Think Different Theory

3 Top Takeaways from a $30 Million Event


In this episode, I’m going to talk about the great experience I had attending Steve Larsen’s recent Offer Lab event. It was a very exclusive event where some of the most brilliant and incredible people paid between $15,000 and $35,000 to attend.


The potential to learn was humongous, and I’m going to condense everything I gained into the top three things that everybody there learned. This will definitely shift your perspective on things and help you grow your business to levels you’ve never thought possible.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • The best mastermind event ever (02:08)
  • Learning from high level, super successful people (04:27)
  • Going into a crazy zone of genius when creating offers (08:23)
  • Learning Steve Larsen’s systems and processes (14:01)
  • Getting the right people together (17:15)
  • Building relationships that will bring you success (22:15)


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June 3, 2019


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00:02          You want to talk about incredible brain power and how much potential there was to learn. Day number one, I sat next to a lady who had a million followers on social media and had made $3 million that year. Had like an hour-long conversation with her. Day number two, I sat next to a guy who had managed $300 million for Goldman Sachs and made $10 million in the last eight months. Day number three, I talked to the guy who’s interviewed Tony Robbins, and Russell Brunson, does their video work, and he was giving me tips on my origin story. Talk about powerful…

00:32          You are now entering a new paradigm.

00:32          So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

00:38          What’s going on guys. Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti and we are on episode number 72. Welcome back to the program. Let me tell you. What a weekend I had this weekend. I cannot wait to share with you on the episode here today. I just got back from Steve Larsen’s Offer Lab, and you ever go to those conferences where you go, and they’re hyped up really, really big, and it’s from a really awesome guru who you think knows his stuff, and everything that… and then you go, and the energy level is just bad, and like, it’s… maybe good information but like, nobody’s really feeling it, and it’s just not what it’s hyped up to be at all? Or have you ever been to one of those conferences where you go, and you pay… or like a mastermind, maybe.

01:23          Like a… you pay tons of money to be there, and you go and all the information it’s just kind of like, the same old same old stuff. Well, guess what? That is not even close to what it was like at Steve Larsen’s event. In fact, that was the exact opposite of what Offer Lab was like. Steve Larsen’s Offer Lab is his highest ticket, like package or his high ticket coaching. It’s his one on one and one on group, I should say. A private coaching. And, people pay anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000 to come out there for the weekend and spend three days with him. And, let me tell you, even I… and I love Steven, and I’ve known Steven for a while. Even I had my speculations on how good it was going to be put together and how indifferent it was really going to be. Oh my gosh. Freaking mind-blowing. Amazing. It was so good. I’ve got to give a huge shout out to Steve Larsen.

02:11          Hands down, probably the best mastermind event that I ever had ever been to, from an information standpoint, but not even an information standpoint, a standpoint of like, how it was taught and in a way that like, it could be received, and applied, and dealt with. It was like more of a workshop style. So like, he would teach for an hour or two, and then he would go, and we would stop, and you’d build for like an… you know, 15, 20, 30, 40 minutes. And he would come to each table and like, look over your shoulder, and you know, you could ask him questions, and he would look over your offers, and just like, such good stuff. Stuff that like, you… you know, the stuff you might have had before, or like the topics, but he explained it in a way that like, you would never even think, and how he did it, and how he goes out there and puts it, and the stories that he tells and the information that he does, and like what he provides you with, is just incredible.

02:58          And the reason tell you that this event was so incredible, and… it’s because that I was there. And I’m going to build off of that, because… but I want to set the tone here for where I was this weekend, so that you understand the magnitude of what I learned. And then I’m going to share with you here today. Okay? So this was a very exclusive event. A very, very well done event. An application based. So like, not everybody could show up. You had to apply, you had to be accepted, and then after you were accepted, you had to pay between $15,000 and $35,000 just to be there in the room. So, very, very exclusive. Now, Steve was actually a client of mine. We were the ones that took care of his social media. We blew him up. And, I was the one that, you know, the Facebook group, the Instagram, and all that jazz, we were responsible for doing that.

