Think Different Theory

How I Did a 500,000 View Launch



In this episode, I’ll be pulling the curtain back to break down step by step the launch I did for the MindShift Playbook and the Think Different Theory Podcast.

You’ll get insight into everything…

How I planned it…

How much it cost…

What we did right…

What we did wrong…

Conversion rates…

Final numbers…

And more…


This was the first product launched that I’ve ever actually put a lot of thought into. In the past, all of the products I’ve launched have been a lower ticket or I just launched without much of a plan. If you hang around until the end of this one, you’ll 100% walk away with some gold nuggets that you can apply to your next launch.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • The scope of the launch (02:00)
  • Paid or organic traffic strategy (03:47)
  • Initial thoughts on growing the podcast (06:02)
  • The Instagram strategy I used (09:57)
  • The Facebook strategy I used (12:50)
  • How much I’d spent pre-launch (18:15)
  • The part I messed up on (19:15)
  • The email strategy (20:15)
  • The actual launch day (21:00)
  • Let’s talk about the actual numbers (24:45)
  • The number of people that hit the opt-in page (28:15)
  • Which of the platforms got more exposure (34:15)

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July 15, 2019


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00:00 I want to break this down for you step by step because I only spent about $2,775 and I got over 400,000 impressions on this launch for less than three grand in ad spend. So, I kind of want to break down exactly what we did in a step by step scenario. Give you all the numbers here as well and show you how you can do it as well because it’s not as complicated as one might think it is. In fact, it’s relatively simple.

00:29 You are now entering a new paradigm. So here’s my issue. I wonder, find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti @JoshForti on Instagram and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do know and understand on this podcast. We think different, we dream bigger and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:13 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of the thing because different theory. My name is Josh Forti, and I tell you, I don’t know whether I should be super pumped about this episode or super nervous that I’m giving you all my secrets because we’re about to unveil some crazy stuff to you and share with you some numbers on a pretty big launch and show you how to do it yourself. So I don’t know, maybe this will bite me in the foot and maybe it’ll help you guys out. Maybe it’ll be the best thing I ever did. Who knows. But anyway, welcome back to the program. I appreciate you if you have not subscribed or left a rating and review, come on now. This episode alone, it’s gotta be worth it at least to subscribe. Right. All right guys, I’m so, I’m really excited about today’s episode actually because we’re going to dive into the launch that we did and actually go through the numbers that a, this launch actually did for me, which was around Think Different Theory, this podcast.

02:06 In fact, many of you probably are listening now for the first time or, or newer because of it. When we dropped the mind ship playbook, we celebrated six months of the Think Different Theory. And, we did a big huge launch there with everything and I’m very excited because it worked and not only did it work, I mean we hit our numbers pretty much dead on in a lot of areas where we thought we were going to. Um, but from an impressions and an exposure side of things, it worked so much better than I even imagined. We almost had a half a million people. I think it’s over a half million. I’ll explain why. I’m not exactly sure on the exact number, but I think it’s over a half million people that saw it. And we spent less than three grand on ads, which is just insane. So I’ll, I’ll walk through each one of the numbers here.

02:46 We’re going to dive right in. But the reason I’m making this episode, I want to give some context around this because I think this is important. I’ve been a marketer, right? Like I’ve done digital marketing for several years now and I’ve always been in the space and there’s a lot of people that are like paid hate on the organic space. There’s a lot of people that hate on the paid advertising space. I mean, because like, you know, the argument always is like, Hey, a paid advertising works better. You can scale, it’s more accurate, Yada Yada. Organic is not consistent. On the flip side, organic is cheaper, Yada, Yada. Like you can get more for less, all that jazz. And so basically, I’ve never actually done a launch where I actually put a lot a lot of thought behind it – just a launch of a program or a lower ticket offer.

03:32 Or in this case it was just a free offer with some upsells on the backend. I’ve never really put my full brain power behind something. And so this was my first go at it and I just thought, you know what, why not use both? Like what if I could just combine the two of them because I’ve generated, I mean I’ve generated literally hundreds of millions, probably billions or at least a billion impressions on Instagram. I mean I’ve grown a managed over 5 million followers, um, when it comes to social media. And so like I have a very good understanding of how mass audiences work and the engagement percentage that we should be able to expect when actually dealing with influencers. Um, but I’m not that well versed on the paid advertising side of things. And so my thought process behind this was to basically combine the two of them with the IX pretty, pretty extensive knowledge that I have on the organic side or should I say like the non buying ads from the platform side and then partner it with what I have learned about paid advertising.

