Think Different Theory

Why Mindset?


In this episode, I’m going to talk about the three different mindset shifts that a person goes through, and I will tell the story of how I went through each.

These shifts are:

  1. Believing bigger things are possible. (Making more money, meeting bigger named people, achieving mini life goals. etc.)
  2. Scaling and realizing how habits are formed, how to do things bigger than yourself, and realizing that life is literally limitless.
  3. Self-realization, and being honest with oneself, and doing the things necessary to achieve inner peace, happiness, and being okay with who you are as a person, without anything else.


I will also talk about how mindset is shaped, and why it is the key to everything.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Transforming your mindset and rewiring your brain (04:01)
  • Who is Josh Forti? (04:52)
  • Reshaping beliefs, reshaping habits, and changing lives (07:20)
  • Starting out in the entrepreneurship game (09:05)
  • Josh’s first mental shift (15:06)
  • Having willpower and stating it to the universe (18:49)
  • Figuring out balance and success in all areas of life (21:04)
  • Getting identity caught up in success (27:36)
  • What mindset is all about (34:08)
  • Belief is everything (36:52)


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July 1, 2019


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00:00          Yo, what’s up guys? It’s Josh Forti. And, real quick, I wanna grab your attention here, because today, is a very special day. And, today’s episode is a very special episode, because we have so many new listeners coming to the podcast today, and this week, because we’re doing a big huge promotion, and we’re doing a giveaway where we’re giving away iPads, and Apple Watches, and AirPods, and books, and microphones, and all sorts of fun stuff. And, I want to tell you real quick how to get qualified for that. So if you go to, I will link it below in the description of this podcast, but you can go and you’ll get the Free Mindshift playbook. It’s an amazing book that’s gonna help you rewire your brain and change your mindset. We’ll talk about it a lot on this episode here today, but you get that, and you’re instantly qualified to win all of the lower tier prizes.

00:49          And then on the thank you page, there are instructions on how you get qualified for all of the really cool prizes like the iPad, and the Apple watch, and all that fun stuff. So, make sure that you go to, and check out all of that. Also, this podcast is a little bit of a longer episode, because today’s topic is incredibly important. It’s on the three different types of mindset shifts that you go through. And so for the first seven minutes or so, six or seven minutes, I do a little bit of an intro on who I am, just for context for all the new listeners. And if you’re new here, welcome, you’re going to love it. Thank you so much for being here, but if you’re a loyal listener, it’s about that six-minute mark, six or seven minute mark, and is when we really get to the stories, and the meat and potatoes of the… the three different mind shifts that you’re going to go through and… and how to do all that and the stories, and that’s where the podcast actually really begins in this episode. So, thank you all so much for being here. If you’re a loyal listener, you’re amazing. Thank you. If you’re a new listener, welcome. I’m so happy to have you here, and I can’t wait for you to dive in with everything you’re going to absolutely love it. Without further ado, let’s get to the podcast. Enjoy the program, and if you have any questions, be sure to hit me up on Instagram at Josh Forti.

01:54          You are now entering a new paradigm.

01:58          So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

02:39          What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti. And, today’s a special day, it’s an exciting day. It is July 1st, it’s Monday, and we are in the middle of an awesome launch, promotion, whatever you want to call it, of the podcast. I have been working towards this day for months now. Actually ever since I started the podcast. I’ve been excited about this day because all of the things that we have going on here today. I’ve been hinting at it on social media and emails, all over the place, everyone that I’ve talked to. We’ve got an eBook drop today. It’s actually not even an eBook, it’s a Mindshift Playbook. You got to go and pick that up. We’re gonna talk about that more here, but we’re going to have a ton of new listeners to the podcast, so if you’re new here, welcome.

03:26          I’m going to introduce myself here in just one second. If you’re a loyal listener to the podcast and been listening to me since January when we launched. Welcome back. Thank you for being here. I’m so excited. We’re going to talk about a very important topic today, the topic of mindset, and why mindset. And I want to kind of hook you in by saying there are three different types of mindset that we’re going to cover today. But, I’m… I’m very, very excited. So, make sure you stay to the end of the day’s podcast, even if you don’t listen to anything else, like just, do me a favor and just stay to the end of this one, it’s going to be awesome. It’s gonna be amazing. And, don’t worry, I’m not gonna try to pitch you anything except for the Mindshift Playbook, which is free. But like I said, we’ve got all sorts of stuff.

