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How To Build A Large Audience Of Raving Fans Around YOUR Message 100% Organically


Have you ever wanted to start a Facebook Group? Podcast? Or some other audience… but you just weren’t sure where to start? Have you been told (the lie) that you have to pay for ads to grow your audience? Or that its “luck” with the algorithm? In this episode, I reveal the truth and teach you the secret of #AudienceHacking.


I take you step by step through the process of how to grow an audience of loyal raving fans around your message 100% organically.

I have grown and managed over 6,000,000 followers on social media, and have never paid for ads from any platforms for growth.

And it’s all using the same framework I call #AudienceHacking.


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February 28th, 2020


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This episode, I’m actually going to give you the framework that you need to follow in order to build an audience of loyal raving fans around your message without having to pay for advertising. Now, I know this sounds like a big claim, but I’ve grown to manage over 6 million followers on social media. I’ve never spent money on ads on the actual platform to grow followers. And this has been proven time and time and time again, we did it for Steve Larson. We did it for Brad gave and capital tactics, it works. If you follow this framework, you will be able to have success growing an audience.

You‌ ‌are‌ ‌now‌ ‌entering‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌So, ‌here’s‌ ‌my‌ ‌issue.‌ ‌I‌ ‌wanted‌ ‌to‌ ‌find‌ ‌the‌ ‌ answers‌ ‌to‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌questions.‌ ‌Things‌ ‌like,‌ ‌how‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌become‌ ‌happy‌ ‌and‌ ‌live‌ ‌with‌ ‌purpose?‌ ‌ How‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌make‌ ‌more‌ ‌money‌ ‌doing‌ ‌what‌ ‌I‌ ‌love,‌ ‌and‌ ‌what‌ ‌does‌ ‌it‌ ‌mean‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌truly‌ ‌successful‌ ‌in‌ ‌ all‌ ‌areas‌ ‌of‌ ‌life?‌ ‌My‌ ‌name‌ ‌is‌ ‌Josh‌ ‌Forti,‌ ‌@JoshForti‌ ‌on‌ Instagram,‌ ‌and‌ ‌I‌ ‌ask‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌ questions‌ ‌and‌ ‌share‌ ‌the‌ ‌answers‌ ‌with‌ ‌you.‌ ‌My‌ ‌goal‌ ‌is‌ ‌to‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌find‌ ‌purpose,‌ happiness,‌ ‌and‌ ‌ open‌ ‌your‌ ‌mind‌ ‌to‌ ‌new‌ realm of possibility ‌by‌ ‌helping‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌differently‌ ‌about‌ ‌everything‌ ‌you‌ do,‌ ‌know,‌ ‌and‌ ‌understand.‌ ‌On‌ ‌this‌ ‌podcast,‌ ‌we‌ ‌think‌ ‌different,‌ ‌we‌ ‌dream‌ ‌bigger,‌ ‌and‌ ‌we‌ ‌live‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌ world‌ ‌without‌ ‌limits.‌ ‌This‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory.

What is up guys, welcome back to another episode of Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And we got a really really good episode for you here today. I’m very, very excited about it because it’s another solo episode. And I know I said I’m gonna try to do them on Mondays but you know what, Allison Prince wanted to do it on Monday, so I hadn’t moved that solo episode till Friday. We’re moving stuff around. We’re finding our groove, it’s going to be good. And now we’re just gonna rock with it here, but we have so much to happen this week, guys. I’ve got my whole notebook of notes to go over here with you guys. We pitched Russell Brunson. We hired a content team interviewed some copywriters and it’s just going to be we have lots to cover today, guys. So good. So good, so good. And I’ve got my trusty on audio. You guys can’t see this, but I got my trusty iPad here. That is allowing me to draw on my whiteboard. So we may or may not go into that today, but specifically, we’re going

We’re talking about today after I kind of go through the intro and everything here is I want to show you guys how to build a loyal audience of raving fans around your message and it’s gonna be amazing 100% organically so you can go out and get your message out into the world and I’m really excited about it guys. So if you are tuning in on audio and you like this, shoot me a DM on Instagram from the live streams, drop some comments show some love you guys know the deal here, and we’re gonna dive right into things here. In fact, guys,

It really was a busy week. And I actually have my whiteboard right behind where the camera is streaming so it’s like right above you guys. So if I’m looking up there and I’ve got like all the points of today that I want to go over, but I got to tell you how today’s podcast episode topic came about because actually has to do with the Russell Brunson pitch how many guys are excited to hear about that? So quick backstory for those of you who are like Josh, I have no idea what you’re talking about. The week ago, week and a half ago now probably like Wednesday, I think of last week. Got it goes up went Tuesday Wednesday of last week about a week and a half ago.

I make a post on Facebook and I’m like, Hey, I have this really cool idea for my business. And I want to invest like $50,000 into my business over the course of the next, like, couple months. And I’m at a dilemma, right? To me, the economy seems really good. And ironic. I say that now because the stock market’s down, like 1000 points today. But anyway, um, the economy seems really good interest rates are at an all-time low, people are basically just giving away money, right? So I was like, I feel like I have three options, either a, I can just chug along, doing what I’m doing, which is $50,000 liquid to be able to invest into this, which that’s slow. And I don’t I’m not all about that life. Number two, I could go and I could go to my audience, I could pre-sell something or I could, you know, sell a product or whatever. But then there’s a lot of fulfillment that’s involved in that. And then or three, I could just go get a loan, right? Like with the interest rates, whatever. So I go, I make this post and Mr. Russell Brunson himself, comments on the post, and his exact quote was, pitch me the idea and I’ll prop just give you a $50,000 check. And I was like,

Oh my gosh, is this is real this amazing because it’s Russell runs in. And now he has nothing to do with $50,000 just being able to partner up and be involved in something like that would be amazing, right? And, so I dm on my Instagram, and we’re kind of friends like we talked back and forth. And I was like are you know, you’re like are you serious about this? He’s like, of course, dude, but just make it a good story, or it is not worth it. And I was like, Oh man, I have big shoes to fill. So I spent the entire weekend last weekend and like Monday and Tuesday of this week, coming up with like the story and filming videos and read doing videos and doing all this messaging and everything like that. And through the process of all this part of the storyline that I used here is what I’m going to talk to you guys and teach you today. Now, I’m going to have an hour-long episode here today. So you guys are going to get the extended version of it. Russell I had about eight minutes to pitch him this whole idea. So I got about three minutes to tell him about what I’m going to teach you guys here today. But it’s the same storyline. It’s the same framework and it’s the same idea of building

an audience of loyal raving fans around your message. So you can go get your message out to the world. So, yesterday we went through for those of you that are following this story, some of you guys may be following it. Some of you may not. But for those of you who are following the story,

we sent him a box last or yesterday, and I overnighted it to him. So he is supposed to be getting it today at noon clickfunnels time so he’s Mountain Standard Time. So in about two hours in the box is supposed to arrive. So fingers crossed, we’ll see what happens. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything more about that. I can’t tell you what the video entailed. I can’t tell you anything that’s in the box, because he hasn’t gotten it yet. And in the off chance that Russell actually is watching this video right now. We don’t we don’t want to do that. So no spoiler alerts, but you will have to come back Monday we’ll have another solo episode and I’ll let you know kind of the scoops and the details of what’s going down then and I give you guys an update there. Okay, so, all that being said, today’s episode is around this concept of what I call audience has

And for those of you that have no idea what audience hacking is, audience hacking is simply put the, the process of going and building an audience of loyal raving fans around your message 100% organically, all right. And that’s why I teach people how to do for those of you that don’t know, my background, like, I have grown to manage over 6 million followers on social media between the Instagram platform and the Facebook platform for clients and for myself, and I have a lot of a lot of experience in that. And the cool part about it is I’ve never spent any money on paid ads, in fact that the first time I think I ever really ran a paid ad of any sort was for think different. during season two, we started running some ads to that you may have seen the ads about there. So all of these followers came organically or through strategic shout outs, every now and then we would like pay for shout outs for like a promotion or whatever. But for the most part, it was all done organically. And I want to show you guys how to do that. Because the number one question that I get asked, like hands down, well made up top five for sure. Right. I mean, I get a lot of mindset questions now but without a question in my group, Instagram dm, and I get

So many messages and Instagram dm and on Facebook dm It’s ridiculous. Honestly, guys, by the way, don’t try to get a hold of me on Facebook Messenger side note for anybody who’s trying if you need to get ahold of me Instagram dm is the place to do it. Okay, anyway. But I get this question of like, Josh, how do I grow an audience? How do I, how do I build followers, particularly around a Facebook group? Like that’s the number one platform or question that I get asked about is like, how do I grow this? You know, this Facebook audience? So how do you guys want to know how we do that? If you do, I don’t know. If you’re watching the live stream, engage. If you’re not then well, on audio, shoot me a DM and say, Yes, I totally won’t do this. Okay, so anyway, so.

