Think Different Theory

Too Busy, Can’t Live: The Cost of Speed


In this episode, I’m going to share how I used to be in such a hurry for success. During that time in my life, I was miserable and forget how to live. I explain how speed (In business and life) isn’t a bad thing, but you have to be aware of the cost and be aware that if you get so caught up in one thing, you miss out on a lot of others.


A lot of times in business, we’re encouraged to build our businesses and build our wealth as quickly as possible.  But is this the best way to find happiness?  I’m going to talk about some of my experiences – what they taught me, and how they have changed my life.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • The common messages we hear that start the downhill progress (2:35)
  • The most common issue people have with going too fast (5:02)
  • Where did I begin before hitting the brick wall (6:29)
  • The massive issues with going too fast (7:35)
  • All the questions that started to turn things around (12:36)
  • And the most important things I realized create success in life (13:30)


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February 11, 2019


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I used to be in such a hurry to get to my goals. I was in such a hurry to make a million dollars. I was in such a hurry to, to grow a successful company or hit a million followers on Instagram or whatever that thing was.


But then one day. I remember this very clearly.

I like woke up. And I looked back at the last year of my life.

And I was like, I don’t actually like the last year of my life. I didn’t actually enjoy what I did.

And that was a key turning point for me.


What’s up guys, welcome back to The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti; we are on episode number 24. Welcome back to the show. And I want to talk about a topic that I think is going to be slightly controversial for those people that are teaching success or that have really big goals and dreams. But I really want you to hear me out here because I think this is an important topic. And my goal with this is to basically think differently about success and about the speed of success and really how we set our goals and the way that we live our lives. And so, you know, my target market, my audience for this podcast is in complete transparency is pretty it’s targeted more between that 18 and 28-year-old kind of someone that’s my age. That’s going through my life experiences that I’m going through right now. And if that’s you, I love it.

Thank you for listening. Hit me up on Instagram, and let me know as I’d actually be curious to know what your age is, hit me up on Instagram, and just be like, yo, Josh, I listen to your podcast. I was, you know, I’m 18. I’m 22, or I’m 35 or whatever it is that your age is I’d be curious to know. But I’m speaking to this target. Because I think that at this point in your life, there’s a lot of questions. And I know for me right now, there’s a lot of questions in my life. And there have been a lot of questions in my life. And I’ve learned a great deal during this time frame; I think our minds really are opened up to a lot of new ideas and new opportunities.

And I think that what we decide to do in our 20s more or less, at least for most people shape the rest of their life shape the direction of their life. Now, in your 30s, 40s, 50s, you still have the ability to change, but most people form their opinions and form their habits and form what they’re going to do for the rest of the life in their 20s. And so a lot of people where I have spent time with, okay, I grew up I’m sorry, I spent three years now in this entrepreneur space. I grew up on a farm. But the last three, three and a half years or so I’ve been in the entrepreneur space very heavy. And there’s a lot of young people in that space, probably in my space, particularly a lot of people between the ages of 18 and 25-18, basically where I’m at now.


And one of the things that’s very, very common, and that sells hard is speed and getting rich quickly. And now that they’re selling a scheme or selling like the dream of getting rich quickly is like, oh, some false promise or something. But they tell you like, Hey, don’t you want to make a million dollars fast? Don’t you want to get to the next level, right? Don’t you want to hit seven figures? These are common phrases and things, seven figures, eight figures; you scale your company, these are common phrases and themes in the business world, right, in this world of entrepreneurship.


And I think that you know, those of you that are outside that world that may be listening to this right now, the same is true for you, but just different lingo. There’s a lot of people that are like, maybe, don’t you want to climb the corporate ladder? Don’t you want to get rich? Don’t you want to, you know, to achieve your dreams at a young age, travel the world, blah, blah, blah, like, do all this stuff quickly now, you know, and, and there’s a speed that’s involved with it.

And one of the things that were fascinating to me is, I used to be really, really into that. And it’s a very, it’s a sexy thing, right? It’s, it’s something that I think we all in our nature kind of want, we want to get to someplace fast. If you said, Hey, you want to make a million dollars? Great. Do you want to make it now? Do you want to make it in a year? Or do you want to make it in 10 years, most people would probably choose it now, almost all people would either choose it now or within a year. And almost no one would say, you know, in 10 years, I want to make million dollars in 10 years that you want to do it now, right?


That’s just human nature. But here’s the problem with that. The problem that I’m seeing and the thing that I kinda want to discuss on this episode is I want to talk about why that is dangerous. Or why that can be dangerous, or why that can have a negative side effect for a lot of people if they don’t have that balanced out with what their goals and realities actually are. All right. So we’re going to dive into this now.