04:23 And of course I didn’t actually run the ads. I had my team do it, but same concept. Right. And so I went into this with a goal. Um, my goal was I wanted to spend less than $3,000 on total advertising and I wanted to generate at least 1500 opt-ins, right? At 1500 opt-ins was the goal. And um, you know, for from a, for the mind shift live, I wanted 1500 people to download. I want to spend less than $3,000, which by the way, spoiler alert, we did both of those things, which is amazing. Um, and then on the back end, I wanted to at least break even. I wanted to do one penny more. Like if I spend $3,000, I want to make $3,000 1 cent back out. I just wanted a self liquidating break even offer from what we spent to get out. And we did that as well.

05:10 And we do that through upsells and things like that. So this, this is probably gonna be a little longer episode cause I want to kind of encompass everything, but this is going to break down exactly what we did, how it was done. And I think it’s gonna be super fascinating because I really believe I can help a lot of people. Like guys, I’m telling you, I did not spend a whole lot of money on this and I made oh a lot off of it. Not only from  a list building standpoint and a revenue standpoint, but also like an exposure standpoint, a brand awareness standpoint and everything of that nature. So I’m very excited to share this with you. Let’s dive in. All right, so let’s back up. I’ve got this podcast right and started in January and so I’m sitting down, this was probably two months ago now, thinking about what I can do to really start to bring this podcast up to the next level.

05:55 All right? We’re getting consistent downloads, but it’s not going up. We’ve kind of flatlined, like I said, about two months ago, just because I wasn’t pushing it. I was focused on building another business and you know, automating that and everything of that nature. I had my brother die. I mean just all sorts of crazy things in my life. So I’m like, what can I do to actually bring this up and really push this out to the masses? And so my, my first thought was, okay, I need something for free, something enticing that, um, can bring a new set of audience in because I want new exposure, new eyeballs, and simply just pushing a podcast when you are just selling the podcast. That can be a hard sell, especially for trying to run ads to it. There is no inherent value for either party when it’s like, Hey, opt in so you can listen to my podcast when they can just go and opt in any way.

06:41 So I’m trying to build a list, which is very important to me because if I’m going to spend money, I want an asset that I’m building and I want to introduce myself to an audience. So that’s when I sit down two months ago. These are the thoughts that are running through my head. And so I sit down and I go, okay, what are my ultimate goals? This is important. And I’ve talked about how to design a launches and D, You know, design projects or whatever. On previous episodes, I sit down and I go, okay, I need to know, um, what my ultimate goals are, which are I wanna buy brand awareness. I want them, you know, get massive exposure. Um, I want to build an asset I list so that I can continue to target these people, continue to, you know, email them out with newer updates, better episodes, get their feedback back, you know, email marketing, build my list.

07:21 And I also don’t want to lose money on it. I don’t care if I make a ton of money, but I want to at least break even when it comes to ad spend. Because if I’m, you know, if I can break even when it comes to ad spend and I know that this is, you know, it’s a winner. And so I, I know I have to have some upsells and so I sit down to start mapping this out and it just so happened that July 1st was, you know, six months into the podcast. We started at the first week of January. So the first week of July worked well. It was six months old. It also happened to be a Monday and it was enough time to where I could prepare everything here is about a month and three quarters, month and a half out, give or take. When I started planning this and so I had been playing around with this idea of writing about mindset related materials for about two months prior to this and so when I was thinking about a lead magnet, I was like, okay, the podcast is about mindset.

08:08 Mindset is a big deal. A lot of people could benefit from this, but I never really found a good product to sell to get it out there because I care too much about people’s mind. I want people to consume this content and so I’m like, okay, I can make, I can, I can write a book, a playbook that allows people to get it for free. I can upsell them on the back end is giving my self liquidating offers is going to be great. It’s in alignment with what it is that I’m trying to do. Mindset and that’s the direction that I’m wanting to go with the podcast. So I sit down and start designing the book and I immediately, even before, so this would probably been two, two and a half months ago before I was really even considering this, I started running polls on Instagram and DMing people on Instagram.

