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how to get the most out of life

How To Get The Most Out Of Life


In this episode, I am going to talk to you about how to get the most out of life.


I’m going to skip the fluff and give you some real practical advice for people that want to do more and experience more, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend or if you have a job that doesn’t allow you to travel. I’ve studied what are the people that are REALLY getting the most out of life – and no, I’m not talking about the ones that are just making their life look cool on Instagram – I’m talking about the ones that are truly living life to the fullest with their lifestyle, how they think, and how they impact the world. Once you really look at what they are doing, you begin to see some patterns.

– Studying opened up the realization about what everyone was doing (3:00)
– More things that hold others back (7:00)
– Where to start (8:00)
– One thing you can do to shift your perspective (11:46)
– The trick to get the most out of life (15:52)


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January 31, 2019


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There’s a lot that you can do in life, and it’s impossible for any human being to do every single thing that there is to do in life, but let’s face reality. Some people get a lot more out of life and do a whole lot more with their life than other people do. So the question then becomes how do you get the most out of life. How do you do more in life? And that’s what we’re talking about here on this episode.


What’s up guys welcome back to another episode of the Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti, and we are on episode number 19, and in this episode, I really want to talk about getting the most out of life and making the most of life and just doing more things in life and like how’s that done. All right, like how do you how do you go out and get the most out of life. You know, we see a lot of people that get to do a lot of really cool things that live a fulfilled life that that do make the most out of life. How do you go and do that yourself?

And so my goal by the time that I’m done with this episode here is to kind of bring a new perspective of how to get the most out of life and really encourage you to go out and do that. And I’m really trying to build off of the last several episodes that we’ve done in back in Episode 16 I talked about really being lazy and basically how you have to face yourself. And face the truth of reality and wake up and be like, hey, I’ve got to deal with my own personal issues before I can ever get ahead and chase my goals or get anything out of life.

Alright, and then an episode 17 I talked about starting with ‘why’ and why it’s so important to lead with your ‘why’ rather than leading with the, ‘what’ or the ‘how.’ And I think that you know is really good about the direction of life.

And then in yesterday’s episode, I talked about doing what you love, and it was like my plea and begging to you my plea to you to say, please go do what you love, because time is short and you know life is going by, and we only live once. And so you’ve got one opportunity. Don’t let your parents, your best friend and or anyone else around you hold you back. Don’t their opinions hold you back and really surround yourself with the right type of people I think you know these things are very, very important. So I want to build off of that and kind of the next thing that happens in my head.


The next step of that is like making the most out of life. Now that I’ve gone through it have been like, oh, do what you love to do like get right with yourself, leave with your mission leave with your why right and go do what you love. The next step is what okay how do I actually go and get the most out of life, like what does that look like, how do I actually go and do that.

And as I sat down and I really thought about this, right. I was thinking, and this was even before the episode came to be. I remember sitting down, I don’t know, this is probably six or seven months ago now. Last year was a huge transformational life for me in the year 2018.


And so this is what I do like I just think about things. I’m a very interesting person if you guys have been to tell, my mind goes to places that a lot of people’s minds don’t naturally go. And I’ve trained my mind to do that, and that’s why this episode or this podcast exists because I want to do these things. But I remember sitting down thinking man, like there’s a lot to do in life how do you do it all? Or how do you decide what you want to do?

And then that got me thinking about the people that do the most in life or get the most out of life, right, like the people that really have the most life experiences they get the most out of life. Make life like worth living and live life to the fullest.


How do they go about doing that? What are the things that they’re doing to make that happen? And as I looked across the board. I started studying, and I started looking at, like, okay, like I looked at, you know, maybe you know successful football players or successful, you know, people in business or say you know people that are you traveling all over the place or Youtubers or whatever, like, whatever it is.


No matter who it was that I looked at how much money that they had no matter what area that it was I sat down, I started studying them, and I said what do they do I sort of recognized this pattern. And really as I studied each and every one of them I had this realization. And it was they simply just went and did they just went and did something, and they didn’t like let routine hold them back from doing. They simply weren’t afraid to go out and try new things and just go do. And there really isn’t a right or wrong way to do things. You just have to simply go and do because if you go and do now all the sudden you have tried and experience more things. The next person who’s not doing and what a lot of people, a lot of people do is they’ll say some day. Right, like someday they’re going to go on a five-mile bike ride.


