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Never Doubt Your Ability


In this episode, I’m going to talk about the power of the brain and how that gives us the ability to achieve anything. I’ve always been curious about the mind and I have been studying neuroscience which has expanded my knowledge on how powerful a processor the brain is.


According to scientists, it’s the most complex thing in the universe known to mankind, and yet for some reason, we don’t realize it’s power when we doubt ourselves and think that we don’t have what it takes to achieve whatever it is we dream of achieving. Your brain is your superpower. Use it!

Here are the key topics discussed in this episode:

  • The magnitude of magnificence between our ears (01:14)
  • Studying how the brain computes data (03:32)
  • The power of data and data processing (04:21)
  • 20 quadrillion processes and data points (10:06)
  • Everything comes from the mind (12:52)
  • What you need is inside of you (16:30)
  • Inspiring people to break free and know truth (18:43)


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July 29th, 2019


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00:00 20 quadrillion per second. Do you understand that? Like, do you understand how powerful that is? How big of a number 20 quadrillion is, and that’s what your brain is doing every second. Like, I never ever, ever, ever want you to doubt yourself ever again, because you possess the greatest, most powerful thing known to mankind in the whole entire universe, in between your ears.

00:29  You are now entering a new paradigm. So, here’s my issue. I wanted to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Things like, how do I become happy and live with purpose? How do I make more money doing what I love, and what does it mean to be truly successful in all areas of life? My name is Josh Forti, @JoshForti on Instagram, and I ask life’s biggest questions and share the answers with you. My goal is to help you find purpose, happiness, and open your mind to new realms of possibility by helping you think differently about everything you do, know, and understand. On this podcast, we think different, we dream bigger, and we live in a world without limits. This is a new paradigm. Welcome to The Think Different Theory.

01:14 What’s up guys? Welcome back to another episode of The Think Different Theory. My name is Josh Forti and I am fired up today, man. I’ll tell you what, I am very passionate about what I’m about to share with you here today, because it is going to change your life, and this is very much in alignment with why I started the podcast. This is very much in alignment with what I stand for, and what I’m… what I’m doing, but I want to talk to you today about the power of the mind, but I don’t just want to like give you some ra, ra fluff. I want to give you actual numbers, actual examples, and I want to explain to you how much your brain can do I how powerful it is and the actual magnitude of magnificence that you have sitting between your ears and on your shoulders.

02:00 Because I promise you, you do not understand it, unless you’re like a neurosurgeon or a neuroscientist. Let me explain. By the way, welcome back to the program. If you’re new here, thank you so much. Subscribe. Make sure you subscribe, leave a rating and review. Okay, we get it. Let’s just dive in. I’m… I’m too pumped up about this to do an intro. Okay, listen. So, I’m in right now, as I sit here and record this, something that I would refer to as nerd mode. And, if you’re new to the podcast, you may not know this. I have in my office, my whole entire walls that are out of my backdrop are covered in big white pieces of paper, like the construction Parkell, I don’t know what they’re called, construction papers, the big, big sheets of paper. And, there are definitions of things like psychology, and quantum, and quantum theory, and quantum physics, and quantum mechanics and like all sorts of crazy mindset stuff.

02:47 And then there’s also some sociology and behavioral economics and like definitions and all sorts of crazy things. So, I’m a Weirdo. I get it. I’m a nerd. And when it, well at least when it comes to this stuff, I’m not a computer nerd, but I’m very passionate about the mind and I’ve been studying it. It’s why the podcast exists, you know, this. But every now and then, it’s happening more frequently now. But every now and then I go into this nerd mode where I just go and I start studying the mind even more than I know it now. As you guys know, 18 months ago is when, what else? A little more of that. Like 20 months ago now, I had a mental breakdown and I, you know, went on this whole journey of the mind. I started studying this stuff. And today I should say tonight’s the last six hours have been one of those nerd mode moments where I decided to study neuroscience or I should say the neurons in the brain, which I get, it’s not a normal person thing.

