Think Different Theory

At 28, He has Helped Raise Half a Billion $


In this episode, I’ll interview 28 year old entrepreneur and investor phenomenon, Immy Tariq. He is the co-founder and CEO of Webmetrix Group, a bestselling author, an expert voice on CNN, CNBC, and Forbes Agency Council.


At age 28 Immy has:

  • Raised over half a BILLION dollars in funding.
  • Been in Forbes more than 30 times.
  • Been on Fox, CNN, NBC, and more.
  • Has generated MILLIONS of clicks in traffic organically.
  • Buys and sells businesses with NONE of his own money.

This is one of the most info packed interviews on The Think Different Theory. You won’t wanna miss it.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Taking calls and raising money every day (02:59)
  • Applying the principles of nature in business (04:00)
  • The four factors to getting to the top of Google rankings (08:05)
  • Bing has 33% of search engine traffic (14:35)
  • Figuring out what content to create for any niche (20:24)
  • Immy’s key to great networking (25:32)
  • Getting around billionaires (30:58)
  • Borrowing an audience to become a bestseller (35:34)
  • Buying and selling recession proof businesses (41:30)
  • Reading 4,000 books in 4 years: How to decide what books to read (52:32)
  • The number one key to Immy’s success (54:05)
  • Finding what you want to do and how to do it (01:01:04)


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July 24th, 2019


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00:00:12 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

00:00:57 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti and I am very excited for this episode. In fact, this interview that we have coming up here, guys is gonna blow your mind. So, I got started into the entrepreneurship world about three and a half, four years ago, with a very limited mindset of what was possible. As many of you guys, you know, you’ve heard my backstory and you’ve kind of heard about me, and it’s interesting, as I continue to go and like level up in this game, it’s so crazy to me to see the different levels and to like learn and realize that once you get to a certain point like, you’re always constantly leveling up, there’s always another level to go to. There’s always someone that knows more. There’s always something that you can learn from.

00:01:43 And so, I’ve been able to meet some really, really cool people along the journey… along my journey to success, but one gentleman in particular, who we are actually going to do an interview with here today, just lives in a whole different world with what he’s able to have learned and done. And his story is absolutely incredible. Coming from truly nothing to building up where he’s at now. And so, I’m very… very excited to kind of share with you. I want to say, full transparency, this is probably going to be a pretty business-related episode. I mean, we are going to talk pretty heavy into business and into mindset. There’s probably gonna be some concepts that you’re like, “Whoa, I’ve never heard of those things before.” And, that’s a good thing and this will very much expand your mind, but my next guest has raised over a half a billion dollars in capital, half a billion dollars. He’s been in Forbes over 35 times. He’d been on Entrepreneur magazine. He’s been in Inc. He’s been on CNBC, NBC, CNN, Fox, basically every major TV network that you can possibly think of. He networks and hangs out with billionaires. He is a living legend. Immy, welcome to the program, my man, thank you….

00:02:51 Thank you so much. I’m very excited.

00:02:51 Yeah, it’s going to be good. Where…? you’re in Florida. Yeah.

00:02:55 Yes. I’m in Florida right now.

00:02:57 Good. How have you been dude.

00:02:59 I’ve been really good. Just working everyday, taking calls and raising money.

00:02:59 Taking calls and raising… I feel like that’s most, like that’s been most of your life though, yeah.

00:03:08 No, actually. As I’ve been lost really for about four or five months before I started raising money.

00:03:14 So like, let… let’s give some context for people because most people probably have no idea who you are. And, like I said, I appreciate you coming on here, because I know you kind of like to stay behind the scenes. Right? Like out of a… out of everything. So, like tell us a little bit about like you… and like who you are and what you do specifically, cause you got your hands in like a million different things I feel like.

00:03:36 Yes. So, what I’ve done is… I came from London. I was born and raised there. Basically, I left my parents by the time I was 20. And, I can’t this time, well my pants, we lost everything for taxes and everything else I had to, we built in spots, knowingness, lie, as you know, I’m sorry to hear about your brother. Your face gets really fucking gets tested when you do something close.

00:03:59 Yeah.

00:04:00 And it gets even more tested when most of my dad as he died without stock and he came back afterwards, that was dissertation and then it died again. And I was dating my arms. So my fickle oh to the point. So at that point, yeah, I actually went away from even one of God said to say wanting to prove it wrong. And as I came all back full circle again about nature and I would add, so intended to design, it can be in business. So, and I realize the principal with an 80 20 you could even ask the square of it, the 20th squid gets focused at the 64 [inaudible]. And what I’ve learned, even everything I go to, the focus in focus out of the common factor is the same. Every apple will go changing businesses overall.

00:04:49 So did you say you lost both of your parents or just your dad? Both of your parents. So you went through crazy trauma and then you came from London. Now did they, did they die over in London or, okay. So in London, you come to America and you start learning about like, I mean you start looking at nature because you’re like, what the heck’s going on with, you know, people dying and whatnot. You start realizing that so many, uh, principles of nature can be applied to business. You have the rule of 80 20, you have, you know, a a the 80 20 rule. What’d you say? It was 80 20 squared or, yes, added 20 squared gives you the 4% of 64 and 64 four and this is how algorithms work. You know, you say if you focus on the 4%, right,

00:05:35 okay. Even like Instagram [inaudible] background and I came from an SEO world event where we look at every algorithm they make their money by selling advertising to advertisers in front of people. So doing that, even what we have to understand it, people want to be able to advertise. So to go to the customer database, you need to understand certain things. One the things is you have to

00:05:58 understand the use of chat platform and it’s going to be relevant to them. The experience that people have. I’ve invested [inaudible] customer experience is the woman who gain now. And the first thing is I come from such a source is they come from what? The third thing is what? Trusted source. A trusted source. Okay. Because that’s the same every algorithm. Even Instagram, we take account login, go stuff as a non verified one you’re gonna get way more engagement and boost from the SEO Algorithms that was there. Yeah, it’s the same in every Algo phone.

00:06:30 So what were the four things you said? The first one was what?

00:06:34 So the first one is about user intent,

00:06:36 user intent,

00:06:37 user experience,

00:06:39 user experience.

00:06:40 The third one is trust

00:06:40 trust.

00:06:43 And then the fourth one is going to be engagement.

00:06:45 Engagement. So user intent, user experience, trust and engagement.

00:06:49 And it all depends. Every single algorithm, hey, oh organic.

00:06:54 And that’s so true. I mean if you look at, I always laugh when people tell me, they’re like, oh Josh, the Instagram algorithm is changing. The Facebook algorithm is changing. Like we’re getting screwed on our content, Yada Yada. I’m like, most all algorithms are the same. They work off the same basic principles. I mean like what they define as engagement or good content or whatever is going to change based on the platform a little bit. But the same rules apply. And I feel like if you just, if you just follow those basic rules, you can only win, right?

00:07:23 Because if you look at even Google, it’s 500 hours. I could focus on 500 okay. Focus on the folder and it makes their life easy.

00:07:30 And what do you mean? Google has 500 algorithms?

00:07:34 So if I have 500 different factors that they use to determine where you will show up and says,

00:07:39 Oh really? Is that how many it is?

00:07:41 We might be more.

