Think Different Theory

How Much Success do you Want?


In this episode, I’m going to talk about the fact that not everyone wants the same level of success in life, and not everyone wants to achieve greatness.


I’m going to talk about how success is a major sacrifice, takes major personal development, and is a huge commitment. I also share the story of how I realized that some people are okay with average, and when that finally made sense to me.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Gaining wealth and influence to help others (04:01)
  • People have their own different versions of success (05:55)
  • Achieving great success requires huge commitment (08:59)
  • Saying no to self-limiting beliefs (12:49)
  • Systemizing things so we can have more (15:37)
  • Knowing what we want out of life and being okay with it (19:09)


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June 26, 2019


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00:00          And as I sat there, windows down with the wind blowing through my hair and the sun setting, ice cream in my hand. I was on like this high of life. It was a great day. It was awesome. I’m sitting there and I thought to myself, if this is as good as life gets, if it never got any better than this, if this was the top for me, am I happy with that? And I thought to myself, the answer is no, it’s not, but then I asked myself the question, is it good enough for someone else?

00:31          You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:16          What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti and I’ve got to tell you, I had a little bit of an interesting experience over the weekend. And, it was one of those life moments where… a moment of clarity, but a moment where I started to better understand more people. And one of the things that I always try to do is, I try to understand human psychology. Right? And I kind of have this thought process that says, “If I can understand how to understand someone one on one, and read them like a book, and understand like the thought process, and everything there, and I can also understand how to influence the masses, then I can basically have anything that I want in life or I can, you know, accomplish whatever I want in life, be that for good or business or what have you, and hopefully use those powers and, or use that information, or those skills for good, understanding people.”

02:05          And so I’m always trying to kind of put myself in the… in the space of whoever it is that I’m trying to understand. And one of the things that I’ve talked about a lot on this podcast is, you know, wanting it all, and you know, this podcast is for those that do want more out of life, that do want to go live life without limits, that want the most out of everything. They’re going to go, they’re going to push their mind to the limits, they’re gonna push their possibilities to the limits, and everything of that nature. And, you know, I am very aware of the fact that everybody wants different things. And, this is something that my mom actually, and I get into a lot whenever we have conversations, she’s like, you know, “Josh, not everybody’s going to be able to go out and get rich. Not everybody’s going to be able to go out and… not only that… not everybody wants that.”

02:46          Not everybody wants to go out and do crazy things, and change the world, and yadda, yadda. Some people just want to live a normal life. Some people just want to have, you know, a wife and kids, or a husband and kids or, you know, whatever that looks like. And, you know, I know this. My best friend in the whole world, you know, I’ve done episodes on this before where I talked about him, and his whole entire goal in life is to just hang out, have a wife and kids and just be chill. And he’s one of the happiest guys I’ve ever met in my life, but it’s one of those things where I have never really understood that. And about, I dunno, this would be two to three weeks ago now.

03:19          Yeah, I think… I think three weeks or two, or three weeks ago, I was down in Florida, and I was with my business partner, and I was with a guy named Daniel, and he and I were kind of going back and forth. And it’s interesting because Daniel and I have very different religious views, very different views on life, but I mean, he and I are good friends, and we were talking about the concept of, you know, getting wealthy and whatnot and he’s like, “Josh, anyone can go get rich. Anyone can go out and have success, but not everyone can.” And so that kinda got me thinking about some different things too. And I had heard that before and we had a great conversation about that, but still, I struggled with and wasn’t really able to understand like how you wouldn’t want crazy amounts of things out of life.

04:01          You know, like for me, I sit down, I have these goals, I have these dreams and I’m like, I want to go change the world. I want to become ridiculously wealthy, not for my own gain, but to help other people. I want the influence to help other people. I could not just sit around and live in a small town my whole life some other people can. And you know, my sister and my brother and I have family members that like that. And I have friends that just want to do that and I just didn’t understand what that was like. And then I had kind of this experience over the weekend that kind of opened up my eyes to something. I’m going to kind of tell you what happened. And it was one of those things I just kind of reminded me like, Hey, we all have to decide how much success that we want out of life.

04:42          And that’s kind of the topic for today’s episode. And, uh, I was actually talking to my brother Kyle about this and we’re gonna get to the story about what happened this weekend here in just one second. But Kyle before he, before he passed away and uh, you know, before the helicopter crashed or whatnot about this would’ve been about three weeks beforehand. He and I were talking back and forth. I was actually a deeming him on Instagram and by the way, if you’re not following me on Instagram @JoshForti, hit me in the DMs and I’d love to have a conversation with you just, you know, see what you like and don’t like about the podcast. Anyway, I was having a conversation with Kyle, we were going back and forth with Deming and we were talking about success and what we want out of life and what’s important to us.

