Think Different Theory

The “Customer Acquisition Framework” That Made $250,000 In 2 Months (How To Land High Paying Clients)


Want to get MORE dream customers and clients to your business? In this episode, I break down the “Customer Acquisition Framework” that has made $250,000 in just 2 months THIS YEAR already for my clients and me.


I not only show you what the framework is, I give you examples of how it is used, and show you how you can apply this to your business.

The best part? This process has been done with $0 in ads.


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March 9, 2020


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Where are most fast food restaurants located? They’re located around highways and busy roads in the city. Let me put it right off the exit of that highway. Advertise it so that people can see it so that they go, Oh, I want that exit buy right back on their path. Does that make sense? That’s how you would do a burger joint right? The same thing is true for your online business.

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What’s up guys welcome back to another episode of Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And what a day it is to be alive. Happy Monday everyone. I hope you’re having a phenomenal Monday here today it is a’s cloudy and raining here today it’s getting warmer slowly but surely, very slowly but surely it was like negative 20 negative 10 for like several months and then it slowly got warmer and then it shot up and the past week like the last like four or five days here in Omaha it’s been beautiful yesterday it was 71 degrees. The day before that it was 69 degrees. It’s been in the 50s and 60s and even got up to 70 for the last like four or five days which have been super, super nice. But our luck did not continue today. It’s like 35 degrees in like a rainy ice so hopefully it gets a little bit warmer there. But spring is On the way, and I cannot wait for it because spring is just it’s much better than winter. And as promised with Omaha guys, I’m not gonna lie to you. The problem is, is that it’s so windy in Omaha, like where I live in Nebraska, that even when it’s beautiful, nice, the wind just comes in and just like rips the warmth away, which is kind of depressing, but we’re getting out of here. Okay, guys, in this episode, I’m going to show you how I’m going to show you the framework that we use and have used over the past two months, this year to generate over $250,000 in revenue for myself and clients. That’s By the way, a $3 million run rate what for the year so yeah, it’s gonna be super, super awesome and did this without spending a dime in ADS. Alright, so I’m going to show you the process of that if I don’t knock my stuff off the desk here to show you the process of that and show you how we do that how you can do the exact same thing and actually give you the framework for it and then break it down so you can see okay, this is how it works. This is how it’s gonna work for my business. This is what I need to do here, here. Ready to focus on. And basically what I want to do is I want to lay this out in such a way that no matter what stage of the process that you’re in, no matter where you’re at, no matter what you’re selling, no matter what you’re doing, you can come back, you can listen to this episode over and over and over and over again, and just go, okay, like, here’s the step. Here’s the next step. Here’s the next step. Here’s this, here’s the next step. Here’s the next step. And if you just do this over and over and over again, it’s impossible for you to not go and make money. Alright, sound good to you. Alright, guys, before I do that, I do have to let you know, once again about the Traffic Secrets book coming out a week from tomorrow. I left it in the other room in my reading room over there. I was reading it last night. It’s so good, or else I’d hold it up and show you but it’s so good. I’ve been reading through it. Part of actually what is covered in that book is what I’m going to talk about here today. And it’s funny because it’s like, the very first thing we talk about is the very first thing that Russell talks about. And I’m like, Huh, it’s kind of important. I realized that Russell talks about it, it’s going to be pretty good, but we have some amazing bonuses coming for those of you that are interested in getting the Traffic Secrets book. We have bonuses from several of the different podcast guests that we’ve had on before. We were hoping to have the complete stack done by today. But we’re still finalizing the details of whose contributing and what so hopefully either by Wednesday or Friday of this week, we’ll have the complete stack to roll out to you. And we’ll have the waitlist out where you can join the waitlist and get qualified for that. For those of you that still don’t know what Traffic Secrets is just a really quick side note here. Traffic Secrets is the final book in the trilogy of books that Russell has written about marketing and about business here today and how to get customers to your business. Okay, his first book was calm secrets, which is basically the core fundamentals of marketing. What a sales funnel is, where upsells are, what the value ladder is, you know, the value stack, how to sell it, everything like that. It’s about selling your actual product can his second book expert secrets was about growing an audience around that product, how to create a movement with your information, a tribe around what you’re doing? Very similar to what I talked about a lot. And his third book is traffic, how to actually get traffic to your sales funnels to your groups to things like that. So if you’re like, man, I want more clicks to my website or to my funnel, or I want more views on my videos or I want more followers or I want more whatever that thing is. That is what this final book is so whether you’re a business owner or not, whether you’re a full time entrepreneur or not, this book is very, very beneficial for you and we’re gonna have some awesome, amazing epic bonuses for you when that comes out March 17. Mark your calendars. We will have that out to you guys to be able to buy through my link and then get tons of really cool, amazing epic bonuses for you guys. Okay,

We’re gonna dive into the episode here. Like I said, I hope you guys have an amazing day. If you have questions, and I want to remind you about this, if you have questions, comment them down below on this podcast episode. If you’re listening on audio, Instagram at Jo sh fo RTI, just my name Josh Forti. Shoot me a DM on there, ask your questions there. We’re happy to go over them. But today guys, I want to dive in and talk to you about the three part framework customer acquisition framework for going and getting high value high paying customers for you here today. So you can follow this and this is the framework that I have used and my clients have used that I have implemented into my clients businesses in the first two months of this year to do over $250,000 in revenue 150 thousand dollars in revenue with zero paid ads. All right. So that’s obviously not all profit. But a large chunk of it is because we’re not paying for ads on this day. How many guys want to know that? All right, so let’s dive into this here. And yeah, let’s get rocking and rolling. Okay,

