Think Different Theory

Why Your Dream Life is Possible (and How to Create It)


In today’s episode, I start off the “Design Your Dream Life” mini-series by talking about the first step to achieving your dream life – which is to believe that you can actually accomplish it by believing in yourself.


I will give you some pretty easy-to-implement actionable steps towards believing that your dream life is possible and will tell you some of the free resources at your disposal that can help get you where you dream to be.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Determine what your dream life is (08:01)
  • You don’t need college to be successful (9:23)
  • The changing world (10:47)
  • Exploiting the power of social media and the internet (14:13)
  • All you need is you (21:26)


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March 4, 2019


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(00:02) Without belief, it’s darn near impossible to do anything, and I just don’t think a lot of people actually believe it’s possible. And I think we’re evolving, and it’s becoming more and more recognized that maybe it is, but a lot of people, I would say an overwhelming majority of people still don’t believe that it’s possible for them, and that’s what I hope to change your mind on and really make you believe that it’s possible for you.

(00:33)  What’s up guys? Welcome back to The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti and we are on episode number 33, and I’m excited for this episode, because we have a lot of really cool stuff up and coming, but most importantly we are beginning this series, the mini-series that we’ve started, “Designing Your Dream Life” and we’re going to be talking about, in the next six episodes, how specifically to do just that, how to go through and design your dream life. Now, if you are just tuning in for the first time to this episode or to the podcast, rather, I want to just welcome you, first and foremost. I was at Funnel Hacking Live over the weekend, here actually when I’m recording this episode. So, we’re a little bit ahead of schedule. Like I said, we batch these things out a couple of weeks in advance.

(01:21) So, I was at Funnel Hacking Live over the weekend, and I spoke at GOAT-A-THON, had an incredible speech there, and so, we are bringing in a lot of new listeners, a lot of new people to the podcast, and so I want to welcome you all. And, I also want to say if you want to get in contact with me, which I know a lot of people do, and you have questions about anything that we’ve talked about on the show, any of the speeches that you’ve heard me do, any content that I put out, Instagram is the place to do that @JoshForti, hit me up on there, and I will reply in the DM. So, what do we got today? Well, if you listened to last week’s episodes, I told my story, and they were a little bit longer episodes, and I went through and went all the way back to like my first entrepreneurship gig when I was like seven or eight years old, and basically told the story of my successes and my failures leading up to today, to modern era of where we’re at here today.

(02:16)  And, I told you guys that I wanted to do something a little bit different with podcasts, because what I feel is happening with a lot of podcast episodes now, and a lot of just podcasts in general, is they have a lot of good content on there, but there’s not really a theme or there’s not really like actionable content that stacks on top of each other. Each individual episode is its own unique episode, and maybe there’s like one or two episodes stacked on top of each other sometimes, but overall, each episode is free and independent, which I think is awesome for a lot of things, but there are some times when you need more than 20 minutes (20 or 25 minutes) to actually get a point across or actually teach something. And so, we are announcing and we rolled out today, this is the first episode of the mini-series. And these mini-series are anywhere from three to six, three to nine episodes, that stack on top of each other, that go in a specific order.

(03:10)  In this particular case, there’ll be six episodes of “Designing Your Dream Life” and they all go on top of each other, and they all go in an order, and basically my goal with this, is to lay down the framework for you to be able to accomplish something specific, alright? So the framework is basically that outline of whatever it is that we’re talking about. So, this particular thing with “Designing Your Dream Life”, over the next six episodes, I’m going to lay down the steps, the framework for you to actually be able to go out and do that. And so that you understand the parts of that, and understand the process that you have to go through in order to make that happen, because I truly believe that that is possible, and I really think that a lot of these things can be beneficial. So, that being said, over the next six episodes, I’d like to hear your feedback and I want to know whether you liked it or don’t like it, whether you think that these episodes are awesome, or you know, you’re like, “I don’t really like the mini-series”, we’re going to be doing them, but I want to know your feedback so we can really customize this content for you, and bring you the best possible value that I can.

