s interesting to me to talk to different people because some people need that and like other people like just don’t. Um, and so I’m curious, are you the type of like, are you actually writing these things down? Are you getting super, super clear on it or how are you, how are you figuring out? And you’re like, that’s the next person I’m going to become. Like, like those are the steps that I’m working towards. Is that a written down visual thing or how do you determine that?

Marley 00:40:43
I don’t know if I know the, like that’s the person I want to become. Like I definitely have ideas and goals and then it’s figuring out who do I need to be to get there. But also, where am I right now? Like before we started recording this, I was saying how I was on a call and they’re like, how are you? And I was like, ah, like really confused. Like I’m, I’m still figuring things out, transition. Um, but yeah, like I, I wanna I have those kind of personal exercises to have of journaling and visualization and just time with me. I have a little diary that I right. Even just like what happened that day. So, and then, which is interesting cause especially through my marriage ending, I was in this fog of grief and I, it’s interesting when I look back on that now, I don’t want to like I don’t remember those things. The day to day things I wrote down, this is a conversation that happened or this person came over or this thing, whatever conspired. And um, and I look at that and go, Oh, I forgot that that happened. And I process it now.

Josh 00:41:40
That’s actually super interesting. I like that a lot actually. The processing it later cause a lot of times you can’t process it in the moment.

Marley 00:41:47
Yeah. And I know that I have brain fog, that my brain is protecting me from a level of trauma and, and then I will deal with it whether it comes up in a, in an unhealthy way or I can step by step, go through it. As I review these journals or go to therapy or whatever else that someone [inaudible].

Josh 00:42:08
Yeah, I think that a lot of people, um, the downplay what we’re talking about right now like that it’s not like, at least I’ll speak for my own experience, right? Uh, I was like, man, you don’t need a journal. You don’t need to like personal about, you know, it was like, Oh yeah, mindset is great, but mindset is not actually taking the time to like go and like talk about or write down my feelings, your process things, whatever. It’s like if I’m just a, you know, a hard entrepreneur, right? Like if I just like push it all down, like it, like the fuel to the fire. But I’ve, I’ve found that the more I do that, the more of those stories come back to haunt me. And if I just identify them, at least I know that that’s the story that’s controlling myself and I can actually go back and reprogram the story.

Josh 00:42:51
I bet. I have a spreadsheet. And it’s funny because I believe in that, uh, our, our life is controlled by the stories that we tell ourselves. Right? And I think that’s pretty proven for on so many levels. So what I’ll do is I will identify if I’m struggling with something, there’s three columns in the spreadsheet and the middle one is the thing that I’m like struggling with. I’m like, I’m struggling with X, whatever it is, um, to believe that I’m good enough or that I need validation or that you know, that I think that I can’t hire a copywriter, like whatever that thing is. And then I try to literally go back and I try to pinpoint the story or one of the stories, whatever that is that is there, that is like, that is the story I’m telling myself that is getting me this result here.

Josh 00:43:33
So then I have the before story and then I go and I identify a new story that I need to be telling myself and I read it on the other side of it. So I can literally go back to, and I had this whole list of like, Oh, I was struggling with this. This was the original story. This is the story that I need to be telling myself now, so I can constantly go back to that. So I’m rewiring my brain and I have found that that has helped me tremendously to be able to level up and kind of revolutionize the way that I think and view a situation.

Marley 00:43:58
Yeah. I recently started working with a coach, actually. She approached me at funnel hacking live and offered me this free intensive, which normally, I don’t know if I would always, except just depending on, you know, if it’s [inaudible] a stranger or someone. But we just, we totally connected and I thought her offer was so generous and it’s, it’s working through, um, it’s, it’s kinda like it’s NLP coaching. I had one call with her and we really helped identify some beliefs I had around relationships that were there before I got married and that are here now, like the same beliefs. And so it, it identified or contributed to the marriage I created. And now coming right back into, Oh now I’m still in the same spot as before it. And it has to do with my beliefs about partnership and what is possible for love. And I, I have some beliefs that aren’t serving me around thinking that that a certain a relationship isn’t possible for me.

