Think Different Theory

How to Eliminate Shiny Object Syndrome


In today’s episode, I’m going to shift into a more positive direction and delve into what a lot of you struggle with when you want to venture towards achieving their dream life, and that is where to start, what to start with, and how to figure out if things will work out.


I’ll tell you the secret to freeing yourself from the “Shiny Object Syndrome”, analysis paralysis, and the fear of the future of the unknown will collectively cripple a person’s ability to achieve their dream life, even when they already know what they’re passionate about.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Figuring out where to start off from (02:58)
  • The fear of failure (04:32)
  • Just go out and do (05:25)
  • Choose one thing and commit to it first (08:45)
  • Doubling down when times get tough (12:34)
  • Be willing to be bad at something before you’re good at it  (16:00)


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March 22, 2019


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00:00          How to overcome shiny object syndrome and follow through on something long enough to where you have success. When I met Grant Cardone, he had a very interesting take on this, and I actually, I got to meet him as he was speaking at an event in my city, and his answer fascinated me, when I asked him about like, “How do you follow through? How do you make sure that everything’s going to work out?” He looked at me and he said…

00:26          You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions, things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:13          What’s up guys, welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti and we are on episode number 41. And, I want to welcome you back to the show here today. As I’ve gone through and listened to the last couple of my podcast episodes, I noticed that they’ve been a little bit down. I’ve been dealing, as you know, with the loss of my brother, and the last couple of episodes have been really focused on that, and I really want to kind of make this episode a little bit more of a positive episode, and kind of get back into the swing of things now. It’s Friday when this is dropping, so Happy Friday, or Saturday, or whatever day that you are listening to this, but this particular episode (episode number 41) is dropping on a Friday. As I was sitting there scrolling through my Instagram, I get quite a few messages on there, specifically from the podcast.

02:03          And by the way, I do reply to all of them, or I try my very, very best to, but I noticed a recurring theme that’s been going on recently with the questions that have been coming into my inbox there. And it’s funny because I also noticed this a lot on Facebook, in the Facebook comments, on a lot of my live streams, a lot of the DMs that I’ve gotten on there as well. It really kind of all stems around, the Creating Your Dream Life mini-series that we just did. We did a six podcast episode series on creating your dream life, where we laid out the formula, we laid out the way and the framework for you to actually go out, design and create your dream life. And, as I was scrolling through Instagram, as I’m getting these messages back, a very clear theme has emerged with where people are struggling, and where a lot of people mess up.

02:58          And that is, the whole shiny object syndrome, meets analysis paralysis, meets fear of not thinking that you’re good enough to make something happen. Let me explain this a little bit better. I get a lot of messages that sounds something like this, “Hey Josh. My name is Blah Blah Blah. Love your podcast. Really appreciate everything that you’re putting out (which by the way guys, thank you for the messages. I love them) you know, really appreciate the podcast. Love what you’re putting out. I got a question for you. I’m stuck. I want to create my dream life, but I don’t know what I should do. I’m interested in this. I don’t know how to monetize this. I kind of want to start an agency. Maybe I want to do some affiliate marketing. Maybe I want to do this or that. How do I decide which thing that I want to do?”, or some variation of that message.

03:54          And so, basically what’s happening is a lot of you guys that are out there, you understand the formula, you understand the process of going out and like, creating your dream life, but you don’t know what to pick, and you feel trapped, because what I’ve gathered, and correct me if I’m wrong here, you know, send me a message and let me know whether I’m right or wrong, is you don’t know how everything’s going to fit together. And since you don’t understand the future process of like, “Oh my gosh. I don’t know how to build an agency” or “Oh my gosh, I don’t know how to become an Olympic athlete”, or “Oh my gosh, I don’t know how to do blah.” It scares you, and it kind of like, paralyzes you, because you’re like, “I don’t know what the next steps are.”

