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Who Do I Follow for Advice?


In this episode, I’m going to share some pretty valuable information on the people you should follow and the books you should read if you want to learn about business, funnels/marketing, social media, mindset, systems, sales, and Facebook ads. These people and books are my personal recommendations based on my own experience so you can trust that they will help you thrive in any of those areas.


I’m also going to be sharing the awesome stats on the progress of the podcast so far, and I must say, it’s all thanks to you my loyal listeners. I hope this episode will give you some great value to get you moving forward towards achieving your dream life.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • 20,000+ downloads, all thanks to you (01:16)
  • My unbiased recommendations (04:03)
  • The best in business and internet marketing (07:04)
  • Learning funnels and marketing (08:46)
  • Killing it on social media from every angle (11:19)
  • Mindset: The core foundation of success (14:29)
  • The guru in high performance and systems and operations (18:19)
  • Diverse and effective sales concepts and strategies (19:16)


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April 12, 2019


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00:00          Who do I follow if I want to learn blank? I get this question all the time. So, I decided to dedicate this podcast episode to telling you exactly who I recommend following, for the following industries, and the books that I recommend reading, for the following industries as well. Business, funnels and marketing, social media, mindset, systems, sales, and Facebook ads. Alright? So, if you want to know the books I recommend and the people I recommend following, then you need to listen to this episode.

00:28          You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:16          What’s going on guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti and we are on episode number 50, we made it. Welcome back to the program. I am so excited today. First off guys, I just gotta say, thank you. Like seriously give, give yourself a round of applause here. If it’s your first time listening in, or if it is your 50th time listening in. We’re at episode number 50, and I launched this back in January, January 7th. And, through 50 episodes we have crossed over 20,000 downloads, which means 20,000 people have listened to the podcast, and I’m so, so thankful and grateful for that. Just thank you all so, so very much for your love, for your support. Keep downloading the episodes. Even if like, you don’t listen to them, I want to just make a request for you. Even if you’re like, “I don’t really listen to the podcast all that much, or I only listened to…, you know, some of them.” If you could just go and just…, every time we release an episode, you might see it on Instagram or Facebook, just click on it, download it onto your phone, because that really, really helps us rank, in so many places and get this message out to more and more people.

02:25          So even if you don’t listen to the entire thing, you can just download it onto your phone. That’d be amazing. That would super, super help us. Okay, so, for episode number 50, which once again, just thank you so much for. I wanted to do something special, and I wanted to do something pretty cool, and kind of wanted to get creative with it. So I believe that, if my calculations are right, this is going to be dropping on a Friday, which is super exciting, because that means you’re going into a weekend, and chances are, you’re listening to this either on that Friday or over the weekend. That’s when most of the people listen to them. And so I thought, what could I do that can really provide some value back to you guys, the listeners because it’s all about, you know, you guys and sharing my answers to the questions that I ask in life with you guys.

03:08          So like, what can I do to help you guys, and like really give you guys a lot of value, and show my way of thanks for listening to this episode. And so, I went and I reviewed a lot of the questions that I get, and there were so many good ones, but one of the underlying themes that I saw, that a lot of people were asking and that I get asked a lot on a daily basis, and whenever I am at an event is, “Hey Josh, who should I follow for blank?” Right? Like, “Who should I follow if I want to learn Facebook ads, or who should I follow if I want to learn business,  sales, mindset, or whatever.” And, I thought this was an interesting question, and I think that a lot of people can benefit from it. And so, I wanted to just take the topics, or the categories of the top ones that I get asked, and create a podcast episode where I go through all of the books and the people that I follow, for those specific categories, because I think that will help and give people at least a starting point for them to be able to go through, and be like, “Okay, this is where he recommends starting, and here is why.”