guys, I’m so excited about this, um, little backstory on this and kind of how this came about. I was sitting, this couldn’t been that long ago, maybe a week or two ago. And I was thinking about this offer that we’re creating with Think Different Theory, one of the things that I’ve been really doing and focusing on over the past month or so is figuring out the direction of things different theory and figuring out like, how we’re going to adjust the episodes, the type of guests we want to get on how we’re producing content, adjusting the systems, the type of person that we’re trying to attract, like, all these different things and pieces around thing different theory, right? And I was going I was like, looking at I was like, okay, we can do this, or we can do this and I got, you know, clear on this thing. I was like, well, I should just go test it and I would go and I would test and I started thinking to myself, I was like It is really, truly fascinating and phenomenal that I can go. And then I have this offer of the podcast and I have these different products and things that I want to go and test and build. And then I literally can just go to my audience, and I can go and test them on demand. And then I thought, well, it’s even cooler that I can do that same exact thing for clients because I have this audience that I’ve built up that allows me to go and just go and test things without having to paying for advertising. I’ve got an email list. I’ve got a Facebook group, I’ve got an Instagram account. I’ve got this following. I’ve got the podcast, and this is really awesome, beautiful thing. I was like, this is really truly amazing. I wish everybody had this. And that’s when I started to sit down. I was like, Okay, I have this this is absolutely fundamentally changed my life. That is how and that’s what audience hacking teaches. Alright, and we haven’t done a podcast episode yet on audience hacking that is coming. We are going to talk a little bit about audience hacking today and what that is, but audience hacking is essentially the process of going and creating a raven an audience of fans around your message that are 100% organic. Alright, so you’re not paying for advertising. So you basically have this community this following in your space, you’ve built your tribe where you’re like the little celebrity, and people listen to you, they want to buy your stuff they want to listen to you want your content they want, you know, they want all that that’s what audience hacking does. All right. But I started realizing that okay, guess what, the effect that audience hacking has is ginormous, it’s amazing. And one of the effects that it has is being able to go and get customers on demand. Now, there’s a lot more amazing things that audience hacking does, but I was like, Okay, what parts of audience hacking, can I pull out specifically focused on creating customers, because one of the reasons that I’m able to go and build audiences, one of the reasons that I’m able to go out and test so many different things is because I do have an audience that produces cash flow, because it allows me to get clients. And so I think one of the issues that a lot of you guys have You’re spending so much time focusing on getting clients and doing cold outreach and doing all these different things that you you don’t actually have time to figure out what the next steps are and build your audience and create content and all these things which are fundamental pillars of growing your brand and growing your business right? Every single business needs an audience, every single one of them if you don’t have an audience in your business, especially online, in today’s world, you’re dead right? You’re you will not last very long. You all every single business, especially the online businesses need to be putting out content, right? Whether that’s YouTube content, or podcasts or Facebook or Instagram, like you need to go and be creating content, otherwise you will die Alright, and what audience hacking does is it allows you to create that it allows you to become indestructible it allows you to no matter what happens to the stock market or the economy up down whatever audience I can give you this this for this core base, this audience that you can always go to no matter what happens stock markets down what 1800 points or whatever wants today this morning, like world markets are in turmoil. Do you have an audience doesn’t matter why because you have this Like bank account on demand audience of people that love you people that you can serve, that you can constantly go to that are coming to you for your advice. So think, okay, what’s the very first step of doing that? Well, the reason I’m able to do it the reason my clients and my customers ever go into this is because they already are producing cash flow, they already have this offer, and they’re already going and being able to go and get clients. I was like, Alright, so how do I go? And how do I pull out the pieces of that? And how do I build a framework around that to give to you guys so that even if you don’t have an audience already, even if you’re not quite to that point yet, and you’re on your way to that you can start going and get clients now to bring that cash flow through the door and start generating clients on demand. That sounds good. Can I share that with you? Or can I share that with you guys? That is all right. If that is comment down below. And if you’re listening on audio, I appreciate you listening, keep tuning in if it’s alright, alright. Alright, so I sat down, I got this framework out and I wrote, okay, it’s actually crazy because the the framework for audience hacking is actually very similar to the the framework that I’m going to teach you today. Now I need to warn you.

The framework seems pretty simple. And I’m going to dive down into details. And I’m going to answer your guys’s question in the DM and in the comment sections that you have. But like the framework, when you really look at it, you look at it, you go, Okay, that’s simple, I can do it. One of the things that I’ve noticed, though, is that when a framework is simple, when the process is very simple, oftentimes people tend to doubt it, because they’re like, well, it can’t just be that simple. Now, listen, I’m not trying to oversimplify things for you, I’m not trying to tell you that it’s going to be completely easy and that’s just gonna be magically produce you a quarter million dollars in in sales. What I am telling you is that while the process might be difficult or hard to do might be hard work. It is not a complicated process. It is a very simple process. Then the problem is, is that most people, myself included, alright, and I’ve done this many, many times before, is we sit down, we excuse me, we read the formula. We read the process, and we go that’s great. And then we maybe start on step one, if that But we never actually go through and deep dive down into each one, it’s like we’re, we’re almost looking for it to be harder and more complex than it is. But if we would just take the time to go through the process of everything, it would be way simpler, and you’d be able to actually go out and get results. I’m gonna break these down and give you examples of each one. But please go and do them. All right, like just go and apply exactly what it is that I’m talking about here. Because number one, either a, it’s going to work, or B, you’re going to run into questions that you have. And that’s when you can DM me, that’s when you can comment down below. That’s when you can get in touch with me via the Facebook group and post your questions in there. And then I can walk you through because the framework works. It really does. I promise you Okay, so that’s what we’re gonna dive into. And that’s what we got here today. All right. Sounds good. All right. So the three part framework, customer acquisition framework for getting customers and clients on demand and the framework that has made over $250,000 in sales as you’re already number one. Alright, the first thing that we need to do step number one is the Who? All right, you need to identify who your customer is. Now, I got to tell you story. Real quick side note here for you because a lot of people go and they’re like, I don’t know who my dream customer is, or my dream customer doesn’t exist or everything like that. Okay, listen. There are 7 billion people in this world, okay? About three to 4 billion of them are on social media. All right. When we talk about building out your dream client, I’m talking about who is your dream customer scenario of who it is that you want to serve. You’ve heard Russell Brunson talk about this. You’ve heard myself talking about this. You’ve heard Steve Larson talk about this. Okay. Who is it that you want to serve? I was doing a coaching call one time, okay. This guy came to me and he’s like, Josh, I’ve been thinking about my heart. And I’ve been thinking about my who and I’ve been thinking about my who, and I’m just like, well, for this product, it’s this. And for this product, it’s this and we’ll, I guess I could serve this one or this one. Honestly, man, like this is where I would really like to serve. And he was all over the place he gave me like seven or eight different examples of like, who he could serve or whatever this that any other. And I was like, okay, dude, who is your dream customer like in your fantasies like this is the person that you get to work with over and over and over and over and over again. Like, this would be the person if I can hand pick it for you, you can call custom crafted. And he’s like, my dream customer doesn’t exist.