And the reason guys, the reason this has become more and more of a thing, and people know that I’m like, trying to become the category king of this. I did Steve Larson’s audience, and I also did Brad Gibbs audience and cash flow tactics. And like, we just wrapped up that and I can’t share exact numbers of like revenue and things like that. Steve Larson’s Facebook group, Steve Larson wasn’t even to start a Facebook group. I forced him to do it. I’m the one that actually created his group. I’m the one that set it up. And then I made him an admin. It’s now at 15

thousand members all organically. And he’s done i’m sure millions of dollars from it, but for sure hundreds of thousands. Brad Gabe Ryan Lee over at cash flow, we just wrapped up their launch for their Facebook group, like two weeks ago, I think, maybe three weeks ago, and we they have brand new Facebook group. Well, they had a couple hundred members in it, but it was like dead and not very engaged at all has over 2000 members now hundred percent organically, they did like over 10 grand on a $97 product they did over multiple six figures on the high ticket back end product once again, like can’t give specific details of it all. But it was all organically and it’s following this exact process that I’m going to teach you here today. And the reason I tell you that and the reason I’m like kind of like working my way into this is I want you guys to understand that I keep mine I don’t pitch for you here today. I’m not trying to sell you anything. I want to provide value to you guys because what I’m going to show you here what I’m going to teach you is the purpose of think different theory. All right is the purpose of of what I’m doing with my life and what we’re building. And I want to share with you the kind of

A little bit of the backstory around that. And then we’re going to dive into the details of actually how this is done. But this is really important that you understand this. Because guess what? The algorithm, the people, Zuckerberg, he doesn’t care who you are, all right, it doesn’t care who you are. So you can be like, Oh, man, no one’s interested in my stuff, or I’m not able to do it. I’m the exception. No, you’re not like, anybody can go and do this. It’s amazing. And that’s what makes it so powerful. And so if if you’re don’t have an audience, it actually has everything to do with you, which is actually one of the most empowering things ever. Because if it didn’t have anything to do, if you if it was somebody else’s problem, then guess what, then you couldn’t fix it, but it is your problem. And that’s an amazing thing. Because now that means you can go out and fix it. So I’m just really quick. I just want to tell you why I’m so passionate about this particular like helping people build audiences and get their message out to the world because like, Think Different Theory, there’s actually two sides of Think Different Theory and many of you guys don’t know, this is kind of the first time of actually explaining how we have this setup and structure. It’s actually super cool. Okay, so I Think Different Theory, we have the podcast, which is this show, right? The one that you’re watching right now.

But then we also have the business or the educational side of Think Different Theory, which is our our services. So this is our high ticket done for you services and then all of our courses and products. And that is a separate what we teach over there is a little bit different than then the topics and the stuff that I talked about here on the podcast. Like I don’t teach religion and politics under Think Different Theory on our education side of things. I teach audience hacking, and audience hacking, like I said, is this process of literally going in, there’s a formula, the framework I’m going to, I’m going to share it with you here on this episode. But the reason that those two things are separate and I want you guys to understand is what I am doing with the podcast side of Think Different Theory, which is this show here is I am using audience hacking to go and build this audience. What I’m teaching over and Think Different Theory is audience hacking. However, I don’t just teach audience hacking on Think Different Theory we talk about God and politics and and and topics that matter and health and entrepreneurship and better

business and money and finance. I don’t teach all those things, right. So the business side teaches one very specific thing, helping entrepreneurs with a message, get their message out to the world profitably sustainably, using audience hacking. And then we tie that with Click Funnels. Okay. My brand, think different, every podcast is me getting my message, my message of thinking different my message of going out there and changing the world and talking about topics that matter out to the world. And I’m using audience, I can do it too. So it’s actually two separate things. It’s really cool because it proves that you don’t just have to create content around whatever it is that you sell, like I sell audience hacking, and yes, I’m producing content around it now. But that doesn’t mean I can’t go and like, I don’t just have to be teaching money in order to make this work. So and that’s the main point around this. If you want to teach health and fitness or you want to teach, you know how to make money or you want to teach physical therapy, or you want to teach how to violin better, you know, play the violin better or how to paint or, or whatever it is that you’re passionate about. Audience hacking works for all of us. I’m actually going to give you examples of that. All right. And the reason I’m so passionate about

And try not to get emotional here is, um, so guys like actually,

actually, I gotta tell the story a little bit later. Hold on my computer’s freaking out in here. Did you do actually I think I should tell the story a little bit later in there but it has to do with my brother’s death actually. So let me dive into the backstory here and we’re just going to bring you straight here. Okay, so I’m going to back up, I want to dive into audience hacking now. And along the way, I’m going to tell the backstory of how my brother’s dad’s changed my life and actually made this come about it has everything to do with a three part framework for audience and how are you guys ready for that? Right? You’re ready for that? Well strap in, let’s rock and roll smash that like button, leave a rating or interview if you’re on audio. I wish I really guys. I know here real quick. It’s really annoying that there’s not a way to get instant feedback from iTunes. Like they can leave a rating or review but like there’s no way for people to comment on a specific episode. That’s annoying. iTunes really needs to fix that. They’ll do it on my on my page. I don’t know. Anyway, here we go. Alright, let’s let’s dive into this and get started. So let’s back up

Guys when I was a kid, this is true story. Okay, when I was a kid, I was the misfit. I don’t know if you guys ever felt this way, but like, I was kind of like the black sheep of my family not like too crazy, like my family loved me and I’m not bashing my family anyway, they were amazing. But with all my friends, I was the weird one. I was a misfit. I was crazy. I was way too energetic. And the only thing that I wanted to do with my life is I wanted to make money in build the business, because and the reason I want to do that is because I wanted to do what I loved every single day of my life. And I was like, I feel like that’s not too big of an ask. But I was told by so many people growing up, that I had to go and I had to get a job and that, you know, someday that I would grow up and I would leave this stays. And someday I would mature and get a real job and yada yada and all this stuff, right? And so I really, really felt like I was this misfit. And so when I finally went and graduated high school and I was homeschooled my whole life, I lived on a farm. When I finally went and graduated high school, I found this thing called the internet and Google is amazing. Now keep in mind, I lived on a farm growing up. I did not have a cell phone until I was like 17 years old. I don’t think 16 or 17 I didn’t have texting on my phone until I was 18 I do

have internet until I was 19 or 20. I think on my phone is when I finally had internet on my phone. We had dial up internet out in the country. So like this whole concept of the internet and Google and all that like was this foreign concept to me like I knew what Google was, but like, we did not have high speed internet at all gap. So I went, I found Google and I was like, Oh my gosh, there are literally people online right now that are making money around what they love to do. And I was like, this amazing, I can do this too. And so I went and like many of you guys probably did, I, I bought a course I ran Facebook ads, I tried to sell different products. I did all these different things. And I drained I was like, probably 20 years old at the time. 2021 years old. I drained my entire savings account of I think was like 1500 bucks, maybe 1600 bucks at the time, all the way down to zero. And I made zero sales. I tried to sell everything I tried to sell network marketing strive. I tried to sell water filters. I tried to sell Harry Potter books. I tried to sell like anything you could possibly think of. I was super depressed. I was super frustrated, super annoyed. And I was like, Okay, well every single person that’s

I am following right now that is killing it that is crushing it. What do they have? What are they doing that I am not doing that as allowing them to make money?