04:03          And so we’re going to go through the following categories, and I’m going to share with you the business people, or the people that I recommend for each one, and the books that I recommend for each one as well. Business, funnels and marketing, social media, mindset, systems, sales, and Facebook ads. Alright? Now, some of them have lots, and some of them only have a couple, in each category, but I want to give these to you and like kind of go through the back with it. So we’re going to run through each one. Now, I want to just…, you know, be very transparent and upfront here, I am not affiliated with any of these people in any way. They’re not paying me for…, you know, promoting them or putting them out on the podcast here. A couple of them, I have promoted like, affiliate offers for, but I’m not like…, I’m not pushing anything for them.

04:50          They have no idea that they’re going to be…, you know, put out here on the podcast, or that I’m talking about them at all. I just really truly believe in each one of these people, and what they stand for, what they do, in their specific categories. And I want to share those with you here today because here’s the thing, guys, I’ve worked with a lot of different people throughout this entirety of…, you know, my social media career for the last three or four years. And, you know, a lot of them have taught me a lot of different things. And, one of the things that I’ve noticed, is that the people… like the fastest way to fail, is to not follow anyone. Right? Like, trying to do it yourself without any help, fastest way to fail. The second fastest way to fail is to try to follow everyone.

05:31          And so, if I can at least give you a starting point, that way you can cut out the noise for people that you should not be following, and really focus down and go, “Okay, if I just follow this person all the way through, then I am definitely going to learn something, and be able to see results with what they teach. And so, each person that I give you here, I feel very confident that if you follow through with what they teach from start to finish, you’re going to become more of an expert than you are now, and probably smarter than like 95%, 99% of the world on said topics. And so, I’m very excited to share these with you. A couple of them I am going to like clarify and be like, “Hey listen, I like this guy or this girl, only for this, but…, you know, some of their stuff isn’t all that great.”

06:19          So I’ll clarify that as we go through. But, I want to just plead with you and say, if you go and want to do any of these topics, whether you follow one of these people or not, pick like one or two max, per category, and go all in on it. Okay? Like, just follow them. Don’t try to pick 5, or 10, or 15 people to follow, because you’ll never see success with it. Alright? So let’s dive in and get started, and once again, this is just my perspective, and like, some of these people are good in multiple areas, and I didn’t put them in one category, I put them in another one because that’s what I follow them for. So this is just my perspective. And, just because someone is not on this list, doesn’t mean they do a bad job.

07:04          It’s just, this is my personal preference of people that I follow. Alright? So let’s get started. First One; business. In the area of business, who do I follow? Number one on the list, hands down, no questions asked, the best in the Internet marketing industry that I’m in, is Sam Ovens. I highly, highly recommend him. I think he’s phenomenal. I think he’s very, very smart, and I know that if you follow him, he’d be amazing. Number two; Taylor Welch and Chris Evans from Traffic and Funnels. I believe that they actually were in Sam Oven’s mastermind. So they actually learned from him as well, but they also have their own very successful business. I love their stuff. I know Taylor better than I know Chris, but actually, Taylor is going to be coming on the podcast. We have an interview lined up with him. He’s going to be one of the first people that we bring on in an interview form, because I love listening to his stuff, and I personally want to just learn from him, and so I highly recommend that.

07:55          So, in that space, and in that business world, Sam Ovens, Taylor Welch, I want to give them both shout outs for as far as growing business and understanding where to put your efforts, and things of that nature. I highly recommend following them. As far as books are concerned, Sam Walton’s “Made in America”, his book…, Sam Walton is the founder of Walmart, Made in America book, I think is a really, really phenomenal book to read. 80/20 sales and marketing. It kind of covers both sales and marketing, and I put it in this category simply because I think it’s important for like, understanding like, where you need to put your time and energy in business. It could perhaps fall better into a sales or a marketing category, but I put it here for that reason. And then also, the book, “Play Bigger”, I think is phenomenal when it comes to understanding like, how to think bigger and business, where to put your energy and focus in business.

