Think Different Theory

How to Get What You Want: The Untold Story


In this episode, I sit down and interview the queen of social media Rachel Pederson. From being a single mom, on welfare, and an alcoholic, to building 2 different million dollar businesses, Rachel shares her story in a way she’s never done before.


We talk about health, family/work balance, overcoming addiction, welfare, how she envisions her goals, her journey, how to get what you want, and of course mindset.

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Delegating in order to slow down (03:32)
  • Focusing on healthier eating and the motivation behind it (04:53)
  • Legs like Carrie Underwood (09:10)
  • Achieving great things after overcoming a great addiction (12:23)
  • Young Rachel’s dreams and aspirations (18:40)
  • Struggle is where character comes from (26:07)
  • Moving beyond living on food stamps and welfare (34:03)
  • Rachel’s reason for going into business (41:31)
  • The importance of chasing one’s dreams (47:37)
  • Becoming a red carpet celebrity (52:02)


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July 26th, 2019


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00:00:00 I’m just going to say this, like how you do one thing is how you do everything. And, even though, like I am very passionate about marketing and social media. If the world were to collapse and I just got to do whatever I loved, or if I were super, super rich, and I had time to just do whatever I loved, it wouldn’t actually be social media, but how I do social media, and how I see this vehicle through to completion is going to determine how well the next one goes.

00:00:29 You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

00:01:14 What’s up guys, welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti, and we have with us another guest interview on the podcast here today. And, as you guys know, I’ve said this before so I’m not going to spend too much time with it. I interview people that I actually want to talk to. Some of them I’ve talked to before, many of them I have not, but I want to go and talk to people, and do interviews with people that are actually interesting, people that deserve exposure, and people that I can learn from. And I want to bring out a unique side of them, and really talk about who they are, and you know, kind of bring that side out, cause I think a lot of times with influencers we tend to put them on like this pedestal, and like make them not human for some reason. But anyway, our next guest here today guys, I am… I’m so excited about, in fact, this is one of probably the more exciting episodes.

00:02:03 In fact, right before we hopped on she said, “Josh, I want to make this the best interview ever.” So, that’s what we’re going to shoot for. It’s going to be amazing. But another female on here, which is so exciting. Our next guest though is someone who went from nothing, and we’ll get into that, I’m sure like true, like food stamps, welfare, a single mom, to building, not one, but two different million dollar businesses, has gone on to prove that hard work and determination will allow you to do anything. She is also someone who is so fun, so exciting, and someone that I think we can all relate to. I want to welcome to the podcast, my dear friend and business mentor, Rachel Peterson. Thank you for being here.

00:02:42 Josh Forti. It’s always a pleasure to see you, and I’m excited because we’re going to talk about some different things. We already started to talk about them a little, we couldn’t help ourselves.

00:02:50 We couldn’t. And that’s just how the conversation goes. But I want to start this off actually… well, actually, let’s do this. How have you been Rachel? How’s life?

0:02:57 I’ve been really good. We slowed a lot down over the last three to six months. We just really slowed down, but I think like… I think I’ve been on your… different shows and different platforms talking about how fast we went for so long.

00:03:16 Yeah

00:03:16 Slowing down has been this beautiful process and I think when you see someone slow down you assume that they are losing momentum, and I don’t actually agree with that. We’ve actually been like gearing up for a big spring and it’s really, really exciting.

00:03:32 Well I feel like, I feel like when you slow down too, you like, you change and like you… you have to go through different processes and whatnot. Like you can only do so much in hyper drive mode, until you got to take a step back and get clear. Right? And so like slowing down kind of forces you to delegate almost. Right? Doesn’t it?

00:03:51 I would say so. I mean. It forced me to look at my team and be like, “Do I really trust these people? Can I hand them things, and know when you say, I’ve got it, you got it.” And so, it’s been a beautiful process. It does force you to hand things over, but more than that, and I’ve loved this process. I didn’t think I would. Is saying, “Not right now to things.” It’s so tough, cause I wanna do everything, like…

00:04:20 Yeah.

00:04:20 And then I remember, Oh yeah, like you’re 30 and your kids are young and this is the only season of your life when your kids are young, you don’t have to do it all before you’re 40 there’s life after 35, you know, it’s been crazy.

00:04:36 Will I be, I feel like I’m Kevin Hart just turned 40 and mark Wahlberg comment on his posts. He goes forties the new 20, you know, and like I feel like it kind of is, you know, especially with the Internet and with, with technology and with hell. Like how much do you focus on in your health when it comes to eating?

00:04:59 So much. I mean I eat clean six days of the week. Aye. What’s clean to you? Like really clean, like mostly plant based with like a little bit of meat. Um, I almost do zero carbs. Wow. It’s really clean. Lots of celery juice, lots of fruits and vegetables, tons of water. Um, no junk food. We don’t even have junk food in our house really. When did that start though? Oh, recently I’ve always loved junk food. I mean, I ain’t gonna lie. I love junk food. So when it’s cheat day, I’m like, bring on everything. Can we get your door dash? I want one of them.

00:05:42 So I’m like, literally we have no junk food. It started for us. Um, it’s kind of been a process because before I was trying to change it externally and like, oh, if I eat well then I’m going to get this results. And I didn’t realize, no, it has to start with me and valuing myself and treating myself like this million dollar racehorse. And if I had $1 million racehorse, which I recently went horseback riding again in Idaho falls, I was like, I would not give that horse drunk with not not in a million years. They self junk and feel like junk. So that was probably over the last two months that it’s really became a, it’s a non negotiable for me.

00:06:26 That’s awesome. So like I like junk food a lot. I like candy and I like unhealthy things for sure. But I would say my biggest, like I could give up probably all candy, all dessert. Well not that I would want to, but before I gave up my, my downfall, I mean it would be very hard for me to do all that. But my downfall is steak. Like I’m telling you, I eat steak like three to five days a week. Like I eat steak all the time. And so it’s interesting because I grew up on a farm where my parents were actually, so my mom’s like a health nut. Like she eats, I mean there was a while there, she was a hundred percent raw, uh, then it was 80% raw. But she’s still to this day, I mean she does eat some meat, but it’s all, I mean we raised our own chickens, we raised our own cow.

