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Fear Is Real. Here Are My Biggest Ones.


In this episode, I am going to get really vulnerable with you and we are going to dive into my biggest fears in life.


We are going to dive into my biggest fears in life. I made a list of my top fears and I’m going to share them with you and specifically why I am scared of them. My goal is to show people that we all have fears. It is natural despite often being covered up in social media these days. But we have to face them first before we can overcome them.

My goal is to share with you my fears so that you know that I’m human and you know that every person, no matter how much you look up to them or see them as success, has fears every single day just like you do and they’re real, but that you cannot let that cripple you. I’ve listed out every single one of my fears.

This episode will expose everything I am afraid of.


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January 16, 2019


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I’m going to get super vulnerable with you on this episode. I’m going to talk about fear. How about everything that I’m afraid of? I’m not trying to teach you a lesson necessarily on this episode. My goal is to share with you my fears so that you know that I’m human and you know that every person, no matter how much you look up to them or see them as success, has fears every single day just like you do and they’re real, but that you cannot let that cripple you. I’ve listed out every single one of my fears. Let’s let. Let’s go into this. Okay, here are my fears. Here’s what I’m afraid of.

01:15 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here was my issue. I wonder to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti @joshforti on Instagram and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do know and understand on this podcast. We think different. We dream bigger and we live in a world without minutes. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to the think different.

01:18 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of the think different theory. My name is Josh Forti and we are on episode number nine and I’m very excited about this episode. Once again, we’re changing things up a little bit here and a, I want to call this. I don’t know. I was thinking like fear factor, but that’s kind of Joe Rogan slash ludicrous slash has already been taken, but I want to talk and get really vulnerable with you about this stuff that’s going on in my life and the things that I’m scared of. And so this may be a little bit of a shorter episode and maybe longer. I’m not sure yet, but I’m wanting to change up the content a little bit and so I really want to hear back. We did a rant. Sash. Uh, I think that episode, what, four or five? I think we did the rant.

02:04 Sash. Want to hear back from you on that? Now we’re doing one where this is vulnerability zone. Okay? And maybe that’s what we’ll call it. Hit me up on Instagram @joshforti, hit me up in the DM. Let me know if you got a better name. Would love to like actually make this into something if you like it. I want to know your feedback. Do you like me being a raw and vulnerable and open with you? But why don’t we talk about fear on this episode and not letting fear hold you back. And I want to be really open with you and I want to go through and I’ve actually made a list of my biggest fears in the world. Things that actually genuinely scare me. And I want to share those with you and show you that like, Hey, no matter who you are, no matter where you live, who you look up to, like we all have fears.

02:49 I get questions a lot from people in the DM’s and on all my coaching calls when I used to do coaching, all that type of stuff. Like Josh, how are you so friendly like Josh, it’s easy for you because you’re not blocked because you’re this. I’m scared to death most of the time with a lot of what I do, but I don’t let it stop me, but I want to really open up and dive into some of the things that I’m really, really scared of and guys wearing go deep guy. Like this is not light stuff here. Like this is stuff where it was very raw. This is very real and this is stuff that I struggle with on a daily basis and I would encourage you to follow along with this and if you’re. If you have the ability to pull out a pen and paper and as I go through I want you to write down your fears because when you can identify your fears and you actually write them down and can see them, then you can actually face them.

03:47 And I’m going through these fears on a daily basis. Some of these fears I have, I don’t wanna say overcame, but I have been able to manage and overcome the fear of the fear and do them anyway. Some of them I still struggle with to this day and some of them I’m sure I’m sure I always will struggle with, but I really want to dive deep into this and show you guys that these are real feelings. I’ve been able to do some really, really cool stuff in my life and I’m very, very blessed, but it did not come easy. Everyone’s like, Josh, you’re a natural extrovert. You’re naturally okay with taking risks and you know you don’t really care what happens. You’re going to go all in any way. Yes, but it’s because I have made a conscious choice to let that happen. It is because I have looked fear in the face and gone, I’m going to do this anyway.

04:32 All right, because these are very, very real, so let’s dive into this. As I go through these, a lot of them you’ll probably probably relate to, but fear will cripple you and let’s just dive in. Here’s the list of everything that I’m afraid of. Guys. I fear not being good enough for those that I care about was a real genuine fear of mine. I, I’m afraid that the people that I care about most in my life, I’m going to somehow disappoint or that I’m going to let them down, that I’m not going to be enough for their love and for them. I’m afraid that someone better will come along or they’ll get bored of me or I will not be enough close friends. People, even though that I know that they’ll love me forever and I’ve grown up with them or whatever. I like as a genuine fear of mine.