And I was like,

What do you mean? He’s like, I mean, I know who that is. But I don’t think that that person exists. My dream customer is and then he proceeds to tell me exactly who his dream customer is. He’s like, man, Josh. It’s, they have X number of money and they’re working a job. They’ve got X number of kids, they’re probably living this. I want them to be interested here not interested here. I want them to have gone through this tragedy here. And he lists this entire thing out for me and I’m like, this is awesome. And I was like, amazing. That’s your dream customer. And I’m like, Aaron, he goes, but Josh, that person doesn’t exist. And I said Then that person is not your dream customer. Because if your dream customer doesn’t exist, then they’re not your dream customer because in order for your dream customer exists, qualification number one is that they have to exist. Okay? And he’s like, but I just don’t believe they exist. And I’m like, have you looked? And he’s like, well, well, yeah, I was like, how did you come up with the fact that that is your dream customer? Like, how did you know that? He’s like, well, I worked with this guy one time. And that’s what he was. And he pointed me back in time to this person that he had worked with. That was like his best client ever, right? That had gone through and got amazing results and everything like that. And I was like, so they do exist. You’ve literally worked with one of them. And he’s like, Yeah, but I just don’t know where they are. And I was like, Ah, there’s a difference. We’ll get to that. Okay. There’s a difference between not believing your dream customer exists and not knowing who they are. All right, or I’m sorry, not knowing where they are, where they’re located, how to find them. We’ll talk about that in a minute. But the very first thing that we need to do is we need to say okay, Listen, I’ve got this person. product this service, all right, and it’s gonna work for somebody. So identify what it is that you’re selling. And I assume that you already have an offer in place. If you don’t have an offer in place, then this framework is not for you. Because I’m talking about two existing businesses here. People that have a like existing stuff that they’re selling, this could be coaching services, or agency services, or courses, or coaching or consulting or software or whatever, it doesn’t matter what it is, you have to have some offer in place that you’re going to sell to somebody. All right, so you’ve got this offer. Now, you got to ask yourself the question of like, who is the dream customer for this? Who is the type of person that when you show this to them, they’re going to buy without even thinking about it? Because they understand the value that I’m bringing to the table? All right, does it make sense? Excuse me, let me give you one more example of what this would look like in a perfect scenario. Okay. Let’s say that I’m gonna pretend that I’m the dream customer here for somebody. All right. So recently, I sat down and I was like, Hey, listen, I am this you know, this business owner. I have a multi six figure a year business, I have an audience, I already produce quite a bit of content, right? So I was like one of the things that I personally struggle with is, I need to be able to produce high quality content edits, not the actual core content, but the high quality content edits, right. And I need to be able to turn the round around in a fast amount of time. And I need it to be able to be customized to my brand, alright. And so I sat down with this and I’m like, Alright, I wrote all these requirements. And so I started searching, I went through and I started Googling, like different places that would do this and looking for things. And this company, I eventually found after doing all this research, they have this product.


to the average person out there, the beginner online marketer, that is just getting started, that doesn’t have a budget that is not looking for a team that hasn’t created a lot of content that doesn’t have an audience to monetize this offer that they have made that they make does not make any sense whatsoever. Okay, because they’re not are they’re not producing content. They don’t have an audience. Okay. But when I hit the landing page for this particular product, I was like, What are this particular service? I was like, Whoa, all right. They spoke directly to me, like the opening headline was like, are you a business owner with an audience who’s trying to produce high quality content clips from your existing content? And I’m like, Oh, my gosh, that is me. Right? I’m like, this is amazing. Now keep in mind, I have money to spend. I’m a dream customer. Let me give you a little tip here. Okay. Your dream customer is not broke. Let me repeat that. Because so many of you guys think, Oh, my dream customers, someone that’s struggling or my dream customers want to know, your dream customer has money to spend. They’re your dream customer, their ideal customer. They’re not some customer that might buy your product or that could have success with it. Know, they’re your dream customer. Your dream customer has money to spend. I’ve got money to spend on this. So I was like, all right. Listen, so I got this, I go through, and they’re talking and they craft their offer exactly around me. So of course, I’m like, this is amazing. I book a call with them, I get on the phone with them. And I explain to them I say, Hey, this is what I am, this is what I’m doing. This is what I want. And the lady says to me, she’s like, Josh, your ideal customer. And I’m like, this amazing, right? And guess what? Boom, signed on to here we go right walking away, right? Just amazing. All right, it’s awesome. Why? Because they knew exactly who their dream customer was. They knew what keywords and things that I would be searching. They knew what it was that I wanted to hear. And so they created this entire landing page around that. So when I hit it, boom, it’s done. It’s there. But in order for them to do that, they had to know and understand me. All right, so what you need to do right now is you need to go Okay, who is my dream customer? Who is it that I’m trying to serve here and get super, super clear on that. All right, perfect example one more here and I’m gonna move on. I hope this is helpful. Okay. I sat down to work with a client And their names. I think I think it’s okay that I share it. If not, hopefully they won’t get too mad at me. But one of my clients is Brad Gabe and Ryan Lee over cashflow tactics. They’re amazing, amazing people, they have a podcast launching tomorrow. It’s gonna be so awesome. And they teach people how to create financial freedom in 10 years or less. They’re amazing individuals. And they really help a lot of really cool people like Russell Brunson, trust them and Steve Larson, like all the bigwigs over there, like, this is their go to people, right? So I sit down with them and I’m like, Hey, we’re gonna launch this Facebook group, who is your dream customer now? Keep in mind, they the processes and the fundamentals that they teach work for anyone. These are core fundamental principles of how money works. All right. So whether you’re making $25,000 a year, or $250,000 a year or $25 million a year, the fundamental principles and guidelines that they teach could work for anybody across the board. The delivery is a little bit different, right? But the principles are the same. So I, me thinking and having dealing with clients, I thought they would have a hard time explaining this to me. And they know they knew exactly who it was the reason that we had such a massive success launching their group 2000 members in like the first Well, it’s like 1900 1800 members in the first week. All right.

