Think Different Theory

The Five Things you Need to be Successful


In this episode, I’m going to talk about what it takes to be successful in the modern era and tell you the five core things that you need to achieve whatever it is that you’re trying to be successful at.

Most people think you need:

  • Money
  • College degree
  • Lots of followers
  • A revolutionary idea

What you actually need to learn:

  • How to think objectively
  • Learn how to learn / learn how to Learn to understand
  • How to network
  • How to sell/storytell
  • How to take advice from smart people


People on mainstream media today are giving people horrible advice on what it takes to be successful, and society itself hasn’t been doing a very good job at guiding people, but I’m going to debunk all the falsehoods for you so you can get going on the right path.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Reality is not Shark Tank (02:18)
  • The five key principles for success (05:10)
  • Emotions will hold you back from taking the necessary action (09:44)
  • Learning how to learn to understand (11:32)
  • The most profitable skill to have (14:57)
  • Networking is what will get you to the next level (18:21)
  • Understanding human psychology is very valuable (21:39)
  • Swallow your ego and pride, and listen to smart people (24:17)


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June 17, 2019


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00:02          You don’t need a college degree, you don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need a million followers on Instagram. And my gosh, you don’t need some revolutionary idea or product that nobody has ever heard about before. None of those things are true. And if you want to go out and be successful, or start a business, or whatever that is that your dream is, you really only need like five things, and it’s not anything that mainstream society tells you. If I had to go back and start completely over, here are the five things that I would focus on learning right now.

00:29          You are now entering a new paradigm.

00:33          So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:14          What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti, and I got to tell you, I saw the news the other day. Actually, I think it was yesterday. Trying to remember, all my days are kind of running together. I saw the news though, and there was an interview on there. It was a mainstream media channel, and they were talking about what it takes to be successful in the modern era, and you know, they were talking about the rising cost of college debt, and yadda,  , yadda, what have you, but there was somebody on there that was making the case that college was definitely still important, and that, you know, starting a business was incredibly high risk, and that you shouldn’t be going and doing it. And how the Internet has made things easier, but it’s not a real business, and yeah, like just crazy, crazy things. Right?

01:59          And you know, I’m sitting there listening halfway entertained by this whole thing because I’m like, “Oh my gosh. How does… how does the mainstream media get away with some things?” Like, there are people on mainstream media giving such terrible advice. Like it’s just so bad. Guys, the reality is not Shark Tank, especially if you’re starting a business. Alright? I’m going to use the term business as kind of our… our term here for today, but I mean business as whatever it is that you’re trying to go be successful at. I believe that no matter where you’re successful at, you should have a business because if you have like an LLC set up or like you know, business entity, you can save so much and you protect yourself. I mean, no matter who you are. If you’re a sports player, you’re going to have a business set up.

02:43          If you’re a… you know, a professional painter, or you know, you’re a teacher of some sort and you teach things, like everybody’s going to have a business entity set up if you’re doing it properly. And so, I’m going to use the word business in this episode as kind of our word of success, meaning whatever it is that you’re passionate about in life, that’s what I’m talking about. So if you’re in a nine to five job right now, or you know, you have some other passion besides growing, you know, a huge massive business, or anything like that. I understand, but we’re gonna use that word interchangeably. But I’m sitting there and I’m watching the news, and I’m just absolutely mind blown by what mainstream media is teaching is important in life, and what they believe is determining factors on whether or not you’re going to be successful.

03:28          But then, I go and I switch over, you know, turn off the… stop watching whatever it is I was watching, I was… it was a news clip on Facebook, I think it was, from… I don’t remember if it was CNN or Fox, or something like that, but it was terrible, I actually I think it was CNBC or Money CNN, I don’t remember. Anyway, I click off the clip and I’m scrolling through Facebook. Right? And, I see people on Facebook also giving terrible advice, saying the key to being successful is having lots of followers on social media, or you know, the key to being successful is having this revolutionary product that’s no one has ever heard of before. And I just look at it and I just go, you all are mad. Everybody’s crazy. That has nothing to do with success. That has nothing to do with making sure that you’re going to have success in life in whatever aspect or feel that is.

04:13          There are five key things that if I had to start all over again and do that, I would focus on learning. And I want to talk about those here today on this episode, but let me be very clear. You do not need a college degree to be successful. You do not need a lot of money to be successful. You do not need a million followers on Instagram to be successful. You definitely don’t need some revolutionary product that nobody’s ever heard about before to be successful. Yes. Are Those things nice? Just having a bunch of money in the bank, make the process or the journey a little bit easier perhaps. Does having a college degree maybe allow you to get in front of someone a little bit easier than if you didn’t have it? If it’s from like an Ivy League or like name brand school? Yeah, of course those things are nice, but, and having a million followers on Instagram or on social media makes things a lot easier to sell to, but those things are not what make you successful.