05:30 And it stems from the fact that I haven’t had very many lifelong friends. I moved around a lot when I was a kid, didn’t establish a lot of relationships. My best friend. I’ve only known for like two years and my longest friend that I’ve known as maybe for like four or five people in my life come and go a lot. And that’s a really deep-seated fear in me. Uh, I fear emotional heartbreak. I have been through some stuff when it comes to that. Um, I was in and out of a relationship for many years with someone and it messed me up and it really, really messed with my mind and really mess with myself worth and a lot of different things. I do not want to go through that again. I don’t want to go through the pain of that. I fear that pain a lot and it took a lot for me to overcome that in my current relationship and a lot of like mental battles of going through and sharing and talking to in communication because I fear that emotional heartbreak probably more than almost anything else.

06:38 It’s really, really tough. Um, I fear growing up and being average, like that’s like these are scary things to me. Like I don’t, I hope you can hear this in my voice. These things scare the crap out of me. Like there are things that if I think about them for too long, I’m like, oh my gosh, that gave me chills. And they like, ugh. Like they make me not. They may lose sleep at night sometimes. Okay. I fear growing up and being average though, like this is a legitimate fear to wake up one day at 35, 45 years old and think I lived in average life. I did nothing extra ordinary with my life. I did not change anybody’s life. I did not make this world a better place. I woke up and I have a fantasy football sports team and I’m making $75,000 a year and I’m comfortable.

07:32 That scares the crap out of me. I want to be great. I want to have an impact on people’s lives. And it scares me to think that that’s even a possibility that, that will happen and that drives me. And that’s one of the ones I’ve overcome because, or overcome a lot because I refuse to let myself get into that spot. That’s a genuine fear of mine. Uh, I fear going broke and I know this is silly and this comes from a scarcity mindset. Big Time. It is a constant battle every single day the thought for me of going broke and not being able to provide for the people that I love. I’m not driven by money really, like money’s nice to have and all that stuff, but I am driven by money when it comes to providing for the people that I love. If my family, the people that I love are not taken care of and it can be fixed by money. I don’t care whether it’s my responsibility or not. I take it as my responsibility and not being able to drive for my family financially is one of the biggest fears of my life. I. That scares me a lot.

08:36 I fear losing my mental ability to think and remember I, I fear losing my mind essentially know aids and uh, some of the diseases that you get when you get older and you start forgetting things. That scares me a lot. Not being able to remember not having your memory, not having a sharp mind. Your mind is everything. Having that really, really scares me a lot. Knowing that a lot of what I eat, a lot of the daily culture today, people you know, are, are coming down with those things makes you really think about stuff. I valued my mindset more and more every single day and the thought that I could someday lose that that scares the crap out of me.

09:23 I fear getting caught up in success. Now, this one’s interesting. I am a Christian and one of the things that I want in my life. Eventually some day as a family, I want to be married. I want kids, but I also know that having kids and teaching them and training them and help raising them in the right way and giving them the attention that they need and dedicating your life to being a good parent, not just having a kid, but actually being a good parent, being involved in their life, training them, loving them, truly loving them, being there for them. That’s the biggest decision and commitment you can ever make in your life. That is the biggest and ultimate sacrifice and I understand that in success, financial business and things of that nature. It takes a lot of sacrifice to get to that level and it’s very, very, very difficult to have both at the highest level and truly give the amount of attention.

10:33 We’re going to talk about this, the identity, the identity that people have in the next episode, but the identity from like being a good parent versus being a good businessman. I love business. I love entrepreneurship and I fear that I’m going to get so caught up in business someday that I’m not going to give my wife, my kids the attention that they need and that is something that I am so aware of in business every single day. If I’m not giving my family, my girlfriend, the people that I love, the attention and the time of day that they need and keeping those relationships healthy. I believe that I’m failing and it scares me because I’m very, very competitive and I, I, I want to win at life and knowing the amount of sacrifice, personal sacrifice everyday I have to wake up and continue to die to self doubt, to self doubt, to self because you can have the best of both worlds, but it means that you have like, there’s only so much you can do with your life.

11:33 You can’t have it all right. You can’t do everything. There’s not enough time in the world now I have time in the day, and so you have to pick and their sacrifices to be made when you, when you have greatness. There is sacrifice, greatness in a family, sacrifice, greatness and finances, sacrifice. And so I, I, I fear getting too caught up and that’s something that I am very aware of because I want to take care of my family, I want to provide and I want to be the man that I know I need to be, that God has planned for me. So that’s a very big fear of mine. Um, I fear being let down. Again, I’ve been led down a lot in my life. Guys have expectations of people. People promise stuff. Let me down, let me down. I’ve had a lot of failure. I’ve failed in conjunction with a lot of people and at some point, even at 24, 25 years old, you go, am I just going to be set up for disappointment again?

