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25 Things I Learned Before Turning 25


In this episode, I talk about the top 25 things I learned by the time I turned 25 years old. My birthday was the Friday before this episode drops so I thought this was a fitting time for me to reflect on this.


In the weeks leading up to my 25th birthday, I sat down are really thought about the biggest things I’ve learned. I’m sharing this list in hopes that it helps you out. I want to spread positivity, and share positive thoughts that will help change the world.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons over the years, and have had success and failures, and all of those experiences have informed this list that I created. I hope within this list you find some things to think about and some changes you could make to change your life for the better.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why life isn’t as it seems (6:55)
  • A bit of woo woo (8:05 – 9:34)
  • Positivity, other people and love (9:34 – 12:24)
  • Decide on your direction, mindset matters and money (13:20 – 18:30)
  • Less is more (21:00)


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February 4, 2019


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That’s where to be talking about today because I just celebrated my 25th birthday. So let’s dive in because I want to share these insights with you and hope they change your perspective, make your life better and ultimately make the world a better place. 25 things I’ve learned by is 25. Let’s go.

What’s going on guys, welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti, and we are in February. It is February 4 Monday the time this episode is dropping we’re on 25 things.

We’re on episode number 21, and right now I’m actually sitting in Miami, and it’s a Monday so Monday when this drops it is not Monday when I’m recording this. In fact, when I’m recording this is negative 14 degrees and the real feel of negative 34 outside the normal world still my birthday has not happened yet my birthday was Friday, February first that turned 25 I made 25 years, guys. Yay. Go, Josh. Ooh, I didn’t die, and I didn’t do anything too crazy stupid but my birthday was Friday the Super Bowl was Sunday, which means that right now I am either crying in sadness and pity because my Patriots lost. Or I am celebrating for joy. I’m probably definitely celebrating in joyousness.

And if the Patriots lost, I’m probably going to get a million messages on Instagram saying haha; you think you were celebrating when they really lost, I get it. But anyway, a side note on that. By the way, so I record these ahead of time Friday was my birthday Sunday was the super bowl, you’re listening to this on Monday.

Thursday I flew down to Miami. I went to the 10X conference, check this out.

And I flew down there and on Friday. I went to the 10X Growth Con, which was my birthday and I was there, Friday, Saturday.

On Sunday I was actually supposed to get on a yacht to the Bahamas. All right. I was supposed to go on a yacht with Russell Brunson to the Bahamas on a cruise ship, and it looks like I’m not going to be able to go because my passport, they don’t think it’s gonna come in and time.

I didn’t realize, you had to have a passport to go to the Bahamas and when I got my first passport. I was under the age of 18, so it was like a 5-year passport, not a 10-year passport. So like it expired, and I didn’t realize it was all bad news. So I had to miss a trip to the Bahamas and with Russell Brunson and the whole ClickFunnels crew on a yacht. I mean, fingers crossed. I guess it still could come through, but it’s not looking too promising right now.

So chances are I watch the Super Bowl in Miami and probably found a sports bar or something like that to get some food and watch the game.

Now I’m not a betting man too much. I do like some blackjack every now and then, and I literally bet like five or $10 a hand. Nothing too crazy, but there is one thing that I usually always bet on; In fact, I have bet on it every year in the past that is happened in my life.

Fortunately for me, it’s happened a lot of times, and that is I bet on the Patriots when they go to the Super Bowl. Actually, let me clarify that. I bet against the Patriots when they go to the Super Bowl. And you’re like ‘Josh what you’d bet against get your team?’

Yes, I would bet against my own team. Why? I usually put like 50 bucks sometimes 100. Betting is stupid I don’t really like to bet, but I do for the Patriots. So I put 50 bucks out on it. I bet this year I bet on the Rams so when the Rams win I make 50 bucks if the Rams lose. Well I lose 50 bucks, and the Patriots win, and I’m unhappy. So that’s my philosophy on life.