03:32 And it really is not even a me thing because I hated science in school. But it’s amazing what happens when you actually are interested in something, what you’ll do, neither here nor there. So I started studying this and I started studying, um, how powerful, uh, of a processor the brain was. I was curious on how it computes information and data back and forth and how decision making is made and all sorts of crazy. Like I said, weird stuff and I started studying this and I was like, wow, holy cow. Like the brain is really powerful. Like it’s really, really powerful. And then I started running some numbers and I started diving into it to some calculations as far as like, you know how data is transmitted now if you don’t know anything about like I should say the world. But like when you look at companies like Google and Facebook and Amazon and basically any big company ever in the world ever.

04:21 Um, the people that have the most data are the ones that wind data is an absolutely massive, right? I mean, it’s the biggest industry out there. I mean, it’s why social media exists. We just harvest day to day to day to data and there’s billion dollar data companies that just buy and sell data. That’s all they do, right? So whoever can acquire and possess the most data and transfer and analyze that data the best essentially is going to be the most successful. I mean obviously there’s other factors in that, but when you’re competing and playing at that level data and data processing is absolutely everything. Okay. So they’re constantly building bigger, better, faster, smarter computers to try to get more data and be able to analyze things better and process it all better and all sorts of fun stuff. Okay, so understand that data, the power of data, the power of having it and also more importantly, the power of being able to analyze it and transmit it is incredibly like a big deal.

05:13 So we have these super computers and he’s quantum computers and everything that we’re trying to do. And let me just tell you, none of it even comes close to how powerful the brain is. And I’m about to explain this to you here. Before I do that though, I need to explain to you and make sure that you understand the size of a trillion. Okay? The reason I need to do that because we actually need to go to the next number, but bear with me here, okay? In America, there are a lot of rich people in the world. There, a lot of rich people. Um, but if you were to take the 10 richest people in the entire world, okay, we’re talking massive, massive, massive wealth and you are to put all of their money together, all 10 of them together, the 10 richest people in the world do not collectively have $1 trillion.

05:55 All right? So that just goes to tell you right there, there’s only like 1 trillion is a astronomically huge number, like $1 trillion. I once heard an analogy that basically says, in order to do like $1 trillion, you would basically have to stack, uh, uh, pallets of cash on top of each other. I think it was like, I don’t know, like 50 wide by like 200 or 50 wide by 50 deep. Uh, the, the height of the world trade centers in New York City, like the skyscrapers that are in hundred dollar bills on pallets. That’s how high you’d have to stack them in order to make $1 trillion. I mean, we’re talking like astronomically huge numbers here, right? More money and more numbers and things than we’ll ever have to deal with. Well, so you think so eight quadrillion, which is the next number up, which is the number I’m really getting at here.

06:46 A quadrillion is 1000 trillion. So we know that America is roughly $20 trillion worth of debt. Well, literally it wouldn’t, it have to be a what? 20 Times five is a hundred times 10 so we’re talking like 50 America’s worth of debt to come up with $1,000,000,000,000,000. I mean we’re talking huge, huge numbers here. Okay, well the reason I tell you this and I really want you to like study this, I wish I, this is the only time I don’t like podcasts because I can’t get visual. I can’t show you pictures. I have great analogy sitting in front of me right now. But understand we’re talking about astronomically huge numbers here. Bigger numbers than you and I will ever have to deal with in any scenario ever. So the brain, going back to this and understanding how powerful this is, the brain transmits data through this thing, these things called neurons.