00:07:43 And you’re saying though that if you just focus on the for that matter. Yeah. And you’ll get results

00:07:50 every single time. I’ve done it. Every single time I buy New York one at five in the 55 days a position to fill middle Casio,

00:07:57 55 days. You got into the top of New York SEO?

00:08:00 Yeah. That’s incredible.

00:08:02 How so? Like what are those four factors? How do you do that?

00:08:05 So basically what understood is as this Clinton content, that site had a good experience. Then I made sure to get links gaging that drive traffic to engagement but also trust the sources. And then [inaudible] [inaudible] my links came with Pea, wasn’t with the main and I said, what do you use to the, to heart? I didn’t make my life difficult. Wait, so, so hold on.

00:08:28 Hold on. Content links from a trusted source. Yes. And what was the last one? Relevancy. That’s three. Content. Trusted source with links. Oh, links and links from a trusted source would be cheap. And then relevancy but like, well like what do you mean though? When when you say like links from a trusted source. So basically to me a trusted, then people buy

00:08:56 company [inaudible] website, a trusted source. And when you get an actual traffic to that website, bye. Move on. And they come in a cycle of traffic because it’s not like getting traffic, man is obviously not very popular. Right? But if it’s, I’ve got a lot of traffic, stats, engagement is obviously going to be more trusted because engagement is a form of trust. Right. But people don’t know how many people are visiting a website. You can do that quite easily. The food medic told to go not to analytics because buying competitors’ websites, you can go into stem loss with this food. You can go to h West, you may be left $9 a month with medic tools to start looking at. One of my favorite tools to the cat is Pfeiffer. Well, I do realize it’s fun to competitors’ ads and adwords as well as in distracted.

00:09:39 We get organically last weight buy food by food. Sp Y F U, F as in Frank, p y, um, essence. Oh spy. Foose by food. By food. By food, by. Okay. So like, but so when you’re doing this, how, how are you getting traffic to those websites? Like are you buying ads and sending it to them or what? No, so these websites already have traffic. So when I put the links on that and get links on the website, it’s tough to come back to it. It’s not PR. Essentially it’s a PR on a bigger scale, on a smaller but yet on small publications.

00:10:11 But, but what do you mean you put the links? Like what links are you putting?

00:10:15 So the lanes that are used will vary based on the campaign on the goal and where I want to send it to you. But often I’ll put like to the whole recording anchor texts architects is basically the clickable pop, the hyperlink and that’s all it is. It’s a text link words. Otherwise if generously with granted I’ll just you bonded and the text and let to send it over to the side. I want to like the a little way.

00:10:37 Well wait, where are you putting those links to get the traffic?

00:10:40 Like are these websites on other people’s websites?

00:10:44 Yeah. So you’re, you’re going and are you paying for those or how do you get them on those websites?

00:10:48 [inaudible] times you pay for them at a time to do that. Have to, sometimes people reach out to you. There’s many ways to get links and one of the best ways from what people who knew, some Watsonville SEO can get to linkedin agencies, but many of the agencies out where you can get Google and bottling fall.

00:11:05 So, so I like how many, how much traffic do I need to send to a website to rank in SEO?

00:11:13 Is that a host of factors? Uh, I definitely like to send at least 15,000 visits a month to any page. 15,000 visitors as well. I’ll have to send the minimum I that Schema visited not fall traffic right now, Bot traffic. They have to be real human visitors.

00:11:29 Cause like now on the Internet, I mean you got, you can send just millions of Bot clicks to anything, right? To make it look like you got clicks and it’s crap. So like, but how do you ensure that though? I mean, do you just make sure you get to go from trusted sources are what?

00:11:46 Yes. So, so why put the chocolate in? So I think this is not cool because everyone loves to compete for on Facebook and Facebook is very saturated. So I’ve done it all on Tuesday. Zach, that’s exactly on basic. But basically I got to place that cool pins with youtube. I’ll build traffic from new places, like within the own algorithm and it’s traffic starts coming in naturally.

00:12:08 So. Okay. Alright. Cause this is brilliant. I love what you just said there about like zigging and Zagging, right? Like when everybody else’s egg you zag when everybody else dad could use but like okay, hi. Walk me through the process. You got Cora or Pinterest or places like that. Like are you sitting there just literally posting images and stuff or, or statuses. I don’t even know how

00:12:34 VA’s personally lot content or post content and with the poor Lincoln to the site and we get a little slowly inside the post and the liquid when link fool and what’s dark topic formally.

00:12:46 So you literally just go and it would be if you did this on Instagram, which I know you don’t use Instagram so much, but like hypothetically you would just go and set up an Instagram account and post images of whatever it is that you’re wanting to drive traffic about, use the right hashtags and then link back to your website. You’re basically doing that on Quora and Pinterest.

00:13:09 Painful to read it.

00:13:11 And you’re doing this on just massive scale. Exactly. Like, like how, how big,

00:13:17 so I definitely would live, c’mon about thousand visits a day. [inaudible] to any website and I basically, sometimes it will, I do follow him be weird cloth. I use Snipley and our overlay on the website and all go to court controversy and I’ll use the controversy that comes up when you say don’t talk, you can post it in tension group. Interesting. Good. Everyone a soccer commenting it and clicking on it and engagement bit and [inaudible] now I can come to my website as well. That counts towards your website. Yeah, you can do Stephanie’s. It’s on top of your website. Even if you’ve used some irrelevant. But it’s not your website though cause it is Snipley let 2:00 AM what’s called the factor. The popup box.

00:14:02 Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I use the center in a page to your website. What? That’s that’s mind blowing. I just thought that was a Snipley thing. I didn’t realize that that actually could count towards visitors to your website.

00:14:15 Yeah. You can try and you can ask the pixel the separately links even through we talk about people from Stickley.

00:14:20 I did know that. Which is crazy. I mean that’s awesome. But like I didn’t realize that that actually counted towards page views. So like how many, like when you say people start coming in organically, how are you setting up these accounts? Like do you set them up under your personal name? Do you just like for example like Quora

00:14:35 cause he was my pick names and it stays in the council at the time and it’s basically right. I’ll do it in a million restrict court. Same thing. I was fine with being called up and there’s little gigs even we can buy up votes on core for like $10 and you can look to start ranking court. Yeah, no that’s perfect. And what people don’t realize is like people think Google is a big old lingo but being had 30 40% of the traffic in the search engines from really it’s mostly people over 40 years of age. The only time that people have a 40 when I say hit big really being, is it when you look at big, when people buy Microsoft computer and we, the older generation, they’re not so tech savvy like origin x or y whatever. What is it?

00:15:21 When I had to call him one or five up to [inaudible] which is the new Internet [inaudible] and basically with a bat you basically, the default value is big. That’s why customer traffic

00:15:34 on a new Microsoft computer. So I did know that actually, now that you say that, so you’re just saying the, the, you know, no, no in a offense to people over the age of 40 but like basically they’re just, they don’t, they’re not smart enough to figure out how to download chrome. A lot of ’em Huh? That’s a 50 60 so they just go in there just on big. So what do you use? Like is it the same or is the big algorithm basically the same [inaudible] back in big fossil [inaudible] in Google. Well, I would imagine so. There’s way less competition, but like, okay, so like going back to the Pinterest and the Quora and like places like that.

