Think Different Theory

How Kevin David Made $20,000,000 By 30 – (Mindset, Psychedelics, & Money.)


Kevin David is one of the most successful internet marketers on the PLANET. He spends nearly $30,000 per DAY on ads, and you have undoubtedly have seen one (or several) of his controversial ads on Facebook, Google, or YouTube. (Lambo, mansion, laptop lifestyle.) In this interview, we talk business, mindset, psychedelic drugs, money, systems, paid ads, and more!


Regardless of what you think of him, there is no doubting his success, and during this interview, I found that Kevin is actually a lot different in person than what most people think of him online.

He is one of the smartest individuals I have met, a super nice guy, and I learned A LOT from this interview. It is well worth your time.

In this interview, we talk business, mindset, psychedelic drugs, money, systems, paid ads, and more!

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March 20, 2020




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Josh 00:48
What’s up guys welcome back to another episode of Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And today we got another really, really good episode for you and once again, normally I do my little intro but I don’t know this guy. I don’t He needs an intro. I mean, I think I’ve talked about it many of you guys know who he is. It’s the man the myth. The legend but I think really the myth, just Kevin David dude, welcome. Thanks for coming on.

Kevin 1:13
I don’t think we’re I don’t think it’s legend quite yet cuz I haven’t even hit my three-year anniversary since I started so maybe we’ll have another a reunion on think different theory like 10 years from now. 10 years from now.

Josh 1:23
All right, I’m down with that. Okay, so let’s focus on the myth den dude. You’re You’re a mythical person I feel like but how you been man? Like let’s let’s dive in this conversation How you been?

Kevin 1:34
I’ve been good men. Like seriously, like I just got a new place in Vegas has been fun kind of acclimating to that. A lot of the things that I had planned, like I was going to Tulum Mexico in a week but it got canceled because of you know, the obvious thing that the whole world is dealing with right now but I’m good.

Josh 1:50
Let’s get a man. Well, let’s talk about coronavirus here real quick, man. It’s, I mean, I joked about it a lot. In the beginning. I was like guys, y’all freaking out for nothing. And then and then one thing leads to the next thing and I wake up and I’m like, oh crap. Trump’s like state of emergency like, What the heck? NBA shut down. Have you been affected by the dollar?

Kevin 2:08
I mean, it hasn’t affected my business much other than like some supply restrictions for some of my e-commerce businesses. Um, you know, I obviously watched the NBA casually, and I got absolutely destroyed in the stock market over the last like three weeks besides today. So other than that hasn’t affected me much, but I definitely see the ripples.

Josh 2:29
Yeah, for sure. You play the stock market a lot.

Kevin 2:31
Yeah, I do, unfortunately, for my bank account in the last like month or so. But today was a big turnaround. I think that there’s my I mean, I don’t I’m not telling anyone this but my personal opinion is that there’s going to be a balance, maybe even a slight bounce on Monday and then I think it’s going to drag down another like 10 to 13%. And then from there, once it hits a level that I have in my brain, I’m just going all in like I’ve had, you know, a significant amount of money like millions, multiple millions of dollars, just waiting for opportunity. And, so I’ve kind of like LinkedIn, in the strategy that I do, which is dollar cost averaging on low days. And so once it gets to that level, which it’s very, it’s very close to for the first time in 11 years, I’m going to go all in nice Why? Why a stocks in the market rather than, like real estate or some other investment? Like why that? Yes, I mean, I do invest in real estate, but like, my personal, my mindset, and I think everyone has to think about this for themselves, right? my mindset is very centralized, like I don’t like decentralized businesses where there’s like this place in Omaha or like Boise, Idaho, or wherever that I’m not physically at and if something goes wrong, like I can’t, like deal with it, you know what I mean? Yeah, like a lot of trust in the stock market and us, you know, federal government and things like that. I feel like it’s pretty safe. And I like liquid centralized things where I can log in from a phone in Puerto Rico and all of my money and everything is just there rather than like spread out with like property managers and all of that, and so my methodology is I invest into myself and very liquid asset classes that I understand and believe in and can’t imagine my life without which are certain stocks and companies. And then I’m normally in real estate, I’m an LP, I’m never going to be a general partner in real estate. That’s just not my expertise. So I focus everything on myself on my own, my own businesses, software, digital products, digital, you know, personal brand type stuff, because it’s just very centralized. And yeah, I mean, and you can log in and it’s there, you know?

Josh 4:29
Yeah, for sure. For sure. What’s, uh, what’s it like to be Kevin David, dude? Like, I mean, I feel like you’ve got, I mean, I’m sure you’ve seen highs of highs and lows of lows but you’ve got people that love you’ve got people that hate you. You’re this figure that like, I don’t know if anybody can figure out what’s it like? I mean,

Kevin 4:46
Honestly, it’s it’s there’re good parts and bad parts about being like super in the public eye, right? Like when the more kind of publicity that you have in the more in people’s faces you are, the more people that are you’re going to bring out of the woodwork that loves you Hey, you right and like, not only do I have like a reasonably successful personal brand, like on YouTube and other places, but I also run a lot of paid traffic, right? Like for my software companies for my digital courses for my digital products for e commerce. And so, you know, when you’re spending $30,000 a day on ads, you’re getting millions of impressions a day, right? So like, people can’t escape me. Really? Right, for better or worse and so you know, you get a lot of people that that want to hate you that you get a lot of people who, you know, may or may not be kind of upset about because there’s something about human nature like if you’ve ever like fall and not that I’m a celebrity but if you’ve ever followed like a real celebrity like Right, right, you see people just viciously attacking like like it’s like the most it’s the most unbelievable thing but I mean, if you real if you read like Dale Carnegie, for example, there’s something about human nature where you want to intrinsically drag people you know, who are more successful down to your life. So you personally feel better. And so I’ve tried to keep a perspective about why people that I’ve never met before that I don’t know at all have this such a passionate hatred towards me in perspective, because, you know, for every person who hates me, there’s, you know, five people, 10 people, 100 people who’ve been helped by something that I’ve, you know, taught or course of mine or something that they’ve learned.

Josh 6:22
Yeah, for sure. Hmm, that’s interesting. I love Dale Carnegie, how to win friends and influence people. It’s a great book. That’s a topic for another time, too. Um, so how did you get started and all this dude, like 30,000 bucks a day in ADS? That’s um, that’s a someone salary for a year, you know, a low level earner in America. And you’ve done it in three years?