00:07:16 They never touched grain. It was all organic, all grass fed. So like I grew up eating this steak that was really healthy. And then I get into this modern world where that’s not so much the case. So like how do you go, you talked about it being an internal battle and changing like your internal with that. I think that’s huge. How did you, like, what changed? Was it like your a kids experience? I feel like there’s always some experience row outside of what it is that we’re trying to change that causes us to change. Yeah. What was it for you?

00:07:45 For me, there were a lot of experiences. I think I’m a very hardheaded person. Um, I know I’m very, very stubborn, which is sometimes a good thing until it’s not. Um, and so all of these mentors were like, you need to eat healthy, you need to treat yourself with respect, you need to, et Cetera, et cetera. And for me it didn’t change until I read this book called psycho-cybernetics.

00:08:10 Oh, that’s fine. Let’s see. My favorite book.

00:08:12 It’s my favorite book

00:08:13 outside the Bible is without question,

00:08:15 Hands down my favorite book, I can’t even believe how amazing it is. And, I had this very, very clear vision of my mental image of who I am. And, I was like, oh my gosh, I need to program myself with this every single day. So, over there on the wall, I’ll probably take a picture of this at some point and put it on Instagram. I actually printed pictures of different celebrities to create this like a collage of what I imagine. And it says red carpets, like, and I’ve got a picture of Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds.

00:08:47 I love that.

00:08:48 And the cool part is she’s not alone. She’s with her man because my man is hot and I want him on a carpet with me. We’ve got stages like Rachel Hollis legs like Carrie Underwood. Girls be like, uh, and then Ariana Grande’s posse poison. And it goes on and on. And I have all these and I just look at it and I’m like, that is me.

00:09:10 Hmm.

00:09:10 The one that got me for health was legs like Carrie Underwood and I’ve always wanted legs like that, but I always knew it didn’t happen from just like being like, oh, I wish I had legs like that. And when I started to like wake up every day and see that and be like, I want legs like that. Not because I don’t think I’m good enough, it’s because I think I deserve to look and feel strong and be able to wear what I want. Oh my gosh. That was like a no brainer. And Soon I’ll be sharing like my before and after, but within two weeks I started to see it happening. Like in two weeks I had abs coming in. Yeah. And the before and after shocking people were like Photoshop. I’m like, no, it’s not. It was literally this clear cut decision of, it’s pretty clear if I want to be that version of Rachel, I have to do the things that Rachel does already already here.

00:10:05 No, that’s super, super, super huge. I mean, I spoke at actually what was the event that you and Steven James were doing a go to. Todd and I talked about that exact concept which stemmed out of psycho cybernetics. That’s the thing that kind of put me on the path to that. But like you’ve got to identify the person that you want to be first and then you’ve got to kill the person that’s not capable of achieving that and, and become the person that is. And even if you don’t have those things yet, like be that person that’s allowed to do it, um, or that is capable of doing it. No could totally change your life. How, but so if I recall your story correctly, I kind of want to kind of the background of your story here, getting to this point cause you are not always you, right? Like your a totally different person now than you were two years ago, four years ago, you know, however long it was ago, not, not too terribly long ago you did, you, you had an addiction, right? Like was it alcohol with you?

00:10:58 Yes, it was a massive alcohol addiction. I mean, I’m talking like some people drink wine by the bottle. I drink wine by the mason jar literally every single night. And I’m not talking one mason jar. I’m talking multiple. Um, isn’t that just crazy? It doesn’t feel like so different from who I am now.

00:11:18 So radically different to me. So like I’ve never struggled with a food or, or a addiction of substance, right? Like substance abuse. I’ve never been addicted to like cigarettes or alcohol. I’m not a drinker. Um, I smoke weed but that’s really not even in the same category. And I do it, you know, in moderation. Very much so. But I’ve, I’ve heard that when like breaking an addiction

00:11:46 hmm

00:11:46 is ridiculously like hard and like there’s different types of addictions. I’m going to focus specifically on substance ones here. I’ve also heard that when you’re able to do it, like when you become the person and you actually finally break free and truly break free from that addiction, it’s like a hugely powerful like boost of confidence and it like, you feel like you can do anything at that point, right? I mean cause you’ve overcome this thing. And oftentimes, you know, you hear people that overcome great addiction, go on to do this. Just phenomenal thing. [inaudible] would you say that that’s true for you as well?

00:12:23 And you know, yeah, I mean, I love how that pre-frames how it happened for me because I was working at this, like I say, marketing agency in quotes because it was this really gray hat, dark gray hat. Um, and we were allowed to drink at the office, which was terrible for me because at that point in time I like couldn’t say no to alcohol and I would like sneak alcohol and I had secret bottles of alcohol in different places. And when I started like swigging from the vodka bottle is when I knew like, this is, you’re not the person that you know, you’re meant to be. And they were. I went to work. Um, I’m just gonna be honest, like I don’t really share this story very often. I don’t actually don’t even know if I’ve ever really shared this. But I was sitting there and I was like, oh my gosh, I feel really sick. I’m not going to drink today. So I decided to wait. Josh and my hands started shaking like this. And that’s when I realized, oh my gosh, I’m going into withdrawal. And I went into an office and in there, and I literally in that moment just said, God, I need your help. I’m scared I’m going to die. Yeah. I don’t know what’s going to happen. And somethings so clearly came to me, you can call it whatever you want.

00:13:43 For me, it was clearly a voice of a voice from God and it was audible. And it said, if you put your alcohol on the alter, your family will be spared. Hmm. And that was already like, okay, I’ll do that. But then there was a second part of the promise and it was, and if you do this, every hope, dream and vision you have for your life will come true. Hmm. And so I walked from it that day. But that doesn’t mean it was easy because dictated that was really hard.

00:14:15 Yeah. So if you’re okay with sharing it, let let, I want to dive a little bit further into that. Specifically in the topic of like environment and changing things. So like I grew up, I love my family, love my parents, but outside of that, the culture that I grew up in the church and the society that I kinda grew up in in Indiana wasn’t really a very supportive, uh, environment for me and my dreams. Particularly now I don’t want to say or draw the comparison to say, oh non supportive environments like alcohol. But let me get to the point here. Um, for me, the day that I went and literally I packed up everything, I opened up a map and I was like, I’ve got to get out of here. And I just opened up a map one day I closed my eyes. I literally just went like this, closed my eyes and pointed at the map. And Omaha was the closest big major city. So like I, I literally just packed up everything. It’s July 4th it two years ago and I drove across country. I did not know hardly anyone out here. I think I knew like two people kind of sort of. And so I got out here, my life changed so drastically because of my change in my environment. I had no idea that that was going to happen.