04:01          We’ve got interviews lined up. I’ve been doing interviews. I will be doing interviews all this week, and people’s Facebook groups, and on Instagram, Facebook, all over social media. And so we’re going to have tons and tons and tons of new listeners here today promoting the new Mindshift Playbook that, that workbook, that guide, that’s gonna help you just fundamentally transform your mindset and rewire your brain. In fact, it’s called five simple techniques to rewire your brain, create new habits, and transform your life. I’m so excited for you to get that. But if you’re new here, I want to introduce myself just briefly and then dive into quite possibly what I believe to be the most important topic of all, which is the mindset and why The Think Different Theory was founded and the types of mindset that you have to go through. And don’t worry if you have already listened to all, every one of my podcasts is going to be amazing content and information here that I’ve never talked about and the stories I’ve never told here before.

04:49          Uh, today. So for those of you that are new, like I said, my name is Josh 40. Uh, I am 25 years old. At the time of this, I have started and sold two businesses, one agency and one software company grown and managed roughly 5 million followers on social media, give or take, generated millions of dollars for clients and for, uh, students and people that we’ve worked with and have been very, very blessed to be able to go through. And just help a massive amount of people and to ultimately make the world a better place. But this podcast was designed to help people think differently. It’s designed to help people break free from the limiting beliefs in their mind. And I, as I looked around the industry and kind of identified after coaching hundreds of different students and clients and helping people selling courses and doing agency work and selling high ticket sales and just all areas of business, I’ve noticed that mindset is the core thing that holds people back.

05:46          And every time I studied mindset, every time I studied like how the brain works and things like that, everyone just gave me a bunch of fluff and it was like, oh, just change your mindset, change your life. It all starts with mindset, but nobody actually asked real questions and actually went and dove down deep into the fundamentals and how to change things at a very core level. And what I’ve found over the past year and a half of my life as I went from a very depressed, sad individual to where I’m at now in life is that most change does not happen through dramatic changes in life. Uh, and you know, and, and by making major, major shifts in one’s life, it usually starts at a very core fundamental piece. And that’s what I’m all about is identifying the core of things and going out there and changing those things.

06:31          And so I’m Christian, I do believe in God, I’m not going to be preaching and throw my faith on you, but that’s an important piece of who I am. I grew up in a small town at age 11 actually was born in Wisconsin, moved to La for a little bit and then at age 11 I moved to a farm and spent the majority of my years there from age 11 to age 21 and then went off into the Internet marketing world and founded businesses. And I’ve spoken across stages across the country and just been very blessed in that sense. But everything that I’ve done is all come back to mindset and studying the brain and studying, um, psychology of humans and, and marketing and business and having business for purpose in business, uh, with a passion behind it and everything like that. And so I want to focus today and on today’s program, I want to focus on the topic of the three different types of mindset that we really focus on here on the podcast.

07:20          And explain to you why mindset is so important because I, I truly believe that mindset can be a cliche topic and that a lot of the content around mindset is fluff. And I want to show you that that’s not what this podcast, that’s not what this program, that’s not what this whole, you know, empire that I’m trying to build out of. This is about, it’s about much more than just fluffy content. It’s about really going and reshaping beliefs and reshaping habits and changing one’s life and a very core, fundamental level. And so we’re gonna cover the three different types of mindset today. I’m going to start connect to give you some context. The first type of mindset I’m going to go through and I’m gonna go in the order that I discovered these first type of mindset is just for the beginner is the person that’s out there that has a lot of limiting beliefs, doesn’t know a whole lot about life, maybe a limiting beliefs about what’s possible, what they’re capable of money, um, you know, limiting beliefs in that sense.

08:13          The next type of mindset that we’re going to be covering and kind of going over is systems and team building and leadership in that sense. And then the last type of mindset, which is going to be very interesting and intriguing for all of you out there that are, um, you know, maybe you’re very successful already. Maybe you’ve made millions of dollars or have a team or living your dream or whatever that thing is. The more personal identity mindset and the shifts that you must make to actually become happy and fulfilled and okay with oneself. Because this podcast is not just about success in business or financially, it’s about asking questions and finding answers and determining and discovering what it means to be successful. In all areas of life, not just business or money or whatever that thing is. So let’s dive in. Let’s get started here. I think that intro sufficiently covers this.

09:05          This will be a little bit of a longer podcast episode, um, but I really think is going to be beneficial. So first, let’s start with backing up. When I first got started into this entrepreneurship game, this, this concept of like just thinking bigger and understanding what’s possible out there. So when I first kind of backing up, when I first got started into this entrepreneurship game or this game of success in life and going out on my own, I was a very different person. In fact, let’s back up. Probably four years ago now, I would have been 21 years old and I was living in an apartment about a $450 a month apartment, give or take one bedroom, a very poorly lit on the lower level of this subdivision. And it was like, it was nice-ish in the sense like it had carpet on the floors and you know, it had running water and everything, but certainly nothing glamorous or anything of that nature.