(04:09) Alright, so let’s dive in. Designing Your Dream Life. I want you to stop and think about something for a second. When is the last time that you actually truly believed, if ever, that you were capable of designing your dream life, in every area and every aspect, like you were capable of designing that the person that you want to become, the life that you want to live, the habits that you have, the people that you hang out with. Have you ever sat down and really thought about that? Because what’s interesting is, I’ve sat down and I’ve talked to a lot of entrepreneurs, and while, and well…, just people in general, you know, younger people my age, and I’ve found that the older someone gets the less likely they are to believe that they’re designing their dream life as possible. And, even when they’re younger, even when you’re my age, you know, in your early to mid-twenties, a lot of people think that making a lot of money is possible, but they still have to do things that they’re not going to like, and that they’re still going to have parts of their life that they hate or that, you know, it’s not possible for them to go and achieve.

(05:15)  And, beyond that. And I think the bigger issue that I have found, that I have seen, is a lot of people just don’t believe that a dream life is possible. Like maybe they think that making a lot of money is possible, but they don’t really understand or believe that like, a dream life is possible. And so, on this episode, and, framework number one, step number one of this six-part series is, I wanna talk to you about why it’s so important to believe that this is possible, and show you why it is possible for you to actually go out and do this. Because many people don’t believe this, especially the older generation, and, no matter what age you are, whether you’re 17 or 25 or 36 or 52, it doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you have the ability to actually go out and design the life of your dreams, and the career of your dreams, and so on and so forth.

(06:07)  And there’s three core reasons for this, and I want to explain these three reasons, because once you understand this, then you are going to believe, and I see so many people that don’t believe, and without belief, it’s really, really hard to have something done. Like you have to believe. I was watching the Superbowl last year, or a couple of years ago with the New England Patriots when they were playing the Atlanta Falcons. And, they were down 28 to 3 with like three minutes to go in the third quarter. And, I was watching like the unedited version where they were mic’d up and Julian Edelman, one of the Patriot’s wide receivers, was in on the sidelines, he’s like, “You gotta believe guys. You gotta believe” And, you know, a lot of people think that’s like cliche, but like after the game, he’s like, “I told you so. We just believed. We believed it was possible so we went and made it happen. We believe. We had belief, we never lost belief” and I think that belief in something, really believing at a core level that you are able to make something happen, is absolutely crucial for it to be able to happen. Because here’s the thing, if you don’t believe something can happen, how are you supposed to actually go out and make that happen? Like how are you supposed to go out and follow through? When I’m closing deals and when I’m like doing sales calls or whatnot, I go in to every single sales call believing that it is possible, and believing that I am going to close that deal. Whether that’s a $500 deal, or a $5,000 deal, or a $50,000 deal, or however big. Because if I go in, not sure or wondering, like, “I don’t really know”, If I don’t believe in my ability to go do that,

(07:39) it’s not going to happen. And I can tell you with almost without fail, if I don’t believe that I can do it going into a sales call, or anything, I fail at it every single time. So I want to show you why it’s so important to believe here. Alright? So, the first reason that it’s possible, and that you should believe that creating your dream life is possible, is…, actually, let me back up. Let’s first just determine real quick, and lay out what your dream life is. I don’t say like dream life in a cliche way. A lot of people are like, “Oh Josh, you’re selling the dream” or you know, “You’re selling this” I’m not selling you anything. There is no course pitch at the end of this podcast episode or at the end of these six series, you know, except for me pitching you on the idea that you should go out and do this.

(08:26)  Alright? Your dream life is simply designing the life that you want to live. And so many people believe that they have to quote, “Pay their dues” or you know, “Oh, it’s just reality that I have to work at a job” or that, you know, “I’m going to hate doing this” or “That’s just life” And I hear so many people say that. And so what I’m saying with your dream life is not that you’re necessarily going to go make millions and billions of dollars, but simply, being able to design a life that you actually love to live, whether that’s making, you know, $3,000 a month or $3 million a month, I don’t care, but simply, you going out and designing that dream life. Alright? So let’s dive into the three reasons why, whatever it is that you’re passionate about, whatever it is that you want to do is possible. The first reason is that we are having a major shift and change in our society and culture, of how things are bought and sold, and how the world works, and how we learn information.

(09:21)  Okay? So what do I mean by this? Well, it used to be that back in the olden days per se, pre-me and pre-Internet era, in order to get high-level information, you had to go to college. And I bash on college pretty heavily a lot, because I think that a lot of people think that college is the only way to get information, or college is the way to be successful and learn what you need to learn, when in reality you can get that same stuff online for free, or in books, or in libraries, or wherever that is. You can get that same level of information for free. And also because the way things are bought and sold is different, and the way people make decisions has changed. What do I mean by that? Well, in order to create your dream life, you have to fund it somehow, right?

