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Control This, Control Your Life


In this episode, I talk about the importance of controlling your environment and how to do it.


Did you know that the people you surround yourself with can determine the success you have in life?

In this episode, I make the comparison of hanging out with two different groups of people and show how simply by hanging out with them, you become like them. The people that you choose to surround yourself with will ultimately heavily factor into the success you have. You don’t see Tom Brady practicing with rec league players for a reason. If you want to level up in life and business you need to surround yourself with people that are doing it or that have already done it.

This won’t just be all theory though, I’ll give you some several real-life examples of this and also talk about how this mindset has impacted my life.


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January 16, 2019


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All right, I want you to imagine that you’re in a room with two different sets of people in it. You’ve got one set of people that are all about sports. Tom Brady, Lebron James type people and all they do is talk about sports. Then on the other side, you have people that are all about video games, right? They talked video games and they talk the lingo. Things like PlayStation are their world. These are two totally different groups of people. This is the exact difference that I’m talking about with success and failure and who you hang out with is going to ultimately define you. Here’s what I mean by that.

01:22 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here was my issue. I wonder to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti @joshforti on Instagram and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do know and understand on this podcast. We think different. We dream bigger and we live in a world without minutes. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to the think different.

01:24 What’s up guys, welcome back to another episode of the, the different theory. And My name is Josh Forti and welcome to episode number eight, man, already eight episodes. And I am so excited about that. Super exciting stuff and I feel like I’m really kind of getting into my groove here, kind of getting more comfortable with the podcast recording the episodes and I really just being myself. I mean, the first couple episodes for five, six, seven episodes, they were fired. Let’s be honest. I’m, you know, I like doing this and it’s me. I mean, come on now. Um, but, uh, I feel like they were a little bit, you know, it’s new, it was new and so she’ll trying to find my groove and I feel like I’m finding my groove a little bit more. I can’t wait to see what another 10, 20, 30, 50 a thousand episodes will do to me.

02:03 But, uh, we’re getting into episode number eight here and I want to talk about something that was truly a life changer and a game changer for me. And I think that because it’s talked about almost like so much in today’s entrepreneurship world or success world that it sometimes is like diluted on how powerful it is. And then it’s not talked about near enough in the school system and in the traditional everyday life. Like nobody talks about it there and I’m just baffled by it because it’s truly one of the biggest shifts that you can make. And honestly it, like everything else that you do when it comes to like, you know, scheduling or waking up or success habits or mindset, all those different things. All of that happens when this happens. Like you’ve got to make this shift in this transition in order to allow those things to happen and to stick and when you do this, it all like it all just flows and it makes everything a whole lot easier and essentially makes it impossible for you to fail.

03:09 So what the heck it is that what I’m talking about? Well, I’m talking about your environment and controlling your environment and and literally every part of your environment down to even the small details, but specifically at a base level who you hang out with. All right? This is very important. People have no idea how much. Just hanging out with different people and not hanging out with negative people can change their life. Right? I want you to think about something. Okay? Let’s imagine you go into a room and you’re in this room and it’s a big room and there’s two sets of people on it are in this room. Okay? You got 50 people that are all about sports. Everything you can think of. Football, basketball, Tom Brady, Lebron, James like they know it. That’s all they talk about if their whole entire life. All right, and on the other side of the room, you’ve got another set of people that are all about video games and Xbox, PlayStation, the controllers, the headsets that games, the hottest trends.

04:11 They know it all. All right. If you were to go hang out for a month with the first group of people, who would you come back talking like who’d you come back acting like? Who would you come back thinking like will like them? Right? The sports people that people that are talking about sports, you know, sports statistics. You would know the hot trends, right? If you spend an entire month with them, you would think a lot more like they do and you would become very much informed. On the flip side, on the video game side of things, if you went and hung out with them, you’d probably become a video game nerd. You know all the hottest trends you would at least even if you had no video game experience, you would know how to play video games then at that point because you’d be out there hanging out with them and you would listen to them.

04:54 You heard them every single day. The same thing is true in all areas of your life, okay? If you want to be a happy person, a positive person, and you want things to go well in your life, guess what? You’ve got to hang out with those types of people. Why? Because naturally speaking, that type of energy, those types of vibes follow right, and that’s super, super important, but the thing is most people don’t understand that most people go and they think that if they hang out with negative friends, people that are complaining all the time, that they can still like that, that, that, that doesn’t affect them and it’s foolish and I was this way, right? I did not believe that who I hung out with affected me as much as it did. I really didn’t think so. All right? But when you look at your friend circle, if you look at that, the five people that you hang out with most, all right?