12:32 You know, you just get used to being let down. And I fear being let down again and it, I can’t let that fear. Hold me back from getting to where I want to be and making partnerships with people and you know, expanding rapidly, but it’s hard trusting someone like Lauren trusting someone, like a business partner, trusting someone like a girlfriend, even a wife for me or spouse for you, like that’s a big commitment as a big trust and you’re letting up a lot. You’re giving up a lot of expectations for that and that’s a scary feeling for me. I feel or rejection from those that I care about. I don’t fear rejection from people. I don’t know that much. Like if you don’t like me, I, I checked myself and I go, okay, is there a reason that you don’t like me? And if there is, is it like a legitimate reason, something that I need to change?

13:25 And if it’s not, I, I’m kind of over it. I’m like, okay, whatever. You don’t like me. Cool. As long as I’m not doing something wrong, but rejection from people that I love and that I care about, that’s really, really scary. And I, I’ve really only had it once in my life and it was the worst. It was like the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced. And uh, I’ve been blessed with not a lot of people rejecting me, but that feeling, I’ve experienced it and it’s scary. It’s a real feeling guys. I fear failure. I fear failure a lot, but not in the traditional sense that I think a lot of people think of failure. I am okay with failing because I believe failing, learn, like with failure, that you learn things. I’m scared to death about failure for the time that it wastes. I know that my time is so precious.

14:19 I know that time on life or time on earth is so short. And so when I go and I work on a big, huge project and I go and I dedicated my heart, my blood, my sweat, my tears and my soul into it, and it fails, I, I fear that feeling of, man, I got to start over. And it sucks because now I’m that much further away from my dream. And yes, I usually have a very positive attitude about it because I believe in learning from failure, but I fear failure. I wasting time with failure. I fear what other people think of me. Now, do I let that stop me? No. Do I let that cripple? We know this whole project of the, the, um, the documentation project with new media and everything that we’re documenting, which I’m very, very excited about. Like that’s all awesome and we’re documenting it out in the open and if we fail, a lot of people are going to see it and I’m okay with that.

15:15 Scares me, scares me to think that a lot of people could see me fail. I don’t let it cripple me, but I’m scared of what others will think because I know that there’s so much time that goes into overcoming failure and that’s a scary thought. But the look at the alternative. So I don’t let that cripple me, but I, I’m, I’m, I’m scared guys. There have been days when I will go into the mirror and we’re going to the bathroom and look in the mirror and say, over and over and over to myself, you’ve got this, you’ve got this, you’ve got this, you’ve got this, you’ve got this, you’ve got this. You’re josh 40, you’re Josh 40, you’ve got this. You’ve got to just over and over and over again to keep my mental state right. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid you’re going to do this. What’s the worst that could happen? Perspective, perspective, talking to myself out of this. This is real. I been there. I’m there a lot. I just choose not to let it cripple me.

16:11 I fear not trying and this one’s interesting because there have been things in my life that I’ve wanted to do and I look back now and I didn’t do some of them out of fear and it disappointed me greatly and I cannot like I cannot tell you how scary of a thought is to wake up with regret and that is my last thing that I fear is I fear regret. I fear not trying and therefore having regret because I understand that one’s time is gone. You can never get it back. A lot of opportunities only happened once or twice in your life. You’re only 24 once you’re only 28 once you’re only 22 or 18 once. Take advantage of that and the worst thing that can happen is you lose some money and I have. I have gone and I have looked at all the areas of my life even where I have failed and gone.

17:30 At least I tried. At least I experienced what that was like. At least I went out and I made it happen or at least I gave it my all because I fear waking up at 40 with regret so badly that I don’t let the fear of trying or trying to hold me back. I just do it anyway. That is why I started this podcast. I have no idea whether people are going to listen to it or not. I hope so. I hope it was good. Your feedback. Got Guys. I there’s, there’s a love language test and there’s a personality test that you can take. My biggest love language per say. There’s five different love languages. There’s quality time, physical touch, who’s giving of gifts. There’s acts of service and there’s words of encouragement or words of affirmation. My number one thing on there is words of affirmation. All right?

18:25 I’m a words of affirmation person, which means that’s the thing that I value more. Buy me gifts pretty low on my totem pole. Okay? I appreciate them, but doesn’t make me feel loved and know that I’m on the right track. Spend time with me. That’s pretty high up there. That’s number three for me. All right. Physical touch. That’s also pretty high up there. Acts of service APP. I appreciate it, but not really going to show me on the right track. Words of affirmation, feedback that what I’m doing is working and what I’m doing people like and enjoy that as. The biggest thing for me is what drives me, so that’s why I appreciate it. I absolutely love your guys’ feedback on Instagram. Hit me in the DM. It’s why I love sharing your stuff and lets me know that I’m on the right track. Let’s me know that I’m your liking my stuff.