00:16:10 Right. So like you go and so like do you have like 10 different accounts, one in each industry

00:16:18 about 40 to 50 per industry.

00:16:21 But how do you keep track of all those other,

00:16:24 put it in a XLC and I’ll just use the multilevel in plugin and I use the GPS so most people will ask me, he’s a brilliant twist. So I’ve been trying to get my VA’s in the Philippines to work and use certain software. So it’d be if I was only working with that to stays because they’re not going to pull up people’s emails, phone numbers, everything. And I have a software as well for automation on intent and I can not get it to work so I can, we idea to use them for the bps. It gives them a place to log in and use that computer. Well the U s IP addresses cause if VPN wasn’t working so I just make them forced to use a VPN and everything

00:17:02 for those. Explain veep of what a vps is

00:17:05 for those people that don’t know. Okay. So bps is basically a server, but it’s like Seattle, California, New York, whatever. And you let it go into that server and now you IP address you can pause and use it like a computer. So literally windows awkward machine on the virtual glide hotdog.

00:17:21 So, so correct me if I’m wrong here, but essentially your VA’s are spread out throughout the world

00:17:30 in China.

00:17:31 Yeah. And so Google and and major platforms like that nature, they don’t like it when or they like it better if they’re in the states or like our first like top top tier traffic.

00:17:46 Yes. What have you advertised into state? Local businesses like having rapport with them. You have to stay, but like the traffic, geographic location with them.

00:17:54 So you’re basically saying, okay, you’re having your people in China or the Philippines or wherever, log in to a server here in the states through a v. What’d you say? It was a VPN. There would be the threat of eps and now their, when they log in and start doing work for you, it looks like it’s coming from here in America

00:18:17 because I tried to begin before and it’d be again, didn’t work on some of the softwares and vps. I go mountain there because it’s literally a windows machine in the United States. Does that, nope. Physical hard drive is not a hard drive back.

00:18:31 How do, how does people, how do people get access to that?

00:18:34 Um, I can get you one. Hold on the light now. Some of my fine finger food host ones. [inaudible] yeah. Hosts wins cloud. Well I use host wins. Cloud host wins cloud. Yes. And so you could just go on there and then your people in China or Philippines can just log in from there. And they told us that what we’re looking to say, not in the US, that we’re working with us.

00:19:00 How many VA’s do you have?

00:19:02 I have 10.

00:19:04 So you have 10 people working for you and literally they just create content?

00:19:09 Yup.

00:19:10 As a ridiculous amount on Cora and Pinterest and then being, so like how do you get around though? Like you don’t proofread the articles, how do you know what they say? What they’re saying is accurate?

00:19:23 I am, I basically built a formula. Basically what’s allowed was not sell outcomes except for once in awhile I’ll check around and if I find a deal done wrong and as filed and get a new one in, I don’t need to keep checking. IEDs will care about that. It’s traffic.

00:19:39 You just want the traffic. How many pieces of content are they posting a day on any given account? Maybe to the food pieces. Two or three pieces on every account every day. [inaudible] and so anytime, let’s say, okay, what’s an industry that you are not in? Like are you in, I dunno, I’m looking out the window. Like are you in a lawn and garden industry?

00:20:00 No.

00:20:01 Okay. So let’s pretend I’m in the lawn and garden industry and I want to do this and I come to you and I’m like, Yo, Emmy, what up? Right. Um, I want you to rank for me for SEO in the lawn and garden space. Are you literally just go into Quora and Pinterest hiring a VA or going to one of your current VA’s saying, Yo, set up 10 accounts on Pinterest and Quora and start creating three pieces of content today for all those accounts?

00:20:24 Yeah, well I do get them, set the account first, find out what’s trending for that net or anything we can find. When I was, I’d like to use this little tool, um, okay. What the people want. Well if it’s cold or people answer something like that, it basically spits out all the questions people have.

00:20:40 Wait, wait, that’s it. That’s a tool. There’s also the public answer. The public,

00:20:46 yes. It’s a tool we use to answer the public [inaudible] content because using that as well.

00:20:51 So you just go on there and you’re like, Yo, what do people want in this space? And it tells you and then you go create content around that.

00:20:58 Exactly.

00:20:59 And so you just have, do you do that keyword, all that researcher today. So you just basically tell them, look, go and answer the public, set up new accounts, start putting out content and link here and here are the links that I want you to drive all the traffic to.

00:21:15 Yeah.

00:21:16 And then you manage all 10 VA’s [inaudible] like how often are you talking to these people?

00:21:21 Maybe about five minutes a day.

00:21:23 30 minutes a day per, per one or total. So you like literally check in with them like two, three minutes each via I would imagine just like a chat. Not like you’re not actually getting on the phone.

00:21:35 Okay. I take a quick call with them. Yeah. Just show me what you are doing. Um, send me all the articles the next, sometimes that’s not the way. I don’t have a fixed time. Sometimes I would go with a month and not checking on them at a time ago. Um, [inaudible] or [inaudible].

00:21:51 Have you ever, have you ever just like done an SEO project where you were getting tons of traffic and all of a sudden traffic just stopped or like took a major, major debt?

00:22:02 No.

00:22:02 How, how quality is the traffic that comes from these pages?

00:22:07 It’s a hundred percent quality because it’s all well human visited and I have a special software on my side to block all the bot traffic. Yeah.

00:22:16 Was that software or do you know what to say?

00:22:19 Um, I can’t say to you to kind of provide to it. You can say, but yeah,

00:22:25 Bro, like this is game changing for a lot of people though. How did you learn this dude?

00:22:31 I’ve got mentors in the space and when I went to underground mastermind defense, so I’m a big fan of going to underground mastermind events instead of middle ones because the little monsters, the one who go out, for example, my Facebook guy who island personally isn’t of one world. He’s used to spending $4 million a month in a single ad campaign,

0:22:47 I think single campaign

00:22:49 on a single campaign, ad account, one single kind of thing. And they restricted niches such as gambling casino, those to CVD. How do you want him to teach me that? But he’s brilliant.

00:23:03 I don’t understand. That’s so ridiculous. So like, okay dude, I want to, I want to transition over here. Let’s, let’s talk about the mastermind space. The Internet marketing space sucks dude. Like my, like I’m in it. Okay. So I can’t talk too much trash cause I’m still bad dude. But like I’m a huge fan of some of the leaders of the space. For example, I love grant Cardone, I love Russell Brunson. I like Tony Lopez, I like Gary Vanderchuck. I think they’re, they’re all very smart people, right? But like they play at a whole different levels and say everybody else and like dude, everybody and their brother right now has a course, has a mastermind, has the next thing that that doesn’t actually what like where do you hang out? Like where do you learn from because I know it’s not from, you’re not getting on Facebook and like, oh so-and-so’s got a new mastermind coming up. I should go check that out. Cause they had a cool post. How do you go and decide where you’re going to learn from?