05:51 There’s that saying that says you are the five people that you hang out with, okay? If you look at them, you’re to notice how much when you’re around them, you are like them. You start talking like them. You start acting like them. It’s the reason that if your work environment, if you’re in a I got a job right now or your work around people every single day that are negative, you probably dread going to work. You probably complain about work a lot and you probably have very negative vibes and energy around or about life when you’re around them, whether you want to or not, it is hard to stay positive even if you’re a positive person. When you’re around negative energy, interest just is right on the flip side, if you are around positive people all day, like if you hung out with me all day or you hung out with people that love life, love what they do, love their work, are very positive and open thinking.

06:43 Then guess what? It’s going to be a whole lot harder to be negative and naturally speaking, euro round, good vibes. You’re around good energy. You’re gonna go out there and you’re going to have good energy. You’re going to have good vibes, you’re going to be positive. Why? Because you’re around positive people, and so one of the biggest things that I see and that people asked me about, there’s like, no, Josh, how do I become successful? How do I go and learn this? How do I do this? You’ve got to get around like minded people. Like networking is so important, not only because of the relationships that you make, but simply because when you’re around like minded people, your mind starts to think like them. All right? There’s a friend of mine, his name is Steven Larsen, and uh, he’s a successful entrepreneur. He worked for a company called Clickfunnels for the first two years before he went out and started his company.

07:35 Now, if you don’t know what Clickfunnels, it is a software company, and it is the fastest growing software, our fastest growing non-venture capital backed software company in the world, they went from zero to $100,000,000 in revenue in three years. And it’s led by a guy named Russell Brunson, right? And this guy, Russell Bronson’s, phenomenal, phenomenal Internet marketer guy like so brilliantly smart at marketing and he built this company up and Steven Larson was his, essentially his assistant. We started out as like his kind of right hand man and actually I think he started off as like an uh, an affiliate manager or something. Basically something like just barely in the company that was a nobody. And he worked his way up to where he was sitting right beside Russell even though, I mean steven wasn’t like special, he just happened to be there and you know, right place, right time.

08:27 And he got and, and worked to get next to Russell and learn from Russell. And he went and watched Russell build this company from the ground up and he got to experience literally behind the scenes of an $100, million dollar company built from the ground up. And guess what? He goes out and starts a business. And the, his first year in business, he makes over $1,000,000. How did, how did he do that? It’s because he was around a guy that knew how to make money that knew how to market the new, how to build the business for two straight years, every single day, 12 hours a day, and his entire team and his mentors and his crew. And so he started to think like, Russell, he started to think in terms of, you know, when he saw opportunity, he would view this and then he’d do this and you know what to do here, why he didn’t read it from a book.

09:14 He learned it by being around that person by being around Russell and he said, he’s like, there are things that you just cannot teach. There are things that just happen by doing things over and over and over and over again and being around people that do it as well. And he credits a lot of his success to being around that. That’s the same thing that’s true in your life. Alright. I used to be a very negative person towards myself. Very, uh, like I beat myself up a lot. I complained about life a lot and I know it’s like Josh, you are. You’re such a positive, outgoing person now. I wasn’t always this way. I always tried to be, but I noticed how big my moods and my attitude towards things would change based on the people that I was around and so back when I was in Indiana.

10:03 In fact, I’m going to back up and talk to you about how important shifting your environment is here in just a second. Because like when I was in Indiana back when I lived there, it was a very negative environment for me. The people that I was around, the energy that was there, a lot of people I don’t know if I wanted to say they wanted to see me fail, but they just never thought I was going to make it. They thought I was crazy. They thought I was over the top. They, you know, made fun of me for my tattoos. They thought my dreams were crazy. A lot of negativity. Not so much with my family, but with a lot of friends and in that space and then my escape from them. Those people I hung out with, people that I loved and they loved me, but they were all very negative about life, always complaining, always their boss’s fault, their parents fault, they’re the, you know, whatever negative, negative, negative, negative.