Josh 00:44:56
Yeah. Yeah. I feel that a lot for sure. Especially at the phase that I’m at in my life right now. W I, I literally just said that to um, my coach, I said she’s like, what are some of the fears that you have? And I was like, I’m super scared of commitment and it’s not, and it’s not just in relationships. No, I’m not saying just like in a romantic relationship, I’m like in general I’m like, cause if I commit to something and what happens if it breaks, right? Like why, what happens if in in a month or two months or a year or something like that, you know, all of a sudden it gets ripped out from underneath me. Right. Cause I’m like, or, or in partnerships, like I’ve had several partnerships in business. Yeah. That have not worked out right or that I’ve been stabbed in the back or you know what I mean? And so like this commitment aspect and this trust aspect of literally trusting, trusting somebody else with something that’s important to you, right. Whatever it is from a sales call to a fulfillment for a client to a romantic relationship, to a friendship like this open vulnerability of like, yes, I am trusting you with that. That’s scary. Wow. You know what I mean? How long were you married for?

Marley 00:46:00
Three years and together for six.

Josh 00:46:02
And you’re how old now? 29. So you got married at 23. Are you? I’m sorry, you got, uh, in a relationship at 23, 24

Marley 00:46:11
Married at 24, 25 but yeah, we, we met in 2013 so I was 23,

Josh 00:46:18
23. So that’s a long time to be with someone and then just done. That’s, that’s crazy. Um, let’s see. Moving forward in, in business from an actual tactical perspective, now that you are where you’re at with funnel hacking live w I mean like you’ve done live and, and you’re, you’re where you’re at in your business now. What’s the, what are the next steps for you or, or like where are you the venturing off into or are you more digital product education? Are you trying to build a big agency? Like what’s the, what’s the vision there?

Marley 00:46:50
Yeah, we have services and I’m done with you kind of programs. So scaling those, I want to do live events, maybe like weekends where they spend a weekend and they get a ton of content to go home with.

Josh 00:47:04
So I could maybe in the mountains of Canada,

Marley 00:47:06
Perhaps in the mountains of Canada.

Josh 00:47:07
Oh, real quick before, before we go any further on this guys, how many of you listening right now or, or on the live stream? But, um, listening to you right now, I would like be super down to come to like a three or four day retreat weekend in Canada with Marley. And I like if we did some of that, shoot me a DM. Cause most people that listen actually listen on audio. So like if you’re down or you’re interested, I’d be curious to know, shoot me a DM on Instagram at Josh Forti. Make sure to follow me on there too. That’d be, that’d be lit. Um, but no, I’d be curious to know because, and Marley too. Of course. Marley Jaxx, follow her well before me. Um, Marley, Marley Jaxx double acts at the end. Um, but I think that’d be super, super cool. So I’m sorry to interrupt you there, but I, I’d genuinely be curious because I think that’d be super fun.

Marley 00:47:47
Yeah. Mastermind the mountains. Yeah, that’d be super awesome.

Josh 00:47:50
Okay. But, okay, so what’s, what’s next? You want to do live events? Sorry.

Marley 00:47:53
Yeah, I want to do live events. Um, and yeah, just scale our, um, all right, we’re going to do a brand new like intensive 90 days program where they’ll have an entire content machine built out at the end of 90 days. Um, so instead of paying us to do the service that clients pay us anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars a month to do for them, [inaudible] have it in their business with us that we help them create in 90 days.

Josh 00:48:17
Oh, like the actual system itself.

Marley 00:48:19
Yep. Build the team around them or train their team.

Josh 00:48:22
I feel like that’s kind of becoming sexy. Like I feel like that’s selling well. Right? I just, uh, we just wrapped up a launch with a cashflow tactics. Brad Gib, Ryan Lee, shout out them. Uh, and by the way, guys, they have a podcast coming out March 3rd, which I’m super, yeah. Finally after like a year and a half of dragging their feet,

Marley 00:48:41
Listen to them. They’re so smart.

Josh 00:48:44
Brad didn’t believe that anybody wanted to listen to them. He legitimately didn’t. He literally thought no one is going to listen to this two hour episode. There’s still funny. Anyway, we just wrapped up a launch there and the first thing they did, they came back to me and they’re like, so now what do we do? Like what are the systems, what are the processes? Like how do we, how do we make this evergreen? And like how do we do it? And I’m like, Oh, you do this, this, this. And they’re like, can we just hire you to come in and build it for us and then break it and then rebuild it? And I was like, huh, next call that I get on like maybe a week later I’m on the call. I mean these are not cheap packages still to do with the Facebook group launches, you know, 1520 $25,000 you know, to for me to come in and sit down and you know, build this thing out. And they’re like, uh, yeah. The number one thing that we’re worried about though is the systems to come in and do that. I feel like I’m, I feel like that’s becoming super, super sexy. What, what trends are, or like new opportunities are you seeing in the, you’re in the click funnels world a lot, but yeah, click funnels, videography world, what are some new opportunities you’re seeing there?