Six Figure launch, awesome, amazing is because they understood their customer really, really well. So you know, when I got to step number two, and three in the process, and the framework, those came easy because I understood exactly who I was dealing with. And then like, Josh shared his boom, customer avatar, and they knew the type of person and they knew that they were in a job that they wanted these things they were feeling this way and everything is super, super clear on this. And I was like, wow, this eliminates like a lot of people this is a very, very specific person. And they’re like, Yeah, but we’ve done over $10 million in revenue selling to that person right there. And I’m like, they know their market. They know their customer, they could go to anybody but this is the dream person. Alright, so step number one is know your dream customer so that the question That you have to ask yourself about your dream customer. I’m gonna go through these here really quick. 123 is, number one, who are they? And what do they look like? Alright, so like, Where do they live? Are they married or not? What’s their age? What’s their income? like things like that? Like, what are characteristics that describe this ideal person? What type of podcasts do they listen to? What type of TV shows are they into what references where they get where they’re hanging out like things about your ideal customer? The second thing that you need to know about them is their pain and their desire. All right. So this is and we talked about this in selling with confidence. We talked about this any time we talk about sales, Russell talks about this in the Traffic Secrets. Every single human being on planet Earth. There are zero exceptions to this rule, okay? Every single person on planet earth makes a decision to move away from pain, or to move towards pleasure or towards their desire. Alright, so that’s how they’re operating either, Hey, I got to get away from this pain or be I’ve got to move towards my pleasure of whatever it is that I’m trying to get out and do. Okay? So if I can identify what those things are and get very, very specific, then I’m gonna know, okay, like, this is who I’m dealing with. And now I know how to craft my messaging around them. For example, the desire of Brian and Brad is, are their customers is they want to create financial freedom in 10 years or less. Right? That’s their desire, creating true financial freedom in 10 years or less, whether So, leverage or passive income surpass their, their costs of living, right? And I’m like, all right, who’s my dream customer? Well, my dream customers and entrepreneur with a message and an existing offer that wants to build an audience around that message and get it out to the world, right? Like that’s what it is. Their desire is they want to build an audience of raving organic of raving loyal fans organically to give themselves the foundation to be able to add paid traffic to the fire and scale. All right, if they’re already at the point of paid traffic, not my ideal customer for audience hacking. If they don’t have an offer or a message in place already. Not my ideal customer. I’ve got to notice Specifically, what their pain is, what their desire is desire. They want to grow this pain, they don’t know how right, I get super clear on that. And the third thing that I got to ask about is what message or story? Am I going to tell them? And what framework Am I going to teach them? That’s going to get them away from their pain and to their desire? All right? If I’ve got this message in this audience, what type of person is going to resonate with that? Alright, so these are three questions. I’m asking myself about my who my dream customer, who are they? What are their characteristics? What pain are they in? What desire are they chasing after? And then what story or message Am I going to tell them that is going to teach my framework that is going to allow them to get from pain to desire? Cool, if that makes sense? Just comment hashtag make sense down below. If you’re listening on audio, I appreciate you just take mental note of this, write these things down, go back and listen to this episode over and over again. Okay. So main points to remember here, you got to know who you’re talking to. We’ll get to where they’re at here in a second. All right. Got to know who you’re talking to. If your dream customer does not exist, Then they’re not your dream customer. And number three, your dream customer is not broke.

Alright, your dream customer is not broke. Alright, moving on. Step number two here. So we’ve got our who now we figured this out, we got super clear on this go get out a notebook I have no I’m literally taking notes right here. I know you can’t see it on audio but like literally I’ve got notebooks on notebooks. I got a notebook here. I got another notebook literally right here. It’s covered in cameras and stuff like that. I’ve got another notebook here. I write down everything. Okay, I get super, super clear. Step number two. Now I go into and ask myself, well, where are my dream customers? Where are they located? How am I going to like, how am I going to figure out how to go get them. I can’t sell to somebody if I don’t know where they are. Right? I can’t put an ad in front of someone. I can’t attract them over to my Facebook group. I can’t show them my offer. I cannot get them on the phone unless I first know the where now the interesting thing about the framework that I’m teaching you Today is that the where step, step number two, actually follows the audience hacking framework because here’s the thing. In an ideal world, your Where is your own audience? All right? When you’re up and going your Where is your, your own audience. So for example, if I’m going to go and sell audience hacking, where my customer lives right now is on this podcast in my facebook group on my email list and the Watchers on my Instagram stories. Okay, that’s where it is because I already have an audience and I talked about this before I’ve built up audience I’ve used audience hacking to create this. Alright, so I want you to think of it as like kind of two pools, you’ve got your own audience, and then you’ve got everybody else’s audiences Now, everybody else’s audiences are very beneficial and we can go directly to them. We can start Step the where, but it’s going to earn him sidestep our own audience, but it’s going to be more expensive, it’s going to be less profitable, it’s going to be harder to do. And it’s going to involve some other person or audience besides our own, which ultimately leads to more responsibilities, more deadlines, more things like that. So ideally, what we want to do is when it comes to the where we want to have already figured out who our audience is, and build an audience around that message, a tribe of those people so that when we get to this we go okay, we already know where are where is. It’s our own existing current audience already. All right, that’s an ideal perfect world. But I know that a lot of you guys right now are sitting there and you’re like, Josh, I don’t have an existing audience, or my email list is 500 people, right? I don’t have thousands and thousands of people to go and do this to so for me to go and get clients is a little bit more difficult. Alright, quick side note. Here are the three things that I believe that everybody should do and have. Okay, three things I believe everybody should do and have

in their business is number one, everybody needs an email list is probably the single, most valuable asset that you have in your business, especially in the online space, because that is a list of potential customers, okay, everybody should be building the list. Everybody should have a Facebook group. The Facebook group is the central pillar and the central hub around everything that you do in your business and is the only social platform right now in mainstream social platforms today, where the leader, you can talk to your people, the people can talk to each other, and the people can talk back to you and where the content that you create is not the only content that benefits you. The content that your customers create, and that your followers and members create also benefits you inside of a Facebook group is a centralized hub. It’s where everything goes down. Everybody needs to have a Facebook group. Okay, so an email list, a Facebook group, and everybody needs to be creating content. Now. I like a podcast. And I like to be able to take that podcast, chop it up into other pieces for my Instagram for my facebook group for my email list for my YouTube channel and things like that. It doesn’t have to be a podcast. I like it. Because right now it’s really hot. People are listening to it. It’s easy to grow subscribers on that’s where my preferred preferences, but you need to be producing content every single day, at least every single week. All right, because what that’s going to do is that’s going to warm up your who to actually want to come buy from you. All right, makes sense. So going back to the where now, we need to sit down and go Okay, in a perfect ideal world. I am my Where is a Facebook group podcast, Instagram email list. It’s my own audience that I am consistently feeding content to to educate them on the framework and message that I’m teaching them. However, if you don’t have that right now, that’s fine. We can still go get clients because guess what, Brad and Ryan in them, they didn’t have any social presence. They had like 300 members in a Facebook group they had like 1000 followers on Instagram. That’s it. All right. They were not producing consistent content. They had no podcast. So like we were able to go do six figures on their launch, how not because they had an existing audience. But because we went and found their audience, we bypassed their own audience because they didn’t really have one. And now we’ve built up their audience while giving them an offer. So there is a way to go about doing this. I’m going to show you how to do that. All right, you ready for this? Let’s talk traffic