Kevin 6:47
Yeah. So my third my third my three year anniversary is may 17 of this year, so I think it’s like mid March right now. It’s like 15th or something. I don’t even know what data is. How do you classify like, is that the day you quit your job or like what? Oh, no. So that The first the first day that I ever sold a digital product. So I guess if you start like with Amazon, the first date I ever sold a product on Amazon was September 1 2016. So it would be a four year anniversary in about six months from now. So it’s either three and a half, like three and a half or three ish years, depending on how you classify it. But that’s how I got fired because my, like, digital marketing was May 17. may say, yeah, so So I mean, it all started for me like it wasn’t like some epic thing at all. Like, I didn’t have like a cool like, movie story. Like, I just really didn’t like my accounting job. Like it was just like not it wasn’t fulfilling. I was like, What am I doing here? And everyone was telling me like, this is the thing like, you know, you should be glad like this is a bad economy like you should be grateful for that because like it was a it was a prestigious job right? It was PwC you’ve ever heard of that big for like hundreds of people apply. They had like, like literally like if they weren’t lying about that hundreds of people actually did apply and they actually I only did have a couple of slots because I saw so many of my friends that I went through four years of accounting college with not get jobs, right. The problem is like, it was so grindy like 80 hours a week, just awful stuff. And, you know, I was seeing these people at Facebook, because my main client, I was a consultant for like a data privacy accounting consultant at Facebook. I was seeing all these people that were like 2524 years old that were like happy probably making like two or three times more than me, and I was like, What am I doing? Yeah. Google searching I was like, I literally Google Search how to make money online. Like the first person I ever remember finding was a guy named Spencer Hawes. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him, but like, he has a product called longtail Pro. And what he taught was how to make niche websites and monetize them. And so like I didn’t like immediately start with Amazon. A lot of people don’t know that. I started with a niche website called top essential oils, and I was trying to monetize with Google AdSense. I made a an iOS app I tried a lot of I made a travel blog called eat sleep trek repeat. And so I failed three times pretty epically failures until I found Amazon. Hmm.

Josh 9:11
Interesting. And for those people that don’t know who you are just like real quick, give me the 32nd to one minute. I know we kind of dove in here a little bit. We’re gonna dive in further, but like the 32nd to one minute long highlight reel of Kevin David.

Kevin 9:23
Yeah, so I mean, I went to school I, you know, I got pretty good grades. I went to college Honors College at Oregon State, I got pretty good grades there. And, you know, school is always relatively boring to me, but like I just kind of figured out how to get good enough grades to do the things that I wanted to do, I guess. And then I got a job at a quote unquote prestigious accounting company realized that it wasn’t for me, and that people were just doing such cooler stuff. And then I just kind of started Google searching like make money online and I tried a bunch of random stuff and you know, I didn’t really find success with it. And then I did find success with e commerce. And once I found success with e commerce, everything kind of started to change. I was making more money from my computer than I was making from my job. And from there, I was like, Okay, this makes way more sense. I like it better I have more freedom.

Josh 10:09
And you’ve gone on to do how many million in the last three years?

Kevin 10:13
Um, I actually don’t know exactly. But I if I had to estimate it would be like, just under probably 20. Just under 20.

Josh 10:19
Yeah. And and paid traffic has been a large source of your like, the revenue there? How much like did you go right to paid traffic when you first got started? Or was there any organic at the beginning?

Kevin 10:31
So I mean, I didn’t know like, knowing what I know now because like now, you know, it just kind of happens, like when you start to have success and more success, like the echelons of digital marketers, just like kind of are in the same places in the same circles become friends. Like if they’re reasonable people. There’s like no kind of all of the top top top digital marketers. Now many of them are my best friends. And so I kind of know what the normal thing to do is now but at that time, I didn’t even really know what an entrepreneur was like, really. I didn’t know what a digital course was. I didn’t know about paid media, I didn’t know any of that stuff. And so I kind of just was like figuring it out by myself and doing a lot of stuff wrong. But like, the first thing I did was YouTube. And then I was like, Well, I have to get like, I have to be able to talk to these people, right? Because you can’t really communicate like on YouTube via comments, and you kind of can, but not in like a really good way. Well, where am I finding the most value? And at that time, there was a Facebook group. And so actually, that’s not true. The Facebook group was first because that’s how I started on YouTube. The first thing I ever done was this huge Facebook group, the biggest in the world at the time was like 29,000 people. And the dude who was the admin was from a city in McMinnville, Oregon, which was near where I grew up in Eugene. And I was like, dude, How the hell did you get all these people in this big? And he was like, oh, man, YouTube. And I was like, oh man, if he can do this, like I can’t do and so I made three YouTube videos and then I jetted off to Brazil, because I was going to Carnegie Hall and one of the YouTube videos two of them just were did terribly one of them started to really take off. And if you go back into the hip history books I actually doing product research on that that video live found the fidget spinner about a month before it like took over the world. Oh, no way. Yeah. So it’s kind of a funny thing and like a lot of my YouTube subscribers and stuff like notice that and they’re like, yo, Kevin, you found a fidget spinner like even like to this day I still get comments about it. And that video I made that was like one of the first videos I made almost three years ago. That’s crazy.

Josh 12:23
So do you primarily though ecommerce now or where are you diversified? Like what? What are your businesses? Because you’ve got many now starts on YouTube. YouTube transitioned into e commerce, e commerce transition and online courses. Is that kind of a spectrum or How’d that go?

Kevin 12:38
So so it was I tried to do niche sites it failed travel blog failed. I tried to make an iOS app called quiz pixel. That was like your Trivia Crack. Yeah, yeah. No Trivia Crack was like taking over that time. And I was like, Damn, I should make like a quiz app. And so I tried to do it for video games, and it just didn’t really work well, because I just wasn’t good at that. And then it was ecommerce and so Amazon FBA was the first thing that I actually really found success with. And then I was joining all the groups making a mastermind, I was in all the biggest Facebook groups at the time, there’s only like two or three. And then I made my own Facebook group. And then And then from there, I was like, Well, how am I going to fill this group of people? So I did YouTube. And then from YouTube, everyone was like, Kevin, do you have a course? Do you have a course like you have a course. And I was like, what’s the course? And so I was googling, like, what is the course? When I found clickfunnels, and made a course and Click Funnels, and then people were like, like, I started to make, you know, all this money from affiliate commissions, like for software that I was like teaching with in my videos, and I was like, Well, why would I only make 50% when I could make 100% Yeah, and I started making software. And you know, now all of my courses that I teach are fulfilled on the back end with my SAS products. And then we have, you know, digital marketing campaigns for those SAS products. We have digital marketing campaigns for the courses themselves. And yeah, it’s just kind of all evolved. Like I didn’t have like a master plan. It’s just kind of each each next step that I took seemed logical at the time. Yeah, what’s your software’s? So I have three main software’s we are We started with two originally and then we ended up selling them off. And now we have three software’s we have one for Amazon sellers that just does everything you need product research, keyword research launches, PPC, management, everything. It’s called zon bass and zon bass. We grew from like zero to almost six figures a month on MRR and like literally a month since we launched it, which was crazy. Just because I have a big Amazon audience. That’s the only reason they’re able to grow it.