Okay, well why don’t you go on a five-mile bike ride or a 25-mile bike ride or whatever it is now? Someday I’m going to run a marathon, why not like right now? Like, why not start training for that now someday I’m going to go and travel. Well right, why not now and I understand like some of those are smaller, some of those are bigger and a lot of people, they’re like oh man I can’t possibly go and you know I can’t possibly go and just quit my job and go travel. Okay, fine. Maybe that’s not where you start. But if you still want to get the most out of life. And really, you know, maybe you’re always into travel. Maybe you’re totally content staying home, and you know little farm town, and I mean I grew up in Indiana, and I have friends that want to live there for the rest of your life.

Okay, so maybe that’s you. Maybe you don’t want to go and travel and then start a multimillion-dollar business. Maybe you’re happy with being home. Well, how do you get the most out of life? Well, you get the most out of life just like everybody else gets the most out of life which is by simply doing more. Go for that run right and try something new. You know, I don’t know, maybe go volunteer somewhere or try to start a side hustle or, you know, build something in your you know your garage or, you know, start learning a new instrument. Go and, you know, apply for a scholarship somewhere, whatever that thing is simply by going out there and doing new things and embracing what you learn from them. And building off of each other, you get to now experience so many things that the other person wouldn’t like wouldn’t get you if they didn’t do that. And the person that’s sitting right next to you or that lives in the same house or down the road that when they’re not doing it, you’re going to have such a broader perspective on life and really get to experience life to the fullest.


And this goes very, very similar to our episode earlier. I don’t know what episode it was. Think it was a couple of weeks back where we talked about trying new things and why trying new things actually makes you smarter and will get you further in life because it brings new perspective, it forces, your brain to change, and we’d like we talked about that, and that’s so important, I apologize. I’m still hoarse here. I’m going to get a drink of water here real quick.


So and most podcasters would edit that out. But like I said, I’m pretty real rock. So your mind, your mind is shifting gears time frame, but you also use to experience more you get to see what all of life has to offer and it brings new perspective, and things that you didn’t even know existed like you’re going to start recognizing that oh I’m actually able to go to this. Oh, I’m actually able to go, and you know like this was fun and just make it up as you go like just figure it out as you go along.

And I think that one of the things that a lot of people like they get held back on is like what’s the process of trying new things, what’s the process of just going out and doing?

There is no process you just start you just go and do so that that marathon that you’ve been wanting to run for a while or that business that you were trying to start or that you know whatever you just go and do it and figure it out as you go.

And I think the advice that I would give to you know each person now is that you know if you’re not sure what to start maybe you don’t have any dreams and ambitions you like man, I don’t really know. I think we all do. But if you’re like, man, is there is there a better place to start or another. I would say that if you’re not sure where you want to start. Start with something that’s going to learn well first off I would say the first thing you start with is whatever you’re passionate about now.


Okay, so if you’re really passionate about painting just start painting right like go buy some art stuff go, you know, apply for an art competition. Who cares if you lose okay like it literally just doesn’t matter you’re trying new things and experiencing new things. But if you’re ready to go and like maybe you maybe you do want to go and be thinking bigger than that maybe you do want to eventually quit your job someday and go travel the world. I would say start doing things that would give you a foundation to be able to build upon and maybe that’s learning a skill of, you know, making money or investing money maybe that’s a skill that’s, you know, monetizable. Maybe that’s, you know, learning how to sell you know and taking some like sales classes and sales training.

And build that foundation that will allow you to go and do bigger things and experiencing more things later on but like you got to understand that like life is happening right now and it’s easy to hear that saying and think it’s like cliche and be like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s go do something now because life is gonna wait around forever’.