And the answer to that was, I noticed every single one of them had an audience. I was like, Oh my gosh, the reason that all these people can go out there and be so successful is that they have an audience. People know who they are, it’s easy to sell to someone when they already know who you are. So what if I became like a celebrity? What if I went and built audiences? Okay? This is how I got into building audiences. This is like literally, this is the thing that led me to go build over 6 million followers or grow and manage over 6 million followers on social media is this realization right here. Now we’re going to talk about paid traffic, organic traffic and everything here at the end, but understand that no matter what business you’re in, no matter what industry that you’re in, no matter what you’re selling, no matter who you’re serving. Having an audience will fundamentally allow you to sell more products become the authority make it easier to sell, make more money, charge higher prices, all of your problems are solved when you have an audience I it’s amazing. So I sat down Okay, great.

They have an audience. So how do I go build an audience? And so I sat down, I was like, Okay, well, what’s the first thing that you know these people have? So this is the framework. What I’m about to share with you right now is the framework for audience hacking. Alright, so I sat down, I started making notes. I started studying. I was like Grant Cardone, and Russell Brunson and Gary Vaynerchuk and Ty Lopez and Tom bill, you that I’ve been following all these people for like four or five years, right? As I list them all out now. So what do they all have? Jason stone is also a big one. I was like, they have an audience. And the other thing, So step number one is like you need a thing. And that’s when I realized I was like, they’re all about one specific thing. And when I say a thing, I mean your message, but at the time, I didn’t realize that I meant a message. I just thought that they were about a thing. So like, what’s my thing? Well, Russell Brunson is about funnels and Grant Cardone is about money. And tai lopez is about personal branding. Gary Bennett talks about entrepreneurship. So it’s like, what’s my thing? And so at the time, I was like, okay, entrepreneurship, that’s my thing. Like, that’s what I thought. That’s what I thought I was necessary. I was like, sweet

My thing, great, what do you do? And so I was like, I’m gonna tell everybody I’m about entrepreneurship and that eventually evolved in trends, you know, transformed into Instagram, right? So I was like, I’m this Instagram entrepreneur, I make money on Instagram. I hadn’t made any money yet, but that was gonna just be my thing. And well, that is true that every single one of them had a thing. I had this missing piece I didn’t understand yet. And that was that I had to build it into a message. I’m gonna get to that here in a second. Alright, so that’s the first part. So it’s like, Okay, great. Here’s my thing. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m about Instagram. What’s the next thing I have? I was like, Okay, well, they’re all producing content. Every single one of them is putting out content, like amazing. Okay, great. This is amazing. I’m gonna go I’m gonna produce content. And so I’ve got my thing about content. Here’s Here we go. So I literally I took my phone, I went, I sat on my phone, and I had a sheet in the background. You can actually go I have actual proof of this. I’ve screenshot videos of me doing this is so embarrassing, and I would go and my apartment that I lived in at the time was very, very poorly lit. It was really small. And so I went and I sat at my kitchen table, and I put a coffee table over on this side coffee table over on this side of me like behind me.

And I took my two lamps, I took the lampshades off and I put the two lamps on either side just out of the camera. So I have light behind it. And I dropped a sheet behind it. It was so the lighting was terrible was so terrible quality. But I went, I did this I started creating content. And I was just like, talking about mindset and focus and money. And I had no idea what I was talking about guys, like it was it was so funny. I would go and I would watch like a Gary Vaynerchuk video or Grant Cardone video on YouTube. And then I would go and I would talk about what I was learning, okay, like this is legitimately how I started. And I post a video on the first video got like four views, then like six years, and then three views, and then two views, and then no views in 10 years. I was like, This is so frustrating, like, I’m not getting anywhere. And for any of you guys that have your thing we’re talking about here in second. And they’re producing content, you might feel like this, you’re like I am producing content, but I don’t know what it is that I’m doing right. Like I’m not getting anywhere. I’m not getting any views. I’m not getting engagement, I’m making making sales. What am I doing wrong? And so I went back and I was like, Okay, what, click What am I missing about this? Why is nobody giving me feedback on my content? And that’s when I realized that okay, there’s a there

Another missing piece in here. Yes, I need my thing. And we’re talking about that more here in a second. I need my message, I need the thing that I’m about. And yes, I need to produce content. But there’s a third piece that falls in between the two of those things that I also didn’t understand at the time that when I went back and learned it, I was like, Oh, my gosh, this makes so much sense. And that thing is location. I was like, Oh my gosh, location. Now you’re like, Jacqueline even better location. So there’s two parts Location One, let me put my notes over here. Okay. So the two parts of location is I need to understand where my audience is at and where it is that I want to send them to the location where they are and the location that I want them to go to. Because guess what, if I have a message, if I have my thing, we’re going to talk about the elements of each one of these things. I’m just giving you guys the overview framework here, okay, if I have my thing, and even if it was perfect, and I’m creating content around that thing, and it was good content, but I didn’t know where my people were.

And I didn’t tell them where the location I wanted them to go. Why would I expect anything else? Why would I expect them to go and do this? Guess what, they have unlimited options now other people’s content and other people’s messages. I’ve got to give them very, very, very clear instructions. And more importantly, I got to know where they’re at and what they’re consuming now, so I can go study them and put content there. But what I noticed was that not only was Grant Cardone publishing stuff on his page, not only was Ty Lopez and

Gary Vaynerchuk, not only were they publishing stuff on their page, they were making sure that it was distributed to location upon which their audience was. And this was a massive, massive lightbulb moment for me, because I realized that it was not only my job to find my message and create the content, but it was also my job to make sure that my content got seen. It was not the algorithms job. It was not my, my audience’s job that I was looking for. It was my job to make sure that I went and got distributed and says okay, I need my message.

I need my content and I gotta go make sure it was distributed, that some people use paid ads. I’m going to show you how to do it all organically, so I’m good. Alright, so let’s dive into this. So once I realized this was like, Okay, I gotta go, I’m gonna start producing content. But first I got to identify where it is that my audience is. And so I literally went out, I went and got a spreadsheet. This is 100% True story. I opened up my computer, I had an iMac that my grandpa had bought me for going to college. Whoops, my bad I dropped out. He was really upset about that. But anyway, so I iMac and on the iMac, I pull up the spreadsheet. And at the top of it, I wrote Instagram, Facebook groups, Facebook pages and YouTube channels. All right, like those are the four things I like four columns. And so I literally went I started writing down and I would search I would go to like, Okay, what are all the top Instagram accounts and I was really big on Instagram. So that’s kind of where I started. I was like, Hey then where all the big Facebook groups so like Rich 20 something community was one of them back in the day and I don’t remember what the other ones were right. Click Funnels actually was one, two, and then I went for Facebook pages and YouTube channels and I started writing down all the different ones that may or may not have my audience, okay, or that I thought would have been there and like Okay, great. Now I know where my

is now I know who they’re following the type of content that’s being put out there. It was like now I wonder how I go, I don’t have any money at this time. I was like, how do I go? And how do I get my message out to them? And so I started studying, like, how I could go and do that. So cool. interviews are a way that I could talk to these people. I wonder if I could get them to share my videos. I’m like, Well, my videos aren’t really good enough. So then I started looking at how the type of videos that these influencers were sharing from other people. So I was like, well, Jason stone and millionaire mentor, they’re re sharing some content from this page. And and this Facebook group is re sharing content from this person. And this YouTube account was talking about this type of stuff. And I was like, well, they’re all talking about entrepreneurship. They’re all talking about Instagram, like this is my thing. So they should be able to share my stuff as well. And that’s when I realized like, Oh my gosh, my thing was not good enough. It’s not just a thing. I actually have to go and have a message. So I want to actually walk you through the process of message.