03:38          And so, he called me and he’s like, “Hey Josh, I want you to come and teach social media to the clients here, and show them what they need to do with their Instagram, and their Facebook, and whatnot.” And so, on the last day, we had like a round robin thing. Now, I was blessed to even be in the room, because it was just full of incredible people, but you want to talk about, potential in this room, and like brain power, and like the… the magnitude of what you can learn. Day number one… cause I just wanted to like, kind of show you what type of people were in this room. Day number one, I sat next to a lady who had a million followers on social media, made $3 million last year, and we just sat next to each other, had like an hour long conversation. That night, actually I think it was the next day, day two, I sat next to a guy who had managed like $300 million for Goldman Sachs, and made $10 million in eight months with his company.

04:27          And he was asking me for like tidbits and information and advice on social media and what he should be doing and things like that. Like crazy, crazy potential. Day number three we actually went and we had headshots done and we went to do like the video stuff. And the guy that was doing the video was actually the guy that did like Tony Robbins video stuff, Russell Brunson’s video stuff. And He was helping me, coaching me through like how to state my origin story and you know, the best way to tell the story and this and the angles with the camera. I’m talking like a mind-blowing event and the people that were at the event or even cooler, there’s like such high-level people to learn from. And uh, it was all led up by this guy named Steve Larsen. And so I’m there and we get done.

05:04          And sometimes you just, you had this whirlwind of event and you just feel like this overflow of information, it’s like information overload on my gosh, what do I do? And so that was kind of like what it was, but we got so much done and so much action taken and so many things clicked. When you take action and when you’re taking action as you’re learning, like whole parts of your brain just open up and things start to make sense. And so at the end of each day I would go and I would get a shower and I would like think and I would process and then I would get out of the shower. And I would do a recap. And so actually the first night I actually sat down and uh, Dax and I sat down, I pulled out a recorder and he and I, he and I are shared an Airbnb and I pull out a recorder and we just chatted and we recorded all of our thoughts on everything.

05:47          And I had a notebook out there and I was writing things down so that I can process right. And uh, we talked about like different offer stuff. Well they number two I went and I just did it with my notebook in the shower. I was thinking, I got out and I wrote down on my notebook, okay, like, all right, this information and this information and all this stuff. And then the last day, because it’s like just day after day and you’re just more information then it all starts to make sense. So the last day I actually went and I did a live stream interview are not alive for you to, I’m sorry, I live stream to my Facebook page where I talked about the three main things that had jumped out at me over the last three days. And you know, it was interesting was to sum, to sum up a weekend like this just doesn’t do justice because there’s so many parts.

06:27          But when it all comes down to it and when you really boil it down and was like, okay, what are the three things that I can state and like stayed in a way that anybody can understand? And something that is simple and easy to remember. Because oftentimes when we complicate things or when we try to draw things out, you know, really long and lengthy, we tend to forget, right? Because that’s a lot of information. And when you make things simple, and this is actually a really good marketing lesson, when you make things simple, they’re easier to understand and they’re also easier to remember. And so that’s why I like marketing messages and things like that are, you know, very simple. Well, I wanted to simplify, okay, what are the top three things that I need to remember that uh, will continue to allow me to, to build off of this weekend.

07:08          So I sat down, I was like, all right, let’s rock and roll. What are those three things? So that’s the stage for you here. These three things are coming from three days at an event that was absolutely incredibly done learning from some of the highest marketers and people in with specialties in their field that you can get. And three days of this, this is what I took away from that. And the thing, the first thing that really jumped out to me, uh, actually we’re just gonna dive in here. I gotta tell you, I got to tell you a story like leading up to this, cause it was just like, you got to hear it in context to kind of have that Aha moment like I did. So we’re sitting there. This is day number one or yeah, I think it was day number one, day number one yet.