Josh 14:31
Yeah, for sure.

Kevin 14:32
And then we have one for digital marketers called marketer, which is crazy, like all of the things that I was paying for in my own business like social proof pop ups, like email verification, you know, a place to track all the time of my virtual assistants, you know, mobile or web browser opt ins, all these things that I was paying for individually with all these little SAS products. They all had like bad parts about them. So I just rebuilt them better and put them all in one place for actually an affordable cost. Right. And so that one like exploded when we when we launched that. But all of my software is not, you know, amazingly profitable at the beginning our least profitable but still breakeven or above breakeven but not like explosive is called shop inspect. Shop inspect is for e commerce like for Shopify and those type of people. And basically what shopping spec does is it teaches people how to find viral e commerce products. And so that one didn’t work as well as we’d hoped. But I think partially The reason that it didn’t work as well as because Shopify is just very saturated. Yeah, right. And so, you know, the other two worked really, really well right out the gate because I think people just wanted it right. The market wanted it. There wasn’t really much guesswork.

Josh 15:49
Yeah, that makes sense. Why, why are you keeping the third one open? Do you think you’re gonna it’s gonna catch on or what?

Kevin 15:55
So I mean, the thing with software is, it’s kind of like you do all this upfront work and then it’s built Doesn’t really cost anything. Yeah, I mean, like the expensive part is getting it developed getting like the infrastructure in place, getting the API’s crack in like doing all of that like upfront work. And then the only, like, you know, ongoing variable cost is AWS. Right. And so there’s ways to get these huge credits, like $100,000 credits on AWS for like, seven $7,000 through like startup innovate innovation, incubators and stuff like that. And so are AWS costs we can get like, you know, whatever, that is, like seven cents on the dollar. And those are hard costs. Like they took me a long time to figure that out. But yeah, there’s there’s ways to subsidize all these costs. And so it’s basically free. And then I you know, occasionally all make Shopify videos, we get Shopify influencers, who we reach out to in my friends circle, and so it’s just kind of an easy way to both help people find viral products and like a really easy way, but also be able to kind of like scale it easily as well.

Josh 16:54
Yeah, yeah, for sure. One of the things that I think, I mean, well, one of the things were being on the podcast, I really focus on mindset. I’ve had I’ll do a lot of mindset development and mindset work, like kind of in my journey of everything. I mean, losing the My brother was a big a big turning point. But there’s been several other things where I’ve just like, you know, and I have a mindset coach where we meet every week and she just comes in just like tries to destroy false beliefs. I read your post, when’s your birthday? August 5, or something like that? It was last year. Yeah, it was. Yeah. Okay. And it was you wrote down like your your three top like, takeaways. How old are you? 2728 3030. Okay, so, and you wrote down your big takeaways, and one of the things that you said was, I think there’s a third point was think things all the way through. What do you mean by that? Specifically, could you like expand on that? Because I, I think one of the things that a lot of the listeners hear they hear about mindset, right? But there’s so many different parts and elements and everybody’s got like a hack or a framework or like just do this and you’re gonna have like this, and they’re not really like that. I think it’s more when it comes to mindset like yeah, there are core elements. There’s a lot of like, like storytelling and concepts like tend to do really, really well. Because it’s something that we can process and understand. So, like what what are things that you have found that have helped you think things through? And what do you mean by that specifically with this?

Kevin 18:13
Yeah, so I mean, first of all, I agree, right? Everyone has like a three step simple mindset framework. And it’s just not really like like that right? But but it you kind of have to put things in story format, and parables and metaphors that people can, like, relate to and associate with. And like, the reason that quotes and stuff are so popular is because, you know, in a very short and small amount of real estate, you can convey a powerful message in like a meaningful way. Right? And so that’s why these stereotypes become stereotypes and quotes and, and frameworks and stuff become popularized because people need that structure. Right? My approaching mindset with no structure is very overwhelming. And part of what mindset is useful for as a human being is preventing yourself from becoming overwhelmed, right, because overwhelmed being overwhelmed is probably the number one poison to progress and success, thinking things all the way through. What I meant by that is a lot of people are so busy like hustling and like doing like the Gary Vee mentality that they don’t even know what they’re hustling towards, at the end of the day, right? Like, I know, like, I know you’re laughing but like, it’s so yeah, no, it’s it’s really true. It’s crazy, like but and you know, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the saying, like, if I had five hours to cut down a tree, I take the first four to sharpen the axe, right? Like, that’s a parable, right? And not to like not to go back into the framework, but it works, right. That’s why people use these metaphors and these associations, and it’s so true. Like, if you want something, you have to know what you want, right? Like if you’re just like relentlessly grinding and hustling toward something that at the end of the day once you get it you don’t even want right then like what the fuck are you doing? Right? Like you have to actually think things all the way through like for me like that meant at the vote at the very most microscopic level, it literally meant, like where do you want to live like I like the sun. The sun makes me happy. You’ll never catch me living in Alaska. No matter how beautiful or how big of a house it is. and Alaska is not beautiful to someone. But it’s just not it’s not beautiful to me like I couldn’t go appreciate it for a week but I wouldn’t want to live there. I want the sun I want nightlife I want you know, things to do like sporting events and concerts like I like being in a city I like live the I like the beach. I like the ocean, like there’s very specific things that I wanted, and to being able to actually like move there and afford that there’s a certain amount of money I needed. So you know, how I like to do things is I think about what I want, right? Like five years from now, where do I want to be and like, even that is a little bit too intangible for a lot of people and so how I like to teach my students to kind of know what you want is Who do you find yourself being most jealous of? Right? That’s a kind of a weird thing. But like, like for me like Evan Spiegel was a big one for me. And like, you may or may not even know who that is. Yeah, I do. Yeah, it’s like but not only because you’re in our niche, right? Yeah, everyone. It’s not like he’s like some huge celebrity, right? But like to me, he’s like this young, handsome like dude who like loves partying. And he’s a billionaire. And he’s running a tech company and doing everything that I wanted. And so I was like, Okay, well, how can I reverse engineer getting to what he wants? Like, what did he do? He created software like an app. In this particular case, he’s the founder of Snapchat, for people who don’t know, like, he ended up marrying a Victoria’s Secret model. You know, I like most men love beautiful women, right? Like, it’s just there’s certain things that you have to understand that you like, and you know, you have to actually break it down in really tangible bite sized chunks, and then kind of reverse engineer how to get those things. So by thinking it all the way through, I mean, you have to know what you want in the most specific possible terms, and then you have to actually create a path that can get you to that point.