location and the type of content that we’re going to create and how to distribute that content out to these locations. All right, so that you can make sure that your audience is seeing so I’m good with you guys. Let’s do this. Okay. So I make up this entire sheet. I’m like, Okay, this is where it’s that what’s my message? And I realized like, saying, I’m an entrepreneur, saying that I’m all about Instagram doesn’t really do anything for me. It doesn’t differentiate me from anybody else. It doesn’t make me special. I don’t have frameworks. I don’t have anything like how do I go and build this? And around this time that I’m going through the process, figuring this out, I’m like, probably a year and a half into this now is when I picked up this book by this guy that changed my life. You may have heard of him. His name is Russell Brunson. He wrote this book called expert secrets. It’s pretty, pretty amazing book, just kind of sort of just a little bit. Okay, you should definitely go and get it. But he talks about building your message. And so I sat down I was like, Okay, what, what are the elements of this? And guys, I’m gonna tell you a little secret here right now. Okay. Most of you guys. The reason that you guys do not have an audience, the reason that you guys are having a

hard time selling your product is because you don’t have a good enough message. The and you’re not clear enough. And by the way, I should even say good enough, it’s like you’re not clear enough on your message, you haven’t done a good enough job articulating it yet. All right. And so there’s different parts of the message that I want to go through here with you to show you like, okay, these like, these are the things that you have to define. If you can define these things in your message. Now all of a sudden, this message becomes a good enough reason and a good enough message for people to want to pay attention to you versus somebody else. And it’s going to be the thing that allows you to get into the location is going to be the thing that gives you the the, the framework, the blueprint of what all your content is going to be about everything stems out of the message that you go and do. I want to give an analogy here about that. And then we’re gonna dive into what those things are. When I go and I do launches, and I’m going to give you guys the framework here and then in future episodes, we’re gonna go and we’re actually going to talk about like, how this is actually applied from an actual strategic and tactical standpoint. But when I go and I launch a Facebook group, or I launch a podcast or I whatever, I will go and I will sit down and I will spend

Eight or nine or 10 hours writing one piece of copy. And I call that copy the master story. Alright. And the master story is my message, the message of this Facebook group, the message of the podcast launch. All right now think about this one piece of content, I will write for eight or nine or 10 or 12 hours sometimes gives me two or three days to get this absolutely right. But the reason I spend so much time on the message side of things is because once I have my message down, now, all the pieces of content that go into that launch, all the piece of content I create for the hype for the sale, everything, all is pulled directly from this master story and this message, alright, and all the locations that I’m going to go distribute this to all the influencers that I’m going to ask, I’m going to pitch them it with this message. All the ads that I’m going to run, have the copy from this message. Everything I’m doing comes from this message and it’s the message

About the Facebook group or about the podcast launch. And by the way, this message is the message of your brand of you. So yeah, it might be tweaked a little bit specifically for why we’re doing a Facebook group. But it’s all based on the core you. And so when I sat down, I wanted to launch things different 30, what did I do, I went I got really, really, really, really clear on my message. Because once I was clear on my message that I knew how to go and find my location where I wanted people to go, and the content I was going to create. That makes sense. So let’s go into the escape. So a lot of people think that your message has to do with like what you do, like, yeah, we teach Instagram through this framework, or we teach Facebook ads through this framework, or we teach blanks or whatever. That’s the what, and that’s fine, and that’s part of your message, but that is not your message. Okay? Your message is compiled, have you got to be basically you got to be able to answer four questions. Okay. You got to be able to answer why we’re here. What are we doing? Where are we going and how

How’re we gonna get there? Okay, so why, what, where and how, and you guys may have heard of this, but this is the fundamental key of everything. Okay? So a lot of people teach Instagram a lot of people teach whatever it is that you teach. The reason people are going to choose you is because of your why. So, when you sit down and go in the message, the first question I answer is, why are we doing what it is that we are doing? What is the story? If I were to say, and so many people get this confused, I do this because why am I doing this? Because I want to change the world. I want to do this because I want to do but no, what is the story that got you do your what is the story behind the driving factor by why you’re doing what you’re doing? And where does that you’re going? Like what is that story? What happened in your life that made you so passionate about doing this thing, that if all else fails, you’re gonna do this anyway because you’re so passionate about it. When you have that message in that story down the what the where the how fall in place very, very easily, and people could care less about the what the where Now. Now. They’re important.

But you have a great, what a great, why are great, we’re in a great house, but in a terrible why and nobody’s gonna follow your message. But why is the single most important part of your message, let me explain and tell you a story as to what I mean, or to how I realized this and like how I found my wife, I’m gonna explain what it is I’m talking about here. This is the story that you’re looking for. Alright. So, back up four years ago, I get started in entrepreneurship. And by the way, guys, this is making sense. This makes sense. And for the listeners on audio, I apologize. I do want to ask this because we are doing some, some market research and some data research here. So I’m going to ask for feedback and comment back if you’re on the live stream. And this makes sense, if you just comment down below, like hashtag make sense down below and hit the like button. I want to make sure that this making sense because this is the first time I’ve actually ever like teaching this framework or this. And so this is going to get better and better and better and better over time. But like, I’m getting this out there and I’m going through and I’m like, Okay, I’m testing this story. I want to make sure that you guys are understanding these concepts. Okay, if you’re on audio, and you’re listening to this, and this makes sense. Please send me a DM and let me know or if it doesn’t make sense

Like let me know what questions you have in the Instagram comments or in the Instagram dm or or on Facebook if you’re watching like just like comment down below let me know what questions you have here again. So I want to I want to share with you the story of Think Different Theory and the story behind the why of Think Different Theory. And this is really really powerful. All right, like this is the why that I’m talking about most people’s Why is I want to do this because I want to change the world. I want to do this because I want to get debt. I want to do this because we know my Why is I want to change people’s lives. Okay, that’s, that might be true, but that’s not a good story. That is not a solid enough Why? Alright, so let me tell you how this came about. So four years ago, I got started into social media. I got started in this whole journey. I told you guys this beginning, I was just misfit. And I went out and I started getting an entrepreneurship. And I realized that audience creation was awesome, right? But, and I started having success with it. But I was just doing that because that was the thing that came to me. That was the thing that I thought was going to make me successful. And so I went and I grew all these followers on Instagram, and I sold my company to my business partner and I went out and I started building more audiences that I had this agency

I was making like, 4050 $60,000 a month, right? And then I crashed. I had this big huge many you guys have heard this story where I crashed and not actual like physical car crash, but like mentally I crashed. I went for making like $50,000 a month to make it like zero dollars a month, about 48 hours. And for like seven months I lived off of savings. So I could go and I could fix my mindset. And when I fixed my mindset, or at least I thought I had fixed my mindset, I just much better understanding of money and what was possible. I literally told myself, I don’t need an audience anymore. I can literally go out and I can make money. And I can build a successful business without having to publish all the time without changing the world is our building audience. I understand how money works now, so I can go and I can do this. And so many of you guys actually probably saw the post I made on Facebook and I said hey, we’re shutting down everything social media for entrepreneurs kind of was wrapped up at this point was was a 30,000 member Facebook group. I said I’m gonna go and I’m gonna build a multimillion dollar company behind the scenes and I’m going to make tons of money on the cell for multi million dollars and I partnered up with a business partner okay.