00:24:02 Well I do is I find people who are very happy with that for whale and when I attend their events and I tend to some of the most famous ones to get connected to certain people. So when was the talk about networking? I talk about that. Working for laser focus. I ready to master my own, hang out with one person. That’s my entire focus again am I’m that person no matter what and find that and how we’ve guys out and then I find out who’s the best I and event. I go out and make friends with them. Then generally after a couple of months [inaudible] to them, most of my networks and if I go to the white ones full of money, I can get in front of the white people. Like my favorite ad guy.

00:24:36 Okay. Okay. Let’s talk about networking because I don’t know if I’ve ever met anybody that’s better at networking then than you like, I don’t know how you meet these people. Like some of the people that you’ve told me this. What’s the key to networking? Because here’s the thing, dude, I don’t even know if I know how I do it cause I’m, I’m fairly decent when it comes to networking, when like at events and whatnot, like I know how to get people’s attention. I know how to like provide value. I know how to listen. Like I know how to like do the standard like stuff or whatever. But like if I’m, I’ve never networked with billionaires. Like I’ve never gone to a billionaires boys club, right? Like where they all was a bunch of billionaires all hanging out and being like, Yo, what up when I have really nothing to offer them like I do. But let’s, for the average person and for people like you, what are you doing to get in front of these people or like to impress them because they have $1 billion, they can literally buy anything. So how do you stand out?

00:25:32 Okay, so the first thing is, I know that human beings, it doesn’t matter $1 billion. I always say just in life, life isn’t fair and it’s not based on the quality. It can never be patient quality. So we understand in this bitch we want that. If you’re looking at the time of day, any time of day, if you’re not making anyone yet, but we can do something about it. And I wasn’t getting it way faster. I need to find a way to network. I used to start working by the way, but even my first cell phone when a 71 white Mikmak I sold my first business. I have came by proficiency practice and discipline. And what we realized was, and I just, my background, my dad was one of the most [inaudible] in the world and he was one of the most wise leaving medical research, medical research. Okay. So [inaudible] the first attack league back in the 80s, you go home, is that one for him for about $100 million.

00:26:29 Today’s one is $15 million and the guy was 40 years old. [inaudible] that doesn’t of happen. What that was about Ben, he’s had another guy, um, more or less [inaudible] mason had more power than the medical colleges, medical institutions or the publications. And we have connects and met some of you people, even in London. I want to touch that college. And I learned by hanging out with the people buy forward $5 but how did he buy it? And I’ll find out what they started with to humans and I will start helping them solve problems over time. I became a asset, so to say, because I would want to help him. I didn’t want any money. Well, if you’ve got to people wanting to learn from them and helpful, I think it’s very backwards. And when, when do you focus on a win-win? They focused on hoping people above all, you don’t have to benefit.

00:27:20 You will get that very start seeing you. And the more skills you have, the better you are. And the more we can help these guys to find opportunities for them, you will get in front of them more. More it become that fun. And that’s what it’s really about is other day I had about $500 an hour my time. And not to change about $10,000 a minute. I lost two days ago, $10,000 a minute. So my in my was it changing, but people say, why would I go have some $15 an hour? But when I found someone at my level, did that provide a value to me first? Well, the same for someone who has $1 million a hour, but my son, my friend, one of my friends is making $1 million a fucking week in passive into us. Thinking about that in a moment. 8 million we can interest they you send [inaudible] million a week.

00:28:10 Okay, hold on. I just want to care. Clarify to make sure I heard that right. You were not good at sales. You are not good at networking, right? You Go, you start hanging out with these people. Which by the way, for anyone that doesn’t understand that proximity is power. Like get over yourself. Like get around rich people. Like there’s just, you learn so much. But anyway, you would start hanging out with these people. You would go and hang out at with people that bought $400,000 watches and instead of wanting something from them, you just ask them like, Yo, how did you buy that? Watch? Why did you buy that watch? You would start learning about them. And so over time you started learning more and more and more because as you said, everybody’s human. You started learning more and more and more about what they were looking at, what they were doing. And I’m like what problems that they had. And suddenly you started to notice patterns and you got better and better and better at figuring out like how to talk to these people. And so you got to meet cooler and cooler people. Now where you kind of cut out there and I wanted to cut, have you clarify on was when you talked about um, like what were you saying? Like right there at the end when you were talking about people, when it comes to like this guy’s making $8 million a week in interest, like, and your net worth about the $15 an hour.

00:29:24 Yeah. Are you saying basically people will say why didn’t hang out with people texting those an hour? I mean, why is it, do I hang out with people with those a week? The fact is, as said, proximity is power. The thing is what value will someone provided me at this level versus someone about level that’s the same for them. So what it is, it doesn’t matter where you want. You can have $15 an hour, we can a hundred dollars million dollars an hour. The is how could you bring violence to someone as what people don’t understand. And if you can find ways to bring inviting to people, you can always create that relationship. It’s not that people, uh, um, what’s it called? I’m going to say it’s the right word. They’re not trying to be with what it is. We want to talk about winning. We want to go back to old foster rabbits.

00:30:13 Have you not been interested in helping us all problem solve? Some others at times it’s different in terms of the world. You might listen to lose $15. We are losing millions or thousands of micro, two thousands, Eh, uh, it’s a whole different ballgame.

00:30:27 Whole different ball game. Yeah. And I think people just need to realize that though, right? Yeah. You’re not [inaudible] and maybe there are people that are like this, but I mean you would know better than I, but I feel like most people at that level, they’re not trying to be rude. Right? They’re not trying to be like, Yo, I’m way better than you. Yeah, they might feel that way or whatever. But it’s not like that. They think they’re like so much better or whatever, but they are just like, dude, I get paid so much money per hour of my time. And like because of what I’ve built, an hour of my time is so much.

00:30:58 Someone that makes $15 an hour, it has no concept of that. Like they can’t fathom how valuable time is for these people. And so and so like they often, I mean the, the billionaires and the rich people in the world, they hang out in their little clubs. So like how did you start getting around them though?

00:31:16 Because, so as we go back a bit, so that professor [inaudible] estimated as well, that’s a whole different topic and we can go down at another time. But what? What? When I came to America, I had nothing. I had no one I could use and put into that network. Did you even speak English? Yeah. You spoke in London. Yeah, but well, I knew it was okay. I have no one that I knew. Well, I do know it. Especially people with old money. I said, what happened to first?

00:31:52 What do you, are you used to money? Can you make money? We get excited about money because we haven’t had it. Wait. Oh my. He used to pull with it. It’s different. Money is exciting to me, so I had to find a way to for pick words if I, one of the things I found was is that ego is a big thing for,

00:32:09 for people with old money or new money or both

00:32:11 on it. Well, she’s both my old money in particular. Money has big ego. Yeah, because end of the day, Bang, the money becomes meaningless. That’s the starting point. It’s minimalist. If not, you’ve got hundreds of million. What’s different is going to make any number, mother, right? Right. Can I change your life anymore? What is it going to be competing with the neighbors and I haven’t seen it. It’s fun to find meaning in life in different ways. Well if you said anything about this entire thing, different Philly angle magic playbook, they try to find meanings. Yeah. And you can find with coming to the meetings and one of the best ways to do it, land to soften credibility of big publications equally. So I realized in this by accident

00:32:50 I got with some of the folds of the writer, I got myself on 3,500 you said I do quite a bit in the trust. Then I will say had my columns and I would’ve interviewed this with people and when I interviewed them they saw me as an asset in different and when I interviewed them, the very first thing I did is I can copy my book [inaudible] an offer. It takes a lot of work through my book and titled by Yourself. So it gives you a SPEC and okay, this guy is driven and he’s want to help me. So now you can start getting yourself stuff. Life is about positioning as well, but it’s also positioning. Okay. And you can change the positioning too, based on where the two be and you change the positioning. You can now become one of their equals

00:33:38 [inaudible] because it’s a bit k. Okay. So like

00:33:42 because you accomplish things they have never accomplished

00:33:46 because it, I mean, you could be a billionaire, but if you’ve never written a best selling book and bet on four in Forbes magazine, then you’ve done something they they cabin.