Marley 00:49:37
Well, what I want to create for people is like maybe instead of hiring a service and having to outsource it all the time is let’s get it in house and the systems around you so that you can be hands free and you can focus on the leadership you need to provide for your team, for your family, for your audience, um, having it built around you.

Josh 00:49:56
But do you still, uh, just to work with Steve?

Marley 00:49:58

Josh 00:49:59
Okay. I know he’s big on he hires agencies rather than a lot of inhouse people. What do you think of that model? And I’m not saying there’s one one right way or the other, but like his, his thought process. So for those of you guys that don’t know, it’s Steve Larsen who we’re talking about here. Many of you guys probably know, we’ve had on the show a couple times. Um, well, like he’s got a big team. I mean a year ago he was spending $25,000 a month on his content TV set. So like, I can’t imagine what is that now, but his, his thought process is rather than hire people that could turn over, I’m going to hire experts just to come in and build the systems or whatever and then I’m going to keep them on and then I can just swap out agencies that already have the systems in place. Do you like that model or like what are your thoughts on hiring in house versus hiring an agency? Hmm.

Marley 00:50:45
I guess like it could go either way. I personally has sometimes, I mean I can appreciate agencies, but then I also like the idea of having it in house that they were like fully a hundred percent on me and I’m not competing with other clients or if there’s turnover in their systems or their people or their processes. Like I was with one agency that like, I was always getting a new ads manager and I was like, I don’t feel like you have my back because I don’t know who, who has my back. So that’s, that was just my concern with Mmm. Without sourcing versus having in house that in house is really, they’re my people.

Josh 00:51:24
Yeah. I understand the logic behind it of what he’s saying. But at the same time, I feel like at a certain point it’s gotta be com cheaper to bring it in house even, you know, and I, and I a get like, knowing Steve and where he’s coming from, he’s like, I don’t want to think about it man. Like, get the system on, pay the people that are smart, I’m going to, and then if something breaks or something happens, like they’re responsible to it, I get that. Um, but Steve, I’m gonna push back a little bit here. Uh, I don’t know, like for me, I’m like w like I said, we’re hiring a copywriter right now. And by the way, the, the, I think the only time it makes logistical sense in my head, I could be way wrong on this. Guys, I don’t want, what am I, well, who do I like, why I’m just a 26 year old.

Josh 00:52:05
Right. But I feel like, uh, it makes more logistical sense when it’s cheaper, right? Like if it’s cheaper to outsource it to cheaper to have an agency come in and do it. We have a content team that we just hired. You might actually be interested in this for some of your clients. They will come in and these episodes right here, starting in March, we’re in the setup process right now and they will chop up all the content every day, five days a week with a 24 hour turnaround time. So if I upload it by five o’clock to 10 tonight, they will have it to me by 8:00 AM the next morning. All right. Nine pieces of content. So it’s three. They’ll take the video and they’ll take the one video and give it to me in an IGV format. They’ll give to me in a square format and they’ll give it to me in a YouTube format.

Josh 00:52:46
So there’s three pieces of content. Then they’ll do, uh, thumbnails for each one of them, one, two, three, and then they’ll do quotes out of each one of them. So nine pieces of content every day. And it’s like $750 a month for five days a week with a 24 hour turnaround time. Like how do you beat that? That’s insane. Right. So anyway, little side note there. Um, okay. Um, any other, any other topics we want to cover? I feel like we, we’ve got, we could go so many different directions here in the last couple of minutes before we get to rapid fire questions, but is there anything you want to talk about? I love rapid fire. Ooh. So we just do nine minutes of rapid fire. Eight minutes about rapid fire question. Eight minutes of rapid fire questions. Oh, okay. Um, sweet fun. Who’s Marley’s celebrity crush?

Marley 00:53:27
That guy from

Josh 00:53:29
I used to have a Zac Efron cardboard cutout. Maybe that’s what I’ll send you. I would accept like full Lifesize is,

Marley 00:53:36
is it the Baywatch? Like is

Josh 00:53:40
he, he, he shirtless with abs?

Marley 00:53:41
You know who I also really like and I don’t know if it’s that I like his, like he’s, he like Zach Efron and him. They’re very different. But I really like Adam driver. I think I’m more like him for his, his um, his brain.

