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How to Believe in Yourself



In this episode, I talk about motivation and why most of the time it doesn’t do much, but when used properly in conjunction with believing in yourself it is a really powerful thing.

I’m going to do my best to make you believe in yourself, show you why you should, and tell you why you have to believe in your ability to figure things out.


I’m going to go into the importance of motivation and where we can find motivation in everyday life. 

So much of what drives us is based on our own mindset. What do you really believe you can do?  What is holding you back from accomplishing your goals? I want to show you how to overcome your limiting beliefs so that you can make decisions for yourself and crush it.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • What gets me fired up and why (5:20)
  • The beliefs that are needed to get it done (8:00)
  • The magic ingredient that’s needed (8:40)
  • Issues that may be holding you back (8:50 – 11:11)
  • Crush it by knowing these things (11:11 & 12:12)
  • Some of it isn’t your fault, I get that (12:45)
  • Your limitations that you can look at (16:00)
  • How our behaviors have been programming us (17:45)


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February 8, 2019


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I heard somebody say that motivation was crap.

Motivation doesn’t last forever. But neither does bathing. That’s why it’s recommended daily.

What’s going on guys, welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti and welcome back to the show.

We’re on episode number 23, which I’m very excited about. Because let’s dive right into it.

I’ll kind of give some pretext here. I’m not one that’s really big on podcasts, or YouTube channels, or people that are just full of only motivation, or inspirational videos, right?

Like if your entire YouTube channel is nothing but motivational, inspirational videos, and no substance, I kind of have a problem with that, right, like each to their own, I guess.

But I feel like it’s not doing a whole lot of good, however, every now and then you need that episode on the podcast, you need that episode or that video on YouTube. You need to watch those things that get you going inspire, you get your motivated, keep you driving towards your goal. Because at the end of the day, some people are out there that have a very, very clear vision of exactly what they want. And they are literally inspired every single day to wake up, go crush it, and nothing’s going to see another way of getting to their goal. They don’t need motivation, inspiration, and if that’s you, and for those people that have that that’s awesome.

But for the rest of us, for most people, we might know we want to do. But sometimes life kind of gets boring. And there are days when you’re just like, and you need that kick in the pants, you need a motivational thing that is going to push you over the top gets you to keep continue going to not give up and to make you go and achieve your goals and achieve your dreams.

And you know, it’s one of those things that you got to be careful with because you don’t want to be too motivational. But I do think that you know, they’re important right now.

So for this episode, this podcast, basically, I want to brainwash you into believing in yourself, I want to brainwash you into thinking positively about yourself, and making you believe that you can do it.

Because if you do not believe that you can do something, if you don’t believe that you can go out and accomplish it and if you don’t believe that it is possible for you to do it then, you won’t be able to go out and do it.


And one of the best ways to make you believe is to motivate you. To show you that it is worth it. To show you that this is the future. And I want to go and get, and I want to make you believe that you can go and do it and give you that motivational podcast that you may need to today to and get you where you need to be. I want to give you that episode that can get you to that point and push you in the right direction so that you can have that feeling of GRRRYEEAAHHHH nothing is going to stop me, let’s go and get it nothing is going to hold me back!. And get you to that point, alright, so let’s dive in.

So we all have different things that motivate or inspire us, right? Some people have the car, some people out the house, some people look at, you know, inspirational videos, some people, you know, I don’t know, like to have a fear, you know, fear of failure that motivates them, each person has the thing that they’re trying to avoid, or chase to go out and do that. And I think that that’s good, right, as, as we go throughout our lives,


I think it’s very clear and very obvious that most of it is not in like it is on Instagram, right? Most people, even if they’re posting beautiful pictures all the time on Instagram, don’t actually have a life like that. And if they do have a life like that, and if they do have a life like that then they worked incredibly, incredibly hard to get there and are dealing with the things of that nature.

But most of us have a pretty boring life. I mean, here, I’ve been able to do some pretty awesome things in my life. And I and I’m blessed every single day to get to go do what I love, and, you know, work on really cool projects, and do podcasts like this, and all that jazz.

But, at the end of the day, my life pretty much consists of getting out of bed at seven o’clock in the morning, and do my morning exercises, and doing my inner showering, doing my meditation. And then, you know, by 830, 45, I’m working, and I work for then to about one o’clock in the afternoon. And then I eat lunch. And then I work some more into like, six or seven o’clock at night. And then I eat dinner, and I have my nightly team meetings, and then I wind down for the day. And I do the whole thing over again. Right. So like, it can be boring at times.