05:19          And he was telling me, he’s like, you know, I’ve had a lot of changes in my life. He’s like, I got a kid now, I’ve got another baby on the way. And he said, really, I’ve decided that all I want out of life, I’m kind of done with the whole business based on whole done with the whole marketing space. And he was in the political realm. He had a PR firm, did a lot with, you know, hard to deal with people. Politics is not my, you know, not my thing, but a lot involved in local and national government, but more local government as well. They’re in Colorado. And so we just dealt with a ton of things and he basically said to summarize our conversation, he’s like, Josh, I just want to, you know, be a stay at home dad. I want to make like 200,000 bucks a year.

05:55          I want to study consciousness. I just want to be happy with my family. And that was his definition in his version of success. And you know, I was like, man, I understand that a lot on a, a very high level when it comes to understanding consciousness and you know, being happy and being successful or whatnot. And I remember having that conversation with him and thinking, Huh, each person has to figure out what it is that they want out of life. Each person has to figure out what success means to them and what level of success that they want to pursue. And here’s what I mean by that. Okay. So I’m driving this weekend, going back to the story of this weekend. I’m driving and it was a gorgeous weekend this week at absolutely gorgeous and I was actually alone for most of the week. Last week I got home from my trip and uh, Leah, my girlfriend, she was actually in Cabo with her, um, with her family.

06:47          So I actually had the most of the week alone and I had the windows down. It was absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous. Um, I think it was Saturdays when this was, he was either Saturday, Friday, or Saturday, gorgeous day out and the sun was setting, I had just gotten some food. I had all the windows down. It was a warm day outside. I had the music pumping. I hadn’t really, you know, pushed myself really, really hard that day. Mentally in the sense of like I had done work, but I hadn’t liked, it wasn’t late in the night. I had kind of taken an easy afternoon doing stuff that I just really liked to do. He had gotten off, like I said, went and got food. Actually I think I just picked up dairy queen. I went and got ice cream. That’s what it was. And so I’ve gotten, you know, dairy queen, I had my windows rolled down.

07:26          It was a warm, beautiful day. And I remember just sitting there at the stoplight, the windows down, the music bumping and the sun’s setting. And just thinking to myself, this is a great day. Like this is, this is absolutely fantastic. And I really felt like this buzz this high, and I’m not, wasn’t high on drugs or alcohol or anything, just a high on life and just thinking like this, this is awesome. This is a great day. And I live, you know where I was at the time I lived kind of on the border of Omaha. So one side of me is Omaha, on the other side is kind of like small towns and I was on the small town side coming back towards my house and I remember thinking, you know what, if this is all life ever gave me, like if this was all I ever achieved in life, would I be happy with it if I never got past this?

08:17          Then I asked myself that question and as I thought about it inside the answer was no, I would want more out of life than this. Like I want more because I know more as possible. But then I asked myself a question and I said, you know, Josh, can you see why others don’t want any more out of life than this? Can you see why some people are totally happy with this? And as I thought about it, I went, yes, I can totally understand it. I can see that a little bit more now I understand why. You know, some people in life, they don’t want to go out and achieve massive success because that’s a commitment that is hard work. And I think that what a lot of people don’t realize about success, what a lot of people don’t realize about making money or growing a business or whatever that thing looks like is it is a huge commitment.

09:12          It is a huge sacrifice. You are giving up weekends, you are giving up relationships. A lot of times you are giving up, you know the ability to just hang out and relax. A lot of times you have to be focused. You have to be committed. You have to be pushing yourself. Not that you can’t have breaks. I mean I had that break there now that you can’t have all those things but like an overwhelming majority of your life is pushing yourself constantly. Next level, next level, next level, next level. Being disciplined, being you know, committed, sacrificing over and over and over again and those things are awesome. Those things are good things. It is a good thing to be committed is a good thing to be disciplined. It is a good thing to have all the things I am desiring and chasing after all of those things.

09:52          Then that is the person that I’m trying to become, but I understand a little bit more now why some people are just, they’re cool with living in a smaller town, having a nice family, having a good relationship with their family and just enjoying life at that level. Not everybody wants to go out and change the world and you know, that’s okay. It doesn’t make me better or anybody else that’s going out and having more success financially or from a business perspective or from a goals perspective. It doesn’t make us any better than them or them any better than us. Like we’re all equal people. We just have different goals. We have different dreams and we have different desires of what we want to do and that thought process is, I sat there and I was just, if you can imagine, I’m sitting here in my jeep ever.