04:32          And the future of the unknown is scary. And, if you are lucky enough to be passionate about something, maybe you struggle with this less, but what I’ve noticed is, for those that know what they want to do, the reason that they often do not, is because they’re afraid of failing, and they think that there’s an easier way to make money, or B, someone doesn’t know what they want to do. And so they’re like, “I just want to do something that I know I can be successful at.” And so you turn to someone like me, and we’ve all done this, I’ve done this many times. You turn to someone that you trust, or that you look up to, or that whose content you consume, and you go, “Hey Josh. I don’t know what I want to do. What should I do?” And you turn to my opinion, or Russell Brunson’s opinion, or Steve Larsen’s opinion, or Joe Rogan’s opinion, or Gary Vaynerchuck’s opinion, or freaking Logan Paul’s opinion, or whoever, right?

05:25          And you reach out, and you base your life, and your decisions based off what somebody else thinks. Now, there’s a number of problems with that, but let’s just address the two big ones. Number one, it’s impossible for me to have the entire context of your life to know what you actually want to do and to even tell you what the right answer is because I don’t know what you’re going to actually follow through on. And secondly, when you ask somebody else and you lean on their opinions of it when the going ultimately gets rough, you’re going to quit, because you’re not the one that ultimately made that decision in your head. And so on this episode, I want to kind of give you a rant slash like some actionable tips and steps, and kind of like walk you through this process of just encouraging you to just go out and do.

06:16          And, the big problem, like I said here is people get covered in shiny object syndrome. It’s so big, especially in today’s social media world, because somebody makes a post about ecomm, and they…, you know, made $100,000 in the ecomm space, and someone’s like, “Oh my gosh, I want to go do ecomm now. That sounds like something I’d be really passionate about doing.” And then they try that for a week and it doesn’t really work out. And then somebody else comes along and they’re like, “Agency work will fill your passion. I just made $23,000 last month when I hadn’t made anything else before.” And they get caught from shiny object syndrome. And most people don’t actually know what they want. They don’t know what their passion is, which is why it’s so important to start with your why, start with your passion, and build that dream life around that. But if you’re one of those people that don’t know that, you get so caught up in the shiny object syndrome. And if you do know what your passion is, you’re so freaked out, because of analysis paralysis, and you don’t know what’s going to work, and you don’t know how to figure it out and all that. So let’s break this down.

07:17          I was really determined to figure out what the answer to this was because I noticed it a lot. This is a recurring theme, and it has been my whole life of entrepreneurship, like all the way back, two or three years ago when I got started, I struggled with this, and I know so many other people did as well. And so, I asked Grant Cardone about this, Grant Cardone’s answer is fascinating by the way. So I got to meet Grant, I’ve met Grant a couple of times, actually. One of the times that I got to meet him, it was my second time meeting him, I believe. I was actually following him on, I don’t know if it’s Instagram or Snapchat, I think it was Snapchat at the time. This was like a year and a half ago, maybe two years. And, he had posted that he was flying into the city that I was in and I was like, “What the heck. Why is he coming here?”

08:04          And so I called his office and I was like, “Hey, where’s Grant going?” And they told me, I don’t know why they did, but they did. And so, I drove over to the event center where he was going to be at. It was like a privately held corporation speaking gig, or whatever. I just waited and sure enough, he pulls up, he gets out of his car and I was like, “Yo, what up Grant?” Got a picture with them. Chatted with him for a little bit. I guess he had some time to burn before he had to speak. And I was like, “Grant, why do people not follow through? Why do people quit? Why do people have such an issue getting results with something? Like, I know it’s shiny object syndrome, but like, what’s the solution? Why do you have to like how do you overcome that?”

08:45          And Grant has addressed it many times, and his answer to this has been very consistent. He goes, “You’ve got to commit first, and figure the rest out later.” Now a lot of people are like, anti this or have bashed Grant for this, but I really want to touch on this, because I think it’s so important. I’m gonna repeat that because I want you to think about it. Commit first, figure out the rest later. And a lot of people are like, “Well, what if you commit to a deal too big? or what have you sign a client you can’t do? or what if you do this?” And while he may be talking about it in that scenario as well. How I take that, and I choose to apply it, and I think it’s very pertinent on, is the area of figuring out what the heck you want to do.

