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How To Make Money From Home During The Coronavirus – (Preparing For An Economic Downturn)


Worried about the economic effects of the coronavirus on the economy? Wondering how to make money online, work from home, and “recession-proof” your business? In this episode, I do a special, 2 hour-long training that breaks down step by step how to do just that.


We cover:

– How the coronavirus will be effecting the economy, and how to prepare for it.

– How to prepare your mindset for what is coming.

– Step-by-step practical “how to” of finding problems, solutions, products to sell, and more.

– How to find your dream customer through audience.

– What to expect during this time.

And more!

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March 16, 2020


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What’s up guys this is Josh and there is no doubt that the number one topic that everybody is talking about, in the reason days has been the coronavirus and specifically the effects that the coronavirus has had on the economy, on the stock market and how this is going to impact the economy. Moving forward, we look like we’re heading into an economic recession, things are probably going to get bad things are going to be harder to sell money is going to stop moving, people are going to stop moving and so the question becomes, how do I survive this? How do I go and make money online? How do I work from home? How do I make my business or my products recession-proof and make sure that I come out the other side stronger than ever? And so in this episode, that’s what we’re focused on. Now. A couple things that you need to know about this episode one it is designed to watch on video all right is available both on Facebook and on YouTube, on my Josh Forti profile also on Think Different Theory page. So I highly recommend if you’re listening to it on audio, that’s fine, but I would recommend going and checking it out on video. I share my screen. I’m gonna in front of a whiteboard, and I draw out a lot of things that are just better visually seen, rather than just heard. So that’s the first thing. So this is not a typical audio-only episode. Secondly, we did put together a training, I want to make sure that we are serving you guys in the best way possible. Think Different Theory we’re all about the highest quality, most trustworthy content out there. So I went and I took some of my best sales trainings and mindset trainings and I found some funnel trainings and make money trainings from Russell Brunson from Grant Cardone from value tainment. And I put them all into a membership area, and we made it 100% completely for free. For those of you that need it, go to All right, Corona, I’m sorry, Corona trainings, with an S on the end, we will link that down below. You can get that 100% for free. My mind shift playbook is in there. And that will really, really help you and then third, this episode is a longer episode. It’s about two hours long. I break it down into a couple different segments. Come back to this, watch it off and listen to it all. And I break down a lot of different things. If you continue to just keep listening to this, I promise you that you will go and you will get through the other side of just get through the other side of this just fine. We’re focused on how value is created, how to brace yourself and get ready for the economic impacts that this is going to have, how to set yourself up for success. We cover a lot of really good material. So bookmark this one, leave a rating leave a review, subscribe, ask your questions. If there’s any way we can help, feel free to reach out to us contact bootstrapping, like I said it’s a longer episode. It’s about two hours long, and it’s just going to be really, really good. So without further ado, let’s dive in. Thank you so much for listening. And don’t forget to claim your free bonuses link down below.

You are now entering a new paradigm.

You‌ ‌are‌ ‌now‌ ‌entering‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌So, ‌here’s‌ ‌my‌ ‌issue.‌ ‌I‌ ‌wanted‌ ‌to‌ ‌find‌ ‌the‌ ‌ answers‌ ‌to‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌questions.‌ ‌Things‌ ‌like,‌ ‌how‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌become‌ ‌happy‌ ‌and‌ ‌live‌ ‌with‌ ‌purpose?‌ ‌ How‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌make‌ ‌more‌ ‌money‌ ‌doing‌ ‌what‌ ‌I‌ ‌love,‌ ‌and‌ ‌what‌ ‌does‌ ‌it‌ ‌mean‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌truly‌ ‌successful‌ ‌in‌ ‌ all‌ ‌areas‌ ‌of‌ ‌life?‌ ‌My‌ ‌name‌ ‌is‌ ‌Josh‌ ‌Forti,‌ ‌@JoshForti‌ ‌on‌ Instagram,‌ ‌and‌ ‌I‌ ‌ask‌ ‌life’s‌ ‌biggest‌ ‌ questions‌ ‌and‌ ‌share‌ ‌the‌ ‌answers‌ ‌with‌ ‌you.‌ ‌My‌ ‌goal‌ ‌is‌ ‌to‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌find‌ ‌purpose,‌ happiness,‌ ‌and‌ ‌ open‌ ‌your‌ ‌mind‌ ‌to‌ ‌new‌ realm of possibility ‌by‌ ‌helping‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌differently‌ ‌about‌ ‌everything‌ ‌you‌ do,‌ ‌know,‌ ‌and‌ ‌understand.‌ ‌On‌ ‌this‌ ‌podcast,‌ ‌we‌ ‌think‌ ‌different,‌ ‌we‌ ‌dream‌ ‌bigger,‌ ‌and‌ ‌we‌ ‌live‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌ world‌ ‌without‌ ‌limits.‌ ‌This‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌new‌ ‌paradigm.‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌The‌ ‌Think‌ ‌Different‌ ‌Theory.

Guys, in today’s live stream, today’s episode of the podcast, I’m going to be going a little bit longer, it’s probably gonna be closer to maybe an hour and a half or so. And I’m going to be breaking down some ways that we can actually go and make money online work from home, how to prepare for the economic downturn that is going to be happening, inevitably, with the virus, I want to make sure that we are live here and with the economic kind of the economic benefits of it, the economic results that are happening with this and so I’m gonna be blasting this out.

Like I said, And guys, by the way, if you’re listening on audio, I apologize, I would highly recommend you can listen to it on audio, but I highly recommend coming over to the video side of things and watching it on video. We’re gonna get started here in just one second. Once I make sure we are good in live, I kind of want to break this down into two parts and three sections of the second part. So first what I want to do and let me say blast off here, we good to go there. Yes, send, send and send. Awesome. And then one more. Some of you guys might be getting these from me. Did you do and send Okay, so what I want to do in this training today in this episode, if you want to call it is First off, talk about just briefly how the corona virus and the economy is affecting the markets is affecting us as business owners and kind of some of the results that we’re seeing from it. And then secondly, then I want to move into how we can actually go and respond to this and respond to it well, so we’re gonna talk about the mindset side of things.

We’re going to talk about the actual how to and the very practical side of things. And then we’re also going to talk about the audience side of things and how to capitalize this from an audience perspective. All right. So those are kind of that’s kind of the outline here. First, I’m going to address what markets are really being affected, what to kind of expect and see now I’m no expert or you know, I’ve never been through a big huge financial crisis before in my business, but I have done some research I have done a lot of studying here spent most of the morning here doing that, and really over the weekend as well. And excuse me that I’m going to go into how we spot opportunity, how to capitalize on that opportunity, how you can go right now and make money how you can go right now and start preparing for when things get bad because guys, the fact of the matter is, things are gonna get bad and let me double check one more time here just to make sure that we are Yes, we are live awesome. Okay, and let me hit send there. Okay, so now that we’re gonna go there, I am also going to be sharing my screen. I’ve got my whiteboard here, which is my iPad, so give you a little sneak peek of what that will look like.

This right here, you’ll be able to see me color here as we’re going through this, and I’ll be switching back and forth between that. Lastly, before we dive into this year, I want to let you guys know, we put together a training for anybody that’s in need. Specifically for this reason, Think Different Theory one of the things that I am absolutely committed to and the whole team is here as well is serving you guys especially in a time of need, and giving you guys the highest quality trainings as well as trainings that you can trust. I really want Think Different Theory to be known as a program or accompany a podcast, whatever you want to call it as something that you can trust and that you know, you’re going to get the highest quality and best information from so what we did is inside your guys’s mind shift playbook membership area and if you don’t have that, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you how to get here in just a second. Inside your guys’s mind ship playbook membership area. We’ve added a bunch of trainings and videos on how to prepare for this we went out and I added my own training. So we’ve got

Mind mindset trainings in there for me workbooks in there for me on sales trainings in there from me how to create your offer trainings for me in there we also went out and found the best videos on sales funnels from Russell Brunson and and preparing for your business from Grant Cardone and value tainment how to how to capitalize in a down market how to really like just prepare well in a down market like this for your business and for your life. All those are going to be made available for free inside your membership area inside the mind shift playbook. Now if you don’t have that, you can go to www dot Josh slash Corona trainings all right all one word all lowercase here slash Corona trainings will be a video on there and then it will take you to the place where you can go you can create your free account inside that account will be your membership area with the mind shift playbook and you will also have all the trainings and things in there as well. This video will be uploaded there as well for you to be able to

rewatch it there when we’re done here. All right. So if you guys are excited for this, if you guys already comment hashtag ready down below, hashtag ready, I’m going to treat this like a normal live stream. So like I said, if you’re listening on audio, I apologize. But because there’s a visual here, because I do have my whiteboard, my iPad here that I’m gonna be sharing, this is gonna be more of a live stream. So if you’re excited for this, if you’re ready to learn, common hashtag ready down below, hit that like button, hit the love button, the more likes and more comments we get, the more people we can help. If you’re watching on the live stream, feel free to please hit the share button and share this out to your people share this out to anybody that needs it. All this is 100% for free here, I don’t have a pitch at the end of this except for you to get free trainings from me. There is no other things here. For that I just I really want to provide value here I’m really want to show you because thing different area, I want you guys to know like we’re set really well for an economic crisis like this. We have cash in the bank, we have, you know, everything that’s required to kind of make this through this. We have amazing trainings, we have amazing connections. We’re committed to serving you guys. We have a very small efficient team. So we’re poised to really come through

as well and to serve you guys at the highest level and so I want to make sure that you guys know like you can come to us anytime that you need anything we’re here to serve you guys and give you guys that training that we need. All right, so if you guys are ready like I said, comment hashtag team live below, let me know where it is that you’re tuning in from hashtag team Live and let me know where it is that you’re tuning in from hit the like button, hit the love button and we’re gonna rock and roll here. Okay, so part number one of this I first I want to just talk real briefly about the actual economic or the actual virus itself and the economic impacts that it’s having. And by the way, if I’m not looking at the camera here, because I’m looking down here at my computer, I’m just checking everything I got a bunch of notes on here and some different articles that I’m gonna be pulling from and doing like that. All right, and like I said, Guys, the more likes the more compliments we get, the more people can help. I know there’s tons of you on here so please smash the love button smash like button and leave some comments down below. Share this out to more people. Okay. So basically right now if you guys don’t know the stock market crashed another do what is it another 2000 points here today. Where are we at down 9% so

2100 points as we speak right now, things are not looking good. The airline industries are basically going bankrupt. They’ve asked the government for $50 billion 50 billion with a B dollars in bailout money to just stay afloat. The tourism industry is obviously down a lot. And probably over the next one to two weeks, maybe even a little bit longer than that. We’re gonna see some real financial implications of this, particularly in the retail market side of things, okay. People are not being called to go into work. Last week, the food industry was down like some 75% of normal sales. I was at Applebee’s over the weekend, and to go pick up some food to go and there was two tables in the restaurant at nine o’clock at night on a Saturday. All right, so there’s a lot of markets and industries right now that are very much hurting from this. And whenever and this is important to understand, okay, so whenever markets are hurting whenever people stop moving, cash usually stops moving. All right. Now, what’s interesting is and I know

To set the groundwork here before we get into the How to, because the How to is only going to work for you, and you’re only going to be able to capitalize it if you understand what’s actually happening here. Okay? So how it used to be back pre internet days is that the only way that cash could move is if you actually went out and spent it right, you had to go to a physical location, and you had to give someone cash or a credit card in a physical format. And so if somebody couldn’t move, and somebody could not leave the house, that meant everything stopped. All right. Well, today, similarly to that we still do need to spend money in order for the money to move. But what’s different now is that we have the internet, which means that the only industries that are I don’t wanna say the only industries but the main industries here that are going to be affected are the industries that require people to go to that particular place, the tourism, tourism industry, the airline industry, the food, business industry, things like that.