acquiring and creating customers. This is super important to understand. If you want to know how to go and get unlimited customers and where they’re located. First we need to understand how traffic works and how customers are created and acquired. Okay. You do not create customers. Let me repeat this. I want to make sure this is very, very clear. Okay. You do not create customers. you acquire customers. Right Click Funnels and the giant massive company that they are right now is now going and creating customers. You are simply acquiring them because markets and Click Funnels is a market now it’s bigger than just a business. Click Funnels markets go and create customers. You simply acquire them. What do I mean by this? Alright, I want you to think about something. Let’s imagine that you went and opened a McDonald’s or I mean, I’m sorry, a fast food restaurant where you served burgers. Okay, so your primary thing that you’re selling, you’re a burger joint. You set it up in your town, you get all ready set up shop, you’re all excited to launch and you’re gonna go Let me ask you something. Who would be easier to sell one of your burgers to these are typical hundred percent American beef burgers. Delicious, juicy yummy. I love them to death because I love burgers, who is easier to sell to somebody That already buys burgers from McDonald’s and Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr. and in and out other fast food restaurants already, or somebody that eats vegan, or doesn’t eat meat at all, who’s gonna be easier to sell a burger to?

And when you think about it, it’s obvious, right? The people that buy McDonald’s are the people that buy at Wendy’s and all the things that already are going out there and buying burgers, they’re much easier. Why? Because they’re already a customer of the burger. Okay, they’re already buying burgers. The process of creating a customer means that you have to go find someone that would be a good fit for your product that has no idea what your product is, that has never used your type of product before use your type of product before educate them and convince them that they have a need for your product, that you have the solution to that need and that they should buy it from you. That’s so much work. You don’t need to go do that. All you need to go do is you need to say, okay, who are the people that are already buying burgers? And how do I market to them? Because that customer is already created, you are selling to a market, okay? You’re not selling to just anybody or everybody you’re selling to a specific market. So go to the market that already has your customers in it and simply acquire them. Think about it. And I’m going to use the analogy of a road and have like highways, all right, because this is going to be much easier to for you to understand and in your online business. When we talk about traffic, to your funnels to your websites, all right, we’re talking about people. I want you to think where are most fast food restaurants located? They’re located around highways and busy roads in the city. Why? Because there’s a lot of cars going down that road. So what would I do? If I’m gonna open up a bridge burger joint. I’m going to go I am not going to be like, yeah, here’s a plot of land with nobody around it. Let me build a building right here and put a burger joint there. Why? Because nobody will come. So what would you do? You go, Oh, no. Where are my customers already? Oh, look at this massive highway right here that has 10s of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people that already are driving down and every single day, let me put it right off the exit of that highway. advertise it so that people can see it so that they go, Oh, I want that exit buy right back on their path. Does that make sense? That’s how you would do a burger joint, right? The same thing is true for your online business. You’re not going to go and say, Oh, let me put my offer here in the middle of the internet, where nobody can see it. Where my ideal audience or customer does not exist. What am I going to do? I’m gonna go on I’m gonna say, Okay, if I already know really, really clearly Who am I? who is who my dream customer is and what they’re buying and the podcasts that they’re consuming? Why wouldn’t I just go right there? Make sense? Why wouldn’t you just place your product or offer there? So for example, and this is why it’s so important to know the customer, if I know that my customer listens to Gary Vaynerchuk and Russell Brunson podcasts, and they buy Russell Brunson courses and consume clickfunnels. And they attend funnel hacking live and TEDx growth con. And they are super super into, you know, this list of 10 or 12 books, and they all have these similar issues. If I know that this is roughly what they’re doing, then what am I going to do? I’m going to go run ads, if it’s paid advertising on those places, or if you’re like me, and if you’re smart, you’re going to use audience hacking and you’re going to say, I’m going to go to those audiences. And I’m going to start leveraging those audiences and placing my product there through JV partners. through interviews through joining their Facebook groups and publishing content in those Facebook groups through going on YouTube and doing keyword research of this type of audience, and then using those keywords in my audience to start creating traffic and redirecting that traffic, just like an exit sign to come over to my page before they continue on their way. They’re already going down this journey. I’m simply saying, hey, let me post up right here, create an exit put my building right there for my burger shop so they can come off by their burger and get on their way. Same thing here. Hey, they’re already searching traffic from Russell Brunson sales from Grant Cardone entrepreneurship from Gary Vaynerchuk. How do I place my audience or my product or my service or my offer whatever, right there. Okay. This can be done through JV deals. This can be done through like so many different ways, is why the dream 100 is so important. This is why creating content and having an audience to leverage is so important but guess what you You know, your dream who, and you have a really, really good offer, which we’re going to talk about here in just one second, okay? And you’ve got a really, really good offer that’s going to serve them. Well. You can say and go, okay, who has my ideal audience? And how can I structure my offer in such a way that’s going to complement them? Okay. Um, one of the things that you’ll notice is that, like, there are certain restaurants or burger joints, right? That they’re always right across the street from somebody else. You think the Starbucks, okay? Starbucks is always in target. Why? Because targets customers. Also drink Starbucks. And Starbucks knows that right? They’re not in Walmart. They’re in Starbucks. Okay. I mean, sorry, they’re in target. McDonald’s, not in target in Walmart, because McDonald’s knows that their type of customer goes to Walmart. And Starbucks knows that their type of customer goes to target as a generalized rule. So what do they do they go, Okay. Hey, target. How about we place our screen bucks in your store. It’s going to compliment your customers, it’s going to make their experience even better. We’re going to pay you rent to rent out the space. So it’s going to offset some of your cost. The customer is happy, we make sales, you’re happy because you’re making money. We’ve created this Win Win scenario, right? Same thing is true with your business. So you’re gonna go and you’re gonna say, hey, insert, you know, whatever your business is, or whoever your ideal or dream customer is here and hold on to that.

Okay, wherever it is.

I’ve got something that could compliment you. If I pitch somebody, I’m trying to think who I lasted a JV deal with. Actually, like went through I haven’t done a JV deal in a long time. Russell Brunson and KBB would be a perfect example.