07:45          So we’re sitting there and Steve is talking about creating different offers. And he talked me about getting creative, you know, and uh, he’s like, all right, what I want you to do is, I want you to allow yourself to go to the crazy zone of thinking and think of things that are just absolutely ridiculous. Like, what in an ideal world, what would be absolutely crazy. There is no idea off limits. And he goes, and he’s like, we were designing, I forget what some mastermind that they were designing and he’s like, we were like, they’re all going to come out to Russell Brunson’s house and they’re going to stay in Russell Brunches, pajamas, and they’re going to use this toothbrush and they’re gonna wake up in the morning, you know, in his living room. And his wife was going to cook him breakfast, like crazy, crazy things.

08:23          Right? And I was fascinated by this because I’ve heard this before, but we did this exercise and he’s like, all right, go. Just go over there and just start writing things down. And so I sat down on the table, there was four of us there at the table and we started just brainstorming for our offers. Like what’s the craziest thing that we could do? Now the coolest part was is these were actually for real offers that people at the table had offers that we were building off of. And so we’re sitting there, we’re going and where they going? Just crazy. It is. Well we can take them to Paris or you know, we could go and we could buy a wall in Paris where every time that they got to a certain level they could spray on the wall and they could do all these crazy things.

08:57          And you know what was interesting was once we went to that crazy zone of genius, we actually looked back at all of these different ideas. And while we never were actually serious about using some of the crazy out there ideas, some of the ideas that might have sounded impossible or might’ve seen too crazy or too far fetched, all of a sudden didn’t seem so crazy. And our brains went back and we looked at this offer from a completely new perspective and I started thinking about it from the angle of the customer and started thinking about what would or what could you do if you allowed yourself to really dream and really think about it. And the Albers became so much better because we, we kinda like took these limits off of our mind. Now as I was sitting there, I was fascinated by this because what we came up with was just this really cool offer.

09:45          I mean, we took an opera that was a $300 boring nutrition offer and ended up turning it into something worth $2,000 just by going into this creative zone of genius. But I was like, man, it would be really cool if I actually got to see this in action, like if it actually works and what is the result of some of these? Then? So I’m sitting there and we stay at our, our, um, results back to Steven and we’re like, you know, this is what we thought of. This is what we, this is, he thought it was awesome. He’s like, yeah, that’s the power of this and all that. And so I was sitting there and kind of really thinking about this and I’m like, wow, this could really be beneficial for my offers. But it still didn’t like really hit me because I hadn’t really seen it kind of unfold before my eyes and really take effect to where it was so unique that everybody was talking about it.

10:30          Cause that’s what he was getting at. Like you want to create this offer that’s so irresistible that people are going to talk about it. And so that was the first day, the end of the first day and that was all that was. That’s all that came to me at that moment. So then the next day happens and we go through and you know, we get done late and then the third day comes. Now we’re pretty tired at this point, right? We’ve got a lot of information and this is now asset day. This is the final day and this is the day where we’re going to get to go around and drive around Boise. Now see it gets on stage that morning. And he, he says, all right guys, here’s the plan. Here’s how this is going to work. First we’re going to go. Now, I didn’t know the details of this asset base, so I didn’t know what was going to come.

11:05          I knew that we were going to drive around Boise, but I didn’t know specifically the details that I didn’t know what was involved or why. And so he gets up there and he gets on stage and he’s like, all right guys, listen, here’s what’s going to go down. Now Day number one, we talked all about blank and you know, does this recap of everything that we talked about. And Day number two we talked all about this and he said, so now you’ve got this core offer. Now you know, you know your origin story and another origin story of your market, the origin story of you. You know how your offer came to be. You know how your mark came to me and came all these things and he kind of pieced them all together, right? And he’s not in that, you know, all this. What’s the next thing that we would need?

11:40          And he said, you know what’s interesting is when I was in your shoes and I went through this entire process and the entire program, what I really wanted was I wanted like, you know, good professional headshots so that I can feel the part and make things look good. Cause I couldn’t afford professional head shots right away. And I didn’t, I wasn’t good with the camera, I didn’t have a studio. And he said, the other thing that I really wanted to do was I wanted to tell my origin story and actually have a good quality shooting of it so I could go back to it. I could always refer people back to it, I could use it in my marketing. And he said, so what we’re going to do right now is we’re all going to go and there’s a stretch limo that has just pulled up.

