Think Different Theory

The Most Insane Life Story I’ve Ever Heard. A Total Transformation. With Nani Bernal


You ever watch a movie of a CRAZY life story (like Wolf Of Wall Street) and think to yourself, there’s no way that happened in real life… right?

Who’s life is really THAT crazy…?

Nani Bernal’s life is that crazy, and in this episode she tells the most insane life story I have ever heard.

From her best friend being shot and killed in front of her at 12 years old, to her parents abandoning her, to losing $2.5m at 18 years old while pregnant.


Drugs, alcohol, suicide attempt, jail time, getting screwed over more times than you can count, Nani Bernal has been through it all. Yet somehow today she takes OWNERSHIP of her life, had forgiven those that did the wrongs, and has created a life around her purpose. This is truly a story of never quitting, and of a complete life transformation. PLEASE NOTE: STRONG LANGUAGE & GRAPHIC STORIES. Listener Discretion Is Advised.


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March 4th, 2020


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Josh 0:00
What’s up, guys? This is Josh and I got to give you a warning about this episode because typically Think Different Theory is a pretty family-friendly and clean podcast. But occasionally we do bring on guests that use strong language and in this case, also use very graphic stories. And while the stories in this episode are all very true, and actually happens, there is definitely strong language and there is very graphic details involving some things that would not be suitable for someone that is typically used to or only prefers the clean podcast side of things. So please be advised. And please be warned. If children are present, this is not the episode for them. As well as if you are listening and are offended by strong language and or graphic content or graphic stories. This would not be the episode for you. Otherwise, it is a great interview lots to learn from this and we dive deep into the incredible backstory of our guests. But I just wanted to give you guys a fair warning on this just because it is a little bit different than what many of you guys are used to when it comes to the podcast. So listener discretion is advised.

Intro 1:00
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Josh 1:44
Here we go we’re live guys what’s going on? Welcome back to another episode of Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And guys, just it’s a great day today guys happy What is it Wednesday, happy hump day guys. Hope everyone is have an amazing day today we have if you’re not having a good day today, you need to change your life. change your perspective like change your actions because like I tell you what is a good day to be alive, guys, we have a super super exciting episode here today with somebody who has the craziest backstory that I have ever seen or read were to introduce her her here in just one second. But before we do that, I gotta hop into a little promotion thing here, our sponsor, I’m just kidding, we don’t have a sponsor on the show what he’s talking about, but we kind of do. 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It’s all about getting you know the followers getting the people to your funnels, which is something that I know all of you guys struggle with. I know I struggled with for a long time, and it’s going to help you just amazing guys, like seriously one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’m only a quarter way through. So anyway, I wanted to kind of let you know about that, obviously going to be talking about on every single episode. But it’s like, give me a chance to win your sale on March 17th. And then there’s a two week promotion every period there. We’re just going to blow your mind with bonus is gonna be absolutely amazing. Okay. Rock and Roll here. We have a very, very exciting very, very special guest. For us her name is Nani Bernal I got it right this time it was barnaul last time as I pronounced it is not And guys, quick backstory on our guests here before I bring her on. She reached out to me like, I don’t know, probably a year ago, maybe now it’s been a minute, um, we connected on Instagram and she’s like, yo, Josh, like, I want you to come in, I want you to drop some knowledge and some value to my tribe at the Empower Network. And when I got on, I was like this girl, oh my gosh, I swear she’s on like, coke or something like she is so hyped up and so crazy. But I loved your energy. And then I find out this by like a year later now almost. She’s like, hey, I want to come on your show. And like we were pretty picky about who we bring on here. So we put him through a pretty big vetting process and she fills out the application. And I read her backstory and I’m like, Oh my gosh, she’s not on coke. She used to be but she’s just so high on life and has an amazing amazing like me message and story to get out to the world. And like this is the type of people that we’re looking to bring on think different area especially with Season Two and what we’re doing is like helping people with their message and giving them a platform to go and share it and like learning from these people and I’m very, very excited. I’m gonna let her tell her story but just a quick background here. I’m her best friend was shot at 12 years old in a drug deal her dad left her. She was into drugs and alcohol and was in and out of jail at 18 she finds out she was pregnant. No jobs would take her because of her criminal background and her trying to get her life together. So after she finally does end up getting a job, she works for him for like five years then get screwed out of a partnership. She was promised. Ends up going back to jail. Her daughter doesn’t even realize she’s gone. That’s what it was kind of like this wake up call. She was then went into alcoholism, tried to commit suicide had the wake up call they’re finally turned her life around. I’m sure I’m not even doing the story justice. But like incredible, incredible incredible and now she’s gone. She has multi six figure businesses she’s managing she’s hangs out and interviews people like Bradley and Dean Graziosi, and some really really cool, amazing people. And I’m so looking forward to talking to her here about her life story and just asking some really, really good and important questions. So without further ado, let’s welcome Nani Bernal, over on to Think Different Theory, Nani for now, for now, Nani, thank you so much for coming on.

Nani 7:16
How you doing how you live in how you been? Man, thank you so much for having me on here. I’m actually super stoked. I’m ready to give it all I got.

Josh 7:25
Yeah, it’s gonna be amazing. I’m super, super excited for this. Thank you for your time.

Nani 7:28
Where are you out of? I’m a South Florida, Hollywood, Florida. If you guys are familiar with Miami about 20 minutes north.

Josh 7:35
Nice now I love Grant cardones in Hollywood.

Nani 7:38
Yeah, Grant cardones. And I’m sure so I’m actually about 15 minutes away from his office 10 minutes away.

Josh 7:44
But is his house in Hollywood or is it No,

Nani 7:47
I think it’s like in hallandale right around? Yeah, holiday area.

Josh 7:51
Yeah. So whenever I was in Fort Lauderdale is right up there. Whenever I fly into Miami we usually fly in and out of Fort Lauderdale. It’s cheaper. You can find some sweet car deals up there. So we drive that strip all the way down and it is beautiful down there. You like you’re born and raised there.

Nani 8:07
Born and raised. I actually live right down the street from the airport. So I’m always flying in and out too. And it is an amazing trip. But yeah, I was born and raised here. I’m of Dania beach logo as I say, beach bum. But I can’t wait for it. I’ve been traveling a lot. And it’s nothing like home. There’s nothing like this weather. There’s nothing like the environment. People say we’re not the nicest, but uh, I don’t I don’t realize that I really like it out here.

Josh 8:29
Yeah, I think a little bit as just perspective, right? You’ll find the nice people wherever you live, but I like that I like that my my girlfriend and I were gonna move down there. But we’re gonna go I think we’re going to Colorado for a year first and then we’ll then we’ll head down your way and we’ll hang out in Florida. But okay, we got lots to talk about, because you have a crazy story. And one of the things that we’ve kind of gotten away from on the podcast, for some people is like, we’d like to just have like normal conversations. And so like the whole like, Hey, tell your backstory and then tell us what you teach or whatever. Like, not something that I always like to do, but I feel like It’s very, very fitting right now with like, your background. And so I want to back up and just kind of turn it over to you and dive into, like, your backstory and where you came from. And so I’m just going to turn it over to you, I’m gonna let you start and then I’m just gonna stop you as you’re going and we’re dive down further because I have questions about a lot of what you’ve been through and one of the things and just kind of set the context here because I’m, I’m fascinated by this, I can’t I can’t wait, it’s gonna be so exciting. But one of the things that I get a lot of love, like slack is for like, you know, people have a problem with with me is like, I’m really big on personal responsibility. I’m really big about taking control of your life. And there’s a lot of people that come back and question especially more, I hate to make big generalized assumptions, but generally speaking more like left leaning people that are like, you know, Josh, like not everybody can do that. Some people have a hard like, you know, things like that. And so I really truly want to understand the perspective from someone that has been through like, it sounds like you have of that. So I’m gonna stop you kind of throw out the way We’ll ask and dive in some really big questions. But I’m really quick before we dive in, how old are you now?

Nani 10:05
25 years old

Josh 10:07
25 years old now and you run like what’s your business now? What do you do?

Nani 10:11
Oh, I have two businesses. I do consulting services for dispensary owners and as well as me having a coaching company that’s in power tribe. It’s a mastermind community where I help individuals execute and get to the next level I really focus on high performance coaching and my speaking in this area and I do my consulting services with dispensary owners on the side.

Josh 10:31
Okay, sweet so good good mixture coaching and then consulting as well which is phenomenal, especially if you can bring results so let’s back up and by the way, guys, if you’re listening on the audio side of things, be sure to check out the video over on Think Different Theory Facebook page as well. And if you’re listening on audio and have not left a rating and review on whatever platform you have, it helps us grow a lot a lot of you guys like listen then just forget about it sounds kind of nicely reminding you but it’ll help spread. Nani’s message, our message and things like that, so make sure you check that out. Right now it over to you. Take us back from the beginning like holy cow.