So at this point in my life, I’m sitting there and I’m like, I don’t think I need this audience anymore. I’m really not passionate about changing the world anymore. I just want money because I had lost my way. And I had,

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. At this time, I had fixed my mindset, but I still didn’t know the direction. I was going. Where we going. That’s one of the questions we have to answer where we going with this, right? But we’ll get to that here in a second. Okay. And so I’m sitting there, and I started this company with my business partner, and we go and we have success. first month, we do well, second month, we did like $67,000. I was like this amazing, everything’s going great. I’m gonna make all this money. It’s gonna be awesome. I fixed my mindset. And keep in mind, I had good intentions. I wanted to go help people later on, but I didn’t, wasn’t doing at the time. And then in March of 2019, we’re coming up on a year ago, right now. My brother passed away in a helicopter crash. And that fundamentally radically changed the course of my life. My brother was an entrepreneur. My brother had over 1000 people RSVP and show up

His funeral my brother fundamentally changed the lives of 10s of thousands of people like made a massive impact and he died when he was 29 years old. He left behind a wife a baby on the way and a five year old son, okay, this wrecked my life. But when I looked at my brother’s life, I was like, Oh my gosh, I can go and I can use this terrible tragedy. I mean, I can quit and use this terrible tragedy as an excuse, or I can go and I can find my message out of this. And when I looked at my brother’s life, I said How was he able to go have such an amazing positive impact? I’m telling you, my brother was in politics and and political consulting and PR and stuff like that out in Denver. My brother had democrats show up to his funeral republican shot to his funeral men, women, gay people, straight people, like everything you can like every different type of person you could possibly think of showed up at my brother’s funeral and got up on stage like person after person after person after person after person after person after person. And he had changed her life by bringing this message of coming together. That was my my brother’s message was all about was coming together. All right, and I was like, Oh my gosh, my brother was able to go out there and change all these lives.

Because he had a really, really powerful message or really, really powerful, why, and he was able to get that out to the world, because he was an entrepreneur. And because he had built a business around that message, and he was able to go out and do that because of entrepreneurship. And because he had this message out to the world. And because he built an audience around that, at that moment, that’s what I knew, Oh, my gosh, that’s the purpose of Think Different Theory. My purpose is not to go out and make money. My purpose is to go out there and help people get their message to the world by helping them build an audience. Because if you have an audience, and you’re an entrepreneur, and I want to help entrepreneurs, specifically, why because if you’re an audience and you’re an entrepreneur, you’re going to build a business around that audience, and it’s going to make it sustainable. If you’re not an entrepreneur, if you work in a nine to five, and you don’t understand entrepreneurship skills, that message might be great. You might even have an audience but it’s not sustainable, because there’s no money behind it. And so I figured out that oh my gosh, this is amazing. I could go out and fundamentally change the world by helping entrepreneurs get the message out to the world through audience hacking, because that’s my skill set. And at that point, once I once that clicked for me, and once I realized that I sold the company, I was like, I’m gonna go travel. I’m gonna go figure out my messaging. I’m gonna go figure out how this is all done.

That’s what I wanted my world trip, I saw perspective, I gained it, I came back and I said, this is the message. This is the purpose of things different three, why I do what I do is because I have a purpose, a mission, a passion to go out there and create sustainable messages for people by building audiences, helping entrepreneurs go and do this. That’s why we do what we do, because that’s the only way you can change the world. Now think about how powerful that is. That’s the story. That’s the story behind the message. That’s the why. Yes, of course, I’m going to have to teach audience hacking. Yes, I’m gonna have to use the framework. Yes, I’m gonna have to go out there and shake, say what we’re doing and how we’re going to do this or whatever. But nobody cares about that. If they’re not sold on the Y. Now think about that. How did that story make you feel when I told you that story? Were you like, Oh my gosh, that’s so powerful. Are you like, man? Yeah, whatever. That’s kind of cool. No, of course, you were like, Oh my gosh, is amazing, right? At least I hope so. And so when you when people buy into that message, and do they go, Oh my gosh, Josh. Yes. Let’s do this. And by the way, will say no, here. That’s the story that I pitched Russell Brunson Bros.

runs in one in a good story. That’s the story I pitched him. Okay. I’m not going to go into the details of that once again, in case he’s watching. But that’s where that’s powerful. And so when I realized this, when I was going and building audiences, I was like, Oh my gosh, What’s the story? Steve Larson, when we worked with him, she had a story. Brad Gilbert Riley capital tactics, they have a story that defined their wife. Now I can go in, and I can say, this is why we’re doing what we’re doing. Now I can answer the questions of what we’re doing, where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. So it’s like, here’s the why, where are we going, we are going, and there’s got to be a direction. There’s a verse in the Bible. I’m a Christian. It says, without a vision, the people perish. All right. Now whether you’re Christian or not, the verse is true, okay? If there’s no vision, if there are no future based cause of like, this is where we’re going, this would be like that direction that we’re headed, then people aren’t gonna stick around. So you tell the story of what why you’re doing what you’re doing, where you’re headed with that story. And now all the sudden you have a really, really powerful message that people are going to buy into. Make sense. I really, really hope this makes

So the question that you guys have to be asking yourself is like, what is my message? What’s my story? How do I answer the question of why? How do I answer the question of where it is that we’re going, and then I can focus on the framework of what we’re doing. What we’re doing is we’re building audiences. How are we doing it? We’re using the

audience hacking framework. Okay, so I’ve gone through it. I’ve answered these four questions. And now I have a powerful message. And now Russell Brunson. I have Russell Brunson his attention. And now I have the attention of Elena Cardone, who’s working on getting on the podcast. Now. We have people reaching out to us constantly, constantly, every single day, guys, I get messaged people wanting to interview me every single day people to me, I’m not kidding you. Okay, so think about that. That wouldn’t be there unless I had that. Why? So what is your wife? What is the thing that is going to make you different? And what’s the story in your life and you can be like, Josh, I don’t have a crazy story like that. I don’t have a story of my brother died. I don’t have something that dramatic. Okay, that’s my story though. And I want you to understand

You have a story. Think about in your life, the at the lowest point of your life where you’ve been. Maybe it was when you were let go from a job. And by the way guys before before I my brother died I had a different story. That was a more powerful story. But guess what, then my brother died. That was the most powerful story now the story changes along the way. So like, you look in your life, and you go where? Where am I at right now? What’s the craziest thing? Like what got me to where I’m at today? Was it the loss of a loved one? Was it you quitting your job? Was it a terrible relationship that went south? Was it your parents, you know, being divorced or abusive? Like what? Like, what was the story? What was that tragedy that you went through in your life? Or what was the aha moment that you had that led you to this and put you on this mission? Why are you passionate about what you’re doing? Because whether it’s painting pictures, or selling iPhone cases, or selling Facebook ads, or graphic design or or whatever, there is a story that got you to this point, and it’s your story. And when you figure out how to tell that story. powerfully, people are going to go there shopping and be attracted your message. That’s what you gotta figure out. Makes

that’s ready to move on. You guys ready to move on? Like, comment below, let me know. If you guys have any questions on that you’re listening on audio, please feel free to hit me up in the DM, I want your guys’s feedback, I want to understand this again. So I was the first thing. So you got to answer the question of why. powerful, powerful story, you know, powerful story behind that. Where are we going? Right? We’re going to help entrepreneurs change the world by building their audiences, right? What? What are we doing? And how are we gonna get there? What are we doing? We’re building audiences. How are we going to get there by teaching the audience hacking framework? Okay, your podcast into Facebook group. So if you’re launching a Facebook group of podcasts, whenever a product, What’s the story? Why is this? Why does this story or why is this product or group or ever exist? Where are we going with the problem? What’s the end destination that we’re ultimately going to get with this product, Facebook group or podcast?