09:53          Very cheap. It was about all I could afford. I was living paycheck to paycheck and I was so determined to become successful. I wanted something more out of life. I had grown up where I just didn’t make a lot of money. $10 an hour was a good wage. I worked for every dollar that I had, but I wanted, I wanted more. College wasn’t for me. I was a college dropout. I always had trouble in school and I was just really struggling to just master my own life and to go and even take that first step into business. And so as I was sitting there, you know, studying and going and doing all these different things, I was trying to build, you know, uh, a businesses or getting involved in the Internet marketing space. I was working at an insurance company and I was selling life and health insurance to companies, to businesses.

10:42          And I was doing awful at it. I really was not succeeding at all. My boss was amazing and she was very understanding and taught me a lot of things, but I wasn’t really getting what it took. And so I remember I had been saving for what seemed like several years putting on every little last penny that I had asides on a couple of thousand dollars saved up. And I remember watching all these youtube videos and watching all these Instagram, you know, videos and people telling me like, you know, success is a mindset, success mindset. It all starts with the mind. You’ve got to get this and you’ve got to get a mentor and get people to teach you. And I hated reading, absolutely hated reading. And so I was sitting there and I remember going, okay, I need to get a mentor. And so I ended up finding this guy who was willing to coach me.

11:23          He had a $10,000 program, could not afford it at all, but I worked out a deal with them where I was gonna put $3,000 down. Now mind you, I had never sold anything for more than a few hundred dollars in my life. I had no concept of big money, high ticket sales or anything of that nature. Like even in my, my business that I was working on or the business, I was working for insurance, my boss did a lot of the sales closing for me. She would come with me to any appointments that we had and I would kind of learn these ropes. But I was very limited in what I thought it was possible because I grew up in this environment where it was like, hey, you go to school, you get a good job, you make a couple hundred thousand a year. I mean he makes like a hundred thousand a year.

12:02          That’s a good wage. That’s a good salary. And you just, you never really left your, your town. Like I grew up on a farm. What are you really left? And it’s a very limiting belief. And so then they’re really wrong with those people. But I wanted more, but I couldn’t figure out how. And so as I sat there and I worked out this deal with my mentor and we went through and he was teaching me about sales, he was a sales mentor specifically and he was trying to get me to sell high ticket. Now you’ve got to remember I didn’t really have any skills except that I knew how to grow some Instagram accounts. Like I could grow Instagram accounts to a couple hundred followers or a few thousand followers in a month if I really, really worked hard on it and I was really struggling to sell my services for like 100 bucks a month or even like 500 bucks a month.

12:48          Like that was an astronomical number for me and I didn’t believe that anybody was going to ever pay me more money than that. I knew that people would pay other people that, but I had no concept of what was possible. And I remember my mentor telling me, Josh, like, just charge more. Like I’ve got people over here. In fact, I’ll never forget this phone call. I’m sitting there, it’s a Saturday morning and I’m in my little one bedroom apartment. I’m on the phone with my mentor, his name was e and he’s like, Josh, man, I’m going to call you. I just had to call you and tell you dude, one of my students just closed a $10,000 deal at the supermarket this morning. And I’m like, oh my God. Like how, what was it for? Like what did he sell? I’m thinking it’s gonna be something astronomical.

13:27          And he goes, yeah, it was just a health and fitness program that he has and he’s going to work with someone, meet with them once a week for three months and he made 10,000 bucks. And I was blown away by this, like totally flabbergasted. I was like, how, how do you, how? How does one do that? And I remember sitting there thinking, if I could ever get to that level, that would completely change my life. And my mentor, he, he’s like, Josh, it’s, it’s your mind dude. They just believe you can do it now. He was awesome. Like he had all the right information, but he didn’t do the greatest job of actually the showing me how that was possible. And so for months I struggled and I couldn’t figure out how to do this, but I just had this limiting belief. I didn’t believe that I could do it.

14:12          So shortly after that I went to, and I’ve actually told this story on the podcast before I went to, uh, Beverly Hills and I was in California. I don’t even remember why I was there, but I was deep into things. I was recording things, I was filming, I was trying to do anything that I could to get ahead and create content for social media, do all those things. And I remember driving through Beverly Hills and like completely losing track of everything that I was doing because I was in such awe and utter amazement at how much money was there and how much people would just, they’d spend more than I would make in my whole life on like their lawns and their houses. I mean, just built the rich wealth. And I remember thinking, oh my gosh, this must be what he’s talking about. These people, they would not, they would not even worry about $10,000 for me to grow their Instagram account, a couple of hundred per followers or a thousand followers.