And yeah, we’ll just see so, I’m either just taking that $50 that I made on the Rams, and I’m going, and well I don’t really drink, so I’m not drowning my sorrows. I’m eating comfort food right now, or I paid off 50 bucks, and I’m very, very happy about it but needless to say, guys.

There was my 25th birthday I have made it 25 years, and in this episode, I want to come to take a turn, and I want to talk about 25 things that I’ve learned by the age of 25. And I’m just going to run through them here.

I have a list, and I didn’t I didn’t just throw this list together. I actually thought through it. I really did! I sat down and about a week ago leading up to my birthday. I was like, You know what, I wonder like what are the top 25 things I think I really really learned in life that I could pass on to someone that I’m very confident about that I actually truly believe that. And that I think are fundamental things that have changed my life and that I’ve recognized in my life. And then I’ve experienced, and I want to share that wisdom if you want to call it with you guys and kind of share this in hopes to make the world a better place. In hopes to help you guys get better in hopes to, you know, just spread positive thoughts and positive vibes and educate the world for the better. So we’re going to dive into that. But the purpose of this, like I said, is I turned 25 years old, and I just want to say before we dive into this.

I have been incredibly, incredibly blessed. I just want to give a big thanks and gratitude to God and say, you know what, like, thank you so much. Because I’ve been so blessed and I couldn’t have done it without him and the strength that he’s given me and the wisdom and just the tenacity and the never quitting-ness that was instilled in me.

So I’m just so grateful for that and thankful for that. And yeah, I’ve been very grateful. I’ve been very blessed to be able to do a lot of really cool things in life and experience those, and that’s the goal of this podcast is to share that those experiences and those that knowledge with you.

I am not a smart person. I’m not really a knowledgeable person or a wise person, by default, I only know a lot of things because I’ve gone off and done a lot of things. And I’ve really dedicated my life as you know to what it means to be successful learning what it means to be successful in all areas of life and I want to share that wisdom with you so alright without any further adieu, let’s dive in.

Go, Patriots. I really, really hope that I’m celebrating right now and 10X Growth Conference. I would imagine it’s going to be great, but hopefully, I’ll let you know on the next podcast.  

Let’s dive in and go through the 25 Top Things that I have learned by the age of 25.

Now, as I go through these I am going to kind of just, I’m going to give a little bit of a snippet just a little insight on to each one of these things. My goal with this is not necessarily to coach you through or educate you through every single one of these topics but simply share with you what I’ve learned.

So you know usually this podcast episodes are about 20 minutes long, or so, about five minutes or so right now. So we’ll just kind of go through maybe spend 30 seconds or a minute on each one of these things and let’s rock and roll.

And rule number one top 25 things that I learned by age 25.


#1: Life is not as it seems.

It just isn’t! Guys, there are so many things in life that you just they’re just not it’s just not as it seems. Okay, time is not as it seems. Money is not as it seems. People are not as it seems the way the world works is not as it seems.

Go and experience different cultures and different you know countries and different ways of living and different peoples perspective.

Even within your own Country. I find it so funny. Most of my audience if from the US; 70% of you guys are in the US. And in the US there are 300 Million people there are like 7 Billion people on the planet. Which means we don’t even take up 1 Billion of it. We don’t even take up like 1/10th of the world.

So there’s a huge massive world out there, and life is just not as it seems. I’ve done certain things to gain perspective and done meditations and done had certain experiences, and we’ll talk about that further on another podcast episode. But life is just not as it seems at all.


#2: You are a soul with a body not a body with a soul.

I think this is super important. I think a lot of us think that we have a body and we happen to also have a soul like that this body that we’re in right now is who we are and it’s not. Our soul is who we are, and our soul just happens to have a body, and it’s not the other way around. And it’s so important to remember that and people talk about like out of body experiences, and you know things with psychedelics, and you know going to heaven or hell and religion and different things like that. A lot of those things are very true. And once again, not, not the podcast to get into this, but you are a soul with a body not a body with the soul. If you don’t know what I mean by that really dig into it and think about it. Okay,


#3: Energy is more real than 99.9% of people understand.