10:53 And I started blaming everybody for my problems and failures. I started blaming my business partner for things that were going wrong in business. I started blaming my girlfriend or someone, you know, the person that that I was, you know, with or interested in at the time for issues. It was never my fault. It was always somebody else’s fault. I was negative, I was depressed. I wasn’t really getting things done and I realized this and I realized that I was not getting ahead and it scared me and so I understood the importance of having a positive environment and getting around the right people and also getting away from negative people. Okay. Getting around the right people is important, but just as important as getting away from negative people because if you’re around positive but you’re also around negative, Kinda like they cancel each other out. Like you don’t really get anywhere.

11:45 Right? You’ve got to cut out the negative people in your life. And so for me, I saw this in myself. I didn’t like, I didn’t know how to escape it because everywhere that I went and for Wayne, it was my comfort zone. I knew that people around there and it just all kind of disgusted me and I, I just didn’t know what to do or where to go. And so as I sat down and I started studying the importance of this, and I talked about this on kind of like an earlier episode, I actually think it was episode one. I started studying successful people and I started studying what they did and I started studying who they were hanging out around and all these different things and I realized how much they talked about their environment and I realized that they were very selective with their circles.

12:25 And now when you look at a famous person, obviously you look at them and you know, a famous person or a successful person, they’re hard to get ahold of. And they’re very, very selective with who they hang out with. You can’t just walk up to a famous person and become their best friend. Why? So I started as that and I’m like, well, why can’t I just become their best friend? And if I wanted to, how would I go about doing that? Well, that begs the question of who do they actually hang out around and that’s when I realized that successful people in any area of life, successful and money, successful in music, successful influence, successful in happiness, anywhere controlled their environment so much. And they were very, very selective with who they hung out with. And when asked around whether it was Logan Paul, and Youtube or you know, the biggest singers, celebrities in the world or the biggest businessmen in the world, or you know, whoever it was, a common denominator that they had as I studied them, was they controlled their environment and they did whatever it took to get away from negativity.

13:29 They did whatever it took to cut people that didn’t align with their vision out of their life. People that were negative, they got rid of them and then they went and found people that had a similar vision. And a similar goal of what they wanted and they got around them. This is why conferences and events and things sell so well is because you’re bringing lots and lots of likeminded people together that all have energy and interest around the same topic. And when you have that, people feel at home, they feel like they’re included, they feel like people actually get them and understanding people crave connection. It is the strongest craving out. There is that connection, that, that craving of connection. And so as I started to study these successful people, I was like, okay, I know right now that I’m in a negative environment. And I sat there and I remember this was while I was sleeping on my buddy’s couch and I remember thinking, okay, I finally have the money to be able to go and get off my buddy’s couch and go someplace new.

14:34 Where am I going to go? Like, what am I going to do? I could get an apartment, I could get a house. I can stay here. What am I going to do? But I realized that if I stayed in Indiana where I was, that no matter where I went, there was negative energy there. I was going to be around people that were going to hold me back. They did not think as big as I did. They did not understand what I wanted to do. Some of them discouraged it and actively talked me out of it. Some of them just didn’t support me. And like they were like, oh yeah, you do you. But I think it’s weird. And some of them wanted to support me, but they just didn’t understand and they tried to talk me out of things because they thought they were being cautious or they thought they were, you know, trying to help me make the right decision and they didn’t want to see me hurt or fail, but they didn’t understand that I didn’t care.

15:23 I wanted to go and experience life. I wanted to go out and have success and I wanted to do whatever it took. And so it took me literally moving across the country. Oh, okay. To get away from this, I open up the map one day and I had just come back from speaking in Kansas City. All right, so on my way to Kansas City, I actually drove out there and I stopped in Omaha, Nebraska and a friend of mine lived out here at the time and she was one of the people that put on the event down in Kansas City. And so I drove out here, met up with her and her family and we drove down to Kansas City and I spoke. We held this little mastermind where I taught all about Instagram and social media and know things that I was teaching. And on the way back on the, on the drive back home, I realized that the vibes and the energy when I was around those type of people was so good there in Kansas City.