08:46          It’s a really, really good book. I’m going to be honest with you, I have not followed a whole lot of people strictly for business advice and business knowledge, simply because I’m in the process of building it myself. And so, I like probably get 90% of my business information as far as business growth and scaling from Sam Ovens. So, this is not my strong suit area of places to give advice. There could be better options, but these are the ones I like. Number two; Funnels and Marketing. Alright? So this is not for business advice. Right? This is for…, If you want to learn funnels and marketing, these are the people to follow, hands down are the best, because funnels and marketing, just cause you’re a good marketer doesn’t mean you’re a good business person. Russell Brunson, top of this list by far. The guy is a genius when it comes to funnels and marketing.

09:30          Sam Ovens; number two. I love Sam Ovens, like hard to beat him. I think Sam Ovens is a little bit more complete when it comes to teaching business strategies. I haven’t dove into a ton of Russell Brunson, but when it comes to funnels, Russell Brunson and Sam Ovens both are awesome. Dan Henry also falls into this category. I think he’s amazing. His funnels and marketing strategy are awesome, and he has learned from both Russell and Sam, and then also Steve Larsen. Steven Larsen happens to be actually a very good friend of mine, and he is specifically very, very good when it comes to the offer creation, part of the marketing and the funnels. And, what most people don’t realize is that the offer is probably the most critical and crucial part of the funnel itself, and so, learning from him has been phenomenal, and I would highly recommend him as well.

10:18          Books for this category; “Predictably Irrational”, phenomenal. “Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets”, absolutely must read books by Russell Brunson. “Niche Down” and “Storytelling Made Easy.” Highly recommend both of those books there. And I think that…, you know, if you read those, you’ll get a good understanding of everything that you need to know easily. If you just had those books, you’d be able to make 1 million bucks, and get the information that you would be able…, or that you would need in order to move forward. Alright, next. Moving on to social media. Now, it’s interesting because social media is such a broad, like it’s such a broad spectrum of things. And so, I put this in the category of social media as people that…, well, there’s only like two people, three people in the…, in the whole category. And so, I’m just to run through them, but like not just teaching social media, but also like that have used it very effectively. Alright?

11:19          So, number one, top of this list. I hate to toot my own horn, but like I’m pretty good at social media, and I’ve bought…., I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in…, you know, ad buying on Instagram and Facebook. For social media advice, especially if you’re just getting started, and just want to begin, I believe that I’m very, very good and talented. This is where I got my start. I made hundreds of thousands of dollars teaching other people how to do this, and had…, you know, made clients. Hundreds, thousands, probably over a million dollars using social media. And so, following my content, being part of social media for entrepreneurs, that’s what it’s there for. We have a group of 30,000 people. We built it all organically. If your goal is to utilize social media from an organic standpoint, I…, you know, like I said, I’m not trying to self promote or like toot my own horn, but I…, you know, do a pretty good job there.

12:07          Next person on this list, the obvious candidate, obvious choice; Rachel Pederson. A very dear friend of mine as well. She’s the queen of social media, both paid and organic. She teaches people how to become social media managers, make a full-time career out of that, utilize and leverage social media for their businesses. And then, she has done it herself and has garnered hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, spends millions of dollars in Facebook ads and online advertising, and would highly recommend following her. She had the top of my list there. And, on top of that, she’s just a really good person. I really do like Rachel a lot and she’s awesome. And the next, and this is kind of off the Facebook platform, I think Rachel and I really dominate in the Facebook space. Both of us, me kind of in the Instagram space as well, but this next guy does both Instagram and YouTube really, really well, or he did when he did them.

13:03          Alex Becker, I don’t think he teaches as much on these things. He teaches more marketing but he utilized Instagram so well, and not just growth, cause I know that he hired…, he outsourced like a team to come in and grow his account for him, but actually how he used it, if you watch how he utilized Instagram, and garnished his new followers, and pushed his audience. I think that like, you can learn a lot from that. Alright? Like a lot, a lot. And the last, but not least on this list; Tai Lopez. There is no denying what Tai Lopez, love him or hate him, you can learn so ridiculously much about social media and personal branding through Tai Lopez. And so, I really wanted to like add his name to that, because of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. More Instagram and YouTube paid advertising.