Stay away from negative energy get around the energy needed to move your vision forward. I cannot stress enough how big energy is and I need to do an episode specifically dedicated to energy. I think I might even bring on a guest that understands it better than I do.

But like I feel energy more than most people that I feel like I have a very, very strong sense for negative vibes and positive vibes.

It’s so powerful. It’s everywhere. Please guard your negative and positive energy and whom you hang out with.


#4: Positivity always wins.

There is always a positive in every situation you just need to choose to see it. I’m serious positivity is a way of life. It’s a way of looking at things, and it’s the best possible thing out there. Look for the positives in every situation.


#5: People try to bring you down because they are insecure about your own life, not because of you.

This one’s important; a lot of people think that people are hating on them or criticizing them or trying to put them down because something that they did. It’s not, it’s the other person’s own insecurity. I’m serious.

I read a quote one time that said someone that is criticizing you will always be doing less than you nobody who’s doing more than you will criticize you.

Listen, stop letting other people put you down or criticize you or getting upset by that because it’s just insecurities in their own life. They’re trying to put you down negatively because of insecurities that they have.


#6: Hurt people…hurt people.

And the world is hurting. We need to respond with love. Alright guys, if someone is hurt their natural reaction is to hurt someone else. If someone has been working in a relationship, they’re going to try to hurt the other person. It’s just what they do is, is what you do what we do as humans and the entire world right now is hurting and whether that’s in a relationship or friendship or even someone that you don’t know, going back to, you know, number five people trying to bring you down.

Most those people are just hurting, and we’ve got to respond to these people with love. I get a lot of criticism I have, you know, people that yell at me and try to hurt me and I have been hurt before but remember hurt people hurt people. We got to rise above that be better than that and was always respond with love.


#7: Love is the most powerful thing in the world and is the answer to most of life’s questions.

In an interview; Joe Rogan asked Elon Musk what the answer was, and he said you know as cliche as it is. Love is the answer. And I couldn’t agree more. Not because he said it, but because I actually believe it.

Love is the answer guys! Not war not fighting.

I’m not, you know, I understand that war was necessary at times I wish it wasn’t, but it’s certainly not as necessary as it is, or as we think it is or as we make it out to be.

Love loving more. Loving our neighbor loving our friends loving our brother, sister, mother, father, husband, wife boyfriend, girlfriend. Loving the person that we don’t want to love, and the people that we don’t like the people that we don’t agree with. Loving you know Donald Trump loving Hillary Clinton loving Democrats, Republicans everybody all around just needs to love more. It is the answer, and it is what will make the world a better place.


#8: Everybody in life comes from a different reality and has a different perspective of the world because of circumstances.

Be quick to love and slow to judge. I’m serious guys remember going back to the reality thing. We in America there’s 300 million of us we live very very very very very very very privileged like very privileged it’s not we’re not like the rest of the world in a lot of areas we’re privileged but even within the United States and even within other countries as well, like there’s the rich. There’s the poor. There’s the middle class.

There’s within the middle class within the rich within the poor like there are different segments that are assignments and sectors of that.

Love is in some places. Love is not in some places, everybody has a different reality different experience based on their experiences in life, and we’ve got to love more and be quick to love, not to judge because you have no idea what that other person has been through positivity positivity positivity.


#9: Most people have no idea why they want what they want or do what they do.

And most of them are doing it because most of them are doing what they are currently doing because of others. It’s just true it’s sad.

Most people have no idea what they want in life or why they do what they do.

It’s just, you’ve got to know that, or else you’re a robot a mindless robot living somebody else’s dream somebody else’s reality.

Please start living for what you’re called to do what you love to do so that you can go and make the world a better place.


#10: If you think differently about everything you do, know and understand you can have anything that you want in life.

That is the core crux of this podcast. That is why this podcast exists if you think differently about everything you do, know and understand you can have anything that you want. I promise you I promise you, and you wouldn’t know because you haven’t thought different yet if you disagree. So just think different. I’m serious that it’ll change your life.


#11: You can only think different if you learn to ask the right questions.