Me and Russell being Catherine Jones that didn’t go through because I got banned on Facebook, but like think about it where you go. My ideal audience is I’m gonna go back to I’m just gonna use the example of being Russell let’s say Ross one I did a collaboration together. Okay. Who’s my ideal market? Who am I selling to someone to Click Funnels users? Okay, I’m selling to entrepreneurs with a message that want to build an audience around that message. Who does Russell serve entrepreneurs with the masses that want to use sales funnels get their message to the world, very, very similar audience. So I’m going to him and I’m like, yo, Russell, your audience needs traffic, your audience needs an audio like fake need to figure out how to create audiences, right? This is amazing. Because they have a funnel, they get that from you, they’ve got a message, the only thing that they need is they need to build an audience. And you already talked about the importance of publishing content. So what if I came in and we did a training together about how to build audiences organically so that you could give this audience or this training to your audience so they could grow an organic audience around their message and now they can fill their sales funnels with with sales, and now they’re never gonna stop paying for Click Funnels. Okay. I have figured out a way now to position my offer in a way that benefits Russell and I’m not saying it’s gonna happen. I’m just saying hypothetically here, right? That that would work really, really well. See what I’m doing. I’m creating this win win. So What did I do with Brad and Ryan? Keep in mind, they did not have a social presence before I started working with them. Now they’ve got a crazy, crazy active Facebook group. It’s insane. It’s one of the most active Facebook groups I’ve ever seen. Okay, they’ve had hundreds and hundreds of people go through their challenge. They made tons of money off it, they’ve served these people. Why? Because I was like, okay, Brad, Ryan cashflow? Who has your audience. And so they make out this list of all these different people that have podcasts or Facebook groups or whatever, and they list them all out. And I’m like, Okay, great. We need to go schedule interviews in all those people’s groups and on their podcasts. And they’re like, Alright, how do we do that? I said, you reach out to them and you share with them what you do, and you show how it’s gonna benefit your people. Well guess what anybody in the entrepreneurship space anybody you know, that has audience they all want to learn how to protect their money, set their self up for financial freedom, yada yada yada. So they went and they figured out this pitch they go, okay, Hey, Mr. X, Mrs. x. I’m gonna go and can we do a podcast interview to your audience or livestream interview to your audience? Here’s what we’re going to teach. We’re going to give away our free guide you know, for us $97 value, we’ll give it to your people for free just for having you on your audience’s happy, they see you as really benefiting them, because we’re coming in there, and we’re giving them value. And then they’re gonna redirect, they’re gonna get off the highway, go off this little detour over here, get off the exit, come consume our content, and then buy our products if necessary, and then we’re going to come back, and they could offer an affiliate program if they had one or like, things like that, you can do that. So that makes sense. You guys understand what I’m talking about here. All right. I really hope this this makes sense. And this is beneficial to you guys. So this is beneficial. Like, if you’re watching the live stream, comment below and let me know that you liked it. If you’re watching on audio, like please, or listening on audio, please send me a DM so like, I know that this is making sense. But like, I need you guys to understand this because like, you’re not creating customers. You’re just acquiring them. They already exists, exist. Somebody else is already educating your audience on the importance of whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Russell Brunson teaches funnels, but he educates his audience on why publishing is important. I teach audience Attacking. And the reason that audience attacking exists and how to crush it with audience hacking is by publishing a lot of content. So why wouldn’t I go to somebody that’s already educating my customers on why publishing is important and say, Hey, here’s how to publish effectively and make money with it and build an audience around it. 100% organically. See, I’m saying, okay, so I go, and now I’ve got my who I know who they are all the details about them. I know their pain. I know their desire, I know the framework and the message that I’m going to teach them. And now I know where they are. I’ve taken that information I’ve gone Okay, these are the influencers. These are the people that have my ideal audience. If you’re not a nobody, right now, if you don’t have a big audience, if you don’t have a lot of leverage, start small. A lot of my first interviews were two people that got 100 listens on their podcast, people that got you know, 50 live viewers total on their Facebook pages, people that had 2000 people on their email list. Why? Because that’s all I could get in touch with that at the beginning, but it If I did this to 20 people during a lunch, and each one of those people gave me just 10, new leads 20 people 10 new leads 200 new leads, you know, if if of those 200 new leads, 50% of them opted in, that’s 100 people, you know, and then I can go and follow up and reach out to 100 people, maybe I can get 20 book calls out of that, or 50 book calls out of that, or 30, or whatever it is, you know, that’s five or 10 new clients, and all you did was go and sit on a bunch of podcast interviews, or live facebook live streams or create some content for them, because you don’t have your own right now to leverage. See, I’m saying like, so you go and you say, okay, who is my ideal audience? Let me get super, super clear on that are my ideal customer, then who has them and how can I work my way into this? I don’t have to pay for him right now. How do I work my way into this? and Brad and Ryan? They’re like, Hey, we’re not gonna run paid ads to this. We’ve got the money for it, but we just don’t want to tackle that bs right now. How do we launch this organically I came in I said, Okay, here’s the who we’re gonna send to a Facebook group. Here’s the offer. We got all these things in place. Now. lineup your audience, get go get on all these interviews. Get out all these podcasts, all these shows all these email lists, get it all blast out, either pay them off or do a favor workout a deal, and now you’ve got it, you can do the exact same thing. Does that make sense? I really hope this is helpful guys because like it’s so powerful. Alright. So

key point to remember here.