08:49 I mean like heavy, heavy, heavy, trying to figure out like what people’s interests were. And I’m like, okay, what? Like what are you interested in when it comes to mindset? What don’t you like in books? What do you like in books? I rambled on Instagram, on Facebook. I wanted to know my audience best I could. And so I learned what their objections were. Like, Hey, most books, you know, I never read. They’re not actionable, they’re fluffy. I don’t have time, Yada Yada. So I wrote this book called mind ship playbook, 65 pages long. You probably know no one. It is habit or of reddit. My goal was okay, I don’t want it too long. I want it to be incredibly actionable. It’s gotta be better than the best thing that they’ve ever read before. Like I want it to be amazing. I’m going to make it for free.

09:26 I want there to be worksheets, videos. I mean I want this to just blow people out of the water, which I believe it has. The response has been amazing from you guys and I appreciate that. So I started working on this two months in advance. I mean this was not a last minute thrown together thing at all. So I started writing that. Running polls, adjusting, I think I wrote it probably three or four times a edit. It had 10 different proofreaders go through and proofread it and edit it and all that. Spend a lot of time with him. And so leading up to this I’m like, okay, what am I going to do? Well I want to go and I want to buy as much exposure as possible for the cheapest amount. Now I know how to do that. I’m really good at it. It’s called Instagram influencers.

09:59 A lot of people laugh at me, but well let me tell you something. We’ve got 400,000 impressions for less than three grand. And um, yeah, Instagram influencers played a huge part in that. So I set these up. I start DMing just a ton of different influencers. I go and I research influencers that are putting content out that’s speaking to my target market. Very mindset related success related, but you know, specifically more mindset related. I’m looking for pages between hundred and 50 175,000 followers on the low end, you know, to a half a million, even a million on the high end. Right? Because that’s the price range I know I can negotiate in. Well most of the people that have that size pages, they’re not quite as skilled yet. They’re willing to negotiate a little bit more and I want to capitalize upon that. So I do, I sit down I DM probably, I don’t know, probably 50 pages, 60 pages and I start just getting quotes and rates and let me tell you something.

10:46 By the way, when you start DMing  people that you have money that you want to spend is amazing. How many people will reach out to you? I probably had 30 or 40 people reach out to me after I started, uh, buying shout outs and they went live asking me if I wanted to buy more. It was pretty funny. Anyways, that’s a side note. So I go, I start DMing them, I get these rates back and I start negotiating and remember I’m willing to walk here. I don’t need them yet. Right. I need to know what they’re willing to go to. So I would, people would come to me and they’d be like, yeah dude, I’ll do it for 300 bucks. And I’m like, cool, you do it for 150 and they’re like, no. And I’m like, cool, sounds good. And then I’ll walk, you know, and then I’ll, they’ll DM me a couple of days later, all the, I’ll be like, Yo, you changed your mind yet.

11:23 And I’ll negotiate someone down from 300 bucks down to, you know, 200 or two or two 25 and other people I negotiated from, I think that by best one was I know negotiated someone from, I think they’re like 280 or 290 bucks all the way down to $80 so like I’m going in and I meet heavy negotiating with these people, right? And I’m trying to get them down to where I want to be at and I’m asking for everything. I’m asking for statistics of who their audience is, what their engagement is, the best posting times, average number of impressions on stories, like everything that I can, you know, like I can know so I know what I’m buying going into this. So I line all that up. I start to line those up and I’m like, all right, I’ve got a pretty decent size audience on Facebook.

12:03 I know I’m going to have some leverage there. I know those are going to be my buyers. I wonder what I could do for an upsell. And so this is actually what I did here was actually super smart, but it’s the only thing that I did wrong. Um, and I’m gonna explain here why here in just a second. But what I did was I went and I started running surveys to my current warm audience. I have a Facebook group, I’ve got my, you know, timeline, I’ve got my chat Bot list. So I sent out and I probably got, I don’t know, 50 60 70 80 responses back. I’m not exactly sure the number, seeing what their issues were in business, seeing what the next logical progression was, learning about them so that when I made upsells that they’re happy to pull out their wallet and pay me money.