00:33:53 Exactly. And if you try to hope we will get more exposer the couple of minutes of fame, it makes sense. It’ll happen. Right?

00:34:01 Because, and they’re like, they don’t, I mean, they’ve got $1 billion or $100 million or whatever. So it’s like, Yo, I can get you to be a bestseller. I can get you in in Forbes or whatever. Yeah, it’s going to cost you $20,000 but they’re going to be like maybe gay, whatever. Right,

00:34:16 exactly right. That’s the thought process. But I don’t charge them for the publicity. I do it because I want to get in good relationships is the most powerful comms in the world.

00:34:25 When do you cash in

00:34:27 I in when I can get a win win and it makes sense [inaudible] if it’s not going to be a win win, I want to cash it and I that’s I guess in sometimes some people on live casting because other than need to, I don’t care as a relationship cause I believe I’ve seen many people and not so you have to go from millions to backups. And I noticed one thing, why do some people bounce back? And I was though, let’s talk about mindset. So some people have better mindset but never could pass back. And Elisa for a better mindset and it’s up the habits and the chaos yet. But the one, the most mold and were there were doors, what? One of the most moe but never relationships Ms. Good people over the relationship. Got It. So the people when we bought back was also have the relationships they need Malaysia. And you said proximity is power. Relationship is the cozy of proximity.

00:35:17 But how do you get around those types of people though?

00:35:20 So the way I put it, I need publicity. I’ll see my articles and my colon. I interviews people and I try again and I told them what might not happen. But with the positioning of having the best seller, they talk to me and I get to learn about my challenges in life.

00:35:34 How did, okay, so there’s, there’s a question. How did you become a bestseller? Because you don’t have an audience.

00:35:40 So I understood the Amazon Algorithm and I had a fun who understood me better and I bought his audience to do it.

00:35:46 You borrowed his audience?

00:35:48 Yes. [inaudible] I used. Understood the argument. We did it.

00:35:53 What’s your book on?

00:35:55 Digital marketing. Okay. Your dental foot clinic, by th5e way, congratulations. Bestselling book, Dude. You’ve been in so many publications, so many, all the time, everywhere. How did you get started into that? So basically I saw a few of my friends getting the fall. I’m like, there’s no way they done it for 41 of the page. So I let her, whether it paid for us and I went to these guys and to get the first mound, I’m a pay the minute, deliver half of the stuff. Did I have a duck? A few smaller ones. I’m like, okay, screw this other supposed a bunch of money.

00:36:29 I need to find a way to get in myself. They don’t seem to do something, but I didn’t know. I don’t believe that any skill outwork cannot not be left. So I went and learned and we let them do it and how to get myself into the publication.

00:36:43 This is such an important topic because most people don’t think like that and I love that you think like that. But like dude, when I first got started in the online space, how I got started was I literally went to Google and typed in how to make money online, right? Like that is how I got started in online marketing. No grace. Um, how did you like, where did you go? You’re like, man, I want to be a Forbes contributor. What do you, do you use Google that or how did you figure that out?

00:37:13 Yeah, Google the first I saw people and then I saw a friend of mine when we talked to her and then I asked them to look on page 21 I basically, I did that and then afterwards I went one step further though. No, you’re good. Yeah. I decided to go one step further. I went to an event in New York, the media conservatives when one wants to forever when I’m asked every single month to submit media. Oh, book meeting editors or a coding model or Linkedin and phone calls. I’ll call them up and the tech and the coffee have dinner and I’ll just do that. I just find out,

00:37:49 how do you just, you just sent an email to an editor and be like, Yo, what up? I want to take you to coffee. And they’re like, yeah, sure. Let’s go.

00:37:57 Well, uh, the we want to do is I’ll get recommendation from someone very new. I’ll find someone who have a network, as you said, facilities, Paolo, introduction, how to meet these people and [inaudible] I was just helping them out. I was going to expect that if you come back, some people help me out, some people didn’t. I didn’t care. But I got to meet the new, the I get to then have a fake, I have to force it and how to leverage it.

00:38:20 How do you, how do you make money from those deals? Meaning meaning just the fact that you’re in PR and all these publications. Did that directly make you any money or is it all just for,

00:38:35 so here’s the thing. I didn’t make me money directly, but when it did do with a loudly, when it came to getting in front of people, it gave me the enough time to get my foot in the door to say the Bible. Cause I see it as a very competitive space. Even evenly the money. How many people want to raise money all the time? Again, fuck a button as an apple thing, it’s a set of stuff. What it did allow me to get my foot in the door when I use my own sales skills and I have many mentors. I have about four in the books from sales and I just used the those skills to learn how to get myself in front of these people and clear the opportunity in those and CV minutes. I have two to three minutes to prep myself and get myself in.

00:39:13 That’s incredible. Who, who decides whether or not you’re a Forbes contributor, therefore the Otis or whoever, whatever. Is it just the Editas so like when when you are a contributor, what’s that process look like? You, you just go and you write an article and it just gets posted or does it have to go through a whole

00:39:31 process? It has to go for an entire post that so once you get yourself a column, we know we have the same as access, we post it into the same ESX CMS and that oil you can send it as directly depending on the platform is very different form entrepreneur, Forbes, it’s different. Then I basically will go in and we’ll review it. Then we basically will approve it. Now the fool is actually, you can post it in whether with a check in to walk towards. That’s different folds is different from entrepreneur and that’s different from,

00:39:57 hmm. Are you an instant traveler?

00:40:00 I’m actually applying and I’m waiting for my friends. Introduce me to the other two.

00:40:04 Okay, well w we, we have still still some time left, but I want to get on the topic of, of raising capital. Right? Okay. This is, um, I’m going to use the transition of how you actually make money before I go over into that. But that’s where I kind of want to end with this concept of, because you’ve raised a stupid amount of money. Um, how do you make money dude? Like, wait, where’s your core business?

00:40:31 So Michael Business is my SEO agency. I make great one that it’s not, I blew up a lot of money. So I used to do was take equity in companies, scale them up from a 20 grand to 200 grand a month and local speed. Cause I understand how to market, but then I blew it all up. I want to take a different direction entirely because I didn’t feel we were assessing [inaudible] and I just didn’t go into business pilots at the time. So I said, okay, I’m don’t know the different [inaudible] I can always be stopped and like, and I’m like most of my money SEO right now now as like the capsule now, not all the capital up as my main business is the SEO agency on the online space anyway

00:41:09 in the online space. So you no longer take equity in businesses like that other than there anymore. So you, you just do a retain remodel and then you’re your, you do I know other by the companies not now or you just buy them outright [inaudible] I mean I guess that’s lit. So like when you buy a company, do you leave all the staff where they are? Do you restaff it?