12:10          And in that stretch limo we’re going to take you over when we’re taking a limousine were to drive all around Boise. We’re going to get your head shots done. We’re gonna take you to this videographer and we’re going to have him do this with the guy that does Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson stuff. We’re going to have you go and do that and we’re going to have him record. You were going to come back. We’re going to cater lunch. Then we’re going to go out to dinner and we’re going to build your entire asset and in the process of that, in between those two things, I’m going to teach you all about my content team and I’m going to give you my entire systems and show you how all of our systems are built out so that I can fulfill on everything that I did. Now this is pretty crazy because here’s the thing.

12:42          I’ve been to a lot of masterminds, a lot of events, a lot of people have done different things, but this is the first time that I had ever seen someone do this. And then as we went, we all got into the limo. We went and we drove around town. When we got back, everybody was talking about this. Everybody was like, this was amazing. No other mastermind has done this. This was worth the cost of this alone. It was, you know, Oh, you know, just go on and on and on about how amazing it was B, and if they were going to come back next year, if it was like this. And I was like, Huh, that’s crazy. This is, this is like really interesting. So many people are talking about this. And so at the very, very end of the seminar gets over and uh, we have, uh, there’s like a microphone.

13:18          There’s this box microphone is a little probably eight inches tall, maybe 10 inches tall by 10 inches deep and 10 inches wide. It’s got a microphone in it and you can throw it across the room. It’s a fluffy ball or fluffy cube and that way you know Steve can throw it off of Stage two, the people in the audience and tasks around. Anyway, I get the mic and Steve’s asking for feedback and I just said, Steve, I don’t have feedback, but I just said, I just want to compliment you because who else is going out there and doing these crazy things like taking people around on limos. I was like, we’re going to talk more about that than anything. Right? Then he goes, boom. Exactly. Nobody else is doing it. That’s what happens when you go to the zone of crazy, crazy zone of genius and it was like boom is like this waterfall like hit me like this light bulb went on in my head and I was like, oh my gosh.

14:01          That’s how he did it. That’s how he came up with the idea. Cause I’m sitting there going, how did you, who did thought pick him up in a limo driving around town like this is a super expensive event. Are they actually going to want to get in a limo? Is that just lame? You know, people are paying 15 to $35,000 they loved it is because he went to the creative zone of genius. And so the first thing that I took away from this, and I just want to remind you is don’t be afraid to go to the crazy zone. Don’t be afraid to let your mind just wander and give your self permission to be creative and be crazy because that’s where the best ideas are going to come up with. And this is true in all areas of life, not just business. And so this was just, that was such a cool thing because I realized that at that point, as I saw it play out in front of me how it was gonna work, but not only that, like how powerful it was in all areas of life, in your personal life, in your business life, and your goals, whatever it is that you’re trying to do when you allow yourself to just get crazy, it’s amazing what perspective that you can bring.

14:57          So that was point number one. Write that down. So now we’re sitting there and day number two, or I’m sorry, day number three comes along and uh, this is the, that was the day that we went and went onto the limos and did all this really cool stuff. And Steve gets up on stage and he’s talking about his systems and he’s going through and showing like how I do my content machine and how I go and do my youtube channel in my podcast and however court things now I do interviews and he’s going through and doing all these things. And I was on a lot of the content teams at one point because Steven used to be a client of mine and so we were added to the board so that we added to the team and were professional about things. And sometimes when you’re in a system, it’s hard for you to take a step back and like kind of look at the whole of everything.

15:40          Well he got to a point where he was talking about his funnel team. They’ll see builds a lot of funnels, but he also said that he doesn’t build them anymore. He has a team that does it. And it was fascinating because you think about this, here’s a guy that’s made tens of millions of dollars for clickfunnels and Russell Brunson has made millions of dollars himself, has a very successful business, and he doesn’t build his own funnels anymore. So that begs the question of, okay, well then who builds the funnels? How do you know your funnels are going to be good if you’re so darn smart? Like can anybody just build a funnel or how do you go through that check and balance system to make sure that things get done properly? And so as he was sitting, I was showing his sis, uh, us as system something was kind of like a light bulb for me because I’ve heard of the power of systems.