(10:06) So if your dream life is a job, great, like, you’re going to have a job in that area. Like you can go out and do that, and that’s how you’re going to fund your life. That’s how you’re going to pay the bills, et cetera. But if you’re a dream life is to be an entrepreneur, or you’re a dream life is to not have a job, you know, to work for yourself. It used to be that, in order to get the skills needed to do that, you either had to go to college, or you had to be mentored by someone for long periods of time, like an apprentice for someone, or get lots of job experience to be able to go and get those skills. And, the only people that people really trusted were college educated people, or people that, you know, were big established brands and things of that nature.

(10:47)  And, because of that, it was very, very hard to go and work for yourself. The average person couldn’t go out there and just start a business, or make money from their home, or you know, do whatever that thing was. And so, now since society has shifted, we now look at the world differently. We now make decisions differently. I as a consumer and many of the consumers now are sick of big brands, and while their default setting might be to go with the brand name, it’s very easy for someone like me or you to come along and be more personal, more interactive, more authentic, than say a big company is concerned, than a big company does, and earn that buyers trust where that wasn’t able to happen before. So, if I’m considering buying, let’s say education on, I don’t know, how to play the piano, I used to maybe have to go through like a college or a school, or a very expensive instructor to go do that, because that was the person I trusted.

(11:46)  And if somebody else came along and was like, “Well, I could teach you how to play the piano”, we might not trust them as much, but now we trust them more because our society has evolved and changed. Or maybe it was, you know, to build a house, and you would go and you’d have to get a degree, and you know, learn from these certification programs, and construction, you know, things that you could go and do that. But now, like you go on YouTube for a lot of these stuff that you want to learn, right? O you can pay just a mentor that’s down the street from you, right? You don’t have to go through this huge long process, and buy from these established brands. I mean, I think the best thing that I can think of is starting a business. It used to be, that if you wanted to start a business, you had to go to college, and you had to get a business degree, and then you had to go out and get experience, and then you had to have a business plan, and then you had to go get a loan from the bank, and then you had to go and, you know, have a really good product, and you had to go and buy a storefront, or rent a storefront, and you had to pay for billboards, and spend lots and lots of money, and take lots and lots of risk. Now you simply go online, buy a course for whatever it is that you’re trying to learn, and the business that you’re trying to set up. Then you can have a successful business up and running and, you know, in a month or two. That’s drastically different. And so since that has changed, since our society has evolved and information is now readily available, and our buying habits have changed, you’re now able to go out and create that dream life around whatever it is that you want to do.

(13:04)  So if you’re really passionate about, you know, dogs and puppies, and raising that, you can go set up an Amazon store, set up an Instagram account when posting pictures of dogs, and you and your dog, and people could come and follow you. And, then you can have an affiliate link to different dog products, and you could make $3, $4, $5, $10,000 a month selling products with, you know, out being like a big established brand. Why? Because people are trusting you now and you are the brand. And so, I really want you to understand that, what’s possible today? What’s possible right now, was not possible two to three, or five to 10 years ago, even two to three years ago to a certain extent, but like, it’s not possible five to 10 years ago. It is now. So if you grew up thinking or your parents told you like, “This isn’t possible”

(13:50) It wasn’t when they grew up. These things were not possible when your parents grew up, and so they were right to tell you to go to college back then. They were right to tell you all those things back then. But it’s a new world now, and the society has changed, the way we view things has changed, the way we buy things has changed, who we trust has changed, everything has changed. And, that is the number one reason why you need to believe that this is possible. Alright? Now, number two, and this goes hand in hand with number one. And it’s actually like a building block and part of number one, which is, we now have the Internet and social media. And the Internet and social media has completely changed the game. It has leveled the playing field and it’s the reason that number one is possible.

(14:32)  Alright? I can now connect with literally billions of customers around the world essentially for free. Like if, you know, if I had the know-how to be able to connect with those people on social media, and even if it’s not for free, by paying for advertising at pennies on the dollar of what it used to cost me to do traditional advertising, and I can target anyone in the world very specifically to their interests. I now have influencers, I have social media, I have the Internet, I have an unlimited amount of resources and information, and anybody with any interest can go and start posting on social media, whatever it is that they’re passionate about, and start garnishing a following on the internet around that. And people will start buying things from them. So if you’re passionate about anything, soccer, sports, music, building houses, coding, video games, you name it, no matter what it is, you can start posting content around that, and make a living off of it doing that because social media has completely changed the game.