14:04          I think he spent…, him and his business partner, I think they’ve spent like, $400 Million or $500 million in Facebook and YouTube ads. So think about that. Like, they know their stuff. So when it comes to social media, myself, Rachel Peterson, Alex Becker, and Tai Lopez. Alex Becker, once again, not so much to teach it, but more just watch what he does and how he’s utilizing the platforms. I think they all do it very, very well. Alright?

14:29          Mindset. That’s moving on to the next category here. This is my favorite category; Mindset. Simply because this is like the crux and the core of everything else. Like you have to have a good mindset in order to have success in any category. And so, for me, I actually don’t like following specific people for the mindset. I like following books. And the reason I say that, is because I can read a book and I can go, “That is a good book, even if I disagree with the author in some other areas.”

15:05          And so I don’t actually follow one specific person for mindset. I actually follow books. And so, I’m going to read you off the list of my top books on this. I highly recommend you buy them all. And if…, if this is where you’re gonna spend your money for the month, like put it here, it will not be a bad investment. These will pay off in huge dividends. First off, top of the list. Best book I’ve ever read outside of the Bible, hands down, “Psycho-Cybernetics.” Get it, read it, it’s amazing. Second; “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.” Third…, and that’s by Joe Dispenza. Third; “Evolve your Brain.” Also by Joe Dispenza. Fourth; “Start with Why”, Simon Sinek. Incredible book. Absolutely need to read that. Fifth; “Mindset.” That’s actually the name of the book.

15:55          It’s called Mindset, like the new psychology of mindset, or something like that. It’s like kind of a whitish book with blue lettering kind of. I’m not sure who that’s by, but it was a phenomenal book as well. Sixth; “Four Disciplines of Execution.” That’s a great book, talking about how to actually make sure that you execute things, and just like, learn them in theory in the four disciplines that are involved in that. Seventh; “The Power of Habit.” Such a good book. Like you really need to do that if you want to…, read that book if you want to change your habits. Eight, and last but not least. I’m sorry. Eight; “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” So, I put the first one first, which is The Power of Habit, which talks about habit, and how they’re formed, and how to create your own, and then the one after that, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, because…, you know, you can then take that and apply it, and create those habits for yourself.

16:47          And then nine, last but not least, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” This is a money mindset book more than anything else, but that was the first book I ever read in business, and it really, truly did change my life, and shifted my perspective on money, and success, and what was possible there. I really like those books. Those are the ones I recommend to everyone. Those are where you need to be starting, and if you have not read all those books, that’s where I would…, that’s where I would turn. Alright. Moving on. Systems. Who do I recommend for systems? So, once again, I’m just starting into systems myself, so it’s hard for me to actually know. So I’m going to tell you two people that I have followed, one book, and then an honorable mention. Sam ovens, number one.

17:33          I mean once again, Sam Ovens is just incredible. He’s amazing, and I’ve learned so much from him when it comes to systems and scaling, and everything that is involved there. Highly recommend him and all of his stuff. Two; Taylor Welch. Once again, the same thing as in the business strategy, I feel like the systems and the business go hand in hand. Systems and the processes there to have effective profitable systems. He’s done a very good job, and I’ve learned a lot from him. The book that I have read about it, and I haven’t read a whole lot of books on systems, so I’m not very educated in this space, but, “Scaling Up.” Scaling Up is a really good book about systems and scaling up to the next level and making it as a company. So those are the three that I recommend there. I also have to give an honorable mention to Alex Charfen.