You don’t create customers, you acquire them markets, create customers, all right? till you’re big enough to be a market like clickfunnels is then you can start worrying about that, but that’s not you right now. Your customer already exists. All right now, number three. Step number one was the who. Step number two is the where step number three is how, how, how am I going to go and acquire this customer? What? What is the vehicle or method that I’m going to use to actually turn them into a customer? Am I going to use a webinar or am I going to use a sales funnel All process Am I going to use an application Am I going to use? What’s the process that you’re creating? Okay? Now, the where step number two follows the audience hacking framework that I’ve created. Okay, step number three, the how follows the ultimate sales framework that I created. Right now, if you want to learn more about the ultimate sales framework, I wrote a completely free guide, I think it’s like 40 pages long. I will link it down below here in the video. Or if you’re listening on audio, it’ll be on the audio in the description. It’s a completely free sales guys called the ultimate sales framework. And it’s the three part process that we’re going to talk about three parts here today, but this is like detailed in depth, like diagrams, analogies, like everything that you possibly need, and it’s 100% completely for free. All right, it’s an it’s an E book, a guide that you can download. Alright. I don’t remember the exact name. I mean, I don’t remember the exact URL. I guess I should have that. Let me see if I can. I think I have it here. Hang on. Because if you’re struggling with sales Oh no, this is just for the mind shift playbook. It’s like sales in mindset comm slash sales guy think I’ll I guess I’ll drop it down below, but it’s completely free. And it’s, it’s awesome, you’ll absolutely love it we’ve had like, I don’t know, like three or four or 500 people go through it. It’s pretty awesome, Ken. So I’ll link that down below but the three parts to the ultimate sales framework. And keep in mind, this is the framework that has sold me and my students. I’m sure it’s over 3 million now, but for sure over 2.5 million I haven’t checked stats recently of what our students have done by $2.5 million dollars in sales. Okay. The framework is you need a pipeline, you need a sales conversion proc or a sales conversation process or sales, conversion conversation. And then you need a strong offer. All right, but we build them backwards. First, we get our offer right, then we get our sales conversion process down, and then we turn on our pipeline. Now. Your pipeline in this case in this framework is already built. Why? Because your pipeline is the winner. Your pipeline is the JV deal that you’re doing your pipeline is the interviews that you’re doing on podcasts and Facebook Lives and everything like that. Okay, so the hard part here is already done getting the traffic, you guys can see how to go do this, literally go, Why don’t these interviews get it on teach your framework to these people and send them over to you. Okay? However, that is it can look a million different ways. If you have specific questions. Like I said, you can ask me in the comments below or on Instagram dm, okay. So I look at this like, okay, the ultimate sale sales framework says pipeline sales conversion process offer, I already have my pipeline. So let me go and build this out. I need my sales conversion process and I need my offer. Let’s look at our offer first, because we build this backwards. You should already have your offer down. So I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this. But your strong irresistible offer should have and go back and read the ultimate sales framework or if you really want to like get more additional detailed training on this. We have this sale psychology secrets masterclass is a four hour training it’s $197 I think you can email our team conduct anything different theory calm and we can send you the link or you can get details or I’ll drop it down below. It’s a four hour training and I teach you how to set this up is like crazy, crazy crazy in depth. I create these things for a reason so that I can teach them okay, that’s what it’s designed for.

Sale psychology secrets, masterclass. Okay, it teaches you how to set this up. But there’s your core vehicle or core part of your offer, which is the actual thing that you’re selling. And then there’s your supporting elements, which are there to handle any of the objections, and then there’s your fast action bonuses for people they’ll go and buy now, those are the three parts of your your strong, irresistible offer. All right. So we’ve got this you should already have this. You already know what it is that you’re selling. This is this framework is not for people that don’t have an offer yet. Okay, you need an offer. So what is it that you’re selling? What’s your core offer? Okay, I’ve got that. I’ve got my pipeline. All these interviews and traffic coming into it. These JV deals big huge launch that you’re doing. What’s the third thing Third thing is the sales conversion process. And this is part of the how now we talk about this heavily in selling with confidence. We talked about this heavily in the ultimate sales framework. So go back and listen to this. But the sales conversation of a sales conversion process is the actual process of taking a customer or a prospect that now knows who you are, and turning them into a paying customer that actually gives you money. Okay? There are so many different ways to do this. Okay, webinars, trainings to application, the invisible webinar, straight phone sales, just a landing page of VSL, a five day challenge, like there’s so many different ways that you go about doing this. I’m going to tell you, the way that works best for us. The thing that the process that has made $250,000 already this year for myself or my clients, all organically. I’m going to share that with you but understand the only thing that I’m talking about here in the sales conversion process is basically What is your sales funnel? Okay, what is the process that you already have in place? If you don’t have one in place, you need to set it up. Because guess what getting on the phone with cold prospects is a way to get clients. But there’s a better way to go and get clients. And that’s what selling with competence is all about. All right? So what I teach and what works really, really well, especially in today’s oversaturated market is training, to application to sales call, alright, I typically do this around a launch. So if I launch a podcast, or I launch a new Facebook group, or I launch a new free guide, or I launch a new framework method, something like that I’m introducing something and I have a specific date that I am sending people to because when there’s a tangible date or a tangible thing, a tangible training of some sort that they’re going to that it makes the urgency much more real. It gets people much more involved. It keeps People much more active. So in the case of Brad and Ryan, what we do, we went and we did this around their Facebook group launch. All right. In the case of me, I did this around my facebook group launch. I’ve also done this around my podcast launch. I also did this around the mind ship playbook free guide training that we launched. I also did this around the selling with confidence launch, okay, anytime I have a launch, I’m going to go through I’m going to say who is this launch for? What’s my offer? I’ve got my core offer, who am I selling this to get super, super clear on that? Then I go. When am I going to launch this? And now I go, and I insert my sales conversion process. So I like training application sales call. So if I’m going to teach audience hacking, you’re going to teach whatever your process is. So you’ve got your framework, or you’ve got your offer, whatever your offer is, has to have a framework that’s your core offer. All right, if you don’t have a framework, then you don’t have an offer. You need the framework. Because that’s how you’re gonna teach it. So you go, you go, okay, great guys, free training on five day challenge on x insert that here your training whenever you’re launching like, this is what we’re gonna be talking about, you create big hype around this. So let’s say you do this on a Thursday, okay, this is what I typically do this, I sit down, I go, I get super clear, I go great, I’m gonna launch this on a Thursday, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna campaign around, just like the Presidents go and the campaign and all the different states to get people super hyped and excited. I’m gonna go into my own group, I’m gonna go into other Facebook groups, I’m gonna go on other people’s podcasts, I’m gonna go to other people’s email lists, and other people’s YouTube channels and other people’s Instagrams, and I’m gonna get all hyped up. I’m gonna do this for like one or two weeks to create all sorts of massive hype and excitement around this training or this challenge that I’m going to go and do. And then I go and host the training or the challenge, okay, at the end of that training of the challenge, if it’s a challenge, it’s usually three to five days. If it’s a training, it’s usually two to two hours or so one to two hours. At the end of that. I’m going to send them not to an order form. Because these are high ticket clients. These are high value paying clients. If it’s low ticket, you can do it to an order form. But typically speaking right now, I’m talking people that want clients, okay? I’m not sending them to an order form, I’m sending them to an application to get on the phone with me. Okay? Why?

Because sending people to an order form is hard. Because sending people to an order form means you don’t make as many sales. You are not Russell Brunson, you are not someone that’s an expert at trainings yet. I have done literally hundreds of trainings and I still send them to an application form rather than a checkout page. Why? Because when you are selling to the masses, if you don’t understand all their objections, you’re going to lose a lot of people. But if you are selling to the masses, and you say, Hey, if you’re interested in this, get on the phone with me, and we’ll explain further what we do. give you a chance to answer any of your questions apply here. Now that puts the risk down. They’re not shelling out any money and they’re saying Okay, now I’m going and I’m gonna go learn about what it is. Now. They’ve come to you, they’ve come into your world, your framework, you’re in control, you have the power of the conversation, because now they’ve come to you. You’ve indoctrinated them on one to two hours of your training. And they’re like, Yes, I want that. I’ve gotten some questions about how but I want that. And then they come to you, you get on the phone with them, and you close them. Does that make sense? guys understand this. Like, this is super, super powerful stuff. This makes lots and lots and lots of money. Okay? Like, we’ve done five figure launches, multi, five figure launches, and six figure launches using this exact framework every single time with zero dollars in ADS. How? Because I go and I build relationships with my dream. 100 I build relationships with influencers that already have my audience. I am leveraging somebody else’s audience that already has my dream customer in it.