07:35 There are roughly in your brain, 100 billion neurons. That’s a pretty big number. I mean, it’s not a quadrillion, but you understand 100 billion. It’s a pretty big number. Okay. You got, so you’ve got a hundred billion roughly neurons firing every, all the time. Every second in your brain. Okay? Like nonstop round the clock, you’ve got to say, and all they’re doing is transferring data back and forth to each other. Okay? So every time you make a decision and every time you, you know, you’re thinking you’re moving, you’re just, I’m sitting there doing nothing. Your brain is moving and firing. When your brain is working, it means that the neurons are firing and each neuron is connected to a thousand other neurons. Literally a thousand of them. Okay? So every time that it fires and sends data, it’s sending those data to a thousand other neurons. And there’s 100 billion of these people, these little suckers doing this all the time.

08:21 Okay. So your brain’s a work in the machine. It’s a beast. So you’ve got this. And I started studying this and I was like, okay, well if that’s how information and data moves back and forth, right? Well I wonder how fast and how much data the human brain can process. And so I started studying it and I started looking into exact numbers. Are you ready for this? This blew my mind. This was absolutely the most amazing, incredible thing to someone like me who’s a, you know, a brain nerd. Um, when I, when I learned and discovered this, your brain transfers 20 quadrillion. Okay? So once again, trillion, big number, a thousand trillions is a w a quadrillion. So 20,000 trillions, k, your brain processes 20 quadrillions or 20,000 trillion data points across neurons per second, per second, okay. This is way, way faster than the most advanced computer.

09:29 And we have these supercomputers not to mention the size. So let’s say we even caught up with it. Let’s say we can create a computer that could do this, which we haven’t yet, at least not to my knowledge. Um, the size of this thing would be absolutely massive. This is all happening inside your little brain on top of your head. One Ti quadrillion data points are being transferred in neuron to neuron per second. Okay, so you’ve got this and it’s going back and forth and you’re just sitting here doing your thing, like listening to that to think different theory podcast in me and driving down the road or at the gym or at work or wherever you’re listening to this, just doing your thing and your is up there like another second goes by another 20 quadrillion processes. Another second goto  buy another 20 quadrillion processes and data points like massively, massively powerful.

10:11 The brain, according to every scientist ever is the most complex thing in the human universe like or in in the universe itself, known to mankind, known to humans. The human brain is it. And you’ve got one sitting on top of your head in between your ears, on top of your shoulders as is day. And yet you doubt yourself. And yet you’re wondering whether or not you’re good enough or smart enough. You wish that there was a superpower or something, you know that you possessed some inherent skill that allows you to go talk to someone or know how to do sales better or marketing or whatever. Hello, you’ve got it. You’ve got the superpower, you’ve got the thing that is the best, the greatest, the most complex, the most sophisticated, the most powerful, the superpower of all superpowers. Like you’ve got it and it’s sitting on top of your head or on top of your shoulders, in between your ears.

10:55 All you’ve got gotta do is learn how to use it. And so I started studying this and I started realizing this and I’m like, oh my gosh. And we only use a very small percentage of our brain on a daily basis. I think it’s 10% most of the average human will use less than 10% of their brain power in their lifetime. Only 10% so what I’m telling you is, is that the next time you doubt yourself, stop for a second. Apply objective thinking like we talk about in the mind ship playbook. Think different if you don’t have it and go, Huh, I possess in my, in my head the most powerful, sophisticated thing known to man ever in the history of the universe. Do you think maybe I can figure this out? Do you think maybe your brain possesses the ability to figure out how to sell something or maybe figures out how to talk to someone or maybe can figure out how to be a little bit nicer?

11:49 It can, but yet most people don’t realize this so they never learn how to use it. When I tell people that the brain is a superpower, okay. Some people like looking at me like, okay, Joshua, normally, no, it is, it’s the most incredible, amazing thing ever, but it’s also a prison if you don’t know how to use it. And that’s why I beg people. That’s why I’m saying like, please understand your brain is powerful, but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s like having an alien ship. Imagine having an alien ship sitting next to you, like out in your driveway out front and you never bothered to learn how to use it and someone else comes along and gets it and goes, Dang Dude, I can print legit money. I can like push this button and build a skyscraper in 10 minutes. I can go and dig massive holes and do tricks and make people say, I can do anything at this thing, this the most powerful thing ever, and you’re like, aw man, I wish I had one of those.