Josh 21:42
Yeah, I like that a lot. It’s, it’s, um, some people call it visualization or manifestation or whatever it is, I think that it just allows you to be able to put the pieces in place, you know, I mean, it’s like, if you don’t know what you’re building, how are you going to build it?

Kevin 21:56
Ya know, for sure. Like you have to you have to know what you want. To be able to get what you want. And if you don’t know what you want, you can’t create actionable steps to actually get toward that. And so he, like, I knew what I was jealous of, I knew the things that I wanted, I was jealous of people who had exotic cars, I was jealous of people who had houses on the beach, I was jealous of people who could, you know, have the free time to do what they want, who could travel to Europe, you know, in the morning if they wanted to, and it didn’t affect them at all. Like, there’s very specific things that I found myself wanting. And just like an easy little hack to kind of figure that out for yourself. And maybe it’s not the best way, but the easiest way is just to think about what do you find yourself being jealous of What do you wish you had? Right? Well, how can you create a goal that gets you those things that you wish you had?

Josh 22:47
Yeah. So like, what’s next for you then? Because I mean, come on. Did someone look at you be like, dude, you’re 30 years old, you’re a multimillionaire, you could basically do anything you want, to a certain extent, right? So like, what’s next? For you, what are you after?

Kevin 23:01
Yeah, so I mean, that’s a really good it’s a really good question, right? Because like, and people always ask me like in my Instagram lives or in the comments of my youtuber or whatever, like, yo, Kevin, like, are you do you want to become a billionaire? And like the answer is no. Like, I don’t want to become a billionaire like the only difference between like being in like a liquid multimillionaire, right like not like somebody who’s like, has like all this debt and all this stuff, right? a multi millionaire and a billionaire. The only difference really is a yacht and a jet, right? Like, I don’t like private jets. I’ve only been on one and I didn’t even really want to go but I got forced by the friggin Morrison brothers. I honestly like there was no internet like, it wasn’t comfortable. There wasn’t a bathroom. Like I love the Morrison’s I love everybody. But like, I don’t like private jets. I’m not bougie like that, like, I don’t I get seasick. Like there’s a certain things that I don’t need in my life. Like if I want to go take a yacht, I’ll rent one if I want to take a private jet. All right, I don’t need to own stuff and the differential between being multi millionaire and a billionaire from like a stress and like work and like life dedication perspective is immense. It’s unbelievable. Like you can be a happy balanced multimillionaire. Yeah but like, you can’t really be a happy balanced billionaire maybe maybe I’m wrong. But yeah, like you look at people like Elon Musk and we and we love and we you know, idolize him. Yeah, for sure. No, this is not he’s working 100 hour weeks, seven days a week for his whole life and like some people like that. Right. But like, I don’t like that. Right.

Josh 24:33
Yeah. But like, what comes next for you now? Or is it just a maintain thing?

Kevin 24:39
Yes. I mean, what comes next for me now? And I like that you brought it back to the question because I, I didn’t really answer it. But like I kind of did. But like, the true answer for me is I in the next by the time I’m 33, I’ll have 100 million dollar company. It’ll be in software and then all of the passive income that I’m generating from all of my other businesses. I’m just going to reinvesting with the right team as a limited partner from a real estate perspective. Right. So, you know, as we get into this bear market if it if it happens if it doesn’t, right there’s there’s methods with real estate to invest where you’re not exposed to a recession, right investing in b grade properties 60 cents on the dollar increasing occupancy, a comes to be during a recession, right. So you can store money in these ways that you know, have 20 to 60% annual returns, right, or annual returns or on a on a 24 month period, depending on you know, what you’re doing and your risk tolerance, where it’s very protected against the recession, right. And so real estate, passive income or excuse me, passive investing, dollar cost averaging into index funds, and then really keeping the bulk of my money for mental clarity and mental fortitude, you know, to myself to invest into my own businesses, and then really creating an office creating a nine figure business In the software nice, that’s what’s next for me. That was nice, huh? Interesting.

Josh 26:05
What are the where do you learn this stuff? Where do you start to now come in? And I know you said you were a reader. We’re talking beforehand, not so much a listener and like a podcast listener or whatnot, but like, Where? How do you decide what to learn? And where to learn it from?

Kevin 26:20
Yeah, that’s a really interesting question. To be honest. I mean, for me, I think like, if you read my previous birthday posts, like my birthday is the one time that I like really sit down and get introspective. I think that if you like the three, post one, you’d really like the 10 things. I learned one because that one was probably the most the most appreciated piece of writing I’ve ever done, like I posted it in clickfunnels. Also, and it got like over 1000 comments, like, most engaged posts in the clickfunnels group that I’ve ever seen, at least, and essentially, you know, what one of the points said was, you want to really identify one person Right like it’s so easy with all of these master salesmen and people to have shiny object syndrome and jump from one thing to the next like as the newest best opportunity but the truth is like there’s no necessarily best opportunity. Amazon FBA is amazing if you know how to do it right with the right teacher, you know, Shopify is the same affiliate marketing, YouTube podcasting, right, it doesn’t really matter, all of them have a lot of potential, right? And but people still get shiny object syndrome because they think one because of some master sale or ad or whatever is materially better than the other, which isn’t necessarily true, right? You know, in my opinion, ecommerce, SM, ma and creating a personal brand are the three best things you could focus on as a beginner. But, realistically, at the end of the day, I find one Guiding Light and I block out everything else, right and that my guiding light for me was the first person that I ever came across, which really, in a sense was Russell Brunson. And I think you know, that’s almost cliche now because it happened to like so many people. Yeah, but like he he did what I want to do like he Had a personal brand, he started selling courses. He backed all of those courses by his SAS companies, right? Course Click Funnels. And then once clickfunnels became enough of a driving force, then instead of the focal point being his information products backed by Click Funnels. Now his focal point is clickfunnels. facilitated by information products. Yeah, it’s literally the exact same trajectory that I’ve taken. Right. I just kind of got a later start than Russell because I didn’t really start until with entrepreneurship till I was like, 2627.