A lot of retail shops right now might not necessarily go out of business or hurt too much because we still have online shopping. All right. And whenever there’s an economic downturn, we’re going to talk about spotting opportunity here and how to spot that and how to view it and how to look and all those different things. Whenever there’s an economic downturn, whenever there’s a crisis, there’s always opportunity. But now, particularly in this crisis, if you want to call it that, or this market downturn, if you want to call it that, there’s more opportunity than ever before, because even though people aren’t moving, that doesn’t mean cash isn’t moving. All right. A lot of people like to shop when they are bored. Okay. A lot of people are looking for new ways to earn revenue right now, new ways for income. And if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re in the info product space, if you’re in the online space at all, there’s a huge market here to capitalize on. I want to show you some of the different ways that we can actually go about doing that. All right. So just because some economic things are going

poorly just because some businesses are in the downturn doesn’t mean all of them are. In fact, I wrote down some of that. I came up with like four really core things right now that are probably doing very well in this economic downturn. The first one being online education. All right, this is by far probably the, the, the industry that’s gonna benefit most from this economic downturn from this coronavirus, which is we’re not afraid of it on the medical side of things. We’re talking from the economic and financial side of things, right. We’ve got the online education side of things because people are gonna want to work from home. They’re gonna want online education, schools are closed, businesses are closing, colleges are closing, all these people are being sent home. So the economic effects for online businesses for particularly in the education space, this could actually be very well so if you’re a course creator right now, I’m not saying it’s going to be easier to sell. I’m saying there’s a very large opportunity. We’re talking about the difference here in just one second. Second thing that I wrote down as I was going through when I was kind of reading this is online gaming. Alright, online gaming. If you’re an online

In gaming space, if you have a channel, if you sell online games, if you service that industry, if you have an audience in that industry, I mean, the NBA shut down right now the MLB, the NHL, there’s so many sports that are being shut down. Guess what? All a lot of those players are going and starting streams and they’re online. They’re playing games with their fans and everything like that. So people being stuck in quarantine from their Xbox, PlayStation, that’s going to be another huge market is opportunity. All right. Third thing I wrote down is essentials, right? Just the essentials of living toilet papers, obviously, on canned goods, food, disinfectants, basic living essentials, gasoline, stuff like that, like these type of products or vitamins. I just ordered another like hundred bucks worth of vitamins and things like these, those businesses are probably going to do very well as well. And then the fourth thing I wrote down this is kind of a side note and the reason I put this one in there is because I wanted I want to show you different ways to spot opportunity to show you like how I’m thinking with this right is the fourth thing I wrote

Dealing with the insurance industry. Now you might be like, Josh, the insurance industry, Why that? We think about this, everybody right now is going in, they’re operating out of fear, right? And when we talk about mindset here in just one second, how to capitalize on how to train your mind to be right, you’re gonna see how we can’t operate out of fear. And if we operate out of fear that makes us vulnerable. But guess what, a lot of people don’t realize that a lot of people don’t think that way. So they operate out of fear. And so what does insurance do? Well, insurance brings security, right? Life insurance policies, insurance, on housing insurance on on, you know, you can buy so many different types of insurance policies for different things. And so right now, people are really, really thankful for their insurance policies in a lot of ways, right. And so for an in the insurance market right now, well, yes, they’re, they’re definitely shelling things out. If you’re a insurance salesperson. This is not a time to freak out. This is a time to double down. All right, and there’s a lot of opportunity in the insurance space there as well make money from home, things like that they all fall into one of these categories, and we’re gonna dive in

Does it make sense guys, though, like, you start to see how like, even if nobody’s moving even if everybody’s at home, I think Boston shut down. Even if nobody is, is physically moving money still moves can still move, the market can crash the market can tank. But guess what these industries, the essentials, the online gaming, the online education in the insurance communities like these, these markets, these industries, they’re not going to be hurting, they’re going to have more opportunity than ever before. All right. And this is what I want to show you how to capitalize on is how to spot these, and then how to actually go and capitalize on it. And specifically, I want to give you tactical how tos and we’re going to get here in just a second tactical how tos on how you can go prepare your business for this economic downturn and become the leader that your people need. And then go out and start making money from home making money online. Even if you don’t have an audience even if you’re just getting started, even if you just got laid off. Alright, guys ready for that? You guys are ready, comment hashtag ready down below.

Hash tag ready, hit the like button, hit the love button, share this out with your people. And the more likes and the more comments we get, the more people we’re going to be able to help with this live with this training. And we’re gonna get started and dive in here up 15 minutes past the hour. So let’s dive in. Okay, so three things that we’re going to cover today, number one, mindset number two, how to and number three, audience building and building your tribe during this economic crisis that is coming because guys like at the end of the day is coming, right? We’ve been talking about this, this, we’ve been in this bull market for so long for 10 years. Stock Market is at an all time high. We’re down 30% in just a couple weeks. All right. I don’t know how bad it’s gonna get. Maybe it’s gonna bounce back. But you know what, even if it’s not this time, even if it’s not right now, even if it bounces back in a month, we are going to go through another recession. We are at some point whether it’s now or in a year, you will go through several bear and bull markets in your lifetime, which is why we put together the training for you guys Josh slash Corona trainings

Josh slash Corona trainings, you can go get signed up 100% for free for all the trainings there, the mindset stuff in the membership area. Okay, so let’s dive in here.

So when it comes to any form of crisis, any form of emergency, any form of really anything in life, what the media is going to tell you to do, what the world is going to do and tell you to do is almost always completely polar opposite of what you need to do. Okay? And this is very important to understand because I want to I want to look at this from a mindset perspective. I did a, I did an Instagram story, okay, over the weekend, and I went and I said, Do I just did a QA? And I said, I’m getting so many messages about the corona virus and the economic, you know, the state of the economy and things like that, like, what should we do? So I did this q&a and a lot of people asked very, very similar questions and one of the questions that came up repeatedly over

Over and over again, from people that were tuning in on Instagram was Josh, you say everything is a mindset game, right? How do we prepare our mind for something like this? Right? How do we prepare our mind for when there might not be cash coming in? Or when sales get harder or stop? Right? How do we prepare our mind when we lose 30% of our money or when you know, everything shuts down and we can’t get out? How do we prepare the mind? And how does getting right in the mind solve that problem? You guys have ever had this question before? All right, it’s important. And so I sat back and I started thinking about this and I went back to my coach and we I started thinking about what what she would tell me and all the different trainings that we I’ve gone through the exercises that she had me do and the thing what’s, what’s interesting is the number one thing that my coach always talks to me about. And keep in mind, for those of you that don’t know right now, I paid I have a coach, she’s $60,000 for the year or $5,000 a month, right is the equivalent of what that comes to okay. This is

Very high level high performance coach. Now you could think that she could talk to me about profit margins or messaging or you know, whatever. But the number one thing that she talks about and encourages me to do, no matter what happens, no matter how good or bad business or not, is, she’s like, Josh, you need to operate out of power. And in order to do that, we need to understand the mind like, Okay, all right, we need to operate out of power. What does that mean? All right. And what I want you to understand before I dive into that, I need to explain to you how kind of an analogy of how the brain works, and how we look at decisions. All right. Have you ever have you ever seen the analogy where it’s like, six, there’s an elephant, all right, and there’s like six people or seven people on the elephant, right? And, and they’re all blindfolded. None of them can see and one guy is sitting on top of the elephant. He’s grabbing the trunk of the elephant. He’s pointing his face like this. And he goes, it’s a fan right? Because he’s getting blown here right and the other guy is down in front of the

And he’s touching the tusks. And he goes, No, it’s a spear. Right? And the other guy goes, and he’s touching the the leg of the elephant. He’s like, no, it’s a pillar, right? And each person is around the elephant. And they’re all seeing it from different perspectives are having this different interpretation of it, right? And because of that, each one of them is coming to a different conclusion. Right? Makes sense? Well, that’s a lot kind of like how our mind works. When it comes to the situation that we’re approaching. Oftentimes, we get very, very close to the situation, and we can’t really see the complete picture. But because the media and because all the information that we’re looking at is telling us to look at, oh my gosh, look at the stock market. It’s crashing, we’re panicking crisis mode. Oh, my gosh, we’re all gonna die, right? Like it’s, they’re not looking at the whole elephant. They’re looking at one specific part of it. And they’re, they’re making money off of that. So that’s where they’re gonna push and focus. And what you have to remember about our mindset or about our mind, is our mindset and this is very important. Okay.

Our mindset is simply like a lens. And whatever lens we choose to look through, that’s how we’re going to interpret the situation. So what’s the difference between someone like Warren Buffett going through a financial crisis? And someone like you going through a financial crisis? Now you could say yes. Oh, you know, like, he’s got money and experience and everything like that, yes. But at the end of the day, excuse me, it’s the the lens or the reality upon which he chooses to look through a situation in and the way that you look through it. The reason that someone that’s dead broke right now is about to enter this market and in six months, a year or five years from now become a multi multi multi millionaire from this market crash has nothing to do with the fact that he had a different opportunity or she had a different opportunity than you did it simply because they’re choosing to look at this crash in a different way than most people will go and do it. One of the interesting things that I did and this is actually something that I wasn’t at

I’m going to share with you guys but I thought this is important is

my I talked to some friends beginning of last week when the market really started crashing and going down Okay, like everything was was coming into, you know down the market was crashing and my buddy’s like, man, I would hate to have a loan right now, man I would hate to have any form of debt right I hate man I hate to have you know, blah blah blah I’m you know, I’m getting secure I’m getting this house like, that’s super interesting. Because right now I would want as much capital as possible I would want to be able to go out and leverage cash, I’d want to be able to go out and leverage this opportunity not come from a place of fear not come from this place. And so my friend was over there looking at this through this lens of my stock market portfolio just dropped 30% you know, I just lost all this money if I people out there that have debt that would be a negative thing, right? You know, what I did last week is honestly God true. Okay, you know what I did last week? I went and I got alone. And you’re like what?

Josh, why would you go and get a loan? Like, why did you go and do that? I went and got a loan, because I said, You know what? My company’s great right now. We’re financially sound, we’re financially good. And, you know, we could make it through, we have enough cash in the bank to make it several months without, you know, any big huge influx of cash, like we’re safe or secure, we’re good. But I don’t want to just go and come at this from a place of, alright, how do we hunker down and make it through? No, I was like, how do we go and capitalize? How do we go and maximise on this? And so I went back to PayPal, and there’s a true story. This is literally happened last week. Okay. I went back to paypal and I said, Hey, listen, X number of months ago, you guys offered me alone. And it was for X number of percentage, I was gonna have to pay I think it was like, I don’t know, in order to get $25,000 or, you know, whatever that thing was, like I was gonna have to pay like $3,000 in interest or something like that over the course of everything. And I was like, that seems like kind of a lot. So I went back to them. The stock market’s now crashing. The thing is going down.