10:35          The 2017 jeep grand Cherokee, it’s awesome. It’s my favorite car that I’ve ever owned. I love it. I don’t know if I’ll ever have, I would stop driving that car even if I’m stupid, which I love that car. But I got the windows rolled down and I got the music woman and I’m just soaking up this warm, I don’t know, it’s not quite here summer here yet, but like the warm summer air, the warm spring air and just thinking, okay, I get it. I understand why people love this and don’t want to deal with the crazy stress of everything. And as I was thinking about that, I had that realization moment and I had this idea for the podcast that said, all right, everyone has to decide what success is to them and what they want out of life and then be okay with that.

11:15          And you know, Instagram and social media and specifically Instagram, but all in all social media as a whole, but the Internet has made it really hard to not look at all the success of other people. And I know that a lot of times when I get on Instagram for any length of time or youtube, and I’m looking at the success of people out in la or in New York, or you know, people that are making millions of dollars driving Lamborghinis, living in mansions, speaking on stages, influencing the masses, having hundred million dollar, $10 million billion dollar businesses, whatever. You never, that thing is looking at those things and going, oh my gosh, I want that so bad. And I oftentimes you can get caught up in that without really first just kind of reflecting on myself and saying, what is it that I want out of life? And so I want to encourage you, there’s nothing wrong with being successful.

12:05          And, and I, I just did an episode on why I believe everyone should go out and try and get rich. I still firmly stand by that. And I think that, you know, monetary success is a good thing. I believe that we can serve better and help more people when we have wealth. But you also have to decide, you know what that looks like for you is that, you know, 50 grand a year is at 100 grand a year is at 200 grand a year, 500 grand a year, 1 million bucks a year. Is it even a financial goal and do you have a financial goal? Maybe your goal isn’t financial, but I just really wanted to make this episode and talk about the importance of determining what you want out of life and understanding that like, Hey, the more you want out of life, the more committed you have to be and it’s doesn’t make you a bad person if you don’t want to go and do those things.

12:49          But you also have to understand that like the person that does commit, the person like me who’s like, no, I’m going to go have it all. We are going to go have it all. The person that commits to their life or commits their life to going out and being successful, they’re going to be the person that ultimately has the rewards of that. They’re, they’re going to be the person that has a lot of success, a lot of options, a lot of choices. You don’t have to be that person, but be okay with that going into it. Know going into it that says, you know what? I’m never going to be the person that has millions and millions and millions of dollars. Now, don’t let that be a limiting belief. If you want massive success, don’t make up this identity or an excuse that says, no, that’s not me, or I’ll never be able to achieve that.

13:35          Don’t do that. I’ve done that in my life on the days when things get hard or things get tough sometimes and, and I’ve, you know, done this in the past and it, it ruins you when you go and say, well, I guess this life is good enough. I guess I could be happy in the countryside. I guess I could be happy here. If that’s not, you don’t make that excuse and that’s not me. Yes, I want to own a farm again eventually someday. I love farming. I love being on the countryside. I love, you know, being out in the country and hanging on tractors and four-wheelers in the mud and the dirt, like I love that life, but that’s not what I want out of life. That’s something that I like to do. Maybe I’ll go and retire to that, but I know that I wouldn’t be happy with that.

14:13          I know that I want to impact people’s lives, so you can’t make an excuse for good enough. Never, ever, ever make an excuse for good enough, but also know what you want out of life. No, what’s important to you if raising a family is more important to you than anything else in the world, then don’t allow your decisions to be influenced by things that don’t do that. Meaning don’t follow people on social media or consume content that is going to really stray your mind from raising a family. Because if you are, then you’re always going to desire these other things and you’re going to resent your family for not allowing you to have those things. When in reality, you know that you wanted a wife and kids worn that. And you know, I’m not saying you can’t have a wife and kids or a husband and kids without, you know, massive success.

15:00          You can, I, I firmly believe that, but you just have to look at it. And kind of how I look at life and how I look at everything is we all have a bucket and we have, you know, a certain amount of energy, 100% of energy in a day and time and energy that we can allocate to certain things. And so we can allocate time to family. We can outtake, allocate time to our success, to our career, to whatever it is that we’re trying to do in life, to our pleasure, to our entertainment, to our health, all these different things. We have a limited amount of energy and time that we can dedicate to those things. And so we have to determine, okay, what is it that it’s important to us? And if we want a lot of things, how can we systemize things so that we can have more?