Nani 11:04
Let’s get it. So I always start off saying to anybody, have you ever lost anyone, right? And not just lost someone due to death but lost someone emotionally lost respect for someone lost someone that you just really loved and they really let you down. My life was what I thought, good, right? My dad, my parents own businesses. I had a big family. You know, holidays were family pack gifts. And I think what really struck me was realizing at the age of 12 years old that my life wasn’t really what I thought it was. And to me, I took that as everything’s a lie. I didn’t have an understanding of mindset. And what I mean by that is at the age of 12 years old, you know, I remember it was still lie. My mom was renovating my dad’s my house that my dad was that owned that my dad bought for us, with us away in Colombia, and I noticed that they were fighting a lot more. There was things throughout my childhood that I would pick up but I didn’t really like hone in on it because I’m like, now I’m crazy. My dad had a family member live right next door to us, which was the sister. She brought down her brother, her mom, and they live right next door to us. We broke down the wall in our house and they kind of lived we were all live together, like 15 of us, my brother, my sisters, all of us. And we always kind of saw that the relationship was a little close, but no one thought anything. My dad left to Columbia, my mom’s trying to like replenish their their their relationship and get it to a good point. So she’s doing the surprise and fixing up the house and I’m asking my mom, you know, why are you doing this? Like what’s going on? She’s like, Oh, I just want to surprise your dad. When he comes back. I’m like, okay, that week, then my dad comes back. We find out that my aunt’s pregnant, and my dad ends up leaving. And he tells me and it was very weird that he left he packed up all his stuff and always remember it. I’m sitting on the back of his truck, his expedition and he’s talking Gonna be and he’s like, you know, there’s some things you don’t understand right now. And there’s some things that I’m gonna have to explain to you later. But just know I really love you and I’m really sorry. But I just need my own space right now I need to I need to live my life right now. And to me that broke my heart, right like,

Josh 13:14

Nani 13:15
You need your own space from your family, you know, you know, you need your own. You know, life right now when your life is supposed to be us. I didn’t understand it. And I’m my dad’s first little girl. I have a lot of older brothers and sisters, but they’re my half brothers and sisters. I’m a girl. So my relationship with him. It’s very close. Like, I look up to my dad. That’s right. Um, he leaves and later that week, we find out my parents come down, we find out that that little girl that I’m my little that my aunt’s having is my dad’s kid. And I Gosh, yeah, we find that out.

Josh 13:54
Wait, wait! His sister?

Nani 13:57
Yes, his sister.

Josh 13:58
Oh my gosh.

Nani 14:00
Find that out. Yeah, we find that out and I saw my mom’s world break. And I talk about losing three people. I lost my dad because emotionally respect wise the person that I was incredible hero. That wasn’t him. My mom, the strongest woman, I know the the ex Marine, the woman that kept it together the stone in the family, the one that always loves the one that has so much grace in her heart. I saw her break. My mom kind of went crazy for three days like where she was kind of in a daze of like, she broke everything in the house when in the days of just crying and like, she wasn’t there. And that moment, I was like, Okay, I gotta step up,

Josh 14:37
and you’re 12 years old,

Nani 14:39
12 years old. And it’s crazy because I have brothers and sisters, but everyone dealt with it differently. So my brother moved out the state my sister went up for college, everyone was kind of like, they didn’t want to deal with it. But no one really took into consideration what was about to change for us. My mom and dad couldn’t agree on the businesses. So my dad spiteful things close the accounts, the house that my dad just purchased his mom was in such spike that she was kicking us out the house. My mom was at a point of like, what does she do now? Because that’s why, you know, people are leaving her left and right, and families turning on her. And it was just my little sister and myself and her. So I felt like okay, well, now I need to help my mom. And the way that I thought helping my mom was was the only way that I was around people that I was around, I was in the streets hanging out with these bad kids. I was in the streets hanging out with drug dealers. I was in the streets hanging out with older people that I shouldn’t be around. And they saw that and I guess you could say they kind of took advantage of me needing some help, or me needing some guidance, and I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t say they had a bad attempt for me, but they were just showing me what they could do. Right. So I’m 12 years old, and I mean Bahamians. I live right across the street from me. And the guy just told me he’s like, hey, do you want to make some money? And I’m like, yeah, I’m down. is like just dropped this package off at this store every Thursday for me, and I’ll give you some money for it. And I’m like, Okay, fair enough. I’m going to drop these. I’m going to drop these packages off. And I’m

Josh 16:12
sorry. So how old are you at this point now?

Nani 16:15
I’m about to be 13. Right? It just was

Josh 16:18
afterwards. Weapon still relatively close after this whole event went down.

Nani 16:24
Yeah, they’re relatively close. At this point. I’m not listening to my mom. I’m starting to get in trouble in school. Now I’m selling drugs and I kind of know their drugs, but I don’t really have a confirmation of it. Right. I know. And I had this awesome friend, Josh. That was with me through this whole thing. Sorry, I get a little emotional. But I have this friend Josh and I was doing this for months and he just never had a good feeling. And he was a little nerd. Really good kid don’t don’t have a clue why he wanted to hang out with me. rambley always tell me that, you know, he’s my good friend that he’s here to protect me. I’m like, he’s like my big brother. And one day we were Going to a store where I was doing the drop. And it was a different car. Different people, it did not look like a good scene. And my friend looks at me as a nanny, I’m telling you, I don’t think you should do this. I don’t think you should do this at home Shut up, like you’re just coming or not. And when I pulled up, I was kind of like, Fuck, I should have listened to him. I go forward, and I go to turn and the guy gets out the car and kind of like starts yelling like, hey, like, Where are you going, like cinema done. Now. We’re going back and forth. I tell him like, I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m not giving him anything. Now he pulls his car up in front of us. And when he pulls his car up in front of us, our first instinct is to go like, right, right? For sure. You know, we’re on our bikes. We’re trying to go and I fall, my buddy gets off his bike. I get up and when I get up, the guy basically takes the stuff pushes me over and my friend. Have you ever had a friend say they’ll take a bullet for you? Well, my friend really did it for me. He Oh, my name and he said Nani and he pushed me and when he pushed me Me the guys pulled out a gun and shot them. The guys jumped in the car and left and I tried to do everything in my power, like everything in my power to save my friend’s life, but it could

Josh 18:10
Oh my gosh! And you’re like 12 years old.

Nani 18:15
Yep, right before my birthday. And for me that just it broke me right there. I was like, Okay, I’m not meant to live a good life. Tragic tragedy is what I’m going to be surrounded around. I don’t have any family. My mom’s broken. Who do I look up to? Like, who do I look towards and like, now I just lost my best friend and it’s my fault. So that was okay, sorry.

Josh 18:36
I want to pause right there. So are you is this What’s going through your head at 12 years old is you’re like, holy crap. I’ve got nobody to look up to now like, like, do you realize now at 12 years old, that this is how your life is destined to be or is this like, what was the feeling in the moment?

Nani 18:51
And the moment I just I wanted it to be me. You know, I wanted in. I wanted to be in his position because he didn’t deserve it. I felt Like I did, just like when my dad left, I felt like it was my fault. Just like when I saw my mom break, I thought was my fault. Just like when everybody turned their back on my mom, I’m like, Man, this is my fault. That was something that I really had to learn as an adult that I can’t grab guilt, guilty conscious to things that aren’t under my control. Yeah. And I blamed myself for a lot and with Josh his death in a way that’s ownership to me that that’s one situation that yeah, it was my fault. It was my fault for putting us in a bad position. It was my fault for not listening to my gut. It was my fault for doing something that I knew I shouldn’t be doing and knowing the risks that it was at hand. So in the sense of ownership, I own that situation. Because if I wasn’t doing what I was doing, my friend would probably still be here right now, you know. So that’s something in my life that I had to accept that it is, you know, my fault, you know, and not to say, it wasn’t his time, but in the sense of the position I put us in, it was my fault and I think that a lot of it In life think that bad things happen, right? And we have nothing to do with it. Right? It’s not true. Oh, nothing results in nothing meaning that nothing good is going to come out of it. Nothing is going to come out of something that you’re not putting love into or nurturing. Correct. Right, you know, so that was something that I had to own up. And so this day I tell that story. And it gets easier as I’ve said, my story, but yeah, it’s something I think of every day. You know, I wonder, you know, if he’s proud right now, I wonder who who we would be right now. I wonder what he could have done. And that’s why I live my life the way I do, because I’ve had, I’ve lost a lot of friends and that one friend, it really struck me because I didn’t know what he could have been. I didn’t know his Yeah, for sure.

Josh 20:42
Okay, I have a lot to unpack here. But I want to I want to keep moving with the story because I think the questions that I’m going to ask here are probably going to come up consistently. Yeah. Let’s just continue on with the story there. And like, so like what happened next, I should say then we’ll come back to the questions about packing.