But the fact is it’s true like tick tick tick tick tick. Okay, listen, like every second that just went by, like you’re getting older, you don’t get those seconds back, and you’re not going to be young forever. Okay, you’re not going to be able to go and do and have this freedom and if you really want to experience the most out of life and really get the most perspective and people, you know, people ask me, a lot of times like Josh, how do you have so much perspective.

‘How are you so you know informed on so many different areas in your life at the age that you are.’ It’s because I have gone out and just done things. All right.

And I’m not talking about like taking huge massive business risk. I’m not talking about like, you know, going out and making million dollars you know decisions are investing 15 or $20,000 or quitting your job, wherever I’m just talking about even when I was young, I did things.

So like when I was younger, I would go and you know I was like man I want to raise chickens, and so I just went raise chickens, and it started with butchering chickens like I would go over to and we didn’t really humanely right we really you know we raised the burden really nice environment. So now they were free-range chickens.


So they, you know, got to enjoy the life, whatever. But then I was like oh man, I’d like to use some eggs too so I, you know, I started raising chickens that lay eggs and then I was like, all right, well, I want to go grow some hay. And so I just I mean I was fortunate enough I lived on a farm. So I went and bought some hay I planted it, and I just learned as I went and I got so many life experiences out of that.

And then I wanted to volunteer at a ranch, a horse ranch and so you know I applied and got accepted whatever and went there, and I went and did that. And as I’ve grown older, I’ve just kept doing those things, and I just will just try and do things. And like yeah like money and this that the other you want to be smart with that. But you get there are so many things that you can do in your life right now and experience that doesn’t cost a lot or that you can work in. And this, the other thing I think is really important for working in things in your life around what you’re already doing that will broaden your experience.

So like, okay, let’s say you want to; let’s say you’re already a runner right you’re in the gym, and you know you’re already are in in the gym actively, and you run a lot already what could broaden your perspective. Well, you don’t have to go and, you know, spend $500 on a camping trip to go out and enjoy nature in the woods somewhere like you could do that, and that would be awesome. But maybe you don’t have the money to buy attend and, you know, go and take time off work to go for a weekend trip or something. So what can you do?


Well instead of running inside on like a treadmill go find some, you know, places where you can run in nature, you know, maybe some which trails or some you know something where it’s outside maybe around a lake, right.

Now all the sudden you get to experience nature now all the sudden you get to see a different perspective, maybe meet you know, meet new people out that way or you know really have your mind start shifting because now you’re in nature, more and you’re experiencing those things, and you really get to see those different things, but you just have to go and do.

And don’t be afraid to keep doing bigger and bigger and bigger things are scarier and scarier scary things. Once again this goes this episode goes very closely, hand in hand with trying new things and the importance of trying new things, but I’m just saying like, just go start and do now.

Don’t feel like you have to go do like earth-shattering or mountain moving things in order to experience perspective or get to get the most out of life. Just simply doing rather than sitting on the couch and watching Netflix, rather than sit around and watching sports all day, rather than sitting on social media. All right. There’s so much more to life than that, and you can experience so much more because remember, and this is super important. Okay.


And if you remember nothing else from this episode, I really want you to take this and like write this down, put it on your wall is it is a good one. Okay. When you are watching a movie when you are watching TV or Netflix when you are on social media; you are experiencing life through somebody else’s perception or living life through somebody else, rather than going out there and living it yourself.

Okay, so when you’re sitting on social media. Right now you’re literally going through, and instead of going out and living your life actively you’re not living your life and going and catching up with somebody else’s life and seeing what they’re doing, and you’re like, trying to live their life right you know actually living their life, but you’re you’re wasting that time. And so your perception of reality is coming through all these other people’s lenses. Okay. When you sit around and watch Netflix and TV and are on social media, you are experiencing life through someone else’s perspective, rather than going out and experiencing it yourself. That is not how to make the most out of life because you will never actually get to experience those feelings yourself unless you go do them. It’s impossible to learn through someone else, the amount that you could learn by going and doing it yourself right it’s just it’s not possible.