Everything’s falling, right? And last week, I said, Hey, listen, I know that you’re probably gonna have a hard time getting loans right now, I’ve been talking to a bunch of my friends, nobody’s loaning money, things like that. And I said,

we give me a loan. And the guy’s like, why do you want a loan? What do you want a loan for? I said, because I want to be ready when opportunity strikes. And I was like, right now, I don’t know if I have enough liquid cash to be able to fully, fully take that on. Now, this is a controversial move. I’m not saying it’s right for everybody. But I’m drawing this analogy here. Okay. And I said, so what rates can you give me now? And so I started negotiating back and forth with this guy, alright, the interest rate that he gave me three months ago, was cut in less than half. Okay? I should say more than half, they cut it over half. So in order for me to go get like a $25,000 loan, to have that on hand was only going to be just over just over $1,000 not like three or 4000 like it was beforehand. And so I sat there and I was like, wait, I can get $25,000 for like 1500 bucks or $50,000 for three grand, you know, I mean, like I could go and I could get any of these loan terms. And now I have this cash sitting so that I can

And I could capitalize upon this. And so that’s what I did. I went, I got cash, I got an influx of cash in the business, it was sitting there and I was like, You know what, now I’m ready. I’m ready. If anything happens, you know, worst case scenario, I’m out 1500 bucks or two grand, or whatever it is, but I negotiate it, I use this opportunity of everything coming down. And the fact that all my friends were freaking out to now have cash on hand and now be able to go invest. So now if there’s something that comes up, I have the ability to go and really, really capitalize upon things. Why? Because I’m not operating from a place of fear. I’m, I’m operating from a place of power. All right, and this is very, very important. And so what I mean by this is the lens upon which we’re putting on like, imagine putting on sunglasses, okay? And imagine your mind is like a pair of sunglasses. There’s reality, all right, what’s actually happening in the world today, and then there’s the way that you choose to use it. And by the way, you have to have a lens. There is no such thing as no lens. Now you can have as objective of lens as possible, but you’re still

viewing it through your lens. So it’s very, very important that the lens that you put on you have to put one on is not from a place of fear is not from a place of, oh my gosh, I’m freaking out, oh my gosh, I’m this. It’s from a place of how can I maximize my opportunity from a place of power from a place of certainty. And from a place of if everything goes wrong. I’m going to react well, does it make sense, guys? Does that make sense? Come on, hashtag make sense down below. Hashtag make sense and hit the like button hit the love button. Okay. So the first thing that we need to understand about mindset is that mindset is simply the lens upon which we view the world. We’re going to put on some lens. But mindset is since mindset is the lens, we need to choose the right mindset and the right mindset says, and this is point number two, I’m gonna operate from a place of power, not from a place of fear. Okay, now if you turn on the media, what are they gonna feed you fear? If you’re gonna turn on social media, or they’re gonna feed you fear you turn on anything? What’s it gonna feed you fear Why?

Because when everybody else is freaking out and panicking, the people that are feeding you that fear are the ones that are capitalizing on it. They need you to operate in fear in order for them to have massive opportunity. Okay, did you know I can’t remember how many it was Russell Brunson mentioned it as well. So many of the large, large corporations, very successful companies that you see today that are successful started in an economic downturn. Why? Because when everybody else breaks out of fear, that is the place where you can go and maximise on the most opportunity because everybody else is freaking out. if nobody’s freaking out, there’s little opportunity when everybody’s freaking out. There’s tons of opportunity. I’m gonna explain why when we get to the How to section of things here. Okay. Does that make sense? So number one, understand that your mindset is simply a lens upon which you view things. Number two, make sure that you’re operating from a place of power, not a place of fear or neediness if you’re writing from fear or neediness you are saying hey,

don’t have control over my life. I don’t have control over my outcome. I need this in order to succeed. No you don’t. Okay? That’s not a true statement. If you say I need something that’s not operating from a place of power does it make sense? You guys liking this so far? Like, leave a comment down below hit the like button hit the love button, share this out if you’re liking it, I want to make sure that you guys are understanding this. I’m gonna I’m gonna pop this back up. Okay. Will this still be available after today? Yes, this will this will still be available after today for those of you that are asking let me let me let me pull this up like oops.

Come on, turn off volume play. Well, okay, I want to make sure that I can see your got all your guys’s comments, okay. Okay, appreciate your time. Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet. Okay, so, first, mindset is the lens upon which you’re operating out of Second, you got to operate from power. Third, from a mindset perspective. And this will change your business. This will change your outlook upon how you’re going about and doing things. Okay. Third thing is you need to serve. You need to come from a place of service.

You need to ask yourself, How can I serve someone right now? Okay, how can I serve my customer? How can I serve my family? How can I serve my boss? How can I serve wherever it is? Because when you come from a place of service, people will notice and people will follow. Okay? What am I doing right now? Right now I’m trying to serve you guys. And by the way, my service to you guys is completely genuine. It needs to be completely genuine when you do this as well. But the the upside the benefit of this is, is big, right? Why? Because right now, what did I do? I went and if you go to in fact, let me drop it down below right now. www. Josh slash Actually, I probably shouldn’t do this because all you guys are gonna go Don’t Don’t leave the live stream. You can always get this current training. Okay. I’m going to make sure that that pops up. Okay. That right there? Yes, there’s where it is. If I click on it, it should go over. Do Oh, nope. That was the wrong one.

Nope, don’t go to that link. That was wrong run curl. Oh, Corona trainings. Nevermind. I’m gonna I’m gonna go back and I’ll delete that. We’re gonna don’t go to that one. There needs to be an S on the end of it. All right. Anyway, I put those trainings together I put that membership area together for you guys has tons of trainings in there specifically to help you guys be able to go and get the trainings get the information that you need to weather this storm, and I sat down and what did I could have done I could have been like, Oh my gosh, let’s shut down everything. Let’s turn off the lights turn off the content team. Let’s Let’s do this. Let’s stop producing content. Let’s hunker down. Let’s wait this out. Let’s go see what’s gonna happen. But I didn’t. I said no. How do I serve? How do I go into I serve my community? I said Guess what? They are all questioning how can I make money from lying online? How can I make money from home? Ha What do I need to do to prepare for this? How do I go and do this? So I went, you know what, we’re gonna move the training back a little bit. I’m gonna prepare a training for them. We’re gonna put together all these awesome bonuses. We’re gonna make it 100% for free. I want you guys to trust that

I want you guys to understand that we’re here for you that we’re here to serve you. And that’s why we did this. That’s what you need to be doing to your community right now. That’s what you need to be doing to your customers right now. If you still are in a job and you’re worried about, you know, getting fired or laid off, you need to become literally indispensable to where they can’t find anybody else. Like you need to show up early, stay late work, the hours that nobody else wants to work. We’re going to talk about this when it comes to that how to Grant Cardone an entire video about this right now. You need to be doing the things that nobody else is willing to do. Okay, because when nobody else is willing to do them. If you are now you become indispensable. Now, nobody wants to get rid of you now, nobody will stop following you. Right. Why? Because you’ve served them and you’ve come from a place of service. You don’t go and this is important. All right. You don’t ask yourself the question. How What can I do for my people that will benefit me that is not serving? Okay. Serving says What can I do for my people that will help them

What will I do from can I do for my boss, my family, my employees, my customers, my tribe, my followers, what can I do for them? That is going to serve them? Does that make sense? Guys? Comment, hashtag serve down below, hashtag serve. If you’re committed to serving hit the like button, hit the love button, I want to make sure Excuse me, I want to make sure that you guys are understanding this and that this makes sense. Okay, this is a mindset game. Now the next thing we’re going to talk about here, I’m going to pull up my whiteboard. And we’re going to talk about the practical how to side of things I’m gonna actually draw in and show you. But I need to make sure that you guys are understanding this because I can show you all of the How to, I can show you how to buy products, how to sell, how to make the offers, how to go out and make sure that you can do this. But if you don’t understand first that I need to serve if you’re coming out this from the wrong energy from the wrong perspective, from the wrong state of mind. You’re not going to have success in the How to side of things. You know why? Because how you show up there

Hermans, the outcome. How you show up determines the outcome. This is very important. Okay? If you go into something with a bad attitude negativity that is what’s going to come out. There’s a Sam ovens is one of my favorite people, when it comes to explaining this fitness analogy, okay, I want you to think about something he goes. And I’m not going to use his exact language, but I think you’ll, you’ll get it. He goes, this is a system, okay? Imagine a box, try to get this close to the phone. And and for those of you listening audio, like I said, you’re gonna want to listen to a video, okay? There’s a box and this is this is a system, okay? And you’ve got inputs into this box into this machine, right? And then you’ve got outputs that come out the other side, and then you have feedback. Okay? So imagine that actually, let me just draw this. Let me pull up my whiteboard here. Hang on, here we go. transition, boom. Now you see the whiteboard. Okay, so here we go. We’ve got this

box here. Okay. Hopefully you guys can see my screen. So here,

this is these are inputs. These are outputs.

And this is feedback. All right, I’m going to put f here, feedback, output input. Okay? So if the only thing that you put it in these inputs here if this is crap going into this right here, if this is negativity if this is negative energy if this is complaining if this is fear, if this is oh my gosh, I don’t know if we’re gonna make it. Oh my gosh, what’s gonna happen? Oh, my gosh, the economy is crashing, oh my gosh, how can I? And I put me me me first, what’s going to come out? negativity. Why? Because the only thing that you put in his negativity, you can’t put negativity and expect a different thing to come out the other side, it’s just doesn’t work. Okay, so what goes in, comes out. And then the information that you get out, you give it feedback here, and you adjust the inputs. So right now, if you’re putting in fear, right now, you’re gonna listen to this live stream. When you get off, you’re gonna go over to Josh slash Corona trainings, plural that the

With an S on it, you’re gonna be able to create your account are gonna be able to go through things and you’re gonna start changing your inputs. When you are finished watching this training, you’re gonna start to change your mindset, you’re gonna change your view. And so then there’s gonna be some stuff that comes out here now not going to be perfect, but it’s gonna be better than what it was before. So then you’re gonna analyze that, then you’re gonna change the inputs, you’re gonna go, oh, man, I got to turn off the news. I’m gonna cut out negative inputs, and I’m gonna increase positive inputs. I’m gonna start listening to Josh Forti I’m gonna start listening to Russell Brunson. I’m gonna start listening to Grant Cardone, I’m gonna start listening to whoever that person is, these inputs are gonna go in, the outputs are gonna change and you’re gonna be better off. You’re gonna continue to do this over and over and over and over and over again. Does that make sense? So it’s fundamentally important because right here, this center box, this is your brain, this is your mind. This is what controls everything that you do. So if you’re putting negativity in, you’re gonna get negativity out if you’re putting positivity and you’re gonna be getting positivity out. If you’re putting power and opportunity in, you’re gonna be getting power and opportunity out. If you’re putting fear and negativity in like the media wants to feed you. You’re gonna get fear and negativity out, which means you’re

counts gonna go down, your opportunity is gonna go down you’re gonna complain and you’re gonna have a really rough time does it make sense? If this makes sense comment hashtag make sense down below hashtag make sense I want to make sure you guys understand this we’re gonna move on to the How to side of things where I’m gonna get super practical here and we’re going to go through and I’m going to show you guys how to actually go and make money with this and how to spot and capitalize on opportunity here and go during this break. I want to make sure that this makes sense to you guys first so let me double check here First Peter for over 10 So okay, yes makes sense. Serve serve baby serve. Love it. Love it. Love it. What’s up see Rue Yosef, john, Natasha, Tony mark so many of you guys on here. I love it. I appreciate all you guys being on here guys. So make sure to smash the like button smash the love button. The more likes the more comments we get the more people we can help and hit the share button if you think your audience needs this. Okay, so recap real quick. And then we’re moving on in the How to

this entire game is a mindset game. Okay, the krona virus the the negative economy the stock market crash

What are we down to? Ready? We’re down to we’re down 2700 points, guys. It’s dropped since the beginning of this live stream it dropped another 500 points. Okay. The Dow Jones is almost below 20,000 points. It was at 29,000 a few weeks ago Okay. All this is fear this is crap. It doesn’t matter why? Because if you all depends on the lens, so put on a new lens, lens of fear comes off lens of positivity opportunity comes on. I fixed my mindset I go, how do I operate on a power not fear? How do I serve? Not take, okay. Make sense? Okay. Step number two. Well, let’s move on to the practical how to sides of things because, like I said, we can’t have success in the How to and I’m just gonna write let me let me transition back over here. We cannot have success here. In the How


unless see if I can get that right.

Boom, oh my gosh, they’re okay. But whatever, unless we first fix our mindset. Okay, so this is now I’m talking about how to first spot opportunity, find a solution and capitalize on them. In fact, my notes are right down here. I’m looking over here on my whiteboard because I haven’t written there too. Okay? So

how to make money from home, how to make money online, how to make money in a down economy, how to go and do all these things. Okay. I’m gonna tell you story.

I was before I got into entrepreneurship, I used to trade hours for dollars. All right, I, my last job was working as an insurance salesman. Before that I worked as a server. Before that I had my own company baling hay, and I was the one doing all the work at a business partnership there. Before that I worked at a gun range. I worked at a hotel and all these different things. I was trading hours for dollars or $4 hours for dollars and this entire time, I

remember not understanding how money was made.