12:44 Right? And so that’s what I did. I go through, I start running the surveys, I find out what it is that they want. I decided to create a product around that and it just so happened that that was one of the products that I wanted to create when it come, came to the Think Different Theory. So I’m, I’m super excited about this. Everything seemed to come together at this point. And I’m like, alright, so how do I go get a bunch of free exposure on Facebook, right? Or, or the cheapest exposure possible? Because I know I’m like $3,000 is my budget here. I’ve got my team and everything that I paid. So technically it was more than that, but more above and beyond what we normally spend. I have $3,000 or less. And so, so far I’ve only spent like 900 bucks in, uh, Instagram ads that I had committed to at this point.

13:26 And I knew I wanted to spend $1,500 in Facebook ads and Instagram ads, so 900 from influencers. And so I’ve got like this $600 budget that I’m still working with. So I go in and I hit up all of my friends that have Facebook groups, all of my friends that, you know, I’ve helped or, or that I have a relationship with or whatnot. And I just start asking them like, hey, okay, hey, could I do a, a live interview in your group? We can, you know, talk about, uh, you know, whatever you want, but I want to promote my new mindshift playbook. This, this lead magnet that’s coming out. We’re spending so much time on it, you know, and, and I made it sure that I was presenting it in a way that was beneficial to them. Some people, I offered an interview for interview, some people, they owed me an interview.

14:05 Um, some people were just, you know, helpful. Some people I said, hey, I owe you one in the past. Like these are not like I was pulling favors, but like also I was making it to where it wasn’t just a one sided win. I bring good content. I know I’m good at interviews. A couple of the people, for example, Steve Larsen, he was one where I was like, Yo dude, I’ll bring you on my podcast if we can promote your episode to the public. Right? Like, you know, going out there behind it. And he’s like, yeah, dude, of course, let’s do that. When, when for both people. So I started to do when, when negotiations, Rachel Peterson, um, she had done an interview promoting one of her things in my group. So it was just an ode, like things like that, right? Finding these winning scenarios. And so I lined up I think like 18 interviews or something like that.

14:44 Like there was a good amount and we probably got, you know, close to 15,000 impressions or so from that of that exposure name and things of that nature from those. And I tried to line up as many as I possibly could between la the day we launched and the day we closed down July 1st through July 5th. A couple of them came early, couple of them we had to do afterwards, but all in all, like most of them were during that time. So I know I’ve got tons and tons of exposure. I like, I’ve, I’ve got this, I’m like, all right, I’ve got Instagram, I’ve got retargeting stuff. Now from an ads perspective, I don’t really like going direct to cold audience. Right. So like I’ve had pixels on my page since the beginning of time. Right. Like since, since I knew what a pixel was, I started putting them on my page.

15:27 So we had a pretty decent audience. I don’t know, 10, 12, 15, 20,000 people. I have no idea how big the audience was, but I know that’s for spending $1,500 in ads. Like it wasn’t big enough. I could hit them with 72,000 ads, right? Like for that budget. So I was like, I’ve got to start warming up a new audience and I’ve got to start retargeting people that are gonna, you know, [inaudible] hit this page. I want to be omnipresent, I want to be everywhere. So every single person that came in from Instagram, when we launched that hit that page got re-targeted with Instagram ads. And every single person that came in from Facebook organic or paid that hit that page, that didn’t opt in, they got retargeted with Facebook ads. Right? So we followed them around. First we brought in a new audience on Instagram, right?

16:11 It’s from all these shout outs. And then on Facebook about a week beforehand, actually, I think it was like four days beforehand. I told Carrie, I was like, hey, go and run like 250 bucks or 300 bucks worth of ads to a completely cold audience. Just a value video. I don’t want to pitch on the back end. Nothing, no links, just value. And so we did that. I don’t know, I think we got like 10,000, 15,000 views on that and pretty good watch time and yet we had above average watch time on that. So leading up to this, now I’m building up this warm audience. Are this cold audience turning it warm both on instinct or I’m sorry, both on Facebook paid with this paid ad that’s going out. Um, some pre interviews and there was three interviews that we did before the launch. Um, there that was warming up, obviously super, super warm audience and stuff with my Instagram network, I’m posting about it.