(15:39)  And the reason, a lot of people will say like, “Social media has completely changed the game” The reason that social media has changed the game, because I want you to understand why, the reason that social media has changed the game is because now you’re able to connect with an audience, and you’re not limited to the people around you, because somewhere, someone in the world has the same interest that you do. So if you’re good at something, even if you’re just a little bit better than the average person, if a lot of people have an interest in that, and they’re scattered all around the world, it used to be that, you know, let’s say you lived in a small town like I did. I grew up in a town of like 500 people, and I had interests. The only people that would be able to see my stuff beforehand was those 500 people in that town, or maybe 20,000 people in the town around me.

(16:25)  But a lot of those people didn’t have the same interests. But now I couldn’t connect with billions of people simply by posting content online. And literally it’s anything. There’s a girl, a young girl, I think she’s over in Asia, Asia or China, I don’t know where she’s located, but literally she has millions, and millions, and millions of views on her content, by taking her forehead and smashing it into bread. She literally just smashes bread with her forehead, and she gets paid to do it. Because people consume it. People watch that content. And that’s like the most stupid example I can give you. But I want to show you that whether it’s sunglasses, or scissors, or hats, or clothing, or sales, or marketing, or pictures, or whatever, you can post content like that online and you can garnish viewership, which allows you to go out and do whatever it is that you want to do and become.

(17:12)  Alright? And so, social media has changed the game, because it’s free, it’s accessible. The Internet, I should say the Internet, but social media and the Internet, it’s free. It’s accessible. You can buy advertising at very, very low costs. You can test things for pennies instead of hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. And you can connect with your customers anywhere in the world at any time, and going very closely in hand with number one, you have all the information you need for free. YouTube and Google. You go to YouTube and Google/Facebook groups, you have everything that you could possibly need to start a business. You have customers, you have information, you can find business documents, you can find advice, you can find a mentor, you can find products, you can find absolutely everything and anything that you could possibly need. So that’s the second reason why I want you to understand that it’s absolutely possible for you to do this.

(18:01)  And then reason number three, and this is the most important reason why it’s possible for you to go out and design the life of your dreams. And that is, because you are you. And you might be thinking, “Josh, like, what do you mean by that?” Listen, I get it, that some days you doubt yourself, because guess what? There are days when I doubt myself, and I bet you that there have been days when you have woken up, or you’ve gone, and you felt really down and depressed, and you beat yourself up. You’ve looked in the mirror and you’ve gone, “Who would listen to me? Who would buy from me? Who would give me money? Who would…?” you know, like, “How is it possible for someone like me to go out and build the life of my dreams? I’m not good enough. I can’t do this. Like, why me? Why I’m I any different than anybody else in the thousands, and millions, and billions of other people that are not doing it” But at the end of the day, you are you, you are uniquely you, and you are incredible. And you have the superpowers that only you can entail.

(18:58)  And the fact of the matter is, anyone, no matter how big or small, no matter what the color of your skin is, no matter what gender you are, no matter where you live, no matter what religion you are, anyone and everyone has the ability inside of them to go out and create something amazing. To go and do something amazing. And right now, you might not have anything but you, but that is all it takes. And you have to believe in your ability to go out and make something happen, because when you believe in yourself, amazing things happen.

(19:29)  Listen, I have been that person looking in the mirror crying saying, “Why me? I don’t think I can do it. I feel depressed. I feel sad. I just am like this ugly, skinny white kid that, you know, no one’s going to take seriously”, but at the end of the day, everybody else has those feelings. Everybody else thinks that same thing. You have to overcome that. You have absolutely everything that you possibly need in you to go out and achieve what it is that you want to go do. You can go out and create and design your dream life if you believe in your ability to go do it. And so when you’re feeling down, when you’re feeling sad, when you’re doubting yourself, just remember, first off this episode, and go, “No, I’ve got this. I’m me. Insert your name there. I’m the greatest. I, you know, I have the ability to have everything with inside me”