Josh 28:30
Yeah, that makes sense. Well, I mean, he just turned 40. So I mean, kind of ahead of the game for him. It’s a billion dollar company now, but Mmm Hmm. Interesting. One of the things I think a lot of people have problems with is just like, they don’t know. I shouldn’t say they don’t know, dude, I feel like they just they get overwhelmed with who to follow. They really need to choose, right, like, I mean, it’s just and but there’s so much information out there. It’s just hard, you know,

Kevin 28:52
and there’s two. There’s two important points. I’m glad that you brought that up, right. The first point is don’t listen to what anyone is saying. Right like People fall, this is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make, right? People will find someone that they just like the most, right and like they respond to and feel is the most genuine or that they can relate to the most, that isn’t necessarily going to give them the results they want. Right? Just because someone is likable doesn’t mean they’re going to get you the results you want. Right? So there’s two things, look at the results of those people, right, which can be faked to a certain extent, I guess. But like, it can’t really if you’re like good at research, and you go and look at their, you know, results, like you can’t fake a YouTube subscribership you can’t fake you can’t fake certain things, right? So but at the end of the day, don’t listen to what anyone’s saying, Look at what they’re doing. Right like Russell runs, or like Grant cardones a good example. Right? Do it is like he’s you know, teaching you about real estate and how to invest in real estate. What’s he doing right? Or maybe he’s not the best example because he’s doing a lot of real estate. But like other real estate course people, they’re not actually doing real estate. They’re teaching you how to do in real estate and they’re selling you a course right? So like you should be focusing on if you want the results. They have by selling the course. Right? And that doesn’t mean you can just go do it without you know getting any of the results yourself. But my point is look at what people are actually doing with their time. And if you want the same success they have, you have to emulate what they’re doing.

Josh 30:13
Yeah, and I think Grant Cardone actually is a good example for the person that is in real estate and thinking about oh, I could sell a course or I want to get rich or whatever. Like, you could say Grant Cardone sells courses. Well yes, he does sell courses but what is grant How does Grant Cardone really make his money how you know he really makes his money his indestructible wealth as he calls it generational wealth through real estate right right through Cardone capital and through real estate. And well guess what, Guess whose money he’s not spending his own? Right. Like he’s spending everybody else’s, you know. And so it’s interesting that you bring that up. And I think that’s a really, really good point, is you’ve gotta you got to look at the frameworks and what people are actually doing in their business, not what they’re selling to you, you know,

Kevin 30:54
and like grant grants a really good example of thinking it all the way through to right like he you know, he said Like he couldn’t have done what he’s done with Cardone capital without a personal brand you can’t skip straight to Cardone capital that’s just not right and so he did a pretty did real estate first which was like you know, his his kind of core thing and then he taught you a bunch about it created like a really massive personal brand, you know, through all the things he’s done with social media and building teams and all of that stuff and then he’s kind of created card on capital by leveraging his personal brand in the most profitable possible way. And if you listen to any of his stuff, you can see that he’s thought everything through right like he doesn’t it’s not like he has some abstract you know, like kind of go with the flow type of situation. He’s gonna sell Cardone capital to Blackstone or to BlackRock for billions of dollars. Like that’s his one, you know, laser focused goal. Yeah,

Josh 31:48
yeah. And he said that multiple times. I mean, you can you can see there’s definitely a plan there and love him or hate him. He’s very, very consistent. That’s for darn sure.

Kevin 31:57
Oh, yeah. Like I love him like I you know, he’s just He’s very he’s mastered the polarizing kind of personality. One of my self admitted, weakest parts of my personal brand is I just as a human being, I don’t like causing trouble. I don’t like causing drama. Like, whenever people like talk shit to me or call me out or whatever, I never respond like You’ll never see me respond. You’ll never see me talk negatively about anyone in any situation, because I just as a person naturally try to call them situations I stay out of altercations. I’m not confrontational at all. That’s just who I am. Right and so but part of creating an ultra popular personal brands you have to be polarizing, right? You have to you have to compel your core demographic to you and like in a polarizing way, and by doing that, you you repel people who are against what you’re saying equally as vehemently and so like, you know, he has a very polarizing brand where he basically says like, you know, work hard tenex it like motherfucker fucker type stuff, right? People hate that right but but his core demographic loves it.

Josh 33:04
Yeah, yeah. And you know, don’t buy houses houses make you broke. I mean, there’s so many things of his that, you know people are like, What are you talking about, but it works really really well and you know how to leverage it like he does? Have you like do you stay out of like all controversial stuff like do you get political at all? Or do you get like into like social issues at all are you just like Dude, I’m just gonna do my business over here and chill.

Kevin 33:27
I mean I’ll talk about it to a certain extent but like I’m definitely more like, I’m just gonna do the my business and show like, I’ll never like I would never like I see I see your posts about Mr. Trump. Yeah. And, you know, I have my own opinions about him. I think he’s a master marketer, which I think is undeniable that anyone could ever deny. I have my own opinions that you know, I’ll keep I’ll keep to myself, but I see I see your posts about him and I see all of the comments. And you guys going back and forth like that, I I respect that and I have admiration for that because I am I would never do that, like I just I get like, I just don’t like controversy, it makes me feel uneasy. And so I kind of say,

Josh 34:08
and what’s interesting is I’m actually a lot like you in the sense of I don’t like controversy, unless, unless it’s something I believe in like, super, super strongly, right. And like, the one thing with Trump and you know, we won’t go down the political realm of one way or the other, but like, the one thing with Trump is, as a general rule, he’s a capitalist, right? And I like capitalism. And I like America, right? And I absolutely hate socialism, and I absolutely hate higher taxes, and I absolutely hate anything that takes away personal the personal freedom and the ability to, you know, have personal responsibility. And so like, for me, and each person is different. I don’t think everybody’s called to go out there and be controversial or state their opinions, but like, for where me and where I feel called is like, I believe that I need to talk about the things that are important to me, right? And I’m like, y’all think that Bernie Sanders is the answer? You know, I mean, like, you gotta be insane, right? So, where the controversy comes in, I think it’s really hard for me to be controversial. stuff that I don’t believe in. But then once once I believe in it, it’s rock solid. Do you uh, do you talk about controversial things in the sense of like, Can we go down the rabbit hole of like drugs and stuffing and God is stuff like that at all?

Kevin 35:13
Yeah, definitely. Like, I try to stay away from from politics, mostly, but like, I’ll talk about anything like you don’t have to, like stay away from anything. And I, there’s certain situations where I, I think that like, my answer is kind of boring to people where it’s like, yeah, like with religion, my answer is probably pretty boring for people. Like I think people should believe whatever they believe in. I think religion has a lot of benefits to people who believe in it, because it gave them you know, confidence that they may not have been able to find from any other means, like do I believe that like, there’s a like a God that looks like a human sitting in the clouds? Like No, I probably don’t believe that. But like, I like to believe that there’s some type of like energy or you know, something else out there. That’s helping people and so my answer is sometimes are boring and in those contexts, I’m happy to talk about it.

Josh 36:01
I’m curious as I’m curious about psychedelics. Um, and, and like, do you do psychedelics at all? I do, actually. Yeah, so I love psychedelics. And I want to I always have to preface this because there is a certain family elements to the podcast, a lot of people like that. If you’re offended by this guy, turn it off. If you got kids that you don’t want to hear it, I get it. This turned off a little bit. But like, first time I ever had did psychedelics, dude. What the world, right? Like my mind was just blown. And I was like, why is this illegal? Like, everybody needs to have this right? How is psychedelics played into? Or has it played into your business and played into your more of your worldview of the world and like reality and like your mind?