And it can be uninspiring at times, and you’ve got to remember why you started, and so for me, I have these things in my life. And I think it’s super important to remember like why I started and there are things that I do on a daily basis sometimes to stay motivated.


And so I want to talk about the fact or the things that I do that caused me to stay motivated. Some of the things that I think you can do, but then I also want to encourage you and make you believe that you can do it.

Because so many people just don’t believe that they can do it. If you don’t believe that you can do it, you’re never going to be able to accomplish it.

I want to make you believe that you can do it so let’s let’s dive into this thing a little bit further.


So for me right, some of the things that inspire me I basically have three four-ish core things that inspire me, right.


First, is I am incredibly inspired by like nice things and rich people that have nice things right, so I watch a lot of Grant Cardone. Gary Vee isn’t so inspirational as he is motivational right, but I like watching Grant Cardone do videos in his house or driving the really nice car.

I like seeing people that have the really really nice cars that are you know building real businesses out there those things are inspirational for me and when I see like ads or when I see like videos for really nice luxury cars.

Not that douche like Instagram model people that are trying to leverage to sell courses but like actual wealthy people that are giving the advice to have the nice car or that have the motivational vehicle or motivational videos and have you know the vehicles the houses the lifestyle in it that is motivating and inspiring to me.

Now it’s a big turnoff when they sell me something at the end, right, that’s not what this for that’s not what I’m talking about. But there are videos of Grant Cardone that are inspirational and those videos, and those things really inspire me.


The second thing that really inspires me is Tom Brady all right I know I’ve talked about him a little bit before but like people like him Tom Brady, Elon Musk, those type of people watching interviews from them seeing their lifestyle watching highlight reels of what they do. That inspires me. All right. I mean, I get so pumped up and high on like, like living through them. Like it’s just so cool because I get so inspired by them and watching the motivational videos of seeing their low lights seen their highlight seen what they’ve had to overcome and do like those things really, really inspire me to go out and, you know, do and continue being the best version of myself.



And then also for me music having really pumped up exciting music. And you know, like there’s a song right now called high hopes, right. And it’s like, always had high hopes for a living didn’t have a dime. But I always had a vision knew that I was going to be that had no way of knowing. But I always had a feeling I was going to be that one in a million, something like that, right?

Super inspiring. It’s like, they’ve got a vision. They know they’re doing it right, like, and it gets me pumped up, and it gets me up there. It gets me like ‘Yeah, let’s go, right.’


And when I see Tom Brady it gets me like ‘let’s go!’ Those things get me fired up, they get me excited about life. And they make me believe in myself, they make me believe in my ability to be able to do this because somebody else has proven it and done it as well.

And I see that I have this vision of what I want. And I’m like, Yes, I want that. I want that lifestyle.

I want that dedication. I want that discipline. I want to be able to have, you know, sing the songs and do the stories of success, right.



And so I need to be able to believe myself to do that. However, I also have to have a balance because I can’t sit around and watch motivational videos all day and inspirational videos all day I have to go out and do the work.


And so I really try to limit my time on a daily basis. And I would say that I probably either listen to inspirational music walk or watch a motivational video or listen to a motivational podcast probably once a day.

And I try to not do it for more than, you know, 10 or 15 minutes. But that’s a part of what I do. Because I’m constantly reminding myself of, you know, being inspired. And, and being motivated to go out and become the best version of myself.



Now, of course, all this works in conjunction with and on top of my ‘why’ and my vision for I’m trying to build and trying to do and make the world a better place and, and helping those people and having that vision of that as well. But having those things really, really pumps me up.

8:50 Issue #1

And what’s interesting to me is I’ve gone, and I’ve spoken to a lot of people that might say that things like that are really, really inspiring, but are not doing great things themselves. And this baffled me, right. And so this is where I really want to talk to you about your ability to go do things because I always have and this is a huge thing that I’ve been blessed with.

I don’t actually know. I mean I do to a certain extent, but like not for long periods. Like I don’t actually know what it’s like not to believe in myself.

I know what it’s like to have major feelings of self-doubt. And I know what it’s like to not think I can do something on a small scale. But I’ve never not believed that I’m in control of my life. All right. I’ve never not believed that. If I didn’t put my mind to something that I couldn’t go accomplish it because

I’ve always just believed that about myself. I’ve always been confident to know that if I don’t have a skill, I can go learn it. And if I, you know, want something that if somebody else has done it, I’m able to do it too. Like I could go out and build 100 million dollar company.

I could go be an Olympic athlete, I could go, and you know, be a singer or whatever it is because you find ways to win. And you find ways to go do that if you stick with it for long enough.