(20:18)  And, you also have to understand, and if you didn’t listen to the quantum physics episode, and the episode about mindset, like go back and listen to those episodes, but you have to understand that, you have the ability because you can become whatever person that you need to become. You are literally designed to be able to evolve, and to grow, and to become a new human being. So you’re not stuck where you’re at now. If you don’t have skills, you can go learn them. If you have bad habits, you can break them. If you have to learn something, you can go learn it. And I remember, my mentor telling me, he said, you know, “A lot of people think they can’t be successful because they don’t have skills. And, quite frankly AND the reality is, skills or lack thereof, is the most trivial, stupid reason not to be successful. That is the easiest thing to fix. And the easiest thing to overcome”

(21:06)  If you don’t have skills, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can learn those so, so easily. And thanks to the Internet, and thanks to reasons number one and two, you don’t have to be an expert, you don’t need a college degree, you don’t need millions of dollars in the bank, you don’t need a loan, you don’t need the approval of anybody else, because there are people out there that want to hear your message and your story. And when you believe in yourself, and you believe in your ability to go figure things out, that is all that you need to go out and design the life of your dreams. That’s it. And when you understand that you are enough and that you have the Internet and social media, and you have an entirely new world that’s literally just waiting to hear your message and your story, and all you have to do is go out and share that, that becomes so powerful.

(21:47)  So believe in yourself, kill yourself doubt. And when you have self doubt, literally speak out loud and say, “No!” I talk to myself all the time when I’m alone, because I want to constantly refresh my mind and take control and say, “No, I am Josh Forti, and I can do this. With the help of God, I can do this” and you can sit down and go, (insert your name here) I am blank, and I am able to do blah, because I believe in myself and my ability to go and do that. You have everything that you need within you right now. And with the help of God, I’ve been able to do everything and anything that I’ve wanted. And you can do that exact same thing. So, believe in yourself and understand, you don’t need anyone else or anything else. You have the ability within you.

(22:33)  Because, if you think that you need someone else. If you think that you need something else, if you think that you’re not good enough, guess what? You’re never going to be able to go out and to design your dream life, because you’re always going to assume that you need something else, that the timing is not right, that your success is dependent upon someone else, and it’s not. Believe in yourself and know that you have absolutely everything that you need. And when you do that, your life will become limitless. Alright?

(23:02)  Now, as I wrap this up, I’m gonna do a quick recap here, and I want to leave you with something that’s very important. Alright? So we talked about, number one, the fact that society and our world is changing. And, the way we buy, the way we interact, the way we learn, and the way we operate has changed, and it’s all optimized for you to be able to take advantage of that.

(23:20) Secondly, we talked about how the Internet and social media has changed the game, and all you have to do is, go and connect with your customers, start posting content, and really understanding your customer, and know what you’re passionate about, and become passionate about it, and go all in on it and you will have success, because you can learn absolutely anything you need on Google and YouTube and Facebook groups.

(23:41)  And third, we talked about the fact that you have to believe in yourself, and know that you have everything inside you that’s needed to actually be able to go out and do this. And I want to leave you with the statement or the thought that says, “There are a lot of people out there right now that have a limited mindset, that don’t believe that they’re able to go accomplish something” And, it’s scary to me, because I know that you can, and I live in a life without limits. I live in a world without limits. And if you’re listening to this podcast, it’s my goal for you to live and believe that as well. I truly, firmly 100% believe without a shadow of a doubt that anything that I put my mind to, I’m going to go accomplish. I firmly believe that. I literally, when I look out the window or see anything, I go, “What do I want to do today? What do I want to create? What do I want to build with my life” And I take all limits off. And that’s how I want you to approach this. I want you to approach this with a completely free mind and go, “What is it that I want to create?” and focus on that, because once you start down that path, it’s going to become so much easier and so much more clear than you think.

(24:47) It is not impossible, but it is impossible if you don’t believe it’s impossible. So take the limits off of your mind, believe in your ability to make it happen, and believe that it is possible, and then go out and design your dream life. Alright?

(25:00)  Alright guys, that is it for this episode. We’re going to be diving into the actual tactical approaches, and the steps on the next five episodes, as we go and talk about your dream life, and designing that dream life for you, but you have to start here. You have to start with the belief and you have to understand why it’s possible. Alright?

(25:18) This has been episode number one of six of “Designing Your Dream Life” in this first mini-series. I really hope you enjoyed it and found value in it. If you did, make sure to hit me up on Instagram and let me know if you’re excited for this, and what stood out to you the most. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different, because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode.

Take it easy, fam. Peace.