Nani 21:00
Um so this happens obviously you know cops come family comes neighborhood comes, I get I don’t this is the first time actually go into details with this on a podcast so I’m getting a little vulnerable with you guys but yeah cops come neighborhood comes I get arrested because I was a part of what ever happened I wasn’t to blame but they arrested me just to detain me for questioning, asking me know all types of stuff and this is where I really feel like I failed my friend. Because I was scared. I was scared of what the people across the street were going to do if I told on them I was scared of what those guys were going to do. Yeah,

Josh 21:37
no kidding though. You’re 12 years old.

Nani 21:39
Yeah, I’m 13 years old. So I was scared. I basically said I didn’t see anything. I said, I don’t know. It just happened. I don’t know. It just happened. I explained it and I felt like shit for a while because I wasn’t even Welcome to his funeral because his parents just felt like I could have said more could have done more They’re absolutely correct. And anybody that’s listening to this right now, I don’t want to be judged. Because I made a wrong decision when I was younger, it’s something that ate me up and led me to you know, the point of depression the point of wanting to commit suicide and the point of me actually finding Christ because I realized that the the guilt that I was carrying wasn’t something that someone could forgive me for it was some someone of a bigger power that was going to be able to give me who I am. So if you’re listening to this, I’m not a bad person. I was just really in a bad place. So I didn’t have the balls to go ahead and tell on people because I was scared. And as a little kid, I was I was petrified. And it’s something that I dealt with missing. My best friend’s funeral killed me. And that’s why I live recklessly at that point, because I was like, man, no one cares. Like, I just did the worst thing ever. Why would anybody care about me, you know, is more like that love. I don’t deserve someone to care. I don’t deserve that, you know?

Josh 22:55
Yeah. So one of the things I actually want to focus on here, kind of as we go through, this is this concept and it’s something I really want to understand better. I think hearing from your perspective, the the audience listeners right now that, that are listening to this, what you said right there, right? Like, we all have a backstory, we all have a past, right? And obviously, you’re not a bad person, like you have gone through this but I want I want to focus on that a little bit if you’re okay with that, and like and kind of unpack that a little bit more, because one of the things and kind of getting more maybe into social issues rather than just just purely entrepreneurship here, but I think it’s you know, like important for like, for this is like, there’s a lot of 12 year old kids right now that are in a similar situation that you were in and maybe they handled it differently. Maybe they didn’t maybe they handled it the exact same, but like they don’t know any better. Right? And so like, I guess like, for for the people that are out there, like what’s what’s it like? Like, what’s it like when you’ve got I grew up with two parent parents that love me, they’re still together to this day. My dad was away a lot at work, but like I knew my parents loved me. Like you come from a situation which is the polar opposite of that, were like your dad claims he loved you. But he laughed, right? Like you had basically no parents growing up. And you you had really no place to extract wisdom or someone to look up to, to understand what’s like what’s right and what’s wrong. What is that? Like? What does that feel like when you’re 1012 1518 years old? And you had no guidance? And how is that different for you today? And like, what would you tell people that are 3040 years old now that look at someone like that? 18 or 12 or 21 that grew up like you did? That had no guidance.

Nani 24:35
So there’s a big difference, right? I think I chose not to have guidance, right? Because I saw my mom broken and my mom, just so you guys know as a great woman, love me even when I was town even when I did drugs, even when I stole from her even when I did bad things. And I think it was more a guilt factor of I don’t want to look at these people and have an opinion of me. My dad For sure, him leaving and me having all this love for him, him and him leaving and not me understanding. It really did affect me in the sense of father figure. So I’m going to talk about both of them differently. Yeah, everyone can get a different perspective. As a woman and as a little girl, you need your dad around, like, father figure is so important or a man figure, right. And at this point in my life, the men in my life, they left like my big brothers like, they left they my brother went on to start a family. My brother went on and move to another state right. And I needed them the most like my mom needed them the most my sisters needed them the most, and they love my dad. He didn’t leave my mom because Oh, he wasn’t happy. And he didn’t leave us because he wasn’t happy. He left us because he was scared of shit that his secret was going to come out. Right. He was scared that his troops were about to come out. He was scared of what was to come. Do I believe my dad loves me. I absolutely do. I believe that my dad loved his family. Absolutely. Do I think that he got lost and ego he got lost in a bad direction? Absolutely do I think he regrets what he did every day? Hell yeah. Because my mom was an amazing woman. And what she created with him was amazing. And what he did was truly just a bad trajectory for the rest of his life that he has to deal with. And for me, he left me and my darkest moments, he wasn’t there. And when I needed him the most he wasn’t there. And that affected me as a woman growing up because I felt like I got to be like a like the man I gotta say, I’m independence Pat, my chest beat me up like I it’s me, right? And yes, young woman, which is my mom, ex marine. Whenever my dad and her would argue whenever things would go wrong, my mom always held herself together so well. And that’s why when I saw her break, I was so like, Oh my god, like if she broke the strongest woman in the world that I know. What am I going to do? Like what what am i right and, you know, I don’t When I was younger, I blame my mom right for not really being there. But I can’t blame her right? Like, what happened in her life is her first husband left her second husband shot himself hit her third husband, which is my dad freaking does this to her. She’s had so much tragedy in her life. This breaking point right here, like they made my mom, the God, mother of this child, like my mom cared about this kid, this kid was born at ease and liver disease. So like, the position they put my mom in, and all of a sudden so you know, is like, I admired my mother. It was just that that year of her being just distraught and broken and everyone leaving her and I started understanding this last year that I was thinking, Man, what am I going through, right? All I’m doing is losing my dad. Imagine my mom 17 years of a marriage, her whole family, her business, her life, and no one stopped to think of my mom for a damn second. You know, and for me, I was selfish. I had a woman that was when I was was selling drugs and I was trying to help her like I thought I was she had three jobs. That’s why I didn’t see my mom. She was going to different therapies. So she didn’t kill herself. So she didn’t hurt herself. She was doing such things to try to rebuild for us. And I was just so lost and so filled with hate that I ignored what she was doing for me, you know what I mean? So in the sense of guidance, I chose not to be guided because I just felt like everyone was a lie. I had great people in my life that I talked about, brick by brick. I had teachers I had coaches, I played soccer. Up until high school. I was number three in the state. You know, I’ve always had great influences around me, but I didn’t feel worthy of it. I just thought that meant it’s a joke because everybody I met let me down. So I took on this vengeance of taking on these burdens by myself and trying to figure it out. Do I regret it? Not one bit because it’s helped me and molded me to who I am now where I could go ahead and sell the kid that’s completely lost. Look, it’s okay. Like you’re going to have a tough life of ahead of you. But you got to understand that you got to make wise decisions with it, you got to step up. I didn’t step up as a young adult, knowing that my life just was about to change. I could have stepped up and took school more seriously, I could have stepped up to soccer more seriously, I could have stepped up and cared about my little sister more. I get emotional when I talk about my little sister because now my little sister is going through what I did when I was younger, and it sucks because I’m like, I’m changing my life so much, but I can’t take back the imprint that I left on her. Yeah. You know, and in and now that’s a way where I’m like, Okay, I’m glad I’m not where I was before, because this would have eaten me up. Now. I just prefer you know what I mean? So when it comes to guidance, and influences, make sure that you take the people that are really loving you and not taking in a backlash way. Because that’s what I did. I had coaches that I just they treated me so good, but I didn’t care.

Josh 29:52
So, how, excuse me, how did you get to this point, though, because like what you have done here is just taken a terrible, terrible, terrible situation where like you honestly have every excuse per se, right? At least by the world’s definitions of this to go and do essentially all the things that you did, right. And now you’re at this point where you’re like, no like I take ownership for it, I forgive them. I love them like you’re coming at this your dad who did terrible things and your mom who went through so much and like didn’t I mean, she did the best she could, but like, there was a lot there’s a lot of reasons for you to hate them right now. There’s a lot of reasons for you to not take ownership of your life and be like, Hey, I’m a product of my environment. Here I am where I’m at right now because of these things. How did you go from that where you didn’t care and you didn’t listen to your teachers and you didn’t listen to your coaches and let like to where you’re at now and like, like you’re coming from a place of power right now like you are you are literally living in a way that is and props to them. Amazing, but like that had to take a lot to get there because most people wouldn’t have been there. How did you get to that point where you could forgive them and move on and take ownership of this?