15:06          But that’s what they wanted that easily pay me a thousand or $5,000 for that. And so I remember going home and getting from that and thinking, okay, where can I find those people? And this kind of this like this first mental shift for me. And it wasn’t quite there yet. And later on this episode we’re gonna talk about how like how mindset is formed. But for me, this is kind of like this first step. And I remember going home and like DME, just tons and tons of people starting network with people trying to find people with money and trying to get on the phone with them. And like 30 days later I closed a $15,000 deal. And at that moment, so many limiting beliefs of what was possible in my life and who I was able to become so quickly, like shifted and changed. Like all these limiting beliefs just came off of my mind.

15:53          And I went, oh my gosh, I can actually do this. Like this is possible. And that day was the first day I ever had a true mental breakthrough. And it wasn’t until I identified what that piece was and then took action to actually go make that happen. And then had it happen, had that belief happen. And once I had that belief inside of me that I could actually do it, my whole entire mindset shifted and I became so liberated and free because I knew that this was now possible for me. And so that’s kind of the first type of mindset, which is unlocking potential and unlocking what’s possible even where you are at in life right now. We talk a lot about that type of mindset on the podcast because so many people are in that area, they just lack the core belief system that they’re able to do something.

16:47          And I’ve watched this take place in so many people’s lives, whether it was in sports or art or business or marketing or sales or like whatever it is that they’re in. They struggle, they struggle, they struggle. And then they have this breakthrough moment when all of a sudden they recognize something to be possible. They take action, they’ll have it happened from themselves and all of a sudden there’s belief. And I want to show you how to get that in mind. That’s actually what the mindset playbook is about a lot as well. So make sure you pick that up. Uh, I’ll link it down in the description, but that’s like the first type of mindset that I first discovered. And so naturally things started to go, well I’m like, this is awesome, this is great. I know how to close deals. Now I know that it’s possible.

17:25          And so business started to really pick up and so I started making more and more money and going about my journey and a fast forward about if two years or two and a half years later, I will probably not quite that long, maybe like a year and a half or two years later I go, I’ve sold my first company at this point to my business partner cause I had a business partner at that time. And kind of gone off and done my own thing and I kept getting stuck. If you’re in business, if you’re entrepreneurship, you might know this. This trend kept getting stuck. I would have great days for my mindset where I would be confident and the next day I would really, really struggle with self-doubt. I would have great days where it would be like, oh, a week where I was in a habit, I was born, everything was good.

18:04          I would wake up on time, go to bed on time, have a good week, and the next week would be like polar opposite and just absolutely terrible. I’d save up, you know, 20 or $30,000 and I blow it all. Or I have a $50,000 a month in business and the next month would be like 3000 I could not, for the life of me get past this, this whole like trapped is this hamster wheel of going round around in circles and never being able to get past that in my life and in my business. I couldn’t like take a step. It’s like, uh, the law of the universe that says, you know, every time there’s an action, there’s an opposite equal reaction. I’m like, all right, well if I make $50,000, then I’m equally going to lose $50,000 next, right? Like this whole thing back and forth, back and forth, the hamster wheel over and over and over again.

18:49          And I thought, okay, you know what if I just will it, if I just have willpower and I stated to the universe and I stated publicly, I can go and get beyond this. I’m going to make $1 million. That’s what I’m going to do. And so I started this journey and I, I decided I’m going to live stream my way to 1 million bucks every single day. I’m gonna do a live stream updating people where I at or where I’m at in my journey to making $1 million. I’m going to call it 365 days to 1 million bucks. Okay. During the 65 days to seven figures, this was a huge, I mean, a Facebook series that I did at an audience at this point. I had some followers online. And so this got thousands and thousands of views of people watching this because obviously, they wanted to see if I was going to make it or fail.

19:30          And so, you know, stuff took off a thousand bucks, five thousand ten thousand 2030 40 $50,000 months, right? And I was going up and I was cranking and I remember getting to a point where I was so freaking depressed. I was so freaking overwhelmed and just worked out. I was working 18 hours a day, seven days a week. I couldn’t do it anymore. No matter how hard I tried. Mental roadblock, mental roadblock, mental roadblock, mental roadblock, self-sabotage couldn’t get past. It couldn’t get past it, couldn’t get past it. I couldn’t figure it out. And I was like, Aye, there’s gotta be a way. Like I know this is a mindset thing because I didn’t believe I used to be able to make $10,000. I didn’t believe I could sell high ticket. I had this experience. I saw it to be true. I went and took action toward it. It happened.

20:18          I believed it and I moved past it and I was like, how do I do that here? And no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I did, I couldn’t figure it out. And so I remember quite frankly, the worst day of my life where I was, I was laying on the floor and I just woken up. I opened up the, my sliding glass door and I, I lit a cigarette. I don’t smoke. I have never smoked up until this point I smoking was like the worst thing in the possible world that you could possibly do in my eyes. Like it was terrible because it’s still bad for your health, but I was so stressed, I was so depressed. I remember laying on the floor just crying. And I thought if mindset is truly the answer, maybe my mind just isn’t cut out for it.