Kevin 36:52
That’s, that’s interesting that you asked that. So I’ve actually never talked about this in public and I’ve been in a lot of podcasts and no one’s ever asked me this, which is Which is interesting. So, but yeah, I mean, my honest answer is psychedelics has actually played a massive role in my in my business and my success. But I do it in kind of a unique way. Like, I don’t recommend that anyone ever does drugs or psychedelics or anything that they don’t feel comfortable with. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I think like, I think people kind of have to reach a point in their own reality and their own kind of state of being where they want to explore, you know, other parts of their mind state and other you know, frames of reality that are that are possible. And so for me, I reached that point. And, you know, a lot of that kind of came down to Steve Jobs To be honest, like, you know, Steve Jobs was really popularized micro dosing LSD II for for creativity, it’s very prevalent in the Bay Area, right. And so when I was living in the Bay Area, working as a consultant at Facebook, right, a lot of the you know, super sharp, young, talented engineers and folks in Silicon Valley, we’re doing that. And so you know, the first time I tried it, it was really, it was really mind shattering to me, to be honest, like it gave me back kind of like a childlike wonder that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. And he made me see very otherwise mundane situations or beautiful things or thoughts or, you know, situations that I wouldn’t have otherwise admired without it. And most importantly, it altered my mind state about where I belonged in the world. Like before that I thought that I didn’t deserve everything. I thought that I wasn’t as good. As these software founders. I thought that no matter how hard I tried, it just wasn’t meant for me. Like I literally felt like I didn’t deserve it. I felt like I wasn’t as good as these other people. Right. And the biggest thing for LSD is I what it made me realize is everyone everyone’s the same. Like Ilan Musk is just a human with skin and blood and bones. And he has thoughts and he has worries and he has stresses and he has victories and, you know, he has failures. And it kind of changed my whole mentality where I now feel confident in any situation with anyone.

Josh 39:18
Yeah, I think it’s super interesting. It definitely brought so the first time I ever have actually never, I don’t think I’ve ever shared this either. Like the first time I ever did it. I remember very clearly that like, I could go anywhere, right? So like, I’m, I’m out of, you know, I’m out of my body, right? I’m kind of like looking down at you know, everything more or less, right? You know how it is. But like, I could like see things I could figure them out and I could like, see how they interconnect, right and like things made sense. And like whenever I would like look about something and think about something obviously, it’s kind of more on the come down a little bit. But like I could like see things and they and it all made sense. And it allowed me to almost like remove my emotion from it and just see things for how they were like they pay here they are like this connects here and this does this and this Is this and I got done with that I felt. Have you ever seen the movie limitless with Bradley Cooper? Yeah, I felt Dude, I got I’m like, Oh my god, this is incredible. Um, but yeah, I came down from that. And I think at that point, one of the things I started to question was, why, why they were, why they’re viewed the way that they are like psychedelics in general are viewed the way they are. And, you know, I understand like criminalization and yada, yada. And once again, I’m not telling anybody that they should go trip if they don’t want to, or go start using them. I mean, like, be careful and do your thing. But it was such an eye opening experience for me. And it gave me the sense of like, I think, like you said, like, no purpose is the right word, but like, just a perspective of appreciation. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it really really is. It’s interesting to watch like, do you. Do you mind if I ask like, do like, are you like a multitrack person? Do you have like one favorite one or?

Kevin 40:51
So I mean, I did mushrooms for my birthday in Amsterdam this past most recent year, for the first time, actually. So I really yeah, take it LSD hundreds of times. I’ve only ever taken mushrooms once. Wow. And so mushrooms are much more like, kind of like giggly and like, it’s like feels like more of a drug. Like when I take LSD, it’s not like I feel like I’m on a drug really. It just feels like I’m in like a higher state of like, my mind’s in like a different perspective. Yeah, I think I took mushrooms, I felt like I was on a drug. Like, it was like, when I used to smoke weed, like, you know, 10 plus years ago. That’s like, it felt like a really intense version of that to me. Um, so I’ve never taken casca I’ve never taken DMT like, you know, I’ve heard about a lot of entrepreneurial retreat. It’s definitely something that I’ll try in the next like, a couple of years for sure. But, you know, to me, my favorite and only drug that I do like I drink probably like once a month, maybe. Yeah. It’s just microdose I’ll see. My goodness. Yeah. Well,

Josh 41:53
if you go on a trip, hit me up. We’ll have to have to go do it. I was talking to you know, Ryan steamin. Yeah, I was talking to him. We had him on the show and he said that his Iosco when you say the mountains of Utah, I think he’s where he went. And then they did an iOS get thing there. And he’s like, Dude is like this, this lady and you know, gives it to him or whatever. And it’s like, you’re gonna need, you’re gonna need to take a crap basically, right? And he’s like, dude, there’s no way I’m about to, you know, take a dump in front of this. He’s like, 10 minutes into it, it is coming out both ends, and it’s like, cleans you out, and blah, blah. And he goes, I saw God, I don’t know what it was, I don’t know if it’s a guy that you think of, but like face to face with something up there. And he’s like, he told me, he looked me right in the eye. And I’m like, I’m just trying to help people and yada yada, yada. And God looked to him and said, How are you trying to help people if you’re always just angry at them? And I was like, man, like, that’s so powerful, you know? And like, so like, sometimes you just need that, like this different perspective or different experience. I just don’t think that you. Maybe you could get it elsewhere, but it certainly certainly helps that though. super interesting. I love LSD. Did I really, really do. Yeah, it’s good stuff. Awesome, man. Well, As we start to wrap up here a little bit what are like what are some things are into outside of business? I mean, for clarification, I know you said you weren’t a boogy person like says the dude that has a frickin mansion in San Diego and drives a Lambo but you still have your Lambo or not

Kevin 43:15
is in my garage in San Diego use it much I generally what I drive actually is my scooter I have a moped Yeah, I know what you mean like it’s like very it’s very hypocritical to like have that type of car and house and not say you’re not Gucci, but like outside of that I really am not like if you like you’re gonna have the Morison brothers on Ask them if I’m boogy and you’ll love their response like they always give me shit because they stay at like five star penthouses and I stay in like hostels. Like that’s just like what I am doing like and so

Josh 43:46
but I like that dude. My girlfriend and I went on a trip while we’re supposed to be a four month trip around the world ended up being too because she got a frickin parasite in the Philippines do we had a flyer home on medical is insane dude. Anyway, but that’s it. That’s what we did to is I mean, like, every now and then we’re like we’d stay in like nicer places or whatnot. But like, we stayed in hostels just to, like, try different things and like experience what people are kind of going through and like, I don’t know, like, I feel like in this entrepreneur game, you have people like Tai Lopez and I’m not bashing Thai. I think he’s brilliant, and I love the dude. But like, uh, like, in order to be successful, or in order to maintain this image, like you have to stay in certain things and like, have certain things or drive certain ways. I know that like, you know, sell the lifestyle is a is an accurate word, but what you do, but for the sake of the conversation, like you kind of sort of sell the lifestyle and certain ads and like things and different videos that you do. How do you balance that?