05:10          And if you’re chasing any of those things to go out and be successful, your whole version of how you’re going to get to success is off and you’re in for eight harsh reality that that’s not actually what matters at some point in your life. But I want to go through and I want to talk about these five key principles. I’m gonna keep these things very simple and I want to really touch on the power of these because I think a lot of people when they come out with these lists, are they undervalue them or that, because that’s just on a list and it sounds cliche, people kind of blow it off, but I really want you to think about the importance of each one of these things that I’m talking about. Now. It’s really cool because most of what I’m going to talk about here in these next five pieces, we have done podcasts on in the past.

05:58          In fact, we just did last week a podcast on two of these episodes. So if you want more understanding about these things, you can go back and listen to podcast episodes on these particular topics. And couple of these have you, if you’re a loyal listener to the podcast, you will recognize as things that we’ve talked about on the podcast before. So I want to dive into this list, but I compiled this list and I’ve thought about this a lot because I’m like, what if I had to break things down into three things or five things for just a few things that someone could learn? Like what are the core principles of everything? You know? Cause someone could say, well Josh, you need to learn how to run Facebook ads or Josh, you need to learn how to, you know, make money or you need to learn how to do x or you need to learn how to, you know, whatever that thing is.

06:39          There’s all these little tips and tricks, but if you just boil it down to the core principles, then life becomes much simpler. People over complicate life people, oh my God, people are over complicate life and businesses that success so much. And it’s because while it’s because they’re lacking these principles actually. Well let’s just dive in without further ado, because I really want to dive into these things and spend some time in them. All right. Number one, this is pillar number one of success. Something that very few people talk about and something that you probably won’t learn until you’re actually a little bit further down your success journey. You’ll probably do other ones of, these are other steps before this one, but this is one of the things that I learned after I got to that point in my life where I’ve already had some success, but I believe it is if I could go back and learn it in order, I believe this is the number one thing that I would start to learn with and that is you’ve got to learn how to think of objectively.

07:35          Now, I just did a podcast episode on this last week. In fact, it would have been, uh, last Wednesday. So, uh, episode 76, I believe is when that dropped yet, uh, episode 76. If you go back and listen to that, we talk about in detail why this is important and how this works and how to do it. But the concept of thinking objective Lee means removing your emotion from the situation and viewing things as a third party bystander and with no emotional or invested attachment to anything. It’s your, it’s completely objective. You look at a situation purely with logic, no emotions, and you decide what to do based purely off of logic and what’s crazy about this and the reason that somebody missed so many people miss this or don’t understand the power of this and you could hear this and be like, well why is that so powerful Josh is because so many things that we do, especially when it comes to business, especially when it comes to success, especially I think when it comes to things that we’re doing is we tie our emotions to it.

08:36          We get emotionally attached to our product or emotionally attached to our brand or are we going emotionally but hurt if we don’t make a sale or when somebody bad mouth us or if we don’t feel smart enough or if we don’t make money right away or you become very emotional. We get down on ourselves and it tends to destroy us. It tends to hold us back from what our potential is. And so thinking objective, Lee is single-handedly the best thing that you can do simply because the rest of these things lined up and the rest of all of your things in life. If you learn how to think objectives with something, you’re always going to make the best decision possible or you’re setting yourself up to make the best decision possible. But so many people let their emotions take over their decision-making process and they don’t make the best decision for them.

09:17          And I’m talking about in all areas of life, I’m not just talking about in business, I’m talking about in your relationships, I’m talking about in your business, I’m talking about in you know your fitness life. I’m talking about your decisions when you wake up in the morning, like when you look at things objectively. So many clear things happen. If you’re working a nine to five right now or you’re in college right now and you look at what you want to do in life and you look at the things that are holding you back, emotions will hold you back from taking that action because you’re going to be scared or you’re going to do that, he said, or that or whatever. But when you go and you look at things from an objective standpoint and you just go all in on that, you’re gonna have the best possible chance to win.

10:01          And I’ve watched so many people do this. In fact, um, I was listening to a podcast interview. Uh, there’s a guy named Spencer on Logan Paul’s podcast, and he was talking about how he was, I think it was seven weeks or something like that, or like four weeks. It was close to graduating from college. And he recognized that what he wanted to do was revolutionize the education space. So natural or, you know, the mainstream thought process would have been, hey, finish college first year, seven weeks away. Right? You might as well finish that. But he looked at this and he took an objective viewpoint and said, if I want to revolutionize the system, I want to get started now. I don’t need a college degree and if I really truly want to rent over the revolutionize the system, other people could look at me and go, well, you have a college degree, so it’s easy for you to say this, but he dropped out and now he has the ability to say, listen, I went through college.