I tell a lot of stories on this podcast, and I’m going to continue to get better at it. Why? Because stories ultimately bring us to…I like to lead the story off with a question and then answer that through the story because stories lead us to the answers to questions they you bring us perspective.

And if we can ask the right questions and we know how to avoid things that don’t matter and focus on the questions that do. That way we can get the answers that we want the answers that we need. And ultimately, let’s make our life better and think differently about the world. You don’t know what you don’t know. You’ve got to ask the questions to figure out what you do need to know.


#12: Who you are right now is not capable of accomplishing the big goals and dreams you have.

You are literally… I’m sorry. You have to literally die and become a new person to achieve them. We talked about this on the “Why Am I So Lazy” episode, I believe it was Episode 16, and you’ve got to actually kill your old self and become a new person.

To achieve those goals because you right now are not capable of achieving the goals that you have set for yourself if they’re big goals if their financial goals if their role changing goals.

You’re not capable of achieving those become a new person kill your old self it’d be the best decision that you’ve ever done.

All right.


#13: You are literally only limited by your mindset.

And by the way, guys when I say “you,” I mean me just as much as anything. These are all things that I have learned through personal experience. I’m not pointing the finger at you. I’m saying me. You’re literally only limited by your mindset think that one’s pretty self-explanatory.

But seriously, it’s really, really hard to do something. If your mind cannot comprehend it but once your mind can comprehend it and see a vision forward. It’s much easier to do so. Your mind is the thing that’s holding you back, and you need to fix that before anything else so important.


#14: Your reputation is all that you have.

But that doesn’t mean you please everyone. It means that you need to stand up for what you believe in, and what you want to be known for. I see so many people that you know talk about reputation, but then they go, and they try to please everyone that’s not how that works.

Your reputation is standing up for what you believe in, for what you want to be known for and taking that stand hard but yet still treating people with respect.

If they disagree with you and when they don’t see eye to eye, always treat everyone with respect, always, always, always, but don’t try to please everyone. Stand up for what you believe in, and treat everyone with love.


#15: Getting into some business stuff here: Making money is not hard.

It is not hard.

I don’t care what anybody says making money is not hard. It is simply an exchange of value. Once you understand the core principles of it. It is done, you’re just problem-solving. That is it. If you don’t believe me, and you want more like understanding of that go to

Go get the playbook.

The mind shift playbook talks about how to, you know make money. it’s five questions to change the way you see the world and get anything you want in life. Questions. Number four, and five talks all about money.


#16: Making money and building a business are two different things.

So both 15 and 16. I have very limiting mindsets, I thought, making money was hard. I thought you had to work really really really really hard to make money; work long hours to make money, and it is not the truth, and I thought that if you could just make money, you had a business. False. False. False making money in building a business are two so drastically different things. Learn how to build a business, not just make money.


#17: The less you say in sales, the more deals you will close.

And money, you will make. Say less. Close more. Don’t think anything else needs to be said there. Shut up. When you’re making sales, get the other person to talk.


#18: Systems are what run the world.

Look around, everything is a system. There’s a reason it’s called “The System” because it is a collective community – group – the collective world of systems. All right, systems run the world. Systems are what will run your business will run your life and what will allow you to remove yourself and processes and build anything that you want to build in life.


#19: Love, particularly in a relationship.

What I’m talking about here is a sacrifice, and it is the most beautiful sacrifice, you will ever make. Love is powerful, and when you go into a relationship, you have to be willing to die to self. And you got to understand that it is a sacrifice, you don’t go into a relationship to get something you go into a relationship to give. You become one with the other person and is beautiful, but it is a sacrifice is hard, but it is worth it.

Do not think relationships are easy, they take work. Do not take the other person for granted. Put their needs and desires ahead of your own and love them with all of your heart.


#20: Our parents are often right, more times than we want to recognize.

I’m going to say I have your parents written down, but I’m going to say, my parents, because it’s so true for my parents, I want to give them credit here, but this is true for everybody stuff. Your parents oh I’m sorry, my parents, even when I didn’t recognize it are often right more than you give them credit for. More than I give them credit for and they wanted what was best for me.