What are we doing with this product? Or what does it do? And then how, how are we gonna do it? Okay, so let’s move on to point number two. Point number two location. Okay, now

Technically, it’s when we build this out, it’s first to come up with your story, your message your thing, then you go, and you identify location, and things like that, you know, location of where your audience is and the direction of where you want them to go. And then the third thing was content. A lot of people go and they figure out their message, and then they go start creating content. You don’t have to wait until you’re crystal clear on your content, or even I mean, crystal clear on your location, and crystal clear on your message even before you start creating content. Like I recommend everybody start putting out content right now. Because once you start putting out content in to help you change your voice over, like, find your voice, and find your message. It’s going to help you so tremendously much, literally is the process of what I’m doing right now. I’m publishing content around this storyline and being like, Okay, I got to figure it out. I’m finding my voice and how I’m going to tell it and this story’s gonna evolve and change and I’m gonna tell it better and better and better every time. So start putting out content, but I want to go in order here. Okay, so the second thing is location. Now going back to that spreadsheet, right, especially I’ve got this iMac the spreadsheet up, I’ve got all my Instagram accounts, my facebook account, my Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and you know, does YouTube

Things started going okay. Grant Cardone Russell Brunson, Gary Vaynerchuk. They’re all making their content distributable on these channels. Tai Lopez is running ads Russell Brunson running ads. Grant Cardone is either paying people to promote his stuff or creating viral content that will allow people to want to share it. Alright. So I went down, I was like, Okay, how do I go? And let’s say, I’m trying to figure out how to do that. I normally have a whiteboard, and I could bring up my screen. But I want to keep this audio friendly for right now because it’s important. So let me try to paint you a visual picture here for you with words again. So imagine there’s this really, really big circle, right? And I would just say the earth but the internet, right? So on the internet, there’s this massive, massive thing, right? There’s three 4 billion people online, okay. In that massive, massive circle, there’s niches. So for me, that niche was entrepreneurship

Right, well, entrepreneurship niche for a little small person like me when I first got started, was still pretty massive. So I was like, Okay, so what’s the sub niche? And I kept niching down and niching down and niching down, all the way until I found my direct circle of influence around what I was about. Okay, so, Russell Brunson, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk. You know, Ty Lopez, yes, they may have my audience, but they are not in my direct circle of influence, or one love outside. Okay. They’re like, when I first got started, they were like, 678 910 levels above me, right? I couldn’t reach out to Russell and get a reply from him when I first got started. So I went and I said, Okay, if this is the location, and you know, my sub sub niche, this is the location of all of my people. And it’s, you know, let’s say there’s 10 million people in there, right? The Russell grant, Ty, whatever, like their collective circle, I’d say there’s 10 million people in there, okay. What sub niche of that niche Can I go down and

have immediate impact in and get in touch with influencers in right now no matter who I am. All right, so I went and I identified Okay, who are the people that have like 100,000 followers on Instagram, who are the people that have like a 10,000 5000 member Facebook group, who are the people that are going to be checking their DMS, and I don’t have to go to a gatekeeper to that I could actually go and get a hold of. And so I made out a list of all those people. So I took this list that I had of like, hundreds of, of Instagram accounts and YouTube accounts and Facebook accounts and all this stuff. And I pulled out like 20 people, 30 people that I was like, I bet you I could get in touch with these type of people. And those people have my specific audience that I could go and I could, if I were to share my message, I’m really clear on my message. Now, if I shared my message with them, that their message would resonate. They would really like that and then they’d want to follow me. And so I identified like, that is my location. Okay, that’s the location of where my audience is at. And so I went and there’s two parts to this, but I’m going to tell you the mistake I made and I want you guys to understand like

Please, please don’t make this mistake. Okay. So when I first got started with this, I did not have a Facebook group. I was doing Instagram. And this is back four years ago, three years ago, something like that. I’m building these Instagram accounts and I thought, How do I go? And how do I get my message out to more people says, Well, I’ve got this list. What if I went and I did interviews on all these people, I reached out to them or I asked them to share my content. And so I literally started reaching out to these influencers on Instagram. Now it started with shout out for shout out, shout out for shout outs, way less effective now than it was back in the day, but it’s still, you know, a powerful thing. So I reached out and be like, Hey, will you share my content out on your page? And they’re like, yeah, of course, if you share mine, so it’s Judy swaps. I was like, okay, that’s cool. That’s powerful. But, but I was like, I don’t really know these people. Instagram wasn’t a powerful platform for me at the time. I didn’t know how to monetize it. I feel like my, my clients are coming from Facebook. So it’s like, let me go to Facebook. And so I would go and identify all these influencers. And I would reach out to them and say, like, Hey, here’s my story. Here’s what I want to share with your audience, I think is really powerful. I think we could help a lot of people. You know, do you mind if I come to an interview and your group or interview

You and me sorry. Yeah. And interviewing your group. They’re like, yeah, I mean, keep in mind, these people are only like, the same level as I am, they’ve got two or 3000 members in their group. A lot of these people, if you’ve got a really, really good story, they’re going to do it. The story is everything. Okay? Guys, you could be a complete nobody. If you have a really, really good story, people are gonna pay attention to you, okay? So I reach out to them. And I would go and they would interview me in their group, and they would, we’d go through and do all this stuff. It was amazing. It was awesome. And then I would leave, I’ll be done with the interview. I was like, that was cool. But I didn’t get anything out of it. Like, I didn’t get any followers. A follower account didn’t go up. I didn’t get their emails. I had nowhere to go contact those people again. And I was like, Okay, I know my message is working. I know, I’ve got this good message that I need to get out to the world. But when I’m putting it out there, I there’s no way for me to measure it. There’s no way for me to have impact. I’m not growing, what am I missing? And that’s when I realized, I don’t have a very, very specific location that I’m sending them to. And now you might have heard people say, oh, build your list or

You know, whatever. That’s what we’re talking about here. When you’re doing interviews, when you’re producing content, there needs to be one centralized place where all of your people go, and that you’re putting them through and that you’re asking them to go to super simple, super, super easy. This could be a Facebook account, this could be a Facebook group, this could be an Instagram account, this could be an email list, but you need to have some place to send it. Now, I didn’t have a lot of money at the time, I couldn’t afford a you know, to to hire an email copywriter and have all these expensive email list and stuff like that. So I got like a MailChimp account was my first thing before I got started on Click Funnels. And so I was like, Okay, how can I go and I can collect these people to actually build an audience or following how’s it well, these people have groups, why don’t I start a group too, and I was just for me, you could be it could be a Facebook group, or you could be a podcast. I like Facebook groups. And the reason I like Facebook groups I’m explain here in a second is because it’s like a centralized hub, but I think it’s out here in a second. Okay. So I was like, Oh, I need a place to send them. And it sounds so simple guys. kind of sounds like a no duh. But think about it. How many times have you gone and done an interview? Are you going to produce content about something and people

I had no idea what to do at the end of that no idea how to follow you no idea how to get on your email list, no idea how to buy your product, no idea how to how to reach out to you and ask you for your services. Like, how many times have you produced a piece of content with no call to action or no clear direction at the end of it? Probably a lot of times. It was funny, I think was Steve Larson. I was sitting at an event from him with him one time, Steve, great friend of mine, and someone that’s like so smart is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met in my life.