And as we begin this, I want to say; I have no problem with going fast. And I applaud people that make a million dollars in a year, or a couple million dollars in a year, or get to 1 million, 10 million in their business quickly. That is awesome. And congratulations, like a round of applause for you. If you’ve been able to do that, I commend you on your success. And that that’s incredible. I’m not bashing you in any way.


But what I’m talking to, and who I’m talking to right now is those people that are either they are and are not happy and not fulfilled, but more specifically to the people that are trying to get there and feel stuck, or the people that are there and like, they’re like, ‘man, I’m stressed out.’ And I’m not getting to where I want to be at. And they’re always looking for the next thing. They’re looking to get there more quickly. And they forget about the here and now. All right.

So when I got started, and I’m going to back up to you know, three years ago, it was my goal to make a million dollars quickly, right. I wanted to get rich; I wanted to have influence. And I wanted to have income, right. I wanted money because I thought money was going to solve my problems. And while money does solve a lot of problems, I’ll tell you something that I learned in my life. For most people, like 90, 95% of people out there have, you know, making 200 to $250,000 in the bank versus or I’m sorry, a year versus making a million dollars or more a year, there’s not really a big difference in your lifestyle.

There just isn’t all right. And so many people are in such a hurry. And I was too this is what I wanted. I was like, boom, boom, boom.


In fact, when I got started about, I don’t know, probably a year and a half or so I started in it would have been I think July or August, probably August of 2017, I started a journey. And I said I’m going to live stream my way to a million dollars every single day.

I called it the 365 days to seven figures,


okay, I was going to do a live stream every single day. And I was gonna make a million dollars in one year. And I was going to document my entire journey to that $1 million to that process. And that’s kind of the story that I want to focus on here today. Because this was a key turning point in my life that kind of set me up to where I’m at today.


And so I started doing this, I started live streaming every single day and going and live streaming and be like, hey you know, this is what I’m doing is what I’m working on. And I got about, I don’t know, maybe two or three months in, and I really started to feel this stress. Like we were getting clients in, we were making money. And I started to feel like, like, just stress, like, piling up, piling up, piling up. I was looking for the next thing. How do I get more, make more, make more, make more, do more, make more, make more, do more? You know, like how can I find more clients? How can I get more you know, money? How can I make more revenue? How do I increase in profit margins, all these different things right? And after about 150 days, I recognize that I was so darn stressed.


I was sleeping like three or four hours a night I was working like six to seven days a week. My relationships with my family were not that great my relationships with friends were not that great. I was taking some people off. I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. I was eating like crap. And I remember about I don’t remember the exact day that I stopped I’d have to go back and look, but it’s like 176 maybe I think there’s like 176 it was like right before 200. I think I ended up stopping it. And it wasn’t because I wasn’t going to hit the million dollar mark. In fact, I was on track to hit the million dollars.


It was because I woke up and I was like, I hate my life right now. And I basically hit this wall where I was I was trying to go so fast that I was trying to overcome you know, all these hurdles, and do all these different things without taking time to focus on myself that I ended up just getting really, really depressed.

And I remember I going on the live stream that day and canceling it and saying, you know, 365 days is coming to an end. And then, of course, I got a lot of hate mail. And you know people saying oh, Josh is quitting, because he didn’t make it or you know, he’s not gonna be able to make it. So he’s gonna quit now to avoid embarrassment, blah, blah, blah. None of it was true. All right, like, but people are going to think that. And that’s that, like; it is what it is cool.


But what I found was, is that I would I would wake up every day, and I would literally dread getting out of bed. And I would absolutely hate my life. But I would “have to” there were people waiting appointments waiting, big contracts were waiting, I would lose thousands and thousands. And in some cases, 10s of thousands of dollars. Unless I was moving forward and fulfilling on these orders.


I was miserable. I was miserable. And it was I think it was like November of 2017, I canceled it. I was done. I hit this wall. And I kind of just fell apart.


And I went through this entire process of my life of kind of learning about life and learning about business and about balancing about health. And then around this time was the time that the Think Different Theory, kind of the idea for this thing, different theory kind of started coming up in my head I didn’t know was gonna be a podcast, I didn’t know that I didn’t actually didn’t even know I was going to do anything with it. But I started learning about tactics and principles that I talked about here on this podcast now. And it’s played a huge role in a big deal into my life now, and I’m sharing these with you guys.