12:39 And you’re like, dude, if there’s one in your driveway, dude, just go get in. Same thing is true with your brain. These people doing incredible, amazing things and understanding and processing and learning and doing all these things. It’s all brain power. Everything comes from the mind. Think about it. Every action that you have, every thought that you have at or action that you do thought that you have. Everything in that’s built, everything came from an idea or a command to move my hand forward, to move my hand back to you. Utilize the words out of my mouth. It all comes from the mind. That’s why I can process so much. 20 billion or I’m sorry, 20 quadrillion pieces of data per second. It can process whatever you throw at it. Get overloaded. I mean like, yeah, you can get stress out to break out, but like you’re not going to fry your brain by giving it too much information.

13:22 You use 10% of it and it can process more information than you could possibly fathom. So please understand the reason that I’m so passionate about this, the reason that that I want to just get this message to the world. The reason I ask for ratings and reviews and to tell your friends is because I want to just reach through the speakers right now and go, do you understand what you have? Like do you know what you’re powerful, you’re capable of? Do you understand how powerful you are? Because I didn’t, I still don’t. I’m still learning and I’ve been studying this for 18 months and I’m a nerd of this. Like, I’ll dive deep. And every single time I dive in further, I learned more and I learned more and I learned more. And it makes me so sad when I see people that are trapped in a mental prison of their own mind and they can’t get out when it, all they have to do is just walk out the door and become the master.

14:11 It takes practice. It takes training. You’ve got to learn how to do it, but why wouldn’t you go and study it? So take advantage of what’s there. Never ever doubt yourself again. I probably believe in you more than you do at times. And I’d have never have even met you. But because I understand that if you’re alive, if you’re just alive as a human and have a brain, which everybody does, I mean, I understand there’s, you know, unfortunately there’s diseases and you know, things like that that happened to a small percentage of people. That’s awful. But the average person, you, you have a normal working, functioning brain right now as you’re driving down the road or in the gym or at work or at home or with whoever you’ve got it. And I know how that works at a very small percentage of a level, but enough to know that you can do anything.

14:58 And if you just believe that and you go and study it and you go start learning, it will fundamentally radically transform your life more than you ever thought possible. I was loving, I get into discussions with people a lot. Can you tell I’m a debater. I love talking and debating and learning and um, I get into discussions and debates and disagreements with people about how powerful the brain is. And, uh, it’s always funny to me that they’re like, well, Josh, you know, it’s just some people just, they just can’t do that. Or you know, like Josh, not everybody is built equally or Josh, not everybody’s this. And I’m like, yeah, I know, I know. But I also know we all have a brain and when you understand how the brain works, you go, oh, oh, this is pretty powerful. Like, Oh, this is pretty amazing, right?

15:46 Uh, yeah. Nobody has any excuse. Like everybody has the ability to go out and achieve greatness. I don’t care. Like if you got $0 million to your name, you’re in massive debt. Do you still have the keys? Like you have the answer. It’s inside your mind. You’ve got to learn how to master it. You’ve got to learn how to use it. But you have, you possess the ability to change your life. The key to success is not a book or a course or a mentor or whatever. And I, and I like all those things. I Sell Courses, I do coaching, I have a mentor, I have several mentors like I read all the time. Those things are awesome and amazing and I believe that everybody should do those things. But what I’m telling you is that [inaudible] the only thing that those books are going to teach you how to do is to utilize the things that you already have inside your mind.

16:30 There are, they’re only gonna teach you how to basically go and utilize the thing that’s on top of your head. You’re not going to acquire some inherent skill that you magically didn’t have before. It’s inside of you. And with humans only using 10% of their brain. And with, you know, being able to process so much information, you have the ability to literally go out and do anything and change your life, change your mindset, change everything about everything. And so I’m very passionate about this. If you can’t tell, like I believe in this so strong and I believe that one of the reasons that I’m here on this earth is to help spread this message to free people. Because like I said, it, it literally makes me sad and tear up and cry sometimes even when I know that there’s people out there that are in the prison of their own mind and I just want to free them.

