Think Different Theory

Core Values of Think Different Theory

1. We do things for a higher purpose. Therefore, we are kind and respectful. 

2. We think differently about everything. We think objectively. We look for new perspectives, and we question human logic.

3. We are bold. We stand up for truth. We are okay with disagreeing, but are respectful in doing so.

4. We dream big. We have big goals. The unknown does not scare us.

5 We do things with excellence. Always.

6. We are always radically honest and transparent with one another. Mistakes happen. We learn from them. We don’t lie about it. No exceptions.

7. We hire based on character and talent. Character first, then top talent.

8. We focus on the customer and user experience. We make sure we provide the BEST possible experience for our customers and listeners – every step of the way.

9. When in doubt, we over-communicate rather than under-communicate.

10. We simplify things to its simplest form without sacrificing quality or experience.

11. We always learn and improve.

12. We adapt and move quickly.

13. When in doubt, take action. Action-taking is our default.

14. We are financially frugal and wise, yet aggressive with risk-taking and investing in the company and its members.

Core Values of Think Different Theory