09:32          See, at the end of the day, there is no such thing as a wrong path to take in life if you’re unsure. You’ve got to pick something, you’ve got to go commit some way, and then you’re going to figure it out along the way. You will not know how all the pieces fit together. You won’t until you go down that road, because you’ve never done it, and it’s basically like this, here’s what people ultimately do, right? They go, “I don’t know what I want to do in life. Let me explore 10 different options of what I could potentially do in life, and try to figure out what my life would look like a year, three years, five years down the road, if I were to choose that route. What each one of those steps of those routes are going to look like even though I have no experience doing any of them, and I can’t possibly know what life would look like that, but I’m still going to try to figure it out, because I’m scared that if I pick the wrong thing, my life might look bad, but I don’t even know what a bad life or a good life would look like, because I’ve never experienced it.”

10:30          And I know that’s a mouthful, but it’s kind of like that way on purpose because that’s how ludicrous and stupid it is. There is no clarity. It doesn’t make sense. And so, what Grant is saying, and what I think is so important, is at the end of the day, you’ve got to commit to something, and you’ve got to trust in your ability to figure out problems. I got to…, like, I’ve got to repeat that for you because this is so crucially important to success. Grant Cardone has talked about it. Sam Ovens has talked about it. I’ve said it. So many people say this, “You have got to believe in your ability to figure it out.” Believe that you have the skills of what it takes to figure out a problem because you do. And so when you go and you commit to something, and you just focus on that, understand that you are going to have to figure it out.

11:27          There is going to be the unknown, but every single successful person went through that. At some point, Mark Zuckerberg had to commit to Facebook. At some point, Mark Cuban had to commit to what he was doing. At some point, Russell Brunson had to commit to ClickFunnels. At some point, you know, Logan Paul had to commit to Logan Paul. At some point, Tom Brady had to commit to football, right? Like, no matter what area in life you are in, be it business, sports, your passion, your industry, or whatever it is, you’ve got to commit to it, and trust in your ability to figure out the process. And the reason that you have to commit, is because it is going to be hard. There are going to be days, and it’s just impossible not to, alright? There are going to be days where the going gets really rough. That’s why you’ve got to be committed, because if you’re not committed to something, you’re gonna have your first day where it gets hard, or your third day where it gets hard, and you’re going to go, “This isn’t for me. I’m done with it. I’m over it.”

12:34          And so, when you create that dream life of yours, when you create success, when you create and go off and do whatever it is that you want to do, you’ve got to look at yourself and go, “Okay, I’ve got a hundred different options here. I’ve got to pick one, and I’ve got to run with it, and I’ve got to commit to it.” And do your best guess. Yes, you can change a year, or two, or three, or five down the road, if you truly don’t like it. But most people confuse hardships, with not liking something, when in reality, you’re going to have hardships no matter what you choose. And when you commit to whatever it is that you’re doing, and instead of going, “I’m going to quit when the time gets hard.” Instead, you go and you look at that and say, “When the time gets hard, I’m going to double down. I’m going to figure it out, and I’m going to understand that when I come out of this, I’m going to be that much stronger. I’m going to be that much better at it. I’m going to understand it that much more.”

13:33          But the sad reality is, most of you…, most people are not willing to be bad at something long enough to be good at it. Let me repeat that. Most people are not willing to be bad at something for long enough to be good at it. Okay? You’ve got to be willing to be bad at it. I was bad at Instagram for a while before I got good at it. I was bad at Facebook Lives, and YouTube videos, and like, recording videos, before I was good at it. I was bad at sales for a while. I know a lot of people are like, “Josh you’re naturally talented in sales, and that may be true. I might have some natural talent and each person has something that they’re naturally talented in, but let me tell you, the first time I tried to close a claim on my own, I had to sit on like 30 something phone calls before I got my first deal, and I got 37 or 36, or whatever it was, Nos before I got my first Yes. When I was selling insurance sales door to door, I knocked on over 500 doors one summer, 500 doors (B2B, business owners, and asked them for their business) You know how many I got out of those 500? One. I got two clients that year, and one of them was a referral from my boss, one of them I closed myself. So, one client out of 500 doors. I was willing to be bad at something because I knew no other way and I got good at it by being bad at it for so long, that I figured it out along the way. And I trusted my ability to figure something out.