16:20 Zach was there, big shout out to uh, Zack Atkinson. He was on there down in Kansas City. Stayed at his place that night. Love you man. I’m energy was good advise. We’re good. And I was like, I’ve got to get around this or I know that I at least need to get away from where I’m at. And so I opened up a map one day and I was like, I got to get out of Fort Wayne. And I knew I did not want to go to a big city even though I knew I wanted to Miami, La, New York. Those were kind of all in my mind. I knew that I was not ready yet for a big city. I knew I did not have the self control to not let it ruin me. And we’ll talk about that on another episode because I think that’s super important. Self awareness, knowing yourself, I’m really, really big on this and a lot of people don’t see the sacrifices that I make and the things that I don’t do because I don’t talk about it as much in this podcast, I’m going to do more talking about it.

17:15 But I knew that I wasn’t ready for the big city. I knew it could potentially corrupt me. And so I was like, I got to go someplace where I can learn, where there’s success, where I can just be alone with myself and my thoughts and learn about life. And I opened up a map. I pointed my finger down one day, Omaha, Nebraska was the place I packed everything in my a jeep. I had a jeep grand Cherokee at the time at oh four, I think I rented a u haul trailer, stuck all of my stuff in the back of it and I drove across country out here when I got here, signed a lease on an apartment and that’s where I’m at today. Why? Because I was so committed to changing my environment. I knew I couldn’t just leave the house. I had to get away from the negative energy of everyone.

17:58 I was around and I had to start fresh and I knew I needed to find myself. Now, ideally I would have liked to go to a place where I already knew people were. Things were established where I had a good support group, but I didn’t have that. And so many people will let that cripple them. So many people will be like, well, I have no place to go. Well, I don’t know anybody. Neither did I. Okay. I’m here to tell you that to this day in Omaha, I’ve been here for a year and a half. Okay. The only people that I know are the people at the bar that I eat out every night. There’s a sports bar about two miles up the road. My girlfriend is the general manager. We met there. Yes. Um, and she’s awesome. Big shout out to her and that’s the only place I go. I hang out with her.

18:47 I do work, I go to the bar, I don’t drink. It’s funny. I don’t drink any alcohol. I just eat there. I go to Walmart, I go to the gym, I go to the airport and that’s pretty much it. Actually I don’t go to the gym that much. I need to 2019. Shout out, let’s do this. We’re going to do it. But anyway, I didn’t have a place to go but I knew I needed to change my environment and that’s onboard to us. And let me tell you, when I moved out here, it was scary. I was like, dude, I don’t know anybody out here. This is crazy. But it forced me then to look inside of myself, find myself, learn about myself, go on this journey of finding myself. And then it forced me to go out and make friends. I’m an extrovert. Some people are introverts.

19:28 I’m an extrovert. And I was like, okay, I got to have somebody to talk to. I can now start fresh. So what did I do? I turn to the Internet. All right? And that was my out. I found now my best friend in the whole world. Big shout out to Lauren, who? Her and Daniel, her, um, her boyfriend, some of my best friends I connected with. And I related to why? Because now I could choose my environment. I could choose the energy that I’m around. Remember, energy is not bound by time and length and distance like we are as, as physical objects. You can be on the other side of the world with someone face time with them on the phone. And your energy is good. Good vibes. Good energy, good environment. You have the internet, now you can connect with anyone, so if it takes moving away from negative energy, get away from it because no matter where you’re at in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you can go and connect with anyone.

20:32 Connect with good vibes, good energy. That’s why. That’s why my facebook group started. Let me maybe not for that specific reason, but for like connecting with other people and bringing like-minded people together to connect with people, network with people. Get into mastermind. People are so afraid to like pay to get in a mastermind stuff. I’m like, dude, get into masterminds. Get around good quality people, good vibes, good vibes, super important. It will help drive your mindset forward better than anything else. I am happier now why I can be happy. Even when times were really bad because my core friend group the three to five people that I talked to on a weekly basis and then I hang out with and that I bounce ideas off of our positive people. They are people that forced me to level up in all areas of my life, not just in business.

21:17 Okay? I’m not like this is super, super key and crucial in business. It is, but this is super, super crucial and key in all areas of life. Happiness, your skillset, uh, you know, seeing things in the right perspective, your health, all areas, get around the right people and your mindset will change because you naturally start thinking like the people that you’re around, you rub off on them, they rub off on you. So if you get around good people, you’re going to become a better person. If you’re around positive people, you’re going to become around positive people. So find three to five people that you want to be like, always be yourself, but their vibes are going to rub off. And that’s so important. It is so key. You’ve got to know that I cannot stress that enough. And your environment is everything. Control your environment, control who you’re around.