17:03 Um, I’m DM and people about it and like I’m trying to build up momentum here, right? I want this launch to go off fast because I want day one to drive as much possible traffic as I can to my page because then I can re target them. It doesn’t matter which page they get. It could be the opt in page, it can be Think Different Theory page. It could be the listen page, it can be the podcast, but it didn’t matter. I just needed them to hit some page so that I can start retargeting them on the back end of everything and that’s exactly what we did. So let me recap where we’re at so far cause I know there’s a lot of information. Step number one, I decided here’s my budget, here’s my goal, my objective. Step two I went through and I was like, okay, we’re going to use the playbook, we’re going to have upsells on the back end.

17:44 I’m going to spend x number of dollars. Good. Now it’s time to actually go out there and figure what it is. From there I started dming people on Instagram and my network building relationships with them, negotiating them. This is like a month out, or at least a couple of weeks out negotiating prices down. I start hitting up everybody on Facebook, right? Uh, all of the interviews that I’m going to be doing, not worrying about my network or my warm audience. Right now I’m doing everybody else’s. I’m lining all this stuff up. So that day one and that entire week I’m driving massive traffic and also retargeting them with ads. A week beforehand, I start running an ad to a completely cold audience to warm them up so that they see me two or three or four times. So then I can retarget the ones that engage with ads to my, uh, to my playbook.

18:26 Okay. Like there was a very thought through process on all this. So it all comes up. We’d go and, uh, we’re getting ready for launch week. I’ve now gone and I’ve spent about $2,500, uh, all said and done about 1500 on Facebook ads that I’ve committed. I basically told Kari, hey, you get $1,500 during this week and then about a thousand bucks on Instagram. So I have some room, some wiggle room, about $300 $400 or so that I can spend on additional shoutouts or whatever’s working. We can double down our budget on that. And that’s exactly what we did. So we line all this stuff up. We we proofread the playbook, we send it out to like 10 15 people. Make sure the feedback’s amazing. Um, I’m building the landing pages now. I go and remember, Oh, I missed a step there. I also did surveys during that time.

19:15 Got Like 50 60 70 responses back, figuring out what the next logical thing that people would be interested in buying. Here’s the problem that I did. Here’s why I messed up on the surveys. I ran surveys to my warm audience only. So from a warm audience perspective, we hit almost all of our numbers on the conversion side of things when it came to upsells. However, an overwhelming majority of my traffic came from a colder audience. So while those hit the page, I never actually surveyed them first. All I would have had to do is buy two or three shoutouts, send them to a survey, get 30 or 40 or 50 back and I’d have a much better understanding of where they were at. And it’s funny because when we tracked the traffic, when we get into the actual numbers and the data, you’ll see how much the cold traffic converted compared to the warm traffic that we surveyed.

20:09 It was like night and day difference. And I’ll, I’ll share with you what we did. There is probably the only mistake that we made, um, or the only major mistake that we made on this launch from that perspective, a side of things is we didn’t do enough research on the actual upsells, um, rather than this one. So I’ve got the playbook. Um, I know that I want to stay in touch with these people. This is a new list. I want them to be used to me sending a lot of emails. So I wrote one followup email per day, Choo. Um, everyone that opted in the playbook for the first five days playbook is five parts. They get five part email Monday through Friday. Right? It’s awesome. Everything flows. Each email goes with the part of the playbook. It’s all congruent. Storylines the same. It all makes sense.

20:53 It’s good. So let’s jump ahead now to the actual launch day because now at this point I’ve got like 15 interviews lined up. I’ve got shoutouts ready to go out. I’ve committed in just under $3,000 I have a little bit of wiggle room and it’s time to launch. Monday morning goes live. Now there’s a very key part of this that I want to like preface before we get into the stats of what happens. I did a very good job and I’m not saying that to be boastful. I’m saying that this is an absolutely crucial, important part. I did a very good job of pre-framing this before it came out like two days beforehand. On Saturday I wrote a longer emotional post, very vulnerable, very open. That got a lot of exposure. The month leading up to this. I started hinting at it three weeks, a little bit more, two weeks pretty like I really started hinting that this was going to happen.