Nani 31:08
How most died? I almost died. And it’s crazy because I’ve come to life or death experiences like two or three times, right? Like I’ve gotten in a car accident a super bad one where I saw an outer body experience and I saw my body and I wasn’t moving for like three minutes. I was not breathing and I got brought back right. That happened to me and I’m like, Okay, well, maybe I should change my life a little bit. Maybe I should stop hanging out with these people. So every time a traumatic thing happened, it gave me a wake up call, but I was still fighting it because I’m like, No, I don’t got a calling for me. I’m not blessed know this, right. So I started seeing that, like, my purpose is way greater than my problems right. My pastor always says that your problems don’t overshadow your purpose and with great opposition comes great vision and I have great vision, right? But I just didn’t see it yet. So now I get to a point where I’m like, Okay, I need to change my life around. I need to stop hanging out with these people. And a big factor is I had a kid, right? I’m 18 years old. Now, the reason why I chose to have a kid I’m going to show you I don’t know if you will see, but when I was born, I have a handicap. Right? So when it comes to excuses, that’s when they mean no excuses. I have a disability, my arm, I can’t see it, but when I’m shorter than the other, I can’t turn this at all. I have a torn brachial plexus and really bad erbs Palsy. When I was born, they pulled me out wrong. So I wasn’t supposed to grow breasts. I wasn’t supposed to be able to run. I wasn’t supposed to eat with this hand, right with this hand. I wasn’t supposed to do anything. I have a paralysis with this arm. What I do with it is kind of amazing. And if you see me standing and stuff, if you see me speak, you see that this arms a little bit more towards me. You see it more lenient, like have a disability with it. But as a kid, my parents made me put do with that. And they told the doctors there’s no way that she’s not going to use this arm. There’s no way that she’s not going to be able to do this. So I always was put into sports I was always put to use this. So when it comes to excuses my arm and seeing that I got a lucky fin and seeing other people with the same injury I have and they can’t use it or they’re doing surgeries and it goes wrong. that taught me no excuses. So my little life that I have, it’s kind of like a man I’ve been born with shit happening to me and I’ve conquered it. So when I was 18 years old, I was supposed to receive 2.5. I was supposed to receive 5.5 million after the lawyer fees and everything I got $2.5 million. When this happens, I have an attorney. This attorney has been with me since I was a kid. This is my family attorney. He ends up being my mom’s divorce attorney helping me and my family out as much as he could taking this therapist taking us the woman in distress like when I was when I was younger. My mom was doing everything to try to keep me out of what I was doing, but it was too late already. Right? Bunch, you know what I mean? Like, you can’t hold this back for me now. So now 2.5 million comes when I’m 18 years old, the judge didn’t want to give it to me because they’re like, This girl is gonna blow through it. She’s gonna run it like, there’s no way she’s in the right state of mind. I had to get my life together so I could get my money, right for the first six months of my 18 year old life. I find out I’m pregnant. Okay, so now I’m like, what, like this, this is insane. Find out I’m pregnant. And I get told that I need to change my life or I’m not going to see my money until I’m 30. And I’m like, Damn, I gotta change it. It’s the only way I like this is where I could invest in something. This is where I could get my right. Holy cow. I find out I’m pregnant. And I want it to abort my kid. And if my kid listens to this one day, she’s heard the story before she knows I love her. She’s my everything. That’s my world is why I am the way I am and who I am. Find out I’m pregnant. I tend to want to have the little girl cuz to like, I’m a baby like, right? Right. I’m a dropout. I’m a drug user like Everything everyone’s saying, and now I’m an avid kid. So let’s top off the other freakin let’s check it off the list of

right? And then when I found out this my mom kind of put put me in a corner where she’s like, you know, like what type of like, how did I raise you like what type of woman would do that, like you have the you have $2.5 million you’re going to get and you’re going to go ahead and abort a kid because you want to go have fun. And when she said that, to me, it just made me feel like Oh, here we go. My mom judging me again like, right, yes, I guess I’m going to keep it So, um, at the time, it was more of a she was right. I had a really bad conscious so I knew that would have eaten me up. But then I feel like it was my decision. Right. I didn’t feel like that’s really what I wanted to do. So throughout my pregnancy, I was kind of upset with my mom, right? Because I wasn’t happy about what I was about to get into now, right? I’m five months pregnant. I am I get approved for my funds. When I get my funds. The first thing we do is go into business with this attorney. This attorney we’ve known him for so long. He’s honestly brilliant man like we’ve seen as investments. He does real estate. He invested in business. We go invest in a restaurant with him.

Josh 36:12
So you do you do eventually get the 2.5 million

Nani 36:16
get to 2.5 million pounds within my pregnancy. You gave it to me early. My pregnancy obviously helped because now I’m not doing anything I’m pregnant, you know, right, right. They give it to me when I’m five months, I go into this excitement mode. I want it to invest in the dispensary because at the time I’m working at a smoke shop. He’s making me manager he’s teaching me business. So that’s one of my first mentors, Tim. He saw something in me right? Like, he’s the reason kind of why I stopped selling and I started learning to sales like it’s awesome. Everybody on his floor and I’m the one that’s running his floor now. Um, and I go ahead I tell my mom, my mom’s like, no, we’re gonna invest in these restaurants like you don’t know Tim like that. You know, Chris and Tim was like family and my mom. I don’t need to know Chris, I know Tim so we get into this altercation, I end up investing with Chris. So again, another decision of my mom, not mine right now you’ve already Okay. Now we do this investment with Chris, probably about $300,000 we open up a restaurant in Kentucky, we go see the restaurants coming together we visited probably once or twice. And he kept asking for money, right like asking for more money asking for more money asking for more money. So that’s why my mom and I flew out there to see the two restaurants and I’m like, Okay, well, showing that like the papers show that he’s putting into this and it looks like it’s going into this latest restaurants really nice. Now, I’m going to go buy a house, right, like so now when we’re flying back. I’m about eight months. About eight months and we’re flying back. I bought my mom a car, bought myself a car. And now I’m like, I’m gonna buy my mom this house like it’s going to be her and I and like we’re gonna she’s gonna help me with this kid. Like, it’s gonna be great right by the house and the day that You know, the paperwork is clear. Now it’s time to go do our cash offer like we were going to do. My mom goes to the bank, and I’ll always remember her face. She comes out and I’m on the phone, and she’s like, hang up, and I look at her and I see like, there’s nothing in her hand. So I’m kind of like, what the hell like you for 30 minutes, like, Where’s the money? Right, right, right. Her and I’m like, what’s up? And she just stays quiet again and says, it’s gone. And I’m like, what’s gone? I literally, like, What are you talking about? Like, and I’m kind of thinking like, is she having a moment right now? Right, right. She’s talking about what are you talking about? What’s gone? And she’s like, the money all the accounts, they’re empty. And I’m like, What? And she’s like, you need to go in there with me and we need to call Chris right now. And we’re blowing Chris up my money market account, my business account, my personal account, like literally I have five accounts and the only account That wasn’t touched had about, say 250,000 in it. And that was my personal account. And that was the only account that had funds in it. He put all of our be took all of our funds and what he was doing why we were receiving such a large portion our investment right away in the vestments, not even up yet. He’s taking the money. And he was doing deals with someone out of the out of the country. I’m not sure what deals it was. He was flipping my money, and he was profiting off of it. And he was giving us some of the profit share. And this time the guy tricked him and told him Oh, let’s do the biggest like, let’s do the big deal. Last deal. All we need is this much, which was about like one point like 8 million, took it all invested in it, supposedly, and the guy ran off with the money.

Josh 39:47
Oh my god. Yeah. So what is your life? Dude, why is your life right now? I’m telling you, you’re What? 18 years old. 19 years old, seven

Nani 39:57
18 years old. I’m 18 years old. 18 years old this happens to me and immediately he within that month files bankruptcy his chapter of his bankruptcy ended last year and we’re obviously in a pursuit to get my funds back but it’s been so long there’s it’s just it’s going to be an ongoing

Josh 40:17
Yeah, that was six years seven years ago. Oh my gosh!

Nani 40:22
Um, so yeah, man that that really that right there got me where I’m like, dude, now I gotta have this kid and like, why like I’m not

Josh 40:31
You are a millionaire liquid. And you’re supposed to have a house and funds coming in. And you’re gonna and it’s just what on earth? This is insane. So this I don’t understand how you got to where you’re at today. This is just pause for a quick sec. I know we’re not there yet. But like, not I just gotta give you props because like, most people would have quit a long time ago, like a long, long time ago. So like mad props to us and crazy. Alright. I’m fascinated by the story continue

Nani 41:02
No problem. I’m going to continue and you know what you’re getting like the full scoop. Because when you listen to other podcast, I don’t get in this deep with them or tell the details like this. So this is an exclusive show.

Josh 41:12
I appreciate it. Awesome. This is awesome.

Nani 41:14
Um, yeah, man. I just saw some of your story too. And I related with a lot of what your emotions at least that you felt. So I’m like, let me let me give it all I got on this. And yeah, so this happens. Obviously, I’m raising a baby on my own because I my baby’s father does if I’m not with him, he doesn’t want any part with it. So I’m going through that right now. Right? I have 250,000 laughs and my mom was like, well, we’re obviously not going to buy a house. Like that would be dumb. We we got to figure this out. So uh, we don’t make any investments. Because at this point, I’m scared, right?

Josh 41:47
Right, you just lost $2 million in a million bucks.