00:41:30 Um, I normally most of Muslim stuff with they offer, I will review contacts with outsourcing and are basically [inaudible]. Do you do them do that personally or do you have a lawyer or somebody do it? So the posting, well, how it works once I get an offer from [inaudible], it depends on that way accepted off the sign, an NDA, LOI, legal shit. It goes to the accountants and lawyers on contingency basis. If the deal didn’t close, I’m not paying anything. Then once it closes a payment of 50 grand and basically I acquired the company and I do that part myself because they all at the control. The first 90 days of the company and districts I’ve been gone. Huh. So they control it for 90 days after you buy it? I’ve consulted for like two days after. I mean I really put someone else in charge. Oh, okay.

00:42:15 So you basically get rid of current boss, keep everybody else. You run it for 90 days replaced with a new boss. Well sometimes that can be old boss on, but I’ve been told to phone on site. But you had the final statement. Everything cool. Do you like, do you sell businesses too or do you buy and hold? I’m going to buy, I’m buying a hold of them. I’m buying assessments with businesses. Recession-Proof businesses. Yes. Which would be like what? So I’ll say medical offices, we’ll tie that to the medical offices. Roofing, construction will many conduct plumbing, [inaudible] faculty. It’s just some. And why would those be considered a recession proof. Okay, so on a bullet hate stock. This is one of the reason why I set this. If you go to Miami, it’s so fucking hot in the summer and then it’ll fall over at the hall.

00:43:00 It’s somebody was fucking phone pee and good. I was on a call as hot. It’s fucking hot. Hundred 20 degrees. Did any of that call like I was going to overheat? You’re going to die. So if I thought the weather was going to be a fucking business, let it go to waste like you are. Yana I lived for a couple of years and where they came from, Kentucky, they can go really cold in the winter. It’s funny. Well, the summers in Indiana were like hundreds, a hundred degrees on 10 you need heating and cooling. Again, if that mechanism then goes, what are you going to do?

00:43:31 Yeah, you’re screwed. They will find the money for it.

00:43:35 That’s true. So still you buy like do you own a bunch of businesses? Now I’m in the middle of buying seven companies that might not seven companies right now and I’m building a medical village on both of a customer for the millions. Basically funds.

00:43:48 We will wait but we’ll hold on. Hold on. Hold on. You’re building a $400 million company, mid up medical village medical village where?

00:43:56 And [inaudible] in ware book of the tongue. What? Palm beach area. Oh, down in Florida? Yeah, $400 million. How long is that going to take? About 18 months ago to stop us enough money.

00:44:11 So how have you started raising money now or no? You’ve already raised it but okay, let’s talk about raising money dude. You like snap your fingers and can have $50 million, right? Like how do you do that?

00:44:25 So what it was, again, I come back to relationships with one thing. When you look at what does the person who’s given the money to get what they want, the money back, the one low risk as possible and then want it to say, now a lot of people, I got to be safe for the startup up to a hundred million with style. I wouldn’t be a very attractive offer. Look, this is the assessment book business. Most of the one I’m buying a wedding making seven figures. Well I have to do is go, they’ve got no online presence. I’m going to put me on steroids,

00:44:57 so let me, I’m sorry. I just want to make sure I’m tracking. So far what you’re doing is you’re saying, okay, I’m looking at investors and I say my investors want money, their money back. They want it in a safe location with low risk. Right,

00:45:13 exactly. Like they don’t want to lose their money. Yeah. And they want to make profit. Right.

00:45:19 Most people when they go to venture capitalists, it’s a brand new idea. They have no idea what’s going on. It’s very high risk, which I mean in the case of, you know, tech or you know, like this new snapchats of the world, the one in 10,000 that take off real high for investor payoff. Right? But like majority of businesses fail. Don’t turn a profit for a long time. You’re going in and you’re saying, okay, listen, I’ve got this business that’s already doing seven figures there already $1 million on a multimillion dollar business, but you’re specifically looking for ones that are poorly managed or have no marketing department or have no social media presence so that there’s easy upside for you to be able to go in and work your magic.

00:46:01 Well, even if not pulling money, the main thing I care about is they have with sesame deposits, we set them to, for those with youtube presence.

00:46:09 So weak online presence?

00:46:12 Exactly. Sometimes it’s a foot also on looking for weak tax structure. Um, legal structures. It shows success. That’s not that my feelings guy. Ivy’s one of the top insurance guys in the world. He either many of the billionaires and he said 50 40, 50% on the shorts. So I got to him and he said, we’re 25% on mine, I’m gonna let it off and go off 20% off for taxes. So I’m benefiting by the 40 50% immediately.

00:46:40 So let’s say there’s a company that, you know, I don’t know that they do a couple of million bucks in sales or you know, revenue I should say with, you know, with everything. What, what kind of offer are you making? Are you, are you offering them at market value or below it or what?

00:46:56 I will, it depends on the business. Um, but I negotiate seller financing so the seller wants to finance 80% of the deal for me.

00:47:04 Really?

00:47:05 Oh, the two to four years.

00:47:06 So you’re basically paying him or her, whoever you’re buying from 20% down.

00:47:14 And when Penn, we have 80% of the four years

00:47:16 over three years. And your investor will pay is the down payment. So if, let’s say w what’s usually a down payment on a business? Like 10% 20% 20% 20 let’s say. Wanted to tell me about that payment. So, so a million dollar down payment, you’re gonna buy a business for 10 million bucks. Okay? So you, you go to an investor and you say, Hey, listen, I’ve got this recession proof business. It’s an air conditioning and cooling company, right? Uh, it’s worth $10 million or let’s say it’s worth $12 million, right? I’ve negotiated it down. He’s going to take $10 million for the deal. He needs $1 million today, and then we’re going to pay the remaining 9 million back over the next four years. So we’re going to pay, yeah, whatever that is, two point $2 million a year essentially, back to this dude, right? Yes. So that’s what you’re telling him. And so now you go the deal, or the seller takes the million dollars cash that you just gave him walks. Now you go and you’re like, cool, I’m going to make you your payments of two and a half million bucks or whatever it is over the next four years. Are you expecting all that $2 million to come from the business? Are you getting additional money?

00:48:31 Well, from the business,

00:48:32 how though? Because why wouldn’t the investor just keep them? Keep that.

00:48:36 Or though, why wouldn’t the seller just keep the business if it was making people will solve the reason that it could be sick. They could be old, they could be in the financial crisis personally. Well, it was fine because we gone through a divorce and can’t manage the business. There’s so many different reasons. The kid could be sick, that could be sick. One last thought really well, but anyway, the point is this many reasons why people will sell our business.

00:49:01 And so you’re just capitalizing on that and basically saying, hey, this is what’s gonna happen. So then you’re putting 20% down, which would be, I’m sorry, $2 million, not a million. So you’re putting $2 million down there. They’re taking it. So you’re basically saying, hey, I’m going to take all the profits in this business for the next four years, essentially. Maybe you’ll keep a little bit, pay this dude back, and then in four or five years from now, you’re an 80% owner on a $10 million business.