So take a step back, get off of social media turn off Netflix cancel it if you have to and go out into nature go out and do and take those risks. But also incorporate things into your day that it just makes your day more exciting. And it doesn’t always cost money, and oftentimes it doesn’t even take a lot more time than you currently are using. You’re just simply shifting the environment shifting where you’re spending that energy.


So like I said, rather than running in the gym run outside rather than you know writing a paper in an office for your homework or you know whatever do it you know at a lake somewhere, rather than, you know, I don’t know, there are so many different examples that you could do that just shifts what where or how you do something that doesn’t cost you a whole lot more and allows you to get a new perspective of the world that you didn’t have before and perspective is everything.

And I believe that those with perspective shape the world, maybe they don’t run the world, maybe, but like they’re the ones that shaped the world. Those are the ones that see things differently that have the perspective of three or four or five or six or seven different people or things or angles.

Those are the people that are going to go out there and shape what happens next. Because they recognize different problems and they see different solutions, and they get to experience life in so many different ways.


If you want to make the most out of life please simply go and do. Go and do. And the thing that I like and I’m going to be very practical here for a second. Okay, because the biggest objection that I get when it comes to this is ‘Josh, I don’t have the money.’ Okay. And, you know, and I hear a lot of people that are against what I say that like, ‘oh Josh, you can’t advise people just go blow their money like people should be saving. Not everybody’s going to be a millionaire like you not everybody’s going to want to build this business, I get that.


So what’s practical advice for that? Maybe you have a job right now. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money to go spend all right, put a budget in place or, you know, put a financial plan in place that says okay let’s say I make $3,000 a month or $5,000, a month, whatever it is you have your bills your core you know your core expenses or whatnot. And you’re going to have some leftover money. So let’s say I don’t know I’m trying to be reasonable I’m not really sure what the look of statistics on what the average person has left over. But let’s say you have extra $500, a month if you’re smart with your money you’ve got $500, a month and you can either go through and save that or invested whatever. Okay fine put $250 away towards your retirement or investments or savings or whatever and then take that other $250 and be intentional about making it go a long way. You want to take a bigger trip, or you want to go to something bigger. Save it for a couple months and then go do it. And in the meantime, buying things that don’t cost a lot of money and if you are blessed with money. If you do have that financial capability, like I do go and do and travel and experience and test and try new things and buy that course and or, you know, go, and whatever that thing is that you’re wanting to do just go do it.


I think traveling has taught me more than a lot of things just because there are so many different people that you run into. There’s so much perspective that goes with that traveling while you’re young and learning that I think is very, very important and I think that in my experience, the people that I meet that travel the most often-times have the best perspective on life and they are the ones that get the most out of life because they’re doing and they’re doing in big areas of their life, not small areas. Okay.


Alright. I know that was kind of this was a little bit of a shorter episode as actually, we’re right on track here but that that short at all. Um, I hope that this brought some perspective for you and showed you that like if you want to get the most out of life. Just go do things just go try new things and be okay with, like, oh man, I don’t know, like maybe that wasn’t the greatest decision, but what can I learn from it and really being intentional about learning something new from each experience that you do.

I always go into every situation looking for something to learn, and I come out, and I go, what can I learn from that situation, even if it’s not that profound even it’s just like I really learned that it’s important to be grateful. Ahhh, I really learned that you know you know if you choose to go into a situation with a positive attitude; you’ll come out with a positive attitude.

Any little thing that you can do always learn from your experiences and what you do as you’re going and doing more and more things.

Okay I hope you got value in this episode I really hope that you liked, I tried to simplify things down and be very, very practical. In this episode I understand that there’s a lot of listeners that don’t have a ton of money that want to go out there and do more things or experience life, but they feel like they don’t know how they want to get the most out of life, but they feel like finances are holding them back.


Just go and do anyway. And if you eventually want to get to that point where you can take a big risk and go do big things.


Learn financial skills or you know billable asset skills that you can use now and build off of those in the future, but doing more is always… I don’t always say always because that’s universal but almost always the answer when it comes to getting the most out of life. Alright. Alright, guys as always hustle- hustle. God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different and do more. We’re going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all, and I will see you on the next episode.


Take it easy Fam. Peace.