Josh 00:53:53
Yeah. I was going to say that he’s not quite Zac Efron bye.

Marley 00:53:57
He’s not that good looking. He’s interesting looking, but it’s his intelligence and his presence. Very, very fascinating.

Josh 00:54:05
You like that you attracted to, you tried to the smarts.

Marley 00:54:08
Yes. More so than looks. No. There needs to be an attraction. There needs to be,

Josh 00:54:12
there needs to be an attraction, but like, but if you’re like, um, is literal Zac Efron body that’s like, okay. Smart or like decently good looking dude, God, I don’t know what you’re into. Good jaw line or whatever. Right. Like good body, but like super, super smart.

Marley 00:54:29
Yeah. Cause I, I don’t care how smart, how good looking you are. If you’re like a doorknob, I just, this isn’t going to go this, I need the, the intelligence, the conversations, the depth or else this is just a superficial relationship.

Josh 00:54:43
All right. All right. Just a superficial relationship. Um, movie night in or out.

Marley 00:54:52

Josh 00:54:52
like theaters or, or couch,

Marley 00:54:54

Josh 00:54:55
Couch got under blankets, popcorn. [inaudible] popcorn fan.

Marley 00:54:59

Josh 00:55:00
No, I don’t like [inaudible].

Marley 00:55:01
I feel when it’s around, but like I never buy it for myself. I only eat Caramel popcorn. Oh, I like cheese popcorn.

Josh 00:55:08
Okay. You like cheese. So regular popcorn and, but you liked cheese popcorn. Yeah. Caramel is good too.Caramel popcorn is good too. Um, favorite thing about Canada and I swear if you say health care, I will just lose it.

Marley 00:55:22
Well, um, my family’s here.

Josh 00:55:24
That’s it. That’s their number one thing that you like about Canada. This is why America is so awesome because there’s more than just our family. Someday I’m going to like say something to a Canadian like that and I am just going to get slapped across the face so hard. Actually, no, I won’t because they’re from Canada. Oh man. Um, dream house location. Like if you could have a dream house, are we talking mountains? Are we doing beach? Are you doing

Marley 00:55:57
Big outdoor balcony with all the comfortable patio furniture and lamps and little fireplaces, like an outdoor patio balcony is so important to me and a family

Josh 00:56:09
and a fountain. Are you a car person?

Marley 00:56:13
No. One time ask me, you’re like, what’s your dream car? And I was like, I don’t know. And you’re like Marley and then you kept sending me Pinterest.

Josh 00:56:19
I did. I would probably go back and find those. You need to have a dream car actually are girls. So it’s a, it’s totally okay for you not to have a dream car. But if you’re a dude and you don’t have a dream car, I don’t, I did not know. Okay. Pause moment real quick. Let’s, let’s run back to a funnel hacking live and our favorite people in the world. Mr. Todd Dickerson over there and Russell bronzer. I didn’t know Todd Dickerson drives a Ferrari. What up like D. okay. Do you even know, Oh, you saw it on the screen. I was going to say before, before he said that. Did you know what a Ferrari looked like? Yeah. Get a rough idea. So why would you drive a Ferrari?

Marley 00:56:55

Josh 00:56:56
no. Would you ride in a Ferrari? Yes. You’d ride in a fry but you wouldn’t want to drive one.

Marley 00:57:01
No, I like, I feel like my dream car is like an ADI. Like something just simple cause

Josh 00:57:07
I mean simple, but maybe more simple. A lot luxurious. I feel like you’d like a range Rover though. Or is that too big? Yeah, range. Leo wants a range Rover. She told me, uh, Leah told me that I could. Okay. Quick, quick story here. You want a quick, quick, funny story about Leah. Um, Leah, Leah’s thing like we all have our thing, right? Leah’s thing is, Hmm. Gold jewelry. Yeah. It has to be legit. It has to be 100% real or her and her skin will eat it up. What the, the ring that she wants is a way, way, way expensive, like way expensive. And so she said that if you don’t want to buy me my dream ring up front, I will accept a range Rover and a cheaper ring as a temporary placeholder. And then for like anniversary present down the road, you can get me my dream rate. Good idea. Bad idea, okay. Yes.

Marley 00:58:04
Mmm. Could, could it be different? I’m not saying cubic zirconium, but like what if it was like a moist night stone instead of diamonds? Because you can still have a gold ring, which won’t irritate her skin, but you could have a different kind of stone that which makes it way cheaper.