18:19          I have never personally worked with him, but everyone that I have talked to, including several people on this list, rave about him. From Steven Larson loves it. Russell Brunson loves him. They both work with them. I know he has worked with a lot of my friends, and has really come in and revolutionized them from a high-performance standpoint, and also in a systems and operations standpoint. I know he’s worked with ClickFunnels, so I’ve got to give him a shout out, even though I’ve never personally worked with him. I think that he would probably be a pretty good candidate for what you’re looking for. Alright. Sales, the good old concept of sales, and I’m very, very excited about it. Sales has a lot to do with mindset and psychology. And so, like understanding and reading like, some of the marketing books that I recommended, like “Predictably Irrational”, and also some of the mindset books that I recommended like, “Psycho-Cybernetics”, is also really going to help you with sales.

19:16          But, I wanted to give you a couple of people you could follow, as well as two books that absolutely changed my life when it came to sales, that I would highly recommend for you. The first person that I recommend, Grant Cardone. Now, Grant Cardone is one of those people that I don’t agree with everything that he does in sales. He’s definitely a high pressure closer. He’s definitely going to try to do whatever it takes to get you to close the deal, but he has a lot of good concepts and strategies, and sales tactics. I love his… I think it’s called like, “120 Closes”, and he’s got a bunch of different closes you can get on audiobook. I love his, “How to Handle Objections”, and I love his Cardone University. All those things, really good content, but understand sometimes he’s a little bit over the top, just know that going in and apply it accordingly.

20:08          But, there is something to be said about, sometimes you do need to push, and sometimes you just need to be…, you know, you pressure a little bit harder so that people ultimately do make a decision, and note just putz around. So, highly recommend him. I probably learned more about sales from Grant than anybody else. Like, any one singular person out there. Next; Sam Ovens. Once again, the guy’s awkward. And the guy is awkward on his sales calls. I’ve been on sales calls with his team. the way that he teaches; it’s awkward, but it works. And, if you follow the formula by the letter, and get over that, sometimes it’s a little bit awkward on sales calls, but then again, you’re not there to make friends. So if you can follow through, you’ll make a lot of money, especially in the area of like, agency services, and internet marketing, and consulting services, like high ticket things like that.

21:00          Really, really good. Highly recommend his stuff. He has a script, I think it’s in the Consulting Accelerator, his low ticket program, that I highly recommend getting. I personally believe that the sales script is worth the couple grand that the course is, alone, just for getting that script. He mails it out to you, and it’s awesome. Highly recommend him. And then, last but not least, me. I would like to think that I’m pretty good at sales as well. Sales is actually where I’ve had more of my focus as I’ve shifted out of social media. And, I put out a lot of sales content, talk about sales, overcoming objections, handling those, and subscribe to the podcast if you’re not subscribed. Also subscribe to my YouTube channel, because there’s going to be a lot more videos coming over the summer, and then on Facebook as well. Facebook and Instagram. I actually do a lot of really cool sales stuff on Instagram. So if you’re not following me there, make sure you are. Alright. And then the two books that you absolutely must have, and that if you don’t have, like just…, you’ve got to have them. “Pitch anything” and “Never Split the Difference.” Pitch Anything is by Oren Klaff, and Never Split the Difference is by…., oh, I can’t think of his name. Hold on, let me grab the book here.

22:07          Chris Voss. That’s what it was. Chris Voss. It is a phenomenal book. Read those books. If you’re struggling with sales, read them both. Start with Never Split the Difference, then go to Pitch Anything. It will change your life. It’s amazing. Alright? So that’s sales. And then last but not least, I just have to put this in there, because I get asked by so many freaking people, “Where do I learn Facebook ads? Where do I learn Facebook ads, Josh?” I don’t do Facebook ads. I’ve never actually run a Facebook ad in my life. I’ve bought a lot of them, and I’ve outsourced a lot of them, and I’ve done a lot of them for clients, but my team does it. So, whoever hooked my team up with, and who they’ve learned from, and who I know gets phenomenal, incredible results, are Dan Henry, Maxwell Fin, and Rachel Peterson.