He’s like, Guys, most people are not paying you money. And they’re not following you. And they’re not reaching out to you and asking you about your services, because they don’t know how. I was like, What do you mean? What do you mean? He’s like, have you given them a really, really clear path to give you money? I started out as like how many offers like how many places online right now this was probably two or three years ago, probably two years ago, right when he first got started. I was like, Huh, I literally only have like one place on social media where people can actually give you money. I only have like one or two places where people

You can actually follow me. And I’m not pointing people to that. And so it’s like, what if I went and I had one very, very specific place, and I made this place an offer around it and made this super, super sexy and attractive so that people wanted to join my stuff. I was like, Oh my gosh, this is a game changing moment for me, guys. Okay, so I went, and I was like, Okay, I’m gonna start a Facebook group. Now, quick side note, I don’t have time to go into this because I’m running short on time here. The reason I like a Facebook group is super important. So pay attention. Okay. Facebook group is the only platform on social media today, right now, where you are not the only one creating the content, and that you’re benefiting from everyone else, and everybody at what else is benefiting from everybody else. Let me explain. There’s a book is called tribes by

Seth Godin. Yes, tribes. And in the book he talks about he’s like in order for you to create a community in order for you to create an audience of people that are loyal and raving fans. You, the leader have to be able to talk to the people, the people

People have to be able to talk to you. And the people have to be able to talk to each other. Like this triangle, you talk to them, them talk to each other them, I’ll talk to you. I was like, Oh my gosh, a Facebook group is the only platform that allows you to do that. Because a Facebook group is this group where anybody can post, anybody can comment, you’re interacting with them and you’re benefiting off of their stuff they’re benefiting off of your stuff is amazing place. So it’s like, okay, a Facebook group is going to be my platform. This is the location that I chose, you do not have to choose this one. I just like it the best you could use Instagram, you could use an email list, you could choose whatever doesn’t matter where podcast even. That’s like, Okay, how can I make this super, super sexy and attractive around my message that I’m going to go and get out to the world that people want to actually go and join not just like, Hey, where do you want to follow Josh at the end of an interview know, how do I make super super sexy attracted to them this location? How do I build an amazing location that attracts these type of people? Okay, this location part. So I went I created an offer around it. Now it’s free to join my facebook group. But guess what I tell people I said, Listen, when you join my facebook group, not only are you gonna join my facebook group, but we’re also gonna give you

This amazing gift is going to be there’s gonna be a funnel template in there, there’s going to be mindset training in there, there’s going to be a social media training in there. There’s all these courses literally right now if you go join my facebook group called the art of communication and ethical persuasion get think differently. So if you go and you type that in, you join the group, when we hit approve, we get your email address we make you put it in, we get that email address, and we literally send you off this gift, this, this bonus package in your email with like, it’s like six or seven different courses and trainings and all this stuff around what it is that I’m doing around my message. And in there, there’s like a little welcome video and it’s awesome. And so I created this this location where not only do does it exist, and not only can I tell people to go there, I’ve created this offer that makes people want to go there. So now I’m like, Okay, I’ve got my message. It’s super, super powerful, and I get people emotionally involved with my message. And now I know where I need to go distribute that message to. And once people in that location, see that message, I can now point them to another location that benefits me and grows my audience and my message 100% organic

So now literally all I’m doing is I’m reaching out to all these people, and then asking them to share my content, whether that’s a share for share, or they’re interviewing me, and I’m interviewing them and we do an interview swap. Some people just want to interview me a big enough now to where lots of people do, right? I started doing this, I started going to all these other locations of people that had my audience, I started sharing my message and saying, hey, if you join my facebook group, we built an audience or Facebook group of 30,000 members this way, guys, 30,000 members, all organically. It’s called social media for entrepreneurs. My new Facebook group is era communication. I don’t have time to go into why that’s the case. But like, over 30 something thousand members have been grown this way. 15,000 members were Steve Larson 2000 members were bad get thousands and thousands of members for so many of my students, because that’s what I teach them. I’m like, go distribute your content to this other location, give people a reason to come to you. And that reason has to be tied around your message. Does that make sense? If this makes sense, Like Comment below and let me know like say hashtag, light bulb moment or hashtag hashtag hashtag Make sense? If you’re listening on audio, please go through and send me a DM on Instagram or go to Facebook and comment. Let me know your questions. Let me know if it makes sense or not like

I want to hear your feedback, I’m want to make sure that this makes sense. Because guys, I believe that you have a message. And my message to you is you have a message, go build an audience around that. All right. And the reason I want to help you build an audience and get your message out to the world, is because I saw the impact that this had on my brother, I saw the impact that my brother had to the world by building an audience and was an entrepreneur. And I believe that entrepreneurs are the only people are gonna change the world. But I believe that they can only do that if they have an audience around their message, we got to get the message clear, then we got to figure out the location. Alright. Alright, so for the sake of time, I do need to move on. I want to go to point number three here, which is the actual content. All right, this is the thing that so many people get caught up on, is they’re like, Josh.

I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to create content. Nobody’s watching guys, new flash. Nobody watching me at the beginning, either. All right. I’ll have to post I posted it many times before, but I’ll have to post it later today. a screenshot of my first YouTube videos that I ever did. Okay, four views, six views. They were awful. They were terrible. Guys. My first videos were so bad. Like

So that they’re cringe worthy. They’re terrible. I posted before, I guess I’ll do it again. Okay. So you struggle with it. They’re like, What? How do I preserve content? Like where I do I do Facebook Lives or do a Facebook, Twitter Instagram account.

The trick to creating content and to start getting good at creating content is just to start creating it. Okay? Like, you just got to get started. But what will make your life so significantly easier and make content creation so much easier, is when you get clear on your message first, when you’ve got that really, really, really powerful story that you could always relate back to, that will save you every single time. Because think about this, how many times have you gotten on a live stream? or How many times have you started to write a piece of content, and you’re like, I don’t know if this is good, or the middle of livestream you’re freaking out. You’re like, I don’t know if anybody’s watching or listening or whatever. And then you got nothing to drive you and you’re like, Ah, this sucks and you don’t post the post or you delete the Facebook Live or whatever, because you’re embarrassed or you don’t think it went well or you’re not sure if it’s making any difference.

Guess what, if you don’t have a why behind you, that’s how you’re gonna feel a lot of times, it’s impossible to avoid those feelings. I to this day still, sometimes we’ll create a piece of content be like, that sucks. Nobody’s gonna listen to it. Oh, that was awful. And I’ll delete it or I’ll want to delete it. But because I have a clear message, and because I know why I’m doing what I’m doing, I go No, because in the middle of that live stream, when I’m like, Oh my gosh, this sucks. I don’t know if anybody’s listening. I go. You know what, guys? Let me pause here for a second. The reason I’m teaching you this today, the reason I’m so passionate about this is because of this, because of my wife. And then you share that wine people are like, Oh my gosh, everybody’s back engaged again. And even if somebody’s watching this six months from now, and they’re like, I don’t know if this is that good. All sudden, I hear why. Now they’re sold on you. And they’re sold on that vision and they’re like, Oh my gosh, I bet you he or she is going to get better. And they’re going to continue to follow you anyway. So you’ve got this piece of content. Now. Quick logistical things at once. Once again, I don’t have time to go into it for the sake of you know that I want to keep this around an hour. I like to just pick one platform to start with. I produce a lot of content I produce

more content than almost anybody that I know, especially with the size team that I have, okay? You don’t have to produce a podcast and a Facebook group and an Instagram account and a YouTube channel and a blog, and LinkedIn and tick tock and like don’t do all that it’s going to overwhelm you pick one platform. All right, I like a Facebook group first Facebook group. Like I said, there’s so many pluses and benefits of that. I also like podcast, which is kind of like a Facebook group, except there’s no group to it, but that the content is usually about the same, but just like pick one platform, and then go start creating content around your message. All right, when I tell people to do this, same advice I’m gonna have for you is go and tell your story, your y story, and go and create even if it’s 50 Facebook Lives, guys, I want you to remember this. When I started being given three podcasts before I ever interviewed any single person I did it, I think was 49 or 50 solo episodes by myself before I ever brought anybody else on so I could find my voice and get into the rhythm of everything. There’s a reason I did that. I do