00:15:22 I just knew I needed out. But I, new environment allowed me to change a lot of things. I’ve heard that with alcohol and things like that, you know, your environment plays a huge role. Don’t be an enabler a lot, Yada Yada, but like it in order to stop when you’re drinking that much, pretty drastic changes. What did you do?

00:15:41 That’s a great question. So the interesting thing is that I actually, I was so stubborn in this and I was so, it was just so clear to me like there was, it was like there was a fork in the road and one was basically saying nothing you’ve ever dreamed of is going to happen and your family’s going to fall apart. And one was like, your family will be spared and all your dreams will come true. And I was like, that’s easy. It doesn’t mean that not drinking is easy.

00:16:09 But my personal journey, it was about me and me alone. And so I actually did it remove alcohol from my environment at all. I was, we still had it in the house. Paul is wonderful. He doesn’t struggle with an alcohol addiction at all. Um, in fact sometimes he would actually pour a glass of wine and like drink a little bit and leave it on the counter overnight and I’d be like, that is so wrong. Like you are wasting wine. And he’s totally fine with it. But like I didn’t feel the need to not be around alcohol because my decision at least, and this hasn’t been true for everything in my life, this is just been true to this one thing. It was like if I, if I really mean this, I can be around it and not drink. But that doesn’t mean that every single addiction I’ve ever had, and I think we all have addictions to different levels, has not needed the right environment for me to thrive in that.

00:17:08 But this one, it was like cold Turkey. I still went out with people who were drinking. We won. I mean like a couple months later I went to a friend’s birthday party. On a party bus and everyone was like doing shots and I felt that nostalgia and that pain of like, oh, I just wish I could drink. And one time when we went to the Dominican Republic I was like, Oh, I just wish I could have one drink right now. But it was like, nope, this was a commitment to yourself.

00:17:33 So you been dry the whole time.

00:17:35 Not either in a sip,

00:17:37 not even a sip. Congratulations. By the way. That’s incredible. That really, really is. I feel like so I mean you had based on my limited knowledge and you know what I started with the brand. I mean that’s, that’s a big identity shift right there. You know what I mean? Like to from I’m an alcoholic or someone that you know, lives alcohol too. I am not going to drink no matter what like that. That’s major, major identity, you know, shifting’s to be able to go through and do that. So the process, let, actually, let me, let me bring some context around this. When was this? When you quit, had you already started in business or were you working at a job at this point?

00:18:10 No, this was, oh Geez. Like just over four years ago. Four years in, like a month ago. And I had not yet started in business, but I had always dreamed of it so it was pretty darn new.

00:18:23 So you’re 30 congratulations by the way. Holy Cow. Like 30 years old and done what you’ve done. That’s incredible. Um, growing up as a little girl, are you, I want to be a boss lady. Like, like what’s, what’s dreams and aspirations as young Rachel?

00:18:40 Oh, okay. So if I go back to my journals, there were a lot of really good dreams. One of my biggest dreams was, I can’t believe we want to say this. I just wanted to be a hot mom more than anything. I was like, what do you mean to elaborate on that much? I’m just going to say I just wanted to be a hot mom. That was like one of my biggest dreams. I’ve written it so many times in my journal. I just have to put that out there. I don’t know why, but 16 year old Rachel was like, just want to be hot. So anyways, there was that. And then there was, um, I wanted to be a singer and an actress. Like I love the stage from a very young age. I’ve always loved age. I’m not that good at singing and that’s okay. But I still love the stage and I still love acting. I love anything that’s performing. I don’t know that I saw myself being the boss of something, but the dreams started happening when I was like, oh Geez, like 19 years old. And that’s when I started to think, what if I were to open my own restaurant and what if I were to open my own hair salon once I became a hairstylist? Understand what that looked like though, because I didn’t have role models in my life of what that looks like.

00:19:53 Well, when did that happen? Like when did you realize like, holy cow, I can do this?

00:19:59 Oh, who yesterday. [inaudible] I’m

00:20:04 still trying to figure that one out.

00:20:07 No, there was like this crazy moment. And, um, it’s funny because I don’t think, and I’m really glad I didn’t see what was possible at this point in time cause I think it would have scared me just the magnitude of it and the magnitude of where we’re even going in the future. Um, there was this day where I met with a client and I went to their house and when I came home I looked at Paul and I was like, I’m going to go into marketing and that’s it. And he’s like, I feel like this is the thing bay, I feel it. And I was like, I know me too. And I have to say, they instilled such incredible belief in me. Um, that couple I, the couple of, yeah, first client and her

00:20:48 husband, um, they were so wonderful. They gave me a book, which was, um, all about a hairstylist at great clips who became the CEO and worked your way up. And they always said, you remind us that that girl, hmm. That was crazy. I still didn’t understand fully what that meant. But yeah,

00:21:08 that’s, that’s super cool because like one of the things that you touched on or that you said that I actually Kinda wanna expand upon a little bit more is that you’re glad that you didn’t know what was possible. You know, I forget who it was. Some, some, I think it was a billionaire or some guy, I can’t remember who, what interview. Maybe you’ll know if I say it, but he goes, um, it’s a darn good thing that I had no idea how hard entrepreneurship was when I first started because if I would have, I don’t think I would’ve entered it. Right. He’s like, people looked at us like we were crazy and we were like, if, if I were to look at somebody else, if they would have come to come to me right now with the idea that I had in the way I presented it, I would tell them no. Right. Like, but he’s like, we were nuts. And if I would’ve known the absolute brutal amount of work and the brutal amount of personal development that I would have to go through, I don’t know if I would have entered it. And it’s interesting because I feel like, and you and I have actually talked about this a lot, I want to touch on this whole personal development thing, right? You can hustle your way to six figures. You can even hustle your way to seven figures. And I hustled my way to about 400 grand. You, you hustled your way.