21:04          You know? Like maybe like maybe this just isn’t for me and maybe you know, I’m not capable of it. But I know one thing, if I’m not capable of it, everything that I’m trying to do right now is a waste. And if I am capable of it, I need to know that I am capable of it. I need to believe that I am capable of it and I need to figure out how. And so I basically shut down everything. I had to refund so much money during that time. And I dedicated the next year of my life to studying mindset and personal development and figuring out balance and success in all areas of life. Actually, the podcast was born out of this experience and so I started studying and I started reading books as much as I could. A month went by, two months went by like nothing, no change.

21:46          I was still like stuck. I was still depressed. I was, you know, living off of savings at this point. And I remember reading a book totally changed my life and I was reading it and I read something that once I read it and I studied it, everything kind of clicked for me. And it was on this concept of habits and beliefs and how beliefs were formed. And I remember thinking about, okay, okay, hold on. Beliefs. Oh my gosh. The reason I had my first mindset breakthrough was because I believed something to be possible. So how do I actually go and how do I make a belief happen? And so I studied this and I start studying the mind and starting habits and certain beliefs and I read this book and it like just, it all clicked for me. It was like the chains were taken off and these light bulbs all went on.

22:37          I had clarity and like my mind that was this like superpower that was keeping me hostage and all these things and constantly like beating me. All of a sudden I had control now and I, I figured out how it worked and the mindset or the mind ship playbook talks heavily about this. So seriously go and download. It’s free like the mind ship playbook, I’ll link it like I sat down in the description there, it’s free and it will totally change your life. I’m serious. But I went from there and everything in my life started to change at that point. My, you know, like I started sharing with people and my business started to take off. I made more money than I ever had before. I was less stressed than I’d ever been. It was in the best health of my life, my relationships, floors, like so many things because I figured out habits and I figured out beliefs and I understood it a core level like k, the logical part of the brain, the subconscious part of the brain, emotions like how all these pieces worked.

23:23          And I was blown away by it and I was like, why is no one teaching this stuff? Like this is amazing. And so I went out there and I started, you know, building businesses and you know, making a bunch of more money and having this success. And my mindset was great and it was because all of the sudden I understood how these things worked and I believed that I had control over mind, over my actions and over how all these things were formed. And I believed that I could create my own reality. I believe that I could go out there and design anything that I wanted to. It was a surreal experience, the craziest experiences I’ve ever experienced in my life. And so that’s the second part there is understanding how beliefs are formed, understanding how habits are formed, understanding like when I understood habits, I understood systems and I realized that systems were the key to everything.

24:12          If I wanted to scale, if I wanted to have a more successful business, if I want to get in routines, I needed a system, a process in place to do everything that I wanted in life. And so the business that I built with vivid, everything systemized and the podcast, everything systemized and a lot of things in my life, everything is systemized bys schedules, everything because I understood how important that was. And I think a lot of successful entrepreneurs have this moment in their life where they actually go and they, they experience this, this revolutionary breakthrough and they go become a wildly successful in business, in life, in finances, in, in like whatever that thing is from a systems perspective and understanding that you can truly achieve anything that you want in life. And I have absolutely no fear that no matter what happens in life, whether I lose everything and have to start over from scratch, I’ll be fine because I understand how beliefs and how thought processes and systems are worked.

25:05          I think a lot of people get to that point that are successful, but there’s a third piece to the mindset that so many successful people don’t have mastered, and this is a key fundamental piece to why mindset is so important. Mindset is going to be the thing that takes you from the average person. The person that’s not making a whole lot of money, maybe it doesn’t have a ton of friends, doesn’t have a huge network. You’re an average person. Mindset is going to get you from step one to step two and open up your minds. The fact that you can do cool things, that you can go anywhere, that you can have. Freedom, financial freedom, travel, freedom, time, freedom, everything. Mindset will do that for you. Mindset will also show you how beliefs are formed, how habits are formed, how systems are formed. It will teach you how to scale.

25:48          It will teach you how to break free from the limiting belief. There is no, listen, I didn’t learn any new tactics. I didn’t learn Facebook ads better. I didn’t have a better product, I didn’t have any of those things. That is not the thing that made me successful. That’s not the thing that got me to this point. None of those things. It was all in my mind. Okay, I sold the same products when I went from mindset shift one to two, same exact product mindset shift to a two to three or one did you I should say right? The second mindset I didn’t really change my product offerings a whole lot or the quality of them or anything like that. It’s all mindset. Okay. The third one, however, and this is where even the most successful people in the world sometimes never, ever get, and this is why I say in the podcast, successful in all areas of life and a third mind shift was the mind shift of self-identity and the mind shift of being okay with oneself and their own personal self worth and their own personal self-image and not getting identity caught up in success or anything else.