Not understanding how value is created. And I remember thinking all anytime I heard Bill Gates was worth X number of dollars, Warren Buffett was worth X number of dollars, whatever. The first thing that my mind would go and do is it would convert that it would go, how many dollars an hour is he making, right? Because as all I knew, I had no concept of anything except for dollars for hours, I will pay you X number of dollars per hour, right? And so I remember doing everything back and forth everything in these terminologies. And I remember my boss telling me, I worked at an insurance firm, like I said to my boss, she told me, she said, Josh, one day, it is all going to click for you. And you’re going to understand how value is created. And your mind is going to see nothing but limitless opportunity. And I’m never going to see you again. That was my Muslim what my boss said. I was like, I don’t under what do you mean you’re never gonna see me again. She’s like you’re gonna get so

tied up in it. And you’re going to realize that there’s limitless potential. And you’re going to just freak out and go, Oh my gosh, why am I trading hours for dollars anymore and off, you’re gonna go because you’re a smart kid. I don’t get this, I don’t get this. I don’t get this right. And so constantly I would go and I would read these books and I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and I understood these concepts of different things. And

months went by, and I’m still hours for dollar hour for dollar hour $4. And I’m trying to save up as much money as I can. I’ve got a couple thousand dollars in the bank, I’m saving up and I’m deathly terrified this whole time of it. This was five, six years ago, right? I am deathly terrified of an economic crash. Because I believe that when an economic crash happens, it’s all gonna be bad people are gonna lose their jobs. The only thing that I’m gonna have is savings. You know, I saw 2008 when I was very, very young. My parents told me that, you know, most people lost lots and lots of money and I was gonna be this entrepreneur. I didn’t want to get involved in the stock market. I was fear, fear, fear and I was saving I’m saving I’m saving right. And during this time, I was reading books. In fact, I had just picked up this book it was calm secrets I had recently made

Just a little bit of money online, I was doing my thing. And I had this this Jeep. Now it’s not my current Jeep, but it was my, my first Jeep that I ever had. It was a grand cherokee was tan, kind of ugly, but I loved that car because it was the nicest car that I’d ever owned. And I had just moved to Omaha. I had moved into my apartment, I was driving to Walmart one day, alright, on this road called maple and some of you guys may have heard me tell this story before, okay, and when when you go, I’m trying to think you go this way. Alright, so Maple is that direction. So I pull out my apartment, I drive up to this road, I get on this road, I’m driving down and I’m driving, I’m almost to Walmart, and I see this truck pass me and in this on this truck. It passes me I think was like a roadway truck or something like that. That’s not important part of the detail story here. Okay. I remember thinking it I remember thinking that guy

has a bunch of cargo in the back of his truck, and he’s getting paid X number of dollars to go deliver that. And they didn’t create any of the product that was in that truck. They’re simply the delivery company. How

Like, and they’re getting paid for that, because they’re providing this service that somebody needs. And that’s infinitely scalable. And the person that put this all together is just taking a cut. And at that moment, and I know I didn’t do a very good job explaining it there, because you have to have more context around why that was so powerful man at the time, I don’t have time to go into it. But at that moment, it was like this light bulb went off in my head, it was this switch that there was this, this mental switch that happened in my mind, okay. And at that moment, I knew that I would never be broke again. I knew that no matter what happened, I was rich from here on out because I understood how value was created. Okay, now I’m gonna explain how it is created here for just a second. But I understood that moment I went, Oh my gosh, it is created because somebody has a need, somebody else can service it for cheaper or better than what that other person can do. And there’s entire businesses and the entire industry is built around this. And the reason that debt works and the reason that people are able to

to leverage and scale is because as long as the service that let’s say you took out a million dollar loan is and your payment every month on that million dollar loan was $10,000 arbitrary numbers here, if every single month, whatever you created with that million dollar loan made at least $12,000 that I made $2,000 profit every single month, right? And this light bulb went off and I went, Oh my gosh, my life is I’m a completely different human like opportunity everywhere. No matter what happens, no matter the market, no matter the economy, I’m fine. And that was a very, very powerful moment. For me. It’s a turning point in my life. I actually went and shortly bought a new Jeep after that, after that moment, I don’t I don’t know why that’s relevant to the story, but I did. And I remember sitting there thinking, I can do anything. I will always be rich. I will always have opportunity because I know how to spot opportunity. All right. Now this is important. Step number one. If you want to learn how to make money online, if you want to be able to work from home if you want to not fear

During a down market, is you need to learn how to spot opportunity. Now, men explain how you do that. But I want you to write this down because very important, okay?

Here’s how value is made. Okay? Oops, let me go back to my, my board here, okay.

This is a group of people.

Okay, actually, let me let me let me do this in red. Okay, this right here is our market. This is a group of people now. Right now.

Things have been going really well in our market. Okay, upward trend of dollars. economy’s good. People are making money. People are getting paid things like that, right? What happens when our market is doing really, really well? Well, the opportunities, the needs that are being created are very comfort based needs. Okay? So these are things like Ah man, luxury housing.

Hotels, right? And let me let me do this. This would be like luxury, comfort,

excess things, non critical things. Okay? These are the type of things that we’re selling to this market. All right, so Lamborghinis do really well in this market. Gucci clothes do really well in this market things for comfort do really well in this market. Things that are not necessary for human potential or mean for human survival do really, really well in this market. Why? Because the basic needs of everybody are covered, their bills are paid, they’re having money come in, paychecks are going rough. Everybody’s comfortable, life is good. So the type of opportunities here are very much luxury based. Okay. Well guess what, when the market collapses, we go back down here and draw this square again. And all of a sudden money starts going down. Guess what these things over

Hear don’t sell very well anymore. Why?

Oops. Because people are out of money. So the things that we’re going to do well here are things like education, specific types of education, like people, things that are going to make money.

Make dollars, okay? Um, essentials.

This is gonna do really well here. And then also work that I’m gonna say no one else wants to do. Okay, now, let me explain this here because it’s super important. All right, this market, things are going well, lots of opportunity. This market, things aren’t going so well. Guess what? still lots of opportunity, different type of opportunity. All right. We need to understand now in order for you to explain or understand this, how values created. Here’s person number one, oops. And this applies to both markets can

person number one right here. Okay, they’ve got a problem. Okay, person number two over here, they have a solution to this problem oops, see if I can spell right. So solution to the problem, okay? And they are willing to sell this solution, or they can produce this solution to said problem here for cheaper than what this person is willing to pay for it. So this problem, let’s say that assign value in their head, this person is like, this is $100 problem, and this person can get the problem for 20 bucks. That’s how much they can create it for, guess what? They can go and sell the solution for an $80 profit. Now, this is basic stuff, like basic basic things here, right? This is super, super easy, right? But as long as and this is important to understand this, I’m gonna go into the practical how tos here, okay. As long as there is problems, there will need to be solutions. There’s always solutions to

problems because there will forever be problems forever always for the history of time, there will be problems. And there will be people that are willing to pay for problems that are paid for solutions to problems that they have. You got you with me so far. Now, right now in this market, the problems that people are having our luxury law related comfort related access related my I need Starbucks, right? Because they need to come for any my $7 coffee, right? Or, oh, I’ve got four cars, I need really good insurance and I need to upgrade here or whatever, I’ve got access to money. It’s easy. I’m willing to spend, I’m willing to spend because any of these easy problems, or any of the things I’m going to be facing here are solved. So I’m creating new problems all the time. Why? Because that’s what human nature is. We create new problems, more people in solutions markets come in to form all around these problems. Okay. Well guess what happens in a down market. a down market says all

All of these problems that were here go away. And

all of these problems that are here, multiply. Why? Because people don’t have any money now. People aren’t moving now. There’s always problems, right? What’s your problem right now? If you lost your job, I don’t have a job. That’s the problem, right? I don’t have any money. That’s the problem. I want a Range Rover also a problem. I want first class on a flight. Also a problem. I want seven pairs of shoes. Also a problem, different problem, still a problem? We still need a solution. But guess what? And this is okay. This is what’s going to separate you and me from the person that’s not going to make it here. Okay, in this market, and I’m going to get to the practical how to use here, okay. In this market. It is hard to solve the problems because I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sir. So take in this market right here. It’s easy to solve these problems. Why? Because people are willing to

Spend money anytime there’s money involved, and people are willing to throw when there’s excess money when there’s abundance if I got a million dollars, and someone comes along is like, Hey, I have this subpar product, but I’m gonna label it as awesome and amazing. It’s gonna solve your problem. I’m gonna be like, I’ve got a million bucks, you’re gonna sell me that solution for 100 bucks. Sounds good. Give me it. If it doesn’t work, oh, well throw the hundred bucks out. You suck. Guess I’m gonna move on to the next one. Why? Because there’s access. There’s abundance. Everybody’s got it everywhere, right? And so entrepreneurs, business owners, people that are making money right now, they don’t have to have good products to service this. They don’t actually have to know what they’re doing. It is very easy to make money in this market. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, because people are spending money on dumb stuff. Because there’s excess Okay, in this market, all of a sudden all that goes away and now my million dollar stash went down to $10,000. And now when my problem comes along, I’m going to be very, very hesitant to spend but that

Doesn’t mean that I don’t have a problem. Okay, go over to here. If a problem exists, people need solutions. If you have a solution, someone will buy it, and they’re willing to buy it for more than it cost you as long as it solves their problem. But here though, most people aren’t willing to do the work that it takes to solve this solution, or to solve this problem with a good solution, Case in point here, the problem is, oh my gosh, I need no more luxury clothes. It’s pretty easy to sell someone a luxury piece of clothing. It’s a lot harder to create a product that’s really, really, really good. That’s going to solve someone’s ability to work from home during a down market. But guess what, if somebody’s problem right here is I don’t have any money and I need to learn how to make money in a down economy. If that’s their problem, and I have a solution to that problem. Guess who’s gonna pay for it? That person

But guess who, who is or they’re gonna pay for the person that serves the most the third person that operates from a place of power the most the person that understands their needs the most the person that’s willing to do the work here, people get lazy, okay, making a million dollars in this market easy. There’s that exact same person that made a million dollars here worked half as much as they will in order to make 100,000 in this market, so they did half the work and made 10 times the money in this market. You do twice the work, make one 10th of the money, but you’re gonna stick around when everybody else fails. Okay, so the first thing you need to understand is how to spot opportunity. And the way we spot opportunity is by being able to identify where the problems are. Does this make sense? If this makes sense, comment, hashtag make sense down below has actually become a hashtag with you down below. Hashtag with you, if you’re understanding what I’m talking about.

Hear this very important because now we’re talking about solutions, and then how you capitalize on this and can make a lot of money. But I want to make sure that you’re understanding this. Alright, let me let’s see what we got here. Make sense? Make sense?

What’s up guys appreciate everybody being on here. Make sure to smash the like button smash the love button, the more likes, the more comments we get, the more people we can help is going to make sure that you guys are understanding this here before we move on this is very, very important okay. So waiting for it to come through okay. Make sense? Okay. All right. So, if this is the market that we are, if this is the market, where are we at if this, let me clear this. Let me go to a brand new screen here. If right now, we are in a where’s my just my pointer? Oh, here it is. eraser. Nope, not clear. How do I just draw? There we go. All right. If this is our market right now, and things are going poorly, and nobody’s moving and paychecks are not coming in. The first thing that we need to do is spot opportunity.

So the first thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to get out my whiteboard. I’m going to get out my pen. I’m going to start writing down a list. Come on, of problems that people are facing. Okay, step number one of what what I’m going to be doing. Why? Because if I want to find a solution, I must first identify a problem. Okay? So you’re sitting there right now you’re like, how do I make money online? How do I make money from home? What am I going to sell? Should I do ecommerce? I do affiliate marketing? Should I do MLM? Should I start a business? Should I do it? Don’t start there. That’s not where we start. Not what you do. The first thing that we need to do is we need to go and we need to figure out what our problem is. So I’m going to write down lists of problems that people are facing, right? So I’m going to go and I’m gonna say things like, actually comment down below guys right now. What are some problems

Do this. What are some problems that people are facing? Sorry, my ears starting to sweat. I was wanting to take this off. What are some problems that people are going to be facing over the next two to four weeks?