00:22:10 I think it was about two a million bucks, right? Uh, there was seven biggers but eventually you hit this point where you’ve got to change, right? Like you have to, and I think for a lot of people, they reach this point where they realize I’ve got to change and they can’t do it right? And like they quit. And that’s the quitting point for them. And so they’ll never get past that. But if you were to lead with that and, and I always struggle with this because like I want to go out there and I want to lead with like, you’ve got change, like be calm this person, but at the same time that’s so scary to someone that’s just getting started. So like for you, what’s the balance, cause you coach a lot, you have a lot of influence in that area, you know, area.

00:22:51 Where do you see, I mean you’re, you’re going to raise daughters and now a son, right? You have a, the youngest is a boy, right? Yeah. Congratulations. Thank you. Um, but like you’re going to raise them up so like, you know, they’re going to get to see you and your environment or whatnot, but to the person that’s not raised in that, the person that’s just getting started, what do you tell them when it comes to like, like where would you start if you were just sitting down with someone and saying, listen, here’s the journey that you need to prepare for. Are, would you encourage them to realize that there’s a lot coming that you’re not going to know about or do you not even educate or is it totally a person by person basis?

00:23:26 It is so person by person. One thing that’s so interesting like being a mom, my two daughters, they don’t really think I’m not cool. That’s why Tom’s my favorite. He’s like walk around the house. Mommy. Bonnie is a favorite word. Good. Just good. Good, good bye. The thing about like my girls is even though they’re going to be raised in an environment, seeing what I believe is a healthy, strong, confident, capable of role model of mom, they’re not going to appreciate it. They’re only gonna to see what I do wrong because that’s what we all do with our parents until we turn like 25 and then we call them up and we’re like, wow, you guys worked really hard. Thank you so much for your sacrifices and all that. You know, even when we’re 30 so what’s so interesting is I believe so strongly that we learn the most in environments that aren’t healthy. And for some of us where we grow up in an environment that’s not healthy, there’s not strong positive role models. You learn so much and maybe you don’t even know what it looks like yet, but you know what you don’t want it to look like.

00:24:36 Um, I’ll, I’ll share. When it came to like dating, you know, Paul and I married really fast. Super quick. Yeah. In 13 days after meeting. And part of the reason why that worked is because I had dated a lot and I was like, I know I don’t know what my dream man looks like, but I know what you doesn’t look like. I met Paul and he checked all the boxes of what wasn’t that all the guys I had dated before, I was like, oh my gosh, this is it. So if you’re in an environment where it’s not healthy, it’s not positive, it’s not conducive to growth. Asked herself, what don’t I want my life to look like? What don’t I want my kids to be around? But then also recognize that you can grow in those environments and learn about what you want. Something bigger to look like.

00:25:23 Hmm. That’s super, that’s super important. I was watching an interview by, you know, Joe Rogan, the podcaster. Um, do you know who Ben Shapiro is?

00:25:32 Yes

00:25:33 okay. I Love Ben Shapiro. Uh, I also love Joe Rogan. Um, but they were talking about the struggle and how they both believe. And this is something that I am a huge believer in as well, like the struggles part of what makes you, you and like you have to have it. And I feel like in today’s society we want to get rid of the struggle. We want everybody just to be able to go and you know, have everything and it seems to be a really big problem when you just avoid the struggle because that’s where character comes. Yeah.

00:26:07 Without a doubt. It’s what creates passion and, and things you won’t tolerate. And like I, I believe this struggle is so beautiful. It’s like lifting weights, which I had been doing a lot of. I’m actually secretly super ripped right now. I mean, not super ripped, but just like a little more ripped than before. So when you lift weights, you do not get bigger muscles without the struggle of lifting weights and then being sore like, but does that mean you’d be like, oh, I don’t want six pack because I don’t want be sore? No, of course.

00:26:45 It’s crazy though. How much society has changed? I saw, I don’t know why I saw this ad, whoever was running the ads on these clearly has no idea how to target because I am not in this demographic, but there was a, an ad that popped up on Facebook for this freeze bat thing where they go and they like, they put this out into like plastic or something like on your stomach and they go in and they like literally like freeze I guess like the fat from underneath you and then suck it out to try to like make you thinner. And I’m like, we’ll talk about the epitome of America right there. You know what I mean? Like of capitalistic disgustingness where dancers just to go eat healthy and get in the gym and you’re going to have way better results. I can’t think of all the negative things that could possibly happen from sucking fat out of your body, but whatever.

00:27:31 But where I’m going with that and where I want to talk about with the struggle is one of the things that I, um, I’m not, I’m not a fan or I don’t steer clear of controversy. I don’t mind it. Right. A pretty controversial person at times. Um, one of the things I get a lot of heat for is not understanding which, and this is where I disagree with them, but I would get accused of not understanding single mothers, people on Welfare, people that didn’t grow up with a two parent household. I’m very blessed. I did, I grew up with a mom and a dad who stayed together, which, um, say what you want about traditional marriage and, and Christianity or whatever. Like it’s proven that when you have that, that is better, right? When, when, when families stay together. So you were on food stamps, right?

00:28:15 Or Welfare at one point. Correct. As a single mother. Okay. Okay. So I want to talk about that a little bit. If you’re willing to go into it, because one of the things I get heated for, like I said, is that I have a very core belief that if you are enabled body, human being, meaning you do not have mental issues and you do not have a physical impairments, like you’re not missing limbs or anything like that. If you are a normal functioning human being, living in the United States of America, almost without exception, that if you take responsibility for your actions and work harder than anybody else ever, and you just work your face off for a couple of years, no matter where you’re at in life, you can change your environment and at least become financially stable. Damn. I’ll say you’re going to be a multimillionaire. I’m not saying you’re going to be super rich, right?

00:28:59 But a lot of people are like, Josh, you’ve never been in that situation where you are on food stamps or where stuff is not coming in. So my question to you is a, am I wrong and B, and I’m told, by the way, if you disagree with me, I am more than open to that. But I want to know what the answer is, right? Like, because it can’t be, that’s their situation. And the answer cannot be, in my opinion, the government, and I’m not saying the government can’t come in for a short period of time and offers assistance because I’m okay with that. But like what’s the answer?