But it’s around this time; this started happening. And I remember as time kind of fast forward, and you know, I sat in my room after I canceled, I canceled like something stupid. It was like 60 or $70,000 in revenue probably close to that. I’m not sure what the exact numbers were. But it was like there’s a lot of money


and I just cancel it all. And I had to refund clients. I lost tons of money. But I remember thinking, I don’t care. I’m so done. And I remember like sleeping for like five days straight, doing nothing but watch Netflix after that.

And just like trying to come to grips with reality again, and like trying to feel things again and trying to like be like, what is normal life like? What’s it like to have a normal meal? What’s it like to have two consecutive eight hour nights of sleep like these were all so foreign concepts to me because I was in such a hurry was more and more and more.


And so in early 2018, I started to study things. I started to study like psychology and study the thought processes of brains and all these different things that were going on, and how to build a real business and how to have balance in your life and all these different things. And I remember waking up one morning and really thinking about my life over the past year.

All right. And this is, like I said, early 2018. And I don’t remember what caused it.


I don’t remember the exact thing that was causing me to think about this. But I remember waking up a kind of sitting in bed and going if I look back over the last year of my life,

I made more money than I had ever made in my entire life before yet I was so unhappy. And I would not want to go relive that. And it honestly just all really kind of sucked. It was just terrible. And I remember saying I think that being like, why like, why did I do that?


What made me put myself through this pain to this misery. I don’t remember the lessons that I learned in life. The only thing that I knew how to do is just making money. That’s it. I wasn’t even like; I did it in the name of providing value. And I really thought that I was providing value to these people now that I was telling you, but like, just for my audience, because I had an audience during the time. But I was miserable. And I I really don’t time to reflect and learn about that. And I remember thinking I was in such a hurry to go fast that I forgot just to trust the process and be okay with how things were going to go with my life. I forgot just to live life.


And I remember shortly after that thinking, like stressing out about money and being like, Oh, my gosh, am I going to have enough and blah, blah, blah. And this was when I still had like plenty of money in the bank. Like the money thoughts never get out of your head. I feel like I mean, maybe someday they will for me. But I still struggle with like, negative


money, thoughts of like, oh, we’ll have enough, or it’s just bad. It’s a constant struggle. So

don’t let anybody else tell you that it’s not. But back to the point. I remember

thinking and having like the scarcity mindset and thinking like, why am I in such a hurry? Why am I in such a hurry to get to this million dollars?

Like, what am I going to do when I get to a million dollars, we’re gonna buy a nicer car, I’m gonna live in a nicer house, right? And I remember thinking I was going, I just need to slow down.


I need to take it day by day. And I need to trust the process. There’s a time for hustling. And there is a time for taking a step back and reflecting. And there’s a time for learning. And there’s a time for doing all these different things. I need to stop trying to force it and stop trying to go so fast and take time to enjoy life and take time to learn about myself and take time to mend relationships.


Because guess what, life isn’t all about money.

And success isn’t all about money, either. Success happens when you have good health, and you have good relationships, and you have a healthy business in place. It’s like this trifecta for I mean, a good relationship with yourself is this is this area of your life. When you have those four areas, in the balance of relationships with others, relationship with yourself, health and money and money, size, business success, that’s what success looks like.

And I recognize that if I were to speed up areas in one part and only focus on that one part, I was going to leave everything else behind. And so trusting the process of life and trusting that you’re going to be able to figure things out and trusting your ability to figure things out as you go was so key for me because I had to take a step back and go;

“Why am actually doing what I’m doing?”

And what I realized was that for me, and I think it is this way, for a lot of people, I had to be okay with not trying to get rich overnight, I had to be okay with not going out there and making a million dollars my first year in business. And quite frankly, I have no desire to make a million dollars this year. If I make a million dollars, great but my revenue goals for this year are under $1 million. And when I told some people out there like, oh, you’re just shooting low; you’re not thinking big enough. You do not think that you do not do that.


Like No, that’s not it at all. And they’re like, well, I just you just don’t think you are actually going to make it that’s just an excuse. That’s just an excuse for not, you know, putting in the work and going on doing that had nothing to do with that. I became okay with myself and trusting and enjoying the process of life and understanding. I’ve got time. Yes, time is the most valuable asset in the world. Yes, you don’t have a lot of time on this earth.


Yes, you’re gonna wake up at 30-40, 50-60 years old one day and go oh, man, I’m already 50. I’m already 60. I’m already 70. I understand that I just had my 25th birthday. I woke up at 25 on Friday and was like, holy cow. I’m already 25.

But when I look back, the best years and the best days of my life and the times where I learned the most was the time when I was focused on living a balanced lifestyle focused on doing what I love and trusting the process of the journey — not racing for that million dollars. Not racing to build a big business, if that’s what you love to do, do it. And I I love building businesses. I love doing marketing. I love doing sales. I love sales, right?