Nani 41:50
I’m like, What do I do? And what do I know? I know drugs. I know how to sell weed. I know how to find things and flip them right. So I’m like, What do I do okay, well, I’m gonna go back into my old ways. I end up having my kid. And I was just like, what do I freakin do? And I guess it was a scarcity mindset of like, yeah, look, I I trusted somebody and it didn’t go my way. Like, why the hell would I trust anybody? Yeah. This is what I get for treating good, like people good. So Right, right, a big part of why like I’ve had such trust issues, because I get screwed. And I think I get screwed because I wear my heart on my sleeve and people hear my story. They see what I’ve been through, and they’re like, she’s eager. She’s hungry. She’ll go for it. And before I used to be that dumb, you’re hungry. Yeah, I got it. If it’s shiny, I’ll go for it because I never had opportunities. And then I realized that I gotta start creating my own because people are always going to see my hunger, my eagerness and my ability to want to participate in something great and they’re going to always take it for granted. So now 18 years old, I’m like, I need to start selling weed again. So what I do, I’m technically not selling it. I give it to somebody to sell I’m just investing in it right now. I’m like, Okay, well let me Yeah, let’s

Josh 43:05
pause there. Yeah,

Nani 43:06
yeah let me go ahead and give myself a job like let me get let me let me figure this out. So now I tried to get a job no one’s except me right because I have such a bad like history it with my juvenile record, right right. I don’t have any experience and now I’m like, Okay, I’m going full sun with this weed selling stuff. I get my own apartment. Bad Ass apartment shouldn’t have done it because all I have is $250,000 course go ahead put 50 grand in a CD for my daughter, which I still have

now I go full force I have like two apartments I have two cars. Fine product I’m doing this whole nine and

Josh 43:45
we’re moving product at this point.

Nani 43:47
Yeah, I’m moving product at this point is now my no one’s gonna accept me. I’m like,

Josh 43:51

Nani 43:52
I can’t get a job. I can’t do anything and I just finished getting my GED. That was the last thing I was like. All right. At least let me get this GED before they change that. role where it’s not considered a high school diploma. Yeah, that wasn’t getting accepted anywhere. So I just felt really like a nobody, right? I even tried to do College in a year. I just felt so dumb because I’m like, man, yeah,

Josh 44:11
Yeah, I get it. Yeah

Nani 44:13
spending all this time I was always fighting and I’m smart. But one thing about me is that if I don’t feel like I know it, I get uncomfortable because I feel stupid, right? And as a person that’s that broken doesn’t have self worth right now doesn’t have any integrity because I didn’t write I’m doing bad shit. That’s not someone with integrity. Right? Right. So me being in that bad place. I always had an ego and I never wanted my ego to get broken even though my shit was broken. I didn’t have I didn’t even have a word. You know? I yeah, I’m so I dropped out of college and now I’m going full force with selling weed and someone tried to kick in my damn door. And when someone tried to kick in my door, I realized I have a gun. I’m a little girl and how is this gonna play out? Like, what am I gonna really do? Like, either I’m gonna do something wrong or This person is going to do something wrong and for some reason they left right. And that right there for me was like, Okay, I need to stop selling drugs because like, this is big that was the first time in my life where I felt conviction because now I’m like, Oh shit, there’s someone else’s life in here.

Josh 45:13
gotta know Cody you got your kid

Nani 45:15
and and but you know what dude like I say if you’re not ready for a kid you weren’t expecting a kid you were just a kid doing stupid shit having unprotected sex with someone you didn’t really care about and like I have no guilt or shame saying that because there’s so many women been through this and they put this fake ass excuse on like, no, I wanted my baby and I was I always know is perfect and I’m no like, I had to live with that feeling because it made me a better mom.

Josh 45:42

Nani 45:42
No, you got shit to fix because it’s someone in their right mind does not think like this, right? All right, something wrong and I’m right there was I was like, I gotta change my life. So I basically go collecting all my money. I clear out the apartments that I had, and I go move around. Crosstown I don’t tell anybody I packed my shit in the middle of the night. The next day after I packed all my stuff I went apartment hunting found a place that next night I pulled up a u haul van and I did I didn’t tell a soul dang number everything and when

Josh 46:15
I felt there’s a movie going to be written about you someday.

Nani 46:17
I hope so. I

Josh 46:19
got I feel like that’s cool.

Nani 46:20
Yeah, man. I hope so. And Holy cow. Yeah, not now. We’re getting some good stuff. The good stuff is coming. All right. All right. So now I’m move across town. I get a job at Outback and my mom always taught me like, if you’re going to do something be the best at it. Whether you’re the janitor, whether you’re the waitress, whether you’re the garbage man, like always be in the room. Yeah, that was me my whole life. Like everything I did. I’m like, I can be the best. So I dial back. I didn’t have experience. I was a host 19 years old with a kid like I’m gonna make damn money. So I heard because they told me I could get promoted to serving. So now I’m like, man, I gotta hustle hard. I gotta be the best one. So I’m working doubles every single day. De $100 just to make $100 my new and every two weeks I got like a $300 check. So I was really making like 1000 bucks like almost dollars but I had to like I had to feed my kid Right,

Josh 47:15
right, right.

Nani 47:16
My money’s rolling roll. I’m going lower. I spent money like a dumb ass on dumb things like so incredibly.

Josh 47:24
Yeah, I’ve been there. Just makes you so mad.

Nani 47:30
Man, so incredibly stupid. And my money’s rolling low. And now I have this girlfriend and I have not missed a day and I’m like, What do I do? Like I gotta take care of them. I need to keep going. So now I’m facing my water being turned off. Now I’m facing that I could barely pay rent. I have no pride and saying I even went to try and get some government assistance to help me out. My mom pulled through for me and that was the thing that my mom always pulled through for me like if I really needed it, there’s a Where she was how she bought myself and my girlfriend some clothes because we needed it and she helped us buy groceries. And yeah, I turn off, but I remember a point where I’m eating corn. And like, I made my kids last bit of like little food that was there. And I’m sitting on the floor with now she’s like one of my best friends. She still helps me till this day would not mistake because of just the history of God. Yeah, sitting on the floor here. I’m eating canned food. She’s eating like tuna and some crackers. And like, we look at each other. And we just started laughing. She’s like, She’s lovely. She tells me she like, Isn’t it crazy that no matter what, you’re going to go through it? And like, What do you mean, she’s like, you’re gonna have to go through this because you’ve been such a bad person for so long that you’re gonna have to learn what being a good person really takes. And she said that Dang. That’s what started changing my perspective. I was like, Oh shit, so I need to be prepared now. Like, now I need to start preparing myself that things are going to happen to me and I gotta figure out just like I figured I’m interesting. I

Josh 49:00
mean, that’s some tough love right there. But I guess he’s right. Yeah.

Nani 49:03
On the floor with me. So obviously, you know, right. To me, she loved me. Right, right. This happens and I get fired from Outback and I worked hard but someone was stealing in the front and because no one wanted to say there’s three people in to go line. I had nothing to do with it because I was in the back doing food. But because no one had details. We all had to get fired. And the manager told me he felt so bad doing it to me and I beg like, I was in tears. Like, I had nothing. I’m like, right, right. I can’t lose this job. Like, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Like, I can’t lose this job. And I was in tears and everyone had my back like, everybody was like, Nani Nani works hard. She comes she’s here, which is you have to be here. Right? Right. And, um, someone saw something in me there and that’s what led my my road to sales. I left out of there. I got a phone call from one of the managers. And she’s like, Look, fuck that place. My brother in law runs a call center. He’s looking for a secretary. I’m going to get you an interview. I get a call the next hour, the guy tells me we come in tomorrow. I’m like, for sure. Like, I’ll be there, right? Yeah,

Josh 50:10
sure, right. You’re like,

Nani 50:12
and when I go there, one retire pop, I had to change my own damn tire. I look like a crazy woman when I go in there, like, my hair now is like, frizzy. I got black stuff on my shirt. And I literally tell him, I’m like, Look, man, I just want you to know, this is how dedicated I am to this job, that I still made it on time. And my tire popped on 595. And I look like this not because I don’t know how to dress appropriately. Right?

Josh 50:37

Nani 50:38
He’s my own shit because I didn’t want to wait for triple A right? laughing and he goes, have you ever done sales before? And I’m like, laugh and I’m like, depending on what you consider.