15:41          Because there are certain ways you can stack energy and you can stack effort and you can stack time. Meaning, let’s say you wanted to be super successful, but you also wanted to have a family. Well, you can dedicate five years of your life to building a business that operates without you. Most people don’t realize that when you build a business if you build it correctly, you should be able to remove yourself from the process. Otherwise, you just have a job. Okay? So don’t build a job. Build a business that you can remove yourself from. So dedicate three or five years of your life to building a business. It is very, very, very easy and totally realistic to build a business to $1 million a year run rate with, you know, being able to pay yourself a six-figure salary. Um, within five years. I mean, that’s a very realistic goal.

16:24          If you work really hard. So you do that, you hire a CEO now you’re, you know, you’re getting $100,000 a year salary basically doing nothing. Now you have time to go and spend with a wife or a husband and kids to go out and pursue other goals and other dreams. Uh, Tim Ferriss, the four-hour workweek, it’s a great book. If your goal is not to build businesses your whole life or be involved in businesses is probably not the greatest book for someone like me because that’s what I want out of life. I want to be involved in businesses and content and things like that. That’s what I want my whole life. I don’t want to work for four hours a week. I want to work for 80 hours a week and love every minute of it. But if you have other goals and dreams read, maybe reading a book like that would be good.

17:03          But understand that you have a limited amount of time and money and well, I guess not money. Money’s pretty infinite. You can always make more of it, but you have a limited amount of time and energy that you can put towards things. So figure out what’s important to you. Decide the amount of success that you actually want to have and if success in a career format or a money format is not, the thing that drives you is not the thing that that you want, but you know that you want to be financially free, then figure out how to become financially free. Set those processes and systems up and then go do what you love out of life. And I think that’s so important to understand. I think so many people don’t realize how possible it is to achieve financial freedom without being fully committed to success and career for the rest of your life and then be able to go out and raise a family, be able to go out and do awesome things.

17:51          Once again, I want to want to clarify. I am not saying that if you have big dreams and goals to not go and do those things, this podcast is literally designed to help people go and think different, dream bigger. You know, live in a world without limits and I want you to go and do all those things were all about mindset and dedication and mastering your body and you know, like all of these things on the podcast. But that doesn’t mean you have to go out and be a billionaire. You can have a very, very successful life. In fact, I have no very successful people in life back. There’s a guy by the name of Mr. Roots Segre actually, I don’t even know if I’m supposed to say his name, but too late now. Yes. He, uh, he owns I think two or three businesses back home in the, in the town that I grew up in.

18:34          Very financially successful, but you know, very humble guy, loves his family, loves his church that are always involved in the community. You’ll never see him speaking on stages are, you know, posting on Instagram. I don’t even think he has a Facebook, right. I mean, just a very old school guy. Successful, loves his family, loves God, loves the church, love the community. And that’s always wanted out of life. And he’s killing it. He said, has a great life and I have major, major respect for people like that makes, I’m sure he made, man, I don’t know what he makes, but I would imagine he makes millions of dollars or has made millions of dollars, gives it all to God and says, Hey, it’s up to you. If that’s what you want out of life, that is success, but know what you want out of life and be okay with it.

19:16          Be Cool with saying, no, I want to make millions of dollars and I’m going to go make millions. Be Cool with that and own it. And on the flip side is success to you is not millions of dollars. If success to you is a wife, kids, family, whatever, or owning a local gym or being the best lawn mowing per person in your community or being local pastor, then dedicate your life around that because that is thinking different. That is being a master of what you want out of life, that is designing the life that you want to live in and going and doing it. And that is what we’re all about. You can change the world, you can change your world and you can change the lives of so many people around you simply by going and doing whatever it is that you want to do, whether that’s influencing your neighbor, your community, your city, your state, your country, or the whole entire world.

20:04          You have the ability to go and do that. Whatever you commit your life to. So quick episode there, I hope you find some value in that. If you like the episode, hit me up on Instagram @JoshForti in the DM and shoot me a message. I’d love to hear your feedback back on this. Remember July 1st coming up here very soon. Next week we have a big drop, big announcement. So make sure to tune in on Monday for the episode that drops that day. July 1st, all through July 5th, we actually have, uh, every single day we have an episode dropping and try first, second, third, fourth and fifth dropping, um, that week because we have crazy, cool stuff that’s being announced that week. So stay tuned for that. I’m very, very excited about that. We have tons of new interviews and guests coming on the podcast is just going to be awesome. So anyway, as always, hustle, hustle, God bless you. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that changed the world. I mean that. I believe that and it seriously can change your life. I love you all and I’ll see you in the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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