26:53          And I remember even during the time that I was growing these businesses and growing these companies, I was having a lot of success there and a lot of limiting beliefs from money and from who I was able to talk to and network with and do and travel to and influence people’s lives and change the world. All those things. I believed all of those things. But I was talking to someone one time and I called him up and he’s like, hey. Or he called me and he’s like, hey dude, how you doing? I’m like, dude, life is great. I’m doing all this stuff. I’m glad I told him all about the businesses and the success that we were having and all these different things. Then systems and this. He goes, that’s awesome Josh, how are like, how are you? I’m like, dude, I’m great. He goes like really like your good.

27:36          I’m like, yeah dude. He’s like, what have you lost? Everything? Like what if everything went away? What if everything was gone in like how would you like would you impress people and I thought about that and really hit me hard. I was like, man, like my identity is caught up in success. It’s caught up in my, my achievements, my accomplishments. It’s caught up in all these different things. If I lost everything, like I wouldn’t have a very good view of myself. I don’t, I don’t do my myself as successful without my accomplishments. I don’t view myself as a whole person, a complete person and so many people, they try to go have success and you can have success. Some people can’t until they fix this. Some people can’t have success. They have to fix their identity first. Some people can and you can go out and you can make tons of money and be awesome people.

28:23          You can fake a ton of people. You can go through all these things, but until your view of yourself is healthy, until you are okay with who you are as a person, you’ll never be happy. You’ll never find fulfillment, you’ll never be at peace and you’ll never be able to just take a step back. I did a podcast poll recently where I surveyed a bunch of people and it absolutely blew my mind how many people came back and said, I want to just, I want to be okay with me. I want to be okay with taking time off of work. I want to be, you know, okay with going and taking some time and spending with my family rather than going and building my business or this or that or whatever that thing is that you’re achieving, like working out to achieve success. And I’ve been there, I’ve been there so many freaking times and it wasn’t till recently, like within the last six months that I really had this shift.

29:13          And I remember having to sit down and go, oh boy, I know people by like we all we’ve heard the saying in marketing, if you’re a marketer at all, you follow Russell Brunson or anything like people buy people. People can teach that in marketing. And he said in sales they buy you. But if you’re not okay with yourself, if you’re not okay with the real non-social media version of you, non-perception of what other people think of you, like the actual real raw you, it will eat you alive. And that’s what it had done for me. It was eating me alive. And it was towards the end of last year and end of 2018 that I had this realization and I realized I’ve got to change me. I’ve got to change me at a core level, not just my belief systems, not just my perception of what’s possible, not just my habits.

30:01          I’ve got to start acting in a way and I’ve got to start forming an identity with me that I’m okay with too. Where guess what if I lost everything, if I had no money, no connections, no fame, no nothing. If I did all of that or lost all of that, would I be okay with me? And I remember I have a friend of mine, my best friend in the entire world, and for those of you that have listened to the podcast for a while, I, his name is Austin and I, I’ve learned so much from him because he is the polar opposite of me. He is, I don’t want to say lazy, but he’s not very driven by a lot of things. He absolutely does not care about money. Absolutely not famous. I don’t think. I don’t even know the last time he was on social media.

30:50          He doesn’t care about any of those things and he is the happiest person that I’ve ever met. You’re not going to get money out of him. You’re not going to get all these different things out of him, but he’s just awesome to be around. He’s awesome to hang out with. He’s totally okay with himself. He’s an awesome individual human being. And I thought, man, if I had the money that Austin had, I had the life that Austin had, I wouldn’t be okay with myself now because all of a sudden that person, not because his life is awful, his life is awesome, but I, I wouldn’t be there. Like I wouldn’t be okay with that. I’ve got to have all these things. And so I had to literally go through and become okay with myself and go through this whole identity shift and be like, Hey, if anybody came to me, no matter who it was, I want to be able to be totally okay with that and have a relationship with them and be not, not have to try to prove myself to them and just live in such a way that they would be interested in me, not because of money or success or influence or whatever that thing was.

31:58          And that was hard. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, I had to go back and apologize for things. I had to go back and make relationships right. And even from the smallest things of like things when I would go. And you know, when I was young and take $20 without asking her or go back and you know, do some crazy, stupid things that I would do, I had to go back and apologize and say, Hey, like I’m sorry I am not that person. I like, I want to be okay with me. I want to be and live in such a way that I’m totally okay with myself no matter how much money I have. And I want to be able to be okay with being loved because I didn’t even feel worthy of love. I didn’t feel worthy of this. I was always controlling.