Kevin 44:41
Yeah, so I mean, like, when I first started, I was figuring things out, like, I didn’t know everything like and, you know, I saw the success that other people had had doing that and like, you know, I didn’t realize the longevity and like the brand, the damage like in my opinion damage and some some people’s opinions. Not like I can run a Lamborghini out And imagine that and I can get like half the cost per lead, right? But like those aren’t necessarily like the type of people that I want in my funnels into my audience and buying from me and so yeah, since I was so I’m still so tuned in to paid traffic like I would argue that no, like, I don’t know what you want to call it like influencer, a personal brand person is as involved in the actual media buying as I am. Like, I every day we have an hour meeting with you know, the six people that are on my media buying team full time, and I’m in the like, I know every number like I know never, because like it’s just what I enjoy. Like I like it. It’s like a game. And so, you know, we test everything and so like we tested Lambo ads, we tested all of this stuff, but what what I found was, even though we were getting a better cost per lead and more people into the funnel for cheaper, the hate was like the, you know, intangible hate was going up in measurably and so it wasn’t worth it to me to be seen, you know, in that in that light for a cheaper cost per lead. So yeah, like people like Ty, for example, who you know, isn’t has built an incredible like, you know, everyone knows him right? Like you nobody can deny that he’s built a brand but he’s also one of the most polarizing people that people have the strongest opinions about and it wasn’t worth it wasn’t worth it to me to create a way to reach more people to get more people into my funnel, but to be known as that right and so I’m in my mind, there’s kind of two sides of the coin. There’s the Gary Vee and there’s the tie right and Gary Vee it took him a lot longer to reach like that many people and all of that stuff, but now he has that brand equity and in a way that it’s impossible to get if you get it through like the Lambo like yeah,

Josh 46:42
yeah, yeah, I like that a lot. The time the time of it. I’m curious now that you bring up the the adspend side of things. I’m curious about scaling, and how you build like build your team with that. I remember going through your ads on time I went to your page and you know the little tab you can go see people As I’m like, This dude is running so many freakin ads Dude, I have never seen I mean hundreds and hundreds and hundreds I’m just scrolling through and scrolling through and like image headline ads like one tweet one tweet one tweet. I’m like, this is insane. I okay, so paid ads is something that I am literally in the process of learning right now. I’ve managed five, 6 million followers on social for clients. We’ve done six figure launches multi six figure launches quarter million bucks in a weekend, you know, like, launches, all organic. I’ve never, you know, never paid ads, like high ticket stuff. I love it, right, Tony? The thrill of getting a 25,050 60 to $70,000 check. I’m just like, right but now I’m to the point where like, I want to scale and I’m like, I got to remove myself from the process and nobody on my team that I’ve been able to find is good enough to sell as I am right like I can just sell people but so I’m like, Alright, and to get paid ads in place and things like that. How do you like where did you even start with that? And and how did you build a team so effectively to be able to get spending 30,000 pounds a day is a lot of money and ads do like how do you How do you scale that point? Like, where’s where step one?

Kevin 48:03
Step one is. So I mean, kind of how it works. And like this is like I probably shouldn’t be saying this. But like the this, the sharpest folks who care the most who have all the kind of cutting edge strategies generally, are the top agencies, right, like the top agencies in the US. But the duality of that is they generally have no loyalty, right? Like, they’ll just go to the next highest bidder and leave you in the dust. Right? And so I realized that pretty quickly and what I did was, in my, in my opinion, intelligent not to like to my own horn or anything, but

Josh 48:37
it’s all right here do i think i think you have a credibility to toot your own horn.

Kevin 48:42
What I did was I went out and I was willing to pay those like super expensive consulting fees to the to the top people, but what I did was one of the contingencies of hiring them for those exorbitant rates was I mandated that my team my internationally based team to Then of which the job was a career, right? I wasn’t just one random client that they would leave for the next highest bidder there. It was a career to somebody in the Philippines. You know what I mean? So all of my core media buyers, three or four of them are in the are in India, and two of them are in the Philippines. They’re incredibly smart, right? But they’ve been the reason that they’re so smart is because they’ve been trained by all of the best people who’ve come from consulting comm who come from Dean and Tony’s team, right? who’ve come from, you know, all the stuff that I’ve learned. So we’ve kind of hired all the best consultants taken all of the best strategies, and then rolled it all up into like this six person team based internationally for a 10th of the cost who just put in 10 hours, 10 hour days, six days a week implementing that, you know, who we treat as employees, they’ve been with me for years, right? Because with a company as complex as mine, there’s so many moving variables and yeah, and and the tracking and all of the URLs and the CPL and like, you know, the cost per registration and cost per scheduled call and all of this stuff that No agency could possibly do it like it, you’d have to be with them for years. Right? And so my advice to you or to anyone else is be willing to spend for the best right people and find out who the best right people are from the people who’ve hired all the people like me. You know, who’s gonna waste your time who’s not gonna waste your time, and then have a core team who depend on you and aren’t gonna like leave you to the highest bidder that you like, mandate, they’re able to like, observe and learn from as these people so for you. Interesting. I

Josh 50:31
like that a lot. That makes a lot of sense, actually. Um, okay, cool. All right. Well, we’re wrapping up on time here. I got one like one last question for you here. Before we go to rapid fire questions. What do you see is like the next big opportunity in the online game, I mean course. I’m not saying the course game is over by any means. But it’s significantly more saturated than it was two three years ago and you know, we got started in it. e commerce the same thing, like where’s the next big opportunity that you’re putting your focus or at least that you’re seeing In general, even if you’re not capitalizing on it,

Kevin 51:02
yeah, so I mean, well, like so for some of my friends who are a bit older than you, how old are you again?

Josh 51:08
I just turned 26.