19:07 That’s why I encourage you to hit me up on Instagram because I want to know what you like and don’t like so I can adjust and tweak it and give you the content that you like. But I, I didn’t know if anybody’s going to listen to the podcast, but I, I know that this is my dream and I fear regret. I fear waking up at 30 and going, Dang, I wish I would’ve started a podcast. I fear not starting my dream company. I wanted to go out there and work with high ticket clients and learn what you know, distribution networks are about and all these different things. So that’s why I went out and just did it. So I, we’re doing revenue media. Is it scary? It’s so scary. It’s so scary guys. Like I’m, I’m trying to build a company. Mind you in front of thousands and thousands of people that are watching every single day.

19:54 us building this company, a Facebook group. It’s tens of thousands of people Instagram with tens of thousands of followers, podcasts with tens of thousands of listeners like we’re building this company out. If I fail, there’s a lot of people that are going to see that it is scary to go out and take on a venture that you have no idea what you’re doing. I don’t know anything about the corporate world. I mean, I sold some corporate insurance that was not like this, that was under somebody else’s name, somebody else’s licenses. If we failed, my boss took the blame and we failed the company paid for it. This is my company. I’m the one that gets all the crap. We’re the ones that are out there. Lauren and I were taking risks. We’re not professionals. We’re 25, 23, about to be 25. We’re young, but that’s what I want this.

20:37 I don’t want to wake up one day with the regret saying, man, maybe one day I could have. This is why I’m taking the risk now. It’s scary. Let me read you off this list. Just rapid fire once again. Okay, and he’s all tied together. I fear not being good enough. Legitimate. I fear going broke. I feel emotion, a fear, emotional heartbreak. I fear losing my mind in my mental capacity. I fear growing up and being average. I fear getting caught up in success and focusing on the wrong things. I fear being let down again. Seven, let down so many times I fear rejection from those that I care about most. I fear of failure at fear, a waste of time with failure. I fear not trying. I fear, regret, and guess what? The fear of regret helps me overcome the fear of a lot of other things.

21:28 Some fear is good fear. Some fear you have there to motivate you to get things done. It’s scary. Every single day I wake up and I have to make a conscious decision every single day in my life and go, am I going to let fear win today or am I going to win today? It’s my mental game. Gonna win today. Am I going to overcome that fear to battle? That’s why your environment is so important, right? Talked about controlling your environment and yesterday’s episode. You got to control your environment because you are not going to be able to overcome fear. If you don’t, you can’t overcome fear. If you don’t, you’ve got like, it’s just so important. Don’t let fear win. Don’t let the regret take place. Own that. Kick fear in the face and go, no, I’m gonna. Do this. All right guys, these are my fears because what I deal with every single day, let me know your fears.

22:28 Hit me up on instagram. I’d love to know him. I think it’s so important to understand. We all have them, but what are you going to do about it? Like I said, are you going to let fear control you? Are you going to control your fear? All right. I hope this was helpful. Oh, this was beneficial. Trying to be vulnerable. I’m trying to be open. I’m trying to share my story with you and get real with you. Give you permission to go out there and kick it in the face, own it. Go Out and succeed. All of these things. I was scared to death. I told. I told my girlfriend, Leigha. I said, you know, back when we first started dating and then as things became more serious like, girl, I’m scared, man, I’ve hurt. I haven’t heard in the past, this mess me up, had to share those things with her.

23:18 She’s scared too, but you develop a trust. You’ve got to take that risk to have everything that you want in life and to go out and live the best life ever. Everything that you want is on the other side of your comfort zone and a lot of time that takes going through fear and overcoming it well. The good news is that you control. You control your fear, okay? It doesn’t have to control you. All right? I love you guys. I appreciate it. Make sure hit me up on instagram @joshforti and let me know whether you liked this or not. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Don’t be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that changed the world and remember, when you think different, you’re gonna be misunderstood and that’s okay. Scott and changed that world even if that world your own.

24:03 All right, you got this. Don’t let fear cripple you. Go out and own that fear. Kick in the face. Say not today. Fear. I’m here to kick butt. Take names guys. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy, fam. Peace. Yo, what’s up guys? You’ve been listening to the think different theory with myself, Josh Forti, which I like to call a new paradigm of thinking and real quick, I got a question for you. Did you like this episode? If you did, I want to ask a huge favor. See the biggest thing that helps this podcast grow and that will spread this message of positivity and making the world a better place is if you leave a review or rating and subscribe to the podcast. What that does is it basically tells the platforms that this is out on, that you liked my stuff and that I’m doing something right, so if you could take like three seconds out of your day and subscribe, leave a rating and review, I will be forever grateful for you. Also, I want to hear from you, I want to know your feedback, your ideas, and your questions for future episodes, so be sure to hit me up on instagram in the DM @joshforti or via email