00:29:32 So I obviously have been on food stamps. I’ve been on welfare, I’ve been a single mom, I’ve been a victim of domestic abuse. Um, there’s a lot to my story that technically means I should have ended up a statistic just statistically speaking, right? I one thing that always causes me pause because I know what I grew up thinking and it was just, it was a very similar track. Um, one thing I’ve really, really been diving into is empathy and understanding other people’s point of view. That isn’t to say that empathy is a blanket coding over everything. And it’s like, okay, I empathize, I empathize in that. I get that things are hard and I’ve been there and I know what it’s like to have no freaking clue where food is going to come from or to take a bus to school in the morning and not have enough money to take the bus home. If you don’t somehow make money while you’re doing hair that day, like I’ve been there, I’ve been in that place where you don’t know how you’re going to afford anything.

00:30:40 I will say that I will only speak to my experiences because I’ve never been a man. I’ve never been a man. I’ve never been a person of color. I’ve never lived in another state with different opportunities. All I can speak to is my own experiences. And that’s where empathy comes in. And I can say I can’t speak to anyone else’s experiences and what is possible only you know for yourself what is truly possible. But I do know that in my dreams and in my my imagination, there was something bigger that kept pulling me forward. And when I was freaking exhausted, crying. I mean I’ve got these journal pages entries and entries of me being like, I don’t think I can make it and I don’t think this is going to happen. I mean, Josh, I went to a medical testing facility and was paid money to take experimental medical drugs so that I could afford to make sure that we were taken care of.

00:31:39 And I did that for nine days. And in that place, like people were like fighting and the police had to be called and it was just this horrible environment. And I was like, oh my gosh, this is not going to be my life. Someday it’s going to be different. All I can say is that I know that the longer I have persisted on my journey of creating a better reality, the more I have seen other people’s succumb to their circumstance. When I have chosen resourcefulness, I’ve seen other people say, I’m going to choose to not be resourceful. And I’m not saying that it’s an excuse. I’m saying that that’s their choice. But you don’t get here. Bye Not to being resourceful. So I went to goodwill all the time and I was like, scouring the clearance racks. I had a 15% off coupon for goodwill because I could not afford more than $11 to go get a couple black shirts so that I could possibly fit in and look like the kind of girl that is salon would want to hire. I know what that is like, however, I don’t know what it’s like for anyone else. But I will say, if you’ve ever had a vision for your life, start asking yourself, where in my life can I be resourceful? And only then are you going to discover some depths of possibility that you didn’t have before. And that’s not a promise that you will be successful.

00:32:59 Hmm. That’s so crazy. That’s how, how do you go from that to where you’re at now? Like what’s step one? I mean, besides belief, right? I mean, I was gonna say that’s, I mean, that’s a core you’ve got to have, I mean, without belief and hope. Like, what was it, the, there’s a verse in the Bible and I, and I’m, you know, I’m a Christian and I know you are as well. Um, or you know, a person, a woman of faith and there’s without, without a vision, you know, without the vision, without the hope of the belief, like the people perish, right? Like it’s going to go away. You’ve got to have a vision. You gotta have hope, you gotta have belief, but like you’re broke. Your, your beyond broke. Like you are destined to be a statistic and not by any realm of possibility. I mean, it makes my journey to success. Once again, I’m not comparing, and by the way, guys, if you don’t have a rags to riches story, like Rachael doesn’t make you any less successful. But what I’m saying is, is like you were, had the odds pretty well stacked against you. How long did it take before you, or like what, where’s your steps to go? Okay. Like, Hey, I can afford an expert secrets book free plus shipping. But you know, you’re like, what are you do?

00:34:03 So one of the very first things that I did, and this is like I’m going to get like super emotional here. I went to the county office and I was like, I need how I need money for food. I don’t know how I’m going to make ends meet because I mean I like applied for a job at Taco bell and I was turned down like I could not get a job. I applied everywhere at restaurants, at gas stations, at fast food places and I was like, I’m not getting a job. I’m starting to get really freaked out cause I don’t know how I’m going to pay for this baby in our lives. And when I went to the county office, they said we can support you as long as you are at home with your child.

00:34:48 And I said, but I want to go to school to be a hairstylist. And I heard you have support for education. And they said we can’t support you. Like there was something weird about like they couldn’t support me in the first year of having a kid or something like that. It was like a maternity leave, forced maternity leave. And then there was something where it was, and I could be totally wrong on that, but that was my recollection. And then they could not support me to become a hairstylist because they didn’t believe I would ever make enough money. Hmm. And I remember saying to them, but one question I have is, are you ever going to check if I’m in school? And they said, well, no, we wouldn’t have any way of checking that. And that’s when I said I’m going to school.

00:35:31 So I applied and who knows? I could probably get like arrested for this someday, but you know what, I don’t, I don’t care. Because I was like, I’m not asking permission anymore. I’m asking for forgiveness. Later on. I am going to school and I am going to be successful as a hairstylist and I’m going to get hired more of the top salons. And I went to school and I have to say like my family helped so much during that time because I couldn’t afford childcare. And so it was literally, Dakota was at a different family member’s house every single day. My sister Stephanie at 14 years old, took her on Saturdays and she was pretty pissed at me most of the time because she’s like, are you kidding me? I have to take the quote again, which is understandable because she was 14, 14 years old. Right.

00:36:12 You’re right, your life away. I’m like, I’m a single. Bob Tried to make this work happy and I couldn’t even pay her like, and so I’d bring her home, like free Aveda products that we would get on discount and stuff. But anyways, I was like, I’m going to keep going. I’m going to keep going. And I had this vision of like, I’m going to get hired by one of the top salons and I don’t know how, but I don’t have to know how. I’m just going to just fill up. It’s a class. Um, and I saw opportunity where other people saw a challenge. So I remember in here school, this, this person, um, or the, the teacher said, we’re going to be nominating our class president and you know, who, who wants to run for class president? And I didn’t see any hands go up and I threw my hand up and I said, me and everything in me was like, you’re not qualified.