Kevin 51:09
Okay, so you’re like four years younger than me. So I have, you know, friends who are 18, who are making much money, I have friends who are 50, who are making a bunch of money, like for the folks that are a little bit older than us? Who kind of went through the 2008 situation? Yeah. What’s happening now is very similar to what’s happened, what happened then, right. And there’s obviously differences like pandemic versus financial crisis or whatever. But one of the side effects of all of this even more so exacerbated by Corona because it’s mandating work from home is everyone’s going to, you know, hourly workers, all of these people who, you know, had these jobs before they’re no longer able to do them are going to be turning to the internet to learn how to make money from home. And so, you know, the course boon, I think is about to actually have a huge injection of new people, or like the top quality people who are actually kind of April To capture that attention and target those people correctly, one of the other things that I that I’ve been seeing is done for you stuff, right? Like, I’ve been seeing something called Amazon automation, which has been an unbelievable for us since we started, you know, offering it just a couple of days ago, you know, we’ve done a very large amount of sales in just a few days. And what it is, is us, you know, proven ecommerce entrepreneurs building a business on your behalf, like you literally do nothing like we take 30% of the profit, you find the working capital, we build you a business in your name. And so it’s kind of like mixing together like the traditional high ticket, which is like a mastermind with an e commerce business that you know, is tangible, and people can like be excited by the sales and all this stuff. And that’s been working really well for us. And so I’ve seen kind of the done for you, in a way that’s mixing, like core stuff with actually creating people businesses. Yeah, I like that.

Josh 52:54
Do you know Steve Larson at all? Yeah, Steve is a really good friend of mine. He has His core offer is called offer lab. And it’s very similar to that. It’s essentially it is an agency, but it’s done for you offer creation. But it’s like you come in, I think it’s 25,000 bucks, I think for the year. And he actually has that up cool because he’s removed from it. He has a team that goes in and they build your core offer, they write your ads are in the copy for your ads, they build your funnel, write the copy for your funnel, like they do the URL, and they basically hand it back to you. And they basically hand you a notebook and you fill out a questionnaire and they go through and quiz you over it, boom, and they go build it. And you’ve got this turnkey, it’s not really a business because you know, you know that there’s more to a business than just a funnel, but it’s this fully operational cash machine that you can go and do. And he sells out spots like that, like crazy, dude. I mean, like, million dollar days, that is events like that, which is just insane. So, dude, I appreciate your time coming on here. This was awesome. We’ll have to do it again. And maybe maybe it’ll be in a few months. Maybe it’ll be in a few years. We’ll have to come back and see where you’re at. But I gotta do some rapid fire questions. Here. We wrap up, so I’m good. Yep. Cool. All right. Number one what’s a bucket list item thing that you have not yet done? Um I’ve never been to Dubai never been dude we were supposed to do all right we were supposed to be in Dubai first of the year this year skydiving like for New Year’s and my girlfriend sick with a parasite dude like look like couldn’t couldn’t stand up we had to cancel flights like bedridden sick in the Philippines we had to cancel and come home so sad so Dubai, you guys will do it though. Oh yeah, for sure. For she she wants to go and like she’s a huge traveler, which is super nice because then I don’t have to plan anything. I’m just like, Alright, here’s here’s your credit card go plan it all and then she goes, that is awesome. Um, what’s Uh, okay, but what’s favorite airlines to fly?

Kevin 54:40
Probably united,

Josh 54:41
United hobbies that you’re into or like, things that you like to like collect or like if someone were to like buy you a gift, like what are you into as far as like that type of stuff.

Kevin 54:51
I don’t really like getting gifts. I’m awkward, but like a weird thing that I do like is I’m like weird about waterfalls. Like I’ve been to all the biggest the best waterfalls in the world except for one

Josh 55:00
Nice. What like where are some of your favorite waterfalls? Oh my god,

Kevin 55:04
it was Zoo and on the border of Argentina and Brazil is like the biggest waterfall in the world. It’s like fighting it’s five times bigger than Niagara. Like it’s just on believable. Like being in real life. And they build these like ridges like right to the base of it. It’s called like, it’s called like Diablo garganta or something like that, like the Devil’s Throat. And it’s the biggest individual water like waterfall in the entire world. And you just stand in front of it and feel like the roar and the mist and like there’s always rainbows because there’s so much water vapor like it’s just a wild place.

Josh 55:36
That’s crazy, man. Wow, that’s awesome. We’ll have to look. Look at that. What was it call? It Quanzhou? IGUAZ you? All right. Well, I’ll look it up. I’ll take a visit to that one for sure. Um, what?

If you ever had the chance to go to outer space? Would you go to outer space? If you got to come down? If I could come back? Yeah.

As long as you can go back,

dude, I got some people say no to that question though. They’re like I don’t want to

Kevin 56:00
I wouldn’t go to Mars like I just wouldn’t like I know, I understand why some people would want to but like, I wouldn’t just go to Mars or one way like I like Earth.

Josh 56:09
No, no, I don’t I don’t know one way, but like, come back, like you’d go up there, spend a week up in space and then come back. And like, Yeah,

Kevin 56:15
for sure. Like I’ve been asked like if I could be like one of the pioneers who go to Mars and like, unfortunately, I wouldn’t, but like, yeah, I wouldn’t be there. Just for outer space. Hell, yeah. Yeah. Up and down. Yeah.

Josh 56:24
Quick. All right, man. One last question for you. If you fast-forward into your life, you’re on your deathbed, all your fame and success and scooters. And Lamborghinis. They’re all gone. But every single person that you touched and influenced either directly or indirectly, you get to leave them with one final message. Like, what’s that message?

Kevin 56:42
prioritize relationships

Josh 56:45
Really? All right.

Kevin 56:47
Money is like really interesting up to a certain point. And I suggest that everyone reaches that their own point and kind of figures out what that is. But like, at the end of the day, I think a really good way to kind of figure out what’s important to you is getting really sick. Like, like and you know, I never would never wish that on anyone but like when you when your health is affected, and when you like, you know you’re you’re feeling like you could potentially like die or you’re in a situation that is potentially you know, you could have been killed you realize what’s important right and like you realize that your family and your friends and the people you know in your life are really what is ultimately important. And it’s really hard for a lot of especially like workaholics, like us or like me, I don’t know if you are but I assume it’s really easy for us to just work ourselves to death and like take the time to prioritize the important people in the relationships in our lives.

Josh 57:38
Nice. All right, man. Well, I appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time. Where can people find out more about you? I’m sure there’s like 10,000 links but what’s the best place?

Kevin 57:46
The best place is probably like a YouTube or Instagram. You’re gonna search Kevin David on YouTube where you can search Kevin David on Instagram. I’m super active in both of those places. If you want to chat Instagrams probably better if you want to learn YouTube probably better.

Josh 57:56
All right. Awesome, guys. This has been The man the myth, the soon to be legend, apparently. Kevin net 10 years from now Mr. Kevin David. Kevin, thanks so much for coming on. Guys, as always, hustle, hustle god bless you don’t be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are gonna be the ones that change the world. I love you all, and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam, Peace

Kevin 58:16
Thanks, Josh. Peace

Outro 58:19
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