Very familiar with it. But

he tells me he’s like, you know, I wanted to for front desk, but I’m going to think about it. And he tells me I’ll give you a call tomorrow. I’m like, Okay. I’m walking out and he comes on he’s a nine. You know, what do you have anything to do right now? And I was just like, no, like I could work right now right? How do you know that? You do the job? I’m like, Well, I mean like whatever you need I could do it right now right? He’s right. I want to show you the sales floor. So I come into this place. Looks like dude like perfect Wolf of Wall Street. I promise you you know when he walks? Yeah, yeah, like the places a fat guy. Oh, God, I promise you oh my gosh, people. He’s like, I’ve never had a girl on my floor. But something about you. I think you’re going to be my golden egg. And I’m like, Okay. Night today. Yeah, I go in there. I did training for a week the most bullshit training dude like they gave me a packet and I had a copy and no one taught me anything. And then I sit next to this guy named Rodney rest in peace, Robbie. I sit next to him and he is an old ass bronc like, doesn’t like millennials doesn’t like music, but he cared about me. And like I thought I was doing well the first month I’m closing deals left and right student debt consolidation, as I’m gonna have an amazing month, the next month, I get all of those cancelled. I didn’t calculate something correctly in the calculator. I was missing a step. And that point romney saw and Romney said, You know what, I’m gonna help you out. So I got his old school is helping me out. I got this other kid that I’m mimicking in the room because he’s the top one supposedly, right? How am I going to be number one? How can I do this? And I started seeing that if I took initiative, that I get more benefits with these guys and the boss at the time loved me like the owners fucking adored me like he cared about me so much. They gave me so much opportunity that I started feeling significant. And this is where my growth began. I started getting called ma’am I had a cubicle, I had files I I was helping people. I was killing it in the floor. We ended up having five reps Fast Forward five years. I worked for those guys. We ended up Having over 100 employees all trained and hired by myself, I earned a manager position wow comes in processes. I created sales like I fought that way to help that business grow. I helped them get to seven figures with their student debt consolidation company. And then we created a moving brokerage together. And that place I give all the credit to because it taught me everything. I’m gonna say this It sounds like you spend a lot of time here.

Josh 53:23
Hope you really get your life back together.

Nani 53:25
Um, I got obsessed with work. I didn’t leave that work now. I fell in love with sales. But keep in mind Wolf of Wall Street. So it was drinking cocaine, but I was making money right? And I saw these guys that I thought were my mentors that I thought cared about me doing the same thing. They’re freakin taking us to the strip club. They’re taking us to drink. They’re taking us to Duplo I’ve seen them cheat on their wives. I’m seeing I’m seeing this lifestyle and I’m like, but they still have it all like, I want right? I’m like, right? This right. So now I’m hanging out with these people. Now I’m picking up a new habit every Thursday night football football group. I’m a dolphins fan. I know that you’re a Patriots fan.

Josh 54:04
We can be we can be friends, we can be friends.

Nani 54:09

I got and I started feeling like man, these are my friends. At least these people, they’re not drug dealers and they’re not. Well, kind of they are kind of, they’re not dealers. They’re like, right, right, right. And they got their shit together and like, firing dream so I started getting obsessed with hanging out with them. Thursday night, we drink all night after work. Fridays we drink all day I at work all day at work to the night. I’m hungover as hell Saturday, so I didn’t want to see my kid right.

Later on, on Sundays I go,

Josh 54:45
Where’s your kids are all this,

Nani 54:47
My dad, my dad, my dad and that’s how my dad gained a lot of respect back for me because he helped me take care of my kids and my size, and when I got the job, I chose the decision to move out of my apartment. Because I just didn’t feel like I can maintain it anymore. And I didn’t want to edge myself to do something that I didn’t want to do like sell drugs because at this point, I got that broken mindset. So my dad moved back. Nice. And he’s helping me out right and it was more of a guilt thing. Like I’ve always fought with him about that. Like, he tries to throw it in my face and I’m like, just because you fuck my life up does not mean that you get an okay to say, Hey, I hope you with your kids. You know what I mean? Right? My dad, my dad at this point, taking care of my little one a lot more. And Sundays, I would go hang out right and this was my lifestyle consistently. And now I’m making 10 k a month 15 k a month I got a base salary. I’m the manager I got a nice ass car. And I find out that these guys they’re screwing me over. They told me that if I help them with their moving company, start up a seven figure business just like we did with the debt consolidation come up with my sales process that their trainings everything they have. That’s mine, and I was dumb asked because I didn’t realize that I could sell that. I could license it I can make them sign a contract. I didn’t know any of that because everything they told me it was always in good faith and they upgrade their, you know, these were the first people like I trusted again and that’s why so much when I got screwed. They tell me they’re gonna give me 10% the day comes right? I remember fantasy football draft, just pick the badass team. I’m going into the office. I’m telling them like, Yo, I’m about to kick your asses. And I’m about to get a part of this business. I’m fired up like, I am freaking excited. Right? Right. Life is finally together. Yeah, life is coming together. Not too much. Cuz now I’m drinking a lot more. But I know right now I’m like, I got money I could read you know, right. Now they tell me come into the office and I go into the office and like, they’re all kind of like quiet with a beer and I’m kind of like, what’s going on? Like, who died like what’s what’s what’s right, right. I gotta fix you know, before we go out and he tells me, you know, sit down, and I’m like, okay, and I was closer with Justin than Diego. Sorry for using their names Justin Diego, but screw you guys. So with that being said, um, I was closer with Justin than him, and, um, man, I look at him and he’s like Diego has something to tell you. And I’m like, Okay, look at Diego and he’s like, Look, you know, you make a lot of money like you don’t Aren’t you happy? And I look at him I’m like, yeah, you make a lot of money. Are you happy? Like what? where’s this going? Yeah, right right. And he’s like, you know, we’re not going to give you the 10% just because we only told you that to work harder which look it made you get the money that you want it so technically you’re getting what you you want it and we’re we build up our business now if you want to be a manager will increase your base a little bit more. But um, we just don’t see that happening right now. And I look at them and I literally was like, you guys are fucking with me right? Like, I’m telling you like these right? At this point. Right? Right, right. I’m going to dinner was with their live like I’m hanging out with like, their family. So like, I’m like, shut up. Right, right. I was looking at them like, shut up. And they were serious. I was like, wait, you guys are serious. And they were like, 90, like, you make a lot of money and I was like, I got it. I got it. And I go out the office, I grab a box and I start packing my shit. packing my shit, packing my shit packing my shit. And they’re like, what are you doing? And I’m just like, I’m leaving. They’re like, Don’t make a scene on the floor. Because everybody loved me. They didn’t like them. A lot of them poison like they were there for me is how I treated them. Right. What I, what I what I did for the business. I was for the people not for the boss. Right?

Josh 58:43

Nani 58:46
They’re like, Don’t make a scene. I’m like, Okay, well, and I made a scene. I didn’t make it. But I got up on the desk and I basically said, Hey, everybody, I’m going to be leaving and everyone will immediately was like, why? Like, I like listen You know, take it from me, if these guys just screwed me over, they’re going to continue to do the same thing that you guys. So make it what it is, but I’m out of here. And as soon as I said that to half the floor got up and they left with me.

Josh 59:15
Okay, like we need a movie. Like we actually need a movie of this. This is so insane.

Nani 59:21
Yeah. And um, that that made me lead to depression though, because they were my friends and they kind of blacklisted me all the people that we hung out with blacklisted me. These guys are ending me. You know, starting up a bunch of stuff. So then I did some childish things, told some things to their wives. So now it’s getting really personal and it just drained me dude. It really did. So for about four and a half months, I was just drinking and I was just not giving a fuck, I didn’t work. I didn’t I didn’t get up. I was tired. I didn’t move and when I finally did, I went out to a party. Sunday brunch is really Down here in South Florida, so I went out to brunch on a Sunday. And I was not in the right state of mind. Drink all day. I don’t remember having my ex in the car. And I guess we were driving I caught her doing something, you know, cheating on me and I guess I pulled her ass into the car. I drove blacked out and I crashed the car. And when I crashed the car, I didn’t even remember being arrested. I woke up in jail. And when I woke up in jail, I’m in a freakin suicide suit. It’s not like it’s close together but in jail when you get arrested it’s like a turtle like a ninja turtle suit in a way looks like a grenade right? You just don’t have any sleeves nothing. It’s not straps. You’re just like a little dress. So I wake up and I’m kind of like what so like, right where I got kidnapped honestly, like right getting with you like jail with the least thing on my mind. Right? I look out the little window that I have this little creek. I have I see that it’s the main jail and I’m like, What the hell? Like, what? And I start looking around like, Oh my god, where’s my friend like, Oh my god, like, Oh my god, like, you know,

Josh 1:01:10
like, freak out. Right, right for sure.