15:11          It sucks. It sucks getting rejected. It sucks failing. It sucks. When you look on social media, that is literally just a highlight reel of people’s wins, by the way, and you see everybody else crushing it when they’re really not, but it looks that way. It sucks when the going gets hard, but when you believe in your ability to figure it out when you’re committed, you will figure it out. And so that’s why I’m telling you, for everyone that’s sitting there messaging me on Instagram asking me what I should do, or what you should do. I don’t know the answer. This is it though. Commit. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not you. You need to believe in your ability to figure it out after the deal is done, after you’ve committed. You’ve got to commit first and figure the rest out later. And like I said, believe in your ability to it.

16:00          You’ve gotta be willing to be bad at something for long enough to be good at something, and understand that the only way that you’re going to follow through when the going gets rough, is if you’re committed and if you don’t jump from shiny object syndrome to shiny object syndrome. I firmly believe that deep down in people’s hearts, they know the rough direction of where they want to go in life. Maybe not all of life as a whole, but when it comes to their career option. Why? They know the general area, because like, I’ve gone and I’ve tried different things, and I’ve been like, “Maybe I don’t want to be in entrepreneurship, maybe I want to be in music.” And I tried like researching music for a couple of days, and I’m like, “This is, no. So boring or whatever. Like, no.” I had a general rule of thumb like, I know roughly where I want to be in life.

16:52          And I find that true for a lot of people. A lot of people have a rough understanding. So if you just start committing to things and you go, “Yes, I commit to figuring out soccer. I commit to figuring out entrepreneurship. I commit to figuring out whatever.” And then you believe in your ability, and you don’t quit. That’s the answer to solving analysis paralysis and to solving, you know, the shiny object syndrome. Just don’t jump from thing to thing. Commit to something for long enough until you get good at it. And if you truly are like, “Josh, I like…, what if it’s not what I wanna do?” And if you’re truly like Josh like, “I’ve jumped from thing to thing to thing”, then guess what? Here’s my advice to you. Pick one thing, anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. Something that you think you might be passionate about and do not quit no matter how much you hate it until you can look yourself in the mirror, honestly and say, “I have been doing this for so long that I’m actually good at it now.”

17:49          I can quit Instagram if I didn’t like it, because I can honestly look myself in the mirror and go, “I’m good at it.” So now I can make an informed, educated decision on whether or not I like it, but if you can’t honestly look yourself in the mirror and go, “I’m good at this thing that I’ve been trying to do”, you can’t possibly make an informed decision on whether or not you like it or not, because let me tell you, there’s a lot of things that suck to learn, but once you are at the top, and once you figure it out, they’re pretty freaking awesome, right? So commit, believe in your ability to figure this out, follow through with it. Just pick one thing. And most of all, if you’re passionate about something, commit to that. Like, if you know what you love, I don’t care how dumb you think it is.

18:33          I don’t care if you’re not sure at all how to make money with it, if you’re not sure at all how you’d build a business around it, commit to it anyway. Like, you do not understand how lucky you are, if you know what you want to do in life, even if you don’t have it figured out how you’re going to do it. If you’re lucky enough to know what you’re passionate about, go do it. Be all in on it, because that is the greatest gift that you could possibly do for yourself. Alright? I hope this helped. I hope this was a little bit more of a positive episode, and let me know what your thoughts are on this, whether you liked it, agreed, disagreed. Hit me up on Instagram @JoshForti. Go out and become the best version of yourself. Go out and commit to something.

19:15          Be willing to say no. Be willing to commit to something and say, yes to one thing and no to many. Be willing to be bad at something long enough to be good at it, because that is what it takes to be great. Guys, as always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different, because those of us that think different are going to be the ones to change the world. Remember to love, love so hard, love so many people, and love everyone. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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