00:36:55 No, if you can’t do this, you’re a single mom. And I was like, I don’t care. I’m doing this because this looks great on a resume. I’m going to make this happen. And so I did that. And then I like went and did these photo shoots where I would trade with people. I’d be like, I’ll cut your hair if you’ll do a photo shoot so I can get photos of my, my vision of hair. So I became incredibly resourceful and found opportunity. It was really, really interesting. But during that time, I remember there was this day, um, when I was at the end of school and I had applied it, the five top salons in Minnesota, I think it was a jute lily. Uh, Jon has like, there was these five salons, I wanted all of them. Yeah. And one by one the calls came in and I got the job and it was one at a time and soon it was four out of the five had said, you got the job. And I’m sitting there and I’m balling. It was like that pursuit of happiness balling. And I looked at my dad and I’m like, I’m not going to be poor anymore. And I was like, the only thing is I’m a little bummed I didn’t get a call from the fifth one that’s such a [inaudible].

00:38:15 And I’m like, why didn’t that got this one call? And then they called me like a day later and they’re like, we actually want to offer you a job. And that was the one I wanted. So I took that one well done. And it was, it was incredible. But I, I’ve fought for it where most most people would give up

00:38:30 that that’s, so, it’s just so polar opposite of what everybody, like what mainstream society and media like has programmed us to do. You know what I mean? Like, it’s just, if you just don’t give up, everybody has. Okay. So one of the things that I’ve been big on recently, Alan say recently, six months or so, um, is I just don’t follow people on social media anymore. So like I have an Instagram, I on it every single day. I don’t actually have any social media apps on my phone except for Instagram to do stories. That’s the only reason I follow I think at eight people now. I think I just followed the daily wire. Um, but like I have them all muted, so I don’t see their notifications. I don’t see their stories. I see nothing. And it was funny because, uh, last week we did this big launch with the mind ship playbook and um, last week when we’re airing this or when we’re recording this and, um, I downloaded all the apps again and I started following some people on social and catching up.

00:39:21 And it was so weird because I got so depressed so fast. Like it was weird because like I’ve been separated for it from a Wa for awhile, you know? And then all of a sudden I like enter this mode where I’m like, oh my gosh, I’m a failure. Oh my gosh, I’m not here yet. Oh my gosh, this person has it all figured out. And it’s like, it was one of the weirdest feelings I think I’ve ever felt because you, you realize it’s like a shock of, I dunno why if you were to take a sip of alcohol right? Or a drink of alcohol, oh that would like rush back and you’d be like, whoa. Right. Like that’s what it felt like. Cause I was so addicted. I mean in my, my heyday I was spending 12 to 14 and a half hours a day on social media.

00:40:04 Like I tracked it. Right? So like you go from 12 hours a day to two an hour or less. Right. Almost nothing. That’s such a drastic change. But our whole society is programmed this way and we’re programmed to think, I mean, Instagram is the worst and it is the money or the platform that made me who I am. So I can’t complain, but at the same time, like it’s literally a highlight reel of other people’s lives and that’s so, so difficult. So mean. I applaud you, which by the way, I mean, round of applause. Thank you for sharing that. That was incredible. Um, I do want to talk really quickly though about a couple more things. One, I want to talk about business specifically because this concept of business is actually fascinating. I feel like, I mean, there’s definitely different ways to go into business, but I feel like you either go into business as a means to an end, right?

00:40:47 Like, I want this, I’m going to do my business to get there. Right? For example, most people are like, I want success, right? Money. Uh, and my way to money is business, right? That means to an end. Um, or in your case, maybe this was, I just want to not be poor. Right? Um, and then there’s a second reason you go into business, which I know I’m generalizing with just two categories, but the second reason is, um, actual passion, right? Like you’re actually passionate about what it is that you’re doing and you really, really love it. And so I want to know, like when you first started into business, wha cause you had a job at, as a hairstylist at this point now before you have your own, why did you go into business originally? Like what, what, what pulled you in?

00:41:31 I went into business for a couple of different reasons. Um, it was, I got written up for missing work when I think, I think it was Dakota who is sick, but I’ve always been someone who gets sick really easily, really easily. And so like I’d get sick. Let me rephrase that. I used to be someone who got sick really easily and I haven’t, I’ve only been sick once since like in a long time, which is shocking. Once or twice, just like little colds went away in 24, 48 hours. Whereas in the past, I used to get really sick almost every week. Um, and that was always really frustrating to me. And I was that way since I was a kid. And so I would miss work because I was sick and then I’d show up at work and there was all this like shame and frustration. And then when my kids got sick and then all of a sudden realize like, I’m not free, like my kids are gonna go to school and I’m never going to have the ability to ever go to their soccer games or take a day off or go on vacation when I want to.

00:42:34 And that was really scary for me. You know what I mean? I was really skinny. I was like, I don’t, I can’t live like this. I just can’t. So that was actually their original reason. And I kind of started to feel that way when I was diagnosed with depression, um, quite a few years ago and I was put on medication and the medication didn’t work well. It was, it made me so tired. I couldn’t get out of bed. And I just remember it like I felt sick if I was out of bed. And so that was just really hard and I was, I had this slow realization I need to create my own thing if I want to be in charge of my own schedule. And the crazy thing is like all of the effects that happened from that, but first I had to free my time up so I could start to heal myself naturally.

00:43:21 So when you got into marketing, because that was your first business, right? Like you’re like, Yo, I want to be a marketer. What a cause you started as a social media manager for those that don’t know, right. That’d be, that was your first gig. Give us like a 32nd context of what you did.

00:43:36 Basically I would just curated a bunch of content and create a couple of graphics in like wordswag on my phone and post it on social media. And the reason that I’m saying that so simply is because there was zero strategy, zero expertise. I was just basically a social media poster poster. Yeah. You weren’t even a strategist at that point. You were just like, Yo, hire me and I’ll create some content. Throw it up for you.