Comment down below and let’s write them down. I want to I want to check out the comments section here because I want I want you guys to do this activity to start like, getting in your head of like, okay, like what what are people going to be needing here? What are some of the problems that are going to be arising with everything? We got a bunch of guys on here? I’d be curious to know what you guys think here.

What’s up Jose? What’s up, Cody? What’s up, Eddie? What’s up, Tomas? What’s up? Fabio? What’s up? Alex? What’s up Brandi? Sup Sam, what’s up? See ru appreciate all you guys being on here. Okay.

What do we got?

Oh, wait for you guys.

Oh, let me pull this up here. Text.


lack of money. That’s gonna be one, right? lack of money. People are gonna need money. That’s gonna be a big, like a really, really big one. Jobs. Okay, jobs. Okay, so if jobs is one I’m going to comment down down below.

jobs, lack of money. What else? Are people going to need? Their need education, to learn how to make money to learn how to go out and get a job. childcare? That’s great one. childcare people are people are going in and they’re like, Ah, man, I’m off work or daycares closed, schools are closed.

People are nice. Yeah, people need childcare. Because they need to take care of their kids. If they do have a job. If they still are working, and their kids are out of school. That’s that’s a really, really good one. What else? entertainment, boredom, right? entertainment. All right. So these are some really, really good ones. And I’m sure you guys come up with a list of a lot more. And by the way, just quick, FYI. You can go and think of issues that are going to be created with the things that you’re going to write down. So for example, because they’re people are going to need jobs. What other problems arise when someone doesn’t have a job? Right. What are you can think about those

What other things are they going to need? Because they don’t have childcare because they do have childcare. So you just start making out this list of things that people are going to need or they’re gonna be facing. Now we come in and we say, all right, if people lack jobs, if people need money, people need education. People need childcare, people need entertainment. Now I’ve identified an opportunity. Now I can go out and do what now I can find a solution. Why? Because I figured out the problem where there is a problem, there is a solution where there’s a problem there is opportunity. Okay, so step number one in the How to section of things is what’s my opportunity? Now? I could very easily Zack cleaning services. That’s another great one. Okay, disinfecting, so you could say, I’m gonna write this down cleaning services. You could also say food. You could also say, a cleaning. Actually, I don’t know if you can see this last one. Let me double check here on my screen.

Yeah, you can barely okay. So cleaning supplies, all right? These are all things that people are going to need. So now I go and I pick one and I say, all right, if these right here are my problems, if these are the problems that people are facing, what are these to me? Somebody else’s problem is Your what? Your opportunity. Okay? So you now have an opportunity. Now you’re going to pick one people come to me, Josh, what’s the best way to make money online? Find a problem. Well, which problem is it? I don’t care. Well, do you have any idea? Any of them? Well, which one? It doesn’t matter? I don’t know which one to pick. Pick one. What if it’s not good. Pick one anyway, and just try it. Okay, like, find a problem that you’re going to fix? For me. Right now. The problem that I’m solving is people are quarantined in their home, people are losing their jobs. They need to learn how to make money online. That’s my opportunity. That’s the people the problem that people are facing. So I’m gonna go create good quality products around

All right. You might be like, I don’t know how to make money online, but I know that all of my friends need disinfecting. That’s your opportunity. Now you’re gonna go figure out and we’re going to talk about how to capitalize on that. Okay? Make sense? So, first thing first, we need to learn how to spot opportunity. Keep in mind, okay, and this is super important.

The more feet and I would write this down if I were you guys, the more fear that there is in the market.

The more opportunity there is.

I write that down. The more fear there is, the more opportunity there is. Because

rewind three months ago, economy is great all time high stock market, money out the wazoo. Everybody’s doing great. How many people are trying to go and quit their jobs and and trying to go out there and work from home.

Are there people trying to do that? Yes. Is it an overwhelming majority of them? No.

It’s not fast forward to today, how many millions and millions and millions of people are quarantined into their homes right now and we just absolutely love it. If they could make some extra money online, probably 100 times what it was two months ago.

Much more opportunity here. Okay, I’m not the only one who’s gonna capitalize upon this, there’s gonna be millions of people that are capitalizing on this. Why? Because the market just got that much bigger. The more fear there is, the more opportunity there is, right now, everybody’s freaking out, which means there’s massive opportunity. Okay, so does it make sense if you guys are liking this smash the like button smash the like button, comment, hashtag value down below, hashtag value share this out, the more likes and more comments we get, the more people are going to see this, the more people can help. That’s why I’m asking for the comments and things like that. Okay, so, step number one spot opportunity. Step number two, and this is the part where most people come to me and they get stuck on it. They’re like, I don’t know how to do this, and I’m gonna help solve that problem. Number two, is actually I should write this on the top of the screens are right on the top of the screen here. So this is number one. Number one is


Ah, boy for tunity All right. Pardon my handwriting number two is



find a solution. Okay? Now, you could create the solution. That’s quite possible. But guess what, not everybody here is an entrepreneur. Not everybody that’s gonna watch this live stream is an entrepreneur and that’s not designed necessarily who this is for. So if you’re a stay at home mom right now, if you’re a 22 year old college kid that’s broke and you just lost your job. If you’re, you know, a parent that’s trying to put food on the table. I’m not recommending that you go out and spend 2030 $40,000, developing a product testing it bringing it to market going through all that process, that would be creating a solution. You don’t have to create it you have to find it. Now find might also mean create, but I’m going to use the term find here loosely

Okay, so step number one, what do we do? And I’m gonna draw a line here down the center of it. On this side we went. And we

I didn’t actually you know what, my handwriting is so bad. Let’s do it this way we

I densified problems.

Come on, there we go. Ah portunities. Okay, that’s what we did over on this side, on this side over here. We’re going to take those problems, and we’re going to find a solution. So

I’m gonna go back to my other screen,

lack of money, lack of jobs, education, childcare, entertainment, cleaning services, food supplies, cleaning supplies. You take any of these and put them over here. Alright, so we’re going to say

make money. That’s a problem.

People need to make money. People need


supplies. Okay?

And let’s just say

childcare. Okay, so I’m just gonna pick three and we’re gonna go from here.

What do I do here? How do I solve this problem?

There’s this beautiful thing called the internet right now, guys.

The problem or the solution to every problem right now usually already exists, especially in the market that we’re in today. When it comes to making money, there are countless affiliate programs. The beautiful thing about the world that we live in today in the market that we live in, is you don’t actually have to go create the product you can go and find somebody else’s and sell theirs. Now this is important Okay, this is what we call how many guys know what affiliate marketing is Yes or No comment. A m yes or am no affiliate marketing yes or affiliate marketing No, down below right now. I want to know how many of you guys know about

affiliate marketing is because this is important. This is a huge, huge, massive opportunity for so many people right now. And this is true for services for physical products and for digital products, all forms of things, okay? So if I’m in the crisis, I lose my job, I run a business, and I’m in the business of or I want to serve people that want to learn how to make money online, make money from home, this is a problem that somebody has is they want to go and make money. What am I going to do? Am I going to go develop my own product or service if I’ve never made money online or from home before? No, what I am going to do is I’m going to go find a course. This could be a

so I could find a course or a program. Where’s my

course or a program that teaches? Oh my gosh, I can’t type that teaches this. Okay.

I’m going to go to Click Funnels. I’m going to go to Dan Henry. I’m going to go to Josh Forti I’m going to go to

Sam ovens, I’m going to go to a Clickbank, I’m going to go to Google and I’m going to search and I’m going to find people that have a proven product a proven offer a proven framework, a proven solution that has gotten results for people over and over and over and over again. And let’s say that this sells at 1000 bucks, or $500, or whatever it is. Affiliate Marketing says, I’m gonna go and take an affiliate cut from this. Now.

The solution, I’m sorry, the problem from

let’s say, three months ago, if somebody has a job is I want to earn some extra income working from home. The problem now is I need to make money to put food food on the table right now. So how you sell this is gonna be very different, but the program could be very similar. Okay, so you’re gonna go you’re gonna find somebody else’s product. Let’s go down the thing here. Cleaning

supplies. All right, what am I going to do, I’m going to go to some manufacturers, I’m going to go to Amazon or I’m going to go to some drop shipping sources I can go to Google and I can google it right I’m not really familiar physical products, maybe you could even go to Walmart right. And maybe they have some supplies in your local area and you can sell them for you know more a little bit more online. Now, obviously, don’t take advantage of people don’t go and you know, jack up the price from a $7 bottle to a $300 bottle like be ethical obviously in this but you can go and without holding product at all. Now you could some of these you may have to hold product if it’s you know, you’re buying it locally. But a lot of these things like an Amazon and eBay or something like that, you can go and you can sell products or services like cleaning supplies, or toilet paper or blankets or, or things like that, that already exists that people are already creating. I just bought a ton of vitamins and stuff on Amazon. If you were to go in to the manufacturer or the distributor, go to Google and find this a good solid product. Now you’re gonna be able to

Solve this person’s problem. Okay? Same thing with childcare. This would be great, right? Let’s say there’s a, you know, let’s say you live I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Alright. I know a lot of people that are babysitters, because my my girlfriend used to babysit my girlfriend’s Sister babysits. There’s a lot of people around here that in college I’d like to babysit. So I’ve got this whole network of people that would be willing to babysit, right? So what could I do? If I didn’t have anything else? I could go to all my friends and I could say, hey, how many of you guys are willing to babysit? I will find people that need childcare. And so I could go online. I could run Facebook ads, or I could reach out to people I could put up signs. I could put up ads, I could post in the marketplace. There’s free solutions to do this. I could find childcare workers. Oops. Well, you guys know what I’m saying when I the end. Shouldn’t we look at that? Well, let me do it. Yeah, fine, child care workers. You can even open a daycare yourself. Okay.

So now we’ve gone I’m not gonna spend too much more time on this because I want to move on Oh, my video is blocking it whoops. Um, but that says find childcare workers. Okay, what am I done? I found this problem and I’ve identified a solution to that problem. Now I’m going to tell you how to sell it here in just a second. That’s the third and final thing, so don’t worry about it here. Okay. By the way, if you guys want to learn more about this, how many guys want the link to get free training on this like actual step by step? Like what a sales funnel is? How to sell things, scripts, how to present your offer, how to find these people, how do you guys want that if you want to link to a free training on that comment, hashtag link me down below. Okay, hashtag link me will send you an over 100% for free we prepare to just for this Josh slash Corona trainings like that’s what the different areas here for to help you guys be able to go and capitalize on these things. So if you want to learn more about this while this video in there as well become a hash tag, Link me down below. We’ll send that over to you once we’re done here. Okay. So keep in mind, what market are we still in? We’re still in

This downmarket right here, things are not going well. But in even in a down market, there’s still problems. So I find where the problems are, I identify them, they’re going to be different, whether it’s online or local or whatnot, then I’m going to go through, and I’m gonna do some research to find solutions right here, I need to find solutions. Please understand, this might take a day, or two or three, okay? This might take a while and some testing, it might take you buying the product once or twice to make sure that it’s actually good to go and test it out. Okay. But once you have this, and this is so important, and I’ll probably talk about this more when talking about capitalizing. Once you have a working product. Once you have found a solution that actually solves the problem, it becomes very, very easy. The reason so many people have a hard time selling their products and services is because they don’t actually know the problem that they’re solving. And they don’t actually have a super good solution to solve that problem.