16:24          I have systems in my business and in fact, you know, it’s those things where we’re hiring people based on what we’re doing. And, uh, you know, we hired this person for this or this person for this. So I understand the importance of hiring smart people and, you know, letting people do their work. But for whatever reason, as I was sitting there, somebody asks a question. They’re like, so Steven, you don’t build your own funnels anymore. How do you make sure that you know all your systems are running smoothly? How did you know how to design your content machine system? How did you know how to design your funnel system? How did you know how to design all these different things? And he said, I didn’t. My job is not to build the systems. My job is to capture them. And I was like, wait, wait, wait.

17:03          What? What do you mean? Hold on, what do you mean capture them? And that’s exactly what that person asks. He said, well, think about this. I don’t know everything that goes into youtube. I don’t know everything that goes into podcasting. I don’t ever know everything that goes into Facebook or Instagram or any social media or not even all the parts of a funnel like I know how to do messaging, but there’s people that are better at me at each one of those things. He said, it’s my job to basically just put them all together, get the right people together. I Dunno how my podcast works in all formats, but that’s not my zone of genius. And he said, you need to hire the right people. But more importantly, he said, you’ve got to go and get out of their way. He said, I could build a funnel and nobody’s going to build a funnel exactly how I want it.

17:43          Nobody’s going to be able to build a funnel better than I can because that’s what I love to do. But if I hire one person who’s a genius at each or for each step of the funnel, a whole team of people working together that is sold on the vision can build a better, better funnel than I ever could. Right? And that’s the thing, when you get people in their zone of genius and then get out of their way and let them be creative and don’t block that and don’t try to micromanage that amazing things can happen. And here’s, Steven was like, listen, I have built some of my best products and have some of my biggest breakthroughs. And accelerated my company faster than ever before. Oftentimes because of information that I got from my team and from ideas that I got from my team. Why?

18:28          Because they know their zone of genius better than I do and it’s not my job to know how every single part of the organism works. It’s my job to design and manage the organism, the system, the machine that pumps this all out. And that was like a, another big eyeopening moment for me. Not because I hadn’t heard it before, but because it reminded me or kind of showed me that I was not the one that had to know the systems because in my own business I was building systems, but I was manually going and having to build every single one and I would manually go and build it and then I’d put someone in there and then they test it and then I would manually go fix it. Instead. What I needed to do was I needed to just let the person that I was hiring for it, design it in the best possible way, sell them on the vision and how the machine was going to work.

19:16          And as I thought that night, and uh, I was, I on the livestream that, and I was like talking about, I was thinking about it, all of the areas where I love let my team do that have always been the best. When I let Carrie design the, the process of dealing with customers when I let Carrie design, you know, whatever the pieces were, those turned out to be better oftentimes than how I wanted to design them in the first place. And the same thing is true with the fulfillment pieces in the funnel pieces in the checklist when I let them go and just design them, they worked better than I did. All your job is, is to make sure that the departments are talking to each other and everybody is sold on the actual vision of whatever it is that you’re trying to do. And when you understand that and when you do that and when you learn how to do that, you can literally build this beast.

19:59          And that’s exactly what Steve has, his content machine. That’s an absolute freaking beast. All right, so I really hope that was helpful because that was just like amazing light bulb. Eyeopening moment. Alright, so we’ve got number one. Number one is the concept of going to this you’re crazy zone, allowing yourself to go into the crazy zone and think number two is the importance of hiring the right people and then just getting out of their way, capturing systems rather than having to try and build every single one of them, selling people on the mission of the machine and building an unstoppable machine by allowing people to be in their creatives on of genius. Now as I was sitting there on the third day and we were talking about this and we were doing kind of a recap of everything and right before that for about four hours we were sitting there and I was doing round robins where people would come and they would tell me, Hey Josh, look at my business, here’s the social media pieces, what could I be doing better?