Let me read that in your way, your parents or my parents, even if you don’t realize it are more right than you give them credit for and they want what’s best for you.

It’s true. I firmly believe that. And I don’t think I’ve met a parent even ones that are all messed up. That’s not the case for their kids. They want success for the kids.

Mom, Dad, I love you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for putting up with me even when I thought you were wrong. I know that you wanted what was best for me. So thank you.


#21: Communication is key.

It stops conflicts. It avoids fights and makes the team move forward together. So. Crucially. Important!

Communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate in a relationship communicate to your parents to your family communicate your friends communicate in business communication is key to success.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Communicate more!


#22: Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. And all you haters can read it and weep. Yes, I had to incorporate some humor into this just because it was too funny. And because the Super Bowl just happened nine straight Super Bowl appearances.

I have no idea whether he won or lost. I’m pretty sure he probably won, but regardless, five Super Bowl rings nine Super Bowl appearance is the most winning-est quarterback of all time. He is the growth. He is the greatest. There will never be another Tom Brady read it and weep.


#23: Less is more.

Honestly, I’ll just leave it at that. Think about that really! Ponder that in all areas of your life.

Less is more.


#24: We all overcome complicate things way too much.

Way too much! Life is not as complicated as that. We need to look at things objectively more often. We need to take them for the face value of what they are. We need to stop letting emotions get involved.

We need to stop over complicating things. Things are generally simple or can be simplified down, right? There are very few things in life that are as complicated as we make them out to be. Start simplifying things that will make your life a whole lot easier and a whole lot less stressful.


#25: of 25 things that I learned before the age of 25.

And quite possibly the most important most powerful one of them all;

God is good. He is all powerful his principles are always true and always right.

Here’s what I have to say on this.

I’ve sat around a lot of people that don’t believe in God.

A lot of people that do believe in God. A lot of people that are indifferent to God. A lot of very, very successful people. And it’s funny to me because all the principles that they tell you. What makes a successful person, disciplined and being skilled, focussed, loving more, treating other people with respect, being a good person. All these things, these are all biblical principles. These are all godly principles and whether you’re a Christian or not.

It’s hard to go against and fight the fact that the most successful people in the world, especially those that are teaching consciousness and awareness and teaching loving of others and teaching discipline and focus and skill set and treating others with respect and loving first and all those things, those are all right out of the Bible.

Those are all biblical principles, and it’s just true, and God is always true. He’s always right. He’s always he’s all-powerful, and he is a good father and God is love and love is the answer to the universe. It is the center of the universe.

I believe that many people believe that I believe that because God is love and he is at the center of the universe.

Guys! Those are the 25 top things that I learned by the age of 25, a little bit of a longer podcast episode here today, kind of went on in the intro a little long but I hope this helped. I hope you saw this and went,

Okay, I can see this, I understand where he’s coming from these are good. I want you to do me a favor.

For my birthday present, if you made it this far and you listened to it. Do me a favor. Could you just send me a message on Instagram and tell me what your favorite one was or your favorite couple was? Whatever one stood out the most to you. Whatever one you learn the most from; that would be awesome. I would really really appreciate that. That would just make my day.

I hope this helped. And I hope that you learned something here as well. These are the top 25 things that I learned by the age of 25 and been very blessed got to do a lot of really cool things. And my goal in life is to inspire the world to be better. Make the world a better place and help people break free to live their truth. Create their own reality, so they fall in love with life and make the world a better place.

It’s been a good 25 years.

Thank you guys for following thank you guys for supporting as always hustle-hustle. God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different will be the ones that change the world.

You’re going to be misunderstood a lot of people are going to doubt you and a lot of people going to think that you don’t make sense.

That’s okay because you are doing what you love and chasing a dream that only you can see.

I love you all, and I will see you on the next episode. Go patriots Happy 25th to me. That sounded egotistical that’s not what I meant.

Happy 25th birthday episode to myself okay I’m just going to stop now. I love you all, and I’ll see on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.