Most people go and they create their own course they create their own product online. And they’re like, I’ve got this amazing product. And I’m like, sweet, what’s the problem that it solves? And they’re like, well, it could work for blah, or it could work for us. I’m like, okay, so you have no idea who you’re helping. And they’re like, well, it could help. And I’m like, but who does it help? Who is it designed for? It’s not for a million people. It’s for one person. Okay, but if you start with the problem, and you go, okay, the markets crashing, here are the issues, pick a solution. I mean, pick a problem that you’re gonna solve. And then you spend a day or two or three, googling and searching and researching and everything and trying different products and looking and looking looking until you find when you go, Okay, great. Now, I’ve spent three days of my life four days of my life getting to this point, and some people might be like, well, Josh, that’s a waste of time. And I’m like, What else are you gonna do? You’re quarantine. You’re gonna be sitting around watching Netflix, you’re gonna be sitting around doing whatever. Okay, use your time wisely. Are you guys with me so far? If you guys are with me, comment hashtag with you down below, hashtag with you and hit the like button, hit the love button. Like I said, the more likes, the more comments we get, the more people we

can help. Okay, so quick recap of where we’re at so far. And then we’re gonna move on to the final step here. Okay? First thing that we must remember is what? It’s all a mindset game. Everything here is a mindset game. your mindset is the lens upon which you see a situation. If you go in with the negative oh my gosh, doom and gloom, oh is the we’re never gonna make it out of this lens mindset, I mean lens, I mean mindset, I mean lens, I mean, mindset, Kate, same thing, then that’s what you’re gonna get going back to the input outputs. Number one, if you put in negativity into your mindset, which is the mental thing, the outputs upon which you’re going to get are going to be negative. If you put in positive things into your brain, your brain is gonna process it positivity comes out, your results go up, okay? So, mindset. You’ve got to operate out of power, not fear. You’ve got to serve. You’ve got to be focused on serving your customer, your followers, your boss, your family, your people, whatever it is, whoever it is that you’re dealing with, serve them. Now moving on to the How to first

We need to understand how value is created. How is value created? value is created when there is a problem and a solution. Somebody has a problem and you have a solution and somebody is willing to pay for that solution for more than what it cost you to make it that is business that is how value is created. money changes hands when this happens right here okay? Doesn’t matter what market or economy you’re in are used. Perfect example of this right here. Okay. How many of you guys went out and bought supplies for this coronavirus? Be honest comment. I did or I did not down below. I did. I bought water and food canned goods. I bought some freezer goods about some medicine. I did buy some toilet paper but only two rolls everybody because I’m freaking out about my video. Why? The solution out of problem. I needed food. I needed canned goods. I needed non perishables solution. Walmart had it

guess what market not a great market right now.

Now, doesn’t matter. They had my they had the solution. I had a problem. I bet they are they got paid. Okay. So step number one when it comes to the how to spot the opportunity, yeah, spot the opportunity which starts with identifying the problem. Okay?

Problems equal opportunity, the more fear there is the more opportunity there is. Okay? get super, super clear on the problem, then go and get super, super clear on the solution.

make out a list of problems, make out a list of potential solutions, spend three or four or five or six or seven days spend as long as it takes to figure this out. And then once you figure this out, now you go and you say, Oh my gosh, I’ve got a solution to this problem. Now I’m going to go and step number three is I’m going to

cap it Charlize more

millionaires are made in

the down

market, millionaires are made in the economy being down. Why? Because in

this market right here, the market that we’re selling luxury and comfort and First Class seats and all that, too. It’s really easy to make money. You don’t have to be a genius to make money in this market. In this market right here, it’s much harder to make money. Because the work is hard. Because you’ve got to have a good product. You have to do your research, you have to really understand the problem. You have to figure out the messaging you got to do what nobody else is willing to do. Guys, we’re entering this market, alright, but there’s good news about this market. Okay, guess what the good news is, once you have a clear problem and a clear solution that you are solving and you’ve proven it,

the likeliness that you make millions of dollars very quickly is very

Hi, why? Because nobody else is capitalizing upon it like you are, okay? Right now in this market, or just going into it, you know what this means. This means that you’re going to have to call two or three or four times the amount of people to make the same number of sales. If you’re used to getting on to phone call calls and closing one sale, if you’re used to a 50% closed rate, you’re probably gonna drop to 20% close rate, which means instead of calling for people to make two calls, you’re gonna have to call what 20 people to make two calls, okay? Or is that right? 20% 20 people 10% or I’m sorry, no, too close to you’ll make 10 phone calls. So instead of making four, you’re gonna have to make 10 or 20. Because you’re gonna learn about your customer, you’re gonna have to identify their problems, you’re gonna have to tweak your offers a little bit. The problem is that your customer was having one month ago, two months ago, are a fundamentally different problem than they have right now. The same exact person

is having a different problem today than they were a month ago or two months ago. Why? Because the market changed because the opportunity changed. Okay, so now you’re going to spend the time you’re going to spot the opportunity, you’re going to come up with what your solution now is time to capitalize.

Now is when you’re going to go out and you’re going to sell so you figure out and by the way in order to capitalize this third step here, number one, what are we doing? Is we spot


Oops, spot. Oh my gosh. Why is it doing this to me? There we go. spot. Ah boy or tunity Okay. Two is


Solution three



Your customers capitalise, okay, so

right now you’re like, Guys,

there’s big, there’s a lot of opportunity right now that’s going down in the market, or going out in the market, there’s a lot of change, a lot of people are gonna be at home,

I’m just gonna use a very, very basic opportunity solution and customer, what’s my opportunity, people are at home and want to make money online solution, sell them a course, or training a program that is going to help them make money online. Number three, I’ve actually got to figure out who that person is. I’ve got to know where they are, what they’re thinking all their fears. Now, technically, these are done. At the same time, actually, maybe you find your customers first, but I’m talking about, you’re gonna go you’re gonna spot the opportunity, you’re gonna find the customer, you’re gonna figure out who that customer is, you’re going to go and you’re going to find the solution for that customer. So figuring out who the customer is, hold on, let me go back here. You’re gonna spot the opportunity, you’re gonna figure out what the solution is and underneath this, you

You’re going to figure out the who you’re going to figure out who you’re selling to, and you’re going to figure out what you’re selling to them. Okay, that’s, that’s what’s happening right here. Then we move on to find the customers, once you know who your customer is and what they want. Guess what, all you got to do is find them and give it to them. That’s it. This is the capitalization side of things. So for me, I go and I go great. This is amazing. spa by opportunity. There’s a lot of beginner entrepreneurs out there that just quit their jobs in the past month, or two months or three months. There’s a lot of people that just went part time. There’s a lot of entrepreneurs out there that have their first month in business. And you know what, they can’t take a month about income hit, I can, somebody else can, but that person can’t that entrepreneur needs cash flow. They don’t have a good solid business yet. They don’t have a good solid offer yet. I’m a problem finding customers right now. That’s my opportunity. They need to learn how to get customers solution. I know how to sell really well. I’ve got a sweet program that can help them go and get

customers, I can put some additional trainings in that program that’s going to be specifically designed for this time. I’m going to go to them and say, here’s our training. It’s normally 2000 bucks, we’ll give you a discount because the coronavirus or whatever. My solution is my program, my who I got super clear on already, which is this entrepreneur, this newbie entrepreneur diet person that’s making under $20,000 a month that can’t afford to take a massive hit, they got taxes to pay, they’ve got food to pay, they got bills to pay, they got people to pay, right? What am I selling them? I’m selling them, of course, now I just got to go find him. And this is where we move on to step number three in this entire process, which is talking about building audiences. Okay. So this is the this is the process of how we go and do this. So if you’re sitting there right now, and you’re like, crap, I don’t want to pay the bills next month. Oh my gosh, I’ve got two weeks. Oh my god, What’s the date today? Say the 15th and 16th. You’re halfway through the month of March. In 14 days. You’ve got bills coming up. You’ve got to find customers. What do you do?

Do first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go and you’re gonna spot the opportunity whereas, and this is true whenever guys, the market, the market is dropped another 500 points since I last checked, we’re down 3000 points now on the day, we’re down this the economy has just dropped 13% today. I don’t know if you can see this or not, but 3000 points down, okay? And a week from now when it’s worse or a month from now or six months from now, where’s my opportunity mindset lens lens lens. Let me go here. I broke this, this training and we’re about to we’re about to enter this one. We’re here right now. We cover this guy. This is mindset right here. Oops. This is mindset right here. mindset, the lens upon which you view the problem. The operating out of power and making sure you serve to his spot opportunity. Find the solution, find your customers capitalize upon it, okay. Three is now comes to audiences, which is the third part here. This is your customers, okay? Your customers come in your audience. This is where we are

Now, does it make sense? We’re talking about this third thing here in just a second.

But I want to make sure this makes sense. And let me pause for a second. Do you guys have any questions? If you have any questions right now comment your questions down below, hit the like button hit the love button. The more likes more comments we get, the more people we can help. Like I said, I want as many people to see this, please hit the share button, share this out to your audience, share it to your Facebook groups, share it to whoever it is. We got a free training Josh slash Corona trainings plural with an S on the end we’ll take you can get a free account mind shift playbooks in there a bunch of cool trainings are in there 100% for free to help you guys. I want to make sure that you guys understand this. I want to make sure that you guys don’t have any questions before we move on to number three, and then we’re gonna wrap it up here. Okay. All right. I don’t think there’s any questions what’s up McCoy? What’s up Andrew? What’s up Zeki? What’s up, James? appreciate you guys get on. Hey, what’s up Sarah and Alison. Okay, guys with me. We’re good. All right. So mindset lens. mindset is the lens upon which you view this make sure you’re viewing it from a lens of power, not fear and make sure

That you’re serving your customers. Next we’re going to identify our opportunity, which is the problem that the market is facing to we’re going to come up with solution, find a solution that’s already working, don’t go try to create a new one. Unless you’re an experienced entrepreneur, most of you guys that are working from home in the make money space, just go find an affiliate product Traffic Secrets is coming out tomorrow.

This book, get it sell it be. It’s a great opportunity. Number three, capitalize on that by finding your customer and selling to them. Now let’s go to audience building. This is my favorite section of it My favorite part of the whole entire section. Why? Because this is where your customers at? How many guys have a hard time finding customers. How many guys have a hard time selling? How many of you guys have a hard time getting clients through your door? Yes or no comment down below Yes or no? I want to make sure that you guys, I’m talking to my person here. Because if you don’t have any problem getting customers then this book is not for you. And this training is not for you. Okay,

guys, there’s two ways there’s two I should say there’s two places two places to go.

And get your customer from. And this is part number three, which is building your audience.


The first way is your own audience. The second way is somebody else’s audience. Okay. So I’ve gone and up until this point here, let me switch this over. I’ve done. I found my problem, check. Okay, prob check. Actually, let me make this a little cleaner. I found my problem.

I have found my solution.

I know what I’m going to sell. Done. Done. Now I’m on to number three.

Now it comes to who the heck do I sell it to?

How do I sell it?

Where are my customers at? How do I do this? This is where audience hacking comes in. You guys have heard me talk about audience hacking before I’ve done a podcast episode on it. This is very important. Okay, your audience. So Problem solved.


Your audience right now is in one of two places.

Your own audience

or someone else’s.

Man, my handwriting is atrocious, some one

else’s audience. Okay, someone else’s audience.

That’s it. Your customer is in one of these those two places. There’s not Oh, mine’s not in either one. No, because you’re either customers either in your own audience, somebody else’s audience or it does not exist. Okay? So when we sit down to figure out the solution, or to figure out where our customer is, we got to ask yourself, do I have an audience? So I’m gonna ask that question to you guys right now. How many of you guys have an audience right now of over 1000 people and each

Email List of 1000 people, a Facebook group of 1000 people, over 1000 people following you on Facebook, like on a page. How many of you guys have over 1000 members or 1000 people that you can market to not that like know your name, but like an actual list that you can contact over 1000 people comment 1000 above or 1000 below or below 1000 above 1000 down below right now, and we’re gonna break this down for you. Okay. So, first question we ask is, do I have an audience? and answer that question, yes or no? Comment below. The second question that we asked is, if I have an audience, is it my audience?

I mean, sorry, is it my ideal audience that I’m trying to sell to? And if the answer is yes, then that is your audience. Okay. So this is your audience. This is somebody. Let’s go different color here. Whoops.

Come on. I’m still getting used to this app.