22:51          Dan Henry for anything agency related, anything service-based related. Maxwell Fin for all around, and selling online courses. Dan Henry also for online courses, and then Rachel Peterson for an agency, but more specifically for eCommerce. I know she has a lot of success there. Okay? Alright guys. I know this episode has been a little bit long, but I hope that I got through everything, and I’m going to quickly just run through them all really, really fast so that you have a recap in case you missed it. Ready for this. Rapid fire. Business – Sam Ovens/Taylor Welch. Books – Sam Walton, “Made in America, 80/20 Sales and Marketing, Play Bigger.” Funnels and Marketing – Russell Brunson/Sam Ovens/Dan Henry/Steven Larson. Books – Predictably Irrational, Dotcom Secrets/Expert Secrets, Niche Down, Story Telling Made Easy. Social media – Me/Rachel Peterson/Alex Becker/Tai Lopez. Tai Lopez also for personal branding. Mindset only books – “Psycho-Cybernetics, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Evolve your Brain, Start with Why, Mindset: Four Disciplines of Execution, Power of Habit, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Systems – Sam Ovens/Taylor Welch/Scaling Up. Honorable mention – Alex Charfen (Never worked with him, but I’ve heard he’s really good) Sales – Grant Cardone/Sam Ovens/Me. Books – “Pitch Anything, Never Split the Difference.” The last two of the books. And last but not least, Facebook ads – Dan Henry/Maxwell Finn, Rachel Peterson, all do great. Alright guys. I hope this helped. And, this is my way of kind of giving back. If you follow these people, and you only follow them, you’re going to have success. There’s just no question about it. They’re phenomenal. They’re amazing. And I tried to keep it more towards universal business things that Facebook is a little bit more tactical as Facebook ads at the end, but that’s why I didn’t put it in like, follow this person specifically for YouTube, or for Instagram, or for this, because it just depends upon, like what angle you like it.

24:45          Like what you like, what you want out of it. But if you follow these people, you’re gonna get results from it. And I really, really hope this help. Once again, thank you so much. 50 episodes in what? It’s April now, when this drops. So, this will be about April. So about what…, January, February, March. So about three months, 50 episodes, over 20,000 downloads. You are amazing. Please share this episode and the podcast with all your friends. Anybody that you know can benefit from this. This podcast is really all designed around making the world a better place, and is designed about…., or to help you think different, about everything you do know and understand. I want you to be in a new paradigm shift when you’re in here. I really want you to go and change your life, and anyone that listens to this, that like, that’s what we’re about.

25:29          It’s about thinking different, about being free, about living life without limits, about going and creating your own reality, to live life and to be the best version of yourself that you possibly can. And this is me documenting my journey, me going out and asking life’s biggest questions, and sharing the answers with you. And speaking of that, we are going to start incorporating guests onto the podcast. Alright? It’s not gonna be every episode, but we’re going to be very, very picky and selective. And so, if there’s anybody that you want to see on the podcast, please hit me up on Instagram @JoshForti, and let me know. We have Taylor Welch coming on. He’s one of our first ones that is coming up. I’m super excited about that, but my goal with this is, I’m going to be asking these people questions that I actually want to know the answers to.

26:12          Not like some hypothetical rhetorical like, “Oh, what if?” Or some really basic like cheesy questions. No. These are going to be hard questions. These are going to be questions that I actually have questions about. The questions that like, I want to know the answers to in my own life, and I’m going to share those answers with you, so that you can basically get free coaching and strategy sessions with these people, as I get to go and pick their brain, and share that with you guys. So make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already. Please share with your friends. Leave a rating and review. It just helps us all so much, and if we want to get to…, you know, 40,000, 50,000, 70,000 downloads by the time we hit a hundred episodes, then we got to keep right on chugging along. Alright guys, as always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different, because those of us that think different are the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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