Do what I’m telling you to do, I practice what I preach, okay? So go do 10 2030 4050 pieces of content. And then once you’ve found your voice, once you have a clear pattern, because the first time that you write this out, it’s going to be really, really ugly and be like, Ah, that’s not, that’s not actually why I’m doing what I’m doing. Like that doesn’t accurately represent me fine, then told again and again and again and again. And again. Because after 30 4050 times, now you’re going to have this line of content, people are going to see the progression, you’re going to get super clear on your voice. And now you can go and start distributing that content to other people, if most of you have not created enough content right now to actually have a good message to go out and reach out to other people. So don’t start there. Start creating content, getting clear on your message. And then once you get to that point, and you’re like, Okay, now I feel confident in my message. Now, I know I can tell it well, now I can go out there to excuse me, all these other audiences, all these other people, and I can push them to get on their show or to get on their Facebook Lives or in their groups who share my content with them. And it’s actually going to resonate with them because I’ve actually gotten it right and

Now when you go on there and you tell people to come follow you, there’s content for them to consume. Think about it. If you were to go right now, and you’ve not produced any pieces of content, and you would have won the first piece of content that you ever did went viral, that’d be the worst thing in the world for you. Number one, you have no idea what you did, right. And number two, you would have all that traffic, all that exposure, all that everything, and you would collect zero from it. Because you don’t have a location. You don’t have content for people to consume. You don’t have a clear message on any of that. You don’t want to go viral and get a lot of views right at the beginning. You want to get your message right first. And then once you get your message right, then you can go and do it. And guess what? You’re just leveraging other people’s audiences. algorithm doesn’t care about who you are or what your message is, or anything like that. If you got a good message, you can level leverage other people’s audiences to go out there and do that. and grow your audience. Does that make sense? Guys? Was this helpful? This was helpful, and you’re listening on audio? Shoot me an Instagram dm, let me know that you liked it. If you’re watching on the livestream, comment, hashtag value down below and let me know that you liked it.

drop any questions or comments down below and I’ll get to them on the replay of this or if you got questions in the DM, I’ll reply to you on there. But like this is really really powerful stuff. Because guess what? What if you go look at what Russell Brunson is doing, and you go look at everything that he’s teaching with funnels, and you go, look at all that. Guess what the first thing he’s gonna tell you that you need. You know your message, you need to know the story. Okay, this book, let me grab him here. Expert secrets. We got Traffic Secrets. Oh my gosh, guys, I’m so excited about this. But this book, right secrets. These are my three favorite books of all time. They’re amazing. Okay, this book teaches you all about how to build a company online. what he’s talking about, he talks about the story. He talks about the the messaging that you’re getting out to your people. This book, guess what, how to grow an audience. He talks about the messaging, the story that you’re telling people. This book, I haven’t read it yet, but I bet you just about anything that has to do with the story. Okay, it’s all about the stories about the message. So you go get that clear first, and then you can build an audience around it and then you

Go to Russell Brunson and you go all Russell about this audience, how do I make money with it? He’s like, okay, here’s how you build a funnel.

And you take that funnel, you put it into your audience, boom, you filled your funnel. And now you solve the problem of traffic. It all makes sense. But you need an audience be able to go do this. And your audience is the one that’s gonna give you feedback, the audience is the ones going to validate it. You don’t know if your message is good, until you put it out and get feedback from your audience. These don’t. And that’s why and I want to end with this to wrap this up here. Why organic audiences matter? There’s people out there that are like organic audiences are a waste of time go right to paid traffic paid traffic is scalable and all that jazz. And don’t get me wrong. There’s a place for paid traffic. paid traffic will scale your company to eight figures, nine figures, 10 figures and beyond okay, but you know what, if you cannot validate your message organically, if you cannot go and build an audience organically, paid traffic is not going to do you any good. Because paid traffic doesn’t make up for lack of messaging. paid traffic does not make up for not understanding your location. paid traffic does not make up for

creating content. You know why? Because in order for a paid ad to work, you need to know your messaging, you need to know where you’re going to place the ad, and you need content for the ad. Organic just means that you’re really, really good at it. So if you go, and you validate it organically, guess what you’ve done. And I wrote down three notes here on this. It validates your message, it builds loyalty, and it builds security. Because guess what, if Facebook pulls off beta, pulls off Facebook ads, guess what, if you have an organic audience, they’re still going to know you, they’re still going to follow you. If the economy tanks stock market has dropped however many thousands of points today and your money or people stop buying you to stop paying for stuff and as soon through the roof for stuff goes wrong. If you’ve got an audience that know like and trust you, you’re going to be just fine. Because they’re going to trust you and they’re gonna look to you, but you become the leader now, and you’re going to be able to point them in the direction and still be just fine. It brings security that brings validation, like and it allows you to go out there and really make a positive impact because people aren’t just following you.

Because you put a paid out in front of their face, they are following you because of your message to following you because what you’ve done to change their life, they’re following you because you’ve done the work to put out good content to find that to place the content there and to tell them where to go so that you have built your audience. Alright. Alright guys, that is one hour on the dot. I really, really hope this was helpful beneficial. I’m gonna hop off here a minute, kind of wrap this up, but we’re gonna be teaching a lot more of this. If you guys want to see more of this type of content, do things one, send me a DM on Instagram and let me know be like, Yes, I want more of this content or leave a comment below if you’re still watching and say yes, I want more of it. And two go join my Facebook group. All right, if you type in art of communication and ethical persuasion, or go to the link in my bio will also link it in the description below this if you’re listening on the audio, the art communication, ethical persuasion, you can join that there’s a really, really cool bonuses that are in there. Like I said, there’s a whole gift package with stuff about social media stuff about sales stuff about mindset. There’s funnel templates in there, there’s sales script, there’s all sorts of like really, really cool bonuses that you get hundred percent for free just for joining and I’d love to have you guys

Part of that. So if you guys want more content go there, let me know that you want to see more of it and that you liked it. And now we’re going to start doing like I said, one, one solo episode a week, probably on Monday. So on Monday, the next episode that we do will also be a solo episode. And hopefully, fingers crossed. We hear back from Russell Brunson. And we get the answer back from him either yes or no, and the feedback that he has there, it’s gonna be super, super exciting. And, so I’ll let you know on that. But that’s why I’m so passionate about this guy’s Thing Different Theory. The purpose of Think Different Theory is to help people understand why they believe what they believe. So they can go out there and identify their message. And then we give them the tools and resources audience asking to go out and build an audience around that message, so they can get that message out to the world. The reason I’m so passionate about this is because I saw the power of that with my brother when my brother died at 29 years old. Think of how many 29-year-olds that you know, that have made an impact on the world. There’s not a whole lot of them in compared to what my brother did. My brother knew Mike Pence, Paul Ryan was his a client of his I mean he worked with some of the most influential people in America.

Like very, very high-level people, he was involved in the foster care system and getting foster care people’s homes and passing bills out there and in Denver to like help with these things his wife was about like all this happened. And he had impacted literally 10s of thousands of people’s lives. There’s a literal bill named after him in the foster care system because he died. The Senate did a moment of silence for his death when he passed away. Okay, what do you think about that type of impact at 29 years old? Do you know why he’s able to do that? Because that the message, the message of bringing people together, that was my brother’s message, and he was able to do that and get that message out to so many people because he was an entrepreneur, and he built a business around that message built an audience around that message of people that he could go and get that out to the world with. Alright, guys, that’s all I got for you today. I hope you found value in it. As always, also hustle God bless you. I be afraid to think different. If you have not subscribed yet, please subscribe leave a rating leave a review. If you’re on Facebook, leave a rating and review on our Facebook page. You can just go over to Think Different Theory and leave a rating and review on there. You can actually do it on Facebook. And if you’re listening on iTunes, Spotify, whatever

Leave us a rating and review your feedback helps us grow. And we’re trying to get those ratings and reviews up. I love you all. Thank you so much for tuning in. Have a great weekend. And I will see you guys on Monday. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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