21:42 The week leading up to this, I was everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Facebook group, Facebook group stories everywhere that I could put content that this was coming up. It came up. People were expecting this, all right, and it was awesome. Monday morning launches and we lost. It comes around and we launch day one. Monday, we break our record for the most downloads ever on a single day on a podcast, not by a whole ton. Um, but we did break, break the record from opening day. That was awesome. Okay. We started getting people in. We started getting views. We started getting data and feedback and impressions back. Everything starts to starts working, going along just as we thought it was going to go along. It was awesome. Day Two comes around eight oh one one quick thing to mention. Instead of dropping a podcast Monday, Wednesday, Friday like we normally do this week on launch week, we dropped a podcast episode every day.

22:37 We made Wednesdays, the author of uh, Never Split The Difference interview Chris Voss and Fridays, Steve Larson, because I know those are big interviews. Lot of people want to listen to those. So Monday’s episode drops, breaks, uh, the record for downloads Tuesday comes around, does well opt in, start pouring in, exposure starts happening and I’m starting to hit interviews, hard Facebook ads start converting. We doing retargeting ads to people that are not opting in. People that do opt in, we’re running a different retargeting ad to only those people, thanking them, warming them up, welcoming them to the Think Different Theory movement. If someone bought one of the upsells, they got a different retargeting ads. We had retargeting ads for three different types of people. I mean it was very, very thought through Wednesday rolls around. Chris boss’s episode drops, breaks it again, this, that day was so far like high when it came to downloads.

23:29 It broke the previous record that had just happened on Monday, but like 20 or 25%. It was like huge, huge jump. So by the way, thank you for subscribing. That happens. Thursday happens, Friday happens, and then we get, aw man, I totally forgot a huge piece to this. I should have wrote this down. Um, we also were a giveaway. That was one key part here that I’ve totally forgot to mention. That’s, that’s a key factor in all this. We offered a giveaway is a $3,000 giveaway. We had about $3,000 worth of courses, $1,000 worth of books in electronics. It’s actually that $40,000 giveaway. But we, we labeled it three just for the sake of being conservative. We didn’t want to over promise, but we had all the books, electronics, airpods, iPad, cash, all that jazz that we lined up to give away as well. So we’re pushing this, we’re saying, hey, if you opt in for the playbook, you get automatically qualified, get the playbook for free, automatically qualified to win prizes, playbook free, automatic qualified to win prizes.

24:22 So Tuesday or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday happens, Friday goes, Steve Larson interviews drops. I do my live interview with Steve Promoting that to his audience. We get a ton of downloads that a particular episode broke the record for the most amount of downloads in a day for a single episode. Um, that shot through the ceiling. I mean we had like, I was like 300 opt ins or downloads or something like that and like the first like four hours or something stupid. It was crazy. Um, and I was very excited about that. Um, so anyway, thank you guys all for, for making that happen. It was super cool. Um, to hear that. So now we get to the numbers, which is what you guys have all waiting for. But the reason I showed you this is because I wanted to bring context around what we did to make these things happen. I was buying exposure before, like leading up to this with a couple hundred bucks in Facebook ads to a value video.

25:15 I was DMing people. I was creating momentum behind this and then we really killed it when it came to retargeting ads. Shout out Kari for that and when it came to buying cheap, cheap exposure with Instagram, people don’t understand how cheap they can get exposure. I spent, I said I’m going to hold off until I get into the numbers here. So I gave you all that context. They say there’s a lot of thought that went into this. A lot of brand exposure, lot of brand awareness. I did post on my Instagram every day post on my Facebook every day. DMing people. I mean like everything was lined up. Okay, now let’s get to the numbers. So our budget was under $3,000 we want to spend $3,000 or less. We ended up spending approximately 2,775 I think it was probably like 2,800 after some paypal fees. So let’s call it $2,800 we spent $2,800 and with that $2,800 this does not include my Facebook page, my Facebook group, any of my Instagram stuff, nothing organic.