00:44:02 Okay. So you get into this and you have obviously pivoted a lot with what you do now, but like you’re still in the realm of social media. So I’m asking you this next question for me. Like, like specifically I want the audience to learn from it, but one of the things I got my start on social media as well. Instagram, that was my ticket to freedom and I got started for mostly the same reason you did. I just wanted out, right? Like I to control my own

00:44:31 schedule and I wanted to be rich and I figured this was the step one to getting there. But as, but as time went on, I started realizing that like agency work and client work kind of sucked, right? Like when you don’t know what you’re doing, it really sucks. Um, and is, you know, very nice. And so then naturally I good on camera. I know how to talk and sell things. I was like, dude, this course, this chorus game sounds awesome, right? This is my ticket to freedom, right? Like I’m gonna sell. Of course I’m gonna get rich, it’s gonna be awesome, but I’m going to help people in the process. Cause I’ve always been into that. But I’ve kind of stayed there. And you know, it’s interesting is like I started something, you know, this was awhile ago, a year and a half, two years ago, I started this like 365 days, $1 million.

00:45:16 I love the camera, I’m live streaming and my gut has always kind of been like Josh, like why don’t you go and like become like a TV broadcaster, right? Like go out there and have a show. You know, I would love that. And I would, I would love to be on TV. I’d love to be like a, you know, Sean Hannity or at, you know, that maybe not specifically what he talks about, but like that type of, but I kept limiting myself. I kept saying no because I was in the world of social media, right? Like I was the agency owner. I had this perception. I had, you know, 50,000 followers, like whatever. People knew me as this person and I thought if I just stayed in this for long enough and what I realized was while this thing that got me started, I did enjoy at the time because I didn’t know any other way.

00:45:58 I eventually reached this point where I was like, I can make a lot of money, but I would also not not do this if I was stupid rich. You know what I mean? Like if I was, if money wasn’t the answer, everybody didn’t matter. This is not what I would be doing. And then I would sit with a question. I don’t even remember who asked me but I, I thought about it for so long and that was Josh. Don’t think about what happens if you are like super rich. I want you to think about like if everything collapsed, like the economy went down, everything was gone and no matter what you did, you were broke. There wasn’t a way to go get rich. Okay. Like you were just broke and you had to pick something and it was going to take you through your five or 10 years to like break free anyway.

00:46:36 What would that thing, what is that thing that you would be doing? And for me that, that was like having a show, I mean, doing this and that’s why The Think Different Theory started like the podcast. I mean, that’s a large reason why the podcast came to be and where the direction that we’re going. But like for you, when it comes to making decisions or you know, if you’re counseling someone like me, how important is it to actually just go in and be like, you know what, hey, because I like Rachel, I’m in a pretty good position in the whole entrepreneurship game, right? I know a lot of people and I have the ability to go out and make a bunch of money in the agency world or in the marketing world. But if I jumped ship and I go, you know what, I’m gonna make this transition and I’m going to go start a youtube channel and we’re going to talk politics and headlines of you know, everything that’s going on in modern society, which would be a Ma major shift and I’m going to take a huge massive pay cut and it’s going to take me three to five years and I don’t know if it’s going to work out, but I’m going to go chase that or whatever.

00:47:29 I’m financially okay like let’s not worry about having to pay my bills, but it’s a big pay cut. How important is chasing your dreams to you?

00:47:37 Oh Man. I feel like that’s so loaded because I’m not going to base my entire decision off of what you say. Don’t you worry like I’ve already figured that part. I’m not worried. The reason I want to be careful with what I say here is because I see so many people with shiny object syndrome and I get tempted by it too. Don’t get me wrong, like I’m just going to say this, like how you do one thing is how you do everything. And even though I am very passionate about marketing and social media, if the worlds were to collapse and I just got to do whatever I loved, or if I were super, super rich and I had time to just do whatever I love, it wouldn’t actually be social media.

00:48:25 But how I do social media and how I see this vehicle through to completion is going to determine how well the next one goes. But the funny thing, and especially I think for anyone in marketing is that you learning marketing and social media is the ultimate training ground for following your bliss, which is not my quote, Joseph Campbell. Um, I love social media because, and I think everyone should love social media because it is people, it is communication. It is sharing your voice, learning how to be heard. There’s so many different things about social media that is just, it’s TV, it’s movies, it’s entertainment, it’s celebrities, it’s, it can be everything. Um, that we used to have in old formats. So I personally have always seen like social media and marketing as a means to an end with following your bliss. However, when I see people hop around on and be like, hold on, hold on, hold on, all your dreams can come true.

00:49:31 It’s not at the same time and not every couple months. So I have this practice where I write things down that are dreams that aren’t, yeah, not today. Yeah, write them down and I put them in a someday box and when I put them in the Sunday box, it doesn’t mean no. It just means not here and not now. And I’m okay with that. I’m choosing that.

00:49:51 How important are phases in life? [inaudible] four seasons.

00:49:57 You know what’s so funny? I one time taught a training and the word seasons is my new thing. Like there’s different seasons of life. That’s totally my thing. And this guy goes, what does seasons mean? You keep saying it weird and I’m starting to second guess if it has a different meaning. And I’m like, no. It just means like seasons, like time of the year. Seasons are everything. Everything. Um, it’s so weird because when I started to understand that this season is not the rest of my, and the next season is not the rest of my life. And the last season is not the rest of my life, but that our lives are made up of many seasons, oftentimes per year, sometimes a different season, month over month. Sometimes you might at one month that’s focused in one month. It’s balance. Yup. Those can be different seasons. Um, but I don’t think that are what we’re pursuing should taste like, okay. Our lipstick or our shoes.

00:50:55 Yeah. That’s such a good point too. How do you know though? Like what’s like, when a season is changing?

00:51:03 I just feel it, it’s like when you go outside and you come from a place where there’s seasons, four seasons and feels like too. Yeah. [inaudible] heard a little sound every now and then. Yeah. Well we have four beautiful seasons in Minnesota, very long winters. But when you feel, yeah, first day of spring, someone else who’s not from there might be like, oh, it’s a little warmer today. But it’s like, no, you didn’t feel that spring coming on. It’s, it’s just, it’s the difference between going somewhere and thinking that that’s just how it is. And being a native of Minnesota and being like, oh, there’s a new season. I feel it.

00:51:49 So is there ever a season in Rachel’s life where she goes and becomes the red carpet celebrity of the Child? Or do you not know yet?