32:38          And I look now at some of my earlier relationships when I was younger and like how controlling I was not even knowing it and going, oh my gosh, like it was because I was insecure and me, it was because I was afraid that people wouldn’t like me unless I controlled everything and everything was perfect and everything was, you know, shifted in the way exactly that I wanted. My perception was so important, the way I looked online, the way I look to other people, and very few people get that. Very few people ever come to this realization that says, hey, in order for me to have true success, true freedom, true happiness, true fulfillment, in order for me to actually live a life not based in lies, in order for me to actually go and serve and help people, I’ve got to live in truth in my own life and that was hard.

33:24          I’m still going through that and there’s a lot of areas of my life that I’m still going through and improving and changing. It is a constant battle and it’s a constant thing, but that mindset shift that I had made me a ridiculously more happy person and I have Austin to thank for a lot of that because he was the person that made me realize that without even realizing that he was doing it because we’re friends, he’s been my best friend the entire world. Like he will be the best man at my wedding. He is the dude and I love him to death and yet we’re totally opposite. How’s that possible? Because he doesn’t have his identity and money or things, and that’s what I strive, strive to become, and that’s what I’m here to preach and talk about on The Think Different Theory Podcast. It’s all areas of life.

34:09          It’s success in relationships. It’s success in business. It’s success in your mind. It is success with money. It is success with your goals. It’s success with yourself, your identity, your beliefs if success with your faith. This is all areas of those things. And that’s what mindset is all about. That is why mindset is important. Because guess what? Only someone with a mindset that says, I am willing to go through the painstaking process of making this happen so that I can be free. There’s a saying that I read, I don’t even know where it was. I saw it on Facebook and it said, being honest with yourself and getting your own life together, that’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. You’ve gotta be honest with you. You got to look at yourself in the mirror and be radicalized and be like, I suck. I’m a liar.

34:54          I’ve lied to people. I’ve mistreated people. I have been a jerk. I’ve been wrong. I’ve messed up. And when I went through, I literally took pieces of paper and I would write down things and people that I’ve wronged in that I had to go back and build these relationships with. And when I did that, my, I cannot express to you like how much my life changed and how much your life will change. To see mindset is formed when there is a realization that there is something that you want, right? Like something that’s possible out there. You realize that this thing is possible and that and that you want to go achieve that and then going and taking actions to back that up and get to there. And then the mindset is solidified when it happens and you believe belief is the most powerful thing in the world.

35:49          See, you’ll never get to the point of belief unless action is taken. You can think all you want, you can study the right things all you want, but until you go take action to actually see it for yourself so that you believe it, nothing will change. I didn’t believe that my life would get better by going through and this whole process of everything until I actually went through and made relationships that were wrong, right? I didn’t believe that I could sell a $10,000 or $15,000 product for me. I didn’t know that I could do it over and over and over again and actually live out in that truth and live with that mindset until it actually happened. And I had to go through the actions of that. I didn’t believe that I could go and create systems and teams and build a massive company because my mind was controlling me and I wasn’t able to believe that and actually live with that mentality and form that mindset until I went and took action until I went and actually made it a reality to happen.

36:46          And now all of a sudden it happened once. And I had belief, and we know this in marketing, and we know this in sales, like belief is everything. You have to take people through that experience, that journey. And so that’s why I say with a mind shift playbook, my goal with this, and this is a version 2.0 and we’ll have version 3.0 and 4.0 and continue to make it better. As I learned, it’s not perfect, but it’s going to put you on the right path. And so that’s like my purpose. My goal with this is to say, okay, look, until you identify the things that it takes to get where you need to be to identify them. I there’s a, there’s a system, there’s a process behind it. There really is, right? There’s questions you can ask. There’s exercises that you can do. There’s things that you can do and, and, and people you can get around to help you get to that point.

37:28          And I cover all that in the playbook. But until you actually go through that yourself, you’re going to have problems. You’re gonna have problems with your wife, your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, friendships, business partnerships, relationships, clients, customers. You’re gonna, you’re gonna really struggle with it. You’re gonna really battle it and it starts with, I mean it really, it starts with gratitude, but I mean that’s a whole different topic, but I really want you to think about that because this is why mindset is so important. Mindset will shape the way that you see the world. Mindset will shape what you believe to be possible. Mindset will shape what you and ultimately determine what you accomplish in life. Mindset will determine the type of person that you are. Mindset will determine your happiness, your purpose, your fulfillment mindset will make you okay with yourself and allow you to be happy and allow you to be fulfilled.