00:49:30 Well, I’ll go more. I’ll make more money. My goal was, I always talk about like quantum leap, right? So when people talk about incremental way, we take one step at a time. This is a timeline. Yeah. Quantum really jumping, well, I asked you to say it from physics reason, but the timeline, but it doesn’t exist. No, other than this place. Yeah. It’s like space time continuum stuff and quantity nerdy stuff that I study. No, I get that for sure. So I do believe it’s not because I’m bored. I know I could add minimal five to 10 minutes to get business before the SEO Mexico lacking in the Google maps. Oh, I was my youtube guy. He’s the only guy on youtube ads. It’s a locally it works for with me. Hey, for example, we spend like 50 or a hundred dollars and that’s fine. We’ll make $1,800 back. But do you ensure though

00:50:28 that that business isn’t going to go belly up when you buy it?

00:50:31 Because we do all things and have to go first. We can do checks. We’re not going to buy it just because there’s good, we wants to the financials, we want to check the stock, we want to have questions that contingencies in place. [inaudible]

00:50:42 who does that for you?

00:50:44 So I do it with a lawyer and I told the lawyers what I want and I make the offer. And then what happens?

00:50:50 How did you become so smart?

00:50:52 Well, I think [inaudible] spot people. That’s the one that literally is you hung out with people and we a lot. How old are you dude? 28 now.

00:51:00 Gosh, I feel like a failure in life. No, I’m just kidding. That’s crazy. I’m 25 so like how long ago did you get started with this?

00:51:08 Well, walk was, this was all business,

00:51:10 just business. And like when did you really start learning about networking, business, PR, SEO, all of it.

00:51:17 About two and a half years ago. So years ago.

00:51:20 So what were you doing like is that when you showed up to America? Never four years ago. Yeah.

00:51:25 You mean to tell me you’ve done all this in three years? Is that okay? Yes.

00:51:29 Freaking ridiculous. What’s the biggest deal you’ve ever done? [inaudible]

00:51:34 it’s for this ridiculous 400 million. Yeah. And his little took a little weeding. For example, if you look at an 80 20 rule, well I found that one topic of a book only take 20 bucks, 80% of the ideas are going to be the same throughout. So did you start with [inaudible]? It’s sort of the idea. Get to the second book in a couple of 20% the fid book, we can focus on the full book in a couple of 1% strictly again with one new idea. And you can go for many more books that way. So you’re not focused on like how do you decide like are you reading headlines or just what I believe the entire book bothered for concepts and then look forward. We can go, I kept that concept. So you’re just like speed reading real fast and then when something jumps out at you, you stop and study that well in what it is.

00:52:20 When I’m reading it, if I honestly got, did I forget about it, I think [inaudible] needs a story. I don’t listen for the story. I love the concept. I can take these concepts in the planets in my life.

00:52:30 How do you decide which books to read?

00:52:32 So what I do is when I find a book I like, I got the guys that do it and when a an infant comes, look, I’m in a new refuse. Oh, we’re going to do it again. Like I’m doing like that. So I’ll find a little books I want. And by doing that same strategy of about 4,000 books in four years, that’s insane. I’m sure you’ve read that. This book, trust me, I’m lying by Ryan holiday. I’ll go over the books bro. Ryan holiday’s some on some next level something man. My whole day it book the article was like my second favorite book in the world.

00:53:04 Which one article was the wait, the obstacle is the way. Yeah, such a good book dude. And the fun one. My favorite is it goes the other way and I found one holiday. Oh really? I just started that book. My favorite book is the master key system by out the what? Masaki system by Tasman. Now the marketing system most acute. Oh, the master key system by tossing now the master key system. What’s that book on about? Mindset is the [inaudible]. It’s poor days. Even if it can go away. And it’s about basically one chapter a week. Did you exercise every day? Oh, six months. We’ll change the timeline. W w

00:53:40 what do you think of psycho-cybernetics?

00:53:43 It’s one of my top favorite books. I love that book. That’s my, these are my articles. That’s an entire course.

00:53:50 Yeah. Well yeah, yeah, I, yeah, I know who you’re talking about. Um, dude, this is fantastic. This is fascinating. Is Fascinating. What, what would you say is the number one key to your success?

00:54:05 Am I goes out seven times a day. I’ll say my whole system seven times a day. So honestly, I don’t know. Explain this a second. So I’m basically waiting a cat also suggested that can go away. It really is. It’s about look just in on one idea.

00:54:19 You know that thinking grow rich is just not real. Right?

00:54:24 I know that with a lot of women by ecology, but the fact is you can still take it well, yeah, I agree. There’s a lot of good ideas in the book, but he never met Carnegie. Yeah, I did a whole lot. I had heard many things about that. But regardless to what the repetition, because what I really care about, so is what it is. I’m an idea. So the old people go on about the law of attraction, but understanding of all the structure we did with affirmations, they did this gratitude. They spend enough 5% of the day on this, 95% one a day. Then I believe in the idea what’s going to win the 95%

00:54:58 exactly. So what I do is I understood that, well, the biggest problem in life, we don’t have photos of like, I see what challenges we have, clarity, challenge or problem. And everything I’ve ever found was it would’ve been clarity, is it? We don’t have the people, well, crystal clear how to oppose to an unfaithful. So I give it a walk with my posts. My goal system was this. So that sets you off. My father was assassinated, basically as hostile and they came back afterwards and died. I left religion completely and God, Eva wanting to put this, put God as I tell them the science well and painful circles. What was it? He’s okay with after the after have seven letters out maximum rounded. We talk over to time-travel quantum physics. There’s seven copies of every single photo. Just think about that second. That means the seven dimensions of Palo universities, but from a scientific standpoint, Ben, if we go to religion, it goes on about seven to seven headwinds and if you look at religion, even every single religion, Islam, what does the, because it’s about light.

00:56:02 Light is energy and if we go to Egypt, what’s I’ve been fascinated with since about eight years old? Depends who reads it. Couldn’t be fascinated by the templates. I’ve been obsessed with the template for the 10 years now or 20 years now. What it was it was it still the same dose? You still got it’s open book light. He thought that’s an idea. If we go down to the energy and look at the attributes of God and you have to be some energy as it can be quite to the company. The story is this. Everyone at once can take any shape, any form. That’s the same with God. And when I realized that, I was like, okay, seven, eight the number he put in front and nature and why don’t we call it some goals, one for each area, the wonderful investments, one for your personal income, one for the biggest business tenants.

00:56:46 So my biggest business time to plan out the best tax orders I can get your health, well, relationship yourself and um, what’s helpful, what kind of other stuff on top of my head I’m glad to be. That’s what we have one, the seven goals. There’s nothing to solve. What do you call it? The seven goals you put down, he’s going to seven outcomes. Several things are going to happen. These are the goals [inaudible] avoid. That comes down to seven steps. Take one step a day for me to go goals and do some stuff today you will achieve your goal. The 49 days, the fastest system on the planet and it gives you after the cloud, it could be food if I done every single outcome and every single step towards that goal. Hmm. If you bucket down further, you broke it down in forever.