10:51          I didn’t even graduate because I went through it and seven weeks away I realized it was worthless. Anybody could go and finish that seven weeks and finish college, but he has gone and he’s going to prove himself and say, no, I’m going to revolutionize this education. That’s his dream is to revolutionize the education system without a college degree because I don’t believe you need it. I don’t believe it’s worth anything anymore. And that’s an example of taking a step back and going, okay, if I want to do this, not what is mainstream media thing, not what are my parents think, not what does my friend’s thing. Now what is logical to a chaotic world? What’s logical in the actual logical sense of like taking all the emotions out of it, taking everybody else’s thought process out of it. What’s logical for what I, what it is that I’m trying to do.

11:32          So that’s the first thing. The second thing, and this one is big, this one, this one, most people don’t know how to do because the school system’s screws them. I mean the first one too. But the second one is you’ve got to learn how to understand. You’ve got to learn how to learn to understand. I apologize that learn how to learn to understand what I mean by this. When I was in school, I hated school and I remember I would sit there and I was homeschooled and we use this curriculum where we would get videotapes of a teacher. So this was from an actual school and the school sessions were recorded and we were given like we have the videotapes and then we have the textbooks and you would watch the video and you follow along in the textbook and you would go through and you know you would write down the answers or do your thing.

12:23          I would literally sit there and I would zone out. I would play, try to play games on like [inaudible] 88 [inaudible] 89 plus or whatever it is. That calculator that you get in high school, they had like little games on it and I would play games. I completely ignore the teacher. The only thing that I learned how to do was I learned how to find the answer and write down the right thing. I didn’t learn how to learn. I didn’t learn how to understand. I didn’t learn how to think critically. I didn’t learn how to do any of those things in the school system. I learned how to go and find the right answer and if I was wrong, oh well and I didn’t learn how to care. I wasn’t emotionally involved at all. I wasn’t, I wouldn’t even logically involved. I was just there and I was like, tell me the answer so I can move on with my day.

13:08          Now. Thankfully I had awesome parents that taught me critical thinking, thankfully had awesome parents that didn’t let me get away with just those things. But the school system as a whole, even in my life as I was homeschooled, doesn’t teach you how to learn, how to understand. It doesn’t teach you how to learn, how to learn. It just teaches you stuff. And it’s like, Hey, I hope this sticks. I had to teach myself how to learn. And most people never learn how to learn. And so you have to teach yourself how to learn and be intentional about learning. Because I can give you all the courses in the world, all the content in the world, all the lectures in the world, all the information that you need in order to succeed. But if you don’t know how to actually receive that and understand that and apply that, you’re never going to go and be able to get ahead in life.

13:54          And so I see so many people out there today that they buy all the right courses. They hang out with the right people, but they don’t know how to actually consume the content and apply it. They don’t know how to understand it because they never learned how to learn. They never learned how to understand. They learned how to take a test. They learned how to get the right answer, but they didn’t learn to understand it and actually be able to critically think and apply it to their life, to their business, and have success. So number two, the skill that you need to learn there is not anything else besides learning how to learn and learning how to understand. All right, so what I have written down here is learn how to learn to understand, learn how to learn, learn how to go so you can apply.


14:36          Learn how to learn so that you can go and think objective Lee, and learn how to think, have critical thinking and learn how to solve problems and learn how to figure things out. That’s so, so super important. All right. Moving on to number three and this one, single man, I keep saying like the greatest, the biggest or the best. This one is the most profitable skill I’ve ever had in my life and I believe is the number one skill that anyone should learn if they want to be successful. I think the most important thing when it comes to like really seeing the big picture is step number one, which was learn how to think objectively. But growing up, my mom would always tell me, and you know, there’s a cliche quote my mom would repeated over and over and over again that says, your network determines your net worth and it’s all about who you know, not what you know.


15:26          Right? It has nothing to do with what you know. It’s all about who you know. Now, at the time I didn’t really quite understand that. I understood that if you knew the right people and Yada, Yada and all that stuff, that would be cool. But I didn’t really understand that there was a way to actually go about networking with people and when I would try to go network with people when I was younger, I would do it the entirely wrong way. In fact, I remember going to events when I first got started into entrepreneurship. Okay. I had just gone out on my own. The very first event that I ever went to, like big major event besides like a little get together was a conference. It was in Las Vegas and I flew out there and I remember literally going up to people, I’m a pretty like social dude and so I had done really well in like my social friends group for church and 4-H and school or whatever because it had nothing to do with business.