00:52:03 There’s absolutely a season where that comes without a doubt. It’s not here. Um, I’ve always had that vision in my head of me walking the red carpet. And the funny thing is it has never been me as a glamour girl. It’s me older playing roles that are not the young heroine. It’s an older woman. I mean my, my, my crushes in business and life are mural Streep and Celine Dion. I think age on a woman is an age embraced on a woman is one of the most beautiful things. And I want to age with that kind of just grace and beauty. And when I look at them I’m like, oh my gosh, I’m so excited for my forties and my fifties and my sixties were just started then. That’s awesome.

00:52:54 What does the future look like for you then? Like immediate and by immediate I mean like the next one to five years. And then what’s like the big time future look like for you?

00:53:03 Oh my gosh. If I revealed that you guys wouldn’t have anything to tune into, there’s so much. Um, I mean, I guess a good way to put it is the next one to five years. Looks like red carpets, not quite how we imagine them. Yeah. Um, red carpets like Blake lively, Ryan Reynolds, stages like

00:53:26 Rachel Hollis, like, like Carrie Underwood, girls like Ariana Grande de Poise, like Anna Wintour, confidence like Beyonce and influence like Kim Kardashians. Beyond that, the rest is just a vehicle. So there’s a lot that I don’t know how and I don’t know timelines. Um, and if I try to figure it out, I actually ended up getting more lost. But if I show up as who I need to be 100% in my lane here, now today, the rest starts to come together. And I know that sounds really like we will, but I try not to think too far ahead except for how does she show up? That’s all I want to know. So

00:54:04 that’s so important. Like I feel like there’s very few things we actually control in life. Right. But one of them is for darn sure how you show up to something. And that’s something that my, I probably, my mom more so than my dad, but my dad too. But like my mom derailed that into me. She’s like, listen, you don’t control what happens. When I was 15 years old, maybe 15 or 16 I was driving, so I haven’t had been 16. All I wanted to do with my life is I want to own a hardware store. Okay. Now I just happen to live, you know, do it best hardware. I don’t know if you have them up in Minnesota. Okay. So do a best, it’s actually, it’s the third largest hardware chain in the world. Um, I think behind Lowe’s and home depot, so they’re very large, but they’re all independently owned stores. Well they’re, our world headquarters happen to be like 20 minutes or 30 minutes away from where I lived in Fort Wayne. They’re in a little town called new haven, big huge corporation. And I remember I drove down there with a handwritten note and I delivered it to the receptionist and I said, I want like I want to go and I want to have a meeting with the president of do it best.

00:55:00 And I remember my mom going, cause I was just gonna go down there and a t shirt and you know, go down there or whatever. And my mom said, no, you put on a dress shirt, you comb your hair, you walk in your respectful and you treat that receptionist like you are talking to the president themselves. Right. I don’t know how I ended up getting that meeting, but I did. And I remember walking in and sitting down and the Guy President of do your best, shaking my hand and going, hey, I just want to say even the receptionist said, noted how respectful you were. And like that changes so much. You don’t control the outcome of anything but you do show up. So I’m sure I’m very glad that you made that point.

00:55:35 Hmm. So psycho-cybernetics, it’s not even funny. It really is.

00:55:41 If you don’t have it guys, seriously, anything that you can do to get that book, just do it. I’m not going to lie. It is. And I actually have it on audible too. I listened to it as I read it. I’ve read it multiple times though. It’s quite good. Okay. Rachel, I do want to wrap up here. I want to be respectful of your time, but I do, we end everything with rapid fire questions so we have some rapid fire questions for you. Um, just to kind of just, you know, hear their and uh, of, I don’t know. So your perspective on a couple of things. Sound good? Let’s go for it.

00:56:09 Okay. Rapid fire question number one. What is your favorite airline to fly?

00:56:13 Delta.

00:56:14 Really? That’s my favorite as well. Delta. I Love Delta. Alright, cool. Uh, what is your favorite place that you have been to in the world so far?

00:56:23 Boise, Boise, Idaho of all places.

00:56:32 I’m going there, uh, very soon, actually early, early next year. Like January. I’m very excited for that. I just lost my train of thought when I said Oh secret. Um, what, what do they call that? Like your, your, your fantasy, your thing that you like to do that no one really knows about. What’s the word I’m looking for? I should have all these questions written down. A guilty pleasure. Thank you. What is your guilty pleasure?

00:56:56 Guilty pleasure. Bend eating Taco Bell on my cheat day, I mean like $40 worth of talk about.

00:57:02 Wow. Wow. Okay. What is your favorite restaurant?

00:57:07 Well good. It’s hell or spoon stable? I have not eaten that either one of those places. We’ll have steak.

00:57:14 Ah, so we would a chat was all sake pretty much and then we’ll have to go there sometime. Cool. Um, what is, what is your dream house look like? Or is it an apartment? Hm. My Dream House looks cozy. Empire.

00:57:39 I think I need to buy you a sign that says cozy empire so that you can put that on your house. Oh my God. That’s funny. Okay, last couple questions. One, do you have a favorite car? Yes, I love the Bentley Continental. Oh, off the test drive that. That’s awesome.

00:57:57 All right. Last question for you and we’ll wrap it up. I ask this question to everyone that comes on the podcast, everyone that I’ve ever interviewed, and that is you’re at the end of your life, your life is over. You’re on your death bed and everything that you’ve done in life is gone. Like your business is your influence, everything. No one knows you. However, every single person that you’ve ever touched that you’ve ever influenced and had a a, an influence on, you get to leave them with one final message that they will remember for the rest of their life. What is that message?

00:58:28 One foot in front of the other, just one foot in front of the other. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It’s awesome. I love it. Rachel, this has been amazing. Thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate it. I know your time is very valuable, so I really do appreciate this. Thank you so much for having me. Justice is awesome. Awesome guys, this has been Rachel Peterson. Rachel, where can people find out more about you? Easy peasy, all ease and the D or on any social media platform. B, Mrs. Peterson, the Mrs. Peterson, and you have, um, well this’ll drop well before then so you have an event coming up, right? Yes. Boss Con, last con in October and October. Guys, check it out. It’s going to be absolutely phenomenal. Rachel does an incredible job. Rachel, thank you so much again for coming on guys. Check her out. Um, this has been the interview with the incredible queen of social media at Rachel Peterson. Guys as always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because those of us that think different are the ones that will change the world. I firmly 100% believe that Rachel Peterson is probably a huge limiting example of that. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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