Nani 1:01:13
And I always say it to my friends and I tell my family like I legit punch myself in the face cuz I’m like, I gotta be dreaming. I’m like, there’s no way right, like right away and I’m banging on the door. banging, banging, banging. Finally someone comes in and tells me you’re on suicide watch for 72 hours. I guess I kicked the officers boot when they had me on the ground. I really don’t remember so I don’t really like to rock right. Yeah, no, that’s fine. Yeah, um, but yeah, something happened where the officer the six nine officer felt threatened by me. belligerently drunk so it happened. And I got in suicide watch for it and 72 hours, no bond, no phone call. The lady tells me you totaled your car and I look at her and say my friend was in it and she’s like and that’s it and when she said that it killed me because I’m like, oh my god I killed someone else like oh my god I just killed somebody like oh my god, I have no bond. I can’t make a phone call like I’m on suicide watch. Like there’s no way like, I just killed my best friend that right like I just right? What the hell so now for 72 hours. I got to sit there in my own pity in soap, right. So now I’m like going crazy. I’m sitting here reflecting and I’m like, I may change my life or I need to be out of here. Like, am I really worth it? And I know a lot of people they sit in jail like a lot of people I’ve interviewed that have that moment. They’re like, I need to change. I was like, I need to be out like I don’t need to be on this road. No, yeah, I’m done going through this. I’m done being her. I’m done trusting people. I’m really just done right. And finally I get to see the judge. They told me that I totaled my car I’m getting a you know, underage drinking not underage drinking reckless driving. I’m getting a felony a battery. Like they told me all these like, they name out my rap sheet right? Now I have a bond. So I’m like, Okay, then kill somebody.

Josh 1:03:17
She didn’t die, didn’t die. So

was she in jail too or she walk or she leave the scene or like what happened?

Nani 1:03:24
So based off of what happened with my car, I hit a wall and my side got banged up more than what her side did. So she was able to walk and in the police report, she basically like, threw me under the bus.

Josh 1:03:39

Nani 1:03:40
Yeah, she got to walk and I gave him the first reason to give a call is her hangs up on me. Give my mom a call. hangs up on me, kid my dad call piss his fuck at me tells me he doesn’t have money for on the call my mom again. My mom’s like your bosses are trying to like your ex bosses are trying to bond you out. Like screw them, like I’m not gonna have them help me like, Fuck that, like I bought myself out right I end up looking at the wall one of my really close friends mom owns a bail bonds ended up bonding myself out when abundant myself out I had to wait there another 48 hours to get bonded out. So I was there until like five days it was probably the worst five days in my life like that holy cow horrible dude horrible. I was there five days and then I get bonded out. My dad picks me up with my little one. And my little one didn’t even realize I was gone. And that’s what tore me up. And that’s what a firm that thought of I don’t need to be here anymore.

So when I got home, she was just kind of like, Hey, Mom, like, I’m like, you know, I was gone. And my dad was like, well, that’s what you get when you’re not when you’re not being around. Yeah, when you’re not. I was just like, wow, like that hurt me and I think that for anybody listening to this that has someone that’s going through something. It’s so important to make sure you watch your words because I get tough love, but you also don’t get it when someone is like me. Not in the right mental state of mind. Yeah. And they love you a lot. And like you’re the one that caused some of the pain and then you say something like that you really feel like a piece of shit, right? So now I tell my dad, I gotta go get some paperwork for my probation tomorrow. I lied. I went got some booze. I find some Sanic bars from a friend. I go to my friend, my friend’s house and I say some crazy shit basically, like, my mind was gone. And she followed me where I was going, and I didn’t know that and I go to this jetties in Fort Lauderdale, there’s a lot of big rocks high, top low, and I went there and I drink the last bit of this bottle I take like, probably like 10 bars, and I literally foot over the rock. Other foot over the rock like I was, I was above the damn ground like and that’s why I said she she’s an angel. Um, she ended up knocking me before like a kid went over and like I made the decision break the Bottom going and I get knocked back. And when I get knocked back, I’m like on the ground like what the fuck? And she tells me Nani Why can’t you see that? It’s not everybody that doesn’t care about you. It’s you that doesn’t care about you. Why don’t you see that it’s not everybody that doesn’t love you. It’s you that doesn’t love you know what you’re gonna do about it? And I was just like, wow, like I cried like a little baby, I broke down. And that’s when I really started to change my life. I got into personal development, started watching motivational videos, I took my probation very seriously. And I was like, You know what, I need to get a job I need to get my shit together. I need to either get a job or build a business and I’m like, What do I know? So I started up a moving brokerage. But prior to that I got connected with a good friend of mine. He wanted me to run up and run his health insurance for never did health insurance but I know call center metrics sales, the whole right right. We started that up did six figures the first month, but I wasn’t happy with it. I was like, dude, I’m lying to people. It’s Limited plans that aren’t benefiting people. I’m not in this, like, I don’t want to get in trouble. So my mindset was always like, I don’t want to get in trouble. I don’t want to do it. You know, I’m the guy tells me the owners like, Well, what do you want to do? I know like you got great ideas. What were you doing before this? I’m like I was doing moving. Do you want to do it again? And I’m like, I guess so. And the part that I always tell everyone I think I failed as being a business owner is because I really was I really didn’t want to be one yet. I didn’t feel like I had the capability to be one yet. And I knew that I still wasn’t in the right state of mind. And I still had a lot of work to do on myself before I had to take responsibilities like this, but I still did it. Because I had no other choice. I was right through it. He makes this investment and I really go all in and now I’m discovering and my lead. I’ve already was familiar with the legends Bob Proctor Les Brown, Tony Robbins, because my mom was into MLM. So she used to take me with her to some of her conferences and I used to listen, this is dumb. This isn’t for me. I read personal development affirmations a secret so I just started taking one my mom Forgive me, I started applying it right. And now I’m like, really into like wanting to do better morning routine, you know, gratitude and I build this business up the first three months, we hit $350,000 in sales. We’re killing it. And this guy, which was my partner, ends up telling me he wants to get paid out. The deal was that we get paid on in the year. I tell them there’s nothing to really pay out. We have a very high expense when it comes to the marketing at the time we were doing Google campaign ads PPC, our market is highly saturated, the keywords there, they’re expensive. Yeah. And at the time, I wasn’t too familiar with it. So I’m playing basically playing with it until I figure it out. Right. Um, we had we had businesses we needed to pay out like truckers we had to pay out we had to wait till jobs got completed. We did a lot of corporate jobs. So the jobs were above five grand they were like $20,000 jobs that if the job doesn’t go right, you have to you know, give a credit back there’s there’s so much to go with it. We are moving. And this guy didn’t understand that and this guy said $150,000 off the account. And what’s a frederico? told me the business is mine and deal with it. So now you think okay, she has 150,000 left? No, because I still had a marketing campaign that was running me about 30 grand a month. Yeah. That I had to pay out. And now moving season’s over. So it’s time to pay off the truckers. And now it’s time to pay the people that I owe credit to. Did that drain me. And now, I find out that people are leaving in charge. They’re stealing from me. They’re stealing credit card numbers from the damn