Josh 00:58:21
Yeah, no. Okay. Yeah, no, it’s got to be the real thing. It’s gotta be like, here’s the thing, it’s one of those things where I’m like, I, I’m happy with a $5 ring. Like I’m not even kidding. You don’t care at all. And I think for the most part, it’s completely stupid to spend a ridiculous amount. Like why would you spend as much as like 30 40 50 $60,000 on a ring? Like seems ridiculous to me. However, that being said, if it’s your thing, then I’m like, okay, I get it. Right? Because if I want to go drop a quarter million dollars on a Lambo, like that’s my thing. It doesn’t make any logistical sense. Right. So get her the real thing. That’s fine. But my thing is, is like, is a placeholder holder cool. As long as I get her the range Rover too. Yeah, that’s, that’s cool. Like I have permission to do that. I would give you permission to do that. But really it’s up to her. I mean, I know it’s up to her, but like at the same time, like I got to run it by someone that that knows. I mean I gotta run, run by another girl, at least of course on a podcast is going to be streamed out to thousands of people. So. Well, we got to talk about these days. Okay. Uh huh.

Marley 00:59:20
We’ll get some, we’ll get some DMs.

Josh 00:59:22
Okay. Um, in, if you were to summarize and we won’t go down this road, I’m just, I’m very, very curious from a Canadian perspective. Okay. If you were to summarize Donald Trump in one word, from an outsider’s perspective, what would it be? Boisterous. Boisterous. I like that. Yeah, I’ve heard, I’ve heard many different things. I’ve heard annoying a lot, but boisterous. I like that. All right. We, we, we won’t go any further down that road. That down that rabbit hole. Um, let’s see. We’ve got a couple more minutes. Two more minutes for rapid fire questions. I like this. You could ever go to outer space. Oh, what’d you go to? Outer space. Outer space. Um huh.

Marley 00:59:59
I’m fascinated by space.

Josh 01:00:00
I am as well, but for, I don’t know why you fascinated why most people are, but I’m, I’m fascinated from the perspective that it brings to and the fact that it’s like so massive. Um, if you could relocate to Mars, would you go to Mars? Can we come back? No, no, no. So what if you’re like 65 years old or 70? No, no. You’ve got more to live for here. Okay. Uh, guilt. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Marley 01:00:29
Um, she’s was,

Josh 01:00:31
geez whiz. Really? That’s so bad for you. I mean, I’m wanting to talk

Marley 01:00:34
like it’s one molecule off from attire. I don’t know. That’s super, super cool. And like every time I eat it I’m like, Oh, it’s terrible. Why am I eating? And like the next day I’m like, Oh, I’m going to stop eating cheese whiz.

Josh 01:00:48
But you still have it. Do you keep it in the house or just like every now and then I’m not going to buy it anymore. So you do keep it in there? Yes. All right. Now. Um, all right. Um, let’s do last, last question here and then we’ll wrap it up. Um, let’s think of a good one. [inaudible] yeah. By the way, guys, if anybody listening right now, give me some rapid fire question ideas for future episodes. Yeah. Or comments down below. I think that’d be super, super good. Um huh. Ooh, Ooh,

Marley 01:01:19
no eyesight or no hands.

Josh 01:01:22
Wow. Probably no, probably no hands. Cause you can outsource hands. Yeah. You can’t. Yeah. I feel like you technically could outsource seeing, like you could hire someone to like be next to you all the time and tell you what things are. I don’t know. Here’s the thing. I watched, uh, an interview with Robert Downey jr on Joe Rogan and like, the opening thing that they talked about is how Robert Downey jr his eyesight’s going out. And then he’s like, totally cool with that. He’s like, yeah, whatever. I, it’s fine. Yeah. And he’s like a, you know, he asked the question, he goes, what is it about having a, like, losing a constant in your life that makes you uncomfortable? And Joe Rogan’s like, I want to see things all right. Like, and I feel like that’s, you know, kind of my, my whole thing is I want to be able to see things. But that being said, if I were to lose my eyesight I think I think I’d be all right.