26:19 This is all paid. We generated 400,000 impressions, 400,000 that’s almost a half a million people that saw this for under three grand of those people, 130,000 of them were unique, which means that 130,000 people saw an ad for or interacted with. Think different theory over the course of five days. 130,000 people. Okay, where else can you get in front of 130,000 people for three grand and five days? I mean, maybe a billboard in LA, but not targeted. Okay? These are targeted from that we generated 12 and a half thousand page views. Now I want to be clear, this does not mean 12 and a half thousand page views directly to our offer. It simply means 12 and half thousand page page views in general from pages that were viewed including the opt in pages, including Think Different Theory page, including the podcast download page, all the different pages. It was about 12 and a half thousand views.

27:24 Okay? From that, actually, let’s pause there. 4,000 or 400,000 130,000 unique, 12 and a half thousand, uh, page views from those 280,000 of those impressions came from Instagram. 120,000 of them came from Facebook. I want you to think about that 280,000 people impressions that I got and only for only a $1,250 in Instagram ads. So 1,280 or $1,250 got me $280,000 or 280,000 impressions. That’s crazy guys. That’s insane, right? Like that’s amazing. So I spend that, I go through, I get these impressions, I’m getting hundreds of link clicks because of this thousands of page views. Because of this lot of exposure from that, we had 3,600 people hit the um, opt in page. So we had from the exposure that we got, we spent 3000 I’m sorry I spent $2,775 and we got 3,600 people to hit the opt in page and we had a 51.76% opt in rate, 51.76 this is too dead cold traffic and warm traffic mixed so and, and there’s heavily more cold traffic that have no idea who I am compared to the people that are warm and hidden.

28:53 So let’s call it lukewarm traffic, 51.76% opt in rate. From there, from our warm traffic on our upsells, we had just shy of a 20% conversion rate. Now remember when I told you that we messed up and then I messed up. When it came to the surveys of the people that were warm traffic, the people that were surveyed and in that audience we had a 20% conversion rate. On the flip side of that, when it came to cold traffic, we had like 3%. So we had almost a 17% less conversion rate on cold traffic because we did not survey them than we did on warm traffic. That’s the importance of data and understanding what you did is that you’re doing okay. So all in all we ended up going and spending, um, $2,775 plus the giveaway, which I’m not including in the ads here because we could’ve done it without it.

29:50 I did that more for my warm audience and, um, we, we more than broke even like we, we profit it on the back end from ads. Um, on there 51.76% optin rate, 18 or 19 point percent 19 and change percent a conversion rate of the upsell to warm traffic, 3% on the back end from cold traffic, which there, that was our big problem. We probably could have, if I would have done surveys and data collection to the cold traffic, I probably would have, could have [inaudible] at least doubled my sales. Maybe even three x to my sales, uh, simply from that number right there. So it was a huge loss from that perspective. But like great learning experience, we still profit and we still made money. Amazing. 400,000 people saw this. Um, we built the email list when it’s all said and done. I think we’re going to end up getting around 2000 optins um, from this.

30:40 I mean, people are still kind of coming in the days afterwards and um, you know, like 2000 people. That’s just nuts and I’m so very excited about that when it was all said and done. So those are our numbers. That was like legitimately what happened. I mean, I uncovered it unveiled everything. I’m going to recap it here real quick for you so that you understand this, but understand that you don’t have to spend gobs and gobs and gobs of money in order to make gobs and gobs and gobs of impressions and views and money on the backend and build your email list. I mean like I was paying like, I don’t know, under uh, just over a dollar per email opt in, but that’s pretty darn good. Plus all the brand exposure and all the brand awareness that we got with that. So quick recap, summarize diversion.

31:29 About two months out we started planning, mashed up the playbook, ran data and survey two warm audience, decided to do a $3,000 giveaway on the backend of that created the opt in page free playbook. Um, excuse me, clearly opt in page for the free playbook had upsells of $69 and a down sell out for the people that did not do that. Went in lined up Instagram influencers, Facebook influencers for ’em. I live interviews on Facebook, 400,000 impressions. We got off of that when we launched. Spent less than three grand, 130,000 unique impressions. That means 130,000 people actually saw it means on average each person saw it three times, um, which is, which is big, 12 and half thousand page views, 51% opt in rate, 51.76% opt in rate. Overall it was a good lunch. Really good launch, huge learning experience, massive brand awareness and brand exposure for the playbook and four Think Different Theory.