16:21          And so it’s a whole lot easier just to kind of meet people when you’re not trying to get something out of them or when you’re not intimidated because someone might be smarter than you are, all those different things. But I never networked in business before. I had never gone and been like, how do, how do I go and do this? And so I remember going and I would literally walk up to people and I would be like, Hey, I’m Josh, nice to meet you. And then I would say, why I’m just here networking and I would literally just tell them that I was super awkward and I was super like weird about certain things and you might be like, Josh, you awkward or weird. I kind of was honestly, but I didn’t let that stop me. Well through that entire process is I would go, I would start to realize that there, I started to realize that when I would go up to someone and just have a normal conversation with them rather than going into that conversation with like this intention of trying to network and get to know them and how can I better your life and everything like that when I was just a genuine human and went to have a genuine conversation with someone, I went so much further and actually once again I did another podcast episode on this episode 75 Monday of last week.


17:22          Go back and listen to it and it’s called um, I’m sorry. No, not, not episode 75 episode 73 Wednesday, two weeks ago, episode 73 how to network and become friends with successful people and influencers. Be Genuine. I have had more business. I have had more opportunities open up. I have made more money. I’ve gotten further in my career through networking than any other part of my business. Period. Sales is a close second, but when it comes to actual opportunity doors that have opened up, networking has gotten me further than anything else and I became a better networker when I learned to think of objectively and when I learned how to learn because then I could go and study people, stopped processing p study how to network and how to read a room and how to read people. I was sitting with a, uh, a friend of mine, actually, I’m going to say this for the next point, that that’s the story for the next one.


18:19          It’s gonna be really good. Networking is what will get you to the next level. But don’t think of networking as this thing where you go in and you’re like, oh, I’m going no nut work today. How am I going to build my relationships so I can get to that billion dollar Rolodex? What people can I go and add to the book today? Like that’s not the approach that you want to have. You want to see everybody as a human being and you just want to think, how can I better in their life? How can I take a genuine interest in them? How can I go and form a relationship here that’s mutually beneficial, focused on them and just go and have a normal conversation with that person? Because here’s the thing, the thing that I’ve noticed with networking that very few people talk about when they talk about this whole networking thing is that influencers, successful people, people that you want to network with, they buy more into you than what you do or what you’ve done than anything else.


19:19          I’ve networked with people that did not need my services, that did not need me, that had the money to go get anybody in the world. But we became friends simply because they liked me. They liked what I stood for and they liked who I was as a person. And that right there is the key to networking. Be True to yourself, be honest with yourself. Take a genuine interest in that other person and you’re going to just, it’s going to go so far. All right, number four, run out of time here. So I gotta keep on moving. Number four, learn how to sell/Storytelling. So storytelling is the art of selling. I mean sales has a lot to do with storytelling. Marketing has a lot to do with storytelling. So I put sell/storytelling because they go hand in hand. Selling is the second most valuable skill.


20:10          I used to say it was the first, but networking takes that spot. But when you network, it gets 10 times, probably a hundred times easier to sell to those people. And just to sell to people in general because you’re networking with those types of people. See how these all build off of each other. If you first learn how to think objective Lee, and then you learn how to understand and learn how to learn and learn how to figure things out. And then you’ll learn how to network and you’re using objective thinking and you’re using, figuring out problem-solving and objective thinking or critical thinking to network. And now you’ve built this network. Now you go to sell to these people. You already have a relationship with them the best that are going to do business with you. And they’re gonna bring a longterm relationship in business.


20:51          And the people that are gonna make you the most money in it, you’re gonna be able to provide the most value to are the people that you know, like, and trust and the people that you network with. So I was sitting there and the reason that selling is so important and the reason that I’ve focused so much on learning about people when it comes to selling is because if you understand human psychology, you can control everyone in anything. I was sitting there, here’s the store that I was going to get to with a friend of mine, a client of mine actually very, very, very successful, made tens and millions of dollars, generated hundreds of millions of dollars. And we’re sitting there having dinner. We were overlooking the water and I looked at him and we were chatting back and forth about, you know, the future and that work and whatnot. And we were talking about books that I was reading and I said, well, I’m reading books on human psychology right now.


21:39          He said, well, why are you doing that? And I said, because I believe that if I can understand the patterns of the masses and how the masses think and also understand how the singular individual thinks that I can have whatever I want out of life and control whatever group of people that I want. Not in a manipulative, negative way but in a good way. And he said, you’re absolutely right. And I said, Oh really? He said, it’s scientifically proven. If you can understand how the majority thinks, how the masses think and can influence them yet. And you can also sit down with someone one on one and learn how to read them and figure out what their motive is and really have a really good understanding of how they think you can control anyone you can control, you can get anything you want out of life.