00:57:30 That’s fascinating. So like I totally understand what you’re saying with quantum physics and everything like that in law of attraction, man, I’m a big nerd when it comes to all that stuff, but I’m curious. So wait, let’s, let’s back up to this, cause this is, this is like next level mindset stuff and I wish people just understood this. So do you, you don’t believe in God then you’re came back. As I said, I went full circle. So now you do believe that there’s a god

00:57:55 I love. Is it God scientifically, even mathematically with the God we look at the evolution from Odin species can never happen because we’d have to look at this, the could the public ability. Mathematically, it’s like one time, 10 to a month, my team is doing it. I call them. Exactly.

00:58:10 Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:58:10 The foam, the first protein, the mathematics is like one time 10 so minus 20 more than 11 and mathematics zero was you’re going to cut and tasting the orders. If you either came in at chemistry, mixed it, you’ve got deform and Alpha women who are assets with makeup, you’re pointing, you got one long and you hit, you have to talk on the Tria, Ben Collapses, the topic changes. So mathematically it can’t happen. Let him listen who came from other spaces that towards the is in the distance of a curator because it can’t be by chance, nor is it by geography. By design.

00:58:44 So, so then what religion would you identify with most?

00:58:49 Honestly, I haven’t studied with him and not my stuff anymore too. That’s to say I follow listen, but while dealing with that basic God for sure and what we’ve got to God intends to time whatever you want to call it with it being at least, but I have made up because if you look at the second level, integrate in front of dynamics. Have you been tented this order? Yeah. If you look at humans boarding is so would it so well,

00:59:13 yeah. No, no, that’s, that’s a great point. That’s a super great point. I, you know, I’m, I’m religious, um, you know, and, and I, I believe in God. Um, I think that, yeah, well I have, religion’s not something that we have time to go on and we’ll have to do a follow up interview or something, but like I think that I tend to identify with Christians, you know, be identify as a Christian. But, um, I think good Christians get a lot of stuff wrong to that. I mean, I think the Bible is inherently true, but uh, you know, translation and things of that nature. But I like your points from a scientific perspective of what that brings to the table. But we do need to wrap it up only because we’ve been going, we’ve been going too long, but I want to say thank you for coming on here because this dude, bro, this was incredible.

00:59:57 Like this is like next level stuff. This is probably the most information packed mind blowing interview I’ve ever done. I can’t wait for this one to air on. So writing down your goals, you would say is is the key to your success? Like getting, getting clear on that. I do want to touch on one more point though before we wrap it up and go to rapid fire questions and that is, you talked about clarity, right? Which I think is so crucial and so clear, right? Like what if you have clarity on it, know what you’re doing. Like you look at someone, let’s say like a golfer or you know, I like Tom Brady, right? The Patriots or whatever. I mean like that dude knows how to throw a ball. He knows how to go out and win games. If you’re a complete noob, right? You don’t know how to go do those dates now that you can’t.

01:00:39 Tom Brady couldn’t do at one point either. Now look at him now he knows exactly what to do next, how to go out and win games. He’s got the clarity to do it. Same thing is true in all areas of life and business. Once you know what you’re doing and how to do it and you have a clear path to do it, anything becomes possible. For me, what has brought me more clarity than anything else is the concept of objective thinking. So what are your thoughts on objective thinking or, or how do you go and best find clarity?

01:01:04 So for me, I let them let them down. I’m looking at cause and effect allows you, like if I do this, the fat is the fat was the cause of it. I’m fan. I got that. Cool. Look at the cause of the cause. I love that concept in the book. Comic management. Comic management. Yeah, I’ve got it. Absolutely. That was leaving earlier. Karmic. Okay. Karmic management. Okay. The bullion book.

01:01:30 So you’re, you are all about cause and effect. Getting to the root cause of things. Yes. Which is objective thinking. More or less. I mean, yeah, I would agree with that. Cool man. Well Dude, I appreciate this so much. Thank you again. Let’s, let’s move to rapid fire questions here real quick when we wrap it up and then, uh, we’ll uh, call it a day. You ready for a rapid fire? Yes. Okay. Favorite Airlines to fly?

01:01:54 Am I going to alliance?

01:01:55 Do you like American? Why do you like American?

01:01:57 Well, cause I’m fine domestically. Mostly white now. Gluten sweet food every time off for it. Whilst if I go today give you what? Gluten free food.

01:02:05 Oh, okay. Oh, the cost that was done. Gotcha. Gotcha. So, okay. Um, where are you? W W you live in Orlando now?

01:02:14 Yeah. Yes.

01:02:15 Where’s your dream place to live?

01:02:17 Buck of the time.

01:02:19 McCarton Dow down in Florida. Okay. Where you’re building the village in Butler then.

01:02:23 Yeah, exactly.

01:02:24 Yeah. Okay. Okay. You’re going to do down there. Um, yeah. What was it like coming to America with nothing? Like what was your first thought when you landed?

01:02:34 Well, my first thought is, okay, I’ve got to make something work. I will even die. Trying or succeed.

01:02:45 Yeah. What do you see as the biggest problem with America today?

01:02:48 The biggest problem of the record today is education system. But it doesn’t think

01:02:53 there’s no thinking. The education system. What is the simple solution, which I know doesn’t exist, but in like one sentence, what’s the answer to the education system

01:03:04 for people to stop working TV and wants to start reading? Start. We’ll start. What are I’m stop up, stop watching TV. Son wants to start reading and start reading.

01:03:13 No, I would agree with that 100%. Um, okay dude, this has been awesome. I have one final question for you. I asked us to every single person that’s on the podcast and that is, um, let’s pretend you’re on your deathbed. Fast forward to the end of your life and everything that you’ve done, every person’s life that you touched, all your deals, everything that you’ve done is gone right. Like you, you’ve not done anything in your life. Now, however you get to leave every single person that you’ve ever touched in influence either directly or indirectly through your work, you get to leave them all with one final message or one final thought. What would that thought be? Um, okay.

01:03:50 The impediment to accident advances, accident. What stands in the way we come into, wait, the obstacle is the way.

01:03:55 Can you repeat that one more time?

01:03:57 If pay them are to accent advanced with accent, what stands in the way becomes the whip, which stands in the way becomes the way I love it. And that’s right from the book. Uh, yeah. Yeah. The obstacle is the way. That’s my wallpaper.

01:04:09 That’s your wallpaper. I love it, man. Amy, you have been amazing. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for taking the time to come on here. Um, I know you and I have stuff that we’ve been doing together and it’s been awesome to get to know you. Um, you’re amazing dude. I appreciate it. Thank you so much guys. This has been Emmy. Any where can they find out? I don’t even know. Do you want people to find out more about you?


01:04:29 Where can they find out more? They can add you on Facebook. Yeah.

01:04:33 Gimme Terrick right? T. A. R. I. Q. Yes. Okay. T m. E. I. M. M. Y. T. A. R. I. Q. A. Emmy. Thank you again, man. Guys, this has been Emmy. He’s amazing. 28 year old killing it. I don’t like not even, not even killing it, like blowing, blowing everybody else out of the water. I’m free to appreciate him coming on here guys. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are going to be the ones that change the world. Go use some of the tactics that we talked about here today like holy cow, it will change your life. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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