17:13 And I just want to, I want to help people and I want to help you and I want to empower you to be able to go out and change your life. Because if you just understood a fraction of how powerful it is, you would study the mind like nothing else. And um, anyway. Huh. All right. There was an episode for you that wasn’t deep at all or crazy at all. I do hope you liked it though. I hope this was beneficial in that you, that you learned a lot from it. But like my point in saying all that to kind of summarize and recap is that, you know, we play in, in numbers of, you know, millions and billions and sometimes even trillions. We were all throw it out there, but like your brain is even more powerful than that, like by 20,000 times more powerful. It has the ability to do things that we cannot comprehend.

17:59 And just by knowing how powerful it is in terms of numbers, that should be enough evidence in and of itself to show you that. And when you understand that and then you start to realize, hey, maybe this thing on top of my head isn’t just there so that I can walk around and say some words. Maybe it’s there for me to use and maybe it can do more than just, you know, B come up with random weird facts or random information. Maybe it has the ability to do a whole lot more than that. And it’s my hope and my desire and my goal to help people understand that. Because once you understand how powerful it is, you can go out and change your life. You can change the lives of those around you. My why in life, my purpose, my mission, like why I do what I do is to inspire people to break free and no truth.

18:54 And you, it’s crazy. Why let me finish that break free, no truth and uh, create their own reality so that they fall in love with life and make the world a better place. That’s my why. That’s why I do what I do. And what’s crazy to me is that Aye had the words break free in my why before I knew anything about the mind before I knew that the mind was like a prison. If you didn’t know how to use it, superpower I before I understood that people were trapped, like actually in their mind. I had those in there is part of who I am and I have a desire and a goal to help people break free and no truth, really, really no truth, no facts, and what truth is so that they can go create their own reality based in that truth so that they can go and create a life of their dreams beyond their wildest dreams because they’re now free.

19:43 And that in turn is going to cause them to fall in love with life. Realize that life is beautiful. Realize that we are here on this earth not to, to just work our lives away or to yell at people or to be negative. Like we have a purpose of being here and it’s life is beautiful and it’s precious and it’s amazing and you can go out and live that and live an amazing life and help so many people along the way and, and make the world better while doing it. And that all comes from understanding the mind. That all comes from mastering your mindset. That all comes from sitting down and going, okay, I understand that. I truly do have the ability to do anything. I mean like I know anything is a limitless number, but things beyond your wildest dreams. If I’m going to put things in really realistic terminology, like you have the ability to do things beyond your wildest, wildest imagination.

20:35 And I am just at the tip of the iceberg of learning about it and I already want to share so much of this with everyone and a change the world through it. And so I hope this helps. I hope this resonates with you. I really truly do hope that you go and you see this and you go, wow, like this is amazing. Like, wow, I can do something now. I’m in control of my life that your boss, not your teacher, not your parents, not your spouse, like your kids, like your friends, not the law. It’s just you. You don’t have to worry about the government or your money or anything else. Those things are all important but starts with you and it starts with your mind. All right guys, that is all I’ve got for you. I really hope this was beneficial. If you liked this episode, I really would love it if you’d reached out on Instagram @JoshForti.

21:13 You just let me know your thoughts on it. Uh, if you’d like to do, you didn’t like it. I started with some stories I kind of went to and just kind of ranted there at the end. I apologize for that, but I hope it was beneficial. As always, hustle, hustle, God bless. Do not be afraid to think different because, gosh, those of us that think different are the ones that change the world on so many levels. It just, it’s just true. And I hope that you understand that. Don’t be afraid to think different. Those of us think different. The ones that change the world. I love you all and I will see you on the next episode. We got some amazing interviews coming up. Take it easy fam. Peace.

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