20:52          And they basically allow me to consult them on their business for 10 to 20 minutes. And I would sit down and I would do these deep dives in and I’d really analyze and we’d pop in all their stuff and I’d go, you know you want to do this. And I would say, oh well we would do this here. And I would tell them different stories about what we had done in the past that worked or didn’t work. And at one point I was sitting there and someone said, how have you been able to meet so many people? Like how have you been able to grow so many million followers? How have you been able to do so many of the things that you’ve done? Because it just doesn’t make sense. I know people that have been in the industry for 10 or 20 years and I have not been able to do that.

21:27          How did you get connected with people like that and get those things done? And I thought about, and I just said, well, I mean, I, I guess I kind of got lucky. Like I just knew a lot of the right people. They’re like, well, how did you get connected with them? Because it seems that most of your success comes from your relationships. And I thought about it and I was like, well, yeah, actually that’s true. You know, I was on the cover of a book when there was coauthors that had had way more success than made, made more money than I had. How did I do that? I had gotten invited to parties that are parties slash events, I shouldn’t say party, but like events for businesses that, uh, with huge, huge influence are very, very successful people that I was the smallest or youngest person in the room.

22:08          How did I get into those? I’ve been able to meet and learn information from incredibly successful people and connect with people that are way above my pay grade are way above my price range of what I could afford at a very young age. Why? Because I knew the right people and because I had provided an incredible amount of value with them and I was talking with Steven or rather listening to Steven talk up there on the stage and as he was going through, you know, the importance of you’re doing this and doing this and doing this and do this. He said, you know, you’re going to be able to talk to my team. You’re gonna be able to talk to the people that actually designed these things. And a lot of the people that we’re designing his machine and designing each one of those things.

22:46          We’re also connected to very big people because Steven hires a lot of agencies. And I thought, I know a lot of these people, but I met all of them because I had a relationship with Steven and I was like, if I didn’t have a relationship with Steven, I wouldn’t even be in this room. I wouldn’t have met people that are worth $10 million. People that have managed $300 million, people that had millions of followers on social media, people that you know, we’re experts, experts in their fields, that we’re all sitting at this event. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that or even be at the event unless I had a relationship with Steven. And then I thought to my Instagram days, and I talk about this all the time, and I didn’t even realize that I was saying this until that Dan was like, Whoa, this is absolutely incredible.

23:27          Uh, relationships are how I built my Instagram network. Relationships were how I grew on social media. People would be like, Joshua, how did you get shout outs for them? Well, I had a relationship with them. I DM them, I networked with him, and there’s the cliche say saying of like your net worth equals your network, right? So the beggar bigger or better, your network, the bigger or better your net worth is going to be. And it’s true. But it’s interesting because so many people just throw off relationships these days. So many people don’t realize that the value of events in the value of networking with people, I’m sorry, the value of events and the value to going different places is to network with people and people ask me, they’re like, “Josh, what did you think of 10X?” And I was like, “well, I think it was pretty good. It was kind of hard to hear.”

24:06          And they’re like, “Well, that didn’t make you upset.” I was like, “Well, quite frankly I didn’t really listen to very many of the speeches.” They’re like, “What do you mean? Like, why did you go to 10X then?” Like, “I didn’t go to the 10X Growth Conference to listen to speakers. I went to the 10X Growth Conference to network. I didn’t go to Offer Lab just to learn. I went to Offer Lab to learn, but I also went to Offer Lab to meet people. I didn’t go to, you know, Click Funnels… Funnel Hacking Live to learn, I went to network. And, so many people are so focused on one piece of things, that they forget to network. They forget to learn. They’re… they’re so focused on like, going out there and… and trying to take, take, take, all this information and like, “Oh my gosh, I see my favorite person. Go up to them and ask them all these questions”, but they’re not focused on giving. And when Steve said this on stage of like, “Hey, you get to be connected to all these people. So many people took that for granted.”

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