Building relations there sending people to my training.

Getting them on the phone and then closing them on the phone. That is my ideal sales conversion process training application sales call. Now, I’m to the point now and I advise a lot of my clients to do the same to add some form of payment between the time that they sign up and the time you get on the phone with them. So this could be a $97 that you can make the training itself $97 or you could make it $97 or 47 or 67 or 200 or whatever you want. You could charge a fee to for them to apply to get on the phone with you what that does, and this is kind of advanced level stuff and I’m almost hesitant to go here because it will distract you. What that does though, is you know that the people that show up or the people that you’re getting on the phone with are actually serious about buying from you because they pulled out their credit card in the first place. If you don’t have a lot of people your first time around, I would not recommend this. Get as many people to the training as possible. But if you have enough people you feel confident about this. This is going to increase your overall sales increase the seriousness of your buyer. Because now they’ve already pulled out their wallet and showing you that they’re serious to get on. Does it make sense? This is helpful. If this was helpful. Comment hashtag value down below hashtag value. If you’re watching on Facebook, if you are watching or listening on audio, feel free to shoot me a DM, leave a rating and review. Yeah, that because hopefully this was really, really helpful and beneficial to you. Okay. So that’s the process. That’s the framework. The framework is who, where and how. The who is, understand who your customer is, know their pain and desire, figure out the messaging framework that you’re going to tell them and teach them in order to convince them that they need your stuff. Second, where we follow the audience hacking framework here, where that where are they currently buying from? Where do you want them to go? Which is the audience hacking framework of location? Basically, where are they currently at? And how can I leverage somebody else’s in somebody else’s audience To Go and bring them to me, I’m just diverting them off the highway over to my products and my services. Lastly, the how the ultimate sales framework, which is another framework of mine, you got pipeline and sales conversion process offer. You already have the pipeline when when you figured out the where, which is the audience asking, and you already have the offer because I’m talking to people right now that already have an offer in place. The only piece that you’re missing here is a sales conversion process, a sales funnel, a webinar, a five day challenge, an invisible webinar, a free training to whatever, whatever works, figure out what’s going to work for you. I recommend training or challenge to application get on the phone. If you’re afraid to get on the phone or you want more training and details on that. That’s what selling with confidence is for that’s why I created that program. All right. It’s a great program. It really really is. We’ve had crazy crazy results with it. We’ve had people hit multi six figures in sales already six figures in sales, multi five figures in sales and buy bigger than sales like insane for people that have an existing offer. They want to go out and sell Just like what we’re talking about here, all right? All right, guys, that is the framework. That’s the, that’s what you got to do. If you just follow this, you make tons and tons of money, it’s impossible not to. Alright. So if you like this, share this podcast episode with a friend, you can share it on Facebook, you can share it on iTunes, or Spotify or wherever you’re listening, share with a friend that needs to hear this, I think it’s very, very beneficial and valuable. We’re gonna be having more training coming out like this. And if you liked it, let me know if you guys are like, man, I really want to see more content like this, where it’s really broken down step by step by step, let me know and we can bring more of these to the table. But I want to educate you on this right now, because we do have the Traffic Secrets book coming out next week. And the Traffic Secrets book talks a lot about this. You’re gonna start getting traffic coming in, you’re gonna need to know what type of traffic you even want. And that’s what we’re talking about here. You’re gonna need to know where you’re going to send them. What’s your sales conversion process, that’s why we’re talking about it here. Okay. And then the audience hacking training that we’re coming out with, I Think Different Theory which is gonna be amazing. That’s coming out. In April, as well after the Traffic Secrets kind of hype kind of dies down. We’ll explain more about that later. But I want to start educating you on this. So you understand like, okay, like, this is what I have to do, because guys, you don’t need to be struggling in your business, you have so much opportunity right now. And the cool, amazing, awesome part about this is that when you’re going and doing this, the more customers you create, the more times you launch, the more you reach out to these other people and get in front of their audience, the more your audience is actually going to grow, the more your name recognition is going to get out there, the more respected you become, the higher amount of you’re gonna be able to charge for your services and the easier it is for you going to be able to sell because you now have name recognition in that space and in that industry.


Alright guys, I hope this was beneficial. Thank you so much for listening. It’s been another episode of Think Different Theory with yours, myself, Josh Forti. I really, really appreciate you guys. We’ve got some really, really cool stuff coming up over the next several months with the podcast and where we’re going with it in the direction of it. I don’t really have time to talk about now because we’re about up on time. But coach Katie, my coach has really, really been working with me as far as getting clarity on the next steps. And it’s been a struggle, it really has trying to figure out like how all the next pieces get together. And one of the things that I’ve noticed is that once I have clarity, it’s really easy to go and execute on and figure out like, okay, here’s what we need to do. Ba, ba, ba, ba, boom. But I need clarity in order to do that. And clarity comes with a framework, clarity comes with a guide, clarity comes with saying, okay, here’s the process that’s proven to go and do it. And that’s the exact thing that I’ve given you here for this sales process. Now you have the framework, now you have the clarity, you don’t need to go and look around and try to figure out oh my gosh, I don’t know get customers is gonna work or not, no, just literally follow exactly what it is that I’m talking about right here. And you’re gonna go and get it. And then you can go and after you make your hundred grand 50 grand signed 10 more clients or whatever it is, then you can go and figure out what the next step is. But if you’re struggling to get clients, this is the only framework that you need to Go and do. Alright. Alright guys, that’s all I’ve got for you. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless, do not be afraid to go out and think different, because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. Please, if you have not subscribed to the podcast yet, please subscribe, leave a rating and review it helps us grow. Also on Facebook, you can actually go to our thing, different theory Facebook page, and leave a rating and review on there as well. That helps us get more credibility out there as well. We’re actually going to go and feature some of your guys’s responses on that at some of our landing pages, which is going to be super, super cool. So make sure to go and do that. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Wednesday 12 o’clock eastern time. We got a good one cooking up for you. I love you all and I’ll see you then take it easy fam. Peace.

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