22:24          And that’s sales right there. Understanding human psychology marketing is understanding human psychology at a mass level. Sales is understanding human psychology. One-To-One storytelling is what allows you to tap into that human psychology, create emotional connection and get them to make a decision. So learning sales and learning storytelling will get you further in business. And further and making money than just about anything except for networking. But it’s increasingly easier to sell anyone if you network with them. I mean, it just is. You know them, they know you, they trust you, you have a good relationship there. And so I sit there and I begged you and I say, please understand that if you follow these steps, you learn how to think objectively, that you learn how to learn. You learn how to understand, and you learn how to network. You learn how to sell and storytell your life is going to become better because opportunities are going to open up.


23:14          People are going to respect you and you’re gonna have so many opportunities there because you’ve done what it takes to get to that point. Very few people are doing these things. If you learn how to think objective, Lee, that alone is going to put you in a category by itself and successful people that know what objective thinking looks like, are we going to be attracted to you? And you’re going to stand out from everybody else. That’s networking with them. When you learn how to learn and you learn how to problem solve and you learn critical thinking and you learn how to understand. So few people learn how to do that. That’s going to set you out. When you know how to network and when you’re networking with people and they see, oh, you know how to think objectives. Oh you know how to learn. You know how to figure things out.


23:52          That sets you in a category of its own. When you learn how to sell, when you learn how to storytell, when you learn how, how the masses work and how the individual works. Sales and marketing, storytelling, once again, that’s going to set you up in a category by its own. It doesn’t matter if you’re crazy good at, it doesn’t matter if you, you know, have not made millions of dollars with it. But if you understand it and are able to present that in a way that people can understand, that’s going to set you apart. And then lastly, I’m gonna wrap up this episode with this, this one, without doing this one, none of the rest of them will work. It’s not the most important, but it is the most important. If you want to make the rest of them work, swallow your ego, swallow your pride and listen to smart people.


24:39          This is something that I wished I knew when I was 18 1920 and just getting started. I had a huge ego. Nobody could tell me what to do. I’d had success on Instagram, success on social media. I didn’t take smart people’s advice. I looked at them as if they were wrong. I didn’t see the other side and it costs me a lot of money. It cost me a lot of heartache. It costs me losing a lot of my money and a lot of problems in business because I wasn’t willing to take advice from smart people, people and I had an ego. I’m reading a book right now called Ego is the enemy by Ryan holiday. It’s one of the best books on this subject. Ego and pride is going to be your downfall unless you get rid of it. You’ve got to get rid of it.


25:23          You’ve got to swallow it because when you’ve got pride, you’re not going to learn. When you’ve got pride in your life and when you’ve got ego in your life, it’s really hard to learn how to do anything because you’re not going to listen and take people’s advice. It’s really hard to learn how to think of objectively when you’ve got pride and ego in there because you’re, we talked about this in last week’s episode on Wednesday when we talked about thinking objective. Lee Pain is the natural reaction to your body when you want to go and attack your emotions, will you have emotions because you’re prideful and pride is an emotion, and so if you’re not willing to go and swallow your pride, you’re going to block out the ability to let go of your emotions and think objective Lee prize going to kill your networking. If you’re a prideful and arrogant and it’s all about you, that’s not networking, it will eventually come to bite you and you might think you’ve got a lot of cool friends or know a lot of cool people, but everyone’s going to think you’re a jerk and they’re going to know that you’re a prideful, arrogant person.


26:19          And then, I mean pretty straight forward. Brian, he’s going to kill you in sales and storytelling because if it’s all about you, it’s going to come back to bite you. Yes, there’s a lot of prideful salespeople out there. Yes, people know how to get around it, but they’re miserable and they’re not at the top of their game. I’ve met a lot of salespeople and the people that are the most humble and the people that are willing to swallow their pride, swallow their ego and learn from other really successful people are the ones that do the best in life, in sales, in business, chasing their dreams or whatever that thing is. So I remember you don’t need a college degree. You don’t need money. You don’t need followers. You don’t need a revolutionary idea. You don’t need mom and dad. You don’t need the government handout.


26:59          You don’t need any of those things. All you need is to learn how to think objective. Really learn how to learn slash understand, learn how to network, learn how to story, tell and sell and swallow your ego and start taking advice from smart people that will get you where you want to be in life. I promise you that. I hope this episode was beneficial as always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I mean that. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam piece.


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