Like when I’m when I truly believe in the product that I’m selling. It’s a good fit for the person. I’m in my zone. I’m in my element. I know what to say, I know how to say it. I know how to sell, and I’m very good at it. But I don’t let those things overtake me. And only do those things and have an unhealthy balance. Now, for some people, I have found they like doing more business things all the time.


They don’t want a life outside of business. And if that’s who you are great. That’s who I used to be. And that’s okay. But don’t get caught up in only that and forget that there are other people in your life outside of this. Don’t get caught up in the fact that, oh, you know, I still need to learn, I still need to take care of my health. If all you want to do is build a business, great. But for those of you that are out there. And I feel like this is a lot in the entrepreneur space right now. So if you’re an entrepreneurs base, listen up. And please take note of this.

Just because your friend makes more money than you, or just because you know, someone that you look up to and respect has a more thriving business or is going faster than you doesn’t mean you have to do it to it just means that if you have a goal, trust the process to go and get there and enjoy your life as you do it. The second that you stop enjoying life. And the second that you start getting so overly stressed that you actually hate what you’re doing. That becomes a problem. And you just need to go and you to go okay, it’s okay for me to take a couple years to make a million dollars.


Because guess what, if you’re 25 years old, like right now, like I in my life is not going to change all that much in the next 30 years. Whether I make a million dollars this year, or in three years, or even in five years.

Let’s say I wake up from let’s say this year, at 26. I have a million bucks in the bank. Think about this. And then let’s also say that in a different scenario, similar life, I have a scenario where I make a million dollars at 28. And let’s say I have a third life where I make a million dollars by age 30, do you think that when I am 35 or 70  years old, that making a million dollars at 25 versus 28 or 25 verses 30 is going to make all that much of a difference? No, it’s not.


It just isn’t, is not? And when you recognize that. And when you realize that. And when I had this realization, I went well, then why the heck am I in such a hurry? Because guess what? Yes, there are different phases of your life where you can learn things, there are different phases of success in life that you get to learn. So like, if you dwell at that hundred thousand dollars a year level, you’re going to learn things that $100,000 a year people learn. And if you go to the million dollar level, or $5 million level, or 20 or 100 million, or a billion dollar level, you’re going to see the world differently and learn different things.


But that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. And you have to recognize that you can make money very quickly. Making money can be done very, very fast. I can go out tomorrow and go raise $10 million in capital for an idea that I have and go have a $10 million or 100 million dollar business and within a couple years be a millionaire. But what I can’t do is I can’t go get time back.


I can’t go back and rewind my life at 30 and go I want to go back to 25 years old and learn things at 25 that I wish I would have known back then you don’t get to do that you only get to do it now when you’re 25 years old, or 22 or whatever it is that you are right now. So the way that I like to look at life. And this is just me and what I’ve been able to figure out with my life and my doing moving forward. And ultimately you’ve got to figure it out for yourself.

But I basically wrote down a number, and I said if I make this much money per year, my life will really not change anything past that dollar amount. Okay, I don’t care about making more money than that right now in my life. Because why I’m 25, 26, 27 years old. Why I’m in my 20s my I am using that time and dedicating that time to learning to have life experiences to traveling to trusting the process and to not living an unbalanced, unhealthy life but to living a balanced and healthy life.


And I wrote that number down and if you want to know what that number is, all you have to do is send me a message on Instagram and say “Hey Josh, I would be curious to know what your what your number is for the amount of money that you feel like you have to make in order to sustain your lifestyle.” And I’ll tell you just send me a message on Instagram, and I’ll send that over, but I’m serious stop getting so caught up in trying to go fast.

Fast is good if you’re trying to build a business that is good in business that is necessary Grant Cardone talks about there’s a there’s a lot of business people out there that talk about the importance of going quickly and up going fast.


However, you have to understand that there’s business and then there’s your own life and your business is not your life or should not be your life if you want to do things outside of that business.

And so you have to have a good balance there in all areas of what it is that you are trying to do. Alright, guys, that is all I’ve got for you. If you have any questions on that whatsoever or you want to agree with me disagree with me. Whatever that thing is, or whatever it is that you want to talk about then hit me up on Instagram at Josh Forti; @joshforti and I will respond to you. Send me a DM, and I’ll tell you what that number is. And we can go from there. Hope you learned something from this.


As always, hustle, hustle God bless. Do not be afraid to think differently because those of us that think differently are going to be the ones to change the world. I love you all, and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy Fam, peace.