Okay, so several of you guys have below 1000 members in your audience. This is good. So let’s do this. Okay, so

this is my audience here. Current audience. Do I have over 1000? members? Yes or no? If the answer is yes. Then I asked myself, is this my ideal audience? If the answer is yes, then this is who you sell to right here. Your own audience. Pretty simple, pretty straightforward. That’s your customers. Now go get super clear on the message, get super clear on what you’re selling, get super clear on this problem. And literally just go back here and ask yourself

Oh, my God, the way back to here?

What is the problem my audience has? What’s the solution solution that I’m selling them and how can I serve them best? How can I serve them better than anybody else? Now, for most of you, for a lot of you guys, you don’t have an audience. Great, man. It’s gonna make me go. Alright, we’re gonna do

This new one. Sorry, guys, I’m still getting used to this here.

Doo doo doo.

Why is this doing this and making it so difficult for me? All right, here we go. All right.


do you have an audience of over 1000 people? Many of you guys answered, No, I don’t great, then guess what your customer is not in your audience. So now we come over here and we go there in somebody else’s audience. Okay, right now your customer is your ideal customer, the person that you have a solution to their problem with is in somebody else’s audience. So the question that you have to ask yourself and the framework the formula that we follow here is the audience hacking framework. Go back and listen to hold on. Let me tell you exactly what episode it was Think Different Theory

calm. I just did a podcast episode on this. So you can

Go back and listen to it.

And by the way, guys, if you’re listening on audio Make sure to listen.

Or to watch the

video version of this. Do Okay, this is episode number four, season two episode 14. How to build a large audience of raving fans around your message 100% organically season two, Episode 14 go to think different slash listen. And you can listen on your favorite platform and go check this out. The audience hacking framework is a three part framework. Step number one is your message. What’s your message? Step number two is


your location.

And step number three

is your content.

All right.

So, when we’re going through, we’re gonna apply this to this right

Hear if I don’t have an audience right now. And the whole markets collapsing and everybody’s going crazy. I go, my audience is in somebody else’s world. Somebody else’s email is somebody else’s Facebook group. And you know what, that’s actually not a bad thing. Because a lot of these people that have audiences in Facebook groups, they don’t know what to sell them right now, they can’t make sales either. So if you can come in and help make them sales and do a split commission with them, guess what? They’re gonna be super happy as well. Okay, so

I’m gonna go and I’m gonna review the audience hacking framework. Question number one, what is my message? Okay, I’ve got to figure out what that is. Well guess what the beautiful thing about this is we just figured out what our message was. What’s our message specifically here? Our message is

this problem for this with this solution for this customer. Okay, check.

Hey, are you ready?

A blank insert customer here that has this problem.

Great. I have the solution. There’s our message. Okay.

Hey, are you an entrepreneur that has been negatively affected by coronavirus and need to get more customers through your door?

customer problem. I’m going to show you how to do that in using this framework with this blank, following this format, whatever solution, that’s our message. Okay, so what here with our message, we’re simply asking ourselves the question of, what’s the problem that we’ve found the opportunity that we’re capitalizing upon? Who’s the customer? I’m sorry, what’s the solution to that problem? And who is the customer that we’re solving this problem for? There’s our message. So we take those three things and now we have our message. So what’s that?

To have audience hacking. Well, once we have our message now we have to go out and figure out the location. So the location is a two part process.

Part Number one is where is our customer follower, Dream client, whatever. And number two,

where do we want them to be?

Okay. Oh gosh, that’s not what I meant to do. Come on now. Here we go. Where do I want them to be?

Okay. I’m going to identify both of these things. I’ve got my message. My Messages I’m helping blank person do blank by using blank. Okay, there’s my message.

Where’s my customer? I’m going to go and identify right now. Are they in certain people’s Facebook groups? Are they on people’s certain people’s email lists? are they following certain Instagram accounts? Are they hanging out down at the local hospital?

Are they quarantine to their home right now? Where are they? How am I gonna contact them? I’ve got to really figure out where they are, how I’m gonna be able to contact them first. Okay. And then I’m asking myself the question of where do I want them to be? Are you trying to get them into your Facebook group right now? Maybe. So maybe that’s what you’re trying to do. But if you’re trying to do cash flow right now, what are you trying to do? You’re trying to get them into your funnel. You’re trying to get them to buy your product, that’s where you want them. You want them on your landing page, and on your checkout page in your funnel, okay. So, for the sake of ease, I’m gonna say,

where’s my customer? Question mark. Let’s say they are in a Facebook group.

Okay, hopefully you guys can still see that. Let’s see. Yeah, you can. Okay, where do I want them to be? I want them to be in my Yeah, I don’t really have enough room but let’s see. funnel that’s fhl is our FL is funnel.


so they’re currently here. I want them here.

You with me so far?

Now, last thing is content.

What content Do I need to create

to make that happen?

Guys, you’re just answering these questions. This is audience hacking. Okay. I’ve got my message. My message is what I just literally the first hour and a half of this training was around the message. Now it’s the location. I don’t know where they are.

It totally depends on who you’re serving. But if you can identify who you’re serving, the problem that they have, the solutions they have, and how to capitalize on that. Now you can go out and serve, sell to them. Okay. So if I’m stuck at home right now, I’m going to spend the next one to three days, figuring out my message and the solution that I’m going to provide

The problem the solution in my who, okay? Because if I have that, even if it takes me a week, I am so much further ahead of everybody else that’s going right to content and right to location. Because you can know where your customer is, you can know the content to get them back to you. But if you don’t have anything to sell them, if you don’t have any way to capitalize by them, you don’t have any way to solve their problem. The location, the content is worthless, you’ve got to know who your customer is this problem that they’re solving, or they’re facing and the solution that they’re they’re needing, and you got to have that solution signed up to become an affiliate. Okay? Just make sense so far, if you guys are finding value in this comment, hashtag value down below, hashtag value. All right, and hit the like button, hit the love button, the more likes, the more comments we get, the more people we can help, feel free to share this out as well. Okay.


if they’re in a Facebook group, what am I gonna do? I’m gonna reach out and create content in that Facebook group. And I’m going to reach out to the person that’s in that Facebook group that the admin or the owner of that Facebook group, and I could ask to do a JV deal, or I could figure out okay, if they’re interested

Have a Facebook group, what are other Facebook groups and other pages that these people are liking? I can go in and see what pages they like see what page they interact with, get a clear Avatar and I could run a Facebook ad to them. I could do a JV deal with a Facebook partner. I could go and do a presentation at my local hospital. I could do an online webinar to these people and ask people to you know, to promote it. I could go to 10 or 15 or 20 influencers. You’ve got to learn how to spot opportunity create, create solutions here. Okay, maybe you can do what goostin is doing.

Goosen is a good friend of mine, we had him on the podcast not too long ago. He’s like, man, there’s a real real problem here. He’s like, I don’t have a huge list. I don’t have a huge audience but I still want to help so what did he do? He went out and got like 50 influencers to all contribute a training and then he was like, Alright guys, you all contributed we’re all gonna probably the summit or whatever it is. And now he’s getting all these eyeballs and all these people here and now he’s being able to serve them. You’re gonna serve them with all these trainings from all these different people. Why because all those people how does ideal customer now he’s wearing them there. Okay. Does it make sense?

This makes sense. I need to make sure that you guys are following me here comma, hashtag make sense down below. Hashtag Make sense? Like I said, hit the like button, hit the love button, or make sure you understand this. So message location, what content do I need? This content might be a video that is specifically designed to send to one person to make a sale. It might be a Facebook video or a video that’s designed to send to someone on your dream 100 to ask them if you can do a facebook live in their Facebook group with them or to be interviewed on somebody’s podcast, whatever it takes to get your content with your message in front of or in the location that it needs to be in with a call to action to get people to do what you want. Okay,

that makes sense. Now, here’s what I would do.

I’m going to give you can you can be real practical with you guys here for a second. like can I be like step by step real practical of exactly how I would do this with the location? Comment yes down below if I can be like super practical.

Do you guys and like super just like, step by step by step of exactly how I would go and do this? I wasn’t gonna do this. We’re kind of running low on time here, but I want to I want to get like super. I want to give you guys some real real value. Okay. What’s up Ashley What’s up, Robert? What’s up James Zeki, Andrew Allen. appreciate you guys being on here. Okay.

Well how are we doing on time? Let me see what comments we got. I haven’t even checked in on the comments. I’m looking over here at my Sherry says, Okay, we got some yeses. All right, sweet. All right.

And then I’ll wrap up with this.

One of the reasons and I’m gonna I’m gonna kind of go behind the scenes here with even one of the things that we’re doing with Think Different Theory. If I were to go right now to which we’ll be sending out this link afterwards.

thing at the top is it said Think Different Theory committed to serving the community during this time.

service quality trust. If you look at the message that I sent you, if you look at my Instagram stories, if you look at my Instagram post that I made, I’m really, really focusing on building trust with you guys. I’m over providing them value I’m giving you guys free trainings, free information. I’m sitting on here doing a special two hour long podcast episode, why? I want to build trust with you guys. Because right now, who you listen to, is very, very important. The market right now is really, really heavy. And it has a lot of people that are fighting for a lot of the same customers. And right now a lot of people are freaking out and they’re trying to sell, sell, sell for stuff down your throats without providing any value up front. Right now it is more important than ever before to provide value up front to build trust with people so that you that they know that they can trust you whether it’s a physical product, a digital product or service that you’re creating. So what I would do is in this location area, right here we are once you figure out your message now you got to go figure out how to distribute your message.

If you’re going to distribute it via content, but it’s got to be distributed somewhere, okay? What I would do is I would go and I would make a list

of groups,





isn’t, okay. I make out a list of them here, after you’ve gone out and identified your opportunity and the product that you’re going to solve this opportunity with, okay? So we make our list, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

Once I’ve made out this list, I’m gonna get really, really clear on the problems that they’re facing the wording that they’re using the questions that they’re asking the messaging that they’re saying, even if I can’t post in these Facebook groups, right, you’re not going to be able to come to me and be like, hey, Josh, can I get on your podcast and pitch your people? No, you’re not. I’m not gonna let you but you could go and you could look at my Instagram account. Look at my facebook group.

Look at the comments on here and see what questions people are asking or that Russell Brunson people are asking or that Steve Larson’s people are asking or that whoever has an audience is asking, and I can learn all about those customers. And then I would go and I would literally go and create. Come on,

I would create a free lead magnet. All right, this take your data, right, maybe two. If you do a really good job. If you’re selling medical supplies, or disinfectants or hand sanitizers or whatever this lead magnet could be the top 10 sanitizers to use to prevent coronavirus if you are making money teaching people how to make money online. I would say the top three ways to make money online while quarantine if you are doing child care.

The top three places to find child to find high quality child care during coronavirus

Right, I’m creating a free lead magnet that builds trust that shows them what I’m, excuse me, that shows them that I’m providing value for them. And then I’m going to go to all of these people right here right now and say, Hey, can I give my guide away to your audience for free? I created this guide specifically for people that are struggling with the corona virus right now. Can I give this away to them for free? and 30% of them are probably going to say yes, there’s gonna be like, 5060 70% that are gonna say no, in a good market, in this market over here. Whenever you think everything is great, right here, like 70% of them are gonna say yes. Why? because everything’s happy and good and yada, yada, yada. In this market over here, maybe 30% say yes, maybe three out of 10, two out of 10 that’s fine. Go out. I already told you. You’re gonna have to ask two or three or four or five times as many people okay.

I’m gonna go get

Have those away, and I’m going to do an exchange for what an email address I’m gonna, if you don’t have a clickfunnels account, get one. If you guys need a funnel template, and you don’t have a clickfunnels account, comment hashtag funnel template down below. And I will send you over a link to a share funnel with a pre built template for you guys to go start collecting email addresses super basic, super simple name and email. Okay, you’re gonna give this away for free, they sign up, they give you let me actually write this down so you can actually see it. Okay. Give away for free in exchange for email. Okay, I’m gonna build the list. Now what do I have? No, I’ve got a list of customers that I can potentially sell to. Now I’m going to do a training like this one, and then I’m going to be able to pitch them my training at the end, pitch them my products at the end, sell them whatever it is. Why? Because I’ve identified a need that they have. I’ve gone I’ve seen

Serve them really, really, really well. And they’ll be like, Yes, I need that. And now they’re going to buy through your affiliate link. Now this is going to set you apart. Understand, and this is important, and then I do need to wrap up, okay. And it’s important.