22:10 And this is also true for material objects. Okay? In my apartment, I am not a minimalist. Maybe by definition I am. I don’t know. I’m really not, I like things, but in my apartment I get rid of things that distract me in my life, in my apartment, in my office, in my bedroom, in every area of my car. Things that are negative, things that are distracting, I get rid of them. I don’t listen to negative music. I cannot tolerate negativity. If I’m on the phone with someone and they’re negative or I’m at an event and someone’s negative like I have to, I have to stop. Like I have to get away from them. I do not let negativity into my life at all. Why? Because there’s no room for that. Yes. Sad things happen. Yes. Bad things happen. Yes. I’m a realist. Yes, I. I am aware of negative things.

23:07 However, when someone is constantly complaining and looking at the negative side of the world, it literally. I’ve trained my mind through my environment to shut it down and get away from it. There’s no negativity in my apartment, my office, my house, all music as positive or reading as positive or learning. If there’s negativity, there’s a lesson behind it. Distractions cut to a minimum. That’s the reason I don’t have any social media on my phone. Okay? I have no Snapchat, no Facebook, no facebook messenger, no twitter, none of those things. Okay. Have Instagram on my business phone so that I can upload stories on my personal phone. Okay? I keep things to a minimum to eliminate distractions and make sure vibes are good. Those things were causing me stress and negativity and comparison. I got rid of them, my tv out in the living room. I had tendencies to go and turn on the news or turn on things that didn’t keep me focused and keep me positive, uplifted and going towards my goal.

24:12 It got rid of it. Here’s the other thing. A lot of people that do this, there’ll be like, well, that thing isn’t bad. It might not be good, but it’s not bad. It’s not holding me back. I asked you the question of how bad do you want the good? How bad do you want your goals? How bad do you want to be happy? How bad do you want to become the person that you want to become? Because let me tell you, watching Netflix isn’t a bad thing, right? I have Netflix, but if Netflix is causing you to have depression or if Netflix is distracting you from doing things that would make you happier or hang out with people that would make you better or reading a book that would expand your mind, then is it something that really needs to be in your life? You gotta.

24:57 Think about all elements of this. The more you control your environment, the more you control the outcome of your life, the success that you have, the relationship that you have, the happiness that you have, the purpose that you have, all comes back to your environment. Fix it, make it right, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box with this, okay? Ninety five percent of what society tells you that you need to have in your house you don’t need to have. Okay? I have found that the less that I have in my life and in my environment, the happier I become, the more focused I become and the more time that I have for people and energy that is good. All right? Energy that people that you are around, the environment that you allow yourself to be in is everything. Do not settle for an environment or for energy that is sub-par and not up to where it needs to be changed or the environment.

25:53 I promise you it will be the best thing that you ever do. All right. All right guys. I hope you enjoy this episode a little bit long today, but, uh, a good one nonetheless. Hit me up on Instagram. Let me know. I want to answer questions on there @joshforti. Follow me on there. Hit me in the DM. Like I said, I want to know your feedback. Did you like it? Did you not like it? Episode Eight, talking about controlling your environment, which I think is super, super important. Okay, follow me. Hit me up on there also, if you haven’t yet, come on now. Subscribe. Leave a rating, leave a review. Help get this message of positivity out to the world. Help people change their lives. This is what it takes. Okay? Going out there and changing your life for the better, make sure to share this out to your friends, uh, and anybody that you think would benefit from this.

26:40 Right guys, I love you all. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are gonna. Be the ones that change the world even if that world is just your own. All right? Don’t try to change the whole world before he tried to change your own world. Some of us all we need to change as our world and we’ll be happy for the rest of our lives. Guys, I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy, fam. Peace. Yo, what’s up guys? You’ve been listening to the think different theory with myself. Josh Forti, which I like to call a new paradigm of thinking, and real quick, I got a question for you. Did you like this episode? If you did, I want to ask a huge favor. See the biggest thing that helps this podcast grow and that will spread this message of positivity and making the world a better place is if you leave a review or rating and subscribe to the podcast. What that does is it basically tells the platforms that this is out on that you liked my stuff and then I’m doing something right, so if you could take like three seconds out of your day and subscribe, leave a rating and review. I will be forever grateful for you. Also, I want to hear from you. I want to know your feedback, your ideas, and your questions for future episodes, so be sure to hit me up on Instagram in the DM @joshforti or via email