38:22          Whether you have $1 in the bank or $10 million in the bank or $1 billion in the bank, I have a shirt. It’s in the available in the think different three stores. By the way. It’s available today, which is awesome. Go to think different and there’s a store there. It says happiness is a choice, and it’s interesting to me because when people see that one of two things happens, either a, they go, no, it’s not. Happiness is based on circumstances. Or they’ll believe it cliche, but they know deep down inside if something went wrong, they wouldn’t be happy. Or there’s people that immediately look at it and go do that. So true. Do that. So true. And the people that say, dude, that’s so true. They’re the ones that get it. They’re the ones that go, oh, I can be happy because of who I am, not because of my experiences, not because of my money and my success, who I know simply because I’m a person that’s worthy of love.

39:14          I’m a person that’s worthy of success. I’m a person that’s awesome to talk to. I, you know, there’s a case, Kenny, a buddy of mine, he’s got a podcast. He’s like, you got to love yourself, right? Love Him. Like, be lovable. It’s like, damn, I did myself if I could. Right? It’s like you’ve got to be in that mentality to say, listen, like I’m worthy of this because I’m okay with myself. And that gets into, you know, religion and spirituality and all sorts of other conversations. But that’s what this is about. That’s why mindset’s important. And so the thing, different theory podcast is designed for those that think bigger. It’s designed for those that think different, dream bigger and live in a world without limits. And you can only get there by changing your mindset. You can only get and change your mindset by asking the right questions.

39:55          And that’s why I ask life’s biggest questions and share them with you. And this is for more than just business owners. It’s for more than just entrepreneurs. It’s for more than just people that want the most out of life. It is for people that truly want to go out and be successful in all areas of life. We’re about conscious capitalism, we’re about changing the world, we’re about spirituality and faith in business. We’re about all these different things. I’m not anti-anything. I’m pro a lot of things. Right? And I think that’s absolutely so critically important. And I know this podcast has been a little bit longer than the typical episode. We typically try to keep them between like 20 and 30 minutes unless they’re an interview. I wanted to share that with you and I appreciate it. For those of you that have stayed till the end, I appreciate you staying this time because I’m very passionate about this and my goal with the podcast is to go and interview people that have thought differently.

40:48          I’m not only going to bring on one type of people. We’ve got entrepreneurs coming on here. We’ve got celebrity managers coming on here. We’ve got mindset coaches coming on here. We’ve got athletes coming on here. We’ve got, you know, holistic people coming on here helped people, all different sorts because I’m on this journey, this path through life and I’m like, yeah, growing 5 million followers is great. Yeah, big enough. Make a bunch of money is great. Making my clients a bunch of money’s great. I’ve done all that. I’ve been able and been very blessed and very fortunate to go to make a lot of money. I’ve lost a lot of money, made a lot of money, network with incredible people, millionaires, billionaires, major influencers, but all came from my mindset and all came because I just shifted the way I believed and as I go through life, I’m asking questions for me.

41:28          I’m asking questions and I’m on this journey and I want to blossom and grow this podcast into something special, into something that people haven’t seen before. Something that’s real, that’s based in science, that’s based in facts based evidence. I can’t tell you how much time I spend looking at facts and articles, studying the brain, explaining different parts of the brain. I’m not going to give you fluff crap. I’m not going to give you the raw, raw fluff of everything. This is probably one of the more shallow podcasts actually. I mean we get deep on some of these things because I want you to know at a fundamental level how to change your life, how to really go and become a person your proud of. And so that’s what it’s all about here. So wow, that was deep. That was awesome. And I really hope you liked it.

42:07          Like I said, a big week this week. We have an interview every single week. This week, tomorrow and Thursday we have the top two podcasts we’ve ever done. Drop in a Wednesday. We’ve got Chris Voss from never split the difference and former FBI hostage negotiator coming on Friday. We’ve got Stephen Larson who’s generated tens of millions of dollars and coached thousands of entrepreneurs and incredible interview by him. It’s about an hour long and these are the types of people that we want to bring on to help shape your mind, to help show you what’s possible and help completely change your belief system in your life. So thank you so much for tuning in. If you have not yet, please go pick up the mind shift playbook. Like I said, it’s linked to below. Get the mind share playbook. It’s free. There’s a playbook and a work shift work guy. There’s some videos in there as well. Really, really cool information there and we’re making that available to you because we want to spread this message.

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43:33          I’m not here for fluff, I’m not here just for views. I’m here to actually change your life and I hope that shows here and that you can see the passion, the genuineness behind all of that. All right guys, without further ado, as always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that changed the world. I truly, fundamentally, firmly believe that and that’s why we created the mind shift playbook. That’s why we created the podcast and that is the thing that’s changed my life. It will change your life in a has changed the lives of so many other people. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode tomorrow. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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