32:27 Very excited. Our views are way up this week and I’m very excited about that. Overall, which means you guys are sticking around and listening. You liked the content, which is awesome. We also announced that we were doing interviews starting, so we had, you know, interviews that are coming up. Those interviews are really helping with our numbers. Um, this is it guys. Like it’s not rocket science. I mean I know there’s a lot of information here and I hope I didn’t like Super Oprah confuse you with all this, but I want you to understand that like it’s not all that difficult to do what I did here and anybody can do it. I mean really if you just do a little bit of research and set it up and prepare and don’t throw everything together last minute, you’re going to go and have a lot of success. And by the way, that doesn’t even include all of the rates and reviews and subscribes we’ve got.

33:18 I mean we probably got, I don’t know, 50 or 60 more, uh, ratings and reviews. We had hundreds more subscribers to the podcast now, uh, if not thousands. Um, I mean, so overall this was a very, very successful launch. And my point in sharing all this with you is not to boast by any means. It is to help you and go, you can do this too with whatever it is that you’re doing. So I hope this helps. I hope this kind of bring some context around everything and um, she gives you the ability or the game plan to move forward with whatever it is that you’re doing. I want more people to have success with this. I want more people to be able to fall in with what I did. But you know, I look at how much we spent on Facebook versus how much we spent on Instagram.

33:58 And I got over twice the amount of impressions for about two thirds of the cost on Instagram than we did on Facebook. And Facebook ads brought a lot of sales, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve always said this, you buy data, you buy exposure with Instagram, you retarget on Facebook. I’ve been saying this for two years. I said this back January, 2018 on stage in Vegas, right? I mean this was a year and a half ago. I said it, you know, a year before that. I mean you can just buy with Instagram influencers, so much exposure and then retarget them on the back end with Facebook and just absolutely blow away your competition and get massive amounts of exposure for a fraction of the cost. It would cost you if you just bought it all on Facebook. So anyway, I hope this was beneficial. I hope this gives you the blueprint for you to be able to do it yourself as well.

34:45 Alice tried to be very transparent and open and honest with you guys and share this with you so that you know, like when you’re working with me, if you ever hire me for some reason, right? If you ever do coaching with me or hiring me to come in and you know, build a marketing campaigns for you or whatnot, or even just learn for me in general, you’d have, you’d never pay me money. Like understand you’re learning from someone that’s actually going out there and doing it. I’m not just talking about it like we’re doing it. And uh, that’s very exciting to me cause there’s a lot of people that just talk and don’t actually do. And I’m excited to, uh, continue to be that person and to that shares the journey and that shares that with you. And I hope that you benefit from it a lot.

35:19 All right guys, that’s all I’ve got for you. Don’t forget this Wednesday we have the Collin Wayne interviews. The next episode that will drop Collin Wayne is the CEO of Red Line Steel, which did $30 million in revenue in the first three years. He was personally invited by the Donald Trump Administration to come to the White House to celebrate men Middle America Day, a phenomenal interview. This guy was a military vet. He got hit by a, uh, a rocket, like a missile struck like five feet from him. It basically put like metal and stuff through his arm and through his body he went unconscious. He had to be um, air backed out. It was like Black Hawk down. He describes it as incredible. He got home from Iraq, had to heal, got into the gym, became a fitness model, blew up and on the cover of over 40 magazines, absolutely insane. And then, uh, went and started Red Line Steel.

36:09 Now he is, you know, see you have this $30 million company and on track he has $1 billion vision. He lays it all down and explains it all down there. So very interesting interview Wednesdays, the very next interview or the very next episode, it’s going to drop. Stay tuned for that. All right guys, as always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace. Yo, what’s up guys? You’ve been listening to the Think Different Theory with myself, Josh Forti which I like to call a new paradigm of thinking and real quick, I got a question for you. Did you like this episode? If you did, I want to ask a huge favor.

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