Marley 01:02:12
And we figured it out. But

Josh 01:02:14
Like do you, they do you talk to yourself in your head? All the time. Oh like cause like I feel it’s so funny to me ever since I started studying mindset, like the further and further I go down the rabbit hole, the, the lesson lasts. Like every time I get on Facebook I’m just disgusted by the shallowness of it all. And I’m like, this is such a waste of my time. Why am I here? But like I lay in bed at night and I’m like, it’s so funny because every time I lay down I’m like great, I’ve got 30 minutes before I fall asleep roughly. Right. Cause I know like I’ll roughly lay here for that long depending on how tired I am. And I get to like just play in my mind. And it’s like this playground, it’s like there’s jungle gym of like ideas where I just go and I like, they just build different things.

Josh 01:02:49
It’s like super interesting. Yeah, I’ve, I’ve really never met anybody that like is it like that? But it’s like I can like form these ideas in my mind. I’m like where I’m going and Oh, okay. We do have to run here. I want to be respectful of your time. But random side note for those people that are listening still, this morning I woke up out of a very deep, intense dream. I thought this was super interesting last night I was building different frameworks and structures in my head about a freelancers versus entrepreneurs, right? And I was like, I’m an entrepreneur and I’m telling myself that like [inaudible] an operator, I build teams, I place things together, whatever. And so I’m like building this, building this. And I woke up this morning out of a very deep J and I like sat up. I was like, and like as I was doing it, I was like verbally out loud. I was like, I’m an entrepreneur, not a freelancer. Right. Like that. It was just weird thing. And I like shot up and I said that out loud. I was like, wow, that is so weird. And I like went to bed literally building the frameworks to make that. So anyway, random side note, I play around a lot in my head. So going back to your question, if I lost my eyesight I’d probably be all right cause I play in here a lot. But um, I definitely probably get my hands first. What about you?

Marley 01:03:50
Yeah, I can outsource hands.

Josh 01:03:52
So you’d be good with that out of your hands.

Marley 01:03:55

Josh 01:03:55
more so than Isaiah.

Marley 01:03:56

Josh 01:03:57
Yeah. All right. Um, last question I have for you for real this time. What’s the number one piece of advice you got for our audience?

Marley 01:04:04
I shared this at funnel hacking live. It’s one of my favorite quotes. Commitment doesn’t care how you feel, but when you feel tired or feel scared or feel like an imposter, commendment doesn’t care how you feel. And I know we just talked about being afraid of commitment and there is still a level of that for me too. But, um, when you’re committed to your goal, when you’re committed to the result or committed to yourself and like you wake up in the morning and you don’t want to get out of bed cause it feels good, but you’ve committed to working out and taking action. Commitment doesn’t care how you feel. You get up and do it anyway. It means I’m getting up and playing. Even when you’re hurt, it means not taking your successes or your failures personally. It means you do it anyway.

Josh 01:04:44
I love that. Commit when you commit to stuff is amazing. What your life, how your life will change. Marley Jaxx the first interview as Marley Jaxx. That is, thank you so much for your time. This was so much fun.

Marley 01:04:56

Josh 01:04:57
Exclusive. Yeah. Um, where can people find you?

Marley 01:05:01
Um, Instagram, marleyjaxx, YouTube, marleyjaxx, Facebook, Marley Jaxx. I try to be a standup comedian on my Instagram stories. So if that is a, you can, whether it’s funny or whether I fail, uh, it’s probably entertaining or some interesting. So, yeah,

Josh 01:05:17
I’ve, I’ve asked for that. She’s like, guys, you guys know like, you know how much I love America. I have an American flag literally hanging my background right now. But Marley is my favorite Canadian and she’s very, very entertaining. Go follow her on Instagram and all the places. Well we’ll link them down below. Uh, you have a challenge too, don’t you?

Marley 01:05:32
Yeah, my 21 day. Infinite video impact challenge. Um, it’s amazing. It’s life changing. I might be a little bit biased, but like people in there, they love this challenge. Um, are insane. Yeah. Oh there they are. Raven about it. So

Josh 01:05:48 We’ll link that below guys. Check it out. Marley, thank you so much for coming on. Think Different Theory for season two. I appreciate you. All right guys, as always, hustle, hustle. God bless you. I’d be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you, uh, Monday. Uh, Alison Prince. Huh? For the first time. Alison Prince will be on the show and then Nick Robbins on Wednesday. Literally the episode I’m probably most looking forward to from a God and religious standpoint cause we’re talking God, we’re talking religion, we’re talking source, all the wonderful things. Don’t miss it. Monday Alison Prince Wednesday, Nick Robbins. I’ll see you guys then. I love you all and I’ll see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace!

Outro 01:06:31
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