Issue #2

Who cares what the naysayer say, right?

I’ve asked a lot of these different people that they watch motivational videos too, or inspirational videos where they find other people very inspiring. In fact, a lot of people that I’ve talked to told me that I’m very inspiring. And they said, you know, “Josh, like you’re so inspiring I’ve watched your story.”

I’ve done this like, “Well, why don’t you go out and do it? Why don’t you go on a channel that motivation channel that desire channel that you know, inspiration into actually something that you want to go and do.“


And what I found is interesting is that it comes back to the fact that most people don’t believe in themselves. And if that’s you right now, I really, really want to talk to you.

Maybe you’re you know that 18-20 year old, maybe you’re that 22,24,27,29 year old right now that maybe you’re not where you want to be at in life. And you know that there’s more you know, that you could maybe do more you know that more is possible. But you don’t actually believe in yourself.

You don’t believe that you can do it. And that’s what’s holding you back is just the lack of belief in yourself. I want to talk to you here for a second.


#1 Pep talk and what you need

You can do it. Okay. You can do this because nothing is holding you back. Except for your mental beliefs and the beliefs in yourself. Yes, it takes a commitment. Yes. That’s why it’s so important to go do what you love.

But when you’re committed, when you’re all in, you will find ways to win. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. It doesn’t matter how dumb you are. It doesn’t matter where you grew up. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten D’s all through school and F’s all through school. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made $1 outside of a job before. It doesn’t matter. If you’ve never inspired someone before. It doesn’t matter. If someone’s never looked at you and gone ‘wow, I know you’re going to make it.’ You’ve got to help set up self-confidence in yourself. You’ve got to believe in I believe in you. I know you can do it.


Because I have seen myself, who has been in like I’ve been in some really low places I’ve really messed up. I’ve watched myself go and overcome these things.

I watch people that are way dumber than you do these things.

I’ve watched people that have limitations like you couldn’t believe go out and have success.


#2 Solutions – Internal talk

Why? Because they believed in themselves. They literally said, ‘You know what, I’m going to do this.’ And if somebody else doesn’t think I can do it, guess what, I’m either going to prove them wrong. Or I’m going to go out, and I’m going to have so much fun while I do it. And when you have fun. And when you go out and just believe in yourself. And just never quit. People find that inspiring and other people want to go and help you other people won’t want to make ways to help you succeed, and you will find ways to make your plans and ideas work.


#4 Issues

See, here’s the thing, right. We live in this society right now. That is so caught up in like the way we do things. Oh, what you do is you go to college, that’s just what you do. You just get a job. That’s what you do. You don’t make lots of money, you pay your dues, you do this, you do that.

It’s Oh, if you want to be an actor, you go to acting school, and you are, you know, go to Hollywood, or, you know, if you want to build a business, you’ve got to go get a business loan, if you want to go be a sailor, you have to go this wherever out.


There are these things in our head that we see. And we go that’s the way that it’s done. When in reality, when you believe in yourself, and you believe in your ability to go get things done you don’t live by those limitations. Because guess what those limitations are there to…


They’re like there’s the path of least resistance or they’re created by someone else, or created by a system to follow you through them or channel you through them to be efficient.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to get there. And so you see these things. And because that’s the way that it’s always done. You don’t believe that you can do it. Because maybe you don’t fit that mold.


But guess what, just because you don’t fit that mold doesn’t mean that you can’t actually go out and have the success that you want to have. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go accomplish those things. You’ve got to believe in yourself. And you’ve got to believe in your ability to figure things out. You got to believe that you have a mind on the top of your head that is so complex and so smart and so amazing.


It’s beyond your wildest imagination and dream you have no idea what you are capable of. You have no idea what you can get done. Because you’ve never actually gone out and tried. And the second that you go and you believe in yourself. And you take off the limiting beliefs that are in your head, and you go, ‘I’ve got this, I will do this, through hell or high water, I will get it done. I believe in myself. And I believe in my ability to figure out how to do it,’ you will walk an entirely new set of potential that you had no idea that you had before.


And I’m serious about this, you can do this. And that’s where the motivational videos that’s where the inspirational videos that’s where those things really come into play. And help you get through those hard times. Those days. When you believe in yourself. And you go Yes, I’ve got this. And it’s a good day. Those are easy days to get through. But the days when those things are hard. When you’re not seeing success. What is a boring day, when you’re not getting to where you want to be where you’re mentally struggling? You’ve got to get around your own energy that’s going to make you believe in yourself again. And that’s what a podcast like this is for. That’s what that motivational video is all about. All right.


You’ve got this, and you know use whatever means that it takes to get you to where you want to be. Apply action. Go out and do.