Josh 1:09:31

Nani 1:09:32
customers that we had. So now I’m like, What? I’m like, man, like, I’ll try to do good. And this is happening. So I have a breakdown. And this is where like, I think that fire of empowered of me a passion came out where I was like, I’m really done with this. So I fire anybody on the floor. I see this Ambassador group tenex. And I’m like, you know what, I’m going to join it. I’m not super interactive in the group. I paid 1000 bucks to be in and I’m not but this day. I was like, You know what? I need somebody I need some friends right now. And yeah, I go on live very similar to this. And I go live for about two hours. And I’m crying. I’m breaking down I’m telling my whole entire life story like, just like I’m doing right now. entire thing. And I have over 1000 people looking at this live and over 2000 comments I had over 1000 people writing me messages like oh my god your story decided that fired me up where I was like, Okay, I got people that care about me, okay, I got people that were like me, okay, are different people so I started going really ham on this group. I ended up being awarded as the ambassador of the group and 2018 because I was just all in on it. Um, and from there I was like, I love this mastermind idea. I love this environment. I love how it has helped me take my moving business from zero to now I’m getting a reoccurring a 20 grand But then I realized I was burnt out. I get to 10 next growth con. I go with a buddy we have premier seats. I spent like my last six k that I have on these damn tickets. Literally I’m broke after I paid for these premiere seats. Yeah. And like Dude, Steve Harvey spoke and I felt like he was speaking to me brother talking about purpose and talking about how so many of us have a purpose. But we don’t we don’t want to face it. We have a calling but we don’t want to face it and then when we wonder why am I taking on these obstacles? Why am I taking on these struggles like why what why is this for me is because it was never for you, but you kept trying to push it and push it and push it that’s not purpose. And when he said that I’m like man in the same book that I have right here this the 10 x growth com books you guys see in my life that I wrote in power in pack in theory, like literally right, six different names. I’m next to one of my best friends and I circle empower. And I look at him and I said, I’m going to close on my moving company and I’m gonna start up a mastermind community healers I know you’re crazy as hell like right got this business going again like that. And I’m like no, no, no, no, this feels right. This feels right. And a couple months prior to that I discovered God, I was listening to end my left blissful dissatisfaction love that episode, and my life is a life changer for me like to do. Yeah, I got to express to him that and, you know, at my darkest times, he was there when I wanted to go back to that dark place to suicide. I ended up listening to blissful dissatisfaction. And I took my acid church the next Sunday, and I haven’t missed it Sunday since. And for me, I’m like, I got to be a servant. I got to be a leader. I got it. I got to my message, my mission, my message, my mission, my message, my message and two weeks later, ended up closing down a innovative moving solutions. I gathered together about 20 people, ask them, let me coach you for free. All I want to do is get a badass testimony. This program for 90 days where I held them accountable created a growth plan. Put a blueprint place because one thing I realized is that I have a lot experience with business. I got a lot of experience with life. And I didn’t get myself here for no reason. So if I could get myself here, there’s no way that I can’t help somebody right? to do in that 90 days happen. I got tremendous results. One of my closest mentees quit his job when I was helping them and now he started up a six figure days digital marketing agency, another one of my mentees lost over 100 pounds. Another one started up a mastermind community just like this and started up a subscription of six figures all with just the things that I’m telling them to put into place. So when I started seeing them like okay, this is working. Yeah, but I didn’t want to be like anyone else. I found love with Russell secrets, expert secrets, and I fell in love with the concept of give, give, give and the one thing that Russell Brunson said is you got two options. You either got money, or you got a lot of time and I’m like I got a lot of fucking time right now. I got a lot of time right now. So I started giving, giving giving the first six months of my business I didn’t make any money whatsoever. I didn’t charge a single dollar. And I just was just giving and reaching out to these bigger players. How can I create a mastermind? How can I go Cause my car got repossessed, I almost got evicted a couple times. I share the fact that I got saved last year around this time. So the grace of God is what got me through it because I was just faithful. I didn’t understand faith before I didn’t understand or I didn’t understand process. And through me having a pastor that I look up to a pastor that I get mentored by being a part of Arctic accelerator, really diving into who I’m really supposed to be and facing my demons. It has helped me get to that next level. I live my life by five C’s consciousness, confession, clarity, commitment and consistency. Because you got to be conscious of where you’re at and like really conscious of who you are where you’re at what needs to change. Once you’re conscious you got to have confession Be honest with yourself. What do you need to change? What are you doing wrong? We’re always like, man, my environment man this like no, what are you doing wrong? Like, be honest Once you’re honest, you’re able to get clear. Once you’re clear, you could get committed. And then the most important of all is consistency. If I didn’t stay consistent a year later from doing this, I wouldn’t be able to be on your podcast, I wouldn’t have had the chance to go speak on a stage with john, my lead Ryan student, I wouldn’t be able to have these big players and we wouldn’t have been able to start up a six figure business two times this year, right. So I started charging. In September, after I got on dropping bombs with my story. I saw that people were like, Hone into what I was doing, started charging, starting up a monthly subscription. $97 a month, a mastermind community. I started getting bigger players to be on my calls because I do a podcast but it’s a mastermind interview style. And I hit two birds in one stone with that I have a badass portal with content. I’ve invested in myself over you know, $50,000 and masterminds courses. I’ve just went all in on me. And I had to do that in order to become better because I can’t serve people. If I’m not served for Right, right. So I started up my business I hit six figures with it. I went to a Lewis house event I met this guy that needed help with his dispensary closed my first hundred and $35,000 deal told him I could work within 90 days was awesome. annex his income. I did that we sign off on a different contract now. And yeah, man, I just from there, I’ve just been hitting the ground running and really trying to do what I can. I’m falling into my mission of speaking more so I could resonate with people, but I serve monthly, I’m always in the church, and I’m always trying to grind and do something great. So I’ve really changed my life around because I have a daughter and I have a purpose that’s greater than anything that I can imagine.

Josh 1:16:41
This is probably the most insane story I’ve ever heard in my whole life certainly on on things different during the interview here. First off, thank you so much for coming on and sharing this and being so open and vulnerable with this. We are over on time but I do want to ask you a couple questions if you’re if you’re up for okay before we wrap it up here. Um so How is the relationship like in your own head with this old version of you? Like how are you dealing with all the crap that still comes up? Because I’m sure it’s there.

Nani 1:17:11
Man it’s out there no more man I have to be honest with you I found Christ and I’m not someone to go say hey, you know, go you know preach Jesus if that’s your and if you don’t believe in him that’s fine but me, I’m a woman of God and like I said earlier, I needed to be forgiven from something bigger than people I needed to be forgiven something bigger than myself because what I’ve learned is people are going to have opinions people are going to judge me someone listening this right now is finally man this girl’s crazy that’s cool. I’m okay with that. What I’ve learned is that you got to put yourself in a position for rejection. The reason why is because you thin out the herd like Andy for seller says then the herd out Yeah, I’m not shooting isn’t for anybody, but I know that I got a lot of people out there that feel like I do. And I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t go tell my story because there’s a little too Yo girl right now that’s doing something that she should not be doing and that she thinks that her future is not worth it. And I want to let people know that I’m a disabled, I have a handicap. I’ve lost a couple of friends, drinking and driving a friend got shot in front of me. I’ve been on the ground looking for drugs like I’ve been a drug addict. I’ve been a drug dealer, and I’m telling you there’s nothing better than being someone that has faith and that can actually impact people. So when I found Christ and I forgave myself because I took myself through a wringer dude, like that’s those five seas were discovered in that time where I had to get some soul discovery like, yeah, me and I got saved. And when I got saved that burden, like I always talk about it like, dude, can you imagine waking up every day and people are looking up to you and you don’t feel that way? They’re like, Man, you’re so awesome. You’re a good person, like, dude, I did not feel that way. When I was coaching these people. I was like, I’m not a good person. I just want to help you because I Right,

Josh 1:18:52
Right. Right. And I think that that’s the driving factor behind things choose life just because you’re broken and is that I think this is important story. For For anybody out there, especially in the coaching world, and of course we’re on things like that, like, make sure and like you did, you went and got results way before for a long period of time before you ever started charging, which is absolutely such an important key to this story here. But But equally as important here is understand that like, just because you don’t have your like business and everything figured out like you have a skill set that is valuable to somebody else. It might not be building a business, but it might be sales, it might not be sales, but it might be Facebook ads, right, and your life might be a complete wreck. But if you have a skill that can go out and help people don’t be afraid to go share that and I love that last question I have for you here before we wrap it up here is wasn’t so like where do you go from here? What’s next? What’s the vision?

Nani 1:19:47
So man, um, as I become more filled with conviction, my pastor always says what you’re filled with is what you will be led by, and I’m right now I’m just trying to fill myself up with being a service to as many things people as possible. I’ve kind of at this time for the last 90 days, I’ve backed off of doing my group coaching. I’m going to release it again at the end of March. The reason why is I wanted to really focus on my passion, which is speaking. And I wanted to also make sure that I haven’t stored my book by me. So I got backed up a little bit just to get focused on the thing that I really love and the passion I want to say. So my main goal for empower is just to create a community of over as everyone says a number, I want to impact over 100,000 people, right. But I think my main goal, my end result is I want to be able to touch at risk youth. So my, my dream is to be able to create youth centers, you know, in cities that really needed and to be able to give back. So right now, I’m a project leader at my church that deals with nonprofits. And I’m also you know, going really in and wanting to speak to associations, halfway houses, high schools, because I want to let people know it’s not how you start. It’s how you finish and you know, if you’re if you’re not first, you’re last

Josh 1:21:01
I’m Ricky Bobby there Nani thank you so much for coming on the show this has been an insane episode for sure for sure so thank you so much for your time and for open it up and for sharing any last words or anything that you want to share the audience

Nani 1:21:13
No man I just want anyone that heard my story if you like what I’m saying like what I’m doing like what you’re seeing, go ahead and give me a follow and you know

Josh 1:21:21
if Yeah, where can we follow you

Nani 1:21:24
@azonani, “A Z O N A N I”, “Alpha Zula Oscar November Alpha November India” and make sure that when you do go ahead and tag me or follow me let me know you heard of my podcast that way we connect and if you know if you’re ever feeling down, just know that it’s not how you start. It’s how you finish. It’s a Ricky Bobby quote but it’s true. Because you got to think of it this way. If you don’t put yourself first. You’re always going to put yourself last with your mental your spirituality with your health with your business. You got to come first because if you’re not right then nothing else is going to be right with it. I love that. I love it.

Josh 1:21:59
Nani thank you so much for your time. Guys, this has been another episode of Think Different Theory with Josh Forti and Nani Bernal, you got it right this time. Thank you so much, guys, as always, hustle, hustle, God bless, do not be afraid to think different, because those of us who think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all. And I will see you on the next episode on Friday 12 o’clock eastern time. We have a great episode actually. One of my first success students is coming on to the show. He was making 400 bucks a month before we got together and I helped him out doing over 20,000 bucks a month out it got a really really cool community of people that he’s helping out and building so don’t miss that 12 o’clock eastern time on Friday. I will see you then. I love you all. And I’ll see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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