This has to be good. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this. But what I’ve taught you here is the exact same thing that Russell Brunson has been teaching for years. It’s the exact same thing that I’m teaching for years.

The only difference is, it’s a different opportunity. The opportunity is coming not from a place of abundance. And yeah, everybody’s doing well. It’s everybody’s panicking. Everybody’s freaking out. What’s the problem? How can I capitalize upon it?

fewer opportunities, much greater market for that opportunity. The person that provides the highest quality product is going to win. Put your heart and soul into this. Do a good job. Don’t cut corners. Spend money right now. Go

Hire a graphic designer on Fiverr for 50 bucks to go and edit this guide right here and make it look pretty. Go pay someone $500 to make your landing page look pretty. Go and focus on building trust. Now is the time to do the unscalable. Now is the time to be spending time in the DM. Now is the time to double down on reaching out and building relationships. Now is the time to go and do that because that’s what’s gonna set you apart. All these gurus and coaches out there are like, you shouldn’t be answering the DM you shouldn’t be spending time to me that’s not scalable. Okay, but right now, the only person that’s going to make sales is the one that is building relationships and connection guys for the last two years. I want you to understand how important this is actually spending like last four years. Okay, I have been going and I have answered Oh, are we still alive? Are we still good? Oh no. Okay, we’re good.

The last

two or three years

I have been going and answering every single one of my DMS right now I get anywhere from on Instagram, okay, that’s what I’m talking about. On a daily basis I get anywhere from three to 10 three to 15 messages from people every single day, every single day of my life. Facebook email, Instagram dm.

I right now have three, three unread messages on Instagram. This weekend I spent over two and a half hours replying to people in the DM two and a half hours recommending books for them recommending different videos they can watch answering their questions, talking to him about mindset and giving them stuff for free. My free sales guide my lead magnets, whatever. I have built trust for two or three years. Do you think I am worried in the slightest about the coronavirus about the economic downturn that’s coming? No. Why? Because I’ve been building this relationships with people I’ve been building trust with you guys. I’ve been putting out content and asking for nothing in return.

In exchange for that, there’s trust and exchange for that. Now you’re like, Josh, what do we do? And I say, and what am I still doing? I’m still giving you free value. I’m still doing these free trainings. I’m still giving you free courses. Why? Because when you’re ready, you’re gonna say, Okay, now I’m ready for the good stuff. Now I’m ready to go all in. Here’s your thousand bucks. Here’s your five grand, here’s your 40 grand, someone, my client the other day. They paid me 10s and 10s and 10s of thousands of dollars, like a lot of money. In one lunch over a nine day period, we made almost $200,000 using my services. Do you think they care if they pay me 25 or 30,000 bucks if they made 200? No. But you know how I got there. I provided value. You know, that started the first very first conversation. I had dinner with the guy for free for two hours, two hours and built that relationship turned into a 2530 $35,000 deal. Okay, build trust, build relationships, set yourself apart. Now is the time to be setting yourself apart. Now is the time to

be interacting Now is the time to be serving Now is the time to be doing the unscalable Now is the time and by the way, you should have been doing this for years you should be doing this for months I’ve been dreaming 100 and Russell and Steve and all these people for months and months and months and months. If I had a problem if my back was against the wall there was no way for me to make any money Guess who I can reach out to Steve Larson Cody a million other people that I know that are like my friends that I’ve served you guys the community because I’ve given given given and that’s what you got to be doing right now. Okay, so how many guys want a free training that my free sales psychology secrets training? It’s actually a paid training I’m giving you for free trainings on funnel building trainings on what to do with the economy trainings on mindset how many guys want all that for free? Comment, hashtag link me down below. Hashtag link me. Alright, I will send you over the link. If you go to Josh slash Corona trainings. We’re gonna be sending out an email here in a little bit. linking to this training

As well, and then the trainings there, we’ll send those over to you guys. These can help prepare you guys for what’s coming, guys. The stock market is looking real ugly, it just closed okay stock market is closed now. Hold on, let me switch back over to this. Okay? down. I don’t know if you can see that 2000 the second one down there, down 2997 points in one day, okay? It’s all collapsing, but you don’t have to fear you don’t have to freak out Why? Because if you follow exactly what I talked about here, you’re gonna be just fine. Serve, serve, serve. And I know that when I put on a free training on Thursday or next week and I want to sell you something you guys are going to show up in the likeliness that you’re going to buy is very high. Why? Because I have shown you that my products are quality I am showing you that you can trust me. I have shown you that I am here for you guys that I want to help you guys that I want to help you succeed that I care about you

And the same thing is what you need to be doing with your audience. Okay, so make sense. All right guys, I’m gonna I’m gonna wrap this up here today if you guys have found if you guys found value in this comment hashtag value down below. All right hashtag value and hit the like button. The more likes, the more comments we I’d love to see some hearts, a bunch of hearts coming across the screen here.

If you guys would hit the share button if you’ve got a Facebook group that you think this would be beneficial to feel free to share it the Josh In fact, let me drop the link down below here. www dot Josh slash Corona

training, Zach. All right, there’s the link. If you go to that,

you can share that link with people too. You get the mind ship playbook for free. You get a bunch of trainings in there from some Russell Brunson stuff that we found on YouTube, some Grant cardones stuff that we found on YouTube, some was named Neil Patrick bat from value tainment stuff, some of my training is in there. This video will be in there. We’re gonna be adding some more in there. And then

They’ll be opportunities later on for us to go. logged into the training is great value. But hey, I appreciate that, Tim, thank you. Okay. Send your mind shift playbook for those of you that have the mind shift playbook, you can go there. Okay? So, go in there, learn it. We’re gonna be guys, we’re monitoring this closely. Don’t worry, we’re gonna hook you guys up.

Later, probably next week, we’re going to do a training maybe later this week, we’ll probably do a training, I’ll probably sell you guys something. But that is going to be so focused on because what am i exactly what you need? Why? Because what I’m going to do the rest of this week, every single person that lot that goes in is opting into the mind shift playbook. I’m gonna be asking you guys questions. I’m gonna be dming you I’m gonna be reaching out. Hey, what do you need help with? Hey, what would you like to see in this type of training? Hey, what? So we can put these together we can we can serve you. I don’t want your money. If I can’t serve you Why? Because if I take your money and I don’t serve you, then I’m stressed out. But if I take your money and I’ve served you and you love it, you’re gonna come back to me by and over and over and over again. And that’s why you need to treat your customers okay?

All right, guys. Um, like I said, that’s all I have.

for you here today, this will be available on audio as well. Oh, also one more quick thing because you guys do me a huge favor. do me a huge favor. Okay. We’re trying to get the downloads up on the podcast we’re doing we’ve had some a great month the last couple months Season Two has just been off to the races. Could you do me a favor just right now, open up your phone. You can even do it here on the live if you’re not watching on your phone, but just go to your podcast app if you’re not on it. If you don’t have an iPhone lame, who are you for real get on iPhone because anything but iPod is lame, but if you don’t, maybe you have Spotify or Google Play Store or whatever, go to your Ay Ay, ay. iPod, your podcast app, and just go to think differently and just download all the episodes that you haven’t downloaded. Just by doing that it helps us out a ton. It gets our numbers up. It helps iTunes and Spotify share with more people and how it helps our numbers increase. helps us get sponsorships and stuff. It helps us get better guests on there, the more downloads that we can show because when I pitch people we’re pitching Elena Cardone right now to get her on there, right. We’re pitching that a lot of other people when I can go and say hey, we get 1000 downloads an episode.

That’s good but if I can say we get two or 3000 downloads that episode that’s even better right? or 5000 or 10,000 whatever it is okay so just do that help us or go to slash listen you can get all the podcasts up there that would just help us just so tremendously if you found value in this just comment hashtag podcast down below hashtag podcast if you want to go and do that smash the like button smash the like button like I said share this out with anybody that you think could use it guys

do not panic

the saying that I am very much focused on over the course of the last week and will be for the next couple couple weeks if not months is prepare don’t panic hashtag prepare don’t panic hashtag prepare, don’t panic you’re gonna see from from me a lot. Follow what we talked about here. Okay, let me go back. Let me let me share let me share my screen again here. Okay, go back. What do we have? It just really quick recap and then I got to be off I have a call in four minutes or three minutes now. Okay.

How a value created value is created when and let me just clear this really quick. Oh no. Okay, good. value is created when a problem, solution. customer has a problem, you have a solution they pay for the solution. Okay? This is an opportunity. Part of my messy handwriting, okay? This is an opportunity.

Whenever there’s problems whenever there’s a market crash, whenever there’s chaos, whenever there’s panic, whenever there’s fear, there’s opportunity because problems have arisen. So identify a singular problem that you want to solve, identify the person that has that problem, and then go and find a solution to that problem. Okay. How do we do this, literally go and make out a list right now of all the problems that your market is facing right now. If you have a business, it’s your existing customer base. If you don’t have a business, pick a market that you want to serve, and go write down every problem that you can possibly think of. Go interview them, Go talk to them, go look at Facebook groups, go look at

News. Go look at headlines on Google. Go search these things and see what keywords people are using, what problems that people are facing. Right? You can see them just by looking at headlines, then go and make out a list of solutions. Go to Click Funnels, go to affiliate marketing centers, Clickbank, jvzoo. Go to my products Dan Henry’s products, Sam ovens, products, whatever, fiver find solutions to these, then go to the market and capitalize, go find your customers and sell to them. How do you find the customers? You use audience hacking, which is right here, oops, right here. They’re either in your own audience or somebody else’s. If they’re in your own audience. You already know who you’re selling to. If they’re not in your audience, you’ve got somebody else’s go back and watch this training, we talked about it. Then simply ask yourself the question, what is my message let me go to green. What is my message? My message is problem solution and target market. Do you target

have this problem? The answer is yes, I have this solution. That’s your message. Where’s your location? Where your customer currently is? where you want them to be. They’re currently in Facebook groups on other people’s email lists, at the bar at the hospital, wherever, wherever we want them to be in our Facebook group, in our funnels, on our landing pages, wherever it is, what content Am I going to create to get them from here to here? If I were you, I would go I would create a free lead magnet I would go into make a list of all the places your dream customer is all the groups Instagram accounts, whatever reach out to these people say Hey, can I give away a free lead magnet? no upsells no nothing to your audience’s going to help them with this specific problem. Most of them are going to say no, there’s going to be several that say yes, capitalize upon that. Give them away for free. Get them on your email list, email them provide a lot of value, do a free training and sell them okay. That’s a recap. That’s what we’re talking about here. If you found value this training like I said, comment, hashtagcomma, hashtag prepared the down below, hashtag prepared if you found value in this, guys, we’ve been on for two hours, I hope you found value in this share this with as many people as you know, share the podcast with them. Let’s bring the message of positivity of thinking different of changing the world to the masses. I’m going to leave you with this final thought. Think Different Theory is all about quality. Think Different Theory is all about earning your trust Think Different Theory is all about going out there and providing the most high quality trustworthy resources that help entrepreneurs and free thinkers find their message, build a raving audience and loyal fan base around that message around doing what they love to do with your life. So that you can go out and change the world. I believe that in order to go change the world, you’ve got to be doing what you love to do. If you want to do what you love to do, you have to have an audience to do it. In order to have an audience you have to use audience hacking, you’ve got to be able to serve you’ve got to know why you want to believe what you want to believe. And that’s what Think Different Theory is all about. All right. That’s how we’re gonna go change the world. Thank you so much. subscribe to the podcast if you have not yet as always has also god bless Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different or gonna be the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode smash LIKE BUTTON smash LIKE BUTTON. See you then take it easy fam. Peace.

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