Do not sit around and let life happen to you. Take off the limits that society is placing on your mind. If you want to go build a business to build a business if you want to go be a model, go be a model. If you want to go be an actor. Go be an actor. If you want to go, I don’t know start a daycare. Go start a daycare. Don’t let anything stop you. Don’t let your professor tell you that you can’t do something. Don’t let your professor tell you that you’re not smart enough. Don’t let your mom or your dad tell you that you should be safe. And take the safe route.


Don’t let somebody else put limits on your mind. Because you and only you know what you are capable of. And only you have unique ability to figure things out for your life.

My brain is designed and programmed for me, Josh Forti, that is what God gave me. He gave me my mind on my body for a specific reason.

And I am capable of what I am capable of. And I am capable of limitless things. Because I know how to figure things out for me.

I don’t know how to figure things out for you. Why because I don’t have your mind. I don’t think like you do. I don’t have the struggles that you do. Only you can overcome those things.


But when you believe in yourself, and you believe in your ability to get things done. And you believe in your ability to go out and find the right people to partner with and be able to solve problems, you are able to go out and create massive amounts of change in your life and get to the places where you want to be.


And that’s where…And that’s the difference between people that watch the motivational video and do nothing and watch a motivational video and go change the world are. That’s the difference. They believe in themselves. One person believes in themselves, one person does not.


You have to believe in your ability. And if you’re like:

‘I just know that I’m not that person. I just I just can’t.’

like, ‘Josh it is just hard work, and I know that I’ll fail.’

If you’re feeding yourself those thoughts, you will never do it.

If you’re like: ‘Josh, I just don’t know. It’s hard. Like I want to be successful.

But I don’t know if I want to be I’m ready to be the person that it takes to be successful,’


Then you’re not ready yet, then you’ve got to go and convince yourself that you are that person that you are capable of. The question that if this is what you want. We talked about having to kill your old self and put on your new self to go and accomplish those goals. The best way to kill that old self and to put on that new self is by believing in yourself and the ability in being able to go and do that.

Stop letting other people’s thoughts and opinions hold you back. Stop letting your doubts and false beliefs hold you back.

Because that’s what they are false.

They are wrong.

They don’t exist.

The limitations that are in your mind are only in your mind.

You know what is interesting. I’m going to end with this:

I used to work on a horse farm.

Okay, I used to be really big into horses.

When horses are young, they’ll put like a halter over their head. And they’re like, you know, that’s what they’re called, those harnesses. For those of you who don’t know, horses, it’s like they call it a halter for their head or whatnot.

And they will tie them to a fence post, and they’ll tie them, and they’re really, really tight, or they’ll put them in some form of a place that’s really really hard to pull out of.


And when they’re young, they’ll jerk their heads, and they’ll go, and they’ll try literally just try as hard as they possibly can to get free. And they can’t because they’re tied up. It’s the rope is stronger than them, they can’t break it because they are not strong enough.

And they fight, fight, fight, fight fight.

And they can never get free.

And so in their mind, they’re programmed to think that any time that rope is thrown over the post, they can’t get away.

Once you break them into thinking that way, you can literally throw the rope or reins over a post. You don’t have to tie it, the horse could easily pull the post out of the ground if it’s a typical fence post, not one that’s like concrete, they could easily just go walk away.

But almost all the horses stay there and never do anything. Because their mind is programmed to think that oh, the reins are over the fence post. I can’t do it.


And that’s what most of us are like.

Our minds are programmed to think a certain way because of society, our parents because of school, because of whatever.

We don’t believe that we can do something because of the stupid fence post! You’re not tied down to it. You don’t have those ties!

But just like the horse, you believe that you are.

Because you do have those limiting beliefs in your head, so you’re not going to.

And so you never go ahead and do what you are capable of.

You’re capable of so much more than what you realize!

You’ve just got to believe in yourself and remove the limitations of your mind so that you can actually go out and crush it, alright.

I hope this is valuable to you hope you learn something from this and I hope you recognize the fact that you’ve got this all right. I watch Tom Brady videos and Grant Cordone videos and listen to pumped up music.


Find the thing that makes you pumped up and go and do that!

Work it into your routine get pumped up, get motivated!

Believe in yourself, go out and change the world.

Guys, as always hustle-hustle, God bless.

Don’t be afraid to think differently because those of us that think differently will change the world.


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What episode or what days you want episodes to drop that would be very helpful.

Thank you guys, I love you so much.

I love you all believe in yourself. And I will see you on the next episode. Have a great weekend. Take it easy Fam, peace.